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Tying the knot with no loose ends A wedding to remember for two Powell River families Janet Southcott

A bride’s perfect wedding dress is seldom the one dreamed over in magazines or on Internet sites. Age-old advice to women searching for that special gown is to be open to trying on any style of dress and walking away with something totally different. When Krystal Veenhof (née Lipka) became engaged to Derek, she did what most women do. She surrounded herself with dress magazines and started her research. Page corners were turned over and Derek weighed in. “I don’t want to see you in something you can wear again,” he said. “I want to see you, to look across the hall and have you stand out.” With a generous budget from her mom, Krystal found her dress in Nanaimo. “We pulled up to an old vintage house with old trees,” she said. “It didn’t look welcoming and was in the old part of the city.” She hesitated upon going in, but pushed by her mom and best friend she walked through the door. She picked out three dresses then grabbed a fourth from a hanger. She tried that one on

Pink ice Photography

first. “I put it on and walked out. ‘I love this dress,’” she announced. Back at home, she found her dress in one of her magazines. She had passed it by because in the photograph it just didn’t appeal, yet in reality it was the perfect dress for her. Krystal and Derek were married on September 22, 2012 on the waterfront lawn of their friends, Réal and Jannine Siguoin. They took a chance with the weather, but had a strong desire to accommodate everybody and not hold their wedding during the busy summer months or on a long-weekend. It worked out and 280 guests attended the ceremony. “We are both fall people and I love the colours, the leaves on the ground,” said Krystal. “It wasn’t too hot.” Marriage commissioner Sheila Hodges presided over the nuptials. “She kept it lighthearted, which was nice,” said Derek. “That was a big thing for us.” “I walked down the aisle smiling,” said Krystal, who had slept well the night before. “No stress.” No stress was not quite what Derek was feeling 14 months before. “I was kind of a mess,” he said. After three years of dating, he knew Krystal well. “I had thought about what’s the best way to ask, and in what »B3

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Pink ice Photography

and wondering what to wear for dinner. He kept pausing, ‘I think our relationship is going good... Do you think you are ready for the next step?’” Krystal headed toward the bathroom. “Then all of a sudden he said Krystal, and the way he said my name I just looked at him and he was down on one knee.” “I had this nice little speech in my mind and it went out and I babbled a bit,” said Derek. Simplicity worked and when Derek finally cut his speech down to a simple “Will you marry me?” he received the response

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he had hoped for. He hurried downstairs, grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses then raced back up. The ring was beautiful. “I had no idea,” said Krystal. “He did good. He surprised me in very many ways.” Derek and Krystal had been introduced through a mutual friend. Even though both grew up in Powell River and had large families, they had never met. Once in touch they communicated through Facebook for a month. “We did the old new-age kind of

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B2« PR WEDDING special place. Then one day I woke up and thought about the house we had just built together.” The house was symbolic of their whole relationship. They had built it without argument, and just moved in. As he paced up and down Krystal returned home from work. “I got home and walked upstairs eating a piece of ham, and he started giving me this speech,” Krystal recalled. “I was tired. I was looking at him and wanting a bath or shower

meeting and then went out for a date and here we are,” said Derek. Krystal is an esthetician working at Image 1 Salon and Spa for the past nine years. Derek works with Powell River Association for Community Living, City of Powell River and is a prawn fisherman. Getting married in Powell River was automatic and trying to use as many local services and business as possible was key. Krystal did most of the planning, but Derek was ready to help when needed. “She’s very organized and likes to have it done proper, so I just let her tell me what to do,” he said. “She was really good. I was quite impressed with her organizational skills.” The couple booked Dwight Hall for their 250 dinner guests and hired a local chef to cater the reception. “You pay for his service, but I have never been to a wedding where he has catered and it was terrible,” said Derek. “I think meals make or break an event and is the main thing people think about at a wedding. He and his crew were awesome.” A theme of white, black and red was carried throughout the entire day. Krystal’s dress was white, the groom and his men were in black tuxedos, the bridesmaids were in black short dresses and the red came from flowers and rose petals. A local florist provided all the flowers. She listened to Krystal’s ideas, reproduced her vision and kept within the budget. “She is amazing,” said Krystal. “She tells you everything and you really get what you want. She showed me tight carnations, which look like little roses, and made balls of flowers for »B4


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B3« PR WEDDING each table.” “For the amount of flowers and what she did, it was well worth the money,” said Derek. A lady who lives in Vancouver yet grew up in Powell River was chosen to decorate the hall. Linens, chair covers, sashes and the hall’s backdrop were all brought by her and arranged. “We used a local rental store for our chairs,” said Derek. Although the company might not store everything in their Powell River outlet, they can bring it in from Courtenay. “That was one of the things for us having a smooth day—all the exterior people involved were phenomenal, organized and on the ball. We just had to be there and it was super relaxed.”

Wine was chosen by Derek’s mom and bottled at a local u-brew facility. While there, the reception bartender was hired and advice provided relating to how much alcohol to have on hand to keep guests happy at the reception. Another service that helped tie everything together for the bride and groom was a bus and driver. The Veenhofs hired a local daycare organization that provides its bus for sports teams. Having played with Powell River Villa, Derek knew the owner well. She and her bus ferried all 12 members of the wedding party from the ceremony to wedding photo sites around town. She also stayed throughout the reception to drive each guest home. “Her atmosphere was great,” said Krystal. The bus interior had been decorated and fit in well as part of the wedding.

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Pink Ice Photography captured the entire day with beautiful, different photos taken around the region. “We did our engagement photos with Jen and I felt really comfortable with her,” said Derek. “She knew exactly where we were going after the ceremony and I never felt like she wasn’t in control. She had a plan and a system. She does her homework and has got a good eye.” Of the theme, Krystal had asked for oldlooking yet new. “Go modern,” she told her. “It is so nice to have confidence in someone. These are your photos, what you have for the rest of your life.” Music was provided by Tom Dowding of the Music Room, who had set up at the ceremony site earlier in the day and was playing as guests arrived, then refocused for music

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to fit the reception. “His ability to follow the crowd was phenomenal,” said Derek. “Earlier in the evening he was playing older tunes then the older people left and he played tunes for the younger crowd.” In reviewing their wedding and preparations leading up to it, both Krystal and Derek said their reception was the most memorable aspect of their wedding. The newly wedded bride and groom danced into their reception hall with an upbeat song and the guests were all standing up screaming. “It was like a rock concert,” Derek said. “We are lucky. Both our families like to have a great time and our friends, everyone gelled.” They stayed there until 4 am. “Why leave the party?” said Krystal. “I didn’t leave the dance floor, not once.”

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Property provides lumber for chapel Friends and family come together to help build the addition Janet Southcott

For Herondell Bed and Breakfast owners, Nancy and Alex Hollmann, building a wedding chapel on their property was an obvious next step. Many weddings have taken place on the lawns of Herondell, expanses of green between ponds and towering trees. It is a peaceful, natural setting 15 minutes south of Powell River. The idea for a chapel occurred during a recent trip to the Italian Tyrol. The Hollmanns had been taken up to a coffee shop, an old farmhouse converted into a hotel, 1,000 feet up in the hills, and were sitting on the patio, sipping coffee and looking up at the Dolomite peaks. A kapelleshen, the name used for a small chapel, had been erected close by. The family who owned the hotel, had owned the property for 800 years, and being religious, had built the chapel rather than going back and forth to the village down in the valley.

When they returned to Herondell, Alex said to Nancy, “Maybe we should build a chapel.” The idea fitted perfectly partly because one of the local churches was holding its annual retreat at the property. A priest from Victoria had been brought to lead the workshop and Mass was held in the living room. “I was doing dishes here in the kitchen and I peeked around the corner and holy smokes! Mass right here,” said Alex. “At the end of the session I said, ‘if you want to come back next year, I will build you a chapel.’ So then it really got serious.” Last September the retreat took place again and this time they were able to use the partially finished chapel. “The walls were done inside and the framing,” Alex said. “We had bought three pews from the Foursquare Church on Manson Avenue. We put a table in there and some candles on it. They were really happy and held Mass in there.” “It was much less finished than it is now,” said Nancy. The chapel was blessed at that time by the visiting priest from Newfoundland. He used a cedar bough and blessed Nancy and Alex too.


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B5« CHAPEL “The latest thing that happened was the laying of the floors,” Nancy continued. A huge fir had been one of the casualties when a fire whipped through the property in the 1920s. Since that time it had laid propped up on the ground, with air underneath it. It had rotted on the charred outside, but as Alex started to chop it for firewood, he realized it was too good to be used for heating. Instead, he asked his friend Barry Guille to mill it into beams. “He cut five 26-foot long beams, five by 10 inches in size, almost clear,” Alex said. That was before the chapel was even thought about and the beams remained in Alex’s workshop for a few years.

With the chapel needing a floor, he asked Barry to re-mill the wood into tongue and groove planks. Nancy’s brother, a retired teacher and his carpenter friend, offered to come up and lay the floor in December 2012. After it was laid, a dehumidifier was used for a week to dry it out, then Alex sanded it at the beginning of February. Now, it has two coats of varnish and is almost finished. Its light grain vividly adds warmth and life to the chapel’s interior. In the summer, more varnish will be added. The Hollmanns have scrounged windows from various places and although most will bring in the view of trees, adding a calming

touch, two will likely have stained glass in them. “In the summer time, when the sun comes up in the morning until 9 or 10 am, there is a stream of light coming in and it hits the inside,” explained Alex. “I want to have some colour in there.” Light also comes in through the doubledoor entrance, which is wide enough to easily accommodate wheelchairs. “There’s a backdoor for the priest to escape down if it looks too dangerous,” added Nancy with a smile. “It also works perfectly because the groom and his men can come in that door while the bride comes in the front door.” Nancy and Alex received help with the

roof. The interior of the roof is beautiful tongue-in-groove knotty pine supplied by Barry, and their friend David Peddie helped lay the metal exterior. David had called Alex to say, “I’m coming down to build the roof. Don’t you climb on it, I’ll climb on it.” The sides will be finished with planed cedar to fit with other accessory buildings on the property, using wood from the surrounding forest. The chapel front is nestled between two towering cedars and the afternoon sun sheds a golden glow over the entrance. It is a fitting location to this new addition which will bring light and joy to many lives in the future.

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Dressing the groom Grooms arrive with their own personalities and there is no better time to show that off than on their wedding day. Although everyone believes all eyes will be on the bride, the groom is never ignored. There are a number of places in Powell River that can provide advice on tuxedo, tailcoat, simple suit or just an attractive white

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linen shirt with pressed pants. Fabric and fit are all important details. Stores with a strong emphasis on male apparel will have plenty of advice for grooms and their best man. From the handkerchief in the pocket to the waistcoat, pants and shoes, nobody should forget that the day is shared with the groom.

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Patricia Theatre

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