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£ We specialise in reducing our customers’ spend on all copying and print output. By highlighting the true costs of your school’s printing we will make recommendations on where significant savings and efficiency improvements can be made.

By carrying out a non-intrusive audit of your school’s current print resources, it is possible for us to prove how we can save you money in the long and short-term, while improving your school’s equipment reliability, staff productivity and print quality.

Our evaluations are tried and trusted, with no obligation to you.

The procedure is simple and does not take up much of your valuable time.

By assessing your print infrastructure your school or college will be able to save hundreds of pounds every month by providing a detailed overview of your costs which will enable your departments to make better printing decisions.

What is more, it makes expensive long-term contracts a thing of the past because managing your print provides flexibility. You can keep a constant check on your print equipment at all times.

The initial print audit (which is free of charge) provides a report which will identify which of your printers are being under-utilised or over-worked, allowing you to relocate your printers and multifunctional machines and improve efficiency . We can arrange for any new equipment to be installed on a rolling basis, to prevent disruption and respect your routines.

Once installed the equipment maintenance can be managed by us, through regular checks on consumables and up to date reports on usage; ideal for managing your school’s short-term to long-term print costs.

To find your local Authorised Olivetti Supplier please contact us, quoting reference: EB1

01933 420565

or email: Olivetti UK Agency

4 Regent Park, Park Farm South, Wellingborough, NN8 6GR

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Education Business 22.7  

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