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Sightseeing english Magazine inspired by articles writen by students of Centro Colombo Americano

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Sightseeing english Magazine inspired by articles writen by students of Centro Colombo Americano

Magazine inspired by course Sk 361, oriented by teacher Fábio Ordoñez in Centro Colombo Americano headquarters. April, 2018. Bogotá, Colombia. Images: & Design by David G. |



Do you know who is Mon Laferte? by Laura Londoño


Are you ready to make your ideas come true? by Fernanda Rodríguez


Artist are born or made? by David González


Work on car accidents by Gilberto Gonzalez


The incidence of good and bad drivers in the city of Bogota by Jorge Morales


Bad behavior of drivers main reason of deads on colombia's roads by Olga Narvaez


The taste of the fruits by Juan Manuel Saenz


The depression generates obesity in Colombian adolescent women by Laura Espitia


The overweight in children from 6 to 12 years old in Colombia by Yuli Higuera


Body modification like a way to express emotional moments of our lives or life stages 20 by Edwin Cervera Can Make up become an addiction nowadays? by Laura Yara


Self-esteem, self-love or simply vanity by Melissa Prieto


Is the last child more creative than his other siblings in Bogotá for middle class? by Camila Urrego


Where do we get our personality from? by Carolina Torres


Explaining the introvert people in a introvert world by Julián Olivar


The power of colors by Juliana Chala


Which are the factors in the childhood that are relate to birth order (oldest siblings) and Career Choices? by Camila Riveros


The impact of the internet in the changes of access to the information in the actual Colombian education by Diana Ibañez


The best hotel five stars in Bogota by Juan Rincón

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Do you know who is Mon Laferte? By Laura LondoĂąp

Mon Laferte is a beautiful women full of powerfull, and also curiosities that makes her very interesting and make her the woman she is, special and strong, for this reason Mon Laferte is an inspiration and when you know more about her, more you fall in love with her, now I am going to talk a little bit about her, about how she is, how is her story and her different achievements.


Do you know who is Mon Laferte?

Norman Monserrat Bustamante Laferte is her full name, but she is known as Mon Laferte. Mon Laferte not only focuses on a single genre but also varies, some are Latin Pop, Soul, Blues, Bolero Pop Rock, among others; she also started with the world of music from an early age, she was only 13, she grew up and she learned not only to sing moreover she plays different instruments and their main influences were pop rock and her grandmother that was a bolero's singer; other qualities that make you fondness of her is the way how she express in a interview or in a stage furthermore she love for the flowers and animals for this reason she is vegan, loves tattoos however, her path of fame was not to easy. Before being recognized as Mon Laferte she had to overcome herself, bad family relationship, long working hours and her thyroid cancer, she did not have an easy life but with effort overcome the obstacles. At 13 years old when she sang on stage and called the attention from a couple of artist who promoted her in the world of music, however her mother did not want to follow that path but Monserrat accepted to sign in return of food. She abandoned her studies and she had to finish them later in a night school. She left at 16 her house and she began to live with her grandmother who gave her more impulse to do music and who she loves a lot of and has tattooed; as survivor of cancer, she says

that this marks a before and after in her life and she began to be more aware of what surrounded her and the beauty of things, this affliction made her increase the intensity with which she lives her life, in his songs you can feels and see the passion with which she sings hence her success in music. During her musical career she has won many awards and has achieved several nominations, for example in 2017 she was nominated for 4 MTV awards, some of the nominations are Best Latin Video and Best Artist Buzz, in this same year she managed to overcome Coldplay and Lady Gaga on the billboard list, a Latin Gammy nomination and A Latin Grammy award for her simple "amarrame" to better alternative gear. In addition, he has collaborated with prominent artists such as Natalia Lafurcade, Julieta Venegas, Leon Larregui, Carla Morrison, Placido Domingo, CafĂŠ Tacuba, Juanes, Enrique Bunbury, Manuel Garcia, Ana Gabriel, among other. In conclusion, Mon Laferte is a woman confidence herself, extroverted and emotional. Personally, I really feel her songs and she can transmit to me her passion in her voice, something that I consider very important in an artist, in addition she created her own style, created her own label, she has a strong personality that makes her highlights.

By Laura LondoĂąp


Are you ready to make your ideas come true? By Fernanda RodrĂ­guez

Have you ever wondered about the existence of a super human? Leonardo Da Vinci is the answer. He was a wise Italian renaissance whose creations are one of the best contributions to develop different inventions throughout history. His studies did not be just about art, his investigations about medicine, anatomy, astronomy, botanic, architecture and aerodynamic were deep and very important for our present social advances. But, what is the intention of this paper? Well, as we know, Da Vinci made a lot of things about many subject but in this case the art is going to be highlighted for its beautiful work techniques, his main important drawing contributions


Are you ready to make your ideas come true?

He was considered one of most relevant artists in the history by some historians like Giorgio Vasari who described in his book "the lives of the most eminent painters, sculptures and architects"1 all the intelligent process of Leonardo Da Vinci in his artist way, his investigations and intuitive innovations make part of his unequaled creations. His different art techniques were the key of his success although he used the paintbrush as a normal painter, sometimes he used his fingers for painting, that fact was one of the most incredible techniques used at that time. His pictures and drawings were based in the mixture of colors, colored shades, the use of luminosity and his ability to reflect emotions and physiologically perfect gestural expressions. His devotion and dedication to art allowed him to communicate all the emotion and feelings that he wanted to capture in his works.

On the other hand, it is also important to talk about his drawings because these were the first anatomical, botanical and investigative sketches initiated in a restricted period called renaissance; thanks to them, people could develop different theories about the composition and the functioning of the human being body. His drawings were accurate actually very specific and detailed due to his precision the medicine could achieve the success, the medicine advanced an experimental and applied way. Moreover he also drew planes about airplanes and different machines which were later created and used. In conclusion, this important history character showed us our capacity as a human being like inventors, searchers and creators of the most incredible things. Maybe sometimes we think that we are disabled for doing or creating our ideas, but Leonardo Da Vinci demonstrated that all it is possible just if you take the decision of do it.

Vasari,G. (2015). Life of the most eminent painter, sculptors and architects. Recuperated from


By Fernanda RodrĂ­guez


Artist are born or made? By David Gonzรกlez

This is perhaps one of the most common questions in the discussion about art and especially when someone considers their artistic talent as a possibility of professional development. Assuming the risk of staying in the middle of the controversy, my purpose in this article is to support the idea that the artist is born and made, because as in any other area of knowledge, the vocation for art is constructed from rational and emotional components, which are transmitted from one to another and which are transformed through the sensitive experience of each individual.


Artist are born or made?

As with any skill, to develop an artistic talent there must be taste and sensitivity, qualities that are directly influenced by the environment where we grow and by those around us. This premise is supported by a study by the Institute of Neuroscience of Alicante, which states that although we are born with inherited neuronal traits, these can change through experience during the first years of life, which can alter our mental construction and bring us closer to the arts. The development of the artist is also related to learning processes, linked to knowledge and practice. In this regard, Francisco Alonso-Fernรกndez, professor in psychology and author of the book "El talento creador. Rasgos y perfiles del genio " (The creative talent. Features and profiles of the genius), indicates that the learning process in any artistic or scientific discipline requires at least ten years, and although in music is more common to find early talents, as in the case of Mozart - who was considered a child prodigy -, in most disciplines, such as painting, literature or dance, this genius is related to learning during childhood. In the territory of artistic vocation, my personal experience could be considered a reflection of the previous arguments. During childhood, I had a special taste for drawing and telling stories.

This taste was encouraged by my mother, who was a school teacher. Even so, when I reached adolescence I started studying engineering. With the passage of time, my preference for art and the influences of my childhood was stronger, so I decided to change my profession to develop the ability to write and tell stories through advertising. Thus, this profession allows me today to continue believing that the artist is born and, mainly, is made. The multiplicity of perspectives and criteria that intervene in the evaluation of an artist and his work, imply wide frames of thought that make it practically impossible to define whether an artist is, to a greater extent, the result of his training or his genetics. This may be one of the reasons that best explains the need for both criteria. Just as the foundations of art are nourished in academic illustration, which has developed disciplines such as aesthetics to explain the value of the beauty, there have also been independent artists who, from their early sensitivity, have shaken the foundations of what has been established, in order to continue demonstrating that more than the construction of concepts and perceptions, art is an instrument of human curiosity to give new meanings to the nature that contains it.

By David Gonzรกlez


Work on car accidents By Gilberto Gonzalez


Work on car accidents

Four thousand and five hundred have died in the traffic accident this year in a multiple traffic accident in different places. According to the traffic police, the ministry has confirmed the events. The autorities of the 32 departments, where we found casualties. The national government received this information from the state. The traffic secretaries of the office the department has explained that. There were a lot of vehicles involved in the accidentes whose investigation is change in each Oficce the each city hall. The differents events occurred for many reasons: + Because 13% the cars are very old, and the bosss cars don't make these cars to maintenance so those cars are not, ready to go to the ways. So the need to check some parts like how: engines, headlights, tires, batteries, radiators and mechanical brakes, and oil, other time, the drivers did not fill up the gas or oil , they dont have first aid kit the people have died. + 17% the accidentes happens because the driver don't respect the traffic signals, for example. + 7% another big problem, happens because the mountains collapses and buried the cars which are in the way.

+ 21 % is that roads are not good conditions, these are principal problem in the national roads , the national government promises are to fix them and make new tracks, but they don't have money. Other events occurred when the vehicles go into the opposite line it for this reason the cars collided with another's and cars which come in the opposite direction. But the principales problems are these: 16. 22% of the accidents happen, because a lot of drivers ignore the traffic signals on the track. For example. Drivers don't make watch about the speed limit and they finish in car's accidents. Other problem is drivers weave trough traffic, and that cause accidents. Another problem is the following drivers like to talk on the phone and their reacion is so late and they cause a lot of the terrible accidents and may be people die. The following problem is the drivers weren't paying attention because who is driving likes to chat on the phone. The most common mistake for drivers is overpassing so they crash with other cars and a lot of people die. Other big problem is the drivers take banned lines So we learn a lol of things from these accidents the we mustn't do it never but there are other problems that we have to learn about.

By Gilberto Gonzalez


The incidence of good and bad drivers in the city of Bogota By Jorge Morales

We generally believe that we know how to drive very well but we really do it, we respect and know the traffic signals, we do not exceed the estimated speed limits. statistically it has been confirmed that the city of Bogota is the second worst city to drive. The report resulted from the management evaluation of 50 million users in 32 countries and 167 metropolitan areas. The main conclusion is that driving is a calvary for Bogota citizens. The report resulted from the evaluation of 50 million users in 32 countries and 167 metropolitan areas. This study took into account six factors: level of traffic that is summarized in frequency and severity of traffic jams, quality of road infrastructure, driver safety, road hazards and weather conditions. In all the items, Colombia does not surpass the three points of qualification in average. As if that were not enough, Bogota drivers added an edge that few cities analyzed:


The incidence of good and bad drivers in the city of Bogota

insecurity. The study considered this item as a "secondary factor". However, the Bogotans pointed their guns at this point. It is not for less, according to the authorities, the theft of parts increased by 40% so far in 2015. In the same way he described the services that drivers have on the roads, among them, gas stations available, parking, purchasing power of citizens to cars and the price of fuel. With the above we can highlight 3 very important aspects that affect the time to differentiate between good and bad drivers that occur in the city, the three aspects are: •Respect for traffic signals: It is believed that the main characteristic of a good driver lies in respecting each of the established traffic signals but generally this is not done, statistics confirm that Bogota is the worst place to drive in Colombia for the simple and simple reason that The citizens do not care about the things that happen, they have no respect for both the law and the rules, this being the principle to question the care on the road or in the pedestrian areas that a good driver must have that differentiates them from the the rest . •Care on the road or in the road áreas: It is believed that at the time of driving you must have extreme concentacion and caution on the part of what I mean is that the driver must be aware that no pedestrian or any other car is crossed on the road. Statisticians confirm that the majority of automobile accidents

are caused by distraction on the part of drivers, whether they are not asking or because they do not have the basic safety rules when driving. These reasons lead us to evaluate the citizens of the city. City of Bogota with the following question: do you recognize the traffic signals? and what do you think is a possible factor in the accidents that occur in the city? Citizens responded that there are very few who respect the norms and that generally the accident victims are cause of the prudence on the part of the drivers. •The attitude: I think this is the most important factor because stress, emotions and fatigue will always affect your ability to drive. Each driver must possess an attitude that is suitable for the safe operation of motor vehicles when behind the wheel and must avoid being distracted. Environmental factors, in addition to your attitude, will change your driving habits. To be a conscientious driver, it is necessary to be a defensive driver and have a positive attitude toward compliance with the law. That attitude can only benefit you. You should also be able to anticipate possible traffic hazards, select prudent traffic routes and be aware of the dangers of driving at night. (Driving during the hours during the day is normally much safer and less dangerous than driving at night). Their attitude and behavior can also be affected by the lack of knowledge, experience about when to combine, change or yield to other drivers.

By Jorge Morales


Bad behavior of drivers main reason of deads on colombia's roads By Olga Narvaez

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? Did you know that the last year in Colombia 6.479 people died in traffic accident? And that 90% of the deaths were due to bad behavior on the road1. The drivers in the country do not respect the traffic rules, others do not know them or they get distracted easily, there are so people on the road that really do not know how to drive. All days I see on the tv news, people who drive under the influence of alcohol, In the street, people that ignore or do not understand the traffic signals. In fact, it is more difficult to find people that comply with all traffic rules.


Bad behavior of drivers main reason of deads on colombia's roads

Only in 2016 in Bogota, they imposed more than 1.000.000 penalty fees for speeding2. According to the road fund prevention, 40% of traffic accident in the country are provoked by speeding. The number of accident traffic increase with the velocity because the high velocity reduces the possibility of reaction. In Colombia the velocity limit is 60 kilometers per hour in the city and between 80 and 100 kilometers per hour on highway. Other important factor is that people are driving under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol alters our cognitive abilities. A little quantity of alcohol affects our attention, we take more time to react to the things that happen in the environment. In addition, alcohol makes us have a false sense of security and is making us to have an aggressive behavior3, the previous aspects combined with driving a car, is one of main causes for traffic accidents in our country.

People ignore the traffic rules, for example, has it happened to you that? When traffic light is in red drivers accelerate instead of stopping? or the opposite case? When you are driving and the pedestrians do not stop? What do you do? What about when their light is red? All people know that the light red is to stop, however we ignore the signal, without think that the life a lot of people depend on them. According to the above, we all make mistakes, sometimes as drivers, sometimes as pedestrians, therefore, we should all put our grain of sand to correct the bad behavior in order to reduce the accident rate, thus protecting life. How? We could begin by teaching our children, at home, at school, and the best way to do it is giving the example, so We all, are obligated to be excellent drivers! 2 3 1

By Olga Narvaez


The taste of the fruits By Juan Manuel Saenz

Do not think fruits you have eaten are the same 10 years ago and now? Nowadays, farms that cultivate them use some chemicals to "protect" them but they are damaging them. If they use these chemicals, fruits will have different taste, size and weight.


The taste of the fruits

Flavor: In the taste. They usually have a different flavor, the taste is more artificial such as sometimes do not have flavor or a sour flavor, you even will be able to find fruits with chemicals inside them, because factories that sell them do not have careful and they only pack them up and send them, even if there are a lot of bad fruits or in the composition with bacteria, another change is their size, that it is so easy to find them because it is obvious compare its size with other ones. Size: In the size. You can find them easy, because they usually are bigger than them, finding large fruits don not mean that they are more delicious or something, if not that it could be affected by a chemical. Have you seen a strawberry with the same size like your hand before? That is the problem with fruits have been affected by some chemicals and they do not look like a normal strawberry, they sometimes have different color like yellow with green and brown. In japan are very common find rectangular watermelons, because Japanese people experiment with them, getting different kind of the same fruit. Apart from the size, it also changes the weight with different artificial flavor inside them.

Weight: In the weight. You hardly ever can find them, because factories select the correct ones and send them, but it is false, they only need to have a big production with a lot of products to sell and get money. If you find one and pick it up, you will feel a heavy in your hand like if you picked up a rock or a stone, but why it is heavy? It is because, factories inject them some flavorings to make them "more" delicious, if you find one, you will see how "the juice" get out of the fruit, because there is not space inside them for all things it has inside. As we saw, they are not the same than before, and we would be getting sick ourselves, it is supposed that fruits help us with their vitamins and stuff; we have to be careful with that problem and we have to be careful with select fruit, reviewing all these aspects and have different ideas to clean fruits that we buy.

By Juan Manuel Saenz


The depression generates obesity in Colombian adolescent women By Laura Espitia

According to a study realized by UNAM most than 52% of women in Colombia think that the depression is the principal cause of overweight. Respect there is an evidences the narrow relation between depression and obesity. The purpose of the article is to present the reasons by which when you are depressed, you gain weight more easily. First of all, I will define the obesity and depression as some public health issues, after that I will explain why adolescent women are more vulnerable to have these problems, then I will develop some causes that can generate depression and in consequence obesity. Finally, I will give some recommendations to avoid these illnesses.


The depression generates obesity in Colombian adolescent women

The obesity is an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health and the depression is a common illness worldwide with more than 300 million people affected, according to World Health Organization. It is necessary to connect the obesity with the depression in both ways, that is, the obesity of course increases the possibilities to have depression, but in this case the most important relation is in the another way, that is depression generates obesity. The obesity and depression are considered public health issues in Colombia and in different parts around the world because the population that have these problems is increasing and it is necessary the intervention of public authorities through of the health system. That system should be the center its efforts in to warn these problem in adolescent women. It is evident that the adolescent women are a vulnerable population because in these age of their life, they are very emotional, that is, every situation has an emotional answer. They find the solution in different ways, depending of the social, familiar or personal context. Most of them can not find the correct way and the fast answer is transform every little or big problem in depression. That decision can generate a huge trouble called obesity. The adolescent women that have depression accidentally search ways to change their mood and the principal mechanism to do that is by eating. But the real problem appear when they do not have control of the food. So,

they need to eat at all times and they select junk food like hamburger, pizza and French fries. For increase the endorphins is usually to eat chocolate, ice cream and different kinds of candies and that is the reason why when you consume them you feel happy. All of these food generate obesity and cause dependency. If you have that problem, I recommend to control your emotions changing your answer to a problem, doing other things different to eat. For example, you can go to out with a special friend, to do exercise, to listen to motivation music depending of you preferences, to buy different things like clothes or accessories, to spend time with your pet or to travel to a relaxing place like a Natural Park, there in contact with the nature you can think about your life and to take important decisions. In addition, I consider a good strategy to tell your problems to a Psychologist, because they can give you a lot of recommendations or detect if you need the help of another professional like a nutritionist. In conclusion, the adolescent women are vulnerable to develop obesity when they can not control their emotions, because they are sensitive people during that age of their life. In other way, the Health System should attend the depression before it cause obesity, that is, to detect serious problems of depression and to work to solve them can reduce the appearance of obesity and other issues that this brings. Finally, there are different ways to feel you better when you are dejected, but it is your decision to choose what do you want to do.

By Laura Espitia


The overweight in children from 6 to 12 years old in Colombia By Yuli Higuera

What is your opinion when you see a fat boy? The most of you probably say: “That child is very healthy� because we think a chubby child is a healthy child but really our country has a serious problem with overweight in little kids, especially children from 6 to 12 years old. Some of the causes are related to lifestyle and misleading advertising with processed food. In this text you will be able to read these causes and solutions to address this problem.


The overweight in children from 6 to 12 years old in Colombia

In the latest survey of nutritional situation (ESIN) in 2010, the results suggest that children from 6 to 12 years old in Colombia are overweight in 13.4% and the survey suggests that the children suffer from obesity in 4,1% of total population . Also, one of the most important causes of overweight in children is sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary person is someone who does not exercise and eats bad food or who in his diet does not include vegetables and fruits. When a child does not exercise for 2 hours per day (minim), he has a bad academic performance and absenteeism in his school. Another negative aspect are poor eating habits, in Colombia, the worst region with overweight problems is San Andres (1 of 3 children suffer from obesity) and Cauca and Guaviare (1 of 4 children are obese) and the principal cause is misinformation about food, a lot of publications say to people that food is good but it is false, a lot of processed food do not contribute with the necessary nutrients for the children and this food produces overweight and obesity in so many people, especially children.

According to the previous text, a sedentary lifestyle is a cause of overweight in people but you can prevent it with a lot of exercise and by eating healthy food. In Colombia some parents decided to make campaigns to give information to other parents about the best and worst food for children and they hope that state help them in their campaign. Finally, the overweight and obesity in children is our responsibility and we can to promote activities or games to improve that situation. Also, we can motivate children eat health food and we can choose the best food with good nutritional contain elements to prevent health problems.

By Yuli Higuera


Body modification like a way to express emotional moments of our lives or life stages By Edwin Cervera

In time people have tried to express their faiths to others, in the past our ancestors (American natives) used gold piercings and tattoos with animals o religions pictures. People modifie their bodies to express lifestyle and their life stages and emotional feelings. This paper shows three ways to express something to the society through body modification: Piercings and Tattoos (to express likes and faiths or commemorate people).


Body modification like a way to express emotional moments of our lives or life stages

The piercing is a form of body modification, is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the body, creating an opening in which jewelry may be worn. In the case of the piercings, this body modification began in the natives culture where it has a meaning to endure the pain (commonly in the teenagers) , but nowadays more and more people started to use it in different body parts, because for them it has a meaning and form of authenticity, for example a woman uses piercings in some parts of her body for example: belly button, mouth, nose, among others; because for her they look nice, and in the future the woman remember emotionally the life stage when she used piercings, but the piercings are not a several body modifications because it could be temporally, the tattoos are something else very different. The tattoo is a form of body modification where a machine inserts ink, dyes and pigments into the dermis, this ink modifies the skin color. Some people get a tattoo because they have some scar, and the ink of the tattoo cover it, but some other people would rather get tattooed to express freedom of expression. This freedom is about the faiths and likes of the people, the most important topic of the tattoos is that ones are forever (could be you can erase it with cosmetic surgery) and

these form to expression have lots of experiences of the people for example if a person get at tattoo at 18 years old, in the future he will express to other people his likes and beliefs when he was 18 years old. Other meaning of tattoo is to remember something, if you would like to remember something, why do not you tattoo it? some people think this is a good idea, the principal things that the people tattoos in their skin are the names of their parents o their children, but some people tattoos motivational phrases or the name of a nearby person (could be a familiar or a friend) who died in the past or a picture that does the same, remember someone. We can see then, that any body modification has a big meaning to the people that modify themselves. As I mentioned earlier these meanings could be: commemoration of people wich are no longer alive, evolution of expressions among the time or some experiences. Therefore, we can see likes, dislikes, expressions, and a part of the life of some people in their body modifications, thus we can not judge these people, because they had the courage to express their lives in their bodies.

By Edwin Cervera


Can Make up become an addiction nowadays? By Laura Yara

Did you ever think that makeup can also be an addiction? Now i am going to tell you why do you need to be carefull with this. Make up is a technique to decorate the skin that is considerate an art nowadays. The principal objective is to highlight some areas of the face that favor us and hide some that unfavorable us. This practice began centuries ago and can vary depending on some factors like culture or what each person wants to express in their individuality.


Can Make up become an addiction nowadays?

Nowadays make up has become in a major trend in women and men not being a taboo for many people. Make up has evolved in its functionality and today not only there are different techniques for the face also for the different parts of the body. From this, make up industry grows every day more and more giving to their consumers until the imposible to satisfy that toil to get the beauty. In the serch for "the perfection" with make up people have reached to the point of change its own physiognomy and become a simple routine in an obligation, but‌ at what Price? Is it so high the level of satisfaction or the fact of feel the constantly need to use make up? Although this seems a joke, make up can have a high addiction level like smoking and if you feel that make up it is a fundamental and an important part of your life, you should go for professional help because there isn't

good for your. Make up shoud not affect in a negative way some normal aspects of your life like something very simple such as the time that you spend in front of the mirror or how do you feel without make up for some days because there only give you a fake selfconfidence. It is important that we do not let guide ourselves for high beauty's standards which have led to change the person's essence and make that they will be who most judge theM for physical appearance, a factor that each day takes more importance in the society but which in reality does not have any important. We should learn to enjoy the simplicity of the things, of what those can contribute in a positive way and not let it make us feel dependent of them.

By Laura Yara


Self-esteem, self-love or simply vanity By Melissa Prieto

When you see yourself in the mirror What is your perspective? The answer can be relative for everyone, but if we change the question How do you show yourself in front of the world? maybe change the idea, because you in front of the world sometimes you want be perfect with face, hair or in general the perfect body, but not always is vanity pure also can be for health. Other question is what do you need to feel better about yourself? Maybe a Cosmetic surgery or Make up?


Self-esteem, self-love or simply vanity

Looking at yourself is difficult, sometimes you not see good things about your body but you accept yourself, however the problem is when this affect your self-esteem, some people they are very affected with their appearance for example with a wrinkles, body chubby or some imperfections in the skin. Not everyone have the same emotions and this problems about self-esteem can seriously affect their feelings because some people only focus they life in that they may have something they think is a defect. On the other hand, the appearance in front of the world is also important because we always want to show the best face and in this time there are other aspects can influence for change our appearance like a social networks, some stereotypes or the fitness fashion, the necessity for show is each time biggest, for example people go to the extremes to get a "like" why we not see that we are perfect? Without so much vanity.

We cannot judge everything from the physical appearance spectrum, because there are people that need a cosmetic surgery for health physical or mental for example people that get some accidents in their face or in other parts of the body, or maybe people that have serious problems with the overweight, besides there are other alternatives for better your appearance like a diet, exercise, massage, facial or cosmetics, not everything we can judge, but if we think in other alternatives it cannot be so bad. In conclusion, the process for accepting yourself is different for everyone because each person is a little world and wants to show perfect whether by vanity, self-esteem or self-love, always judging others is simple but who knows what is behind their life decisions, maybe a bad accident or insecurities or fear of time, that is fear of getting old. This situation is very controversial but everything is a matter of tolerating and put ourselves from time to time in the place of others.

By Melissa Prieto


Is the last child more creative than his other siblings in Bogotรก for middle class? By Camila Urrego


Is the last child more creative than his other siblings in Bogotรก for middle class?

Frank Sulloway, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) says in his book Born to Rebel: Order of Birth, Family Dynamics and Creativity, that the protagonists of radical changes, revolutions or humanitarian help has almost always in common are the small brothers, and exemplified by the case of Charles Darwing who was the youngest of his brothers for 4 generations besides to Benjamin Franklin who was for 5 generations, this common aspect can assume that these two are 80% more liberal than the rest of the population, Benjamin's case is famous for his perseverance in getting ahead heartache the conditions he suffered. (Hernรกndez, 1997). In Bogotรก, families are make up three people, that is, parents and a child, but of course there are many middle class families where there are two children, the older one is usually governed by the rules of their parents, a conservative person and with a stronger character, while the younger children always want to be completely different from the older ones, do not want to look like them and usually act differently from the ordinary, looking for other ways to get ahead more creative.

Studies affirm that younger children to grow up in the company of another brother, who already has all the attention of his family, looking for ways to draw attention but in a totally different way than his older brother and that is why they tend to be rivalries between these , both looking for a way to stick out but the youngest will always have more extravagant ideas and usually appear in the future as people applied in the arts and humanities, as explained by Enrique Arranz, Professor of Family Psychology at the University of the Basque Country and author of the book Psychology of Fraternal Relations, in an interview for the ACB channel in 2015 where he commented that the fact that among painters, writers and artists there are many more little brothers and, on the other hand, more than half of the Nobel prizes have been first-born, as well as more than half of the presidents of the United States, is attributed to the order of birth in the family. And in Bogota we can refer to the case of John Leguizamo who grew up in the United States, but with Colombian parents, and who at the age of 12 was living with his mother and his older brother after his parents' divorce, today he is known as the Bogotan who triumphed in Hollywood as an actor, comedian and producer, characteristics typical from the profile of the minor children proposed by Arranz.

By Camila Urrego


Is the last child more creative than his other siblings in Bogotรก for middle class?

As an only child I do not have a reference that can exemplify the above described, but I remember a lot the case of close relatives; My uncles are working people without professional study, they live in a middle stratum in the city of Bogotรก, they have two children, the oldest 22 years old and the youngest, Isabel of 18 years, for both always the behavior was very similar, anyway the minor grew a little more independent from her parents, some rebel and against the rules by which his family was governed, anyway she was always very dedicated to study. When the oldest son finished his high school studies, as he should be, he began studying Engineering at the Catholic University, a middle class university that with the salary of both parents could to pay. The youngest daughter finished her studies a year ago and that's where the problems started, because the economic resources were not enough to cover two private universities, and in many cases young people in middle class Bogotรก see this situation as an infinite barrier and simply they dedicate themselves to look for informal jobs and get used to this type of life; but that was not the case for Isabel, she decided to enroll in informal courses where she learned about salon activities and started working with


neighbors but at home at the same time she enrolled in a public university and with the profits from her work gets the money for tickets and photocopies that every student needs. Now she is 19 years old and is working in areas of his professional career, and receives monthly income of up to $ 900,000 in conjunction with hairdressing activities. In my opinion it is a clear example of how younger children can to be more creative, in this case, when they get ahead and not stagnate in situations of life, for example, when an older brother has already captured attention in certain aspects of their parents' lives, they look to highlight other aspects that the parents themselves did not know. However in his studies Adler and Sulloway (2012) states: "that older siblings are more conservative, responsible and even smarter than their younger siblings", an important aspect to highlight in this article together with the results presented in an article published by the science journal where its authors Kristensen and Bjerkedal (2007) they show that: "firstborns presented an average of 103.2 of CI, while those who were born second had a coefficient of 101.2" finally established

By Camila Urrego

Is the last child more creative than his other siblings in Bogotá for middle class?

that : "Between the firstborn and the second there is a difference of 2.3 points on average and between the second and third, the difference is reduced to 1.1 points". (Figure 1. Page 2), because the qualities of the children as a whole can form a great work team and can be the clef to how many family businesses manage to have great success, with the intelligence and authority of the oldest brothers and the creativity of minors. Finally, and according with what was found I think, the class does nott important in the moment to determine if a person is or not more creative than its siblings because the studies not make emphasis in this aspect, for me, the social class has more impact in the opportunities that the people have for get ahead talking in economics terms, the real fact that is important, is the birth order, this one can be predict how be the character of a child in a family with more of one child, the oldest can be smart and authoritarian, the middle rebellious and the youngest creative and completely different than his other brothers; but I believe that there are other facts that influence the personality, however is not other topic that can be describe in other time or case.

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By Camila Urrego


Where do we get our personality from? By Carolina Torres

When a newborn comes home everyone talks about the physical characteristics of the baby that are equal to their parents or a relative. This physical aspect can be seen easily but then we ask: Where does my personality come from ?. There are opinions that consider that the personality depends on the nurturing aspect, other say that each being is born with a predetermined personality. I believe that personality is a combination of factors so the strong influence of genes on personality does not imply that inherited factors inevitably determine the profile of people.


Where do we get our personality from?

The Australian researcher Natham Gillespie set at 60% the importance of the weight of the inheritance in the personality of humans. Two of his great examples are the relationship between genes and depressed people, and the influence of the RD2 gene on heroin addicts. However, the scientist emphasizes the importance of environmental factors for inherited traits to be expressed. He classifies these environmental factors in two aspect: One of them is the shared environment, that is, everything that he absorbs from his family life and what people have in common with their siblings.

Another is the non-shared environment, derived from individual experiences, which is the aspect that really 'makes us different'. Because although several individuals walk the same path each individual will focus on something different, some will see the plants, others the flowers, others simply their feet when walking. There are three components that define personality: the genes that are inherited, the shared environment and the nonshared environment. Despite the genetics has a large percentage weight in the personality configuration, it is just a predisposition of the individual to certain personality traits but these traits will develop depending on the environment. So the experiences as well as the nurture will encourage or diminish the possibility that these predispositions become real behaviors.

By Carolina Torres


Explaining the introvert people in a introvert world By Juliรกn Olivar

Have you ever seen in your work, school or maybe in your university that tends to stay in silence and is very quiet? Usually extrovert people think that this kind of people are boring and sometimes selfish but they have just another personality and I am going to explain it to you, why they are like this and what they like to do.


Self-esteem, self-love or simply vanity

Is a shy person the same as an introvert person? Let me explain why they are really different. First usually shy people are like that because they have low self-esteem or maybe some internal problems like, issues at home or maybe they are experiencing bullying. This kind of person always tries to avoid people not because they feel more comfortable with themselves, but conversely, most of them would like to make a lot of friends but they feel really afraid about what friends, family or people are going to think about them. In conclusion, they are repressed people and do not want to stay alone, opposite from introvert people who don't care a lot for friends or be surrounded from others, they enjoy more the time alone and like to speak with people for interesting things. Why introvert people are like that? Most the population in the world are extrovert about 70% people, so it is very confusing for some human beings to understand this kind of population who are 20% in the world. First, you need to know that here on earth there are people with different customs, ways of think and languages; So one time you learn this, you can understand them better. They usually stay alone because they feel good with themselves, no one is bothering them with trivial things, they are customary at this style of life, a lot of people are scared of them because they anxiety, usually introvert people are perfectionist, so they try to do everything well, their favorite conversations are about things that are interesting for them not something very special like "peace of world" but

they do not like the: "I went to a party yesterday and I see a pair of girls blah, blah, blah‌" type of conversation, that is really boring for them. Try to speak about something in common like music, series, religion or thinks like that. Things that they can do for the society and you. Most of them are really smart and have a good way of thinking. We have some examples from introvert people that make important changes in the world: Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page. All of these guys did really important things in the world, philosophy, social networks that connect people from around the world, technological progress and physics. Also introverts are very friendly too, if you got a very reliable friendship with them it is going to be funny. They know how to listen to you and most of them give good advices. In conclusion the most of introvert people are good people, talented, quiet and smart. They are not kind of weird people, they just are a little different all people have different kinds of expression, surely I'm not saying that they are perfect and most important than extrovert people because this world is really big with different countries, populations and minds. But I did this because most of extrovert people always when see an introvert person are wondering why they are like that, this was a little explanation of them and importantly if you want a friend introvert approach him or her steady, do not be noisy please and this was my part of the magazine, thanks for read.

By JuliĂĄn Olivar


The power of colors By Juliana Chala

The meanings of the colors are most used in the area of arts, because it helps the artist to transmit his feelings in their artistic works. Also we can find in the daily life in the billboards in the way home from work and back home, in the decoration of our home and in the advertising area because with the colors the Advertisers try to attract our attention and in that way manipulate us taking our decisions.


The power of colors

In the moment to relate the people with colors we found that colors can do change encouragement of a person because each color has a different meaning and influence in each person, Well there is a relationship between the people and their color of preference is similar the personality with the meaning of each color. For example, the person that likes the black color is totally different between the one who likes the white, maybe they can be similar on some aspects but totally different in the majority. People generally have given a meaning to each color, so thas why that in the moment we give a rose to a person we just do it to give something, with having no care about the meaning of it. For example, we always give red roses to a person we love thinking it means love and passion, that in company of chocolates and a teddy. But why is not used to give black roses?

If we go and search the meaning of the color black, we find the opposite of the negative things. The black rose means love too, a tragic love. This has two real meanings, elegance and mystery. It is associated with night because the darkness and the silence; so the meaning of black is the perfect example of a mysterious person, that at the same time is, serious, elegant and sensual. Having in consideration that is always going to be the death color.

In conclusion we can not give a meaning to the color with just our thoughts, we have to search the real meaning. We can not judge a color by the color just because how we feel when we saw it, either because social enigmas. We are subjective and unique in the moment of given a meaning to a color, that it could be the favorite to us.

By Juliana Chala


Which are the factors in the childhood that are relate to birth order (oldest siblings) and Career Choices? By Camila Riveros

Have you ever wondered, why do you choose your profession and how the birth order can affect that? The birth order can affect your personality, emotions and behavior. For decades psychologists have studied this fact like Alfred Adler. He was the first psychology to theorize about the differences birth order could make. The theory explains that family position can affect individual experiences and development. For that reason, the childhood is important because in this stage they influence the skills, traits and depending of the professional choices. (Gustafson, 2010). It is my intention to show which are the factors that are related to each birth order (oldest siblings) and career choices.


Which are the factors in the childhood that are relate to birth order (oldest siblings) and Career Choices?

The Family is the first social interaction in a child's life; this has an impact on the personality traits. In this environment the child is exposed to spend more time with their parents, so they would grow up faster, learn what is valuable and meaningful to their parents. Moreover, there are other aspects such as extraversion, maturity, and intellect. (Collins, 2006). The first-born develops a taste for some activities like "reading books; spending more time on homework; and spending less time watching TV or playing video games" (Black, 2017) as a result they could be the most intelligent responsible, stable, the least emotional, and the least creative. Besides they can be perfectionist; unlike the siblings. They are highly motivated therefore they work constantly for their achievements. (Collins, 2006). According with the Psychologist Carole Kanchier (2017) the first born usually decide occupations like science, political and business leaders,

accounting, law and engineering dowing to the features that they often has (responsible, assertive, task-oriented). Winston Churchill, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong (Astronauts), are examples of that. (Kenny,2017 cited by Hosie, 2017). In conclusion some people have strong beliefs about birth order and there are evidence to prove that, according with the psychologists. Nevertheless in my opinion, this aspect it is one of the other aspects that plays a role in the development of personality, but not always can be like this. It is necessary to determine the context, your first supporting network, and the experiences that you lived in the childhood such a talents and the tastes for some activities that you have been acquired in this stage, depending on that the oldest sibling will have tilt for Career Choices and the performance in the profession.

References Collins, C. (2006). "The relationship between birth order and personality, selfesteem, intelligence, and career choices". Social Work Theses. 13. viewcontent.cgi?referer= Gustafson, C. (2010). "The Effects of Birth Order on Personality". https://pdfs.semanticscholar. org/12fe/c570e0a6b12e967ac5a9cabf2d8990cd2207.pdf Hosie, R. (2017). "What career you’re mos likely to have whether you're the oldest, middle or youngest child". Independent. what-career-most-likely-oldest-child-middle-youngest-child-ceo-astronaut-athlete-scientistdisney-a7676476.html Kanchier, C (2017)." Does Birth Order Influence Career Decision Making?". questers dare to change. By Camila Riveros


The impact of the internet in the changes of access to the information in the actual Colombian education By Diana IbaĂąez

Could you image your education without internet? I am sure you have heard our parents or grandparents saying how was the education before without internet access, they had to read more than us, walk far away to search information from the library and ask books, sometimes they had to buy it but occasionally were much expensive, they used to expend hours and hours looking for the correct information, synthesize information, and try to capture all of the information because looking for it again was not easy, Know everything is different.


The impact of the internet in the changes of access to the information in the actual Colombian education

The beginning of the internet is dated at the year 1969 as a decentralized world set of communication networks, the biggest growing of the internet started at the 1995 year and at the moment it covers more than the 50% of population, it means more than four thousand million of people are using it and have all world information at the reach of their hands. Both, "the internet and the education has the same objective the information exchange, communication and creation of knowledge" (Selwyn, S.f), therefore, it is not surprising that all the education system was restructured by the internet. In first place, the internet access for the education is a right for all Colombian students, from the school to the university, all students must have access in the facilities to this tool or they usually have it on their home, according David Luna Minister of TIC the 64% of Colombians have access to internet on their home (Luna, 2017). This have helped to reducing the social gap, facilitating equitable education and development opportunities for all, for example, "the virtual superior education has grown from 2015 to 2016 a 98 percent, this type or education is cheaper than presencial one, the 83% of population who assists to this education are from 1, 2 and 3 social stratum." (Marcela DĂ­az Sandoval, 2018).

In the second place, the access of all world information has broken the geographical barriers. Students from Colombia can have instantly the information of researches of Chinese, American, Indian or any other part of the world people. Internet makes possible the teaching from many to many instead of one to many contributes to cultural exchange, to building and allows a greater criterion to be constructed by easily acquiring information and selecting what they consider real or not to construct their own closest hypotheses at the reality. In conclusion, the internet has impacted the education system in terms of access to the information breaking the social and geographical barriers. However, the internet can be an amazing tool for encourage development or can be used for search wrong information on the web. Because of that, is important than the educational institutions work as a guide that foment in their students the correct use of the internet for their education, and be strict with the fight against plagiarism, and as a result Colombian education can really take advantage of the great benefits offered by the internet and encourage in their population a development culture.

By Diana IbaĂąez


The best hotel five stars in Bogota By Juan Rincรณn

Is Four Seasons Casa Medina the best hotel in Bogota? What dou you think? In my opinion Four Season has three importants features, the first is a global luxury brand and long recognized as one of the finest luxury in Bogota, second they are in a great location in the seventh avenue perfectly placed for business and into in the Zona G and third build in 1946, the building with its stone columns and handsome brick facade Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina Bogotรก has been declared a monument of cultural interest by the Colombian ministry of culture with these features and some qualities like respect the iconic and historical character of the building, and offering the highest standards in hospitality comply to be recognised the best hotel five stars in Bogotรก.


The best hotel five stars in Bogota

When you hear about Four Seasons you think in service, hospitality and exceptional quality and you can see this quality in their restaurant. Why? because in my opinion the restaurant has featuring the best of Spanish cook and cutting edge mix. Its lively streetside terrace and sheltered courtyard will feature some of the district's most desired tables. Adaptable meeting space is set to host the most prestigious family meetings in the heart of Colombia's financial core therefore the restaurant is one of the strengths of the hotel which makes it special, luxury and something. Now, I am going to talk about the location Four seasons Casa Medina is a large hotel that offers business travelers, writers, soccer player like Lionel Messi however Four Seasons Casa Medina conveniently located in the Zona G where there more than forty restaurants located in the heart of Zona G there are plenty of top notch restaurants within walking distance and a lot of pubs and

this is as near as to the best shoppings apart from that the hotel is twenty minutes from Monserrate, and 25 minutes from Downtown with all these advantages is very difficult not say that the hotel is located in one of the most beautiful and best areas in Bogota. Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina facilities and location offer endless opportunities for sightseeing, relaxation and recreation, and business between their facilities or better said amenities there are 24 hour room dining, business center, standar wifi, spa, 24 fitness center, valet parking service and if you have childrens, the hotel has complimentary toys and games for your childs, in my opinion this hotel thinks all you requirements and I do not hesitate to say that four Seasons can assist you with business, entertainment, vacations or travel during your stay in the hotel.

By Juan Rincรณn


Sightseeing english Magazine inspired by articles writen by students of Centro Colombo Americano

Magazine inspired by course Sk 361, oriented by teacher Fábio Ordoñez in Centro Colombo Americano headquarters. April, 2018. Bogotá, Colombia. Images: & Design by David G. |

Sightseeing English Magazine  

Inspired by course Sk 361, oriented by teacher Fábio Ordoñez in Centro Colombo Americano headquarters. Images: & Des...

Sightseeing English Magazine  

Inspired by course Sk 361, oriented by teacher Fábio Ordoñez in Centro Colombo Americano headquarters. Images: & Des...