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september 18 - 24 | 2013

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Love and marriage By KYLIE WILSON

HOPE: Tim Jarred and Chris Cole are a local couple who are hoping for marriage equality to become a reality. PHOTO: Kylie Wilson








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THEIR relationship has blossomed from friendship since they first met in their late teens. They have worked hard to establish their own small business and are volunteers with a number of local organisations, including the CFA, as well as being part of a large, loving circle of friends and family. Tim Jarred and Chris Cole are like many other people in their 20s building a career and a life together – except, as gay men, they are currently not allowed to marry each other. But the Wangaratta couple remain hopeful that will one day change, and their relationship may be as equal as any other in the eyes of the law. “Marriage equality simply means recognition that our relationship is just as important as any other couple in this country,” said Tim. “I think in a way the change of (federal) government has been a small setback to our rights, but I don’t believe it will make a huge difference. “The topic is rapidly gaining public support and despite the PM’s stance, there are more MPs in support of equality than ever before. “Our main challenge now is getting Tony Abbott to allow a conscience vote. “The main point I would like to get across is that marriage is no longer exclusively a religious ceremony. “You do not have to belong to a religion to have a civil ceremony that legally recognises your commitment to your partner. continued page |


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september 18 - 24 | 2013




Azaleas - the spring jewels


SORE HEAD: Headaches have a wide range of causes.

migraine – like change in blood flow caused by spasm of the blood vessel walls. Can be brought on by a digestive reaction to sugar or preservatives. Can be hormonal too. A less common headache which is a sudden onset, all over head pain with fever is often caused by a virus. Headaches which come very rarely, can be fixed by a couple of glasses of extra water and a short rest and leave the body quickly are not really a problem, but if you seem to be getting headaches more often, it may be time to explore the

cause and cure. As you can see from the above, there are many reasons why your body may give you the distress signal. The take home message is this - a headache is like a red warning light on the dashboard of a car. Do you put a sticker over it and cover it up or do you find the reason why it is happening? There are many reasons for headaches and each has a different treatment. Finding the cause is the best solution for your body. www.naturaltherapypages/ nenaturalhealth/connect

AZALEAS are one of the most loved plants in the spring garden due to their stunning display of colorful blooms, which often cover the whole plant. Flower colors range from white, pinks, mauves, purples, reds, oranges and yellows in either single, semidouble or double forms with some flowers featuring frills and ruffles. Although spring is the main flowering season, some varieties spot flower throughout autumn and winter. Azaleas have particular growing requirements doing best in an acidic soil with a pH of 5-6. Most azaleas prefer dappled or semi shade positions with protection from the hot afternoon sun in summer. There are also a range of sun hardy azaleas and deciduous azalea varieties that do well in full sun and harsher conditions. Azaleas grow well under trees as they provide both shade and protection. They can be grown in garden beds with taller plants behind to provide protection. Plant azaleas with rhododendrons and camellias as they all require the same growing conditions. When planting azaleas, dig the hole deeper and wider and mix in some compost and aged manure then backfill to the correct planting depth.


Water the hole then, before planting, tease the root ball out gently, as this helps the roots grow and spread and establish well. Position the plant in the hole, then backfill, mulch and water in well with a seaweed solution to help overcome transplant shock. Spring is the best time to prune and feed azaleas. Prune them back by about a third, after flowering has finished, and fertilise with a good organic azalea and camellia fertiliser, or a slowrelease granular fertiliser. Don’t use lime or fresh manure as this is too alkaline. Finally, mulch with a thick layer of organic matter. Azalea lace bug attacks the new spring foliage giving it a copper appearance. Their droppings are the spots on the underside of the leaves. Bury Confidor tablets around the roots to prevent damage. Petal blight turns flowers brown. Spray with a fungicide to prevent it or pick the flowers off. Happy gardening.

Catch Debbi Gibson’s ‘In Your Garden’ program on 1566 3NE every Saturday morning from 8 to 9am. Call in your enquiries on 5722 2999.


s chise Fran ow N able v A ail

Have you ever wanted to Try clay target shooting? Dr Rod Paton and Dr Giselle Henning specialise in general and cosmetic dentistry. We welcome new and emergency patients with same day appointments usually available. HICAPS and Eftpos facilities.


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Canteen available Come ‘N’ Try, break a few clays at Reef Hills Benalla from 10.30am Contact: Rochelle 0428 683 598


Benalla Branch of Field & Game Australia is Conducting a FREE Clay Target Shooting Come ‘N’ Try Day on Sunday Sept. 22nd. A very safe and social sport for the whole family. Children must be 12 years of age and have parents/ guardians consent. All equipment supplied free Experienced shooters will be there to ensure Safe Firearm handling and instruction


02 6024 2588 E/31D21491-V3/24-13

Surgery hours Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm. 181 Lawrence St, Wodonga.

BENALLA FIELD & GAME inc. (Established October 1958)

131 546


WHEN headaches occur, it is not a sign from you body that you need panadol. Headaches are a distress signal which occurs when your body fails to stay well. Here are the naturopath’s top five list of the most common headache types by location and their underlying causes: 1. Pain at the back of the head to neck - Spine and muscles need to be checked and realigned. It can be a sign of poor posture – your computer and desk position may need to be looked at too. 2. Pain on top of the head – Blood pressure changes. Can be low blood pressure if vague, dizzy or dehydrated and the pain is tight and constrictive. Can be high blood pressure if the pain is pounding. You need to have your blood pressure checked. 3. Pain over the bridge of the nose, cheeks and around eyes – Hayfever and sinus pressure. 4. Pain near forehead and eyes – Digestive upset, liver sluggishness often caused by a reaction to rich food or drink. Can be hormonal too. 5. Pain near temples at side of head – Blood sugar change, over eating of sugar foods and drinks,

september 18 - 24 | 2013


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“We’re not asking the church to recognise our relationship. “We’re asking the government to recognise our relationship, in the same way they have recognised my parents’ for the last 30 years. “As active members of the community we receive recognition as individuals but our relationship will never be truly equal until it is equal under law.” Fellow Wangaratta resident Kate Downey is also passionately committed to marriage equality. “Whether one is heterosexual, gay, lesbian or transgender, everyone should have the right to marry the person they love,” she said. “I can only imagine that with marriage equality for all, there would be less mental anxiety in our community, less depression, less substance abuse, less legal frustrations and overall better health for people. “What a fairer world it would be to live in. “In Martin Luther King’s famous speech 50 years ago, he spoke of the injustice towards black people and his dream was about equality for all. “My dream is that one day we will live in a world where people will not be judged by their gender or sexual identity, but by their positive contribution, their generosity and their care for their fellow human beings.” Former Wangaratta and Corowa resident Evan McHugh, an active advocate for social issues, is among the organisers of the upcoming Equal Love on the Border marriage equality rally. “Equality enshrined by law helps give minority communities a sense of self and importance – the knowledge that their existence is verified by the state,” he said. “It may not seem like it to some, but it is a life or death matter.” He said from what he has seen, regional support for marriage equality is increasing. “Support is greater this time from the community, because they are aware that it is now something that happens in regional NSW/Victoria.” The Equal Love on the Border Rally for Marriage Equality will be held in Albury on Saturday, October 12 in QEII Square from 1pm and more information is available on the Equal Love on the Border Facebook page.

Guinea pigs GUINEA pigs make great pets for children and adults. Most guinea pigs live for around 5-6 years, they are inexpensive to buy and most pet shops sell them. Guinea pigs should be housed in a secure cage to protect them from predators which can include the family cat and dog. As they are herbivores they like to eat grass, hay, vegetables and some fruit. A guinea pig pellet or mix can also be fed. Guinea Pigs need to obtain Vitamin C from their diet so they must have access to vegetables such as carrots, capsicum and tomatoes. Leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach and Brussels sprouts contain vitamin C also. Access to fresh water at all times is important, drinker bottles are very useful for this however it is probably a good idea to have a dish of water as well, especially when you get a new guinea pig in case they haven’t yet learnt to use a sipper bottle. As they are social animals it is usually a good idea to have two guinea pigs, however, if you don’t

CHANGE: Former Wangaratta resident Evan McHugh is an advocate for social and political issues. PHOTO: Michael Barnett

want to breed make sure you buy two of the same sex. If you are planning on breeding the females should be bred for the first time when they are less than seven months old, if you wait until they are older the pelvis can fuse and birthing difficulties can arise. The gestation period for guinea pigs is usually between 63 and 70 days. Generally guinea pigs have very few health problems, things to look out for are mange or dermatitis which is usually caused by mites, foot problems can occur if they are kept on hard surfaces or wire floors. If the diet doesn’t contain enough fibre occasionally their teeth may need trimming. It is important to protect them from extreme heat or cold, adequate bedding and shelter in winter will prevent this. In summer, shade, adequate water and adding frozen water bottles to the cage can help keep them cool. Dr Annette Kelleher BVSc(hons), Ovens and Kiewa Veterinary Hospital

PETS CORNER This week’s pet of the week at the Wangaratta RSPCA is Thomas, a two and a half year old desexed male domestic shorthair cat, who is black and white in color. NEW ERA: Kate Downey from Wangaratta is also hoping that the law can change to allow marriage equality. PHOTO: Michael Barnett


To see more animals up for adoption at the Wangaratta RSPCA, visit the shelter in Connell Street or phone (03) 57222874.


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Infrared Thermal Camera


It’s springtime - the time of year we like to get outside in the garden, do spring cleaning, have friends around for barbecues and generally enjoy the great outdoors. Spiders, bees, cockroaches, even termites (white ants) also enjoy the warmer weather. Stephen Ackerly, from Economic Pest Control – the largest locally owned pest control business in the area, says that termites exist throughout the entire North East Victoria, Goulburn Valley and Riverina, with statistics saying approximately one in five homes will be attacked by termites during it’s lifetime. If you find termite activity in your residence, call the team at Economic Pest Control for a thorough inspection, written report & no-obligation quotation. If termites are detected and a treatment is required, Economic Pest Control recommends installing an “Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System”. Exterra is a long term, effective, family-safe and environmentally responsible termite management system. Today the family business is run by Stephen and Anne Ackerly, in conjunction with nine technicians and supported by three office staff to promptly service your pest control needs. The products they use are selected to provide maximum impact on pests and minimal impact on you, your family and the environment. For the months of September & October if you book a property inspection and combine it with a spider treatment you will receive $40 off the standard price – offer only available if both services are booked for the same premises on the same day. Give the friendly staff at Economic Pest Control a call on (03) 57215774 to discuss your pest control needs. E/31D22026/38-13

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Trout tough, yellowbelly starting BY ROB ALEXANDER, WANGARATTA THE first week of the Victorian trout season has seen the same hit and miss type fishing that was experienced by so many of us anglers on opening weekend. Some streams are producing trout, while others appear to be denuded of all trout. There are trout out there, let me assure you, but you need to work very hard for them. Many of the rivers and streams are still well up and running fast, although water clarity is pretty good. I had a great day on Sunday catching rainbow trout in a small overgrown stream in the hills. Although I was wearing long pants, my legs now look like a pin cushion due to all of the blackberry scratches I obtained while trying to navigate such a tiny mountain stream. At one point I had blood dripping from


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4 REWARD FOR EFFORT: Wayne Love displays a magnificent brown trout he caught on a metallic bladed spinner in a small stream on the weekend.






the end of my nose - not because I had a blood nose, but because I had a rather savage encounter with a tall blackberry bush. The point I am trying to make is that the trout fishing in this area is tough at the moment, but if you work hard, have plenty of dedication and use a bit of anglers nous you will find them. Away from the trout and a few yellowbelly reports have started to pop up already. I have seen photos and heard reports of yellowbelly being caught in the Murray River near Albury, Lake Hume, Lake Eildon and Lake Nillahcootie. The yellowbelly fishing has not been red hot, but it has been okay and will only get better from now on. On Sunday afternoon I spent a few hours fishing in the Ovens River here in Wangaratta at Frank Garth Reserve. I was just angling with worms and managed to catch five large carp. I was fishing a paternoster rig baited with worms, and cast out no more than 10 feet from the bank in the slower water.

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One Evening In Wangaratta

This Saturday, September 21. It’s simple and fun!

ALFRESCO DINING RESTAURANT RE-OPENS SAT SEP 21 Spring has sprung at Feathertop and our Alfresco Dining Restaurant is ready to welcome you for a dining experience like no other. Japanese degustation maestro Ikuei Arakane (Kin San) returns, along with multi-hatted chef Simon Buckley at the helm. Together they have crafted an inspired new season menu that showcases the beauty of the Alpine Valleys Spring produce.

Booking is essential, as vacancies are limited.

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HURRY! BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Boating Licence Course | P.O. 2903 Taren Point 2229 | ACN 092 478 718 F/31d22007/37.13

Bookings are essential. 6619 Great Alpine Road Porepunkah, Victoria Phone: 03 5756 2356 Feathertop.Winery Feathertop_Wine

Most people choose to hibernate over winter. Not Feathertop. An expanded kitchen and a new underground wine cellar are just some of the exciting changes we have been working on. Come in today and see for yourself. Family owned and operated by Kel and Janelle Boynton. Only 7 minutes drive from Bright.




Course in recreational boat operator training

‡ From 21 Sept - 6 Oct (school holidays) restaurant open 12-3pm daily. ‡ From 10 Oct restaurant open Thursday - Monday, 12-3pm.


september 18 - 24 | 2013



Little Red Riding Philosopher


Planes (G) DUSTY is a cropdusting plane who dreams of competing in a famous aerial race. The problem? He is hopelessly afraid of heights. With the support of his mentor Skipper and a host of new friends, Dusty sets off to make his dreams come true.

ONCE upon a time, there was a little girl named Little Red Riding Philosopher (better known as Philly). One day, Philly found herself deep within the shadowy woods of ‘real estate transactions’. Even though she had been down this path several times before, little did she know it was to become a rather murky place this time round. Philly and her spouse (well okay, maybe she wasn’t such a ‘little’ girl after all) had decided to buy a nice house on the other side of the forest. It was made of bricks and tiles and had a lovely swimming pool. They made an offer on the house which was duly accepted and so they put a For Sale shingle on their own little cottage. A few days later a nice man came along and offered to buy the house. Philly was very pleased. It was all going so swimmingly. But, unbeknown to her, lurking across town was a grumpy old wolf (aka solicitor). Upon hearing that Philly now wanted an early settlement on his client’s property he huffed and he puffed. “What’s this?” he bellowed. “You want early settlement? This is highly irregular.” Philly was dumbfounded as she had assumed the vendors might rather like to have their goodly sum of money sooner rather than later. Seemingly not. However, the wolf, apparently later deciding that perhaps the request was not so outlandish after all, finally agreed that early settlement could happen. Buoyed by her success in persuading the wolf so far, Philly tried a further request. She asked if it might be possible to have access to the property a few days before settlement, to allow some time to move all the bulky furniture. “What’s this?” bellowed the wolf. “You want access to a house that’s not even yours? “This is highly irregular.”


1. STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (M) Action. Stars: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg

2.THE CALL (MA15+) Thriller. Stars: Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin

3. DEAD MAN DOWN (MA15+) Thriller. Stars: Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard.

4. ADVENTURES IN ZAMBEZIA (G) Animated. Stars: Leonard Nimoy, Abigail Breslin  

5. THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES (MA15+) Drama. Stars: Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes Courtesy of Network Video Wangaratta


Arrows by Polly Scattergood DESCRIBED as ethereal, dark, intense and quirky, this is Scattergood’s second full length album. The album includes popular and dreamlike first single Wanderlust, and Scattergood has been compared with the likes of Kate Bush and Tori Amos.


Hate is Such a Strong Word by Sarah Ayoub SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD Sophie hates Monday mornings, socks worn with sandals, and having to strategise like she’s a battle sergeant every time she asks her parents if she can go out. But she especially hates being stereotyped because she’s Lebanese. When new guy Shehadie Goldsmith, is alienated at her Lebanese school because his dad’s Australian, she hates the way it makes her feel. Can Sophie find the strength to speak out? Published by HarperCollins


But being a reasonable sort of a chap (and possibly seeing an avenue for making a few extra bucks), he prepared a Licence Agreement that would entitle Philly to access the house – provided she paid rent and ‘admin fees’ and took out Public Liability Insurance to cover the four days of access. Philly was not happy. She phoned the wolf’s office and asked him to explain what this insurance was about and where on earth she could get it for a property that she did not even yet own. Unfortunately the wolf seemed unable to answer these questions (perhaps he should have consulted a legal person? Oh wait! He is a legal person. Oops!) The wolf was a bit cross with Philly and probably wanted to gobble her up there and then. Fortunately he had a ham sandwich on hand, so he ate that instead. By and by, Philly phoned an insurance company and discovered that Public Liability insurance is a standard inclusion in ordinary house and contents policies. The very helpful lady explained that, while the wolf’s request for specific Public Liability insurance was quite odd, it was, in fact, quite common for purchasers to take out home insurance on a property they do not yet own. She added that it wasn’t a bad idea in case something happens to the house prior to settlement. She was bemused that the wolf had not simply given Philly this advice in the first place instead of huffing and puffing. Thus, Philly signed up for the insurance and the matter was resolved. Later, as she pondered her day, Philly wondered why on earth the wolves of this world get paid such a lot of money to overcomplicate otherwise quite straightforward matters. She concluded that perhaps they’re just not as smart as they think they are. She also concluded to stay out of the woods for a while; just in case the wolf had run out of ham.

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september 18 - 24 | 2013



Pfeiffer Wines

Golden syrup dumplings

Ensemble Rosé 2013 Around $16.00

WITH ANITA McPHERSON Gewurztraminer, this wine won friends immediately for its sweet and inviting flavors of strawberry mousse and musk sherbert, which were deftly rounded off with a clean, fresh finish. It has the fruitiness of a watermelon and sangria punch but in five-star style; clarified and refined to produce a gentle balance of flavors. A new season favorite, we enjoyed it with tandoori chicken cooked on the kettle barbecue, but it is an ideal way to welcome friends at any time of day. They’ll be delighted. Get on the Rosé bandwagon at

WITH BRONWYN INGLETON THIS recipe brings back such memories, it was my brother’s favorite dessert and mum would always make it when he came home for a visit. We lived on a farm and only shopped once a week, and always had these ingredients on hand. It has golden syrup in the sauce and my dad always called golden syrup “cockie’s joy” – don’t ask me why. So I have a smile every time I read golden syrup in a recipe. Method Boil in a saucepan the water, golden syrup, sugar and salted butter and set aside to cool. The saucepan should be large enough to hold the dumplings after they have swollen. In a bowl, rub the room temperature unsalted butter into the flour until you get the flour looking like fine breadcrumbs. Add a pinch of salt, egg and a little milk, and mix until it comes


Tannery fire, 1915 A SPECTACULAR overnight fire destroyed Zwar Bros tannery at Beechworth. The factory was one of the largest of its kind in Australia and working to capacity, meeting domestic demand and fulfilling military contracts overseas. Rather than rebuild in Melbourne, AM Zwar decided to build again in Beechworth, displaying

the same commitment to the town in the 20th century that GB Kerferd had shown in the 19th. The factory was rebuilt, bigger and better than ever. In the 1920s, it installed electric generating capacity, and was able to supply Beechworth with power until the SEC took over the service in the 1940s.

What’s On Spring 2013

Steinway on Stage Music | 6:00pm

Akmal Comedy | 8:00pm

A $12 Conc $8 15 & under $5

A $44.90 Conc $41.90 Grp 10+ $41.90



16 18

Peace Train ~ The Cat Athol Guy & Friends Stevens Story 7:30pm Music | 8:00pm



Peace Train ~ The Cat Stevens Story Music | 8:00pm

A $37 Conc $34 15 & under $18.50 Grp 6+ $32

A $69 Conc $59 15 & under $29 Grp 8+ $49

A $55 Conc $50 Grp 10+ $50

Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues






Harrison Craig - More than a Dream Tour 7.30pm

Harrison Craig - More than a Dream Tour 7.30pm

All tix $69

All tix $69





14 High Street, Yackandandah





together as a dough. Roll into little balls the size of a golf ball; remember, they swell up as they cook. Place the balls in the saucepan with the cooled golden syrup mixture and reheat with a lid on. Gently simmer for approximately 20 minutes. Serve with cream.

Enjoy our everyday discount! Spend $100 or more in one transaction and receive an on the spot 10% discount!


David Helfgott Music | 4:00pm

>3 rounded tbsp sugar >1tbsp butter

whole food whole living

All tickets $43.30

A $55 Conc $50 Grp 10+ $50 SUNDAY



Eric Bogle (Save My Superannuation Tour) Music | 8:00pm

All tix $59.90

Keyim Ba presents African Caravan Music | 7:30pm








>1½ cups water >1½ tbsp golden syrup

Australian, Fair-trade, Local, Bulk Organic & Non Organic.



>1 tbsp unsalted butter >1 egg and a little milk

Caring for you and the planet

33-37 Ford Street Wangaratta (03) 5722 8105 WEDNESDAY

Golden syrup dumplings >1 cup self raising flour


FEELING the urge to do a major clean up, I came across a mixed dozen bottles of red wine we had collected during a visit to the Coonawarra and saved for a special occasion. The problem was that particular visit was over 20 years ago, and on closer inspection the wines were generally recommended to be aged “until the turn of the century”. Those bottles have moved house twice and been stored in all kinds of different places, so the chances of them holding up were slim, but we took on the challenge of popping a cork every night and are relieved to find ourselves four bottles in and it’s all good. The problem is I just don’t think I feel like another big thumping red, and that’s why I was happy to open a bottle of Pfeiffer Wines Ensemble Rosé straight from the fridge. The only word to describe this pretty wine is delightful in every way, from its precious tourmaline color to its wild strawberry aroma. Made from a combination of grape varieties including Shiraz, Tempranillo and a good splash of


september 18 - 24 | 2013

NorthEast JOBS

Circulating in Wangaratta, Myrtleford, Bright, Mt Beauty, Beechworth, Yackandandah, Rutherglen, Chiltern and districts

To place an ad, phone 5723 0101 or email

Promising postgraduates T

he latest Australian Graduate Survey (AGS), conducted annually by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA), has shown that 6.3 per cent of recent postgraduates were seeking full time work at the time of the survey in 2012. Almost one in 10 (9.2 per cent) were working on a part time basis, while continuing to seek full time employment, and 84.5 per cent were in full time employment, seeing a total of 94.7 per cent of new postgraduates in some form of employment shortly after completing their degrees. Postgraduate studies continue to play an important role in the education and training of Australians. Between 1999 and 2011, the number of people completing postgraduate awards increased by 127 per cent. In 2012, more than a third of

completing higher education students had studied at a postgraduate level. The median reported salary for all postgraduates was $75,000 ($82,000 for males and $70,000 for females). “Postgraduate study meets a variety of student needs, from updating skills and reskilling to adding vocational qualifications to a generalist degree in order to stand out from an increasing number of bachelor degree graduates in the Australian workforce,� said GCA general manager Graeme Bryant. In the wider Australian workforce, Australian Bureau of Statistics data gathered at around the same time suggests that postgraduates had an unemployment rate of between 2.5-3.5 per cent, compared to 7.7 per cent for those with no post secondary qualifications and 5.3 for the entire workforce.

Sales Consultant Potential to earn $100K plus Simonds Homes one of Australia’s highly awarded residential home builders is offering a rewarding opportunity for a professional Sales Consultant who has proven sales history to join our successful Albury/ Wodonga team. The position requires extensive sales skills and experience together with the ability to display motivation to achieve. Previous experience with new home sales is advantageous but not essential. Computer literacy skills are essential. Demonstration of the duties requires a willingness to learn, excellent communication and excellent customer service skills. This is a challenging but rewarding role that includes the primary responsibility of assisting purchasers from initial enquiry to the issue of a new home building contract.


SECURITY TECHNICIAN Wangaratta’s leading security company is in need of an additional Service/Installation Technician. Alarm industry experience preferred however previous experience in the telecommunications, electrical or electronics industries may be considered. This is a full time position with above Award wages offered and all entitlements paid. Please email resume by 1st October to the Managing Director at

Looking for quality

Successful applicant will be articulate, ambitious, self motivated and a team player along with a company orientated perspective. This role includes working on weekends and from time to time after hours. A current drivers licence and reliable vehicle are essential. Please forward your written application and covering letter to Michael GerolemouGeneral Manager- Human Resources quoting position reference SIM002 to Applications close Friday 20th September 2013. Emailyouradvert

Women more likely than men to change work to accommodate family demands

t times of work-family conflict, men are more likely to treat work as a given and home-life as changeable, while women will try to change work to accommodate family demands, according to psychology expert Michael O’Driscoll. Prof O’Driscoll, who is Professor of Psychology, University of Waikato, New Zealand, and recently completed a world-wide literature review on personal coping with work-family conflict, says women experience more overload or stress from dual family and work responsibilities. “Women are more likely to try to alter their work commitments and to seek support from other people as a means of coping,� says Prof O’Driscoll. “But they are also more likely to try to work harder and do more as a means of coping, which can lead to decreased life satisfaction and impact on their health.� Coping styles Prof O’Driscoll says there are two

broad categories of personal coping: problem focused coping where a person takes action to change a stressful situation, such as reducing their hours of work, and emotion focused coping where they change their thinking and emotional reactions to the stressful situation. “Some kinds of emotion focused coping, such as denial, escape or avoidance of a problem are not beneficial,� says Prof O’Driscoll. “However, reappraisal, which means putting things into perspective, is a strategy that can be very effective.� Prof O’Driscoll says problem focused coping is the most effective approach, but where nothing can be done to change a situation then reappraisal should be used. His research also reveals that personality plays a role in determining approaches to personal coping, that young people are delaying having a family to avoid work-family conflict and that working collaboratively with your part-

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ner lends strength to conflict resolution. Prof O’Driscoll says, “proactive coping, or looking to the future to anticipate problems then asking what can be done to prevent them, is perhaps the most valuable life strategy that people should develop.â€? Prof O’Driscoll has practical recommendations to improve work-life balance: s 3ET PRIORITIES #ONSIDER WHAT IS important to you and prioritise these, which might mean putting some things aside. Simply working harder to do more does not pay off long term. s ,OOK AFTER YOURSELF 0EOPLE NEED room to recover. Take time out from your schedule, even if it is just to watch television or listen to the radio. s 5SE SUPPORT FROM OTHERS (ARNESS the resources around you – family, work colleagues, community. Do not feel guilty or think that asking for support is a sign of weakness. Gaining the right kind and right amount of support from people is critical.

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september 18 - 24 | 2013



Season drawing to a close

Now the work starts

FUN IN THE SUN: Three year old Lea Hocking took to the ski slopes of Falls Creek Resort for her first day on skis recently. PHOTO: Chris Hocking

destinations, there are activities such as skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, cross country skiing, snow play and more, depending on the weather, each venue and its level of snow cover, or some areas are now suitable

for spring sightseeing. To keep up to date with the latest snow reports, events and lift statuses, search the web for conditions on your favorite mountain or visit your nearest tourist information centre.

For more information, see: Mt Buffalo: Falls Creek: Mt Hotham: Mt Buller:

AUSTRALIA has voted and now we await the changes the new government indicated it would be making. Will it be taking from the right hand and giving it back in the left? All the hullabaloo about the mining tax, which I do not believe applied to fewer than 1000 companies and is now set to be repealed, will see Australia’s top 3000 companies having a tax levied on them to pay for those in the community who wish to become a parent, earn less than $150,000, and want six months off work, where it looks like they will be entitled to something in the vicinity of $75,000. This will see the world’s second most generous entitlement for paid parental leave and I hope Treasurer Joe Hockey has done his sums on this planned piece of legislation. A hostile Senate could still cause trouble for the government as they try to implement this change. The planned overhaul of the NBN is another area that may run into trouble. Incoming Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has held some meetings with executives of the telecoms and construction industries in the weeks leading up to the election to boost the expertise on the board of NBN Co. “While I have no criticism to make of any of the individuals, it is remarkable that there is nobody on the board who has either run or built or been responsible for building or managing a large telecommunications network,” he said. The costs of construction and engineering are responsible for the bulk of the estimated $37.4 billion price tag attached to this project. The Coalition has always made

By KEN CLARKE, WANGARATTA CERTIFIED PRACTICING ACCOUNTANT overtures that its plan would be delivered cheaper and quicker than the previous government, so I will watch with interest to see if this occurs. It is looking more likely that Dr Ziggy Switkowski will succeed the outgoing NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley. Dr Switkowski, a trained nuclear physicist, led Telstra during its privatisation process and is well thought of in business circles. Some analysts predict Telstra will fare better under the Coalition’s alternate NBN model which is to roll out fibre to cabinets on the street, but not to your home where the plan is to use Telstra’s copper wire for the connection. Credit rating agencies have confirmed the AAA enjoyed by the Australian government is not likely to change under a Coalition government. International credit rating agency Moody’s said its AAA rating is based on the “long-standing fiscal policy framework that results in balanced budgets or surpluses and low government debt in relation to other highly rated sovereigns”. Standard and Poor’s said Australia’s budget policies had been “conservative” leading to “declining budget deficits and general government debt remaining low”. Let’s hope Mr Hockey can keep the economy on a leash.

Seriously good music in a seriously relaxed place.

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SPRING is the time for soft snow, sun and value for money skiing at local snow resorts. Falls Creek and Hotham Alpine Resorts have announced that they are extending an offer of 30 per cent off lift passes, group snowsports lessons and equipment hire to season pass holders from Mt Baw Baw and Mt Buller until the season closes. Guests who present their Buller or Baw Baw season passes at any on-mountain Hotham or Falls Creek ticket offices, will be eligible to receive 30 per cent off one day lift passes, group snowsports lessons and equipment hire. Guests at local mountains are enjoying sunshine, ‘forgiving’ snow and longer days – the perfect recipe for fun skiing and snowboarding. Mt Buller is hosting a Kids’ Week between September 21-27, with a large range of different events and activities for little ones of all ages to enjoy. To coincide with the excitement of grand final weekend, Mt Hotham will hold a Footy Colors Weekend on September 28-29. Those visiting the mountain on that weekend are urged to wear their teams’ footy colors and make a donation, with all donations raised going towards the Fight Cancer Foundation. The snow season officially concludes on Sunday, September 29. Across the different snow

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