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Snowsports School Management Seminar will be held at Killington, VT in late November. This season the Pro Jam and the Masters Academy will be held at Mount Snow, VT. ** This year the Alpine mini-academy will be held December 15-16 which follows the Pro Jam dates of December 10 – 14. Another exciting change is the Spring Rally and Spring Academy which will be held in late March at Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, NY. 2007-08 Feature Events As we construct the event schedule for the 2007-08 season there are many factors that shape our decisions. First and foremost we try to deliver what the membership wants. In addition each ski area that host our events has certain requests, needs and requirements that we must consider. It’s like putting a big, three dimensional jig saw puzzle together. We are very fortunate to receive the support and cooperation that we get from all of the ski resorts that host our many events. The full schedule of events will be available online by September 1st. Event Dates Location Disciplines Snowsports Mgmt Seminar Snow Pro Jam/Masters Academy Riders Rally +3 AASI Rally Weekend Mini Academy Instructor Training Course (ITC) Race Week Children’s Academy Southern SSMS Mini Kids Academy Women’s Seminar Spring Academy Spring Rally

Nov 27-28 Dec 10–14 Dec 12-14 Dec 15-16 Dec 15-16 Dec 11-13 Dec 17-20 Jan 7-9 Jan 14-15 Jan 14-15 Jan 14-15 Mar 27-30 Mar 29-30

Killington, VT Mount Snow, VT Mount Snow, VT Mount Snow, VT Mount Snow, VT Bretton Woods, NH Hunter, NY Okemo, VT Snowshoe, WV Snowshoe, WV Windham, NY Whiteface, NY Whiteface, NY

all disciplines Alpine, Nordic AASI AASI Alpine, Nordic Nordic T/S Alpine Alpine, AASI Alpine, AASI Alpine, AASI Alpine, AASI Alpine all disciplines

Master Teacher Task Force The Master Teacher task force, chaired by Pam Greene and supported by staff members Melissa Skinner and Mickey Sullivan was very active this past season and made some significant improvements to some of our courses and accreditations. This task force will stay active for the 2007/2008 season in order to continue to improve the quality of our courses and programs. Last seasons NEW Accreditation, “Coaching Advanced Skiing and Racing” was very well received with 62 participants in the three courses during the first season. Two of these members completed the accreditation in the first year! The task force has several updates and projects that it will be working on in preparation for the 2007/2008 season in order to keep the courses fresh and current.

some modifications to the DCL Team would provide improvement for the organization and make the DCL Team a more elite team As a result of the DCL team restructure that was announced last fall to current team members, the upcoming 2007/2008 season will mark the final season for our existing DCL Team members. We will work this season to build a new team for the 2008/2009 season by holding two DCL team tryouts this season. These tryouts are tentatively scheduled for March 4-5 at Whitetail, PA and March 12-13 at Stratton, VT. The Alpine Steering committee is confident that this restructure will provide greater benefits for team members and to the PSIA-E members. Following are a few details of the redesigned DCL Team and changes made to the DEV Team:

Alpine DCL Team to Evolve

DCL TEAM • The DCL Team is a four year term on the Alpine Ed Staff. There would be no extension of this term via a validation process. • There will be a DCL Team Tryout every other season. • The teams focus is training for contemporary skiing and teaching skills, understudying events and possible work opportunities.

DEV Team sees some change During the spring and summer of 2006 an advisory group, the DCL Team coach and the DOEP reviewed the design and structure of the Alpine Education staff and teams for their effectiveness and efficiency in benefiting the members and the organization as well as the success of each team member. It was decided that a restructure and

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PSIA-E / AASI SnowPro • Summer 2007

• The DCL Team members are qualified Level III members who are unable to make the commitment to the DEV team track. • Some DCL team members have specialized training and expertise in specific areas that are able to assist in some staffing needs. • The DCL Team communicates our values and education on a more local level • Members can look to DCL Team members for the most up to date skills and information. DEV TEAM • The DEV Team will be a four year term on the Alpine Ed Staff. • There will be a DEV Team Tryout every other season. • DEV Team is the first step in pursuing Examiner track. • The teams focus is training and understudying events in preparation for the ETS Exam. • DEV Team Members have more work opportunities than DCL Members.. •· DEV Team members are eligible to take the ETS exam as soon as their understudy requirements are met. DEV team members do not have to wait until they serve 4 years on the DEV team to be eligible to take the ETS exam. • DEV Team members whose term has ended will not automatically become DCL members. ■

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Summer 2007  

Volume 34, Number 1

Summer 2007  

Volume 34, Number 1