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The Original Idea

Redefining KITT

Questions • What is the main message or goal of the product?

• How does KITT work categorically? • How can the services be trimmed down to fit the overall message?

1st try... (six categories) automation customization connection efficiency security direction

2nd try... (down to four categories) connection efficiency security direction

Competition (Delphi and Connect2Car) COMPETITION ISSUES - Neither one supported by any established platform - Have to buy extra equipment and software, and have to deal with difficult/confusing interfaces (connect2car) - Antiquated and unapproved interfaces - Only limited to car’s current Bluetooth/key fob technology

OTHER ISSUES - Security issues with Bluetooth capability; Reach of Bluetooth not that far; only 25-55 feet - What is the need for a “remote” when it’s already achievable through technology that some auto dealers already have

What am I really trying to communicate? 1. Vehicles today are like second home and people are looking for more ways to customize and control that experience. 2. With people being on the go more and cell phones being as common to have as your keys, there is an opportunity to use the technology in phones along with the accessible technology in cars to use your mobile phone almost as your “second set of keys� (and more)

Playing with Messages Control of your car that’s not limited to being behind the wheel. Maintain access anytime, anyplace. There’s more to your car than its glossy exterior... Connect to it and discover a more fulfilling driving experience. Your car knows you better than anyone, now it’s time for you to connect to it inside and out. Privileged people have always enjoyed unlimited access to their car’s brainpower, now you can too. Enjoy unlimited power, access and control of your car without paying the ultimate price to do so. The dashboard is only one part of your car. Discover the power of connecting to your car from the outside. The relationship between you and your car shouldn’t be stop when you turn the ignition off. Now you can stay connected all day.

Final Message Control of your car (from your mobile phone) without being behind the wheel





Allows the user to operate and control the basic external features and functions of their car through the KITT mobile application.

Every consumer is concerned with security when it comes to their car. KITT provides a way not only for consumers to manage that security but also to be notified immediately if any adverse activity is happening in or around their car. The ViewCam functionality is also effective for parents who would like to manage driving habits of teenagers.

Seat Configuration

With issues such as Global Warming at the helm and with gas prices increasingly going through the roof, consumers are looking to find ways to utilize their vehicles in a more efficient manner. Part of accomplishing that goal is to make sure your car is in its best functioning capacity which in turn will keep emissions under control. The problem is consumers today don’t have time to efficiently monitor that on a daily basis and now KITT provides them with that information right on their mobile phone.

Climate Control

**Economy Mode Switch

Keyless Entry Engine Start/Stop Window/Sunroof Control

Alarm Activation (possible partnership with LoJack) Electric Window Tinting

*Remote Parking

Quick Diagnostic Check Tire Pressure Monitor

Flashing Lights (in emergency situation)

Full Vehicle Health Report

Fuel Ignition Cutoff

***Automotive Black Box

Vehicle Locator (GPS driven)

911 Assist (Similar to AAA service)

Vehicle Viewcam

The New Look

Adjectives for Website clean simple straightforward intuitive quick structure control dynamic informative efficient secure interactive personal/playful essential

Mobile Web Apps Look is still in development, but would serve as the main platform for the KITT program KITT

thank you.questions?


Interactive project for Experience Design class. KITT is an online vehicle management system which also has a remote component for your keys...

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