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Preside nt Pearso n answers questions asked by futur e Peru Staters.

john Billings and Dean Youn g gave tours.


\ Th ese young ladies att ended open ing reception .


Governor and Mrs. J.]. Exon were guests at PSC.

Basketball games are among season activ iti es.

Band members play fo r tree-planting ceremony o n the Campus of 1000 Oaks .




Pre-school boy sure looks amazed as he bounces from the trampol ine in to the air!

THE YEAR OF PEOPLE AND EVENTS Foot ball is an invigorat ing game fo r al l.

Linda Doty performs for musical product ion .


Reg ist ration is a busy time at PSC.

Families and friends chat after graduation


TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Faculty .... Seniors .. Classes .







































































Athletics 0


Allie and Roland concentrate in band!


Organ ization s .. .























.. 7


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39 55


. .. 1 21 0




. . 147

Index .

. . 1 48

Focus On Memories

P. C. gets really worri ed during a va rsity basketball game.

John Wh isler flies in t h e air after NCC victo ry.


Mrs. Wilson ex pl ain s stage d irect ions to th e eager cast.

Deb gets surprised by the ph o tograph er one day.

President Douglas W. Pearson

Dr. Douglas W. Pearson was elected as Peru State College's twentieth President by the State Coll ege Board of Tru stees. Dr. Pearso n is a native of Ord. Nebraska. He previously served as Dean of Students at Tennessee Wesleyan Co llege in Athens, Tennessee. He earned his PhD in higher Edu cation administration at George Pea body Co llege.

The Pearsons hosted many distinguished guests in their home.

Dr. Pea rso n assists Mrs. Pearson int o th e ca rriage which th ey will rid e in t o the In au gural Ball.

Pres ident Pearson congratulat es Coach Dw in e for winnin g th e troph y with his champ ion wrest l ers¡



Left to Right: D r. William E. Colwell, H ay Springs; James A. Lan e, Ogallala; Ward Reesman , Falls C ity; Robert L. Walk er, Kearney; Cecil E. Stan ley, Lincoln; George W. Egermayer, Omaha;). A lan Cramer, Wayne.


Peru Secretaries Association

J:l 0

Row 1: C. Ubben, S. Underwood, D. Giesecke, M. ]ewel l. Row 2: L. Smith, G. Br ady, A. Chapin, M . Groff. Row 3: F. Warnke, L. Froelich, M . Brooks, ] . En gel. Row 4: P. Craren, M . Al lgood, M . Sto nes, D. Fike . Row 4: ]. Hamann, T. Grafton.


P.S.C. Personnel

Dr. Clyde Barrett Dr. Frank Bowers Miss juanita Brad ley Mr. Everett Br.owning M r. Edward Cra ren Mrs. Sue Fitzgera ld Mr. Ken neth Gress Mr. Gary Hoemann M r. John Letts Dr. Kelly Liewer Mr. Donald Mi ller Mrs. Virginia Mille r Dr. Douglas Pearson Dr. Guy Rose n berg Mr. George Wende l

Jo hn Le tts, h o u sing d irecto r .

Dr . Clyde Barrett, vice-president of PSC.


M iss Juan it a Brad ley advised stu dents .


Ga ry Hoemann visits w ith studen ts and counse lors .

Mr . Brownin g man aged Special Serv ices.

Mrs. LaDonna Harris was a guest speaker.

Mrs. Mille r is the schoo l nurse .


Dr. Rosenbe rg hand le d studen t affairs.

Sue Fitzgerald headed the News Bureau .

Mr. Ken Gress managed the business office .

Facu lty participated in egg-toss contest.

The facu lty and the admin istration worked together and were closely united at PSC. The administrators and faculty members not pictured in these sect ion s appear in oth er pages of t he annual. Mr. Donald Miller, director of financial aids, (p. 57) assisted students throughout the year. Mr. George Wendel h e aded the maintenance d epartment. Mr. Stan McCaslin headed data processing (p. 42) . Dr. Kelly Lie wer is in charge of the office o f the registrar (p . 88) . Mr. Edward Craren managed the Development Office and worked closely with the 1000 Oaks A lumni Chapter (p. 48).


School of Education And Miss Juanita Bradley Mr. Michael Currie r Mr. Richard Guli zia Dr. Lloyd Kite Dr. William Landes Dr. Thomas Scherer Mr. Evan Va n Zant

Dr. Lloyd Kite

Educators discu ss plans and ideas.

Mr. Curr ier pre pa res mate ria ls.


Dr. Schere r and Dr. Nava o bserve PSC.


Physical Education Mr. Ma rti n Dwine M r. To m Fitzgerald Mr. Jack Mcintire M iss Ma ry Jo M ier Dr. Ervin Pitts M r. Rob e rt Riley Mr. Roger Schn ase r M r. Je rome Stem pe r

Coach Robert Riley instructs the class.

Coach Jack M c in ti re res igned seco nd se meste r .

) I ..

M iss M ie r coach es Barry in class.

Mr. Fitzge rald re laxes in his office.


Coaches Promote Athletics

• .....

Coach R. Schnaser

Coach Dwine explains moves to players.

Coach Ervin Pitts

Action during the alumni game is seen on the field .


School of Practical And Applied Arts Mr. Russell Beldin Mr. jack Hamilton Mr. Dee V. Jarvis Mrs. Lou ise Kregel Mr. Robert Lewelle n M r. Sta nley McCaslin Dr. Leste r Russe ll Dr. C. Vern o n Siegner

Mr. Be ldin demonstrates business laws.

Mr. Jarvis d e picts aspects o f planning.

Dr. Leste r Russel l prepa res class ass ig nmen ts for the next lesson¡


School of Humanities

Dr. Clyde Barrett Mr. John Barrett Mrs. Faye Brandt Mr. Everett Browning Dr. Edward Camealy Mr. John Hahn Miss Wreathea Hicks Mr. Paul Kruse Mrs. Ann Leatherman Mrs. Sharon McCaslin Dr. George Schottenhamel Mr. Leland Sherwood Miss Susa n Underwood Dr. Gi lbe rt Wilson Mrs. Mary Ruth Wilson

Faculty vis its during lan guage arts festival.

Dr. Clyde Barrett gives instructio n s.

Mrs. Wilson and others observe ceremony.

Dr. Wilson p repares mus ica l arra n gem e nt .

Mr. Kruse plans for library.

Dr. Camealy congratulates graduate.

Art d esig n is explicated b y Mr. Sherwood.

Dr. Schottenhame l makes a point in class.

Mrs. Brandt looks over library reco rds.

Mr. Hahn jokes in World C iv. •


School of Natural Sciences M r. Albe rt Brady Mr. Fred Ham ann Dr. Daryl Long Mr. Lyle McKerche r Mrs. An n Will iams Mr. Scott Will iams



Mr. Br ady explai n s bio lo gy p rin ci pl e s .

·I ~

M r. Hamann is a n ew me m b er o f the d e pa rtme nt.

1 I

Mr. McKe rcher and Dr. Lon g c hat b efo re class.


G eogr a ph y was hig h lig hte d b y Mr. W illiams .

Seniors Receive Degrees Peru State College senio r g raduates completed the requirements for their degrees. The seniors earned two or four year degrees in their particular fields of concentration. Many fine student performances were exhibited by membe rs of the senior class in areas such as athletics, scholarship, drama, mu sic, art, and the various other fields for achievement. Class officers elected for the sen iors were Charles Pavolis, president; Fritz Stehlik, vice-president; Janet Barton, Secretary; and Gayle Swisegood, treasurer. The senior class participated in many events and added enthusiasm to ca mpus life.

Dudley Baack Polk, Nebraska Geography

Tom Ballue Peru, Nebraska Social Scie n ce

Kay Albin Dawson, Nebraska Elementary Edu cation

Dea n An stey Cumberl and, Iowa Physical Education

Joe Barry Papillion, Nebraska Elementary Education

Marion Bartek Westo n, Nebraska In dustrial Arts

Students gather at pep ra lli es to cheer on the team in many athletic even ts .

jan et Barton Nebraska City, Nebraska Library Science Students e n joy visiting in a favorite p lace, the Bob-Inn, between classes.

Te ddy Becke r Nebraska City, Nebraska Elementar y Education

Ma xine Behrns Nehawka, Nebraska M ath

Phil Chapma n Cincinnat i, Ohi o Physical Education

Ronald Christman Sabetha, Kansa s Bus iness Adm inist ration

Rick Bell Brad shaw, Nebraska Geograph y

Emy Boeck Auburn, Nebraska En glish

• Jo hn Cole Nebraska City, Nebraska Social Scie nce

Da n Cott on Humbolt, Nebraska Ph ysica l Education



Terry Criger Nebraska City, Nebraska Physical Education

Jam es Dalrymple Peru, Nebraksa Busi ness Administrati on

Duffy's shows Peru State suppo rt th roughout the year.


joanne Doxon Peru, Nebraska Elementary Education

Kat hleen Duey Falls City, Neb rask a Elementary Edu cation

linda Eichenberger St ein auer, Nebraska M edi ca l Techn o logy

Bo b Engles Nebraska City, Neb raska Busin ess A d m ini stration

Joevette Farber Uehlin g, Nebraska Bi ology

j ody Fichter Ra ndolph, Io wa Physica l Educat ion

Tho m as Froelich A lgona, Iowa Bio logy


l eon Golden Omaha, Nebraska Ph ysica l Educatio n

Dave Green Ho ldrege, Nebraska Ph ysica l Educati on


Henrick Froh ling Guthrie Ce nter, Iowa Biology

Wa rren Coos Ca rson, Iowa Industrial Management

j ane Green Brock, Nebraska Busi ness Education

Studen ts an d teachers discu ss activit ies o u tside Fin e Arts.

Kim H ahn Au bu rn, Nebraska Elemen tary Educat ion

)an in e H ausch ild Avoca, Neb raska El ementary Education

.' I

Evelyn Heebner Elmwood, Nebraska Business Administration

William Hun ter Chicago, Illinois Physica l Education

Debbie Hendrickson Beatrice, Nebraska Speech and Drama

Mary Hill Tabor, Iowa En g lish

George Hoover Falls City, Nebraska Geography

Steve johnson York, Nebraska Business Administration

David Jubinville Granby, Massachusetts Ph ys ical Education

Michael Kelly Geneva, Illinois Speech and Drama

Jack ie Kelsay Humbo ldt, Nebraska Elementary Education

Doug Kingery Glenwood, Iowa Business Administration

Maxine Behrns adjusts her cap for graduation.

Jan et Kirk e ndall Auburn , Ne braska El e me ntary Edu catio n and Art

jerry Koe ne ke Ne braska City, Ne braska Business Administrat io n

Dick Ko he l Lin coln, Ne braska Business Administrat io n

Larry Ko hel Linco ln, Nebraska Business Admi nistrat io n

Steve Krajicek Pa pillio n, Ne braska Bio logy

Ke rry Krau se Byro n, Ne bras ka Eng lish

Guy Lammle Auburn, Ne braska Math, Bus in ess and Business Ad.

Mrs. Rita Lamml e Auburn , Ne braska Music

Stephanie Lang Pawnee City, Ne braska Music

Lind a Madiso n Sidn ey, Iowa Ele mentary Education

Janis Martin Hu mbo ldt, Nebraska El ementa ry Education

Bob McKelvey Fall s C ity, Nebras ka Physical Educat ion

Ananias Montague Chicago, Illi no is Physical Education

Gayle Morga! Malvern , Iowa Ele mentary Education

Rich ard Morrissey Syracuse, Nebraska Phys ical Edu cation

Mik e Nannen Syracuse, Nebraska Phys ical Educatio n

Terry Neddenrie p Johnson, Nebraska Industr ial Arts

Nancy Scheer Nutzman Plattsmouth , Nebraska Art

Roge r Oviatt Omaha, Nebraska Industr ial Arts

Mary Paap Omaha, Nebraska Home Economics

Larry Pracht Carson, Iowa Phys ical Educati on

Duane Rathe Sterlin g, Neb raska Bus iness Administrat ion

Drasis Pajeda Wo rcester, Massachusetts Physical Education


Becky Pieper Beatrice, Nebraska English

Denise Mabie waves to the crowd in the Homecoming parade held in d owntown Peru.

Fred Reed Peru, Nebraska Physical Education

Gale Rumpeltes Beatrice, Nebraska Business Administration

Roxann Rengstorf Sterling, Nebraska Math

Luvenia Sanders Omaha, Nebraska Childhood Education

)ames Steven Ro binson Lincoln, Nebraska Business Administration

William Schofield Hamburg, Iowa Industrial Management

Rick Rodney Lincoln, Nebraska Business Administration

Pat Schultz Tecumseh, Nebras ka Business Education


Irene Seeba Johnson , Nebraska Elementary Educat io n

Mike Severson Geneva, Illin ois Business Admi nistration

Joe Shown Plattsmouth, Neb raska Elementary Educatio n

Barbara Shroyer Supe rio r, Nebraska Elementa ry Education

Judy Souder Syracuse, Nebraska Elementary Education

Jack Stan ley Truro, Iowa Biology

Cha rl ene Lutz Stehlik Nebraska City, Nebraska Elementary Education

Fritz Stehlik Nebraska C ity, Nebraska Business Admin istr at ion

A frost storm hit Peru whic h caused many broken limbs, bu t a lso produced a p icturesque nig ht scene.

Ann Stukenholtz Onawa, Iowa El e m e ntary Education

Gayle Swisegood Fall s City, Ne braska Geography

je rry Symancyk Granby, M assachusetts Phys ical Education

Gordy Thompson Lake C harles, Louis iana Physical Education

Jeff Turn e r Yutan , Ne braska Biology

Ramona Tu xhorn Auburn , Ne braska Art Students try their luc k at th e pin-ball machines in the Bob-Inn .


Susie Van Syoc Van Wert, Iowa Elementary Education

Carol Warnke Dunbar, Nebraska Home Econo mics

Rod Wartman Calumet City, Illinois Social Science

Carl ene Welter Nebraska City, Nebraska Elem entary Education

Robert W ernsman Prague, Nebraska journ alism

Julee Tillm an ass ists Phil Rogge and Ei lee n G ladis wit h their make-up in preparation for the prese ntation of th e lyrical " No-No Nanette."


Carol Wheeler Auburn , Nebraska English

Thomas Wills Pemberton, New Jersey In dustrial Arts

jim Wolken Tecumseh, Nebraska Geography, History

Nancy Golden Wurtele Nebraska City, Nebraska Art

Dean Young A dams, Nebraska Social Science

1973-74 Degree Candidates Not Pictured Kathleen Alberts Jeffrey Barker Ray Bleich Gale Bly Gary Bobbitt june Bottcher Earl Brown Judy Buddecke Daryl Callen ius Michael Cantore Michael Chandler Darlene Codgill Thomas Craig Loretta Davis Stanl ey Dunn Kurt Ehlers Terry Elliott Conn ie Fritsch Elliott Gee Carla Gilliland john Gilmore Terry Glathar ¡Lynda Glen Lloyd Glesmann Rita Godfrey Mary Goergen Roxanne Golden David Griffith Kathie Hall Randy Hansen Charles Heim

Tim Hend ricks Fritz H en nin g j anice H enning Karen Henry Eleanor Hill j ames Hinto n Guy Hyberger Charles jackson Theodo re johnson Trudy jones Steve Knipplemeyer Roger Kraft James Landweh r james Larkins Steve Lawson Gladys Layson Richard Leech Terry Leech WiHiam Lind e Bryan Mabie Denise Mabie Mary McHugh Patricia Mclaughlin James McNeely William joseph Meyers Lee Miller joAnn Moore Fred Morehouse Kris Morrissey Richard Muenchau Michael Mulligan

Terrill Netwig Michael O'Brien james Palmer Charles Pavolis John Perkins Steve Pummel Merle Rakes Lannie Redfern Barry Reed Fred Roberts Stephen Roberts Charles Rombach David Rombach Doug Seanor Deb Sears Steve Shupe Jodi Siegner Dennis Siems Donald Smith Tommie Lou So lie Steph en Stafford Mary Ann Stanley Donald Thompson )ulee Tillman Robert Van Reypan Kevin Viterise Francis Volkmer Rich Vonderschmidt Roosevelt Washington Susan Williams Candy Wurtele

Those Were the Days

Carla Gi ll iland discusses job opportunities with her teach e rs and academ ic adviso rs.

r Mary Ann Stanley looks thoughtfu l.


Steve Pummel gets ac ross ideas in teaching.

...... ··..· -~~~

We a re heade d for a so mewhere, so far away, Seems T place ca li ed tomorrow, o aa ro ad call ed to day. On 37


Janet Ba rto n

Charlie Pavolis

Fritz Steh li k

Seniors Enter Various Fields Th e sen ior class of 1974 w ill enter into many different occupations. Th e seniors participated in many activities and events. The class off icers we re Charli e Pavolis, presid ent; Fri tz St ehlik, v icep resident; j anet Barton, secretary, and Gayl e Swisegood, treasurer. 17 students received the Associate of Arts degree in the two year program: Lau ra Ackerman, Tw ila Bay, Ann Boring , G lend a Morehead Buchol z, Cathy Coulter, Deb G laab, Penny Griffin, G loria Groothuis, Deb Grotrian, Ter ri Kattes, j o hn Lempke, Willis Meyer, Bruce Morehead, Marlen e M ullens, Billie Paap, Rose mary Tay lor, and Mike Wh itten. Other degrees received were th e Bache lor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Education, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education, Bach elo r of Science in Education, and the Bachelor of Scie nce degree. Gayle Swisegood


Underclassmen Strive for Degrees.

l aura Ackerman, 2 Beatrice , Nebraska

l es Agena, 1 Ste rlin g, Ne bras ka

David Alvis, 2 Seneca, Ka nsas

Wayne Am ble r, 1 Sad d le Broo k, N.J.

Rob Applegate, 2 Su perio r, Nebraska

Von Bachle, 3 Au burn , Nebraska

Karl e ne Bad gett, 2 Aubu rn, Ne braska

To m Ba nks, 2 Auburn, Nebraska

Russ Ba rn es, 3 Peru, Neb raska

Roland Barrett, 1 Peru , Nebraska

De b Ba rto n, 3 O maha, Nebraska

Deb Baum , 1 Tecumseh, Nebraska

M ary l ynn Bauma n, 3 Falls City, Ne braska

Tw il a Bay, 2 Fill ey, Nebraska

De bbi e An d erson, 3 Be ll evu e, Nebras ka

Upperclassmen g ive tours to fresh me n to acq ua int them w ith the PSC ca mpus a nd b uild ings.


Many original ideas w e re presented in floats for the Applejack parade, held in Nebraska City.

Craig Bennington, 1 Guthrie Center, Iowa

Chris Berger, 2 Auburn, Nebraska

Ray Boeche, 1 Nebraska, City, Nebraska

Roland Bosan, 1 Chicago, Illinois

Linda Boukal, 3 Humboldt, Nebraska

Stan Braun, 1 Hampton, Nebraska

Julie Bredenste in e r, 2 Omaha, Nebraska

Martha Brief, 2 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Dean Brooks, 1 Bellevue, Nebraska

Bob Brown, 1 Franklin, Pennsy lvania

Tom Budnick, 1 Hampton, N eb rask~

Colleen Burge r, 1 Nebraska C it y, Nebraska

Ph yllis Butrick 1 Falls Ci ty, Nebraska

Mary Jo Bruggeman, 1 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Doyle Brya nt , 1 Omaha, Nebraska


Beth Butts, 3 Broken Bow, Nebraska

Lawrence Chase, 1 Hammond, Indiana

0, '0 0,0

~· ~ •• <.f· ·e ·. (~ ;;;,.~ ~ ~ ~· .....

0 ••

o v


john Chatelain , 2 Auburn, Nebraska

Scott Christe nsen, 2 Cherokee, Iowa

Ke nt Coleman, 1 Oakland, Iowa

Alo n zo Co ll ins, 1 St. Louis, Illinois

Patty Collins, 2 Fremont, Neb raska

Sue Coughlin, 2 Middlefield, Conn .

Cathy Coulter, 2 Crete, Ne braska

Craig Dallegge, 1 Ha mpto n, Neb ras ka

G loria Dalrymple, 2 Pe ru , Nebras ka

M ike Dav is, 1 Ne braska City, Neb ras ka

Phillip Dean, 1 Be ll evue, Ne braska

Ri ck DeK iotz, 3 Lincoln Ne bras ka

Mike De Runtz, 3 Gra nite City, Illi noi s

Bernadette Do rn, 3 Burchard, Nebraska

Lind a Do ty, 2 Oakland, Iowa

Do n Doxon, 1 Ho ltvi lle, Ca lifo rni a

Sharon Du e rfe ldt , 3 Fa ll s City, Nebraska

Mr. Stan ley McCaslin helps Scott McKerc her understa~d machines .



. t•l

Cindy Dunlap, 1 Ash la nd, Ne braska

Caro l Dye, 1 Be llevue, Nebraska

Yaser Eddmeiri, 3 jerusa lem

De b Ehmen ,3 Pickrell, Nebras ka

Dennis Ehmke, 3 Syracu se, Nebraska

Dale Eichenberger, 1 Steinauer, Neb ras ka

Vicki Em ke n , 2 Marquette, Nebraska

Mi cha e l Engel, 3 St romsburg, Nebraska

Linda Eyster, 1 Plattsmouth, Nebraska

Susie Fall e r, 1 Falls City, Nebraska

Kenneth Fik e, 1 Peru, Nebraska

leRoy Fra na, 3 Nebraska Cit y, Nebraska

De nni s Frazie r, 1 lak e Charles, Lou isia na

Henry Frazier, 1 Lake Charle s, Lou isiana

Steve Fre rich s, 2 Groton, Massachusetts

Phil Frit z, 2 Verdon, Nebraska

Bud Frohling, 1 Guthr ie Center, Iowa

jim Fu entes, 1 Calumet C ity, Illinois

jul ia Ga rre tt , 1 Glenwood, Iowa

P.j. ot.Jtlin es dorm policy for the resid e n ts of Dav id so n-Pa lm e r .

' ·l · .}

Students Highlight Campus Activity

Deb Scholl looks surprised to see the photographer, but Kathy and Su sie continue to study diligently.

Ga il , A llie, an d Ann keep score at tourn ament .


Do n Tempel meyer catches a fe w winks in th e Bob-Inn

P.). says a prayer for Patty 's recovery.

Students proceed to classes and visit with each other on the way.

-. ,









.' ...

. , .,

I '

• I

Bob Brown discovers a pair o f legs in the bush es (Carol Orr's)!

., I



Deb Baum fin ds tree-clim bin g a l ittle t ricky .


"' J

James Gasaway, 1 Chicago, Illino is

Maynard Geschke , 3 Avoca, Nebraska

Lucy Giersch, 2 Sali na, Kansas

Rob Giesecke, 1 Peru, Nebraska

Deb G laab, 2 Omaha, Nebraska

Ei leen Gladi s, 1 Nort h Aurora, Illi nois

Ruth Gottula, 2 Steinauer, Nebraska

Gwen Gra esser, 1 Linco ln , Nebraska

Connie G regg, 3 Ha rtin gton, Nebraska

Sher ry Gregg , 1 Hartington, Nebraska

Kare n Gress, 1 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Penny Griffin , 2 Be llevue, Nebraska

Glo ria Groothuis, 2 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Bi ll G rush, 2 Falls C ity, Nebraska

Teri Hailar, 1 Tabo r, Iowa

Fred Haines, 2 Omaha, Nebraska

William Hal lock, 3 Bet ha ny, Mi ssouri

Ron Hansen, 1 Ne braska City, Nebraska

Roger Hard ers, 3 Wahoo, Neb raska

Gai l Harmon , 2 Dawson, Nebraska

Cast does dance in No -No-Na nette.

Rhonda Gobber, 1 Table Rock, Nebraska


Denise Ha ynes, 2 Aubu rn, Nebraska

Maureen Haza rd, 1 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Deb Hebd a, 1 Fullerton, Neb raska

, I

Wendell Henderson, 1 Kansas City, Kansas

Kat hy Heskett, 1 Nemaha, Nebraska



.;' ¡ -.At. .. ~ ~~


Nancy Heskett, 3 Nemaha, Nebraska

Sue Higgins, 1 Shelbyvi ll e, Kansas

Sally Highfield, 2 Lin coln, Nebraska

Nancy Hil tgen, 1 Omaha, Nebraska

Te rri Hind e rks, 1 Auburn, Nebraska

Neal Hinz,1 Oak, Nebraska

Wayne Hitze m a n, 1 Humboldt, Nebraska

Patty Hopp, 3 Pl atts mouth, Nebraska

Bill Hosack, 3 Wilber, Nebraska

Kenneth jackso n, 1 Chicago, Illin ois

Marge Je lin ek, 3 Weston, Nebraska

Dennis Johnk, 1 Oakland, Iowa

Karen Jo hns, 3 Tecumseh , Nebraska

Bernard Johnson , 1 Chicago, Illinoi s

Janice Jo hnson, 3 Shena ndoah, Iowa

Patty Jo hn son, 3 Humboldt, Nebraska

Sue Cough lin st udi es in the li bra ry. 47

Tom johnson, 1 Osceola, Nebraska

Ann Jones, 1 Falls City, Nebras ka

Bob jones, 1 Hic kman, Nebraska

Terri Kattes, 2 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Gloria Kentopp, 1 Falls City, Nebraska

Sargez Khoshabeh, 1 Rezaie h, Iran

Bud Kimball , 2 Papillion , Nebraska

Teresa Kingery, 3 Sidney, Iowa

Patrice Kinnison, 1 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Nancy Kottich, 1 Falls City, Nebraska

Barb Krajicek, 1 Papillion, Nebraska


Steven Kempkes, 3 Nebraska City, Nebraska




·Iiiil~ '

Ard e lla Klein , 1 Adams, Nebraska

Kevin Knoll, 1 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Robert Krajicek, 3 Papillion , Nebras ka

Randy Krecklow, 2 Glenwood, Iowa

Peggy Kre ife ls, 3 Nebraska City, Nebraska


Galen Kronhofman, 3 Tobi as, Nebras ka



Joe Kotnik, 1 Eveleth, Minnesota

President Pearson c hats with membe rs of 1000 Oaks C h a pter .

Teresa Krontz, 3 Tecu m seh, Nebraska

Carol Krueger, 1 Auburn, Nebraska

j oyce Kuck, 1 Council Bluffs, Iowa

Eileen Laggett, 3 Lin coln, Nebraska


Guest spea ker v isits w ith Que in the Fine Arts building.

Barry Land es, 3 Lincoln , Nebraska

Jim Lenn erto n, 3 Leicester, Massachusetts

Bob Lowery, 2 Superior, Nebraska

jan Lyon, 3 Brock, Nebraska

Barbara Lyon s, 1 Hamburg, Iowa

William McBrien, 1 D etro it, Michigan

H enry McCullough , 3 C inci nnati , Ohio

Dave M cDani el, 3 Bethany, Missouri

Steve McGuinn, 1 Palatine, Illinois

James McKean, 3 Omaha, Nebraska

Sco tt McK e rch er, 2 Peru , Nebraska

Steve Me Vay, 2 Bellevue, Nebraska

Joanne Marcuzzo, 1 Omaha, Nebras ka

Fred Marisett, 1 Hammond, Indiana

Duan e Madison, 1 Sidney, Iowa


William Martin, 1 Plattsmouth, Nebraska

Caro l Meyer, 1 johnson , Nebraska

Willis Meyer, 3 johnso n, Nebraska

Rita Miller, 1 Nebraska City, Ne braska

Marlene Mull e ns, 3 Wymore, Nebraska

Andranik Najarian, 1 Rezaieh , Iran

Becky Niday, 2 Beatrice, Nebraska

Debbie Niedermeyer, 1 Cook, Nebraska

Walter Nimmich, 2 Pawnee City, Nebraska

Trena O'Banion, 1 Falls City, Nebraska

Chris Oostin g, 1 Linco ln , Nebraska

Caro l Orr, 3 l incoln , Nebraska

Bil lie Paap, 3 Omaha, Nebraska

Carlo Pa cot, 2 Auburn , Nebraska

Ce rlin a Pacot, 1 Auburn, Nebraska

Students trudged to classes in spite of frost a nd snow during the winte r months .


Popese Popese , 1 Ame rica n Samoa

jan Pressg rove, 3 Falls City, Ne braska

De bbie Rains, 2 Beatrice, Ne braska

Dia nne Rees, 2 liberty, Ne braska

Che ry l Rinne, 3 Tecumseh , Nebraska

Wilson Ro driguez, 1 Chicago , Illinois

The resa Krontz a nd Jo yce Ku ck decorat e t ree.

I , I

Ch yre l Roe bke, 2 Day kin, Ne braska

Philli p Rogge, 1 Au burn, Nebraska

Ga ry Rosenbec k, 1 Guthrie Cente r, Iowa

Emil y Rosewell, 2 Ames, Iowa

Otis Samue l, 1 O maha, Nebras ka

Greg Sande rs, 1 Hammo nd, India na

Da le Schatz, 3 Verdo n, Nebras ka

Mari Schmidt, 1 Fort Calho un, Nebraska

Eileen Scholl , 1 Falls City, Ne braska

Ric k Sha llenbe rger, 1 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Julia Shar pe, 1 Pawnee City, Nebraska

Ba rb Shu pe, 3 Elmwood , Nebraska

To m Simmo ns, 1 C lario n, Iowa

Barb Slab y, 2 Papill ion, Ne braska

l a rry Smith , 1 East St . l ou is, Ill ino is

Susan Sole, 3 Geneva, Nebraska

Mary Ann Stanley, 3 Falls City, Nebraska

Mitzi Stehlik, 1 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Dave Stemper, 1 Peru, Nebraska

Lyle Stephens, 2 Tecumseh, Nebraska

Allie Stoltenberg, 2 Omaha, Nebraska

Dennis Stones, 3 Sabetha, Kansas

Ronald Storant, 1 DuBois, Nebraska

Mike Streit, 1 Sabetha, Kansas

Cindy Tabor, 2 Omaha, Nebraska




Anne Tackett, 2 Glenwood, Iowa

Laurita Tackett, 2 Tabor, Iowa

Rosemary Taylor, 2 Shubert, Nebraska

Barb Tempel meyer, 1 Stella, Nebraska

Bobbi Thiesfeld, 3 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Gordon Thiesfeld, 1 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Steve Thompson, 1 Falls City, Nebraska

Jo Throckmorton, 1 Osceola, Nebraska

Linda Uher, 1 Western, Nebraska

janet Vance, 1 Ralston , Nebraska

Lois Vavra, 1 M illigan, Nebraska

Lecia Vitosh , 1 Blue Springs, Nebraska

Amy Walsh, 1 Chicago, Illinois

Jeff Walther, 1 Bellevue, Nebraska

Rosemary Warner, 2 Craig, Missouri


Mary Weber, 3 Staten Island, New York

Mickie Welch, 3 Chicago, Illinois

Susan Wenzel, 1 Nebraska City, Nebraska

Dave Werner, 1 Falls City, Nebraska

John D. Whisler, 2 Peru, Nebraska

William White, 1 Omaha, Nebraska

James Whitfield, 1 Omaha, Nebraska

Mike Whitten , 2 Falls C ity, Nebraska

Barb Wilkinson, 3 Clatonia, Nebraska

Dennis Williams, 3 Stella, Nebraska

janet Wilson , 1 Peru, Nebraska

Ronald Winston, 1 Hammond, Indi ana

Raymond Woerlen, 2 johnson, Nebraska

Connie Wolf, 1 Papillion, Nebraska

Rick and Bob appea r to be in deep co ncentration on campus sights.

... ¡,

lrI Randy Wolf, 1 Papillion , Nebraska

Arlo Wusk,2 Sterling, Nebraska

Joe Zajac, 1 Brunsw ic k, Ohio

Nather Ziyad , 3 Jerusalem

Ralph Arno ld, 3 Falls City, Nebraska

Deb Barton Jr. Class President

Steve McVay, Vice-P resident, Sophomore C lass .

Jr. class secretary Peg Kre ifels receives cert ificate .

Class Leaders Diversified in Interests

CLA SS OFFICERS JUN IORS Presid ent, Deb Barton Secretary, Peg Kreifels Treasurer, Bar ry Landes SOPH OMORES President, A llie Sto ltenberg V ice-President, Steve McVay Secretary, Laur it a Tackett Treasurer, Anne Tackett FRESHMEN Pres ident, Bo b McCl ain Vice-Presid en t, Mark Fletcher Secretary, Deb Hebda Treasurer, Mike Hall

Bob McClain, President, Freshman C lass.


Stu dents make final preparations w ith adviso rs before fillin g ou t class sch edul es.

Pre-Registration a First At Peru

Pre-registration saved time for students, as th ey regist ered in the sprin g for classes to be t ake n in t he fall. Many trials and tribulations were st ill w itn essed though. Re gistration was done in a lphabetical order; n ot acco rdin g to class order this year, w ith students still consulting their adviso rs as u su a l. But th e en d result was the sa me one t ire d, co nfused, poor individual wh o n ow was officiall y a stude nt at P.S.C. Enro llm e nt figures indicated a slig ht drop from the prev ious year, but the e ncourag in g factor was the rise in on -campus fres hman e nro llme nt. Th e senior class was the next largest w ith so phomores and juniors following not far b e hind.

Friends are bac k together in the fall.

Parking permits were again issued.

Mr. Don Miller passed out financ ial aids.

Adviso rs were always wil lin g to assist students in finding th e right course.

., I

Varied Activities Acquainted

Dr. and Mrs. Pea rson held receptions in their home to become bette r acquainted with students.

On lookers take a short break.

Many students attended dance at the Complex.


Students the First Week

Part of Freshman Orientation was the riverboat excu rsion on the " Bell e of Brownvi lle."

Parti es were again the scene in Peru , as fri ends were reunited.

Bobcats Capture Apple Jack Bowl

The Bobcats took a 19-0 victory to capture the fifth annual Apple Jack Bowl against the Tarkio Owls September 15, in Nebraska City. The parade started the festivities off. The Nebraska City Chamber of Commerce was the organizer in which to build a closer relation ship with Peru and Nebraska City. The parade occupied six blocks with area bands performing and floats built by various people and organizations. Peru was represented by the Peru State College cheerleaders in a dune buggy and the freshmen class rode a top of the fifteen seat bus. A float was also built by the Peru Players adve rtising the oncoming play "How the Other Half Loves." A dance at the armory rounded out the Apple jack activities that night.


1'-1~ FPJT2 .../fÂŁ(~1' PPET>IOloif -'nLI.If


Frit z Stehlik and Dean Young are student leaders.

On e of th e many floats onlookers enjoyed at the parade.




The freshmen class was represented as they rode a top of the PSC bus entitled "Peru State Freshmen Fans."

The Peru Play ers created their own advertisement of the upcoming play.


Yearbook Workshop Held At P.S.C.

Yearbook editors met with Mr. Everett Browning and Mr. Gery Kauffman , during yea rbook conference.

Time o ut for refreshm ents was taken .

The annual yearbook workshop, sponso r ed by Mr. Everett Browning, head of the PSC Journ alism department, was held September 25. Area hi g h school sudents and interested co llege stud ents attended. The workshop held in the Fine Arts Building was designed to h el p the yearbook staffs of local high sc hools put out a better annual. Mr. Gery Kauffman, w ho represented Josten's Ameri can Yearbook Company, playe d a major part in the workshop also. Acti vit ies centered on the various aspects of yea rbook production; layout; writing copy, photogra phy, typograph y, headline writi n g, financing and bookkeeping. 6?

UNICEF Dance Or Freakers Ball

Best costumes were awarded to Fred Reed, Steve Frerichs, Sherry Gregg. Gary Hoemann, John Letts and Leland Sherwood had the privilege of being the judges.

On October 31, 1973 you were apt to see witches, ghosts, and goblins in the gym, as the first annual SGA UNICF Dance and Freakers Ball was held. Tickets were $1.00 and all profits went to UNICEF. Pri zes were awarded for best cos tumes at the dance also . Odyssey provid ed the music for the Halloween Dance. Many of the members either attend Peru now or attended Peru at one time. Members of the group were Dan Gruber, Lennie Lahman , Paul Anderson , Lori Gilbert, Dev in Tac kett, and Jeff jenkins.

Even witches and pumpkins dance!


Barb Wilkinson Crowned Homecoming Queen

Patty Mclaughlin represented Clay burn-Mathews.

Mrs. De nise Mabie represented Co mmut e rs .

I )

Patty Johnson represented Davi dson-Palmer.

Hom ecomin g candidates all vie fo r qu een .


IU ._A -



Lambda Delta Lambda w on the first pl ace trophy for th eir entry in the parade.

''The Sun Shines Brighter Every Day'' "T he Sun Shin es Brighter Ev ery Day " was th e th eme for 1973 Hom eco ming h eld on October 13. The fourth annu al parade featur ed floats, ca rs and m arch in g bands, 1275 band members from 22 area bands partici pated in the parade . Trophi es were awarded to the top bands. Class A was won by Cre ighton Prep. Th e Class B went to Ash land G lenwoo d Publ ic School. Platt eview won the Class C trophy and Humboldt High School Class D troph y. Auburn Junio r Hi gh an d Humboldt Ju nior High Schools also won the Class I and II trophi es respect ively. Th e o ve ra ll float winner was the Sc ience Club . Sec retari es won the indi v idu al entry. Trophi es were aw arded to the w inn ers. Davidso n -Pal mer Hall won first pri ze in th e an nu al w in dow paintin g contest. Many orga nizations an d clubs entered th e co nt est in wh ic h prize money was given . Peru wo n the 52nd Homeco min g game aga inst Kearney 28-0, w ith co ron ation activit ies occurin g during h al f-t i m e crown in g Barb Wilkinson queen. Clu b members display their t roph ies.






Floats came in various sha pes and s izes.

Dr. and Mrs. Pearson took part in the parad e .

Junio r and Senior Hi gh School band members show off the ir trophi es from the ir winni ng perfo rm ances.


Lobo Was Homecoming Concert

Lobo entertain ed at the Tuesday night concert.

Jim Stafford appeared with Lobo too.

The gym seemed a popular place, as students danced to music performed by Blackberry Winter.

''How the Other Half Loves'' Presented

"How the Other Half Loves" kept the audiences captivated with a mistaken identity in a l ove trian gl e.

Much time and effort went into the production. Th e Homecomin g play was both ent ert aining and hil ar ious.


Louise Johnson receives flowers from Gordy Thompson , as Sue H iggins l ooks on.

Louise Johnson Black Union Queen

Th e Black Student Un ion of Peru State College held their first annu al dance in the dining hall of the Stud ent Center Building, Octob e r 1 3. Phil Chapman was the d ance disc jockey. Lo uise Johnson was el ected as th e ir queen. Q u een ca ndidates we r e Sue Hi gg ins, Lu vena Sa nders, and Louise johnson. Louise is th e first qu een to b e el ected by t he Black Stud ent Union.

Black U nion Members enjoy th em se lves.


Admissions Co¡m mittee Shows Enthus iasm

Gary Hoemann (Above) and Roger Schnaser (Below) led the Student Admissions Comm it tee Members in their work.

Student Admissions Committee Members Are From Top to Bottom: E. Laggett, ]. Bill ings, B. Wilkinson, B. Landes, M. Jelinek, S. Frerichs, D. Barton, P. Collins, D. Ehmke. These members gave tours, acquaint ing visit ing students and parents with the various buildings and sights of the PSC campus. The students also visited various campuses in the surround ing area and spoke on the advantages of attending Peru State. Mr. Gary Hoemann and Mr. Roger Schnase r headed the program. Among other recru iting act ivit ies, the group paricipated in a Tel-a-thon wh ic h offered students all over the country information about PSC. " lnnerviews," a publicat ion by the Adm issions deparment was editored by Robert E. Wernsman . The paper featured news about Peru and listed students accepted for 1974-75. It was a monthly paper. The publication began in November and was mai led to 2,600 high school counselors and students.

Head Start a Learning Experience

Head Start ch ildren listen to Denise Hayn es with mi xed emotions.

Head Sta rt, a natio nal prog ram for low-income fam ilies was agai n prese nt on the Peru State College Campus. Th e Head Start program offers preschool children ages 3112-5, the benefits o f learn ing expe rien ces in exposure to colors and materials, diffe rent types of skills, plus good health habits. Field trips and parties were also learning experie nces. Dr. Th omas Sche re r and Mrs. Valda Davidson led the program . Th e class began every morning at 9:00 in room 200 of the Education Building. The childre n we re b rought to campus by bu s, and we re furnished with a mid-morning snack and lunch at noon in the d inin g room . janice Boden and Marcile Dean, along with parents, vo lunteers, and stude nts also assisted with the program.

Lun ch was served in the d ini ng hall.


Bellevue students talk wit h fo rmer hi gh schoo l counc il o r .

John Biggs entertain s at a Coffee Ho use in t he Bob Inn.

Students Keep Themselves Busy Look at those legs!

Odyssey plays for one of the dances.


Who's Who Selected 12 Seniors Who's Who Among Stud e nts in American Universities and Colleges sel ected twelve Peru State College for the 1973-74 hono r. Dr. Guy Rosenberg, Directo r of Student Perso nn el Services of Peru State acted as Chairman of th e Selection Committee. The committee was composed of faculty and student leaders. The twelve students chosen were based o n academic excell e nce, extra-curricular leade rshi p and promise of future l ea dership. Each h as earned a cumul ative grade point average o f 6.5 o r better o n a 9.0 scale, and all have earn ed Dean 's Honor Roll r ecognitio n one or more semesters. Kay Lynn e Albin of D awso n, is an e lementar y education major. Kay was active in th e Peru State Education Association, in which she served as vice pres ident her junior yea r . Sh e is a member of Dram a Club; ca pta in , Kitty Kadetts drill team; and a member of Kappa D elt a Pi. Kay has also re ceived th e Larson Memorial and Special Stat e of Neb raska Sc ho larships. Kay Lynn e Albin

jan et Lee Barton of Nebraska City, has a d ou bl e major in libr ary sc i ence and hist ory. Jan et was awa rd e d the Janet Ganzell a nd cooperating sch oo l scho larships. H er activities in clude: v ice president, English club; presi d ent, Phi A lpha Theta, national hon ora ry history fraternit y; Peru State Educ ation Association; Peru State Soc ial Science Society; and Sigma Tau D e lt a.

Jan et Lee Barton


Mary Elizabeth Goergen Dau of Osage, Iowa, has a BS degree in ph ys ical education. Mary was awarded s peci al abil it ies sc h ola rships for two years . She was a varsity c h eerlead er, vice president of Music Educators Nat io n al Conference; Women's Athletic Association; women's basketball t eam; band and stage band ; and Kappa Delta Pi.

Tom Froeh lich Mary Elizabeth Goergen Dau

Tom Froeh lich of Algona, Iowa, is a biology major. Tom was selected as an " Ou tst andin g Coll ege Athlete of America" for his Pe ru State team efforts in footba ll , basketba ll , and base ball . He was an active member of Beta Beta Be ta, profess ional h onorary biology fraternity, and served as dormitory counselor at Delzell Hall . Tom received spe c ial abiliti es schola rships in football and basket ba ll a n d a Peru Achievement Foundat io n schola rs hip.

. I¡ ,.


' .... "~ .. - '' ,


~ , I ~



- ""' "

- -----.....



Mary Elizabeth Hill of Tabor, Iowa, is an English major. She is active in many organizations where she served as p resident of English Club; president of Sigma Tau Delta, national ho norary English fra ternity; member, Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary education fraternity; Peru State Education Association; Morgan Hall dorm council. Mary edited the Eng lish Club literary magazine "Sifting Sands" for two years and has been active in speech and drama activities. Mary also received Embree Memorial, Pearl Kempton and Charles And rews scho larships.

Mary Elizabeth Hill

Stephanie Glenn Lang of Pawnee City, is a vocal music major. She rece1ved Peru State's Outstanding Mu sic Student Award two years, and has earned Dean's Ho nor Roll recognition for perfect 9.0 grade average two semeste rs. Stephan ie has been active in choir, sw in g choir, madrigal and band; holds membership in MENC and Kappa Delta Pi. She has also rece ived vocal spec ial abi lities, Ak-Sar-Ben, A. J. Warnec k and L. J. Barnes Memoria l Scholarships.

Stephanie G lenn Lang



linda Sue Madison of Sidney, Iowa, is an elementary education major. Linda has been an officer in the Peru State Education Association; member of Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary education fraternity; Morgan Hall dorm council; on the Dean's Honor Roll each semester; and advertising manager for the Pedagogian newspaper two years. She was awarded a Peru Achievement Foundation Scholarship her freshman year.

l inda Sue Madiso n

Jack Stanley

Jack Stan ley of Truro, Iowa, is a biology major. jack was presiden t of Beta Beta Beta, professional honorary fraternity; a member of Kappa Delta Pi, national education honorary. He was Delzell Hall President and president of his junior class. Jack was also a student representative to the campus student affairs commission, member of PSEA, and a three year letterman in wrestling.


Pat j . Schu lt z, of Tecumseh, has a double major in busin ess education and business adm inistrat ion. Pat has been active in Phi Beta Lambda, hon orar y business fraternity; WAA; intramural vo ll e~ball; Student A dmissio ns Council; and was pres 1dent of David son-Palmer dorm council two years. She was a varsity chee rl eader for two yeats and as a ¡ g qu een and. atj unio r was selected Homeco mm tendant to Spring Week queen . Pat also rece1ved a coop erating school scholarship.

Pat J. Schul tz

Caro l Wa rn ke of Dunbar, holds a BS in home eco nomics. Carol serve d as president of the Home Economics Club, h ospitality chairman of Student Center Board , and is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, education honorary fraterni ty; Women's At hl et ic Association, and Peru State Education Associat ion. She was also selected to attend the national Home Economics Association conven tion in Denver and was a Glamour Girl cand idate.


Carol Warnke.

Robert Wernsman of Prague, is a journalism major. Bob has held e ditorial positions on the Pedagogian newspape r and Peruvian yearbook staffs. He has also participated in five Peru Players drama productions, besides memberships in the English Club, Drama Club, Gavel and Rostrum and president of his sophomo re class. Bob was the fi rst journalism int ern from Peru. He student directed "Butterflies Are Free," and a choral read ing presentation at "Buffalo City." Bob was also awarded the Pearl A. Kenton scholarship, was acting president of the Peru JayCees, on student Admissions Coun ci l and assisted in the PSEA tutoring pro gram.

Robert Wernsman

Carol Zorn Wheeler of Auburn, is an Enlish ma jor. Carol has earned perfect 9.0 grades five semesters . She was awarded an Alice Kenton Language Arts scho larship, is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, honorary English fraternity, Kappa Delta Pi, national education honorary , and English Club.

Carol Zorn Wheel er


- l

High School Activities Sponsored



Dou glas Hi gh school won th e vo ll eyball tourn ament, coached b y D on Monzingo, a former PSC student.

The last minute pract ice was the hard est.

Many di fferent produ ctions we re given .

I r

Nebr. City lourdes receive a trophy for their p erformance .

Numerous music clinics were held.

Peru State Col lege s pon sored severa l activitie s that were both academic and athl et ica lly involved for h ig h school students. The students visited th e campus; had the opportunity to sit in on classes and gain information about Pe ru State. At the same time they learned about their various fields and compete d in different events. Academic activiti es h e ld included a Yearbook Works hop, District speech m ee t, high sc hool band clinic, bus iness co nte st, hig h school c horal and sw ing choir clinic, and a Scie nce Day. Athletic events he ld was the annual invitational voll eyball tournam e nt, and th e invit at ion a l track m eet. Many area schools attended th e events h e ld with record crowds. Th e events were co-ordi nate d by PSC in structors with Peru stud e nt s ass isting in plans and supervision.

No.1, th e best you can be!


Th is was a popu lar scen e.

Phyllis Bu tric k p r e p ar es fo r th e co ld weat her.

Winter Adds It's Decorative Touch to Peru


..... .: . --~

"Dare m e, I'll throw it." Th is was often h eard o n campu s.


When night falls, only the snow and the ice are to be found l eft out in the cold.

The library even looks good when it's cold.

Everyone hurri es to cl asses during th e w inte r .



Laura Ackerman

Deb Baum

Judy Buddecke

Deb Hebda

Patty Johnson

Te resa Kingery

Roxi Smith

Mary Ann Stanley

Carol Warnke

Kim Hahn

Patty Mclaughlin

Barb Wil kinson

Glamour G irl Candid ates were chosen on appearan ce, tal ent , interests, school involvement. p ersonality , and dr ess .


''No, No Nanette'' Spring Musical

Just one of the many delightful scen es portrayed.

"No, No Nan ette," was often heard.

"You're kidding me," hoped Ray .

Chorus members added fl air with sin gi n g and dan cin g.


"A Doll's House" one of the hardest plays to be presented by the Pe ru Players.

''A Doll's House'' Rounds Out the Year

The new dress seemed to please the ladies.

Bill and Barb p layed the lead roles.


173 Recognized At Honors Convocation

173 students received certificates for scholastic achievement january 30th at Peru State College. The cert ificates we re given to students who earned a grade point average of 7.25 or higher during the 1973 fall semester. Pres ident Dou glas Pearso n gave a short speech and Dr. Kelly Liewer and Dr. Guy Rosenberg presented certificates.

Dr. Rosenberg hands Janice her certificate.

Dr. Rose nberg, Dr. Pearso n, and Dr. Liewer cong ratul ate Jeff Linden and Carol Wheeler for 9.00 averages .


Dean 's List students wa it in lin e for th eir certificates .

" Did I make a mistake?"

"A jo b well don e."


Students And Faculty Show Involvement

Mr. Hahn and students listen to prominent guest spea ke r, Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Cam e aly d irects enthus iast ic cho ir membe rs for the Messiah .


Miss Pam M iyoshi g ives a lesson to Home Ec class.

Studen ts lea rned through exploration .

Coach Dwine build s athletes.



â&#x20AC;¢ ....-



I '



I \ alty Laura Ackerman

Peru Opens Its Doors in '7 4

Peru Opens Its Doors in 74 was the Spring Week theme, relating to the open atmosphere of the ca mpus.

I ,,

.. l


, ~

I \

( ~ -¡¡ ri I(



'~ .


Spring Royalty And Attendants: P. Kreifels , D . McDaniel, P. Schultz, T. Criger, S. M c Kercher, L. Ackerman, D. Mabie, D . Anstey , l. Tack ett, J. Whisl er. (Not pictured, Gus Krajicek).


Spring Week Activities Enjoyable

Stu dents bu y flowers from Engl ish C lub m embe rs at carn ival. Mr. Ha iry Legs, Scott McKe rcher, Miss Legs, Lau rita Tackett.

Coach Dwine g ives instru ct ions to pu t Dr. Pearso n in jail, but Dr. Pearso n doesn't appear to en joy his stay!

Studen ts receive poetic sayings at booth.

Football players work out during spring ball .

Everyon e enjoyed the food at the Spring Week barbecue.


Mrs. Pearson o bserves as Pres id e nt Pearson and Amy plant tree as part of In augural Ceremonies .

President Pearson Inaugurated

Guests enjoy mea l in the Student Center and discuss th e plans and events of the bu sy day.


Dr. Pearson Honored As 20th President

Dr. Douglas W. Pearson was honored as Peru State College's twentieth president on April 27 during formal inaugural ceremonies. The ceremony was the first formal inauguration in PSC's history of 107 years Delegates from the various colleges and universities in the surrounding area were represented at the inaugural ceremony. The inauguration was held in the college auditorium. The faculty, attired in academic regalia, followed the colors into the auditorium. The members of the State Colleges' Board of Trustees were also present. Among the activities of the day were a brunch , a reception, a social hour, a banquet, and a ball. Mrs. Sharon Rosenberg was chairwoman of the committee.

Mrs. Pearson examines medal awarded to Dr. Pearson .

Mayor Re x All good presents Dr. Pearson with a pl aque whic h officially proclaims Doug Pearson Days in Pe ru .


Graduation Is a New Beginning

Governor J. James Ex on add resses th e graduates of th e class of 1974 and commends them fo r achievements.

Fritz Stehlik was the honored rec ipient of th e Helen Cole Pollard Awa rd for outstanding service to PSC.


Barry Reed is awarded the Swenson Award on the basis of character, loyalty, scholarship, and athletics.

A mixture of emotions shows on the faces of the graduates as they remember t heir years at PSC .


Varied Interests Are Seen in Students

There is always work to be done.

Relaxat ion is a must at PSC.

A grou p of stude nts is not hard to find on the c ampu s.


Band members are u sually seen w ith their instrum ents.

Texas performed in concert.

Art studen ts have th eir own expr essions.



Drama Club me mbers work togeth e r to build set.

Miss Mier receives roses fr o m Patty.

Activities Involved Co-operation

UMMPH!! Who sa id sprin g footba ll was fun?


Steve Kempkes shows kids how t he m ac hi ne ru ns.

Bobcats Have a Record Seaso n Footbal l Resul ts 1973 PSC 7 19 7 7 26 28 0 20 62 0

O PP 8 0 68 28 0 0 28 16 21 41

Nebraska Coll ege Conference son Reco rd 5-S.

Gracelan d Tarkio .' lo rth west M issouri Conco rd ia Benedect ine Kearney St ate Ch ad ron State W ayne State Cu lver-Stockton Doane 1st (tied Kearn ey) Sea-

Fu ll back Barry Reed was t h e leade r on offen se, w h il e fres h man runnin g Ga ry Rosenbeck also gained valuabl e yardage . Steve an d Gus Krajicek an d Bo b W inter were defensive mai nstays.

PSC footba ll coaches Marty Dwin e, j ack McIntire, an d Tom Fitzge rald.




Tea m action during t he 28-0 Homecoming victory over Kear ney State.



Barry Reed is finally brought down by a Kearney defender after a gain around end.

Row 1: Coach J. Mcintire, G. Thomps o n, F. Marisett, H. Frazier, T. Criger, S. Krajicek , B. Winter, T. Elliott , J. Perkins, L. Smith, R. Basan, H. Co llin s, J. Gasaway, J. Fo rd. Row 2: W. White, B. Herro n, B. Johnson, K. Jackso n, H. McCullough , T. Froel ich , R. Eisch e n, J. Cash, B. Hosack, B. Re ed , L. Glesmann , T. Usher, A. Wusk, B. Ke nned y, R. Wartman. Row 3: A. He rro n, 0 . Samuel, W. He nd e rson, M. Ke ll y, J. Whitfield, R. Woe rlen, S. Ro be rts, D. Leech, D. Sto nes, D. McDanie l, G. Krajicek, J. Rezac, K. Te nnal. Row 4: Coaches M. Dwine and T. Fitzgera ld, D. Bowe r, R. Stones, G. He ndrickson, M . Fl e tche r, L. Agena, K. Fro hlin g, T. Kelly, G. Rosenbeck, R. Hopkins, F. Barone, C. Franks, B. Jo nes. RowS: Manager R. Giesecke, manager K. Frohling, B. McC lain, S. McQuinn, N. Hin z, ]. Beecham, D. We rner, M . Hall, G. Hahn, ]. Coatney, A. Allgood, J. Wink e lman, J. Whisler, P. Brown, ]. Smith .


TO UC HDOWN ! Mike H all (58) l eads the cheers on the sidelin e as the offense sco res.

Bobc at defend ers stop a Doane pl ayer in the final game of the year .


1974 football coach Bob Riley points out how things w ill be run in the fall and exp lains strategy to th e 1974 spring ball tea m .

Barry Reed- this outstanding senio r fullb ack from H enry, Illin o is, ga in e d 779 ya rds for th e yea r, and l ed th e t ea m in scoring. Barry was select ed in the tenth round o f the profess ion al football draft by the Minnesota Vikings. He wa s also named to the Nebraska Co ll ege Co n feren ce t ea m in 1972 and '73 .

Coach Fit zgerald looks worried durin g an extremely tense moment during a junior varsity game .


Basketball Team, Row 1 : L. Chase, G. Sanders, Manager R. Giesecke, H. McCull ough, R. Winston. Row 2: Coach Roger Schnaser, B. Miller , ]. Gasaway, D. Parker, F. Beville, B. Craig, B. Hunter, L. Agena, M . Harper, T. Macke, Assistant coach Ervin Pitts.

PSC 77

66 80 70 83 68 57 56 36 88 56 62 80 82 84 100 75 69 83 69 81 69


Basketball Results 1973-74 OPP 67 Concordia 94 Nort heast Missouri 96 Un ivers ity of Missouri-Rolla 99 Southeast Missouri 93 Culver-Stockton 87 Tarkio 81 Doane 101 Doane 103 Tarkio 113 Kearney State 64 Chadron State 94 Wayne State 117 Un ive rsity of Nebraska - Omahc 72 Chadron State 85 Midland 101 John F. Kennedy 88 Bellevue 88 John F. Ke nnedy 101 Kearney State 73 Be ll evue 75 Wayne State 83 Univers ity of Nebraska- Omaha

Bi ll Hunter puts up s hot for 'Cats .

Cagers End Season 3-19 The 1973-74 Bobcat cagers held a record of 3-1 9 for t he season. Peru came in third in the Nebraska College Conference . The squad had a rough sea son, due in part to hav ing to adjust to three head coaches. The team practiced under Jack Mcintire until he resigned from teaching and coaching just before the first game. Dr. Erv Pitts took over then as interim coach until Roger Schnaser was selected to take over as head coach. The squad could have easily been 5-1 7, but two games, back to back, Midland and John F. Kennedy, were won by opponents in the final shot of the con t est. The cagers gained third in the NCC by defeating Wayne State College 81 -76.

Bob Craig stretches to tip in a shot against Chadron.

Coach Roger Schnaser gives fin al key instructio ns during a cru cial time -out for the 'Cats.


Coaches E. Pitts and R. Schn aser plot game tactics with the starting five players .

Freeman Beville goes u p for two against Wayne.

Winston appears to h ave a sure 2 points for PSC .

Muffin reaches to stuff a basket and win the game .

Which way will the ball go?

Coach Sc hnas e r out lin es t eam policy for players and asks for co mments from playe rs.


-¡ ..,_,......._ . .. ... â&#x20AC;˘.


Wrestlers Win NCC Championship Wrestling Results 1973-74 PSC 4th 1st 17 48 Won 7th Won Won


26 5th 10 21 45 54 48 2

16 48 42

51 30


OPP Graceland Tourney Doane Tourn ey 30 Morningside 4 Doane Dana-Forfeited Northwest Missouri Tourney John F. Kennedy-Forfeited Haskell-Forfeited 29 Central Missouri State Graceland 10 Coe Tourney Morningside 28 13 Northern State 7 Kearney State o John F. Kennedy o University of Chicago 33 University of Nebraska-Omaha 19 Northwest Missouri State 3 William Jewell 3 Concordia 2 Doane 13 Wayne State 0 Yankton Nebraska Co ll ege Conference NAJA District 11

1st 2nd Fin al Record

Head Wrestling Coach Marty Dwine.


The Peru State Grapplers climaxed an excell ent season with a first place finish in the Nebraska Co ll ege Conference and th e runn er-up spot in the district. 'Cat wrestl ers were Jim Fuentes, Gary Lesoi n g, Mark Miller, Mike Streit, Jack Stanl ey, Craig Bennin gton, Lawrence Hunt, Ter ry A ft , Kevin Frohling, Bob McClain, Joe Zajac, Ray Czaszwicz, Jo hn Whisler, Jim Winkelman , Kurt Frohling, D ean Anstey, Steve McQuinn, Warren Goos, Terrence Kelly, Bob Brown , Tom Simmons, Fred Marsiett, Bob Jones, Kent Coleman, Dean Brooks, Ken Stanely, Dennis Jo hnk, and Jim Rezac. Whisler, Brooks, Co lema n , Brown, Bud Frohling, and kelly were in dividual NCC champions.

Ass istant wrestli ng coach Jim Cash¡

II ?

Jack Stanley

Jim Fuentes

Gary lesoing

Craig Bennington

lawrence Hunt

Bud Frohling






Dennis Johnk, Coach Marty Dwin e, and manager Kurt Fro hling watch a tight match.

Mark Mill er

Bob McClain

jo e Zajac

Joh n Whisler

Kurt Fro hlin g

Dean Anstey

Dean Brooks was a wrestl er who wo n a champio n ship against opponents in th e NCC.


Terry Kelly

Jim Rezar

Bob Brown

Fred Marisett

M cCl ain tri es to gain th e adva nt age.

Kent Col eman took the sixth straight Peru crown in an overtime dec is ion against Wayn e.

Wh isler's got his man !

Track Team Competitive in Relays

Row 1: L. Smith, N. Hin z, R. Sto rant , R. Appl egate, P. Frit z, B. Lower y, C. Co llins.

Th e tr ac k tea m came in third in th e Kearney Indoor Trian gular. The t ea m h ad a fourth pl ace p os ition in the Nebraska Co ll ege Co nferen ce. Th e trac k squ ad competed m ost o f th e year in r e lay in vitat io n als. Th e t eam was too thin in numbers and expe ri e nce to co mpete in du als. In m an y of th e relays no t ea m scores were ke pt. M any hoped-for sprinters did not return second se m est er .

Golf Squad Has Winning Season Golf Results 1974

1 16

PSC 10

O PP 0

3rd 11V2 9 15 15 121f2 81f2 91f2 11 15

61f2 6 0 0 51f2 91f2 8 1/2 7

10 10 1/2 11 1/2 121f2

8 71f2 6 1/2 51f2


C o ncordia Nebras ka Southern In vitational Nebraska Wesl eyan Doane Tarkio G raceland Northwest Missouri Doan e Nebraska Wesl eya n Concordia Nebras k a Technical No rthw est Missouri Doan e Nebraska Wesleyan Concordia

Th e go lf squad h ad an ex cel le nt 23-6 r ecor d, althou g h th ey didn't far e as w e ll as h oped in the co nfe r e n ce and district m eets. The go lfe rs ca m e in third in th e Nebraska Coll ege Con f erence and fourth in the NAIA District 11 . A shutout in co ll ege go lf is amost unh ea rd of, but th e 'Cat s pu ll ed th e tric k fo ur tim es, whit ewashin g Concordia, Tarkio, Grace l and , a nd Nebraska Technica l. T ea m m e mb e rs were G uy Lamml e, Dave Lam mle, Kurt K ent , Ric k D e Kiot z, Br ad Holding., and Randy W o ll e nbur g. The t ea m wa s coac h ed by Dr. Erv in Pitts.

Cross Country Builds for Future

Row 1: R. Arno ld , B. Lowery. Row 2: D. Brady, R. St o rant, P. Fritz, B. Sell, Coach Erv Pitts.

C r oss Country Resul ts 1973



40 18 No rthwest Missouri 6th Neb raska Wesleyan I nvitation al 22 33 Creighton 7th Doane I nvitati o n al 23 32 C r eighton 29 29 D oane 36 23 Kearney State 3rd Kearney State Invitational 37 23 Tark io 38 17 North west Mi ssouri 3rd Conco r dia Midland Triangular 2nd Nebraska College Conference 4th NA tA Dist rict 11 Fina l Record 2-6-2 Th e 1973 c ross country team wo n only two duals, but did well in con f erence an d dist rict action , f in ish in g second and fourth respect ively . Dr. Erv in Pitts was th e coach.

Ron Storant has the lead in th e c ross-country race.

1 17

Cats Have Successful Seaso n

Row 1: D. McDaniel, D. Parker, B. Kimball, T. Brandt, S. Dunn , Row 2: L. Chase, R. Si mmon s, R. Kimba ll , G . San d e rs, R. Wolf, Row 3: D. Dickman, A. All good, M. Fl etch er, D. Rombach, D. Simmons, Row 4: Manger R. Giesecke, D. Mart in , P. Ty non , R. Tynon , T. Macke. Tom Fit zgerald was the h ead coach.


2 5

12 2 6 8 4

1 3 6 5 7


6 10 6 5

0 22 0 0

l 18

Baseba ll Resul ts OPP 11 Co nco rd ia Concordi a 6 2 Tarkio 11 Tar kio 4 Ke arn ey 7 Kearney 7 Midl and 3 M idland Ben edect in e 3 2 Bened ect ine 3 Doane 4 Doane 12 Nebraska Wes leyan 12 Ne brask a W es leyan 1 H astings 0 Hastings 4 C hadron St at e 2 Chadron State 1 Bell evu e 0 Bellevue 2 Wayne Stat e 5 Wayne State

Steve Shupe and Dan Cott on were ass istant coac h es .

Coach Fitzgerald gives batting inst ructions to Butch.

Bud Kimball fou ls a p itch-off.

Greg Sanders in a bunt attempt made during a close game. Th e catcher and the pitcher watch cl osely for Greg's batting techn iques .



Intramural basketball player attempts a s hot.

Fitzgerald Leads lntramurals

Coach Tom Fitzgerald too k over the intramu ral program after the res ignatio n of Coach jerome Ste mper. The program included exercise and fitness routines and team competition in areas such as football, vo lleyball, basket ball , and softball.


Teams w hich participated in the 1973-74 Intramurals we re: the Cock and Tail Frate rn ity, STRAF, Bud Men, No Na mes, Black Ho rse 11, Barfly's, Late Comers, Bush Bons, M. C. Mangless, Nat and Co., and the Freak Bros.

Arl o keeps fit for te a m compet it io n .


Phi Beta Lambda Emphasizes Business Row 1 : M. Bruggeman, J. Garrett, C. Dye, ). Vance, A. Boring. Row 2: G. Groothuis, M . Whitten, B. Paap, S. Wenzel. Row 3: S. Braun, B. Dorn , L. Ackerman, L. Boukal. Row 4: C. Dallegge, T. Kattes, M. Hazard.

One of Phi Beta Lambda's most outstanding activities of th e year was an auction . Colonel Kent Badgett of Brock was the auctioneer. The event grossed slightly over $500 for th e business group.

Mr. Russell Beldin, sponsor, M. Mullens, Historian; B. Pruett, Treasurer; V. Adams, Secretary; R. Rodney, Vice-Preside nt; D. Kohel , Pres ide nt. B. Linde was elected Vice-pres. second semester.

Row 1: T. Bay, T. Glathar, S. Johnson. Row 2: E. Heebner, P. Kre ife ls, L. Ko hel, B. Linde. Row 3: P. Schult z, P. Griffin, D. Anholtz. Row 4: D. Williams, R. Hard ers, F. Morehouse.

Faculty sponso rs for Phi Beta Lambda we re Jack Hamilton, Robert Lewell en, and Russell Beldin.


M. Paap, J. Sharpe, K. Gress, B. Lyon s, C. Warnke, Mrs. Lou ise Kregel, s ponsor, L. Tack ett, j . Buddeck e.

Home Economics Club Prepares Home-Makers

Dr . Sieg n er, spon sor, ass ist ed in the fest iv ities for th e annu al Hom e Ec Club C hristma s pa rt y. Th e girl s t oo k part in va r ious acti v it ies and eve nts thr ou gh out th e year. Ma r y Paap wa s pr es ident of t he c lub , Lau rit a Tac k ett was sec r etary-treasur er , an d Chris Ber ge r wa s V ice -Pres id ent. Officers Lau rita Tac ke tt and Carol Wa rnke .

\. ' 3

Davidson-Pal mer Hall

Dorm Council , Row 1: L. Ackerm an, R. Tay lo r, M. Bauman, T. Kattes, S. Duerfeldt. Row 2: D. Baum, P. Schultz, Mrs. Susan Hallock, s ponsor. Row 3: D. Hebda, P. Kreifels.

Dorm Officers L. Ackerman, P. Schultz, and R. Taylo r. Mrs. Susan Hallock was the sponso r fo r th e many dorm activities .

Mrs. Hallock greets dorm residents.


Clayburn-Mathews Hall

Dorm C o unci l, Row 1: W. Schu lenberg, B. Kimball , R. Wollenberg, D. Dickman, 5. McVay, D. Doxon.

Resid e nts R. Hard ers and J. Go racke. Mrs. F. Jo hnson was the spon sor.


C ircle K Performs Services for Community

Row 1 : P. Ho pp, S. Hi gh fie ld, K. Badgett, D . Glaa b , D. Haynes. Row 2: M iss Lucy Hovey, s p o n sor; J. Buddec k e , J. Jo hnso n , J. Wilson , W. Ambler, T. Johnson, M . Resso, B. Lyo ns, T. Haila r, M r. Ha rold Jo h nson, sp o nsor . Th e C ircl e K Clu b part ic ipat e d in ma ny act iviti es o f se rvice to Peru State and the co m m un ity.

C ircl e K members pit ched in to clean th e church.


M iss Pat Ho pp w as C ircl e K Li e ut enan t Gove rn or ¡

Morgan Hall

Morgan Hall Dorm Council, Row 1 : M . Paap, S. Van Syoc, M. Jelinek , A. Berge r, sponsor; Row 2: M. Behrns, ). Barton, B. Paap, T. McCaig, C. Sh iel ls, M. McHugh, D. Anderson.

Miss Adrienne Berger was Morgan Hall house-mother.

Delzell Hall Delzell Dorm Cou ncil , Row 1 : K. Hoxie, P. Rogge, W. Ambler, S. Frerichs, B. Landes, ). Stanley¡

W.A.A. Offers Athletic Opportunities

The Women's Ath letic Association was in c harge of the Hi gh School Vo ll eyba ll To urnament a nd the group a lso spo nsored the inter-collegiate teams. Members Pictured At the Right Are Row 1: L. Uh e r, A. St o lt en berg, ]. Throckmorton , D. Schol l. Row 2: M. Stanley, A. Kle in, B. Niday. Row 3: B. Butts, T. Kingery, P. Johnson. Row 4: P. Hopp, Miss Mary Jo Mier, s ponsor .

Many g irls in the club and also those w h o didn ' t b e lon g participated in the inter-scholastic sports, including volleyball, so ftball , basketball , and track .

P. Jo hnson, ]. Green, and T. Kinge ry pro udly display trophies .

Volleyball Team, Row 1 : D. Lippold, J. Bottch e r. Row 2: A. Jones, L. Uher, G. Harmon, A. Klein, D. Scholl. Row 3: (. Albir , P. Harpham, A. Stoltenberg, P. Joh nson, J. Green, Coach Ma ry Mier .

Women's Inter-Scholastic Sports Popular Softball Team, Row 1: N. Kottich, G. Harmon , D. Scholl, S. Wheeldon. Row 2: A. Klein , C. Wolf, N. Heskett, D. Ehmen.

Women's Basketball Team Displayed Skill

Row 1: R. Giesecke, manager. Row 2: G. Harmon, D. Scholl, N. Kottic h, C. Lang, Mi ss Mier, coach . Row 3: B. Williams, manage r; A. Stoltenbe rg, B. Niday, T. McCaig, R. Warner.

Ale rt players watch to see whic h way th e ball will head !


Sigma Tau Delta Stresses English



Sigma Tau u e lta: Row 1: M. Hill, A. McCon ne ll , E. Rosewe ll, B. Wilkinson, R. Miller, R. Tuxho rn, C. Wheeler, C. Roebke, M iss Wreathea Hicks, spo nso r.

P.S.S.S.S. Concentrates On Social Science \



- ~~

r·1 (•

..1 .:';





P.S.S.S.S.: Row 1: L Sanders, J. Barto n, A. Tackett. Row 2: J. Goracke, J. Wolke n, G. Bowman, Dr. George Schottenhamel.

13 1

Student Center Board Plans Activities

Row 1: C. Gregg, T. Kattes, L. Ac ke rman, D. Schatz . Row 2: A. Sto lte n berg, D. He bd a, C. Warnk e. Ro w 3: R. G obb er, K. Pietzyk, B. Niday, ]. Turn e r, J. Le nn e rto n. Row 4: D. An stey, Jo hn l e tts, Paul Kruse, F. Ste h lik, J. G orac ke, l. Hunt.

Row 1: Officers Fritz Stehlik, Deb He bda, J. Goracke. Row 2: Sponso rs M r. Joh n l etts an d Mr. Paul Kru se. SC B was respo ns ibl e fo r much of t he entertainment provi ded fo r students durin g th e year.


Row 1: Mr. Leland Sherwood, S. Duerfeldt, G. Bowman, B. Kimba l, A. Wa lsh, D. Young, T. Fun khou ser. Row 2: ). Lennerton, B. Landes, M. Je linek, V. Bachle, P. Kin nison, S. McKercher,). Cole.

SGA Guides Students

Sponsor Mr. Le land Sherwood, Officers Amy Wa lsh, Dea n You ng, and Terri Funkhouser headed SGA.


Drill Team Provided Spirit

Row 1: T. Hind erks, K. Heskett, S. Rears, K. A lbin . Row 2: j. Vance, G. Kentopp, T. O'Banion, C. Dye, N. Heskett. Row 3: A. Novak, M. Hazard, P. Butrick.

Highlights of the basketball game was a special perform ance b y th e Kitty Kad ettes.


Cheerleaders are Laura Ackerman, Deb Barton, Pat Collins, Pat Schultz, Pat Mclaughlin, and Lucy Giersch.

Cheerleaders Added Enthusiasm Th e cheerleaders chosen for the year were Laura Ackerman , Deb Barton, Pat Collins, Patty Mclaughlin, Pat Schultz, and Lucy Giersch. Alternates were Deb Hebd a and Deb Baum. The cheerleaders boosted the team through pep rallies and leading cheers at games throughout the sports seasons. They performed at basketball and football games, as well as the wrestling matches. They also participated in the Homecom ing and Apple jack parades. The cheerleaders assisted in arranging try-outs for girls who planned to try out for n ext year's squ ad. Inst ructo rs and qualified people from the community selected the cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders rode in the Apple Jack parade to boost spirit .


Kappa Delta Pi Is Education-Oriented

Kappa Delta Pi : Row 1: J. H enning, M. Jelinek, N. Heskett, C. Roebke. Row 2: S. Duerfeldt, A. Tackett, S. Zimpfer, D . Anderso n. Row 3: M . Bauman, M . M ull ens, M. Hill, J. Kelsay. Row 4: D. Barton, B. A dams, P. Joh nson, J. Bredensteiner. Row 5: D . Will iams, V. Bachle, D. Haynes, B. Brady. Row 6: C. Rombach, G . Bin der, J. Landwehr, S. McKercher, L. Stephens. Rquir em ents for m embership in Kappa Delta Pi are: stud en t must be a cand idate for a degree in educat ion, have a minimum GPA of 6.75, and be a so phom ore, junior, or a senior . Dinner meetings were held the fi rst Monday o f t h e month i n the Student Center .

Pictu red to t he Right Are the Kappa D elta Pi Office rs And Sponsors: Row 1: R. Rengstorf, B. Sh royer, L. Mad iso n , M. McHug h. Row 2: Sponsors Dr. Lloyd Kite and Dr. Wi lliam Landes. Th e motto o f Kappa Delta Pi i s Knowledge - Duty - Power. The colors are jade and violet. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage hi gh professio nal, in tell ectural, an d personal sta ndards, and to recognize outstanding contributions to education.


P.S.E.A. Fosters Educational Goals

P.S. E.A. Membe rs: Row 1: S. Lang, B. Butts, J. Stan ley, ] . H ennin g, S. H ighfield , ] . Bredensteiner, T. Krontz, ). Hauschild . Row 2: G. Sw isegood, B. Dorn, D . Hayn es, M . Hill, C. Warnk e, M. M cHugh, P. Kinnison . Row 3: M. Nannen, J. Landwehr, S. M cKercher, V. Bachle, J. Wolken , E. Lag ge tt , M. Bauman, A. Wa lsh, B. Shroyer .

Officers: B. Sh royer, D . A nderson, S. Zimpfer, L. Mad ison, B. Wilkinso n, N . H es k ett, D . Ehm en, j . Garrett, A. Tack ett , Spon so r Dr. Lloyd Kite.

l.l /

Lambda Delta Lambda Accentuates Science

Row 1: L. Harpham, T. Froelich, G. Leso in g, 5. Krajicek, 5. Kempk es. Row 2: 5. Zi mpfe r, M . Behrns, ] . Stanley, D. Brady.

Beta Beta Beta Explores Biology

Row 1: 5. Zimpfer, L. Harpham, T. Froelich, G. Kronhofman, ] . Turn er. Row 2: T. McCaig, P. Richter, V. Bachle, ]. C h atelain , D. Prettyman, K. Fro hling. Row 3: 5. McVay, R. Arnold , G. Leso in g, C. Rombach.


Alpha Mu Omega Encourages Math Students

Row 1: S. Ab le, S. Zimpfer, R. Re ngsto rf, S. Kempkes. Row 2: j . Bottcher, B. Rathe.

Club Officers And Sponsors Co-operated Sponsors and o ffi cers of Lambda Delta Lambda pictured to the right a re: Mr. Fred Hamann, sponso r; officers D. Brady, S. Krajicek, j. Stan ley, and sponsor Mr. Albe rt Brady.

Alpha Mu Omega officers to the rig ht and the sponsors are: Mr. L. McKercher, sponso r; S. M cKe rche r, M. Behrns, R. Arno ld, sponsor Dr Daryl Long.

Beta, Beta, Beta officers and sponsors: Dr. Lo ng, S. McKerch er, R. Rengstorf, R. Arnold, j. Chate la in , Mr. McCaslin .

Industrial Arts And Epsilon Pi Tau Build Plans Epsilon Pi Tau and the Industrial Arts Club are two closely related organizations, which foster interests in industrial techniques. The Industrial Arts Club was sponsored by Dr. Lester Russell and Mr. D. V. Jar v i s. Offic e rs wer e Bill Hosack, Terry Neddenriep, Fred Haines, and Bob Winter. The club sponsored a trip to industrial sites, made toys for the needy at Christmas, and en gaged in Homecoming events. Epsilon Pi Tau is the honorary fraternity of Industrial Arts. Mr. D. V. Jarv is and Dr. Lester Russell were the spon sors. It promotes recognition of the place and skill that I.A. provides.

Stude nts learn new mac hin es thro ug h I.A . club .

Epsilon Pi Tau Members: Row 1: Mr. D. V. Jarvis, spo nso r; R. Kreck low, W. Scho fi e ld, G. Bo bbitt, D . Schat z, D. Bradley, Dr. Leste r Russell, sponsor. Row 2: M . Chan dle r, D. Hl avac, R. Ada ms, F. Vo lkme r, S. Gottula, ]. W inke lm a n .


Gamma Theta Upsilon Surveys Geography

GTU: Row 1: S. Higg in s, R. Wollenberg, ). Wolken, J. linden, G . Swisegood, Mr. Scott Williams, sponsor. Row 2: R. Mcintosh, W. Hintzman, A. Oestman, G. Covault, D. Chatelain. Row 3: T. Johnson, ). Landwehr, M. Nann e n, Mrs. Scott Williams, sponsor; G. Binder.

M.E.N.C. Recognizes Musical Ability

MENC M e mbers And Directors: Row 1: T. O ' Banion, ). Pressgrove, K. Badgett, ). W ilso n, N. Chomos, E. Rosewell. Row 2: D . Rees, L. Vavra, P. Rogge, L. Doty, R. Lamm le, L. Coufal, Dr. G il be rt Wilson , dire ctor. Row 4: Dr. Edward Camea ly, director; D. Ehmke, M. Geschke, C. Robinso n , M . Jo hn son, W. Amble r, L. Lahm an .

14 1

Stage Band Performs Variety of Tunes

Stage Band Me m bers And Directors: Row 1: ]. Ch ate lain, L. Vavra, T. Ballue, R. Boeche, C. Dun lap, K. Badge tt , L. Lah man. Row 2: S. Sharp, C. Robinson, W. Amb le r, L. Coufa l, P. Rogge, R. Ba rrett, D. Eh mke, D. Reese, M . Johnson, Dr. G ilbert Wilson, d irector.


Band Officers: D. Ehmke, M. Geschke, R. Barrett

14 ?

Band Played for Many Occasions

Row 1 : C. Dun lap, P. But rick, D. Hay nes. Row 2: D. N iedermeyer, l. Vavra, E. Rosewe ll , G. Groothuis, C. Wolf. Row 3: l. Do t y, ). Chate la in , l. Lah man, C. Robinso n, N. Cho mos, D. Ehmke .

Row 1: R. Boeche , C. Dye, K. Bad gett. Row 2: ). W ilso n, 5. Sha rp, T. Ballue, M . Jo hnson, D. Ree s. Row 3: R. Barre tt, P. Ro gge , M . Gesc hke , V. Bachl e , l. Cou fal, W. Amble r, Dr. G ilbe rt W ilson .


D eb Barto n and Frank D ' Addesa were Ped edito rs. Th ey discuss w h o to cal l for a n ews t ip.

Ped Staff Organizes And Reports

Pe d Staff: S. So le, J. Jo hn so n, M r . Evere tt Bro wn ing, sponsor ; T. Bal lu e, D . A lvis, M . Kell y, J. Walth er , B. Th iesfeld , G. Ha r m o n . N o t pictured , T. Fu nkhou ser .


Peruvian Staff Assembles Annual

Peruvian Staff Heads: B. Landes, assistant editor; B. Thiesfeld, editor; D. Barton, assistant editor.

bl M Jelinek, D. Niedermeyer, D. Haynes, S. Sole, J. Johnson, Mrs. Susa n Hallock, spo nsor; Mr. William Peru vian Staff : w_ . A~hr~~km~ rton, D. Eiche nb erger. The 197~ Pe ruvian staff encount ered di ff iculties this yea r because of a cutHallock, sponsor, J. d ts e ndeavo re d to produce an annualm sp1te of proble ms. The members co-o perated 1n ma ny fund-raiS?ac k on_ funds, buht stu eff7es a Spring-Week ca rni va l boot h, co ncessions at dances, and sellin g ads for the production of a 1974 mg proJects, sue as ra ' Pe ru vian .

14 :,

Acknowledgements for 1974 Peruvian The following organizations, businesses, and individuals have helped to make production of a 1974 Peruvian possible through page sponsorship donations of $25.00. The staff of the Peruvian would like to thank these people for their interest and contribution to the yearbook. Special thanks also go to Special Services of PSC and J. L. Schmidt of the PERU CHALLENGE for photographic assistance. Organizations of the college also paid for their pages and we are grateful for their co-operation.



It was a very good year - a year of highlight and promise for Peru State Col lege, the Campus of a Thou sand Oaks. As ed itor of the 1974 Peruvian I am ext endin g my app reciation to all w ho h e lped to m ak e thi s annual poss ibl e, including Dr. Douglas Pearso n , th e en ergetic Peru vian staff, all of our photograph ers, sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Willia m H al lock, t h e fa culty, administ rators, and sec retari es, Mr. Everett Browning, Specia l Serv ices, Mrs. Sue Fi tzgera ld and th e News Bureau, club sponso rs and members, page sponsors, the Board of Trustees, and of course th e stud ent body of PSC. The yearbook is a va lu ab le asset to ou r co ll ege and I w ish the tradition could be cont inu ed. I hope eac h of you will enjoy th e memories preserved i n this book. Mu ch e ffort and plannin g w ent into the produc tion of th is annua l, possibly th e last Pe ruvian to be publi shed. In spite of m any obstacles, a d etermined staff assemb led the 1974 Peruvian for you, th e people of Peru State College. Bobbi Thi esfe ld , Peruv ian Edi tor

14 7

Index Able, Shelley 139 Ackerman, laura 40, 85, 92, 93,122,124, 132,135 Adams, Betty 136 Adams, Vickie 122 Agena, les 40,105, 108 Alberts, Kathleen 35 Albin, Kay 24, 74, 129, 134 Allgood, Arnie 105, 118 Alvis, David 40, 144 Ambler, Wayne 40, 126,127,141, 142, 143,145 Anderson, Debra 40,127,136, 137 Anstey, William 24, 93,114,132 Antholtz, Darrell 122 Applegate, Robert 40, 116 Arnold, Ralph 53,117,138, 139 Baack, Dudley 24 Bachle, Von 40, 133,136,137,138,143 Badgett, Karlene 40, 126, 141,142, 143 Ballue, Henry 24, 142, 143, 144 Banks, Thomas 40 Barker, Jeffrey 35 Barnes, Russell 40 Barone, Frank 105 Barrett, Roland 5, 40, 142, 143 Barry, Joe 24 Barton, Deborah 40, 54, 71,131, 135, 136, 144, 145 Bartek, Marion 24 Barton, Janet 25, 38, 74,127 Baum, Deborah 40, 45, 85, 124 Bauman, Mary 40, 124, 136, 137 Bay, Twila 40,122 Becker, Teddy 25 Beecham, James 105 Behrns, Maxine 25, 28, 127, 138, 139 Bell, Rick 25 Bennington, Craig 41,113 Berger, Chris 41,123 Beville, Freeman 108, 110 Billings, John 2, 71 Binder, George 136, 141 Bleich, Ray 35 Bly, Gale 35 Bobbitt, Gary 35, 140 Boeche, Ray 41, 86, 142,143 Boeck, Emily 25 Boring, Ann 122 Bosan, Roland 41, 105 Bottcher, June 35,129, 139 Boukal, Linda 41, 122 Bower, Dave 105 Bowman, Gary 131,133 Brady, Barbara 136 Brady, Dennis 117, 138, 139 Brandt, Thomas 118 Braun, Stanley 41, 122 Bredensteiner, Julie 41, 136, 137 Brief, Martha 41


Brooks, Dean 41 Brown, Earl35 Brown, Paul105 Brown, Robert 41, 45,115 Bruggeman, Mary Jo 41,122 Bryant, Doyle 41 Buddecke, Judy 35, 85, 123, 126 Budnick, Thomas 41 Burger, Colleen 41 Butrick, Phyllis 41, 82, 134, 143 Butts, Beth 42, 128, 137 Callenius, Daryl35 Cantore, Michael 35 Cash, James 105, 112 Chandler, Michael 35, 140 Chapman, Philip 25 Chase, lawrence 42, 108,118 Chatelain, David 141 Chatelain, John 42, 138, 139, 142, 143 Chomos, Nancy 141, 143 Christensen, Scott 42 Christman, Ronald 25 Coatney, John 105 Codgill, Darlene 35 Cole, John 25, 133 Coleman, Kent 45,115 Collins, Alonzo 42 Collins, Cory 116 Collins, Harold 105 Collins, Patricia 6, 42, 71,135 Cotton, Dan 25,118 Coufal, lauren 141, 142,143 Coughlin, Suzanne 42,47 Coulter, Cathy 42 Covault, Gleora 141 Craig, Robert 108,109 Craig, Thomas 35, 105 Criger, Terry 26,93

D'Addesa, Frank 144 Dallegge, Craig 42,122 Dalrymple, Gloria 42 Dalrymple, James 26 Davis, Mary 35,75 Davis, Loretta 35 Davis, Michael 42 Dean, Phillip 42 DeKiotz, Rick 42, 53, 116 DeRuntz, Michael 42 Dickman, Dennis 118,125 Dorn, Bernadette 42, 122, 137 Doty, Linda 4, 42,141,143 Doxon, Donald 42, 125 Doxon, JoAnne 26 Duerfeldt, Sharon 42, 124, 133,136 Duey, Kathleen 26 Dunlap, Gladys 43, 142, 143 Dunn, Stanley 35, 118 Dye,Carol43, 122,134,143

Eddmeieri, Yaser 43 Ehlers, Kurt 35 Ehmen, Deborah 43, 129, 137 Ehmke, Dennis 43, 71, 141, 142, 143 Eichenberger, Dale 43, 145 Eichenberger, Linda 26 Eischen, Rich 105 Elliott, Terry 35, 105 Emken, Vicki 43 Engel, Michael 43 Engles, Robert 26 Eyster, Linda 43 Faller, Susan 43 Farber, Joevette 26 Fichter, Jo Ellen 26 Fike, Kenneth 43 Fletcher, Mark 54, 105,118 Ford, James 105 Frana, Leroy 43 Franks, Cardell105 Frazier, Dennis 43 Frazier, Henry 43, 105 Frerichs, Steven 43, 63, 71,127 Fritsch, Connie 35 Fritz, Philip 43, 116, 117 Froehlich, Tom 27,75, 105, 138 Frohling, Henrick 27,105,113, 114 Frohling, Kevin 43, 105,113 Fuentes, James 43, 113 Funkhouser, Therese 133,144 Garrett, Julia 43, 122, 137 Gasaway, James 46, 105, 108 Gee, Elliot 35 Geschke, Maynard 46, 141,182, 143 Giersch, Lucienne 46, 84, 135 Giesecke, Robert 46, 105,108, 118,130 Gilliland, Carla 35, 36 Gilmore, John 35 Glaab, Deborah 46, 126 Gladis, Eileen 34, 46 Glather, Terry 35,122 Glen, lynda 35 Glesmann, Lloyd 35,105 Gobber, Rhonda 46,132 Godfrey, Rita Bosiljevac 35 Goergen, Mary 35,75 Golden, Leon 27 Golden, Roxanne 35 Goos, Warren 27 Goracke, James 125, 131, 132 Gottula, Ruth 46 Gottula, Stan 140 Green, David 27 Green, Mary Jane 27,128, 129 Gregg, Connie 46, 132 Gregg, Sherry 46,63 Gress, Karen 46, 125 Griffin, Penny 46, 122 Griffith, David 35

Groothuis, Gloria 46, 122,143 Grush, William 46 Hahn, Greg 105 Hahn, Kim 27,85 Hailar, Teri Jo 46,126 Haines, Fred 140 Hall, Kathie 35 Hall, Michael 54, 105, 106 Hallock, William 145 Hansen, Randy 35 Harders, Roger 122, 125 Harmon, Gail129, 130, 144 Harper, Marcus 108 Harpham, Lili 138 Harpham, Patti 129 Hauschild, Janine 27, 137 Haynes, Denise 47, 72, 126, 136, 137, 143, 145 Hazard, Maureen 47,122,134 Hebda, Debra 47, 54, 85, 124,132 Heebner, Evelyn 28, 122 Heim, Charles 35 Henderson, Wendell47, 105 Hendricks, Tim 35 Hendrickson, Deb 28 Hendricksen, George 105 Henning, Fritz 35 Henning, Janice 35, 88,136, 137 Henry, Karen 35 Herron, Anthony 105 Herron, Robert 105 Heskett, Betty K. 47, 134 Heskett, Nancy 47, 129, 134,136, 137 Higgins, Sue 47, 70,141 Highfield, Sally 47, 126,137 Hill, Eleanor 35 Hill, Mary 28, 76,131, 136,137 Hiltgen, Nancy 47 Hinderks, Terri 47,134 Hinton, James 35 Hinz, Neal47, 105,116 Hitzeman, Wayne 47, 141 Holding, Brad 116 Hoover, George 28 Hopkins, Richard 105 Hopp, Pat 47,126, 128 Hosack, William 47, 105, 140 Hoxie, Kent 127 Hunt, Lawrence 113, 132 Hunter, William 28, 108,111 Hyberger, Guy 35 Jackson, Charles 35 Jackson, Kenneth 47, 105 Jelinek, Marge 47, 71,127, 133, 136, 145 Johnk, Dennis 27,113 Johns, Karen 47 Johnson, Bernard 47, 10S Johnson, Janice 47, 126, 144, 14S Johnson, louise 70 Johnson, Mark 141, 142, 143 Johnson, Patty 47, 65, 85, 126, 129, 136 Johnson, Steven 28, 122 Johnson, Theodore 35, 141 Johnson, Thomas 48,126

Jones, Ann 44, 48, 129 Jones, Robert 48, 10S Jones, Trudy 35 Jubinville, David 28 Kattes, Terril48, 122,124,132 Kelly, Michael 28, 105, 144 Kelly, Terrence 105,115 Kelsay, Jacquelyn 28, 136 Kempkes, Steven 48, 102, 138, 139 Kennedy, Biii10S Kent, Kurt 116 Kentopp, Gloria Ann 48, 134 Khoshabeh, Sargez 48 Kimball, Gerard 48, 118, 119, 125, 133 Kimball, Richard 118, 119 Kingery, Doug 28 Kingery, Teresa 48,86,128 Kinnison, Patrice 48, 133, 137 Kirkendall, Janet 29 Klein, Ardella 48, 128, 129 Knippel meyer, Steve 3S Knoll, Michael 48 Koeneke, Jerry 29 Kohel, Lawrence 29,122 Kohel, Richard 29,122 Kotn ik, Joseph 48 Kottich, Nancy Kay 48, 129, 130 Kraft, Roger 35 Krajicek, Barbara 48 Krajicek, Robert 41, 93, 10S Krajicek, Steve 29, 105, 138,139 Krause, Kerry 29 Krecklow, Randall48, 140 Kreifels, Peggy 48, 54, 93, 122, 124 Kronhofman, Galen 48,138 Krontz, Theresa 49, 51,137 Krueger, Carol 49 Kuck, Joyce 49,51 Laggett, Eileen 49, 71, 137 Lahman, Lennie 141, 142,143 lammle, Dave 116 Lammle, Guy 29, 116 Lammle, Rita 29, 141 Landes, Barry 17, 49, 54, 71, 127, 133, 145 Landwehr, james 35, 136,137,141 Lang, Carol130, 137 lang, Stephanie 29, 76 larkin, James 3S lawson, Steve 35 Layson, Gladys 35 leech, Richard 35,105 leech, Terry 35 lennerton, Jim 49,132, 133 lesoing, Gary 113, 138 Linde, William 35,122 linden, Jeffrey 88 Lippold, Darcy 129 lowery, Robert 49, 116,117 lyon, Jan 49 lyons, Barbara 49, 123,126 Mabie, Bryan 35 Mabie, Denise 31, 35, 65,93

Macke, Tim 108,118 Madison, Duane 49 Madison, linda 29, 77, 136,137 Marcuzzo, JoAnne 49 Marisett, Fredrick 49, 105, 115 Martin, Janis 29 Martin, William 50, 87,118 McBrien, William 49 McCaig, Terri 127,130,138 McClain, Robert 54, 105, 114, 115 McConnell, Ann 131 McCullough, Henry 49, 105, 108 McDaniel, David 49, 93,105,118 McGuinn, Steve 49, 105 McHugh, Mary 35,127,136,137 Mcintosh, Randy 141 McKean, James 49 McKelvey, Robert 29 McKercher, Scott 49, 92, 93, 94, 133, 136, 137, 139 Mclaughlin, Patricia 35, 45, 65, 85, 102, 135 McNeely, James 35 McVay, Steve 2, 54,125,138 Meyer, Carol 50 Meyer, Willis 50 Meyers, William 35 Miller, Barry 108 Miller, Lee35 Miller, Rita 50,131 Montague, Ananias 30,49 Moore, Jo Ann 3S Morehouse, Fred 35,122 Morrissey, Dick 30 Morrissey, Kris 35 Muench au, Richard 35 Mullens, Marlene SO, 122,136 Mulligan, Mike 35 Najarian, Andranik SO Nannen, Mike 30,137,141 Neddenriep, Eldon 130,140 Netwig, Terrill 35 Niday, Rebecca 50, 128,130,132 Niedermeyer, Debra 6, 50, 143, 14S Nimmich, Walter 50 Novak, Ann 134 Nutzman, Nancy 30 O'Banion, Trena SO, 134,141 O'Brien, Michaei3S Oestmann, Allan 141 Oosting, Chris SO Oviatt, Roger 30 Paap, Billie SO, 122,127 Paap, Mary 30, 123, 127 Pacot, Carlo SO Pacot, Cerlina SO Pajeda, Drasis 30 Palmer, James 3S Parker, Danny 108, 118 Pavolis, Charles 3S, 38 Perkins, John 3S, 105 Pietzyk, Kathleen 132


Pieper, Becky 30 Popese, Popese 51 Pracht, Larry 30 Pressgrove, Jan 51, 141 Prettyman, Dave 138 Pruett, William 122 Pummel, Stephen 35, 36 Rains, Debra 51 Rakes, Merle 35 Rathe, Duane 30, 64, 139 Rears, Shari 134 Redfern, Lannie 35 Reed, Barry 35, 99,105,107 Reed, Fred 31, 63 Rees, Dianne 51, 141, 142, 143 Rengstorf, Roxann 31,136, 139 Resso, Mike 126 Rezac, James 105, 115 Richter, Phillip 138 Rinne, Cheryl 51 Roberts, Fred 35 Roberts, Stephen 35,105 Robinson, Curtis 141, 142, 143 Robinson, James 31 Roebke, Chyrel 51, 131, 136 Rogge, Philip 34, 41,127, 141, 142, 143 Rombach, Charles 35, 136, 138 Rombach, David 35, 118 Rosenbeck, Gary 51, 105 Rosewell, Emily 51, 131, 141,143 Rumpeltes, Gale 31

Samuel, Otis 51, 105 Sanders, Gregory 51, 108, 118, 119 Sanders, luvenia 31, 131 Schatz, Dale 51, 132, 140 Schiermeyer, Robert 53 Schmidt, Mari 51 Schofield, William 31,140 Scholl, Debbie 44,128, 129,130 Scholl, Eileen 51 Schulenberg, Wayne 125 Schultz, Pat 31, 43, 45, 78, 93,122, 124, 135 Seanor, Douglas 35 Seeba, Irene 32 Sell, Bill111 Severson, Mike 32 Shallenberger, Rick 51 Sharp, Steve 142, 143 Sharpe, Julia 51, 123 Shiells, Carol127 Shown, Joe 32 Shroyer, Barbara 32, 136,137 Shupe, Barbara 51 Shupe, Steven 35, 118 Siegner, Jodi 35 Siems, Dennis 35 Simmons, David 118 Simmons, Robin 118 Simmons, Tom 51 Slaby, Barbara 51 Smith, Donald 35


Smith, Larry 51,105,116 Smith, Rosona 85 Sole, Susan 52, 144, 145 Solie, Tommie 35 Souder, Judy 32 Stafford, Stephen 35 Stanley, Jack 32, 77,113,127,137, 138, 139 Stanley, Mary Ann 35, 36, 52, 85, 128 Stehlik, Charlene Lutz 32 Stehlik, Fritz 32, 38, 60, 132 Stehlik, Mitzi 52, 98 Stemper, David 52 Stephens, Lyle 52, 136 Stoltenberg, Allie 5, 44, 52, 54, 128, 129, 130, 132 Stone, Roger 105 Stones, Dennis 52, 105 Stones, Marilyn 11 Storant, Ronald 52, 116, 117 Streit, Michael 52 Stuckenholtz, Ann 33 Swisegood, Gayle 33, 38,137,141 Symancyk, Jerome 33 Tabor, Cindy 52 Tackett, Anne 52, 54, 131, 136, 137 Tackett, Laurita 52, 54, 93, 94, 123 Taylor, Rosemary 52, 124 Tempel meyer, Barbara 52 Tempel meyer, Donald 44 Tennal, Kim 105 Thiesfeld, Bobbi 52, 144, 145 Thiesfeld, Gordon 52 Thompson, Steve 52 Throckmorton, Jo 52, 128, 145 Tillman, Julee 34, 35 Turner, Jeff 33, 132, 138 Tuxhorn, Ramona 33, 131 Tynon, Pat 118 Tynon, Richard 118 Uher, Linda 52, 128, 129 Usher, Tom 105 Van Reypan, Robert 35 Van Syoc, Pamela 34,127 Vance, Janet 52, 122, 134 Vavra, Lois 52, 141, 142, 143 Vitosh, Lecia 52 Viterise, Kevin 35 Volkmer, Francis 35, 140 Vonderschmidt, Richard 35 Walsh, Amy 52, 133, 137 Walthar, Jeff 52, 144 Warner, Rosemary 52, 130 Warnke, Carol 34, 78, 85, 123, 132, 137 Wartman, Rod 34, 105 Washington, Roosevelt 35 Weber, Mary 53 Welch, Michele 53 Welter, Carlene 34 Wenzel, Susan 53, 122

Werner, David 53, 105 Wernsman, Robert 34, 79 Wheeldon, Susie 129 Wheeler, Carol 34, 79, 88, 131 Whisler, John 6, 53, 93, 105, 114, 115 White, William 53, 105 Whitfield, james 53, 105 Whitten, Michael 53, 122 Wilkinson, Barbara 53, 64, 71,85, 87, 131, 137 Williams, Dennis 53, 122, 136 Williams, Robert 130 Williams, Susan 35 Wills, Thomas 35 Wilson, Janet 53, 126, 141, 143 Winkelman, Jimmy 105, 140 Winston, Ronald 53, 108, 110 Winter, Bob 105, 140 Woerlen, Raymond 53, 105 Wolf, Connie 53, 129, 143 Wolf, Randy 53, 118 Wolken, James 35, 131, 137, 148 Wollenberg, Randy 116,125, 141 Wurtele, Candy 35 Wurtele, Nancy 35 Wusk, Arlo 53, 105 Young, Dean 2, 35, 60, 133 Zajac, Joseph 53, 114 Ziad, Nather 53 Zimpfer, Susan 136, 137, 138, 139






1974 Peruvian Staff Members

Edit o r-in-C hi ef - Bobbi Thi esfeld Assistant Editors - Barry Landes Debbie Barton Administ ration - Barry Lan des D ale Eichenberge r Faculty - Barry Lan des Dal e Ei ch enberger Sen iors - Eileen Laggett Marge Jelinek Classes- Bobbi Thiesfeld Act ivities - Debbie Bar ton Athlet ics - Ri ck DeKiotz


Organi zations -

Jo Throckmorton Mari Schmidt Susa n So le Janice Jo hnso n Index:- Bo bbi Thiesfeld Photographers - Rich Hinkel Mr. James D. Lev itt Bob Wernsm an Dave Laincz J. L. Sch midt Wayne Ambl er Staff Assista nt s - Deb N iedermeyer D en ise H ay n es To m Ballu e Sponso rs - Mr. and Mrs. William H all ock



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1974 - The Peruvian  

1974 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1974 - The Peruvian  

1974 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska