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2016 Annual Report to the Community

Community Forest Objectives • Maintain healthy and productive forest ecosystems • Deliver sustainable forest-management practices • Protect the water quality in the Haslam Lake and Lang Creek community watersheds • Provide opportunities for local contractors, mill owners and value-added manufacturers • Protect key forest recreation resources • Achieve clear business and financial performance targets • Use the profits as a foundation for investment in the community

Powell River Community Forest (PRCF) is pleased to provide some information about our community forest and 2016 forest management activities. This was our 10th year of operation, so along with our standard annual report, we will make a few references to the past. Sustainability of PRCF operations has been an overriding objective for our board of directors. Over the last three years, PRCF has made a considerable investment updating our forest inventory and conducting a timber supply analysis. We also completed a new community watershed assessment procedure for the Haslam and Lang watersheds. The process was completed in 2016 with the submission and approval of our new management plan. We are fortunate to have a very stable, long-term timber supply, which allows an allowable annual cut increase to 35,000 cubic metres per year. We are comfortable this level of harvest still leaves us flexibility to prescribe additional site specific measures for added protection of other resource values. Operationally, 2016 was a very successful year. PRCF operations were conducted safely and in compliance with all environmental protection measures. During 2016, we scaled 33,346 cubic metres of timber. We also invested in more road development, intensive silviculture and recreation infrastructure. Working with government, PRCF has also moved to formally designate our Old Growth Management Areas in the CFA. In 2016, we put $1.7 million back into the Powell River economy through contracts and supply purchases from local companies. On page four of this supplement, we list those companies that helped make 2016 a successful year for PRCF. We also want to acknowledge a couple of individuals/companies who have been working with us from the start: Diana Lamont, Lamont and Company; Roger Watt, Canadian Overseas Log and Lumber; and Chris Laing, Results Based Forest Management. On May 19, 2016, we presented our 2015 dividend in the amount of $1,307,919 to City of Powell River for deposit into the community forest reserve fund. At that time we announced 13 initial 2016 grants totalling $872,916. In October we announced another 12 grants, totalling $529,536. All excellent projects which we have no doubt will be seen as great community assets in the future. We have a soft spot for the return of Logger Sports to Powell River. It was great to see the large, enthusiastic crowds filling the newly upgraded Loggers Memorial Bowl. We also feel a strong connection to the annual BC Bike Race, which showcases a number of trails in and around the community forest area. We are forecasting a 2016 year-end profit of approximately $2.1 million, a big jump from our previous high. This included revenue from 8,900 cubic metres of 2015 inventory, right of way timber and higher than predicted log prices due a strong log market. Please note that our financial projections may change as a result of formal audit and approval of year-end financials at our annual general meeting in the spring.

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Investing in our community

What is a community forest agreement? A community forest agreement (CFA) is an area-based forest tenure issued by BC Ministry of Forests that allows harvest of timber on provincial forest land. CFAs were intended to provide communities with opportunities to have more control over how their local forests are managed and directly receive benefits from forest development occurring in their area. Powell River CFA was awarded in August 2006 and covers approximately 7,100 hectares of forest area. A sustainable allowable annual cut has been calculated at 35,000 cubic metres per year. Powell River Community Forest (PRCF) is responsible for all planning, development and reforestation activities of the CFA.

City of Powell River established the community forest reserve fund (bylaw 2012/08) to receive dividend deposits from Powell River Community Forest. Monies received will be used for special community projects that will benefit the community as a whole. Before deciding on use of the fund, the city will seek input from PRCF.

Who is Powell River Community Forest Ltd.?

The fund has supported a wide variety of projects of different themes and sizes for community groups and the city. To date, PRCF has contributed $6.5 million into the fund and 75 separate grants have been approved. PRCF plans to be more proactive working with community groups to identify projects that can benefit from a community forest grant. We welcome new grant applications and updates to existing applications at any time. Our rolling application list is updated and reviewed on an ongoing basis with city staff. More information on the process to apply and our evaluation criteria can be found at prcommunityforest.ca. If your group wishes to discuss a potential project first, feel free to contact Greg Hemphil.

PRCF is an independent corporation set up by City of Powell River. It holds the CFA on behalf of the entire community. We are a for-profit forest company, however, what sets us apart is that 100 per cent of profits are returned to community. PRCF is directed by a nine-person volunteer board of directors, blending forestry and business experience. Current directors are:











Our forest manager PRCF has a forest management contract with Results Based Forest Management (RBFM), a local forestry consulting company which does a range of forestry work for a number of companies. Chris Laing, the owner of RBFM works closely with the PRCF board to ensure PRCF is not only a successful business but also delivers the highest standard of forest practices on the CFA. Chris is our main contact for the public, user groups and contractors wanting information about what is happening on the ground.

Contact Us Powell River Community Forest Ltd. 4760 Joyce Avenue Powell River, BC, V8A 3B6 prcommunityforest.ca Chris Laing, manager office: 604.487.9540 • mobile: 604.414.5650 email: chrislaing@shaw.ca Greg Hemphill, board president mobile: 604.223.4887 • email: greghemphill@telus.net

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Thank you

Looking back PRCF started from scratch with only a two-year, $200,000 loan from our shareholder, City of Powell River. The board made it work and in 2008 PRCF paid off the loan, plus interest and was able present our first dividend of $59,701. PRCF has come a long way since then.

In the lead up to the 2010 Olympics, CFAs were asked if they would be interested in supplying wood for Olympic podiums. PRCF’s podium was built from locally milled Douglas fir and used for medal presentations at Richmond Olympic Oval.

The city acquired the Millennium Park lands, however, a forest company held rights to the timber. In 2014, PRCF supported the city’s efforts to buyout those rights with a grant for $1,181,250. This ensured all timber, which is the park’s key feature, will be preserved for future generations.

Get out and enjoy your community forest Please drive carefully on our forest roads. There may be active operations, even on the weekend. We have a myriad of great trails. Before going hiking or biking, pick up a trail map. You will be within the Haslam Lake and Lang Creek community watersheds. Please ensure your activities do not impact the water quality of any streams or lakes. Pack out any garbage. As summer rolls around, help us prevent forest fires. Photo credits: Anji Smith Fotos

to the following local companies that worked with Powell River Community Forest to make 2016 a successful year: • Ace Traffic Control • Allan Barker Project Management • Anji Smith Fotos • Bob Marquis Contracting • Boulder Creek Contracting • Cedar Spring Brush Cutting • Cindy Ling Scaling • City Transfer • Coast West Measure • Del Mistro Dunn Chartered Accountants • Full Scope Falling • Goat Lake Forest Products • Granet Lake Logging • Impact Signs • KR Logging • Lamont & Company • Marta Trucking • Mill Town Transport • Mr Green-Up • Oceanview Helicopters • Olympic Log Sort • Peak Publishing • Pence Services • Powell River Living • Powell River Taxi • RB Logging • Results Based Forest Management • Powell River Salmon Society • Select Sand & Gravel • Shaun Gloslee Excavating • Skorey Enterprises • Swanson Trucking • T&R Contracting • Taw’s • Tilt Contracting • Timberline Resources • Tla’amin Lake Contracting • Tourism Powell River • Valley Building Supplies • Versatile Forestry Consulting • Villani & Company • Welper’s Tree Services • Westview Agencies

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PRCF 2016  

Powell River Community Forest Annual Report

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Powell River Community Forest Annual Report

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