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Proyecto Faenza is an association of self-managed artists that serves as a platform to support their artistic practices as well as guest artists. The group produces art exhibitions, open studios, cultural and academic events.

Proyecto Faenza started by the end of 2015 when 8 artists gathered in the same building when looking for a working space in a spontaneous manner. The building was located across the traditional Faenza Theatre in the centre of Bogotá, hence the name of the group. After this, new members joined the group little by little, until making up the team that it today is.

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Member artists

•Angélica Chavarro @angelicachavarrofranco

•Edgar Jiménez @edgarandresj

•Estey Ducuara @esteyducuara

•Evelyn Tovar @evelyntovartoro

•Fernando Cuevas @fcuevasu74

•Fredy Forero @_fredyforero

•Jorge Magyaroff @jorgemagyaroff

•Leonardo Guayán @leonardoguayan

•Libertad Patiño @libert_ad

•Mauricio Combariza @mauriciocombariza

•Nardy Getiva @nardygetiva

•Otoniel Borda @otonielborda

•Paul Guerrero @paulwgleon

•Vicenta Gómez @vicentavictoriagomez

•William Bahos https://williambahos.wordpress.com/

“Con_fines paralelos” February 2022

Is it possible to create strategies that allow a collective construction of the future? and, what imaginary accompany us and adds to this endeavor? do we as artists have to create them?

“Con_fines paralelos” addresses certain problematics of social unrest which we have been facing in recent times; taking as starting point individual interests, we refer to the body and study it's contexts: social, politic, economic and cultural contexts. We work for understanding all these phenomenas using visual imaginary, texts and sounds that surround us daily.

Our interest is that through out our work we can blow down and blur limits, proposing questions to our current situation and also widening the vision spectrum to new horizons and alternatives for change.

We believe that IT IS POSSIBLE to generate strategies to build a better future, as long as we embrace and hold onto the human need of living as society, creating, imagining and manifesting our natural impulse of being alive.




A temporary journey of Proyecto Faenza June 19 - August 05 2021

The exhibition gathers the artworks from artists Jorge Magyaroff, Otoniel Borda, Fredy Forero, Estey Ducuara, Vicenta Gómez, Mauricio Combariza, Paul Guerrero, Leo Guayán, Evelyn Tovar, Edgar Jiménez, Nardy Getiva, Angélica Chavarro, Fernando Cuevas, William Bahos and Libertad Patiño.

This exhibition invites the spectator to enter into the social and artistic weaving of this historical group of artists, which has shaken and redefined the idea of artistic associations in Colombia. Social weaving because their group production does not turn out into a collective piece of work, but one where all cohabit as a family, to produce their individual artworks under constant dialogue, accompanying each other and most of all, with the conviction that the work put towards the group would make them (re) move even stronger and open more possibilities to them.

Through out the exhibited projects and by understanding their social and historical background, we invite you to reflect on the group, shedding a light from their recent and past happenings.


De-ambulantes isaprojectofinterventioninthepublicspace.Itgatheredfiveartisticpieceswhichtransited across thecitybyusingatumbril(commonlyusedbyinformalsellerslocatedinthestreet)poweredbyhuman force.

This project is born with the intention of allowing pieces of work to circulate and be seen. It's main intention is to make artworks be valued within the context of the pandemic.

Art arrives on a mobile tumbril and it invites people to rethink the necessity of art as a way to self reflect as society along it's way. The pieces that compose this exploration are the result of experiences and thoughts that arose from the artists over the quarantine period imposed in the city of Bogotá, which depict individual questionings over a period of crisis, uncertainty and fear. Through out virtual meetings and dialogues, participants concluded on a tumbril as the platform to exhibit the pieces and present the performances in the city

Mobile projects are: Bandera roja (red flag), Con-Tacto (contact), Señalado vulnerable (notable vulnerable), El cuerpo es el delito (the body is the crime), y Los que limpian (those who clean); these pieces reflect a state of resilience from members of Proyecto Faenza Evelyn Tovar, Libertad Patiño, Nardy Getiva, Fernando Cuevas and Fredy Forero, who over the most critical moment of the pandemic, explored different alternatives of art visualization outside of traditional spaces and with a closer manner to the spectator, brought art to the public space.

DE_AMBULANTES September 2020


InthecontextofARTBO|weekendanactingaspreludetotheopeningofthenewlocationforLGMGalleryin SanFelipedistrict,the gallery presents the exhibition Pretérito Perfecto (perfect preterit), a display that through artworks appropriates the under construction space and invites the public to experiment them.

Pretérito Perfecto is the display of the practices from 12 artists members of Proyecto Faenza in an under construction space. It is about the dialogue between their individual research and the conditions of an unfinished space. This emphasizes on a special meaning of the space, the unfinished and temporary.

Pretérito Perfecto is a verbal integrated time used to express initiated actions in the past which are continuing in the present, meaning, a continuous development, a continuous doing. Projects belonging to the exhibition are articulated by two big lines: sculptural and intervention pieces. Installations and on-site specific, which look for understanding and revision of the artwork at a certain point of its development rather than stopping at a particular result. By doing this, traces of processes triggered by permanent questioning are visible and go deeper with every practice in the space they dig in. Thus, the need and relevance of not stopping.

Curated by Paul Walther Guerrero León



Composed by a group of 14 artists members of ¨Proyecto Faenza¨, Teoría de conjuntos (set theory), is the first of a series of exhibitions that looks for making the space between the particles that compose the ecosystem of the contemporary art scene in Bogota region smaller.

Diverse group of artists coexist, they stimulate the current production of art in the region from their individual practices. Those 'sets' create coincidences and intersections between them and their elements, those elements are disperse in some of the cases and gravitate outside of their own physical set; disintegrated in rather other sets, it is the case of ¨Proyecto Faenza¨. Their artists are based in different locations, yet they act as a set. They are the first of this series of displays on which the curation proposes a close up, a game of chance and a search for dialogues, actions and interactions and in some cases, of contradistinction among elements.


A_PARTES FAENZA December 2018 - February 2019

Artists of Proyecto Faenza gathered at Guerrero Espacio Galería on a display that allowed public to visualize their collective work they have been developing over recent years.

Drifting into the space and exploring it allows us to create identity for a territory. Spaces are translated into emotional data which helps us comprehend our surroundings.

At this point, the act of strengthening collective creation spaces, those which develop in the capital city to transform the way we interact with arts, turns into the main interest of the artists that compose Proyecto Faenza.

A project leaded by 18 artists with individual plastic interests and who share a brotherhood, a network, is a collective who wants to be included in the context of the fine and visual arts.



October 2018

This exhibition gathers the artworks result of the interaction between 10 artists from Proyecto Faenza. They developed multiple ways to create collective work, in teams of two and applying the principle of one artist passes one piece to of work to the next artist.

Results arose from various processes of creation and interaction (co-creation, intervention, nods to materials, invitations, group creations etc) and they point at the power of union and the strength that is within getting closer and gathering; just as architectural joints who when added together, they hold a whole building. They exist

They are joints

Through out “Juntas” (joints) the group questions the process of artistic creation from an individual practice and show the result in a collective exploration.

The opening of the exhibition “Juntas” took place on Thursday October 11 in the Exhibitions Room of Colombo Centro.


EXPLORACIONES Aurora Gallery July - August 2018

Looking for an interaction between the exhibitive space of the gallery and the artists who work at the building Faenza, the director of Aurora, Andrea Walker, invited 16 national artists to display their latests works which include drawing, painting, sculpture and installations. A varied display which represents he various tendencies that are taking place in today's national emerging art.

Artists Otoniel Borda, Jorge Magyaroff, William Bahos, Vicenta Gómez, Marcello Castellani, Mauricio Combariza, Fernando Cuevas, Estey Ducuara, Angélica Chavarro, Fredy Forero, Sonia Gaitán, Nardy Getiva, Leonardo Guayan, Paul Guerrero, Edgar Jiménez and Evelyn Tovar, participated in the exhibition which had its opening in July the 25th


RUTEROS July 2018

The exhibition RUTEROS presented the work from13 artists members of the project. Works were exclusive created for the exhibition at Latin Art Gallery in Prague

Over six months the artists work on the creation of the artworks that composed ‘RUTEROS’, name taken from the wood plates that urban buses use in Bogota, which were a visual aid for passengers so they could identify the 'route' a bus was heading to and decide whether they would transport in it or not.

Thinking of the trip the artworks would go through when heading to Prague, exhibition took its name from the wooden panels. Artists together with the panels would travel as 'ruteros', navigating from their origin Colombia, going through great part of the European continent until making it to their final destination in Prague.

Pieces created for this exhibition sought to sensitize public by opening a dialogue between Colombian and Czech culture.



Proyecto Faenza presents the II display of Video Art Faenza, a display of art in the form of video in the Auditorio de la Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, within the context of ArtBo Weekend in May 2019 in Bogotá D.C. Interested in including other mediums of expression from the contemporary art scene, self managed group Proyecto Faenza prepared the second display of artworks from those who use the moving image as their main expression technique.

Muestra de Video Arte Faenza started in 2018 with their first edition in May, in the context of Circuito Distrito Artistas Centro (DAC) Bogotá; call for submissions received applications from over 10 countries ad screened 25 pieces of video in the curated programmes: Siénte-lo, Abstráe-lo, Juega Local and Efímero, together with the work from guest artists Miler Lagos and Ricardo Moreno.

Itssecondversionwillscreen82projectsfrom73artistsfrom25countries.Videos are curated in programmes: ‘Abstráe-lo’, ‘Humano’, ’Juega Local’ and ‘Lo social no quita lo político’. the screening will be accompanied by the video work from artists Mario Opazo and Mauricio Rivera Henao.



Muestra de Video Arte Faenza 2018 presents the work made by contemporary artists who use the moving image as their main medium of expression. 25 works were chosen out of a call for submissions where over 70 projects participated from countries like Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico and Thailand. Videos included the work from active artists, teachers and students. Screening was curated into programmes: Siénte-lo, Abstráelo, Juega-Local and Efíme-ro.

The screening also displayed the work from guest artists Miller Lagos and Ricardo Moreno, contemporary Colombia artists who include video in the artist practice. The display looked for creating a dialogue between established and emerging artists.

Artists Elkin Calderón and Mauricio Rivera Henao were the selecting jury together with Fredy Forero and Lorena Parada, members of the group.

Screening took place in May 2018 in the Theater Bogotá of Universidad Central




interventions in the public space

Proyecto Faenza together with the support of the Art Faculty of ASAB, Universidad Central, local major's office and DAC, developed the first version of the series of INTERVENTIONS IN THE PUBLIC SPACE CALLE 22 which took place in may 2018.

The project looked for activating the street as exhibiting space and engage passersby with contemporary artistic practices. This first edition had over 1.500 visitors during three days. Participating artists had the chance to interrelate and receive feedback from their work in real time; this activity also acted as platform to give recognition to the artists who are still studying. Interventions were an idea that started at the classofThreedimensionalIII from the Art Faculty at ASAB university. All proposals were assessed by Vicenta Victoria Gómez and Edwin Sánchez

This exercise originated the call for submissions for: LUGARES COMUNES_ FAENZA a series of interventions in the public space which is addressed to Fine Art students and graduated students no later than June 2019.



We propose a gathering from different perspectives around what is means to self-manage and entrepreneurship as strategies of individual and collective recognition in the art field. This talk will be carried out by actor with a recognition in the art industry in areas such as collection, management and curation in the country.

We take Proyecto Faenza's experience as starting point: a collective of artists who after embracing the circumstance of sharing a same working space, have powered dynamic events in the scene such as: Circuito de Artistas Centro, Open Studios in Nieves District, Collective Labs, exhibitions and the self-curation of those.



Proyecto Faenza organized an Open Studio in the builging where most of its members have studios in the centre of Bogota in October 2017. The driver behind this is the possibility to allow public to enter into a space that has been reserved for the creation of art, and share with them not only the artwork but engage in dialogues with the creators and their processes. Once this event took place, diverse artists and group of collectives who were based in the area approached the group and proposed to organize a new version of the Open Studios in a wider scheme.This is how the first Circuit of Open Studios - DAC takes place in December 2017 leaded Lorena Parada and Libertad Patiño, members of the group.

A second version is proposed and more artists and collectives join; the project Interventions in Public Space from ASAB university students join and we receive support from the Major's local office as well. The first version of Muestra de Videoarte Faenza takes place at Teatro Bogotá in conjoint with Universidad Central. All happening at the same time during the Second Circuit of Open Studios DAC in Mayo 2018.

We carried a 3rd edition, organization was under the lead of each representative of the different buildings and it is made in October 2018 for 4 days gathering over 50 artists from 12 different spaces.



Collective Maleza Proyectos welcomed in their space to Proyecto Faenza to participate in a lab of collective creation in August 2017.

GameandGamblearepartofthecreationandwillbetheactorsofthisgatheringonwhich10membersofFaenza Studioswillcreateobjects,installations,situationsandstrategiestomakespectatorspartofthisartistic experience.

This first exhibition allowed artists to connect with alike practices. They were arranged in groups of two, each group developed a method and a way of doing and saying things in order to negotiate with one another.


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