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Wednesday.July 19.2017 Powell River Peak » prpeak.com

A new chapter Powell River Public Library opening POWELL R IVER PUBLIC LIBR ARY

B2 Wednesday.July 19.2017 | Powell River Peak » prpeak.com

Meet the staff For some, Powell River Public Library means checking out reading material or researching a certain topic of interest, but knowledgeable library staff are responsible for a host of programs and services. Now that the new library has opened, here is a look at its staff members and what they do for patrons.

Currently reading: “Eating Dirt by local author Charlotte Gill.” Best thing about the new library: “It’s a great new space for the community.”

Rebecca manages the library’s digital and print collections, keeping bestsellers and awardwinners on the shelf and removing outdated or broken materials.

REBECCA BURBANK Assistant chief librarian rburbank@prpl.ca

Currently reading: “The stack is towering, and mostly picture books, though I am looking forward to reading Pat Carney’s On Island: Life Among the Coast Dwellers.”

New library opens its doors Long-awaited public space opens at Crossroads Village Shopping Centre IONATAN WAISGLUSS Peak contributor

Best thing about the new library: “It’s a toss-up between the location and the space; this library is more accessible and central, plus it’s beautiful!”

Almost three years after going to referendum on the construction of a new library at Crossroads Village Shopping Centre, Powell River Public Library is finally open to the public. Assistant chief librarian Rebecca

This is a building of distinction, built with vision and perseverance We wish the library longevity and growth for our community

Burbank moved to town shortly after the referendum and started working at the old library location. “They told me the new one would be built in the summer,” said Burbank. “I always joke they didn’t tell me which summer.” For many, such as retired resident William Langlands who moved to town in 1979, the wait has been much longer than three years. “There was a lot of pressure on the library then; it was overused and small,” said Langlands. “People were writing letters to the editor and taking action for a new library 38 years ago.” According to Burbank, the transi-

tion to the new library was strongly supported by the community and brought together a diverse group of staff members. “None of us had ever done anything like this,” she said. “All of our contracts say ‘other duties as assigned.’ There was a lot of that in opening the new library.” Burbank said the library has always been a well-utilized public resource. “Many patrons used the old library,” she said. “They understood there was a lot that could be improved. We’re creating something the community can be proud of with this new library.” According to Burbank, the new space »B3

Proud to be part of creating our new library

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TERRY NOREAULT Chief librarian tnoreault@prpl.ca

As chief librarian, Terry’s job includes carrying out the policies established by the library’s board of trustees. He is responsible for interpreting policy into procedures for staff to implement in the operation and maintenance of the library, everything from fixing furniture to working with budgets and policies.

B3 Wednesday.July 19.2017 | Powell River Peak » prpeak.com

Michelle has held the position of office services administrator for nine years. Her work involves managing the library’s financial resources, along with helping patrons at the library service desk. She is often the first staff member to see new books and magazines that arrive at the library. Currently reading: MICHELLE NOURRY Office services administrator “I am an avid reader of magazines and mnourry@prpl.ca other periodicals.” Best thing about the new library: “In my opinion, it’s the children’s and teen’s rooms. What an inspiring place to start a lifetime of literacy.”

B2« OPENING reflects the staff, volunteers and other groups and individuals who helped make it a reality. “The amount of work put in by so many people really makes this Powell River’s library,” she said. Not-for-profit organization Friends of the Library has also supported the library in its move to a new location, said Burbank. For more than 20 years, the organization has been advocating and raising funds for the library, said treasurer Ann Trousdell. The group has raised $70,000 so far for the new space, holding book sales and other events to support the purchase of new materials, including books and computers. “We’ve also had a lot of support from organizations and families who have helped us fund rooms like the Rotary Makerspace,” said Burbank. According to Burbank, the new location is much larger and more inviting than Powell River’s previous library. She said library staff design styles are reflected in the library’s comfortable furniture. “We’ve had a lot of control over the inside, like the carts, seats, tables and even the service desk,” said Burbank. “The old library was more like a warehouse for books. This library has diverse places for people to sit, read and meet.”

Leanne oversees dayto-day operations of the service desk; this includes training other staff, helping to develop procedures and policy, keeping statistics for the library and supervising the desk. Currently reading: “All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.” Best thing about the LEANNE BASHFORT new library: “The Circulation services coordinator spaciousness.” lbashforth@prpl.ca Mark coordinates adult programs, including technical workshops and lecture events. He is also coordinator of the library’s Read to Seniors program, an offsite program serving seniors in the community. Currently reading: “A couple of books on classical art and architecture.” MARK MERLINO Adult services coordinator Best thing about the new library: “The large mmerlino@prpl.ca meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment.”

Join library staff and board for the grand opening celebration on Saturday, July 22, from 12-3 pm

CONGRATULATIONS Drop by coffee kiosk, our new social enterprise, on your next visit.

Powell River & District Teachers’ Association

Club Bon Accueil proudly supports the grand opening of our public library; it will be a great asset to our community.


Here’s to future collaborations and partnerships. Congratulations to all involved!


Proud to be a part of the new library

May this new library be a great success for our community

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Congratulations to everyone who helped bring our new library to reality



PREP Society.org

Over 30 years’ experience

We love our new library


Take pride in this wonderful facility for families and future generations

May we all enjoy this beautiful facility for generations to come

Dawn Adaszynski

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Job well done by all

B4 Wednesday.July 19.2017 | Powell River Peak » prpeak.com

JOANNE TOBIE Adult services coordinator jtobie@prpl.ca

Joanne is the coordinator for the library’s Books on Wheels program, providing service to patrons with limited access to the library. Currently reading: “I have five cookbooks on the go.” Best thing about the new library: “It’s three times bigger than the previous library, which means more books and DVDs. Also, having room for the library’s programs is tremendous.”

Deborah’s duties include coordinating youth events, such as the upcoming Survival Smarts for Kids program. She creates, promotes and implements programming, both in-house and outreach, for children and their families in Powell River. Currently reading: “A juvenile fiction called DEBORAH ZAGWYN Timmy Failure: The Book Children’s services coordinator You’re Not Supposed to dzagwyn@prpl.ca Have by Stephan Pastis.” Best thing about the new library: “The new dance-in-the-sunlight, curl-up-on-acarpet children’s room; airy, light, creative, welcoming and chock-full of amazing books and furnishings. Second-best is the teen space: too cool for words.”

As teen services coordinator, Megan is responsible for organizing events and programming for teens in the community. She also works at the service desk, taking reference questions, placing holds and checking books in and out. Currently reading: “Because I love cooking, MEGAN COLE one book that I always Teen services coordinator go back to is Molly on the cole@prpl.ca Range by Molly Yeh.” Best thing about the new library: “Our teens actually have their own space in this library. Unlike our old location, which just had one bookshelf for teens, this library has a study area, cozy reading chairs and lots of room for our teen collection to grow. The room also showcases a spectacular mural by artist Luke Ramsey.”

This started as a seed of a idea, then grew and was built. Now it is time for it to flourish in our community. Congratulations

Changing face of the library New location serves community better by providing access to resources and technology IONATAN WAISGLUSS Peak contributor

Over the last few decades, public libraries have adapted to a tremendous amount of change. In as little as 30

years, digital media has gone from a fringe resource to a mainstream reality. Libraries throughout Canada and other parts of the world have responded to a growing demand for media that goes beyond print. For Powell River Public Library, this has meant stocking traditional digital media such as CDs and DVDs, providing access to electronic resources such as e-books and audio files, and giving ongoing support to patrons in techrelated matters. “Most of the questions I get are tech-related,” said

Congratulations to the new As the Powell River Public Library turns the page on a new chapter in its history, we invite you to turn the page to a new chapter in your life and join the award winning inclusion Powell River team! Begin a rewarding career in Community and Residential Support, Child and Family Services Support or become a HomeShare Contractor and more! Apply today at

the library’s adult services coordinator Mark Merlino. “People need help with their tablets or Facebook, and we provide programs for that.” New types of media have found their way into modern life, each requiring its own literacy, and tech is important, said Merlino. According to circulation services coordinator Leanne Bashforth, the library provides access to high-tech items such as 3D printers, iPads, GoPro cameras and drawing tablets. Other resources include online learning, movie streaming and

more, she said. “Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense for people to purchase these things themselves, but they can access them at the library,” said Merlino. Bashforth said the library is also able to provide materials to people unable to visit the site through programs such as Books on Wheels and Books by Mail. “We work with groups such as the National Network for Equitable Library Service and Centre for Equitable Library Access to provide access to people with disabili»B5




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DOT SILVESTER Technical services coordinator dsilvester@prpl.ca

B4« FUTURE ties,” said Bashforth. According to Bashforth, a wide range of people of all ages from the community use the library. Merlino coordinates the library’s Read to Seniors, an offsite volunteer program serving seniors at Willingdon Creek Village. Merlino said seniors make up a significant portion of the library’s patrons, along with people requiring somewhere to sit or work. According to assistant chief librarian Rebecca Burbank, many library patrons seek shelter from the weather or an opportunity to search for jobs online. For patrons who do not speak

English or need access to foreignlanguage materials, the library offers a number of books in different languages, along with access to a large network of interlibrary loans, said Merlino. Among its other resources, Powell River Public Library provides access to community space, said Burbank. With two regular meeting rooms and a large community room, the location makes it easy for non-profits to meet at any time of year, she said. “With all this space, we can have more work stations and host more programs in the library,” said Burbank. Powell River Employment Program’s Literacy Centre is also a feature of the new library, providing access to literacy training through

its Community Adult Literacy and Learning program. According to literacy outreach coordinator Megan Dulcie Dill, the new library is in a more accessible location than before. “It’s a bright, cultural hub in the middle of town,” said Dulcie Dill, “and a great place to exchange ideas.” Dill said the new library space will be an excellent location for literacy tutors, who can use the many resources available, as well as a variety of public and private spaces, for tutoring. According to Merlino, the idea was to offer “something for everyone.” “Ultimately,” he said, “we want to offer what the community is looking for.”

As the library’s technical services coordinator, Dot is responsible for cataloguing new acquisitions, such as books and other physical resources. Currently reading: “The newest mysteries by SJ Bolton and Mo Hayder.” Best thing about the new library: “Lots of space!”

Sandra has run the Memoir Writing for Seniors program for the past six years. More than 100 seniors have graduated from a seven-week writing course she facilitates. Sandra is coordinator and editor for a series of library-published memoir anthologies, including Slices (2013), Taboo (2016) and Turning Points. She also coordinates memoir writing events. Currently reading: “Right now I SANDRA TONN Seniors’ services coordinator am enjoying the non-fiction book Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson.” stonn@prpl.ca Best thing about the new library: “It’s a space that is worthy of our wonderful, active and engaged community of library patrons.”

Other staff:

Teen services coordinator: Sonia Zagwyn (on leave). Library assistants: Brenda Allan, Pamela Brown, Angela Gunther and David Parkinson. Pages: Stephen Anderson, Luke Bjelica, Anissa Brown, Eirene Ponsford and Sheena Slootweg.

Congratulations and best wishes on the grand opening May our community enjoy your many services for years to come

Congratulations on this achievement May the walls of this building bring pride, growth and fulfillment for all who enter


Hard work and passion have been put forth by many for the completion of this wonderful project We look forward to having this new library in our community Congratulations

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For more information, visit the Brain Injury Centre 101-7020 Duncan Street • 604.485.6065 BrainInjurySociety.ca

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Congratulations Proud to be a part of this historic project Call us today for your free quote



Congratulations to everyone involved in making our new library a reality

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Congratulations FOOD SERVICE Hot dogs Donuts • Pizza 4799 Joyce Avenue Across from new libary

Learning is the key to success

Design projects reflect vision to bring outside in


Congratulations on the official grand opening of the new Powell River Public Library



Artists help shape library surroundings DAVID BRINDLE community@prpeack.com

Libraries are mostly linear places featuring straight rows with stacks of books and a rectangular shape, but a variety of art installations at the new Powell River Public Library create a juxtaposition of flow. The sheen of designer Leo Zagwyn’s spectacularly crafted circulation desk converges with two landscape panels centred near first nations carver Ivan Rosypskye’s indigenous mask. Patrons

will also discover the curves and strokes of Luke Ramsey’s mural in the teen room and Ed Oldfield’s striking salmon art installation in the Elsie Paul Literacy Centre. One of the most prominent art pieces is graphic designer Ryan Thompson [left in photo] and artist Colin MacRae’s organic tree sculpture at the entrance to the Anne Woznow Children’s Reading Room. “The tree is a solid reflection of its surroundings and this environment we live within,” said MacRae. “It’s all of the elements of the west coast rainforest brought into the building, which is very linear.” The library board of trustees had the idea to bring

Congratulations and welcome May we all enjoy this wonderful new facility

4471 Joyce Avenue powellriverhomes.com 604.485.7788

Gibsons Crossing, Unit 3-4670 Marine Avenue • 604.485.5530

the outside in with the new location’s art installations, according to MacRae. Built around one of the library’s structural columns, MacRae and Thompson’s sculpture is made from metal and one cedar log. “The log took a bit of ingenuity because we didn’t know exactly how it was going to fit, so we had to get the rough measurements,” said Thompson. “Then we had to bring it in, install it, fine-tune the measurements, take it all apart and back to the shop, finish it up there and then bring it back and reinstall it.” The pair have worked together on various projects for the last three years. The tree idea came from some-

thing MacRae scratched out on a piece of paper. “Ryan formally adapted it to a three-dimensional, digital design,” said MacRae. The piece and its accompanying beach scene inside the children’s reading room turned out better than the two artists had anticipated, according to Thompson. “I love it; I would never have imagined it,” he said. “You have the drawings, but until you see it in the space, it’s kind of a surprise.” MacRae said the tree and beach are imaginative and playful. “It means everything as a child to have this space,” said MacRae, “with these elements that just fire up your imagination.”

Looking forward to visiting wonderful books and staff in their new home

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The Nook adds to library ambience Social enterprise café welcomes patrons to new space DAVID BRINDLE community@prpeak.com

If happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good book, then Powell River residents need to look no further than the new public library’s coffee shop: The Nook. “One of the trends in libraries is trying to make more community space,” said chief librarian Terry Noreault. “A number of libraries have opened up coffee shops toward that end to try to invite the community in.” The idea was brought to the library board by Powell River Employment Program Society executive director Lyn Adamson, who suggested operating a coffee shop as a social-enterprise business to raise funds for the non-profit society. PREP’s board of directors will decide how to distribute profits from The Nook among programs it operates, according to Adamson. “We think we’ve created a great synergy,” said Adamson. “It’s making a really awesome atmosphere at the library, turning it more into a community centre.” The non-profit society will put profits from The Nook toward its programs, such as Family Place, Community

May this facility be supported and enjoyed by all who walk through its doors PLUMBING, GAS AND FIRE PROTECTION

Pleased to have provided plumbing and fire prevention for our wonderful new library

Office 604.483.5192 | Cell 604.414.8450 | targetinstall@telus.net

Resource Centre and others that are always trying to make their ends meet, she added. The Nook employs three part-time workers hired t h ro u g h C a re e r L i n k . Adamson said she hopes to secure a grant for a skills project that will train youth to be baristas. Noreault said the board

liked the idea of a non-profit working within the new library space. “We didn’t have the expertise nor interest in running a coffee shop ourselves,” he said. “The idea of inviting another non-profit into the library environment that’s going to operate for community good was very attractive.”

GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION Saturday, July 22 • 12-3 pm Join in the festivities and check out Powell River’s brand new library


604.485.4796 • prpl.ca 100-6975 Alberni Street

B8 Wednesday.July 19.2017 | Powell River Peak Âť prpeak.com

Best wishes on the opening of our new library Proud to have been the freight carrier for this amazing community project

Where safety and service move volumes


Northwest Hardwoods is delighted to be a part of Powell River’s new library This wonderful facility will be a cornerstone of our community for years to come We would like to extend our congratulations to all the other sponsors, staff and volunteers who have come together to make this project a reality

Congratulations on starting this new chapter in the history of Powell River 604.485.2260 powellriverrd.bc.ca

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