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26 & 27 MARCH


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WELCOM The British population is aging, as the number of people aged over 85 years old is set to double over the next 30 years. Alongside this, the amount of people living with dementia is expected to be over a million by 2025. There is a lot of potential for the industry to benefit and thrive from this growing demand, but in order to do so there must be industry wide growth and development. In the face of this steadily increasing need, there are constant novel and unique solutions being brought to the industry thanks to brands and individuals that care so deeply about the future of the sector. The industry is in need of growth towards a sustainable business model, and the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo is the best chance to experience how the care sector will achieve this. With 7 seminar theatres boasting CPD accredited seminars led by pioneering professionals within the social care sector, there will be a vast array of

learning opportunities for visitors to apply when they return to work. Each theatre will have a distinct focus, from business growth, technology & innovation, training & care development, and thanks to working in association with UKHCA, a homecare focus as well. Masterclasses run by everyLIFE, QCS and Learning Curve Group will offer hands on experience alongside learning and will cover topics from preparing for inspections, striving to reach an outstanding rating, retaining the best staff and engaging the current workforce to guarantee the best care possible. To top all of this off, there will be a chance to see first hand the impact that AI and robotics are starting to have at the heart of the industry. The Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo recognises the need for an industry transformation towards a more sustainable social care business model, and will provide the perfect platform for the industry to achieve this.

What’s on at the show Navigate your way through this comprehensive CPD accredited event and make sure you don't miss a thing!



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KEYNOTE SPEAKERS The CPD accredited education at the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo is hosted by influential social care leaders. Each seminar will concentrate on a different topic which will shape the direction of social care and enable social care businesses owners to grow their business and implement a sustainable social care model.





Executive Director for the National Care Forum who has worked across a wide range of government and sector steering groups raising the voice of not for profit care.

Most older people in England, particularly those with complex needs, will receive care at some time. Their experience of care will often depend on how well different services work together for them, their families and carers. In this seminar, Alison Murray will highlight key findings and challenges from the CQC Beyond Barriers and State of Care reports.




Bridget Warr CBE is the current leading voice in Homecare and has been since 2010. Key Factors in Providing Quality Homecare Services It is a well-established fact that most people living with dementia would choose to remain at home, in familiar surroundings and with the people they love, and amongst their friends communities. Bridget will discuss the key factors in providing quality homecare services to support people living with dementia and their family and carers, to live well at home with dementia.

CQC Head of Inspection in London, and Adult Social Care lead for Dementia. Beyond Barriers: meeting the care needs of older people


Crossing the Digital Divide Are fractured digital journeys a thing of the past? Have the data pathways connected in ways that make people confident in the safe, timely and effective exchange of information about themselves? This session will explore how the social care and health sectors are working on bridging the digital divide in order to harness the opportunities for system wide change.





Each seminar will cover important topics ranging from working towards creating a sustainable work force, training and recruitment techniques to improve care quality, marketing your social care business and preparing your business for the uncertainty that will come after Brexit. This is one of the only places you are guaranteed to receive applicable education that will prepare you for the future direction of social care.

Bringing over twenty years of experience from working in a range of roles in the social care sector, Lee is now working to help Skills for Care deliver a sustainable social care workforce. Creating a sustainable social care workforce With 111000 vacancies on any given day in adult social care, and the need to fill around 650,000 extra job roles by 2035, Skills for Care CEO Lee Mummery looks at what support employers need to recruit, retain and train enough people with the right personal values to offer high quality care in our communities now and into the future.


Reducing the symptoms of dementia with cognitive rehabilitation therapy people



The speaker will describe the Enriched Memory Care with Therapy service being delivered at 4 Sunrise Senior Living Homes as part of a University of Exeter trial into the effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation as a care service. She will show how therapeutic techniques can be used to enable people with dementia to improve in every day function and describe the impact on the service, residents and their families.

A recent author and expert on dementia care, having contributed to the NICE Guidelines for dementia.




Helping social care staff deliver outstanding care for people with dementia for 23 years.

Bridging the gap between professional carers and family carers How often do staff within a care setting say ‘We have no problems with the people we care for, it’s the families we struggle with’. This session explores expectations of care, the reality of the situation from both sides, and looks at different ways we can ‘bridge the gap’ to improve the experience for all involved.







A lifelong mental health nurse, having had his skills utilised across the NHS, private sector and local authority. Dignity for everyone, every day – actions speak louder than words This seminar offers an insight into making Dignity in Care a living, breathing reality. Dignity is a concept we will all see in a different way. What does it actually mean? What does it look like, and sound like? How do we enable entire staff teams to critically reflect, challenge every aspect of their approach to care, and bring about real life meaningful change together?

Recruiter with unrivalled knowledge on the care profession, including how to motivate and retain superstar carers. An unbiased perspective of working in dementia As one of the UK’s leading agencies supplying Dementia specialists within the care and support sector, we highly value feedback from our candidates. We have reached out to our workforce and asked them to discuss the challenges they face and to share their positive stories and experiences. We would like to share these findings with you, providing an unbiased perspective of working with Dementia by those who are responsible for implementing future change.




Leadership & Inspiring Staff


An expert who understands what it means to be outstanding through experience running Rosebank Care Home.



She is currently championing the safety of care homes through CCTV across the country. 6

Jonathan will discuss his experience as a leader within the care sector explaining the processes he takes to motivate his staff, the psychology behind it and the different type of leadership styles he implements to fit each staff members characteristics. Keeping staff happy is at the forefront of a successful care environment. WARNING: There will be a strong, exciting energy in this Seminar!


It’s Personal – Mandatory CCTV safety monitoring in care/nursing homes Promoting the benefits to the care home sector for the installation of CCTV safety monitoring. Offering case studies submitted by families as well as Care Providers who already have safety monitoring as part of their care delivery.




Expert who has spearheaded the development of healthcare intelligence. Integrated Care and the opportunity for social care

Worked for 36 years shaping the industry, including co-convening the Cavendish Coalition to be a voice for social care during Brexit. Brexit in Health and Social Care Consider the impact of Brexit on the social care provider’s ability to recruit care staff.


Stephen Dorrell from LaingBuisson will speak on quality improvement in the care sector. This will include discussion of issues such as the role of joined-up care and sustainability and transformation partnerships in the delivery of the system. He will also talk about the importance of data availability to achieving these objectives.




“Big Ian is a powerhouse of ideas who then turns them into reality to make a difference” — Angela Rippon “Highly entertaining & deeply thoughtprovoking. Big Ian will make you laugh, he’ll make you cry but he always makes you THINK!”. Not to be missed! Thank you for the music

Introduction to Digital Marketing Paid advertising ‘PPC’ can be daunting. This seminar explores and explains paid adverting across search engines, social media and how best to use it to achieve your online goals.


Ian focuses on the parts of care that don’t just keep people safe, warm and well fed but more on the bits that reinforce WHO someone is to make their eyes ignite and their hearts SING! Ian’s work on engagement and enrichment have found fans all over the world using music and bringing generations together to show that DEMENTIA IS A TEAM GAME.



HOME CARE AT THE DEMENTIA, CARE & NURSING HOME EXPO 350,000 older people live with care being provided for them at home. With more funding promised from the 2018 budget, and the sector bouncing back from rough years previous, Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo will put homecare on a platform to highlight just how crucial this sector is. Yet, there remains fundamental challenges in recruitment and retention, whilst the councils still show trends of lowering fees for homecare commissions.

Despite all of this, the sector emanates positivity by pushing through tough times. The sector is continuing to strive to meet demand and is resilient in the face of adversary. More and more homecare providers are being recognised as outstanding providers of care by the CQC State of Care Report, with the benefits of outstanding home care spreading beyond the service users. The reduction of unnecessary hospital admissions and GP visits will reduce further strain on our NHS, something the Beyond The Barriers Report laid out in detail.

This is why Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo worked to put home care in the spotlight. With a theatre dedicated to homecare, there will be the chance to hear relevant seminars that will distill key insights into the business of homecare and the delivery of care itself. You will also find the gold standard in products and services to support your homecare business and continue the growth of the sector as a whole.

Homecare Theatre & Speakers - In Association with UKHCA Working in association with UKHCA, The Homecare Theatre will be an interactive hub for home care professionals to learn directly from the individuals helping shape the sector. The speakers have been carefully selected to deliver seminars on relevant topics for visitors to learn about and apply to their own work. These will range from inspection preparation, nurturing the workforce and recruiting more super star carers, and also the role of technology in the home care sector. With the full schedule found in this show guide, we wanted to highlight four seminars you really cannot miss!

INNOVATIONS IN HOME CARE With so much information available for visitors to learn from, it’s important to visit the market defining exhibitors and see the products and services that will be available for visitors to discover. Here are three of the best brands to keep an eye out for as you explore the exhibiting floor.


Jayne Easterbrook - UKHCA

Stand D253 everyLIFE Technologies and their PASSsystem is the industry standard for the social care sector. Their technology takes away the pains of paperwork and makes medicine mismanagement a thing of the past with their real time delivery tracker and analysis of digital care records. everyLIFE will be hosting their own masterclass, turn to page 10 to find out more.


Bridget Warr CBE - UKHCA


Holly Irwin & Jayne Easterbrook - NICE

MEDICINES SUPPORT IN THE COMMUNITY Wed 27th | 14.00 | Home Care Theatre


Stand D800 Access Group are market leaders in the development of software for everything a care professional will need. From payroll and invoicing, scheduling and rostering, enquiries and care plans, Access Group are able to provide easy to use software to aid these activities and more.

Stand D451 Through connecting existing technology, Alivecor are able to offer easily usable cardiac monitoring. Being able to take a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds, this makes keeping track of vital information easy and quickly accessible in case of emergencies. This technology goes a long way in providing peace of mind and ease of access to essential information to make tricky situations easier to handle.


HOME CARE - AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE UKHCA will exhibit at the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo, where visitors can meet them at stand D290. ——— When asked about their future care needs, the vast majority of people express an overwhelming preference to be supported to live independently at home, and remain part of their established community, even at the end of their life. Home care services, provided predominantly by independent and voluntary organisations, support almost a million people a year across the UK in their own homes to make this wish a reality. The type of support that people want varies for every individual and can include helping them with daily tasks such as washing and dressing, preparing meals, going out to the shops, through to managing their medication and supporting complex treatment, alongside community health services. In this way home care services already play a leading role in supporting people’s healthcare needs, and easing pressure on the NHS by enabling people to return home once they are medically fit to leave hospital. However, there is widespread recognition that the potential of the home care sector has been severely constrained by underfunding and outdated commissioning practices. UKHCA’s recently published report, “The Home care Deficit 2018”, on the funding of older people’s home care across the United Kingdom, exposed the scale of under-funding of a fragile state-funded sector. The report found that just one in seven councils (who account for over 70% of all home care services purchased) was paying their local care providers UKHCA’s minimum price necessary to comply with National Minimum Wage Regulations (including care workers’ travel) and the costs of running the service in a sustainable way.

Using data obtained under Freedom of Information legislation, UKHCA found that the average prices paid for home care in the UK is just £16.12 per hour, almost £2 per hour less than UKHCA’s Minimum Price for Home care of £18.01 per hour for the current financial year. (This will increase to £18.93 from April 2019 to take account of increases in National Living Wage, pension contributions and other costs). UKHCA calculated that for the financial year 2018 – 19 the UK home care sector needed at least £402 million per year to ensure that home care workers receive the statutory National Living Wage, while also ensuring that home care providers could meet their statutory obligations. The role of the home care workforce responsible for delivering front-line care support for older and disabled people should not, of course, be considered a minimum wage job. UKHCA also, therefore, calculated the size of the deficit if national governments and local councils were to commit to raising the status of the home care workforce to at least the independently calculated Real Living Wage. For 2018 – 19 this would be £921 million. Failure to take action to address the issue of underfunding risks further withdrawal or loss of home care services, which can have severe consequences for the people being supported and their families, as well as the dedicated and skilled staff who work in home care. This will also result in increased pressure on the NHS from the lack of available social care.



the amount of money needed to pay a living wage to British home care workers

With the much delayed Green Paper on Social Care still expected, it is vital that government address both the immediate and long term funding requirements to ensure the sustainability of this essential service to meet people’s needs - today and into the future. These statistics paint a clear picture for the industries need for a platform like the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo. By working in association with UKHCA, it creates an environment for home care professionals to find anything they need in order to continue to deliver outstanding care. The dedicated Home Care Theatre provides an abundance of CPD accredited education, whilst 300 companies will exhibit the latest products and services that will progress the sector. UKHCA will exhibit at the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo, where visitors can meet them at stand D290, opening opportunity for one-to-one engagement with the association. Alongside this they will also be leading their own Keynote seminar fronted by Chief Executive Bridget Warr CBE, who is considered to be the current leading voice in Home care. Bridget will discuss the key factors in providing quality home care services to support people living with dementia. ————


1 in 7 the amount of Local Authorities that comply with national minimum wage regulations

the amount per hour the majority of home care workers miss out on due to lack of compliance with national minimum wage regulations

*These statistics were taken from the UKHCA article ‘Home care - an essential service’



Leading change in Social Care PRESENTED BY

everyLIFE Technologies presents partners, innovators and influencers who are leading change in the social care sector and building trust in the future of care. We are delighted to host a variety of highly skilled keynote speakers with expertise drawn from across the sector, exploring the role technology plays within them. These masterclass sessions will entertain, educate and inspire!



11:00 / Taffy Gatawa (everyLIFE Technologies) & Florence LindsayWalters (SCIE) - Evaluation of digital care planning in care

11:00 / Neil Eastwood/Taffy Gatawa – Top five risks for care businesses and how to address them

12:00 / Alyson Scurfield (TSA) - Putting people first. Connecting people, Improving lives 13:00 / Care business success stories: Panel discussion with Adam Hutchinson (Belmont Healthcare), Romola Ganguli and Adrian Greensmith (Heritage Healthcare), Taffy Gatawa (everyLIFE Technologies), Mohammed Gbadamosi (Tech for Care), Alyson Scurfield (TSA) 14:00 / Vic Rayner (NCF) - Social Care – Focus on the future

12:00 / Issac Theophilos - How to get an outstanding with the help of technology 13:00 / Ian Donaghy - Thank you for the music 14:00 / Mohammed Gbadamosi (Tech for Care) - Social Care Challenges: the role of technology and a skilled workforce 15:00 / Taffy Gatawa – Top five risks for care businesses and how to address them

15:00 / Karolina Gerlich (NACAS) 16:00 / Neil Eastwood, (Sticky People, Care Friends) – 2019 Trends and innovation in care recruitment

AT A GLANCE • Care business success stories • Recruitment, retention and risk management • Nurturing the workforce to succeed • How to get ‘outstanding’ • Putting people first, connecting people, improving lives • Technology, innovation and the digital age of care


Accessible information standards

Accessing funded training PRESENTED BY


Delivered by Nursing & Residential Lead Leah Cooke, who has extensive care home experience and current roles that includes policy development for QCS and specialist advisor for CQC. The masterclass sets out to discuss the standards and how to work within the standards when caring for someone with dementia. The masterclass will visit the standards and its requirements, as well as offering some suggestions for enabling people to be decision makers in their own right whilst ensuring compliance. You should attend this masterclass to understand how complying with accessible standard can empower people, tackle health inequalities, highlight your ability to work with other providers and align to quality statements. The session is a great opportunity to share best practice and inform new ways of working.


The care industry constantly faces pressures around limited resources. This masterclass will provide information on the available sources of funding for apprenticeships and other nationally recognised training programmes, all designed to improve the support you and your team can give those with Dementia. With access to over £20m of government funding and supporting over 50,000 learners a year, the keynote speakers will give their insight into how organisations make best use of this revenue to drive forward industry best practice. They will also review the other areas of training and support that the funding covers which enables both individuals and organisations to provide the highest level of care and support.




11:00 / 12:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 Accessible Information Standards Masterclass

12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 Accessing Funded Training



11:00 / 12:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 Accessible Information Standards Masterclass

11:00 / 12:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 Accessing Funded Training



• Reduce health inequalities and provide better outcomes for individuals • Embedding standards into daily working practice • Achieving regulatory compliance • Demonstration of outstanding practice and innovative working • Tools to aid self-assessment and continuous improvement of your service

• Review of government funded training schemes • What topics are covered and how they are delivered • The impact on your staff and your organisation • The apprenticeship levy and how this works • Accessing apprenticeship training if you are not a levy paying employer • Case studies from an industry expert




The Virtual Dementia Tour is all about understanding what a person living with dementia experiences daily. Only by being able to walk in the shoes of a person living with dementia can we truly understand the changes that we need to make to improve the quality of care, improve environments, improve attitudes and really improve lives. Training 2 CARE are proud to be working with the Dementia, Care & Nursing Expo to bring this to you — GLENN KNIGHT Managing Director of Training 2 CARE

The Virtual Dementia Tour is the only scientifically proven method of giving a person an experience of what dementia might be like. The Virtual Dementia Tour was invented 21 years ago in America by PK Beville and Training 2 Care are the UK partners for this ground-breaking training course. This feature will grant access to an outstanding professional tool that offers unique and essential perspectives for caring professionals. By the end of this you will be able to recognise the issues faced by people with dementia and start to think about the correct provision of services to meet their needs. This is exactly what Caroline Dinenage, Minister of State for Care, experienced when she partook in the Virtual Dementia Tour last year at the event, granting herself an emphatic view of living with dementia and allowing for a new level of insight.

01376 573 999 12

In the UK, the Virtual Dementia Tour has been commissioned by nursing homes, CQC, care providers, NHS, ambulance services, Police, fire service, colleges, universities, prisons, and families in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The Virtual Dementia Tour has been researched in 16 countries and in the UK by Essex University and Ulster University. The Virtual Dementia Tour is recognised to change practice and has even been shortlisted for 2 awards by Skills for Care and the Times Educational Supplement. In March the Virtual Dementia Tour will feature on the ‘Restaurant That Makes Mistakes’, a Channel 4 series and we were privileged to take various celebrities through the experience. They found the Virtual Dementia Tour an experience that must not be missed, and we are proud of the support that they and everyone else has given us.

PANEL DEBATES The panel sessions at Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo offer a chance to receive multiple expert opinions on some of the most multi-faceted topics within the care sector. The future of sustainability will

be on centre stage here, as the panel begins looking into the quality of the care given whilst also considering funding, the state of the workforce and the integration of healthcare services.

TUESDAY 26th | 14.45


The regulation, application and integration of AI & robotics in UK social care will make up the next key topic.


INTRODUCING THE FUTURE: AI IN SOCIAL CARE This panel will feature representatives from Microsoft, NHS Digital and the Institute of Public Care. Each expert panellist will discuss the regulation, application and integration of artificial intelligence across the social care industry, and what this could mean for the future of social care.




Industry Solutions Manager

Programme Head for Social Care Technology

Assistant Director


This panel will feature representatives from the leading social care institutions. The panellists will discuss how quality measures, workforce solutions, funding options and integration methods can be used to implement a sustainable social care model for the future.

WEDNESDAY 27th | 13.15




AI & ROBOTICS We can’t prevent, cure or, even slow down the progression of dementia, so we need to harness new technologies like Artificial Intelligence if we’re to see a revolution in dementia research. — DR JAMES PICKETT Alzheimer’s Society, partner of the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo


AI is already being used in the social care industry, however it is very much in its infancy. Currently the most common uses are in speech monitoring, which can detect signs of dementia from the way someone speaks. Similarly, there are examples of AI services such as automated brain scan analyses, that identify whether early onset dementia is present in brain scans that someone sends in. Following Pickett’s statement, it is clear to see that AI needs to be adopted further in everyday practices for social care service providers. The UK-RAS White Paper ‘Robotics in Social Care’ laid

out a clear roadmap for how these innovations will play a part in the advancement of sustainable social care, and this will be on display across both days of the event. With speakers such as Jennifer Ivstam and Dr Jamie Wilson discussing the use of AI in dementia prevention. Furthermore, there are market leading exhibitors at the expo too. Noomi provides AI remote care solutions that monitor changes to a person’s daily routine and provides caregivers with tailored alerts and health insights allowing them to administer effective care.

Stand D430


Xandar Kardian





Noomi uses Artificial Intelligence to support a discreet, remote care solution. This talk investigates ways that AI can increase care provider efficiency, whilst improving care for the elderly. We will look at how new technologies can help determine the effects of a treatment over time. Looking at the importance of automated alerts in the case of dementia sufferers, demonstrating how this can be achieved in non-invasive and respectful ways.

Radar signal processing with AI can provide non-invasive (non-contact), privacy protected way of preventing /detecting falls while also monitoring resting heart rate, breathing rate and movement data autonomously.

We at believe that artificial intelligence will change the healthcare. An artificial intelligence that analyses an elder patient 24/7 at home will notice even small changes in patients well-being. Just by letting AI analyse the patient notes written by nurses and doctors, the AI will give the care organisation a realtime assessment of the elder patient’s state at home. It would be quite impossible for a human being to analyse such a vast amount of data. A self-learning AI with knowledge structures taught with real patient data will give essential information to the care organisation to help the patients live longer at home.

Stand D1162

Tuesday 26th | 11.00 | Theatre 6

Wednesday 27th | 11.00 | Theatre 6

Stand D1144

Tuesday 26th | 14.00 | Theatre 6



We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of our sponsors and partners who have supported this event and our aims of growing the industry and helping to implement a sustainable social care model.



National Activity Providers Association



NEW FOR 2020







17 & 18 18MARCH MARCH 17 &

2020 2020 NEC · BIRMINGHAM










State of Care The Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) most recent annual assessment of the quality of health and social care in England shows that overall, quality has been largely maintained, and in some cases improved. This is despite continuing challenges around demand and funding, coupled with significant workforce pressures as all sectors struggle to recruit and retain staff. The efforts of staff, leaders and carers to ensure that people continue to receive good, safe care despite these challenges must be recognised and applauded. However, it is clear that people’s own experience of care varies depending on where they live; and that these experiences are often determined by how well different parts of local systems work together. Some people can easily access good care, while others cannot access the services they need, experience ‘disjointed’ care, or only have access to providers with poor services. CQC’s reviews of local health and care systems have found that ineffective collaboration between local health and care services can result in people not being able to access the care and support services in the community that would avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital, which in turn leads to increased demand for acute services.

Posing a threat to effective collaboration between health and social care is the continued fragility of the adult social care market, with providers closing or ceasing to trade and contracts being handed back to local authorities. Unmet need continues to rise, with Age UK estimating that 1.4 million older people do not have access to the care and support they need.

Ian Trenholm, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission, said: “State of Care highlights both the resilience and the potential vulnerability of a health and care system where most people receive good care, but where access to this care increasingly depends on where in the country you live and how well your local health system works together. This is not so much a ‘postcode lottery’ as an ‘integration lottery’. “We’ve seen some examples of providers working together to give people joined-up care based on their individual needs. But until this happens everywhere, individual providers will increasingly struggle to cope with demand – with quality suffering as a result.

“The challenge for Parliament, national and local leaders and providers is to change the way services are funded, the way they work together and how and where people are cared for and supported. The alternative is a future in which care injustice will increase and where some people will be failed by the services that are meant to support them, with their health and quality of life suffering as result.” Under CQC’s leadership, the industry has continued to deliver high standards of care, the minimum service users and their families deserve. This is why the CQC are at the Dementia, Care and Nursing Home Expo, the UK’s most dynamic social care event, to ensure service providers continue to administer outstanding care throughout the industry. Alison Murray, the CQC’s lead for dementia, is a keynote speaker who will be discussing ‘meeting the care needs of older people.’ The CQC are also exhibiting at the event, sharing information with service providers on how they can improve their care to inspire business growth and sustainable care models for the industry. Find the CQC at stand D562 for more information.

IAN TRENHOLM Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission



KEYNOTE THEATRE 1 | TUESDAY Lee Mummery, Skills for Care Creating a sustainable social care workforce

11.00 - 11.30

Vic Rayner, National Care Forum Crossing the Digital Divide

11.45 - 12.15

Sue Brewin, Alzheimer’s Society Bridging the gap between professional carers and family carers

12.30 - 13.00

Jackie Pool, Sunrise Senior Living Reducing the symptoms of dementia with cognitive rehabilitation therapy

13.15 - 13.45

Paul Gaskell, Runwood Homes Dignity for everyone, every day – actions speak louder than words

14.00 - 14.30

Jonathan Cunningham MBE, STORM Consultancy UK Leadership & Inspiring Staff

14.45 - 15.15

Ian Thomas , Google Digital Garage Introduction to Digital Marketing

15.30 - 16.00




Alison Murray, Care Quality Commission Beyond Barriers: Meeting the Care needs of Older People

11.00 - 11.30

Bridget Warr CBE, United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) Key Factors in Providing Quality Homecare Services

11.45 - 12.15

Jayne Connery, Care Campaign for the Vulnerable It’s Personal – Mandatory CCTV safety monitoring in care/nursing homes

12.30 - 13.00

Nadra Ahmed OBE, National Care Association/Cavendish Coalition Brexit in Health and Social Care

13.15 - 13.45

Stephen Dorrell, LaingBuisson Integrated Care and the Opportunity for Social Care

14.00 - 14.30

Leslie Weare, Reed Specialist Recruitment An Unbiased Perspective of Working in Dementia

14.45 - 15.15


15.30 - 16.00

* Content and speakers are subject to change. The digital show guide and seminar timetable will be updated online prior to the show, so please check for the latest information.

Andrew Pattison, IT Governance Information Governance and Compliance and Challenges for Healthcare

11.00 - 11.30

Jim Ward, Fastroi Ltd Digital Transformation of Integrated Health and Care. Lessons from Finland

11.45 - 12.15

Matt Luckham, Care Control Transform Care with Digital Technology

12.30 - 13.00

Andrew Baker, Able Training Support Ltd Reducing Distress to Reduce Stress - How Training can Improve Care

13.15 - 13.45

Steven Embleton, My Learning Cloud Ltd Top Ten Tips when Purchasing a Learning Management System

14.00 - 14.30

Matt Oakley, Dechoker Managing Choking Risk

14.45 - 15.15

Michael Dean, Northumbrian Water Limited Putting the Care into Water Hygiene

15.30 - 16.00



Andrew Baker, Able Training Support Ltd Reducing Distress to Reduce Stress - How Training can Improve Care

11.00 - 11.30

Andrew Pattison, IT Governance Information Governance and Compliance and Challenges for Healthcare

11.45 - 12.15

Matthew Mitchell-Farmer, The Paterson Group Practical Dementia Care Training: More Than Just a Seminar!

12.30 - 13.00

Mark Harrison, Informed Dementia Care Practical Dementia Training

13.15 - 13.45

Zameer Nazarali, The Policy Company Ltd Employee Engagement in the World of Care – How to Enhance Employee Performance in 2019

14.00 - 14.30

Raj Kapoor and Caroline Hayden-Wright, Alzheimer’s Society Are You Just Trying to be Difficult?

14.45 - 15.15

Patricia Gooden-Husbands, Fulcrum Care Ltd Using the VIPS Framework and the Principles of Dementia Care Mapping in Care Homes

15.30 - 16.00

* Content and speakers are subject to change. The digital show guide and seminar timetable will be updated online prior to the show, so please check for the latest information.





THEATRE 3 - HOME CARE | TUESDAY Les Pick, Canada Life Using Property Wealth to Fund Long Term Care

11.00 - 11.30

Sylvia Bryden-Stock, Carers Coaching Academy The Emotional Roller Coaster of Caring - Are There Solutions?

11.45 - 12.15

Markus Merne, Everon Group Can a Scandinavian Style Approach Improve Care in the UK?

12.30 - 13.00

Paula Hughes, Key Group Equity Release and Funding Care

13.15 - 13.45

Emma Watt, Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP Are your Contract Terms Consumer Law Compliant?

14.00 - 14.30

Barbara Hobbs, BHC (Barbara Hobbs Consultancy) Tips for Preparing Your Next CQC Inspection

14.45 - 15.15




Dr Jamie Wilson, Hometouch How Technology, Data and a Focus on Dementia Prevention can help Relieve the Social Care Burden

11.00 - 11.30

Dr Jane Townson, LifeSpan100 Messages on the Future of Domiciliary Care

11.45 - 12.15

Jayne Easterbrook, United Kingdom Homecare Association Creating a homecare workforce to support people at home

12.30 - 13.00

Neil Eastwood, Care Friends & Sticky People How to be the best at recruiting homecare staff

13.15 - 13.45

Holly Irwin, NICE Medicines support in the community

14.00 - 14.30

Markus Merne, Everon Group Can a Scandinavian Style Approach Improve Care in the UK?

14.45 - 15.15

* Content and speakers are subject to change. The digital show guide and seminar timetable will be updated online prior to the show, so please check for the latest information.

Nuno Almeida, Nourish Care Systems Ltd Digital Transformation: How Data is Driving Better Care

11.00 - 11.30

Anthony Duhig, Person Centred Software How going Paperless Improves Quality of Care and Staff Morale

11.45 - 12.15

Steven Vryonides FCCA,CTA, RA Accountants LLP Tax Economies for Care Home, Nursing and Residential Home Businesses

12.30 - 13.00

13.15 - 13.45 Peter Shergill, Access UK Ltd How Technology & Care Go Hand In Hand: Hear from a Provider on the Digital Transformation Highway

Simon Beck, Care Home Marketing Expert Top 4 Ways To Generate New Enquiries For Your Home

14.00 - 14.30

Edith Zuiderent, Onwijs BV – SovaCare UK Ltd How Multitouch games can improve well-being and mental health of elderly people

14.45 - 15.15

Jonathan White, Adaptive IT Solutions Limited How can I use Technology effectively in my Care environment?

15.30 - 16.00





Anna C. Park, OM Interactive Ltd Interactive Technology - Engaging Activities for all Generations

11.00 - 11.30

Anthony Duhig, Person Centred Software How Going Paperless Improves Quality of Care and Staff Morale

11.45 - 12.15

Ryan Knight, Nourish Care Systems Ltd The Family Portal: Keeping The Family Connected

12.30 - 13.00

Alan Pocock, CareDocs The Move to Digital: Best Practice and Possible Complications

13.15 - 13.45

Belinda Adams, SoupedUp Catering Care Software Does Better Healthcare Depend on Digitisation?

14.00 - 14.30

Rob Barraclough, RotaMaster What are the Key Drivers in Staff Engagement in Care?

14.45 - 15.15

* Content and speakers are subject to change. The digital show guide and seminar timetable will be updated online prior to the show, so please check for the latest information.







11.00 - 11.30

Andrew Parsons, RadcliffesLeBrasseur 10 Legal Issues that Keeps Care Homes Awake at Night

11.45 - 12.15 Paul McCooey, Duncan & Toplis Better Financial Records in Less Time at Lower Cost - How Cloud Accounting can Help You and Your Business

Kristy Gouldsmith, Sapphire Consulting Group Minimising the Risks that GDPR Brings to your Care Home

12.30 - 13.00

Christopher Briggs, Quality of Care The 3 Key Elements to Running a Successful Care Home

13.15 - 13.45

Guy Ransom, Finn Geotherm UK Ltd Transforming Heating and Hot Water Costs into Profits

14.00 - 14.30

Ian Spindley & Tom Dutton, CCI Credit Management Protecting Revenue Streams In An Integrated Social Care/Health System

14.45 - 15.15

Sia Mabadi, Quinyx The Workforce Revolution

15.30 - 16.00





Scott Sherriden, The Care Hub Recruiting Talent – How to Find the Right People for your Business

11.00 - 11.30

Tobi Alli-Usman, Smooth Digital How To Attract Private Paying Care Clients Online

11.45 - 12.15

Guy Ransom, Finn Geotherm UK Ltd Transforming Heating and Hot Water Costs into Profits

12.30 - 13.00

Philippa Doyle, Hempsons CQC Inspections and Reports – When to Action, When to Challenge

13.15 - 13.45

Nigel Holmes, Catax Uncovering Tax Relief in your Care Home

14.00 - 14.30

Rob Masson, The DPO Centre Ltd The 5 Key Reasons Why Care Providers need a Data Protection Officer

14.45 - 15.15

Katie Nutting, Obiter Wealth Management Growing Your Business Through Protecting Your Assets

15.30 - 16.00

* Content and speakers are subject to change. The digital show guide and seminar timetable will be updated online prior to the show, so please check for the latest information.

Jennifer Ivstam, Noomi Proactive Healthcare using Artificial Intelligence

11.00 - 11.30

Glenn Hapgood, Rescape Innovation Limited How to Introduce VR Therapy to Your Care Homes

11.45 - 12.15

Fiona Richardson, Institute of Public Care The use of Technology in Care Services

12.30 - 13.00

Rupinder Singh, Kraydel Ltd The Role of Technology in Addressing Loneliness and Isolation

13.15 - 13.45

Lea Myyrylainen, What Can Artificial Intelligence Offer to Home Care?

14.00 - 14.30

NHS Digital (James Palmer), Institute of Public Care (Fiona Richardson), Microsoft (Helena Zaum) Introducing the Future: AI in Social Care

14.45 - 15.15

NHS Digital (James Palmer), Institute of Public Care (Fiona Richardson), Microsoft (Helena Zaum) Introducing the Future: AI in Social Care

15.30 - 16.00



Sam Yang, Xandar Kardian Inc How AI Enabled Radar Technology can Revolutionize Healthcare.

11.00 - 11.30

Grace Meadows, Music For Dementia 2010 For People Living with Dementia, Music isn’t a Nicety, it’s a Necessity

11.45 - 12.15

Fiona Richardson, Institute of Public Care The use of Technology in Care Services

12.30 - 13.00

Special guests to be confirmed Initiating the Future of Sustainability

13.15 - 13.45

Special guests to be confirmed Initiating the Future of Sustainability

14.00 - 14.30

Rishi Jawaheer, Care Vision Cms Shaping the Future of Care

14.45 - 15.15

Mike Lambourne, Competition & Markets Authority Complying with Consumer Protection Law – Why it Matters to Your Care Home

15.30 - 16.00

* Content and speakers are subject to change. The digital show guide and seminar timetable will be updated online prior to the show, so please check for the latest information.





THEATRE 7 - CARE DEVELOPMENT | TUESDAY Laura Sheerman, Abylss CMS Too Old for Technology?

11.00 - 11.30

David Lockwood, Finders International Death and The Unattached

11.45 - 12.15

Steven Richards, Edge Training & Consultancy Ltd Replacing DoLS: the Liberty Protection Safeguards for Care Homes

12.30 - 13.00

Karen Clayton, Find Memory Care Dementia care environments within care facilities

13.15 - 13.45

Nicky Pearson, Platinum Beauty Ltd The Importance of Lighting, Colour and Design to Create a Positive & Uplifting Environment

14.00 - 14.30

Joanne Lockwood, See Change Happen Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals in the 21st Century

14.45 - 15.15

Sophie Murray, National Association of Care Catering NACC Effective Nutritional Support and Dining Tips in Care Homes

15.30 - 16.00




Dr Charles Armitage, Florence What Nurses Want: Identifying Drivers to Supercharge your Hiring Strategy

11.00 - 11.30

Stian Lavik and Solfrid Sagstad, Motitech UK Ltd Turning People with Dementia into Dedicated Athletes

11.45 - 12.15

Dr Carolina Lee, Leecare Solutions Pty Ltd Using Technology – Quality Care and Operations Outcomes – Outstanding Ratings

12.30 - 13.00

Scott Gibson, Fastroi Ltd Digital Transformation of Integrated Health and Care. Lessons from Finland

13.15 - 13.45

Karolina Gerlich, National Association of Care & Support Workers Well-Being of Care Workers

14.00 - 14.30

Nicky Pearson, Platinum Beauty Ltd The Importance of Lighting, Colour and Design to Create a Positive & Uplifting Environment

14.45 - 15.15

Amanda Woodvine, Vegetarian for Life If I get Dementia, will they Serve Me Meat?

15.30 - 16.00

* Content and speakers are subject to change. The digital show guide and seminar timetable will be updated online prior to the show, so please check for the latest information.

EXHIBITOR LISTING 24 NRG Group Stand number D183 24NRG Healthcare group are here to support you with equipment and servicing. We service and install a wide range of equipment with a dedicated point of contact for efficiency, quality, safety, and service. We offer Planned Preventative Maintenance, LOLER Inspections, Asset I.D, Sales and Repairs. 08452 999999 ABLE Training Support Ltd Stand number D652 ABLE Training deliver bespoke training in positive behavioural support, managing aggression and physical intervention skills plus over 100 other courses for the care sector. They specialise in improving staff confidence and competence in the care of those with complex needs in a person-centred way. 01476 979183 Abloy UK Stand number D702 Abloy UK will be demonstrating Digital solutions including keyless, RFID locks that ensure a safe environment and easy, convenient access control for patients and staff. They will also be showing key management systems, compliant Electric Locks and auditable locks for secure medication management. 01902 364 500 Ablyss Systems Ltd Stand number D830 The only Care Management software you will need. Our care management software helps carers plan, record, report and co-ordinate care on the go via smart phones. This results in time saved, admin simplified and an improved quality of care. 01625 535685 Absolute Interiors of Harlow Stand number D1073 Absolute Interiors are a Altro Premier Installer with over 40 years experience in the construction industry. We provide the complete Altro Package including Internal Hygienic Wall Cladding, Fortis Titanium Wall Protection, Digi-Clad, Stainless Steel, P250 Ceiling Systems, Door Sets & Safety Flooring. 01279 454 160

Access Health & Social Care Stand number D800 Leading online care management software that helps you improve efficiency, giving you the freedom to deliver outstanding care. Visit our stand for a demonstration & to find out more. 0845 345 3300 Activ84Health nv Stand number D231 Memoride allows users to virtually go outside again for a bike ride from within the safety and comfort of an indoor environment. Through the use of Google Streetview images, users can explore locations that have a personal emotional value. They create their own unique experience without boundaries. 0032 486 206 407 Adaptive IT Solutions for Care Stand number D473 Adaptive are your one stop shop for all IT & AV requirements for your Care environment plus are specialist suppliers and installers of CLB Acoustic Monitoring. 8448 086 666 Age Partnership Stand number D1081 Age Partnership One of the UK’s leading retirement specialists, an independent service provider for over 55`s. As the UK`s number one equity release advisor1, they are one of the leading experts in helping clients to ensure their retirement years are as enjoyable as possible. 08080 444 555 introducers Ageless Innovation/Joy for All Companion Pets Stand number D1051 Ageless Innovation is a global company devoted to developing fun and engaging products for older adults. Beginning with the awardwinning line of Joy for All Companion Pets, Ageless Innovation is focused on creating products that promote fun, joy and play while reducing the cost of care. 001-888-569-4255 AHF Stand number D751 AHF group is a 70-year experience in the medical and healthcare sector and a range of medical beds and furniture for nursing homes, hospitals and institutions. Our national and international marketing network is at disposal and attentive to all your needs. 0033 4 77 50 08 80

Alarm Radio Monitoring Stand number D461 Easy to use wireless nurse call & staff alarm systems supplied and installed by Alarm Radio Monitoring (ARM). Systems are quick to install with minimum disruption to residents and staff. Call logging provides an audit trail of events and 24/7 engineer helpline in case you need it. Visit stand D461. 01568 610 016 Alexandra Stand number D350 Alexandra is the largest single supplier of quality workwear and accessories to public authorities, the NHS, and many other organisations. We are able to combine unique design and manufacturing capability with robust buying power and economies of scale to offer an end-to-end service. 0333 600 1111 AliveCor Stand number D451 AliveCor produces miniaturised ECG devices that are used with smartphones and tablets (Kardia Mobile) or the Apple Watch (Kardia Band). Producing on-screen diagnostic quality ECG, Kardia accurately detects AF and other arrhythmias enabling clinicians and patients to record anytime and anywhere. 07555 580 635 Allied drinks systems Stand number D141 ADS supply a fantastic range of hot drinks, snacks, cold drinks and vending machines, alongside a wide range of catering equipment and vending products. No matter what the business, we have the perfect coffee solution for you, at affordable prices! 01435 860 000 Alpaka Stand number D181 Alpaka helps service-based businesses maximise their resources with a calendar management system that works for people, places and things. Removing the strain and friction of resource allocation, Alpaka makes it easy for you to increase efficiency and profitability. 0203 286 6109

alska Stand number D1050 We created alska to help caregivers better manage all of the tasks and details of caregiving. We understand the challenges that face family caregivers and knew there had to be a better way to share information, keep track of medications, organize appointments and get support. 001 6129 409 486 Alzheimer’s Society Stand number D381 Alzheimer`s Society is the UK`s leading dementia charity. We are here for anyone affected by dementia, everything we do is informed and inspired by them. We provide information and support, improve care, fund research, and create lasting change for people affected by dementia. AmbiSpace Ltd Stand number D494 Sensory Nook mobile pods provide SEN support in public spaces. They are mini portable sensory rooms, a refuge of calm and a place to have one to one private conversations. AmbiSpace are sensory technology specialists. They design products and environments that adapt to meet individual needs. 01724 712378 amBX Stand number D1150 amBX Smart Core is a new generation of intelligent lighting control for all types of lighting including full Circadian Lighting for maximum wellbeing and comfort in care environments. The benefits for residents, staff and operators can now be realised through cost efficient and easy-to-use systems. 01737 649 833 APC WiFi Stand number D52 APC Solutions in house team design, supply, install & maintain wireless internet solutions for businesses UK wide. We supply superfast, ultrafast and gigabit to the premises internet solutions using the very latest high capacity microwave radio technology. 03331 500140 Apex Health Associates Ltd Stand number D121 Apex Health Associates is the UK`s leading niche nursing expert witness company, owned and run by senior nursing staff. Our panel of nursing experts are all senior nurses who are highly skilled in their area of practice. 02036 332 213


Armchair Gallery Stand number D1104 We can`t all get to the gallery, with special features for people living with dementia, Armchair Gallery brings world-class art & culture to you. The app includes instructions for doing tried-and-tested creative activities with the people you care for. Available free to download for iPad and Android. 0115 950 5251

ATADesigns Stand number D1183 ATADesigns - Award Winning surface design specialist. We are designers of wall-coverings and murals for the hospitality, commercial and healthcare market. ATADesigns have joined forces with Switchscene Printing offering a new range of wallcovering and mural designs for the care home sector. 0044 (0) 7939 105661

Beaconplus Limited Stand number D1030 Beaconplus are Utilities and Telecoms experts working with around 3000 businesses across the UK. The company’s transparent approach means they only charge if they can achieve a saving for clients, and on average save their clients 35%. Visit Directors Andy Hurst and Lee Robinson on stand D1030. 01565 755 600

Bodet Ltd Stand number D304 Bodet offer specific Time & Attendance Solutions for the Care Sector to increase productivity whilst reducing HR administration/payroll costs, including holiday/sickness planning & payroll reports. With over 35,000 customers across 70 countries worldwide, Bodet are Workforce Management Specialists. 01442 418800

Arterne CIC: Enriching the next generation Stand number D692 Arterne: Enriching the next generation CIC is a not for profit company based on principles of love and integrity to support people to be the best version of themselves they can be. The company has 3 main strands which include service development, training and direct work. 0044 7554 665 461

Atropa Pharmacy & Clinic Stand number D560 Atropa Pharmacy & Clinic is based on National Avenue, Hull. With over 15 years of experience, they pride themselves on providing a fast, reliable and safe service. 01482 351209

Bespoke by Evans Stand number D731 Bespoke by Evans offers the most stylish and tailored healthcare fabric designs coupled with the hardest working FR fabrics and soft furnishings. Our contemporary collection of fabrics add new colours, patterns and textures bringing `homeaway-from-home` to residents in care. Visit stand D731 0161 274 4147

BRITISH PEST CONTROL ASSOCIATION Stand number D1041 British Pest Control Association (BPCA) is the UK’s leading trade association for pest control. We provide support and a voice within the sector to over 700 member companies and 3,000 affiliates. British Pest Control Association represents excellence, professionalism and promotes best practice. 01332 294288

Ascom UK Stand number D850 We provide award-winning communication systems, including nurse call, smartphones and reporting tools, that are used in 100,000 care homes and hospital wards across the world. Our unique solutions can help you to improve communication, task management, reporting and resident and staff satisfaction. 0121 502 8906 ASH Healthcare Training Stand number D101 Your one stop shop for all your training needs. For tailor made Training that is effective and really works, still at budget prices. Your training will always be delivered by qualified trainers who are Healthcare professionals. 0844-800-9223 Aspire GB Stand number D294 The recent report on Care Homes by the London Fire Brigade has reiterated the urgency required to ensure your evacuation procedures and equipment comply to legal regulations. Aspire GB support you with the practical implementation of equipment through our process: Identify. Resolve. Comply. 0845 3838100 Assistive Technologies Magazine Stand number D70 Assistive Technologies Magazine brings the latest news, expert comments and product information to cover all aspects of physical rehabilitation. 01226 734412


AWB Textiles Stand number D552 AWB Textiles has supplied the UK healthcare industry with quality,value for money uniforms for over 70 years. Family owned and run no customer is too big or too small. Top brands such as Dickies, Cherokee and Dickies Xtreme Stretch provide affordable uniform solutions for every budget. 01288 353 281 Badgemaster Stand number D161 Badgemaster, the UK`s leading name badge manufacturer customise name badges to any specification. An expert badge manufacturer already supplying 1,000`s of badges and lanyards into the healthcare sector also print photo ID badges and are experts in the design and supply of bespoke printed lanyards. 01623 723112 Batherton Healthcare Stand number D740 Batherton Healthcare are a UK based distributor for a range of innovative healthcare products. We are the UK’s exclusive distributor for the medication swallowing gel - Gloup. Gloup is used by a growing audience around the world, helping more and more people take medication safely every day. 01270 660429 BB Training Stand number D200 BB Training is an Outstanding training provider rated by Ofsted specialising in offering training to the care sector who strives to ensure that all delegates are the best they can possibly be. 01543 711 150

Black Sheep Utilities Stand number D603 Black Sheep Utilities are one of the UK`s largest independent Business Utilities Consultancy. We partner directly with over 30 major suppliers to bring a competitive offering to our customers, ensuring they benefit from the best deals that the market has to offer. 01273 914000 Blue Stream Academy Stand number D1020 Blue Stream Academy Ltd is a leading provider of eLearning to healthcare professionals throughout the UK.Our Nursing & Care Home eLearning suite consists of 75+ CPD certified modules,suitable for anyone within the organisation, alongside a comprehensive Management of Information System for managers. 01773 822 549 Blueleaf Stand number D521 Blueleaf is much more than just a care home supplier, for many of our clients we are a trusted partner for enabling growth. We utilise our network of partners and in-house experts to provide solutions that remove blockages to growth, ultimately helping them achieve their long term goals and vision. 03300 552288 BM3 Architecture Ltd Stand number D424 BM3 are a highly skilled group of architects and designers and we pride ourselves on providing a professional, proactive and user-friendly service from start to finish. 01216 330 000

Bullseye Food Packaging Stand number D896 Bullseye Food Packaging supplies a range of environmentally friendly paper meal trays, which are cool to the touch even when containing hot food. These trays provide a safe means of delivery freshly cooked meals to the elderly and vulnerable. We also stock a range of 100% biodegradable goods. 01525 309898 Business Companion Stand number D1092 Business Companion provides free, impartial legal advice and information for businesses and individuals that need to know about trading standards and consumer protection legislation. We will launch our Care Home Guides at the show providing important advice for care home managers and owners. 01268 582200 Stand number D30 connects business buyers and sellers. Search over 1,000 care homes and home care businesses for sale in the UK, plus thousands more businesses and franchises for sale in all sectors imaginable. And if you are looking to sell your business, we will help you find the right buyer. Calibre Audio Library Stand number D1120 Calibre Audio Library unlocks the joy of reading by providing audio books to everyone unable to read print. This service is available through our iOS and Android app, streaming over the internet, and a postal service of MP3 CDs and USB memory sticks. 01296 432 339

Capatex Medical Stand number D110 Capatex’s Continence Care division offer their Kylie®, Kanga®, DRYtex® & GoodNight® ranges of reusable washable bed protection and underwear products A new range of Kylie® products will be launched at the show together with the UK introduction of the Dailee® range of disposable products. 0115 9786 111 Care Adviser Network Stand number D285 Care Funding Advice and Training services. Struggling with client retention? Trying to manage cash flow for business sustainability and growth? We can make it easier with care funding advice for residents and their family and can train your team to talk about care fees to ensure continuity of care. 0800 999 25 27 Care Association Alliance Stand number D990 The Alliance is made up of the local Care Associations around the Country who work together to share best practice, experience, success and failures between members to foster self-confidence locally in their discussions and negotiations with Local Authorities and NHS CCGs. 01384 637 116 www.careassociationalliance. Care Control Systems Stand number D763 The easy-to-use digital care management system. Developed by a care home, with in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by service providers, Care Control is helping providers across the UK to improve service user outcomes, meet regulations and make time and cost savings. Visit us for a demo! 0044 1822 738100 Care Designs by Bibetta Stand number D32 Bibs, neckerchiefs, clothing protectors and changing mats for all ages. Our designs are stylish, dignified, waterproof, comfortable and durable and, using high quality materials, offer great long lasting value. Bibetta. com supplies children`s sizes whilst supplies adult sizes. 01223 840236 Care England Stand number D392 Care England, the leading representative body for independent care providers, offers members a wide range of benefits to help provide ever higher standards of care. These include information on regulatory activity, policy developments and workforce issues, plus advice lines and discounts.

Care Home Business Support Solutions Stand number D1172 Are you a care home owner who is looking to increase profits, reduce costs, save time or expand your business? Care Home Business Support Solutions is a dynamic proactive solution-based company offering bespoke and online services to deliver a successful Business Strategy to optimise your business. 01626 903022 Care Home Management Stand number D851 Care Home Management is the leading media brand for the care home sector and is the only to exclusively target key decisionmakers/buyers. 2019 sees a newlook for Care Home Management magazine, and the addition of new media opportunities such as podcasts, e-newsletters and social networking. 01892 663350 Care Home Professional Stand number D40 Care Home Professional provides industry news on a daily basis via our market leading online platforms. We publish a monthly magazine and each month feature exclusive interviews with senior executives of care home providers driving the sector, as well as data and research and best practice. 02031 765 458 Care Quality Commission Stand number D562 The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. We make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, caring, well-led and responsive care, and we encourage care services to improve. 03000 616161 Care Vision CMS Stand number D402 Complete Care Management, Cloud Based Software and App. With a wide range of services, we offer a spectrum of solutions that will bring all of your care home needs under one roof. Connecting the whole team and operation from Admin, Chef, Carers, Rota, HK, accounts and Family. 0208 768 9809 CareDocs Stand number D750 CareDocs is an innovative computerbased care planning and home management system developed for care providers. Favoured by care establishments throughout the UK, CareDocs is the market leader in care planning, and supports care providers in achieving the highest standards in CQC compliance. 0333 500 5115

Carehome Schedule Stand number D691 Carehome Schedule is the leading workforce management platform in the care home sector. Whether your company has single or multiple homes, Carehome Schedule is specifically designed for companies of all sizes in order to simplify the management process and support the growth of your business. 01215 020 333

Caring UK Stand number D70 The magazine is a trade title, mailed out free to our readers, it has an audited circulation, targeting proprietors, managers, financial directors, individuals working within purchasing departments, senior nursing staff of care homes, nursing homes, dual registered homes, retirement villages. 01226 734288 & Stand number D61 is the leading UK care home reviews and jobs website with over 16 million visitors each year. It profiles over 18,000 care homes and holds 120,000 trusted reviews. profiles over 9,000 home care providers and holds nearly 14,000 reviews. 01488 684321

Carless & Adams Partnership LLP Stand number D894 Carless and Adams provide specialist Architectural services within the care sector. For over 20 years we have assisted clients in delivering schemes that respond to the growing demand for care accommodation. We understand every project is unique and offer a bespoke and flexible approach to our work. 01628 665 131

CarehomeBedFinder Stand number D721 CarehomeBedFinder is a user friendly, web based platform that shows live care bed vacancies to private, social services and all care seekers. They can view, shortlist and send enquirers directly to homes that match the preset criteria of their individual care needs. From as little as £1 per day. 01202 233 463 CareLineLive Stand number D283 CareLineLive is a cloud-based Care Management System that works across a Mobile App, a Care Management System, and a Family & Friends portal. CareLineLive automates procedures, increases productivity, revenue, and decreases overheads and is available on an affordable monthly pricing plan per carer. 03300 885 767 CarePlanner Ltd Stand number D360 CarePlanner gives domiciliary home care agencies the power to plan and manage staff rosters, client schedules, invoicing and timesheets. 01172 140 125 Carers Coaching Academy Ltd. Stand number D170 Marrying Coaching with Training. Revolutionary Carer Induction Onlne Master Coaching - positive impact on confidence, committment, response to challenges, stress related absenteeism and recruitment costs. Trackable, goal orientated and certificated programs with expected outcomes. FREE Discovery Days 07860 432568 www.carerscoachingacademy.

Carphone Warehouse Business Stand number D852 Carphone Warehouse Business is here to help you make the right choice for your business communication solution. We can provide the widest choice in terms of networks and mobiles as well as landline. 0800 049 6000 Catax Stand number D1180 Catax have been helping clients secure tax relief for over 10 years and have identified over £167m in tax benefit to date. We understand tax law can be confusing and requires specialist knowledge, so we take great care to keep things simple while maximising the return on your business. 0330 223 1257 CCI Credit Management Ltd Stand number D773 World`s leading debt recovery agency. Specialist UK/international, public/ private, & consumer/commercial collections. Clients are major health, social care & Higher Education bodies, governments, multinationals, lenders, public utilities, & SMB/Es. No-win no-fee, zero reputation risk & best value. 01766 772288 Chess ICT Stand number D992 Chess ICT look after communications, IT and cybersecurity for a large percentage of Care Homes in the UK. This gives us the insight, experience and expertise to be able to specifically advise and support the technology requirements for this vital pillar of personal care for our country. 03447 706 000


Clean360 Ltd Stand number D403 Clean360 are experts in disinfection and decontamination cleaning. Our knowledge of general infection control places us at an advantage in carrying out any disinfection and decontamination treatment using our innovative and patented touch-less disinfection equipment. 01332 989273

Cowan Architects & Partners Stand number D761 Cowan Architects has partnered with Harrison to develop a new, fresh approach in the premium and collaborative retirement living sector. Many years’ expertise in design will give a unique solution for over 55s health and well-being choice within real communities. 01342 410242

Clearwater Technology Stand number D120 Clearwater Technology is a leading supplier of water treatment, hygiene and air solutions servicing major brands across the UK and Ireland. 08000 937936

CT Passenger Services Stand number D681 CT Passenger services provides a caring specialist transport service to improve people`s quality of life. We connect communities by offering hire of our minibuses on a group travel, self-drive or contracted basis. Visit for more information regarding our services & charity. 0845 209010

CLH Healthcare Stand number D463 01392 823233 Clinical Skills Ltd Stand number D779 Stretch your training budget further, support your staff and keep track of training with a subscription to! More than 300 highly illustrated skills procedures with accompanying assessments. Regularly updated--plus CPD tools for your nurses! 020 8995 3336


Daisycare Ltd Stand number D592 If your staff are struggling to find a nursery that suits their working hours, Daisycare is here to support all service providers such as the NHS and our front-line emergency services, residential and care homes. Daisycare is a 24-hour nursery in Birmingham situated close to the Five Ways in Edgb. 01214 557 430

Digital Care Planning Ltd Stand number D831 Digital Care Planning develops digital tools that help people take an active role in planning the care they receive: Our service makes it easy to make Advance Care Plans, helping ensure that care can be aligned with patients’ wishes, and end of life planning is easier for all involved 0744 6981932 Direct Healthcare Solutions Limited Stand number D252 Direct Healthcare Solutions are introducing a new product into the UK Healthcare Market, Elsi Smart Floor. The Elsi Smart Floor is a unique system which can be easily installed, is invisible, senses the movement of the resident around the room and, most importantly, immediately detects falls. 01793 611892 DirectCareHub Ltd Stand number D292 Linking Carers / Nurses directly with Care Providers. No more expensive Nursing Agency charges. Our App will enable you to easily select your choice of Self Employed Carer / Nurse. This will improve continuity of Care in a much more cost effective way. 07592 835 333 / 07809 182 960

Cloister Uniforms Ltd Stand number D301 Cloister Uniforms Ltd are prod to announce that we have been appointed one of three UK distributors of the Dickies, Cherokee and Heartsoul. So with our own range and this we have one of the most comprehensive ranges of medical workwear in the UK. We are big enough to cope and small enough to care. 01752 345346

Dark Blue International Ltd Stand number D950 Dark Blue International is a leading manufacturer of innovative soft furnishings to the healthcare industry our fully integrated mills have supplied all over the globe for the last 40 years. We manufacture flame retardant curtains and fabrics, bedding, thermal blankets and institutional towels. 0208 004 5581

Display Signs Stand number D460 Display Signs offer a complete sign service to the care industry. Our signs range from the Banners, Flags & Marketing Graphics, Entrance and Directional signs, Window Graphics & Manifestations, Interior Way finding & Lift Directories, Bedroom Door Signs, Dementia and DDA Tactile Signage. 01895 812161

Co-assist Stand number D863 Co-assist has developed for elder people a non stigmatizing mobile connected watch to launch alerts (panic button, fall detection and geofencing). Its innovative communication network enables to launch alerts both indoor and outdoor, without any installation with 3 months of battery. 0033 176 280 027

DB Fire Safety Limited Stand number D630 As an independent fire safety consultancy, we help owners and managers of residential care premises meet their responsibilities under fire safety legislation. Our experienced personnel are qualified to carry out your fire risk assessment and provide specialist training to your managers and staff. 0800 246 1945

DNS Accounting Stand number D442 DNS is a accountancy practise offering general accounting, tax planning and consulting services with a national presence across the UK. We specialise in assisting owner managed businesses, freelancers, contractors and construction industry clients. 01268 669979 accountants/basildon

Costco Wholesale (UK) Ltd Stand number D1190 Costco Wholesale is a Membership warehouse club dedicated, to bringing our members quality goods and services at the lowest “Trade” prices. We stock wide ranges of name branded products at low trade prices, from dog food to diamonds! Join at the show and receive a free £10 online Costco Voucher. 02476 854 668

Dechoker Stand number D180 Q: How many of your residents or service users are at risk of choking? A: All of them. Choking is the biggest cause of unexpected death in the Adult Care sector. Using Dechoker, staff can respond quickly when the worst happens. We saved 11 lives in 2018, come and find out how we can help yo 0330 223 1320

Domus Recruitment Ltd Stand number D620 Domus Recruitment have been serving the Care Sector for over 10 years. We are widely reputed as offering a market leading service to candidates and clients with results that have been transformational. We measure our success on your success and look forward to seeing you at the show! 01706 827 828

DosaFil Limited Stand number D281 DosaFil-Duo® is the only device to combine the safe dosing of solid or liquid chemical treatments into closed recirculating water systems with constant side stream filtration and continuous air removal. Uniquely, it features smart monitoring for optimal filter bag replacement. 0345 605 0405 DoseSystem ApS Stand number D452 DoseSystem is a simple reminder system that increases adherence and ensures medication on time. The system consists of a small electronic medicine cabinet that can contain all types of medicine and an associated monitoring app, this provides support for the citizen and insight for the staff. 0045 707 074 47 Dulux Trade/AkzoNobel Stand number D840 Dulux Trade believe that expert application of evidence-based colour, product and design specification is an effective device to augment the care administered by medical professionals. Meet our experienced Dementia and Healthcare colour and design team to discuss your next project on stand D840. 07753 577 790 www.duluxtradepaintexpert. Duncan & Toplis Stand number D981 Award winning accountants Duncan & Toplis offer a wide range of services from accountancy, audit and tax to payroll and HR and have supported the Care Sector for over 30 years across the East Midlands and nationwide. Duncan & Toplis were established in 1925 and have 11 offices. 0808 169 1196 EAST POINT CARE LIMITED Stand number D792 Your specialist recruitment agency providing you with a professional, reliable service across the UK, supplying high calibre registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers - our priority is ensuring your staffing requirements are met. 0330 123 5599 EasyWeb Group Stand number D232 EasyWeb are dedicated to providing a range of best practice recruitment solutions to the Care industry. Since 2013, we have tailored our services to the unique requirements of our Care clients, saving them time, money & admin. Our clients include Alzheimer`s Society, Care in Mind & Affinity Trust. 0845 880 5848

Eazipay Ltd Stand number D663 Direct Debit, the Eazipay way to make your cash flow! It may seem like an obvious question but why are you running your business? By using Direct Debit to collect money your business is owed and by giving your customers new and exciting payment methods Eazipay will make your cash flow. 01353 864 949

Elatus Sports C.I.C Stand number D270 Elatus Sports is a specialist provider of sporting activities for elderly and disabled people. Using the innovative Factory Eleven equipment, we create inclusive and accessible sports sessions for care home residents. Visit Stand D270 to find out about our delivery, training and equipment packages. 07846 510139

Everon Stand number D262 Everon specialise in secure, modular, mobile tecnology for care. Our digital ecosystem is cloud based and fully scalable with the user`s needs at the centre whilst focussed on the business needs. We offer quickinstalled and enabling solutions that promote dignity at home and in residential care. 01233 22 55 30

Ebisu Health Stand number D480 Ebisu have revolutionised the way we access GP, Counselling, Mental Health Specialists and diagnostic services. Using state of the art, leading edge technology there is no need to wait 2-3 weeks for an appointment, get immediate & direct access to a clinician with medication delivered to your door.

Electrolux Professional Stand number D240 Electrolux Professional is the ONLY manufacturer offering a complete range of high performance, professional laundry and food service products under the same brand. We aim to make our customers` lives easier and their businesses more sustainable, efficient and profitable. 08444 631 261 www.professional.electrolux.

everyLIFE Technologies Stand number D253 The PASSsystem, created by everyLIFE Technologies is a digital care management platform that provides a single view of care records from enquiry, medication and task changes, to reviews, and automates the process of assessments. 0800 689 3068

Eclipse Nursecall Systems Stand number D662 ENS for the past 30 years, have manufactured & supplied market leading Nursecall, TeleCare and Care Communication Systems to many of the leading UK’s leading Age Care Operator’s. Please come to Stand No 12041 and discuss how ENS’ Smart Touch Screen Nursecall & Telecare will improve your services. 01624 832 821 ECOLISM Stand number D775 Ecolism books describe how to build self-sufficient Eco-city with Ecosocio-economic system to eliminate poverty, secure the elderly in a decent living standard at minimum cost. The interest on 100k eco-home costs £125/month affordable by anyone. 07572 060 525 Edge Training & Consultancy Ltd Stand number D1121 Edge is a specialist training company on mental health and mental capacity law. We deliver in-house training courses to Local Authorities and care providers of all types. We deliver a range of courses from basic awareness sessions for front line staff to advanced programmes for experienced staff. 07758 364 089 Edmund Williams Ltd. Stand number D481 Award winning architects and urban designers with extensive experience in the care, residential and hospitality sector. 0208 6726238

Elis Stand number D580 Elis offers a total outsourced laundry solution for your care home. Our flat linen range is an easy to manage service, that takes the hassle out of laundry and enables you to focus on running your business. Talk to us today to see how we can simplify your laundry set up. 0808 281 0310 Emotion Food Company SA Stand number D322 Emotion Food Company has been working to improve the daily lives of consumers and to meet their specific needs. We thus have created solutions for people with dysphagia, including an innovative binding texture agent, Easy-Base+®. Because we think that eating should remain a pleasure! 0041 765 035 319 ENABLE AID LTD Stand number D1132 Enable Aid Limited manufacturers and distributors of the Rotunda Patient Transfer Aid. 01440 702811 Estate Planning Solutions Stand number D802 We specialise in helping our clients protect and preserve their wealth by avoiding tax, care fees and sideways disinheritance with a particular emphasis on parents and carers of vulnerable beneficiaries. 0800 781 6658

Excell Care Services Stand number D1070 Excell Care Services provide temporary high quality staff to assist care homes during their recruitment processes. All our staff are vetted to the highest industry standards for our clients peace of mind. 08001 931 433 Factory Eleven Stand number D270 Factory Eleven has been keeping people active with their innovative sports equipment and engaging activities since 1996. Partnering sports governing bodies, charities and local organisations to deliver inclusive and accessible sports sessions in community venues. Visit Stand D270 to find out more. 07718 160 061 Familynet Stand number D730 Familynet is the best and easiest means of communication for care homes. Familynet enables you to contact a resident’s family fast and effortlessly via a personal page. This way, the family is always kept up to date about important and beautiful moments in the life of their father, mother or partner. Fastroi Ltd. Stand number D582 Fastroi believe that health and care workers should have access to the latest digital tools to help them deliver higher quality of care with greater accountability. Real-Time Care™ gives care companies a new way to improve the efficiency of their operations without compromising quality. 0044 (0)775 6668444

Find Memory Care Stand number D832 Find Memory Care is the industry leader in creating dementia-friendly environments. Through research and innovation, we design develop and manufacture memory care products that transform environments for a better quality of life. 0113 230 2046 Finders International Stand number D705 Finders International are global probate genealogists. We trace missing heirs and beneficiaries to Estates, funds and assets worldwide and can provide this service FREE of charge to Carehomes and local authorities. Visit our stand for more information or to speak to a member of staff. 0207 490 4935 Finn Geotherm UK Ltd Stand number D330 The renewable heating experts. Finn Geotherm has installed awardwinning heat pump systems in all building types, including many stately homes. The systems dramatically reduce heating costs, provide access to generous government incentives and reduce carbon emissions. 0800 999 3240 Fixxon Ltd Stand number D422 The Fixxon labelling system is a brilliantly efficient way of identifying clothing. Due to our unique attachment method, the colourcoded button labels are smooth, comfortable and discreet on all items of clothing (even socks!) The result is an efficient in-house laundry system. 08000 964 011 Floral Impression Stand number D21 Floral Impression is changing the way flowers are enjoyed both at home and at work. We deliver a new floral design every month, containing the latest trends of our lifelike, real touch flowers. 0044 7444 748 901 Florence Stand number D841 Florence is a website that connects care home managers directly to local, pre-vetted registered nurses looking for extra shifts. By cutting out the staffing agencies, your care home saves up to 30% on your monthly staffing costs. Call us to set up a noobligation demonstration. 02039 112 555


Fogwill & Jones Asset Management Limited Stand number D941 Fogwill & Jones is known for exceptional, one-to-one, tailor made independent financial and legal advice. Offering a truly personal service, we can help you achieve the financial independence you need to protect you, your family and your future. 0114 2588899 Foundation of Nursing Studies Stand number D80 FoNS is an independent organisation working across health and social care, supporting nursing and other health and social care staff to develop safe, effective and caring workplace cultures, with the aim of improving the care experience for all. 02073 072 857 Fulcrum Care Ltd Stand number D12 Fulcrum is a dedicated care home management support service set up to assist care home operators and their management teams. Our team of experienced care home management professionals can provide support and guidance on regulation, management issues and operational matters of your care/ nursing home. 0203 411 4014/ 07921 214438 Future-Shape GmbH Stand number D633 Future-Shape is developing smart sensor floor systems for healthcare/ hospitals. Our SensFloor solution based on an intelligent floor system can be integrated into building automation and nurse call systems. Persons walking across trigger signals useful for location and specific activity profiles. 0049(0)8102-89638-0 Stand number D1144 is an Artificial Intelligence solution for healthcare. It analyzes medical and welfare data, such as notes from nurses and doctors, giving care organisation a real-time assessment of the elder patient status at home. Gillie turns the data into actionable insight and personalized care. 0035 8405 731 946 Girbau UK Ltd Stand number D724 Girbau has a hard-earned reputation for manufacturing robust laundry equipment for lower total cost of ownership. Whether rented or purchased our machines offer best value, they also assure the highest wash quality and laundry efficiency for Care and Nursing Homes. 01462 427780


Global Guardians Stand number D880 We provide cost-effective vacant property security solutions through property guardians. Empty buildings are restored to life and provide temporary cost-effective living space for working professionals affected by the expensive rental market. 0203 818 9101 Greenzone Facilities Management Ltd Stand number D865 Greenzone Facilities management Limited specialise in providing national recycling and waste management solutions for all waste streams, focusing on diverting waste from landfill and reducing costs. 0333 99 66 666 Hafco Ltd Stand number D130 Bedding Supplies for Hotels, Guest Houses & Healthcare Institutions Hafco textile specialists are one of the longest serving companies to the hotel, hospitality and healthcare sectors.We specialise in supplying small to medium businesses because we understand their needs most. 01706 559 787 Harris Lacey and Swain Stand number D602 We are an experienced accountancy firm with a modern approach to business solutions, providing a vast range of financial, consultancy and specialist sector services, both personal and business, from everyday accounting and taxation advice to full-scale financial planning and business development. (01482) 646440 Hastee Pay Stand number D720 Hastee Pay is an award-winning employee benefit that companies can offer to their workforce, which empowers employees to access a portion of their earned pay immediately to increase their choice and financial wellbeing. Companies profit from the improved productivity all at no cost to the company. 0044 (0) 207 199 8626 Headway UK Ltd Stand number D140 Headway UK is a Dedicated fire protection company covering London and the south through to the Midlands and Yorkshire. We have offices in Hertforshire and Sheffield. Services we provide are: Fire alarm service and maintenance Emergency lighting service and maintenance Fire extinguisher service and maintenance Passive fire protection Fire suppression Fire risk assesments. 01438 221447

Health Technical Ltd. Stand number D1053 Health Technical Ltd. specialise in medical oxygen cylinder safety in healthcare facilities all over the World. Our fully qualified team offer high quality training courses for all those involved in the provision of medical gases. A selection of courses are available to suit your individual needs. 01452 260 800 html Hello Telecom (UK) PLC Stand number D361 As an experienced telephony provider to healthcare we understand the requirements within your healthcare establishment. This has allowed us to develop a powerful, award winning hosted telephony system that will transform your efficiency, security and safety within your healthcare institution. 0115 852 6600 Hempsons Stand number D636 Hempsons support providers in delivering quality services. Areas of legal and regulatory advice include: CQC, GDPR, safeguarding, employment, property, corporate and commercial, charity law and dispute resolution. Hempsons social care advice line offers providers 15 minutes free legal advice. 01423 522331 Hidden Hearing Stand number D250 Hidden Hearing is one of the UK`s major supplier of free no obligation hearing tests and high quality hearing aid technology. Our network of hearing centres and professionals cover the country and continues to grow. Every Hidden Hearing centre offers a complete lifetime hearing care service. 08007 408 706 Hill & Hill Design Ltd Stand number D601 Everything you need to furnish your care home in one place. Quality furniture, fire retardant curtains and coordinating soft furnishings supplied by Hill & Hill Design to care homes and Nursing homes throughout the UK. Creating comfortable and welcoming care homes for over 10 years. 01246 591549 Hoopers International Probate Genealogists Stand number D394 Tracing next of kin for 95 years, Hoopers has set the standard for tracing missing next of kin of deceased persons. Our experienced team of researchers offer a collective wealth of expertise, matched with our dedicated approach to our work, means we are able to locate thousands of missing family. 02074 903 908

Horcher GMBH Stand number D520 Horcher Medical Systems Safe Patient Handling We serve individuals with disabilities, caregivers, and health care institutions with it`s extensive line of patient lifts, lift slings, bathing aids and flusher disinfectors. Horcher quality means safety and reliability. 00 49 61879204 0 HSBC UK Ltd Stand number D280 HSBC’s specialist franchising team has more than 30 years experience. With a combined franchise specific expertise of almost 100 years within the team, we’ve learnt the key to success is developing strong mutuallybeneficial relationships. 07796 703 876 Hughes Pro Stand number D450 Hughes Pro is specialist provider of commercial laundry and dish washing equipment to the care sector. Sales & Rental & Repair. Fully guaranteed quality repairs of all famous brands by our own engineers. Miele Professional partner and Alliance dealer. Specialist in launderette. 0800 052 0555 Ideal Insight Stand number D543 Ideal Insight are a content agency based in London and New York. Our full, in-house, creative crew carries years of industry experience, allowing us to create effective content, bespoke to your business. From video production to social media, we produce content that leaves a lasting impression. 02037 956 000 iHASCO Ltd Stand number D650 We are iHASCO - A market-leading eLearning provider with over 80 approved courses. With some of the UK`s largest and most reputable Care organisations amongst our client base, our courses are designed to equip workers with the skills & knowledge to perform their daily roles to the highest standard. 01344 867088 Informed Dementia Care Stand number D1100 We use Senior Simulation Suits to demonstrate some of symptoms and of an aging body that often accompanies the person living with dementia. the feed back from this training this Experiential Training shows it has a powerful positive effect on the staff and encourages empathy in person center care. 07902 181 101

Inspired Interaction Stand number D661 The Sharp Hi-Low Care TableEnhancing person centred care through technology. The battery pack, height adjusting table is perfect for the care home environment being portable and encouraging group interaction and 1 to 1 interaction. An android system allows access to the internet and gaming apps. 0333 241 3433 InsurewithCare Stand number D643 InsurewithCare provide competitive insurance backed by an AA rated insurer. We understand the sector and cover all providers. Whether challenging behaviours, service users with forensic histories, poor claims record or inadequate inspection - we can help you reduce your premium today! 01452 300888 Interweave Textiles Stand number D541 Supplier of blankets, bed linen, patient handling products, slipper socks, towels & staff uniform to care homes & nursing homes. Founded in the traditional heartland of the textile industry in West Yorkshire, Interweave is now one of the UK`s largest healthcare textile suppliers. 01422 372 333 IT Governance Ltd Stand number D683 IT Governance is a leading singlesource provider of cyber risk and privacy management solutions, with a special focus on cyber security and ISO 27001, the PCI DSS and data protection. Our Protect - Comply Thrive approach is aimed at helping your organisation achieve cyber resilience. 0044 (0)333 800 7000 Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional GB Ltd Stand number D496 Jacobs Douwe Egberts - JDE Coffee Wherever you work. Wherever life may take you. A coffee for every cup. From Kenco, Maxwell House and Douwe Egberts coffees we believe that amazing things can happen over a cup of coffee... We ensure high quality coffee is available to you and your customers. 07810 053 061 www. jacobsdouweegbertsprofessional. Jalkin Ltd Stand number D440 We are human waste and infection control experts. We would love to help you improve infection control processes and human waste management from your patient right through to where it is no longer your responsibility, at your drainage connection, private treatment plant or waste collection point. 01183 703 307

Jelly Drops Ltd. Stand number D404 Jelly Drops are hydrating treats that empower people with dementia to hydrate more often and independently. Sign up to our mailing list at to be the first to hear when Jelly Drops are available to purchase. 07981 980 897 JJ Food Service Ltd Stand number D400 JJ Food Service is an award winning supplier for schools across the UK. We believe in promoting healthier catering options, via our environmentally friendly processes, for future generations. We hold several ISO accreditation’s from Quality Management and Health & Safety to Energy and Environment. 01992 701701 JLA Stand number D230 JLA is the care industry`s number 1 supplier of commercial equipment and servicing - from laundry to catering equipment as well as energyefficient heating solutions. No matter what your needs, our all-inclusive pay-monthly Total Care package can give you complete peace of mind. 0800 591903 Just Payroll Limited Stand number D60 For 18 years, JPS has provided fully managed payroll, auto-enrolment pension administration, HR services and more to the care sector. We know the unique challenges you face, from constantly changing bank staff to multiple sites and complex shift patterns. Consider us your first choice for payroll. 01276 587675 Keri Systems Stand number D890 Keri Systems is a renowned manufacturer and integrator of electronic security systems. We offer a wide range of modules ranging from easy to use software applications, electronic access control, wireless locking devices and other integrated products offering users a real ROI from their purchases. 01763 273243 Key Partnerships Stand number D282 Key Partnerships is the referral service for the UK`s number one equity release specialist, Key. Through Key Partnerships more and more partners are growing their businesses by being able to offer clients equity release as an option to boost their finances in retirement. 0800 138 1663

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Stand number D742 Kimberly-Clark Professional™ helps create exceptional washrooms that deliver healthier and more practical solutions for your facilities. Through our Global Brands, including Kleenex® and Scott® we create innovative washroom products including Hand Towels, Toilet Tissue, Skincare and Dispensers. 01732 594000

LifeVac Europe Limited Stand number D221 Already saved 16 lives in the care sector, LifeVac is the only non invasive airway clearance device and only airway clearance device proving safety and effectiveness. Working with over 1400 care and nursing homes across the UK. Come and see our live demonstrations throughout the day & discount code. 0777 353 883

Konnektis Stand number D794 Our toolkit of integrated, easy-to-use digital products enable care providers to replace paper documentation, save money, improve compliance and improve user engagement. Konnektis includes the Home Hub, integrated Admin and Care worker products and K Forms, our drag-and-drop documentation builder. 01279 061211

Linen & Moore Stand number D722 We are leading supplier of Bed linen, Protectors, Blankets,Terry Towels,Robes,Patient wear,Scrub suits, Duvet & Pillows and FR Products for Hospitality,Laundries and Healthcare textiles industry for last 20 years to UK & Europe Markets.The quality of our products ,service and prices are guaranteed. 01491 571 053

LaingBuisson Stand number D370 LaingBuisson, is the sole provider of independent healthcare market data to the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics. For 30 years LaingBuisson has provided insights to clients through market intelligence, consulting and data solutions. 02079 235 393

Link-ages Tech Ltd Stand number D1164 Enhancing later life. Connecting generations link-ages connects families in a simple, secure and private way. Our three apps work together, one designed with seniors in mind, one for the rest of the family and one designed to offer remote help to those seniors for whom digital technology is new.

Leadership Through Data Stand number D390 Innovative Information Governance training company offering 19 CPD accredited courses. We use training methods that avoid death by PowerPoint, use pictorial slides and have interactive ways of learning,focusing training on practical case scenarios. We train, we support, we consult. 44 01206 807267 www.leadershipthroughdata. Learning Curve Group Stand number D923 LCG create impactful training and skills strategies to meet core organisational objectives. From short-term vocational qualifications to longer-term apprenticeships, including the best way to utilise the Apprenticeship Levy, they help over 4,500 employers annually with their training plans. 01388 777 129 Leecare Solutions Ltd Stand number D780 Leecare offers a powerful, totally customisable care software, that seamlessly integrates to manage all your organisation`s clinical and business needs. It allows you to access your data at the point of care, one central location one database anywhere, at any time and on any commonly used device. 0747 035 3659 0044 12968 47499

Liquidline Stand number D622 Here at Liquidline, we take pride in offering you experiences that exceed all your expectations. We always like to give something back. With a range of self-sufficient coffee, water dispenser and juice solutions including Juicetouch and Cafetouch. Hydration solutions for you as a care home provider. 01473 384960 Local Social Work Stand number D1182 Experts in issues surrounding mental capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), Local Social Work works with care providers to ensure best practice in staff teams, and compliance with relevant legislation. 07858 062205 Loughborough College Stand number D670 Loughborough College provide training opportunities for the health and social care sector. Knowledge only and competency and skills qualifications are available to be delivered in the workplace and through distance learning. This also includes the recruitment and delivery of apprenticeships. 01509 515 457


LSI Energy Stand number D690 Save on your utility costs & join the thousands of others already benefiting from LSI Energy. It`s quick, easy and our dedicated team of experts will do all the hard work. Simply tell us your needs; electricity, gas, water or telecoms and our experts will source prices from our trusted supplier. 01727 877 020 Lynx Purchasing Stand number D772 Lynx Purchasing works with over 2,200 care, hospitality & catering operators to match them with the best suppliers and get the best possible prices on food and drink, as well as essential products and services. Lynx`s buying experts help operators buy better and save time and money. 01325 710143 MAG Laundry Equipment Stand number D872 MAG Laundry Equipment is a leading supplier of commercial laundry machines to the care sector. We offer nationwide sales, servicing, repairs and installations of washing machines, tumble dryers and ironers. For more information call 01422 244733 www.MagLaundryEquipment. McClure Solicitors Stand number D380 McClure Solicitors have over 115 charity partners and raise MILLIONS for charities via donations, Gift Aid and legacies. We provide 3 mains services: Free Wills, Free Will Reviews and Special Price Powers of Attorney. All we ask is that our clients consider a donation for a charity of their choice. 0845 450 2408 MCFP Ltd Stand number D970 With over 25 years of experience, MCFP provides a full range of fire safety products & services. Through our high standards of service & delivery, we have earned an enviable reputation with business owners, architects, engineers & contractors in almost every type of commercial & industrial facility. 01869 252600 Medical Indicators Stand number D182 Medical Indicators, Inc. is committed to providing exceptional quality clinical devices that create a smart, cost-efficient business investment. From sterilized thermometers for infection control to business marketing opportunities, there is an MII product to fit all of your business needs. 0115 99 333 11


Mitre Linen Stand number D111 Providing beautiful linen, bedding, towelling, and soft furnishings to the Care and Private Hospital Sector. Our ranges include Fire Retardant, Eco friendly, Wipe Clean and Washable collections designed to ensure that your residents feel at home. Holders of HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant. 07967 355112 Mobi-Game Ltd Stand number D790 Maintaining personal independence and dignity is important for any individual but can be more challenging for the elderly. MobiGame recognises this challenge and was created to achieve positive outcomes through our suite of enjoyable, social and mentally stimulating game-based activities. 0044 7863 183 496 MOBOTIX AG Stand number D725 MOBOTIX. BeyondHumanVision All over the world sites are protected by using MOBOTIX IP video technology. It delivers absolute reliability - from Oil Rigs in the North Sea or at the top of Mount Everest; MOBOTIX equipment is designed for durability to provide the best overall return on investment. 0049 6302 9816 0 MohuDesigns Stand number D1134 MohuDesigns offers a range of quality flexible textile sensory products. These innovative products includesthe MohuComfort sensory blanket with interchangeable MohuPatches that can be attached to meet personal sensory and engagement needs of people with SPD and those on the Dementia Journey. 0035 3873 620 327 Motitech UK Ltd Stand number D902 This is the story of how Motiview has proven to be a successful motivational tool to help older people and people with dementia becoming more physically active. Hear how Motiview has changed lives and how older people and people with dementia have turned into dedicated athletes. 0047 413 113 00 Music for Dementia 2020 Stand number D564 Music for Dementia 2020 is a national campaign to make music available for everyone living with dementia by 2020. 07989 355338

My Learning Cloud Stand number D901 My Learning Cloud provide cost effective elearning courseware and a Learning Environment accessible anywhere, anytime on any device for those that work or manage within Health and Social Care sector. 0800 088 6109 Stand number D770 MySense is a digital health analytics platform that ingests, analyses, and learns patterns of behaviour from fixed and wearable Smart IoT sensor data to help identify triggers for wellbeing decline in a customer/ patient, or identify immediate care needs. 01226 610270 Nant Ltd Stand number D351 Nant Ltd provides peace of mind and ISO9001 accredited water safety solutions (including Legionella Control) to the owners and occupiers of premises all across the UK, and assist over 3500 properties in the fulfilment of their legal responsibilities relating to Legionella control and Scald Risk. 01902 636 355 NAPA ( National Activity Providers Association) Stand number D864 NAPA (National Activity Providers Association) connects, signposts, encourages and motivates anyone with an interest in lifestyle, well -being, life, love and laughter in the care sector. NAPA offers training, advice, support, and is a Skills for Care endorsed training provider. 0207 078 9375 National Association of Care & Support Workers Stand number D703 NACAS is a professional membership organisation for paid care and support workers, representing the care working vocation and the individuals working within it. NACAS campaigns for greater recognition and respect for care workers, improved standards of care delivery and training. 0800 689 3462 National Association of Care Catering Stand number D490 The National Association of Care Catering (NACC) unites, supports and represents everyone working in and associated with catering in the UK care sector. It is recognised as a respected source of information and opinion for the dynamic and growing area of care catering. 0870 7480180

National Employer Training UK (NET) Stand number D271 National Employer Training UK (NET) is an outstanding provider of education and training courses throughout the UK. We specialise in pre-employment, classroom, work based and online courses in the Care sector. These courses are delivered all across the UK and to all sizes of employers. 01302 361 636 nationalemployertraining/ NETIS Informatics Ltd. Stand number D971 NETIS is a technology company, with a strong focus on Health & Care sector. Custom software development and system integration for a smart environment. Current offer includes smart monitoring and analysis tools as well as integrated software platform for Integrated Care services for patients/carers. 00 36 1 878 1653 New Vision Stand number D651 New Vision is a signage and display company that has developed a specialist range of products for hospitals, care homes and dementia environments. Many of these products are unique to New Vision and have been designed according to the latest thinking in dementia care. 01274 728831 Nichol & Hill Limited Stand number D1022 Nichol & Hill are the complete window furnishing and furniture specialist. We operate in all sectors of the market offering an installation service where required or simply supply only. The professional approach to interiors to create a luxurious impression. 01325 357431 NISE SecureCare Stand number D1152 NISE SecureCare are a leading security and safeguarding specialist. We work alongside the care industry helping to create safe working environments for staff, patients, and the public. 01162 359 902 Noomi Stand number D1162 Noomi is an AI remote care solution to support elderly care organisations. By monitoring both the acute and subtle changes of a person`s daily routine, Noomi provides caregivers with tailored alerts and health insights, for example fall detection and identifying behavioural changes. 0046 707 472 086

Nourish Care Stand number D760 Nourish Care provide an electronic solution for real-time care planning and daily care notes. With a focus on clear communication, quality care records and better access to information, Nourish simplifies care management to support care teams to provide the best quality of care possible. 02380 00 22 88

OneDay Stand number D1023 Drive move-ins. Preserve residents` legacies. Increase staff retention. Do it all using the OneDay video app! 1,500+ care homes use OneDay to capture residents' stories and create marketing differentiation. OneDay makes it easy to create branded videos that deepen connections, and grow occupancy. 19727 576 646

Nurse Seekers Stand number D532 Nurse Seekers are the specialist NO FEES or COMMISSIONS per head on placement, Nurse and Healthcare recruitment company. We can help you recruit anything from a Carer to a Nursing Director at a fixed cost which allows budget you to keep full control of your recruitment costs 01926 676369

OnlineDBS Stand number D1140 OnlineDBS are online providers of DBS checks for organisations, processing Standard, Enhanced and Basic checks, our online system sees results in as little as 24hours with competitive prices. Other services available include Adult First Checks (POVA), Route 2 External ID Verification and more. 02920 602356

NWG Total Water Solutions Stand number D203 NWG Total Water Solutions support customers to take a strategic approach to their water infrastructure, through understanding their usage to save 30%, to keep them Legionella compliant in a world of ever changing legislation and through strategic water management. 0800 028 3557 Obiter Stand number D1071 Obiter is a firm with a difference. We`re experienced independent financial advisers committed to helping clients make the most from their investments. Whatever you’re planning or saving for, we`ll make your money work hard, so you get the financial results you require at the right time in your life. 0161 886 8000 OM Interactive Stand number D701 OMI were the 1st interactive technology company to introduce motion-activated projections into the Care Sector in 2005. Their Dementia Care award winning Mobii magic table/floor system offers engaging activities incl; games/quizzes, nature/ virtual water, therapeutic colouring & reminiscence content. 01442 215 555 Omnicell Stand number D870 Omnicell eMAR automates the entire care home medication management and administration process, making it safe, simple and compliant for everyone involved. Omnicell eMAR has been named Technology Pharmacy Product for the year 2017 by the leading publication, Independent Community Pharmacist. 0161 413 5333

Opieka UK Stand number D776 Opieka Ltd was formed in early 2016 when we recognised that there was a need for a good quality care provider especially within the Live in Sector and Domiciliary services. It was the attention to detail that other agencies seemed to lack which led to the formation of Opieka Ltd. 019 642 27010 Oral Health Foundation Stand number D1102 A leading national charity who’s goal is to improve lives by reducing the harm caused by oral diseases - many of which are entirely preventable. We provide expert, independent and impartial advice on all aspects of oral health to those who need it most. 01788 546365 Osprey Sling Company Stand number D883 Osprey Sling Company manufacture and supply patient lifting slings for use with mobile hoists and ceiling hoists. 01869 252015 Our Yesterday Stand number D570 Our Yesterday provides twice weekly reminiscence newspapers and online videos, music and quizzes - which can be branded for your organisation. Your care staff are supported with monthly activity calendars, activity notes and more. We also develop apps for care homes, care circles. 07983 625030

Panoramic Care Stand number D190 Panoramic Care is a senior level recruitment consultancy within the Health and Social Care sectors. Our industry-wide expertise and immersive understanding of these sectors is combined with a genuine passion to support and benefit the organisations we work with. 01174 568 950 Paterson Health & Social Care Stand number D762 Paterson Health & Social Care was founded in 1994 as a specialist division of The Paterson Group, offering dedicated recruitment services across the health and social care sector. 01869 325530 Paterson Training Stand number D762 Paterson Training offers a wide range of theory, practical, scenario-based group work and e-learning courses, such as; Food Hygiene, Safeguarding, Infection Control, Moving & Handling of People or Loads, First Aid and many more. 01869 242165 Person Centred Software Ltd Stand number D860 Mobile Care Monitoring is an intelligent mobile solution for evidencing care interactions, electronic care planning and reporting from Person Centred Software. Our solution enables over 1,000 care homes to reduce paperwork, give carers more time to care, improving care quality and the care cycle. 01483 604108 PFP Energy Stand number D151 PFP Energy are an Energy Supplier, providing Gas and Electricity to both Business and Residential properties. #betterenergyforyourbusiness #energymadesimple 01772 395770 Phoniro Stand number D704 Phoniro`s Smart Care Solutions for Home Care providers and Senior Living Communities not only creates a competitive edge but offers peace of mind to your clients and residents. Innovative technology to enhance safety, outcomes, and efficiencies. phs Group Stand number D420 phs Group is the leading hygiene services provider in the UK. With over 90,000 customers in over 300,000 locations, supporting everything from restaurants to care homes, and from hospitals to schools, our products and services play a vital role in making our customers` premises safer and healthier 02920 809098

Platinum Beauty Ltd Stand number D980 We are dedicated to providing the retail, care and mobility market with the most beautiful and comfortable Waterproof Bed Linen, Luxury Commodes and Accessories. We also supply a discreet and stylish range of Absorbent Underwear for Men and Women. Designed to be uplifting and confidence inspiring. 01474 832 217 www.platinumhealthandbeauty. com/ Platinum Nursing Care Limited Stand number D42 Possum Limited Stand number D631 Established in 1961, Possum is renowned as being the market leader in providing, installing and supporting electronic assistive technology. The innovative solutions include EC systems, TEC solutions, and other digital solutions. Possum’s mission is to improve independence and enhance quality of life. 01296 461000 PowAir Stand number D820 PowAir is an industrial strength odour neutraliser. PowAir products are highly effective, non-toxic and eco friendly. All the power you need to eliminate any type of odour. PowAir is an industrial strength odour neutraliser, Proven effective in industrial application for over 20 years. 01472 242244 PPS CLEANING AND HYGEINE SUPPLIES Stand number D1040 Supplies of good quality branded and non branded goods to suit all needs/requirements and budgets.Customers include care homes,schools,nurseries,hotels and offices to name but a few. We like to consider ourselves the 5th emergency service-always there when you need us. Our service is second to none. 01189 820 055 www.PPSCLEANINGSUPPLIES. COM Premier Patient Line Stand number D600 Premier Patient Line is one of the fastest growing telecommunication providers to healthcare organisations nationwide. With over 18 years of experience & industry specialism, the company has a strong reputation for delivering bespoke yet cost-efficient telephony to meet varied customer requirements. 0800 048 4666 premier-patient-line


Probadge Stand number D302 A trusted supplier of staff name badges to many organisations within the healthcare and care home industry. 25 years experience of supplying quality badges accurately and efficiently and this means we can offer our service guarantee: `We will despatch your badges within 48hrs or they’re free’. 01296 712387 Protec Healthcare Products Ltd Stand number D261 Protec is a Family Owned & Operated company based in the Southwest of England supplying care establishments and professionals throughout the UK and beyond. We Import & Distribute a wide range of janitorial, medical, hygiene, furniture/ furnishings and equipment products to the Care industry. 03307 000 707 Pure Air Group Stand number D801 Live and work in a Virus free Environment. A new way to keep you healthy at home and in the workplace. Reduce sickness increase well being be a happier business. New technology to improve all our worlds. 07496 510 040 Pure Organic Drinks Stand number D396 Qualifications in Dementia Stand number D205 Qualifications in Dementia delivered in partnership by experienced specialists Beeches Training and Support in Dementia and accredited by OCN London. High quality, affordable training to improve the lives of those living with dementia and their carers. 07790 807 227 Quality Compliance Systems Ltd (QCS) Stand number D331 QCS is the leading compliance management system for the Care sector, delivering the most comprehensive set of customised policies, procedures and compliance toolkits in line with regulatory requirements and Best Practice guidelines, digitally, 24/7. 0333 405 33 33 Quality of Care Ltd Stand number D975 To deliver the care your residents` need, your care home must be financially strong, must have quality, well-trained people and must be compliant. If these 3 key areas aren`t working as they should then you will struggle to deliver quality care and to maintain a successful care home. We can help. 01902 297872


Quinyx Stand number D1142 Quinyx is the market leader in workforce management technology, spearheading a workforce revolution by transforming the way businesses manage their people and operations. 0044 7904 400 813 RA Accountants LLP Stand number D423 RA Accountants is highly experienced in supporting the healthcare sector, priding ourselves on offering specialist business services to help you and your business grow. Speak to the team on Stand D423 and discover the Smart Accounting for Nursing and Residential Care Homes solution. 02033 017 474 RadcliffesLeBrasseur Stand number D892 We are one of the UK`s leading medico-legal practices, with a national reputation for first rate legal services in the healthcare sector. We are ranked in the Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners legal directories for providing services to both healthcare providers and professionals. 0207 222 7040 Rangewell Limited Stand number D405 Rational UK Stand number D320 RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and, with the SelfCookingCenter and VarioCookingCenter, delivers a complete kitchen solution that can revolutionise your processes, maximising staff efficiency and minimising waste. 01582 480388 Recogneyes Stand number D391 Manufacturer and supplier of care home and dementia signage direct to the industry. Our system of signage has proven helpful to people recovering from strokes, managing mental or physical handicaps or other health problems where communication is a particular challenge. 01355 270 510 Recruitment Panda Ltd Stand number D842 Recruitment Panda cares about nurse careers. We believe nurses are unsung heroes of society, a scarce talent we can scarcely do without. Our permanent and interim recruitment services reliably appoint nurses, managers and execs in health & social care every single day. A Scarce Talent. 0161 914 5722

Reed Health & Care Stand number D680 REED is the UK`s #1 recruiter and the biggest family run recruitment business in the world. Reed Health & Care are experts in recruiting medical and allied health professionals, social and community care across the UK. health Refresh Energy Limited Stand number D553 Refresh Energy Est in 2015 with a vision of changing the energy management & procurement industry. Our unique approach is combining energy contracts with energy reduction measures installing latest energy efficient equipment on your premises at zero cost. *competitive 5yr fixed energy unit rate 0191 605 3780 Rescape Innovation Ltd Stand number D492 DR.VR is an out of the box virtual reality distraction therapy designed to be simple to use, to give patients a non drug option to managing their pain, anxiety and stress. On average DR.VR is producing a 50.0% reduction in pain and 51.6% reduction in levels of stress and anxiety with patients. 02920-100-888 Responsible Equity Release Stand number D563 We are committed to providing over55 UK homeowners with regulated and flexible access to the equity in their homes. We offer Lifetime Mortgages from lenders approved by the Equity Release Council, allowing customers to fund their later life ambitions with complete peace of mind. 0800 652 2955 www.responsibleequityrelease. Rijo42 Stand number D921 At rijo42, we`re simply the best at what we do. We`re the leading supplier of commercial coffee machines, coffee beans and coffee ingredients in the UK, and we`re justly proud of our service, products and heritage. Since 1989, we`ve been supplying the highest quality equipment and ingredients. 0800 023 4242 Rinicare Ltd Stand number D1122 Rinicare Ltd is a leading intelligent healthcare company, based in the UK, that develops and markets state-ofthe art healthcare products based our proprietary telemedicine technologies allowing remote patient monitoring and falls prevention helping to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. 01615 375929

RITEQ UK Ltd Stand number D900 RITEQ is a specialist provider of workforce management solutions designed to assist medium to large organisations to leverage their most important asset - their workforce. With offices in UK, Australia and New Zealand, RITEQ is currently supporting over 17,000 sites here plus Asia, US and S.America 020 3915 1255 Robot Coupe Stand number D202 Robot-Coupe, the inventor and leading manufacturer of commercial food preparation equipment, has been serving chefs and providing food preparation solutions since 1960, and has the largest range of commercial equipment in the world. 020 8232 1800 RotaMaster Stand number D572 RotaMaster are a tried and tested rota management software solution built specifically for the health and care sector. Assisting with rota creation, shift fill, compliance, budget and payroll to name a few. Come see us at the stand for a quick demo. 01924 252 360 RP Adam (Arpal) Stand number D192 RP Adam Ltd (Arpal Group) manufacture & supply cleaning and disinfection products in the business to business sphere. Our focus is to continue to bring value to enduser customers and distributors through unmatched service levels and technical excellence. A key and growing area is the Care Sector. 0175 023 780 Salamanca Designs Stand number D184 Salamanca Designs offer a complete Interior Design service. We are able to produce design schemes from large scale new build care homes, to one room refurbishment projects. As a small business we offer a more personal service, so you will always have one main point of contact. 07957 195 495 Sapphire Consulting Group Stand number D771 Sapphire Consulting Group provide data protection services to the care sector, from the initial audit through to the required policies and training. We are experienced in working with care providers and nursing agencies and can provide a complete GDPR solution, including outsourced DPO services. 020 305 68855

Search Dog Heroes Stand number D472 The Search Dog Heroes project is a partnership between the charities Missing People and Lowland Rescue to enable communities to respond better when a vulnerable person goes missing. We will be utilising specially trained search dogs to locate people faster and to save lives when every minute counts. 020 8392 4590

Skedulo Stand number D382 Skedulo for home healthcare increases efficiencies and reduces costs of delivering high-quality, onsite patient care. Manage mobile caregivers, patient needs, availability, and optimize caregivers` time. Skedulo offers companies a mobile healthcare management product that complements any tech stack. 1.855.753.3856

SEBO (UK) Ltd Stand number D131 Made in Germany, SEBO are the worlds leading maker of professional upright vacuum cleaners offering both heavy duty and lightweight models. The SEBO DUO system cleans carpets, and is as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner, whilst for hard floors, the SEBO UHS polisher creates a brilliant shine. 07825 269 569

Skills for Care Stand number D660 Skills for Care helps to create a well-led, skilled and valued adult social care workforce in England. We provide practical tools and support to help you recruit, develop and lead your workforce. Our support ranges from entry level right through to senior leadership and management roles. 0113 241 1275

Solicitude Training Ltd Stand number Sponsors Solicitude Training provide high quality, cost effective training and consultancy to the health and social care sector. Training packages are engaging and bespoke to individual organisations to ensure that they are relevant to that particular service and therefore optimise learning. 07889 843 352

Secure Empty Property Limited Stand number D71 SECURE EMPTY PROPERTY work with care home landlords and developers protecting vacant properties from vandalism, arson, squatting and traveller occupation. Our security services from remotely monitored alarms, guarding and fencing ensure that your property remain protected and insured. 03300 881 973

Slingsby Stand number D861 We offer the products you need to keep your establishment running smoothly and efficiently. Slingsby is the one stop shop for health & safety, manual handling and labour saving equipment as well as the provision of goods for maintaining premises including waste management and cleaning. 01274 535030

Sommer Rose Interiors Stand number D251 Welcome to Sommer Rose the new interiors company from Sarah Thompson. With over 12 years’ experience in creating beautiful and practical interiors for the care home industry, we understand just how important your business is and we believe that it`s what`s inside that really matters. 07495 471038

Signature Aromas LTD Stand number D242 Since 1996 Signature have been one of the UK’s leading suppliers of 100% Natural Oil Air Freshener Systems. We specialise in providing one of our 40 natural aromas to each Area to deal with problems.We can couple this with our Clinical Waste collection through our subsidiary Sleek Service. 01902 678 822

SLS Stand number D462 SLS are a specialist laundry equipment supplier and service partner, synonymous with quality. Dementia Care and Nursing Home 2019 will see us showcase our innovative laundry solution for the Care Sector, SLS Connect. Discover the benefits for yourself by visiting the team on stand D462. 0845 388 3834 www. professionallaundryequipment.

SoupedUp Limited Stand number D682 SoupedUp - Boosting catering care through innovative software solutions As the leading catering software provider, we empower care homes to manage, plan and deliver a truly personalised resident dining experience, while managing dietary complexities and reducing costs. Now proudly serving the UK. 02039 364 488

Silent Memories Stand number D122 Innovative music therapy for care homes helping to enhance the quality of living for residents. Silent Discos for elderly people living with dementia, sensory impairments, learning difficulties or memory loss. 0203 727 5382 Simply Beautiful Stand number D206 Where Nothing Means Everything Purification At Its Highest Level. 07704 877 160

Smooth Digital Stand number D1080 Smooth Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency based In Shoreditch, London. We specialise in the Care Industry. Our focus is to boost the level of actual care and recruitment enquires that come through to your business through Pay-Per-Click management and our 24/7 Live Chat Lead Capture service. 0203 322 3431 Snappy Tags Stand number D11 The one-snap method for labelling clothes in care homes! Snappy Tags are laser-etched so will not fade. Our personalised laundry labels are easy to apply too - no ironing or sewing, just snap on using the handy applicator. A quick and secure labelling solution, suitable for industrial laundry. 0044 1430 819002

Softworks Workforce Management Solutions Stand number D590 Employee rostering is often one of the most complex and difficult tasks for Health & Social care organisations. Softworks can provide you with a completely automated eRostering solution. We can help you to manage complex scheduling, drive efficiencies, cut costs and ensure regulatory compliance. 01527 888 060

SovaCare ExperienceTable Stand number D421 SovaCare ExperienceTable covers a wide range of multitouch facilities for health care which stimulate memory recall, improve communication and offer entertainment. These multitouch facilities improve the wellbeing and mental health of elderly people and people with dementia. 0044 780 9509363 Spark Response Stand number D862 Spark Response are experts in care sector customer service and reduce the number of missed new bed enquires. The empathy and warmth of our award-winning customer service agents lends itself perfectly to dealing with the sometimes-difficult conversations with relatives and loved ones. 0191 495 9999

Spear Recruitment Ltd Stand number D321 Spear Recruitment Ltd is an established, progressive and privately owned recruitment company specialising in placing candidates into the private Healthcare sector. We offer a personal approach when recruiting industry leading professionals. 0121 270 7540 Spotcap UK Stand number D653 Spotcap provides loans of up to £250k to small and medium-sized businesses, allowing business owners to focus on what matters. The company has developed a unique assessment process that focuses on cashflow and real-time performance, allowing for a credit decision to be made within one working day. 020 330 89 188 SRG Care Consultancy Stand number D201 Health & Social Care Quality Compliance & Mentoring Services Our experienced & qualified team offer support, guidance, and mentoring within CQC Governance, Compliance, Operational Management and Mentoring in all areas. 0330 133 0174 Standex Systems Ltd Stand number D100 Standex Systems has over 25 years of Care Planning experience in the UK. Providing care planning documentation with guide books and staff training. Our ePlan cloud based care planning system helps the care team to ensure excellent outcomes and ongoing positive inspections. 01604 646633 Stelrad Ltd Stand number D362 Stelrad have been manufacturing high quality, steel radiators since 1936 - so it`s safe to say we know a thing or two about heating! 01709 578 950 Switchscene Stand number D1183 Switchscene Printing and ATADesigns (Award Winning surface design specialist) joins forces offering a new range of wall-covering and mural designs for the care home sector. 0044 (0) 333 990 1001 SYNEL UK Stand number D561 Synel UK is a solutions provider delivering innovative software for workforce management, time & attendance, scheduling, electronic registration and access control applications. Supporting UK Businesses for over 27 years. 02089 009 991


Tanda Stand number D882 Tanda is the world’s #1 platform for Workforce Success. We help care businesses manage rostering, timesheets, time-off and payroll. Spend less time and effort on administrative tasks, and more time growing and expanding your business. 0333 577 2373 Taremtec Ltd Stand number D723 CBSecurepass for Care Homes manages visitors, staff and residents. It records staff signing in and out times and can be used for payroll. It also shows when resident have left and returned to premises. Emergency List can be accessed remotely from any mobile device. Helps improves Safeguarding 0203 514 0025 TED Alert UK Ltd Stand number D803 Specialists in Personal Alarm systems and industry leaders in GPS products. We are committed to building proactive, long-term relationships with our customers by offering great products, unique expertise and exceptional support across our entire range of services, assisting ‘Anyone Anywhere Anytime 0333 7898 999 Telecom Solutions (GB) Limited Stand number D1090 Telecomsgb are a national supplier of Business Telephone Systems and Wifi systems for the Care Industry. 0800 112 3280 Telehealth Solutions Stand number D132 Telehealth Solutions are passionate about driving integration across health and social care. We offer a range of clinically driven, integrated solutions, designed to support both patients and those working in the healthcare industry. 01563 530480 TerraQuest Stand number D843 TerraQuest’s AuthentiQuest service is an online secure website that provides pre-employment and background checks. The service is securely linked to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and Disclosure Scotland (DS). Our admin fee starts from just £3 per check. We also provide Right to Work checks. 0121 234 1300


The Bond Hotel | Holidays With Care Stand number D401 The Bond Hotel, Blackpool specialises in providing holidays for people living with disabilties. Whether you need to use mobility equipment, care support, door to door transport or special diets we can provide everything for you all topped off with live cabaret every night of the year. 01253 341218 The Buying Club Stand number D1054 Quite simply, we procure whatever our customers need by: Ensuring 100% procurement compliance, Devising the optimum buying strategy, Achieving the best value through open competition, Managing everything, with a true end-to-end tailored service. 0845 257 7050 The Care Hub Stand number D753 The Care Hub are Care Recruitment Outsourcing Specialists, dedicated to serving the Care Sector. Whether you`re looking to grow your Domiciliary business or you`re trying to address your high agency spend, then our award-winning Managed Service Recruitment will work for you. 0330 335 8999 The Carer Stand number D530 The Carer is a leadingpublication for the nursing and residential care home sector throughout England and Wales. Published quarterly and distributed by direct mail, to decision makers, introducing a range of products and services, news and professional comment to help run their business efficiently. 01202 552333 The Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) Stand number D305 Based at the University of Stirling, The Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC), is an international centre of knowledge and expertise dedicated to improving the lives of people with dementia. We provide a range of sustainable education, information resources and consultancy services. 01786 467740 The DPO Centre Stand number D853 The EU`s leading Data Protection Officer resource centre providing: Outsourced DPOs, Data Protection, Privacy & GDPR compliance advice, DPIAs, gap analysis, Data Processor agreements and policy writing, Training Specialists in the care, healthcare professional, medical and clinical. 0203 7971289

The Mobility Aids Centre Stand number D694 We are a modern bricks & mortar mobility shop with over 30 years experience offering a wide range of cost-effective disability aids to the elderly and disabled through our online shop and showroom. We are the UK distributors of the NuStep, a low impact, total body work out recumbent cross trainer. 01733 342242 www.themobilityaidscentre. The Policy Company Limited Stand number D470 Since 2002, the Policy Company has provided policy excellence through its fantastic Policy Library to Organisations within the Care industry to provide you with compliant CQC documentation & best practice guidance. We also provide certified online Care industry training courses! 0203 011 4070 The Uniform Room Stand number D293 We specialise in personalised workwear and uniforms. We supply a high quality range of garments to different sectors including the Healthcare industry which can be easily personalised with your company logo. Visit us on stand D692 to discuss your uniform requirements and see what we have to offer. 01384 936120 The Wayback Stand number D1170 The Wayback is a virtual reality film series designed for those living with dementia and their carers. Recreating positive moments from the past we take viewers back in time to trigger memories and spark precious conversations. 0044 207 437 1112 Thorlux Lighting Stand number D833 Thorlux Lighting; designers, manufacturers and suppliers of professional lighting systems. The company operates from the Group’s modern 16,882 square metre self-contained factory in Redditch, Worcestershire, central England. 01527 583200 Timotay Stand number D300 Established in 1985, Timotay is a national award winning design and construction landscaping specialist, dedicated to creating inspirational therapeutic outdoor spaces and sensory products for care homes. For your FREE consultation contact us today 01933 665151

Tomorrow’s Care Stand number D303 Tomorrow`s Care is your digital magazine for the health and social care sector. Providing coverage on the very latest news, products and legislation, Tomorrow`s Care is the magazine to read if you want to be at the forefront of the industry. 01625 426 054 Tovertafel (The Magic Table) Stand number D1021 Tovertafel (The Magic Table) is a series of interactive light games projected onto any table, specifically designed for people living with midto-late stage dementia & adults with learning disabilities. It’s based on a PhD & 6 years of research & is already reaching thousands of people across the UK. 02080 031 074 Tower Fire LTD Stand number D774 Tower Fire Group are currently the UK’s leading Fire Safety Specialist with an experienced team of retired firefighters dedicated to delivering Gold Standard Fire Safety Services. Offering tailored Fire Training including Care Specific, Fire Risk Assessment and Low Maintenance Fire Extinguishers. 0845 5191883 Town & County Bingo Stand number D22 Training 2 CARE (UK) Stand number D930 Training 2 CARE and Experience Training have a mission to provide the most cost effective, practical and powerful training that embeds good practice and changes lives. 01376 573 999 Turun UK Ltd Stand number D641 We are the leading patient safety provider of falls and elopement solutions, with over 20 years` experience. Our proven Falls prevention monitors and Stealth Sensor Pads help recue the risk of falls from a bed, chair, toilet or leaving the room unsupervised. 020 7731 0132 UK CBDOILS Ltd Stand number D1160 We provide natural organic whole plant CBD food supplements, Some studies have found that taking CBD could help to manage some of the behavioural symptoms of dementia, for example, agitation and aggression could, in theory, be counteracted by the effects of CBD. 0044 7484 128749

UKHCA Stand number D290 United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) is the national professional and representative association for organisations who provide care to people in their own homes. Member-led, our mission is to promote high quality, sustainable care services so people can remain in their home and community. 020 8661 8188 Unity Trust Bank Plc Stand number D1163 Unity Trust Bank is a commercial bank with a social conscience. We provide care homes with banking and loan services. We believe in delivering positive social impact, not simply maximising profit. We help organisations to prosper and contribute to economic, community and environmental change. 0345514 010 000 Urban Design & Consult Limited Stand number D31 Urban Design & Consult Limited is a firm of Chartered Surveyors specialising in all aspects of property consultancy for a wide range of clients. Our specialists are able to offer advice on all aspects of property acquisition, management, refurbishment, together with a full design consultancy service. 08454 680 250 Vexo international (UK) Ltd Stand number D20 Fed up with heating complaints from residence and their family members? Always have the expense of calling out contractors who never really solve the issue? Did you know, in most cases this is due to dirty water in your heating pipes and radiators? Well, Vexo can help! See us at stand D20 01767 500 150 Vital Wifi Stand number D700 Vital Wifi `SeniorConnect` is a Wifi network product designed specifically for the needs of care homes to provide easy and safe access to internet services for residents and their families, while delivering secure and robust connectivity for critical care home services. 0333 3583 111

Vogue Beds Ltd Stand number D90 Established in 1990, our experience over the years has resulted in us being able to offer a wide selection of styles and specification for all types of Mattresses & Beds . At Vogue Beds we really do believe in putting the customer first backed up with a high level of customer service. 01455 841257 www. Wave Illumination Stand number D220 Unlock the value of light with handheld light monitoring equipment from Wave Illumination. Light has a complex, unseen effect on the human body, defining our circadian rhythms and impacting our health and wellbeing. Understanding the light within a space can have a huge impact on its occupants. 01865 811 118 Webonboarding Stand number D150 Transforming how the care sector can manage the onboarding process of new hires. Cloud-based system removing the need for manual, slow and error-prone new hire paperwork. Key documentation such as digitally signed contracts and offer letters are handled via a secure and streamlined online portal. 0044 8001 700 800 Win Health Medical Ltd Stand number D974 Win Health Medical Ltd is a supplier of medical devices to the NHS, Care Home Organisations and Private Individuals. We specialise in care of the elderly and provide a range of self help solutions to common problems. See our new range of Bladder Scanners in both trolley mounted and portable versions. 01835-864866 Wissner- Bosserhoff Stand number D551 wissner-bosserhoff is a leading provider of innovative, high quality bed, furniture and therapeutic surface solutions for all healthcare establishments. The company offers a choice of products to suit all care levels and budgets including an array of options to match high quality interior designs. 0844 248 1833

WL Interiors Stand number D251 At WL Interiors we pride ourselves in the way we serve our customers. We have been manufacturing contract curtains, roman blinds and bespoke soft furnishings for over 20 years. 01924 298953 Wolf Laundry Ltd Stand number D1000 Leading Suppliers of Commercial Laundry Solutions We pride ourselves in being a leading supplier of new and used commercial laundry equipment and services. Working across the UK from our base in Yorkshire, we have the skills and expertise to provide you with the laundry solutions you need. 01226 714 515 Workwear Online Limited Stand number D1130 Workwear Online Ltd offer a wide range of healthcare clothing and embroidery from tunics to scrubs visit us at stand 9084 and let us show you how much we can reduce your uniform spend. 01823 663556 Xandar Kardian Stand number D430 XANDAR KARDIAN is a US start-up which provides high precision context awareness solutions based on IRUWB radar to provide non-wearable fall detection, non-contact vital sign monitoring, non-contact sleep monitoring solutions and Personal Emergency Response System(PERS). 001-702-582-3704 Xenolyth Stand number D672 Xenolyth is the ultimate care home software designed from the ground up for the management of care homes large or small. Most companies that offer care home software have priced many care homes out of their products by charging annual fees, setup fees, maintenance fees etc. We do not do this. 0845 591 1555

YMCA Training Stand number D940 Having supported the training requirements of the Care Industry for 40 years, YMCA Training has established itself as the hallmark for quality in the apprenticeship training sector. Apprenticeships are a cost effective way for businesses to develop their new and existing staff and hire fresh talent. 0845 688 6061 Stand number D1072 The YourHippo LMS & E-Learning is an all-in-one solution for your training needs. With interactive and engaging video courses and a full Matrix Report system, our LMS provides a one-stop shop for tracking your compliance and downloading fully formatted reports! 01706 375578 YOURmeds Limited Stand number D1032 YOURmeds is the first medication solution that helps people to take their medication by creating a support network around them. Working in real time greatly increases adherence, and helps people live better lives. It provides peace of mind to family and friends. We work with Councils and the EU. 02392 470001 Zep UK Stand number D62 Zep UK are a leading chemical manufacturer who formulate cleaning products for a wide range of institutions including hospitals and care homes. 01514 221 000


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EXHIBITION OFFER: 15% DISCOUNT (if you buy 5+ courses on the Exhibition Days). COURSES INCLUDE: · Safeguarding · Introduction to Safe Handling of Medicines · Dementia Awareness · Mental Health Awareness · Understanding your Role in Care + Many More For all details visit our website:


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Let us take a load off your mind Whether it’s the sheer volume of linen, losing items, or complying with health and safety, let us take the strain so you can focus on looking after your residents.

Great quality

Tracking and traceability

Easy to manage

Frees up time

Infection control

Saves space

Risk reduction

Environmentally kind

Find us at stand D580 to learn more

Visit us on Stand D702

73% of Care Home decision makers are concerned with their current security measures* Abloy UK offers keyless solutions for patient care. Abloy’s RFID keyless locks are the ideal solution for all types of bedside and residential furniture providing effective, secure protection for your patients’ personal items, medication and valued possessions. Easy to use, the locks require minimal setup and can be retro-fit allowing simple and convenient installation. RFID access is available via card or disposable rubber wristbands, giving easy access and usability for both patients and nurses with the ability to easily remove or add users.

What are you doing to keep your patients property safe? To find out how we can help, visit us on Stand D702 01902 364500

*Source: Industry Report of Dementia Care & Nursing Homes, 2018

Nurse Call Systems Wireless call points with anti-microbial protection Quick installation with minimal disruption Flexible & easily expandable Easy to use with plug-in assistive technology sensors and monitors Call logging software provides a full audit trail of events, with management reporting Up to 4 years battery life on call points 24/7 technical support helpline Finance options available

Come and visit us on stand D461


For more information please call 01568 610 016 or visit

Medical ScrubS

Clothing WORK WEAR

• Top Brands • Exciting Colours • Sizes XS to 3XL • In House Embroidery Service rget our

Don’t fo

rvice dery Se Embreot Yi our garments G ll lised–ca persona tails e d for

• No Minimum Quantities • Fast Delivery • Price includes delivery

Clinical and Healthcare Clothing AWB Textiles Ltd, Union Mill, Bude, Cornwall EX23 9AL Tel: 01288 353281 Fax: 01288 353085 E-mail:

Order online via

Our care management system transforms your record keeping.






Our care management software helps you to plan and evidence the care that you provide supporting you to achieve compliance within your business. The emphasis is on care management, recording and analysis and it has been designed with the carers and managers of the home in mind. The result is time saved, admin simplified and an improved delivery in your quality of care.

Call 01625 535 685

PLEASE CHECK THE FOLLOWING VERY CAREFULLY : • All images are correct • All spelling & grammar is correct • Spelling of any names & places • All contacts (Phone, fax, mobile, website, email)

Euromedia Associates Ltd | 10 Ashfield Road | Chorley | PR7 1LJ | 01257 267677


VISIT STAND D800 Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo


Go for it! If you’ve got

an opportunity to work with this software, then please embrace it. Margaret Bennett Managing Director, Island Healthcare

The Access Care Suite is designed to give you the freedom to deliver outstanding care and comprises market-leading care solutions, PeoplePlanner, Mobizio and CareBlox. Since the acquisition of iCareHealth, we are proud to now offer our Medication Management solution.

Medication Management

We offer single solutions or the complete care management suite to meet your needs.


Access solutions are used by over 3,000 residential care and 4,000 community care registered locations to deliver efficiency, compliance and outstanding quality of care.


0845 345 3300

Rostering Time & attendance Digital care planning & care delivery Care compliance Payroll Purchasing Facilities management

Acoustic Monitoring How Acoustic Monitoring Works A sensor monitors sounds in a room. When any sound profile exceeds its individually set threshold, an alert is sent to a central station or forwarded to a mobile device.

Benefits Acoustic Monitoring supports staff in improving care quality and providing greater privacy for residents, while helping reduce operational costs.

Better level of care

Better attention

Better sleep cycles

Improve your CQC rating

Faster response

Prevent falls

Protect privacy

Detect aggression and distress

Faster return on investment

Safeguard staff

Prevent abuse

Reduced costs

Acoustic Monitoring is suitable for Retrofits

New Builds and Renovations

Acoustic Monitoring can be integrated with existing (3rd party) nurse call systems.

Acoustic Monitoring and nurse call are combined in one single module.

Contact Adaptive today for your free demonstration and quotation

0844 808 6666

Worried about your heart? KardiaMobile can give it a quick check-up in just 30 seconds*.


For only it could just save a lot of heartache

A portable clinical grade ECG device, as used by the NHS, that works on smartphones and tablets. Accurately detects atrial fibrillation.


For further information: Customer Support +44 (0) 333 301 0433 or

Always consult your doctor if you have concerns over your heart health


Going digital? Real-time clinical recording Employee scheduling Absence management Timesheet automation

One simple tool

Visit us on stand D181 at Dementia Care & Nursing Home 2019

When it couldn’t get worse,

we’ll let you down.

Stand D294 The new brand from AspireGB, Lindum House, Beels Road, Stallingborough, DN41 8DN Tel: 0845 38 38 100 | Email: | Web:

‘Training is investment in your staff’

• • • • • • For Training that is effective and really works, still at budget prices

Mandatory training Clinical Skills training Health & Safety courses NVQ’s CHAPS Champion courses

Can’t find the course you want? We’ll create it for you!

See our website for the full range of courses currently available: 0844 8009223

High quality, affordable training to improve the lives of those living with dementia and their carers Levels 2 and 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia delivered in partnership by experienced specialists Beeches Training and Support in Dementia and accredited by OCN London ’Qualifications in Dementia’ for more information and dates of next London programme

Come and find us on stand D205

We’ll put you back in control of your Business Utility costs Black Sheep Utilities provides a client focused market comparison service for businesses throughout the UK. Trusted by business large and small to deliver tailored utility packages year after year.



Whether you’re looking to save money or save the planet, renew or switch, Black Sheep Utilities work hard to find you the best prices on the market, whilst removing all of the hassle from your business energy contracts!











Your utilities portfolio all in one place, overseen by your one customer service representative.



01273 914000



Heath Technical Ltd.

Specialists in providing medical gas services all over the world

Oxygen Cylinder Training within Care Homes Providing essential training to all staff within care homes in the safe use of oxygen cylinders.

Train the Trainer


Our fully qualified team will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge and materials to train your own staff in the safe use of oxygen cylinders.

Courses available to staff to ensure annual training is maintained. Free trial available.

01452 260800

Visit Us Stand D802

Making your Will or LPA it’s never too early… but it can be too late! • •

Wills—A properly written Will puts you in control. Will Trust - Ensures all your hard-earned assets are protected and passed to the right people at the right time Lasting Power of Attorney - Property and Financial Affairs and Health and Welfare allows the people that you choose to make decisions on your behalf when you cannot do so.

Family Trust—Protects your wealth from a number of threats or “what ifs”

Protects vulnerable persons from financial abuse

For more information visit: or call 0800 781 6658


and to us talk at


Hom e

re e ca m o H ency ag

Over 1,000 care businesses for sale on the UK’s No.1 marketplace for buying and selling businesses

Homecare franchise

stan d D30

Advertise your care home or home care business or search for an opportunity to buy Best listing site. I received 10 times more enquiries from this site than all other sites combined. Very, very effective! Highly recommended! Homecare Agency with a client base in a booming market


iliary c are

CARING DEBT COLLECTION We combine over 35 years’ experience with expertise and professionalism to deliver the highest-quality, best-value service to the public and private social and healthcare sectors.

Bespoke Service We offer a bespoke service tailored to clients’ individual needs. Our flexible approach, coupled with specialist teams of expert collectors and negotiators, ensures the highest possible recovery ratios.

No-Win No-Fee Our rates are highly competitive and we operate on a ‘no-win no-fee’ basis. There are no set-up fees and no hidden costs.

Consumer & Commercial Private sector social care providers are increasingly partnering with the NHS, Local Authorities, and third-way organisations to deliver services. Paying for private adult social care – either directly/indirectly, through integrated public, private, or third-way sectors, at home or in residential units – means money becomes owed...and so debts need recovering. CCICM has developed the most sensitive, sophisticated, and effective strategies to protect your accounts receivable revenue streams – particularly involving elderly and dementia clients – and is the only agency lawfully entitled to handle NHS patient data.


Extra Benefits • Asset Searches & Recovery • Financial Conduct Authority Compliance • Total Data Security Including GDPR • Account Management – Regular Contact & 24/7 Online Access Visit our seminar called ‘Protecting Revenue Streams In An Integrated Social Care & Health System’ for more details. T: +44 (0) 1766 772288 E:

Litigation Clients can pursue legal claims using CCICM’s litigation service. We manage your whole case, from Issue through to Enforcement, maintaining a positive dialogue to substantially increase recovery ratios.

FS 634091

IS 615404

Smart care for the New Year. Wherever this year takes you, CareDocs Cloud allows you to check-in to your home’s data whenever needed. Our exceptional development team is working on our largest CareDocs software development plan, that will add even more value with additional features to your care setting. The Team are looking forward to sharing this with you at the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Exhibition 2019.

Fully Personalised.

Management KPIs.

Forms & Reports.


Safe & Secure.

Automatic Backups.

Find us located at Stand D750

Award winning Architects with over 20 years’ experience in the design of Care Homes, Extra Care Apartment and Care Villages

Carless & Adams

Please come and find us on stand D894 to see how we can help you 6 Progress Business Centre, Whittle Parkway, Bath Road, Slough, SL1 6DQ Tel: 01628 665131

Learn more on how CareDocs Cloud can deliver smart care home management: 0330 056 3333

R E T T E B A R O F E CHOIC S S E N I BUS Our Price Promise

If you find a better monthly business deal at EE, O2 or Vodafone directly or from a 3rd party provider we guarantee to provide a cheaper solution.*

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager will host quarterly account reviews and make sure youre getting the best out of your contract

Flexible Tech Fund

Spend it on the latest handsets, or put the money back into your business to spend on other things or simply bottom line the profit

Fully Tax Deductable

Customers can account for it as a legitimate business expense and get the VAT back.


Next Day Delivery & Warranty replacements When you order before 8PM and get a next working day like for like replacement for faulty handsets.

T: 0330 678 0527

Introducing InsurewithCare Launched by a long established, independent insurance broker, InsurewithCare offers a new risk management focused insurance solution for care providers. Our team have over 50 years of combined experience in providing insurance and risk management advice to care providers throughout the UK. Our InsurewithCare policy has been designed with the needs of the whole care sector in mind. Organisations that we work with include:

Registered Care Homes Supported Living Providers Domiciliary Care Agencies Children’s Homes For more information please visit us on stand D643, call us on 01452 300888 or visit InsureWithCare is a trading style of Cass-Stephens Insurances Limited, Windsor House, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucester, GL4 3RT Cass-Stephens Insurances Ltd is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our FCA register number is 310323.

High Quality Uniforms  Competitive Prices  VISIT US ON STAND D301 AT


With over 26 years experience in the industry, let us take care of your uniform needs!      

Small friendly sales team, with your own allocated sales manager UK based factory as well as overseas Same day despatch on our stock supported lines Bespoke uniform service We have our own in house embroidery and heat seal service Uniform styles to suit all needs, including a fantastic new scrub range

Call our friendly sales team on 01752 345346

Order online at

Like us on Facebook

Email us on

When you need assistance managing the financial complexities of primary care, it’s good to have someone by your side. A trusted partner.

For GP surgeries. For dental practices. For the future.




Harrison is a specialist, international strategic brand and interior design consultancy with offices in London, Birmingham, Dallas and Dubai. We combine strategic thinking, insights, demographics and trend analysis with intelligent invention to create and enrich compelling brand character for our clients. Our approach ensures that we create innovative brand personalities and interiors that are relevant, agile and always distinctive and memorable. We use our works in the hospitality sector to inform the trends and ideas within the Care market, demonstrated most recently at the Bill House, Selsey.

Cowan Architects is an established architectural practice with significant experience across the residential care sector. Over the last 35 years we have delivered a range of new homes, many at the Premium level with the Journalist Charity and Audley End, along with sensitive additions to existing buildings for Medici and Abbeyfield. There have also been extensive refurbishments for names like Nicholas James and Alexander Park Homes. We have become one of the leading UK architectural firms in Inclusive Design as a result of being recognised for our proven and extensive track record in residential and healthcare work.

Signature Dining is a privately owned niche contract catering company, established in 2016 to revolutionise catering services in the Senior Living and Care market. Founder Director Paul Robottom, has collaborated with Chris Mitchell at the Genuine Dining Company to create this exciting new venture. Signature Dining specialise in providing freshly prepared nutritious food exclusively to the senior living and care sectors and is the only dedicated caterer for the care industry in the UK.

Please come and meet us at Stand D761

The Courtyard, 27 High Street, Winslow, Bucks, MK18 3HE Tel: 01296 712387

the badge professionals

25 years experience of supplying staff name badges to the Healthcare Industry  Ultra-fast delivery or

Free Badges

Less Paperwork

No upfront costs

Less Administration

State of the art printing

Free design options

Come and visit us on stand D302 Talk to us about how Probadge can reduce your expenditure on staff name badges whilst improving your service - we are the only badge manufacturer who guarantees to despatch your badges within 48hrs of your request.

Duygu: 07535936316 Ali: 07956676667 Jason: 07393184442

STAND NUMBER: D950 Dark Blue International’s soft furnishings to the healthcare industry have been supplied all over the globe for the last 40 years. Our fully integrated mills manufacture flame retardant curtains and fabrics, bedding, thermal blankets and institutional towels. Being the Manufacturer, the choices are endless for our clients from inherent flame retardant to water resistant, from total black out fabric to antibacterial add on options. Our products support your CQC Compliance under The Care Act 2014 and The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2015. We are proud to state that care homes in partnership for their textile needs with us achieve higher rankings for their CQC infection control risk assessment.

We provide bespoke and standardised textile products.

With 40 years of experience our products meet the relevant British Standards • Flame Retardant Curtains • Superior Bed Linen weaved for Health Care • 100% Turkish Cotton Towels • Flame Retardant Net Curtains • Dementia Friendly designs • Signature Range floor furnishings • Upholstery Fabric • Blankets • Runners & Cushions • Drawsheets and Cubicle Curtains

Reduced Cost. Continuous Care. Accountable Nurses. Visit our stand No. D841 to register!

DosaFil-Duo You can’t afford to take a chance on heating provision. But you can afford DosaFil. Approx. 50% of commercial heating systems experience early breakdown or repairs due to corrosion. Minimise your risk with DosaFil, a cost-effective water treatment device that cleans, protects and maintains heating systems.


Maximise system longevity and energy efficiency Reduce uce costs by cleaning fouled systems online Easy and quick to install The only nly device to combine: quid/solid - safe dosing of liquid/solid treatment chemicals (any brand) - constant side stream filtration - continuous air removal

Find out how you can benefit now: visit us on stand D382 or go to


From providing the more traditional range of healthcare equipment we now have a new product to introduce into the UK Healthcare Market:


ELSI SMART FLOOR Available only through Direct Healthcare Solutions, The Elsi Smart Floor is a unique system which can be easily installed under practically any flooring type, is invisible, senses the movement of the resident around the room and most importantly, immediately detects if they fall.


Booth D322

Emotion Food Company

Would you like to improve the daily life of your patients?

LET GREENZONE MANAGE ALL YOUR WASTE DISPOSAL NEEDS. Greenzone have a wealth of experience successfully managing every aspect of waste, including specialist waste streams such as clinical and offensive waste streams.

Greenzone Services: - Clinical Waste - Offensive Waste - Sharps

For we believe that eating should remain a pleasure for all, whatever the circumstances

- Recycling DMR

- Specialist Services

- General Waste

- Hazardous Waste

- Food Waste

- Bailing And Supplies

- Washroom Services

- Skip Hire

- Glass Waste

- Battery Recycling

- Confidential Waste

- WEEE Waste

Greenzone Customers Benefit From:

Unique interactive customer portal

Consolidated Invoicing

Dedicated Account Managers

Tailored Waste Solutions

Bespoke Reporting Service

No poor, lengthy contracts

We offer a new generation of modified textures, to restore the access to 100% of food, savory or salty, hot or cold

A simple process, for any kind of institution. We accompany your teams during implementation : to increase comfort, reduce health and environment costs, improve food intake.

Find u s on

stand D865

Come and taste for yourself!

w: t: 0333 99 66 666

DoseSystem ... Medicine on time Are more self-reliant citizens and effectivization of resource demanding medication tasks among your ambitions for 2019? Then you should get to know our digital medication reminder system. Please meet us at: Stand: Web:


- Flexible and mobile medicine cabinet - No more forgotten medicine - Release warm hands in care - Overview for staff - Peace of mind for relatives - Positive business cases - Return on investment in 6 months - Used by 50 % of the Danish municipalities

Mental Capacity Act? Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards? Mental Health Act? Do you have questions? We have the answers.

Stand D1121 We provide tailored and practical training for care providers Edge Training & Consultancy Ltd

We publish practical and informative books and wallcharts BooksWise Publications Ltd

Line 6000 dryers

Join the effortless revolution Our new dryers will amaze you for performance, productivity and savings. Shaping the effortless laundry. Experience the Excellence


Contact us: T: 08444 631 260 W: E:

Electrolux Professional UK

Visit us at stand D861

Electrolux Professional UK


CLICK: CALL: 0800 294 4440 Delivering quality, value, and expertise since 1893


Give your clients the comfort of ‘home-away-from-home’ with our new FR fabric collection which has been designed to preform within healthcare, hospitality, education and leisure environments. Our talented artists are also able to offer endless possibilities with our bespoke fabric design and print services. All of our services are backed by Evans Textiles’ 100 year experience and this allows us to offer exclusive interior REQUEST YOUR solutions to coordinate with your design scheme. From bedding, upholstery and drapery fabrics through to window hardware systems and essential accessories – all of our solutions have been designed to save you resource, time and money.

Discover more at



building trust in care The PASSsystem for residential care is specifically built to provide care records without the use of paper and to tackle the day-to-day challenges of the care home environment. The person-centred, 24-hour, real-time living care plan allows carers to spend more time caring for service users and less time on administration.

PASSsystem case studies at

What is the PASSsystem for residential care? The PASSsystem brings detailed care plan and resident information to the bedside. Care workers have everything they need at their fingertips and, through a simple, friendly interface, can update care records in real time. They can even narrate care notes and assessment details on the fly, making the system quick and easy to use, even when wearing gloves.

Transcription and legibility issues disappear overnight and the primary safeguarding risks of errors and omissions are reduced immediately. The thorough audit trail means that every care activity may be evidenced, so transparency and compliance is improved and the drastic efficiency gains free up much more time for care staff to care.

In the office Staff in the office monitor the delivery of care provided by carers throughout the residential setting. Information about the care carried out, including the administering of medications, is sent securely from the carer’s tablet back to the residential home office (or head office) in real time. If a task is not carried out, or is a change from the care plan, the PASSsystem alerts the office and action is taken to investigate.

On tablet Care assistants record a wealth of information easily and efficiently throughout their working day. This forms a permanent record of care delivered, helps to improve ongoing care quality for the individual and is always as up-todate as possible because changes made on the PASSsystem to a service user’s care plan are updated across the system whenever it is modified.

PASSsystem with speech-to-text function: Isn’t it time we talked?

0330 094 0117

Reliable Wireless Fall Monitoring One monitor works with two sensor pads Oppons to add: call buuon, pager, oor sensor pad, and door/window exit alerts Available from leading distributors Call freephone: 0800 0324789 for your nearest distributor DOC# 201812.85012A.11

0203 818 9101

Since 2011, we have been delivering a bespoke costeffective and low-risk vacant property security solution to protect empty buildings for Care Homes, Housing Associations and Local Authorities.




D7 30 vi si tu s

Share beautiful moments with family.

Easy and ... GDPR-proof! 99 Only ÂŁ nth per mo ntire re for youhome care

First 10 trial s get a fr ee iPad* * To start a free trial and view the terms visit

w w w.f amilyne t ehome19


Experts in Caring for You Our expert team provides everything from everyday accounting and taxation advice to full-scale financial planning, business development and acquisitions and disposals. Harris Lacey and Swain is always a name you can trust.

Our team has extensive experience working with the health care sector, charities and not for profit organisations. Our efficient and timely services, offered nationwide, include: - Year-end accounting - Strategic planning and business development - Merger and acquisition advice - Retirement planning - Credit control - Maximising your income - Cloud accounting solutions - Bookkeeping and payroll, inclusive with an HR legal package in partnership with SJP Law Our strong and embedded relationships with clients span as long as four-generations. You can rely on Harris Lacey and Swain to deliver quality financial advice and support.

For more information visit Speak to one of our helpful team members on 01482 646440, or email, we’d love to hear from you.

“If you require a prompt and efficient service, look no further than Harris Lacey and Swain. My end of year accounts and departmental reports are always completed in good time and their advice on company structure and tax planning is excellent. The team have helped me greatly and I would recommend their services to anyone.” Paul Gilson, Children’s Nursery

Hear Are The Facts

1 in 6 Brits experience hearing loss. 80 percent do nothing about it.

Exposure to noise 80dB or higher for more than 15 minutes per day can cause long term hearing loss 140dB

Jet engine take-off, Gunshot


Amplified music concert, Emergency siren

Why are we campaigning to give everyone over 55 a free hearing test? Well, we believe good hearing is the cornerstone to maintaining a happy healthy life.


Motorcycle, Chain saw, mp3 player (at full volume)


Safety Zone

Lawn mower, Loud toys

The longer hearing loss goes untreated, the more likely you are to suffer from depression, mental fatigue and even dementia. That’s why it’s important to have a hearing test as early as possible. Together we can make a difference. All you need to do to help is get your hearing tested, and then encourage your friends and family to test theirs too. It’s as easy as that.


Potentially hazardous Hearing protection should be worn when engaging in activities above 80 decibels.

year delay


The average time between the onset of hearing loss and seeking professional diagnosis

When you have untreated hearing loss, your brain slows down, leading to: Mental Fatigue, Dementia, Depression, Isolation & Anxiety

Call now to book your FREE hearing test

FREEPHONE 0800 740 8680 or visit

Come and visit us on stand D250

Hill & Hill Design are a family business supplying furniture and soft furnishings to Care Homes Hill & Hill Design are a family run business set up in 2008 to supply everything you need to create a warm and welcoming environment for your residents.

Free design advice and mood boards are on offer for anyone wanting a little help with their care home refurbishments, so whether you are looking to freshen up your existing furniture or a complete turn key new build project why not have a chat with Jane on

stand D601. Alternatively, you could visit our website or call Jane on;

01246 591549 to make an appointment for a visit.

- Replaces expensive and ineffective trainers with motor


Our new innovative affordable trainer is far better than any expensive trainer with or without motor on the market and requires no programming. 99% Success rate !

Carsten Lemche, owner and inventor of LEMCO Combi Bike Plus

Our BEAT Technology® enables para, hemi, tetraplegics to train with their own muscles. Perfect for clinics, hospitals, home use and rehabilitation centers.

35 years of experience with exercise equipment for wheelchair users.

£ 2.200

Includes shipp ex. vat ing

LEMCO Rehab & Fysio Fabriksvej 3 · DK-3000 Helsingør · Tel. +45 3325 4002

mail: /

Right to change price without notice


Leading provider of textiles & manual handling equipment to the UK healthcare & care sectors

To help you care Pillows Duvets Sheets Mattress protectors Pillowcases Blankets Thermal throws Bedspreads Sta uniform Towels Shower curtains Slide sheets Transfer sheets Slide gloves Stocking sliders Slings Bed ladder straps Handling belts - all available to order online.

Experience our exibility & speed of service for yourself Call us on 01422 372333

Meet us at the Dementia & Care Home Show, 26-27 March Stand D541

• • • • • • • • • •

Tel: 07950 513 176 Email: Website:

Care Hydration Solutions

Hydration projects are every Care Provider’s primary focus supporting the Government Funded Living Well for Longer Campaign. Providing the right hydration solutions can help reduce hospital admission time and risk of illness. It also prevents the risk of dehydration. Supplying your hydration solutions including water and juice dispensers and coffee machines. To find out more visit our stand at D622 or visit

DEMENTIA | ALZHEIMER | PARKINSON CENTER Patient management Cognitive games

Applica�ons Data mining Caregiver Planning

Stand Number


Intelligent Medical Devices Activity Tracker

Wearables Smartwatch Internet of Things (IoT)

Medicine, Social Care, and ICT : together for patients with dementia

Web:� LinkedIn:�s-informa�cs-ltd-

Innova�on Radar Prize 2018 Best early stage innova�on prize category 6th

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) and mental capacity expertise, to help ensure best practice is embedded in staff teams, and paperwork and practices are compliant with relevant legislation and inspection requirements. Local Social Work provides experienced Social Workers to support care providers and staff teams, through audits of paperwork and current practice, advice and support, staff training, and development of new processes and paperwork if necessary. Please feel free to get in touch in advance of the event, appointments can be made for a detailed discussion if desired. 07858 062205 hello!

Online DBS Checks for employers and individuals

Full Suite Of Available DBS Checks including Standard, Enhanced and Basic DBS checks, Adult First Checks and Route 2 External ID Verification

Fast And Efficient Service checks returned completed in as little as 24 hours

Competitive Pricing with no hidden costs, no registration fees and no minimum form requirements

Update Service Status Check automated management of Update Service Status checks via our in-house platform, reducing administration and further safeguarding your processes

Expert Account Management proud to be a DBS and Ministry of Justice Partner, abreast of the most up-to-date information

Protect your business from cyber attacks Identify vulnerabilties in your system with the Cyber Essentials scheme, available from as little as £300. Call us: +44 (0)333 800 7000

Email: Call us today on 02920 602356

Protect • Comply • Thrive













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29/01/2019 12:33





We chose Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring system because it helps us to document our interactions as quickly as possible. Once we’ve got that information documented, we can share it with other professionals or colleagues instantaneously. We use this to actually improve and drive the quality of care that we provide. KEVIN BROWNSWORD, IT MANAGER. BELONG

Book a demo with us 01483 604108

Attend o semina ur 11:45am rs at stand D or visit our a free g 860 to receive uid Choose e on How to an Ele Care Sy ctronic stem.


Are you looking for a...

safe simple compliant

nice is th e n ame ll eMA Prod dT R u by th ct of the echnolo g y e lea ding ear for 2 y 0 publ icati 17 on

eMAR system for your care home? As well as making the medication administration process more efficient Omnicell eMAR also:

✓ ✓ ✓


Supports CQC audit and guidelines Reduces medication administration errors Stores reliable data which verifies that everyone receives the right medication and dose at the right time, every time

Book your no obligation demo today! 0161 413 5333 | | You can find out more about Omnicell eMAR by watching this video

Imaging Imaging

No bounds. Better healthcare. Through continuous collaboration with our customers, we’re connecting data and technology to empower the people behind the image. During our sponsored speaker sessions, hear directly from clinicians as they share their experiences using our solutions and visit us on stand to see a showcase of innovation - all of which are designed to address your imaging challenges. There’s always a way to make life better.

Find out more visit us on stand 630



Easy to set up

Reduced false alarms

Link to Bed, Chair, Floor and Enuresis Sensors In built real time clock

Possum Ltd 8 Farmbrough Close, Stocklake Park Industrial Estate Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP20 1DQ, UK +44 (0)1296 461 000

Workwear Online Ltd offer a wide range of healthcare clothing and embroidery from tunics to scrubs. Visit us at stand D1130 and let us show you how much we can reduce your uniform spend Affordable Personalised Workwear!

Tel: 01823 663556 ORDER ONLINE 0800 612 6133 01472 426 500

‘We used the PowAir products on a patient with a fungating wound. My staff noticed that the odour was less apparent within a day. The fragrance of the products were good and weren't too strong. I would recommend this product.’ — Scott S, NHS Senior Charge Nurse

Telephone systems ü VoIP and Hosted solutions ü Unified Communications ü Mobile ü Lines and calls ü Broadband ü PWAN ü Computer Telephony Integration ü Call queuing/positioning ü Call logging/recording ü Fraud protection ü Cost savings ü

Industry-leading telecoms solutions for the Healthcare industry

Reduce missed opportunites ü Improve efficiency ü Secure and reliable systems ü Qualified Service Desk and Field Engineers ü Continuity plan and disaster recovery ü

“Excellent service - very professional from start to finish” Jan, Berkshire “We’re very happy with Premier – our install was smooth and we’ve had no problems at all. We’re glad we moved to them.” Ralph, Bradford “I have used Premier on two previous occasions at different sites, I have always found them efficient, friendly and above all highly professional.” Jill, Southampton

Get in touch! Contact us to arrange a free, no obligation telecoms audit on your current configuration and bills.

0800 048 4666

Bringing new technology to rid us from harmful bugs and bacteria in today’s world We are both a maintenance based service and a call out/outbreak service. How many of us have heard these words mentioned in the news? MRSA, e-coli, Norovirus, that occur in Care Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Nurseries, through many sectors like Public transport, Call centers, Food hygiene ratings for all in the hospitality business and even your own home. Pure Air Group takes this one step further into an environmental role. Our system

Nigel was contacted to come to our facility to eradicate a Norovirus outbreak. We found Nigel to be very professional, honest, and efficient in both his approach and in performing his service. Maureen Kelly, Croston House Care Team

ensures the best possible defences against todays microbial / superbug environment. We are both a maintenance based service and a call out/outbreak service. How many of us have heard these words mentioned in the news? MRSA, e-coli, Norovirus, that occur in Care Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Nurseries, through many sectors like Public transport, Call centers, Food hygiene ratings for all in the hospitality business and even your own home. Organisations using our service could even save money. How? You ask, well if you did not have to pay for temporary staff because full time staff are off sick this could be a great saving you would make from using this service. Not only does Pure Air Group create a better environment we will ensure you remain complaint to the highest standards expected by the local authorities. How would you like to be sick less? if the answer is yes then you are in the right place do please get in touch through the website or pick up the phone and give us a call. Let’s

face it, in a simple scenario how often do our children carry and share the coughs and sneezes they carry from Schools, nurseries, day care, and vice versa bring back home from the places they visit. I look forward to help manage and create an environment in which we all can thrive in our places of work, home, and care facilities to tackle this everyday environment we now face in our busy daily lives. Call or e-mail us for a free site survey.

Key Benefits

 ENSURES A SAFER ENVIRONMENT Both permanent and maintenance based solutions ensure that the air that you breath both at home and at work is maintained from today’s constant battle of bugs and pathogens.

 MONEY SAVING Lower man-hours compared to conventional treatments and methods and our efficiency means treatment often requires less product to complete a job. Which means you save money. As well as ensuring your staff take less sick days.

Our systems and products ensure the best possible defences against todays microbial/ superbug environment. These are the key benefits when using our products and services.



We look forward to working with you to create a better environment.

Our new solutions to new and existing issues are safe and easy to operate and fast and effective in ALL indoor environments. 07496 510 040

This enables a happier atmosphere in which to live and work. Increasing happiness and productivity in the workplace and a sense of protection for all the family at home.

Contact us at or call us on 07496 510040.

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We work in a vast array of sectors. Can we help you?

Live & work in a virus free enviroment New technology to improve all our worlds

Residential and Care Homes • Healthcare • Dental • Nursery & Preschools

Protect people in your care against from bacteria, viruses and infection outbreaks. Products from the Pure Air Group (PAG) use a unique cleaning and disinfection system which provides you with the protection you need to keep your home, clients and staff safe.

We look forward to working with you to create a better environment.

Join the ENC 2019 Group on MedShr! • Discover and discuss clinical cases in neurology • Post neuro images and cases to reflect on your practice • GMC and HIPAA compliant case discussion network • Connect with over 750,000 verified doctors and HCP

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What is your most pressing

Workforce Management question? We want to hear about your challenges managing staff. Are these your hot topics in the current climate? • How do I attribute employee costs to individual care services? • How do I manage my labour budgets more effectively?’ • How do I reduce my reliance on agency staff?’ Join us at stand D900 to ask your question. Or book in a 15 min dedicated chat here:

Workforce Management Focused on Outcomes

Roster Optimization

Time and Attendance

Absence Management

Award Interpretation

Laundry in a Muddle? ...You need The quickest & easiest naming system for your home. See for yourself on Stand D11 !

Laser etched. Quick turnaround. Re-usable. Superior quality (will not come off). Withstands industrial laundry & dry clean.

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Welcome to Sommer Rose the new interiors company from Sarah Thompson. With over 12 years’ experience in creating beautiful and practical interiors for the care home industry, we understand just how important your business is and we believe that it’s what’s inside that really matters. Sarah welcomes you at stand D251.

Transforming new hire onboarding in the care sector Managing the onboarding process, the gap in your new hire cycle from point of offer to first day in a fast and streamlined way. Reducing the need for paper-based new hire documents and manual error prone processes.

Webonboarding: cloud based system replacing traditional onboarding methods

Fast onboarding

Reduced admin

Digital signing

Improved engagement

Onboard a new hires in minutes.

Remove paper-based tasks and processes.

Complete paperwork with digital signatures.

Create a positive and welcoming onboarding experience.

Bulk processing

Compliance control

Reporting tools

Scalable solution to handle HR and hiring operations.

Working towards GDPR compliance with new hire data storage.

Easy access to accurate onboarding data.

Come and see us at Stand D150 Dementia Care and Nursing Home Expo 26th and 27th March NEC Birmingham


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Do You Need To Fill Empty Care Home Beds? Do You Need Private Paying Care Clients For Your Home Care Business?


w: p: 0203 3223 431 e:

SLS CONNECT DISCOVER OUR AWARD-WINNING SMART LAUNDRY RANGE STAND D462 Winner of the Innovation Excellence Award at the 2018 Dementia Care & Nursing Home Show! The smart SLS Connect washing machines and tumble dryers reduce downtime by monitoring and reporting every process and problem. So, unlike traditional commercial laundry equipment, our engineers know about a fault before they attend. And often before you do! Saving your care home, time, money and stress.


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line m o t ot b r e ett b e, ar

A personalised resident dining experience, while reducing time, costs and administration?


say G ’


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Yes, it’s possible.

e& m

D682 (0)20 3936 4488

CONCERNED ABOUT DATA PROTECTION?  Outsourced Data Protection Officers  Telephone and email advice line  GDPR Impact Assessments

 Dedicated team of DPOs

 Health care & support services

 Qualified GDPR professionals

 NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit

 Wide & shared knowledge base

 Policy drafting and advice

 Identified primary & secondary DPOs

 Staff training & consultancy

 Sector knowledge

 Caldicott  Medical devices & equipment  Managing highly sensitive personal data

The DPO Centre | Simplifying Data Protection, Building Trust   

 0203 797 1289


Mobilising people through games Book your FREE Games-Based session

Maintaining independence and dignity is important for any individual but can be more challenging for the elderly. Mobi-Game recognise this and we focus on improving residents' well-being, activity levels and independence through our fun games in a safe and social environment.

Benefits for your residents Increased physical activity Increased social interactions Develop self-confidence & independence Mental stimulation Person centred care Trophies, reward & recognition

With over 30 years experience we have developed and deliver a range of fun filled game-based activities tailored to suit the individual needs of your residents. The games are fully inclusive and themed on many of the games residents will have played over the years like football, netball, rugby, hockey and golf.

Benefits for your care home More engaged residents Improved CQC rating Engagement and improved perception of residents' families Dementia therapy Support your Activities Team Cost effective

Contact Rob to book your FREE session in S.Wales & S.England: M: 07863 183496 E:

Struggling to find Care Workers? Outsource your recruitment with The Care Hub. Expert care recruiters managing your entire recruitment process, freeing up your time to work on your business, not in your business.

• More Applicants

• Quicker Process

• Better Staff

We’ll write, post and manage all job posting and advertising

We screen all applicants within 24hrs & organise timely interviews

If your staff have the right values they work harder, care more and stay longer

Visit us on stand D753 to see how we can help you.

Standex ePlan Care Planning Specialists ‘Helping Care Providers to evidence Care Excellence for over 25 years’

Comprehensive electronic care planning, compliant with all regulatory care bodies within the UK, ensuring excellent outcomes. Contact us for a free no obligation demonstration on: Phone: 01604 646633

Fax: 01604 644646


ColourActive Lighting Light as nature intended

Thorlux ColourActive luminaires produce specially formulated artificial light that replicates the natural cycle of daylight, intended to promote a person’s well-being, mood and health. +44 (0)1527 583200


0845 880 5848

Visit us at stand D232 6 months free ATS trial

3 NFP campaigns for £499

Our ATS is GDPR compliant, mobile friendly and integrates with job boards & your careers page.

4 week campaigns with job advert optimisation & posting and a bespoke applciation form.

We’re here to make recruitment easy for you. Whether that’s through our range of talent attraction strategies, Applicant Tracking “We Software or free training. We’ve have been using got a solution to help you EasyWeb for 6 recruit faster, smarter months, it is now the only method we use to and for less. advertise our vacancies. We can easily see the candidates that have applied, and are able to contact them through the system using emails that have been generated and customised for us.” - HR Manager, YMCA Trinity.

Are you well connected? Nurse Call

Cleaning logs

Skype and Chat CCTV

Vital sign monitoring Email and family

Movie streaming

Mobile Care Plans Wander Detection


Meal ordering

Door Locks

Fall Detection

Asset tracking

Find out with our free care home WiFi survey. Get a comprehensive site survey and assessment of your care home with a report on how your WiFi network meets your care home needs.


Can you afford to compromise your network with sub-standard WiFi? SeniorConnect is a WiFi network product designed specifically for the needs of care homes to provide easy and safe access to internet services for residents and their families, while delivering secure and robust connectivity for critical care home services.

Book your free survey 0333 3583 111 or online at

APPRENTICESHIPS: CHANGING LIVES AND GROWING BUSINESS TRAINING APPRENTICES FOR OVER 40 YEARS Having supported the training requirements of businesses for over 40 years, YMCA Training know what companies expect and need from a training partner. As a leading national charity, we have a proven track record of successfully training thousands of apprentices every year who go on to build rewarding and fulfilling careers. As your training partner, we promise: • A clear point of contact for your account • Well-timed and structured feedback • Easy-to-use apprentice monitoring • Training delivered on your site; saves time, money and mileage • Free learner recruitment advertising and shortlisting service • Communications and mentoring programmes to benefit your learners. YMCA Training is part of Central YMCA. Registered charity 213121.

WHAT WE OFFER Level 2 Adult Care Worker Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker Level 5 Care Leadership and Management Level 5 Healthcare Assistant Practitioner And an extensive range of CPD courses

VISIT US ON STAND D940 Speak to our Business Development Team Maxine Wheeler SallyAnn Smith

The unique sensory blanket with interchangeable texture and activity patches called MohuPatches. These beautifully crafted developmental tools help to reduce anxiety and encourage communication. Essential for those who support the social and sensory needs of the people they care for.

To find out more about our range vist:

Stand No: D1134



We're a provider of high-quality Health & Safety and HR compliance eLearning with a keen focus on creativity, quality, and most of all, simplicity.


Counting some of the UK’s largest and most reputable Care organisations amongst our client base, our online Health & Safety and HR Compliance Training courses are designed to help you work towards compliance with current legislation.

of clients recommend us

3 Million

sessions recorded

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Helping you comply

 Flexible learning

Easy management & reporting



Fire Awareness

Administering Meds











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Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo 2019  

Expand, Evolve & Innovate your Social Care Business

Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo 2019  

Expand, Evolve & Innovate your Social Care Business