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FALL 2017

Laura Pollak

An interview interview with with an an Award Award An winning PSWC PSWC member member on on art, art, winning artists, and and what’s what’s in in her her dream dream artists, studio studio

Meet the the Members Members Meet few fun fun facts facts and and artwork artwork from from AA few members Ruth Ruth Hussey, Hussey, Duane Duane members Wakeham, and and Bobbye Bobbye WestWestWakeham, Thompson Thompson

And the Winner is... See the winners of the Pastel USA 2017 Competition


TheLife Lifeand andArt Artof ofBob BobGerbracht Gerbracht The

Inner Fire by Laura Pollak, 2017

The The Pastel Pastel Society Society of of the the West West Coast’s Coast’s Premier Premier Event Event

Southwest Art Magazine Award John Mark by Nancy MacDonald

Aaron Schuerr Award Incoming Tide by Sharon Bamber

PSWC Best of Show Award Santo by Rita Romero

The 31st Annual International Open Exhibition

SEPTEMBER 19, 2017 - OCTOBER 21, 2017 See the Winners at A Sense of Place in Fresno, California 2

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Pastel USA 2017 Presenting the Winners


The Interview Artist Laura Pollak is having a very good year! In Memoriam Celebrating Bob Gerbracht Meet the Members Duane Wakeham Ruth Hussey, and Bobbye West-Thompson

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ABOUT ART Art Shows and Competitions New Competitions Guest Blog Laura Pollak is a WISE artist Workshops Upcoming Workshops for Pastels Art Critique Service A Member Service to Improve Your Art

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REGULARS Letter from the PSWC President A few words from Susan Goodmundson Space to Create A look behind the art into the work space Members Only Here’s what’s happening with PSWC members New Members Welcome to our newest PSWC members

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017

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Dear PSWC Members, There’s a lot to unpack in this edition of the PSWC Newsletter. Our society’s premier event, Pastels USA 2017 has announced this year’s winners. See the list and some of the outstanding works chosen to represent the best in pastel art starting on page 8. Want to get involved? There’s always room for more. Let us know what you want to do, and we’lll find a spot for you!

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About This Issue Our magazine format was a big hit! This format allows us to add more art and gives readers a PDF version or an online digital version to read on mobile devices.

InDesign Magazine Template Designed by Erick Ragas

I had the pleasure of interviewing four artists for this issue: Laura Pollak, Duane Wakeham, Bobbye West-Thompson, and Ruth Hussey. This is my favorite part of the job for several reasons. First, I get to chat art with fellow artists--no downside there! Second, I get to see AMAZING art. And finally, (and selfishly) each interview is like a oneon-one art lesson. I love my job! After talking with featured rtist Laura Pollak, I asked if she would allow us to publish some of her blog posts in upcoming issues. Generously, she agreed, so you will find her sage advice on making art and being an artist on page 38. You can follow her blog directly--see the link on that page as well. Many members submited pictures of their studios for our studio feature. I am always intrigued by the quirky, beautiful, and unusual spaces artists create to create in. See pages 22-27. Of course, I want to thank the publishing TEAM. There are so many tasks needed to produce a newsletter. Thank you to the PSWC Board for all the suggestions, to Susan Goodmundson for proof reading and lots of encouragement, and to my personal proofreader, Ashleigh Hill, for correcting the typos and misspellings. Namaste,

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PSWC Newsletter Editor

Letter from the President

Hello, Pastellists! The Pastels USA 2017 International Open Exhibition winners have been selected. This year’s participation was even greater than last year. Thank you to all the talented artists who entered. This year’s exhibition is being held at A Sense of Place, 2003 N. Van Ness Blvd. Fresno, California September 19th to October 21st, 2017. We are especially pleased to announce, that we have partnered with Southwest Art Magazine to give those who are accepted into the 31st Pastels USA a discounted ad in the October issue. Southwest Art Magazine will be contacting those artists individually. Also, if artists do participate there will be an article about PSWC. Along with this opportunity they also gave a full page ad as an award. Thinking about entering a piece in the 2018 Members Show or next year’s Pastel USA? Not sure if your work is up to par? Take your art to the next level with help from our Artist Critique Service. See page 46 for more information. The IAPS Convention was WONDERFUL! See my thoughts on this on page 6. PSWC still needs volunteers. Don’t be shy. I know you have the experience and expertise to help PSWC maintain this amazing organization. Call me at 530-8871987 or e-mail: for information about serving as Treasurer. Our Board is eager to work with you. We would like to congratulate Ambriehl Zepeda-Ruelas for winning the Bob Gerbracht Scholarship award, presented by Russell Frank, our Scholarship Chair, at the Pastels USA 2017 Exhibition reception. Please enjoy this second issue of our newsletter compiled by our hard-working Newsletter Editor, Sabrina Hill. Happy Painting to You!!

Susan Goodmundson PSWC President

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017 PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017

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News & Notes

News & Notes All About IAPS!

IAPS Convention a Huge Success

by Susan Goodmundson The IAPS Convention was a wonderful way to meet our PSWC members and make new friends with members of other societies. At the Friday Fiesta Night gathering, we had to hand out 100 goodie bags. They were gone within the hour. We met many PSWC members and other society members there. The President’s Forum had 48 societies attending out of 81 total societies who are members of IAPS. Our day started at 9:00 a.m. and ended at 3:00 p.m. We had a great complimentary lunch, and we met with the Board of IAPS headed by Richard McKinley. Among the topics for IAPS photos coutesy of Susan Goodmundson discussion were: getting Directors and Officer’s Insurance, having a Waiver of Liability, reviewing and updating Society By-Laws, and communication thru for societies that have board members who are out of their travel areas. We 66

Pastel Box of Duane Wakeham

had many good ideas presented by the 48 societies. I gave a small talk about updating our bylaws and having them reviewed by a lawyer, and the importance of having a CPA, who can give the necessary documents to our State Attorney General. It was a great day for networking opportunities. Our days at the convention were filled with demonstrations and workshops and our nights with dinner get togethers. On the last night, there was a great banquet with awards to the new Master Circle members, Eminent Pastellists and a IAPS photos coutesy of Cuong Nguyen welcome to the new IAPS President, Richard McKinley. Alain Picard was the auctioneer for the five paintings created in the Paint-Around. It was lots of fun. He was hilarious!!! The banquet was the highlight of the convention. IAPS 2017 at a Glance by Cynthia Riordan

IAPS has so much to offer, whether you’re a novice or have been painting in pastel for years. The variety of the demonstrations and workshops offered provide an opportunity to observe and study with your favorite instructors, to see first hand their process and glean sound advice. The simple comment, “There is nothing you can’t fix,” made by Diane Rappisi during her Draped Figure demo, had a strangely calming affect on me. We

News & Notes

there, but I happily brought home a box labeled IAPS 2017 Special Order, my personal selection of 30 colors. Jack Richeson generously let every attendee who stopped by his booth select 10 of their soft, hand rolled pastels at no charge. UART brought some new surfaces, a charcoal grey sanded paper in various grits and their buff colored surface, now available on premium mounted boards, thicker than their existing supports. Reconnecting with fellow artists and meeting others whom I’ve followed on Facebook, the Pastel Journal, or other media made for an enriching several days. It’s important for artists to be with other artists to compare, question, inspire and encourage one other. Much of that happened at IAPS; I’ll be back in 2019. Also Noteworthy

Susan Goodmundson - Deciding What to Do

all know many ways to correct our mistakes, but hearing someone so experienced say it and admit it was very freeing for me. There is opportunity to check out an instructor with whom you are less familiar to determine if you are interested in further study. I picked up some great insight from a session I chose half heartedly (mainly because it fit my schedule). Cecelia Murray’s, From a Gallery Perspective, offered excellent advice on evaluating your work as a whole, promoting your work, how to approach a gallery, and framing considerations, which vary greatly across the country. Visiting and talking with the dozens of vendors was informative and fun. The impact of hundreds of pastels displayed en masse is exciting and beyond tempting! I think everyone got what they wanted, with the exception of Terry Ludwig’s color eggplant. It was gone before I got

Our esteemed PSWC president, Susan Goodmundson, received some wonderful news about her painting, Deciding What to Do, which was selected for inclusion in the Rockwell Museum Show for American Women Artists! This is extremely competitive show and Susan’s work was one of only 28 pieces accepted. The show is located at the Rockwell Museum at 111 Cedar Street, Corning, New York 14830 from January 19 – April 22, 2018. And Linda Roemisch has received second place in 5th Annual Mendocino Open Paint Out in the Pastels category for Love Wave. This is a Plein Air event With 64 artists participants in all medias Congratulations Susan and Linda!!!

Linda Roemisch - Love Wave PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017 PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017

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Pastel USA 2017

Pastel USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017 Pastel US

PASTEL USA 2017 Show Winners

Every year, the hard-working volunteers of PSWC move mountains to gather, process, judge, award, and stage the PASTEL USA 2017 competition. And we have some winners! This event is on display at A Sense of Place in Fresno, California until October 21st, 2017. The show is now the second largest pastel competition in the United States.

Awards Chairwoman, Ginny Burdick-owner of A Sense of Place Gallery and Susan Goodmundson, Exhibits Chair, and Jerry Boyd for managing the receipt and delivery of the paintings to Fresno, for making all the cards for the paintings plus the award cards and for proofreading the catalog for the exhibition.

A show like this has hundreds of moving parts and many volunteers--our appreciation to Tina Moore,

Linda Roemisch worked so hard getting $14,000 in donations which took lots of time and patience! Also thanks to Robert Davis and Lillian Quaschnick (PSWC members) and to Rex Williams who photographed and framed pieces. Each volunteer did this for the love of pastels. The PSWC membership THANKS you! Our jurors and judge had the difficult task of picking winners from hundreds of entries. Here are the results, presented with our heartfelt congratulations For a complete list of accepted entries go to www. or

PSWC Best of Show Award Santo by Rita Romero


SA 2017 Pastel USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017

Pastel USA 2017

Southwest Art Magazine Award John Mark by Nancy MacDonald

Getting ready for the big event

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


Pastel USA 2017

Pastel USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017 Pastel U Aaron Schuerr Award Incoming Tide by Sharon Bamber

Wakeham/Sutherland Award Point Lobos Staircase by Jan Frank

Andrew & Marbo Barnard Award Bradley Lake Shadows by Gary Huber

Robert & Patricia Suggs Award Lily Pads sur ciel Lila by Terri Ford


USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017

Pastel USA 2017

University Art Award La Mer by Aaron Schuerr

Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Award Dawning by Morgan Green

Great American Art Works Award Last Light by Sharon Will

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


Pastel USA 2017

Pastel USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017 Pastel U

Royal Talens Award Nappy Tabby by Dug Waggoner

Waif Mullins Award Onion Roll by Vianna Szabo

Blick Art Materials Award Sonoma Glow by David Wolfram

Jack Richeson Gold Award Pastora by Clark Mitchell


USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017

Pastel USA 2017

Atlantic Papers Award Holiday Harvest by Marie Tippets Dakota Art Pastels Award Study in Blues by Debbie Patrick

Global Art Materials Award Contemplation by Diana De Santis

Jack Richeson Silver Award Dad, did you watch me? by Lynn Simon

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


Pastel USA 2017

Pastel USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017 Pastel US Ampersand Art Supply Award Reckless Abandon by William Schneider

Chart Pak Award Salt Marsh by Eve Miller

Mike Mahon-Pastel Porter Award


Pretty in Pink by Susan Kuznitsky

SA 2017 Pastel USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017

Pastel USA 2017

UART Award Brushwork by Andrew McDermott

Faber-Castell Award Reflections in a Pond by Ginny Burdick

Airfloat Systems Award San Diego Sundown by Nancie King Mertz

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


Pastel USA 2017

Pastel USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017 Pastel U

Guerrilla Painter Award In the Light by Anna Wainright

Terry Ludwig Pastels Award The Minstrel by Gerald Boyd

Jack Richeson Bronze Award Beckoning Spring by Mary Aslin

Pastel Society of America Award Silent Running by Karen Israel


USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017 Pastel USA 2017

Pastel USA 2017

HK Holbein Award Between Two Worlds by Laura Pollak

Connecticut Pastel Society Award Watch Hill Neighbor by Esther Engelman

Pastel Society of New Mexico Award Winter’s Voice by Lynda Conley Pan Pastels Award Little Joe by Christine Obers PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


The Interview

Laura Pollak Artist, Blogger, Teacher by Sabrina HIll

It has been quite a year for Laura Pollak. Her painting Inner Fire has been included in the Pastel Society of America: Enduring Brilliance in New York City! Core Illumination was juried into the International Association of Pastel Societies Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico in June of 2017. And Technical Explosion was in the North Carolina Statewide Show and won third place. And she has a one-woman show consisting of 40 pieces at the Beth David Synagogue, In Greensboro, North Carolina. And it’s only September! Laura resides in North Carolina with her husband. Her two sons are grown and out of the nest, which leaves her time to immerse herself in the passion of creating art. This passion was developed early—as a four year old in Detroit, Michigan, with a new box of 72 crayons and some folded white paper, she drew colorful mountains, horses, faces, and scenery These subjects were also studied and rendered in a ballpoint pen.

to readers: Every time I speak with an artist who works in pastels, they tell me the same thing. They love all the mediums they work in, but they are in love with pastels!)

While attending Michigan State “Abstract art is like a Now in the middle of her life, Laura University (where she received a piece of good fiction, paints, teaches, and volunteers Bachelors of Fine Arts, as well as woven with a bit of fan- in her local pastel society. She a Masters Degree in Fine Arts) tasy and strong graphic continues to study and be inspired by other artists. When she studied graphic design and composition.” asked about other influences ceramics, gaining recognition by she immediately rattled off an winning second place in the art impressive list of artist whose work she admires department’s juried show for a ceramics piece. and is inspired by like Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Jen After college, she worked in advertising, eventually Evenhus (PSWC member), Desmond O’Hagan, building her own agency in North Carolina. As her Tony Alain, Debora Stewart, Daggi Wallace and Rita sons left home for college and their own lives, Kirkman (both PSWC members). Laura began painting more consistently. She started in watercolors and moved to oils. Then Motivated by some of her favorite artists, Laura has came pastels, and the love affair began. (Note 18

The Interview been creating abstract works, and this is garnering a lot of attention. She feels “Abstract art is like a piece of good fiction, woven with a bit of fantasy and strong graphic composition.” Her pieces are visually stunning (see cover and below), with bold color against neutrals. The effect creates a strong focal point and intense energy. And people are taking notice. She has received recognition for this innovative approach to pastels from coast to coast.

She strongly encourages artists to enter, suggesting that they start local, and then go national. “Doing a competition or show is a pay-to-play situation, but you have to take a risk. Entering a show can be terrifying—naked-in-a-crowd terrifying, but it is also exhilarating when your piece is chosen. Recognition in the show/competition forum also demonstrates your seriousness as an artist and is essential for credibility with galleries and on the teaching circuit.”


Everyone loves winning, but rejection stinks. And everybody gets rejected, usually many times in their career. “Being rejected is miserable,” says Laura. And like other artists, she sometimes wonders why

As you will see by her list of awards and credits, Laura enters a lot of competitions. It’s a love/hate situation.

Pin Ball Universe by Laura Pollak Pastel on Archival Prepared Surface 20 x 16

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


The Interview a particular piece didn’t make the cut while others do. “You can’t think about that because you don’t know what the judges were looking for. It’s one person’s opinion on one day.”

ADVICE ON ENTERING SHOWS Start local; then go national. Big shows often have big competition. Get your feet wet with a smaller show to learn the ropes. Once you gain traction in your neighborhood, look for a bigger national stage. Save up for shipping. The cost of framing, packing, shipping, and then doing the whole thing in reverse after a show is expensive. Consider this when choosing shows in far-off places. This is another reason why starting locally can be a smart decision. Set a shipping budget so you won’t be surprised at the cost of all the shipping you will be doing. Every judge has an opinion. Remember that the judges are looking at your piece as compared with many other paintings in that show. They are looking for something that feels different or emotionally moving, or colorful, or black and white—you just don’t know. And you can’t know how they will feel on the day they see your piece. It’s only their opinion for the duration of that show. Don’t allow that one view point to mean you are a terrible artist.

A DREAM STUDIO Studio space is often one of the most challenging logistics for an artist. Laura has her dream studio in her home. When she closed her advertising agency, she moved the big tables and art creation furniture to the 25’ x 30’ walkout basement solarium in her home. It’s got lots of light, lots of storage, and Netflix to chase away the voices of doubt that challenge most artists. She also has a frame and mat cutting station which she does herself. Laura teaches private classes in her studio where she works with 20

Fall Fire by Laura Pollak pastel on UArt paper 2017

one student for a 3-hour session. In her spare time (LOL!) Laura also writes a terrific blog where she offers her wisdom and insights about art and life. She has allowed PSWC to reprint a blog post in this issue, see page 28. Recent exhibitions include: The North Ridge Art Gala curated by the Director of the NC Museum of Art, The Cecil Byrne Gallery in Charleston South Carolina, The 2016 International Association of Pastel Societies, and third place in the Pastel 100. Pollak’s paintings are in collections around the country and can be purchased through galleries, online through her website and at her studio by appointment. Contact Laura through her website at www.

The Interview

POLLAK ON PAINTING Developing A Commercial Voice And Presence Given her background in advertising, it is no surprise that Laura has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to having an art career. Here are some points to ponder: Connect with other artists. Your best resource is other artists. You will learn so much from the thoughts, techniques and experiences of others who are travelling ahead of you as well as along side you. Take classes, attend a conference, join a study group, drink wine with artist friends and draw knowledge and inspiration for this valuable group of like-minded people. Understand your audience. When selling your art at a gallery, think of your audience: •Who is buying your work? •What do they want in their home to live with? •What would bring them peace? •What is the story the viewer is connecting to? Take classes. Improve your skills at every opportunity. Learn a new technique and challenge your perspective. If you are uncomfortable it’s because you are growing.

Casita by Laura Pollak pastel on UArt paper 2017

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


Studio Tour

Space To Create

For most artists, where we create is as important as what we create. Today, we visit the studios of Laura Pollack, Ginny Burdick, Bobbye Thompson, Duane Wakeham, and the late Bob Gerbracht.

Laura Pollack Greensboro, North Carolina


Studio Tour

Ginny Burdick Fresno, California

Bob Gerbracht Dolores Park, California

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017 PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017

23 23

Studio Tour

Bobbye Thompson Los Osos, California

24 24

Studio Tour

Ruth Hussey Danville, California

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017 PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017

25 25

Studio Tour

Duane Wakeham Sebastopol, California


Shows And Competitions

Art Shows and competitions The PSWC’s Membership Show will be opened for entries soon! Shows run throughout the year. You can check out othe competitions like those below. There are also many competitions and exhibitions around the country. There is nothing like the experience of entering (and possibly winning) a competition to hone your art development. If you are not sure your work is ready, consider a critique service. See page 18 for more information on PSWC’s Art Critique Service.

PSWC Membership Show Entry deadlines and criteria will be announced through our email blast. Become a member to enter this prestigious show. is a website that hosts the

largest number of shows, rxhibitions, and competitions on the webs. PSWC uses this website to offer artists a convenient way to submit applications and upload images for Pastels USA. Look online for other shows and enter! 47th Annual Exhibition

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017

27 27


In Memoriam

Robert “Bob” Gerbracht A Life in Art: An Artist Remembered Artist | Teacher | Mentor | Friend 1924 - 2017

Robert “Bob” Gerbracht was born in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1924. He showed an interest and talent for drawing at an early age and started attending night classes in art through the Federal Works Progress Administration when he was just 13 years old. After being discharged from the Army following World War II, he attended Yale University and where he earned a B.F.A. Upon matriculation, he pursued an M.F.A. at the University of Southern California. Gerbracht taught art in public schools for 22 years. In 1979, he began teaching private classes and workshops in drawing and painting the portrait and figure. His students remember him with affection and inspiration. He died peacefully on April 28 at his home in the company of his wife and daughters. He was 92 years old.

Remembering Bob by Cynthia Riordan Bob Gerbracht influenced hundreds of students over the course of almost 40 years of teaching. He had something to give that was special—great artistic skill and a genuine interest in helping his students improve. Anyone who ever watched him do a portrait demo knows what I am talking about. Tina Moore, past PSWC President and DP, attended several workBob and his daughter shops with Bob and remembers him this way. “I love the twinkle in his eyes and the fact that he always knew exactly what to tell you to improve your painting. He was so giving of his time and had unending patience. He was by far the best teacher I have ever had.” According to PSWC Founder, Margo Schultzke, “Bob was key to the launching of the PSWC. He was our first demonstrator...adding right off to our credibility, at a critical point for our PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


In Memoriam brand new society.” I will never paint a portrait without thinking and following Bob’s guidelines and procedure. Hanging in his San Francisco studio, handwritten on butcher paper, was a step by step procedure for painting the portrait. In an interview with American Artist magazine, Bob once said he thought of his students as members of an orchestra; setting up their easels, putting out their paint, selecting their brushes. It gave him pleasure. It gave his student’s order, discipline and the way.

Master Pastelist of the Pastel Society of America Hall of Fame by the Pastel Society of America

To honor Bob and his many accomplishments as an artist and teacher, the Pastel Society of the West Coast renamed our Scholarship Award, given annually for the past 30 years, the Bob Gerbracht Scholarship Award. This award of $1000 is to a graduating high school senior who has submitted work for review to the Scholarship Chair and then is voted on by the PSWC Board. The ~Tina Moore s c h o l a r s h i p candidate must commit to a major in art at an institution of her choice, with the $1000 going to the school towards the candidate’s tuition.

I love the twinkle in his eyes and the fact that he always knew exactly what to tell you to improve your painting.

Partial List Of Honors And Degrees: Yale University, Bachelor of Fine Arts University of Southern California, Master of Fine Arts Lifetime Achievement Award from Sonoma Plein Air Signature member of Society of Western Artists Pastel Laureate of the Pastel Society of the West Coast

Ambriehl Zepeda-Ruelas has been selected to be the Bob Gerbracht Scholarship Award recipient for 2017 and has registered at Porterville College.

Self Portrait by the Artist


In Memoriam

“There’s something to be discovered in every face.” ~Bob Gerbracht

“I will never paint a portrait without thinking and following Bob’s guidelines and procedure.” ~Cynthia Riordan

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


Meet Our Members

Duane Wakeham PSWC Member by Sabrina Hill

In the realm of delightful afternoons, the Sunday afternoon David (my husband) and I spent with Duane Wakeham and his life-long partner Richard Sutherland will be high on the list of unforgettable. A hot summer morning found us traveling to Sebastopol to visit this well-known and respected artist and teacher. The Wakeham/ Sutherland studio (yes, they are both artists) is located off a gravel road nestled between a pine-protected meadow and an active vineyard. A small, rustic cottage is their weekend home and where we landed for the first part of our interview. Over a simple lunch, Duane and Richard shared their stories of art and travels. We toasted the occasion with champagne then headed off to see the studio that they built some years ago. The remains of giant pine tree that snapped off it’s trunk and fell to the ground like a dagger marks the walk to the studio. Heaven in the Meadow is what I would call their space. Pure Heaven. The studio is not converted from anything. It was designed and built to be a studio. It is huge and functional and 32

crackles with artist energy. To the left is Duane’s area—complete with easel, pastels, paints, and supplies. Tucked in on the right in a corner near the floor-to-ceiling window is Richard’s area. There he works on intricate and exquisite braids. He has shuttles and looms through out the studio and the two often work there all day, pausing to look at the deer, rabbits, and raccoons that come through the meadow. Duane grew up in Michigan. He was always interested in art, but living in a small Richard and Duane town did not give him easy access to other artists. The local five-anddime invited a local artist to paint in their window every year. This was Duane’s introduction to painting, and he was hooked. A high school music teacher saw his talent (you read that right—a music teacher) and recommended him for a camp scholarship. He went, didn’t quite fit in with the curriculum and convinced the teacher to give him private lessons. She also saw his talent and agreed to his plan. Life and war have a way of changing the plans we make. Duane started college, but quit to join the Navy during the Kore-

Meet Our Members an war. Though he didn’t practice art while he was enlisted, he had a buddy send him an art history book. He read and re-read it and decided to study art when he returned home after 4 years in the military. He met Richard in art school and 60 years later they are still together. Duane’s career has had a dual path as both an art teacher and a successful artist. He taught at Stanford and at San Mateo Colethereal quality that is both restful and dynamic. Though he does do the occasional portrait or still life, he prefers the landscape. “Landscape painting is the study of shapes,” he tells his students. And though there are reference photographs, Duane doesn’t believe in working directly from a photo. His landscapes are from his head, they allude to a place you may remember, but they are created, not copied.

lege. A teaching schedule allowed him to travel in the summers and he and Richard often went to Europe to soak in the art environment there.

As an artist and student of art, I am so grateful for the afternoon spent in the company of these delightful men—Duane, Richard, and of course, David.

When working in pastels, Duane prefers to prepare his own paper. He uses 300 lb Arches cold press watercolor paper which he soaks and stretches on a board. He then applies two layers of gesso with pumice in it to provide the gritty surface he likes for working with pastels. This paper preparation is influential on his style of painting because the gritty paper doesn’t allow for extremely precise details, a style he calls “suggested realism.” He also works in a limited, consistent palette, staying away from very darks and very lights. His work has an

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


Meet Our Members

Ruth Hussey PSWC Member by Sabrina Hill

Though she bears the name of a famous actress, artist Ruth Hussey is an original. She is considered one of the finest pastelists of our time and she has the credentials to prove it. I visited her in her beautiful home at the top of a mountain facing Mount Diablo. The spectacular views were actually overshadowed by Ruth’s even more spectacular art. From the moment I entered her home through the carved, slightly art nouveau style that she de-


signed herself and sat down at her dining room table with a view over her water garden to the golden, oak-covered California mountains, I was both enchanted and distracted. Everywhere I looked, Ruth’s art and sublime sense of style awaited my glance. We chatted about her lifetime love of art and some of the artists that influenced her—Albert Handel, (she has every one of his books) and has taken many landscape classes with him to Thomas Leighton whose work in portraits and in still-life has impacted her own style. Ruth’s art has won her multiple distinctions and awards in over 150 shows. Her work is in numerous private collections and is featured in the North Light Book A Painter’s Guide to Design and Composition.

Meet Our Members A tour of her studio caused me to hyperventilate! The room opens out onto a lovely side yard, which looked like a picture postcard. Walls from floor to ceiling arecovered in her work, and I was not able to pick a favorite—they were all favorites. On the easel was a pastel portrait of a young woman in a scarf. Even unfinished, it bore the style and composition that is her signature. Also on her worktable was a small egg tempera piece that was so delicate, one of a series of small paintings she is working on in this medium. (I was so inspired, I immediately bought a set of egg tempera paints). Every room in her beautiful home is graced by her work. It was like going to an art gallery. Even her bathroom had a stunning tile countertop and murals cut and painted by Ruth. When I asked what she would say to new artists she answered, ”If you are an artist, paint because you love it. Don’t paint to make money or win a competition— that’s just frosting on the cake.” Perfectly said.

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


Meet Our Members

Bobbye West-Thompson PSWC Member by Sabrina Hill

Bobbye West-Thompson is a firecracker. She exudes warmth, compassion, commonsense, and humor. And she is an ARTIST! Her use of color is most intriguing and invigorating. Her love of color is evident in her paintings, her garden sculptures, and even her studio. Now living in Los Osos, California, Bobbye has always been keen on the arts, but in keeping with artistic tradition, she mastered some other trades before devoting herself to more creative endeavors. For many years, Bobbye worked as a classroom teacher; educational consultant for “The Big Blue Marble”; and most recently owned California Learning Center, an af36

ter-school program designed to boost reading, math and SAT Prep skills. Remnants of this career are found in her studio, which features her semi-circular teaching desk—now a perfect place to spread out and create. She is an accomplished writer and author (Art Aardvark published by The Learning Works, Santa Barbara). A recent move to the Los Osos area has given her the space and time to explore her art. She is mostly self-taught. She works in watercolor, pastels, and teapots. Her garden area, just outside of the studio, is home to her charming, quirky, funny “teatem” poles—stacked teapots, cups, and other assorted items that appear to defy balance. It is

Meet Our Members not such an easy task to find the perfect combination of materials to assemble these garden fixtures, but they are delightful. She makes them to order, finding the perfect combination of personality and color for each client. West-Thompson enjoys plein air painting and explores the coast of California, where she has lived most of her life, for the subjects she paints. Her paintings fairly vibrate from her strong use of pure color. She has enjoyed success as an artist, and has been accepted to a number of juried shows. Her work is on display throughout San Luis Obispo County. I had a wonderful conversation with her-the kind where you feel like you have known each other forever. I encourage all to get to know Bobbye and her work; she is a gift to artists!

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Guest Blogger

Making Your Mark Thoughts, Emotions, Techniques and Inspiration from the Easel by Laura Pollak


Next week I’ll be just three years away from Medicare! YIKES! How did that happen???? I’m a bit of a newbie to pastels. Some people ask me “When did you start painting?” Well, it hasn’t been that

so very far ahead! How will I ever catch up?” The fact is I never will and don’t need to. I just need to remember that my journey is my own. So, for those of us starting later in life, here is my PRE-

long. Maybe 4 years full time [when my youngest went


to college] and 7 years total. I have always loved paint-

START TAKING LESSONS from a respected local artist. Go

ing and have a fine arts degree, but never really had time to enjoy my passion. I was either running my Ad Agency, chauffeuring children, running a household or falling in bed exhausted.

as frequently as you can. You will be inspired and motivated. My wonderful teacher, Addren Doss has become my mentor and trusted friend. She tells me when a piece is lacking or when I’ve hit it out of the park. She’s always hon-

Starting a new career in your 50’s is exciting and really

est! And Addren revels in my successes!

scary! There’s so much to learn and I feel so far behind.

DRAW, DRAW, DRAW!!!! If you desire any semblance of re-

I’m like an infant, barely crawling! A good place to start is asking yourself “why am I doing this painting stuff?” Just to



drawing. Carry a notebook with you and even a ball

I’m a very hard task-

point pen is a perfect tool!

master, quite driven

WORKSHOPS. Take lots of them. These 3-5 day in-

and I want to be the

tense events are like going to college but on ste-

best I can be. So how

roids. Choose teachers whose work you admire. Re-

do I get where I want

view their art and find out if they can ‘teach’. Some

to go? I set goals, how


great artists simply cannot convey a technique or


communicate. Workshop leaders like Lyn Asselta,

ever catch a ‘moving

and Dawn Emerson who have taught school for

target’? [Looks like

years have the ability to impart their wisdom in a

I have more ques-

clear and concise fashion. That is critical. Take as

tions than answers!

many workshops as you can afford with both time


and money. If you take away one ‘pearl of wisdom’

I have the internal dialogue that many of us do, “So many

it was worth the price of admission! SUMMER PICKLES by Laura Pollak

incredible artists have been painting all their lives and are 38

abstracts, I find that an ability to translate what is in my head to the paper is only because of hours of

Well, YES! However,


alism in your work, drawing is the foundation. Even in my

NETWORK. Workshops are a fabulous place to meet other artists and make connections. These connec-

Guest Blogger tions become like nectar. They feed your soul.

piece in another show and another judge might award it

SOCIAL MEDIA. I know, I know, FACEBOOK is so time con-

BEST OF SHOW! Clearly it is a very subjective sport!

suming. But if you just join the groups that are of inter-

ONLINE CLASSES. I took a class from the wonderful Marla

est to you, stay out of the political fray and focus on your

Baggetta. One of her terrific quotes went something like

art you will see an electronic classroom like no other! Just

this, “There are three stages in your art path:

joining the Pastel Society of America FB page has connect-

Subconscious Incompetence

ed me with people across

[when you don’t know

the country and the world.

what you don’t know].

It allows me to see the in-


credible art of others. I’m


[when you realize what

inspired and rejuvenated

you don’t know but still

every time I view the site.

cannot do it]


Subconscious Competence

ETY. Most areas have an Art

[when you finally have

Society that welcomes new


members, brings in speak-



ability you desire and it

ers and has wonderful pre-

presents itself automati-

sentations. These groups


of like minded artists will openly share information

I have learned so much

and create events for you


to get a feel of what’s possi-

sources. Another favorite

ble! It turns out that now I’m

is Gabor Svagrik’s Tucson

the President of the Pastel

Art Academy, where he

Society of North Carolina

hosts many free webinars

and the opportunities that

and sells online classes

have been placed before

with wonderful artists, like

me are invaluable! I have

Phil Starke, Colley Whis-

a voice on which artists we

son from Australia and

bring in as workshop lead-


ers, presenters and I even get to sit at the Presidents’ Forum at IAPS!!!! I’m so excited!!!! ENTER SHOWS. I had the most wonderful conversation

with Susan Goodmundson, last week, the president of the Pastel Society of the West Coast. She said that “...entering shows is a great way to test yourself and get feedback about where you are.” Last year in a moment of total dejection I called one artist friend and asked for advice about entering shows. She said that it took 7 years before she got into any of the BIG SHOWS! Wow, that’s a long time and lots of entry fees. I now designate some of my teaching income for entry fees. It is important to remember that jurors and judges have a very difficult task; deciding who is accepted and who is not, and then who wins an award.




even Albert Handell.

PLEIN AIR PAINTING. The first time I went out plein air painting my entire set up became infested with APHIDS! I vowed ‘never again!’ Now I’m eagerly chomping at the bit to get outside and paint because as all the great artists have repeatedly stated, photos lie and the only way to understand light is to paint from nature! [I’ll show my plein air set up in another blog.] So now I’m just a TODDLER in my path to becoming a better artist. I spend time everyday involved in something having to do with my painting. I take my gear on every vacation and set up and paint whenever I can. I may never reach my goals of personal Competence but I’m going to keep trying.

How a judge/juror feels on one particular day at a particu-

My only wish for all of us is that we live long enough, with

lar time is not a testament as to your value in life. It is one

strength and health to keep painting and ‘grow up into

person’s opinion, nothing more.Enter the same rejected

MATURE ARTISTS’. PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017



Art Workshops

Members and friends are teaching workshops around the country. Let us know if you have a workshop you would like listed. Tom Christopher, PSA, IAPS/MC October 6, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina Each day of the workshop will begin with a demonstration of pastel painting using various textural techniques for underpainting on gator board . The attending student artists will then receive instruction and prepare their own textured surface for pastel painting. Throughout the workshop, attending artists will receive additional instruction on plein air painting as well as studio techniques. This workshop is also open to artists not currently working in pastel. The central focus of the instruction is on understanding color, value, and texture in landscape.

Students are encouraged to bring photographs as well as plein air sketches to use as reference material. Tom will also have photos for reference as well as a good supply of gator board. Tom is careful to set aside sufficient time each day to provide individual instruction and goal planning for all student artists. Students are also encouraged to bring previous works for critique. Gallery representation, advertising, networking with social media, and teaching will also be covered. For more information about the June and October 2017 Workshops go to Tom’s website



Autumn Still Life & Floral Workshop Daniel Keys Workshop Autumn Still Life and Floral Three-Day Workshop $500 October 26-28th, 2017 in Fresno, California This three day workshop will focus on the alla prima method of painting in oils. Each student will work on an autumn themed piece. Daniel Keys beagn his career as a self-taught artist. His talent won him the attention of noted artist Ruchard Schmidt who is now a mentor and friend. Daniel will share many of Schmidt’s techniques as well as his own.

Daniel’s work is highly sought after by discerning collectors and hangs in many prominent collections throughout North America, Europe, and Russia. In addition to his art, he also teaches workshops that often draw students from around the world who seek out his esteemed instruction. He has won numerous awards and his work has graced the covers of multiple magazines including Art of the West (twice), American Artist, American Art Collector, and the premier European art publication, Pratique des Arts. To register click or Contact: Ginny Burdick,, 559-392-6775

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017



Expressions of Light WORKSHOP

Using Energy, Movement, and Mood to Create a Powerful Painting

Teresa Saia Expressions of Light in Pastels November 2-4, 2017 Fresno , California $375 In this workshop Teresa will discuss methods to create an “engaging” painting. You will learnlearning to distill your concept into a strong design so that the energy and mood of the painting evokes a more interactive response with the viewer. You will also learn to harness your color and value shapes for a more powerful statement with good mark making and less detail. ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Teresa Saia has firmly established herself within the art community, demonstrating a sophistication of style, dynamic use of color, and a sensitivity for light. A


native of Washington, she has studied with leading artists throughout the US and abroad. Her studio is located in the historic Seattle district of Pioneer Square, an environment that provides vital energy for her creativity. Teresa’s work encompasses the mediums of oil, pastel and watercolor. Known for fluid, direct style, she captures the attention of many collectors with her expressive use of radiant and rich color. The mood and emotion conveyed in her paintings evoke a deep sense of the mysterious, romantic, peaceful and yet familiar settings. To register click or Contact: Ginny Burdick,, 559-392-6775


Composition Boot Camp WORKSHOP Barbara Jaenicke OPA, AIS, PSA, IAPS/EP Composition Boot Camp February 15-17, 2018 Fresno , California $375 This workshop will focus developing an understanding of the basic elements of composition and design in pastels or oils. Students will learn where to place focal point and how to use it to create movemnet through the painting instead of out of the painting. ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Courtney Jaenicke (pronounced JAN-i-kee) loved to draw and paint as a teenager and desired at an early age to pursue a career of some sort in the art world. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1986 from The College of New Jersey (formerly

Trenton State College), majoring in Art with an emphasis in Advertising and Design, while also studying fine art outside of her college studies. In 2002, she was able to turn her focus to a career in fine art, pursuing it full steam ahead, and continues to do so with stubborn determination. Barbara works in oil and pastel, and strives to capture light-filled landscapes in an impressionist style. She holds Signature Memberships in the Oil Painters of America (OPA), American Impressionist Society (AIS) and Pastel Society of America (PSA) To register click or Contact: Ginny Burdick,, 559-392-6775 PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017



Exploring the Dark SIde Workshop

March 15-17, 2018 Fresno , California $375

described as vibrant and textural with dynamic light. The effects she achieves can run the gamut between high contrast and a gentle softness that brings to life the paintings she creates.

In this workshop, students will learn how to create “Nightscapes.” Christine will reveal some of the techniques she uses to create realistic paintings in the dark. From the contrasts of night’s darkness and glowing lights of the evening landscape to the subtle play of colors filtered through nature’s atmosphere in her landscape paintings, Christine paints with a freedom that is easily seen in the strokes of pastel as well as in her oils.

Christine is the Past-President of the Connecticut Pastel Society where she also holds Signature Artist Membership. Chris is also a Master Pastelist of the Pastel Society of America, an Elected Artist Member at Lyme Art Association. Allied Artists of America, Audubon Artists, and with Academic Artists of America. Other memberships are with CT Women Artists, Salmagundi Club NYC, and numerous other art organizations.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: After raising four daughters, Christine returned to her passion and works in pastels and oils. Her work has been

To register click or Contact: Ginny Burdick,, 559-392-6775

Christine Ivers PSA Exploring the Dark Side



Pastel Painting the Ocean’s Waves WORKSHOP Ginny Burdick Pastel Painting the Ocean’s Waves May 11-12, 2018 Fresno , California $200 This two day workshop will focus on techniques for painting realistic ocean waves--one of the most calming and challenging subject in the painting genres.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Ginny lives and paints in the foothills of the beautiful Sierra Mountains. She is known for her strong use of color and imagery. She often portrays her feelings for a particular place through the strength of the early morning or late afternoon light when

the shadows are the strongest. Painting for the artist is a graphic language through which she expresses gerself. She says, “I grow as an artist by taking risks, by attempting new expressions in the language of paint and color.” Ginny is the owner of A Sense of Place, a fiine art gallery in Fresno California. The gallery represents artists from Central California. She is also an active member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast (PSWC).

To register click or Contact: Ginny Burdick,, 559-392-6775

PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


Member Services

Artist Critique Service If somebody has to tell you your baby is ugly, it might as well be a friend.

Editor’s note: Awards season starts again in January. Give yourself the gift of artist insights to push your limits. Not ready to compete? Give this as a gift to a fellow artist. The benefits are HUGE! Compiled by Sabrina Hill


have just finished your masterpiece. You LOVE it. You show it to your spouse, and they love it, too! This one is gallery worthy. The last stroke is in place, you step back and doubt sets in. Does it need more blue? Is it shaded enough? Should you just scrap it all and start again? Self-critiquing is a mind field, but what every artist really needs is the good eye of another good artist. The PSWC Art Critique Service gives artists the chance to get constructive criticism from art experts. This is a new service for PSWC members where your artwork can be constructively critiqued by an artist for a small fee. If you are interested in a private professional art critique, some technical help, or just a bit of advice here is your chance to submit up to three images for one fee of $45. The process is easy. Simply go to the PSWC website at www. and click on Artist Critique (here). Upload your images, pay the fee, and you can expect a written response in five days. The service is just getting of the ground and already receiving rave reviews from the lucky artists who have had their work critiqued. Our first critique was handled by noted artist and award winner LaVone Sterling. She gave us the opportunity to see some 46

Member Services of design. From the images you sent to me, the of what she had shared with her client. Her critique best example of this is in Painting #2. began, “Thank you for the opportunity to critique In this painting the design has a subtle rhythm, your beautiful paintings. After closely examining with no apparent conflicting points of interest. each painting I am most impressed with your style My eye moves easily around and within the paintand sense of design. You apparently have had some ing. It is a very nice formal training or “I appreciated what LaVone Sterling had to say. interpretation of this may be someIt was very insightful and worth thinking about. the landscape. thing that comes I think, in general, it is a very good service. There is good naturally to you. Wonderful to have feedback on your work.” --A Client color harmony. Either way I must Your values are compliment you good, and not overstated.” Our three professinal for a job well done. All three paintings affirm my Critique artists are waiting to help you achieve impression that you are a strong, confident your goals please visit our website artist, who has a positive grasp on the element

Meet the ACS Artists Gerald Boyd became interested in art as a career when, as a schoolboy, he won a statewide contest in Oregon for a pencil portrait of his grandfather. By his mid teens, he began using pastels and with the limited set he owned, gained some notoriety for portraits of fellow classmates and the principal of his high school in the San Fernando Valley. Upon graduation, Jerry secured a position as an apprentice pictorial artist with a billboard company in Los Angeles and, for five years, was sent one evening a week to private fine art classes with an academic teacher. Gerald spent 42 years painting giant advertisents in oil, but continued his own painting in both oil, watercolor, and pastel in his off hours and weekends. Beginning in 1983, he became more involved with the local art club and has done demonstrations, mostly in portrait painting, to over 100 such so-

Family at the Black Rodeo

Gerald Boyd cieties. He b e g a n entering exhibitions and by 1987 he had earned Signature status with the PasGerald Boyd tel Society of the West Coast and also the Society of Western Artists in San Francisco. Since retiring in 2003 and building a studio in his backyard, Jerry has taught classes and workshops, judged dozens of art shows both large and small, and served ten years on the board of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, eight as Chairman of Pastels USA. He has also served as shipping agent for Pastels USA since 2006. In 2009, Gerald earned the “Distinguished Pastellist” status with PSWC and in 2011 gained Signature status with the Pastel Society of America. Most recently, he has been awarded “Master Circle” status with IAPS - the International Association of Pastel Societies, and he has won the Terri Ludwig Award in the PSWC Pastels USA 2017!

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Member Services

Meet the ACS Artists LaVone Sterling is an award winning California artist whose pastel paintings are internationally recognized. She is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America; Pastel Society of the West Coast; the Sierra Pastel Society and the Alliance of California Artists. LaVone is a retired Community College Art Instructor with both Bachelor and Master Degrees. Her work has been published in magazines, books, and her painting Golden Glow is on the box lid of Sennelier Soft Pastel Landscape Set of 30 half-sticks. LaVone conducts workshops and has both judged and juried art shows. She is currently listed by the Pastel Society of the West Coast’s critique service as one

LaVone Sterling of the critiquing artists. She is married with three daughters and six grandchildren. She lives in Visalia, California with her husband and two dogs. In her own words: “From my back door I can see the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains and the soft curves of it’s foothills. The peaks, blue against the sky, are sometimes covered with snow. The grassy hills, sprinkled with trees, are draped and twist with rivers and streams, that is, when California is not having a drought. As a landscape artist having a plethora of subject matter so nearby, whether wet or dry, is a plus. The climate of my work is based on what I see and what I feel. Painting is my time of focus and meditation. There is a quiet peacefulness I LaVone Sterling experience while creating a painting, which I hope passes on to the viewer.”

“LaVone’s work is proof that her critical eye and expertise are invaluable to both the emerging and established artist.” Linda Roemisch, artist

Hidden Valley Chance Encounter


Member Services

Meet the ACS Artists Tina Moore is the Pastels USA 2017. Awards Chair and has been a professional artist and teacher for over 25 years. She is a graduate of Lodi High School where sTina says that as a realistic artist she has always sought to capture the warmth and vibrancy of life Tina has works in many private collections throughout the United States and Canada and has done commissions for a variety of organizations. She is an award winner in local, regional, national and international shows, including several Best of Show Awards. She was accepted into the Pastel Society of America’s annual show in New York City this past year and has received six awards in The Pastel Journal’s annual competition. Tina enjoys teaching workshops in pastels and pastel portraiture, offering demonstrations, and judging shows. She is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, the Sierra Pastel Society, and a Distinguished Pastellist with the Pastel Society of the West Coast. Tina is presently serving as Awards Chair of the Pastel Society of the West Coast. She is an active member of the Stockton Art League

Tina Moore

and has served as show chairman of the prestigious 45th through 54th Annual Exhibitions at the Haggin Museum. Tina seved president of the Stockton Art League having served five terms.


PSWC Newsletter | Fall 2017


Membership ELECTED BOARD POSITIONS President/Treasurer Pastels USA Exhibits Chair Susan Goodmundson e: Acting Vice President Linda Roemisch e: Pastels USA 2017 Awards Chair PSWC Advisor Tina Moore e: mooregrafix@comcast. net Pastels Usa Exhibits Chair: Pastel Box of Ruth Hussey

MEMBERS ONLY Here’s a bit of News about Members and New Members

As the 2017 awards season wraps up, many of our members have received recognition and new honors. The following members are now recognized as Signature members of the PSWC : Kris Buck Katherine Irish Tricia Kaman Anne Laddon Erika Perloff Laura Pollak Rita Romero Joyce Schoettgen Aaron Schuerr Terri Taber Helen Turner

And this artist will now have Distinguished member added to her moniker:


Susan Goodmundson Secretary Bonnie Griffith e: Scholarship Chair Russell Frank e: Membership Ginny Burdick

Debbie Patrick

e: PSWCmembership@ginnyburdick. com

Our hearty

Newsletter Editor

Congratulations to these newly honored members!


Sabrina Hill Ways & Means/Web Liaison Linda Roemisch e:

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Members, we need your other talents, too! We have the Treasurer position opened. Currently, the PSWC president is juggling several jobs, so let’s give her some much needed assistance! This positions has established guidelines and tasks and comes with lots of help. Please contact Susan Goodmundson for more information.

Membership Show Chair Rita Romero e: COMMITTEE APPOINTEES Eblast Coordinator/Publicity Cynthia Riordan e: Facebook Coordinator Rita Romero e: VENDOR/CONSULTANT Publications Designer Marianne Harris e:

The newsletter is looking for ideas, suggestions and contributors. If you have something to say an idea for a feature or a favorite artist for an interview, I want to hear from you at

Web Master Diane Blakley e: Online Juried Shows Paula Ford



New Members Pastel Box of Ruth Hussey

Sharon Bamber Nakusp, British Columbia

Susan Kuznitsky Portland, Oregon

Joan Tarver Sacramento, California

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ARTISTS REPRESENTED Ginny Burdick Willo Balfrey Kristine Burdick Linda Erickson Susan Ewell Kathy Gillis Alan Pierrott Lucy Hunt-Pierson Daniel J. Keys Adam Longatti

Welcome to the home of Pastels USA 2017! A Sence of Place Galley in Fresno, California is proud to work with PSWC. The gallery offers a uniquely California experience. Featuring artists from all over the state, guests are invited to emerse themselves in the artistic experience. Join us to relax, enjoy the art, music, and ambiance of the galley. We look forward to this event September 19th to October 21st, 2017!

Michelle Marco Mud Daubers Pottery Corky Normart Saralynn Nusbaum Karlene Ryan Arminee Shishmanian Lavone Sterling Rex Williams Merylyn Whited

A Sense of Place 2003 No Van Ness Blvd., Fresno, California 93704

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