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The Peruvian The Senior Class Book of the Nebraska State Normal

Edited and P ublished by the Class o f 1908

Volume I

The Nebraska State Normal School


Peru S!o- 1908





'7 5


Professo?' of Jl!fatlumatics, a11d Ad'l'iser lo /lie Class o.f I 908

THE PERUVIAN FOR 1908 IS DEDICATED as a sligiil mark o.f the Admiration, A llution and Gratitude of tile



PROF. ,1. M. HOW IE.

F. A. BoosE, Athlelics

G. P. McG REW, Art


Re li~ious HILDA ~l JLL >:R,






J. A.




D. L.


Rclidous ANNA h:ETH1U(it-:,


E. 1'. 1-l OD AI'I', Literary L. R. Hu.L, Ass' t ~ la na~ cr


Subscript io ns S A R,\11









o. 7.JSK,


Board of Education. Hon. J. L. "YicBrien .... . ..................... Supt: Pub. Instr uction. Lincoln Hon. L. G. Brian .................................. State Treasurer, Lincol!1 Bon. Luther P. Ludden, Sec·y .... . ............... Term expires 19£ T, L incoln Hon. Jas. E. Delzell. Pres ..................... T erm expires 1908, L ex ingtoP H on. c. H. Gregg. Yice P res ................... . Term expires 1909, Kearney Hon. H. :.I. Childs .................. ..... . ........ Term expires 19 10, York Hon. B . L. Shellhorn ............................. . Term expires

191 2.

I cn1

Committees of B oard. Auditing ............... . .......................... Brian, Childs, Shellhorn Executive ...................................... ... Delzell, Gregg. Shellhorn Furniture ........................................... Ludden, Chil ds, Brian Printing.................................... . ... . ... Childs, Brian, l\IcB rien Teachers and Employees ............................ :\•I cBrien, Gregg, Delzell Text and Library Books, Course of Stud y and Rules . . Shellhorn, Ludden, G r egg

Calendar. 1901-1908. Registration, First Semester ............ "tvfonday and Tuesday, Sept. 23 and 24 Thanksgiving Vacation ........... : Thurs., F ri., Mon ., Nov. 28, 29 and Dec. 2 H oiiday Vacation begins ............. : . ............. Saturday, D ecember 21 H oliday Yacation closes ............. . .................. Saturday, January 4 :\Iilitary Play .. .... . . ..... . ....... ................. .. Thursday, J anuary 30 Registration, Second Semester . ........ Saturday and ·M onday, February 1 and 3 l'hilomathean Society Oprn Session ....................... Thursday, May 2 S Everett . ociety Open ession ........... . ............. . ..... J?riclay, ::-.ray :?9 Cadet Encampment. .......... Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 22 , and 24 23 Commencement Day ................. . ......... . ...... . .... Tuesday, June 2 Registration, Summer School. ............. Monday and Tuesday, June 8 and 9

]. W. CRl\BTREE, President. P resident Crabtree entered upon his duti es as P resident of the Nebraska State Norm al School at Peru in th e :fall of I 904. S in ce then this路 institution h a.; increased wonderfull y in growth, clue largely to his untirin g efforts to g ive th e students the ver .v best that can be offered ' bein :::,o路 n ever too buS)' to h elp the disCOl11路agecl stud ent. There is no other school man in the st~ te who has so m am路 ardent followers: he is generally known as '"The Greatest Diplomat in l\eb ra~ka .. ancl is ever ybody's friend.


~(.G R EGG

F. .


E. 1\IA.rssWHJ 1 ·E·_.~·~cK .

Mt ss


E. L. Ro u s E !'vfr ss H osM Eil. B. D u s c As so s



. i\li ss S TONE It Mns. Ctt AWFO!Ul

FACULTY. F. :O.I. GREGG. A. :Y.I. Science and classical courses from O hio :\or the rn U ni versity, rece1v1ng the degrees of.-\. B. .-\. :0. 1.. Chicago L'nirersity. Has taught Lati n and Greek lite raflirt: in the Tri- tate :\ onnal. Scottsbnro. .-\labama. English and history a t Uai rcl Fema le Seminary College at Clin ton. :Y.Jissomi . n:Jtmal and biological science at \ Vayne :\orm<d College. Associate professor of biology at the State ~ on nal at Peru. E. L. ROUSE. A. B .. B. E. Fairfield College. \\'estern :\orm:d Coll ege . I owa. Cotner Unirersity. T hree yeu rs country school teacher. I rincipal o f the Hebron and \\'eeping \\'ater schools. S uperintendent of P lattsmouth schools. i\lember of the K . E . .'\.. Ex-President of :\ebraska S uperintendents' a nd Principals' Association. :Y.Iember of the Schoolmasters· Club. C. F. BECK S uperi ntendent of Tekamah public schools. Superintendent of Burt Coun ty. Deputy S tate S uperintendent of Public In struction. department of mathemati c~, Keb raska S tate Korma l. Peru.

l\ELLIE :\llA Y SCHLEE . A. B .. B. E.

Grad ua te of Lincoln :\ormal Gnirersit,·. Lincoln . ::-.lebraska. L"nircrsit,· ol' ),'ebraska and Teachers' College, Columbia G ni ve rsity, New Yo rk City. Teacher in rura l schools, public schools o f Tecumseh. H asti ngs a nd Lincoln, ~ebraska. a nd .Junio r . tate :\orma ls. C ritic teacher in P ri mar y i\Ioclel School of ::\ebrask a State Normal. . ALICE :Y.I. L OO:Y.II S, B. S. G:·aduated by l\ ebrasb S tate Normal. r896. T<'.ught four years in g rammar a nd high school departments in 1\ ebraska, one year in L ead. South Dakota, <m el one in the shor t g rass country o f VVestern Ka nsas. Student two years in Ka nsas Agricultura l College. Teacher two years in Kansas Agricultural College. S tudent in Chicago U ni ve rsity. Associate professor domestic science and p•·eceptress, Oak Glen. 1906. L OU E . HO Sl\rER. S tudent in K indero-arten :Y.Ioclel and Training School for Teachers unde r Dr. \i\,i . N . H a ilman. Teacher with D r. Hailman at Lapor te, Indiana . Superviso r of K indergarten. A tica. India na. S upervi sor of Kinde rga rten and Training schools, D ubuque Jow a. K inderg-arten l\[odel and Critic teacher in ::.1 ebraska State Normal. ' LTLLT.-\:\- \\'o. S T OKER. D. E . Student at Campbell l\orma l U ni versity. Graduate of \\' estern 1\ormal College and of H ighland Pa rk :\ onna l College. S uperintendent of Cherry County. P receptrcss and professor of sociology, Nebraska S ta te K o n nal, Peru . E. r\. WI--HTENACK. A. D. Gradu at<:-cl by Rutgers College. 18qo. Teacher of fre nch ancl Ge rman in the Cathedral School. Illinois, 1890-1892. P rofessor of f rench and German in Hope College, l\I ichigCl. n, 1892-1 896. German grad uate, Kew E ng land Coll ege 0 f Languages, 1896. Prof.:>sso r o f Ger ma n in the :\ebraska S tate :\ormal School, Peru , 1897. . . . . T , H. D. D"l :-\ CA:\ SON, A. i\1., B. S., B. E. Grad uated br Xebraska S tate ?\onnal 1886. Graduated br U ni versitr o f Nebraska, B. S., -1890. R<:-ceivec\ th e deg ree A . l\ I. from the U~1iversity o(?\ebras ka 18~4· Post-graduate student in Univerc;it.v of Leipzig I899-1900. Pro· fessor of biOlogical sciences in ?\ebraska S tate No rmal 1892. E LIZABETH CRr'(WFORD . Graduate of \Vcstern :\ormal College. l o\\"a S tate !\'onna l. "L"niversity o f ~hlcag·o. Teac her in \'alcntine publi c schools. :\l ode! teacher in ?\cbraska .:>tate ~onna l , Peru.

W. N.


). M.


N. A .



Miss C L AR ~


Mi ss


Gos H EN

\\". N . DELZELL. G raduated by ;\ ebraska S ta te ;\ o rma l. 1894. tudent "CniYersity of :\ [ichig a n. Assistant edi to r o f ;\ cbraska T eacher. P rofessor o f depar tment of business p rin cples and commerce. instmctor in mathemat ics . .:\ ebraska State };onna l. 1905. .:\ . •A. . BE:\ GST O:\. 13. E .. A. n. G raduated b\· :\ l'bra ska tate :\ o nn al. 1902. Hig h school principal. St. P a ul. 1 1"102-1 90:). · Student Cornell "l."n i\·~r~ ity. 1904. G rad uated b\· "C ni n· rsit,· o f :\ebraska. 1907. Associate pro fessor physical sciences in X ebraska tat~: .:\ orm a l. r903 . :\l:\RY TY.:\ 0 :\ G rad uated by :\ cbra ska ~tate :\ onn al. 1898. years. Librarian :\ ebraska S tate :\ o rm a l. 1905.

Teacher in g raded \ \·ork three

A :\1\E :\J. GOS HE:\, .-\. B., B. S. G raduate of \\"l'S I Chesler P cnn s\·h·ania State :\o rm a l School and l.."ni Y rs i r~­ o f :\lichi g-::t n. P ost-g r::tcluate of Sta;1fo rd l'ni\·ersil_\·. Californ ia. P rofessor i'l d cpa rtmcnt of pedagogy in :\ ebraska State :\ o rma l, P eru. PEARL .. K E LLEY T eacher in public schools. Critic te:\cher in primary depa rt men t of m odel school, :\ ebraska State :\ o rm al. Peru. ESTH E R A . CL.-\ RK, A . :\I. G rad ua te 1-'ni ve rsity of Eng lish in N . ;mel li tera ture

of the :\ati onal ?\orm al t : ni\·ersitY. L ebanon . O hio. and of the :\ ebra ka . G ra duate stu de nt of ·Ya le "Cni ve rsity. Teacher of 1\. L· .. teacher of Latin in :\. :\. 1-·. P rofessor of L atin language in the .:\ebraska State :\ormal. Peru. DOR .-\ K REDS

Stud ent <!t W estern X~rmal Coll eg·e and G niYersity of Chicago. Teacher in _?\_elig h and A lbion publi c schools. Critic teacher in g ram ma r department of tramtng school, 1\ ebraska S tate .:\ o rma l, Pe ru.


:\I. H OW fE, .-\. :\I.

~lud ent an d ins tructo r in Penmanship and d rawing in Southern I owa :\orm al School, 1887-1889. S tudent and instru cto r in penma nsh ip and d r a\\"ing in Cotner ·c ni ve rsity, 1891- 1893· Principa l of commer cia l depa r tment of Cotner 1' ni\·crsity. 1 89~ -r89-1: S tu~lent and assistant in m athematics in l'ni Yersity o f Neb~·a.:;ka. 1894-1 895· G r aduate stu dent and assistant in m athematics at Cni-verslty of \Visconsin, 1895-1 897· In structor of ma thematics in Ea u Claire H ig h s_chool._ W iscons in, 1897-1898. P r ofessor of m ath em atics in 1\ ebraska S tate 1\ orm a t School, 1898.



A. l\I.. A . B.

G ra dua ted by Uni ve rsity of Nebraska, A. B .. 1896.

Fellow department

E~tropean history, C niversity o f ::\ ebraske.. 1896-1898. .-\cting p rinci1~ al Pender Htg h School and head of depa rtment Euro pean histo ry, Lincoln Hig h School. ~899 .. S uperin tendent vVa hoo public schools, 1899- 1905. Secretary Xebras ka S_t_t penn tet_1Clents' and P rin cipals' Association, r 9o r. P r esident of th ~ s~me . I90:). \ tce- Prestclent N . E . A .. 1904. President S tate Teachers' Assoc1at10n . 1905. Professor of E ng lish a nd lite rature, 1\ebras ka S tate Xo rmal. 1905.

L. D.



~llss L ALLY

~j~~~ 2~~!:: ~~~~s S H EE I.EI'

\V. L .


I I . llROWSH I .. L :\1 1ss \V oo o s :\1 ISS l\1 I~ AI{S

L. D. SCHERER G niYersity o f \\'a shing ton. winning foo t ball fame. U niversit.'· of Chicago. Played at g uard o n the fam ous Chicago foot ball team. ~ [ember o f the Spokan~' Athlet ic :\!'soriati on . winning firs t meda ls on s hot-put. di!=cus-tlJro \\·. hammerthrow , and first prize in hammer-throw at the Ca nadian m eet. Instructor in physical training at the 1\ ebraska State :\ o n11al. P eru. E L EAX O R L ALLY G raduate of Illinois Central 2\o rmal School. L ewis ton. Illinois. and U m,·ersity of 1\ ebra ka School o f ~J usic. Student a t ~I ou n t Saint ] oseph ·s College. Dubuque, I o wa . an d University o f 1\~b raska. T eacher in rural schools, gracleci school;; o f Beaver City . A rapahoe and Lincoln. 2\ebraska . and Junior Norm a ls. Critic teacher in model school in 1\ ebraska S tate :\ o nna l.

W. L. F RE!\CH, B. S ., B. E. G radua ted by 2\ebraska State 2\orm al. 1897· Grad uated by G ni versity o f 1\ ebraska, 1906. S tudent Ames Agricultura l College. I o wa. P rin cipa l of Hi g h Schools, T rento n. O rl eans, B lue Spr ings. Associate professor o f biolog ical sciences in N cbraska tate l'\ o rmal. 1903. G. H. A LLER, A . B. Doane College.

S tud ied pro fessio na l wo rk un der Fred Roote of Chic:tgo.

H. B. King o f Sout h Dakota. \V. F. Gates of Califo rnia, G rant Gleason of Chi~ago, G. B. Lamperti, Berlin, Gro ra ni Sbri glia . Paris. Private wo rk. ~Iusical mstru ctor of Franklin A cademy.

Peru 2\ormal. depa r tment of music.

H E RBERT nRO\V :\ELL. 13.

.. H. E .

S tudent Colgate Academy. G radu ated by Oswego S ta te To rm a!. 2\ew York. \est-g radu ate student Oswego tate Xorm al. G ra dua ted by Hami lto n Coll ege. LJ. S . T en yea rs teacher in :\ ew York and R hode I sland schools. P rofessor of Ph.,·sica i sciences in ]\ ebraska State :\ ormal, 1893. MAT TIE COOK ELLIS G rad uate of \l'l ino na State 1\ormal. i\finn esota. T eacher in Omaha public s~hoo ls and critic teacher in X ebra~ka S ta te X orm al. Instructo r in history in Nebraska S tate No rmal, P er u. A~IELTA L U CAS

G rad uate o f E merson CoJl erre. Doston: School of Ex pression . Bosto n, and

C~lu~1bia College of Exprcssi01~ Chicago . . Te.ach~r in D e K alb. Illinois, and Illm01s State Normal.



Professo r of expressiOn


:\ebraska S ta te )Jormal, Peru.

KATHE RJ XE L. WOODS . .-\. B. G raduate of Kebraska State C ni versitL Tc:tchcr of L a tin and E ng li sh in Plattsmouth Hig h School and principa l :.Lacliso n Hig h School. Associa te professor of L atin in Nebraska S ta te N o rm a l. P eru.


LOUISE \V . :.rEARS. B. E .. A. B. . . G radua te of Nebraska State Norma l. H a r va rd U ni versity, l." ni ve rsity oi U 11 c.ago, Un iversit\· o f Minnesota . T eacher in i\Linn esota S tate Normal. Made ~ pen al travels fo r ·o-eological pttr(JOses in A las ka a nd Europe. T rainin g teacher 111· N e I11·as ka S tate No "' rmal, Peru.

CI-lA?\ CELLOR E . BEKJ A::.IIK AI\ DREWS v\"ho deli ve r s B accalau r eate Sermon


HON . J. F R AN K HANLY Governor of Indiana. \\'hO dcliYcrecl Commencement Address



The Seniors. H ere's to the Seniors of nineteen eight! Seniors ! The class which h as labored nor waited for fate, T he class of all classes, by deeds made g reat, Seniors ! The days have gone swiftly for one and for all, Seniors ! Since first we entered our dear College hall And felt ourselves h eld in her mystical thrall, Sen iors ! O ur schcol work is ended, and forth we must go, Seniors ! To meet with Ji.fe's trials, and this we know, The Seniors are ready to cope with each foe, Seniors ! Though our trials be man y, and h ard, and long, Seniors ! Still in our hearts we will carry a路 song, And spend our lives gladly, in h elping ri gh t wrong, Seniors ! SARA E. Du NN .




The class of 'o8 had its hu mble beginning way down in the g rades o f the l'Vl ode l School. There are a few who we re in the class at that time who will g raduate this yea r. O thers have dropped out, either for a year or two or have left school permanently. T he regular Normal work was, howeYer, begun in the F irst Year class, and the class was marked from the fi rst for its enthusiasm and good work. The class adviser that year was P ro f. C. F. Beck. T he class colors chosen this year were old rose and olive g reen, and have been kept throug hout the ent ire course. The Second Yea r cla ss was organized the next fall with Prof. J. M . Howie as class adviser and l\ [a ry A . H oadley as class president. The class showed its ori g inality and enterprise on its ' ·coming in'' day, wh en it ma rched on the rostru m of the Old Chapel, each member wearin g a paper cap of the class colors, bowing and tippin g caps to the Fac ulty and the State Board of Education , which wa,; present, then replacing th eir caps. they about-faced toward the studen ts a nd gave the yell tha t has been heard so many times since : Get out of the county, Get ou t o f the state, For we are the class O f nineteen-eig ht. T he school year ended with a victory for the class on F ield Day . The T h ird Year class, or Sophomore class, as it is now called, organi zed the next _yea r with M r. Best as president. The good work and interest of thc:previous yea r was carried on. The class organization was strong, and the class work was stronger. Th e class was represented in th e school debates and in all org anizations. This year again closed with a victory for 'o8 on Field Day. The J unior Y car was one of u nprecedented su ccesses. T h e class showed more than ever the ori rrinalit,· \\·hich has cha racterized it thruout its entire career. "' . The president, C. 0 . Oline, was ably seconded by his strong cabinet and ea rnest workers. The class work was the best ever done as a class in the No rmal, and individual members did splendid work in all lines of school activities. The c.lass broke away from the old custom of ser ving the Seniors a banquet and gave· then1 a play in stead. O n Field Day the 'o8s aga in carri ed off the banner, thus crowning a successful yea r with at~oth e r victory. As a Senior cla ss, is there a ny need to enumerate the class' success a ntl superiority ? Earnest in school work, ori g inal in class work, and unconquerable in ever ythi ng, the class of 'o8 will end its last year at P eru as the best an.d nobles~ class ever sent fo rth from the N ormal's class rooms to train the children or Nebraska 's many schools. J. G. Hr-:sSELTINE. ru.' t!llly·Oil ~

CHESTER 0. OLINE, Lynch. President Cia% of ·oil, Juni or and Senior vears. P h il0mathean corresponding- Se,retary, 'OG, 'o7. \ fice-Pres idrnt, '08, Y. :.\•L C. A. Treasurer. '07, Secretary, '0, , Cicero nian. Mili tary Co. Captain, Co. A. Norma litc PuiJiicati on Board. Pres ident Normalite, Staff Military Editor. Athletic Association, Preceptor Freshman cl:tss. Rcllrvue College. Normal th ree years. Th <:!sis Topic-"Educalioll a11d Jhe Dig11ily o f Labor." ,;\\'ere I so tall to r each the pol e. Or· gr·a s p the ocean with my span. I must be m easu r ed b y my sou lThe m ind' s the standard o r th e man. " -\Valls.

GEORGE P. McGREW, A uburn. Vice-Presirlent Class oi '08, Y. 1 1. C. A., Philomatheat ~, Ciceronian, Penl\·ian Staff A rt Editor, Athletic A ssociatiun. Norrnalite. Ex-Business :.\Ta nager. Camera Cl ub. Laborato rv Assistant. Auburn T-l igh School. Normal two years . U n :· Yersity of Nebraska. Thesis Topic-" The Pri11cipal as a Supervisor." "Some a r e born gr·.::al: some achie ve greatness. And some have g r ea tness t hrust upo n 'em:• -Sha l<espear e .

C.-\RRI~E PORTER, Wilber.

Bas~ecretary <:;Ia~s o f '08, Y. 'vV. C. A., Pi1 ilomathcan, S enior

1 cam, Athlcttc A ssociation, G lee Club . 'vVilber H .tg11etScBhall 00. 1

Thesis T opic-"Thc Statistical Method of Child St lldy." "Infinite ri ches in a little room . ., -1\'[ a rlo\ve.

Twenty· two

l l

HCR REL L ]. R:\ 1:\ ES, Peru. T reasurer Clas<; o f ·o , Sopllflmore. J unior and Senior year~ . Y. :\1. C. ~\ .. E\·erett , Hand. O rchestra, Owl Quartet, Athletic Associati on. Thesis T c pic - "'!?.lcmclltan Educati011 i11 tlzr E11glislz Co f,,zi,·s of A mcrica."



n1erricr rn a n

""ithin t ile lim it of becoming mirth 1 n c,·e 1· srr-rn an htnn··~ t ~llli: ,,-ilhnl." -Sha l<espea r e.

ED\V ARD R. GROSS. Burr. Sergea nt -at-A rms o f Class of ·ns. Y. :\L C. A. , EYerett (;erma n Club. President. '07, Athletic As:;uciation :\lilit:>.r); ' Company. Syracuse High School. Thesis T o pic- " .l lat lzcmatics i11 tlzc l-liglz Srlzool.'" "T I;ou a rl a ft:tlow o f a good r espect : Thy life hath had s ome snatch of honor in il. ·· -Shakespear e.

]. H AROLD WlLLI:\:'IlS, :\in sworth . Y eJI Leader Class of 'OS. Y. }.f. C. A., Philomathea n, Ciceron ian , Band German Club. Treasurer, 'Oi , Athletic Association, Owl Qt;artet, Normali te, Associate Editor, P e ruvian , Staff, Class Editor. Normal, two yea rs. Thes is Top ir-"Uuivasitics of the Middle Ages: · "The life o f h u m o r and the soul oC wit. "

'1 wc.·nty·tln"'ce


T . AKERS, So\\"ers, Va. ·o , Ciceron ia n, Pres ident. "07, Crit ic, ·os, Phil omathea n, President, 'OS, A thletic Associat io n, No rmal ite, Editor- in - Chi ef. Normal, fo ur yea rs.



~I. C. A., President,

Thes is T opic- " Educaliou aud Civ ic Prog ress." ' ·Ho w much lies In laughte r·: the c iph e r l'e y '\"herewith w e d e cipher th e whole man." -Car·l y l e.

-"iANNIE AMMON , Wilcox. Y. W. C. A., E verett, Athenian, Athletic Associati on. Bartley High School. T hesis T opic-"Vacaliou Schools." '"B l essed Influ enc e of one t ru e human sou l." -G eor ge Eliot.

~fARY A NDERSON, S eward. Ph!lomathcan,_ Alpha Delta, S igma K a ppa Tenn is Clu b, Ath lcuc Assocrallon. Scwa rei 1-1 ig h School. Thesis To pic-"I-fighcr Ed11caliou of liVom cu." ·:Th ey that l o ve mir·th. l et t hem h ea rtily drink· Tis t he 1·ece ip t to 1nal<:e so rTO\\" sin Jc" ' -Ben Jonso n .


J"wm ly /n Nr

BL ANCHE B.-\ l LOR, F airmont. . Y. W. C. A.. Philomathea n. Ath enia n. Secreta ry. 'OS. Fa irmont Hig h Sc hoo l. 'an n al. l \\' 0 ye<t rs. Thesis T op ic-''Titc Puturc oi the Ruro/ School Teac her." "Th e mildes t man ner s and t h<:> gentlest hear t.· ·

:- l ABEL A. B.AlLOR. fairm ont. Y. \V. C. A., Philomathean, Athenia n. Geneva Junior \'a nnal. Gene\·a l-1igh School. Thesis T o pic-''/l 'uiiiO II·s Pfarr ill th e Pro{cssiOIIS .., "Kind hearts ar e more than coron ets. 1\ nd simple faith tha n Kor man blood.'' - T ennyson.

ED NA BEACH, S hickley. Y. W . C. A ., P hi lomathean. Athletic Association. ma l, three years.

No r

T hes is T opic- "Arl as all Educatio11al Fac tor." "0, l ad y . nobi l ity i s thin e : and t hy f o rm in th e reflection -Eu ripi d es. o f t hy nature. ..

7"tut!lt l)'·live

CH A RLES C. B ER K E Y, D a venpo r t. Y. i\I. C. A., P hil o ma th can, R eli g io us E dit o r, No rma lite S ta ff, Y. i\J. C. A . R epo rte r. Un i\·crsity o f Nebras ka-No r mal Deba te. Davenpo rt Hig h S chool. U ni\·ers ity of N ebras ka, two yea rs. T h esis To pic-"His tory i11 th e H igh Schoo l." " B u t wh e n h i s c h e s t i t s deep t on ed \"Oi ce s ent forth W i t h wor ds t h at f e11 lil<e n u k es o f wintr y s n o w , K o morta l b ein g w i th him could compa r e." -Ho m e1·.

ETH E L BERRY, T ekama h. Y . \ V. C. A., V ice-P resident, '08, Philomat h ean, T r ust ee, Normalite S taff, Religiou s E dito r. No rma l, three years. T hesis T opic - " T he Val11e o f Trai ll illg the Sp eaki11g f7 oice." '·THE ELD EUBERRY ." ·· she i s so free. so kind . so a pt, s o blessed a disposi t i on, She hol ds i t a v i ce in h e r goodness n ot t o do m o r e tha n she is requested .· ·

GRACE A . BE R RY , T ek ama h. Y. \ V . C. A., Ph ilomathcan Secretary '07 Ph ilo math ca n Ladies· Q u artet, Sym phony C lt;b, Glee C!~b. ' T h esis T opic-" P ublic Sch onl A rt .., "THB DE\YBhnr:.Y ." · " . . . . who . as she su n g-, w ould ta k e tlce Pn so n ed s ou l A n d wra p it i n E l ysium. " - Milton.

TUI{'II(I' .rh

ADA r>.L BEYl\0::\. \\"ymorc. Y. W . C. A .. Philomathean. At hlet ic Association. more High School. Normal, one year. Th esis T opic-"Jolur Milton os on Edurotor. ''


"Thoug-ht on ce a wa l>encd does n ot again slum be•··" -Ca rly le.

FR.-\NK ALLA N BOOSE, Falls City. Y. ::\L C. A .. P hilomathean, Pe nn·ian S taff. Gl ee Cluh. Falls City H igh School. U niversity o f l\ ebraska, one year. :\ onnal, one yea r. Thesis T opic-''Tcrlmical Tmi11in g in H igh S chools.'' ""'it h :::-•·ace ful s teps he wa lk s tl:e s t reet .-\no s miles at a ll th e m aidens sweet.' '

GRACE BOGARDuS, Nel igh. E\'er ett, V ice-PresiJent, Y. \V. C. A., :\thenian, Perm·ian Staff, Athletic Association. ' Thesis Topic-" T cmpcraments and f/ o'i.<' to J-l audic Thc111 ... "vVherc ' e r s h e g-oes. whe •·e' e r s he t urns h e•· s tep Grace is her ti1·e-woman a nd her fo llower.' '

LUCY BOW E N, L inco ln . Y. W. C. .'\ ., A t hleti c A ssociatio n. T hesis T opic-" I!.du catio u o f !II c utal Defec tives." " G ood. t h e m o r e COII Jmun ical e d . Llle mor e abund a nt g T O \\' S . " -:Millo n.

E . R. HU RKEY, Giltner. Y. :VI. C. A., P hi loma thean, Cicero nia n, Labo ra to ry A::~ i s ta n t, Normalitc Staff, Business Manager. vVeslevan U niversity. Yo rk College. )Jorma l, two yea rs. Nebraska U nive rsity- Normal Debate. T h c~ i s T opic-'' Schoo l D iscipli11e." "I am a man: 'vhat con cerns m a n must con cern m e. " - T e 1路e n ce.

V IRGINIA LEE B Y ERLY, 1-rankl in . Everett, Assistant in E ng li sh Depa rtment. T hesis Topic-'' Til e E du ca tia u of the I udian." ":Ko n e k ne w t h ee b ut to lo ,路e t hee ; :Ko n e na m ed t hee bu t Lo p r a ise.'' - I-Tri!i eclc

DAVID L. CA RLSON, Shickley. Y. :\1. C. A., P hilomath ean, Base Ball Captain, ·o , Ath · lel ic Asso!:iation. Athletic Board, Vice-Presidcm . Penn·ian Staff. Business :\Janager. Normal, 1i1rec years. T hesis Topic- "J/ora/ S t.Itus of the Col/,·gc Boy." "P i c a sa ntr~·

will ofte n cu t c lea n t hrough Jla rd l<no ts that ,;r a\'i l y wo uld sca r ce u n d o." -Horace.

Th e~ i s

EFFIE 0. CARLS ON. Valentine. T o pic-;'Thc Aesthetic Side of Educotiou.''

"Laugh, a nd the world laughs with

~· ou . "

- \\'i lcox.

GEORGE L. CARLSON. Ong. Y. :\f. C. A., Ath letic Association, Camera Club. Thesis Topic- "A mcricalli:;illg Our Forcig11 Elcmcllf.'' "Tl must follow as ni ~ht the da y, Thou ca n st not b e false to a n~· ma n.' ' -S h a k esp ea r e.

H E L EJ\ F. COKE, Ash land.

Y. \V. C. A .. Philomat hcan. t\titlctic Assoc iat io n, A lpha De lta. Ashland H igh Schcol, '(I:). Thes is Topic-"Thc Fuuclic>11 of lhr Slory in Pri111ary f:ducalion." "'Ti s sai'l she hath a gcnct路ou,; soul: 'lis wel l. "

WARREN S. COOK, Steele City. Y. :\[. C. A., Philomathean. Ciceronian. Glee Club, Bancl. l\lilitary Company, Seccnd Sergcam. Thesis T o pic-"Thc Elhica/ f'alu c of Lilrralurr." ":\Ian may n ot despa il路 Of ought l路e undertakes if well he labors . .\II thln.<;s with toll and care may be accomplished."

E. VERA CRAVEN, Sargent. Y. :\L. C. A., E,路erett, Glee Cl ub, Ath eni an. Thesis Topic-"Thc l-J o111c as au .-ld,i!tllc/ to th e School." "Of all our p c ssesslons wiscom alone is Immortal."




FANNIE B. CROSS. De Witt. Y. \V. C. A .. Athletic Association. Fairbury High School. L'ni\"ersity o f Nebraska, t\\"0 years. Thesi s Topic-"'.1/r/h ods o f T rnrhi11g Litcralurc i11 the Grad es." "Gifted with a prudem min<l That Is more po w c t·ful t han the s tro n gest at·m."

ELIZABETH CL'RRIE, rri eml. Y. \V. C. :\ .. .·\thlctic :\ sscciati on. Bdlcntc College. t\\"O years. Thc ~ i s Topic-"/·/<'icll 1\c/it'r. "

Friend lli gh Sch ool.

"Ea•·th' s no blest thing-a woman per fec te d."' - l.o w e ll.

S:\RA E . DL':\:-J, Syractt::c. Phil? mathean. .-\ ss istant in En gli sh Departm ent. S yr;:cusc 1-ltgh School. l:ni\"(~r:: ity of :\chra ska. tii"O y~ars. "The tra \'!•lle d mind is t he lilJe t·a l m intl, e <l ucat e <l from e xclusi,·e nes;; and egotism."' - Akott.


GERTRUDE EAS T ON, Tecumse h. Y. vV. C. A., Philomathcan. Greenfi eld (Io \\'a) J-l ig h School. Normal, t\\'O years. T hesis Topic-"TIIe True F w zctiou of Literat ure." "All Is conccnl..alE'd in a l i~e inte nse. " ' he t·e not a be~ m. n o t· au·, nc r lear Is lost, But hath a pal'l of being." -Byron.

AUGUST 0. EGGENBERGER, Strang. Y. YL C. A., Everett, Ciceronian, Trea surer, ·o , Athletic A ssociation, Treasurer, '07, Basket Ball T ea m, '07, '0 , Base Ball Team, ·o7, ·os. Thesis T opic-"Moral Trai11iug iu E lcmclllary Scllools.'' "Yea. Yerlly. a man of good r e pute and Jocks of j et like nighl."

ELLEN ERICSON, Wahoo. Y. \V. C. A., Athletic Association. ·wahoo High School. Thesis T opic-"Li{c aud lVork of Pestalo:;:;i." "Smooth r uns the water whet·e the brook Is d eep ."



• E.\ II LY .\ IA RY ER ICKSO::\. ll olbrook. E,·erett. \'. \\'. C. A. Ara pahoe H igh School. Kebraska St:1tc Nc rm al. 111'0 year~. Th esis T c:pic-"Traiuiug or Q~ta!ifiratious of High Srltuol Trar/;crs." "Silo h a th a natu r a l wise u·uthful ne!;s.•·

l' IIH'C I'it~·.

a f1·anl • and sim p !c

REBA F. EVERSC L E. Elk Creek. Ph il omat hean. Ath letic A~ ~ :- c i a t i ;: !~. f':1lls City High School. Normal, t\\'o yea rs. Th c~ i s T opic-·'Citi/d Labe r end Comf>Jtlsary Edu~·a:io u.'' "She s peal< s. beha,·cs. a::d a c ts Just lll•e sh e ou:;la . " -Pope.

H ATT JE F IGHT, Plattsmouth. Catholic Association Secreta ry. Athlet ic Associat ion. Thes is T opic-"Thc Mcdiac<!al .llollaslrry a11d lis curc 01~ Ilducatio11.'' "'l'hy m crlesty is a

ca ndle



thy m erit."

Til irl, ,._,II rt·c

• I I

NELLE FOLSO~I, Ashland. Athletic Assoc iation, A ssistant in j o urnali,mL Thesi s Topic-"Colllributio 11s of lire Crusades lo !!dural ion."


"A s m en y as t he clay is lo ng.""


BESS FOSTER, Ste rling. Y. \V. C. A .. Philomat!1ean, A th enian Critic, Normalitc StaA Exc:1ange Editol". l\o nnal, two years. Th e~ i s Tcpic- '"Thc r·alua of Latiu to the High School Studcu:.·· "The \"Cry room coz she was in £een~ed

warm from Ooo1· to cellln" ... -Lowell.

LYLA V. FRENCH, Aubm:1. A th letic .'\ ssociation, Philo mat!1can, Concspo:1ding Sec r e-


Thesis Topic-" Lallgrwg.·

Sch ool...



"My lady hath a sm ile r r A kindly wont for each.""

l!t/r(l" !imr

the all



:\ IYRTLE GE L\VICK, B rainard. Y. W. C. A .. Pi1i lo ma thca n. T h e~ is Top ic-'· Tile Eduratioua/ luflururc of tile form al iuu." •


.. Loot< wi t hin. ror with i n Is t h e w ell-spr ing of ,·i r l ue. whi ch will net cea se ( l owi ng-, if ~·ou cea se n ot frorn digging. " -::\[at·cu s Aurelius.


] O l-IN E. GIH~EY. Elbo rn. E ,·crett. No rma l Catho lic ,\ s ,: oci~ ti c ; ~. F r, mont C o ll ege. Normal, one year. Thes is T opic-'·Colll lllcrcialism a!u! I:.d:tcaliou ... '\\-ell b~· h i s ,·i sn1;e ~·ou m i g l : t J;now H e was n stnh ntrl kn i:;l:l and l<een."

A LICE :.1. G IPSON. Aub urn .

Philomat hcan, Athleti c Associat ion, Senior Base Ball anrl Basket Ball T eams. Thesis T opic-'' l.itcrclurc f•Jr 1he Pr.iJIIary Grades.·· "T ca me. I saw, I conquered ...

IVA GLASGOW, Pcrll. Y. \V. C. A., Philomathcan. Normal, li\'C years. Thcsi ~ T opic-" Qualificalio ns of a T eacher.'' " \ Vith countenance demu r e and modest grace."

:\lAY GLASGOW, Peru.

Y. \V. C. A., Phil on,athean, Athletic A ssociation, Senior Basket Ball Team. Ncrn~a l, five years. Thesis T c pic-"/-/igh School Facililics in Rural Com muuilics." " . . . . whose name refines coarse lin es and makes prose song.' '

SA D 1 E ODESSA GREEN, S\\'anton. \Vcslcyan Uni-

Y. \V. C. A., Philo mathcan, Athenian. vcrsny. Normal, t\\'o years.

Thesis T o pic-"Thc iuflucucc of Religio us Creeds Upon Educat io n." .. Y ou are \YC ll fa voured a nd y c u t路 loolts forte ll You have a gent l e heart." -Shal<espeare.

:\:K:\:\ ]. GUNN, L c=--ington.

Y. \ V. C. A., Phil omath can. The~ is

T opic-.. Thr Rc/aliou oi Dice lies to /It<· J-larmo ni-

ll lls IJr<telaf•tll(ll/ of .1/au ... ... TI!l' bett e t· known. t h e g-rcatet· Is h e r work :lfltWc.·ia t ed ...

TE)J.-\ :'11. G U NN, Lexi::t_tot:. Y. \ \'. C. .-\ .. P!til oma th c:~ n. Engl i ~ ll t\ssift:tat. P r : c r, r: rcsh m:1n Cl:::ss. Th csi,; T opic-.. Litaalurc twd Life.·· "Xo!Jiy plan-e I

To warn. to ·comfc n, to LO:r.r.ta (: ··

LEt\:\ IIALLETT. Peru.

C. A .. Fhi lo math~an, C u'~1J.-- 'NY·orm a l, fiye years. l

r\tlt lctic .-\ sscciat io n. Gh.::

The sis T c pic---Educatiau in !ftc Philippiucs ... "T !· e sot 1 cf mirth i s a s!~- mi!'t·hi e f."

:l/liriJ··~·•l· ;•cJI

RUTH HARTER 1-! Al'viiLTO::\, Dako ta Ci ty.

Y. \V. C. A . E,·crett, Alp ha D elta. A thl ctk Associa ti 0 . t. S ioux City High School.

No rma l, two y ears.

The is T opic-"Thc Rclatiol! cf th e Kindl"rKorl cn to Ill.· Primary Scltool." "Tf o n e could h ave tl' al l illi e l: e~td o f h e r s Painted on a back;;t·c und o f pal e ;::-ol!l

Such :'Is the '.ruscnn':; ca:·!y

a tL

p: cf crs!"

J O H:-.1 i\. 11:\::\::\A, Auburn.

E~litcr-ir -Chief Penl\'ian. Y. ~~~- C. A.. Pian is t. F !tilomalhean, Cicercn ian P resi:lem . 'hH. At hleti c Association. Camer.t Clt-b, :\c:mditc ~taff L iterary Editor. As~i Ha:ll in Lit\ ral t:re Ccrar tmco:t, ~rraha Bee an~l Linco ln Star Corrc~oc n:.lenl. :\lis>omi- d :ra, ka Debate. A ubu r n H ig!: Sch ocl. ::\e r ma!. c t~c ) c<:r.

"I ;tcsi~ T c:.P,ic-'' T/:,• Ideal School Orgaui=atiou {or a .\"r . l rc. /:a T cz.-u. "Il i s tetter t o wear ota t h an r ust out."

PE.-\RL HANNA, Fall s City. Y. \\". C. A .. Philomathean, Athletic Associatic n. Th(sb Topic- " The I I' or/,· of Hull H o usc ...

.. ~~e has bull.~ lhe l at!de t· i:'y wt: t c h s he climbs F t o m th e l o\, Jy e :nth to t l. e vaul t <d s l<le ... 3

1/tir( 1'-l'l,! ,r/ll

STE LL:\ :\1. H A R R ISS. Fai rhmy. Y. \V. C. :\ .. P hil om:Hhean. A thenia n. Senior lb se na il :ll! d Bas ket l ~a ll T eams. Fairuury High School. Thesis T c pic- " Edu ratioua / Problems in Cuba." "Co·:~ mon

sense a l ways commands

re~pe c c."

JNEZ H :\\\'K lN S, Fairfield. Latin Club.

J •

S.-\RAJ-1 :\ 1. HERR I NGTON. Wakefield.

Y. W. C. .-\ .. A lph a Delta. P hi lomathcan, :\t h let i..: .\sso .:iat ion. Captai n Sen io r Base Bal l T eam. S igma Kappa T en ni .; Cluh. vVak cfi cl cl 1-1 ig!1 Sch oo l. W ood stock t Connecticut l Academy . . Thes is T op:c-" :::c-cduraticl:c:l Problem i:1 the .11od.-rn 1/if.!.h Srhoo/." ''\\'h e n !"OF<> 0,

Olll' JlE'\\'


old r!easures d ie.


c • ill


i s nihh:

- nowe.

Thirl,l'- 11 / llt'

] . GRANT H ESSELT I 'E, P~;·tl. Philoma thean, Camera Cl u b' B·md • · ·•\ S'• ISta:ll Bio logical Laboratory. " 1 SciThe is Topic-"Titc f!.ducaliolla / J'aluc of ·' a 1ttra hoo!c."


''The field ' s his

stud y, Nalure Is hi s -B i oc m i ng-lon.


:\IARGARET G. H I CKEY, O'KEill. 1\. ormal Cat1101·1c Association,· Philo mathcan, A thenian. . .. Th ~l

Tc pic-"Cc -cducatio n_ ill Collc.gcs Olld


there':; a


t 11er e s n


u..'"1'Crst /t cs.


• LEO~ R. HIL L , Gcne,·a . Y. \I. C. Secretary, 'o;, Busi ness gn, Athletic l:ni,·crsi ty o f

A., Philomathcan Trca sm cr, 'os. C ice ro nian Kansas- Neb raska Deba tes, Ncrmafite A s; istam P eruvian S taff Assistant :\lanaAssociatio n Cabinet. O hiowa Hig h School. • Nebraska , two YEa rs.



The>L Tcpic- ''Thc I 'alur of a Busiacss Ed11calioa.'' " On t heir o wn mer its modest men


n~e qu ,...~ . ..

EO\V :\Ril P. HODAPP, Humboldt. .-\., Phil omathca n Treasurer, ·os. Band, Or· Club. Camera Club. Pcnl\·ian Staff Literary Edi tor. 1-lt:mbolc!t H igh Sc!10ol. N orma l. one year. Th esis T c, pic-" Colourl Park.:r's /uflu cucc 0 11 Educalioil ...

~1. C. chcstra, G J ~;,c


" r\n

an·abiC ar.<.l

COU I"teous ;;entl cn1an."

-Sh al<espca 1·e.

GR:\ CE .-\. H U FF, Dcrc!tl.'stcr. Y. \V. C. A., Ph ilomath can. Dorchester J-1 igh Sc:!col. Thesis T opic-"Tcachiug of Grades."

R cadiug


tf, c P riill ar\'

"£t: l c r t o prosper tllan pr;:>sperit y could !:ave assured us ."


CARRIE HUSTON , P eru. Y. W. C. A., Phil omathean, Athleti c Assoc iat ion. Rocky F ord ( Colorado) High School. Normal, ip ur years. Th esis Topic-"illlagiua tion in Prilllai'J' f.d uca tiou." "Site is a soft la ndscape of mild cartli \ Vher e a ll is harmon y and calm n n(l qu ie t." -Byr on.

l ·"or.'y- o nr

LET.r\ \'. l-1 UTCI-1 I SON, Sheridan. \\"yo. Y . \ V. C. A .. P hi lom ath ean. A lpha Delta Athl et ic :\ sso ciation. Sigma Kappa, T enn is C lub.

T ;H:'iis To pi c-··r:arly Christia11 S ch oo ls. " "She Is preuy t o wa ll> with. An<.! winy t o talk with. A nd pleasa nt. Leo. to Ll~ i:1k

o n:·

0. \V. J A:VlE S. llumboldt. Y. ~I. C. A. T reasurer, E ,·erelt Treasurer, Athl etic A ssociat ion P resiJent, ·o , V ice- P resident. '06 ; Athlet ic Boa rd, F oot Ball T eam. Capt ain Senio r Basket Ba iJ Team. l-1 umbold t H igh Scheel. .t\ormal, t wo yea rs. T .tc>:s T opic- ·'Educalio l:al Ideals of rlthc,,s and S parta." "Su c h n~ wanl s As v ie l o r5 wear a t the Ol y mpian games. "

A1\A BE L J OSEPH , Wahoo. ?\ e rma! C;_tlho lic Association, A ss istant 111 Eng lish Department, Semor Ba skl•t B aiJ Team. T he; i -; T cpic-"" T /rc Socratic Me thod.''


Forly-1;, ·o

" t-Ic •· hall· Is no m o r e s unny ll· an J· e •· he a rt."

:-IARTHA L. KANNOW, :-JcCook. Y. \V. C. A .. E,·c rct t, Athletic Associat ion. D oanl! Col·· legL. T~ cs i s T opic- .. Thr Fi11c A rls as Factors i11 .11 ural Edu''For l ea rn l n;.: i s t h e f ou nt ai n p111·e Out ft·om whi c h a ll g l o t-y spri n gs.''

:-l A.TTIE KER:.lON.

Da\\' :'C:l.

Y. \V . C. .'\., At hlet ic A ssociation. Ti1csis T o pic-" Formalism




Ed ucalio:r ...

lt[ y n-: inll. asr i !'C to J· ig·h cl· thiJ,~s : ~: < w t i :. h in u· ~t ''" :~ L I. r. e \'CI' ta l(C llt I'U Sl. ..

ANNA ~!ARION KETRI DGE, :fairmo nt. Associ;Jtc Editor Pc rll\·ia n. Y. \V. C. t\ .. P !1i lomauea:1. Orchrst ra, Al pha D elta, Cam era C lub, Symphony C lu b. Fairmo nt Hig h Schoo l. U ni ve rsit y, two year s. Thc~i s Grades.''

Topi c - ''The

Id eal

C ur riculum

(v r


"Th ou g h all be goc~ s . sh e to\\'ers ov er a li."- V it·v,il.

Forty-//1 ru


:MARTHA KING, Verdon. Philomathean Corresponding Secretary, '07, P hilo Ladies· Qua rt et, Symphony Cl ub, Glee Club, Class Secretary, 'o:; . Perll\·ian Staff, Music a nd A rt Edit or. Th e~ is T opic-" Tirc I nfluence of Music." "Fame does n ot always C IT. Se m e times she c he eses well.··

MAY LI NGER, Peru. Y . \V. C. A., E\'erett, Glee Club.

Thesis T opic-"Hacdity as a Factor izz Edncation." "ln tr.y fa ce I se e the map of honor. truth. and loyalty.' '

ANNA LEEPER, Auburn. Y. VI/. C. A., Philomathcan, German Cl ub.

T hesis T opic-"Consolidatio11 of R:11 ral Schoo ls." ·· 'Tw_as just a womanl y presE.>nce, An Jnftuence unexpressed ...



i\ IABEL LONNEKER. ~!adi so n. Nebraska State Normal, two years. Thesis Topic-"Librorics for Ritrol Schools." '"Noble by birth, yet noble by great deeds."'

OTTIS G. LORA. 'CE. Aubt;rn. Auburn Philomathcan, Athletic Asscciation. School, 'OG. Thes is T opic-"Thc Awokc11i11g of Chi11a .''


"Her [•·owns are fai re •· [ar Than the s miles of other maid e ns are.'' - Coleridge .

..__ _____J STELLA N. LULL, Shickley. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association. Thesis Topic-"Jlfollua/ Trai11i11g i11 Public Schools." "This woman would con strain a nint to loYe her."

F o r/y-fi7"t:



:.\IYRTLE :.\lcCRA Y, Osceola .

Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association. Oscecla H i6ii Schoo l. Thesis T ')pic-"Troi11i11g [01· Citi::nrslzip.··


"Fa m e's wide Oeld To talent open lies, and ra,·c.r· s ure 'Vaits upon m erit. ..

JULlA :.\lci::\ I NC ir, Auburn. Philomathcan. Au bum Hig h School. Thesis Topic-"Thc Soc:'.zl Settlcm cll / .1/o<.•cmcll/ Large Cities.''



"TI' e r oFe sh£ds its fr·a;,ra:1cc unlcnowlngly, and asks for· no r etur·n."

ESP£ B. :.\lcLEAI\, Fairbury. Y. \V. C. A., Ath..,nian, Phi loma thcan. Fairbury llig'n School. Thesis T opi<..-" Vacatio11 Sclrnols." "t'r·inciple Is c\·er· my moilo: not expediency."



1-1 I LD:\

~ II

LLER.Tobia s. Y. \ V. C. A .. Phi lc m:tt hea n. Latin Cl ub. Ath enia n P re:;idem . 'o7, Pc nn·ian Staff Class E J ito r. Assi sta nt Science D,·panm cnt. T.he ~ i s T c pic-" Cnut ributious o; Ch<mistry to .l/odtru c;,·:li::atiou." "Sh e l<n O\\'S t l·c gt·cat- un cl es of :Hoses. Tl C' da t es o f the "'ar·s o f the Roses. T h e •·e:tsons fo t· t h ing"s. \Vhy Tn j uns wore rings l n l he ir big abcr i;;inal noses.''


~l o rse


P hil omathean, Cicero nian \ ic e -P re~ id-:nt. 'OR. Athletic Associat io n, T rack T ea m. Normal. t hree years. T hesis T opic- "Thc Proper Literature l or the Gradc·s. " ··xo brain les,; t r unk is




i\lOLLlE :.l OO R E, Bro\1'11\·illc. Y. W. C. A. T hesis T c pic-''Educaliou of the Draf aud D uiii/J.'' "Little b~· lillie a ll t asl's are d o neSo are the c m\\'ns of the fai thful won."

~IATT l E ~ l U~lFORD, Ohio wa.

Y. W. C. A. Thesis T opic-"Thc Rc/atio11 of Im itatio11 to .1/CHta( Uc<·clopmclll." "The frull of l abor is success."

GRACE OSTENBERG, 1fead. Catho lic Association, Phi lomatl1ean. Universi ty o f Nebraska, three years. Normal, one yea r. Thesis T opic-"DegeuL'ration." c ru el est it ls or all To l:l\·c, and Io,·e in \'Uln ... - Anac r·e on.

" H~.; t

Y. \V. C. A.


"A lig h t that is set o n a h ill cannot be hid."

Forty- , ·~~



:\I A BEL P ECK , Bcan:r Crossi:1t;:. Y. \V. C. A .. E\·erctt.

The>is T opic-"Thc Jesuits aud Their !uflucuc,· o :1 catiou."

r:. ~: :l ·

·•r-,·iePtl s. if \\'e l·e h onest \\'ith our~eh·es . \\'e sha ll be h onest w i th ea ch other ."

.-\;\N:\ C. PEDERSON, Omc:ha. Y. \•V. C. .-\.. P hi loma thea n, At h en ian. School. No rma I, t \1'0 yc:ns.

Oma:1a High

Thesis Top ic-"Dc<'l'iof>lllcut of the E111 otious.'' " .' $ p .. re as a pearl A1:d as r c1·fe N : a n r l.l e and in n o :en t ;? irl. " - ).!e r e :lilh.

AL BERT PETERSON, S tromsburg. Y. ~ I. C. A .. E,·crctt, Cicc.-onian . Th e~ is T opic-"Rclatiou of J7.w:·irnuii:CI:/ to Edacaliou... "l\'o ne bt·t h i m self can l; e h i s para lle l. "

1 orty-n,.nc


H I L:\ IA .P ETERSO. r, O rleans. Y. \V. C. A., f\t hktic Association. O rl eans Higi1 School. T he!' is Topic-" Educalioual 1deals." \Vith s a ncli ly


' ' Imbued •·ea son . " - M illon .

ELS IE PORTER, :\li nden. Y. W . C. A.,, Athletic Assoc iation. "You a r c wisely s!lent of yo ur own wort h, And 1herefore it \\'e re a s in fo1· others to be so. " - r.andolph.


LAU RA PORT ER. P eru. Y. \'\'. C. A., Ath letic Associa t io:1. ::\ orma l, t\\'O year s .

\Vi lher H ig h Sch oo l.

T hesis Topic-''Hislory -;,·,·rsHs Prophecy." " H e r lh·ely looks a s prig hLJy mind disclos es.' '


E\":\ L. PULVER, Papillion. Y. \\'. C. A., Philom;-tthcan. Th c~ i ;; T c pic-''Laurn Bridgman.'' "SI: e Is m od est as n n~·. A nl blil he a,; s h e 's bouny. Po•· g-ullel e!'s simpli city i\!akcs h e •· ils a im."

BERTHA REED, P eru. Y. \V. C. A., P:Jilomatllca n Secretary, '07, Philo L:~dics · Quartet. Sympho ny Club, Glee Club. Th esis Topic-"S,·nsc /)c~·rlo{> ml'lll and Training.' ' "Tile

rn e iJin~::

,·oi ce through mazes running-,

L'nJ\\'Isting-- all the c h ains that ti e T he l:idcle n sou l ()f l: arm o n~·."


ELLA S. REINHARD, West Point. Y. \N. C. A., Phi lomalhean, Athl etic Assoc iatio n, :\lph:~ Delta. West Point High School. Th es is T o pic-"Thc School S31slcm of Gcrma11y." "Her brow brighl with inlell igen ce."


LlDA REWEY, \<\1isner. Y. \V. C. A., Athlet ic Association, Alpha Delta, Kind-.:: rWisner High School. .1\c rma l, three years . Thes is T opic-" Educaliollal z·alrre of Play."


.. Full w e ll tl:ey laug hed. ror· counte rfe ite d glee At all l: c r jokes. for many a joke l:ad s he...

ETHEL ROBB, Tecumseh. Y. vV. C. A., Phi lomathean, Athletic Association, Latin Club. T ecumseh High School. Normal, two yea rs. Thesis T opic-'·Educatiollal Ideals a11d Practice i11 Japa11. " .., V ho sow e th g ocd seed s ha ll s ure ly r·ea p; The year g r·c ws rich as It growe th old. And llfe ·s la t est s ands a r e its s ands of gold."

J ESS I E ::\L ROB1:-.1 S O N , Juniata. Y. \ V. C. A., Bible Study Class Chairma n. ::\[o rniug Side ( l owa) Co llege. Graduate Fremo nt N o rmal. Gra du•~tc Vankton (South Dakota) Co llege. I-lasti ngs Co ll ege. T hesis T opic- " Thc E d11catiorw/ V al11e of th e Bible." ..If c·er· s h e kne w a n e ,·i J th o •J"h l

S l:e spoke no evil wonl...



NELLIE E. ROD ABAUGH, Peru. Y. W. C. A., P hilomathca n, Glee Club. Thesis T opic-"Physiology ;, th e Eln11r11tary S chools.'' " Lnn~ua~e was g-1\·en lo us that we might say pleasan t things to each other."' -Bovee.

LUCIA L. SAXER, :-Iount Cla re. Y. \V. C. A., Athenian Treasurer, Athl et ic Association. Glee Club, Y. \•V. C. r\. Delegate to Cascade Conicrcnce. Thesis Top ic-"Til c Place of S cicucc iu the High School." "Here's a woman !i\{e a dew-drop. She's pu rer than the purest." -Browning.

GR ACE E. SAYLORS, V e rdon. Y. W. C. A., E,·erett. Thesis T opic- "Co-opcratiou of l-I o111 c 011d School." "The heart to conceiYe, th e undersl nndin"' to direct, a 11 d th e hand lo execute.'' "' •


I i/1) -llll't•c



SCII lWEDEH, Bcl\'idcrc.

Y. W. C. A., Everett, Athletic Associati on. School. Th e~ i s

Linco ln Hig h

T OJ)ic-··Educaliou of the 13/iud."

'"\\"isc:lom hath mm·ke<.l h e r for

c 1~e

of h CJ' ow n."'

~IARY SEELIG, North Bend. Y. \V. C. A. Secretary, '07, Athen ian Secretary, ·oi, Latin Club; l\ormalite Repo rting S taff. North Bend I-1 igh School. Thesis T o pic-''Cullir.•ulion of the fm agiualiou."' ··How doth tl· e little busv b ee Impro\'e each sl: ining h our."'

~ l AY SJ IARP, Beemer. Philomathean, Y. \V. C. i\. !:: tudcn t ~.t \ Ves leyan university.

T hes is T opic-''Th e Rclatio11 of l?.ducalioll lo Vocalio 11 ."' ··y would Cain grew old learc. l ng- many thing-s." -Plato.


G L E:\~ S H EELY, Seward. Y. \\" . C. A .. Ph ilo mat;teau. At hletic A~::ociatiou Secretary. Cirl ~· Ha~kct Ball T eam Ca ptaiu. Alpha Delta. S igma K appa Tum i~ Ch;h. Seward I I igh School.

Th c~ i~

T opic- ·· co!l.-gc .·lthkt irs for Gil Is. ·· "'.\

t au ~·

t n ll. an,! m oi"t



CL A R A A. SH lRES, ~d ead . Y. \\". C. A .. Philomath eau, Scu io r Girls" Rase Hall. 1\orm:\litc S t aff. Exrha ugc Editor: S tat e Jonrual Corrcspoudcnt. South Di1· i~i011 1-1 ig h S chool, Citicago. Thc, is T opic-··cduroliou of Girls."' "Xo life Can he pure in its p urpose o r su·on~ In It s s tri fe . . \nd a ll lifC' n"o t be pure r and Slr Onl!"er th e r e)) ~· ... -:\lc r cdith.

~ . ADENE P. SL\ L !\llmtska City. I h tlo ntatl .. ·lean. E1·c rct (" I h c~ i T . . .. ~ s Optc- "Pu iJ/ ic O{' iu io11 <'S . Prngrc·ss i11 Eduro tio11 ... l is good t o

le n gthen t o t he last a su nny mOOll." " - L o well.


., I

CLARA ]. SKYR~ I E, T obias . No rma l, two years. Thesis Topic-"Thc Va lue of A esthetic Traiuiug." • You hear that g-i rl l a u g hin g? You lhlnl t s h e's a ll fu n : But the ::;ngi:!IS laug h, too, at t h e good s he has done. " -Holmes.


~I. S KYR~IE ,

Tobia s.

Norma l, two years. Thesis T opic-''School Hygie11e." "0 what a glor y doth t his wor ld pu t on For hi m who with f e r ven t h ear t goes f orth L' nde•· the bright a nd g l o riou s s lty, a n d l ook On duties well p er for m e d, and days w e ll spen l." -Lon g-fel l ow.

P E:\'CY P. SKYR:.l E, T obias. No rma l, two yea r >. T i1es is Top ic-'' .l!auual Trai11iu g for the /l buormal C hild." " Por· sh e " as jcs ' t h e q u i e t Jt i nd \\"hose natures nev e r va r y L i k e s t reams tha t l<ccp a s u m mer mind S n ow la id i n J e n oar·y." -Lowel l.

1-i/~ l '- sir

ETJJEL D. SI\ELL, :\insll"orth. Y. \\'. C. A .. P h iloma thea n. Korma lit e. Senior Cor respondent. Thesis T o pic-"Shnkcspcnrc His /nfluotn· ou Educ:r-

tiou .''

" GcuLie Y c nu;;. dcllf:"ht of ;::-ods anti m en." - Lucr etius.

ELLZABETI-1 SNYDER. Peru. Y. \\'. C. :\., Athletic Asscciati01:.

Thesis T opic-"Thc Rclntiou (If /;duca:ion to S:t:ccss !.if c...


·'Silence is sa f er than s;Jeech."

R USSEL R. SPAFFORD, Adam s. Y. :\1. C. A., Labo ratory A ss istant, Ciceronian. t h rcc years.

No rmai.

Th c~ is T opi c-"Elt"IIICIIIary Sric 11rc i11 tlzc Grades." "His natu1·e i s too n obl e f or the 1\"orld : ~~ wou ld net flatter N eptun e for his t r ident 1 J o ,·e f o r l: is pcwc1· to thunder.''

~--~----------~-· ./ ij"ty-scVI!II

GO L D TA ·STAJ\D L E Y, P er u. Phi loma thea n. Y. \V. C. :\., A ~ hl c tic Asscciat ion. =--rel; raska State No rmal, from kin .le~;a~ t E n t :lro ugh ou t the entire course. T hesis To pic- '' f.eamiug to


"Sh e with a ll tl· e c l'::l!·m of wom an . She w ith a ll 1 he bl'ea d t h o C m a n ."

- T e :1nyson.

J HARVEY RURR STAPL ETON, L incoln. E,·erett Ciccrcn ian, Foot Ball, Senio r Basket Bal l, .r\th· let ic Asso~iation Sh elb ina (::Vlisso u ri) Hig h School. Thes is T r pic-''Educaliou of !he Ne gro." "He i s i ndeed a gen i us.' ' -:\Iiss K l'ebs.

] Ei':i\' l E B. T EI\NANT, Gordon. £,·erett, Y. \ V. C. A., At h let ic As,oci a tion. Tltesis T opic- '·J:d llca/ioua/ !u flueucc of Booker T. 1/'crsh-

in[!l ou. ' I

"She that was fai t· and n eve t· P I'Cllcl H ::ttl longue ::tt w il l and yet w as 11 ~,-e l' l oud ." -Shakespeat·e .

GR.\ CE i\ 1. Ti l :\ YE R. :\shl an.l.

\". \\". C. .-\ .. P hilo math ean. A t hll!ti..: :\ s~ocia tion . .Ai pl!a Dl·lta.

cnio r Indoor Base Ball T eam.

T lw~i~ T .1pit.:- ""T/zc Sclz nc•l S ystem t•{ Fra11cc.·· · ·t \\"ill h c li e ,·e· t hou ha!<t n mind tha t ~u it s

\\"ith thi :; t h,· fai r amt ou t wa rd t·h:uact c r."" . - Shnl>espca r e.

F.·\ YE T L\I i\IER:\1:-\N, Edga r.

\ ·. \\". C. .A .. Ph il omat hea n. German C luh, Latin Club. Edga r Hig h Schoo l. N"orn:a l. two years. Thl'~i~ T -:Jpic-··yfr,· !lalia11 RcHaissallcr aud It s Colltri[> 11 tio11s tO [:_drtca tiOII.··

·•st ~ e is as ._.e ., tle A s zephyrs hiowi:-:; on t l.e ,·iolets.""

EVELYN V t\ N \V IO:-LE , Yo rk. \" vV. C. A.. Phi lomathea:l V ice- Pres ident. ·os, . L~tt in C lub. A th en ian Vice- Prcs i:lent . . tJi . .-\t\Jietic As~owtt iOn. A lpha Delta, Sig ma K <q:pa T ennis Cl u b. Peruvia n Sta fT. T hesis T OJJ·,,,_ r.1 II CO t I"o rr · " · 1 I.:.( .,, : ~ .. ,. 0 1IIC C f C1 (.-1a S S/((1 l i:e ;.;-rn><s s t oops not. >:h e lt"Nids on it s o ligh t. .. -Sh:tl>csp ea r e .

l ·i/ty- llill <"

:.\ LILDRED WILCOX, Omaha. Athletic Associat ion. Thesis Topic-"Vassar College."

·•r ha,·e l1eard of the lady. and good w ords went with h e r name."'

ESTHER \V ALLACE, Fairbury. Thesis T opic-''f mportaucr of M usic i11 a Liberal Edu cation." ''\Yhen life is true to the pol es of nature, the streams of 1ruth will roll through us In song." -Emer son.

CAT i lERl KE \V I LLlS, Dorchester. \'. \V. C. A., Athenian, At h let ic Association . l:ni,·crsity.

\ Vcs leyan

Tncsis Topic-"Rdati<.•c lmp01·toncc of Heredity a11cl En-

•·irnllllli'llt i11 EdutotirJ11.''

"A sunny t e n1 pe•· g-uilds ll:e edges oC !He's b l a~ke st c l oud."


BESS IE \\":\Sll RL·R~. ~cmaha. En: rctt , Glee Club.

Thc~ i s T opic-''TIIc D iffcrc·lllia lioll of Slrulics i11 /Ire Hi .:/: Sdroo/.''

··Sti ll n c hie,·in;;. s till pu 1·su ing."'


S T EL LA C. \\._..\ Sl-IBURN, ::.;w1aha.

E,·crct l. Gl t c Clt:b, ~ [andolin Ch:b. rh c~ is T c:>ic-"'.1/usic ;, l hc Grades."' '"\\"J·a te ,·e r a nyone dee:; o1· says.


~~~ u st be good."

LENA WOODARD. Hamburg-, Io,r :l. Y. \V . C. A., P hilomath ean, Latin Club, A lpha Dch:1. Th esis T o pic-" Cousolidatio11 of Rura l Sclroo/s." "''Where tl·.e


r ive,· fl ows cal ml y. th ere

J)Cr chance it •J -Cato.

NELLIE E. WYN KE, Schuyler. Y. \\'. C. A., P hilo math ean. A thletic Associat io n, Glee Club. Sch uyler l-1 igh Scnool. J ameson (:\I issour i ) H igh School. Ko rmal , three years. T hesis T o pic-" Habit in Education.''


"How C:tr that little candle th r ows its b eam. "

GOL D IE :\!Al.IDE YOCA:\1, F a ll s City. Phi lo mathea n. Athenia n, Raquette Club. Falls City T-1 igh School. T h e~ i s T c pic-" ...Jr/ Education i11 the P11blic Sch ools." "For i f sl· e w i l l. she will : y o u m a y depend o n ' t : .\ n<l i f <Jh<: wcn·t. she won't : s o th e1·e·s a n enu on' t . "

BESSIE Z I NK. S tuart. Y. \ V. C. A. Genera l S ecretary, '08. Pi1ilomathcan Gkc: Club, Labo r~llory Assistant, Octettc. ' T hesis T o pic-" Educatim;al Su ggest ions Dcri·i.'cc/ from the S tud)' of E111 bryo/ogy ." ' 'She w ho outs h i n es J·e r a c;e i s li k e a tOJ·c h " 'h l c h , w hen it blazes hi;:;h. i s apt t o sco •· ~ h . " - H o r ace.

l I

FR ED 0. Zl N K, Stuari. P hiloma thea n Presicent, ·os. \l a nager F oo t Ball and 1 ormal, t hree years. Ba ~ ket Ball, '07. Stuart High School. Thes is T opic-·· .·//t ruism 7 'S. C om mcrcinlism in Educntion." ''H <:! sra l,c: and in to e \·e•·y h eart his words Ca n ·ied ne w s u ·e ng-t h and courage." ' -Home r.

ZOLA ZI:;.JN, G ~nc ,· a. Y. \V. C. A ., Phi lomath ca n, Athletic Associat ion, Athenian V ice-President, '07. Thesis Topic-''Curiosit.v, n Fart or iu Education.·· " \\.hat good I see. hu ml.>ly 1 seek to do . .-\ncl li\·e obed ient to the law. in trust That com e what will. that must com e. Shall .::ome well.''


K ATI-1 ERlNE L. L AFLI N. Crab O rcha rd . Ath letic Associat ion, Y . 'vV. C. A. St. \ Jary's Sem inary . No rma l. three years. Thes is T opic-"'Litcraturr for tire .rldolcscCirt." "It's easy enough to be p leasant whe n life fl ows along likn a scng. B ut the 'g irl" worth wl· il o is th e o ne who will sm ile. wh en e v e r yt ll i ng goe:3 c"encl w ron g ."

EUZ.\BETH liENDERSON. Pe ru . Y . \V. C. .-\. \"ice Pres ident, '07: Phil omathean ..-\th en ian.

Cl a~s Secreta n·, '07; Perll\·ian Sta ff, R ei igious Editor; G"rman Club. Norm a l. four yea rs. Thc~i s Topic-''Educntional Problems in Cuba."

' 'Anrl st ill t h cv ;;n·zecl. nn,l s till the wo nder ;;r·ew H o w one s m i:t ll head cou ld car-ry all s h e knew."

Sixty-t/1 r ce

Class of


Colors-Purple a11d Old Cold. YELL:


Hie, H aec. Tra. Boom. Killy Kinnick. Ra Zoom, \Vilh· Walk Ralh· Rine, \\ e'1:e the Class of 'o9.



Bert E. Swenson. Presiden t Jessie E. l\IcDermet. Srcretan· C. F. Beck. Class Adviser .

Clara Reed. \"ice-President !Jiinn 0 . H elms. Treasurer CLASS ROLl.:

Rose Ande1·son Or01 Andrews Dora A ndrus Elizabeth Baker Rose Baller \iay Ba r nes Hazel B eck Wi lh elmin a Becha rd Ben Bedell Sarah Beebe 1 r. :'1 f. Berkey r\gn es Blank :\label Bowen r:;u ni!; Boyer fern Brown Berni ce Brown Beulah Brawner J a mes ]. Bvrne Tr~ Ca rtne): Alice Chase Eleanore Checl1 Cora Chittenden Stella Cla rk Richard Cole E. E. Collin s Laur~ Craig ~fa_n11e Craig bbth Craoenhoft Thomas Currie Ne_lli e Da,·itlso n \•Vn111 ie Delzell Estella Di llow A. :'llary Dittmer Alfa Dunham Al~na Ea stman Ohye Eggleston Edith El!~ leston Cla re Elli s C~ rletta Flack H lldur F ogelstrom ~ ~"- fog-els tro m e en F ranee Edna fre ·Je nc . k· 'ra nees r.- 1 \ · r ro Iller r da Gan·rr ~ranees Gilbert elle GJo,·er Jewell Good



Sad ie Green Elsie Guss Emma Greenwood Edna Hacllev :\label Hadsell :\laude Hadsell Katherine Hank s Virginia Hanson \ \'. T. Harrington ]. r\. Harri s :\l;u·ie 1 bu sncr Frank Hawk :\ianh;: H ein, :\laymt II iggin son r\. ]. llill Ellen A. J acobson Gle111~ J enkins· E thel J o hn son Tilli: j o hn s 01~ llel c J~ J o hn son ll enrietta K ees Bnni ~ Kennedy Ruth Kernen Berth<>. Kesling :\label Kilmer 1-1. Ll oyd Kin sey .· A rthur Klima \linnie K nu J sen .\label Krebbs :\layme Krull Le1w. Larimer Elle1~ Larson Gladys Lilli bridge Co ral A. L o ng F arrest \I cA<lams Bernice \larkcr \Iamie \Iasek r: arl i\ reyer Edna \Iiiia,· \lar!!'aret \.I o hrman Elizabeth ~foody .\ laud e \l oore f-lo~sic ;\[o rris ~ i aur! \ rosely f\ nd r;: l'd o >~; Gro r!!'i"- N iebuhr Rlanclw Pahl Edn:: Parsons

:\Ian· Pa~cc· O li1·c P a sco James C. P hillips :\I ild rec! P o n cr Hattie Prochazka :\iay Quade :II) rtlc: R eecl Clar:: Rent er Edii!1 R obe rts Blanche R obertson Verna R odge rs Ethel Sailo rs ::llinnie Sail Otti lla Schmidt Em ma Schockel \largaret Seeck Bess ie Shellington Jon?. Shick Alice Sims R. B. Sims On?. Sknme C. \V. Smi th EJn<'. Snell Beulah S ni de r \I ildrec\ Spence r Stella Spillner Lena Steinbaugh Florence S tephenson I della S trayer ] r ancll e Suh ktte :'II inn ic Sublette Tessie Sult on Ren<'. Turner 1-la.tTy Tolhun:t Tulia H. \'an D ri el Ed mu m\ \' eh·ick Ellen Wahls trom Ruh1· \\'eimer hy \\'ell s Celia \\'hit ton Emma \\'ilkins E ti1el Williams Clio \\'onde r H arriet W ood E. R. ZinJ.: Dora Zook

The Sophomores. \Vh en the school year 1907-1 908 opened a t the No rmal, the reg istration of ophomores was 90. Several who might possibly have ranked as Juniors prefcrro.?d to cast their lots w ith the Class o f 1910. Vvc considered ourselves fortunate indeed as a class to secure the scn ·ices o f M iss E lli s as adviser. S he has led us throug h a most profitabl e and prosperous year. A t an early date we met for class org anization, and elected C. Gordon Beck president, lVIary E llenberge r vic~-presi d ent, Lauretta Conn secretary. a nd R oy L ee t reasurer. This able bodv o f officers has steered our " Soph " ship thru' all kinds of waters. The social f;!nctions o f the class haYe been cli :~ractcri zed bY the same ht:arty class spi ri t that has characteri zed us in a ll fields. \'\ 'e shall not soon forget th ese good times. In all lines of school endeavor-athletics, associ:Jtion work. debating and iiterary societies-the Sophomores figure prominently, everywhere is Sophomore ~:nthusiasm felt. Someone has suggested that our scarl et and cream should be excha nged for some other color combination that would better express our ··:·elling" propensitit ; Let us look at our record for this school yea r's athl etics. Two of the K orm al pigskin_ booters were represented by L incoln and l\IcReynolcls, who are said to be the sw1ftcst tackles in Nebraska. The second teams w ere composed la rgely o f our classmen-among them Lee, Jennings, l\•I agor, S toddard and Guilfoil, who were always " there with the goods." But we must not fo rg et Beck, who would have made end had it not been for the stringency of parental r ule. nor Aden. th e. famous fullback from Rising City. who would have made that place had he not brcn physically incapacitated, and so w~s not allowed to t ry out. \V hen D r. Scherer had made up h1 s basket ball teams, we saw on the boys' team Gordon Beck and C. P. Schott. who was made captain. In the g irls' team w~ re E~it~1 Phillips a nd Esther Blanken s~ip , who are unexcelled as forwa rds. :\ l1ss PhlllJps is a sure player who se lcloc1 m1 sses a goal. (Indeed. the only record ,,.e have of her havin o- lost her head was in the g ame played when her friend " B ueter " from Y ork ,;as in town and was late to the g ame. S he hoped to m:tke a reco rd tha t \,:ould win her a home-cut such is life !) .· <? ur class has taken part in all the intercla_ss championship g ames, our boys " 111111 ng the pe11Pant held last Yea r bY the _lu111 0rs . and ~reath· to their surn ri ~c a nd ours as_ J ennings showed ''Swed.e'' how to. play ball, w hile L ee, J . S chott, Rost :tnu \~· n g htsman broug-h t the rest along w1th sure and equal care. . The S ophomore indoor base ball team clcfeatecl the Freshmen, who a rc anYlhmg but poor p!~.ye_rs-then cl cfeatccl \he Seniors. t llll~ w inning that championsh-ip Cf the_ school. 1 1_1e1r success W~S clue to g ? ocl C03Chmg .and s plendid fi eld w ork. _aptalll \ iVeaver 1s a " sbughe r ' at the st1ck and a tw1ster in th e box. There " as E sther Blankenship. who olayccl sbort ~to p and \\·as considered the S\\"if te.: i 1)ase run ner o tl t II c. w I10 I1as t I1e eye a n d the ne rve Then i\f" T n 1e cam, an d i\f'i r ss ,-"'..1c.;: 1 155 -ong_fellow is certainly a w onder behind the ba t. · . .· uri g lrls' basket ball team has a proud record notw ithstand in<Y their fn ilur ~ 1o ''Ill I l e nenna nt ,.., With the o- d. . . . . . . bri rrht f t . .~oo 1ecord of th1s past ~ ear 111 mmd. w e can hope fulh· prcc1 1ct a str~no·c~~~ til e t or the class of 19 1o . \\ e tru st our class next Year wili be la rger . . d .o and more success ful tha n we ln vc been as Sophomores. thu s reAcci i1~g Cl e It upon our school Th v lora! 1 ·1 1 . • -' c 11 c ren sin o· tin- pra ise; \ Ve shout a loud the g lorious nalllc. \ Vc pledg e to k eep it free from s ha me, Tl· O ur N ebraska K o~·mai. ·Y co or true the,· p roudh· ra ise . T o a dd new ho 11ors to t hy f 2mc, O ur ?\ ebras ka 1\'ormal. O ur N ebraska· Kormal:


S i .t ~~· .:::;,·;·ru

The Freshmen. E lmon S utph in. \"irg inia , President

P auline .-\den, R is ing City.

~creta ry

Eleanor \\itt, Syracuse, Treasurer C LA SS ROLL:

:'\ ina Adams. P<:>ru \ 1inni e Applegate, Peru Ruth Balderson, P ickrell Burton Darnes, K ansas Ruth B rownell , Peru Grace B rooks, Peru Bert Brundson, Peru Grace B rundson, Peru O ra Burkhead , O akdale \Van·en Burrelle, Peru Ezra Carey, Peru T homas Cartney, Tilden O la Crook, Salem Clay D allam, Peru Roy Davis. Peru 1\Iyra Davison, South Auburn Archie Dorsey, Marquette Dessa Dow, Peru Fred E bert, Peru F ann ie Erisman. r\uburn 1\ellie Farmer, Peru Etta Feicht, Dawson 1\far y F reiburghouse. S abetha Hazel Giffo rd . Peru Clarence Gillilan. Peru \Vilma Hanks, Peru O live Hanlon. Peru Dean H:1nscn, Peru \ [ary H ealey . \\.inn etc on L a ur:t HollidaY. Hurr :\ rchic H oster; naJl ,.,>1.0 \\'11\'1'11 (' < •

Claude Hutchinson, Peru Clyde Hutchinson. Per u Grace J ennings. Peru Ethel J ohnson. P eru Alice J ones, Xemaha :\ [atlCI J ones, H endley Cla ra Kohler . L ewiston E lizabeth K ohler, Lewiston Aa ron L echl iter, Aubu rn Dessie L eeper, Auburn Dolly 1\Iacligan, \ Veston Ethel l\ledley, Pem J oy E. ?\[ organ, P eru Charles ::\Ioulton ..-\ tkinwn :\fik e \Iurph_\·. T ecumseh El izabeth O li ver, Plattsmouth O ra Pryor. ::\emaha Ruth P ryor. Xemaha ::\Iabel Ram sey ..-\shhnd P ink R enfrn. Peru pal Rice. Sterli ng ::\ferk Sanders. B ro\rn vil le HarrY Sanders. nromn·illc Edith Shaw. Peru Orv ilie Stephens . :\ ehraska Cit:: Rm ~cl te\\·art. Cortland Edward \\'ard. Peru "\laud \\'elL. Xebraska Cit\· \\'arrcn \\'illiams. Peru Katharine \\'estpbl. \'irgin ia. L,·cli1 /.immerman. IT:> mhurg

S ixly.ninr

Training Class of '08. Rucka-chucka-boom! Rucka-clmcka-boom ! Ru cka-chucka! ru cka-chucka ! Boom ! boom ! boom ! Trainers ! trainers ! g ive us room ! Class Co!ors- Bro'Lt'll a11d Blue. CLASS OfFI CER S :

:!\{ r. Ray Pool, President ::\Ii ss Maude H enderso n. V ice-President :!\ li ss P earl Krebs, Secr etar y i'vir. F. vV. R ockwell, T r easurer A mong ·the many classes of the N. S . N. S . the Training class is by no means an unimportant one. The yea r's work in professional t raining and tlv~ review of the common brauchc:s h as fitted its members especially for the wo rk of the school r oom. In th e va rious interests o f the school, the literary societies, debatin g clubs. athletics, g lee clubs, and theY. M. and Y . Vl. C. A . are to be found among thos~ from our ranks. _The social side has no t been neglected and a number of very en joyable receptions have been g iven duri ng the yea r. The Trainers will not soon fo r get those jolly good tim es and the toothsome dainties se rved o n each occasion.

vVe have been noted all the yea r for our quiet deme1no r and modesty.

\ Vhi! .: o ther classes were sing ing and shouting in noisy discord th eir own praises at ~on vocatio n , the Trainers have been con tent to be juclgecl by th eir b rilliant wo r:( In the class room. Notice the hces of the Trai ning Class.· If they a re h appy it is because o f the pleasure they have felt at being m!mber ecl among th e stud ents of th e :\. S . N . S . If they are sad , it is owing to the fact that theY a re leavin g cl assm ate-, and teacl1e rs, ancl ''Those rv gged hill s and r ocks and rills."

S r ;•t•nl)'-0111'










0 ....l

"uc:: :n

" 路u


>. .... 0

~ .... .0 0$












tv .......




.. ... . ,...


.1: :







ScHERR~ Conc h


r. z,s" COOK


TOLHURS T REN ,'RO S\\'E Nso s, Capt.


STE\\'ART Co t.l.txs


FOOT BALL TEAM-Champions of Nebraska Coll eges.




FOOTBALL. The season of 1907 was. on the w hole. a success in Peru . T he :::\ormal met a nd defeated Tarkio and D oane. t,,·o of her old ri,·als . aga inst whom she had never befo re been able to score. Thes'=! victories put us in line fo r the championshi p o f the state, for which honor ,,·e were to ha,·e competed against Bellevue. Owing to a n unfortunate misunderstanding in regard to eligibil ity rules, hO\\·eyer, the g ame was called off and both sides claimed the honors. Coach Scherer worked hard to perfect a machine which could mo re th~r. hold its own against its ri vals. a nd has the nucleus of an excellent team for next fall l\ [uch credit fo r the success of the tea m is also clue Captain Swenson, whose spint and nerve kept his f ellow· players keyed up to the hig hest pitch at all tim es. SE.\501\" ·s SCOR E BO,\RD

At Ho111e ~orma l .. . ........ _ ... .......... I 1

l\ orn1al ............. . .. . ...... .. I


Norn1a l .. ....... ...... .. ... ..... 5

Tarkio College................... o L-n iversity (second) ........ .. ..... 5 Crete Y. :\J. C. A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ;,

011 Other Grounds · o rmal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o Normal ....... .. ................ I I

1:niversity of :::\ ebraska ........... 52 Doane College .................. . G


... "'



..;~ c:. _



,.: ... 9 V)




L: t.:l




~ " 'Jl

~ ~



z ;,(.:

"' c;,"'>



0 :r. 0\ _:z:


u """~ ,::; ~


......:! ......:!

< j:Q ~




-< j:Q



Basket Ball. The season of 1908 was perhaps the best the Normal has ever enjoyed. :1\:ot a game was lost on the local floor, while on the other hand w e won from the g reat tt:"am of \•Vesleyan. which had such success at other places. The games lost on other floo rs were the result of playing under unfavorable conditions, such as the sloping floor at hcnancloah. The schedule was started in none too a uspicious a style, owing to the fact that the tea m was made u p almost entirely of new men. As the season progressed. however, the improvement in team wor k became more and more marked, and ·th..: last four games were won easil y, the la st being the whirl wind affair in which th t:. Normal played \ 1\T eslcyan off its f eet and establish ed an equal claim with tha t ins titution for the championship of the state. SCORES

~ormal .......... .. ........... .. .fO ~o rm 3 l . . ......... ... . ........ .. 18 )1 o rma I. .............. ..... . .. .. 32 :\ orma l .......... . .............. 42 :\ ormal. ..... ... . . ......... . .... 25 :\ormal ................ . ........ 34 No rmal. . . ........... . .......... 33

Humboldt High School ... . . .. .... 27 Co. E of henandoah ... . .... .. .. -1-..:i \Vesleyan ... .. . . ... ... . .......... 58 L; niversity (second ) ........ .. .. . . 22 Coweta A. C., l:\ ebraska C ity. . . . . 7 Yo rk College . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 \V esleyan . .... .......... .. . .. . . . . 27




!:) ·r AI'U~ TO N





) A>! ES

BASKET Br\LL TEA:\ f )E N ~N; s

H• s :

S CH< T ..

Inter-Class Athletics. No mid-winter sport is the center of keener attraction tha n g irl s· inter-class athletics. Thi s .'·ear. for the fi rst time in the history of the Nor mal athletics, g irl s' indoo r lnse ba ll games were introduced, and this spo rt occasioned much excitement a nd fun on the par t of the spectators.

In the fir~t of these games. the Seniors defeated the J uniors after a l13rdfo ught battle. The Sophomores carried off the .. palm of victory·· in the Sophomore-F reshman game. T he championship remained to be comp ~ ted for by the Sen iors a nd Sophomores. T he excitement in this last game was intense. but at th e cri tical moment the game was lost to the Seniors . In basket ball. the Jun iors had a g reat aLlvantage over the other classes in ha vi ng a team composed largely o f fi rst tea m su bstitutes. Both Sen iors ar:d Sophomores worked ha rd to \\·in th e coveted penna nt. but the J un iors. b,· th eir excellent team \\·ark, carried off the honors.

There was a long fellow named Swenson, Who used to be able to bat some H e was n eYe r dis maye d In a ll g·ames h e played And s aY but he made K earn ey pant some!



i\ . S.



Cartney, c. Helm s, 2b. McAdams, c. G. Beck, 3b. Ca rlson, p. Eggen berger, If. Schott, p. E . Beck, c f. Parriott, ss. T olhurst, rf. Swenson, l b. Sch erer, coach.

Standing of Intercollegiate Teams, May 25. \ Von


P eru ....... . .............. . ..... . ... . ........ . Cotner . ....... . ... . . . . . . . . . ......... . .. . ... . Bellevue . ....... . ... . . .. . . . . .. .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . .


Wesleyan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kearney.... . ... .. ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

4 3

1 1 1 3

D oane....... . .. . .. . .. . . . ... . . . ..... . ... . ... . .


E iglity- si.r

4 2



P er Cent

.833 . 800

.666 .572 ..).).) """ .125




P tt.OF . E. A. \VIti T E~AC"

\ ASI-I Tl Con.:sEL L



N. A.


L. D. Scnt::.Rt-: K

Q . \ V . ]A:-.tES


0. W .

} A!If!!S









~ ~




b ~

.......l (f) ~...i

--t:o E-<

~ ~




~K: ::;


"";: ~

Girls, Basket Ball. Peru had rea. e n ths y ear to be pro ud o f its g irls · first team. o f t hei r games t l~ e _,. w ere more than su cce~s ful.

In a ll bu t one

Of Oi·e Yicto n· especially th~

1\orm::d will al\\·ays be proud. th e triumph o ,·er \\'esieyan. EYt ry g irl was admi rably fitted for h er position. a nd played it well. line- up w as :



heel~:. cen te r ; Hazel Beck. second center; Edith P hillip>-

a ncl Hclcn J7rance. f o r wa rds. a nd B u rtis K ennedy acd Eleano r \\' itt. g u a rd s.

Profl'ssor Dell zell , fa m ou-s Sl' <:O tHl l><. se man of 1·' ;1oil t \' lnduur l {a~el>all team m a l~­ ing- s ensa tiunal catch o f l in e clri ,·e . Fac ulty Y S . Se nior,; .



Inter-Class Basket Ball. Class spirit has always been a g reat factor in the school life a t the No rma l. For this reason the struggle for the class championship in ba!:k et ball is a lways hard-foug ht. This year was no exception, and the four classes early star ted their preparation for the contest. The Seniors were ra ther unfortunate in having less tin~e to practice than the lower classmen and consequently were not sufficien tly skilled in the game to carry off the trophy when the time came. the Juniors were allowed to play S wenson, the first team center, were beaten by this strong combination. Largely because of from the result of this game, the Juniors lost the championsh ip

To a dd to this . a nd the Senio rs over-con.ficlenct to the "Sophs.' ·


Sophomores .................... 23 Juniors ......................... 17 Sophomores . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Freshm en .... · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 1 3 Sen io rs . . . .. . ... . . . . . . . . . ·...... 10 6 Ju niors ••••••










P rofessor Gregg.







r an TER



:\N'I)Ilf:\\" 5 PA SCO









G n •so s



S N\' Il~R





1\ I C ~ L £






The American Girl. The Ame rican girl of today has been toasted <>.nd s ung ad infin itum.

Sh e'

has been presented to us und er ma ny different types an d poses a nd yet the re is much to be said regarding the A merican girl. There are as manY different phases as there are different points o f viewindeed, as many phases as there are g irls, perhaps.

From the a rtist's point o f

view we have the ·· Gibson g irl.., and the "vVil ey g irl," the "sweet g irl g raduate," and a lso th e humorist"s type portrayed by Lulu and L eander. Then from the writer's point of view we have the " Juliet \"'ilbur Thompkins" type so o ften r- resented in magazines a nd on post-ca rds as "Mildreds" and " Gertrud es " and ·'Josephines·· who stndy art and plan careers which inevitably end in matrimony.

The types generally given in modern novels are the "society ''

type. "journalist .. type. "business ,,·oman .. type-and many others. But 2fter all. the A merican g irl is a class distinct a nd unique, bro't up under <'. d ifferent code from any o f her forbea rers.

She is in fact a n evolved product

by rig ht of truth . training. laws a nd development.

vVe. ourselves. unconsciously

tyi=ify the An:( ric: n gi rl !itc ra lly as the :\orthern.

outhern. Easte rn and \Vestcrn

types. and there is inrleecl much to be said regarding environment as a factor in her character building . B ~.1t

th e ideal Ameri can g irl that a ppeals to us is the "occasional" A merican

g irl of the present century.

By occasional I do not mean the ordinary use of the'

word. but l mean the gi rl that is ''up .. to any occasion whateve r it may be anrl whenever it may present itself. :\fcntally she has a hig her degree o f intell ectual ity than the g irl of any other nation beca use she has a whole head full o f good common sense "·hich can't he!p but m <> ke the best kind of a n inte llectual mixture when stirred up with a li ttie g rey brain matter. Spi ritually she tand for the highest idea ls and good morals and does mor~ to scatk r good infl uence ove r the world than any oth er li ving creatu re o r thing . 1\

'ind.\' six

If it i!' necessary for her to earn her own living she neYer worries others about

her troubles. but she immediate!\· measures the worth of her services. realizes her ca pacity fo r doing things. exchanges self-t.:onceit-if she has a ny-for selfrespect. learns to estimate others by a tr ue estimate o f herself a nd tints quickly learns th e rea l needs of the world and how to meet them . . 'he is too S':! t~;:ib le to suppose th nt a "Prince Cha rming'' is coming for he r 111

a golden chariot: besides. the g-olden chari ots a re mostly in pawn.

\ Vh en

the prince does come he will be at wo rl' hi mself and his .-\mer ic:m bride " ·ill be no clro:1e.

I n the "·o rds of the poetThe \Yor!d today is ringing- with her fame. O ld Glory Aoats supreme o'er land a nd sea. O ur chiefs recei,·e great honor anc\ acclaim And e\·erythi ng is ri gh t a s r ight can be. nut let us not forget the ~tan ch ally \\ ' ho helped us in the fig ht ~o nobly won: A s \\·eet and modest ;~ctor. but a most important factor. The g-irl behind the n~nn b~hind the g un. The hand that rocks the cradle rules th e world\ \"hat is it that that little hand can't do? On blood,· fi elds when shot and shell are hu rled . S he bear~ the A3g- and pulls the lan_'ya rds too. 'Tis pointed for ward in the press of "·ar. 'Tis clasped in -mercy when the fight is done. And by her truth an d beauty she incites us to om duty. The gi rl br hind the man behind the gun.

She is reposeful. sci £-reliant, self-contained: Yigorous. YiYacious. ambitious: intellig('nt. high -bred. yet jolly-i s the occasional :\merican girl of the Twenti eth centun· .

She is as much at ·home in a gree n willow ch air on th e side porch as

in a box at the ope ra: as easy in one o f the three last sc3ts in a car as in an automobile. sci f.

But above all things she is al\\'ays her o\\·n, S\\-cet.wholescme, irresistible

' ' Conscience makes cowards o f us all...

Social conventions prevent the

most o f tts from t ellino- the truth after the fa shion of Geo rge \Yashington heroc<; . ::--.

but the ideal American rrirl ne,·er thirk s or cares about the rules that society has ::::>

laid down.

S he always says just what she th inks. regardless of cotwentions at~d

'~oss i () -Y p cop Je.

• · ancI s I1c can accus t om I1e1se · 1·t Her tdcas arc healthY a nd encrg d tc

to fi t into any kind o f a position or ticket-and th is ts J.ttst

the s t ri ki ng


,,·ithout wa iting for man to g ive her a

cllat·act·eristi c of the American g irl. -

I£ it

were her lot to be the head of the fam il y fo r a week or a month or a yea r, whi le mothe r is away for a rest, she successfully holds the family together by enterin g in to th~ spirit of it and takin g all th e thought and doing a ll the wo rk-nursing, teach ing, cooking, washing, sewing, scrubbin g, saving, choring outside, in fact c-.nything in the catalog is not beyond her.

Perhaps she wi ll scold a little now

and the!.1, but that doesn't count as long as she keeps the children clean and the "boss'' good-tempered.

You will even notice th e soothing and smoothin g influ-

ence she has over the whole neighborhood. You see the occasiona l Ame rican girl is not a L yd ia Lan guish type nor an


unsoph isticated Bertha M. Clay heroine who does such unco nventiona l, trustingly things because som eone asks her to and tells he r they are all ri g ht, but a strong, hig h-mi nded g irl with a well balanced character and good moral qualities such as courage. good temper, thotfulness for others, perseverance and trustworthiness-a h<Yirl who knows what's what and why, enj oys a good book , is acquainted with good pictures and can even warble a love song witho ut imagining every young ma n who hears it is in love with her. She ma y never be President. this occasio nal .-\.merican gi rl, neither will she die of fatty degeneration of the heart fo r lack of ambi tio n to exerci se her energy. Then here's to ~he Stars and S tripes, To the land of our birth, To the American gi rl, The best thing on ea rth. GR.\CE B oc.\Rous.

Not Wanted. "~sh-

s-s !"

"Tee-e-e !" ··Quiet. g irls. she might hea r us.'' ''Ha,·e you darkened the transom?'' "l.'es; all here:· O ne, two. th ree. four and I'm the fifth.


Y ou're

ri g-ht on time ... and I :essie Shellhorn ushered into her room four g irls dressed :n long Japanese k imonos.

A student's lamp burning low th rew a pleasant red o-low onr the prdtY room. The wa lls were decorated with gay penna nts and posters.

O n the

hang ing shelf \\'ere photographs a nd in one ~orner of the room \\'as a sanitary cc uch stre\\·n with prett.'· pillo\\'s.

Se,·era l lo\\· rocking chairs \\'ere in the room

and th-.: guests sat down comfortably on these wh ile the hostess busied herself \\'ith the chafing dish. "Oh. oysters! 0 \\'l Qnintette.

How fine!" sa id Blanche. the tall. dig-nified blonde of tho.:

T he g irls called themselns b,· this name because it \\'aS thei r

custom to have their ' 'doings" at night. "Can 't I help cook them?

Let me open the can.

The other t;irls did not remain idle long. for ness at their requ est found s0meth ing for each of them to rio.

Gr2ce Horn. the " F rcshie" of the crO\wl.

was intrusted with the stuffing- of the dates. Glen 1-n·e made the nut sand,Y!che:z a nd Fay A ndrews arranged the dishes. " \Vasn't it a sh::1me our boys lost that gam e with C rete this a fternoon?" sa id Bess. " S hould say it was." Glen replied promptly.

·'The umpi re wasn't fai r. "

"Cour~e yo u'd say that." sa id the "Freshie." "fo r H a rr.'· played."


1\ 'incty·nine


Gkn made a reach for ··Freshie's" long black braid, but '·Freshie'' dodged and Glen tipped over the bottle of pickles instead. " You'd better have a pickle, Glen," said Fay mischi evously, "for they say they're good for-oh, Bess. there are not enough cups to go a round, there are only four here"- ''I'il use my drink ing g lass, " said Bess.

'·I don't think the hot cocoa wi ll

break it." " Go t y0ur trig, for tomorrow, Fay?'' o;aid l3la nchc. ' '::\ o, haven't looked at it-didn't have time." "Yes, Fay \Yas pretty busy th is after library hours, too.

:.1 fter noon

in the library," sa id Bess, "and

I see she has adopted the E ng lish women's custom--

that of walking-only she does not walk alone." '·Didn't ~I·iss L ong look like a fright when she came into chapel this mornSeems to me if I held the chair of E ng li sh in a college which ranks a!>


hig h as this. I'd primp a li ttle !ong-er. and try to look half w ay decent," and Glen threw back her \\'ell-poised head disdai nfully.

Glen was known as the best

dressed gir l in the college. " Don't be too hard on he r. Glen ... sa id Blanche. blowing her hot cup of cocoa to cool it.

'·You kno\\· it must take nea rly all her time cramming for those

hard questions to ask us in English li t ... "]a;; ! but these oysters a re good ! yo ur recipe. Bess?


I have anothe r helping ?

\\' hat ·~

Y ou're a dandy cook."

Th<Cse a nd other pl easan t comments g reeted Dessie ·s ears as the girls pa rtook of the steam ing soup. " .-\ nd no\\'. g ir ls," said n ess. ·T w a s pecial treat for ,·ou.

I was 1n :\!ard is'

fr uit store today and spied a bJskct o f fresh oranges \\·hich I immediately ord ered to b<! s~·nt up . and he re they are. youn g lad ies-'the food of the gods' from s unny


Cal!forni a ...


"Hurn· up and pass them . Uess. sam pl~

D on't keep us waiting .

them:· and F a:· reached into th e; bas ket for one.

hand i::st:mt ly and uttered a little cry.

\Ve want to

S he d rew back her

'' \\'ln t's the ma tter ?" excl aimed the gi rl .

" ( lh. g irls. th ere · a-a- a mou e 111 that basket!" ancl she gave a little scream an d j umped

u po 1~

the couch.

One II u mired


''Yo u s illy g irl." said Dlanche. "th e mo use wo n't hurt you-don't belieYe it's there, anyhow .. , ''Yes it is." said Bess.

"It's tied to the bottom o f the b1sket.


\ ·V hate,·er in the \\'Oriel \\'ill we do \\'ith it ?

If "·e had some chloro form

\\'e'd 111ake qu ick \\'Ork of it- but \\' e have n't any.

T ell you what w e can d o,



If someon e ,,·ill come \\'ith m e to the bath room \\'e'll t urn on the \\'ater

and d row n it .. , ''I'll go, " said Blanche. and t hese brave T,,·entieth century you ng ladies. holdin g the little gray creature g ingerly \\'ith a bath tO\\·el, proceeded d0\\'11 th e clark hall to the bath room. \\'here they disposed of it. During th eir absence the g irls \\'Cre busy discussing the m\·sterious g uest. Fay dism otu1ted f rom her pe rch and j o ined eagerly in the conve rs:ttion.

T he

goodies \\'ere forgotten. Dess had some information fo r lhe:m \\'h en she r eturned from th e bath room. "Do you know, g irls, I believe I have a clue. when I boug ht that fruit.

Donald Pearson was in the sto r e

I'll wag-er a pound of candy he's the g ui lty party. for

he p robably g uessed th e fruit \\'as for the Owls' spread, and he knew Fay w oul d be there.

Do ~·ou remember o ur barn pa rty \\'h en he laug hed so beca use you

\\' er e so a £raid o f mice?'' ''The m ean thin g ." said Fay, ''I'll make him 'fess up to mo rrow and i f h e's g uilty I'll never. ne\·er''-


"You'd better not let it lea k o ut. FaY mn ~e. for the lau?:h's all on you ." said Dess.

"And now you'd better nm along hom e. g irls. for it's past

time all school g irls ,,·ere asleep. a SCJ m·cnir. morrow."

o 'clock and

Yc u may c:tch take an orange. if you like. a ..;

Good nig ht , cka res t Owls-s,,·cet clrf' ams- ancl good kssons o n th e

The secret did le,..,l,· " Ottt.

110 \\'C \ 'C' I' ,

co uld five g irls kcc:p a secret ;

t 110ug I1 no one I.;:nc\\· I10 \\'( L.\R.\

1·or \\' I1cne\·Lr


l/1111 d rt·d


Mt. Vernon Hall.

rl story


·e • f-lail as told by a ~vhit c-haircd lady to h er :;rall(/-daug litcr .\ It. T 1 11011 . i11 th e year 1950.

• , . home when J was in co ll ege? I ndeed I ,,·ill. child, but r~Tdl you Ot 111 . mt mbe!· t hat. th onf;h schools now a re better th an th ey ,,·ere then, school life is

. cl'ffereJ1t after al l. fo r human natl!re is e\·er th e same. d ear. and w e · J!Ot S O ve r) I · ,,·or ked and played the;, j ust as yo u d o now. :\Jt. \ 'ernon H all wns a bri ck bu ild i n~ s tanding in th e center o f a slopingia wr..

T his lawn ,,·as larg E· and beaut ifu l. with its soft. g reen ~-rass and g reat

maple t rees. To the east we co uld see the co lleg e buildings "·ith t heir backg ro un d rJf <Yi<Yantic oaks. " ·bi le to the northeast. and far arotn:cl to. the north. aga ins t the .~


j. urple backgro und o f the bl u ffs , g lea med the r i,·er. looking like a s lender blw: r ibbo n a s it ,,·ouncl back and fo rth o n its journ ey to the S outhland. The w cod s can:e close to the hall on the west. and th ere, on pleasant d c:ys . the g iris loved to wander ar.d talk, o r dream o f t he hazy but bea u tiful future. The hall m ad e a home for nea rly one hun dred g irls, and a bus,·, hap py li fe w e Jed.

On scho ol clays all was hurry and bustle from m ornin g till night, hut

after supper for half a n hour th er e was a so und of man y Yo ices, and th e tap a t a door with its ans \\·e ring "Co-me·· coul d be heard in a li d irec tions. unto the one \\" ho tried to study!

Then woe

For visitc rs were Hire to com e. and books

mus t be instantly th rown aside. 1 wo nder if the g irls now obey the study bell c:s we did then !

S uch


scamperi ng and laughi ng as there was. until all were safely ''home." then for tlw nst o f the study period qui et settled down upon the hall, and a ll was peace . . \t t he close of the evening- we had another fifteen-minute period for p lay.

a nd you may be ,; 11 re that that tim e was ~~ever wastecl. J/und1·ed two

T here were always so m e

g irl s whose visits were not quite fin ished bY


o'clock. so the ligh ts disappeared

to the accompanim ent o f stifled s hr ieks and closing doors. :.\Lany and ,·aried \\·ere the pictu res o f g irl life to be seen about the hall. but as I thi nk back, o ne o f the mos t Yivid of th ese is a Saturday mo rnin g picture. Th e pump stood o n a rai sed platfo rm back o f th e ha ll. and about th is platfo rm I s.:e a gro up of girls try ing to start their charcoal irons. stages.

There were irons in a ll

Some with a few burning kindli ngs tende rly watched OYer; others smok-

ing lik ~ steam eng ines as they were :;wung- back and fo rth in the hope that an additional breeze mig ht induce the charcoal to bu rn.

Still others. with charcou!

g lo wing brightly. \\·ere being born e triumphantly away to the improYised laundries indoo rs. S undays ?

Yes. dear. o ur S und 3 ys were int!ecd days o f r est and gladness.

'Ne wen t to church and Sunda:· school in the morni ngs. but in the afternoons \\·e r<'ad_<~nd rested, ;mel took time to know each other.

O n pleasant days we ro:mwd

among the hills. or strolled beside the riYcr. learning l\ature's ways. as onlY she could teach us. In the evenings we sometimes met


the parlor and ta lked o r sang unti l the

boys came, then those who \\·ere not interested in some particula r boy slipped quietly a\\~ay, lea\'ing the others to enjoy themselves. just as boys and g irls do now. Ah, yes, those were happy days. child. and the friendships we fo rmed the re have held fast and true throug h all these years of separation and cha nge. I know that the school life you ar c just entering will m ean much to you . Remember that our li,·es arc what we make thel11. and


hope fo r you. dear.

that yom clays may be as bmy and happy a s w ere o urs in :\ ft . \'crnon Ha ll.


Glimpses of Faculty Homes. It wo uld be a Ye ry pleasa nt ex pc n e nce for students i f th ey could ,·isit th e 111embc rs of the faculr:-· in th eir homes.

It woul d be a pleasure a nd a pro fit f,) r

Lot h studen t~ and instructo rs a nd wou ld bring t hem in closer to uch \\·ith each o th e r.

I t \\·ould be a source of insp iration to us as stud en ts. fo r it is only by

cxch~11ging thots t hat we arc able to get the most a nd best o u t o f li fe .


fo r a large stucle1~t body tlii s is impossible. so let us vie w fo r a s ho rt tim e a panor~ma which g oes o n in th e faculty hom es .

\ Ye v is it P r of. D r0\n1ell on a clea r . frosty mon~ing and find him out o n the bleak hills ide milking th e

CO \\'.

He i!' a bso rbed in deep contempla tio n o f the

n•orning sun a nd rea soni ng that it is colder in winter tha n in sum me r beca use th e rays fall more obliqu ely a1: d are spread over a larger area.

The piping Yoicc

of little S a m breaks in upo n his musing and t h ese words come to his startled ea rs: "\\' hy. pa pa. you fo rgo t the mil k pail." L e t us next Yi.sit rhe h ome o f Prof. H owie. sawing woo d.

\ Ve find him in the back ya rd

Great dro ps of perspiration sta nd out on his brow and t h e muscles

of his braw ny arm co ntract and relax in ha rmony w ith the actio n of the sa w.


st raightens up. tf1en goes at it again. whi stling a tu ne which soun ds very much like .. E,·e ryhody \ \ 'o rks But Fathe r ."

D rousy Cl arei~ce looks out from the up·

:;ta irs "·inclow to sec what causes a ll this cOIT' mo tion, while t h e savo ry odor of co ffee an d cakes sp u rs P ro f. Howie o n to re n ewed efforts .

He t hinks "·ith

satisfaction o f the three o r fo u r pounds avoird upo is which he has just lost at t he \\'OOd pile. \\·c " ·ill nex t pass to th e home o f Prof. Gregg and find hi m in t h e act of ;~h on•!ing coal into the furnace ro0m , w hi ch at t h at mom ent a bounds in ' 'pu lve n:-

lui cc." <~ I J::) rnu

Uct\\·ccn acts he may be found in his labo rato ry . mak ing a p iece of to be us~.d fo r testin,sr " th e Yaria b lc tension o f a froo-'s ::-. 11cart unci -:-:·

c;ifi't r ::o:· t elect rical stimuli. 1/undrt'd lour

Let u s now pay a short visi t to th e club ho use.

H ere harmon y r eigns anJ

li fe fi O\r!' a long like a dream. except when ~ !i ss Goshen ex.c rciscs her oratorica l ability o n the unfo rt unate bu tcher who sent up a tough steak.

The happy circle

is :-om etimes br oken by the absence o f Mi ss Schlee o r ).liss L all y . who stay ed to \\·i eld t he birch upo n some way ward o r obst repero us yo ut h who th inks that w hcr~ ig-no rance is ·bliss, "ti s folh· to be wi se.

J f we sho uld g·o to Prof.

chcrer" s hom e about m idn ight we woul d find h in~

~ea rching wildly for the pa rego ric bottle. and at the sa me time making- a d es peratL·

effo rt t o qui et the pair o f ho wling tw ins in his a rm s.

T he cries o f t he twins

echo and re-echo in the stili nig ht. but thru it all the athletic d irecto r. calm a nd unruffled, smg·s :

··Go ne r. re t he days when my heart was yo ung and gay:·

If we should spend an even ing with Pro f. Beck w e would find him in his a r m cl1air reading to t he children.

Pomena, who h as been quiet fo r a long time.

sudd enly asks her fat her why he has a moustache a nd she h as none. her that she has no ne because she d ocs not need it.

H e tells

The cat pu rrs lo uder t ha n

c\· er and the professor s pe nds the rest of th e evening thinking o f that ·· p r omising ·· Junio r class entrusted to his cha rge, and hoping that none o f t hem w ill register f,·,r R omeo and Juliet \\·ithout firs t seeing P rof. Sear son. wh om w e wi ll vis it next. \ Ve will either find him in hi s d en trying to ""dig up·· illustrations fo r hi!:' b mous literary w'o rk. ··The I d ler ,·· o r m aking extens ive improvem ents on h i:fro nt )"<! rcls.

He claims to be t.h e only m ember of the faculty that is d o ing honesi

manual labo r this sn ri nrr ~· I

At P rof. Duncanson·s w e find Harold cry111g quite lustilv.

H is fath er has

bee n playing with hi s new toy engi ne and has broken it trying to t r ai n a f rog to bl' engineer.

l\ [r. Dunca nso n concludes that frog s haYe no inte ll ect ann\·a\·.

but he d id li ke to play with t hat eng in e. IS

On t he p romise o f a new en g-inc


quieted and peace is r esto r ed o nce mo re.

A club has been o r ganized w hi ch has fo r its m otto . ·· :\ cold ba th CYen · mo rnino-" I=> . · ~=> · rof. D elzell Ins lectured extensively o n th e beneficial effects of cold baths and tl1e a dvisabdity . . . of t.o llo w111 . g h1s . met I10cI . From t h e next room mar

be hea1·c1· tl1e f o 1low .m rr cOin-crsatwn: · T he }L() is too cold.


1 " ' · ~ o, I don"t wan t to. ··Come . 1\[ar.;:.'

want it nice a nd warm like pa pl has i t. "


P ro f. Dengston has t:.lken breakfast do wn to wn and he thinks he has dct<"ctctl traces of arsenic in the oat-m eal.

He is very excited, and r ushes down to the

labo rato ry to go thru a s.,·stem ati c ' ·operation., o f t hat oat-meal to sec ho \\" much arsenic and ho \\" many o ther things he can fi nd.

H e is Ycry enth11siasti c about

the ma tter and is contemplating g i•!ing thi s unkn 0 \\1n to the class in qualita tiH· anah·sis next semester. Prof. R o use is puffing and pulling away at the washing machine and think·· 111g of all the other m en who are denied this pleasant privilege. he murmurs to hi msel f. ''\\"hat is ho me \\" ithout a \\"ashing machine and me to pull it:··


wonder that the kinder garteners can wash so well when such an experi enced man is at th e head o f that department. L et us end our visits with a look into th e home o f our President Crabt ree. \\"e find hi m lying Aat on his back in the m iddle of the Aoor \\"ith Eunice Lu \"erne romping owr him.


H e is tellin g them \Y hat he saw o f children in

other la nds an d teaches little Lu \"ern e to skip on both feet. acco1·ding to late!':t m et hoc! s. After a ll. it grown.

On e hundred six

cems that the members o f our fac ulty arc but students older-

}.I. D.

The Charge of the Thesis Brigade. econd sem ester 's come. Commencement dra ws ncar. D o wn in the theory room The S enio rs appear . .. Forward the T hesis B ri g ad e ! Choose nO\\' yo ur themes.·· she said. Into the libra ry :\I,arched th e bra ve Senio rs. Books to th e ri g ht of th em. Books to th e left o f th em. Books piled in front o f them, O utlines th ey" ve written. Then at las:. one by one. Back th ru th e files they com e, B ack th ru the fil es. bu t not.:\' ot the sam e out lines. R eel ink at top o f page. R ed i!lk at side of page. Red ink a ll o'e r th e page. :\la rked a ll th eir blunde rs. T heirs not to make rep!.' ·· Theirs no t to r eason why, Theirs but to do o r di e. Back to t he library i\Ia rch ecl the poo r emo rs . .. Forwa rd th e Thesis Drigade , .. \ Vas t her e :1 o ne d ismayed? .:\' ot though the S eni o rs kn ew Some would have grumbled . Ye t no ne th eir zea l could qu ell. Bo ldly th ey wro te. and ,,·ell . !\e'er o n th is ea r th did elwell :iVIor e noble Senio rs. \ Vhen ca n their g lo r y fa cie ? 0. th e orations th ey m ade ! All the school wonder ed . H o no r the r eco rd they made. H ono r th e T hesis B r igade . ::\ o blc. brave S enio rs. A

O PII O )I O HE. One lu t n rlrrd St'7'ell

SHER \\'000 C L.\OE.

SENIOR CLASS PLAY. Ten n yson's '·The Foresters'' \Y:l S g iven on S aturda,· evening . :\ lay 30. b,· the Class c i ·cs. This beautiful Robi n H ood tale ,,· ith its touch .of love an d romance ,,·as given in S herwood Glade. a natu ral stage on t he hillsid e. with '1 beautiful backgr ou nd oi moss-grown ledges an d ,·erd ? n t foliage. This p lay is essentiaily a romantic comedy. It has a fo rest setttn g ,,·i t h hard_,. o ut la\\· . beggars. friars. knights. "·itches. a nd fair ies. living out the ir li ,·es m keep ing with tl~e tin:e of R ichud I. The 10\·ers. :\(arian Lea and Robin Hood . Earl of Hunt ingto n. plig hted fa ith on the even ing of Rob:n·s bani shment. R obin's \\·ooclla ncl life in Sh erwo orl Fore t. the ban k n tptc,· of ~ [aria n's fath er . the u n\\·elcom e ach ·a nces o f Prine '? Joh n and of the ::-,heriff of :\c ttingh?tn . kept t hem aprt unti l Robi n obta ined the mone_,. to pay ir Richard L ea 's debt and cl aimed :\fa1·ia n at the hands of T( in gl~ichard . he r god-father. It is a ~to ry of loYe sacr ificing itself to duty. o f co urage and hono r in a corr u pt age. Tt charm~ by its freshn ess . s\\·eet ness . clean li ness. and by its s tro ng "·hole~c mc human ity: it entertai cs by its merryma king in the "·ildwood. b y it:> spirit. its rcp::t rtee. :ts song. its fairy spell. Its at mosphere is mos t contagio:ts-its smiles and te? rs are oun. ] n t he midst of hi s men Robin I-I oocl stands as a lead er sound in bodY and pure in purpose. Tenny~on 's hero reveals a min d tu ced to nature's mus ic. a. heart jo~·ous and fait hful; and his he ro ine ~[ari a n, smiling. teasing. so rrowin g, com1/undrt!d eight

manding, gin~s us a n a ttrartiYe type o f true \\"OJnanhoocL Set in its ou tdoor !'tage th e p lay is unusually fascinating. It is o ne of t he most unique class plays t ve r g i \'e n at the :\orm<! I. }.[i ss Amelia F. Lucas. head o f th e d epartment of reading a nd express io n. had entire charge o f th e renditi on o f th e pia:· and much th a nks and prai se are due he r fo r her tireless effo rts in training t h e member s \\"h o took part in th is. one o f the mos t uniqu e a nd ;lttractiYe o f T cnn:·son's produ ctions . C.\ ST:

Ro HJX H oor>- .. - ------- .Chester 0. O lin c Si r Richard Lea ----.- ... -Jo hn E. Gi illle,· \\' alter L ea ---·--.--··· . Burrell ] . R aine.; King R ich:utl-- · --Augus t 0. Eggenberger Prince J o hn-.-·-.--.--- .. Frank .·\. Roo;:e Friar Tuck.-.--· .. ------ -John ~ 1. ll o wi e Little J o hn - ... · .... -.-.- \\"a rren S. Cook ~ T uch ....... - - - ·-.---------Leon R. Hill Sca rlet ....... -·····-·.- -Edward l lodapp Sheriff o f Nottin!:!ha m-- Ci1arlcs C. Ge rke,· :-\bhot- ...... --- - -·- --·-Oakl ey \V. J ame-s Jus ticiary. -.. ·- - ·--- - -l Harold \\"illiams ~fe rce!~ary - · · ·-------·-H. Burr Stapleton PttrSlll\"ant ......... J G . . ~ fe>~engcr .. ....... 1 - t ant Hesseltme Fir' t Retai ner -. -- .. -- ... Hu r rell J. Raiu rs Second Retainer .... - ....... Fred 0. Zink Third R etainer-.-- . -- -Rus;;ell R S paO"ord T-'ourth R eta iner - - · · · · .. ·.frank H. ~I i zer:~ I· ir:;t Friar-- ... - ······-- Burrrll J. Raine• Second Friar.-- ..... . ..... -Fred 0. Z ink Third Friar .... - -. - -- - - -f' rank 1·1. ~I izera


f'ir <;t Beggar .. -. - --·· -G eorge L. Carl,on Second Beggar - --- ·· ·--· Edward R. Gro's Th ird Beggar- -.- - - -- -George P. ~kGn: w F nresJer - .... -.- ----- ···Frank H. ~I izera Cit izcn- .... .. - - -- -- · . --Elmer R Burkl'y ~L\ID ~L\ R L\X - - - - · -- · ·--- · · · · Stdla Lull Kale- ... .. ... ------· E,·elyn \ ·an \\"ickle \ . ...... ..... - -- ... Bertha Reed Damsels ) ....... -- -- · · · · · ·- Gr_ace Rerry { ............. ..... Etncl Hern· 0_1-! \\:oma~_- · · · · · · · · l G. ~laud Y ocam C ntzen s \\ tfe--- ···--I F.\!RIES :

~li sscs Hamilton. Byerly . h-a Glasgow . ~Jar Glasgow. Laflin. S tella \\'ashburn.

Tctinant. Hallett. :.\[nmford. Sharp. Ha nna. H errington. Saylor~. \ \'ilcox . O,;tc·nbcrg. S nell , Cone. K an no\\·. Hu tchinson. Th aye r. \Vrnnc. Hilda Pete rson. :.\fabel Batlo r. BJanci1c Bai lo r. Tinnncrma n. }o,;cph, Lorance.


CHAPTER I. l. -:\0\\" the P e rm·ia ns cl\\"elt in n et h-Peru-or l( in gdom o f th e -:\ ebraskans .


H ere \\·e re their tent


tl:e land of -:\eJJ1:lh a



p itched an d th ey w ere a mi g h ty and a Yali:lllt

people . .) - T he: hills en compassed th em abo ut. a nd fro m the \\·ickcc\ on es of th•' :\"o rth. even from the I ndians of E lk Hi ll. an d from the \\'esleyani tcs. \\·h ose chief was C levenger. th ey \\·ere shut o ff.

-+- Lih·\\·ise d id tl'c mou ntai ns fl" i\' ~ th em refuge from t he l..::ea rni\·n res. J. loose- to ngu ed p (Q pie o f the \\"c. t. a n~!, fro m the \Yil (l beasts. th e "Tig-e rs" in the cou_ntry o f C re te. and a lso frcm th e fierce " Camel s ... \\·ho ha d th ei r a bode in th .regJon ' rou nd abo ut Jareth -Cotn er e th. .\nd fro m all th e,;e they " ·ere safe. ~c hiefs .


::\ o w t h e f'c ru,•ians w ere of ma nY tri bes. \\·ith 1ra n_,. st ro ng a nd fea rles-; r\nd at times t h ese tribes fotwht one "" ith :: no the r.


11ut th e G reat Pcac /lu ndri'd niltt'

maker, who was called Crabtree, was not pleased with their quarreli ngs, and the quarrelings ceased. And fo r many years they were an happy and peacefu l people. 1. 8. :\ow it came to pass in the first i110nth of th e year that the you!lg" men of the tribe of Foot-bali-Mosa girded their loin s a nd went fo r th to battle.

9· And they fought many strange natio ns, and lo. victory was with the yo ung men of Beth-Peru-or . and there was g reat rejoicing in the camp of the Peruvians. JO. 1\ow in these d a~·s of thanksgiving. there was an enemy m o r e warl ike than the o thers. the yo ung men of another nation. who were . withal. a w icked and d elu ded people. I 1. And. behold, these fellows who were wont to style themselves the .. Ind ians of Elk Hill.'' defied the people of Beth-Peru-or. and the Peruvians wen t fo rth to battle. 12.

A ncl the India ns were sore afraid.

13. And they gathered to th emselves the Squatte rs from the cou ntry o f the Dakotas. and lo ! there was one sq uatter more powe rful than the r est.

::\ow when the King of the ~:ebraskans saw what the Indians ha d planned . he was exceeding wro th. r j. And he called his servan ts unto him. and spoke u nto th em these worcls : '' Hast~n \·e to the lands of ::\ ebra ~ka and to a ll tribes make kn'own my decree.. , r 6... A nd the servants saw the hand that wrote and they trembled in wardly. 14.

And th is was the decree: .. ~og oocl y Ott. Iki cky ouo u. Tpe ::\nan .. · bemg · · 1 ·IS. .. T I1011 J1as t clo ne wroncrl)·. Til\' ho no rs are top E ru. wh1ch mt.erpretec '=' :. taken from thee and to the Peruvians is the penna nt awarded . .\ II C1 tl1ere \\'as g nash 1' 110' of teeth o n Elk H ill for the space of thi rtY clay-; 18. ."> o · · ·



CHAPTER II. . . t . ·as come the tribe of Foot-ball-l\Iosa return ~ d ::\ow when the Wl!1 CI w · · and o nce more dwelt in B eth-Peru-or. \ tl ·ounO' m en of another tr ibe rose and gi rded themselves. an<: 2. nne1 10. 1e v o the \·ouths of R :!.sket.-Bali-1\·Iosa went fo rth. · . :\E'!ci as it had been with the ir brothers. even so was it with them. And 3 victo n · perched on th eir ban ner. . n t . 7 1 moment the \-Veslcvanites. whose chie f was C.leveJl g-:- I· , 4· 1 >ll • 111 an e\ 1 · · "l.

fell npon them. and g r eat was the slaug hter. S· Th.:n were the voung men of the tribe of Basket- Ball-Mosa exceeding wroth. a nd they took counsel among themse lves, how they migh t destroy th~

:. retl:odists. r.. A nd th eir midst. . 7 8.

th ey took unto themsel ves. one called "Big S wede,' ' a nd set him _,.\ nd he was a powerful man, and g reat in war.


And there was o ne among the Peruvians, a G ra nd Hig h Mogul. A nd hi s name was Scherer. that is to say, '·Scissors.''

1/undNd ten


9· . \nd ·· cisso r ·· also was exceeding \\TOt h. and ,.c ,,·<:cl a ,.o,,· that no t o::c of the heathen should escape. 1 o.

And the Pemvians went forth to battle.

.·\nd of all the mighty men of \\'e5leyan. t!Ot a remnan t In s bee:1 fo und e\·cn until this d3y. I I.

And lo. another pennant d,,·clt in the land of 11eth-Peru-or.

12 .

1.). r\nd the Perm·ians sa w that th ey had clone ,,·ell: and the,· rest ed frc m the ir labors. CHAl'TER TJI.

::\o,,· ,,·hen the spring was co n:e tl:e young n;en of another tri be o f the


l)erttYiat:s rose a nc! girded thrm s~ h·es. 2. And the name of this tribe was n asebaiJ-:\[osa. 3· And a s their brothers had gone . eyen so they ,,·ent fo rth to battle . ..J. And as the ,,·inc! S\\·eeps the flakes of th e snO\Y. e\·cn so the yo ung men o f th e tribe of Uaseball-:\fosa 'wept all before them. 5· And as thP tornado breaks clo wn the saplings. e\·e:l so the ··Ti g~ r>' .. of the cotu~ try o f Crete. 2 1·cl the ··camels.. of the land o f J ar eth-Cotn ereth. and the lncl ians of Elk Hill. and the Kearn in1res. all fell befo re the young men of th(.: l'crtt\·ian tribe of naseba ll-:.\ lo sa. 6. And a gre:tter and a brighter. <ll!d a mo re impo rtant penn ?nt. c\,,·elt !11 th e lau d of the Peruvians. in n eth-Peru -or. in the coun try of ::\ emaha. in th~· 1' ingclom of the l\ ebraska n::. 7· .-\nd the Perm·ians rejo iced \rith fe ast ing ?ncl tl:anksgi,· ing fo r ma nY days. CH:-\ PTER 1\ ·. I. ::\ow there was bur one coach. and his name \Yas Scherer. and he ,,·as Grand Hig h :\ fogul. 2. l1ut the numbers of the tribe of Football<\losa ,,·ere one-half-score-andthree.

3· And their names ,,·ere s,\. ei!SOn. that is to say ... 1\ig Swed e :.. and Cooi~ and Stapleton and i\[cRen10lcls and Lincoln and James and Helms and Coll in~ and Renfro and Zink and. Cartney and Stewart and T olhurst. 4· · And they . were all mio·htv . men. and valiant in battle. ::\ o w the numbers o f the tri be of nasket-Ball-\[osa \\'Cre one- fourth score and two. ~

6· And the ir names were

~e nber"'E'r


7. 8 one. ·


chott that is to saY . .. from ShickleY ·" and Eg· T olhurst and · , eck . · · S anc1 , wenso n and :.\ [e\·ers and L>

And they werE> valiant


e\·en as their brothers ln d be::: n.

1\ow the numbers of the tribe of Baseball-:\l osa were one-half scor e an-i

ne\· 9 · .-\~lcl their names were Carlson. that is to say ... The Captain: .. and ( 3 rt. and \kAclams and Swenson and Helms and P arrio tt a nd G. l\eck a nd E o-gcn 1JCro-er 1 <:::, ant E. Beck and T o lh u rst and Schott. I O . And they were mio-hh · m en and g reat in war. H. .

"' -







L ENA ~!.C us s





E. R.

J, G.





G . P.

~ I CGR£\1'



F. 0 . Zink, P reside nt.

C. 0. Ol ine, V ice-P res ident. Grace Berry, Recording Secretary. .:\Jartha King. Corresponding Sec retary. E. P. H odapp, T reasurer.

G. H . Lanphere, President. El'elyn Va n \ Vickie. V ice- P resident . .:\largueritc .:\Joi1nna n. Recording Secrew ry. Lyla V. French. Corresponding Secreta ry . L R. Hill , T reasurer.


W. S. Cook, \ V. Burrell c, J ames P i1illips.

Ethel Ber ry, ]. H. \.V illiams, Maud l-l enderson,

Ach路iser, Professor \V. N . D elzell.



C. \ V. Smith. President. B. E. Swenson, V ice-President. H azel Beck, Rrco rdin g Secrelary. M . ::-rae J ones, Co rrespond ing Secr~ ta ry . R. R. Spa fford, Trea surer.


Glen 0. J cnk ins. Prcsidt路nt. J. 'E. Gibney. V ice-President Ju lia Va n Dricl. R ecording Sccrctan路. Grace Bogard~< ~. Co rresponding S ec.rcta rY. 1-1. ::-1. Berkey, T reasm cr. .

TRUSTEES: 0 . \\'. J ames, R. A . Sims . Gordon Beck B. H . Ro\\'e n ' .-\.].Hill , '

] . A. H a rri s, .:\ [argarel D unlap, 11. .\ I. Stephens, Lena La rim er, R. R. Ste\\'art.

Ach 路iser. Proicssor F. :\I. Gregg.

1/undr<d t hir l t!t'll



c. 0.

F . 0 . ZtSK






E. P.





w . !\.DELZELl-







PHILOMA THE AN. ·· To he a fa cto r in life m ean ~ ma ~ t e r y; to he a mere quant ity mean s sc n·itude. The literary soci~ty i' .a nurse ry . for the de1·elopment o_f ou~ fttt :trc lea_c!ers o f society. T hen t o b" a factor 1 n a htcra ry socte.ty "til bnng mo re ret urn ~ m .tfter hie to a s tnJent than a ny other one lin e of college ltfe. //". N. /)c/:;c/1.

Th e Ph ilomathean Li terary Society is pro ud to cl aim the distinction o f bein<r b the oldest society of its ki nd in the state. It was organi zed in r86s. two Yea r.; befo re :\ ebraska became a state and li kewi se t,,.o years before the school was made a sta te normal. ~ rr. H enry R oberts was the firs t president. Th e societY \\'aS inco rpo rated un der the la,,·s of :\ebra ska in r8 7 r, at whi ch titre Dr. G. E. I-Jo\l·:lr' l. no\\· of the St~te 'Cniversity, was pre~ id e nt. Hu11dred jou rlt!en

The chief purpose and aim o f the organi zation haYe been to a fford student:; the oppor tunity of appea ring before an audience in ord er that they mig ht deYelop g race. ease. ex pression and a loYe for the best there is in a ll for ms o f literary, musica l a nd forensic accomplishments. In the years gone by ~eve ral hundred students have availed themseh·es o l' th e opportuni t ies aP d priYileges affor ded by this society. .-\mong the long list of names of life members that ha ve been added to the r oll year by yea r, may bP. found many of remark able talent and noto riety. The following are some of tllP best known: H o n. T. J. :\Iajors. ex-li eutenant gO\·ernor. Peru: P. '1'. Hayden. lawye r. 1'\ebraska City: i\ Iiss Lydia Bell. noted as a rea der ; Judge :\. C. Troup. A tto rney Blackburn. O maha: Dr. G. E. H o\\·ard. C ni versity of Xebraska , and the following mem bers of th ~ Xonnal faculty: P resident J. \\·. Crabtree, Professors French. Duncamon. Delzell and Beng:>ton: ?IIisses Ellis. L oomis. :\fears and Culbertson. S uffice it to say in regard to the ,,·ork o f the year just passed that it has been cha racteri zed thruout b,· moE t excellent p rograms . \rillingness on the part o f the 1nembers to perform ,~ hate ver duties were assigned to them. and a mani. f estation of enthusiasm and interest un ~ urpassed in the past h is tory of the society. The ha ll has been rep:t ircd so that it loo!.;s very b~autiful. Dark g reen paper adorns the wa lls : this me rges into a light g reen. above the window casings : and the ceiling is covered \\"ith white g ra ined paper. T his is bordered with a gold molding which g ives it a panel effect. X ew shades haYe been plll"chased for the wi ndows a nd other minor improvements have been made, such as help to make it a most beauti ful place for society meeting s. These g- ratifying results have been due in a large measure to the efficient ,,·ork o f the presicl e~> t s. F . 0 . Zink a1~ d G. H. Lanphe re. in thei r resp~ ctive te rms. the hearty co-ope rat ion of th eir va ri ous committe·eS . and the loyal support of the members. Prof. D elzell. the society's adviser. is dese r vi ng of much praise for his ev ~ ,. ready a nd appropri ate suggestions and plans. T he year of 1907- 1908 will bC' looked back upon ,,·ith pricle and satis factio:1 in years to come by ever y loyal member who p:~ rti cipatccl in maki ng it a succes~. Th ~ follO\\·ing calendar of a fe\\' of the principal programs \\"ill a iel in recalling many pleasant evenings spent iu Phi lo Hall the past year : '07

Oct. -!- Pantomim e, ''T he Doctors ." . ( CJ e,·cr act in g.) Oct. 12-P l11lo-E ,·crett Reception. (A ) oily good time.) Oct. I R- Pant om1 mc, '':\lode! School. .. ., - .. (O'!t:ls '·h ooted." ) Oct._;,- Ach·eru s111g for a W ife .. " ( Bachelor success ful. ) N O\' . R- Southern S tates ... N . ., . (Special mu sic. ) 0 ' · -D- J o 111t Thanksgi\' ing p rogram. ( R ea c1.111gs ·an d pa pers ) 0 ec. G-.,A_ Game o f Aut hors.". D. ~~ B IOgrapl~ i es dealt out.) ec. IR- The _Dnlt,?d S!~ t es Na,·y.'' (O ,t•ls hoot agai n.)

C:\ LE!\D:\R


J an . li-A nnual Philo :\lusicalc. (Special mu sic.) j an . 31- :\l iscellanous program. (P iano trio.) Feb. ; - ''The :\louse Tra p.'' (One caught.) F('b. 1:i- Philo-En•rett Contest. (Oral ions. dcscri pt ions, mu sic, etc. ) :\lar. G-Am cri can India ns . ('vVar dance.) :\lar. 20-Special l'vlusic Program. (13 iographi es oi mus icia ns, etc.) Apr. n - Lecturc by Dr. G. E. H oward. (Col. ~ laj ors p:esides o,·er meeting.) :\lay 2!J-OpeP Sess1on. ( Socie1y pl ay, etc.) 1-/ull(/rcd.!iftu n

EVERETT. ''Ideal T11·entieth century education is efficiency o f life. Dextro us i1ands, alert sen ses, a well stocked mind, a cultured intellect, a mas tered appetite. a functi onary li1·e r, a sympathetic heart, de1·oted :~mbiti o n, altruistic m oti1·es, unblemi she d char::~cte r and s clf-co nfi ,l e n~ " un spoiled by egotism-these are elements that mark rhe efficient life. "Such a liie com es from hygi enic habits, energetic labor, unselfis h effo r t, p ers is tent study, and \\'ho lesomc kno \\'ledge applied until it is \\'Oven into e1·cry fibre o f o ne's a natomy. It may be gained by combining opportunities of the home, th e school, the church, til~ communi ty, the gymnas ium, the li terary h;tli. The efficien t life is t he beautifu l life. Jt i<; the liit• \\·orth linng.'' Prof. F. M. Gregg.

Colors-Biuclz mtd Orange J[otto-"Once an E<-·cre ft Always an E·uerett" The:: Eve rett Society was organined in 1872 and s ince that date it h as bee n the aim of ever\' membe r to make it t he most llo lirishing of the literary societies. ''Al l great th ings have little beginnings.'' At first the society met each Friday even in P" in one of the class rooms. It was not u nti l 1885. whe n th e n e w o r sou th win g of ::\o rmal Hall was built. t hat the Everett o ciety was g iven t h e room it no w occupies . The E ven•tts ha\·e alwa ,-s been kn o \\·n fo r d o ing thin gs, a n d t hi s y c:u Ii Yed · reputatJOn · · up to t I1e1r b,- purchas1ng a fi ne new o ffi c e· clesl-" ca11d - adorn ino"' the. wa ll1s · 1 · • · . ttr acti ve appea rance mdeec. \\'It 1 beaut1ful paper, \\·h1cb g 1ves the room a very a f St t No rm al Its aim is to offer . T he societY is on e of the fixtures o t 11e a e · . . If b 0 111 e accomplis hed a n d fit hi mthe stud ent a n ooportunit1· to mas te r htmse • ec f It' t' f 1 cu IVa ton . 0 self to be a real facto r in -life. Droadly speaking, it stands o r tle the be.3t o f eve rything . 'l' l, , _ II . . _ ; ab o ut on e h u ndr-ed forty . O w in g to the crowded .e e.11 o ment t 111s : ea1 .s . _ llowino- each member t ) tal·en this yeal a "' < conditi on o f t he room. measures " ·ere c ' b f t he school . . t to b e a mem cr o . tll \'tte but ot ~e p e rson. that per son no . f tl ·s yea r ha ve b ee n the contests. The fir:; t 11I e r·-th e first of \\'hich was giv en Friday .\mong the spcctal fea~ur~s o . · f t s tx. tn num J "as a !"en es o contes s - rs of the faculty, Miss Lucas, ~Iiss Goshen 1 eYen i 1o· D , 1 I) Three •nem J C . . I , . - ec~::m Je r · - JUcl . o-cs. Tlle JJrog ram wh1ch won fi rst place ·m . ted P and ro f. Deck. w-e r e appOin . "' . .. . - 1 o-ed by lVI r. Carl Schott . 1 E -cn tno atlat"' . the co ntest \\'aS. ·'A Co Io ma ' ,. . . contes t bet\\'een the P htl omathean a nd Eve rett The second ,,-as th e annua 1 1 · · • . tl1 -:\ o rmal C h apel on t 1e evemng of F ebruary I S soci eti es . "·hich took p lace 111 e . . _. .· . , . t d o f o rat 1ons ptano solos, desci tptJOns, reacl mgs a 1908. The program cons1s e ' , symposi um and Yocal solos. o f t he most profitable and successful ,·ea rs in the This year h as been one . . _. . . · . _ the £yeretts \\'tsh h et e to attttbute a share o f the 1r ht. tOr \' of the soCiet: anc1 . . . tl . a nd h earty co-ope ration of th et r aclvtser, P rofessor success to th e sympa T\ _ F. :u . Gregg.

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li AS SA





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ll u aoa~y


CICERONIAN DEBATING CLUB. Colors-O range and Black :\l OTTO: ''D<'bat ing is expressing h o n L~t conncuo ns in th e m o~ t ach·a ntagcous manner. T he debat er is a teache r, a thoug h r ;~1\'ak en c r. a conYicti on dcn~l op cr. To debate is to stand openly, squarely, and forcefully fo r o ne' · hon<'!'t co m· i cti o !l~. This is the highest type o f dc,·clopm ent o i 'sci f-dcpend cnt po,,·cr' ll' hich a lo ne doth ti me defy a s rocks res ist til': hil lo ll's o r the sky. Had l my college life to Ii,·e again, I II'OuiJ drop any three subjects from th e reg-ular co ur5e befo re J 1\'0uld gi,·c up the j oys. t he conf-licts,' th e de feats a nd th\' /.II". Srarso11. t rin 111phs o f l ho~e cn~ ning~ 3pe11t in ;t coll\'gc boy~· debating club."

D uring the score 0f ye<1 rs <;ince th e Ci c~ rc nia n Debating- Clu b \\'as or ganized it has al\\'ays held up as its a im and purpose these high icit:!a ls of debating- an·i fo rl'nsic culture such ?.s a rc embod ied in the \\'0:·ds 0 f o ur cl ub's a ch·iser in the abO\'(? qu otation. O ne m ay lea rn th e prii~ciples and methods o f prepa r ing· a debate fro m boo ks o r in th e class room . but he ca n neYer become a d ebator unl ess he has the priYilege of making practical appl icatio ns of th o~e principles a nd methods in rea l debat ing. The deba ting club affo rds this oppor tunity. Jt is the la bo ratory \\'h ere f0 rC'nsic C'xperiments a r.e perfo rm ed by each incli,·idual membe r. . The wo rk o f the yea r j us t passed has been not on!.'· successful. but exceC'd;ng ly g r atifying. Gp-to-date to pics haYe been d iscussed at a ll times. Each o f th e prd imina ry a nd inter-co lleg iate questi01:s was debated by the society. A n interestin g fact to no te is that every young man "·ho " ·on a piace o n the !!Iter-collegia te debating squads \\'as a member of Cicero. Program s deserving o f special m ention " ·ere "Hearing of a Remonstranc, Fi led Against the G r anting of a Saloon License by the C ity Council. .. December 7. a nd th e " Xationa l E lectora l (onventiou ." _-\pri l 25. a t \\·h ich lime n om in at i 011~ ~ nd Cl(.'ction of president a nd vice-president of the l"n ited S tates took place. file cl im 2x of enthusiasm \\·as rl'acl: ed when Hon. Je~~e Ha rri s came forth to del i vc r his speech 0f acceptance. . The officers of this clcb<l ting club arc to be hi g hly com pli m en ted fo r their fa ith ful . enthu siastic effo rts in m akino· thC' wo rk exccecl inrrh· in te r cstino· ancl profitable thi s year. ,.., "' . "'

1/untlr cd /u.. •t ' ll l)'-0 1/t'

ATHENIAN DEBATING CLUB. The Athenian alwa~·s remain faithful. notw ithstanding- the fact that matl\" occur in school liiC' ,,·hich conflict with their meetiPgs. £,·en· aturclaY asid·...'" c\· ening- at S o'clock th e l11C'mbers :---,o-ather in their debatin ...;;~ room. 1~,-ino. b lig ht-er purs ui ts and deYo ting their minds to such strenu ous wo rk as the ··no hl<: art o f argumen t.·· thi n~s



Th e d C' bating- \\·ork of the Athenian Society has kept u p " ·ith exceptional thru out the year a nd m an~· of the li ,·i ng- qu es ti ons of the clay ha,·e been d iscussed fo r the mutual good of a ll. enthu sia ~ m

O n February 28 th e debating- club g aYe an o1: cn sessio n tn ~J usic an d Expression Hall. representing the u nited Sta tes Senate tw enty yea rs hence. :-\ wo rd o f wd come and expbnation of the nature of the Senat-e \\·as giyen b~: Senator E lizabet h He'lder son from I owa. after " ·hich th e members filed in.· cl ad !n th e attire of th e ·· \"e\\· \\"oman.'" \"ice-President i\l.iller called the Senate to order and the clerk. Senator lloga rdus. call ed ro ll. Senator Loomis of Xc~.,­ York ti:en cOt!ductcd the ch<!pel exercises. rea d it g the pa ssag<t• concerning SamJ> !'On and Del ila h. A petition ,,·as then r ccei,·ed from the .. :\ len's S uffrage .-\ssr:ciatio n .. aski ng the resto r ?ti on o f th eir anci ent rig ht s a nd the pri,·ilege of proposing 0 11 leap year. T he Senate n~o,·ed th at the gen tl en:en be a llowed to present their petitic n in perso n. and Sergea n t-at-!\Jnns Pederson fro m Texas conducted :\less r s. R ey nolds. :\!izera and G ibt:-~ ,-. att ir~ cl in frills and bo,,·s. to the Senate rooms. They. ,,·ith much timidness .a nd nerYou st;ess. made pathetic appeals ttl behalf o f the ir do wn-trodden bret hren. Th e motio n was made an d ca rri ed to refer th eir 1: et ition to the committee o n usC'Ie.c:s Sf'nate p ~ p<:> rs. a nd the weeping men ,,-~ re conducted from the room. Th e next in order of business \\"a S --A l\fe1no rial in the Form of a Resolutio n on Child Labor ... prese nted b,- enator ~fcLea n from :\ ebraska. The complain\" was that the men kept the cililclren a t home to help with the hou sewor k. they bei ng kept busy gossiping over back fences a nd attcndi t;g K·ens ingto ns. Sen:ttor s ~ r cLea n of Xebras ka . B ra m 1er of C regon. ~ [ abel Bai lor of Kentucky and XebP.r o f Delaw~ re debated abh· in fa,·or cf the resolution a t:d it \\·as ca rri ed b:: a large majority. Senator nailo r o f 1\:en tu d;:,- then int rod nced a bil l entit led . ... \n :\ ct tu Provide That .-\ 11 L egal Tender. Coins o f the L· ni ted States Hereafter Coined. S h?ll Dea r the Inscripti on. ' I n God W e Trust.'.. It was s trc ngly and forcibh supported by Sena to rs lh ilo r. S heelc,-. 1..:1arris. \Vahlstron a nd ~ [il le r. Senato r H encl:r on adj ourned th e me et in~-- .The Senate chambe rs \\"ere cro,,·tJed witl1 the f n enrls of the . enat o r s and they unan!n;ously proclaimed it a ho wli ng succe ~•CIXI1 YELL

.--1-t-h -r-11 ia 11 Soc ict~ ! X"o Boys?? "Ko Boys ! !

THE KINDERGARTEN. The K!ndergartcn department was reg ularly established in 1898. when l\Iis~ Lou E . H osmer. a pupil of the world-renowned edt;cator. Dr. Hailmann, was placed at its head. "Cnder her able supervision the department has become one of the strongest and best organized in the ::\ ebraska State ::\ o rmal. Froebel's methods are carefully car ried out by means of g ifts, occupations and <Yames. The purpose of the gifts is to change the child's clemen ts of destruction t; those cf construction and to giYe him id eas of number. form and color. The hand is trainee! bY means of the manual work. in the form of sewin<Y clay modeling, ,,·caving. d~awing and painting, all o f which te nd to develop tl~ aesthetic sense, broaden the child's mind and develop originality. Th e games consist of organized play, whicl1 develops the child physicallY. g iv ing him grace, poise and self-control. · ·· The sing ing of songs also plays an important part in the child's education. creatint5 early a love for rhythm and harmony. The: t\\'O years· conr!'e consists of actual practice in a well equipped. up- todate kin dergarten of forty children, rang ing in age from three to six yea rs. Each Sen ior takes her turn of assum~ng the entire responsibili ty o f the kindergarten, planning both her own work and that of six a~sista nt teachers. In this \\'av she Lecomes competent to assume charge of any kmdcrgarten. The g raduate~ of the 1\ebraska S tate 1\ ormal Ki nclerga rten depa rtment have been particularly s uccessful. many of \\' hom a re holding excellent positions all over the "Cnited States. The class of 100g consists of Edna Beach. H elen Cone, Rut h Hamilton . ~\Iattie :\fumford. L~la Re"·ey. J essie Robinson and Grace Saylors.



jESSIE M . Romxso~




., ' •I J



' "' ·l•

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.~· __








• GLEE CLUBS. T he s tudents and fac ulty ha,·c Yery hig hl y appreciated the excellent \YOrl rac h of the g lee clubs has prcsrntcd to the public. The culm ination o f the :·ca r's work was reached on the e\·cn ing o f :\Iay S· 1908. when the glee clubs. with the assistance of se,·eral o f the fin est singers of Pe ru, presented ·· Queen E sther.·· T he members of the Gi rls' Club arc: Ftrst Soprano-':'Ada lyn niankens hi p. ':'G race Berry. :\[ay Darnrs. Inez Dillon. [ mil y E ri ckson. Carlctta Flack. Francis Gilbert. .-\cia Gan·er. ~ l a u d T-Iadsrll. Bertha Kcssling. :\lay L inger . Lucia Saxer. ':'Bess ie Z ink. Julia \ "an Driel. Bessie \ VashLurn. Second Soprano-Esth er Dlank e11shi p. Clara Buhrma n. Blanche Collins. I-Ta n·iet \V. Donmeyer. I sabella Gabus. :\la rtha H eim. :\ lary .-\. H e2 ly. Dora H. Kaffinbt11·gc r. i\Iamie :\ fasck. A lyce :\[axey. Ella "\"elson. :-\cia O'Conner. First r\ ltc- Paulina .-\den . .-\nnetta Urieht. Cora Chittc!Jdc:l. E stelb Dillow.


:H abel Griffiths. An toinnette :\ f. H erman. Bu r tis Kennech-. O li ve Pasco . Erma Roge rs. Bessie S helli ngton. Clara \ Vymore. S tella \ Vashb;trn. Second :\Ito-L ena H a llett. :\raucl H ende rson. E liz?bcth Hcndcrso:1. Lc!1<": La ri mer. Jessie E . :\IcDermot. Ada L. P hillips. Ivy i\I. \Vei ls. ':'Ethel i\1. \Villia ms . Bertha Reed . .-\ccompan ist. }.!ary G. Ellenburger. D irector, Geo rge H . A ll er. llOYS. GLEE CLull

L:irs t Tcnor-l~ a lph Grubb. Frank Ha \Yk. ':'G . H. L:lll phere. L oui s :\lag;or. E ug ie R eed. Griffith Reed. J acob Schott. ':'Jc se Harri s. Seco11d Tenor-Edga r l-:.~irchilcl. L. A. Grubb. ':· \ ·a;l Kirk :\l:lxc:·. Frank :\ fc:\fillin. ':'D . H. R o\Ycn . Ru ssel \\"hitfield. ':'Glen D. J enkins . Ralph J ones. 0 . Lin coln. lia ritone--Thomas l1ath. G. L. Ca rlso;l , \\" . S. Co8k. S. J. Ell enburgc!·. Ralph Fairchild. Echnrcl Hodapp. J. E. :\ l org:.~ n. Ernc ~t R. ?. ink. Eclwa rcl Collins. H. H. 1-I un ~ phre,·s. J. J. 11rittc11. Ea rl } feycrs. l1asso-F . .-\. Doose. ]);1\·id Ca rl son. F ran k E llenb urger. \\ ·. C. Harp r. Schott. Dale D. \Yhitficld.

C. G. ~ l oulton . E . C. Host. ':'C.

Accompa nist. H . H. Hu111phreys. Director. P rof. George H. :\llcr.


tCI .

> 0: <


ORCHESTRA. The orchestra. under th e d irectio n of Pro f. :\. L oeb. inst ructo r m the Institu te for the Blind at ::\cbraska City. has been doing ex cellent wo rk. Its m embers a rc: P rof. ..-\ . L oe b. cello : E. P. H odapp . fi rst ,· iolin; Julia \"an D ri el, first violin: \"ictor Truckcn, first ,·io lin ; :\I innie Stalder, first Yiolin; .·ophi c \Vittwer. first Yiolin: Anna :\1. Ketridgc. second Yiol in: Durrell Raine·;;. clarinet; Gor don Heck. trombone : \\.ade Bixby. cornet. a nd i\Iary Ellenburger, piano. The follo wing excellent mus icale was gi ,·en :\ r arch I 8, I go8. by the o rchestra. with the assistance o f Pro f. Geor ge H. All er a nd :\Iiss :\dalyn Blankenship : ::'lfa rc h-O ld Faithful.· ... ..... .... . . ... .. .. ....... . . .... ................... . J-Iol::111a 1111 XoR~t.\L


\ "iolin Duct-Petit Symphonic ......... . ........ .. ..... . ....................... -Da 11 cla ::'II!SSES \ V!TTWER AND STADLER C larinc t -A licante Fanta sia ............... . ... . . ......... . ... ...... ...... .... LcThicrre Bt:RRELL RAI NES Hearts and F lowers . .. ...... ... .. .. ...... . ........ . ................. .

M oses Toba11i


V ocal Solo-Alia S tella Confidenta .... ................. .. . . . .. . ... . ... . ....... . Rolalldi ::'lhss DLANKEXS!ltr


Trio-Hungarian Dance .......... . Apple Blossom s . . . · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·.BrahiJls 0


· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·· ·· · ··.R oberts PRoF. Low, E. HoDAPP, Mrss Kt NG Trombone-T he :. l essagc . . .

. . . . . . . · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ····· ··.Brooks Gonr:oN l3ECK Scxtcttc iro m Lucia ....... .

· · · ·•· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · . Dolli:;clli :\nR~t.\L ScHooL 0RC HESTR.\ \"oral Solo-The S to rm \\"ind ........ ." .. . .................... . . .... ...... . ....... E<•crs GEORGE H. ALLER Violi n Solo-Gth Air .... .... ... . •




· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · . .. ... .De Be riot :\. L oEn

La Palr-ma . . ... . ...... .. ... .. ......... . ..... . .. ... . ...... ... .... .. .. .. .... . ... Yradicr i\o:nt.\L Sc tioot. 0RciiESTn.-\



I\:l r ss J E S TAL DE n




H ED !

A oALY S B r~ Al\ KF.S~II J Jl E ~ THJ-. K BI. AS KE:\"S II IP


B Ess rE 7. rs ...:

B u nns 1<~:-:ss E nY

:\I AI(Y


n c·1,,

I~ER!<. E"



"'SYMPHONY CLUB. The Symphony Club has proved to the fac ul ty and students of the Pertl <::tate 2\ ormal that there is mu sic in all things. The following are the members. with the names o-f the instrume nts used in "The T oy Symphony ... by Jo~eph Hayden. and ··The Kitchen Quartette,'' by Kling: l\fary G. Ellenburger, piano. 1\Imrtha r-:: ing. d irectress. rolling-pin, funnel and horn in G. Aclalyn Blankenship, Peruna jug, spoon anrl nightingale. G r<-.~e Berry. stew-pan, potato-masher, rattle. apple-parer.

Bertha Reed. tin lids, coffer-mill, triang le, qua il. fiJ aud Henderson, fire-shovel, poke r, cuckoo. lVJinnie Stalder. gobl ets, forks, second \'iolin. Sophie \ •Vittwer, medica ted water-bottles and first violin.


The school . is fortunate in having such an excellent "octette'' as these g irls ha ve proved to be. Its members a re : Aclalyn Blankenship, Bessie Zink. first soprano : ?\[artha H eim. Esther Blankenship, second soprano; Ruth K ernen. Burtis Kennedy. first alto ; L ena L a rimer. Ethel \'Villiam s. second alto; ?\ fa ry E llenburger. pianist.

:::l; nder th e direction of P rof. G eorge H . Aller. 1/undred lllil'/y ·one

NORMAL BAND. The Korrnal Dancl of 1907-I 908, under the direction of P rof. George H. :\ II cr. ha s clone better \\"Ork than a Peru Normal Dand has ever done.

The boys haye been faithful and worked hard. and deser ve much credit for the resu lt accomplished. I ::\" STRU:.l E ::\" T.\TJ O::\"

H. 0. Helms. piccolo: H. L. Kin sey. E flat clarinet; H. H. Hum ph reys . >ccond D nat clarinet: B urrell Rainec:. olo B. flat cla rinet: E. \". \"ance. E An;: •~ Ito saxophone: \V. S . Cook . \\"illiam Culbertson. first a lto : T racy Tyler. Harold Chatelain. second alto : J. H. \ Villiams. E flat tuba: J. J. Byrne. baritone : Gordo n Deck. w lo slide trombone; Hal Glasgo\\". val\"e trombone; Verne Chatelain. Blaine Reed, third B fl at cornet : G . H. Lanphere. second B Aat cornet: .-\rthu r K lima, l\L E. Healy, first B Aat cornet; Grant Hesselti ne, Forest McAdams. \V< B ixby. solo B flat cornet : Harry Sanders. bass drum; Vernon K reb;;, sna re dr um: Benjamin H aulon. snare drum and traps : George H. A ller. leader. On Tu esday evening . .-\pril 7. 1908. the best band concert ever g inn !n P e r11 Wa!> rendered. The program was as follows: The Jolly New Yorker-~larch ........... . ............... .. ........... . . · · · · · · · .ll'cidt B A!' D

~lanrico-Oycrtu re ........................................................... Bcuu ct (Special parts for clarinet ) BAND

Tuba Solo, Darbarossa-O,·r·rturc ..... ............. ............. ..... .. .. · · · .BanrhOIISt! ~lR. \VtLLIA~I S

Duct. Cornet and Trombone. Elena Po lka-0 \"erturc .......... · : . . · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · .1\.ic fcr :\ fES~Rs . :\ l cAoA:o.t s AX D BECK

O lcvinc- .\f arch

Vaudcrcook BAND

PART II Kitchen Symphony . ...... .. ...... . ........................... . ... ... ........... . K/iug p· SY~ti'HON Y Cu.:11 rano Solo- Second Noctu rne ............................................ · .Lcsclrcti:;k:y s H. HAROLD HlDIPHR EY:; oprano Solo-vVlJisper and T Shall Hear ..... ........ ....... ............... . Piccolornini .


]ttn Fenton's \;\,' edding ..... . .............................. . ..... .... . .. .. .f. G. Hollaud



\Valdhor n, Tl1c A pproacI1 c- r. a Storm .............. .. . .......... ... .......... .... . S cI111 /"•' · D . \\" . \V. \V~IITE, OF Et;PHONI L'~l Ct.l"!1 uet-E:xccls ior .. . .. . ...... . .... · · · · · · .......... . ....................... . . · . . · Balfe :!\ lt ~S ~l u t~t·rrY J\:-lll ~IR. At.t.ER

Dance o f th e Fairi es ........ ·· .. ············ ... ····· ......... ········· ······ · ·· .Smar: L ,\OJES' OcTTETTE

PART Ill Ou r Special-:\larch .............. . ... ....... . . .............. . . . ...... . .... · .. · . .Jewell



roll1bon<' Solo. Enobmort-h crturc ...... . .................. . ..... . ..... · · · · · · · · P c f tee Co ~~~~. B EC K rn et Solo, Victcr P olka-O,·crturc ... . ... . .................... .... .... · · · · · · · · S uydcr Sea .\ltc BrX RY · ' 11cl"lus Duin's-.\farch ... .. .. . .. . ..... ......... ... . .... ........ . ... . ...... . .. . Keeble (Special for slide trcmbr nc) //IIIUfrr d t/tit·~l '·/fl1"N

~IAKDOLl K \V. C . H arpste r

Inez Dillon


Chas. Rost Ruth Strong

Albert Gash Marian Stron g


C. P . Schott,



G . H. Lamphe~~ Benjam in Rowen

•4 •

.\ .

l .I t



. I




A RT DISPLAY Music anJ Express ion Hail, i\ l a rch 13- 15 .

FORTNIGHTLY ART CLUB. T he F ortnightly A rt Club was organized nine years ago, consisting of the :aci y nH:lllbers of the facult:· and the ladies of the town. Its object was the systematic, comprehensiYe study of the old masters and their work. Yea r by year it ha s met reg ularly, conti nuing the study in various fi elds, both ancient and modern, until a wide scope has been carefu ll y covered. O utlines o f study are prepared each ·ear. A r t magazines a nd best authoriti es upnn paintings, ~culpture. handcraft, pottery and architecture have been added to the library, thru the club. for the benefit of a ll persons connect·ed with the school. St imulated by the inspiration g ained thn1 this study, and desiring to share w ith othe rs the result of its research. the club br!ngs to the school once or twice each yea r an a r t exhibi t. consisting o f the best collection of pictures possible to be secured in this countn·. In connection with the exhibit each year are found choice pieces of pottery, mosa ics, carved ivory a nc! other bric-a-brac directly from foreig n countries. T he student bod .,· larrreh· . atte nds and derives g reat cul tural val ue fro m the study o f pictures, a nd from the lectures that ar-e g i,·en each da y and evening dumg the ex hibit. ~

Evidences of the " ·ork of this orga ni zation in the for m of excellent pictures \\'ell framed a re found e,·ery\\·he re in the norma l school, in the homes o f the vi llage and in the school ro~m s of the state. In the chapel, the decoration o! which the club has undertaken, g reat care has be·en exercised in the selection or appropriate subj ects. At tl;e pr~se n t time a portion of the reproduction of the beautiful Pa rthan on .f ri cze. embellishes the front, wh il e at one side stands the graceful fignrc of l\lincr va, a nd on the other side th e artistic stat ue of S t. Georgc. Th e aesthetic education of the young men and women is unconscious!\· ta king place as they sit, each morning·. in the presence of the best \\'Ork of .Greek a nd modern :'Cu!ptors. LILLIAN Li . STO;..;ER.








ll ""'J. r--•-...\ il-

Illustra ted by E. R. G ros".

r~•nt ~ r•d:u~bl i-n.

colo~~ true.

1_ ~ovld.. ~\ l-~~~ \n ~oy)l ::ou"b\-.,.,"t Po.:.~\,~, o\cl Pe-rv.

lA/e .._,;.,. o-.,,.

o: ... -..\1..\~ co\o-.. ~.

" ncl. c-\\ ouy }'--""'--\" ""'''"'" 'o 0

..l_ 0

fiu~t'hoe ~od.. "l~>~ 1\h ..._ h~a.....--\

1'\1. o.l<e-s. Cov

\=\ c

o~ lo-ue.

l \d.... C::O



ho..~ -\-ca. )(e-n -\-.h e




b) ue,


a n.J.



'i '" ._....._.\


•-llllliiii--...... 0

·h :J.

J_ \,\ e ~:.

-pe v. Y

~ i'-:. .... -\uv~


1-\: •. 0\ d_

ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. P resident. 0 . \\·. James. ecrctan·. Glenn Sheelev. Treasurer. J a mes Phillips. \ ' ice- 1':-csiclent. L. R Hill. T he purpose o f this organization is to . further the interests of athletics b,· organi zed student efl:ort. to m'a intain hig h standa rds of efficiency both in schola~­ ship and physical abi li ty. T he present association \\'as organized in 1904. T he association has constructed the athletic fi eld at. an app roximate cost ot on ~ thousand dollars. The field is largely the result of the enthusiastic effor ts of P ro fessors P orte r. H o \\'ie a nd \ Vhi tenack. T he management o f a thletics is in the hands o f a board composed of four facu lty members. chosen by the president o f the insti tution . and three student memb~ rs elected bv the association. Prof. \\' hi tenack has been president of the boa rei for seven v~ars. T he At hle ti ~ Association is a member of the ::\ebraska Inter-Collegiate L ca g·ue for the management of al l athl rtics. T he association has. does. and a lways shall sta nd .fo r clean ath letics.



The. Diological s~minar has a twofold pu rpose-first. to keep its membe:·s in touch with present progress in the bi ological sciences, and. second. to give the student a desire to folio\\' 11ut scientific lines of study. T he student learns ho"' iiterature may be turned to profit in developing an appreciative attitude to\\'ard science in general. The s'cminar is open to. all students having electi,·e \\'Ork in the Biological Depa rtment. The progra ms. occurring every t\\'O \veeks. arc participated in by both swdents a nd instrnctors. and all subj ects are op ~n for general discussions.

SENA TUS POPULUSQUE ROMANUS . The elective Latin classes maintain this organization in order to afford a backg round for the stud y o f Latin by g iving opportuni ty for full er enjoyment of topics of int erest to Latin students than time of daily recitations permits. .. . P rograms a re desig ned to bring the students into closer touch with R oman h fc and litera tu re and embrace Roman mytholog~· . history, social customs, and latin music. The club was o rganized October. 1906. a· the R oman Republic. the variou s cl u tics of a elm in istra tici n bcing performed by consuls. q uaestors . praetors. etc. A t present the clu b is under di rection uf a triumvirate. the modern Caesar . I omP<:>y a nd Crassus being impersonated by Sadie J oy . R ay S ims a nc\ l. F. Ca rtnc,·. V ivat odalitas Latina ! ·

CAMERA CLUB. T he members o f thi s club believe that it is \\'ell that people sec th ~m seh· -:s as ' 'ithers " see them. . . Th e club comprises all persons tak in g ~ cl va n cecl photography, and all work Js tn cha rge of Prof. Dengston. The club is assisted by two p rofess ionals. l\ 1r. f\. ~ eterson a nd 1\Iiss \' era Craven. T he following ha ve been actively assistinr.; ~a n o u s ma nufactu rers o f photogr<' phic supplies to amass their surplus : G. L. :'\ arlson, E. P. H odapp, E. R. Gross. G. P . l\lcGrew. G. H. Hesseltin e. Anna ~/· l(etridge. E liz::dJcth S nyclcL Isabel Galms, O liYe Eggleston, ntan chc rah ~. an K irk l\taxey, ::l!1d J ohn A . H a nna. Ifu n drt·d t /Jirty-uiut•

MILIT ARY TRAININ G. . _I n l 888 Dexter D. :\ shlcy. of the class of '90. no\\' a promin ent physician 111 I\ ew Yor k City. organ ized the first Torma} Cadet Company. The work "·as do ~1-c u nde r many ·disa<h·antages. fo r the company \\'as compelled to drill \\'ithout un ttorm s 0r a nn d uring thr first year of its organization. consequently the boys ,,·otd d ~TO \\' tired of the wo rk and fall out.

For t!1e second Yea r· \\'Ork. thru the effor ts of prominent citizens of th<: lO\\'n. membe rs of tl;e facult,· a nd especially the p rincipal, guns were obtained from the state. · .-\ sh ley was captain during his Jun ior a nd enior years a nd \\·as succeeded by Charles ::\ca l. o f the class of '92. who a lso held the position for two yea rs, until Prof. H. B. Duncanson , as commandant, took -the company into his charge in the fall o f I8C)2. G niforms \\'ere then made a requirement. A fe,,-, howeyer. rcbe ll ~d aga in st ·the rule. and Company B was fo rmed from the malcontents. A th.i rcl company was fo rmed from the practice school-the la tter company drilling \nth wooden g un s. T wo a nd t h ree d rills were held each week, with dress parade on FridaY. These parades w ere the means of working u p a military band. which nO\\' is recog111zed as O!l C of the bfs t bands in the state. T hru the untiring e fforts of Pro f. D uncanson the cadet wo rk \\'as put on a firm foundation and was recognized as a p:~ rt o f the school. At the opening o f the Spani sh -Ameri c~n wa.r the g uns were called in by the state ;mel a bout a dozen of the cadets enlisted tn the regular a r my, several of whom !nYc won milita rY distinction. T he calling in of the g uns put a stop to military traini ng in the ·Ko n nal until it was reviYed by Prof. C. F . Beck in the year 190.j.. As the records have been lost, the captai n: fo~· the period under P rof. Dunca.nson cannot be g ive n, but since the reorgamzat10n the following student capta tns have ser ved:I904-I90S, P e rcy Ada ms; 19os-1906, Cha rl~s Weigand; 1906-1 907. Com~a ny A, ~· J. Wicklan d; Company B, A. H. Gtlbet:t; 1907-1908, Company A.. ~ . 0 . O llll c; Company B, Go rdon Beck. . Thru money ra by cadet pla:·s a~d putti~g dawn scats in the new chapel, <11111S han• been procured from ti me to tllne un~tl the cadets now' own gu n s a nd swo rds suAi.cient to equip two full-sized compames. The work h as become morr firmly cstab!ished u ntil nc \\' it is recogn ized as one of the main features of th<> school.



of thAn encampm ent is held ~ach spring: and, needless t? say, this feature e " Ot k IS looked forward to Wlth g reat expectancy a nd w tth no disapr)o·111 t ll1 en t , 1 . · Tl . i\Iay 2~-~e~1 the t tmc actually a rn: es. le encampment th ts . spring \\'as· held fe el. es) _- ?· and. to say tl.le least, c~tcl not fall _short of ex pectations. The cadets .., I E:t;: tally fo rtunate 111 p rocunng such excellent g rounds for their encampentsinand · d e t o 'f · ktn · clness 'in a...llow . I f ee.I they O\\' C a debt o £ gratttu n I.· Cl . ayton ·for hts g hem th e usc of his large p!!sture, together w tth wood fo r bon-fires. T he con1111 · · \. C · . lie utena nt, B ISSIOnec! o ffi cers o f C~mpany f a re : aptam, C. 0. O line; first Captain, C · B .. Ro wan; secan e~ 1teutcnant~ B. B. Bedell. Oi Con~pam· n: E. ::\ [. J\rc .~ .~ardon Deck: first heutenant. h..ussell St~war~; second laeutena nt, ) 1 , coan nnndant, c. F. B ec k, un der whose cltrcctaon all \\'OI·k is done.

Y . M . C. A . OFFJ CERS

President. ]. T . Akers.

\"ice-President. D. L. Carlson.

T rea urer. D. E. \H' nson. R eco rcl i!tg Secretary. C. 0 . O line. Corresponding- Secrctar: . E. R. G rose;. C JI.\ I R:\IE!\ OF ("Q:\1:\[!Tl"EES

Rel igious Com m ittee. f. 0 . Zink. Bible S tudy, C. 0. Oli ne. ~Ii ss ionary. PraYer -:\ [eeti ng·. Albert P eter so n. 1\Iusic. B. H. Ro,,·an. R oom. E lmo n utphin. . ocial, E. R. G ross. -:\Iembershi p. \\·. S . Cook . P ersonal

0 . \\". J ames.

\\'ork. D. L. Carlson. TheY. -:'li. C. .-\. o f the ~ o nna l has always stood paramoun tly for nobility o f charac ter. A nYone \\"hO \\"ill scan the records of the :\annal's young men both in school and in ; he fi eld o f acti ,·itY will be imp ressed wi th the Christian .steadfastness o f th e ayera <Ye who ha\'e l~een brought under the uplifting influence of ~ ou r Alma :\[;ncr. .-\ great part o f the credit fo r the inculcating of these high ideals rig htly belongs to th e Y. -:'IL C. :\. T he character istic featu re of our association rests in the fact that there exists among its member s that spirit o f good-will and fellowship that is indeed a n essent ial par t of every Christian young man. It is com pli mentarY to our association to no te tha t our membership is composed o f the most pron~ i ne n t as well as the most effici ent students of the ~ o nnai. Devotional serv ices arc held every S unday afternoon at 2 o'clock in EYeret'. Hall. where th e boYs meet torrether to have heart to hear t talks of th e hig her a nd I . :::. no Jler life -the life hid in Christ.

P. l\f~~tings are held cYery f'riday afternoon at -1-:30 fo r syst-en.1 atic Bibl~ stuck · 10 ~- B1 ownell, who for year s has been such a helpful facto r 111 promotmg tlw Ch :ts tian influences of the Y. 1\I. C. A., conducts the class very inter estingly :lnd profitably. \ \ 'e hav·e fu r nished o ur fu ll quot:t of delegates to the va rious national anc\ ; rate conventio ns, having sent one to th e S tate Sturlents' \'olunteer Convention Jtelci a t Lincoln. five to the Sta te Com·ention at 1\orfo\k and one to the P r esidents ' Conference at Yo rk. vVe have also pla nned to send five de\eo·ates to th e ~ummer :-onf · ~-> • · e t ence at CascJcle, Colo rad o. Among the pro minent m en wl10 have been with u s clurino- th e Year and whom we have h d . .· . . . D . H . . :" . c < I owa . S a the plea sure o f ~e~ t tt~ g a ~ e. 1. en ry \\ _1lham s of D es 1\Io ines, tl ' late SecretarY J. P. Datle:. D 1. H nelson of H astm o-s an d E J S imon s ~ . . . .le s tucle t ' . -n s state secretary. The · · · years · wo r k· w1th · a high appr eciatio n of the lo,·al . OcJattOn suppo r t , ass c closes 1ts 1 11 thet v Ch has been g iven it by the men of the K annal I ts ser vice is to 11 a nd I . lllost 1 ~n Y as it ins pires them to feel that t he m an who serves most, li ves ' c,oes It a cIequ ate I y fu lfil I 1ts . m1sswn. . . /fundrrdforl)'·lllrec

.. I


Y. \ V. C. .-\ . CAlJl NET Mabel Swanson Nellie Bengs ton Zola Zion Gertrude Easton Ethel Berry

Bessie Hende rson Bertha Kessling Bessie Z in k E sth er C lark


Inez H aw kins Bessie Foster

l\'l a ry Seelig An na L eepe r



Y.W. C. A. J/ oito-"1 ca111c that y c mig ht lw<·c life, and hm:c it most ablllldantly." O FFI CERS

President, n cssie Zink.

· \"ice-President, Ethel Berry. T reasm er. :\ellie Bengston. Recording ecretary. ). Ia ry Seelig. Corresponding Secretary, A nna L eeper. C li.\IIL\IE:'\ O F


).Jembcrshi p. Ethel 11ern·. Personal \Yorkers, E lizabeth Henderson. Re!igious. Fay Hanb. nible .Stuch·. fay T immerman. Prayer l\Ieeting. Bess l-oster. Room. Zo!a Z inn. Soria!, Dertha. K esling. · Inter-Collegiate, Anna L eeper . The cleYC!opment o f Christian charactrr and the deepening of spiri tual life is th e predominate aim o f the association. The sphere of our efforts is not limited to the m embe rship. but to everY. .YOu nrr woman in school. :::. T!Je study of Gael's word is promoted by having regularly organized Bible study classes. Mission study is also made an obj ect of special prayer and study, a. nd to this en d there are reo-ular mission stuclv class~s ' and a missionary meeting ~ . IS h eld o nce a month in the S unday afternoon ml.'eting. Money for foreign an d home_ missions is p:ntially raised by free will offerings, systematic g iving being especially emphasized. 1\ fiss .-\cia \ ' ibbard , General Secretary of theY. \ V. C. .-\. ~t the U niversity of ::\ebraska . spent a few claYs in ).larch with our association 111 the i·1terest f 1 · · · · o t 11! nH·SSIOnary and personal \YOrk. The Y. \ V. C. :\. h as the ho nor o f bei1w the laro·est oro·anization in school, hav in o· a b . · ~ ::-. :::. mem C l sh!p of over two hundred.

. r\n ear nest effort is eYer m<! dc to \Yin for Christ those not alreadY Christians. and to d ev '-'= I op ·111 t·11e ClHtstmn · · · ·tua 1·ttY, • wt'II.mgYouno· " ·oman deeper sp1n ness and 1 ·1· · :::. · ' capa)l lly for future service.


H11Tfl e

f'IGHT, Pre~ident.

). E.

Gz BNE\',

V1ce-Pres ident.

AN:-.A Sc iUIIDT, Secretary.

OFFICERS :\ OR!\1 :\L C:\ THOLIC ASSOCL路\1T IO:\ l\lRS. D ,\ \'10 JAcK.








\"ice-P resident, J. E. Gibney. Trea~ure r, l\ [rs. ).I. C. Jack.

1 resident. Hattie Fig ht. :-,ccretary, An na chm idt.

This has been the most prospcro u · Year in the history of the -:\ormal Catholic .-\ sonat10n . Regular uncia,· and n~icl-week meetings are held for deYotional excr cis<:s. T he as"ocia tio n has. m ade seyera l trips to Aubu rn to attend ).las~ . T h e s tudy o f the life of Chris t has been pmsuccl d uring the year. This study has been s upplemented by r epo r ts on matters of doctrine a nd church histo ry. The associatio n has been especially fortunate th is year in haYing ).Ii ~s E leano r Lally as its ach ·iser. 1..: nder her g uicl:!nce its work has been steaclil ~· carried fo rwa rei . . l"n-~ler th e a u spices o f the association a public lecture. on the subject ·· ConfessiOn. was giYen by ReY. Father Daugherty of the apostalate at Dubuque. Ia. Thro u g h th e kindnt:>ss of fri ends and the united efforts of the members a P_lcasant rest- rcom has been .furnished. This r oom is in the ma in build ing oppos tte the Y. \V. C. A . r est-room . :\!E:'-fr.ERS

\ fary .-\. Her~h· Hattie Procha~· ka Clar?. Kohler Katht.: ri ne Kohler X. Yash ti Cornell R os?. Conwey :.t a ry T. Co;1we,· G• IT_. :\faro·at·et :::,< -- tcl<C\'


E. Hio-o-ins-on ,..,,..,

~ li en Brogan

Hattie F ig h t E leanor Lally }.f·a r :::.n-a ret D avts . \ h s. !\ f · C . Jac I< .-\da O 'Co nner Frances Froh ne r \ fa rie Ha u sner

Julia \'an D ricl .T. E . GibnevLucY Curren Etta f eicht Anna Schmidt E leano r C_hcck \faYme Krull Alice L. Chase Anabel J oseph \Iarga ret T ynon \I. E. Healy \\'. Fisch er J oseph E:elley E. A . G er ken \L :.r. :.r u r phy Grace Ostcnhnrg Kath cr i ne Ahern

f l11 ndrrd ; o r i)'· -<N'"'1



.. JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET. Thi ~ is probably the most important ~ocial event of the year and is looked forward to by both Juniors and Seniors.

Neat im·itations were received by the Seniors and, while the following week was o ne of happy anticipation for the Seniors, the Juniors were especially busy and my teriou .. A t 8 o'clock on Friday eveni ng, !\larch 27, IS)C8, the Jun iors and Seniorf assC'mblecl in the .. chapel parlors."' \\'hen .all had arrived each Senior \Yas led b; a Junior partne r to the g ;·mnasium below. But if the room were a gymnasium. no o ne could recognize it. for it was tastefully and elaborately decorated with 1he co lo rs o f the two classes, co-mingled with . the Normal colors, "·hose honor both classes stri ,.e to uphold. Gpon entering, one was struck with the brilliancy o f the . scene. for candies and flowers seemed to ~crleam and blend into one harmomo us whole. T he favors ,,·ere carnations and bouquets of beautiful fl o wer~ we re very numerous as centerpieces. The tables were arranged in a n immense swastika, seating three hundret! people o r m ore. D:· tbe swastika arrangement of the tables, the Juniors seemed 10 wish all k inds o f good luck to the Seniors. and let us hope as g reat popularity ~s the :m·~stika has !·ecently received. T he serving was in charge of }.liss L oomis •. ncl. cert;"~ln !y no banquet ever " ·as g iven where the service \Yas so prompt aml efficie nt · T J1e f o II ow1· ng palatable me nu was served : Crisp Crackers Consomme O li ves Salted "\" uts Saratoga Chips P ressed Chicken Parker H ouse Rolls F rench Peas in Cream Cheese Straws \Yaldo rf Salad A ngel Cake "\"eapol itan Ice Cream Cafe Noir f

Afte r this mat~rial repast. a writable intellectual feast was served in the orm o f the followi ng toasts :

~ ~\~,~~ ~~~sts · · · ............ . .............................. Bert E. s ,,·enson Id ea ls .. : · · · · · · · · · · ................ ... ...... .. ....... .... :G race J?ogarcl~l s G uide Pos·t~ · · · · · · · · · · · · ....... . ..................... . . J u!ta H. \ an Dnel ] o,·s \ Vc ' ~ T J ohn A. Ha;~na O t;r Ai m~\ I ast~d · · · · ............ . ............... .. .... . P rof. C. f . Deck W e Owe th~ ~~e 1 : · · · • ·: • _. •• . • . . . • • . . • • . • • . • • • • • . • • . • • • • • . • • • . Ethel Berry S ha ll I l\ Tiss T J Otic! a Ltnng ................................. G. D . Tenkins ~ 11 ·1 1en1 ? . . . . . . .... . ...... . ... . . ............ . . P10f. . ~ 11 es.. ... J. }.(.. H o''.1t· O u r H osts · · · · · · · · · · · · · · .... . . . ................... . .... A. ·Mary Dittme!· T he Teach~ 1:·~ . c~ iii~~~ · · · · ..................... . ..... .. p ........ OC. 0 1ine t:. · · • · · · · · · · · . . . . . . • . . . . . . . • . • . . . . . res. J. \\ . ra 1)tree Even ·o 1 . • ne seemed to b 111 . I. b c uctto ns 11lad b e liS est mood and responded ha pJ)ily to the intra· ' e v the bl In tl . capa e to astmaster, R. D. Sims. le Wee sm all ho . f . could a Setl.IOr c1ass I Ul s o the morn m , the o·uests cleJ)arted • feel in '='o· th at neYcr t:. c lave been more royall v entertained.


· · · ·· · · ·· ......................... ..........


//undrcrl li/ty-on ~

The ); o nnal Cadets. according to their custom . inYited the school to a rt'reptio n to be held in the g ymna sium o n February 22 . It seemed very appropriate that !h e cadets s hould thus patriotically celeb r2te the birthday of the ' ·Father of ( >ur Coun try.·· The :·oom was fittingly and elaborately decorated fo r the oct:asio n. T he entertainment. a \Yell as the refreshments, were appropriate a nd uniqu<'. To summari ze. let us sav that this reception showed us that. altho the cadets em phasize military trai ning . their soci?l training had fully equipped tlH'!l"• fo r their respon ibility as hosts. ).lention s hould be made o f th e indoor field m eet held by theY. \\". C. :\.. This wa s certainly odd and enj oyable. ).Iuch laug hter and merrimer:! we n~ proyokcd by watching the perfo rmers do their .. stunts." ' ~iris.

F c.llo wing the lectttre bY Prof. G roye E. Barber of the State l:ni,·ersity. th~ · J tin C lub gaYe a receptio n. in his hono r. Philo and Ever ett Halls \\'ere beaut iful! Y ckcora tee!. deliciou s refreshments wer e sen·ed and all had a m ost en j o;:able t !me. The biological diYi sion o f the science department held '·open house .. to the school and it was Ycry \\'ell a ttended. ~ [anY interesting experiments \\'ere sho''' 11 and the r e freshm<'n t room pro Yed a ,.er,· popular factor. . :\ftc r an inte resting A lumni program. the P hilomatheans and EYe retts enJOyed a reception. held fo r Dr. G. E. H o \\'ard of the State University. In the rece:i,·ing lin.e \\'ere Presiden t and ).[rs. C rabtr ee. Dr. Howard, Prof. and ).[rs. Del?el!, ).fr . l.?. nphe re. presiden t of P hilo. and ).Ir. J enkins . president of EYerett.

· · 1ent •s t·e.· \ t the c Iose o f t·1lc ,·car. clunng Commencement week. the p ·estc C<'ptto n to the .-\1 umnt· !S · a· most enjoYable feature an d e\·ery student ·ts g I ac1 '" I1en 1lc can attend tl . f . I . lts, o r t 1cn h e mu st be a full-A edged graduate.




SOU IX ~HI"AI~• "'





11\. '( DRu .,.,,.;


no c."'



\.. T'

DOJ. ()~rrr


Sc.or r , tHv,.,


MOO ... . I"

T "' .......... ~


Q.A" " " ~ •

~A 10t f

I w .. ••Lr ~

... ... •

J,.,. ........ 1 \~•..,l

e .., ..... ,.,,


0 IJ E L L

o-. """"'' "

M '


c "'"""'"''

c u ~ .,. ,.

"'-o .... ,

\<CIT H L t 1'1 f!



PC"" '"""'


tt ... ~

0 Uri OY


"" ,., .. ,.,,

...... .




fPvAf'/14. )





,11 ......... .

, .......

.. ·.· . ·. ·.·.·

t---+...:....:.'""'1.,.;,~~' a. •••

..· .. ,.. ,c ,.


:..:..: . :.':;~;;";~: ·.·.: ::.· .\. : •

Map of Ne bras ka, sh owing number o f students at P eru from each county.






Each clot represents one s! udent.


As Frc:shm en now we come to vou. \\' e're here to n1<1ke our how d'~·e do : \\'e\·e stndi ed hard the whole ;•ca r thm La ngua ge. hist'ry. Z. Y. X . .-\nd to our teachers all been true, Luc<>.s, Culbertson, Ell is. \Voods. Beck. Our colors. while and golden hue. \\'e·r e always proud to bring to vi ew. Fre hmen. Freshmen, Freshmen. :\ext year we all shall Soph'mores be, '' \\'ise fools'' our etymology ; Delzell's cur\'es in geometry, \\'e will try to imitate. ).Jachcth , great Caesar, chemsitry, \\' e wi ll get into 011r pate. :\s athl ete , too, we "Sophs'' you'll see, But Schott will not om leade r be, S oph'mo res, Sop it'more ~ . Soph'mores.


And then we'IJ take th e Junior row; \ Ve' IJ ~ nrely try to make a show; And to the lab'ratory go F or the wond rous microscopes, \\lhere pleasures mingle free with woe, And canines lose their hopes. Obsen ·ing children do j ust so. Electing what we most . would know, Juni ors, Junio rs, Juniors. In N in etee n ' leYcn we' ll Senio rs be And o lder, \Yi ser, don't you see ? Ou r dail y pl ans may not agree \ Vi th th e critics' estimate, B ut Lally. Krebs, Rouse, ).[ca rs and Schl ee W ill help us g raduate. T hen o ut to teach we all shall flee · Th e world await s our bril.liancy, ' Senio rs, Senio rs, Seniors. A nd now , goo d fri ends, our thank s to you For your kind g race in t11is reYiew · \V e' JJ hi e away tomorr ow to ' Our Joyed and happy homes, And ti-11 t l_1e stor y o f P eru, I . \\ tt~1 tts wealth o f t reasured tom es. t s A pnl fir st and we " skodoo.'' So we bid you all ad ieu. rcshm en, Frcs11men. Fres hmen.












OUR ALUMNI. The real \\'lQrth o f any institution, like that of a n individual. is judgecl by the ser vice it renders to mankind.

Thus . th e Peru State 1\ ormal has become·

great because of the service g iven the world by her Alumni.

Throu gh ou t the

country may be found. here and there, honest purposes, and hig h id eals. fostered by the influence of consecrated effort on the part o f some Pent alumnus. Dr. George E lliott Howard, Head Professor o f Political Science and Sociology, in the 1; niversity of 1\ebraska, is a Peru alumnus, whose ability and se rvicf's arc indispensable to state and nation.

In the sa me in stitution is Ros.t

De uton. Associate P ro fessor o f Home Economics, who also received a sheepskin at Peru a few years ago.

Probably 1\ebraska h as no educator more wirlcly

kn o\\'n than J. W. Crabtree. the effici ent president of Peru S tate :\o nna l. P resident CraLtree claims Pen t as his A lma-1v[ate r. The field of education clain~s the majori ty of our alumni. yet . Hi sto ry' s pages n:cord membt?rs rcprc£entir.g vari c u s cccupa tions in life that r ender earnest serv ice. 111

r\mor.g these membe rs is H on.


P . A. DJack. who is well kn ow t;

businrss circles as the president of the S tate Banking Associatio n. Each succeedin g g raduati ng class acids to Al umni Historv a n increased

prominence . \Vherever a Peru alttmmt;; is found, whether in a quiet corn er. or before the public, the same earnestness of purpose abides.

1/tmdra l

,;, ~,·- /;. •o


l .

" Laugh


Ancl It


m u.c.k

lj 0 lA

l~OU 't

lJO tiT

t.he can


Jr 1e路n cl ~







-rn (J路re


Thursday. Cctober I;.- 0 \\'1 Q uartet serenades Oak Glen . 1-riday. October 18.-Leta Hutchi son pends her last cent. ~ arm·daY. October 19.-Picnic in the woods. Lida Re\\·e,· . chief cook an! fire-ten cit r. . S unday, October 20.--:'dany promen ades to the riYer al)d woods. Tuesday, October 22 .-Pi e-da~· :1t Mt. \ 'e n~on Hall. T llllrsday. October 2-1-.- :\kers f:l 1\s from hi s dignity into · a ce1\ar. 1-ridaY. October 25.-:\ liss Yocum (at 'phone) : " H ello. l\lr. Akers ! H ow ·. are you th1s mormng. Sunday. October 27.-:-\kers : "Able to attend diYine worship." \\'ednesdaY. October 30. - :\IcGre\\" 111 Crd<'. · ') "

Friday. Xovember J .-:\fcReynolds sends a comp to l\[t. \'ernon. a1urdaY. X o,·ember 2.-0ak Glen H?.ilo\\"e 'en pi rty. Guests go to H ades. :\IondaY. ?\0\·ember -1-.- Sung " O n\\"ar.l Christian · Soldi ers" at Convocation. \~T·eclnesdav. ::\ovember 6.-Presic\ent Crabt ree g ive's a ·lecture on '·Care of the Libra ry." Thursci?.5·. .l\' oYembcr 7.-Library fr ienc!·; rc io n n. Friday. ::\ovember 8. -Comp received at ~ft. \"ernon- Sen t by ~fcReynolds.


T uesdaY. ::\ovember t2.-Boose <>sks Prof. Bengston if Pajama is in X orth o r South .-\-merica. Professor -says his is in the wash. Frida\". ::\ o,·ember


5-- :\ [cRcynold s changes g irls.

Saturday. Xovemb~ r I(J.- \Vindy day. ~ [ary Seelig drops her Theo ry of Education note book. Theses notes fly in a ll directions.



\ Veclnesda,-. ::\ovember 20.-Frcd Zink and Ella R einhard studY German library. . f ridav. 1\overnbcr 23. -i\ liss Saxer n"!isscs con ference with

~fi s

"0 . fi ts ! · Ho\\" \\"ill I ex plain it thi s timr ?" T t!esdaY. Xovember 20.-Senior Convootion Day . · \\'cdnesclay. ::\ ovember 27.-Students 1::-an· Peru to eat tmkey and cranberry sauce at home. · Thttrsda,-. . ::\ ovembcr 28. -Thad;:so-iyino~

Saturday. ::\ovember 30.- :\lcGrc\\' spra in,:; ankle. Goes to C rete to rccov<'r. ~ I rs . Bedell and ~~i ~s Stoner r ntcr ta in the ~ lt. \ 'ernon g irls.. Two lone male g u es t,: . Tuesda,-. December 1--Sevcn g irls miss trai n a t \ cbraska Cit_,-.· H ave a \\oa rm ( ? )



K r ebs .

• ~Jonclay. J anuary 13.- President O line called clown while holding a reception in hono r of his numerous lady friends in librar·•·

Friday. January 1 7.-Grcat excitement~ H elen France gets " Schott." Boys' Basket Ball game. Humboldt. 27: Peru, 40. ~1Ionda ,. . TanuarY 20.-.-\ll is not woe a1~d despair at O ak G!e'n. fo r joy has come. ~ f i"" Y ocum is the happy one. Tuesday. January 2 r.-Cook and Pro f~s· sor Duncanson discuss relative merits and mtellig ence of arts ami alligators.


J~n. IO

Friday, January 2-t.-Cotner girls are defeated by ~ orma l girls. 23 to 10. ~fonclay. January 27.- Akers dons a robin's egg blue tie. Tuesday. J am!ar\ 28.-Third table in Mt. \'ernon dining room breaks down. Girls get to go a nd sit at Bennie's table. vVeclnescby, January 29.-Cramming .for exams. Thursday. January 30.-~H.:Grew makes hi s u sual trip to Crete. her, name. George?' F riday. January 31.-Exams are fini shed. So are some of us. SaturdaY. F ebrnar\' I .- Fire at Oak Glen. L cx es. bi;cl cages . trunks. etc .. arc seen Aying throt!g h th e air. Seniors register for the last time. " Do you h ave to stay to Summer School ?" Sunday . February 2 .-~ fi ss L a flin enj cys a '·s well affair" on her face . \[onclay . February 3.-Hanna turn s clown invitation to Leap Y ea r par ty. "~lu st go ~ :::> .-\uburn ... P~ ru v i a n introduced to student boch·. ~[ik e and H eine constant!\' nocl th ri r app~·oval. · . T uesday, February 4.-G irls p:ive leap yea:· party. stlll in P eru.

10:30 p. m.


\·Vedn esclay. F ebruary s.- A nother jo dul time at O ak Glen. I urncr. ·

J-l ann:t

Ask ~T iss

. Thursday. F ebrua ry (\ - Second "Cniversih· Gasket Da ll tea m go hack tv Lmcoln. !:eaten to the tuc e o f 42 to 22. · F ;iday. ~ebrua~·y 7-~Phiioma thcans give " T he to puL curtam at n ght t une.

~ r ouse-trap."

P hillips fa ils

rday. F ebruar\'· 8.- !d iss \' an \\ icklc Iea,·es on the ea rh·· train for her 1l OmeS~tu 1n York. Sunday. Februar~· 9 .- 0 line is seen out wa lking \\·ith Hi ll. l\ lohclay. F ebn1an· 10.- Harolcl \1\fillia ms begins to ta k e interest in ga rtcn D cpa rtmen t. ·

l( i :Hler-

Tuesday, F ebruary

L I.-

Akers wears an A lice blue necktie.

\Vcdnesdav J7ebruan · 1 2.-Senior pa rt,·. A lice Gipson makes he r debut. F. A . Boose ~,'akes his ·at the same time ·and place. ··Lig ht" re freshmen ts serYed. Thursday. February 13.-Several Sophomores sadclenecl by sickness. Friday. Februar_v 14.- \ Vorse. They I\cck-on to one a nother. . aturclay. F ebrua ry 1;;.-Philo-Everett contest. S unday. F ebruary 16. -0 line and Hill go for a S unday afternoon stro ll. :\londay. Februa r y 1 7.-Colder than Greenland. Radiators popul ar. Tuesday. F ebruar y 18.- S now storm. . ·o school. Girl s make fu dge. W ednesday, F ebruary 19. -Glcn S heeley gets a com p for basket ball gam:: . Game called o ff on account o f sto rm. Thursday. February 20.- -:\othin' doin·. F riday. J7ebruary 21.-P ro fe ssor Deck gives a lectttre on ··s ouveniring ." aturdaY. J7ebruarv 22. -Girls Basket Dall game. Score 16 to i. The S et; ior;; \\"O n (one) . S unday, F ebruary

23 .-0 lit~e


vs . J unior~ .

and Hill go walk ing .

:.l onda_,.. February 2-J..-Sung " O nwa rd Christian Soldiers" at Convocation. Tuesda y. F ebruary 25.-Ditto. Thur"day. F ebruary 27.- P ro f. Scherer OJ:ens gymnasium fo r fifteen minutes. GrP.::! t excitc::nent. Frida,·. F ebruan· 28.-:\ lr. H i!! sends oo ·tal to la·d_,. friend a nd forgets to g ive a dcl ~e;;s . Sa turday. F ebrua ry 29.- :.J iss Lorance and ).!iss :.rcTninch start for Auburn in a sleigh. Sno\\· melts. Gi rls g et out and \\"a!k. ~ un day. :.ra rch accustomed \\"a lk.


.-Oline and Hill takL·

). [onclay. :\fa rch 2.-:.rurp!w Senior .A.rithrnetic class.



~~u - -~-


F~ 1.r 2. ~-

\\"ers question in P sychology. fa ints.

dorr visits ::-,

~u c sday . i\la rch 3.- :. l. iss Williams to Zoolog:-_: cla ss on time.

. \Vccln csday. l\ la rch ..J..-Hanna sits up a ll mght to study. T hurs<la,· . l\ fa rch ;;.- :.liss Schecklc :. (iss Goshen. a ns-

F rirla_Y. :. ra rch 6.-Akers \\"ears a gTccn necktie . .Saturda~· - ). [a rch l tin: s to l)c ru a fte r

:-' uncia,·.


11 ..ith

.\ l r~ rc h

H ill.



.r... g ra~c:

7.- :. 1iss \"an \\"ickle rca month's absence.

8.- ( llin e goes wa lk ing-

:, fo nda,._ ":\I a r ch 9 -- P ro f. ch erer allo ws . . I to be unlocked fo r fifteen mmutes.

oTm. ::, .

T uesda,·, ":\ [a r ch 10.-Zoology class stu:\y and cats take to tile ana to 111\._. · Pertt doe-s ~· woods. \V ednesd :\\·. ":\la rch 1 r.-Pro f. D un canson disposes o f surplus q u adru peds to Peru ":\ ! ~a t ":\larket.

~ -;:.

! " -- ~~,~-=-


T hnrscla ,., ":\la rch 12.- P rof. D uncanso n apM '- r: to points a commi t_tee to ke~p _Hodapp aw al:c during class pen od o f recttattOn . _ _ FridaY. ~[arch 13.-":\I ike ancl He1~1 e r?tAerl off ~t Peru vian Staff ":\Ieeting. :.\[t:s \an \ Vickie and :.\Lr. \\-illiam s. the lucky \\'Inn er::. David Carlson weeps as he bids them fare\Yell. SaturdaY. :.\[arch 14.- :.\Iisses 1lill~t~ anrl nogardu s -go to ::\ebraska_ City _to soltc1t ~cis 0 for the Peruvian. Buy e1g ht ptes.

M4. r . ( 3

un claY. ?-.larch 13.-:.\lager . R en f ro. _?IInrphy a nd ·Brith at ":\[t. \'e rn on Hall for d m ner.

'f _, one1ay. '-l -' arch 16.- }.I iss Goshen info rms ":\fr. noose th at his under standin g is usually correct. Tuesday. ?\larch 17.-?\Iiss Ainch par ty at l\ lt. \' ern o n.


g i,·es

\ Vedn esday. l\Ja rch 18.- Peter son gets a ha ir cut. T hu r sday, l\Iarch 19 .-:\.k ers a ncl 1 Iiss l1ailo r converse -f o r fiftY-five min utes in th e lium ry. Libra ri an j u st ' rooks at them. Friday. Ma rch 20.-Senio r s in their best clo thes. taken f o r the Peruv ia n.

Have the ir p ictures


~·a ller~··


March 2 1.- :.\Iiss Bogardus takes her lunch clown to th e pho to It s pcrfcctly all ri g_h t. if J have to ge t my picture taken so many

S unda y, :.\[arch 22.-Som cthi ng w ro ng . a n ho ur.

":\ fable a nd Bennie separ ated for

M o nday, :\larch 23.-M iss Gclwick an nou nces to her friends th at ther e nine more weeks o f sch ool.


. Tu~sday. ":\[arch 2.4.-T he fri end s of :.\ liss S h ires ar c a larmed at her queer acttons tn th e back ~·arc\. .-\re relieved to learn tltat she is o nh· p racticing- l:er extemporaneous speech .

\~iedncsday. ":\ larch 25.-\ Vac\c 11 ixby r eturn s to P er u. Auttenng . Saturc\a ,. Ma r I 8 'I · • - c c 1 2 .- .-\ 'ers buys a clove g r ay tie. S undaY . :M arc\1 2 \\T . • c 9-- ears 1t to c 11urc11. olndal:?·, l\'farch .) 0.-T:ixbY tries a ne w sca t in rh c libl·a ,·y. . 1 !M cI1c 1e anc . ·

:\fan y

Q uc ,·y:


\ Vh c- rc

Tuesday, :M arch 31.-Proofs for Senior pictt!res arrive. men and one youn g lady pleased with resul ts.

:\1! the young

\'Vecl nesclay, April I.- Akers and Carl son wait for an interview with Miss Goshen. Find that they are victims of a joke. l\lr. Strawman visits P rof. Searson. l\{ iss B. telephones. Thursday, l\!p ril 2.-The three g uesses. bon bons. Friday, April 3.-Three more guesses.

P ro f. Searson receives box of

!\lore bon bons for Prof. Searson.

Saturday, Ap ril 4.-Grace Thaye r claims th e distinction o f being the first Senior to have the measles. F ive girls drive to Auburn to see the sig hts. Sunday, April s.-Hill reported to have been married in Geneva. ?-- [onclay, Ap ril 6. -Chava ri party for Hill , led by S ymphony O rchestra . E . P . H odap p, director. Tuesday. Ap ril 7.-E lla R einh ard takes a vaca tion. ior. eson; e.

i\liss \ Vooclward look3

·wednesday, April 8.-Cook ge ts hi s annual hair cut.


Thursday. April 9.-i\fay Sharp says she has sneezed four hundred and forty-five times this day. Friday, April 10. -Zink. ·w illiams an,\ Carlson purchase derbv hats as aids to obtaining positions. Saturday, April · 11.-Prof. Searson a ssumes the role of '·f..ifan vVith the Rake." Sunday. April 12.-Even ·one rrocs walking. Miss Chittenden happy, fo/'"J o\· cometh in the evening." ::\.[onclay. Ap r il 13.-Juniors have their pi cc._ tures taken . 1'uesday. Ap nl· J4. -Nr·tss R ewey assumes charge of a hen and chickens.






\' •{ ,,,



- ··I·' .,· ',, r'


Thursday, April 16. -0 ne o f the factulty members loses his tie. Saturday Ap ril 18. -H ilma Peterson a.ttempts to ::. rro throttoh ::. restau rant doo r. . IHas to leave her ''l\IPerry \ iVidow" hat outs tc c. Sunday, Ap r il 19.-Easter S unday, Rewey shakes her friends and walks Wtth a strange r ( ?) . l\l[onda_v, AJ)ril 20.-E. R. Burkey thi nks he has too much cheek. Mumps .'

I I !'h.'"· -<t~ ttPY'·'' J lucsdaY. April 2 t.-Mr. Berk ey ancl Miss Forter change headqua rters frcm ·L 3 to A. _\\·e~1escla_1~ April _ 22 .-Ethe\ R obb detams David Carlson tn hall. l\ [1 ss 1\I ears inforn: s Carlson that his cbss is wniting. Thu rsda_1·. April 23.-Dcrtha Reed gets a po~itio 11. .._ \11d f didn't have to buy a derby hat. either!"




•:'• .\ .1

- ·-..




-r ~1-----'''-----''---'''---,-·



F riday . .-\pril 2-J..on library table!

unday's papers placed

Saturday. :\pril 25. -'.\ li ss S eelig mistakes broom fo r an umbrella.

h~ r

S unday. .-\pril Shi,·cr all cia,·.


chan ge:;.

'.\fonday . .-\pril 27.-'.\lr. 11eck bids good nig ht at Oak Glen at 9 :59 p. 111. '.\li!>S Loomis: "I think that's sensible." Tu esday . .-\pril press.




BLANK TO BE FILLED OUT BY PROSPECTIVE TEACHER. (_;ive nan1e ............................. . ... past ......... ............ . pre ent...... ............ . ......... \\"hat

yonr present address?

f uture ........................... . .

.................... . .... .......... . . . . .

\\"ha t is yonr future address? ............... . .................... ..... . . Give es of all teachers you h ave had. D o you kno \\· any hin g:· If so state fully. •


















State what YOU don't know ••••••••

































. .... ..













.. ..... . . . . ... . . .. . ... . . . . .

.-\re you married? .................. How manY times? ............... . . .

~-\re you going to

be n1arriecl? . ........... . . \\hen? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .· ..

H ave you had the mumps? ................. H ow many? ......... ....... . .

1. rnclcrline deformi ties:.:..._ Cross-eyed, freckled , swell head , parrot nose. S tate color of hai r. if any ....................................... .... . . . Can you s peak Auently : Ge rma n, F rench. L atin. Swede. Dago, Russian. t .' nitecl States ? ..... .. ·. . .

~an you g~t a certificate? ....... .. ..... . ...... . .. ... .. . ............... . :-lend recommendation s from ins tructors 1' f ,. 0 t 1 can get them. \V ha t salary clo YOU want ?' . . . . . . . \\


................ . ...................... .

''hat sc-,la r v will YOU take? \ Vill you wha; you can. g·e ~ ~ .................. . . . ................... . Prepare fo r the \VIo rst !

......... . ........................ . //undred

St 'T'f'lllt'• tJIIt'



Did .You ever e·o \\'a lkitw :::, S weet g irls at Alt. \'em on? D id .\'Oll ever e:o strollino· :::, Some fine afternoon? A nd find in \'Ollr absence Your frrencls. at ~It. \ ·ern on Had. j nst to tease \'Ott. n een stacki ng your' room.

They made me of plilo\\·s. Those g irls a t ~I t. \'ernon. \ Vith ar ms in the wash tub A rubbin g a\\'ay. T hey made Benni e lying :\ t ease on t he sofa r\ncl tacked on th is motto : "He lies round a ll day ...




II. O h, \\·ell. I remember :-1\· room at l\ lt. \'ernon. Ho\\. the pictures hun g back\\'arcls. In the midst of the room. r\ shrine decorated. Ado rned with his picture. O h g irls a re the limit at s tackitw :::, a r oom.

I i YOu ever go \\'a lking . S w:eet gi rls at l\It. \'ern on . Don 't leave YOllr doo r open O n that a fte~·noon . O r on \'Our return, There ~\·ill be a commotion : f or g irls a re the lim it At stacking a room.- 1\I. D.

IN THE LIBRARY. A maid of Peru named T Ynon \ •Vho f~r silence \\'as a lwa}·s a pinin' Satcl. " You set me frcttin ' So I ' ll set YOu o·~ttin · . 0 .f\ way from my presence:' a-flyin ' ." -~"( J"'f't:;, 'c,~~r~ "'· .;h'

' /I ,,.).c..

C. 0 . OLI:\E.



A . HA:\0: .-\.

F . .-\ . DOOSE. LITA H CTCH l SO:\ . GLE:\ H EELEY . A:\D THERE .-\ R E OTHERS. Bug l.J,tchel'.

0, HAPPY DAY! \.Vhen vVhcn vVhen Af \ '' l1 en \i ,:' hen 'Vhen \ 1\fhen

the Peruvian comes out. H odapp gets a sh ave Tes IT . . . • • se -Jarns ts P resident of the C ni ted States . O ltv e b egtns · to u se hair renewe r A l.lan Hill quits looking lonesom~. Ar tss \iVashbum lea rn s to spe ll Raines fai ls to make a speech class-mee ting.


INFORMATION FOR STRANGERS . That boy who is a lways with ~label Dowen is Ben Bedell. That studio us looki ng yo ung- ma n with a pile o f books under his a rm is J ohn H anna. You will ha ve no troubl e in recogr. izi ng- J ohn A kers-he a lways has a smi le o n his iace. Tltose Ki nckrga r t.::n Senior g irls \\ hom you never see a pa rt a rC' Li cfa Rew '2 y and !Jelen Cone. T hat handsome clarionC't pb ycr in the o rchestra is Burrell Ra ines. That jo lly crowd in the south end o f second Aoor in th e clormiton · is composed of ~Iisses D un n, \ Varc. Easton. hires. Robb. L3Ain. ~ f clninch: Lora nce and Pulve r. They 've o nly been called down once! Au~ru is the .\'Otlll!:Y rr to a t:t a ir! i•.1 '-" st E !:Ytrcnberrrer ::, .., n:an who is ah\·a\·s ta lkin b th e library. , -, .._~


Pay no attention to thC' bells. they arc nn:g a t all hours to keep the s tudent <, awake in thei r clas:>es. The g irls who wear the mo rta r board hats a rc no t a ll Senio rs. That roly-poly man in the f: culty is our class ad viser. J rof. H o wie. T he g iggly one is P rof. Searson. The fo llo wing have as ked an d pzicl ~ fo r ~pecial 1~1enti on of themselves: Glen Sheeley, Eva Pulver. ~fary Seelig . !Jcrt ha Reed. 1~ . P. H o dapp. and l•a ,· Timmerman . . ~l otto of the faculty in rega rd to plCl.' ·in g iPdoo r base ball:

T ocla\· thou a rt a hero g ra nd. tomo rro w th ou a r t "n it. " True wisdom in th is hasty land I s know ing \d:ca to quit. There is a .rc unrr lach · t~a n:ccl Zin k. b . W hom with Zoolog\· Lab. we ltnk: She's no; afr;i~l o f the frogs. ~or th e chloroformed dogs. S he'll equal J ohn Burroughs, we th ink.

A SE:-.1101<

WANTED . My note book-it contains all I know.- Burr Stapelton. :\ can of co,·e oystcrs.-:\liss Fight and :\liss Byerly . .-\ comp for my som·eni r college book.-Edith Crapenhoft. Laura Porter to CO!ne back to P eru.-G corge Carlson. l1r;;,i ny men.- Class of 'o9. A Gibson g irl picture.- F. A. Dooce. A dog.- Prof. H. :\I'. D uncanson. Someon e to take my picture while I play the piano.-H. Humphries. P upils to \\'hom to teach German .- \ \. C. Harpster. Someone to tell me ho\\' to knock at :\Iiss Stoner's cloor.-Dur rel Raines. T o exchange my room-mate for a phonograph.-f\jugust Eggenberger. To rxchange m\· bea rd for a clean shave.-E. P. Hodapp. The ear th with a fence a ronnel it.-J oy l\Iorgan. Sr·meone to teach me to clance.-Bertha R eed . .-\ man.-Stella Lull. Stapleton . in restau rant: " Say, waiter. do YOu sen· e lobsters?" \\'aiter : " Sure, \\'hat'll yon have?" Minister: "1ly \\'Ork in life is that of saving young men." l\Jiss Folsom: "Oh , do save me a nice one, won't yon ?''

--;;:-= . ..


.F_Iuudrt..·d St.''l't·ut;'-/iue

WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOWW ih y :\t iss Pederson takes Dom. Sci.

If i\Ir. Hill is always going to we:u sideburns.

\\'hat became of the Senior Party refreshments, F ebruan· q. \ \'hen Grace T hayer caug ht the measles. H ow it wo uld seem to have :\[iss Dunn Aunk.

If S tella Lull will keep house next ~·ea r. If Sarah Har ringto n could sit still five m inutes. \ Vhy some people call so o ften at the office for their grades. \\"hat :\Iiss H osmer says when she goes fi shing. \ Vhy Senio rs look hopefu l when :\Ir. Delzell approaches th em. \ Vhat 'M iss \!\lynne got on her Geography examination . \\"hy th e Sophomore boys ar c such devoted slaves to the fair sex . Hook . \gent (at the Lorance home in Auburn) : ' · i\ la<iam. J have here a very fin e encyclopedia which 1 would li ke t c - ' ' L ady of the House: ··vve have no need for anyth ing of the kind. as 111 ,. <laughter O tt is grad uated from the State :\' o rmal in June." \ Vhy is ~fr. H ill like an ostri ch :· l3ecause he thi nks when he gets his head behind a t ree. :\liss S toner can't ~ee him. Gertrude Easton. enumerating her blessings: tha nkful for. I ca n talk.' Captain () li ne at d rill : '·Hosterman, what H osterman: "Two behind each other ...

/l!tihl i·, ,/ s,·; 'f'J/~1 -.r1x


" \•Veil. one thing . I am

a fil e?"

ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS . ( Prt)f. ) Cliffo rd Hendricks-\Ye feel unable to accept your liberal offer fo r the pu blicatio n o f ~-our p hoto. Ou r aciYe rtising space is limited. H enrietta Kees- Yo u sho uld adopt the idea of smiling at P ro f. yo u think it makes yo ur grades higher .

earson. if

.·\ugust Eggenberger- \Y e can suggest no cure for your case. to be hopekss. ·

It appear~

H _arry ~ anders-In r ega rd to your inquiry concerning the d igestibility of th e tl11rd sage of Hino-o we \\·ould sucrCTest that such a d iet is not considererl hygienic fo r d~·spcptic~ . . ,...,..

E . R. G ross- I do not think you neecl be afraid. that she woulc\ say .. y~s. "

Everything inJicate•

:\ l ild rcd \\'ilcox-Ycs. l bcli eYe it 1s better to h av e loved and lost. t113 n nc\·cr to haYc loved at a ll.

. m gs.

F. 0 . Zink-F:·o m what YOu saY. t th in k YOu talk too much ;iye som e o ne else a cl1ance. ·


class mcct-

Ca rl ~lun son-You r trouble appe~ns to arise fro m m ent3l OYer stra in. w o uld adv tse tl1at :-o u 1·•g 11tcn yo ur course . .-\!bert Peter so n- Yom disease is ca lied I' rcbitis. teacher s wo uld r elieYe pa in .

lr· e




\\'c cr iti c

· . :\fabcl Krebs-Yes. l r. II - a rnngton is a Yer_,. ntce man. but not aYailable . IS m a rri ed . yo u kn o w. :0. .

:O.J iss G unn-.-\nc\ so . . · .. . sho uld . : o u a t e m (1l!:> tl ess to kno '" \Yhether o r no t YOu . \VCar ,-our eno·a (Te mcnt .· "i I I . . considered allo wabl ::,1<~ ! ~n g. '' le n t 1c o t 1er gtrl s can see it? It is onh· on S I , c. mt to avotcl comment. ·,-ou mi ~rrht beo::, in b,. • tm ( ays. . \\' ea rin ",!! it

I . Carl Schot t- ! f H 1 walking w ith L eta , ,c e~ c oc~ not OhJ C~t. "its perfectly a lrig ht" to go o ut 1 . '' h:n clen i S absent. •f latte r does n nt o bj ect. . .-\nxtous Inqu ire r-One of th .· . wht sp~ rino· cho ru s . . c P'111Ctpal features at ConYocati on IS the Junio r ro~-111 contmua l scssto n. loca ted in th e la s t fi\·e ro,,-s of th e

.. I


() ;r ,L I






'{j '1 (;







AI -1y J "[].·'







Che llf, ch&w , J,chum


..... .....




• 'i,.'1


In t he q-ood


~1 ~

.... •


p p









sh 1oned wa







wit h ihe 1r ~


,\ ~





Ali • ..... ..... ~ ,_,. c; <'1 .... ..) "' ,:-2 ... . ~ .~ ~ .... StTe t c. h i.t ~ nosmac.k i t aTJ.d che w it--'iJ!I dawn s Jon- as the 'f re iT/~






A )If/ f.



\. v




. ~


J chew, ::fcr

""" G€..


~·. Chew

C. h i'lW







~ h i~



chew chum




u~ .J




Wri tten duri ng Senior-Jun ior ball game: If Sar a h Herringto n can chew gum 249 t i mes i n o ne min u te and Alice Gipson 319 times , what is the rate of vibration of the maxillary appendages owned and operated by Ottis Lorance.

THIS POOR BOSSY. Anna and Ruth one stormy day, Tired o f work, and anxious for play, D ecided that they their pitcher wo uld take And search for some milk-some fudge to make. The roads were rough and the wind clicl blow, yet from hou se to house these girls did o·oA !ways gett ing the same a nswer , ' '\Ve hav e n~ more. Perhaps you can find some at t he house next d oor. So across the s treet, they wi ncled their wa)' T I ~no, .. ked at the door and proceeded to sa v Do -~-o~J keep a co w?'' _The lady sig hed and 'sadly said: \\ e used to, but th1s very morning she dropped clown dead.' ' I

X O\\·. good o ld cows. just listen to m e : _If you'r e as k ind as you ought to be Don t. on the day girls want to buv Be so incons idera te as to lie do~~n and die.

M ODERN PERRY' S V ICTORY IN PERU. :\fessage sent to U niversity friend as follows: .. ,,.e have m et th e enemy and they are ours.

a ffairs.··

There 1s n ow a L ull



HEARD IN THE CLASS ROOM. :\ I i~s Elli s ( in Engli h History ): ":\Ir. Collins . \\"hat \\"ctS the punishment of the m~n "ho attempted to dethro!Je Henry \ ·ll ?'' . . Cpl"iin s (abse ntly ): ··His hc2d \\" clS cut off and used as a scullion Iil th t l'ing 's kitchen .·· l)rof. Duncanson: ··of "·hat usc arc th e pads on a g rass-hopper's foot? .. l cterson: ··Ta keep it from ge tting jarred ,,·hen it jumps . :\I iss Goshen ( in psYchol o~,· class) : .. :\ 0 \\" for instance . ho\\" manY o f \"Oll liked dOll!' \\·hen \"0 \! were ,.O;I!i!l?'' r aises J{is hand. · · :\ li>.s Goshen: ··Yes. :\fr. Zink. and som e of us are not oyer it. Yet.

:\I iss Goshen : ··Ho\\" ct\n ,·ou tell the exact d istan ce from her e to :\ It. \"t'rnon Hall:·· l:mrell Raines: ''From ha,·ing tran•lled t hat dist:mcc.·· Pro fessor L1 ro\\"ncl l. correcting Ph~·sics examjnation papers: ··These clia-. g ram~ could b_e ~,·orshipcd w ith im punity. for they are n either the likeness ~t anyrhmg that 1S 111 heaYe n above. no r th a t is in th e earth benea th. no r th~t IS 111 th e \\"aters ucde r th e earth!" '

~r.of. G r egg : '':\fi!'s Glasgo\\" . c:tn yo u explain what blushing is?'' . . ll ._s G_la sgnw: ·· Hlushiu:~: is a tcn~ponry congestion of the sm all arte n 1'S and cap!llan es of the fa ce a nd neck.'' . Prof Greo-o· · 1 · · · \\ . • ::>'"' · .o n d you g 1vc a pract1ca1 demo n stration to t 11e cI ass :.·· . 1 l!ch :\lJss Glaso·ow vcn· accommoclatino-Jy die\. 0 . b. :\fable Bailor·· ··1' 11erc a r c j)1entY o f 11l1111an b emgs · · 1 b u t o n 1'!lOing aroun c. a' f cw o f t I1e111 can b e called m en:· · - ~ -


·· ~ I r. Gibney. why arc YOU so late to class?'' (,Ihney: ''It isn 't mY ·fault. :\Jiss Krebs held me. · · o- o-1r · I' s room: ·· 1s t 111s · t 11c cen t er o f t11c <1·~ ~· ·b·:\I iss . S to 11er • tl pon cntcnn i lll m g e 1em ent:··' . :::, ,.., Yot; n o- lady·. "1 I . . b I t .. . ::, · · layc !:ca re\ no thm g but a mouse 111 the \\"astc- as .-e . Fnencl· "D E . R . Rarl.~ -~ o_m wife miss yo u Yery n_mch ?" .. _ ·C) · l\o. she can throw as s tra1g ht as I can. !iss·t r=> l,etriclgt· t t on· '::; fo r S:\ho ". · "\\f'll 1 )'Oll j)leasc tell me wh er e I can fi IH1 'SI , 10r . 1 eop 1e:·· .. l.tbrarian i . . .. ' l1 cllllazcmcnt: "\\'h al clo \"Otl want With them?" \ V~1at is vo . :\Jr. Hill. · ..u 1 r oon: he:atccl \\'it h . ~ r r. Hill ?" Ga s O hn c:> .. · Prof S J1 a • · , r er · " D ' Eggenbero-er: .. . Icl ~·ou lake a bath last evening?'' Student: "'.. · . ~ 0 ! why ! V1/as t h ere o ne missing this m o rnin g?" S nowden·. ~~\11,\.t time that .YOU \\'er e thi nkinrr o-etting~ married ; .... ellIt about I "' of :::, Clara S hires: ."I· l}aven't thought of a ny~hing else since sc ~10o l bega n. do well, too !" do n t care. l ha ve known g irls to ma r ry at th irty-five. a nd


Inquisitive S . Jumbling J e_nio r : "Have YO U seen Professor Howie?" ~ch e re · r 1· 11 his offi llllio r.;· '·y J . es. he ·and Professo r· Beck have a mee t'rng w ith Prof. I. S. : "'\ ce. . f . ,, . - ll1eetin o-? \AfJ ·T· J · · "I-Iuh 1 . b · '' 1a t 1.;:mel o a m eetmg: .. · A fac ul ty 111ass m eeting. o f course!

AN APPRECIATION. To the students and fac ul ty of the :..:ormal an d to the business men nf :..:ebraska. who have so loy?lly supported THE PERL.;\'1.-\;..:. the Staff desi res to exp re~s its g ratit11de.

Especiall y to the follo \\·i ng persc ns. docs the ST.-\FF

OF THE PF.Rt: \·1.-\:..: wish to sig nify its obligation. To Professor H. D. Duncanson, :- liss Lillian C. Stoner. :-rr. C . H. H cssd·Lice. :-Ii~scs

a ra E . Dunn. :-rary Selling . :- l yrtle . :- l. K rebs, :\cllie E . Roda-

baugh and Clara

~h i res.

for excellent li tera ry contributio ns: to :-liss Sara 1'..

\\.are. for cartcons used in the bock : to


El izabeth r-oster. ·fo r ~evrra l

designs; to :\!essrs. E . .R . G ro~s . G . L. Carl son. anr\ Albert Peterson for man:: beautiful photographs: to Profcs~or

J. :-1.

H o\\·ie ancl Professor

J. \\'.

carso n.

fur m:wy time!~· suggestions and much un selfi sh assistance: ancl to many others are: we grateful.


White Goods, Laces and Embroideries <II.\tVe

carry one of the largest stocks of \tV HIT E DRESS GOODS, L ACES and EM BROID ERIES, from th e medium grade to the very best.

<II.\tVe can certainly please you as to sty le and price. <II. When in the city make this store your home. We attend to all mail orders on arri71a/.

L.Wessel"s Sons & Co. NEBRASKA CITY, NEBR. U






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Professor Bengston , havi ng twenty A nx ious lVfodel School T eache r-:\I is.s mi nutes and twenty-six questions, de?\fears. can you tel l me wh ere to fintl cided to try the electrical met hod in g ivso111ething on cheese-making? ing the Sen iors a test in geography. M iss :\1ears ( who considers Poole's The method fail ed - as did also the I nclex the 路 source of all know.Jedge)such hicrh class- .the shock caused bv . potential being too great. Jhve you looked in Poole's I n dex? ~

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Peru, Nebraska :\I iss H osm er -f.. ] iss Mohrman n, w hy did Froebel have a string attached to the bail , th e fi rst kind ergarten gift? i\IIss :\Iohrmann-I suppose it was to attach it to the chi ld's mi nd. T he Fourth Grade were sent into thC' Third Grade room to observe the phonic h..sson. \V hcn S c> m Bmwnell learned o f th eit路 coming-, he sa id to hi s teacher, ":\Tiss Saxer~ please call me il1fr. Brownell while the Fourth Grade are in her e.'路


1IIr.1Jlttrt.11j. ~qPllqoru

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The Xo rmal g irls say As at Cha pel they pray "Help us good maids to be. G ive us p-a tience to ,,·a it T ill som e su bsequ ent date\':orld witho ut m en ! A h, me !


mo ve. slig ht!."' As m o r e ce rta in s ig·ns of li fe becam e m a ni fes t, it wa s resto r er! to its accusto med place. wher e From its s ta ti o n in the hall T hat un cer tain tim epiece says to a ll. F o rever- neverN eYer-for ever.

After !ong contin ued evidence th at the ha nds of the li brat·y clock we re. as it M iss L o ra nce's pu pils were d iscuss ing"ccmccl. stilled fo rever, the jeweler was the color .of clogs . a nd o ne chi ld s:~d . c:1llcd in to a ssist in la ying o ut the silent " i\ l iss L o ra nce. we have o ne just zackly frame. On ly a few people we re presen t the co lo r o f your hai r. " to Yiew the rema ins as it lay in state u pon the r etu rn !able . " ·hence it was destined O f all th e ma dden ing inc idents to go, never to return fo r. S uddenly. T ha t happen as th e clays e·o bY as tender hands were adm iniste ri ng the Jfs w hen .'·ou're in the libra.ry t~ kin.g las t sad ri tes. i t ~ ha nds we re seen to no tes



A nd yo u r fo untai n pe n g oes d ry!



Hnlf-tones 01\d Zil\c Etchil\£s oftl\e hi?h.est



Desi£"ne:rs fu( Golle~e Al\I\\luls


Profile for Peru State College Library

1908 - The Peruvian  

1908 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1908 - The Peruvian  

1908 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska