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7he 1917 . f



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1917 PERUVIAN 9-~~ HE annual publication of ~ ~ 1 )) 路!J; I t~路:;J~ the senior class of the


Peru State Normal School.






Cfhe Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seventeen




il.ebiratcll <!rn Žur ;§tate-Nebraska


FORE ' l ' his Pe nl\路ia n is o ffered as a record o f the yea r 路s principal eve nts and ha ppe nings in a nd a bo ut the "Old Normal" as g lea n ed by the c la ss of ' 17. In so bras it proves itself n dua ble as a reference, pleasurable in the reca llin g o f h a ppy n1 em o ri es, o r serv iceable in th e portraying of o ur co ll ~ge life, we sh a ll conside r o ur efforts to have been worth \Yhile.


T I S o ur des ire to h e re b y express o ur deep and sin ce re love a n d respect to J o hn M . H ow ie, w h o has co nscienti o usly, w ise ly , a nd s uccessfull y g uid ed us thr o ug h foll r eventfu l years o f cp ll life .


HI S ('! .ASS

JOl i N M . HOW I E


•l=f,r.Q'.(,;=<~l=::eQ--; ::-o~--




®riter nf ~ 1llcparfmrnts

i m


T'he College


2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

C lasses



J ~

Athletics Activities Orga ni zatio ns Coll ege T.ife













!F~..l-'~·~====o=:~!'..0-1;;::{ •




The College

Til E 路路OI. P " TR :\I N ER

Bl . II . Dl~< ;

"拢1 little learning is

11 bangcrous tfJing; :mrinl\ beep, or taste not tbe ~ierian spring; \lr:f)ere sl)nllo\.u braugfJtS intoxicate tbe brain. Qlni'l brinhing largelp sobers us again."





I H'I I.f ) l ~ <;

" 3Jf a man emptie5 bis purse into bis fJeab, no man can take it n\uap from bim. ~n inbe5tment in lmob:Jlebge paps tiJe be5t interest." -


FR .\1\K I.l \;

C' I I :\PFI.

" 路 m:is not meet 庐n trii.Jial pretexts fJHC to waste our time, @r ibl!' loiter ; mucfJ rrmains to bo. " -

Ht l \l t: l'

ADM I ~ J S TR .'\T I O ~~


wl)ole of pour life must be spent in pour own companp, anb onlp tbe ebucateb man is goob companp to fJim self." - .Jo â&#x20AC;˘w.\'


.. ;rJ3ool\s iHr pours. <!l(!llitiJin t!)osr silrnt rbmnbrrs trrnsurr lirs ,f:ilrrsrri.Jrb from nur to il!Jl': morr preciou s fnr (!i;fJilll tiJr mrnmulateb store of golb ~nb orient urms. hlhirh for n bnp of ncrb. (!i;(Jr sultnn !Jibes beep in nnrrstml tombs. <E(Jrsr (Jom路bs of truth pou mn unlocl\ at will." -

\ \ ' OR ilS \\ Cl RT II

SC I E . ' C E 11/\ 1.1.

"路 ~is ~be

bere ti)at ti)ose wit(J a master's minb trutbs anb l:uisbom of ti)e sciences fin b."


Jrlt. li'ernon

i~ f)ome, ~weel bome. jfor manp a winsome maib . .ffounbations for frienbsbips beep anb trur WitfJin it~ walls are laib.


"j}o sounb is uttereb,-1-Sut a beep anb solemn bannonp perbabes - ".

! >!7

,. -


D .W.


A. B ., A. :\1.

Preside nt


h (

E. L. RousE, A. B. Dean of t he Normal School



D ean nf \\'om e n. P e n·t· ptrt'ss, Mt. \'ernon

II. C. H ousE, P h. D. l'rofc~~ or of Eng I i ~ h





.-\ ~ ~ociat e

H. Ed., A. M.

and' Pri ncipal of High School

F. M.


Prof e~ ~or

A. B., A. M.

of P ~-'· c holog\ ·


P h _,· ~ ieal

Tra ini ng for M e n

0. J. P ALMER Associate Manual Training

c. I L\ :>:SE:>:, A. H., A.M. Associate Prof. Biologica l Dept.



M. II ()\\" t E, /\. B. of Ma th ernaric'

Profc ~sor



A. CLARK, A. B., A. M. Professor of Latin


M. H ,\ RR I NGTON, B. Observation and M ethod s



M. Du ;o.; r(; A;o.; A ssociate Registrar·



: \1111 .\

\\ ' .

Pro fe,~nr

Hm \'E:\ ,



nf Ct路rman

RosE B. CI..\Kf;, .路\ . B.

Prof.. ,,, .. of ( ;t"ography


ll. \1>~1.\:\, B. E d .

.-\ ,~ocia t e

F.ngli , h




K :\ I CHT

Home Economics (Acting Head )

N. M. Supe r Yi~o r


of Depa rtme nt of Public School Mu ~ic

( ;EORCE \V. BROW:\ )) epartm ent of Rural Education

!')! ....




A. R.

jP..I SETTP. MEYI; K ln ~ t

\ ' 0icc

Hi story

ruc tnr

i\J.J C E


Bl' KI.E , .

lnr.:rrlll'd i:ott· ( ·,.; ,;,. · J·,·af'IH·r



I ntermediate Critic T eacher

l\'0:\ .1



A~~oci ate

B. Ed.


M .1:v1E


M u .L E'-'




(; .\KEY, B. M . .'\., Agri . r-. c. s~t IT II , A. B .. B. :\ "nci a te ( Acting H ,·a d ) l : <"p:trt tll<"nt nf ;'\ la nual Training Binlngica l S<"i<·nn·~


C. F. BECK, R. Ed. :\ " oci ate Matht•m a tic>


LllllliE Btt .\:\ SO :\

A ~~ i ~ tant

L ib raria n

M .\RY .'\ ,;, i ~t ant





RL"I.O:\ ,

B. F.d., A . H.


! l_;!/

v. T IBBETS, A. B., A. M. Associate Directo r of 1-1. S.


C .\RR I E

A rt


Bl<l)\ \"\:

S up c n· i ~ nr

B. C. lll·. "llun:~ . B. Ed .. :\1. ~1\ ...... ,u· i :t tt· I'Jl\ ,jc :tl !-'cil' tu· e· ....





A. B.

Regi stra r


W. F.


A. B., 13. S., A. M.

Professor of Physica l Sciences

I. (i. VVII .SO:-.; , A. B . A ssoc iate J;: n g;l i ~ h

M .\~IIE



B. Eel.

Art D ep:1rtm ent

LL"ELL. \ II OS~ I ER Kinder.s::artcn () i rt'c to r



Crammar C ritic T eache r


RITA TttOM .\ 5, B. M . 1-1end of Pianoforte Department




h .\

Prima r.'路 Critic Teacher


D U \"\"

Exp r ession

I )

B~ SS I E GR.\HA ~

Stcretary to P resident

M A R\ '

E. Ocr.

Bookk eepe r


ll .\ -..:'f' II ()K-..:,

!\ . B .

l'r irnary () h ,~:n · ati<nr "'"' ;\.ll'th " " '· ( ' p p t· r P rirnan ('r i ti.-





Depa rtment of Comm erce



P ln ·>ical


l)o\\ · ~· r xr;

Dir ector for \'\ ' nrllt'll



A . 11.\YF.S E ng in<"e r

F. \\".


ll ~ a d


Ja nito r



N u r~ c













•W.H. ~LEM:M{)NS



for 3Jlotue <!touting, Qtontntenretuent ani\ senti-Qtente nnial Qtell'hratiott, 3lutte 1 to 6 lJnrlu.siue Friday . .lun,· 1


:00 P. l\ 1.

Opt·n Sc" ion of Ph iiPrna thc:ln and En•rt•tt Litcrar_,.


Salur.lay, Jun,· 2

Dcdic:Hion of T. J. :\ l ajnr> Training School Building. :\ddn• "e~ h_,. D r. :\. E. \\'in, hip, Go,·~rn o r Kt·ith ;\cdllt', and prominem <'duc:nor~ l\1. Cia>~ Day Excrci ~e~. l\ I. Sen ior and Alumni Ba><·hall ( ;:llllt'. M. \\' inding of the l\lay Pok M. Band Concert. M. Annual Senio r Cia" Play.

10:00 !\. l\1. 2:00 3 :00 7:00 8:00 8:30

P. P.

P. P. P.

Sunday, Jun,·

II :00 A. M. 2:30 P. M.


Bacca laurea te Sermon hy Bi ~ h op 1!. C. Stuntz. ( ' nion Meetin g of a ll C h rist ian Orga ni zat ions. President 0. \V. J-layt•s p resid ing .

.'\ ddrc ~scs

by form er

Pre s id e n t ~ .

.1/onday, J u nr -/.

A n nual Fcsti,·al of Mu sic 9 :30 lO :OO 2 :3 0 3:00 8:00

A. M. A. M.

P. M. P. M. P. M.

Open Air Band Concert. Stabat Mater-Chorus and Soloists. Pied Piper-Chorus of School Ch ildren. Art ists' Recital. Gran d Concert. Tu rsday, Junt'


Gran d' Reunion and Semi-Centennial C elebration 10:00 A. M.

Ad d resses by Hon. Alumni.

J. L. M cBrie n, former Norma l School President s, and Prom in ent

12:00 M . A lumn i Luncheon and R eunion- Hon. T. 'VI' . Blackbu rn , pres idin g. 2 :30 P. M. Semi - Centennial A dd ress by O r. P h ilande r P. Clax ton, Nati on a l Com m issioner of Ed uca tion, \Vashi np:ton, D. C. 8:00 P. M . Historical Pagean t of Pe r u. lf' l'dni'Sday, Jun l'


Forty-se\·enth Annunl Commencement Exercises 9 :+5 A. M. 10 :00 A. M.

Prelude Conce rt- Adelphian Qunrtette. Address by Dr. Ph iland er P. C la xton , Nnt ional Com missioner of Edu cnti on, \Va , hington, D. C. Conferring of Degrees nnd Presentat ion of D iplornns and' Ce rtifi cntes.





1/ I Z '?



Aluntni Assoriation ( lncor poratc:d :\ lay II. 19 16)

flow·,/ nf /Jir, ·t t or.<

() Jji, ,'/'J

r . \\'.

Hl .. \l' KBL' I();, ' i S,

1\. C . II E">R i l'KS. \\'.


\I. C.


J. F. \\'r ~TERS, 'iS R. R. i\Ic(;EE. '07


·or,, \ ' icc P r e ~ . '9+. s l't'rl't:Jr~·

11. 11. R r E~rL·);o. ·or. C'. R.\Y (; ,\TES, '07

I. FII.ER. '09, 'f'r<':l'llr<·r

FRF.O :\1. :\ IORRO\\ , '9 1

T!I0 .\1.\S \\ '. BJ.. \ CKBt ' R:\. Prc:;id~..·nt.


Omaha. :'\ehra~ka.

of Jlrru

I I iddt·n among the hill:;. ,·i:;itc:d o n ly h~· t he stt·amboat~ pl~· ing their ,,·a~· up the o ld :\ I i:;:;ouri rin:r. Ia~· tht• h istoric ,·ill age oi Peru . The fon·:;t ,,· a~ being ~,· feared and prai r ies broken by t he best citizen:; tht· natio n had to ofier. gathned f rom tht· t'a:>t and the :;outh. From this comn n rnity. :>t'\'t•nteen represe n tatin·:; nwt in an old store building in Septembe r , I B65. and laid t he fi r~t plans for an educ:nional co nquest of fro ntier Peru. Th us the little ~dwol had its bq !inning. Latn it w as rH'l'l'Ssa ry ior the school :;t· ~sions to be held in the basement of a nearby res ide nce. ,,·hik plan~ \\'l'rt' undn \\·ay to r the erection of a sc hool bu ilding. D r. J :\1. :\ l d-.::e n zie ,,·as pe rs uad ed to lean· a p r i\·a te school at Pa\\'llt'l' Cit~· to take charge of t h e school here. Dr. J ohn :\Teal, :\I aj o r \\' ill iam Daily. Re,·. Burch, and :\ I rs. :\ I d-.::enzie, purchased

J. M. M cKE);Z JE, t RI\7

D. \\' . 11.\YES, 19 17


the land ,,·hich served as the site fo r the first bui lding, which s tood where .\ Jr. \ ·nnon H all now stands. Times th en were not as prosperous and monn not ..,, pll·nr ii11 l as now, but what people had , they gave freel y Th e village brickyard i11rni-.. h ed hric k. Some donated rock quarried from their farms. Other!> gan: a ft."· ane-. oi land or a horse. These \\·ere traded for usable building materials. Th e 1!10!--t l.III11!THJil don at ion was cotton\\·ood I umber. L et us picture this building when fin all y read y fo r 11!-.t:, ,,·ith it!'> windo,,· opcnl llJ.!' boarded up ,,·ith cottonwood planks, th e roof on ly tempora ry, a nd not (•xanly !'>a t·i:-. factory in stormy \\'Cather, standing on the summi t of a treekss, " ·ind-:-.\\Tflt h ill , the pride and joy of the surrounding community, fro1n which e\·t:nt u all y ,,·a:- t·r, !--prin g t he ren0\n1ed and far-su ng institution- The P eru S tate :\" orlllal. Great \\'as the joy and enthusiasm when th e building was opem:d io r 11:-.e. I .ittltdid it matter if th e Aoor and furn ishings were of cr11de lumber. T he n o rth part of th e building served as the chapel room, and a ro ugh cottonw ood slab , !'> \\·u ng o n leather hinges, opened by the aid of a wooden knob, fu rnished a door . The platform \\·a!'> crudely set up \\'ith an equall y cru de blackboard back of it. Today, \\'ithin a stone's throw of the spot whe re this buil ding stood , sta nds t he beautiful new T.]. :M ajors Training Building. What a contrast , with its marble ft~r­ nishings, most efficient lig hting and heating, a nd other modern conve niences. The first building served not alone fo r school purposes. The upp er part fu rnis hed a home fo r Dr. and -;\Irs. McKenz ie, as well as Rev. and 1\ll rs. Burch , who cared for financial conditions of th e school. There w as al so in the upper part of th e bui ld ing, a juvenile department, under the instruction of 1\I.I rs. McKenz ie. Dr. McKenzie acted as principal and facu lty as well as j a nitor, cu ttin g a nd carry ing the wood necessary for the fires. The course of stud y too, formed a contrast to the one now pursued . Much time was given to spelling, g rammar, and m enta l arith metic, rather than psychology, theory and methods. So the school was carried on, not always without sacrifice and privat io ns, but alwa ys with eager enth usiasm. The management of the school, however , bec ame too m11 ch for a few, and they fo und it necessary to seck aid . Some who were g r eatly interested hoped that it might become a M ethod ist Seminar y. Th e :M ethodist Conferen ce was consulted, but they felt at th at ti me unable to assume greater r espo nsibili t ies, so t his hope was abandoned. Col. T . ]. Majors and Major William D a il y were m e mbers of the legislature, and through their efforts and influence the legisla ture arranged for the support of the school. It was hoped that it m ight become a state unive rsity, but when this was fo und impossible, it was suggested that it be made a normal sch ool. Thus it was that the little school became, in 1867, the Nebraska State Norma l. The legislature appropriated a sum of about three thousand dollars and the bu ildi n g was improved. U nder the direction of Dr. M cKenz ie; in October, 1868, the Philo math ean Society was founded in the little chapel room of the original build ing. T\\·elve o r fi fteen people constituted the membership. Mr. Wilson E. Majo rs was elected th e first president. The program consisted mostl y of debates carried on in tru e fore nsic style.

Imagine the ,;dwol roday under the :;ocia l rule,; ot 1~ 6~ . :\o young man ,;hould come within ten feet ot a young lady " ·hen on the ,;treet or ctmp u,;. \Vh en ",;eeing" a l riend home in tlw e\Tning:. he mu,;t take one ,;idt· of the road a nd ,;Ill' the oth e r : I i the~e rult-:; 1\'t•rt· broken. the cu lprit,; \\'t'rt· called heiore th :· as,;embl~· in chapel. L' pon nne on:asion " ·hen a party ot ,;tudem:; planned a trip to the t' ity of Browll\·i ll e. t he president gan.~ hi:; pnmis:;ion. prm·ickd the young ladies should ride in one \\·agon and the young nH·n in another. Traditional rumors arc that the pa rt~· were obediemuntil ,;ome cli,;tarH't' from Peru. ' l'hl' "tt·n-foo t" rule a l,;o ,;ecmed to cau:;c the ,;tudent,; c0nsiderable 1\'0IT~· . le,;t ' 'un n1eaning ly" tht'y might be guilt~· of breaking it. T o pn·\Tnt :;uch a catastrophe. ten -foot poles ot "·illo"· were brought into li:'L'. Hence it \\·a,; not ttncommon to :;et· a lad and la:;:;it· :;trollit;g about graspi n g oppo,;itt• end,; of a ten- foot pole. ' l'he Peru training ,;chool. where ,;tudcnt,; 1\Trt' t':'\Jll'cted to do actua l tead1i ng. wa,; among the first in t h e L nited States and \\·a,; the 11rst in th e \\"t•st. Dr. :\kken z ic ldt hi:; 1\·ork hnt' to t'lltcr into a sti ll broadn fie ld of l'(llll·ational ,;nnce. H e hec1n1e the lir:;t State S uperintendent of Public lnstruct ion in :\ebra,;ka. It I\· a,; he " ·h o wro t e the lir,;t educttional law,; of our st<1te. Later he returned to Peru a,; a membn of the faculty. At presellt Dr. and :\I r,;. :\Ic K enzie are Ji,·ing 11 1 Byron , Ca li fornia. Ln Januar~· . IH71. Prof. Hemy H. St raight. of O,-erlan d College, Ohio. \\·a,; dw,;en to complete :\Ir. :\Icl-.::enzie's tnm. Prof. Straight 1\·a,; a great bio logist and hi,; "·ork along thi,; line is to be 1Tn1 cmbercd. Dr. A. D. \Villiams beca me the next pre,;idc m in S~·ptcmbn. 1~71. T he "·ork of a normal \\·as so difierent from his fo rmer th eo logical \\·ork that he re,;ign ecl after one ~·ca r',; sen·ice to take up fromier life in \Vestern :\ chraska . He later became president of t he Oak land City Coll ege. I ndiana. \\'hich position he he ld at tlw t1111e of his death, in I S9..J.. The ne\\·ly elected preside nt was Cen. T . J. :\Iorgan. H e had senTd \\'ith great hono r in the Ci,·il \Var, becoming brigadie r general before its closc:-. Prev ious to hi~ \\·ork at Pe ru, h e \\'a,; con n ected \\·i th educational \\·ork in C hicago. During h is presidem:y anot he r milestone of Peru's histor y \\·as passed. ln 1872-~ a n e\\" building "·as in the process of e rection. For many years this bu ilding stood alone. its stately tO\\'C r rising abmT the surrounding hills in lord ly and maj estic dignity, commanding a \·ie"· of fo ur state!'. Long and faithfully it has se n· ed and the man~· feN passing up and dO\\·n its stairs ha,·e hallo\\"ed as \\· ell as hollo\\·ed their surface. T oday \\' C can n ot resi st a feeling of a\\'t' and re ve ren ce as \\'e look upon it. a mom1ment to the pioneer Ii fc of our school. The building " ·hich pre,·ious to t his time h ad sen·ed as a school and home fo r fand t~· :!nd students, no\\· became exclusi\·ely a dormitory. Dr. l\llorga n stood for strong moral development among the stu dents. 1-1 is attitude is sho\\·n by the foi Jm,·ing paragraph taken from t he Pe ru cata logue of 187.-J.: "Ca ndidates fo r admission , " ·ho arc not persona ll y knO\\·n to t h e Princi pal , \\·ill be required to furnish certificates of good moral character fro m some reliable person."

I ~ /t-'/"1/

H . H STRA ICHT Jan. '71


A. D. W I I.LI .'\MS Sept. '7 1

CEO. 1..




]. A. BEATTIE 1896




<i f路: :\. T .

/ /'

J. .\1 < l fH i. \:\ 1X72

.'\. \\' .

NO ~U . <>:\


.J. \'\'.

CiV \BTRFE 190-J.

Prof. .-\ zd Fr~~man oi ( ;n·en\l·ich. Kentu cky. \\·a:; cho:;t•n hi:; :;m-c~:;:;or in 1B7-L and took the position the iollo\\·in~ Januar~-- \\ ' . 1-:. \\"i lson. a nwmhn oi rhe faculr~- . li ll l'd t h~ positio n until :\Ir. Fn·t·man's arri1·al. I t was ahnllt th is rime that the 1-:n·n·tt l .itnarT Societ~· \\·as organized. for elt-rm·nTh is socil't~· rs nm1· on

r:rr~- st ud ents. and H a rr~- H o~·dyston was t·ll'ned president.

t"<rrral rank \\·ith the Phil omat hean . .\I r. F reeman contirnred his work until rill' end oi rln· n·ar. and was sut'l'l'l'tkd fo r ;, tt·n- mon th,; b~- Prof. :-\ I bert :\ ichok Prim·ipal of the Pn:parato ry D ~partml' nt. w hen P rof. S. R . T hnmp:;on o f rill' .-\~rinrltural School ot Lincoln wa:; ~leered to the l':·esidt·ncy. This \\·a:;, indeed. a iortunate elwin·. H i:; former ~:x pnierKl' at :\ I ar:;l>all Colle~t· :\onnal enablt-d him to reor~anize the :;chon! and introduce more modnn rPt·thods in rrormal trainin~. He soon ~airH·d the rTspt·ct and confide rll'l' of all. His f'l'l'fl'l't control oi tht· school i:; shmnl by a unique nrstom of h;11·ing Stu cknt Da~· . .-\ paragraph of the catalogue oi 1~ 75 :;ays : " !-'or one day durin~ each tnm the entire lll<lllal!t'nn·nt and in:;tructio n of the school are lett to the hand of the students. 11·ho ckn a Principal tor the da~- and teachns tor a ll dass;•s. H ithnto the students han: accepted t his trust in rill' right spirit and ha 1T discharged it "·irh credit to riH·ms~·h·t·s and sati:;1an io11 to the ian rl ty. F rom Pl'rll Prof. Thompson \\·a:; t·a ll ed to t he S tate Su pninter H I~nc~- o i this state. Prof. Thomp,;on's :;uct-es:;nr 11·as Dr. Rolwrt Curr~-. IB77. of Pt·nrr. Edinbu rg :\ o rllral. II is prT:;idcnry is kno\\·n a:; the era oi fHO:'ptTity and good fello\\·ship. H e pron·d a remarkable disciplinaria n a11d hdd the respect a n d lon· of facult~· and st udents. At this time hazing \\·as much i11 ,-ogut' through out the C nited States. and Pnu did not escape. The pranks played upon fdlo\\· classmen form an interesting pa~e oi :-;drool history. For a president to c urb slll·h a spi rit and :;till retain the good ,,·ill of the st udents. indeed required a nature th at wa:; :;ympathctic a11d fully al in· to

rlH' icelings of you ng life. To the regret of the hoard. conrmr 111ity. and studt·rrts. he resigned his position in I XX.1. to s1wnd the remaindt'r of hi:; li fe upon his farm. near Pa lm~-ra. :\ebraska. Prof. (~eo. L Farnham. " ·ho had been e ngaged in the public sc hools of S~-racusr. :\. Y .. and Cn11nci l Blu ff:;. I on-a. \\·as chost·n president. During hi:; presidem·~-. a la rge ;1ddition wa:; bui lt to the ~ormal H a ll. heating and lighting systt'll1S \\ ' l'IT installed. a librar)' building \\·as erected. a ll t h e labo ratories 11·ere fitted \\· it h modnn equ ip ment. and the b ric k obsen·ator)· 11·as bui lt. A military depa rtme n t \\·as established. and al l rou ng llH'Il \\TIT n•tpr ired to enter. It 11·as abo at this tim e that tlw Y. :\I. C. A. a nd Y. \\". C. A. 11·as organized. Prof. Farnham \\·i ll be remembl'red in ed ucational circles as t he originato r of t he ~t·lltt' nce method of teaching readin g. After lem·ing Peru. he \\Tilt to Ca l ifornia. \\·hnc he resided until his death. A. \ Vel lington :\lorton. Dr. Farnham's successor. 11·as chosen h~· the B oa rd oi 1-:du c:nion. because o f his reputation as an instructor. in the Os\\·ego :'\ onnal. :'\. Y. During- his admi nistration a more com plete system of \\·aten,·orks 11·as put in the school and the ole! sta ndpipe \\·as built. The su r\'C·~· ing class under the leadn~hip of P roi. (;eo.

I )I •


\V. E ll is su rveyt d , pla nn ed and starttd the g;rad ing; io r t h t· arldt·t·i!' l it· lei. Frst time a post graduate cou rse \\·a. offered . . Dr. J ames A . Beattie, \\·ho succeed ed Dr. :'\ orton , h ad bt'l'l l itlf" ~'l" v~r ('CI in t· d 11 , · a 1 ion a I 11·ork in the East, and at th e time of h is el ection to Pent. in I !-)<)(, , ,,-a,., a tt·;H- h l' r in Cotner U n iversity, of Lincoln. The first Kind ng; art t'l l <llld ( ;n rnan I ) t·panrJH'tlt ,.; were organ ized by D r. Beattie and t he \\'hol e sc hool systl'lll t• lt·,·atecl to a highl'r ha,; i,;, thus requiring an ex tra year befo re grad uati o n. 'l'h e s ulllnH: r sc:lwol st· ssio tJ s ,,·!Ji c h had been irregular and indefinite no\\· beca m e a regular pa rt of t h e st· h oo l progran1. In 1897 th e dormitory bu rn ed and the sam e year in its place, tl1 t: prese n t .\It. \ ' e nHHl H a ll \1·as e rected. Dr. Beattie's preside ncy \\'as kno\\'n as the pni od oi stll dt:nt g-rowth. T he total attend ance, incl u d ing the train ing sc h oo l pupib . ,,·as I .0 I I . ..;11 r passing the atten dance of all for mer yea rs. Dr. W. A. C lark, ll'ho was formerl y professo r in th e school for thrt:l' ~- tars, took 11·ork at H a rvard and C h icago and returned to Peru in I 900, to ac t as her n ext leader . Dr. C lark introduced the obse rvation and m e th ods class in the juni or yt:ar. a,; a prepara tory step fo r teachers training in the Senior ye ar. A n ap propriat ion oi :f;+O.O:JO \\·as made fo r a nell' chapel buil ding. The athl etic field 11·as e nl a rged and the first gree n house 11·as buil t. The school was systemati zed a nd put o n a st rongt: r edu c ation a l bas i,;. All facu lty membe rs we re elected on the civi l se r vice plan . . Dr. C lar k's \\'Ork \\ ' i ll be rC'membered as a tra nsitional period d uring w hi ch th e sch ool 11·as hro llght into c lose r organ ization, making ready for its broader field of l abor. Prof. ]. W. C rabtree \\'as th en elected president. H e is t h e o nl y J>nll a lllnlllu s, who has been at the head of the school. He ca rne to the ~o r rna l as a s tlldcllt i11 I ~~2.

working hi~ 11·ay through and graduati ng in I SH7. He began hi~ teachi ng career in a r11 ral ~ch oo l of Ca'-' Cou nty. I· rom th is time he made rapid :;trides in the educational 11·n rld , umi l he ret urned to his Alma ~later. as it:; president in 190-1-. l ; nd e r his admini~ tratio n the d eg ree o f Bachelo r of Educatio n 11·a:; first g i1-cn. The school 11·ork 11·as di,·ided into departments. as Eng lish. :\lathemat ics and Science. T he year's w o rk wa..-; also chanl!ed fro m the three term to th e semester plan. Prof. C rabtree will be remt·mbcrcd in Peru 's hi:;to ry as t he man \\" ho made Pe ru popular a nd a po11-cr of influence throughout :\ eb ras ka. Th is 11·as made possib le by hard \\"ork and his perso nal popula rit y. and untirin g enthusiasm. aided by an intimate kno\\" ledge oi the pu blic school co nd itions in :\ ebraska. This res ulted in a remarkable J.!rO\\"t h of the insti tution , as shO\nl by th e enrolln H:nt, 11·hich fo r t he regular year and th e su mmer school of 1909. reached the g rand total of I ,-I-53 , not incl uding regist rat io n in th e model school. O ne h u nd red sixty-four g raduated from the advanced cou rse nf the :\1 ormal. :\lo re room 11·as m·ce'-.,ary to accommoda te th e student:;. A ne\\' library \\"as ct-ectcd and th e old library building ,,·as remodeled and equipped fo r a Science H all. A nc,,· heat ing plant \\"as prm·id ccl. a nd an appropriation 11·as secured for the nc11· adm in is t ra tio n building. :\Jr. C rabtree \\"ilS th e t hird presiden t from Peru to become State Superi ntendent. J\ t presen t he is president of the \ Visco nsin State :'\ o nnal. located at Ri ve r F al ls, \.Vis. Pre:;. D . \V. H ayes \\"as elected in 19 10. H e is a g raduate from \ Vesleya n Uni,·e rsi ty and received hi~ :\l aster 's dcgn·e from th e U nive rsity of ~ebraska. H e was Superintend ent o f the Schools. at Allia nce. ~ebraska. at th e ti me o f his election. H e co ntin ued the policies of his pred ecesso rs in making Peru ~onna l a po\\"er of inAut· nce throughout th e ~ta te. The standard of th e school h as been raised , th e deg ree r ou rse has bee n established, and the follo11·ing courses ha1·e bee n institu t ed , together \\" ith equipmen t for the same: m anua l t raining. publ ic school mus ic. art, physical tra ining, and rural education . A mong other things arc t he " B udget System." t he " Hour System ," recog nition by th e .:\forth C entral A ssociation, and th e In fir m ary. A t the close of the prese nt year President H ayes wi ll ha1·e sig ned m o re d iplomas than all former presiden ts. During his administrat io n th e nell' steel f rame gree nhouse has been romplctcd, t he Library bu ild ing has bee n enlarged, the athletic fiel d has bee n improved by addi ng a d r ain age system, ten nis courts, and a large cement stadium. The ne11· T. ]. ::\lajors Training building has just bee n completed at a cost of $ 100,000. U nder President H ayes' directio n and g u ida ncc P eru , the m other school o f all N ebraska :'\onnals, co ntinues to hold he r high pl ace of infl uence and leadership. Th e preside nts of Peru haYe bee n from amo ng th e g reat m en i n th e ed ucatio nal II'Orid , and Peru. today is 11·hat she is large ly, because each of th ese \Y Orth y men has g: i\·en to t he institution t he ve r y best of his li fe. Peru has had her fifty golden years and her so ns and ci aughters may 11·ell be proud n i her history and her achieYements. ::\1. H .. ' 17.

liistnry nf


Time is an epheme ral, mystic thi ng. T o us t he ho ur ~eer11 ~ lorrg. du· da ~ ... '' t·:•r slowly away, imperce ptibly leng th ening into years, }"l"t aeon~ an· . attn a l l. h111 11"1 11 porary and fl ee ting. Centuries Hash quick ly by, t he du ~t of aJ.!:l"' in the 111igh1 ~ ho11 r glass of time. That a land, evolved so slowly thru a ll the great ~ilcrrt ~pan·, of l"ll-rrrit~. :- hotdcl lw so quickly and marvelously transformed from a p ri rnn·;tl ,,·i ldt·rr H·,.,, to OJH' o f 1lw arteries of commerce in the brief space of fift y years, secrn~ ,n-Il nigh trrdwl it·,·ahft.. The span bet\\"een th e rugged fro ntiersma n a nd t he ki ng of finar Kt·. it 111a\· ~!Ti ll. ' ' :t far cry from the desolate seas of sage to t he rippling fie lds of ,,·hear. h11t the c<> rl ,tll rllll a tion of th ese remarkabl e phenomena has co nst ittrted th e kalt- i do~cnpi<· hi.., ro n of 1111 r· cwn you ng west. A hundred years ago a few adventurous spirits bra\·ed t he ,-a~tm·,.,,., oi the llnfath omed west, thru a land of conj ecture and roma nce, and ,,·ith tllll fll<·stioning <'rJ IIr:tgt· pushed fom·ard into the bleak unknown , li ttle dream ing the end ll':-:-. leagii <'S of prairie were t he crad le of a new era of prog ress; o r t he SH"i rl ing :\I i~~n11 ri. thl" .f r11·da r1 oi :r promised land. With the reckless co urage born of li ves of privat ion and a pas:-. ionatt· love of freedom they pl anted their iittl e hu ts beside t he trrrbtrl<· rr t .\T " cld~· . and tlwn, ~eeking new wo rlds to conquer, con tinued sti ll fart he r ,,·estH"ard . So t he \\Tst ,,·as nor destined to long contin ue a romant ic nowher e, a land of song an d stor~· . ~l'l ll' \ \"t·stc r ing wave of civilization lapped at its edges, broke ove r it, and its see mi n g !~· li mi tl ess prairies were harnessed by fences, its hill sid es bega n to b loorn H" it h a rH'\\·. rnon· r ad ia n t glory. I t is not strange th at ea rl y writers, such as Ir vi ng and ~Vlarbois co n sign ed ~ <·hras ka to etern al desolation, for they, being neither geologists nor pro phe ts, cm rld n ot set' th e marvelous possibilities of Nebraska's soil, o r fo retell the com ing ki n gdom of s t ea rn and rail. Within a few years th e hand of man had w ro ug h t miracles, t h e rap id ly increasing vege tation arrested t he marchin g dunes of sand, a nd arrayed the a rid leag11 es of desert in gay coats of g reen. There foll owed years of va rying fortunes for this new ly fou nd land, seaso ns of plenty intermingled with those of want, insects, fire, an d th e piti less dro u t h alter n ati n g in th ei r work of dest ruction and discourage ment. H ow d ee pl y we r eve r e th ose cLuin g ones whose courage bound them to their adopted cou n t ry, \\" hose fortitude of sou l se n t them fom·ard in t he face of hopeless odds. After a long period of struggle and sto rmy council, in the yea r 1867, a large portion of land west of the :Missouri was d esignated, its bound a ries set, and made a sovereign member of the American union. In hon or of t he g reat rive r t hat cliv icl ecl it, it was C"hristened, Neb raska, "Flat Water." Now Nebraska, w ith the g reat po rts of the wo rld t r ibutary to h e r wealt h , seem s indeed the favored of the gods in that she possesses yet anothe r r eal m o f great n ess wit h which we as studen ts are perhaps more vitally co ncerned. For, in h e r s wift and steady ma rch to distinction, she never lost sight of th e coming gene r ation , o r ceased to

pnl\'ick ior them. A ll h ono r to th o~e iar-~ig:htnl o ne::. ,,·ho 111 t hat time of ~tnrc and clamo r con cei1-cd and establi:dted institution~ which haH been the foundation:; of :'\ ebra~ka 's nta n·elou~ l'm pi ri ca! education. :\1 ost n otable of these. 11·a~. of cou rse. our sta te un inT:>ity ; but :'\cbraskans. looking in to the iut ure :'a\\· ou r state u ni1·ersity too !wavil y burd e ned . a nd set t o 11·o rk to d c1·i:;c a tllcth od of takin g ca re of a special ty pe c f education 11·hich h as com e to be paramount in the ci,·i li:t atio n of toda~·. \ V ith the ;HhTnt of a n ew generation 11·ou ld come a c ry for teach e rs. and peo ple ll"attl d cla mor ior scie ntifi c and practical inst ructio n in th t· a rt of pedagogy. Then it \\"as th at t he novd syste m of normal sch ools ca m e into bei ng. and in 1867. as :'\ ebraska came to her mnt, as a state. the re 11·as conceived and dedicated to the profession o f tea~.·hing. an i n ~t itu tion , littl e heralded it is true. but o ne of t he greatest educa t ional center:; in t he west, the :'\ ebraska State :'\annal o f Peru. Far dmnt in th e sou the aste rn corn e r of :'\ebraska. tucked ;m·ay 11·ithin the encircling arm o i the protec ting hill s. a mere pocket in the blufis along the rin•r. lies the little tO\I"It of P e ru. First impression:; of Peru d ifier. To the pcr:;on first seeing it f rom th e dear antique c>ld bus, it may see m a re mnant of the days of J ohn A ld en. a nd it \\"OUi d not be a diAi c; tlt fea t of t he imagi nation to tran sfo rm t he bewhiske red drin·r into a veritable twe ntit•th cen tury Rip Va n \ V inL::Ic. To t h e pil g rim of the ope n road, see n thru t h e s11·imming . smoky l ight of I ndia n Summe r, it may seem onl y a shimmering 1\·a,·e upon wave of g liste nin g emerald, do t ted by chi mn eys, and je11-cll ed by a few g lin ti n g spires. a n arboreal haven of rest. a nd a g reen allu rement for birds. I 11 the 11·inte r of 1860, a charter was gra n ted for the establishment of a school of college ra nk in Peru. T he m att e r rested for a term of fiv e years, 11·hen it \\"aS once more taken up ; a nd in 1866 occu rred ·the r eal ince pt io n of the sch ool in Peru. C . R. :\1cKe nzie, a m a n of unusual ly commandin g personalit y, a teach er 11·ith loft y ideals, was elected principal, a n d his 11·ife elected prece ptress of th e then unimpo rta nt and littl e- noticed sc hool. I t 11·as pla nned to t u rn it ove r to the ~ feth od ist Church co n fere nce for a femal e se minary . In th e ea rl y hist ory of Pe ru , no man st a nds out 11·ith such d ist inc tio n as C . B. ~'I cKenz ie. Those \\·ere yea rs that tested t h e m ettle of ch aracter, an d t o the man whose 11·isdom, perseve ran ce and unflin ching courage g an· us ou r Peru of today, we owe a n incalcul able debt. In th e spring of 1867, t h e presen t P e ru S tate Nor ma l consisted of o ne lo11·, ramsh ackle fr ame building, c roll"ning the sparsely vegetat ed c rest of th e high h ill south1\"CSt of P eru. I t 11·as a t the time a st ruggling l\Iethodist academ y, 11·hich the toll·nspeo ple a nd surroundin g countryme n \\·ere bending eve ry effort tO\\· a rd keeping in existence. They gave \\·illing ly of 11·h at t hey had , t hei r efforts 11·ere untiring a nd unceasing. bu t several hard yea rs follo11·ed one a nothe r, and fina ll y, seeing their cause hopeless, rathe r t ha n see the fruits o f their labor come to nothing, it was turned over to t h e state legisla ture, a g roup of men am on g w hom was T. ]. l\ll ajors, to be given to the State, w it h t he ex press r ese rvat ion that th e state U ni versity b e locat ed the r e.

This proposal

was immediately rejected by the state leg islature, tht· grmt nd ~ for tiH· n · Jth:d lw in l-': that they wanted th e state university located at the ca pito l, to a id in it-. gro\\ rh. The system of normal schools \\'as then discussed , and a f ter a lon g a n d ~ ton n~ ~~ ntg · gle in the senate, the first state normal schoo l in the s tale, ortt· of ITr~ fn1· in tltt· U nited States, was brought to Peru. In connectio n \\'ith the ~cltiH>I , th e nanH·~ of thn·t· men sta nd out, perhaps, a little above th e rest. They arc .\ Iajor l> aily. Dr .. lohr1 F . Neal, and Col. T. ] . i\llaj ors. Maj or Daily \\'aS largel y inst n11m·ntal in tran ~ rnrin g the old school from Pawnee C ity to Peru. Dr. ~ cal, aided by Rn·. I l i ram H tr rd1 and ::Vlrs. C. B. YlcKenz ie, donated th e ground upon \\'hich it ~ tand ~ . and Co lon e l .\ 1 aj o r~ has always had its best interests at heart in all \\·ays. The first appropriation for th e maintenance of th e ne\\' ~dwol I\ a~ IIIH' IJt t h n·t· thousand doll ars. Another of ten thousand 11·as soo n sect trcd; and late r . th rmrg h the effor ts of Colonel Majors and his associates a third of thirty-fi\'(· thntt ~ :trlll dollar~ \\":t~ secured for the erection of th e old est building upon the calllptrs tocla~, the old training building. This fiftieth anniversary has been further s ignali zed b y it~ olltgl"llll' th and the completion of its successor, the magnificent stru cture 11·hich bears the narnt· o f tht" man to whom, among others, 11·e 011·e the existence of o ur schoo l. ·r. .1 - .\1 ajqr~. For the last half century since her establishment, th e hi.Hor y of Pent has lH'en pr :tl"tically that of the great state with ll'hich she ll'as o riginated. A s tt·ad~- . sy rnmetri l"a l t·x pansion, at all times proportionate to, at times exceeding, the cl ernands rnade 11pon h('r. Starting with the inevitably fell', throu gh the whole-hearted s upport and sa cri fi n· of ht'l" backers, she has attained th at eminence ll"hich only \\'isc jurisdic tion and t'XtTI krHT o f ideals can bring. Year by year she has g ro\\'n. Year by year she has s tretlgtht'tled and broadened, her alumni goi ng to the fo ur co rners of th e \\'o riel as h e r bes t adn·rtise ments, her colors upheld on many a hard-fought football field. L nckr lwr prTst·nt administration she stands at what is noll" th e ze nith of he r greatness. .\1 a~- s lH· grm\· g reater \\"ith the years. Peru the Cibola of many a youthful Coronado, the sunny little c it~· of 0 11 r dreams; can we ever forget her! With the coming of the \\"arm d ays of spring, th e a\l·akening of the roadsides and fence corners, can we help a retrospective thol tg ht , tingl'd. JWrhaps warmly \\"ith regret? Will II"C \\·ant to com e back ? The clear Sunday afte rn oon, warm \\"ith the breath of a laggard Slt mnH:r, th(' ine v it able walk to the river, the bluish, sun-cro\\"ned bluffs of lo\\'a, the lagging s tc.:ps a s home and supper draw near; they arc indelible in ou r memory. U n forgeta b lc is the thrill of a Peruvian dawn, or the gold and purple glory of her s unset hill s. Ask an alumnus what days of his life he values most , and his <lllS\\·er will be that th ose n ea rest his hea rt are those spent in a quaint, old-fashioned tO\\'n ~n th e ri ve r , d a ~·s bon 1 in the roselight of a dream, buried in th e gold of its attainment a mong the hill s and ho l lm,·s of old P eru. G. T ; \LHOT H L ' :-.:T. ' 17.





"Ou t of thl' mist s that r ou ntl t hl'r lit . Comt• f or th. 0 s pirit of Jt'ars g one b y / "

The pageantry oi the midd le age~ 11· a~ an unco nscious th ing. Gleaming armo r a nd chall eng ing trumpets, fluttering penno ns and a ll th e co lo rfu l splendo r of processio n. joust and toum amcnt, \\'e re a nat ura l accompa nimetlt to the life of th e m ed iae\'a l nobles. Of the nobles, I say ; ior drab indee d 11·as the existe nce of the " su bmerged half," th e mass of th e peo ple. in th at day. T\\'cnt ie th centu ry pageant ry is something q uite oth er tha n th at. T od ay throug h the pagea nt \\'C seck consciously to re1·isua lizc: for ourscl \' es th e d ig nity a nd m ea nin g o f that ma rchin g past 11·hich has m ade us, ou r time, our t0\\'11 , our state, 11·ha t it is nO\\". .1\ nd th e pagea nt of today, in E ngland and Ame r ica di ffers fro m the pageantry of old in an oth er fu ndamenta l. It is th e artistic creation of the \\'ho le community. T he infl uence of this type of ci\'ic art, in kni t ting togeth e r the heter ogenous clem ents of a n A merican com mon \\'ealth , into a sense of genu ine kinship, has yet to be m eas ur ed . Nebraska is feel ing the proud sig nificance of her st atehood in this her sem i-centennial anm vc rsa ry yea!". T his comes home to Per u \\' ith special fo rce; fo r P er u is one of th at r hain of ri\'cr to11·ns fo rm ing th e link bet\\'cen the o ld eastnn home a nd the pionee r out posts of thc \\'est. :\lor e than t hat, here in P eru , in t he ,·cry yea r 11·hen ~ ebraska achieved statehood , 11·as proclaimed :\' ebraska 's belief that a sound citize nship dem ands a t r ained teach ing corps an d the struggling :\I eth od ist semi na r y, 11·hich had already t aken upon itself th is high ci,·ic task, 11·as trans fe r red to the state as its fi rst no rma l school. I t is especially fitting, then. that Pe ru commem or ate this an ni \·ersa ry. A t a meeting of th e Per u C ommercial C lub in Ap ril , 19 16, P resident H ayes proposed that a co mmun ity pagea nt be made a part of P eru's 1867-19 17 celebrat io n. T he suggestio n \\'as adopted, th e club pled ged its hea rty suppo rt, a nd e1·er si nce then the Pageant of Peru has been g r011·ing from a vision into a reality. In most communities u nde rtaking a pageant, a so-ca lled " pageant-master" has been em ployed to \\-rite the book and direct the enterpr ise. P er u, ho11·eve r , follo11·ed the precedent of the U ni, ·e rsity of No rth Dakota. The 1o rm al School facu lty elected as a pageant commi ttee six of its members : P rofessor F. C . Sm ith , (chairman ) ; :\I iss E st he r C la rk, :\I iss R ose C la rk, 1\ I iss 1\I utz , :\ Iiss BmH n, .and D r. H ouse. This co mm ittee " ·as to orga nize the proj ect , to 11-rite th e book of the pageant, an d to be r esponsibl e fo r its p resentation d ur ing com mencenwnt 11·eek, 19 17. T he task loomed large, and the comm ittee set to " ·or k at o nce. T he libra ry staff sa11· to it th at all th e impo rt ant pageant lit eratu re published in th is cou nt ry ll"as soon on the shel ves,- a fascinat ing lite rature, too, one that kindl es th e read er 's imaginat ion and fires his ci1·ic zea l, as he sees 11·h at o ther commun ities have do ne to hono r a noble past . Further ins pi ratio n \\'as ga in ed t h roug h 11·itn cssing t he prese ntat ion by the cit y of Linco ln , of th e "(~ate C ity Pageant ," in J une, 1916. D u rin g summer school the co mmit tee fo rmul at ed th e big pro bl ems of th e ente r prise,



worked out in th e rough a plan for the book, di,·ided tlH· ta:-.k or ill\ e't iga t in g ti H· various sources of historical in for mation,- a nd g iT\\' nHHT e ntlu ...,ia-.tic H"i t h t·adt weekly meeting, as the big possibilit ies of the theme bega n to :-.ho \\· rht·m, l"f \t·, in thl" reports made. O ld residents of Peru told picture!'qu e ri e:-. o f earl ~· pioiHTr cia~ .... of tense ,,·ar ti mes, of gay, long- remembered e\·enin gs w hen a ~ reamhoat rinl 11p at tl~t· l:mding fo r over night. There was enough for a wc<·k \ pagea n t. \\ ' h ar a pit ~ t lw need fo r compressing it in to an evening's limits fo rbade includin g t' \Tr~ t h i1tg! t·har the students of th ese comfortable days here cou ld not sec t heir JHTdt-ct·,..,or' c a r r~ 111 g water cutting their 0\\' 11 wood, wearing th e same gi ng ham dre:-.!' a ll \\"l'l'k for n iiH' months, \\·ashing and ironing it on Saturdays !- t hat a ll the <Ji lie tf y dramatic fife of :t simple ea rl y day, ,,·ith its hardshi p, its fun and its fl a\'fH' o f fine rtl ggt·ciiH'"· t· o~rl d n ot be put on the stage in detail! The problem of elimination occupied ma ny hou rs du ri ng the \\'t'l'k ly t'\T illlt J.!.' togc t h er. But finall y the book was outl ined, :llld different epochs o r epi~n dc:-. app<>rtio n cd to be written. These episodes were in turn read bcfn re the com mittet·. di ~n• ~~d H"it h a fi n t· democratic freedom of speech, often rew ritten more than one(', as a Ill'\ \ ' hit of m:ttcrial altered th e situation, or the good of the w ho le demand ed revisio n ,- in fan , d ~t· hook was a genuine piece of coli aborat ion. iVIiss Rose C fa rk, a geol ngi:-.t ,,. itit a n i rna g i 11 a tion, conceived and wrote the prologue ami t he fi rst part- t he agc of preparation. Miss Bowen formu lated th e Indian scene, uti lizing a ,,·ond erfu l n at tll't' t'l' l'l'l lll lll ~· . practiced by the Indians in lebraska, with t he add ition of a l yr ic composed h~· Dr. H ouse to :.VIacDowell 's music. :Vliss E sther C la r k \\TOte t he piom Tr t·pisode, ,,·it h it,; lyr ics ; ) {iss Bowen and Professor Sm ith the ea rl y life of t h e trJ \\' 11 , Pro fc·ssor S mi t h collecting the material. :VIiss :VIutz. worked o,·er the h is tory of th e schoo l and ,,· rote th e grou p of episodes deal ing with th is topic, D r. H ou se co nt r ih11ting th e s ymbo li c episode of the transfer. To Dr. House \\·as assigned the \n iting of t h e fore,,·on l and the editorship. ::VIiss Victoria Wi lkinso n of the art departmen t d es igned the con·r. So the book was made. The book was done. Now for th e presen tation . From the beginni n g t h l' r c had rested upon Professor Smith, as chairman , the heavy task of org anizat ion , of se tting the various wheels of the enterp rise in motion, of keepi ng endl ess d e t a il s in mind, and of meeting the difficulties that arose. N o\\' he put before th e committee h is pl a n o f executive organization, and a communit y committee was appo in ted to hand le each aspect of the big undertaking,-ll nancc, publicity, transportation, stage sett i n g , pmpc r ties, supe rvision of g rounds and costumes. Miss Dunn as dramatic a d viser, gave untiring ly of her fi ne technical skill in the rehearsals, which \\·ere in general ch arge of ~Ii ss Rose C lark and Yiiss Bowen. T he art classes worked in the des ig nin g a nd deco1·ating of the costumes w ith Miss Mutz, chairman of th e committee of valiant \\'Ome n \\' h o made these. The poster advertising of the pageant was desig n ed b y ~1 iss Cruml ey and executed by 'M iss Wilkinson. Miss Thomas and }[iss Ca rpe nter \\'e r e most h e lpfu l in the selection and arrangement of appropriate music, w hile Dr. House direc t e d the choruses constituting so large a part of the pageant's charm. The dances of the first par t were originated by M iss Do,,·ning, \\'ho a lso drilled som e of t h ose in the

finale. l11 a word. th e prc,;cntation oi the pageant. roo. hdpcd to put Ill'\\ ' ~u ntt·nt i11t0 th e ,,·o rd ~ollabo ra tio n ; ior e\·nyonl·.-c:ommittee,;. ach·i:;er". and the t hree hundred an d fifty in the c:a:;t . down to th e la:;t butterHy and ,· iokt.-d id his be:;t for th e hono r of the conHmlnity. \V he re should be pageant be played ? T o many it seemed obY ious at fir,;t t hat t he athleti c field wa:; the stage ready madl·. Hu t a ,·en· brief stuch · of the essentials of open a ir playing mad e dea r that this was arti,;t ic:a lh· .im(Jo:;"ibk.. So t he m·icrhbo rhood . Q was scoured, and a natu ra l wooded amphitheatre found to the :;outheast. T he stage was Ic,-cllcd, tiled ami sodded . :<hrubbny planted fo r ba~kground and ent rances, a1~d a forest home ,,·a:; read y for the spirit of the plan·. Sca rcely a sojou rn er in Peru hut ha:; felt that snene spirit ,,·hich pcn·ades hills and woods and rin·r. And e\Tr~· one ,,·ho has itlt it carries its memory ,,·ith him out into the world. It is fitting. thcrdore, that this embodied spirit sho ul d speak t he prologue, and that he should then stand apart. to watch the pageant of the ages as they bring their gifts to this place ,,·hich he ca lls his own. Th e seas h;n·e retreated , le;n·ing their bounty in ho1l o,,.,_ and on hills. T he spirit of the pl nce looks on , as t he rude icc-giants, sin.,.incr march O\·er the eo o th ei r dd1nnt so1w b ' Janel. \Vhen they retreat th e~· too ha,·e left th e grou nd th e richer fo r their im·asion. Th e cyclo nic "·inds. in a ,,·hirling da nce. scatter th eir lar gess. The place is m ade ready for man and th e nature forces j oin in a g reat hymn of praise to t he Crea to r of all things. ~

~Ian appears, heralded by prophetic words irom the Spi r it of the P lace. The Indians, the fi rst hum an denizens of the region , proclnim their kinshi p ,,·ith nnture; ,,·ith ancient ri tes a ne\\·-born child is sokmnl y presented to the cosmos. and the po"·ers of t·:nth , air and hen,·e n arc inYokcd. to make h is path smooth over t he r ugged hills of I i fe. In prophetic chant the seer of the tribe adjures the child to be strong in the :;truggle ; for he glim pses dimly a darkened future, when the India n sh all no longer be first in the land. Time goes by. The song of the prairie schooner is heard in the dist ance, and over th<' hill ox teams and \Yagons slowly make their way ! T"·o pioneer families, seekin g a home in the ne\\· country, stop to make camp for the nigh t, As th e leader of the company sits by th e fire alone in reve rie, wondering " ·her e the new home will be fo und , Yisions appear t o him. T he queen of the prai rie t ells of the r ewards she bestows llpo n th e stro ng toile r, but "·arns him too of the hardshi ps, the lonel iness, the silence of life in her rea lm. L eaping out of the shado\\·s, th e m ocking spi r it of gold beckons the pioneer to\\·a rd th e mountains, seeking to lure him w ith hints of reckl ess life and quickly ga ined "·ealth. Then comes the riYer, al\\·ays the frie nd of man, a bon d bet\\·een the old life and the ne\\·; and the pioneer make his choice. H e and h is companions settle bv the river. Again th; re is a la pse of years. A long the street of the little ri ver settlement people are passing to the mill , -not onl y vill agers, fo r w h ites and In dians fo r miles arou nd bring their grain to be grou nd here. A knot of men gathers, and soon loud ,·oices and bitter words are heard ,-echoes even in this remote corn er of the risi ng strife bet\\·een

south and north. Whil e they arc ye t talking, the inca rnate ~ truggk i-.. in tlu·i r mid-..t; :1 mule-drawn wagon halts, and its driver, ta ll , gaunt, with burning t·ye,... coll lc.., •rp to find the blacksmith to replace a cast shoe. A11 eager l ittlt- blat·k face p n ·ring rn111 1 tl~t· covered wagon betrays him. It is john Brown; and the pro-slan· ry hlac h angril~ refuses to help a "nigger-stealer" on his way. It is a tcn"c mornent. a>o tiH· tt·arn rnr'' t· ... slowly off; but a motherly woman, running after the wagon with Iter batch or collk ic-.. for the hungry boys, ex presses the simple human kindness ,,·hich k nnw,.. "" rl ifien·n n· between black skin or white, whose one impulse is to he lp tht· needy an~· wlwre. It is late afternoon of a summer day a year o r two later. 1\ ~teamho:tl' w hi ,.. tlc ha,.. sent men, \\·omen and children hastening to the la11dillg, for t lw arri,·:tl oi a rin·r boat i~ a g reat even t. Now they troop gayly back, to prepare for a dec k-damT in th t· nTning. The dance music is soon hea rd, and laughte r, and moving ftTt. H11t a lnrrry in g messenger interrupts the gayety. The neighborhood compa11y ha ~ been callcrl to :r r nb. and twenty-five boys march away to the war at t heir country\ ca ll. Before the Spirit of th e Place there passes a chonr s of y01rths anrl mairlt·n,.. , whiterobed, singing of peace and plenty; the war is o,·e r and men 's eyes arc orl tT rnore turned with hope toward the future. As the so ng dies a\\·ay, a littl e group oi :\ Jetlwrl ists . sturdy pioneers of the church, approaches, seeking a site for the schoo l tht·~· llH'an to found. The site is choscn,-a wooded hill-top overlooking the S\\Tt:p of r i n ·r.- anrl ch:dicated to the high enterprise ,,·ith simpl e, hopeful word ~: of pnt~Tr. As the school grows, a new vision is conceived in th e hearts of th e io1rr1<krs.- :r tlream that here young men and women may be trained to a life of scn·it..'t' as teachers. It seems on ly a dream; the task is too g rea t for th e s trugg ling clnrn: h of the ,·ici r1 ity: l:.ut the young state steps fom·ard, and receives the tnrst at the ha11d s of the cln r rch. So the founders' vision is realized. On a summer morning the Spirit of the P lace watches s tudents asscmhle hdorc the school. Here, und er th e trees, they have gath ered to bid c;od-spccd to t\\·o of thci r number, "·ho are ready to commence their life work. The simple cc remonr comes t o and end, the audience is gone, and the Spi rit of the Place beckons the t\\·o J.!raduatcs to come up to him. Then he summons th e wi ld things th ey have kno,,· n so \n· l l , -tht· grasses, the \\'ild Aowers, the birds and butterAies,-to bear them compan r. And, so companioned, the two go forth into th e world, blessed as th ey go by thl' Spirit of t h l' Place. Ann A WI J.J.:\RD Bow E:--.:.




j o 11 :-.:


Au.S .\1.\:>:

Scien ce J路: n g l ish

Histo r y .\ I athcrnat i ~路s

\ V.

L E R OY BE :>: I: III C T

:\I an11a l Tra inill ;! Phys ica l Scien ce 1-:d IICttinn

, .E R~E CI-I.\TEI..\1 :>:

History I::ng l ish

1-:d ucati01 1 Psyehol og~路


\ \ . 11.1\ER 1·: .\1.\IERT

l ·: n).!li~h :111.1

lor.lon. S. D. 1-:.luc:ttion

Sci l'lll"l' II i~tor~

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l·:n).! li~h 1-:duc:ttiOII

:\ 1 .\RY I ,E\\'IS

1-1 li\I.ER

:\ndon·r. :\.


1·: 111!1ish

1-1 istory l·:d ucat ion Psydwlog~·

:'\ E i.I.IE :\ l o~ . , I(EJ.I.Y

Pert I

Education English :\I athematic~


F. \N .



Biolog ical Seien n: :\l anu al T rai nin g English



Bio logind Scic路ltlT :\latht:rnatics Ed tle<tti o n

Awri-I C R :\. L c,~GFEI.I.O\\"

English Co mmercial :\1 ath ematil路s


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:\ 1. ~'l.'\C '' I'R .路\ En g l ish Psych o logy Latin


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C ll :\RI.E S




Science History English


:\ IOD I.I:-.-

BcaYcr C ity

E nglish Education Latin

1-:TH E L

c. O'KE EF E


Histor y Geography E d uca tion




i\lanual Training Physiology Science :\Iathemat ics

D edham, Iowa



S·m .\YER

II is tor ~ 1-:ngl ish .\ I atlwrnar u·,

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\V E . \T li i ·. IU I CJC C.

llic krnan

Scic n ct' .\ I a tlt t' rna t it·s .\ Ltnrral ' J"rainin g !\g ri n rl tlr n·

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En g I isft :\ Iath ematit·,; I .ati 11 Cnmmt-rtT

:\OR .\1 , , :--:

E. Lo\· E 1.1.

Education :\Iu sic E n g ) ish

Spri n gfield








I ,i iH.: rt y

:\1 ,\HE J. Aero:-;

P hil o mathean

"A firm, yl'l orufifJns mind ; S in ,.ere, tltour;lt resig n ed."

jJr utlr nt; , ,,,l.lfont. y r路t

A:-;:-;A A .\ JE:-;J)E

Ph i Io m a t he an Y . W. C. A I , JJ t hc ran Assoc ia tiiJfl " lust lil.:e sv.:ee l A jJril's rlrrH ' II ([jJj>('tlrs 11 er mru /es l fa ce."

1-:sTIIER A:-;oE Jt SE:-;

Va ll ey

Phil oma th can C horus Y. W. C. A. "Sv.;eetn ess, truth rr 11 d CVf'I'J' fJI' ([t"l ', /Ire read rlist inl'fly in lr er frro路."


Omah a

Phil o m athca n C horus "Yours t rul )' , rn (/ little n 路d brirl: s c lr ool /rouse."

Bcatrin ·

:\L\RIE H :\1.1..\RD

Phi Io mathca n Y. \V . C. A. Science C lub Penl\·ian Staff Episco pal Gui ld (P res.) Basket Ball \ "oll ey Ball "Lift· i.r

fi ll


t!t t• ji111•.< t of art.<."

huH:-..: E B ,\t{~ :\RD Philomathca n Y. \ V. C. A. \ "oll cy Hall Sr. Program Committee


'"!'Itt· (;ir/ of th £' U . S. A.''



"Jtf/ hosr tr mptr H'as gcnaous. ope n. sin(l'rt ' .

,-/ .<tran_ql'r t o f/allt'I'J' · a stranger t o ft•ar.' '



Phi Iom a thean

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"Tho' t/('('jl. y r t rlcar,· tho' ge ntlr, yrl n ot

t! ull."


D. Bu.1.

Foot hall Ba ~ kt:t Ball B a~c Hal l Y . .\I. C. !\. Dramatic C J,, h Phil omathear l " JJ/(In 1Ctlll t S hut U'f/1//J

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K.\It E :-.. B 1..\ I R Philomathean

Y. \ t\f. C. !\. L11tlwran

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frinul i.• ' '' h r

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I':I.S IE BJ.00 .\ 1

Phi I omathe:111 C hor11s

Y. W . C . A. . . L. A. "Sht• /(JVt'S fill/t• ,·hi/t/r('lt



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h er."


Y. W. C. A. Philomathcan Bask<·t Ball "Sunny, .l'lltilin .fJ, St' ll.l'iblc."

Pa\\'n ec City

.\L\ RY BoY D

F \TIT tt Dramatic C lub

Y. \ V. C. A. ··1 'i<'(Jttld rnllt cr bc t!cu·i«•td a fn; · t im c.r lh tlll 111''1'1'1' /() /rnsl nnyon1·.

k .\ T II YR:"\

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Phi I o m atlll':tn C h o ru ~

l·: pisco pa l ( ; u il d


·· '/' his l ift' of IJ II /'.1' i.l' 11 i;· ilt! rll'o/i(ln har p 1111111 y 11 jr, y r, us slrnin."


Y. W. C. A. Ph ilomathca n

C hon 1s "S!t1· is /;n(J 'i£ '11 f(J r hl'r .l"lllill's for 111ili·.r mul 111il1·s."



BRO\\ :"\

Blue Sprin gs

Phi I o m at !wan

" J' lu· 11/(J.\"/ shllful l t'nt' ft cr t'll ll trac!t n o fns l n lfttlll l ht· pupils t'rlll lttlrn ."

1 ~17

Eos BrW \\' :'>: Phil o rnat h ea11

Y. \ V. C . J\. :":o rr na li t e S taff

C horu s " Faith , h r,J>r, flnrl r h ority . IJitt tilt t;r rn t .·.ct ,,f tlt r·sr· is tal/.: ."

f. t -c rr.E j . Brw\'l . Es Philornathea11 Y. \V. C . 1\. "St'II Sl' 11/ll.ft Sllrt' thy Sfl[ n t j> /un t/ rr S i11 rr "'' rrj>risfl! rfln IJt·

C . \ JUUE

BRL' S ll

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tlt r t•. "

Ho i:>t'. I da h o

Y. \ V. C. A. "Sh e u· lto , St' f'ltre ?('ithin, t'f/11 sa.t·: ''f' o111orrrn(', ,J,, th y 1('(Jr .l't , f"r I li7•t·rf to-da y'."

R L' Tl-1


h n1•, ·

S tee le C it y

Philomathea 11

C horus " Is flh{'ays lw ppy, r e ign ?(' h f)t'7.'t'r lila)' , A nrl lau g lts th t• St'IISr ,,f misrry far fiH 'ay . "



I ,l" l.l" B L" IU'- ET En~ n~ tt

D ram atic C lub Y. \ V. C . A . ""f,Fhl'll

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go nl', tlt r So/din


LE :-.:YCE B L" R:-.:EY

Harting ton

Philomathcan Y. \V. C. A.

"A jolly girl 7l"itlt a rltcnfu l tlisf>osition."

L. CA L D\\"El.l. Phil omathcan Y. :\f. C. A. Clce C lub Foot Ball

\ V:\DE


II Ifill

o f r ft ,' t'rful yt·sterdriJ'S. anrl


jirll'lil lnmnrr07 CS."

L.\I "R,\

E. C l-1.·\'-=EY Philomathean Science C lu h Y. \ V . C. A. Lutheran Association

S tell <~



( ;1. . \I IY~ C ll .\ 1'1:>:

Y. \\ ·.C. :\ . Philomarhear1 " ()nir t ruul mr11/nt . l11tl ;;·!tit, tltrn ."

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.\1 .\HEI. CJ J ,\1' .\1 .\:>:

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A .\JEI. I:\ CII :\Rl>

Y. \\ ·. C. A. ( l'rl' ~. l 1-:n·n·tt ( Pre~.) Dramatic C l ub Scicn c<' .'\,.;sociation Ckc C lub P cn l\·ian Staff "Aliff tlt o.l'l' tlwt j>aint ltrr 1r11n·t j>rnisr lu·r



1-l t\IW f. I> I " II : \ T E I. I :-.: ( ;Jec C lu b HanJ Philo ( Prl's.) Dramatic C l ub Senio r C lass Choris tt'r Chorus " ,-/ nrl titus h r /J(Jn• 11'ifh (JII/ alntSt' . 'f'ftr• !JI'flllrf (J/r/ 1/f/1111' (Jf !JI'IIIft• lllf/11 . "



Ptr u

:\ I.\ R Y C I. .-\ R Y F n :rl'tt ( ; lt'l' C l ub

Y. \\·. C . A Stnior :'\ o rma l itc Editor C hon1~

"Flutl h l'r

.H, II !f

mig ht l o ut'lt tit,· lt rnrl s


II/I' II .

•·ltul hriny I lt r nt t o lu•m 't' ll

fl(ffl /11.

.-\ u bUl'll

C unTR Dramat ic C l ub

1-:I.Z . \1>. \



1·:\T ITtt Scicnct: Club ( \ .it·t:-l'rl',;. ) "( ,'n·rtl i11 lt t'r r t'lirt•llt t' nl: /11 lt rr rll·hit·£•t•m rlll y rral."

R L"T II Co:-; E Dramat ic Club Y . \ V. C. A.

Ph ilomathcan

"A fool m ort• lig ht, rt

.1'1 <' /> m or e lrur .\'t' 'cr from tltr !tr fllh f/o ~< ' t'l' rlash crltlt r

Hl ·L.-\



Coo K

Phil omathean "IF !tt·n H't'


' a t eac her '

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hm •t' ,,, !tl

It,.,. ·<1' hoie s I ory. "


--L\IU .

B anc rof t

1" C IC\ 1\. P h ilornat hca n Dramat ic C l ttb Base Ball

Y. ::\ I. C. .'\. J• oot B al l P c n l\·ia n Staff " Hrrv ity is th r -'" '' " '


B r o kl' n Bo,,·

F um . \ A . C RL . .\! L EY " T" y

:'\ J·X . \



i II


1; ·it. "


I (/ I I ' (' I i II fj

Ill iII ( /. "

L inco l n


Ph il om a t he a 11 " !have 1/(J r,ther t han a 'U''' "' '"''s r ras o n. f thin!.: him sr, berrwsr 1 thin !.- him s o."


" B e thy


/tllll t/

Bostwic k as un rivrd t'rl r1s th y m e rit ./'


F rintd

FLo lu ·::-: cE F .-\Y DoR\\".\RT

Phi Io m a tlu: a n

" Truly in my y outh I mJ.Taol much ,._,·tn·m it.r frr"n k nt, ;dt·d gr ."

:\ I YRTLE L1 LLI.\ ~

Do~ .-\ 1100

:'\ l'bra:'ka Cit~ Phil om a th ca n

Y. \ V. C. A. "ff/ hi,·ht·~•t'l" 7crty th r 1cind d oth blo;c. J ! y ht•art is glad to hrt~ 'l' it so ."

'' A maiden shy and dt•uturt• H'as sht'. Hut ahcays as happy as can br."

E ;\li\ I A DR C:\1.\10:"\D

R ising C i t~·

nob/)' p/auutd, T o u·nrn, t o comfort. nnrl commrtnd."

" / 1 Pt'r{cr l 'l!'t) JJJan ,

I , !'', :-.: .\ It D .\ I . I ) l 1' 1, " · P hi Io rna tlw a 11 C lec C lr ,h Dr:u natic C l11h C hon r:-; Y . .\I. C. :\ . " } "''" rrt iiii 'J! h r lj• 1; ·/utt

J'' "

flrr' 1c lut t



n r r ; ruul rtf t ,., .

11rr. r/r, " '' t

!Jt ' n .<lu u n r d

r,f i t ."

I' I \ ' Jll ll l r'th

ST E I' JI E:-.: U El ' IU SC II

J-: vc rctt Scimce C ltr h Y . :\I . C . /\. Deba t in g- T ea 111 " N11 t

ll llrl l-rllt'nt h

th is

rr,u.r; h

r/i.I(J IIisr

/ / (It' ll i llS r,f I' X t l' ll.l'h'l' /.: 11 r,1cf f' r/fjt ' / i f'S."

L 1r.LJ .- \:-.: D w YER

J>J at t SJ ll OIJth

C lcc C lt~ h Y. \ V. C. A Everett C ho ru s E piscopa l ( ; tJild "S h f' fllllf' ht•.,· i ll t'l '.l'.l'flltt /y. 1;· ith t 'X/Irt'.l'.l' irJI/.1' r,f r rJIHirl n·flblr .wt lsjn,- tion ."

1-: c :-.: rc E


1-: IJ \\'.-\ JU>s

' J'ild t• JI

Phil omath ean Science C lub

Y. W . C. A. ".Y ot able tfJ ·zcrt rrl o jf C '11 J>i rl' s rla rl s."

I { J ~Y . \:" 1·:.\1.\ I ERT

J ordan. S. Dak.

Football I )l'bati 11!! ' l'l':un Ph il om at hl':tll y. :\I. l' . .-\. Dramatic Club ScicJKl' C lub :'\ n r mal i tl' Stafi P nll\·ia n Sta ff . ( Bu:;. :\ I a nagcr ) ""/' is not 7: -//(// rt uutu rfo,·s 1:·/ti(/t rxtllts him. hut 1dutl lltrlll ;:·o tt!tl be."


Fairmo nt

1-:\' . \:"S

Phi I o mathl·a 11 Y.:\ I. C.A. " fmpulsi~· r .

t·aru t•st . prompt to rl<'l, ,·furl lllftl:t·s Itt'!' !Jt'u r rous t!t oug!tt n ft~t'l."

:\ r.' L. D E


I. Fos:'\oT Phil omath ca n Y. \V. C. A.


"S!tt· t l/(/f H'rls t"Vt'r !JOorl u C'I.It'l' pr o uti. I rtrf /fJII .fJ UI ' (// ·;:-i/1. but 11/''(1{'/' loud.' '


I RE:"E FR l :"K

Shenandoah, I o,,·a

C horus G lee C lu b Y. \ V. C. A. Phi lomathean "Sit e tlti11h . sjlt'nks rlnd "t'ls just ns s!t t• ought ."



1·. 1. ,.. J( y I:

l'h i lmnat h c;111

Y. \ V . C. .-\. D ra111;1ti c Cl •1 h ( \ ·i,· c- l' n· ... j.l,·n t ) /' ,. n1 ,.i a 11 S t a ff "A rl"fuhr r,f llt f/r/.·, r/ nh i l tl \·.

/J rli r; hls in II ''Ill ' r. · ·

F l.IIH J·. :-.:c J. Ft I.I.J·. H

Y. \ \ ·. C. :\ . C htJJ"II" I 'It i lwna tl 1ca11 Sc ie11n · Cl11h

"Sh r is t'S/If'f"i o//y fr,tul r,f IJ r,lltl".l li t· ,'-,' t·i n lf ·, ·. S hr· is Ifill onrl tlh.•inr-ly fnir."

1-:u:-.:" c;,\lll ·s



/'It i Io m at h e ;111 Dramatic Cl1rh C h orus

Y. \ V. C . .!\. "Pr(J Jjll'rily l rJ th r lllf/11 1c hrJ 'l.'f" lll tll"t".l"

11/0S I

/ () jJ/NtSi' h f' r."

j . ( ; A .\JB E /.1. Ph il o ma t he an Y. \ N.C. A .

:\Ili. IJREI>

S igo1 1n1ey. 1O \\· a

" In h rr so u l th r 111/IJit · rJ/ zco n r/n"f u / lltl'lorlies."




J-:,·c rc.:tt

''/!t'l·c's t o th e girl ;;·ith th .: go /tf, •n hair . .1 ?:·innin(J smilf' ant! 11 jol.-ing air."

R E:":\

\ ·. GASH

.-\11 hu rn

Philomathcan Y . \V. C. A. G lee C lub "j~·.,·pt•t·fs lo bt• 'at homl'' a{ll'r gr(l(/uation . .J/ osl of th r girls ha'l.'l' that ambition."



At! am,;

£,·erett Y. \ V. C. A.

Chorus Glee Club "/tFt• 1111/Jt laugh b t•[on· H ' t ' are happy . For fear 'H'I' die bt [ort H ' l' laugh at n/1.''

CJ.:\RA H .-\R.\1 :\:"

Omega, Okl a.

C horus Basketball "(;ivc thy thought s no tongu l'. nor any unf>rof>ortional thought thy at'/."


11.-. IUU'>

Clt:e C l,,h Phi Iom a thea 11 Dramatic l' l11h C hn n 1s P cnl\·ia n S t a ff Dehati11g ' rea rll

1-:TII E l.

P . II. \ l

I'T .\ 1 \ "

Phi Io m a t he a 11 Y. \ V. C.!\.

C ho ru s " ,-/



.l i/t•nl tll' lt 'l'lllilllllifJn."

A L' (; L'ST , \ s. H El :-:" E Phi Iom a till' <Ill Lutheran Assoc iat ion " 'f'hy mru/cstr


rt rmul!t ·

trJ thy ml'rit ."

J OS El' 1·11 :-: E H 01. .\1 ES

A I ton, I ow a

Philomathc:t JI Clec C luh Y. \V. C. A .

C horu s " f l f' r //toties/ fool.· th l' /'fJ I! agt· m i gh t arlorn




I horn .' '







F. HoL' DERSH E LDT P hil omathean Y. \V. C ..-\. C horus G lee C lub

:'\E LL

.. .., r;lwlsiJ/11 1' girl. ;;·/i, has (/n

1' _1" 1'

for th r

'f,itJfJI'r' thin!JS in li/1'."


Phil omath ean Y. \ V. C. A . ",./ sinrl'rt' (I nti nob/,· nnt11u· lu·re tiSSt'rts it.\'t•!f."


HL·:-.:T Y. ~I. C. A.


Sy raru ~c

P hilomathcan (~ I cc C lu b Debating Team Peru vian Staff Senior Basketball Captain

E. lR\\'1" Philomath ean Y. W. C. A



"Sh e has no trait more striking than h rr O JIIIIIIOII


Z E 1..\1" R 1E:-.: r; j ,, .\ II: so:-.: Phi Inmat hea 11 Y . \ V. C . 1\. 1Ct'// /11• '' Ill ,,, t/11· /, . ,,,.j,f

" /JS

tl .\


t, f

/rJShi''"." F REI> E IU CK /\.

J I : IJ I·. IC\ 1. \ :-.:

lkrtran d

Ph i I om a tf1t"a r1 Y . .\ 1. C. 1\. D ramatic C l11h c;lee C l11h C ho n r" Science 1\ssoc iatinn C lass ' J" reas11rer "CIJt,tJ Sl'


flll lfJ ,, ,-



i; 'rJitfrf


fril' llrf." f .Eo j EWE LL

Pen r

Dramat ic C lub Scien ce C l 11 b

Y. :\I. C. A. E ve re tt P eru via n S taff Scnio •· Basket ha l I '' Comb rlou·11 his hflir; L oo!.:.l /oo/;.1 it s l rlllffs 11/Jrig ht. " F AY J o:-.:Es


~ c li g h

,:vr. c . A.

Everett Science C lub " I f e trudged alo 11g, 11ol !.: n mcing n •lwt h e sought. And w histled r1s h i' u·r• IJ! for ·lC flll f of thought."


Pe r u

).f..\R\.A R ET j o:-.:ES

Per\1\·ia n Staff D ramatic C lu b Y. \ V. C. A C lce C lub E\·crctt C horus "Shr has 11co

l'J' l'S,

so soft nnrl bro;;•n"-

Hc·?carc! !


L. _l o:-.:ES Y . :\I. C. A Football Baseball P hi Iom a thean Dramat ic C lub

\ .IC"I'OR

" Jlfc! Oh. I guess I'll inven t pcrpctual motion."



P hilomathean Y. \ V. C. A. Glee C lub D ramatic C lub C horus " She is onc of those w ho haunlthr library Y ou ran ah('ays find hcr thcrc {wall-ing)." c;~.E~x



Lexingto n

D ramatic C lub

Y. M. C. A Philomathean ;..lormalitc (Bus. Manager) P e ru vian Staff D ebating Team "lust givl' me tir e opportunity. And sre how I can t alk."


vE 1..\ , ,,

' I :-:\.

()ma ha

Y. \ V . C. A. P hi lorna t lw an

·· ·r,,

In· f"'lit r is ''' tf,, nntl sfly 'f'h r l:inrlf'sl thinq.r in tlu · 1.-inrll'.l l

P E,\R I. Kr:-:To :>:

7~' ".\'·


Phi lomathcan Y. \V. C. A. "Cr'rnl/1' (Jf rjil'f'rlt: hnrl'/in· nt of 111inrl. "

Ac:-: Es



"f;f/fwt I J.·u(J?L', I J.·now. "


Ornah a

Phi lomathea11 "Wonran's a t best rt l'onlrruli ctiou still."

\ v ,\I. K L'I·: HI. ER Y.


~lil io rd

C. :\.

Phi Iom at he an Cb: C lub

Ch oru~

Bascbal I Senio r Basketbal l "I rlurc ri o all that m ay Ut'CO II/ l' a m an; lf'lt o rlan·.1· rio morc is n onr ." BERTHA KL' IIl. :\1.\:'\:

C horus Phi lomathcan Science C Iu b "] ltavt• ahcays th ought th e actions of m rn ht•st inll'rf'rl'lt•rs of thl'ir thoughts."


F RED KL' I-IL:\I A::-.r

Pa\Ynec City

Philomathcan D ebating Team G lee Club

"! lovrd. I 1<'ooed, I H'on."

(;own: D. KuRTZ



Y. \.V. C . A. "Life has no blessing !il.-e a prudrnt fri end."

I< '


i\ I /IRG!\ RET LEO~. \ f{f) Science C l11b.

N .C. A. " / sltn/1 st rive 1c itlt thin gs im j>rJJ., ihlr. ) 'ra , r;rt tlt f' h r tt r r r,f tlt rm."


Everett Dramatic C lu b " lle was tlt c fri f'n d. "'" (Jf fr"· '"" ~"


f! [ 111en."



A shl and


Philomath ear1 Choru s " D om estic S cien re


LoHR Phi lomathean Y. W . C. A.



SjJ eciall y."

Fra 11 k li11

"'Tru e happi n ess is t o no jJ/are r o n fine r/ . But still is found in a r r,n l en t erl mind.' "

:'\ E\'1\D :\



Phi lomathean

'' A mrrr_r hrnrt doth go od Ide n mctlion/".




\Varren , l o\\·a

"Poetry is th l' muHc" of th r soul. and oho1•r nil of r;n·at ontl fNiing souls.''



LL "D\\'IG

C horus Philomathcan

" ,1fy hrnrt has lcnrn rtl to glo1;· for oth rrs ' good, •Inti mr/t at othf'rs'

·; ('of'."

:VL\R\' ;\lcCABE



N.C.A "Silr nce rlo f's not indicate• a lac/.: of 7_('isdam."


A ~C I E

l "n ioll

.\I <..:C ·\RR0/.1 .

C hon •s Y . \ V. C. A. Phi loma tiH:a n

f' (Jfl,.gl' IIJ .w lisfy Jlilf f'lll"i(JIIJ."

" / r·riiii C trJ




:\I <..:C. \1.1. Y . \V. C. A . Ph i I omath l'a ll

.\ L\RY


ntriosily -

:\IILI.I E :\l cDo~ ,\ 1.1>

Y . W. C. A. Everett "S111all but 111i,r; ftl y ."

~! ARI E

::\1<..:1 ~TYRE Dramatic C lu b

B la n chard , Io"·a

Everett " 1-f er

ai111 . ltrr


11/flllllers, all 7('/to

UtH '

En :--: .\ .\IcK tnn E:--:s Ph ilomathca n " In lllflidt·n n11·dit ntir, n fanc y fro·."

:\1 1:'\::'\: I E .\lEI:'\:IIOLO

Ca rh·ton

Y. \ V. C . A. (Sccn:ta ry ) Science C lu b P hil omathca n "Kn 07('/l'fl gt· t'OIIIt'J, but i('isdom /in (Jt'I'S."

RICH:\RD .\ I E ISS :'\:ER


Phil omathcan D ramatic C lu b Debating Team Y. :\1. C. A. Football " !lis ro nduct still right 7('ith his nr!JIIIIIt'llt 11 '/'0 n g ."


E. l\1E L\'IX Dramatic C lub Y . .\ I. C. A.


" ] jlrofrss not tnl/.:in g,· only this Lf•t rnch man d o .his bPS!."

:\1 EIUUTT Philomathca n Y. \ V. C . .'\ .

BJ..\ :"C.: ll E

C ho ru s Basketbal l " ,1/nit 1('ill s th l' ·" '"'·"

S uperior

:\ J 11 .1>R E D :\JO:"I.\

Y . \V. C. A Phil omathean D ebating Tcalll " ) '''" /;nr,?(' I say j11st ?;·hat I 11/Nill anrl



Philomathean G lee Club C horus Dramatic C lub "H/111' I'Jif'S

that .rhimmrr 1('it/r aii!Jf' / _qftmo·s.

Lil·e sj1ring violr·ts ovr·r tlr r Ira."


L!l.l.l r\:'\ A . :\.loRTI ;\I E R

"f/f/r• !ikr hn for ?cll(l/ sh e


t .l'.


E,·. \




P h il o mathc:an Chont~

Y. \ V. C. A. '' f l rart on lips. and soul <:·ithin I'J<'S. S()ft m· h rr ,-/i m r. and Slllln_r as hrr sl-irs."


Shl' nandoa h. Iowa

P h il0 111a tlwa n Y. \ V. C. A. "Pn•st'JII't' ()/ 111intl. and co uragt' in distrt"ss. Art· 111orr thr1 11 arm irs to prootrl' Sllt'Crss." \V ! I. l.l :\:\ 1



Dramatic C lllb Ba nd Orchestra Glee C lub N . C . A. C horus Peruvian Staff P hilomathean, ( P rl'sident) Senio r Basketball "Loathin g flrl'lt•n.l·r. he riot'S n·ith rh ('('rful 7cill, ff/ 1/(/t othrrs taU· abou t 7chilr their hands are still.'' ( ~ ERTR t.'DE


A lexandria

P hilomathean "For 7.cllflt I u·i/1, I H'i/1. and there tin end."

C oR .\ 0 L Eso:-:

Y. \ V . C . A.

Phil omathea JI C horu s " ,-/ st rr,ng r harru·t ,·r. fr,llllfll'll r,n th r ,H,/itl rr,d· r,f prin rip/e."

Ti ldt·n

.\ f. \ I E Os BoR:-:

Philoma thca n Y . \ V. C. A Peruvian Stafi "(;rrlt"l' [lll / r, si g ht anti f'ft'(Jrllll fr, th"II!Jhl.

Th r

grefll fl/'1' 'l'flll'f "islu·tf rJIItf th t• 1:· isr· riiT lfiii!J h l."

1-:n:-: .\ R. OwE:-:S

c; l 'll C\'<1

P hilom athean Y . \V. C . A.

" l11sl If 11rl

o ll r'

small smilt

lifr's 7C r,r!IJ rc hilr. "

H EJ.E:-: l\11. P A RK E R Y. vV. C . A.

Oakda le

Dramatic C lub Philomathean Science Club "I I er


ey es are !Jr,III(' S r,f si len t prayN· .' '






·· Silrn l. sl olll/nsl ruul t!o nurc . ··

I . 11.1. 1 E 1·:. P . \RSO:" Phi lomatlll'an \". \ V . C . A. c;Ict: C lu b Dramatic C lub C horus ·· ,\ 'hr is f>rclly t o 1:·rtll.- 1:·ith . . -lnrl ·zcilly t o t all- 1:·it h. ,-furl f>ll't/Jf/111. too. In think u f>ri/I. ..

( ;R .\CE


:\u hu rn


Philomatht:all "I do no/ tal/.: t o f> l'o f>/1' 1:·hnt l thin/;, hut to find out 1chnt l thinl·."


Fairh ur~·

A. PEA S E Philomatht:an C horus Y. \ .V. C. A. \ · oll ey Ball

.. /tVho climhs the gmllllllftr tra. distin ctly

tv h('/'t'

/.:nows n ou n. grates .






" P ntirn rt• a n d !JI'n llr n t·.o


/>', ;; ·,.,..


:\I. J>J·.TERSE .' .' Philomat lwan L: hont s

C E<.: ILi t\

".lfi/r/ ({//{/

/Wtll "t' fll,ft • . ..

Om a h a


Phiiomath<:atl "/]e ha f>j>y, bu t hr

LE!'\ A

JfJ 111


' l'ekamah

:\I. PooLE Peruvian Staff Y . W. C. A.

G lee Clu b C horus Phil omath ca n "The mildest heart."



and the gc nllr sl

I .1 1.1.:\ :-.;

PoRT 1-: :-.; 1ER

( , u ide: Rock

PhiiOJnathc:an Choru>; \ :ic:ncc: Club

Y. \V . C. A. Ba~kc:tball

··11·,. !JI"fl1<" Ide ;dull ;;·,· th ink of: so /c'l us think of th e !JOOt! . thr true. ant! t/i,· bl'autifu/."

R l "Tf1 1·:. RED FER:-;

_.\ u burn

Phi Iom a tlwan Clc.:c: C lub C h orus

" Your IIIIIJic clwrms, A s doth y oursrlf."

A:\':".::\ REGJ\0'\



N . C. A. ( President) Science C lub

"Sh e is a bool· to be '1cith rare perused.' '

R UTH Ronmos


Y. W. C. A. "From the lool·s-not th e lips is th e soul r rflc ct et!."

L. R L' S!->E I.I.

C L . \R E:'\CE

Philnrnathean Y. :\I. C. A . Dra111atic C l11h Pen,,·iaJI Srafi


" J 'ftr• rlf'l•rl 1c ftal rtJ Jl' l

1·: .\ I.\ I A


inlf'lul fr, r/r,

1.•· (J I't o f.


l·nr,,; · " '''·"

j ,,:--; E S T. _I orr:--; Philo111ath ean Y. \ V. C . A.


v i,/r t s

lrrtn .rfrJrnt r rl




.rftrinrrl a J(J/1/ 1citftin tlt rir hlu1·."

Arcr i! L' R \Vrr.r.I.\.\1 Sc rr :--;r:rnr-:R


Football Basketball Base ball Philomathean Y. :\I. A.


" An

({/ltl r lr

/ (J r/ a.r . Jf' S/t'rrloy . rulfl

for -

l''l' PJ". "


L :'-L\l A ScHW ,\ S S

Philornathe an "Grefll


tlt r

(; lrJry,


tlu ·

strif1 '

, _..



FIU E il. \

A uburn


I .u t hnan A~:;oc iat ion Phil o matl, ca n

Y. \\- .C. A Ch o n1 ~

··,\'h r is Ollt' of !h ost• g irls nl th r ' D orm' idtr, r~hcr~ys lt m •t· such j olly times."


1-l o .\IER Sci-IWE~TK E R


C'~ tern

Band Orche:;tra Philomathean (;ke C lub Dramatic C lub Y. l\I. C. A. Choru ~

"T/11' !!iris an· all just tTaz y abo ut mr.' '

1-1. SEG ELKE Philomat hean Science C lub Y. \ V . C. A. C horus



"So t t o nd111ire is all th e art I I:IIO'iV, To mrdt• oth rrs happy a11rll.:rrp them so."

Ro .\ JO XA



\Vest Point


Y. W. C. A Peru vian Staff C horus "To l·non· ht•r, was to love her."


1-IO\\'J\IW S.\ ll'f'll

l )a\' l 'lljlOrt

Y ..\I. C. !\. Phil nma t h<" aJ I F ootball ~ ormal i te l·:d i tor

"A hcays in llfiStt•. Hut


dr11' .!'



111 ' 7 ' 1' 1' 111

rt !turry.

'jll'f'.l'.l'iii!J lntJ in rss .' "

S.\l l 'f' ll

~ ebrao.;ka

C ity

F ootba ll Bas ketball Base ba ll Phil o rnathean Y . :\ I. C. A " ff ,,·u· lwj>j>y I I"Jtt!r//)(• 1•·it!t ,·it!t r r. /If/ ere t 'r, t/u ·r rlt•rfr ~ ·!tarmt•r rt"·ay.

~ El. l.l E


S.\l l'J'Il

Phil omathca1 1 ~onnalitc Staff

" T ell m e j>retty 111airl f/f/ !tit It er arr t/tr,u go in g ? ll/i t!t t!t e Jlhrry ff/itf on· bunc !t { ' t e nrf to flO fi-/'OH:ing."

\iER~lA S:--:EL L

P h ilom at hean

Y. W. C. A . C ho r us "11/L may do u:lwt !tas by



b e en r/rnl£• ."

C II . \IU .ES




Y. :\f. C. A. ( Prc!'idcnt ) Dramatic C lub Clcc C luh F ootball B asketball Phi lomathcan Pl'nt\·ian Stafi "Lrulirs. r1 gr n t·ral gran· .wlutrs y ou all." : \ E I.I.I E S I':\ L' I.DI :'\C.

7('1'/rO III E'



Alex and ria

Ph i lomathcan Y. \V. C. A. ( .!cl' C lub Dramatic C lub C horus .. )' r,uth , is th t' '' flp orlunity t o d o 1hinr; and ht·ro11u· somr hody.''

J 'L' l.l '

S'l'l' RC. EO:'\

.<O II II'-

A lliance

E \'(~ rctt Y . \ V. C. A. "(,'rnllt· of .fpruh . bt'n f'/it'l' nl of mind.''

A L:-- 1..\ ( ;, Sw A"so:-: Y. \ V . C. A. E verett


".\'ot hin g mn be sH•erl l'r than frirnrlship. "

~l.\RC ,\J< f,T


Tt-:I.Yf·.. \

J>h i Iom at he a 11

f. of.,\ 1·: \'E f.Y~

' f'1·:.\ II ' I.E

St. l .o11i:; . .\Io.

Phil ornathl'a ll Y. \ V . C. A

Z oR,\ ' 1 ' ,.; ~~ ,\ ~ T

Pa"·'l t' t: C it y

'{. \ V. C . A. Ph ilornat h l'a ll " Th t· !JI"I'tllt·s/ hfi/Jf>int•.rs f'()lllt'J

fr (JIII th e

!Jrf' t~lrs l ({r/i7•ily.

joSEI ' fll :.:E ' J 'H<>R~TO~

Phi lomat h l'all

" ,11 r){ll'sl

t!()uht is ot!lt·tl

Th r hNu·on ()/ lht• 7<'iH· ."

\ 'i rJ!in ia


II.\ZEI. TII0 .\1.\S

Ba:-knha ll ''/ f ,·r lt rnr l iCtiS in hr r i; ·,,d· . and th e hr·nrl (,"i,·rth !Jrtlt'r ' int,, t7't'l'.l' nrt."

( ;1.. \llYS


T R .\1:-:

Sh l' na ndoah. l o\\':t


'1'. \\'.C. A. " ,\·It,· l1r1.r n o fnult .•· . IJr I n o [nulls


·' /'.1'.

:\. L E\\'IS T YLER


Y. :\ I. C. A . C lt·t· C l ub Phi lo ma tlwan Sl·it·nn· Club Dramatit· C lub "fit· flrlornt'tl ·i dlfllt''i't'r .whjl't'l It t• l'ilht•r I;Tolt· or sprd·t• upon, /J.r tht• most sf>lt'lulitl rlt.rf ll l" lll't' ."

I RE:-: E \ \' , \L'J I TEI.

P eru

Dramatic C l ub J-: \'CI'Ctt "Sf> t't't"ll is IJt·lt t'r t/u;n silt· no· ; silt•nt"r


l~t• llt•r than .l'f>t't't'h."


-II ic k111 a 11

.\IYRTLE Wr·:. \TIIER rr oc<.

J>hilomatht'a l1 C ho ru s "It is th e initial !J u sin rJJ

Iif r·

tfJ /){ ·

FR ,\:'\:CES




haN' r. "


:\1. \ V . \TT

1-:piscopa l ( ;11ild, ( Secre tary- Trl' as.)

Phi Iom a tlwa 11 C horu s

E sT HER WAYBruc;rrT

Phi la m a t hl'a 11 C h o ru s " I fa f!f'Y is th l' lllr/11 ?c !J r, 1:·i ll hr/7.1(' h cr 11/(/l-t'

h is '1cay-!Jright.' "


S henand oah, 1o \\·a

Phi lomatht'an Y. W. C . A. "A lou· su·t•t t vo irl', A rrtre tl1ing in a H'OIIIt/11."



\ I.\ R Y

'a lcm

\ \ . ll' K I I \ .\1


Y. \ , ._ C. .-\. Dratnatic C lu b ·· 'f'hr" ·,· t·,ro· fJj hrr's 111'.(/>l'rd a n;·t·,·t dis/"'·' i I ifJ II .

1-: I.S I E

\\ .II. I\ l ' R :"


Y . \\' . C. :\. Phi loma the a n Dram atic C l ub :'\ o rma l itL' Sta fi "1/cr hri(;ht smilt· luutnts lilt' still."

Et. .\IER




Dramatic C l ub Y. \V. C. A. 1·: ,.c rt'tt Sc ience Club E d itor-i n -Chief PL'nl\·ia n " ·,.} nwn 7C' h fJ nJnn· ntrntcs his hours by 7'1!/(JI'OII.I' rj}'o rl and r111 ho urs/ f'im."

\\- .\ L' :-; 1"1'. \ \ \TILL I , \:\ I S


I) ramatic C lu h Philomathean ".-1 nrl still his nut sir .l't'IIJ('(/ to start, ih r HC r' t't l'st erh oi'S in ht•r ht•r!rt."


"\I. \\ ' JI .J)

BERTif t\

Lutheran / b soc iation PhilomathtaJl

"Simp/it ity

in /1/tiiiiiiTX h tH till tnr·h n ntill f/

r jfat."

Lrr . J.J.\~

II. \ Vr1.n

I ,11theran Associatio n Philolllathea•• .. f;// fu· n a (J' r r

iJ th y



/! nth

th .r


, .,,1/Jillll'r/ tltr lllit!ni(; ht fJi!/"

lkatri L· t·

\ Vr I.K I~ S<J~ Science C lu h J-: ,·en:tt

\ ' rcTORI :\

Y. \ V. C. A. "I t'f/1111' lu·n · tfJ .rttu!y flllfl tfJ think ."

\.Vt!.K I ~SO~


Science C l 11b E,·erett C horus "H' IH' /1 sh e ·z;·i/1, Jh1· 1:-i/1 , rtnt!

prnrl H'IJ,·n


llltiJ' t!t ·-

fJII it,

siH• 1Ct;n't . sh1· 1CfJII 't . ont! tltot'x !ht·


(Jf i t. "

'//. J I 7/7

R .\<:1 1 1-.1. \ , . IT II ERS

J>h i lot nat hea 11 Y. \\·. C. .-\ . C h oru~

"fJ/, nsurt' is ,.,,nit 111 plot ill(/· ..

C oR . \

I I . \ \ . RIC:IIT Phi lo1na thl':t 11 Y. \\' . C. A.

D iII n

" .\' ,.n /s nr,/ th t' pnintnl f/r, nri.rh of our f' rni_,., .. "


Philomathean " /Fh rn nir; ht llfls st'l ha iamp on hiy h. 'f'h t•n is th t· t imt• for sturly."

L11.1.1E \ ' .

Yo c:-.:c;

" ,·/ minrl nl

/>l'fll ' t '


·i:·ith all tlu· ·i :·orlrl."


C oR, \ (



Pres t 011

Y . \ V . C. 1\ . E ve rett· G lee C l11 h Science C l11h C hor 11s " /f er h er1rl l('(l.f r1s gn ·r11 rt.f tlu · <c r,r/rl , Inti tl11•rr• U'fl.f 11 0 r'''"" in it tr, hr,/r/th t• 11/f' II/Or,r r, f f/ ?crrJII[J."

Fr.o A." DERSCJ."

A 11burn

P hi loma thea n Y. W. C. A.

" I f er 11/orlt-.rt fiii .HCf'l' r11ul gr(/t'C ful r11r . Shr,H' h er r.·i.rf' a n rl !J''''rl (/.f sh 1· is f(/ir ...

:\ I YRTL F.



S t ee le

C it~·

Phi lomarhean Y. W. C. A. live i11 r1 house hy tl11· sirlc of the road A 11rl b e a frin/(1 to 111r111."

" L1•t


:\oro rA A . F ,\ LSC H

G uid e R ock

" A day f or t oil, and !tour for spo rt , Hut f or a frit' nrl is lifr• too short ...

St. Ed\\·ard


1/ "ht·n,-,· Ollll <" f.J {/ "hither do I go.)" "I filii: no;;· /ill/, · m ore I lno;: · :


1·:. H ..\TFlEI.I>

Phil omathean \". \ V. C. A. " 'f"h t"l"t' h· more lrllt' happin ess in th e foll y of lo v!' th nn in nil th e 1:·istlo m of philosophy."

O sceola

L OC ISE Kl :\1:\ I E L

"To be l nl!ilc•tl than to be loved."


R cT H C. l\1 c RPHY

n great er co mpliml'nl


N.C. A. Philom a~h ean

"Friend , lrnrl on mul I w ill f ollow thl'l'. To th l' Ins/ gasp, w ith truth nnrlloJirtlt y ."

--R ,\ Y RoHERTSo .-.:

l>ralllatic Clt1h '{ . .\I. c. i\. Phi Io!llatlH:an St:nior Basketba ll

"A sr,/irl suf,_,tnutin/ frl/r,;c thrill



i;" fiJ" S



hr1s ty

''Ill' ...


B. R t.;:--;Y, \;\: B. Y. P . U . E ve r ett C horus

'" J'h l' Olll' thing

finish ('(/


(;rucE E.


Rt.; :--:Y. \:--:

Eve rett

"A fril•ntl is 1c orth fill


1; · r



1-:LA :'-" ClR


\Vi lh11r

Phil omathcan C ho ru s " Th l'rt''s a divinity th fll sh fiPCS o ur t•nrls. Roug h-he1.c tht'lll ho11· 1ce 1c ill."


1 . 1' \ II




l l:t,;ting:,;

Philolllathl':tll C hnr11:"{,'IJ(/r/1/s strd- r thr si_r;ht . /Jut mail ;:路in s t/u SfJu/ ...

l os 1E



Pla tt~mour h

Chont:; Scit:ncc Cluh Y. \V. C.!\.


- - - /./1(

llom.e 1拢ronomirn The department of Home Economics in t he Peru State N onnal School is o n e of the most beneficial and far-reachi ng in its in flue nce. T his department is fulfilling a felt need as is evidenced by the number of Hi gh Schools thruout the state th at a rc installing domestic science and sending to Pe ru for teachers. Fourteen teachers from th is course go out this year to help solve the problems in home-making which confront 93 per cent of the gi rl s of the state. T he Junior class in Home Economics which enroll ed in September, 19 16, \\路as one of the larges t in the history of the school. The department is better equipped than ever before, electric stoves, prcssu re cooke r ,,nd other conveniences having been installed this year. The equipment of the Home Economics department in the T. ]. Majors Training bu ilding is mod e rn in every respect. T he sewing room is most artistically and practically furnished; Singer se\ving machines, cutting tables, electrical equipment and six full length mirrors bein g md uded in the equipment. The dining room and kitchen are most perfect in thei r appointments. Nothing for the comfort and conven ience of the ,,路orke rs h as been left out. The cou rse offered is practical, defini te and esthetic- in its influence, and taught by most capable inst ructors who give the best of their lives to the work.-A STUDENT



11\inilrrgartrn K


i11dc rgarten's a jo ll y place, as kind e rgartrners al l agree. nn occ nt \\·c, as chi ldren arc. from care a n d sorro\\· free.


i fty, dainty is our Lottie, \\· ho before the rest 11·ent home :


impled :\ l y rtl e's h a p p~· ,-isage. smiles at


l ~ ie's t11·o, 11·e h a1·c to cheer us; o ne is dark and one is fair ,


11·here 'e r

\\ T


R osy ch ecks h as A nne, our f;l\·'ritc. and such pretty lig ht-b rmn1 h ai r. G racefu l Jo and carefree Brennie never ,,·orry, sigh, nor fn·t. A ~ sh e \\·as expou ndi ng Froebel, l\1ary on the Hoo r d id "set ."

R cndy ever is ou r

\ ·elva, to assist in g ames and pi ay.

Timid , trust y, ti 1·cless \ -elma,


shall miss some fut u re day;

E c!<'n ah1·ays," l\label tells us, " I s our kind ergarten life ." Nu gge ts of gold next year \\'e'll ga rner, un less one b:ro nws a " ·ife.






Ca ld w<'ll, Sl'il ll !'idt r , Cnow·r , ll r·ll, C h a l <·lai n . I I. G. Smith , IJ utlr•k, J·:111mr·rll , S h ul tz, ll r> n Pd it:t. ( ' a ri Pt', ~k h w ,• utk f• l., .JonP,.., Prof. S m it h.



路 ~~---~ --'-路

Sa nclb P r ~. GtJO JH-1". \\'i l:-t•,ll. l\oi:1 H. Ca re y , 1\ohn, S ho l,fl rt.




0 R

is for th e jaunty \\· ay about tts. is for the unity that's ours. means nau g h t can ever, ev<:r daunt lt~. t he high ideal for \\·hich \\·e strive. means on, and on we're ever g o ing . is real and reg ular, clear thru.

Put t hem all together t h<:y spd I The finest class in old Peru.

J L :--.: I 0 R .

A ltho th e Juniors have en thusiasticall y su pported all forms of athletics, and ha \·e been ably represented in footb all and basketball , their chief distinc t ion I ies i 11 an ent irel y differen t vein , for they are kn 0\\"11 as a class, fea rkss o f criticism , untrammeled by precedent, and t heir c-onsid eration of t hose studen ts \\·ho nex t year \ \· ill step in to t heir ranks. A ll of t he class problems \\·ere sol ved in the present b y tho ts o f t he future \\" clfa re of Juniors, and not by th e trad itions of t he past . With a r ecord a lre ad y est a b lished in academ ic ,,-ork and in courageo us lead ership, this class has nau g ht but t h e hrightcst prospects fo r t he coming year.

( ' hl· i-..tt1 n ,un . l'lat·k . l'•l\IPt'l', Bnnn.n·. Ho;.:t"•t·s . C Upl'nhav t• t'. t ' lt' Uh•n1 :-> . <'•n·,•y. ( ' at'lt 1 r. t'h:tpJh'l •'. t'uh·,•r.

Ct ~nh • y .


Png-<', Pet erson.

Owen ~,


Pow.-~- r .

B:onk, R C'm ly, Rohcr f so n.

Tit gan . \VhitP, Xil'lwls.. 1




Bri ck, H.ob.r. Swa u hoJm. l {).·an. ()rd . Barta, S mith. Sdlwf•l', T1·avi !o\.

Sch im pfT,

~an< ll •<• rJ!.

F. SixtH.


Johnson, Jordan, Edwa r d s, St ick ler, L o wry. Bailey, Bickert, Cha pin . Bower, H od ges.


l.und . :s-t•dro. :\lnr ~ ha ll . :\l illt•r. ).l o n t•\', ) l t·:'\ h •t•kt· n . l.ou n ·. :\lntht•\\'~. )lacl i~oil. :\lartin. Catc·hJwl;•. :\lcl h)H!I Id.


Ellis . R. D:unmc. ])ads. Con·~·. lrollc•way. Dillon . Douglas, D oa n e. I.. IJantnH'. Epl o•·. E llint. Con r tri~rht. En~rol.



,. . J~ota s . L r h n , Long. T S, \. Jl, Ln" • I'(• JJr•t•. Ko rhcl, I um J"~f •f'k • 1\.()lJ KrPnzitl K ~lso. i.Phr, (,ohn. I' • mr:Hit. LI S-1(}11 . (':ll'P~'. Li P:-, 111"1',

\. , 1

I. J


II an :-.i nt:. F1·i nk. \ · . 1-:pl.· r . t:att•s. E,·,•rt•tt. !Iarmon. l larlt~w. t: apill. ll an:--in::.

t: n•!!::. )1. t : ay. t:artlnt•r . Fult•y.


\ 't• l' lhHI,

\\'t •s t. )l ilwt·. \\'a rru·r. \\":d k t•l',

~hu h t•rt.

(l;~ k('s.

\\'t ·:l \ ' t'l'.


T o dd . :--;hu lt'l..

Jf cndr·rs on. ,Jflllt·fo' • .rtwtlan. lrllo;. Jlullw:t. Jlihn<·r·• .Jm•kt· l. fftw .t.da nd. flufTw :rrr . 1f ill, B . .1ohnso ll, If ..John ~ on. If u ~ lnr1.


Abher. Blnss. Blac·k, Burn s. Blessin~t. Baile y, Birke t·t, J\mpndr·. AppiP~ntf·. Bowe1·. Ba iPr. H.. ll.






-·~~ ;~





'/J /



J)ut1inr §qttibs I )m·

( )\\·nb

to 1:cr11 ll t1:<to11 111 the

l't' llH"te r~

" \\ 'hat kind of a stone do



po~t· I wi ll h a\'l' \\' ht'll I die?''


" lhin bt nnt· ...

l' rot. \\ ' il~ll l l: ":'I I i,.:; ()rd. tit-dint· ' ion·.·" :\I i s~ Onl: " I 'd ju ~t :1:< soon <It-cl int' marnage. l'rol. l'ah nn : any cl l':trl'r ... :\ I iss Ht·t·k:

"T he qt le:<tlllll i:< dlllil·tdr. and I don't Sl't' ,,·hat I ca n do to make it "Stt p pll:<t' ~ 0 11 pop tt .

:\ I iss Ti bh ns :

":\ I r . :\ rtdnso rt. ,,·hat is t he h iglwst dignitary of t he chmch ?''

\ I r. :\rt d n so rl. rh ot t td I ~· :

" Tin· weat hn cock ...

Pro I. Hull: "Did I not tl' ll you to lw prepared ,,·ith you r h istory k:;so n? And hl' rl' \'Ott a rl' ttr tah k t o rl'pl'at a 11·or d oi it." \ J r. A nw n dt· : " I didn' t thi n k it lll't"l'ssa ry. str. l 'n· af,,·a~·s heard th at h istor~ rt')ll'ats its<· I f." :\Jr. \ Vi lson :

" Pro fl'ssor ( ;regg. ,,·h~· do n ' t yo u atte nd the ian d t~· gym clas:;?"

\ I r . ( ;regg: " \ V !t1· I ca 11 outr u n. outhox. a n d ou t\n c:>tk ~·ou ! B ut I 'll :>trike a harg air1. l f \ ' Oil wi ll . l'Oilll' t o Su nd a1· School <'l'e tT \\·eek . 1'II go to the gym cla~s 1.l';!l l Iar Iy. ..

.A. ll <I · I) rot.. \\"1I:<on .s

Heard in t h l' a r t class: \ J r . H arlm 1·: " The n \ \ \ \

l iss Iiss I iss I iss

t·,l l' IT

en· r~ ·

s, .


UI H a ~·

. ')I I I SlllCt' .I ·I I· ')· ')· .. · ·

H o pe Con nell ~· : "Sim pl icity ts 111 itself an a rt." m ust he a m asterpiece."

C la r k: "\ I iss Rl'dtnn, 11· hnc is Zama located?'' Redfern: ":'\onh of Rome in lt a l ~·.'' Clark : " \ V ron g. It is in northern Africa." Rl'd fern: ' 'I gu<·ss it ,,·as 1110\Td si n n~ I ~tudied m y kssotl. .,

\ I r. San dbn g: rust~· al read y. " Pnu C lothier:


h:'l' ll

"Say 1 boug h t t his suit from ~·ou a \\Tl'k ago ami it 1" looking " \ Veil, I guaranteed it to \\'ear like iron .' '

:H iss \ Virt h : '' B ut it said t hat in s1:-: ~·ea rs a h uman bod~· b ~cam~ entirely cha nged that not a n o ld ce ll rema in ed.'' Coach J ohnso n: ' 'T hen at t he close of si:x \'l'ars you ,,·il l not b:: \I iss \V irth ?" \ I iss \Virth (modestly) : "I since rely h ope not."



~I ill1·r,

Uu n n, S hu,.,., a·. JJ. Fr.n·. I •. f .fill~.

S tt•\' (·rr s,tn .

~npqnmnr~s "Seniors, \\'alk a littl e faster" Says a Junior, as he fec.:ls All the Sophomo res behind him Treading fast upo n h is heds. "See h o\\' eage rly the Freshmen And the Specials al l ad van ce \Ve a rc \\'aitin g for the plat fo r m H u rry 11p, g ive ti S a cha nce." Grace L ee (ad dressing Prof. Hans:: n in B otan~· class): ndl the round spot in t he middl e of the cell ?"

"Sa ~· kid. 11·hat ~ ~ it

\' Otl

Snapshots fo r the" p,~ ru via n " ,,·ere bei1:g disc ussed in class chapl'l. ~Iiss J ackson : " I think 11·e ought to ha ve a gro1 1p pict11 n: of thl' I ,ong~. consid ering f1 o11· man y of th em 11·e have." ~I iss l>11nn (to D oris f rye): "\.Viii you be in it. Do ris?' ' Ruth :\Ic\ ' ittie \\TOte a theme upon "Love, :\Iarriage. and Di nJru·.'' \ \ ' h e n P rof. ' Vi lson h and ed it back sh e fo11 nd 11-rit ten at the bottom, " 11 a1-e yo ur fo l b read t h is -:>" Ask her if you may.

t.9t 7

\\" i lliam~. P r:l ll lt', Dunn. I.~Hl!!'. ~ l t·\"itlt'l'. l .ong-ft•lluw , \\'hi lt' . :--;.t·hof•ntat. \'a n t·t•. ::;h'n.•n s n ll. ) I i llc>r.


Kinto n . .l:u·k ~o n. l.on ~. ('Iifl un . L. Dl 't's~lt· r . ('ole-. 1,. fJnng. S hal't'a 1'. \\' t•a l ht•rhog';:. n . F 1·yf>. BC':u·h lt>r.


搂 The time has come no\\. W il so n says T o ta lk of ma ny thin gs ; Of photographs and snapshots, Of \nitc ups and of rin gs, A nd if you've eve- r had the mumps And \\路hether So phs have \\. i ngs. E a rl L ong (i n Ph ysics class): " \ Vei l where's E x pnimer1t o7 ?" Prof. H endricks : " R ig ht this way, Brother Lo ng ." H ow doth our dark-haired presid ent Im prove his t ime at school ? He studies Parli amentary L ;l\\路, And lea rns its eve ry ru le. Tell me not in mourn fu l numbers T hat the Soph ies all a re broke. They may hate to pay their class dues But th ey' re \路cry so lvent folk.






Our F reshman C lass of "1917", T ho small \\路e've lots of pep and earnest zeal. The fortune's ship goes sailing on its ,,路ay W ith our Professo r Pa lmer at t he ,,路heel. The pilot and the crew are thirty-one. T he band is loyal and is true-we n eed n o more. T he Captain, Gaylord C hase, a ,,路orthy g uide, Wi ll help the pi lot lead us safe to shore. Three long years are stretching on befo re us, T hru battles hard we' re sure to w in t he strife. Many victories we have won thru honest effort A id us to greater victories in life. COR/\ CLOVER.

Fnulknn. l) n•r h o lt. Lan dolr. Hn ck~r. Brunsdon, P eter son . II i<lt•. ::;t itt. n. \\" il ki n son , Pn t tt•r:-;on . R ca!:'On (' r, Corley.

:\l l'C'o nl('y, fl ay(':-;. Chase-.

Ad :lm ~ .

Conkl(\ Vnncc.

Clifton , Cole, Clo,·cr. Heywood, F la u. Haznrd.



lfl'r.esqman .1J1ri11s Seniors you can always spy, By their lofty mien; ] un iors,-you don't need to tryThey're ah,·ays to be seen.

Sopholllores ~·ou can a l \\·ays tell. By their looks and s uc h , Vreshies you can al so tel l But ~· rn r can ' t tl' ll thc·m milch!

If a body meet a body Going thru the hallShould a body greet a bod~· O r stop and talk at all? -Not after \\·hat Miss C leland has said! Soph: "Why I thot you took geometry last yea r!" Freshie : "I did, but the faculty encored me !" Wh y is a goat nearly? Ans. Because he's all but.

1917, 1918, 1919,


SHAKESPEAREA 1 SC I-fOOL RECORD Freshmen: Comedy of Errors. Sophomores : IVIuch ado about nothing. Juniors : Love's labor lost. Seniors : All's \\·ell that ends " ·ell. CLASS STONES Freshman- Emerald. Sophomores -HIarncy Stone. Juniors -Grindstonc. Seniors -Tombstone.

George: " I press my suit on bended knee !" Rachel : "Why don't you have an ironing board? " Umpire: "Foul!" Freshie: "Where's the feathers?" Umpire: " Th is is a picked team." Gaylord: " I fell d0\n1 the \\·ell yesterday." Carl: " Did you get hu rt?" Gaylord: "~o the \\·ater \\·as soft so I " ·as unharmed , but I felt a littl e pail com ing up."




)fardis, CaldwPII, Palmcz·. ;\l•wkpnonz:. CJc,·tnJ.;£•1·. \Volft.• , Br·ow u .

There have been many classes It may be Made up of lads and lasses Of degree; Not one of them is fit for Naming here, They needn't think they're IT For they are queer. We're the mightiest and the rightest That there arc, The lo vel iest and brightest ~car and far; All handsome and real "·itty, Good looking if not pretty, We're the finest in the cityEach a star. We all enjoyed our p1cmc, ~ot to boast-

But the most of a ll o ur frolic Was th e ,,·ienie roast. O ne member a] most fell Into a S\\'OOn ! lkcause, poor little Bell e, She lost he r spoon!' C harades \\·ere played, And to be sure, 't\\·as fun; \Vh cn at last the yd l H ~ - Palmer ,,-a,; begun . \Ve'll bring you 110\\. to another J oyous stun t, The cats- oh my!They almost make o ne gru nt! Of al l ne\\" sm iling faces to beh old1'11 have to end this story '::\J ost untold! FR I EDA

:u .

KA:\fME R E R .


Fhdh•l'. ~ ntTi ~. llnrttm. B:adt•t', Colt'. F t._•l' llttl:\11, 1\. idd. E . l~a·o wn. 2\ l u~h,•n . fl ay,·s . ~th· •·:-:. <'h·, ·t•n;.:t>t". ~hntTat·.•l oh nson, lludson. :\I illt'l". .\dt•t•. Ht'H\\' ll. \\\df~ .

1\::tlllt•l' t •l".


Pi<·kPrPI, Calc! wl'll. C'nok. Pnlmc r . 'l'y nf'l', ,\ . Rn•hm. H eed . Ma(' kpran f.!. l l opp , Tru e, l't·alt cr. i\Innlis . Jns t e nso n, L. Hr(l' hm, Gn n·ison , L nuk(•mpe r , Harrison. Gwin n. J(ay<'s.

SPECIAL ANECDOTES Ashes to ashes, dust to du st , If Botany don' t kill us, Ph ysics mu st. "I thought you r mother said you cou ldn 't go to the picni c." Fairy Garrison: "That's why I'm here." Laugh and the world lau ghs with yo u, Frown and you wri nkle your face. Mamie C levenge r: " I smell paint." L elah Hartzell: " I t's not on my face." Nettie Beachler : "Ever take chloroform?" Anna Wolf : "No, \Yho teaches it?" Teacher: "Someone please give us a defi ni te description of t h e sun." A brilliant Student: "The sun is a yello"路 arri val from \\路ay dmn t cast, who goes west dail y, operates a heating and lighting trust, draws \\"ate r , paints pictures, develops crops, liquidates the ice business and profits by his dail y " 路ays and a lways has a shine."




Jligq §rqool T he Senio r Divisio n of th e Hig h School as it is no,,· o rga nized co nsists of the nin th and tenth g rades, ,,·ith a n enroll ment of app roximate ly sixty pupils. The course of study is similar to that main tai ned in. th e correspo ndi ng ~ rad es of typical ~ ebrask a high schools. ~rl anua l trai ning is provid ed fo r the boys, \\· hil c cou rses in Sl' \\·in g and cooking gi ve practical direction to the g irls' industr ial ,,·o rk. H igh school teac hers arc chosen with reference to the ir special fitness fo r the su bject they seck to t each , and upon recommendation of th e de partment of t he :'\ ormal Sch ool in 11·h ic h each teach er has made her preparation. During the school year approximatel y fif t y se n iors have opportunity to teach class::s in t hese grades. The compl etion o f the T . .f. ).l ajors T rain ing Sch ool bui lding affo rd s mos t cxce l k n t and commodious quarters fo r t he school. A special asscm hly is maintained excl usi,-c ly for th e high school , and pl enty of ~~-ell - heated and ~~-el l - lighted cl ass rooms make almost ideal co nd itions for instru ction. The large gy m nasium is most pop11lar as a play and rec reati ve ce nter. Each g rad e in the school elects its o11·n office rs and maintains its ow n class organ ization. The personnel of cl ass officials fo r the cur rent yea r arc: T enth g radepresident, L a11-rence Rouse ; V. P. , C lyde Ive rs; Sec ret a ry-Treasu rer. Ric h a rd 01-c rholt; C hairman of Progr am Committee, T ed Co 11·el ; a nd S . at A .. H erman Rhodu s . ~inth g rade-President, :'\ eil Cole ; \ ' . P. , K in gs ley House ; Sccret;u·~·-Treas llrer. Hallie \ Vcaver; C hai rman Progra m Commi ttee. :\lildred Fisher; S. at A .. J ac kson \ Vcave r.

(/ I'


H ath. \ \ 't ' H \ ' f' l', \\",•a\'t' l ". l.t• \\· i:-.. B un-.. ( ' h uJ nl ~t·r~. Ellintt. :\1 ihw.:-.. I l:h·k,•r. llnu't ', \\"i i ... P n. I' J ., •tlt' l',

\' :IIH'f'.



] Ian·~ . R :uh•t·. ( :o ldl>t•rn·. l h•lzt•ll. CoiP. ,.a;lt't'. ~l c · h: t• H IIP\' , h:o hl t• r. Bah•:-o . ~ lw llh ot·n. II u fl'P; ., l·' i:.; ht·L


( ;i lfila ru l. Jn·n,, B i!- h ' 'i'· J·:r J,.,._ I Jr•·.., .. J,. ,.. .\ l •· l.;:,., ,. ,. ,.. tiillw r l. l';n (·o. ('o \\'t-1 1. .\J ;tj•,r·-... Elli, , (), •·rltol l. l•::. d ' .

R ('d fe rn. I J·rrlllo 'l. Hnp~·f'. Co:ll Hodc l\:o h l4!r. \"arH·f·. R·ul1•r. \ ' a ut·f• . ('amt·n:n . Pa rriot t. H h odt · ~. l .t·wi~.

I .an dolt .


( '0 .\C'll .1011:-.-So:-.-

" TIc; 1·:--

I I.\:-; 1·: Y

F uJJI ,:w l..:

1.; I I> I ! End

" ( · . \ I' "

lJrnothall When th e Peru students look back o n the football season of 1916 it shou ld con1c ~o them as one of th e most success ful and enj oyable yea rs that the community has C\Tr been pri vi leged to \\'itness. Peru had a footba ll tcarn \\'hich shotdd long bc remembered by all \\·ho sa\\' th em play. The cooperation bet\\·een th e schoo l and the team did mu ch to give t hcm th e env ia bl e record but the team spirit and the good fe llo\\·ship of every man on the squad \\'aS a n equally important factor. Every man played for t he love of t he game and for the honor of the school and each gave the best that ,,·as in him and ga ve it ,,·ithout a g ru dging thought. The team ,,·orked as one man and th ere was a feeling of coi:i pcrative s pirit ,,·hic h IS the one requisite in prompt, definite, t eam,,·ork \\'hich brings r esults . The first da~· the squad assembled on th e ath letic field they displayed t he spi rit \\' hi ch c harac terized the entire season's ,,·ork. True, th e squad \\' aS not large but they ,,·e re a ll there for a purpose, and each man carried his ,,·ork to a defi nite end . 1~herc ,,·ere no "qu itte rs" and th e "rese rves" gave the "varsity" the best t hey had in thc endeavor to build up a strong team. Of cou rse t he first game ,,·as played " ·ith our old friend s th c " Coyotcs" a nd on Sept.

29 we started the series of battles " ·hich placed Peru on the pe rm a nent foo tba ll map. This being our first game the line \\·as some \\· hat ragged, b ut th is, of cou rse might ,•,-ell be ex pected because of the lack of trai11i ng . Th e back field especia ll y s lo\\· and er ratic on the start showed g reat room for improvement. It \\·as so me of the o ld men \\·ho came to th e rescue and turn ed th e tid e of battl e for Perl!. Th e prin cipa l

I · · ~f.\ HT Y""

t' H.\ I(;

(~Ha rtl ' l·ltu,·k

""K\ XD Y "" l l alfha.-1;

··f~ l·:p··

1-:~ Dl i·:H TT

l lalihad;

S~IITII ll:dih:~ck

""l;t"XIIO.\ T""

men in this mo,·e \\"ere '' \ "ic' ' J ones and "Charley" Spacht an d if you \\·ill let yo ur memo ry ro,·e you ca n recall that they \\·ere al\\·ays on the j ob. Sch neide r , " R ed" Emmert and ' 'Tu bby" Bell , all ne\\. men made a permanent place for themseh-e:> on the tea m and in the hea rts of the stud ents. \ Vc ca n rightly say that the credit of th e k w score shou ld be give n to the "sc ra pp~· " Peru lineman. Scor e-Wesleyan 0 P eru 0. Peru 's second game \\"as played O ctober 6 th at G rand I sland . H aYing left P eru O ct. 5th and after a good nig ht's rest at Gra nd I sland the team \\"as in the Yery best possible condition. In th is game g reat improyement ,,·as shO\nl in the ability of the line to hold on the defe nsi1·e an d to cha rge together on the offensive. The backfield also d isplayed a marked improvement on:r th e prc,·ious game. " R ed" E mmert and "G unboat" Smith made consistent gains thru the G rand I sland line 11·h ile Captain Ha ney de mon~trated his ability to punt and tac kle. 0 f th e I inemen \\"e \\"Oul d say that this \\·as "\ · ic's" greatest defensi 1·e game of th<> yea r and is probably the o ne that 11·on hi m his place on th e all-state ele,·en. For\\"ard passes ,,·ere used frequ entl y and to good ad,·antage by both of th e teams. 1t \\·as in this game that " l\Ia rty" Craig got his first drop kick of the season and a lso sco red th e first touchdo\\"n fo r P eru. T he scoring \\"as in a large measure due to the passing and pun ting of Captain "Tige". It \\"as a clean fast game and Coach J ohnson \\"as ,,·ell pleased hy the sho\\·ing of i he P eru team. The \·a lu e of tea nn1·o rk and team spirit co uld easily be seen. Smrt·- (;rand Island 7 P eru 9.

I )I

\\".\01-: r 1 1."\\"l·: r. r.

·· f)(w·· 0\\' 1·::-.-s



·· ,. w· ·

.1 o :\I·: s

J·:u d

·· s I 'I·::\ ( 'I·:·· 1. 1·: IIC ; 1-: I{ l<n d

After the splendid showing made by the team away f ro m h o lll c al l t he P l'nl\·ia JIS were anxious to sec the team in action at home. On Octobe r thirteenth , Tarkio journeyed to P eru \\·ith the intention of s po il i n ~ ou r record and stoppin g ou r upward fl ig ht. Tarkio had a somewhat patched up team but they fo ught gamely until the sou nd of t he fi nal 11·histl e 11·as h ea rd. vVith a ll this however they fo und th emselves unable to hold the sp:::edy P eru vians. It \\·as in this game that " Tige" showed his \\·onderful abi lity in backin g up the lin e. :\I ot having fu ll y recovered from injuries received in the G rand I sland ga m e, Sch ncidcr ou r trusty center was replaced by W. Emmert ,,·ho showed good fo rm in his bl ocki n g and tackling. Other line me n \\'ho were on the job durin g t his fra y were " Jac k" A ll s m a n , S pach t, and Bell. "lVlarty" Craig got one drop kick from the thi,·ty-threc yard line a nd w l' ubby" a nd "Gunboat" Smith each scored tou chdowns. Score-Tarkio 0 P eru 17. On O ctober 20th, \\·e received a visit f rom our old fr ien ds a t C rete, and they came: prepared to t rounce the P eru Team in a th o rou gh manner. As has been a time ,,·o rn custom, the game was played on a ,,·ct and sli ppery field. This fact is probab l y t h e only reason \Yhy the score is comparativel y small. Peru carri ed the ball \\'ithin st rikin g distance seve ra l t imes du rin g t h e ga m e , but lost on a fumble or we re unable to advance because of t he slippe ry fie ld. Doane endangered the Peru goal only once durin g the entire game; and t he n o nl y fo r a moment, as 11·c ,,·ere able to punt out and hold fo r downs.



'', 11-:\\"'' St' II :\1-: 11 11-:H


" 'I' I ' II H Y " IH: 1.1 . T:u·kh•

".1.\('K" AI.I.S~I.\:\ <;uanl

"Cll l ' CK" SP.\ Cil1' 'l'ncklc

'l'hcrc \\' as no scori ng o n either side until the third quarter, and then " ~larry" Craig staged a d rop kick. ,,-hich ,,·as the onl y poi nts made. Too much credit can not be give n to t he lin emen fo r their fighting, and to the backfield in the m anner in ,,·hich they backed up t heir team mates. Schneider and "Vic" Jones ,,·ere both out of the game, but their places \\'e re abh · fi lled by \tVil bur, and "Red" Em mert. T he backfield men on both ;cams ,,-e re se riously hand icapped , and ,,-ere practicall y unable to sho\\' their real abi lit\·. Speaking in ge nera l it \\·as- a ga me of end ura nce. and an oppo rtunity to de,·elop o riginality in foot-ball tactics. Sco re- Doanc 0 Peru 3 O n October 27 th, t he so-far ,·icto r ious Peru team \\'C nt dmn1 to its on ly defeat of the season. This game ,,·as probably one of the hardest foug ht contests that ,,·as played b::t\\·een th e secondary colleges of the state, this season. P eruvia ns \\'e re g r ic,·ed to sec the hopo.:s for a championship shattered, but th ey ,,·ere pleased to kno\\' that th e Peru Team fought ga mel y to the last \\'h istle. The first quarte r \\'as scoreless, " ·it h P eru on th e dcfe nsiH· ; but in the scconcl, by a snies of ,,·icl e end runs and line plunges, foll o,,·cd by a long fon\·a rd pass, the Yo rk \ .·a r riors sco red the first touchclO\\' IL They sco red another soon after b,·. ret urnirw b a punt. The th i rd q uarte r sa,,· another tou chdo\\·n acld ed to th~ list, but in the last period th e P eru T eam rallied , ancl ad,·anced to \\' ithin fiftee n yards of the Yo r k goal, before th e \\'histl e ble\\·.


- - - -- - -- - - -- - - - - - -

- -- - - -- - - - - - - -- - -- - - - -



1·: .\1 .\I 1-: RT Ou a rd

110\\".\Rl> S.\IIT I I T :wkl ..

T .\I.I:OT 111 " \" T ( ju a l 'd

•• ,, 1< ·r-: ·· .\ II·: 1"'"' \" 1·: 1:

c; ,, ;,rd

Jones and Haney 11·e re the defenders, a n d Smith car ri ed t h e ha ll in good fo r m. h11t there were really no "stars" ; every m an g a,·e th e best t h at was in him, a nd foug ht til t he last ditch . A sid e f rom all th ese facts, th ey played "clean'' . and 11·hen you coup le rhese qualities together <md d ist ribute them among a team of lo~·a l Pen1 playe rs. ~·n1 1 ,,·ill easil y see that it is no disgrace to lose. Score- York 20 Peru 0. Th e Bel levue g ame ma rked the highest effi cie ncy o b ta ined in t h e bac kfield d ur in g t h e season. They did not h ave a great amount of punc h , b1 1t t h ey 11·orknl smoo thl y an d got .,,,·ay fast. The entire team displa yed marked improvemen t in teamwork. ' J'he end s and tack les 11·ere in th e play on d efe nse as ,,·ell as offense, a nd Bellevue 11·as un able to clcn·l o p an y play more complicated than a straight line p lunge, or a sh ort e n d run. " R ed " Emmert. C ald11·cl l, Smith , C raig, and H a n ey ca rr ied t he ball to good ath·an t;~ge ; and in the latter part of the g ame Sandb~ rg hit the ho les in a n:r y cred ita ble manner. "Tige", th e old stand-by, was at his sam e positio n, and back ed up t h e l ine in a way that 11·as fu ll y appreciated by ou r line me n. T h is game 11·as atte nded by a g reat numbe r of t h e loya l Peru,·ia ns 11·ho see m ed t•> ge t a g rea t deal of sat is fact ion fro m being ab le to ch eer for th ~· " Old ~ ebraska :'\ ormai" once more. On ::\"0\·ember 17th, th e Omaha Cni1·ersity team ca me to Peru a nd furnish t·d the ·-: onn alitcs a good practice game in preparatio n for t h e Kearney gam :·.


Peru had a d ecidt'tl ;uh·a ntag e in ~pee d. experience. and gen era l knO\dedge ot toothall tactics. The Blue and \\' hitc goal 11·as in danger at no time during the e ntire ;~ame, as t he Red ami Black team ,,·et-c nen·r nea rer than thirty ya rds of scoring. Touchdmn1s follo,,·ed each oth er in rapid succession. and c1·c ry one ,,·as overjoyed to ~ee " \ "ic" ga ll op 01-e r the ,,·hire line ior hi~ first touchdO\nl of the ~cason. '' R ed " Emme rt abo made so me good runs a nd Captain ''Tige" plo,,·ed thru the line for l!ains. ra111!ing irom fi,·c to liit~· yank ln th e last part of the game Long and 1-.::idd. t11·o oi the n·st'ITcs. 11-cn· se nt in to rel il'\·c the \"arsity men. and also t~ ;!:in· thctll some expc rien n ·. :\len ~uch a~ tlll'se must make up the tram next vear. and they ~h ou ld be gi1-e n e1·e ry oppo rtunit~· to de1·elop into good clean players. . Sm n·- Peru ..J.S O maha L ni. 0. O n :\To1T111her 2-J.t h, the Pe ru team a nd the :'\ o nnal Ban d engaged 1n battle wirh th e simil a r orl!anizations of Kt·arney. \\·e shou ld also mention the "rooters" and , raunch supporters of t he team. T his ,,·as the on e big ga me oi the year. a nd the one to which 11-c had been looking iorward since the season opened. \Ve recei1·ed a h ea rty welcome from the Kcarnc~· ddegation when 11·e a li<Thted from ou r SJ>ecial coach; a n d this courteous treatment will . b <d11·ays be cherished remembrances of the Team and Band. Of the game, we need not tell a great dea l, since it is for the most part ancient histo ry. "Ctlllboat" S mith 11·as the incfi,·idua l star. and scored t11·o of the touchdO\nls 0n long runs. "Doc" 0 11-cns started the game. and he 11·orkcd hard. as he afl,·ays cl0es. H e was rei ic1-cd b~· " Red'' [mmert. 11·ho showed a g reat deal of speed . " \ "ic," "Tige", a nd Schneide r played a good clefensi1·e game; in fact. e1·cry one got in, and ~~a ve all he had in the pinches. Talbot Hunt 11·as ab le to make himself noticed a t 1-!Ua rd , and he displayed a good dea l of abi lity and agg ressi1·encss. The 1·ictory and th e cou rtcous treatment 11 ·ill al 11·ays be remembered hy those who 11-erc fortunate enough to make t he trip and sec th e gamt·. Score-Peru 20 K ea rn ey 6. O n T h a n ksgiving Day, on of the la rgest cro11·ds of the year sa11· the Pnu team pia~· their last g ame of the seaso n. This game 11·as played 11·ith Cotn e r, and constituted 11·hat is consid e red one of the brst games of the rea r. The team ll'as at its b~st. and ind~ed seemed to realize that t hey liTre playing for th e honor of the schoo l. The cA1cicnc~' of the scoring mecha n ism a nd team work is l'l·ident ll' hen 11·e consider t he dccisi1·c sco re. The fi rst quarter ll'as wit hout sco re; and it looked as thoug;h 11·e \\ ' Cl'C to ha1·e a roya l l•attle. ln the second period things began to happen. and from then on it 11·as a series of long a n d short. bu t steady ach·ances. J ones. Smith. Sa ndberg, H aney. and Craig ::tarred for P eru. This last game, mo re than a ny ot her sho11·cd the real ability of the Per u team. The on ly regretable fact is that I-I ane· ~·. Craig. B. 1-: nmll'rt. Lee Smith, Spacht, L cgn, \V. Emmert. Schneider. H. Smith. Bell. and .Jones ha1't' iought th1·ir last f1gl 1t for Old Peru.

:...;'Col '//





'" A1<.Sl ! .Y" Snncht, Schneider, Sandber g. T yson, Bell. Smith, Jones.

BASKETBALL SC HEDULE FOR PERU, 19 17 Games Nebraska City Athletic C l ub vs. P er u, at P eru Jan. II; 0Jebraska City 21; Peru 9. Creighton vs. P eru, at Creighton, Jan. 12; Creighton 30 ; P eru 17 . Kearney :'-rormal vs. Peru, at Peru, Jan. 2+; Kearne y J-1.; P eru +0. Ne\\路ton, Kansas vs. Peru, at Peru , Jan. 30; Ne\\'ton IR; P e r u 30. York Coll ege vs. P eru , at Pe r u, February 2; York 9; P eru 18. Cotner University vs. Peru, at P eru , F ebruary 7 ; Cotner 15; P eru 19. Wesleyan University vs. P er u, at Peru , February R; W esleyan 19 ; Pe ru H. Wesleyan Cnive rsity vs. Peru, at Peru, f ebruary 9; \ Vesleyan I H; Peru 23. Grand I sland vs. P eru, at Peru, February 15; Grand I sla nd 12; Pen1 20. D oane Coll ege vs. Peru, at Peru , D oane II ; Pe ru 2 1. \Vesleyan \路s. Peru, at \ r\Tesleyan , February 19; \Vesleyan 37; Peru 6. Cotner \ 'S. Peru, at Cotner, February 20; Cotner 27; Peru 13. York vs. Peru, at York, February 211 ; York 27 ; Peru I 8. Grand Island \ ' S. P eru, at Grand Island, febr uary 22 ; C rand Island 0; Peru .2. By default. Kearney :\ ormal \ "S. Peru , at Kearney, February 23; K earney 2+; Peru 3+. D oane College \"S. Peru, at C rete, F ebruary 2+; Doane I 5; Pe r u 22.

" SC'Rl"BS" Lon ~:.

Crai ~.

Kidd. Kutn<. Scl~ mcn t. C:dtlwell. Lnng.

A 1B.esum.e of tq.e ~ash.ethall §.easnn The leading \\'inter spo rt o f practica lh· all schools and colleges thruout the cou ntry 1s basketba l I. . In the last fe\\' yea rs th is ga me has gained great popu la rity. The game is one in \\'hich a ll men on th e team must be ali ,-e a ll the time in passing o r receivi ng the ball. At one moment a team may be carrying the ball do\\'n the Hoo r on the offensive, on ly to find themselves the next moment on t he defensive, beca use of an intercepted pass by an opponent. T his continua l change of t he ball fro m the hands of one team to th e hands of t he other m akes the rc:;ult ,·cry un ce rtain and the game fascinating. The game being one that is played indoo rs brings th e audience in doss touch ,,·ith the pl aye rs and all o\\'s a close scrutin v of th e ,·a rious plays. A I th o \\'e did not \\'in t he champi~nship , this season has in man y respects been o ne o f the most inte resting and successfuL In enthusiasm and attendance this season has had no equal. The aud ience has pro\'ed itself courteous in the t reatmen t of the visiting tea ms. The team has the name o f being one of th e fastest and cleanest teams in the state. This is due not on ly to our Coach and Ca ptai n, but to all th e squad. A compa rison o f the ave rage scores of the ga mes for t he last fe,,· years and of this yea r sho\\·s the latter sco rin g percen tage to be less. But this is easily accounted fo r by the ne\1' system of playing. T his new st yle o f pl ay calls fo r a four or fi,·e man


-/..) ///"(-' / --'/ //t /


T his is the fi rst yea r that in te r-co ll egiate team:-; han: ttscd t hi:-; s~·s te tn of

defense. defense.

~\IIost of the games were won at ho me; o n t he trip three games \\T I T lost . a nd t h re;· won. Some of the teams th at have defeated us a rc C n :ighto n , the 11·innn s of t he State C hampionship ; Wesleyan \\· hich defeated t he Sta te L n i1-ersi ry. and is second in the State ranking; and t he .'\ebraska C ity Athletic Associatio n. ll'h ich has o ne of t he fastest independ ent teams in th e m idd le west. C aptain Schneider at center scored more than ha lf t he en ti rl' nt ttnber of poi nr:-; made, ll'hile Sandbe rg, (Ca pt. elect ) , C unboa t Smith , Ttthhy Bell , an d T yso n played very good games as forll'ards. The old rel iab le g uards, ./ o nes a nd S padlt 1n· rc al\\·ays on the j ob and th e smallness of th e opponents' sco res can largely he attrib tttcd to them. :.VIost of th e men leave this year, but ll'i t h "Sandy" a nd ti H· Coach in act io n, next yea r 's team 11·ill be ' ' there and ove r."

- - - - - --

f I





- - -- - --


- -- - -








I IJ ,,

\lu, ..




.. • ~

\ .,.., 11

1/,... ...

.. ~.

, d4( \"' ....... -

.. /."~... \·~





POOT8FJLL -"'- : TRI ?s \~








I )f7


- - --

-- -

- - - - - - --

- - - -

- -- - -



Annual <!rnttr.ert PRO<; R.'\l'vl Part I Stat e 1\'ormal Or c h e~ tra .N! arch-linde r the IJouh lc Eagle''Lustpi e l " . \ · lol m Solo-Soll\·enir

, .il{/ll t'r

Rd,.,., R rla Franz Drdla

. ~ISS C tL\Rl.OTTE S IXT.I , MISS LA UR.\ MAC KPR .\ :-;r., .lrro mfnni.<l .ntcrmezzo Sn10n 1co f rom Ca 1·a ll eri a Ru ~ti cana. Ma~cagni-" 0 Sol M io" Part I I Cornet Du et-' 'Cou~i n ~·· E nw.\IW L. SE L E ~1E:-.:T, \VII.l. l.Ut i\'OI'.\K MISS Tt·IO~'I.\S, .-I a om panisl Piano Solo-Chopi n-P r elud es Op. 28, N os. 20, 7 and 6




Cornet Solo-From t he S ho re~ of the Mighty Pacifi c ED\·L\RD L. SELEM E:-.:T M1ss T!IOM .IS, .-lao mpani.rl Baritone Solo-Brid e of the \Va \'CS H .I ROI.D CH.\TE LA I =' MR. C .ll.DW ELL, .·/ rrom panist Part Ill Pe nt Roy~· Ba nd Q,·e rtu re-LiY in g Pi cture~ l'v1a reb- Show BO\· . Part I \ ' State Normal Band Rm·a ] Italian March \'o~al Solo-Ro~e of M y H eart Mrss JE A:-.: E-rn: MEYERS, Band A ccompanying Se ren ad e-Come Out in th e Moonl ig ht (Durt for Rnrilo.ur and r: orrt rl ) 0verture- P oet and Peasant :--Jational March- Daug hter of t he Ameri ca n R e,·olution



1/ a/J,.,-/ r:tad · 1!,.,-/J,.,-t r:lnrk

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"lila 1111;111 1917



\Vc \\'e re fortu nate i11 scheduling a number of college debates immediately and shall debate t\\'o questions. \ Vith :.\Iidland College, a Lutheran Church school of Atchison , Kansas, our debate rs " 路ill uphold the aft'rmatin at Peru, Ap ril 23, of the (jcustion of the abandonment of the :.\Ionroc Doctrine. 路 The debaters against Kansas arc : Bryan Emmert, :.\Iildrcd :\Ionia, and Glen K elley. O n T hu rsday, Apr il 26, this affirmatiYe team debates at Crete against Doane College on the same ques tion. The negative \\'ill be upheld at Peru the same night by Stephen Duerisch, l\I yr tle Harris, and Talbot Hunt. The othe r question for debate \\'ill be the one of Compulsory A r bitration. It will be affi rmed at Peru by Fred Kuh lma n and Ray Robertson and denied by debaters f rom the Colorado State Teachers' College, of Greeley, Colorado. This is a dual debate and the same night the debate is held here, President Hayes '"i ll have at G reeley to uphold the negative, Ve rne C hatelain and R icha rd Meissner. There arc characteristics prevalent in each debate r \\'h ich we have been asked to show in t heir moderation: Bryan Emme r t \\路as one of those \\'ho ,,路on out last yea r in debating. He has a fi ne voice, is apt, and quick at retort. By one ph rase last year he made all the judges and people sit up and take notice. His voice is hard to beat and coupled \\'ith his powers of oratory make a combination that is harcl to beat. \i\Te predict for him a pl ace among the orators of the coun t ry. l\IIildred l\ I onia and l\tly r tlc Harris are both young \\'Omen that must command respect. T hey arc handsome, polished, graceful and have excellent poise. Both have no hesitancy in attacking the enemy and both have every confidence necessary to fig ht well. Both are quick at repartee and both ha\'C excellent presence on th e stage.

\ V hen t hese t \\'0 gi rl s re prese nt P e ru , H"ho Gill ~ ra nd ag-a1n -. r " ': look w ei[ to th eir la urel s.

:\II ,, h o .I n h t·r tc-r

G lenn Kell ey is q uiet, unob t rus ive and not IT II l' ld e nt h 111 ,,·he1 1 IH· nn n· g-t·r-. ,.. tirr c d for th e fig ht it \\·ou ld t a ke a b u:t.z s a\\' in motion to stop hi ' o n -. la ii J.!: ht. I l c thit1k s an d th en thin b som e m o r e. W hat he s ays is to t h c po11H and Ia· g-nw r all \ floors hi,.. opponent w ith blows too fo rmidabl e to he resis ted. S teph en Due risch 1s a m o d e rn Stephe n A. Dol lg-1 a ,.,. Both ha n· 11111d1 d e h a t i n g!;tock in th eir blood , bo th arc think e rs, both are of a s i:t.e . '" both arc- \\"i tt ~· . both are w ise." Both whittl e an a rg um ent to a po in t and t hn1 knoc k th e poi11t off. I I is o r at or y is patte rn ed afte r th at o f D o uglas and his blo\\"s arT j tht a s tt·lli11 g. Talbot Hunt is j ust the opposite of D e11risch as to s ii".l' a11d " ·h('n h (' s ho\\" s hi s s treng th in a rg ume n t a nd q uick H"it and e ' -e r r ead y s tory t hat i,., p at. , ,. t. an· gn·atly r emi nd ed o f th a t em ine nt Ame rican \\·h o ,,·a s al\\·a ys rT nli rld('d o f a s tory . H ur1t is

II is h r a i 11 s. hi s aptwa ran e e , his ana lytic pow e rs ought to put fear int o th e rank s of t h e e 11 c m y. Frederic k K u hlm a n h as an excell e nt voice, ;tn athl e ti c ma1111 e r , a11d a11 app e aran c e \\'hich a r c in his favo r. H e is a m ode rn Antae u s and \\" e al\\·ays li11d him g-ctting up w hen we thi n k ,,.e h ave him fl oo r ed. H is mind is al\\"a ys r c ad y to see th e inco n s is t ency of th e o th e r 's a rg um ents and ,,·oe be t o him ,,·ho van es t'\Tr so I ittk fr o n1 tht·

a vo racious read er an d es pec ia ll y enj oys 1-:ng l is h s 11 b j ects.

point at issue. R ay Robertson a man of ex cellent vo ic e , fo r ce , and ability has been pi c k e d fr o ru th e stud ent bod y to t a ke th e place o f J o hn A ll sman , " ·ho had to le an· sc hoo l on accou nt of the sickn ess o f his fa t he r. :\Ir. R o be rtso n ha s pron·d hiru scli a good man in a lmost every pl ace o f impo rta nce a mo n g th e s tud e n t e fforts. 1-1 ,. has a fine s tag (' p resence, is not a f r aid of an yone, a nd has abilit y t o ama ss fac t s a nd ligures in a fo r c eful w ay. Ve rn e Chat elain h as been a d ebate r fo r a numbe r of yea rs and has ah\· a~·s b ee n ab le t o d o mig hty \\·ell. H e is a tirel ess \\·orkc r , has a kee n a n a l y ti c mind , and is a l\\·ays r ead y fo r an em e r gency. He h as goo d prese n ce, a firH' \·oice and is no t easily emba r rassed . He has a l\\·ays h ad th e ab ilit y of s ho\\·i ng an arg;um e n t in its g r·e atcst fo rce an d his confid e nce in h is s ubj ec t has n e , ·c r bee n able- t o lwget confidenc e in h is enem y. Richa rd ::\Ieissner is a d eb at e r of much ex pe ri e n ce . H l' 1s c lass pn·s id e nt a11d has a n u n usua ll y fi ne o ppo rtuni ty to s h o,,· hi s ca l ibe r. His , ·oice is bi g and st r or 1g, he t hin ks fas t and ,,·ith ou t effo r t. H is expe ri e nce in publi c s pea kin g has gi n· n him an easy platform g r ace , \\·hich ,,·i ll be in his favor . H e is a f,,· a ys bu s~· and is a g ood \\·orke r. W e expect m uch from h im in the co min g; c ontes t . \ Ve ha ve been ve r y fo rtunate thi s yea r i n h av in g Re vere nd Pl' t l'l' C ope of th e C hr·istian ch u rch to assist us in th e prepa r a t io n of t h e de b a t e rs for t h ei r c ontest . Re\T r e nd C ope is a coll ege d ebat e r of m u ch expe ri e n ce, h avi n g d e ba te d s ix times during hi s h is co ll ege ca ree r a n d \\·as a h\·ays on the \\·innin g t ea m. \ V e s h a ll n en· r forge t his se r vices sin ce h e has sac r ifi ced so man y o th e r t hin gs that h e might he! p 'R a hs fo r Cope.



Fi f t ee n



<!rqrs;nrt nf ~nmr 1J $qnulil1J.Iikr tn ®tut-t My intense longing 11·as fonm:r ly for a hom e (){ riduH·:-:- ;uul :- pkrulor. l ,,·i:-h e,i to have the kind of place 11·here it is natural to sar, •· .\I ~ h a t . .I arnt·:- ... a nd motor t o pink tea; the SO rt of p lace 11·here t he bettCI'Illt'nt <If t h e ij..!;rt Orant ( H H ll' i,.; t h e topi l· of co nversation , ll'h il e t he hig h iron rai lin ~ keeps th e sidell'alk pede:-tri:rrb frorn tcn rch ing t he ll'al ls of th e magnificicnt ed ifiu:. .\ TrHH' Y i ~ n ot a rna ttn t·rJ he con :-id erl'l l there. The great arc call ed by their first na111es. Th ere ortt· :- peab of " the lllillio n a in· T met at );ell·port," and "the you ng co u n t ll'it h 11·horn I tran·l ed in Pro \T rt n·." lrr those circ umstances it is easy to refer to "the ll'inning o f the inte rn a t ir,ral n rp- race hr my yacht," "the reco rd my bay ho rse ma de in t h e derb1· at· 1-:psorn Do ll' rt:- ." arHI "t h e ll'ay I played faro, a nd rou lette at :\.1 onte Carlo." Nly ideals have changed, ho11·ever , and condition:- :-r rt· h :rs lack cd read~ · ,·;r,.h r na~ turth er alter my p lans ; but my tastes d o not yet require a hon·l on Pm·t-rn· Bortln·ard. M y artistic sense h as not q uite evol ved t o the staJ.!:C 11· h c n I am safi:-fiecl b ,· a h11t hurlt of Aattencd tin cans a nd adobe. :VIy deman d rs n ot <JIIite met h ~· a lwrrt nr st~· stmT


pipe for a ch im ney. A small , but n eat a nd com fortable horr sc i~ nrr d t·,.in· at pn·st·nt. and 11·ill be rn~ · d esire until my oil \\'ells yield th eir ten thrHtsancl ba r re ls a chy . and rrrrti l I J.!:t't 1111· patent on "The ~ ell' Improved F ly S11·atter." ' J'Iw cornr nr, ll'hc r l' cHn· l·an gl't t he pu re air and su nshine, suits me. Yet the adva n tages of being in to1r c h 11·ith the c it~·. and not living in narrow isolat io n ll'ill be sought. Th e pri1·iil'gc of art o utdoo r lift· and humanizing contact w ith the soil is beneficial. This co1rr1tr~· placl' 11·ill be m~ home a l11·ays,-du ring the sum mer's long d ays, ll'hen the ;u rt llrnn ra in heats ;; te a dil ~ · on the roof, and ll' hen its ch ee ry lig hts shin e o ut across th e 11·inter 's d ri f ted snn11·. Pardon me for being indefi nite in reg ard t o details . sirKe they an: \·ar iab l e a nd c:ril bt changed indefini tely. One ca nn ot say that ma te rial s of certain dim e n s ions, quality. and quantity will make a home. T h e c hi d thin g is that the rc.:sult in g in teriors d o not Took like hotel lobbies. There are ce rt ain things felt rath e r than see n th at make a home. It is questionab le if there ca n be abiding happinc.:ss in a r esiden ce ll'here the d eed is h eld by some ~ew York real estate compan y, or a rno rtgage is held by a Shylock in some humbler city. Fire proof mate ri al is preferred, because it is a g oo d busine;;s proposition. As fo r a ll real economies, the first cost may be more, but an air of pe rrnanen ce is give n t h a t n o frame building can have. T he danger of Indian r aicls is over ; co n sequently , b:::ttcr structures are being erected in this cou ntry. The refore.:, let m y house h e b11il t like London bridge : ''Bui ld it up 11·ith ston e so strong Then 'til' ill Iast fo r ages long." Americans develo ped the grand Ame rican type of arc hitec t11re. the colo nial. At a lm\·er cost more beauriful buildi n gs can be b u ilt in this t ype , than ir1 th e Gothic, Italian, or French Renaissance. Also, because it is artistic, I, as a patriotic Ame rica n , favo r the colonial st yle \l·ith its balance and proporti o n. It is said tha t other styles o1 build ings may come and go, but the colonial is a l11·ays correct. The rooms \\·ill be light and airy, \\·ith hig h ceiling s. A good modem sys tem of

li:rhting and heating will be in:;tall ed . :\s a rule bright colors ,,·jlf be in the norri 1 room:; and darker colors in the so uth rooms. The fu rniture ,,·il l be sturdy and substantial. Sa tisf~·i n g plainnc~s is less tiring than elaborate at tempts at beaun·. Prints of really fine ,,·o rk ,,·ill be preferred to paintings by inferior artists. One. motto on the ,,·all ,,·i ll be good. but trinkets that onl y catch dust ,,·ill be absolutcly ·climinated . A fire place, and shehTs of books arc needed for a home. Th e la,,·n ,,·ill be adjoined \\·itl1 tree bordered paths. and will afford a long unbroken ,-it·,,- toward the hig h,,·a ~· - Tops of other houses will sho\\· against their g roves. Grt·e n fields will surrou nd the house, and ,,·oodlands. and streams that ,,·and er among the g rass~· banks,-streams \\·hose \\·aters. splashing over the smooth round pebbles. a rc n ·cr dear. ·rh e tO\n~ rs, domes, and minarets of my fai ry palace allure me no longe r. Their bright mosaics, g listening fountai ns. g raceful ebony columns, and sih·er lattice \\·ark,· for me, ha,·e lost their charm. For they arc soull ess things. I never want to sit in tl1eir chilly, silent, tenantless halk I nc\-cr want to tread their cold hard stones. I do not \\·ant a mansion, howc,·e r stately, built of lifeless crystal an d heartless bronze. Gi,-c me a house that has association with life, where e,·cry nook and corner is dear. Let the dwel ling be fa r from hurry, st ri fe, and battle's fie rce contention. To the \\·andc rer \\·ithi n the gates of abode let soi-ra\\· and disappointment be forgotten. To the passing st rangn may happiness and childhood's pleasures be o nce more r ecalled , so that c\-c n he \\·ill say,-"Thc man \\·ho lives here cannot be other than wise and ;!ood, for t his is his home." STEPHE:-\ A. DEt:RISC H.

Nnu.e l.ett.e Episode No. 1 \ V ritten by G. Talbot Hunt It \\·as Autumn , it \\·as \ Vyoming and the pale of the eastern sky \\·as \\·a rming into a glittering tapestry of rose and gold \\·hen Betty \Vest, most irresistible of Vassar's grad uates, s\\·un g stiffl y dO\nl from the step of a Pullman, and stood looking dazedly about her. Twin thumps made by the unceremonious deposition of her trunks 111 the sand, the \\'hoop of the brakey, the thunder of the train. finall y losing itself in t he hum of telegraph wires, and she \\·as alone. The place \\·as certainl y no embellishment of her prcmomtJons. Indeed it seemed but to justify her worst fears. A ll about her stretched a desolate sea of sage, fadin g i11to haze and semi-darkness, just purpling in t he increasing light of the crisp Septembt J· dmn1. A\\·ay to th e left stretched a long low line of foot- hill s. relieving some,·.-hat the intol erable monoton y of this particular corner of the Great American Desert. To her right, seeming to increase rather than relieve her exq uisite lo neliness stood or rather crou ched a low sinister looking little building to "·hich she immediately attached the tel eg raph office, and f rom behind. \\·hich there projected t he hind wheels of some <lesc ri ption of ,-chicl e. "Whoa tha r' Buck, t ha r' hai nt nuthin' g \\·ine tu hu r t yer, usc a littl e rraso n an' decency, can't ycr."



Betty experien ced th e same re volution of feeli ng ol il \\·ak t· nin g t ro 111 a n 1111 pl ca::.ant d ream. H er hands Acw to her straying hair, th ence to lwr pockn . ti H· n n · to h e r face, and with a fe \\· deft circular motions her to ile t \\'a::. n Hnp ktcd . ' l'l~t· impri:-:on ing sage leaped back into oblivion. H e n: was the \\"l'!>t , the land ni r q rnall tT , he n · w as a man ; here \\·ere nC\\" worlds to conqu e r. I lrHn :\-cr, th e indi \·icltral appearin g befo re her at this j unct u re was hardl y a s uscept ibl e \·ic tirn o f he r fe minirH· dr a rm:-:. T all , emaciated, with th e eyes o f a strayed la mb, th e H" his kn::. oi a Tripo li t a n pirate, over his attire let us dra\\" a veil. "Be you th ' schoolmarm th et 's ~oin ' to teach O\'cr at C rirn ::.on (;,ri ch ?" " Oh yes , and ha ve you come to take m e?" "Yup." -Silence. " Is it ve ry far ?" " T olable, sixty-fi ve mile. " " Oh , then we must hurry-my tru nks arc o ve r here ." She watched him mutely \\'hil e he put the tnrnks into the a11tiq11; 1 t ed n·hidt·, \·ainl y trying to think of a fit topic fo r con versati o n. " This is an awfull y lovely cou ntry, isn't it, d o many peoplt· kan· hnt· ?" " Yup, feller left last week." " Oh, poor fellow, and was he homesick ?" ":'-!ope, wen t busted , too much ex pense fer strin g ." " F or st ring?" "Yup, to keep his hat o n, turr u blc wind y co untry. " How absurd that a man shoul d go bankrupt fo r such a reason. S till - hut rt \\"a:o: too ridicul ous. H e m ust have misunderstood her. She \\"Ot rld try aga rr1. " T hese horses arc rath er tem peramen t al aren ' t they?" "Why- Wh y-Yes, yes, th at mu ch an yho \\' ." "A re th ey ve ry dange rous, do they ru n a\\'a y ve r y o ft en ?'' "Why, no mum, th ey haint ve ry dange ro trs, least\\·ays th ey 's jes t as ma 11 y timt's th ey don' t r un off as th ey is times th ey do." \ Vas th is his criterion of a gentle ho rse? 1-l o \\· she \\·ished at that m o nH: nt th ill" ~he had not left a debut ante season behind he r fo r this s ill y mission a r y a d n: nture . She \\"aS g ranted li ttl e ti me for her bl ue tinted intros pection. fo r thc l"O \\·pun chcr h ad faste ned her trunks securel y, and she \\·as obliged to mount to the S\\·a yin g scat of the stage. Taking ad vantage of a moment \\·hen th e off horse H" asn 't loo kin g he climbed 4uickl y to the seat beside her, loosened th e reins o f the pl11ng ing broncos and the ~· \\·ere off. Episode ~ o. 2 \ V ritten by A. L e\\·is T yler. Y c gods ! Would this a\\·fu l sea o f sage a mi sa nd nc\·e r ha \·e an end ? F or h o trrs (surely there \\'as something \\"ro ng \\·ith he r \\·atch , fo r it sai d it \\·as o nl y t e n o'clock ) -for an interminable, vacant , achin g age, she had sat c r amped up there 0 11 that hard , jolting seat. Every m inu te she h ad t o catch d es peratel y at th e scat, the d river's arm or eve n the rei ns in or der to keep f rom being thrm\·n off the s t age b odi l y.


hy thl· " -ild cap ri n:~ oi t h e hor~c~ \\·hich her companion ,,-a~ managin g \\"it h a sort nf g r in1 pka~u re. L p to th i~ time ::he had not t ried to t h ink. or e\·c n ta lk-both she and th e l'O\\' JHI IKher \\Tre too much occupied in other \1-ay~. B u t it 11 0\\" occu r red to h er t hat ~ lw h ad n or :il"en a ~ou l out h ne in thi:: a l mo~t trackle:':' \\"a~tc. except t hi,; ~- J>lT in w n

by h er ~ide. Son l l"\\'a~· . l' \'l' ll mi~s io n a r~- \\·ork in t he \\·ild \\'Cst d id n ' t attra ct in: ll nl cs~ then· wen· people to m issi on ar ~· i ze. T his quest io n a bout t ht• po pu lat io n oi h n fut u re fit· ld of labo r w o r ried her. She e\·c n ,·c ntu red to a~k, " li e"'- 111an~· wne in atte JHia Jll'l' at the C rim,;on Gulch School ?'' " \\"al no\\-, ~·ou kno\\- \\T han• ter keep a ,;chool agoin ' " ·hcthcr thar 's a n ~·- (gol­ danJ! yer hide. jl·,;' you try shyi11' at nuther om: un them thar sticks !)-o r not. But a p uny las~ ~ud1 a~ ye ought ter h an· a " ·ho le room ful l. " S he la u g hed -rathn hy~ter ica l ly. :\ o one in that cou ntr~· can t el l \1-h~· . but e\-eryonc knows that at that m o ment thost· \\·ool ~· b r onc ho:; be~an to run and ~al l op wi ld ly on o,·cr that roughened road. draggi n ~ behin d t hem the s\\·ayi ng ::rage \\'ith it:' t\\'O hclp l c~s occu pan ts. Betty \\·as

~t'l' ll l \T r ~ ·

" ·il d " ·it h terror. She k n e\1· it "· a~ bu t a matte r of a fe" · momen ts " ·hen she could be fo rced to lo:;e her ho ld and be Hun g ofi t h e pitch ing ,·ch icle. In he r de liriu m it s•:e1m·d as if he r m in d's eye we re fixed o n a b rig ht, Ham ing red spot in th e dista nce :<u rrou n dcd by a du sty h a lo, ~\\· ay in g to a nd fro.-a nd comin g n ea rer , nca r .'\ s ud den, sid e lurch a nd she \\"a~ h u r lc:d ofi t h at mad stage. A nd in th at o n e mome n t t o kee n pe rcept io n t h at a lway:: JHen·cle:: a blo"· of the horribl e. she sa \\· t hat ~-?:a ll o ping by t he side of the coach \\·as a ma n- in a red shirt ! T hen a ll \\Tn t b lack. S he o pen ed her eyes; a quiver of pain ran thru her body; she \\·as ;m ·are of some O I H~ pou rin g a lot of sh arp. sti ngy ::tufi do\\·n he r th roat. Her h ead \\·as pil lo\\·ed on ni m so n f-l an nel. su pported by a ::trong arm. Bend ing close o\·er he r \\·as the face c; f a ma n suc h as she had ne\-e r see n. but read about all her life-stro ng, kind. ha nd:-omc. 1--l o\1· sh e " -orsh ip pcd the \ Vest! She mu r mured ,;omcth ing about Crimson <~1 1kh School. ''Y es," he said , '' 1\-e been t hin kin ' fer a long time a goin' to sc hool." S he s mi led ju::t a \\·ee. faint, ,;atislied smile. A n d Jlc\·e r was t he re a \\"Oman m o re g lad t h at sh e " - a~ m ist rcs~ of the nob le art of feig ned unconsnou~ r 1ess . Episod e :"\ o. 3 \\. ri tten by ~ I aie Osborn e " \ Vhat \\'ou ld han: h tTOilll' of me if ~·01 1 had not happe ned along.' ' ~igh ed l ~ett\· as sh e slo\\' ly opened h er eyes. " I t \\·as rather dangerous, wasn't it?'' he said pl easantl~· as he helped her into t he coach. " \ Naal, that \\-as a mighty narrow esca pe. Bob!' ' said the drin·r a~ he \\·hipped u p h is horses and started ofi. :\'o\1· it's al \\·ays just as afiai r:: arc g rowing interesting. that t h ings l ike this happen . Hr re, she had seen a ,·c r y ha nd some young man and " ·as j ust about to int roduce


herself s tnce t he clri \'er had made no 1110\T t r, , ll" lwn t h h st a r ted off.

n '' " '

di ...t- ol l rtt''" ' '


Betty caught herself looking ha ck in the din·ninn irnrn 11 ltidr tlt n had t"<Jn ll' and se1·eral moments pas. ed before s he 11·as co ll ~c io ll ~ ,,f hl'r t·on rpanirJJ t ra l ki111! ,, lw r. " H e's o nl y been in the Wes t fe r fo ur \'t·a n, rto l\'. IIi ... 11an w i ... l{ olwrt St illn r;1 11 Seem 's like a g ood ' 11 11 f i<·ll rJ \1·. t' \ 't' ll 1 Ito lw i ... nr rt· oi t iH·nt coll ege high brcds." A ll this made Bet t y the nHHT Cllri<J II .... \\ ' lw n· i11 thl' J-:a ... t had he li ved and what coll ege had h e atte nd ed ? A .., tlti., CII \I' JlllllciH·r 11 ;, ... t n i11 ;.:: tq ;" ' ''''t• r her incessant flow of qu es tions, t hey nea red t h t' t<lll' ll oi C r irn ... o ll ( ; 11kh. \\ ·a ... thi ... th e place in 11·hich she was to li1-c fo r nin t' mnnth ~ ~ II,," . t'<H dd ... h l' t' \Tr t·ndll rl' it ? If he had only met .\Jr. St illm a n she \\'a!> !> lilT drat thin!!" \\"<n dd h a l T p1·o 1 t·d nrnrl'

an' he's th e da rn engi neer.

inte resting, but t here 11·a s nothing t o do ' " '". h11t makl' tl w lw ... r of it. It was F riday afte rn oon a nd a q11arte r hol iday ;1t rlw -.d too l ..,q lkt t~ ... rart n l h,nw ea rl y. She II'<L'i not her us ual cheerf11 l !>d f- .,hl' had a lt \'a d adH· a nd .., IH' riHHIJ-!111 slH· 11·as a littl e homesick. She fo llrlln·d a path to tit\' \'t· r ~ top ,; a hill. Tl ~t· " "" , , ·a .., . hin ing d o11·n fierce ly hut the hn:eze 11·a!> cool. Sit(' ll" al kt·d al<liiJ! Jt () f in tl' rl' ... tt·d itt 1r hat s he sa w a nd think in g it was ra t her a ll 'a!>t <· of tir lll' . 11·h t· n ... ,, ,fd t·Jtll ..,lw ITt'OJ!· nizcd th at pleasan t 1·o ice 11·hich slw harl lwa rd hdnn· ... a ~ ill J! " :\n· \ () II l(),..r . .\li ...s

\rV es t?" ".'\o, :Vl r. Still ma n ," sh e replied.

Tht'n tlu·y lo, kl' d a t l' ac lt ot lt l'r and lalrJ! hnl. : hook hand s and Boh said , "~ow t hat liT an· fnrrnall ~· intt·<1d11 n· d . rna\ 11·alk 11·i th you ?" " I f yo u can help me run :m ·a y from rn y honH:!>ick rH'!>S. I ... hall lw rJHJ JT than p!l'as t'd.'' " Are you afflicted 11·it h t h at a1du l rna lady. trJ<l ? \Vei l. 11·h at do ~ - n•r kn o11· about that! We' ll have to fo r111 a soc ie t y fo r h ornesic k :" l'll' '\ ' orkl'rs. ll 'oll 't \IT?" asked Rob. "A nd say, let's h a ve th e m e mh<"rship l i111ite d to t11·o ... " H ey g it some actio n in the re, " ye ll <"d tiH' dir<"ctor ;111<l th l' C:IIIH'ra rna11 11·a s

'cowling as he gro un d o u t the fi lm. " D o n 't yo u know t h is is the finis ?"

Qrqrmisfry anil fq.e <!Iurrirulum T he re is a 11·id(:-s pread co n v ic ti on that all is not 11-c ll 11·irh t h e l' OIIrS('S i11 OIJJ' JHib li c school s and co ll eges. I t is so methin g mo re t h a n a jes t. that our g raduates an: unlittl'd rathe r than fitted for t he workaday \\·o r iel , t he 11·o rl d in 11·hich ninety - n i n e and n in e tenths p~ r cent of us li ve. Hy this is mea nt th e 11·orl d of thot, of soc iety. a11d c i1·ic li k, a~ \l·ell as th e 11·o rl d of industry. \ V h e n th ere is a radica l diffe re 11 ce h ::tii'C'l'll t ra llsact ions of life, and of the curricula of our schools , t he re is somet hi11 g \IT o ll g; \\·ith l ife o r educational svst ems, and one m ay be pardo11ed fo r s u s pec ti11g that it is n ot life t hat is aw r y. The ~ rou bl e with t he cu rricu la m a ke rs, is t he f ailure t o dis ti11 g ui s h esse 11tial s and desirabl es f rom no n-essenti a ls in ed ucatio n , a n d to pu t fi rs t t h i11gs fi r s t - fi rst i11 time, firs t in im po rtance, and first in their insist e n ce upon our atte11tio11 .


\Vhy ~ho uld scll~ nc c be clas.~c d as an esse ntial. rath er than simply as a desi rable featu re of educatio n ? Look at li fe. :'\earh· e\·etTthit w0 that differentiates the ao-e and . . 0 L·i,·i lization in "·hich \\·e li,·c. from all others-ba rring ap pl ied C hristianity alone-i~ the product of scientific accomplishment. The steamship, airship, railroad , submarine, : tttomobi lc, gas engine. dynamo. motor. telegraph. telephone, \\·ireless commu nicar;on , phonograph. mm·in)! picture. microscope. telescope. spectroscope. machinery , therapeut ics, architt•ctutT. n1echanics. the man·elous forces of ~team, gas, electricity, explosi,-es. etc.. are hut a ic\\" of tht· miracles science h as perfo rmed , a n d is still performing for mankind . Science touches a n d transforms c\·cr~· phase of life today. The st ruct llrt' and fu n ctions of the bodies w e inh abit. the food we eat, the clothes \Ye \\·ear, the materials and forces we h a ncll e-c\·cr~· acti,·ity of this man·elously acti,·c age. To be ig n o ra11 t oi ~cience is to he o u t of touch ,,·ith li fe and the \\·orld in \\·hich \\'C live. H o,,- do tltt·se facts sq uare with the sc hool cu rricula of our state? Just ho\\· much st·ience do you han· to h a,·e in order to graduate from th e ;1\·eragc high school. normal ,;ch ool and col k gc? The \\·oriel ha,; recenth· paid tribute to the \\·ond crful efficien cy and indu~trial accomplishments of the Cerma n peo ple. and it has rightly attributed tf,i,; to the difiusion of scientific kno\\'lcdgc in that empi re. Their high schools arc :-:al(l to rcqtt ire t\\·o years each of phys ic~, chemist ry. a nd biology. Do \\· e not teach tliese scie nces? Oh yes. in the uni,·e rsitics, and incidentally America has as emin ent ;;cientist,; as C e nnany, or any othe r country. America, ind eed. has led the ,,·orl d in scientific di~covery and im-ention. Sccrctar~· Lane asserts that two-thi rds of the epoch-making disco\-crics and ill\·entions of the last fifty years have been made in America. The tl'Oublc \\·ith our educational svstem is not \\·ith its su perstructure, but \\"ith its fou ndations. lt is interesting to n;te that Ge rmany has made sup risi ngl y fn,· of the g re at scientific discoYerics and im·entions of t he past or present, as compared with America, England or France, but she utilizes the discoveries of others to an astonishing extent. Their monste r cannon , machine gu ns, telescopic sights, explosi,·cs, aerop lanes, submarines. torpedoes, au tomobiles, gas engines, coal tar dyes, etc., were invented clse\\·here-hut "made in Germany. " T he reason for this is the Ge rman business man , financier , banke r. etc., h ave all had something of a scientific tra ining, and so appreciates the importance of discoveries and im·e ntions, that do not appeal at all to the American busin ess man, because he kno\\·s next to nothing about science and scientific principles. America n eeds a "'ide difiusion of scientific kno\d edge thru the output of its sch ools, rather than scientific experts, "·hich she already has. \ V h at claim has C he mistry among the scie nces? Science as a \\·hole is not a py rami d f,f stones, this block labeled biology, that physics, but a living organism, " ·ith each department of science bearing a vita l re lation to the g reat bod y of scientific knO\dedge. Ph ys ics and chemistry arc the fun damenta l sciences, not simply the branc hes, the flo\\'crs, the fruit or leaves of the tree of knO\dedge, but a rc like the fibrovasc ul a r a nd cambium systems of the tree that nourish a nd contribute to the deYelopment of the \\hole organ ism. Ph ysics is the science ,,·hich treats of matter a n d energy, " ·ith the emphasis on energy. C h emist ry is the science "·hich treats of matter a nd energy, \\·ith the empha~ i:< on matter. Roth arc fundamenta l to all sciences. A nything that concerns matter,


It~ tran~ formarion!>, and th <: {~Jrn·:-. in , ·r1l 1 nl


··h 1- 11 1ic: tl.

ac-itivat<:s <:vtry parr n f the J!:n·:Jt biJd ~· (J f ~c in1cc . in d''' ' n

:t nd 1\ 11rl.l


( ) Ill'

t 11 1t1 .

can not bt a n effi c ie nt fa rmer w ithiJIIt a kn<l\l·ic-d gc· '• I 1 IH ·t• 1i, t n . · 1 · 11 ~· ,."'"l ' "'it i"" an d tt·s t of soil s a nd ft rtili/.tr:-.. the 11at111T and I'ITt·• ·h '' ' ~ p r:11, :111cl ;..:t·nlli ,·j ,f,., :trc· ,· hnnicai in nature: .

Dnmts tic ~c iuKc i~ deJwndt·llt liJl<•n , · f~e·r, ,i, r n

tion and t<:sti ng o f its f(J(Jd ~. the p t1rilic atirn1 "' ":tt c·r .

1<11 ,,,,. I'~"~'J':tra t irn 1. Jnc ·,,· n ·a 1

1.. :111i11;..:

a tl<l ,f i,itltn · tant'. t'tl· .

Botany and Z nology 1\·ith(J IIt C lwrn i:- t r ~ . i ~ I ike· t l tt· ,f ran1a I I a rnlt· t . "it h If :1111kr ki r out.

Biolol!r t ho a g reat w r.rld in it~e l f . i ~ al11 r" ' ' t·nt irl' l l hirH ·Iwr ni, rn .

be a ve ry ~upc rfic ial phy~ i(Jir1gi~ t w itlrr.llf a k 11< 111 kcl ;.!t' r.r rht· n a 111 r·,. " ' and r>nt li fe procc!.~l'~ 11f t h e h()d\'. di g< ·~ t i rnr. ll ll lr i t ir,n.

ll rt· t ahr,Ji,rn.

( >r w 11 1\ r,t r h•· htiiH irnl

'''""·, rlar ar l•i

n e r vous actinn , a nd thl' lllll lti ttr dill(JII ~ c ataf ~,h . t'll:t \ Jill' ' · at~rl :w t i 1 :rtr11·, " ' till· g l: tlldll lar, a li mtntarr and c irct dat(Jry ~y~n·n1~. :r ll rd w l1id, :11·,. · · l ~t · rni~ · :tl :t;..:t ·nt, " r ,· fll·rni ,·:tl a.:-tions, i f


d<:ln: intn the eart h. y o11 wi ll l ind ··hen ri' ' n

rq_: r1ant t ht·n· i n t h t· p 1·in ·

c iples and prncc~~c~ of m in e ralr1gy, gi·IJI(Jg~. and :r" :" ill;!. .


1" "

:t ~•TrH I

in t o

t ill·

heaven s, yo u wi ll find A ~tro- Ph y~ ic~ dr t· c hit· f rlt-partn wnt "' " ' '"krn ;,,, rrn111t111 . ~pt·l· ­ trttm a n al y. i~ nf the s u n and ~ t:1r~. tht· n·rnarkabk 11~1 · ni tT ft-, tial ph< Jtn).!rap h ~· . and rtce nt evidencts nf the cvo l 11tir,n of tiTrt·~ trial e lt·nH·nh i r1 tht· pr<J tn-t·k rnt·nr,.. and ,.;olar r;,dioact ivity , arc some of th<: \\'rllllkrfll l appli c 1t inn ' rd cl w nl i,tn· tl) thl' ,. ,.,,d y nt heavenl y bodi<:s.

C htmis try i:-. dominant in inrl11 ~ t· r~. •·ng: i tll·<·rin g :111d lll:t ll ll l at·tllr i n :,!

todar, and is dts tintd to b~:conw irKrt·a:- ing l y ,..()in tlw illrll r l' .

' l' hc p rnt· l',._,..,.,.. ot fl'r-

mentatio n , conse r vation, bkach in~ and d yl'ing. and d 11· prorlt ll·tio ll ot ,..oap. d yes, explos ives, conc r c t <:, a ll o ys and s t<:cl art· dH'mi c a l a11d c h t·ll tic tl nrd1·.

pa i nt,...

' J'hink 11·hat

modern indu stry wou ld be and do 11·itho11t tllllj.!;'-tl'll or l ':t ll: trlittlll and nthl'r ,· aril'til'~ of steel , making possible mod ern archittTtttJT " ·ith ih ,.k\ "cr:qwr,.. ;111 d bndge bu ildin ~.

ir,.; llli ra l· f,·,.; o t

Is it of more v allll', l·,dtll ral or C!thtT\I· i,.. t·. to ;!l't a t'CJ IH't' JHiol l l) r

Caesar's rickety structure a c ross the Rhine.


o f rlw n tanTf,,,·,,.. """IH' ll ,..r nll and l·a n t i-

lrve r b ridges fou nd in all parts o f th <: H"nrld? In th e field of medi c ine, c hnnis try h a s ht-crt H"itholl t a ,..,-r io11 ,.. ri' al ,_illl't· tht' IT \\'a~ a sc ien ce and art o f medi c i11 e.

\Vhar ,,.o,tfrl t· l~t· lln·rli c tl " ·orld d " tod:ry \\'ithnllt th,·

anesth etics, a n tidotes, a n tis<:ptics a11d thl' thr.tJ,..allrl thl'r:tpt·lltic agt' ll b ir o\\·t·,.; to l' h l'tn i>rry ? Chemistry add s hu11dn·ds of millinll>- of dollar,.. to till' a lllll la l n11tp tt t of ti H· wo rld 's industry i11 the consc n ·atioll of \\'a:-tt· prod11 cr,.; alorH·.

I t ha ,.; h ~Til t',.;t i Jnatl·•l

that by th e application of sc ientifi c JH<JlT:-st·~ . a11 :1\·t-ra;.! <· htTi tr iJll t rln· ,.; latq.!;iltl'r ho11,.;<·,.; 110uld be 11·orrh $2,500 00, a ll ht1t li\'1· pn lT ilt ot ,,· h it·h l'IJil ll '" tr rnn l·IH·Jni ~.· all~ · tn·atl'• l by-produ c ts .

lf "He is a b~:ndactor. 11·h(J Jnakt·s t\\ ·ll hl adt·,.. n t gra ,..,.; gnl\1· 1\ ' hl'rl' b11t

one g rc:11· before," what ;,hall


~ay of t h l' dH·Jni,..t " ' "" lll:tkl',.; niH' lwl'f 11·orth thirtl

a ~ they come from the f arm?

H ow does this tra11 saction of iJHill:-tr~· . liie and II '<Jr l rl -ac t il·in chemistry, compare with ou r school c11 rrinda ?

\\ ' hich j,.. rig h t '

111 rr,.; l'\·alllatioll r1i



I ~nrial



TilE I<EC LI'TIO .\.' OF \ \TI .C <> .\ 11 ·.

A ll of us ha n: experie nced t hat f<JII<"'><Jil ll', II< JJlw~ ick lt..-li ll i! 11 h i, h 11 ill 1'"'~ .. 111 it...c lt even in th e r us h nf t he first week\ rq!;i~ tration and c l:r" ;rd j11~rnw nr. S " rn:r n 1 p t·opk. and o h, so many new face!:> ! The C hri.., tia ll org ani ;~:r t i<JJh rh l' 'I. \\ '.<.' .. \ . and Y . .\I . C. A., :-..:. C. A ., a nd Ep iscopal c;,,i/rf - :urd al -.u rlw ranrlr1. n·;di/in;_! j'"' 11,1\\ ,·ad• one felt, gave a receptinn in th e gyr nna '> ill ll l w lwn· ;dl •ni).! lrr ;.!1'1 ;w<pr;Jinr 1·,f ;u J< I Jn·l th t· 11·armth of a true P e ril welcome. A delig ht fu l program wa'> gin·11 h11t ti H· grc;rt cr p:rrr ol r l11· t'\ t'rJin g \\':r~ ~p 1. 111 in g reeting old f rie nds and meeti ng Ill'\\' o ne'>. ' J'i nw pa ~~~·d <J IIi,·kl l ;111d h ;1p p ih lnr all 1'he religious organizatinn!:> !:>l rn:ly dt'llliJJJ:-tratnl t ill· 1 a l ilt' ol tl11· ir ~' ' i, tn r 1 · 1 . . in ,..,· hoo i life. ::Vlany w ho cam e disco11raged and lu11 c l ~ rlc- p ;r rrr·d c lwcn·d ; 111 d 1-, 11 11 f 11 rt l' d, t hinking that Per11 was a s plendid p lan· t u lw aftt·r :rll.

S f·:.\.' 10 1< CLASS 1'1 <.'.\.' I C Did the Senio r~ ever li mber 11p and ha vl' a gt HJd ri n w ': \\ ',·11 . I ).!Ill·,,.. ! \\'h e n ? tfH·y h a d a fro lic ' l' h t· iu n hq~;11 1 ll'ith n ·/; 11. and sack races. Of co urse the S('date seniors \\'ullldn ' r· d a rrn·, tht·~· jlht p/a ~·l'll "S k ip- t o my- Lou ," ":\!Liller Hoy," and "Pig i11 the f'arlor. " .\ I i ~,.. l~ t· d fl'rn 1·hordnl 011 tht' pia no a nd t hey 511·un g o n t he c orn e r a11rl hu 11T d tu th l'i r· pa rtr H·r . . in an ;r,.. 10 11 i,- h in g manner. Games ,,·er-e dropped slldde nl y \\·h e ll "t·ats " liTre :urnrJirll n ·d. Sa rJd,, · icht·~ pick les, app les and coffee disappeared rapidh·. ' J'Ir (' ldt-o \'l'rs , , .,... ,. ,-11·1\· ~ 1- 011 . cd a\\· a·~: in D or m gi rls' pocket s fo r fut ure feed s. Fo1Jo 11·ing the . uppe r 11·e pla ye d "' J'en I .ittk 1nd ian :-" jl ht o rrn · 11 w n· a nd th l' n took our good ad visers ' wise ad v ice, rT:-. 11111 t'd otrr d ig11 in · a11d d t'p anl'd i o r hom('

vV11y, one nig ht in t he gym 11· here

h a1·ing had a "graJHl gond tim e."

I >O A:'\ 1·: R J·:C L P' f ' J().'\ After the big ra ll y in c hape l a nd th e o vt·n\·helmirlg ddt·at of t h l' " I )oarJitc,..'" d 011 -11 011 the field , 1,-c end ed ou r vic t o ri m rs day by a rcceptio11 held i11 t h e l-!~· 111 i n h o n or 0 j thl' Doane playe rs. f:1·ery one a ided i11 sho\\·i11g t h l' T) oall l' ft·l lo ,,·s a ).!n od rinH·. ' J'ht' 1·isito rs \\·ere in t rod uced by a cornrnittt·t· oi pop1rl ar ~·niiiiJ! l a d it·:-. During th e evenin g th e fo llo\\·i ng sho r t h11t p lt·a-;a ll t program 11·a ,.; g r1-1• 11 '}I usical sel cctio n



\ · isitors

\7 io lin solo Reading Piano solo \ Vords of A pp reciat ion


Ph i lo Orc h t·,- rr· a D r . ll ot t,-t· l ';11rl ' [ ' l wma,l .t rlll B trrkl'tt ( ; ,. n t·,·it'\' t· (; rq~g l' apt a i 11

l ~l 11 ,.; t



.-\t t he com:lu!>ion of this there 11·as a Grand ~larch . ,,·ith the orchestra playing. Thi ~ brought us past the tables ,,·here the refres hments ,,·er e scn·ecl.

The blinking of th e lig ln s made 11~ m1·are of the late ness of the hour and that the h a ppy gatheri ng mu ~ t d i~per~e. A munbcr of the Peru gi rl s 11·ere seen safe ly home. h11t ,,·hat of the Doane boys? \\-l· hope they kn c11· the lonesome 11·ay to the hotel. FRE S H~l:-\:\


Talk ab01 1t a good time! ·You'd think fun had ~-ou seen t he Freshics on their class pil' n ic Friday a ftern oo n 'c ptemb-- r eighth. \\' e sta r ted about fou r o\:lo<.:k and aitl·r a long tramp 01·er Pikes Peak. 11·e at last C: llll' to the s plendid picni<.: grou nds at Buck Creek. 1-: ,-er~· Olll' thorough ! ~- enjoyed thl· o ld fashio ned ga mes. 11·hich \\'e re a ll ,-er~· li1·ely. ' J' his Y igoro u ~ exe rc ise sharpened appetite,; , so rhat ll'hen "cats ' ' \\'ere announced. all \\'t' re ready. I .a tcr in rlll' l'\Tiling \\'l' all gathered around the camp-fire and after g i1·i ng t he class ~-e ll senTal times ll'l' broke 11p. each one 11·ish ing that \\'l' <.:o ul d ha1·e another J' ll'llll' soo n . SOP H O ~IORE

JAU 0n

On October 6th. a c r01nl of fun- l01·ing Sophomores announ<.:ecl th ei r presence in E x pression 1-1 a ll by the r at tl e of cups, spoons, and fr ying- pans. A s soon as a ll were gathned thc·rl' the 11·a lk to t he faYorite picn ic grou nd , Buck C reek. ,,·as beg un . The long jaunt i 11 the fres h air ,,·hetted mons trous appetites. although they 11·ere appeased sonw11·hat b~· large luscious app les to be had fo r th e ask ing. On arri1·ing at the chosen ~· pot l'\·e tT one thre,,· d01n1 his load a nd immediately bega n the search for fire-1\·ood . .-\ fire 11·as soo n bui lt, bund les. from 11·hich d elicious odors issued. 11·erc ope ned. a nd t hen- yum! yu m ! .-\II signs of th e late feast ,,·e re cleared a11·ay, mo re 11·ood heaped upon th e fire, and !'oml' merry games \\'ere heartily enj oyed until a rather late hour. Then th e 11·alk home in the soft rad ia nt moonlig h t 11·ill be remembered as a fitting co nclu sion of a most t·nj oyable occasion. S P ECIAL AND TRAI :'-JER PI CN I C On Tuesday evening October 17th, th e li ttle band of Specials and Tra ine rs marched r: ut to the ;\lonna! ll'ood s above the ath letic field to the beat of Tubby Hayes' tin n1p and spoo n . ~rh e mar<.: h to the camp led through th e ' \·a lley of d espair" throu g h ll'hid1 a ll defeated footba ll teams march on lea1·ing th e Peru g ridiron . but ec hoes o f f un and good spirits o nl y 11·ere a Hoat that eve ning. S uppe r consisted of buns, pickl es. dou g hnuts, ba nanas. del icious coffee, a nd ll'ienies roa!'ted 01-c r the camp-fire. After the feed :\lr. C harles Palme r . p resid ent of the class. mounted a stump, not for the purpose of maki ng a speech. but to lead the cla~s in tho~e ~ piritcd yells of the Specials and Trainers.


Seve ral of the group \n: re g rea tl y "put clu t" ,,·he rJ ()lie "' "" r 11111 11lwr ~at clo \\ 11 upon the loose en d of a log on w hic h ou r c r eam can \\"as restin~ fnr a ~ Iro n tilll<". a ncl th e co nten ts of t he impro vised pi tcher we re ccm tr ih11tcd to lllflthcr t·arth. The remaind e r of th e e\"!: ning was :-.pc11t i11 playiiiJ.! c h aradt·~ :11Jd a ;.!:ITat dt·:rl 111 111 11 \\"aS derived f rom man y of t h<: t11 Jiq11 e o rH·s w hic h ''"~" '"'" 1-!i,.,., .. "1"111' parr ~ hr"kt· ' '" at an ea rl y hour and t he participants rct11rned to .-I ll" r (}111·inc "t " ·l1n" l life. p at i• ·n t l ~ t<' a\\"a it t he com ing of anoth e r cnjoya h l<- <HTasinn .

There is one place in this sc hool yo11 alwa y:-. ha vl' th l' ht·:-.t rin11· a 11 cl rha r ·,_ :1t l·:n..-l"tt. The Hall o\\"e'e n party \\"<IS all except ionall y good Oll t". .t\11 \\"t·n· :t:-.kt·cl to c n tJH' rna,;kl'll. \Ve we re met at the libra ry st e ps hy a c hanniii J.! darki1·. ,,·h o t·,;cortecl "" doH" JJ ,;tair,; ,~·he re the j ack-o'-lanterm, blac k cats, and hats H" ink ed ;tnd :-.t arl'd at 11:-.. ' l' hl' It·a,·,·,; made an awful w<: ird noise as t hey ru stled arotrr1d in th t· dirn l il-!ht. \\ ' lr ;tt f ttJJ t" try and guess every on e, \\'h y ! some didn't e\"CII knn\\· thl'ir o\\" JJ tt eig hho r,;. "l'h n l th ey bobbed for apples, ate dou g hnu ts from a st rinf.!:. had t lrl' ir fortlllll' to ld. m et their early ancest ors a nd saw the t e rrible t hin gs that h appen on II a fl o,,T't·n . l .on : J,· refreshments we re se r ved a nd it \\·as la t e r rumon:d that ce rt ain loya l llll'J ll her,; forgot to bring their mann e rs and ate so mu c h t h e re rna i11der o f II allo\\"l''•· n nig ht \\"a,; ,;pl' llt "Seeing things."

:YIT. VE R . ' 0:--: C HRI ST :VI AS P A RTY This yea r that charming o ld fri end , o ur good Sai n t :\! ichola,;, \\·as ho11orcd b~ a C hristmas party given on D ecember 9, by the g irl s of .\It. \ "e mon Hall. Thne \\ "C I T pleasing decorations of fe rn s and brightl y t rimmed cvergn·c 11 t rees. Paper h orns, bells, reindeers and th e Santa C laus reminded o11c of the re\\·a rd ,; of good I itt l c.: boy,; and g irls on C h ristm as morning . T he game of J erusa lem a nd Ja cob \\"a,; e nj oyed . Shoutin g pro verbs seemed to be ve ry amusing, a lthou g h the re \\'as present the di flicu l ty of readily recognizin g un fam iliar qu otations equ a ll y as lo n g as t h e Ju ni o r g rammar sentences t o be diagrammed in examinations. One of the feature,; of th e c\·e n in g \\·as a contest, " ·here shado\\·g raphs of various frequent visitors a t the dormitory, \\·ere presented for inspection. Eac h perso n \\·as g iven a co tton ,;no\\· b all co nt ain ing a hal f of a candy hea rt. T h e probl em then \\'as t o fl n d the rest o f t h e h ea rt and it \\'as many m inutes before t he broken pieces \\'ere all mended. B rick icc c ream arHI cak e were se rved. After these ref res h ments, ":\I ille r Boy". " P ig in t h e P arlo 1·", "S kip- t omy-Lou ", and "Ten l ittle India ns" \\·ere p layed . The hour for fare\\"ells came only too soo n. 'Th e yourq!; n1e n many t ime,; c h aracteri zed the evening as ecstatic, entrancing, a nd rapturou s. At l ast the d l:' lig hd u l smil es of leave t aking \\·ere over. After chee ring fo r :\I iss C lef and an d t h e g ir ls, and ~inging appropriately "Good Night L adies" , each g u est de part ecl re l uct ant!~: , a nd strangely enou gh , alone.



PHILO:'IIATHEA:\ H ALLO \ VE'£p; The pouring rain on Hall011·c'en did not dampen the ardor of the jolly loyal Philos, ,,·ho \\·ere on t heir ,,·ay to the Philo masquerade. They \\·e re w ell repaid by haYing t he jolliest possible tim e. 'J'he gu1·sts entned the g:~·mnasium thrmigh the back entra nce. The unique idea o f h<l\·in g H ea n·n. Pu rgator~· . a nd Hell ,·isited b~· th e guests 11·as appreciated a nd 1· nj o~·ed ( ? ) h ~· al l t h e merry makers. \\ h en the people entered the balcony they fou nd Sr. Peter. alias J ednman n, pres iding 01-er H ea1·e n and sente ncing al l misc rea nts to Purgatory. A sl ide from the balcony to the tloor was the mea ns of accomp lishing this j0urney. The boys' north locker room 11·as the site of the aforementioned Purgatory. The terrors of this place been du ly experie nced t he sentence. "Go to Hell'". in Hamill}! letters was gi1·en to the 1·ictims ,,·ho at once began th ei r fi nal journey by 11·ay oi the I ad ckr into Coach Johnson's office. \ Vhen H el l, the girls' locker room 11·as reached trouble.~ bega n in earnest. All th e 1·ictims marched o1·er t h e rolling plan ks. g rasped g lm·es fl ll ed ,,·ith \\·et sa\\·dust. took electric shocks, fell oYer piled up mats, bumped into con,·eni e ntl~· placed sa\\·horses and \\·e re sc ratched by a lin· cat. Some wen· inwardly quaking but Ollt\\·a rdly calm and others' shrieks rent till' air and mingkd \\·ith the g roans of the ghosts . .-\ ftcr this IH'rn· racking experie nce the pallid Yictims emerged. recei1·ed t heir fat·~ pictures a n d read t he fo r tu nes acqui red in purga tor~· . Cames oi "Ten Littl e lndia m," "Skip-to-my-Lou.' ' a nd " :\Iiller Boy" we re e njoyed for the rest of tlw t:\T ilillg;. About nin e o'clock the football tea m , just arri ved f rom 'r.ork , joim:d us. Refreshments of .ice cream and opera sticks we re se rYed-a w elcome relief f rom the do11ghnuts and cider \\·h ich had bee n a feature of nea r! ~· all the oth e r fall afiairs. TH I:: Y. \tV. C . A. PICNIC TheY. \tV. gi rl s, one h undred all told , met in rhe gymnasium for a "get-acquainted" picnic on Friday afternoo n September 20th. Formal introductions \\·en· dispensed \\·ith and the old ga me of politeness substituted hut instead of a mere bo\\· when t he runners met. they stopped. shook hands. and toid each other t h ei r names. A s soon as all the girls had assembled a n d been "i ntroduced,., the melT~' roll ickin g ~atm·~ of "'J'hree-deep" and " Flying Dutchman " liTre played. If there has been a 1-'· irl \\·h o ha~ thou g ht that in order to be a member of the Young \Vo men 's Ch r istia n As~ociation she must become sober, gn1 1·e, and dignified. \\"C ,,·ish she could haYe seen the jolly o n e hundred whe n they became exci ted m·er th e rabbit a nd hound gam e. 1·:,-en the most sober of t h e girls became so en thusiastic a nd tired t h at a rest \\·as needcrl L•do rc the g reat eve nt of the picnic. The girls formed a line a nd marc hed to one end o f the gymnasium \\·here t h t: f,• ll owin g s uppe r-~and\\·ichc~. pickl es, pu mpk in pie, apples. and cofiec-\\·a~ sern·d i11 cafeteria st yle. At scw· n o'clock t h e ~uppe r m-cr, the g irls 1·oted the picnic a grand ~ucce ss a1HI le ft


g~ · m .


On frid ay nig ht , D ecember third, at H :.10, t he l'n11 col llllln <· i;d ,·l tt h nltcrtai n c d the r\ormal fnotball squad at a ba nq uet in th e K . P. par l or~ in n ·lt-hrat io n 0 j the mo-= t successfu l seaso n eve r enj oyed by a Peru t eam . J\ftn a hi ~ ,.., tppe r . '"lr jo, ia l ha nk e r. R . W. Kel ley took t he chair, and s peeches \\' e re in order . Ea rl fishe r ga ve a sho rt , ins piring ta lk nn l'ntt \ football h i,..t o n and !wren·,.. o t a for mer day, su rcharged ,,·ith hearty gone! fe ll o\\'~hip a n d !'> OtltH I a; I ,·in· to t· footb all playe rs in general. H e depicted th e game rd football ;c ,.. a n in ,·a lttahlt- ;q.!<' tlt ., j cl c n ·l o nmcnt, and recall ed man y p leasa n t perso n a l assr)(·iat ir, 1s. Coach J ohnson respnnd cd \\'ith a e ulogy of h is t e;un , !'> a\· i n ~ that a tnarknl a h ,.;t·n,·t· of jealousy a nd "crabbing", the bugbears nf a footba ll coad•. h a-. t~ pifi l' cl tl11· tT arn a ll the way thru, and t hat this season , ll'hik a s ig nal ont· in t h c arhl<-f'i t· hi-.tor~· ut· 1'1·nt . has been brimfu l of genui n e pl castJJ'C for himse lf a !'> ,,·ell a :- l1 i-. pl;· ~· <· r -. . ' J' o; 1,..t,.; \\Trt' ;:d so given by C. E. Good , Captai n 1-/a ncy , Presid e nt' I I a~·~·-.. ;1ncl flt l r ol d ir icncl l'ol . T.]. :Vl ajo rs, all of \\· ho m \\-e re hear ti l y appl;11rrl ed. After compl imen tary ch ee rs the guests d e pa r ted , <·ad• c1111gra t t tla ti tl ~ h inhe l t u por1 hav ing been a member of s uch a team , his sl· ntim t·nh lwi tll! 'Rah f() r tlw tl'ar n . 'Rah iN t he cnach, ' Rah fo r th e c aptai n , and 'Rah f() r t lw l'orntlH'rc ial l'l ttb.

TR A J~J ~C;


Rl·: l' J ·YTJ()~

O nce du r ing t he school yea r rHrr critic teadH-rs Ia,· a.-ic l<- all t h l' dig n in· ot oHict· . <~ ll thoughts of plans o r aims o r confc n : nces. and ill\·itl' th e Senior:- to I)(' their }.!tl l''t" fc: r an evening of fu n and fro lic. Such an event took p lace th is ye ar o n the ten th ol .\ I arch . ' J'h e ;_!l ll' StS \\TIT n· ceived in th e gymnasium of the n e\\' Tra in e rs' B 11ilding, ,,· hi c h had hl'<' tl t ran sfnnnnl into a bO\\·er of roses, ,,·ith-ycs reall y ! a n ol d fas hionl' d \\Til 111 o tH' t·ornl'r. " ·h er\' th e most t o rturing t hirst mig h t be q uench cd . As ou r boys are kno,,·n t o b:.: shy, a n auct iotl ~ale h ad bel'n a tT a ttgl· cl. tha t th e~· n1ighr have partners " ·ithout t he em barrassme nt o f askin g . :\I r. l.d ll'r co nduct \' cl t h e sak in his inimitable manner, selling one, t h ree. or lin· hr" ~ at pri n ·s r angir l}.! f rom a c:md y kiss to a happy homc. When all had secu red pa rtners thcre ,,·as a gra tH! march . le d h~· \li ss J) m , ·rJ in g a n d Arthur Bell , foll owed by t hc grand hesi tati o n , \\' hi c h bore rn trch rl'se rnb lamT t o th e p?.rt of " :vi ill e r B oy" ,,·h ere "th e ladies ste p fo r\\' arc! and th e ge n ts fall bac k ... \Vhen we had marc hed a nd h esitatcd to o u r lwart 's corJtl'n t. \\T cli,·ided i1 1to fin· f!TOups, a nd retired to se parate rooms t o pl a n st 11 11ts \\·h ich shou ld su r p ass a ll nT r t h o r of befo re. Soon ,,.e reassembled in the ma in room , and \\-en· e n tertair 1ed by t h e m o,.; t var ied performances imagin a ble. Th e p ri;~.e was awar d ed t o a1 1 l':Xcel il'tlt exhib iti o n of h ypnotism. Delicious ref resh me nts of icc cream arHI w afers follo \\·l·d the st u nts. ' J'I H'n . a,.; \\T had had enough of fro lic. ,,.e ,,·ere g i,·en a n instn rc ti,·:· ;t:Jd sole mn lect ure h ~· P rot. Smith , in ,,·h ich the members of t he fac ult\· and som:· w e rl' s:· ~· n as o t hl' r s han· ne n· r sren t hem .



This delightful e\-cning was ended by the si ngi n g oi the ~onnal song and giYing the :"' onna l yell. Then \\"C bade our ente rtain er:- goodnigh t. and carried home ,,·ith us ll'cmoril's of a most pleasant entertainment. Y. \\·.C. A . l:'\ STALLATI O~ PARTY l11 1-esponse to n: r~· attractin: :\larch \ Vi nci In vitations, a goodly number of Y. \V. gir ls \\TIT biO\nJ into the Admin ist rat ion building on the c\·ening of ~larch 17, 1917. J-:,-cr~· g:irl ,,·as ushered through the C m·e of the \Vinds to t he faculty room whe re an 1 rish name \\·as hcstm\·ed upon h er. The room \\·as fitting!~· decorated in honor of good old St. Patrick, and es pecially attracti,·e to e\·ery one \\"ere the placards on the ,,·a ll "·hich represent ed \\·ind compounds, such as " whirl-wind ," "wind -tlo\\·er." and "tornado". 'J"his c011tes t was indeed indiYidual as "·as show n by the large number o f girls ha,·ing th e e11tire list of \\"ords correct. After di,· idi ng t he mselves into fa mi1ies b~· means of t he names prc,·iously g iYell th em . a representatiYe \\"as ch osen from each fami ly to "shine" in a ga me of tennis. This caused consid erable exci teme nt- a rope being the ne t , a palm-lea f fan the racket. and a fea ther th e ball. Othe r representatin·s from th e families \\"ere chos::n to be blindfolded and dra,,· symbols of Ireland on th<· blackboard. L' nsurpassab le artistic ability \\"as disp layed by the \·arious conte:-tants. After this joll ity the ,·cry impressi\T ceremon y of install ation of th e n ew office rs took place. A circl e of chai rs \\·as made in the cente r of the room. These \\'ere <~ccupied by th e old officers and th e n e\\' officers stood behin d the c ha ir of t he office r ,,·hose place she \\·as to fill. I::ach in tun1 g a,·e up her pl ace to the incoming officer. Jn the absence of the presid ent. :\liss Esther Clark presided . Light refreshme nts \\"ere sc.:r\-cd and e\-cry girl "·ent home "·ith a " 1-1 ip-hip-horro~'" fo r th e Y. \V. C . A. in hn heart.

THE J Li :--JlORS " O U T FOR A GOOD TL\ 1 1::." Perhaps a more 11early unanimous good time \\·as ne,·er had by any class th a n the Junio rs enjoyed at th eir Cet-Acquainted Picnic, September 29th. Almost every memhn of th e class \\"as pres:: nt. A fter th e gra nd march to Neal's pasture, led by a band procured especially for the occasion, e\·erybody \\·as sent in sea rch of \\'Ood and brush. Si:.; bon-fires \\·e re soon c rack ling and jolly group~ gathered a bout them roasti n g \l· lellll'S. Professo r O\l·e1 ~s presided o,·e r the cofice, \1-hich \\'as se r ved from a large c;.u ldro n. Aft<· J· the "cats" \\'e pla~'cd games and sa,,· some star rope-unt\\·isters. as \\el l as banana eaters perform. \Vc also found out the names of all our fello\\'·J uniors as introduced h~· our a(h ·ise r. Professor \Vilson.

THE S E~lOR C I RLS E:\TI::RTA.l:\ About t he );:st of .J anuar~· , memb::rs o f the facu l t~· . graduate stude nt~, s::nio r boys. sophomores received such ill\·itations : " lt \\·i ll g i,·c t he s:' ni or girls grea t pleasure tc · han• you pr:·s:·n at their party, .Janu ary t\\'cnty-se\Tnth. at s:.:H' n fo rt~·-fin'. in t he

:1: HI


• gymnasru rn of th e T . J. .\lajors TrainiiiJ!: B11ilding;. ·· for w e all unders tood th c s ummo ns. lpon entering thc gymJJaSium each had pinned 11pon h in 1 ~<lll lt" ,·a r .l or d e:-ig n . When all had asse mb lcd , gro11ps according; to o11r !-> lip!-> IIT IT a~~ igned l t· a dt·r~ and we we re sent to various rooms in tllrll. At rn1e r<Jillll liT 1\'t-rt· 11·a \'l· d in h ~ a g ro ttp oi dusky maidcns sing ing an d d a n cing. There old and ~ 'Jl ll lj.!. had to da1llT th t· \ ' i1·gi nia Rccl until they d ro ppcd hot a nd hreathl e-.!-> into 1H·arh1 c hair~. Thcn aftcr bcing lcd dr!lnl th e ha ll we 1\'e iT n w t at the drH Jr l11 1 , , .,, , litt lt· D utch gi rls 11·ho g a ve t o each a tiny c1dw ()f dttT !-> t". l' art11t-r~ IITrt' ~n· 11rcd hy tht· tying of t11·o hands of tii'O indi l·id11als who 1\TIT to a ,·t :h OIH' in p i a~ i11 g t h t· ganw " Pussy 11·a nts a cnrne r." In th e mad 1"11!->h that foii<JIITd fnni11i11t' -. brick ~ :tro-.c ahr1 1T a ll t hc scramble. The now thorough ly enthusia!->tic crowd w a!-> 11 -. IH·n·d 1111o tlw .. :\n ~t· ri ,· a l l .. roon · 11·hich was appropriately decorat('(l ll' ith " () ld ( ;1< 1 r ~ ... I le n· , ,.,. i:ld •d gt·d 111 ganH·,that 11·ere ve ry " Ame rica n ," as far as t h t· rapid pan· \\'a" l'll lll' tTI H'd . The las t room repre~e nted Cren't' a nd <1f coll r!-> t', t h l' (>I~ 111pia n g:11n:·, 1\'!'l'l' h e ld . Ca ptains 11·e rc elected a nd the r ace!-> ht·g;all. ' 1'\\'o !->t atl' l ~ lllaidt· n , ,·lad in t lw lon g l': hite Aoll'ing robes of Cn::ece 11phcld jll!-> tin·. Till' c ap t ain ni t he , .i,·tor i<HI " sid e ll'as l'I'O\\' Il ed by the laurel 11·reath and 11·itf1 IH·a rl ~· t' l't' r ~· ,,·inning ,·aptai11 thl' dark g n·t·n of the lea l'es 11·as ill11mi na ted hy tfw rdl tT ti<lll of light irnlll tht' pol i, h l' d s u dan· encl osed by the ci rcl et . The g rand pa rade 11·as fo nn ed and rd rt'~l llnent!-> \\'l'rt· s:·rl'l·d 111 tht· :\ inl' ric an room. Th e climax of the evc nin g 11·as rl' ach l'rl \\'hl'n !-> Oil ll' oi thl' 111o.~ t t' nl'rgni ,- h :·ga11 t o perfo r m "stunts." :\l emhe rs of th l' fan dt y \\'l'rt' rllthf t·,s l ~- d ragJ.!cd 1111t 0 11 th e Anor and fo rced to entc:: rtain th e fun- lovin g; o nl no kns . Soo n ne11·-made fr iend s 11·e re see n <p1 ietl y s tt·aling; ;1\\ ay tog :·tht'r and s hortl y. ~i l ence sett led d0\1'11 11·hc:: re had bt'cn merry l;111ghtn an d lo11 d c hattl'r oi , -oll·t·s.

THE DOR .\f RJ·:C J·: J>T I O'\ It has b::en the c us tom for ye ars to h an· a rl'n·p tion at :\ f t. \ ·~· rnor1 J I a ll. 1-'ehruan bi rthda~r of ou r historic a nd hl'lo1Td ( ;l'org;l'. ' !'hi,. l'l'ar \\'a~ not a11 t"XtT ptio n

2?, the

to that custom. Thos~ 11·ho had before at te nd ed ont· oi t hl'st· r-cn· pt1o11~ \\TIT IT r~· t'aJ.!t'l' to go. and th ose who had not a t ten ded 11·e rc j ust as eagc r. As om· _l t111ior ho y n·m a rkl·d . " I am anx ious t o sec 11·h at it is like i11side. TIH· other tin H· I 1\'l'llt th t·n· it \\'a ~ ;r 'thru t~: press. ' :\o time for sight see ing." The guests \ITrc met at the door b~· cn ln llial ladies. and escorted to thl' parlor. \\'he re they 11·e rc ve ry g rac io11sly 11·elcomed by :\I iss Clt- la1 HI a nd o tlwr d isti ll J!II islw.! pC'rso nagcs. The next stop \\·as at th e pu nch bo11·l. ·!'h is \\·a s thl' mo~ t po ptd a r s top of all , judging f rom the 11·ay \ Vilbe r Emmert a nd " :\l arty" C r ail! l in g;:-rl'd thne. F rom this dclig ht ful spot, charming la di c,; conducte d th t· gllt's t s thr11 the roo1ns, \l·hich ou r \' i1·id im agin atio n,; had pic tttrcrl a s prisn ns. ' J'fw y \\'ere n ot priso 11- fike at

all. hut the tllo~t cozy. comiortabk home~ imaginable. The blank white walls were ntadl' heautiiul hy pennants. pictures. and mottoe=-. It didn't take ''Cap" Kidd and I n ·in Calchn·ll long to find the cozy co me r~. \Va,it h~· itt~piration or ~ugge,;tio tt ? I ,,·onder . .'\ 11 in all it wa~ a mo~t delighriu l rece ption and one that ,,·ill long hc re me mbe red a:- n tH' of t hl' hrightt·~t ~pot ~ in rlw monotottou,; grind of school life.

Y . \ l. C. .-\. B.-\:\QU·:T ( )nl' of the regular t'\Tilt~ oi the year tO\\·a rd " ·hich all men of thc school look ,,·ith v:tgn expl·ctation~ i~ the annual banquet which i,- gi,·en by the Y. :\I. C. A.. The Th ird .-\nn ual Banquet ,,·a~ held in the basement of the :\lethodist Church. 011 the en·ni n g oi F ebrua ry ~ix th. Thi,- e,·em ,,·i ll be remembered by all \\·ho attend ed a" OtH' oi the mo~t agreeab le ~oc ial e\·ettts oi the year. :\ ot o nl~· did it gi,·e the me n uf the school an opportunit~· to nwet in ma,;,-, but it also afiorded them an c\·e ning hearty good iellm,·,-hip and dteerittl ,·isitation . The filll· ,;t tppn sen-cd b~· th e ladies of the church. the mu~ic. and the free-and-ea,;~· ~· p i rit which perYad ed during the e ntire e\·eni n g made e\·en the most sclf-conscious yottth fee l at ea~e and l o~e the tnror which a banquet is ,;aid to e mbod~·· Th e platt for the toa~t l i~ t ,,· a~ ~uggested b~· a basketball game. :\Ir. Arthur ~ ­ l .ongfellow acted a~ toastmaster in hi~ usual pleasam and composed manner. Each tlla tt ,,·ho wa~ rept'l'~~·nted o:t the prnJ!ram dc~cn-c~ c redit for his contrib ut io n.


The toasts gin~n \\TIT a~ follow~: Toast mastn. A. :\. Longicli O\\'. The Coach. l.c\\·is ' 1\kr. The Captai n , Cassius K e ttnecl y. Team ,,·ork , Stephen Durisc h. The c;oal , Glenn 0. K e lley. The \ ' ictory. Re\·. L A. \Vo rthky. Eac h man brought out fine thoughts and some pleasa nt h umor as well. There can be no doubt but that the inHuence of such e\'Ctlts is fa r-reaching for the b:: tterment nf men's c h aracters; and that the cau~e for which t he Y. :\1. C. A. stri,·e~ is g reatl y t' tthan cnl.

DRA\LATIC C L L' B RECI~ PTIO~ The Dramatic Club recepti on at the opening of ~chool ,,·as a howling success. As e:tc h member ente red he ,,·as met by \Iiss Dunn and :\lr. Craig. "·ho tumed him over tf' the com mittee. Eac h member \\'as first tagged ,,·ith some letter. After all had arri\'l·d they \\'Crc told that t h ey be longed to a certain party \\'hich. \\'hen arra nged ,,·ot tl d spell the nam::s of fin· schoo ls in ~ eb raska. This caused consid e rable trouble. h11t it \\·as soon discmTrcd that the sc hools \\'CIT D oane College, !'carn ey ~onnal. Cotner l l ni,·e rsity, \ \ ·l'slcyan. and (;rand Island.


The master of ceremonies then inforllll'd ''"that wt· Wl"l"l" attt"IHiinl! a t rad; llHTI an. I the usual rules would be obse r ved. Th first e1·en t was the standing broad ~;rin. Lach >-c hool \\"a -. a llo \\'nl rhnT c on testants. This event was closely contest!'d hy \\f<·>- l<'~· an and l"otnl"r. h11t t ill" fir,..t p i a,·•· was a\\'arded to Cotner. The second e vent 11·as the Sftr, f Put, in which eac h ,..r hor,l hflt! t 1;·r, , '' "'' ·' '""'·' · The third event was the Eg~; and F a n ran·. \\' h id1 C lthnl 11111t·h l" ,<" llt·nH·nt an.l stern ruling on the part of the field judges. The next event was a Pea n ut cn nte~t, in 1\"hirh l'ar h >ol"l li H>I had ,,.d y ,,.H. ,.,,.ltl",..t:tnt. H e had to stab four peanuts with a hatpin and ca rry tht·n, :JtTo,..,.. rh,· ron11 1 ''"'' ar :1 time. T he fi fth .even t wa!> a boy's c racker tatin ~ ran·. .t\itr·r t ht· <" tJiltt" -. t:lll h had h t"c ll chosen some 11·ere missed. The oppos in~ ttallls d i>orol·t·rnl tlwy h a d gont· r"o r a drink of \\'ater so that they m ight be able to 11·in Jll(Jrt· easil y . .'\ppnTi atillg T"IH· ditlin d t~· ol. those 11·ho had not g one aft e r water, thl' j11d~cs hro11 ~h t io r t h a pail itd I anrl ..,,·nTd rill" rentestants a ll alike. The last event was the H oop rel ay. ' !"hi>- l"IJ IItt·>- t ca11-.l"d ,.,... , llll H·h arg' "'' l! a1111 finall y had to be repeated. ' !"he srn 1TS 1\Trl" l"IJi llltl"d llfl and a pn zt· ;.!:1\T il to thl' >chool 11·in n ing in the mnst of the conttst s. The cl ost of tht t rack mett was of co11rse rdrblliiH'Ilh. Hl"r"on· all \\Trl" ,..ern·ol the lights 11·tnt out but ciTryont ll"l:nt hra n· h · Oil ea ting th <· ca k<· 11·ith a -. ponn lltltil some one fo und a cand le and a matd1.


c u ; BS J-::'\TLRTJ\ 1:'\\ I 1·:."'1"

Wh at tht llltlllbcrs of the c;Jce C lubs illsist

\\ ":IS

thl' nHJ:o>t

l' ll jo~ahk . "hollll'~

... ('\Tilt

d the 11·hol e year, rook place at "Seven Oaks," the hollll' of D r. and \Irs. I I oust· . 0 11 th e e1·cning of February e ig hteen t h. Soon afte r the arri1·al of the guests , Dr. ll ollst· :llliHH t nn·d h is intl'nti o ll or" JTadin:.r a story, giving the compan y th e pri1·ilege of c hoosi11g 1\"heth er it shot dd h :· a pagt: i rom the dictionary, an essay from Carlyle, o r a Sh e rl ock 1-1 o llll t's story. S h erloc k easily c arried off first place in the \"Ote, the page from \V ebstn taking seco11 d. so o11r host. h~· the light of a ca ndle, read the story of the Spotted Band . " ·hik the " a"dit·11n·" sat in th<' c!im lig ht of t he flickerin g c andl es 11·ith a gro11·ing s::nsl' of horror. The hos t's proposal. made just at the climax of the story , that he shotdd "qu it llO\\", and fi ll is h this solllt' e ther time when ll"e're all toget he r agai n ," m et \l·ith all t'lllphatic \Tto. At th e conclusion of the story, the li g hts \\"crt· agai n tu rncd Oil. to th l' \·ast co lll fort of some of th e list eners, a nd refresh ments 11·etT servt'd. ' f' ht· ta c dtd tanlcs,.: lll'ss o f it is carefull y planned a nd give n in a nob le spi ri t. The musical part of the evening 11·as ope ned by the .\l t·ll's C lub s lllj!lllj! a tl'll " nt the scl ectiot:s the rest \\"anted , and on e or two that th~.:~ 11·a11ted. ' !'he n the ( ;ir l,:' C lu b reciprocated 11·ith some of their best , afttr 11·hi r h the host a11d hostess gan· a \I"OJ:derfu l du et, respon ding to man y enco res. At this point 1'-in gsk~· · s prl',.:<'IKt' 11· a,: dcman cled , hut he had 1·an ishcd and cou ld not ht· fou11 d.


Ai tn a ge JH:ra l ,.;ong ,.;en·ic..: , the party regretfu lly broke up, com plaining t hat " midni g ht come,.; ;ndu lly ea rl y these ni gh t~." \\' hat they th ought of the cycnin g may be ft.arn ed i rom the ,.;hocked neighbor,.;. wh o heard the o ld famil iar yel l ~ pl i tting t he ~il c nce of th e Sabb a th mo rning. "\ V hat's the m at te r with Dr. H ou,.;e ?" " l-Ie',.; a ll right! " "\ V ho',.; all right?" "Dr . 1-f o u,.;e. " " Fi ftee n ' Rah,.;.'' On the e\·en ing of Satu rday ..-\pril Fourtee n th. e'-c ryonc \\·ho during the year had taugh t the nimh or te nth grade. a,.;,.;..:mb k d in the new gym nasium. which then appeared like a beautiful , g raceful. bo\\·er of cr recn and white. As the cro\\·d mo,·cd about at . "' lirs t ,.;mil ing. a nd fi n a l!~· breaking in to a "·hole-~ou l ed laugh. pupil,.; and teachns jostled and jested \\·ith eac h other. The li r,.;t game, " T,,·o 1-1 appy :\I inure,.;." g a,·e al l an opportunity for getting better at·quaintn l by haYi ng six date,.; " ·ith clifierent people during t\\·clye m in ute,.;. Surely such a record i,.; to he ell\·iecl unlc,.;,.; an y ,.;cn ou,.; resu lts come f rom t he m ixing and breakin g dates. I t \\·as t hen disco,-c red th at a copper min t was located some\\·herc ncar for pennies were ge nerou,.;ly dist ribu ted to all presen t. ' fh e ans\\·er,.; to t\\·enty questions were fo und on the penny. A new definition of a messe nger. ''one ce nt. " praYed t he catch for most g uessers. Dean Rouse, Harry Sm it h, :\la rry C raig, and Kingsley H ouse, demonstrated seYeral JJ e\\· methods of cross cou n tn· t ra\-cl. as the\· we nt oYer th e expanse of Ho01·ing on t heir heads o r h ands. . . \ V hen al l th e lishenm: n haJ ca ug h t a fish in the poncl. they " ·ent into the dining r oom and \\·ere sen-cd refreshments at small tables. The green and white candles Dr. H ouse \\·as p ut to the test in inducing som e of th e mo;·e back\\·a rd members of the :\ l en's C lub to go in and sit \\'ith the ladies. but they were used to minding their director, so th ey went. THE 1-II C;l-1 SC H OO L RECEPTlO:\' It is ofte n said t hat a parent raises a chil d, and then t he chi ld ra1ses the parents. 1-l o\\·e,·cr, fa lse or true, t his statement may bl·, it is a fact that the Peru Senior High ~c hool, taugh t the :'\annal Seniors, what a grand success a reception may become \\·hrn cast a soft l igh t O\-cr the room, w hile t he "·aitress~s tli tted about from table to table. The bl i.nking of th e ligh ts drew fort h a ge neral groa n because it \\·as the signal fo r the preparation for departure. ·:\lr. Spacht t hen led the Color Song, but no leade r was needed as everyone "·ith an earnest vi m and en t h u!>iasm, answe red the query, "\Vhat's t he m atter wi t h t he Hig h School ?" by, " They're all right. You bet-eYerytime. Th ree chee rs for the Peru f-1igh School students " ·ho are not only good th in ker:; b ut th e hest of entertainers."

C HE.\li STRY l' l l' :\ IC Prof. H oyt and the C he lll is try s tlldt' n ts ll ll' t in s,·inu··· I I ;til. II Ite n· ti ll'\ ;.:;liT the class yell , and th en started o n t heir pintic tramp. f:ach pe rson had pinned on h im a s lip () f p; q w r w it h h i-. n a1tw ;tn cl a n ·p rc -.t·ttt at io1 1 oi the place from 11· hich he c;1n1c. ' J'Iw stll! lcnts w alk t·d in t il·, , dt: tn J.!ittJ.! part n 1·r-. t' ITr~ iew mi n u tes to get acquainted 11·it h all then· and J.!'l''" t h e nanw -. ot t ill· tn 11·n, I ro111 w hich they ca m e. On th e 11·ay there we 1·isired th e in· - plant and tiw ntak inl! nl 1n· 11 a-. ,., pl ainn l tn us. vVe nex t vis ited the c id er m ill a 11rl ll't'IT i111·itt· rl to d r ink ;: II tlw ,· iclt·r ,,.,. 11·a ntl'd. :\ little farthe r on liT ,·is itccl a n appk orc hard . \Vhen we reached the ri ver, the girls \\T IT ,fj,.ITd p rii't'' n l li1 ,., t h nT. ;tnd 1'11·o ,·,·nts fo r hitting fl o ati ng pieces of II' ()Od h ut fl() Ollt' c ar11 nl tht· prii't''· \ Vhc n 11·e had started a c ross fields on 11111· IT til I'll h() n H·. i t 11·a.., d

j,,., , t·n·.l

CJf the gi rls had left her hat abot Jt a ha lf 111if<- d o11·11 tlw t r ;wk.

t h :1t tllll'

\\ 'hilt- -.onw 11 t'l lt hack

to get it, the rest feas ted on g ra pes. After climbing many hi ll s and kn ees, a 11 d l!''" IJ.!: thrtt c q r n l ic ld-.. 11 ,. at Ja, r rl'adll·, l the athletic field w h e re ~\ I r. P a lm er had tl11· c ()ffct· 111ad\' . \\·,. roa-. tt·•l "ll' icllit·, .. a nd

had sand 11·iches, pick lcs, a n d dou g h 11 11t s. \Vhi lc liT 11-cr e eating, s lips of paper IITI'l' passed ar<Htnd "" 11·h ic h t' :ll·h \\Tote a clt:srr iption of his f11ture chr1ice. ' f'l ll's t' \\ T IT st'llt ttp in a hall()n a11d all arc 11·att trl ;.! anx ious ly fo r the r es ults. vVe next looked at the moon th rtl a s t en·os c() p:·. Before fca,·ing for home , li T all vo t ed .\ I r. H()yt a rtlla l t'lltt·rtai lll'l' .





Ml I["ET

BANQl"ET, MARC il , 19 11)


Dramatic Club

( ~~d oplt路d ns pcrwHueul l>S tbe oramntll' Club.)

If a rri ,.. , .\ Jl..., ~n:''' · I 1 uno . f 'r·aic. Fr y •·.

1Bramatir Qtlub

The Dramatic C l ub has ah,·ays been conside red the exclusive org;aniza t iotl of t h e Peru State Norm a l, O\\·ing to the fact that but sixty persons are elected as membe rs during a year. This year a n e,,· pl an \\"as ad opted ,,·h idt required the persons app lying for membersh ip to try-o ut before a committee. ' !'h is ,,·a y o nl y t h ose sh o\\"i n g special ski ll \\"ere admitted. · This society is recog nized as an important factor in th e sc h oo l life because it promotes a better appreciation of dramatic art and s kill . Its influence is largely due to the fact that \\·e have al\\"ays been fortunate in having a ble and sincere advisers. For t h e past t\\·o years :\ I iss Ot111n h as spared 110 time or mergy to help build up and better the club. Our first meeting \\·as in t h e form of a n in for m a l receptiot t fo r the n e\\· membe rs, and si nce then, once every month \\·e h ave enj oyed t\\"0 or more plays. .Among t he most notable of th ese ,,.c m ay \\·ell mc ntion t h e t\\·o Frctt c h translation s, :\l od esty, by Paul H ervieu , and Ind ia n Summe r , b y Haleoy and :\Ieilhal. .Also Confessions b y ~''· Conan Doyle and th e I rish pla ylet by Lady C rcgor~· . The Risi ng of t h c :\l oon . T he big play of the year, Cousin Kate, hy Hubert Hem~· D ;l\·ics ,,·as one of the successes of the school year.

\\'i lhnt·n. \\' ,•a t h,, rhu.:;:. H.u s:-::t' 1. 1"\o hy. Xtwak. Palnkr ..)ou rs. u lclin l!. Parkt•r . ~~ illt\1', Blank Pn~h i p, 0W l' 11 ~ . R obi nson, L ow r y. t ' h a nt. .\ m(' tult•, .1tlhn:->:ft 11, \\'illi:1m s . \\' il:".o n. S wc n kt~r .

ilramatir <!lub

f.<' wi,, :-<. Kell y. \ V. E mmert. S tit t , G.

K ('ll~· .

T.(' ht·, ~I e i sner, Conley, :\!elvin, Gnhu s. C. S i x tn. T.o t·ntH'P.•1Ptlf' rm a n , ,l (' \\'C'll, J fu ston , D onovan.


Jr. Ch:.t~<IHin. f'w q .. ·r·. ,\ll ... ut an. c ·,·ai:.:. ll arri k, g,, n l. Fr·.n·, Hl :u ·k . B . 1-: r liiii ~> J' t. ('1;, ....

D u d ek,

Bur·k(: fl. ( ' lq v,· r.

ilramatir <!Iltth

Sa ndber g, l\T P,I' Cl'. SpHch l. \\'iek ilam. Oal' "'· Pars o n s. ~·kll\n·nk l'l' . K . 1\:1·11 .\·, T~· l • •r. \\'at· ll tt•l.

1!lramatir ยง ("(!fnu.sitt !1\at.e")


1!lramatir ยง ("<!!ousitt 11\ate")

'I/ / '//1

QI:nusin [1\at.r. ( :\ comedy in three an~. by Hu bert H enry Da,·ies) T hi ~ con1n l~· \\'a,.; pre,;e nt t•d by t he Dramatic C lub on ~I arch third. lt \\':tS a clwlkngin g: and il luminating comedy of ma nner:-. "·ith deft. and cl e,·c r dialogue, \\'h ich h·pt it~ l i,.;tt'lll'l'~ a lnt ior the nex t " ·itt y o r poetic turn. I ts Yalue lay in its g r ace a n d charm oi :'t'lltinwnr a nd it~ artistic execution endeared it to th e audience. Bril'll y the ,.;tor~- is t hi,.;. The heroi ne is a young noYel ist. disi ll usio ned by u n fo r tll l\atc expnil·nn·,; in Ion·. S ill' meet,; a n arti,;t and they fall in lo,·e ,,-ith each othe r. T h e artist, ho\\'c \Tr, ha,; eng:agcd h im,;clf to a co m·ention al little cousi n of J.::ate's and Kate find in g o ut rill' truth. pn·tcnds that ,;he ha,; mere!~- been Ai rting . In the end , the cousin d ecide,; that ,;he really Ion's a certai n curate and K ate a nd the artist arc I ree to man·~ - .

C:\ST OF C HAR:-\CTERS H eath Dc,.;mo n d , an Artist


R e,-. James Bartlett, a C lcrgr ma n


Hobb r Spence r. a Schoo lbor


~ I rs. S pen ce r, a \V id o\\'


A n 1~·

R cTH Co:-.-E

Spencer, a Girl

.J a ne, a Sen·an t

L L' L C


a nd Cousi 11 Kate, a i'\ o\·elist



SEN I 0 R C L :'\ SS P J. . \ Y

By j .


:\! A:-:~E RS

A vital comedy which elucidates 11·itlwut prejud icc th e r n ca rttrt ~ oi th e irttcr-acia l feelin g existing betwee n J ew and Ge ntile. The auth or sho\\·s 11·ir h s i11ce rit y of purpose the inevitabl e surrender of the right thi11king aristocrat to the ~ ro\\· i11 ~ spirit of democracy. Sir J ohn Cotswold has lost his fo rtun e. L ve ryt hin~ th at is ldt oi thc 1neck is mortgaged to a recentl y knig hted j e11· , S ir I saac .J acobso n , \\·Ito li n ·s 11 c:xt d oo r. Lady Cotswold and their daughter U lrica quietl y and unk110\1·n to him ha1·e mai11taim:d th e Cotswold Park 1\!Iansion in London by desig ning drcs: cs a11d maki11 g tra ns latio ns. The old aristocrat is so bitter towards the j e11·s, so imb lted with a se 11se of th e di gni t~· of birth that even th e triumph of h is son Cecil as a g r a11d opera s i11 ~er in a \\·o rld so plebeian as th e stage onl y ser ves to irritate and ange r him. Cecil retlt rn s horne i11 tilt' midst of his triumph to find that Esther Jaco bso n still loves him as s he did i11 their early youth. H e find s his sister U lrica has com e to lo ve Est her 's brother .'\d ria11. A fter many stormy scenes betw een Sir John and ever~· o ne co ll ce rl!('d . it all e11d s \\T il. Cast



Sir J ohn Cots11·o ld , baronet } [argaret, his w ife

I , Yl.l.l.·\S \ VET ;\ I ORE

U lrica, his daughter


Cecil, his son


Ho ;\ IER Scwr::-:TKER

Vining, his servant

H t\R()f. [)

Capt. the H on. C live Trevor Si r I saac J acobson M. P.

C H!ITEI.: \1:-:

R I C I-11\RD

\J E I SS :-: ER

Rebecca, his wife Esther, his daughter Ad ri an, his son


l\1aximillian, his ser va nt


Walter Lewis, mus ical age nt


LEONARD DuDEK-Stage Manager


- - - - - - -- - -


Ro B E RTSO:-:





,r CiewM.)..('t ~

,..,,. -· ---

. .:


I irtt


On!' oi t il t' grl'at<·,t lo,,<., that rl u· P t·r11 Stat!' :\urinal 'w.' t"\"t·r t·x pt·rit'nn·rl \\";( , tlw pa"ing a\\.:1\ of :\I r '. l·: li;.-.ah :·th <.."r:l\do rd. :\ tiJ.!II ' t ...? :--; . l 1 ) lfl. l .ittk did \\T ,-t·a li i'.(" \\" IH· JJ \\"!" l"ich:·d thl" \ t·ar' \\ ork that \\·hen ;c h()()l ()Jlt" JJ("d aJ!ai 11. , hl" \\" <~tdd lliJt ht' \\"it h I I:' . \ \ 'c m i~~ the c ht'n o f hn h r ight. happ ~ ia n ·. h11t hn lwau tifJ d. helpi1d ~ pirit \\·i ll :d\\·a\, hmTr not o n ~\- aho11t JJS hnl'. h1 1t ,,· ill lw an i11:-pir:ttion in n Jall\ ,_<·h oolronn l:< \\"IH'rl' her stJJdt• JJ t~ han· gone . :'l l <· nw ria l se n ·iu·s hl' ld at d1ap,·l S('prelll hn ...?1. 10 16. \\"t" re attenclt-d IH· ht'r Jll:JJJ \ l' <"l"l l f r i<·nd~ in t mn1 as \\"ell as sdwol. Th l' d1:qwl p h tfonn \\·a, tlt-c ora tnl \\"ith d t: l it·ate ferns and flo\\Trs. !--Oilll" o f \\·h ic h h ad !we n c ared for

~ h~· lwr m 1·n hands. . I \T~fWI" hnnn Rn·. C . .'\. l . arJ ll t' Jl, After a ht':liJtitiJ f/ led i11 tlw d n· o t io ns. Pres idt"nt I I ayl':' sp o kt· of h er .;tn·ngth of d1aracter. hl"r tn·Jnend< n Js t'nt· rg~· . and hl'r high id eals o f lik. .\ I iss f>nkins ' tri h iJIT t"lllp h as izt•tl hn tt:nd e rn c:ss, sy n1pa th y, courage. an d patieJHT. '' :\I y h appi<:s t· memo ry of Wlrs. C ra\dord is t h<: j oy t hat she fe lt in hn ,,·o rk. hot h , ,·it h th e ch ildre;J a nd th e students. She was of in va iJ Jablc h e lp to all llH'tllhns of t h e train i11 g depart ment and she was as tactfu l and sy mpat hc:tic as she ,,·as help fu l. .'\l t h ot tgh h er classes required groups of chil d ren from every grade a nd brou ght h er i11to rc:lat io n sh ip ,,·ith eve ry crit ic, yet t he re was only mutua l in t<: rest and good , ,·i ll atno n g us a ll. Ht: r understand ing of condi t ions ,,·as so com plete and he r \\· il l in g n c:ss t o sac r illcc her 0\\'fl com ·enie nce to the need, so pervading, that n ot hinJ!: bu t harmony co u ld resu lt. \Ve shall m iss he r hourly as a frie nd a nd a leade r am o ng u s." D ea n Rouse spoke \\· it h much feeling and app reciatio n of h er devoted spirit o f se n·icc and h e r hc: lpfttl a t titudt" t o\\·ard a ll members of t he t raining department. H e cl osed h is remarks ,,·i t h t h e foiJo,,·ing t ribute. " F or ye ars :VI rs. Cra\\·ford h as h ad the p ecu lia r tas k of i1J c ulcat ing t he underlying principles of instruction a nd stimulati ng a desire to be sk il l fu l in th e teach ing act. Ho\\· ,,·ell she has fu lfi ll ed that task! Her ,,·ide readi n gs, hn opellm indedness, for the best i1 1 m ethodo logy, h e r ca reful p r<: paration, he r i11spi r ing illu~­ tt·ative rec itations made it possible fo r h e r to pl ace upon o u r g:raduates t h e stamp of a teache r. To he r, I say 11·ithout doubt , more than to any other pe rso n b c·l o ng:s th e cred it for the pecu l ia r success that has marked t he g reat mass of P eru via 11s. \ V h c n inqu irin g su perintendents shall ask t each e rs, ' \ V h e re gai 11 ed yo11 yo 11 r pO\\·e r ?' th e ~· !>hall glad ly say, 'When in th e h a l ls of o ld P en t , ,.e m et a consecra tc:cl teac h er ,,·ho sho\\·ed u s th e g reat ,,·hite ,,·ay of se n ·ice a nd taught us to so ad j ust ou r teach in g~ that truth should be thro\\·n u pon the sc ree n of co t1sc iou sn ess in beautiful colors.' \ Ve shall miss th e inspi ration of h er calm face . t h e ,,·isdom of her sa n e cou nsel. a 11 d 110 OJH' ncore than I a nd t h ose of us ,,·ho ha,·e t oiled ,,·ith he t· i11 this tk partmCJJ t . I ,ct u s think of her t h is morni ng sit ting at the f('et of t he ~ Tastn t<'ache r of t h e ag:cs."






~.-!: !4 ~ 7£.~







Irn flmemnriam H ARRY '1 . PITT~IA:\" It :'l't:lll:' :tlmo"t u nbel ic1·ablc that 11·hen H arry Pittman died ,;o much beauty of thought, 11·hich seemed to be seeking n :pression th rough him, hi:; ph ysical appea ra nce, and the thrill ielt by us t hrough h is association and companinn,;hip. ~h o uld he destroyed in the ve ry hour of blooming ,,·hen he had ju,;t barely pas~ed from the youthf ul period to a man',; maturity oi fct>ling and t hought. Harry Pittman wa;; only t\\·e nty-t\1'0 years of age \\·hen death m·errook him. Y et dea th brought him neare r t o tr,;. a nd hi~ mt·mory i~ rend ered more cherished and imprcs,;in: to u,;. l t ,,·a,; hi,- appn·ciatiort oi t he beautifu l. hi,; manli nt:ss, and his si ncerity in religious dn·otiort that attracted otht:rs to h im. Hi,- lo1·c fo r huma ni t~· and his sociabil ity brought him in tom·h ,,·ith mart~· pt:ople. This ga1·e him conside rab le insight and tr rHinst:t rtd ing of tlw disappoilltnll'nts as ,,·ell a,; pleasures of life, and deepened his ,;nnpathies fo r othn,;. 1-1 i,; feel ings tO\I·a rd othn,; are included 11·irh the thought expressed by these lines ,,·hic h h e often quoted: " I ,ct nw 1in· in a hou:'L' b1· tlw side of the road; S.-\~ll'EL

And be a frie nd to man."


Time itself could not h eal the ,,·ound made in the hearts of his friends by the sudd e n a n d u n expected death of Samuel Dressle r. But co nsol ation a nd relief from the pain 11·h ich rises up \l'ith in us ,,·hen our though ts re1·ert to h im again and again, is gained from th e k nmdedge that his life 11·as g01·e rn cd in such a manner as to call for no r eproach. J-:y er op timistic, kind , clean-mi nded, cl ean of speech, keen of intellect, a sp a rkling of th e eye, his frank and hearty laugh , and his loyalty to h is friends and d eYotio n to his pa rents 11·ere h is predominating characteristics, and 11·on for him the loH a nd res pect of all 11·ho became intimate]~· associated 11·ith h im. "You n eed no praise no r is t his meant to be, Bu t the ~inccrc and baffled g rief of one \Vh o \\'a l ked ,,·ith you unde r last summer's sun, A nd laughed 11·ith you at 1·ain morta li ty. A rt h our t hat after noon 11-c sat; Time soo n h ad its run. \ Ve ta l ked of great things 11·aiting to be don e. r sm iled, th e n. seeing ~·o ur open th roat, soft tie, T he golden god-like h ead , your cyt>~' bold blue, Y ou r burning se ri ous ness() Youth ! thought I. B ut riO\\' ( n ot stra nge) l thin k a nd th in k of ~·ou Sayi n g; t h at day, ' I t docs not matter ll'h~· m en act : \ Vhat matters most is 11·hat men do.'"


I •



GREETINGS most f)eartp anb sincere, are extenbeb bp tl)e ~. <OOil. (![.. Qt. to all ,l9eruuians, past anb pres= ent, anb to ~. Q . (![.. Qt. nirls e1:Jerpwl)ere. wmt'e rejoice in tfJe prosperitp of our scl)ool, anb in all tl)e acl)iebements. of tl)e past pear. JLet us f)ope tl)at tl)e worlt of tl)e relinious orgnni~ations of ,l9eru ~annal map increase in tf)e pears to come, anb tf)at tf)ep map con= tinue to probe sources of strenntb anb cl)eer to nil tf)e stubents.


CAB I N J·: T .J <.:di·rrn a n , C:d d w(• IJ , ~ l f·h· i u , S p :w ltl ,

l ':duP·r·.

1 ~1'1• \\' 1 1.

( · 1·ai :.:.

Space H" ill not here pe rmit o ne to s peak of all th<.: rdi g io ll:' ll HTt in g :-; a 11d so c ial c1·ents t hat th e Y . :\I. C. A . has so benig 1tantl y mack possible this year fo r c1·ery boy in school t o enj oy. H o11-c vc r, it is 11-cll to recall t h at Professor C . F. B t.T k sta1·tcd rhe ball roll ing, Su nd ay a fte rnoo n , Se ptember 17, 19 16. 01 1 th<' topic , " The Three P 's." in such a mann e r t h at an cAi c ie nt st and ard 11·as cs tahli~h e d ll' h ic h ha s res u lted in a se ries of fi ne meetin gs. Th e \\T ite r wish es particu l arl y to co mmend t h e meth o d ;•doptccl by th e o rga niza tion t o se t asid e o n e S 11nda~· each 111011th for th e stlld~· of the book. " The C hu rch and t he Ope n C o11ntr y. '' ' ]'h ('sc IIH't' t in gs ha1-e h tTII a so11rce ot real 1·alue fo r t he up-t o-d ate. 11·id e-a11·ake , pros pecti1·(' , sc h ool 111an. P roh ll'111s h an· hecn di scussed a nd 11·orked o ut that C'IT r y tcach n 11·ill r11 11 11 p a g ain ,.; t in ka,·i11 g t h is inst it ution fo r h is chosen 11·ork.

\". tv! . C . .'\. B.'\NQ{'ET

A n ot h e r fine pha~e of our ,,·or=-hip i=- the \ ' e~per SrtTice mo1-ement. TheY. \V. and Y. ?\ I. of t he school han· held j oint meetings once each mont h. 11·hich brought ;thout some 1-er~· ,·ital a nd plea~in g reco ll ect ions. 1t nHt~t he rcm emhncd that the Y. :\I. C. A. is pa r tly responsi bl e for the tine a ltruistic e1-ellt. the ge t -acquaimed reception he ld September IS, 1916 , and 11·hol ly respo n,.; ihle for an carl~· m o rnin g hike for t he men Saturday, September 23, 191fi, 11·h ich 11·as led by Prof. \ \ ". -:\. Del;.-,ell h1· d t·,·iou=- paths to a beau ti fu l spot about one mil e ea st of tmn1 ll'h e re a big feed a11·ai~cd them; and also for th e mid -year banquet for t h e men of t he sc hool, hel d Febru ary 6, 1917. O ur orga ni z a tiot l i=-. indeed , extremel y fort un ate in h;ll·ing fo r its president Chad cs S pach t a nd for its relig ious C hairman C harles Palme r. T hese men ha1·e put fort h strenuou s effort s a nd u nl imited time in building up a re ligious atmosphe re t h at h as mad e possible fo r the stu dent life to be , ,·orth 11·hile here in Peru this yea r.

F . \ V . L.

Bl tHtlll, ) f i··ll ·· ··li -... I '• • II · J' ~ . . \ IJit • tl d • · . S ·· h fll•i tl ····. f f t•ill l<t•, 1. . \\' ild. l'o \\' l•r·~ . Blair·. H . \\' iJd . C'hprl£·r. '' ;~ ll l ~"l'•·r . . \

"'""d·· . .J ~~ ~ l · · n .., • · ll .

T he :\lon na! Luthe ran Association 11·as orga ni zed in t h e fa ll of I CJ 16 11· it h a rm:mbersh ip of about twenty youn g people. The oflicers fo r this year are: Bertha \V ild , adviser, Karen Bl ai r , presid ent, Hen ry Amende, sec retary - treas11rer, A nn e A mende, pianist and ch ai rman of prog ram commit tee , Elsie Bloom , .'\onnalitc repor ter. :\I eeti ngs have been held Sunday momings at 9 o 'c lock . Thru t h e k indness ot Rev. S. Seive rt of Humboldt, we h a ve e nj oyed regu lar sermons twice a mont h . Our meetings, ea r ly in the morning 11·hen o ur minds are fn:sh aiHI eager to assi milate some good thou ght, and, also, th e fe11· informal socia l meeti n gs hav e helped t o cs t abijsh a close association and friendshi p from 11·hi c h a ll o f trs han· rccei1-cd some inspiratio n. This is t he first attem pt of the Lu t heran stll d ents of Pe nr .'\ ormal to esta blish a n organi zatio n, and 11·e hope that t he future Lu t her a n s 11·ill sup po rt it.


Tra,·i~ .

~m i t h .

\\. att. BuW t' ll ,

Hnll ar<l. BI'( 1HC'm:tn. 0'1-.:('c•it•. C . . 'ix t :l , F . ~ixt a .

The E p isco pal (; ui ld o f P eru \\·as orga ni zed in the fa ll of 19 12 ,,·ith R ita Th omas 1h 1ring the past t ,,-0 vears t he Guild has been under t he ad,·isersh ip of :\ I iss B O\\"CII. Sen·iccs a rc h c!J c\·e.ry Su nday morning at n ine o'cl ock and during Le nt ,,.r also h a n · a sho r t sc n ·icc o n Th u rsday en·ning. T he officers fo r th e cu rrent year are : P rcsid c n t- J I ARIE 1 ~ ..\LL.-\RO Secretary a n d T reasu rer- F ru"-" CES \VATT Pian ist- LO RE:'\ .·\ TRA\"!S :1~ ach ·iser.

A t ,.a riou s ti mcs t h rou gh t he ~Ta r \\" e ,,·e re honored b~· ,·isi ts from Bishop \ Vii i iams, R t·\". :'\ Iulliga n of B eat r ice. and RC\·. Brmn1 of Auburn.


B,,,·tou . ~ l lll'fl l l\' ,

l'n w! t :t~zi.

.\ I ;IIH•\',

C:ll' y , P . I<·· C":III.

~· , ,· ak . .\ 1•tllt•Jt .

Hot1 k. \\'olf. '1'1'1 11',

.\ .

J~i d.. •·t·l .

l< •·t::ltt .

~J. · ( ': du •

1< • ·1!: 111 .

QI:atqnlir Assnriatinn

Th (' a1 m of the :\ormal Catholi c Asso cia tir,n i,.. lor r ~ ·lig: io t l ~ ptlrpo~:·~ . ;u u l to !l .. omote fr iendliness a nd good feel ing an ~OJ!:,!; its ll H" Illh:T ,.. . :\lass is held cn:rr second \\"ct'k; s('n·iccs h :·il l;.!; nu: d tJcte.! h1· l:at h l"r \ \ ' l"i s:< o f :\cbraska C itr. :\I t' ~·t in gs a rc held (' IT r ~· Su n da~· in t h e Ca thol ic rt's t roo111 ;11 u l ,-linn ::t·n· ices ,,.ciT held c1-err \V crlncsrl ar and F ri dm· n· ~·11 i ng d tJri ng l .c n L Office rs for t he cu rrent ~·c ar a rc: A n1 1a R egan , prl"sidc Jlt; .\I arg:art't .'\ ~· an. tJT astJ re r; :\ I a ric :\l ane~· , s::crctarr; L ouis \Virt h. :\onna l itc rc po rtn. Th e s uccess of the organi/'.ation h as b:TJ l dtL' la rg(' l~· to t h l' p :Tsen'J"aJlL't' an d ca pabil itr of our ablc a(h-is:· r , :\Iiss :\Itdl l' ll. :\Iembers arc : :\liss~·s Proc h azka. Bickert , True. ~~~·a1 1 , \\ ' o l f . Ronk . R cg:a11, Regan , :\Iu llen , LcoJ ~a rd , :\lan e~·. Borton. :\I ur ph y. :\ fc Ca ht·. ;1nd Can·~· . and :\I essrs. :\ ova k and \ V irth.


.\ll<man. Palnwr. Fullt'l". ('l<Wt'l". \\"iltl. G:tl"C\". Tyl,.,., G rcgj:'. ·


Il a n •~n.

Hen dricks .


First S em t>s fr r

S('(onrl Sem ester

President GAREY H E ~DRICKS Vice President P A L ;\IER C I:O\' ER Secretary \ V ILV FL' LLER Treasurer TYLER A LI.S:\I A~ The science club has just closed its first year 's service and du ring that ti me has accomplished one of its purposes, that of placing the science depa rtments on a level " ·ith similar depa rtments in other colleges and institutions of educational nature. A furthe r desire is to put its members in tou ch with the latest scienti fic in vestigations and to create a g reater inter est in both pure and applied science. LECTUR ES O ct ober-" Ran: Earths" Prof. J. B. Dal es, U ni versity of Nebraska. D ecembe r- "T1·aining of Future Science Teachers as Affected by General Science 1\Iovem ent," Prof. H. B. Brmntell , U ni versity of Nebraska. January-"lVIarketin g of Apples in Nebraska," Prof. H. C. Filley, College of Agricu ltu re, U ni ve rsity of N ebraska. Janu a ry-" Black Hills of South Dakota," Leonard Dove. J anu a ry-" Recent R eYelations of the T elescope," Prof. G. D. s,,·eez)~, universit y of Nebraska. F ebruary- " 1-lome Economics," ?\Irs. H enrietta ,N. Calvin, \ Vashi ngton, D. C . lVIarch-"Boys' and G irls' Ga rdens" Prof. C . \ V. Pugsley, Director of Agricultu ral Extension in Nebraska . l\1arch- "R ecrcation a Factor in C ha racter Building," D ean M cProud, ' Vesleyan University.

\\'iiJ<ill"t iiJJ. z,,f.JII' r'. J:la JIJ.. I'I I'•IIi p . .lt•\\'•• 11. c; ;u···.'· ('IJ al' d

I J w,\

,. ,.

( ;,,JJi•f•Jt,


lloyd, Lau lu •tn J)(l J', ( ; an·y. ).f. .lo nl':-.. Du r is ch , ZociiPr , F . . ron f's. C h a 1·d, Faye, Jon('s .


z ,l t• t1t•r. ll,,fi'man . Blan k,•n:-'h ip. Ual <'!-=. Clovt'l'.

T. f' wi ~ .

.1~11'-':-'. J. a \HI CtnJH' l'. ])uris .,· h. t' h) \'t' l', ( ; iltll (' l'. 1lttnuvan . Ho,rd. ('h :ll·cl. ) h· l),,nald.

\i\lith P rofessor Garey as ad viser the Everett Literary Society has passed another hig hl y successful year. It is true that thou gh the membership is limited, it is composed entirely of lo ya l \\·orkers, \\·ho rejoice to be E ve retts. They have helped to make the many social good times. 'There has been a ge nu ine interest in the prog rams. By their va ried nature everyone has been enabl ed to take part. Since real intellectual ad vancement is obtained thru ac tion , by "getting into the game", more good results from this, than from passively being entertained by persons, " ·ho a re presunied to ha ve g reat talent. E veretts believe that ability approaching genius does not rest in a fe \\' alone but pO\\·er in a musical, clramatic or literary \\·ay is possessed by all. Either this ah\·ays holds true, or the E veretts are an unusuall y \\·ell selected g roup, for it \\'aS fou nd that no one \Yas so poor in tal ent that he could not aid the society in a ve ry cred itable man ner. Great thin gs a re planned for 191 7-18 . But, \\·hile next year is looked fotwa rd to\\·a rd \\·ith confidence, it is certain that all the years have been kindl y disposed to the soci et y named in honor of the statesman, Ed\\·arcl E verrtt.


J·:wuH·r·tl. () ,.. !,on••·. ffji,J•·r. Buw£:11, HN1f"1'11. ('hat r- laiu .

:\' f) \'Uk .


Dude k, Pahru·r. ShHITar. ~o,·ak. OslHn'rlt·. <:. K~ · l h · .'· · \\'f'ttnOl'P. Howt·ll. X . Kt· llf·\·, Bnl\\' 11, Bai <·l'. If. Fa·,,·t'. K1H·hlt·1·, llul'lnw.· Pal'l.;t• l' .


( 'ollt', :\ l\\":1 k . PHrt itt it•r.

l.nn g-it•llnw. l,:tlllh'r. E muwr t t. \\',•ntht• t·ho !!g" . I I a ITillC!'hl ll.

. \ l lh\ lld t •.


P o t' tf'n it•t·. Cook. S m i t h . T\:u h lm nu . Ol ~o n. Edw nr<ls. S n ell , B u rne~·, D o nne, 1\l o n iu. S pau l d i n ~. J. r• h 1·. :\nw . tHlP. Oshnrtw. H n tTing-ton. Ho ht• t· t~o n .


RPclrern, Scin·j,.(,·r. S ll u ll z. ="Hnt k . H n h r . Z . ="ot-ri 'i. 0 !-'horn P. Xnrr·i s. flrd,i tl "'' '" · I I ihl•· a·. I I q f rn •·"' · I I :t.' ...... . R P~an , n ou sr•, Swf•ltkc·r, ' r r u r-,



J·'•·in k. ~ I P JTill. ( 'a ld w •·l l. II ;IIJ)J I Illa ll. lll:t i•·. B u :,!'l,f't•. \ \' i l lia ms. Bl;~t · li:, ll ar low. B n nlll' t· .

( 'h ( •!H '."·

Fa11 l k n•·t· . . \

t ttt• tt clt·.

l·' ;t ll !'- f' lt .

.\ n dt• t·~,\1\,

Ludwi :;:. Fr l"~ IH' h . (i . K Pllf'y. H tlfl'. Xunn. K inton . ~l m H•s . .1, llan ~ ing-. Ble ss in ~. I' int o n . C. Kt•ll t"~Y. 1.. P:ll'~0 n. H n udt"~l ' :•dt rl dt.



R(' lllH:>id ('l', Port t~tli r r. S wnn h olm. ~ rrh.:~ H t• t· . Rt>icl. 'PowPr. Pa:-:t·o. TrPst•n r itt•r. Pt•tt•rs . Ow f' H ~. Tho rnton. H ~ clf r rn. :\fcC'nbP, ?-! anPy, S pn nlding-.


J. oll'-='· Blo11JJI. \\'a.\ h d t.: Jit. 1-:JJIIJH'I'tt . V rvt·. (; l, ll t:. "'•11 11 •·. ( ',, u (.. ,· . ( ;ulnJ .., E'i~( · r·, Hol't'' " · J: u 1J a n l , C'a 1J :111 .

( ' ol '.\ ,

1~• · 1 ' 11 .

P a gP, lllaPkpranl(, L a ll <', ~<'J:<·Ik<·. Oak• ·'· R o;.;-er s, John so n, Lawl'Pn c•(•, 'l>u d ~· lc Lis to n , S<"h oen t al , L nn .l!.


Bt~ l'll:l\',

PalttH' I'. \\' alkt~ t·. Oh•s:on. 1\:uhlman. Kuhlman. Hair•t·.' llonalwu, n,·an. \"(ln !';h\1l\t z. II ill. P\·a~e . ('h•tth'Ht-... i.on:.:ft•lhtw. H (•Call.

C l tW, •II,


J-[f'ndt•rson. llou g-lliJHl. l1. \\' iltl. ~Ionia. \Vorth. i\f<•C':tlTo l. R. \\.il<l. ll. !-'!·)·" ·


Brown, ( '"JI' ' IdJa\' t•r. f'r,.lla !-o ka. 1\: u .. l d ~>t' ,

I Ju ,. j.., , I , ,., ...,..,l•·1· .

.\ J, IH·y. I .1· ll r. I ·'•"'~' ·'· · ( 'h:IJ IJ lf'lt', Todd . I '"''\\' a,., , Ht•ll, Sr•li\\'a !->h , ('J if lotl. (' ilri "' ti ee-.. ofl,

l·'•d•·.\ .



)):t llllll fl . \\ 'arllt• r . 1\n l il "'. Sn•·ll :\l i JJ,· r . Honk. \\' olf. l r:.rri ~. \\' itll t·J· :--. \\' t·atl~t·r il o:: ~!: . llt Jtll' l'.

Ca r P .. . \\ 'ill nll'll.

l'o.•k. \",•rno n. \\",,, t. l)ll,on. \\·alto n. )[r:\ r il. \Vt•atlh•rhtH.!t:. T t• lwnt. \\'ri;,:ht. \\' Nmo r r . B,mith. St. .To hn. Stit t. ~[at la' w ~ . l ,a \'k t' l'. 'l'l':t \'i:o:.. Hrt•llt' IH:lH. "':ttL Smith. "'hitr.


l ~l'f'Z t• in ..Toe k PI. Kamradt. .\rm ~ .

Pf't £' n . . \ll.sman. Bloss. Fos n ot. llan :-: int;. Cha tri:Jin. llulhur t. H e inkC'. Kin g-, _K urt z, Lt'wis.


( 'q l'f'l l'i hi . l< •• :-. .. ,1. :-:h a t'l'al'. Sn11 1ll. l'utol •· ~"d t· 11 . B1 ·o, J, •..,, J I u .., ,., n . . \rlt<~• , ( 'a J,h n ·ll, (; u y . .

;\ nd t·r""'''l.


" Ph i l om ath can s"-l over~ of learning. So says the dictionary bttt those \\·ho h an· t he privilege of attend in g our meetings kno\1' that \\'l' arc a lso lo\'t· rs of good times. Ou r regu lar m eetin gs have bee n del igh tf ul c ntertai nnH.: n ts and " feasts of n ·aso n.'' 11·h ile ou r social gath eringS-\\·ell , just ask a n y Phil omathea 11 about t h e m . This year 11·e ce leb rate t he se mi-cen te nn ial not o nl y o f our state a nd school but of our literary societ y, H' h ich is on e of th e ol d est and most d ist it 1guished orga ni zations of N ebraska. The success of this society th roughout t he year has been dm· in g rea t pa r t to t h <' untiring effo rts of ou r advise rs, Miss Bo,,·c n and Harrington; and in j ust as g reat a deg ree to the efficient se rvice of the officers and th e loya lty o f the m e mbers. The t ypical Philomathean is neithe r a "grind" nor a " d ig" nor a f ri 1·o lotts bttttc r fly , but is on e \\'ho ca res for both intell ect u al a nd socia l interests.

College Lzfe




( 7

I':) IT


/O. /

Fr i da~ .

S- 1-'i,dll'r Bro,-. ordn 100 jar,; of :\lalted :\Iil k:. :'l l nnda~. 11 - \\"l'komL' littl l' J u nior. with countenance serene, Tl·ll u,; ,,-hen• ~-o u canll' from. what makes you look: so g reen. \: O\\" ;!l't your little k s,;on,; :mel do not tease the gi rls. 1-\.c:c:p your ian·s dL·an and don't go chasing squirrels. · ! lll"sda~· . 1.?- \: t'\\' student,; paralyzt·d by th e C u dah ~- packing-house. belt- line routine of reg-i,-t ratio n. \\ · ed nc,-day , 13- Fi r,;t iontba ll prartll"L'. Ra\\· recruits sho\\· ho\\· high school footha ll. ,;he i,; played. Th11r:>day. ! +-J uniors c 1rryi ng: miniature libraries occasionally find the r ight room. Fi r,;t con \·ocatinn. :\Ian~- ;Hn·d at the imposing sight of the seer,- and philosoph e r~. \\Tig ht~· bro\\"s a nd angelic faces on the rost rum. 1.- r iday. I S-1-:n Tett and Phil o open se,-sions. ~lis~ Bo\\·en makes panic-stricken f1 igh t from the sta o-c Sat II rd ;ty. 16- Ccnnal ~-t.'ception doesn '.t coml' ofi. Prcmatu re appropri ation of pu nch by the boys prc,·cnrcd b~- Dean Cleland. Sunday, 17- Dorm g irls discon·r mea ning of nostalgia. :\ ro nd ay, I ~ -A nllll al reception tend ered to new ~tudents by the Ch ristian organizatio ns. L ots of ''pep'' and " punch " . T ut·sd ay, 19- -:\ I i,;s H arrin gton plrascs J unior Cla~s in :\let hods In her attempt to s ubo rdinate certain characte ristics of a chai r. " :"lo\\· a chair usuall y seats only one, but in ce rtai n cases. it ma~· contain t\Yo." \\ · nln esday, 20-"\ Vhy arc there so many cells in the human body, Leger? \Vhy not 011e big 'sd l' li ke most of us'' -Grcgg in H ygie ne Class. Thursday, 2 1- First class chapels. O ne dig nified senior eager to put a motio n befo re the assemblage . Hops his hand " ·ildly in the air. F r id ay, 22-H a rl o\\', in hrcathlcss desperation to l\Iiss Rulon, " Is th ere an 'Angell' here 1 could get?" Satu rda y, 23-B ig Y. :\I. F eed . Dudek: cooks 'steen eggs for stags. Straightway decides that m atrimonial age ncies are not so bad. Su nda y, 2-1-- LoYing tribute paid b,- C hristia n organi zations to "one \\'ho neYer did o ne mean thing- H any Pi ttm~n. " " I-1 e is not dead , he is just · away." ~. I onda~·, 25-F ac ulty, stud ents, and citize ns pay memorial respects to ::\I rs. Elizabeth C ra\\' fo rd-that "goQd teacher who shall li,-e on and on in the liYcs of her pupils." T11 t·sday, 26 -The keynote of D ean C leland 's lectu re to gi rls " D on' t Autte r like butterfl ies-" become common knowledge to boys withi n half an hour.


\Vednesday, 27- :diss Rita Tho mas, head or piano deparrr rH·nt. gi' ,., c hape l n·,·ira l. Students demand the second renclirion of ··To the Ri ,i ng S11 rt.· · Thursday, 28- Kotas in Botany C las!> : - Ti w n trdt·ll, '' tltl' wat ,,, t ht· ''Hrl n r tlw cel l. Friday, 29-I.::verybody exube ra nt. :'\onnal \\' 111~ fir~ t ;.!:tll ll' rro111 \\ 'c, l t·~ an. ( 1- 0. Philo ann ua l rece ption. Saturday, 30-M isses C arey ar1d Da \' i!> !ta n · a ridt· in (. 'oltJIIl'l :\ I ajor', .. ,HH'-hn'" shay." Ask them abo11t the goart·e.

Sunday, 1- First Stude : Did you t he beautiful sun n se th is n HJrnin)! ? Second Ditto : No, she sent me horne before sunrise. :.'Vlonday, 2-Y. M . and Y. W. make acti,·e campa ig n 111 st·paratc chapel sc,;siOns for increased membership. Tuesday, 3 -. Tebraska's F lying squadron ,·isits :'\ o nnal Hill. Our band furnisiH's the noise. \iVednesday, 4- P rofessor G r egg appears in chapel \\'ith red nosc. .))0 budget tickets sold to as many innocent stud ents. First issue of the 0!ormalite appears. Dramatic Cl ub members royall y ente rtain ed hy ~Hiss Dunn and committee. Thursday, 5-Senior class elect ion. Richard :\I cissne1· of Bl air elect ed president. Football boys leave for Grand I sland. Friday, 6- Victor y over Grand I sland by 9 to 7 scon·. "Doc " 0\\'e ns diets o n soft eggs and cheese. Sa turday, 7-Scwenk and Dudek pick applts. Ci rls walk to Barney. :\ l iss Osbornt· feels ancient. Sunday, 8-Ann ua l Go-to-Su nd ay-School Day. Students " tunJ out" in la r!!e nu1nbers . i'-Jonday, 9-Doctor Beatty, fo rme r president of the ~o n na l s peaks in c ha nel. Tu esday, 10-Prof. Hull in Economics : " \.Vhat is a n in fant ind ustry. :\I iss True?'' Miss True : "Why-uh an infant industry is one " ·hose pro prieto r is not mature." \Vednesday, 11 - Kcll cy ge ts stung in B otany lab. H e declarl's it to lw his f1rst experience. Thursday, 12--'Coach j ohnson in Physiology Class: " :\I iss Krause, " ·hne rs \·our heart located?" :\I iss K rause : " Wh y just in front of the breast bonl'. ' ' Friday, 13-Hon. S. C. Bassett, H on. G. H . Sheldon , a nd 1-l on . T . r. :\I a j 01;;, spoke in chapel. Spirited football rall y. G ame \\·ith Tark io Coll ege 17-0 in fa \·or of P eru

\ 17

Sat 11 rd a~ ,

1+-..\l iss Fosnot hila riously chases ..\Irs. \ Vachtd's red rooster arou nd the back yard. ~t1 11da y . I 'i- :\llsman and Schneider go to church . ..\I nnd a~· . I ()- I) r~· 1·\·dnat io n hold stir ring meeting d0\\"11 t0\1"11. :'\ o n nal stud ents he l p. Ttt t·sda y. 17- ..\Ii:<:< Carpe nter to Elmer \ \ "i lso n and ..\ I aric Ball ard: " lt rake,; n1·o in a st·at to keep \\·ann these days. doe,; it ?'' \\ 'nltwsda~·. IS- ..\l rs. :\ cal ro Jednman: "Do ~·ou room at the C lu b H ot~:<c 110\1', F red?" Tln trsd a~· . 19- First snmda ll. ..\I ary Clar~· . as she picks he rself up from a snra\\·ling fall: " That make:; the second time l \T fa llen to-day. .. :'\m·ak: ' 'Don 't ~·o u think I h ad bettn take you home to ni ght . ..\ [ ary ?" 1-'r ida~· . .20 - Doam· ml·et,; tkkat. Sco re 3-0. :\lrs. Smith sympath ctica ll~· to Kemp ( Doa tH') : " And didn't Doane l'\Til gl't anything for kicking off?" S a t 11 r da~· . 2 1- Fay J om·,; a nd ( ;corge Hun t r debrate Doane game. Senior picnic in the gym. ~t iiHia~· . 22- Hill Kuehler '" disro1·ned looking in mirror and ba rk ing ,·ociferously. S il!tl ilica tt t? ..\ l ntHia~· . 23-6 :30 P . :\1. :\ m·a k 11ncls Hunt \\·ith head ou tside \\" indO\L Hu n t o.plai ns that h e is o nl y l'lljoying th l· music of Coach J oh nson II. Tu esday. 2 -1-- C ood bisc uits at th e Donn. Cirl s give fif tee n ' rah s. \\"cdtwsda~· . 2'i- EnT~· body has a cold. \\"hat tho a radiant beaut~· sheH er hair a \\·ealth of gold. She h as to blo"· h er nose like me Since 110\1. she has a cold. ' J' hu rsda y. 2 6-Hunt : " l " ·ish those lib ra r ians \\·atd d keep it q uiet 111 here: a fdl m1· l·an ' t sleep fiye min utes." Frid a~· . 2 7- H u n t keeps a\\"ake. Football team is gi,·en early morning fare\\· ell recept ion at depot. Y ork " ·ins ho\\·e,·e r, 20-0. Saturday. 2H-Sclnn·ntkn h;n·i 11 g \\Titten home fo r mo ney: ''Some people say mon ey ca n talk. but all mi ne ca n say is 'Good-bye.' " Sunday. 20- H . Ame nde: "~ o\1· don't e1·e r sa~' anyth ing about my t ak in g you home toni ght. ? ? ? ?: " :'\o. I " ·on' t. I 'm just as ash amed of it as you arc." ;\ l onday, 30- Prexy Q,·c rh ol t skips c hapel. Tuesday, 3 1- \\". J. Hr~·a 11 spea ks in Peru on Prohibition. \ Vilso n a nd peace.

Bursts of oratory spread upon the ai r ..\lake our \ \l illie Bryan famous eYe ry,dletT. Bits o f shinin g siln·r taken at the gate \ rakr a fo nd re me mbra nce oi each Chautauqua date.


\Ved nes day, 1 - Bi xb~· of / ,in coln Statl' .lolll·nal ~pl'ak ... ir t Dramatic C l 11h plays a n · gin· 11. .\I iss ll w .. tr u t :-tar,. ' 1' 1

. · llirs day, 2 - :VI et ropo lrtan .\ I ale (j1 1artl't br<!l lg hr 1111Hl. poet ica l fancy , c h aste l111111o r . an rl s iH·t·r 1\T ir·a l anrl ,_r·rhiiOtr, h:·;111 t ,. \\'1'1'1' jll'l'"l'll l'

in the various ~o ngs. Friday , 3 - :\ Iiss R 1tl o n calls do \\'li /) (';Ill l<o11,:· for tal ki ltl! in l ih r;t n.

\\ ' IH'I I \ Ct ll'l' tool i1 1. ir1 thl' lih r an· ' :\rl ha,·in' lob of f1 11 1 :\ la 11 g h it t' a1 1rl a jahlll'ri n' :\ , it \<111 ' rl' d l' a f anrl rl11 111h Yo11 'rl hl'tt l'r 111i1trl ~ 011 r l'OI' IH'r,.; :\ n rl kl·t·p ;tll\ ,.; looki1 1. Oltt· For :\ l i,.;s Rr ntlr ut ' ll kl'tc h ,.,.

Saturday , -J.- :Vladam :\Iarie

Ba ll o 11 - Fis b·, ,,·cu 1tal l ll'ctttrn.

ht~lnori,.; t, a 11rl d t;tlk

talker rendered all in teresti ng, ,·i vid, di g ni fie d . artis tic p rogra111. S u nd ay .'> - Boa r ding H ous:: :\I istress: "A nd \\' hat pa r t of t h l' chickt·1t rio ~- 0 1 1 ,, ·a n t~ .. Fresh J unior: "Some of the m eat plcasl'." :\ l onda~· . 6 - T he re's a m ight h ungr y fee lin' And a spa r k le in the eye, \ Vhen the irost is on the punki11 ' A nd t h e punk in 's in th e pit'. A nd El ection Day d r a\\·s ll l'a rt' r An d th:.: ca mpai g11 sp;:akns l il'. \ Vh en t he frost is o n th e pu1 1k in ' A n d the JHi n ki n 's in t he pH'. Tuesday , 7- Students vote for Prohibit ion anrl \ Vil so n. \ \ ' cd ncsd ay, 8 - Qua r tc rl y e:-. ams. Rock-a-bye, senio r , o n the tree top

If you ha ve stu d ied , t h e cradl e ,,·on ' t rock. But i f you\-c stopp:.:d digging , the cradle ,,·ill ial l A nd do,,·n \\' ill come seni or , d iplo ma and a ll. Facu lt\· an d students lca\T for Oma h a and othn poin t·s.


T hu r:-d a~· . CJ_ P nu ri1·ab ( ~old~ m it h ·,_ "Deserted \ ·illagc.'' Sho11·ers outdoo rs a nd in. At ( )mah a: Harbe r: " You r hai r is tu rn ing gray si r. " Prexy : " I'm not su rj Ill IT~' II Jl !.. p ri,;nl. F ri d ;t~.

I0 -

lkll n ·ttt' gaml'. 12 -0. _l one,; \\'Ca rs h is nc11· socks. Coach: " \ . ic's getrill)! ~o fat and ,;lo\1", \\"t' han· to g in· him :;ome bright socks to be a ble to see him •nm·c· . I k l l'gan·~ kan· ior Y. \1. C . A. com -cntion at B eth an~·. F rank L t"ge r }.!t 't ~ i11 ,,·ro ng J'l'\\ · .

Sat11rda~· . I 1- " D oc." 0\\"en" Ill Omaha to Sm ith: ' '1 \\"C ilt to some s\\·ell sho11· toll i!-.dlt 1-1o\\·arcl." Smith: "Tha t so? T he E m p res~ ? " .. D oc .. : ":\" o. l t hink it "·a~ the 1-::xit. .-\ n~w ay. th:lt 11·orcl 11·as pr inted 111 large I nte r~ Ol't'l" t h l' doo r ." ~l! ll da~. 12 - .lat·k .-\ ll,;ma n ex pl ain~ 11·h y he didn 't go home for 1·acati on. E 1·ery ho d ,· d ofi:; .-\. H. :\ l o 1Hi a 1·. 1 3 -S tu d c·m~ retu rn. F rl'd _I ed erma n. \\'ho had b ~en r iding 11·ith a fai r :'t11 dem all t h e 11· a~· i rom O ma ha. a,;ked t i morous! ~- a:; t he \\·h istl e ble11· fo r Pe ru . " \\ ' h at d id ~·ou "a~· ,-ou r name 11·a,;?" ' 1'uc·~da 1· . 1-1-- ' l'h t-rlllOIIlt'tt' r "act,; up." Sll0\1' melt,;. \ V(' dilt'sd a~· . 15 - Somt• One : '' La,;t nigh t \\'ht"n A rth u r told me 'good-nig ht.' he sqtlt't' zed m y h a lld a11·fu ll y h ard ." S. 0 . ·~ iriell d : " Th a t ,;o? H e probabl y mean t th at fo r a n engage ment 11-ring." Tlll tr~da ~· . l (l- :\" n,- ()ua rt cr ,;t a rt~ . Professor Hend r icks in P hysics-1'\ext 11·e sha ll ~ rud y 11·o r k. He n: is an en ti re! ~· nc\\' concept ion to most of you. F ri d ay. 17- Per u ,,·;dl o ps O mah a L' ni n -rsity -1-R-0. Captain J(idd makes h i,; illitial a ppeara nce o n Peru ',; g r idiro n. S he: " [ ,,.OI Hl n 11·hy \I r. :-\m·ak doc,;n 't p i a~·. He looks so handsome and tuf." Saturd a~· . I R- I,itt k Stel-e takes teache rs ' exam. Su n day. 19 - :\ I a ric: H iblt- r: " L au ra. ,,·here's ~ebraska's insane asylum?" L a ur a :\ I acprang: "At lkatr ice. l b 1011' beca use I 've got a friend li ving t h ere. " \ I o ilda ~· . 20 - \l rs. :\"ellie Sm ith makt"s eloq ue nt plea for money to se nd ban d boys to 1-.::ea r11t· ~·. T u esd a~· . 2 1- \ I r,;. ;'\ ellie Sm it h collect,; pledges. \Ve dnesda~·. 22- Zoology cl a,;s begin to ' 'cu t-up. " 0 no. the~· 11-cren't obstreperousm t· re l ~- d issec t ing a sta r fiish . .Fricla r. 2-1-- Peru 11·ins from Kt·a rnt·~· 20-6. Lee Smith sta rs. ;'\lellie l(ell y goes alo n g . " R ed " Em me rt knocb "Doc" 011·ens ofi t he side11·alk. :\Ieissner a nd :\1 iss Sha r ra r 1·isit county j ud ge. S atu rd a y. 2.'>- k carn cy del egatio n gets home. :\londay, 27-T hthl' st udents a nd teache rs h;n·ing $ 1.-1-+ go to ~eb raska C ity to a tte n d t h e C r am! Opera " Aid a.'' A ida, she 11·as not w hat she seemed. T uesd ay, 28- H o\\'a rd Smith , edi to r of N ormali tc. re t u rns. Did you notice the " spe-n o rt y" Il l'\\" hat? \ V t·cln esda~· . 2 9- C oach J ohnson ge ts "sore. " Th ursday. 30- Cotn n lost•,; to Pe r u 38-0. T he football field 1n1s CT0\1·d ed .


O n t he last Th a r1 bgi\·ir1 g da~. \ V it h s ttrcle n t ~ ~·nrrr lJ!: a nd frtll or li ll" A nd t h l' A l11r ll n i. nld and g; ra l". Coac h Joh n~on 's ,n-tTt hl tr l' <JJH ic, Shone rl's p lcnde n t in thl' Sti ll , O ld C ot n n 's fontha ll rainwnt . L l'e Smith 's ~t' J l!'>ott i onal rrrn .\I ake t he gar nl' Olll' to ITilll'l ll lwr A nd n·co111 1t ior n· ar, to nnnc.

r-----~~--------------------------------------------------- --· --- ·

- -------~

~\B\DECEMBER r~~~ ~<;r.;:

. \ .; (::;c-


J,;-:>-'~ __,.#

Friday, !--Several al trmn i speak in c h a pe l. Doroth y If ill ' I(, dt' dar<·, a n- o 111ar1 t·ar t talk an y time htr t th e men ha \·e to he w a rned a da~ · al wad ot tin11·. " \ Vi ii yotr IO\·c in I >en·mhn, Darl ing, as yo tr d id in .\lay? '' "Yes, of cmrrse I 11·i ll ," ~ h e a llSIIT r t' d. "Lp ti ll C h rist m as an y 11·a~· ." Sa tu rda~· , 2- Boys carry n ig ht shirts 11ndn a nn- an d 11·atd1 \ITt'st l irt g 111at ch i1 1 g~· 1 n. Sunday, 3-Professo r \ V ilso n cornmt·nn·s to attt' rlcl Sr 11 1day Sc hoo l. Tl wrt' \ a ITa- s011. Ask Professo r C regg. \ I o nd ay, ..J.- .\I rs. :\ellic Srn it h , ha1·ing rl'ad Da r 11·in 's l k~tTJl t of .\Iar1 . t r it·s ori ginal experiment by fa llin g dow n lihr a r ~· st a irs. H t'ard to sa y. "0 . if ( ;rt'gg t'O tdd on ly see n1c no\\·. "

Tu esday. 5--L au r a C ul n· r ' I R ta kes 011 1011 crr rT fo r cold s . u nd er t he bed .


.\ l abel l'arn· ' I X slt•t•ps

I '//?

\\.nlnl·sda~. (>-

:'d is,; h ·a Dunn , head oi o:p re~sion department. gi,·e~ Shakespearea n n·ading,;- ,;n· m·,; irom tlw Tamin~ oi the Shrc\L Effervescent gurgles of latq.d ltl-r at tl':'t her :'lll'Ces..-;.

Th urs da ~· . 7- Sekme nt. the E ng lish \\·al nut of the psychology class, sees the point. F a~· J oJH·s· fi r,.; t e fio rr in ,;nmon:; posted in chapel lobby.

1-"rid:t~. ~ - Philo m instrd. Barney lodge brethren of "The \\Tcstern Star Cuhled' ' l' Jltnt ai Jt \ \ 'ood:;iding sistern. colored. in an hour of hilarious song, dances and rl'parrec. ~Iiss Burney iaint,;. Henry :\mcnde being the ,-ictim . .' att J rd a~· . 9- "Do r mie r:;" cmertain boy,; of the school. St1 nda~. I 0- :-\ m·ak: " \\"el l. arc you writing one of ~-our breezy letters home? Sch\\T ntkcr: " Y t·p. I' m u ~ u all y financially becalmed and write in the hopes of stirring up a draft." .\ l o ncl ay. 11 - :-\ellie Kl'! ly a:;:;ista nt in J unior botany dreamily 0. K .'s Kotas's dr:m·inl! \\' ith initial,; C. S. ~l e n 's Glee C lu b lea\·e for Berlin. C ash Kennedy, Spacht and 1-:mmnt para lyze Berlin H igh School students with their bursts of o r ato r y. ' l' tJe,.;day. 12-S ixtt'l'n degrees bclo\\'. A t Dunbar: Fred J cdcrman attempts to t each sol id gl'Om ctry. Dudek helps out. \\"ednesda y. 1 3-~Iissc,; Hulburt and Peterson attend botany lectu re. At \ Vilbur: D octor H OUSl' emba r rassed by Jack A ll ma n's puerile behavior. Th11 rsday. 1 -l-- ~1 iss Huston ha~ confidentia l chat ,,·ith ~\I iss Rulon on library steps. At Ticatrin· : ~ 1iller has dinner at 7 :00 P. l\1. D ate at 7 :1 5. D oes that explain h is JH'I'\'Oll sncs~. Ame nde and \ Veatherhogg doped. Friday. I S-At Pawnee City. Hunt and Selcment leave tab le before desse rt coursr is se n -cd. Philo old English Christmas program. :'\onnal F reshmen beaten by Sa lem Hig h Sd10ol -1-S-S . ~a tll relay. 16 -\ V iii iam Ku ebler: " I wa nt to look at presents for a young lady." :\1 rs. Smith : "Sister o r fia ncee?" \ Villiam: " \ Vell-cr-she hasn't said ,,·hich s he \\·ill be ye t ." St JJHi ay. 17-Seconcl L' nion ,-csper sen·ice~. Inspiring Christmas messages g1\·e n by several students. :\ l onday. IS-Y. \ V. gi rls sell thei r entire supply of Christmas calenda rs. T11 esday. 19 -\ N illia m Kueb le r found readi ng th e House Beautifu l in the library and :\1iss St . J o hn , Cood Housekeeping. Significant? Colonel Rai n of Kentucky, lectures on the subject: " If I Had ~ly Life to Live Q,·e r Again." \ Vedm·sday, 20-:\!o school. Steam pipes broken. H on;e concert of G lee C lubthe P ride of Pe ru. Doctor H ouse 8: I 0. " \ Vei l arc we al l here?" Leonard Dudek: ":'\o. there':; a \\'hole bu nch of us not here yet." · rh ursday. 2 1- Prof. Cregg: "Can you tell us ,,·hy the end of a dog's nose is al\\·ays cold?" ::\li:;s ::\IcCahc : " I don't kno\\·, ~Ir. C regg, but I've heard that :'\oah got al l but it inside of tlw Ark and so its been co ld e\·e r since." Fri d a~· . 22- S tudents freeze and lea,·e. Kuebler says "Al l roads lead to :\"cha\\·ka. 23-3 1- Chri:;tmas ,-acation.


Don ' t stncl y when yon are ti red Or han: snrnething else to do; Don ' t stt1cl y when yot 1'n: happy Fo r that \\·o1dd make yo11 hl ne ; D on 't stllu y in the claytina: Don't stt1cl y in the nig ht, Bnt stnd y at a ll other times \Vit h all yo ur 111ain and might.

Monday, !-Break! Break! Breald On th y cold g r ey sands, 0 sea! But you won't be nearl y so sadly broh: As vacation days broke me. Tuesday, 2-Peru bound trains crowued \\·ith rewrnin g stud ents. ln Fall s C ity, a tramp steals H. B. Smith's new hat. C harity, th y nam e art S mith! W ednesday, 3-Arthur Bell has a cold . ' 'I'll hlo\\· it on t on t his rag if it takes all summer." Thursday, 4-Paul Kidd elected captain of I 9 I 7 iootball team. " Captain Kidd ," make History repeat itself. F rid ay, 5-F ootball boys presented with lettered S\\·ea ters. Captai ns Tige a nd Kidd make speeches-both orations of note. Sund ay, 7-Craig at supper: "We ll , which one of yo u 1s going to Epworth L eague with me tonight ?" Veda Smth, eagerl y, "0, I am ! I am !" ::VIonday, 8-Red L etter day for practice teach ers and mod el school pu pils. :\fe\\' T. ]. Major's Training School occupied. T uesday, 9-jederman: " I had two engage ments at 7 :.J.O t his mo rn ing and so I had to cut one of them." Sm ith: " H O\\·'s that?" J ederman: " Well , school ad conflicted with my sleeping hou rs, so I cut the school ad ." W ed nesday, 10-Aiice Smith rents her seat in libra r y for th e rest of the semester. :Uiss Rulon-Agent. Thursday, 11 - P eru loses first basketball game to :\T cbraska City Ath letic Club, 21-9. Frank Leger: " Kidd ove r there on the sid e I ines is going to be our best man next yea r." Yliss Gash: "0 Frank! This is so sud den. " Friday, 12-Seniors register for second semeste r. P er u loses to Creight0 n, .10- I 7. Saturday, 13-:\Teal House Boarders hm·e spread in H a rl ow's room .

"Td l me not in mournful numbers, Liic is but an empty dream, \\' hen you ,,·akc from peaceful slumbers, :\nd cu rse those pickl es and icc cream." ::\I o nda y. 15-:\itn pu blic school music class. ::\leissner : " I'm getting a lot out of tha t d :tss .. , B la~o:k: ''Th:tt so?" ::\lei!'Sner: ''Yes, I 'm out of it most of the time." Tuesd ay, 16 - Prdim inary debates commence. \\"edrH'sd:t y. 17-St:ttt' \'olunteer Firemen Yisit Peru. Col. l\lajors spoke on " Our Creat Commom,·ealth." Others also spoke. "E,·ery little girlie had a fireman all her O\\'n.'' Thursday. IS-Frank Lege r. debating earnestly, "Now the German ships have a speed of t\\Tnty-six knots :t mile." ::\1 iss ~Ionia , address l\lr. Tyler, opponent, "~ 0 \\' , tn~· de:t r opponent-" Friday, 19-6:30 P. :\I. :\I iss Carpenter and ::\liss Harrington seen to vault over ra iling of c:tmpus fence. Scandalous! Students obser ve Saturn and Jupiter th ru obscr\'atory telescope. A few obsen·e other stars also. Satunlay, 20-D cbatcs concl uded. :\len carry off the most honors. R eynolds Sisters rendet· artistic program in French costume. She wore a dress, I !aught at it. For brevity's The soul of '"it. ::\ lond ay, 22-At Sophomore practice ga me-Referee: "Foul on east side!" Fresh Frcshic: ''I don't sec any feathers." Neighbor : " Can't you see that is a pic ked team?" Tuesday, 23-J..;:cllcy and I\ I iss ::\Ionia slide do\\'II Rouse's hill. "0 them \\'alks !" Little drops of \\·ater, Frozen on the \\'alk Bring the naughty adjcctiYes \ Ve hear in people's talk. \Vednesday, 2+-Vic j ones skips chapel to build bird bungalo\\'. "No crO\\'S allo\\'ed." Kearn ey defeated -1-8-1-1- by P eru tossers. Thursd ay, 25-l\Ieissncr gets excited about the nc\\' course in pagea ntry. l\I iss Bo\\'en a nd asks \\'h y he can't enroll, too. Friday, 26-Philo ::\len's Prog ram. exams.

"0 you giggling D orm girls !"


Calls up

Final semester

" T he I .onl o i hosts he 11·irl1 th ~ •·t . L est 11-c f() rge t. lest 11-e fo rgl't. ·· ~<1t1 1 rday. 2 7-

The L o rd of hosts 11· a~ w ith 11:-- not . I· o r 11-c forgot- for 11-e fo rg o t ! Senior g irls ente r ta in . .\ I ira n d y Broom e. S a il ~ S a lt·,. a nd ot h t-r' p rogra m. Pa rtic ipan ts go h ome in t hl' n Hn pa n y th l' ~· :o-tT lit.

Sunday, 2S- .J ack A llma n ta b:s .\ I rs. Smith to dinn n . :H ond ay, 29-Senio rs 11·in g i rl s' basketbal l g an w. Boys se ren ad e D orm and oth e r p laces.

( ;irl,

Jt1r11 i, h tl 11·

.\I r:-- . S1 ni t h k oda k,;.

11t :ti l c ia,_,,.,. g in· o th l'r 't1 11 1ts.

Tuesday, 30- Pro f : " Did you eve r real ize t hat a iool ca 11 a ~ k 1non· q tlt',.t HJII:-- th a n a II"JSe ma n ca n a ns11·e r ?" S t11d e: "~o 11·o nd e r so lll :t lll" " j 11s tl un kt· d i11 t' \: a lliS. t hen !" \N ed nesday, 3 1- A rt E x h ibit opens. Cu rr:u1 's ' ' C h ild .'\1 n o n g t h e l .i l ics " a tt r ac ts nw c h a t te nti on from critics. Dr. F l ing. l ·. o f .\ f. lct"ttlrt"" o n " .'\ r t :11 1< l li ft'."

T h u rsday, 1- R ed E mme r t a t libra ry desk: " H ave you H ouse D oc u ment :--:o. 6 ?" Yliss Branson : " I s t h a t some of D r . H o use's 1n itin gs ?" 2-1- d eg rees lwl ml". Som t: cold, w h at? Frid a y, 2 -Smit h : " ~\l i ss A d ee h as t wo sisters t h a t loo k j ust like h n. " "Tha t's nothing . So has her siste r." Sat_u rd ay, 3 -" The Fortun e Hun ter," p la yed fo r t h ir d tinH' 111 Pe r u . ~ I onday, 5-Capt . I..:: idd : "75 , 66 , 60, 7R. "

sign als alread y, Pa u l ?" te r's grades."

l..::id d : "S im p!

[e we ll :

( ; ood sce n e ry!

C raig;: " Arc you wo rkin g on n ex t yea r 's ~r h ey are n 't s ig 11al s. ' !'h e y a r e m y semes-

T 11esd ay, 6- Th ird An nu al Y . .\I. C. A . ha 1Hp1et. d evours his pickle in first cou rse .

S p i c ~·

toas ts !

S pi l·~·

eats !

T y le r

'.\-ed nesday, 7-- Beck in ch apel 11·axes hu mo ro us in a nnou n c1n g has kt't ba ll ga 1n e . \ Ve 11·in from Cotner Bu ll D ogs. 19- 15. A l lsm a n ( in A fri l·:ul S la \·cn·) : " :\ [ iss T ib bets. don ' t you thi nk \\·oma n suff rage a bad t hi n g fo r t he l"O IIIlt n · ? \ V ome n a r c so easily inA uenced -" :\Iiss T ihhets : " \ Vhat s11cn·s,.; d id \·n11 (' IT r ha n · i11 i11H1 1cncing t hem?"


Tl ll t r:<d:t ~. S-

<. ..'o~ort·,; wt n i rom Pnu . 19-X. l" ll:' tn nl oi t he J unior-Senio r Banq uet.

-- -



('LAl l SC1~P.l C,O,yt Ot1 1'

... ..

n ot

FO ~ tJ>

[)ll: D

Frith~· .

J uni or,; ,·ote to discom in ue t he ann ual,

orr a:l"(

FE.O R t'fi T

t)_ R l"\Ttt~e i:< "" ·eet. Peru \\·tn,; ,;eco nd gamr fro m \ V rslcyan ,,·ith 23-19 sco re. Some l!an te! Best lose r,; we\·e defeated. Sa t urd ar . I 0 - L i rna rr socie t ie,; elect offi ce rs. Philo- ::\ oYak. E,·crctt- Laukemper. :\I o n da ~· . 1.2- :\Ir,;. :\dl ie Sm ith g-oe,; on Botan y trip taking notes by proxy fo r one of " h tT hoy,; ... ( l .ce ) wh o has a :;prai ncd ankl e. T uesd ay. 13- :\ dlie Kdl e\· make,; formal afternoon call on l\ l iss R ulon. Special im·ita tio n . \ Vedn e:;d ar. 1+- \ .a lt-ntines exchanged . HarJ o,,·, sen ti me nta ll ~· , .. I ,,·ish I w ere t he t in ~ · cu p F rom ,,·hi ch yo u take your tea. I· o r e Ye r ~· time you took a sup You 'd g i,.e a kiss to me." c; i r l's C~Ict: C l u b concer t. Sandy embarrassed . T luusd ay. IS- C o l d snap. :'-Jor ris : " I ,,·onder if the furnace has go ne out ?" Kid d : '' I t d idn 't co me br he re any\\·ay." P eru ,,·ins from Grand I sland. F r iday , 16 - 0H"ens : " Do you kn o\\·, I can tell h O\\" much \\·ater runs daily ove r t he ~ iagara Fall s to a qua rt ?" Ca rter : "A,,·, ho\\" mu ch ?" Owens : " T ,,-o pin ts !" Au b tt rn H . S. \\·ins from P eru Rese rves 2-J.-11. P eru ,,·ins easi l~ · from D oa ne. Sa turda y. 17-:'d a t-c h a n ·in·s prem aturel y. :\l r. and :\Irs. Smith ( ?) "·ith bridal pa rt ~· a re photog raphed at ~ C\nna n 's . Prof. \ V ilson fu rnishes t he shoes. :\I o n da~· . 19 - C;regg 's t rou pe of pa rl ia mentar~· actors perform in chapel. D oc. 0\\-ens ora tes. T uC'sda r . 20- :\I rs. Ca l,·in of \ Vashingto n. D. C. . gi,·es instructi,·e lect u re befo re' Science C lub on th e su bject " Home E conomics." One mem ber of t he fac ulty fears she has m ad e t he \\TOng cho ice o f profession. \Ved nesd ay , 2 1- Second act of Cregg's C ircus. D oc. again spr aks. O pen housr at Tr:1i ne r 's Bu ildin g.

Thursday, 22-Ccorgc 's bi r thday. ~Irs. S1nith: ·· I th ink n-1· n ttgh l to h;t\T tnon· foo tball around t his insti tut ion to kccp thc ho y~ irom becomi ng ton cfic, n inatt·. " Tyler: " I think 11·c ough t to ha\"C mo rc kn 1~in gtnm ro ktTp the gi rl ~ i ro111 )!l"t ting so mannish. " Friday, 23- Hil ar ious Mid-\Vintcr Ca rni \·a l i1 1 ( ;nn . .\I i~~ Httr ln · a~ :\ 11 n t SaJnan th a from Podu nk crcatcs sc nsation. Saturd ay, 2-1--In Marathon, g ladi atorial , pugi l isti c , ,wc tade. S enior~ \\·i 11 irn n 1 11111 Jors. Score, 36-1 8. Basketba ll te am rctu rn s from cn11 fne111T trip.

T uesday, 27-Nellie Kelley caught looking wistf u ll y 111 library door. Wednesday, 28-J edc rman to Ne lson, U . of N .: "I 'm sorr y the 11·eather is so bad . I wanted to sec w hat a beautifu l place this reall y is." Nelso n: " 0 n evc 1· mind. I di dn't come dow n to see beauty. I came dow n to sec yo u."


:\Tow th e happ y :Vlarch has come H ow the merry bugs do hum; And the robin in the tree Softly sings her song to me.

' J lt'7/7


3. -1·. ~

() .



9. 10. ll.

12. 13. l-1-. IS. 19. .20.

2 1. :?2.

23. 2+.



26 .

'.!.7 .

lh r! T oda y the ,:ong oi ,:pring ha,: d o~ed \ \ "hile the poet ,,·ipcs hi,: nose. ( )n-rheard in lib r ary lob by. :\ young man with an open text book was talking to :\1 i~..; Burrwy. ·· Say. do ~·ou kn ow " ·hnt makes the Tower of Pisa lean?" She ,:acll y replied. "' 1 don't know-if I did 1 would take it myself." :-\nnu a l DraJllatic l"" luh play.

H aze l Frye ri\·a l!' Ethel Rarryn1ore as the "Cou-

::in K at~:" . Our Il l' \\" president. ' J"h t' ~I an.:h "· ind~ do blo"·· Baseball squad conYcne for fi rst practice. h:c ll cy, in libra ry: "' Yo u ha,·e n't talked to me a whole period, have you?" .\lis,: lh idl!l",:: "' \\'dl I should hope 1 had n' t \\·asted so much time!" C lazcd \\·a lb again. Benedict. a i tn coli ision " ·ith \\·alk: "Gee ! these arc peculiar \\·alks. They ha\T t he habit oi jumping up and hitting one in the back of the neck." On geo logy ( ?) trip. C harl es Palmer and )I iss )lackprang unearth a button from the ar mor of a moundbuildcr. Typical I\ cbraska g irl s ,·otcd on in chapel. Rusty Bl an kenship gets boy's votes. ' !'raining teachers entertain th e seniors right royall y. Vic Jones auctioned off io r o ne happy home. J ack A li sman find s a po,,·der rag in library. :\' c llie Kelly resumes library work. ~ontk in dramatic dub play, pleadin gly : " ~I y dear Sir Clara" Students lea\·e o n Special for :\lcbraska City to see Shakespeare's iVIacbeth. )Ieiss ne r inquires about the drama " 1~omorron-. " "Doc" On-ens departs for home. The Juniors do not give class yell. Everyone slee py. Leo Je\\·e ll obse rv ed to smite ( ?) a fair lady on right cheek near Normal Fountain. Prof. \\Tilson ad,·ises turning other check also . F acu lty Pl ay, "The F o tygraft Album", :\Iiss ~l utz caught squalling andho n o rs ! :\I iss Rul on flirtin g. Dr. House, stepping out of class room and addressing group of chattering gi rls in chapel lobby : " Girls, I have just three minutes more to read to these people." Post G radu a tes have gra nd feed in D omestic Science parl ors. Ve rne and Cecilia host a nd hostess. Prof. H oyt dec lares he wou ldn 't \·ote for Sena to r :\~orris for road supervisor. Pearl R egan: "Cce ! l\I y arm has grO\nl long since I came to P eru." ;\l"o\\", ;\Iiss R ega n! ~ Irs . S mith cooks din ner for Professor Gregg. El sie \ Vi lbern mo ra lizes to kinderga rtn ers about t\\·o people sitting on the same chair. Practicing preacher ? Hunt: "Say, \Virth , you oug ht to be good in geometry. Your head is both plain and solid."


2R. Stu de nts lea ve for spnng 1·ac:1tion. farm".

" I 11·;una ;.:o hat·k. I 11 ant a g<> h: 11 ·k r 11 Pc n1 via n staff and dl'hati ng tea111' ;" "'";d ll'lll:1in in l't·rll.

-r /

/ //





2. Stud e n ts return for last lon g g rind.
















Dudek a1HI .'\ o rr i~ orci n

t ll"o ~1\Tt·tlu · arts

in ;'\Tebraska C ity.


Q ua rte rl y g rades anno LrrH:cd . Because o f t he war, th ey sa y, all t hings are snanng like !a r b But. th o everythin g else go up, it has no e fft:ct on 111 ~· 11 1ark'.


j ohn G . Woo ly, forme r prohibition candidate for pn·sidt·n t . g in·s in tn t·st in J!: add ress. " I \\'onder if it is he of Junio r Eng lish fanH'." q<lniecl D< wrisch . ::\1 idn ight Conce rt g ive n by ;\' ca l H o use 1-:szema Q 11artet ( :--:. B. i. t'. hrc aks <Hit inte rmittentl y) Pe rso nne l : Arth u r Bell: I• irst A \\'ful \ V illia m lo\:uc: blc r: First T nrih lc. E arl e :viel vin: Second horribl e: .J ohn :\ Iii In : S~:nllld L"n lwarahlc.


Faculty and stude nts at te nd S. E. N eb r aska ca rries his demij ohn. Says at first vag ue! y, glances. "Well you knm1· the re is a specia l ret ai n him as a German spy. V eril y th e \\·ay

I .

" Burns of th e M ount a ins" lec tures in c hapel- a m a n ,,·it h a h ig heart." W hite and L ong have a date. F or furt h e r in for m ation inqu ir<' oi H ar lo\\· ::\1atrimoni al A gency.

R. ()


II .



T eachers ' Associa t io n. Proi. ll ort "for an e:x peri 111en t " . (Ju estion i nJ!: sale o n to-d ar. ' ' R a ilroad oAicia ls of a patriotic c h em ist is ha rd.

Cald\\'ell: " P a rdon me, I d idn 't m ean t o st e p o n you r iect.' ' R ussell: "0 th at 's a ll right. I often 11·al k on the m myse l f. '' A t the D onn. H e ( ?) : "Listen , (ce nso red ) . \\'O uldn ' t rn u l ike to h ear Ill<' Sin g , 'All T h ru t he L ovel y ;'\! ight' ?" She ( ?) : "Sorry but th e D ea n says all ca ll e rs mu st lcavt· at 9." ::\!iss D am me atte nds movies. T he si len ce 11·as o ppress in · and t·loq llt' llt as IIT II as golde n. Seniors give a nn ua l open scss1on of class c h a pc: l. \ Villie K11eh ln in G rand Ope ra.

ma kl's h is d!'h ll t

Big time in chape l. Prof. \ Vil son te ll s the o nl ~· lll'l l " j okl'. P n11 1·ia ns sold. H igh School party in t he ir nCI\" gym 11 a~ iu m. P11nch \\"as t'f>llspin lOIIS ior 1ts abse nce.

! (,.

17 . 1~.






:\I i ~,. H u :<tun decides ro do her studying d sndHTe than 111 th e l ibrary. ' 'It's so n ois ~ in there donchcrno ?" l .l'Ott ard Dudek takes sho rt cour~e 111 landscape ga rd ening unde r ::\I iss ~lutz . \ll'lllhns ni ian dty explain the Historical Pageant oi Pe ru. 1-\.c I k ~· U~l·~ :\ R T as central m ot i i fo r drill d ra11·in g design. \1 i~s B rmn1 : .. :\ re th ose ~·our initials. ::\1 r. K elley ?" 1-\.clky : ".-\RT ? \\ ' hy that 's m~· middle name. " \I is~ Bm1Tn ro Pro i. ( ;reg:g \\·ho is 11·orking on fatigue machi ne : ''\\"ell \\·h at :tn• \ ' 011 ilt \'l' llting thi s time. ::\1 r. c;regg ?" (; rcgl!: ...-\ fatigue machine ... :\ I i:<:< l ~mn·n: " T hat's the la~t thing . it ~eems to me anyone around this ins tinn io lt IH'l'd:< ... l'c:ru dehatl'!'\ \I id land l~ollegl' ...-\ tchinson. 1'-ansas in chapel. Son1e ginger! \I i~s !' age in exam: "Oil is a ~uhstance ,,·hich doesn' t come in contact 11·ith am·rhinl!." Pn u atli rmatil·l· d ebates tlw lJlll'Stion " R esoh-cd ::\1. D. should be aba nd oned b~· tlw l .. S ... ar C rete. Tlw Peru m·gan1·e debates same question here . .-\ p ril die~.

1£llitnr'5 Note 1· po11 subnt itti n g t he H11mor Section of the Peru vian , 11·e think some explanation :utd apologies an: due , cspecia ll~· if you arc so un fo rtunate as to be a fusse r, \\·ithout a ~i rl or a p rofessor 11·ith an idios~·nc rasy . lk 1tot su rprised a t 11·h at you re ad. D o not become angry at 11·h at you see, 11·e beg n l you. 1 f you a re not altogeth er a rational being 11·e are pleased, but not responsi ble. \ Ve han· si mp ! ~· tr ied to portray by actualities and plag ia risms the less sombre side of l>cn1 life. If in per using your Pen11·ian ~·ou have refrained from turni ng to t his secriolt- a 11·ise t ho unnatural act ion-you ha1·e seen P eru life self-conscious as a f rcsh Juni or bdorc P rexy or a :\It. Vernonite before her mirror. This po rtion attempts to po rtra ~· it as seen thru of th e 11·indoll' of a smi le . •<;gain 11·e p lead your lenicnc~· and good nature to fo rgive us an y t ransgression \\·e han· co mmitted. for n.· r ily "11·e kn oll' not 11·hat \\'C do." Above all , don' t look too 11·ise or scoff too disdainfully at th e attempted humor, old and ne\1'. In this contrite spi rit , then, \\'C submit this section of Our An nual, rra li z ing all too k eenly its imperfec tion~ .


C H L 1·: I ~ ) . C II 1\ !-' !-' Th e train 11·as n e ar111~ P e n1. I .e~er attem pted to :til a kc .I!Jhll Hlad.:. ~ ltl lll iwrin ;..: and s norin g peacef ull y. " 1-1c·y. J o hn! \\'ab· 11p. \\ ' c ' n· ncar l' t·rtl 11()11 ... J oh n: "A,,·, get Ol'tT !"


" I s11 re ly enj oy m y

Brr ll nl i n ~

C<JIIr ... c·.

I )n,· t!J r ll o 11 ... ,. britt:!' IHHt H' 111 1!Jtl

that 11·hich you never sa11· bdore." 1\:ucblc r: "H tdl , 1\-e g o t a latlllrlrynJall a~ J.!OIHI a ... 1h :1t. ..

H u ll:

" \Vhat 's the harcle~t t:1x to raise: ..

1-:u hlman:

" C arpet tac ks. "

:'vi iss E d11·ads had placed two linc·s on t it :· hoard 111 C:d n d11 ... da .......

I Jm,·ic :


11·hich one of those is t he s:·cond I i lit' ?" Ed 11·ard s : " \ V hy, t he first nn e he IT. '' \ Virth: " 1 had th e cra:t.ies t ci1T an 1 last ni g ht." H unt : " That so? \N hat 11·a s it :" \Virth: " I dreamed I 11·as a lT IIt ip:·cl t· anrl ha d a co r n o1 1 t'ITn· tot·. Red Em mert ( in Omaha) : " Do yc111 se n T o~·:-tns 11 1 hne :" Ton y: "Yes, sit right d01n1. \ Ve se nT l'IT ry horl~· .' ' Schneid e r :

" l read 111 t h e paper th e ot her cl a1· t hat a ,;ci t'l lt ist t<Jtlllcl a 111osq11i to

11·eepi ng ." C raig : " Th at's nothin g .

Han·n ' t you t'ITr s:'l'll a n toth h a ll ?"

One h 111 Hl red yea rs a~o \Vhe n 11·ilci e rncss 11·as kin g ; W ith p011·d e r in his ~un, t h e Jn a n \ Ve nt out a n d got a ell-cr. But now t h e thi n g h as cha 11gt·d And on anothe r plan. With p011·d e r on he r c hecks The dea r goes out and ge ts a m a 11. Fern Hus t on :

" Wh e re did you sa y you 11·erc princ ipal last ~Tar. \I r. Kcl il' y ?' '

Kel ly : " \Vh y, out a t Cotesfleld." ~Hiss H. ( misu nd e rst ~tnd in g ) : "0, 011t in t h e oatsflelcl. a natural bot anist."

:\'o 11·ondn nn1 art· such




I ndig:nant Proi .: or no !"- E x.

"Stop thi:: quibbling. si r! \ Vho \\·as I..;:ing Henry VII I ? A ns\\·e r

y e~

Pau l Kidd , at dinnn. passing plate of boiled tongue around and back of ::\1iss Ellis: "You don't gt·t any of thi~. If you shou ld get any more tongue, the rest of us cm ddn't gl't a 11·ord in edgc"·i~c. " H c kissed her on the check. It ~ccm ed a harmless fro lic. :'\ m1· lw ·:' been ~ick more than a 11·eek The~· call it " Painter's Colic. " S ixta: "You illtl'IT~t nll' ~t ra ngdy-as no other man e1:er has before." :\ Ie i~~ n er: ' 'You ,;prung that on me la:'t night! " S ixta: "0. \\·a~ it ~·ou? S·aid Proie~so r Hoyt to a ,,·aitress bold , " Sec here , youn g ,,·oman, m y cocoa's cold." She "corn full y answered , " I can't help that. I f the blamed thi1!g's chill y, put on your hat!"

' l \n> cou pie" in the h;tl h1·ay of the dorm. "\Vhat shall we do?" asked one. "We might han! a dance," s uggested another. " It 11·ould be a tight squeeze," quoth a th ird . " ~rh at'd be fine." rejoi ned H enry Amende, the fou rth of the group.

The lad \Yas sent to the Normal; And nO\\' Dad cries, " Alack! I\·e spent six hundred dollars And got a quarter back!" Jack A ll sman h ad \\·on a pn;~.c at the Dorm C hristmas party. " D o open you r package right a\\· a~·. ~I r. A llsman. \1V e ,,·ant to see " ·hat you got." A ll sman: "l\ I aybc I got stun g !" :\'T i~s C lela nd , suaYel y: "~o one ever gets stun g here! " ";:\Ton paratus," dixit l\Iiller, C um a sad and doleful look, "Omne rccte, " Cla rk respond it Et ":\T ihil," scripsit in her book.


HL\RD I I\ THE CLASS ROO:\I (; rel-!g: " \ \ -hn·ldon. will ~-ou fayo r us " ·ith a fe\1· remarks on this subj ect?" llt'rldricb : " \\-hat i~ th e unit of power?" \ \ ' ea tlwrh Ol-!l!: " \\' hat?" !lend ri cb: "Th at ':; correct ... lr1 1-: connm~· whik di,;cu~.; ing ,-,ll'iou ~ iorm,; of specie. Hull: " D id you e\·er see a rhrl'c-n·nr piece ?" l ,t't' Sm ith : ":'\ n. but l ha,·e a t\\·c nty-fi,-c cent bi ll." I re nl' \\' adnd: " I " ·ou ldn't brag about it- l'd pa~· it." Prnfl';.;,;o r H oyt. e nth u~ia,;tiral l y: "There arc some spectacles dearly beloved, that o rH ' rH'\Tr can forget :\ I i;.;,; Brick: "I wi;.;h you'd tdl mt• "·here I can get a pair. I ' m ah \·ays forgetti ng n l llll'.

:\I i,-,; Tibbets ( ?) \\·as telling the da~~ in English History of the E lizabethan E ra. tumnl to J ednman ( ?) and asked: ' 'H o"· old was El izabeth." ·' l·: ig:htt-e n o n hn last birthd a~·." came the d ream~· reply. Durir1g child stuth· recitation Prof. Gregg remarked. " You all agree, do you not, that a chi ld !cams to \\·:dk befo re he is able to talk?" :\I r:<. Smith: ' ' :'\o. sir! I ta lked three months before I could walk." Pro f. Cregg: "\\-ell. \l'l' knew th at you must ha\-c had an earl y start." ~ he

" \ \ on't you come into th e parl or ?" Shout the girls as \\·e go by. But the bachelors ans\\·er ca lm! ~·, " :'\o. \\·e\·e other fish to fry."

First Dorrnier: ''\ V hat is that noise ? The plu mbing must be out of order." SLTOrHI Dorm in: "N o that 's just Alice eating soup! "

I N OUR DORMITORY " It's true, alright, that t\\·o's a company, three's a

?\ I iss Stitt to :\I iss St. Tohn:

cro\\·cf. " :\I iss S t. John: " I 'd like to kno\\· the third party in my case." :\[ iss Stitt: \Vhy. Cu pid , of course."

:\I aric ( ?) supple and slender. and ::\Iagg ie, bulky and benign, had just r eturned from a shopping ex pedition to Neb raska C ity, du ring \Yhich each had been trying to hu~· a r eady-made suit. A f ri end: "\ iVell , ho\\· did you get along, ·M arie?" :\1aric, s a nd s : " I got along alright but ?\Iaggie is so fat that about all she C'an get read~· made is a n umbrella !"


Harlu11· : "L h huh! Y ou h ad bananas fo r supper this c\·cni ng didn't you?" .\fi ,-_~ Conky : ''Yes-but ho,,- do you kno\\" ?" I rar lO\\": .. B erau~e ~-ou han: some skin on you r face yet." ( .\ l i~,.; C. 111ade ,.;en-ral unsurcc~,;f ul attempts t o 11·ipc it ofi-but it 's still there.)

II an· noticed :\ow. li,.;tl' ll.1-har j,; rn ,.;a~ · 1h-arly helm-ed-

F orge t itll tt~h Jll"opk· rhi ,; g reat ContniOilll"l'alrh oi our,.; H ttr n inro ir?

.-\ S.-\ D 1·: TAu: Sce ne: Rouse·~ HilL l(elky et ~lis" ~Ionic Ambulant together D mn1 i rom the :\ onnal \"m·anr !k the 11-eather.

\"cry ire est the ,-ia Pedes slide from under, K cl ln · non upholds here Tr.iste. tristc bl under! Cadun t on t he g round Sec a lot of stell a . .-\dult:sre ns hastens To aid of the puella.

"R ustire !'' cxdama t " Reliq ue me alone! ~ umquam diri mihi

'Till ;'\ 011

~- ou

. r t 1. I" to 1 1s atone.

diutius do th c~­

A mbulant together J~aro speak as th ey pass by ~o n ctiam de the " ·cather.

\\' h~- is ~I r. True like a basketball gamt'? Fin· o n a s ide. - ~ormalite.





R n·r s J-:D PR O\. J-:R BS A hair in the head is \\"Ort h t 11·o in the co mh.- :\I. C. l. . Go to t he aunt, th011 slrr g~;a rcl; cat o f hn pastr ~· and bc 11· i~t·. -J. :\. :\Jotor a n d the g irls moto r 11·irh you , 11·al k and ~-orr 11·:dk ai<Hw. - 11. l". I .. Fools rus h in \\"he re a n~;cl s fea r to 11-ed .- \ \'. 1-.:: . Gra ve matte rs s h01dd he ta lked 01-er in the n·rm·r-cr~- -- 1-: . :\I. Women dream of h e in ~; pr1 rS11 t:d h~- hordt·s o f h:111d"mw nH"I I and ~ pcnd rlu·i r da~,. try to ensnare one ho mel y on e.- .'\. S. H e 11·ho in te nds to get up \l" ith the ~1111 , s ho1d d not .it IIJl laiT \l·itl1 tlu· clalq.dl-

tc: r.- \V. ~"- D. \Vhc:n some peo ple finall y get a thing thr11 th ei r hc:uk t h n

han· rlw 11·holc r hin l!

iP a nut shell .-?\ . B. T he fe ll ol\" 11·ho sc rcnadc;. a fair ~1"1 11lt-n1 11·ith a lll:llld fllil l tlu-, ,- cl:11 ' i,.; ,,-a, l ill l! time. T he~- all ha lT a hettn e:1r fo r :11 1 :111tl! h<1r11. - ( ·. 1..

or t '(J




/ N

:'\'OT I.'\ OL" R DOR.\llTORY H e: She:

" H o11· many eggs di d \"Oil cat fo r hrcak fa~t?' ' "Et tu , Brute. The h ~ ights by T a lbot rcach::d and k ~· p t \ Vere not attai n ed by sudde n !-l igh t. But he. ll" hil e his com panions slep t, \Vas toilin g up11·arcl in t h e ni ght.

C oun t tha t day lost w hose l ow desce nd ing su n Vie\\·s t hee lea ve the l ib rary \l"ithout one ca llin g doll"n.



R. D. ( h-nholt 1'. ' I'IHllll:t=' II . :\ llll"lllk \ .. (._ 'hatl·lain Y. H11rknt 1. . .\l;tr,; h ;d C. Spadn .\ I. II arris ( ). ()\\"ell:' II . Sll"t·ntkn T . .\laj or,;

B~· B~· B~·

By B~·

By B~·


By B~·

his umbrella. his socks. his complexion. hi: ,·oice. her fond ness for P ractice Teaching. his st~· le of hair d ressing . :'\ellie. her smile. his popularit~·. his ~el f-a~sertion . his • ·(~rear C ommon\\·calth. "

She i~ m,· cnnc and l'\Try\\·herc I go

l thi n k of her ,;he calls me up a time or so Y ou may infer. Slw tkter,; and co nfer~ from dam1 till dark Lest l iorget and go upon a lark. H Oll H' or abroad 1 h;n·c to toe th e mark Bt'r<llt>'l' of her. lk~· au,;c

' !'he n· arc meters of accent And meter,; of tone Bur the best of all meters }:; to me ter alone a nd Thne arc letters of accent Ami letters of tone But the best of all letters h to (A" · ! figure it ou t ~·ourse lf.) -Ex.


P rof. Brmn1 . during di,;cus~ion ol in tercl ass foo tbal l : on·rt.:Oilllllg t h is diffic ulty?" \ ' ic J o nes : " A. h<llldicap j,; all ri ght in pool but- " P ro f . J oh11son: Fresh Student:

" \ Voul d not a handicap aid

":\ m\· \\·hne docs th e process of digestion beg in?" "On page SO."

First Frcshn1a11: "The la ndl ady asked me if I liked codfish balls." Second Freshm a n: "\\l h at'cl ~·ou sa~' ?" First: " T o ld h er I 'd lll'\Tr atte nded an~· . " -ff'r.dry an.





1 'ri/J 10/1 .

' I


<!orbial Jlnbitation

is exte nded to th e ofllcers, m embe rs of th e faculty <lJld th c i r familie s and to th e.: stu de nt bo ch 路 of th e P e ru S ta te :\'ormal tn avail th em sel ves of th e pri vik ges of o ur C lub \\路hen v isiting Lin co ln , or if tim e permits. \\路h en p as~i n g th rn u .~ h th e C it y. '


JLinroln <!ommerrial <!lub L I N COLN , NE BR AS K A

OMAHA-Your City w ishes th e Peru State Normal , its institutirJn, continu crl prosperi ty and influ ence in th e edu cationa l wo rld . To its faculty, Omaha offe rs th e coope ra ti on w hi c h it hopes w ill result in g reat effec ti ve ness in upbuilrlin g th e sta te anrl its citize nship. T o its stud ents, the futur e busin ess force in _;,.r cbras k a, Omah a ex tend s th e hand of fell owship w ith a sin ce re rlesi re fo r lives of usefuln ess in th e ir c hosen p rofessio n.

J ohn~on had a little cat

T hey ~ay it sang like Caruso. l .ou is hit it \\·ith a rock .-\nd now it doe~ n·t do so.

l ~ut

;-;t udt·nr:

·· 11 urr~

up. Curry.

Here you


lnnkir t)! l ike :t iool.'' t ' 111T~ .. ~orn to han· kept you waiting.

h·pt me ,,·airing for fifteen minutes B ut you a rc re~ponsible fo r t he last

1':1 rl. ~ Ill· :

.. , \ ' h ~ a rc all tl w orhn ~i rl ,; so craz~· abottt those battered-up footba ll players."

/I ~·:

·· 1 ,;t rppo,;c ir i:: lwcau::t· oi t hl' innate ft·m ininc loYe of remnants."

PR OO F O F D.-\R\\T'\I S:\I .. ll uh ?.. ~n phon torc: .. , \ ' h at ?.. . ft111inr : .. I didn 't undn,;ta nd the qm·::tton. F n·:-ltrnan:

St'nior: " I d id n o t cn n1prehc n d the natu re o f thl' interrogation."

Jlro tc,;::or \\'i b nn: .. :\amt· tltt' minor poe ts as I ga\·e them to you last week." Jlc\\'cc: .. ' l'lw~· \\Trn't all tni ner:'. werl' thl'~· ?" THE LAST CREDIT Seated one day in the cl ass room :\h fountain pen in han d. came ac ross some questions Tha t I did not understand. ] n ,·a in I had c rammed my numb skull To suit that special occasion. In Yai n thru the depths of knowledge I ha d made an extensiYe invasion. !\ml I heard a ,·oice thru the silence Like the sound of a grand fa re\\·ell , 'T"·as th e credit fast slipping from me !\nd to me, 't\\·as a fun eral bell. 0 credit. thou'rt dust fo re,·er. In H ea,·en I may see th ee again But no\\· you were so nea r me That parting is like a sad Amen.


.'Ill. 0. Mc l.. \t;C ; III.I ~. !\. M .• 1).


n .. l'n·,idt·flt

Jjustncss <1:ollcgc

O u r perfect s~•ste m of secu r ing posit io ns ior o tt r g radt t:tte;; is a great iac tor in the s uccess of York Btt siness Col lege. Business men and ban kers favor ott r sc hool bee<tttse o tt r sttt de n ts a n : thorough an d com pet ent and beca ttse York is recog ni zed a;; ha,· in g idea l it lflt tl' tll'<'S for you n g men and \\'Omen. D ue to t hese facts ou r em ployment bureau is ab le to p lace e1-c r~· g r adt tatl' in a good paying position. \ Vri te to-day fo r ott r co mplete cata log. YORK BU S I ~E SS CO LLI·:c;J·: YoRK, :"-! EBIV\S K .\ YORK Pl'l ~LlC SC H OOLS \ N . \N. STOXER, S upt. Yo r k. :\chras ka . .f tt n e I. 19 1(). To lFh om This 11 / ay B e (Jf Intere st rtnrl f'a l ur· : York Busin ess College is 1n ll t hought of because of the hi gh stat HI a rd;; 1t upholds and t he efficient se r vice it is ren dering to soc iety. The head of th is insti tuti o n , :\1. 0. ::\IcLau gh lin . is a m a n hi gh ! ~· rt·;;pLTted by all 11·ho ki1011· hi m . B ecause of his hi gh mo ral cha ractn his sch ool is cot lducted by t eachers ,,·ho belie1·e that , abon: al l. ch aractn is the s up rt't lll' en d in education. Being pe rsonally ac4uai n ted 11·ith th e ,,·ork oi the sc hool l a m ple as:·d to say that good ,,·o r k is being done a nd th at it desc nT~ the con sid eratio n of t h ose 11·ho a re looki ng fo r s uch t ra in ing as th is school IS gi,·ing. Respectful ! ~· . \ V. \V. ST():--: ER.

/. t 70/1

NEBRASKA CITY Extends you a hearty wclcon;c OUR WATCH\tVORD

Co-opera tio11

j}ebraska (l[itp jliusiness Jllen's ~ssociation

'lrbr ~cru ~tate }iank OF PE R U, NER R ASK .-\

S"freng-dz, Cou rte.\J!, S~ta /;i/i~JI .Secu ri-'y a 11 d E.fficic11 ry have nzadc it ff~路h ti/ it is A GOOD BAi' K --- I N =--=- _-\ GOOD ' I .< )V\ ' N

0 YE S! Q uick, eyes to your book! :'\ ot a ,,·ord! ); ot a smile ! .\ I iss Ru lon's a comin,' .Just g la nce down the ai~l e. Yes. sh e is coming To put down t he riot. But ,;he'll never find The offe nders-they' re qu1et. In nocent eyes are turned on her. T he librarian only smiles She seems to enjo~· This patrolling the aisb . 0 Yes !

ST .-\LE ~ E\ VS Did ~-!HI h ear abou t th e big ex plosion ? The wind blew up the Dorm alley. G reat exc in·mt·n t . C hief Sha rra r catches Dean Rou se in t he act of hookin g a screen door. F ay J o nes killed a l it tl e ti me. Kuhlman h u n g a picture. \label Carey sh ot t h e Philo chu tes. P r es ident H ayes c ho ked off a speaker . .\I a rgare t ' l'el yea r a n o\·e r a new song. F er n Husto n smo th e red a I a ugh. S\H'ntker broke a h eart . .-\ Jun io r nn1rdned th e English la nguage.

Doc (),,·e ns. be\\·i ldered, attempting to register for th e second semester: " Is there goin g to he a school- sc hool- uh- school min istration class this semester?" R egistn Ch·erh o l t: "This is no ministe rial semina ry. \ Ve do n't offer any theology ., ~· ou rst•s. Dean Rou se: "How do you dew-dropsy ?" Prof. Delzell : ' '\V h ~· j!Ood monu ng. Ho\\· a rc Todd: ('an · ~· :

' needa biscuit ?"

"Ca n ~·ou \nit e shorthand , \l abel?" " Y es. only it takes longer."

~ h e: " l ,uci ll e to ld me th at you to ld her t hat sec ret I told you not to tell her. "

~ he 2 : "The mean thing ! I told he r not to tell ~·ou. " ~he I : "\Ve il . I told her I ,,·mdd n 't tell you she told me. so don 't you tell her I did!"



EAT - - J:--: -


!JButcb Jmtll WI N DSOR H<YJ'J •: L 2~0

N . 11 t h St.

On e Bl oc k So uth of Sta te U ni,·e rs it,v

JLincoln mental ([ollcgc offe rs a fo u r years) co urse loo k in g to th e deg r ee of D octo r of D e nta l S urge ry . A l l of th e sc i<.: ntifi c brnn ches are t a k<.: n at t h<.: U nive rsi ty of Nebras k a . Th e st ri c tl y d c n tn l bra n c h e~ are carr ied a t th e co ll ege n ea r th e C ni vcrs ity ca mp u s. T h<.: <.:n tr n n c<.: req uirem en ts are thirty hi g h sc h oo l cr<.:di t s. D id yo u <.:ver co nside r de nti stry as a v o cat io n ? It mi gh t pay yo u to invest i gate th e m a tte r, as th e re mun e r a tion is good anrl t h e ,,·o r k ha ~ ra p id ly g rown to b e o ne o f a ppli ed sci<.:nc<.:s. Fo r fu rth e r info rm a ti on add r css th e

JLinroln !!lental (!College




of ftlustc


The La rgest a nd Best Eq uipp ed S c ho o l o f I t!' 1\.ind in 'This Territo ry :-\.Splendid Fac ulty of Spec ia li s ts in Eve ry Department Whose First Aim Ts Thoroug hn e~s A ll Bra n c h es of .\Iu sic T a ug ht F u ll Information on R eque st WILLARD 1\. I .\ I BALL , OIRFCTOR

I I th and R S ts.

路; f A . __,-~

Department Store where shopping is a pleasure


A sto re w h ere th e re is an atm os ph ere of d ig nity and a s en ~ c of pruprJ rliun- wh ere satisfactirJ il is in s isted upon and where yo u wi ll find vas t and varied stoc ks of m e r c handi se. I

II '


A store which co nsid e r s its cu stom ers perso nal frien ds. J.V lay '""LCe lw've tlz e plefls u r e v/ sen路inv yrJ u JfJf) /1 a11d o/ te11!





FISHER BROS. 1!lrugs ~cf)ool ~upplics : ~tf)lctic 庐oobs OUR SPECiALTI E S Soda F ountain- Th e bes t cats and th e bes t ~ crv i ce . Nya l's ,_f oil e t P rep a rati ons- N othin g to cn mp are in deli cacy a nd qu a lity w ith thi s lin e. F ountain P ens- .\ f oo rc's N on-Lca ka blc a nd Cn n k I i n 路~ Se lf-Fille rs.

W e \lake a S pec ia lty of


Special Rates Always to Peru Students and Facult~ 路


Pl a in o r Co lo red, F o r Sc hoo ls a nd Co ll eges A lso EN L A RG El\ I EN T S F o r the C lass R oom CO R .:\TELL PHOTO SU P P L Y CO., 2+8 No. lith, LI :\'COL:\ , 1\TF. BR .

'-'' ri te Cs Wh e n in Need of a Lante rn o r P rojec to r of An y K ind




~be ~epn ~tubio 16th a nd H cm路ard () \ f.-\ l l .-\,

:\f F. BR.

S t ~ .,






l .i\'e:; thne a man \\' ith soul so dead \\"ho ne'e r to himsel f hath said \\"hen he ::tubbed his toe against the bed! - ! •• & - ! - ! • • ! (censored ) .

THE ' EC RET OF SUCCESS .. , \ ' har i,; the ,;t·c n·t oi sucn·ss ?" asked the Sphinx . .. Push .· · said the Button . .. :"'\ en T to be lead ." said the Pencil. " Tak t· pai11S... sa id tlw \\"indow . .. :\1\\· a~·,; keep cool." ,;aid the l ee. " lk tip-to-dart·. ' ' ::aid the Calendar. ":"\t'\Tr lo:>t' your head." ::aid the :\ail. .. .\lak e I i~.d1t oi t'n'l"~·thin g.' ' ::aiel the Fire. "Keep ~·m1r t· ~·t·,; o pen." ,;aid th e :\ccdle . .. On a d ri \·ing busi m·ss." said th e Hammer. "Be sha rp in ~·our dea ling.'' said the 1-.:nife. " F ind a good thin g and ,.;tick to it," said the G lue. "Do thl' \\·o r k you arc ,;u ited for. " said the Chimney.-Ex. so ho nest he \\·m ddn 't stc:tl a pin. " "1 Jll'\T r thought much of the pin test." ::aid ~Irs. Smith. "Try him \Yith an umhrl'lh.'' "A \\ ·, IH: 's

~l EA:'\EST PEOPLE Th ose fi\'l' men ,,·ho :tsked a ?lit. \ ·e rn on girl fo r a date ,,·hen they knC\\' she alread y had o n e . Th a t professo r ,,·ho insists on assigning fo ur hours of outside reading on every budget l'\'l'nt date.

" So yo u ' re son , C arrol. goc,; to cp!lege, eh; B urnin g the midnigh t oil , I suppose?" ' ' \ V e ll. er- ye!'d bu t 1\·c an idea- er- th at it's gasoli ne." SDIPL IFI ED SPELLI:\TG . '' I f an Sand a n I and an 0 and aU \ Vit h an X at the end spell Su, A nd an E and a Y and an E spell I P ray \\·hat is a speller to do? Then if, also, an S and an I and a G A nd an H. E . D. spell cicle, The re is nothing much left fo r a speller to do, B ut to go and commit siouxeycsighccl.-Ex.

YOU Will R enzenz ber Us


lf you eve r g ive trs a n opportu ni ty to se r ve you as it is ou r husi ncss to satisfy o ur customers. \ Vc shall appreciate yotrr znqu zn cs at any time.

COAL a nd LUMBER Who lesale and l{eza il

Dbitrbrra%t C!Coal & JLumbrr C!Co. 107 :'\o. li t h S t. , Lr :-:cot.:-: , :'\EBR.

Consult Us A bout Your Optical Troubles Our Optical Department zs eq uipped up t o the mi n ute ,,·ith th e latest scientific instr uments fo r mcasu rin g your vision , backed u p by tH" en ty yea rs' ex pe ri en ce. Y ou'l l Find O u r Sen ·ice L p to the :\linut;:- Pri n:s :\Ioderate

.\lachi n ist "s ( 1a raJ.!e Contractor' s

l 1



S u p pl ieS

l ·: n!!l ll eer"s

!) :VI A l-l :\

N I·: H I<.

~abtn's ~bucattonal ~xcuange ( I NC. )

:\I anhat t a n Bu ild ing

DES i\ IOI N ES. lO W:\

Ha s h ad trzce n ty-fo ur ye(f rS o f s uc cess i n pla ci n g tea c hRegist e red Optometrist Sign of th e B ig C loc k :'\ EBR AS K .-\


:'\ EB RAS K A

e rs. \ ,Ye cover a ll th e JVesl ern St(/l es .

pl a n s.

Writ e for o u r

M EAT iVI A R K1~: ' I .

KAUTZ ~botograpbcr


Makes A rti stic Pi c tur es

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Tlze Latest i11 Clothe.r C raft At R easo n a bl e Prices





JOSEPH KREPELA M erchant T ailor

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For fir st c lass g uaranteerl se rv ice in L ive ry, Repairin g, a nd Welding b y the Ox yge n Process g ive u s a ca ll. Ford, Dod ge , and Buick serv ice station. A lways a full l in e of :\.c cessori es, Oil s and Supp li es.

THOS. J. R :\ ILSB.-\CK H o use Ph o ne No. 11+ OA1 ce, No. 12


jfape Jjakerp PH ON 1·: 1/ 0

The Best of Baken· Cood s Pro ~rams

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GIVE US YOUR ORDERS We wil l Try t o Pl ease You

l.L\1 ERIC K BOUQUET T hnl' ':; :\I u:;ie:li C arpmter \\'h o o-rcatl1· "' . ' l'l'ar:; round in a n auto no\\' late!~·. : Ill' an~ like a "lord" T ho it ':; o nl y a ' ' Ford" .-\ ,; larl!t' a:; a tub a nd as statrl y. Th nl' i:; in Pnu a :\li::...; \\'hitc \ \ ' lw ior:;oo th i:; a n attract i1·e sigh t. l t h ink it 11·a:; ::he ~ ai d om· t'IT nin g to me. ·· ' t 'nt-t hirt ~ !- I 'm ::o rry-Coodnight !" :\ jo lt ~ ~ 01111:! dll'mistry tuff \\ ' hik mixing: a jar i ull oi stu ff Dro pt a match in the Yial .-\nd ai t n a 11·hile Tl w~ io und hi:; iron t tooth and one cufi.-Ex. Tlw n· i:; :t iair maiden n amed Huston ~ Ill' a l 11·a~·s inrt·n·r a boo:;tin' Slw ha:; lot:; oi :'t~·le .-\ nd a :'\\Tet 11·insomc smile II a:; our jolly humo ri:;t, H uston. \\'l'\T a light-haired girl named :\l ary C lary In hn :;inging :;he':; a:; light as a fairy \ C:' her music she kno11·s .-\:; hn playing sure :;ho11·s \ \ ' lwn :;h ~· ha1tg:' for us Old T ippera ry. Our :\li:;:; Ru lon is nT)" demure ()j hl' r :ti1:'\\T r:' \\T hard ly an' su re For her ,·oiel' i:; so lo11· To lwa r her, you kt1011·, Rl·qu in·:; d ose attention. 11·e'rc :;urc. There li n·s a tall ~cnior named Russel; He's al11·ays in a g reat big hustle \ V h ilc his deep bass notes roll , The\' si nk to you r soul \V ith p01n:r that inf-lates e1·er)' muscle.


Th ose w ho des ire and appreciate promptn ess, co urtesy, and up -to-d ate se rvi ce go to th e West Sid e S hop.


l9eru'sl\estaurant anb QConfeftionerp .\l ca ls- Sho rt Orclcr~ Fine C a nd ics :\ P lace for Laclic ~

H. C .

BA]~ ES,



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Groceries Shoes Suit Cases Trunks

Ice C rea n1 Confectio n e ry, Fruits School Supplies Groceries, Meats Bread a nd Coo ki es

You r Patronage Appreciated

7/ze A ven tt e S"tore H. U. LAN DOL' I'

W. W . MARDIS BARTL. SHELLHO R N \I. D . Ph ysicia n and Su rgeon G raduate Central !\1 edi ca l College 1895 G ra d ua te Ru sh Coll ege

Phont> 73

Pert1 , N ebr.

N. S. HARAJIA N, A. B. ,

D. D . S. G rae! ua te C hi cago Co ll ege o f D enta l Surge ry


D ENT I ST Off-lee Ove r Fa ye Bakery

P ERl·, NEBR.-\SK.-\

P ERl \ NEBR.-\SK.-\

D oc (),,·en':: ::mill- i~ amaz111 . It:: a h,·ay:: a nd en:r ablaz in '. But e::pecial ly bright D oe:: he smile at the sight 0 i ~onll' te:Kher 's tem per a raisin' .

HH ' :\D I :\ A SOFT SOP H 'S I.





I sto le a ki ss th e o ther nig ht .\ l ~- co n::c ier ll"t' hun~ alal·k. I t hin k I 'l l go :l!,!:tin ton ight .-\rul put the hl:llllcd thin g bac k ! SIH· i rm\'IH"d n n him and called him \I r. Bn·aust· in i un he m er ril y Kr. :\ nd in :: pite t lu· io llo,,·ing ni gh t That a\\'iu l .\l r. Kr. S r. lie c tl!t:d her lil y. ,·io kt . ro::e . .·\ nd al l th e HmnT~ oi "Pring. S he sa id. " I can 't he a ll of t host·. Yntt li lac n ·e ryth ing." l .on· is t he in::ane part oi man desi ri ng to be the meal ticket of a ,,·oman. S he sa id . "( ; ood-night." sh t' sa id it o'er. As maid s are ,,·ont to do. S he sai d it t\\Tnty timl's o r more :\n d s ti ll shc \\'a"n't thru. " !'is st r a nge hm\· difit:re nt peo ph- arc H n iat h n big: and g r ufi Rt'lllarked it once. 'T\\'as hea rd a fa r . .'\rHI O ll C l' \\·as q llltt' en uf. I-l l' \\T il t.

\\'e lwlinT in t he Junior B a nquet:

I. 1

I -r.

1,_ I .

Beca use \\ T ,,·ant to \\'Ca r ou r dress su it:: once morc.-Boys' G lee Club ' 17. Bt·ct ttSl' 011 r IlL' \\. go\\· ns a re a lready ordc red.-Girls ' 17 and ' I 8. Bt·ca li S'-' it ,·aries th e mon oton ~· .-\- ic J ones. Beca use I could gi ,·e a toast. - Bryan E mme rt. B et.·a use \\T cou ld skip classes.-Ciass ' IS. B eca us:· \\T ,,·a n t t he picture tor t he P crll\·ian.- Thc Stafi ' 17. I k c ttrs e I Clll use my ma nners 011 one night.-A rt Schneid er.

~a rHllw r g-: " \\' hat shall \\ ' l' do. Proi~·ssor C regg, ii \\'C tlunk in this required ps\ t· lwlog-y ?" C r cgg: "0 . perhaps you can go to some insti tu ti on ,,·hrrc they don't require Sllt·h a stifi s ubject." ~a nd\ · " \ V lwrc \\·m rld that be- th e fcchlr- mind ecl institute ?"


E x p ert :--ihoc

rl 0.\-SORIAL J>:\ H.L( >H.

· rl~t ·


l .:tn·-...

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:\1 \\:t \-.. fill 1/ :tlld

E L .\ I I·: I { I { I :'\ ( _; I-: R I ' 1·. 1<! · . .'< F.H l<.\S l, . \



l .:t t c -.. t it t . · lliH"

i-.. lw-... :t11d :\11 S hrw Slt ppl ic-..

First C lass Work Co urteou s Tn:atmc n t to .-\II " Ynu'n.: Ncx t"

.-\. \V. C H :-\ S E,

R c p air in .~

\ \'l' :tJlJl iTn :tt · t h :· lih :·r:tl pat l"lll lrh (' ' '"'i<-11h h:t\·c g i 1-c-11 rhi ... -.. io n· :tlld hop:· to llll"rit :t t"llllt" ill lt :t U T oi rl w ... :rrll ' · h ~ ,·:1:·: i11l :t:l•l : t;~ :·

._· o11 r1 t"tJt l .......... · r \ i c <·.

F rcsh an d C urcrl .\Icats

V egcta b les in Sca son Co mplctc Line of Ca nned and Pi c kle Goorls C ash Paid for Hides, Pou Itry, and Prod ucc

\\ "c li:t \· · a l"fll ll Jlktc lilll" of SdHHJI S trppli· :--. :t! :--o ca rr~ rht· io l loll·ill f! : j n 1-elry . \\ ":r rdl t":-> , C /o,·b. I;Oirrl -

r:t iiJ !':·; :--.. \n:--crJ l"anH'I"il~. J."il rn-... S ration :· r~· . Bo<Jb. · J'<Ji L·t Art ic/l',. 1-"i 11 ·· l" lwcol:t t :·;., :\I il l-!:t:?.i I ll"~. \ · iL· trol :!.-... : \thl :·tic (;<Joel ~ . :r :J d lnany c t :H·r a: · tid ,·~ 11 ~1 1 :t l1 1· k1·pt tor ,.;ri c 111 :t li :·:-- t da,.,. drtr l.! ~ t· oi T.

W. C. BURGESS Prop .


G. E. ELLIS Watch es Rings Brooches Bracelets Lockets

t'OIIIf>lt'lt• lint' ~I Phi.'IJ, tllltl f:.··l •t'l ·,•ft , and Dramatic Club Pw s tllltf Nin.f:'· Stat,• Normal Rinxs and 1-~b.r .

1;1/ ,.

t"f/1.,.)' fl

See Ot ll lin e be fo re b11ying. \ Ne are at your sen· it'e

E I , I , I S. Lratling J,·l('t l,.,. and Opt"ml'f• i .• t


So lr\·e nir Spoons hnrnta in Pens C1rt (;las,; Sih·erwa re China ware


/) !J (JI/t '



Cash Store


Gi ves yo u a co rdial we lco m e to make its pla ce of bu siness your re sting ami tradin g pla ce wh il e you arc in P e ru . Y o urs for prompt and courteo us tre atm ent.

l 25

~ e \\'

a nd S e co n d H a nd C ars

Ford , O a kl a n d, S tud e bak e r l 路 p -to -date R e p ai r S h o p Exp e rt .\[ cc h a ni c

' -:'\ urf Sai d :\ . 1-1. H 1路: N I ) I{ I ( . K S 1路: :-.;


1路:. 1'. C t\IU: Y :\I anag c> r


II Between .friends, the gift that conveys the 11zost o.f personal thought.fuln es.c; - your photograph

I: I




Look for "Veh=O=lite" Portraits


b'<!&retllc E.



NEWMAN PER l i. :\ E IH{ AS K !\

Phone 56




1:\ THE :\llLLE:\ l U:\ I C hapd \\"ill not be compu lsory. Pnu ,,·ill get a Boys' Dorm. T hne ,,·ill be a cement ,,·alk criss cro~s of the campus. T he Dor m 1-!irb c:u1 stay out until 12. :\ l a rshall \\"i ll comb h is hair . .·\ ll stna tt \\"il l come to chapel. :'1 I rs. Smith ,,·on't talk about stt·nog raphcrs and instincts. \ "n ne Curry \\"il l become bashful. Proit·s..;or Cregg ,,·ill di~mis..; classes On Time. :\I itT Smit h ,,·ill <:east• cht·,,·inl! gum. S tt'\"l' \\"il l 1-!ro\\" hig. Psydto logy ~tudt·n ts \\"ill ,-oluntaril ~· consult \\-ebstcr. \\. H O K:\0\ VS? :\ obod~· ktt011·s ,,·here the money goes, :\ obody knows, nobody kno11·s. Frill:; and frock~. Sil b and smocks. :\ bit of feather. _.\ ne11· dab of leather, .-\ r:11·ishing hat . .-\ sporty cra1·at. Some po11·der, some cream, .-\ go11·n that's a dream. But nobody kno11·s where the money goes ::-\ obody kno11·s that it goes for clothes. :\ obod~· kno11·~. oh nobody kno11·s But father. \VEBSTER U P-TO-DATE . · Bl uff- To co1·c r a deficit of brai ns by an issue of brass. C elebrate-To cu t classes and lou nge on the campus. C ut- A cruel attempt to deprive the class of the picasu rc of one's company and t he benefit of his recitation. E ng I ish- Our mot her to ngue. Father seldom uses it. Facu lty- A n organization to iu rnish ne11· jokes .to students. Flu nk-A process by 11·hich one becomes a Special. Period- Fifty minutes of torture. Pony-Beast of burden used by students 11·ho arc \\"eak in the head. Q uiz- A means by \\"hich students recall ho11· little they kno11·. Recitation-A game of blufi. S tu d ~·-An obsolete ter m.


Cr\ LL i\T TH E


Good Things to See Eat ar1d Wear

Flr11 rk! Fl 11 n k! Fl rrnk! I n that" l a ~ t" l'.'-;lln. () ( ;\T! .'\11d I II 'IJrrld th;rt I \'<llrld lhl' till' h~ - II' IJrd ~ ' f'q <'' i ll'<'~~ 111 ~ th< J11;.d 1t ~ 111rtn t lr n ·. .'\ h . 1n·ll for rill' 11ra"tl' r rni 11d" . .'\h . ll' l' ll fqr tl rl' Bookn T ',_, .'\ lr. 11·:· !1 io r tlr \' ~l'l1n l a r il ~ rinol , :\ lr . I I T II for th l' SIJt'l':t t t·, . l: rr r rho~<· <J II<·~t i <Hr ~ rna dl' Ill<' d i;-on / \1 rd p inn·d rn y h r ai n likt· , hnt Brrt o h. ior t hl' t lr or oi a t·n·d ir rlra r·, l' :trnnl ( )r tire "ig ht oi ;r ~r ad <· t h a t i ~ IIIJt. F lr11rk! Flrr1 rk! Fl r11rk! /\t tlu· <· nd of 111y "f'ri 11 ~. () 111<·! Fo r tir e plea,;tr rt th ots o f a pa ~~i n ~ grad (' Is <'ITr d e n ied to

Il l<' .

The N. S. N. S. Jewelry Store Smrl your 0 rrler, you 'lc:i/1 St!'L't' IV!OII(V

Watc hes C locks F o bs L ockets Rin gs Pin s Souvenirs Spoons and oth e r Nove lti es


F ·1. 't'JY t II ln.u:

W a tches, C locks, J ewe lry Crmjit!/y R t'jJa i rr•rl

Fou nta in Pens, Combs a nd Umbre ll as Nl adt' Ne·1c Spectac les of A ny Kind Rt'Pflin:rl Th e O nl y Place to O htain th e l'\ o r ma l Seal Pin - - JV!any marlf'. lmt """" SfJ .f[fi'Jrl

Sc h oo l Suppli es Post Ca rd s Vi ews Chi na a n d Gl asswa r e Sil ve r w are Y.W.C . A. Pin

J. C. CHATELAIN Watchmaker and J eweler


P e ru, Nebraska


E \ "E RY .J C);10R SHO "LD K~O\\

"\\"here a rc you going my prettr maid?" ''To sec Dea n C leland, sir," ~he said . .. :\I ay 1 go \\·ith you. pretty maid ?" ":'\o. you ' re \\·h ~· I 'm due there nmd " she said. L it tl e words of wisdom Little words of bluff ":\l ake th e Profs all tell us ··.it do\\·n. that's enuf." l .in·s of some folks oft remind us .-\ s the page of Ii ie is turned, Th at \\"C often lea,·e behind us "Date notes" \\·hich \\·e shou ld ha,·e burned. ~it

a lone in the t\\·ilight by girls and man A nd murmur over and over " 1'II nc\-cr cat onions again." l·or~ake n

0 f all the words of tongue or pen That e,·er came to college men The best arc these-I know, b~· heck; "E ncl o~cd. dear son. ~·ou'll find a check."

Studc11t at :\ ormal School in ,,·a nt of $25.00. \n ote to his uncle as follo,,·s : Dt·ar U ncl e:1 f you co u ld sec hm,· 1 blu~h for ~hame " ·hile I 'm "·riting, you would pity me. Do ~·ou k nm\· ,,·hy? Because 1 have to ask ,·ou for a fe\\· doll ars and do not know how to e:x prcss mysel f. It is impos~iblc for me. to tell you. I prefer to die. I send you thi!' h~· n~t·sscn gcr w ho " ·ill "·ait for an answer. Believe me, dearest uncle, Y ou r most obedient and affectionate nephew. P . S .-0\"(~rcome \\· ith shame for \\·hat I ha,·e ,nitten. I have been running after the messenger in order to take the let ter from hi m, but I cannot catch him. Heaven .!.!;rant that someth ing ma~· happen to stop him, or that this letter may get lost. ~J'he unck "·as natural!~· tou ched. but \\·as equal to the emergency. H e replied as fo ll m ,·s: :\Iy dea r :\lcphcw :Console yourself, a nd blush no more. Pro,·idence has heard you r pra~·er. The nwssenger lost the letter. Your affectionate Uncle.-Ex.


•••• ..:lr.-~~ ~ ~·. : ;·~ ·~·~~~·r·~·~·!·~·~·~·~·l·l·l~1·1·1·1·1·1·1·1·1·1·1·1·,·1·1·1··~·~~·JI!~.:i~~~·~·~·~·~·~ ~ ·~~·..~·~;~+~.H~~ 111~ ·~·m~··~miu~it~-H·-~~w~ 1~u~.,..uliill~~·~~~1.!-~7~·- ·~ :I·~·;m~·~·lj}l ~

.. ..

.•~ r5 ··· ••o•··~··············· ·,. :. . - ~························••<> 1 r._ .

.~ ~ :







t--1-t-C , .,__


!I~ ~±- i! L~~~:v~~~ ~~~ti::~:,:st s~:~;:li;~~ ~k :o~l~~=lfa:~:~s, t~:: • p




wielded so wide an Influence over t!le College Annual Field?

! ~~! ! ~E ~ .:

Ask yourself if College and University Annua ls are not better to; day because of BUREAU PROGRESSIVENESS and BUREAU INITIATIVE? You know that the BUREAU OF ENGRAVING, Inc. inaug, urated the system of Closer Co;operation with college annual boards in planning and constructing books from cover to cover. Our marked progress in this fi el d comman ds attention. Our

: ta=F=• ~





:. H 13' •

• • •



~j:l ~

: ~· :.• ~.·. •


! ! : :

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! :... o ~

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~ : :

•t ~


: ~

l ~ J ~prema.c~ Commo.l\ds A++el\fio"! ~ \Jre&\1,


~~ ~


! !

: !

! ! • !




establishment is one of the la rgest of its kind m this country. Our Modern Art Department of noted Commercial Art Experts is developing Artistic Features that are making "Burea u" Annuals Famous for Originality and Beauty.





: :

: :

And again, the help of our experienced College Annual Depart, ment is of invaluable aid. Our up;to; the, minute system, which we give you, and our Instructive Books will surely lighten your Burden.

; :

A proposition from the Natural Leaders in the College Annual Engraving field from an organization of over 150 people, founded over 17 years ago, and enjoying the Confidence and Good Will of the foremost Universities of this country, is certainly worth your while. Is not the BUREAU OF ENGRAYING, Inc., Deserving of the Opportunity of showing what it can do for , YOU?





i : : •





, • : :



.: . :











:•lllllll.,.,.ll.,.,.,.,.ll·l·l·l·l·l·ll·l·:·:·:·~·~·~·~·~·~·~·~·:·;·~·!~··;·~·!·~·~·~·;·:·:·l·l·l·iii..i.l·l·lii..i.l·l·iii··~~·;·~~~~~lll•i ~.h(~71r.~<...s-n o/{'J.




•• •••••• • ••••••o~••• • •••••• ••••••••• •••••••••••• •••• •••••• • •••••• •• •••• •~


Experience: §S>omc ~hmuals We f)rintcb ,~ ~ounb 1Last ,!lear & ~1Ji5 :-: i mp~on (",,] . lntlin tHtl a . I n. 1 '1-:Lil '.\~: C c• ntral C<~l · ], .~ ,. . l't•lla. I a. I'II .L)T; \\'"•:-.t f•rn Cninn ( ' nllt·J.!t', I.,. :'\lar:o:. I a. <~1 ' 11.1. : F ai di d d . la .. II i J,: h !'-it•htHII SCHI·:J-:<"11: .\lhia . la ..




II il.! h


1'.\Ti·:l·:: ll <>t !':prin!!<. :-: . l> :. k .. ll il!h :'idwo l PI-:Hl'\' 1.\X : P t.• ru Stat C' ~ 111'111:11 . J' t ' I'H . >:t'ln·. I' E II\.\: l ' al·:-.nn !' Col· I• •J.!t', Faidit•hl. I a. Hl'll PI·:H: lln<•na \' i"" Co ll e~c. S t o rm Lak<'. Ia. S I 01· X : :\lorni nl!s itl,• C"<~l · lt •..: t•. ~in u x eft~· . 1:1. HOY.\!. I' I ' HP I. E: C"o'l' · llt"ll c, .. u ,• ;::,~ . )lt . \'t•rnnn 110:\111: Iowa State• Col · lt·!.!'t'. .\ 1111 ·:-. . I a . TI':\1 111.1·: \\'I·:I·:J) : n ako ta ,,..., J..,·a n. :\lit<·h .. ll. ::;.n. \H () .\J..::Jo:H : I o w a \\",•:-;. l··~·an. :\lt. Plt•a:-:ant. In. Ql' .\K t·: l{ : J,,•nn l'nllt•~<' . n :-.l~;do osa. Ia . .:\ ( 'ClHX: (\H• C'oll,•g: p, C!'dnr Rapids. ln . C .\ 1{ 1>1 ~ .\I. : l.<•ancl!'r C' larl.;: l'nl.. Tnh•tln. I a . \\'1•: II: 1·:11"\'oll·t h Coli<';.!<'. lnw a Falls . I a. A~l-::\10~1·: :

l lnkot:t

~n r ·

tnal. :\l adi:-oon . S . Oak . C"h:tri· Inn. I a.. 11 i;.:h S chool T0:\1.\ I L \ \\'K : J O\\':t C' it,· I I ig- h ~t·h nol . l\' .\I{,. A: Park C'olle:::<'. Parl;:,·illt', )fo. PIO~J-:I·: n: Pht t .. ,·ill" Stat!' Norm al. 'Vis. SC'HO J.l. : B oo n e . In., C'II.\H I TO~ I.\~:

II igh S c hool OH .\~C:J A: ll<•x tt•t·. I a .. lli ;.:h Sdwnl 1: 1•. \ ST : Ht•n t o n . In .. II i '-'h St· h ool IIOO S TI·: H: SC\' 111 0 11 1', l:t .. II i:::h Sch ool SA~ I) P l I' 1·: H : ('Ia l'l"ton . \\~a ~IL. I I iJ! h S (.~h <ln l


1.1 1. \(~l - 1·:



The getting of experience is usuall) very expensive to all parties concerned iflffiiiiiiiii1iiil iiiiiiiiiiiffiiTI Jlt,!!,llllllllllllllllliUIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIfillllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllilliUIIIIill!!IIIIUDIIIIIIIIIUIIIIII!IIIIIIIIIt!



bound the way you want it an d when yo u want it, the logical thing to do is to place your order where you feel at ease abo ut it bein g properly taken care of. Editors, n1a nagers and others who h ave to d o with the n1aking of annuals have their ti1ne full y occupied without the anxieties and perplexities that come because of placin g_ their order in th e hands of inexp erienced an nual builders. W e are annual specialists. You can place your order with us with full confidence that you will get a high-class book .

~be ~Ito ~re~s

Col ·

lt>g-f', Yanl-no n . S. Dak . Kirks· O S T F.O IH u \ S T : •·illt•. :\lo.

E conomy A drertis ing Compan y

D epmdability



Eu1 ER

Wt Lso:-.: ... ....................................._ Edit or- i11 -chi d


Asso c iate 1-:d i t o r


Assoc iate Editor

: BR YA:'\: L;\1.\JERT ................... ............. I)>U SIIless . .\T a11ag;er \VJ LLJ A:--1 :"--OVAK ............................ Se ni or C l a ss l·: d itor H AZEL

1' RYE

.............. .... .... ............. ....... .. ........

C H ARL ES S J•AC HT ..... .... ... ........... ............... C LARE:'\:CE

R t.:SSE L

.. .......................... ... .....


Pho to~ ra ph n

Photo ~ r a phn

~VI.<\ JUE BA LLA RD ..................... ........ .... .. ......... A rt Edito r V ICTORI A WILKE:-.:so:-.:

...................... .............. Assoc iate A thlet ic

L EE S.\II T I-f

Edito r

E AR LE C RAIG ······--··------ --------- -· ·····------·····-····-··- Associate A:-.LELlA CHARD -·- ---------------- ----------------- Reli g ious Ed ito1·

I , ite r a ry Edito r

::\/[ AIE OsnoR:-.:E (; EORG E

H L:~T ............................ ... ... ...... ........ Assoc iate

LE;\: A P ooLE ..... ...... ................. ...... ... ....... .... Soc ial Editor ::\I ARG ARET J o:-.:Es ·············· ···················-·· ···· ···· Associate ....... ...... .. .......... ................... J oke E di to r LEO j EW ELL ·······-······ ·· ······································ ): £ \'A Ct: RRY


Assoc iate

.......................... ...... Art




l __路

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1917 - The Peruvian  

1917 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1917 - The Peruvian  

1917 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska