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december 18 - 24 | 2013

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Delivering hope


Kurt Saggers enjoys being out in the community and sharing his story. PHOTO: Kylie Wilson






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By KYLIE WILSON KURT Saggers, who lives with bipolar, is the first to admit his experiences with mental illness have put him through a lot – but they have also blessed him with opportunities to change his life and help others. “I’ve been through the wringer,” he said, relaxing in Wangaratta’s King George Gardens. “My first experience with mental ill health was when I was 19. “I had a drug induced psychosis and I went to Kerferd Clinic in Beechworth.” Kurt said it was one of the darker periods of his life, and a worrying time for both himself and his family. “It was just a scary time, we all went through hell,” he said, lamenting how attitudes to mental health were far different in his youth. “Back in the day, having a mental illness was seen as a weakness.” Treatment and recovery enabled Kurt to establish his own business, The Cat’s Pyjamas, in the early 2000s, making beanbags for events and to sell in a store. But soon enough, work and life pressures built to a point where he realised he once again needed help, and Kurt said he struggled with social anxiety and depression for two years from 2007. It was at this time he came into contact with people from local Mind Australia services, including using their home based outreach services, and he has volunteered as part of their ‘Ambassadors of Hope’ program for the past 18 months. continued page |



Ph. 1300 368 555 t/06d07810-v10/50-13

General Advice Warning: In providing you with information you should consider the appropriateness of the advice with regards to your particular financial situation and needs. You should consult the Financial Services Guide and the Product & Sevices Terms & Conditions booklet before making a decision to apply for any products. This documentation is available at any WAW Service Centre. WAW AFSL 247 298

december 18 - 24 | 2013



Reflection of nature

The Christmas tree


IN our household the Christmas tree is set up on the first of December and taken down on the first of January. It is painstakingly decorated and redecorated over the month with presents piling up ready for Christmas Day. Everyone has their own tradition. But when did the tradition begin? The use of evergreen trees, wreaths, and garlands to symbolise eternal life was a custom of the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Hebrews. Tree worship was common among the pagan Europeans. Germany is credited with starting the modern Christmas tree in the 16th century when Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. Some built Christmas pyramids of wood and decorated them with apples, nuts, berries or dates. The 16th-century Protestant reformer Martin Luther is credited with introducing lit candles to a tree after being inspired by stars twinkling amid evergreen trees. In 1846, when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were sketched in the Illustrated London News standing with their children around a Christmas tree, Christmas trees became fashionable. The Christmas tree market was born in America in 1851 when a farmer hauled two ox sleds of

Mike O’Shea Wangandary

BLENDING IN: The O’Shea garden blends in seamlessly with the surrounding bushland.

What’s in your garden: Whatever will grow using a minimum amount of water around here – predominantly natives, but we do grow some hardy roses, and a wide array of herbs and vegetables. We also have lots of fruit and nut trees. What do you enjoy about gardening: Every day is completely different and a challenge. Up here, it is totally unpredictable and completely different to the suburban garden we used to have. Our garden is surrounded by 53 acres of virgin bush. We have to understand the

seasons and the earth, and work with the environment, rather than trying to create it. It’s not like any other garden I’ve ever been involved with. Favorite plant in your garden: We have several favorite spots. Water saving/conservation tip: Find things that are hardy and respond to the environment. We are very careful with our use of water, and we catch most of our waste water which runs off the roofs of our various buildings to put on the garden. Your tips to keep gardens in top shape: It’s like running a business, you have to have a plan. You need to work in harmony

with the bush and be sympathetic to it, and be able to slow down growth in times of increased fire danger.


Do you live the Rural City of Wangaratta, Alpine or Indigo Shires and want to showcase your garden on this page? Call Kylie Wilson on (03) 5723 0135 or email kwilson@ to find out more.

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Gardening Rubbish Removal Mulching Landscaping Expert Pruning Hedge Trimming Ride-on Mowing Gutters Cleared Insurance / Workcover jobs Body Corporate work

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101 Rowan St, Wangaratta (cnr Rowan & Green Streets)

03 57 200 700

evergreens into New York City and sold them all. By 1900, one in five American families had a Christmas tree, and 20 years later, the custom was nearly universal. Cut tree branches and artificial plastic trees have become popular but if you want a living tree that can be used for years try evergreen conifers such as spruce, pine or fir. For a touch of Australiana, a Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla), a Wollemi Pine (Wollemianobilis) or the NSW Christmas Bush, (Ceratopetalum gummiferum) all look great for the festive season and the rest of the year. A living tree has the true spirit of Christmas that lasts for the whole year. Happy gardening.

s chise Fran ow N able v A ail

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Catch Debbi Gibson’s ‘In Your Garden’ program on 1566 3NE every Saturday morning from 8 to 9am. Call in your enquiries on 5722 2999.

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december 18 - 24 | 2013


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WILLING TO HELP: Kurt Saggers uses his past experiences to help other people with mental illness. PHOTO: Kylie Wilson

“My personal mission is to reduce the stigma of mental illness in the community and allow people to have strength through vulnerability,” he said. “There’s not enough dialogue around mental health support and recovery, because you can’t see it.” Kurt praised the availability of mental health assistance in the North East, particularly the presence of Mind Australia offices in Wangaratta and Wodonga. “The service is there and it’s okay to ask for help,” he said. Since Kurt has been involved in the program and built a profile for himself he has been approached by members of the community and been “blown away” by their support, as well as being able to give advice to people who asked for it. “I care, I listen, and I’m prepared to tell my story,” he said. These days, his life is all about balance, and he combines prescribed medication with a number of pastimes such as skateboarding, snowboarding and meditation to keep him present, relaxed and centred.

Mind Australia is a provider of community mental health services, which supports its clients to live independent, productive and purposeful lives. The Ambassadors of Hope project enables Mind clients to share stories of their lived experience to help educate and inform the community and professional groups, with the aim being to reduce stigma by raising awareness of mental health issues and demonstrating that people can and do recover from serious mental ill health. For further information on Ambassadors of Hope phone (03) 9455 7900; and for more details on Mind Australia’s range of programs call the Wangaratta office on (03) 5723 1000 or go to www.

ANAEMIA is defined as a reduction in the circulating numbers of red blood cells in the body. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen around the body. When their numbers are reduced the body’s tissues cannot get as much oxygen as they need to operate properly and the result is lethargy and weakness. Anaemia can develop slowly or rapidly. When it develops slowly the animal often compensates for the reduction in oxygen carrying capacity and it can be hard to detect. When anaemia develops suddenly the effects are more profound and animals may even collapse and be unable to rise. Anaemia can arise for many different reasons. However, they can be arranged into three main groups. 1. Failure to produce red blood cells – red blood cells are made in the bone marrow. When the bone marrow is interrupted the production of red blood cells (and other blood cells) can be affected. The bone marrow can be disrupted by bone marrow cancer or damage to the cells of the bone marrow by toxins or infectious diseases. Poor bone marrow production of red cells can also arise during chronic illness where stimulation to produce red cells is reduced. 2. Loss of red blood cells – red blood cells can be lost internally or externally. External blood loss is usually obvious (eg bleeding wounds). Internal blood loss can be low grade and ongoing making it harder to detect. Some signs that point to internal blood loss are dark black tarry faeces or red discoloration to the urine.

Blood can also be lost to the lungs (coughing) or abdomen (bloating). Some causes of internal blood loss include rat bait poisoning (prevents blood clotting), rupture to the spleen or liver from trauma and bleeding cancerous masses. 3. Destruction of red blood cells – red blood cells can be damaged by toxins thus depleting their numbers. Some things that have been shown to destroy red blood cells include onions, garlic, paracetamol (panadol), snake bite and infectious agents like mycoplasma hemofelis in cats. In some situations the body’s immune system can start destroying its own red blood cells in a process called autoimmune haemolytic anaemia. Anaemia is a serious problem in animals and should be investigated. Anaemic animals will usually present with weakness and pale gums, but as noted above lower grade anaemia can be difficult to pinpoint without diagnostic blood testing. Many low grade anaemias are detected in animals that the owners describe as “just not quite themselves”. Tim Craig BVSc, Warby St Veterinary Hospital

PETS CORNER THIS week’s pet of the week at the Wangaratta RSPCA is Ryley, a three month old, male domestic shorthair cat who is tabby in color. To see more animals up for adoption at the Wangaratta RSPCA, visit the shelter in Connell Street or phone (03) 57222874.


Your long-standing professional Animal Hospital treating ALL species


Three out of four people who are blind can have their sight saved or restored. In some developing countries the operation to overcome cataract blindness can take only 20 minutes and cost just $25.

Thousands of books on sale at bargain prices! The majority at $2 or less!

Each month, our goal is to restore sight to 12,000 people. Donate now to help us continue Fred’s work. c19d06494-v3/5113

OFiction ONon-fiction OYoung Adult’s OChildren’s OCollectables Buy a book, help save a life.

Proceeds to Philippines Disaster Relief Fund & The Alby Lowerson Memorial

1800 352 352

Dogs, Cats, Horses, Alpacas, Livestock, Birds, Reptiles, Rabbits and more Your team of veterinary professionals working together with you and your animals Dr. Andrew Colson BVSc (Hons) BJD MAP accredited Dr Annette Kelleher BVSc (Hons) Dr Sally Nixon BVSc

knowledge - experience - longevity VETERINARY CLINIC AND FULLY EQUIPPED HOSPITAL 79-81 Myrtle St, Myrtleford

(03) 5752 1235

AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY SERVICE Servicing the Ovens and Kiewa Valley Region


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december 18 - 24 | 2013



Nice cod being caught


Paul Verdon and Jayden Oats, Wangaratta


Murray cod







Caught near Bundalong on cod opening day, and released with a number of other smaller fish.

WHAT A BEAUTY: Thirteen year old Brittany Love holds a sensational Murray cod caught on a small black Jitterbug surface lure. This was Brittany’s first ever cod on a surface lure, and she caught the fish within five minutes drive of the Wangaratta CBD.

come back on the bite - they can’t just stop eating forever. I spoke to Cathy from the Cheshunt Store on Sunday afternoon who said the fishing has been quite slow in the King Valley lately. She said a group of fly fishermen last week reported catching a few small trout in the King River upstream of Cheshunt, and that a few small trout had also been caught in Lake William Hovell. Hopefully the warmer weather we are experiencing will get the redfin into gear - they usually start to bite well up there in December. On another note, Cathy also said Lake WIlliam Hovell has been like a “kaleidoscope of color” recently with the boom in kayaking having a positive effect on the area. This is great news for the King Valley, and I can tell you first hand that regardless of whether you are a fisherman or not, kayaking on Lake William Hovell is pretty special.



MURRAY cod fishing continues to dominate around this area with reports of cod being caught coming in on a regular basis. Although the recent rainfall sent a flush down all of the region’s rivers, they have still fished well with the exception of the King River which has slowed down considerably. I would expect the King River fishing to pick up pretty soon though with this nice stable weather we are experiencing. There have been some quite large cod caught in the lower reaches of the Kiewa River, as well as a few decent sized cod showing up in the Broken River downstream of Casey’s Weir. I have been fishing the King River quite a bit where I have been picking up a few small cod, mainly on spinnerbaits and medium sized hard body lures, although as stated, the King has slowed down over the last week. If I keep persevering, eventually the cod will



2 6 9



2 5



Enjoy a 3 course meal, then watch the show or dance the night away.


3 8


6 3

6 4


FRIDAY The team at13 the Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre like to wish everyone a A DINNER-SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA WITH FOOD, FUN, MUSICwould & GREAT LAUGHS. Christmas Countdown Dinner show | 6.30pm







4 2


Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year! FISHING NEEDS All tickets $79

John Waters ~ Looking Through a Glass Onion | 8.00pm

Featuring songs from: ABBA, Gloria Gaynor, Bee Gees, Jackson 5, Pointer Sisters, Donna Summer, Village People, KC & The Sunshine Band, Boney M, Amy Stewart & more. Be prepared, as there could be some surprise guest artists!





Janet Seidel Trio 10.30am

Glenn Shorrock & Glenn Shorrock and Brian Cadd8.00pm 8pm Brian Cadd

A$18 15 & under $9

A$54.90Preferred preferredseats A$54.90 + CD $69.90 +seats CD $69.90

A$55 Conc $50.00




LAUNCH 6.00pm

15 21

SATURDAY FRIDAY “Stayin’ Alive” ~ Raymond Crowe 7pm The Australian Bee Gees Show (direct from Vegas) A $39.90 Conc/Student $34.90 Music | 8:00pm 15 & under $29.90 Family (4)$55 $110.90 All tickets

21 28


“Stayin’ Alive” ~ The Australian Bee The GeesBushwhackers Show (direct from Vegas) Music 8:00pm Music || 8:00pm

AAll $60 Conc$55 $50 tickets






Come and say hi to Hicky and Oatsey! We’ll hook you up!

The Bushwhackers





They’re Playing Our Song

Roy Orbison & Del Shannon in Concert

Music | 7:30pm

Music | 8:00pm

A $42 Conc $39 15 & under $21 Grp $37

The Bushwhackers Music | 8:00pm

Premium Fishing Tackle Gift Vouchers available

A $60 Conc $50

A $59.90 VIP $64.90

The Bushwhackers







When Dad Married Fury Drama/Comedy | 7:30pm A $42 Conc $39 15 & under $21 Grp 6+ $37

What’s On Summer 2013-14 33-37 Ford Street Wangaratta P: (03) 5722 8105

25 Bullivant Street, WANGARATTA 03 5722 2405 Opening Hours Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30 Sat 8:30-2pm

december 18 - 24 | 2013



The Old Girl

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues [M] WITH the 1970s behind him, San Diego’s top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), returns alongside coanchor and wife, Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate), weather man Brick Tamland (Steve Carell), man on the street Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) and sports guy Champ Kind (David Koechner); all of whom won’t make it easy to stay classy, while taking the nation’s first 24-hour news channel by storm.

I WRITE this on the eve of my 53rd birthday. I know you might be thinking “What? 53? She only looks about 30.” (Well, at least I hope that’s what you’re thinking!) But it’s true. I’m over half a century old, and I’m guessing my life is at least two thirds over. A sobering thought, indeed. As I sit here, I reflect upon a photo of me as a 15 year old, and wonder what advice I might have given that young girl in the skimpy green bikini. My first advice would probably have been “don’t eat too much, girlie, or that skimpy green bikini will be history.” As, indeed, it was. My second piece of advice would have been to have more confidence in myself and my abilities. To not worry so much about what other people thought. To finish school, go to university, have a great career and travel the world. Not that I would have listened. We all know that such advice is often disdained by the young and I, like everyone, had my own path to travel. I made some good decisions and some not so good and, somehow, muddled my way through (to date, anyway). I got a job, married, had babies and enjoyed my role as a parent/gardener/sewer/artist/family chauffeur/chief cook and bottle washer. I eventually went back to work and created a ‘career’ in local and state government and the community sector. I’ve made great friends, had fun, enjoyed the challenges and realised somewhere along the line that maybe I was a bit smarter than I’d ever given myself credit for. Who’d of thunk it? Certainly not Miss Green Bikini. I found I could contribute much more than I’d ever realised. I discovered that some friends come and go, but others stay with you. I realised that who you are is much more important than what you do for a living; that your corporate status doesn’t define you (even if it does help boost your confidence).


1. PAIN AND GAIN (MA15+) Comedy. Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg


(M) Adventure. Stars: Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Blower


(MA15+) True story. Stars: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack


(MA15+) Comedy. Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis  


(M) Drama. Stars: Derek Hough, Will Yun Lee Courtesy of Network Video Wangaratta


Britney Jean by Britney Spears ONE of the biggest pop names in the past two decades, Britney Spears showcases more introspective lyrics, particularly in songs like the Siapenned ballad Perfume, on her latest album. She also continues to show off her pop sensibilities, working with, among others.


Produce to Platter:Victoria’s High Country by Jonette George and Ethan Jenkins THIS book is not only the food and wine lover’s guide to the stunning alpine region, but delves deep to uncover the hidden gems the area has to offer as seen through the eyes of locals, dedicated to making the best food and wine using their local produce. Published by Smudge Publishing

I once thought being ‘old’ was anything over fifty. Of course, I’ve reviewed that silly idea (funny huh?) and I realise now that it’s not so much people who age but attitudes. Even as our bodies grow older, we can still be growing inside; we can still adapt and change and embrace new ideas. I look at older people and see some who keep on growing, and others who seem to have lost their spark. Of course, I acknowledge ill health and immobility have a role to play in how our attitudes pan out, but when I see the sparkle of humor or interest in an older person’s face, I know that inside they are still soaking up life. I take heart from that because I know I still have a lot to learn. I just hope I get to see much, much more. I’ve known and loved several people who haven’t had that chance; whose lives have ended much too soon. They would have given anything to be getting a few of the aches and pains of the older years, to watch their kids grow up and maybe even see a grandchild or two. But, so sadly, they never had the chance to reflect upon their lives from my privileged threequarter-life vantage point. You might be thinking I’m making rather a lot of a silly little birthday. After all, it’s not like 53 is actually a big milestone. And maybe you’re somewhat right. But I’m not actually complaining. Well, not too much anyway. Apart from the fact that the skimpy green bikini is long gone. And, by the way, Madonna and Elle McPherson, thanks a lot for making it so the rest of us fiftysomethings can’t even blame our love handles on our advancing age. Well, anyway, if I could say one more thing to my 15-year-old self it would probably be this: “You’re doing fine, kiddo. Just be yourself and enjoy the ride (oh, and don’t forget to check out the control-brief bathers at Target when you hit 53. Okay?)”

Remote & Wild:

7 December - 2 February in Gallery2

Photography of Richard Green

The Christmas Show

Epic large-scale panoramas of remote Australian landscapes.

Small works for sale by artists from across north east Victoria.

Helicopter pilot and photographer Richard Green captures the untouched, raw beauty of Australia’s wildest places.

Purchased artworks can be taken immediately - perfect for Christmas gifts for family, friends or yourself!

21 December - 26 January



56 Ovens Street, Wangaratta 3677 03 5722 0865 open 12-5 Mon-Tues, 10-5 Wed-Fri, 1-4 Sat-Sun



december 18 - 24 | 2013



Boynton’s Feathertop Winery

Fruit mince pies

2012 Vermentino Around $22.00

WITH ANITA McPHERSON It’s a top spot to taste a drop while you take yourself on a well earned break from Christmas madness, and you can sooth yourself soaking up the magic views. The Vermentino has a tropical and floral nose with some notes of lychee and peach, and a super clean, fresh flavor of vibrant stone fruits and citrus, with a fresh, mineral acidity. It’s another great choice as a crisp white wine to serve chilled with the many summer-style foods you’ll find on the Christmas party table, and especially with cured salmon. Or it’s a bottle to enjoy alone when it’s all over, with that bucket of prawns you “forgot” to serve. Find out more at www.

AS we know, Christmas is well and truly on us. One of the things I make every year are little fruit mince pies. The fruit mince is made in a big batch, and all through the year, I keep topping it up and giving it a good stir with brandy, so it does have a bit of a kick to the filling. But the family love it, and I am always asked to make the pies every Christmas. Once I have made the tarts, I also make more fruit mince filling so I have another good batch for the next year. I do, however, keep it in the fridge all year as well, not that I think I need to – with the amount of brandy I keep topping it up with, I think it would keep anything from going off. Method Finely chop raisins, mixed peel, half the sultanas, apples, cherries and almonds. Add remaining sultanas, the currants and crushed pineapple. Stir in the brown sugar, grated lemon and orange rind and lemon juice, spices, melted butter and the brandy. Mix well and put into jars. Cover and keep in the fridge, stirring every day for a week. Use a sweet pastry when making the pies.


Stanley fire, 1865 NEWS of the first serious fire in Stanley’s history arrived in Beechworth. Mr S Robinson’s store was involved, also Henry Walker’s bootmaking shop opposite the Sun Hotel, and Mr Castro’s chemist shop, and a young girl was burnt by the flames.


Fruit mince pies >2 cups raisins >1 ½ cups mixed peel >1 ½ cups sultanas >25gm apples >1/3 cup glace cherries >2/3 cup blanched almonds >1 1/3 cups currants >1 cup canned crushed pineapple, drained >2 cups firmly packed brown sugar e >1 lemon, grated and the juic ed grat ge, oran >1 small >2tsp mixed spice >½ tsp grated nutmeg >20gm butter, melted >½ cup brandy or rum


IT seems like many of us suffer from a bit of Christmas fever at this time of year. If we were sensible we would prepare for the festive season all the way through the year, buying massively discounted Christmas decorations in January, stocking up the pantry in October, and putting away a gift for someone every month. Instead we usually end up running around like headless chooks, wondering where the year went, why the shops are so crowded, and buying vast quantities of food as though the supermarkets are going to be closed for a month. When it starts to feel like it’s all getting on top of you, it’s time to take a step back and give yourself time to relax. I’m doing it this week with a glass of Feathertop Vermentino, from Boynton’s scenic winery on the Great Alpine Road in Porepunkah.



SALE h S at 2 8 t

b Decem 13 20



Music O N THE DE C K at C e lL a r D oOr

1-4pm 5 d ay s freE entry




at our Warehouse

For Lunch Bookings 11am to 3pm Or More Info Call: st 1 d e W 5751 1383 y Y 389703 L J a nu1a4r N Great Alpine Road, Gapsted 3737 O 5 mins from Myrtleford S 20 Y A D 5



december 18 - 24 | 2013

NorthEast JOBS

Circulating in Wangaratta, Myrtleford, Bright, Mt Beauty, Beechworth, Yackandandah, Rutherglen, Chiltern and districts

To place an ad, phone 5723 0101 or email

Assistant Farm Manager Located minutes from the vibrant riverside of Yarrawonga, North East Victoria. Are you a motivated self-starter? Looking for a great work/life balance?

Legal receptionist Nevin Lenne & Gross is a firm of solicitors based in North East Victoria. We are seeking to employ a full-time receptionist to work in our Wangaratta office. Experience is not essential. Wages depending on experience. Telephone enquiries to Kerrie Young on (03) 5752 1255. Applications and CV to:PO Box 234 Myrtleford 3736. Applications close 6.1.2014.


Function Manager Feathertop Winery is a leading destination in North East Victoria. Feathertop Silver Service delivers full service weddings and functions for discerning, high value clients. We are seeking a highly credentialed function expert to project manage a diverse portfolio of weddings and functions. Your commitment to exceptional customer service and impeccable professional standards will position you well to deliver a calendar of complex and rewarding projects. Competitive remuneration, contact Guy Wilkinson. Applications close January 15, 2014.

Qualified Chef or 3rd Year Apprentice

Then join our team! Become part of a dynamic, innovative family farm business with the opportunity to define your role. Reporting to the manager, this full time position will suit a candidate with extensive experience operating current modern farm machinery and technology. Tasks include winter and summer broadacre grain and hay production. An attractive remuneration package will be offered based on experience and skill set. Further description and information, email:

Feathertop is a progressive and highly regarded winery and destination in Victoria's North East. We are looking to expand our team and are seeking an ambitious and talented chef who is ready to take the next step in their career working alongside our multi awarded Head Chef Simon Buckley. Expressions of interest close Friday, January 3, 2014.

A Partnership is available in local aluminium window/glass company. Profitable, long established business with solid client base, stable workforce and substantial amount of work in progress.

You will work in a small, dynamic team, dedicated to service excellence and food quality. Your contribution will be rewarded with competitive remuneration, career opportunity and professional development.



Ph 0408 570 525.

St John’s Village Inc - Wangaratta ‘’Care, Compassion, Respect’’

CreditCard& Eftposfacilities

Providing Excellence in Aged Care Registered Nurse Division 1 Casual

Why not charge your advertisement to Mastercard or Visa?

5723 0101

Every Flair kitchen is designed and custom built to suit you!



Kitchens, vanities, wardrobes, home theatre cabinets (soft silent drawers are standard!)

BEST KITCHEN AWARDS: 2013 BEST Bathroom (Vic. Overall) 2013 BEST Kitchen (N/E Vic. Overall) 2012 BEST New/Reno Kitchen (Vic. Overall) 2011 BEST Renovated Kitchen (Vic. Overall) 2008 BEST Revovated Kitchen 2007 BEST New Kitchen 2005 BEST Kitchen in a display home 2004 BEST New/Reno Kitchen 2002 BEST New/Reno Kitchen


‡15 kitchens on display ‡Solid surface benchtops (granite transformations) ‡GLASS SPLASHBACKS (custom painted) ‡Flatpack Kitchens (For the DIY enthusiast, save up to 30%) ‡Commercial Joinery (counters, office fitouts, motels, clubs) ‡Builders & home renovators enquiries welcome

Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm Sat 9am to 12 noon

5723 0101



Applications close December 21, 2013.


Why would you go anywhere else for your


Please forward your current cv to: Guy Wilkinson Operations Manager

We are currently seeking the services of an enthusiastic Registered Nurse to be a leader in providing quality care throughout the Organisation. New graduates are welcome to apply. The Registered Nurse works closely with residents, families and the care team to ensure each resident’s physical and emotional needs are met. Ongoing training and support will be provided to ensure quality Resident care. Key Selection Criteria: ‡ &XUUHQW 5HJLVWHUHG 1XUVH 5HJLVWUDWLRQ ZLWK AHPRA. ‡ ([SHULHQFH ZRUNLQJ ZLWKLQ WKH $JHG &DUH Industry. ‡ 6RXQG NQRZOHGJH RI WKH $&), PRGHO DQG Residents care plans. ‡ .QRZOHGJH RI WKH $JHG &DUH $FFUHGLWDWLRQ 6WDQGDUGV ‡ ([SHULHQFHLQD&OLQLFDO6XSHUYLVRU\5ROH Please note that we are unable to offer visa sponsorship. )XUWKHU HQTXLULHV SOHDVH FRQWDFW 0LVV /DXUD 1LVK1XUVH8QLW0DQDJHURQ   Applications must be accompanied by an Application for Employment Form. This form, as well as the Position Description, can be downloaded from: Applications addressing the Key Selection Criteria outlined in the Position Description should be forwarded to: 0UV7D\D7UDFH\ 6W-RKQ¡V9LOODJH :LOOLDPV5RDG :DQJDUDWWD9,& e-mail: Applications close Friday 20th December 2013

north east


Cnr Hovell & Osburn Sts Wodonga Lic. No: VIC DBU 5715 NSW 13402 3C

To book your ad, call

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St John’s Village Inc - Wangaratta ‘’Care, Compassion, Respect’’

Providing Excellence in Aged Care Clinical Nurse Consultant (Excellent Package & generous taxation benefits available) St John’s Village is a premier Anglican Aged Care Facility providing quality aged care and residential services for our 90 bed ageing in place, 60 bed high care, respite and dementia specific facilities, as well as 193 retirement villas. We are seeking the services of a full time highly motivated professional to provide excellence in leadership with the ability to support and promote the organisation’s vision and goals. This is an exciting role within the Senior Management Team at the Village. The Clinical Nurse Consultant will be responsible for displaying leadership in the maintaining of clinical care and nursing standards and ensuring those services are of a very high standard and duly reflected in professional documentation. Core Selection Criteria: ‡ 5HJLVWHUHG1XUVHUHJLVWHUHGZLWK$10& ‡ 0LQLPXP WKUHH   \HDUV¡ H[SHULHQFH LQ DJHG care ‡ ([SHULHQFHLQPDQDJHPHQW ‡ ([SHULHQFH LQ PRWLYDWLQJ DQG OHDGLQJ FOLQLFDO and care staff within aged care ‡ 'HPRQVWUDWHG NQRZOHGJH DQG DSSOLFDWLRQ RI the Aged Care Accreditation Standards ‡ %URDG NQRZOHGJH RI WKH $JHG &DUH ,QGXVWU\ and Aged Care Act, 1997 requirements ‡ $FRPPLWPHQWWR4XDOLW\,PSURYHPHQW ‡ 'HPRQVWUDWHG NQRZOHGJH RI WKH $JHG &DUH )XQGLQJ,QVWUXPHQW $&), ZLWKDVNLOIXODELOLW\ to apply the principles of Government funding ‡ 'HPRQVWUDWHGDELOLW\WRZRUNZLWKLQWKHDGRSWHG values of the Organisation ‡ 'HPRQVWUDWHG FRPSXWHU VNLOOV  DELOLW\ WR PDQDJH5HVLGHQW,7V\VWHPV ‡ $FXUUHQW1DWLRQDO3ROLFH&KHFN )XUWKHU (QTXLULHV SOHDVH FRQWDFW 0U 3HWHU +LOO &KLHI([HFXWLYH2IILFHURQ   Applications must be accompanied by an $SSOLFDWLRQ IRU (PSOR\PHQW )RUP 7KLV IRUP DV ZHOO DV WKH 3RVLWLRQ 'HVFULSWLRQ FDQ EH downloaded from: Applications addressing the Core Selection Criteria should be forwarded to: Mrs Taya Tracey 6W-RKQ¡V9LOODJH,QF :LOOLDPV5RDG :DQJDUDWWD9,& e-mail: Applications close at 5.00pm on Monday 23rd December, 2013

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Why cholesterol?

We are now at the bottom

WE need good cholesterol (HDL) to have a healthy memory, healthy hormones and to create vitamin D. Cholesterol is naturally made in the liver and from consuming animal foods such as eggs, meat and dairy products. Our body makes cholesterol from the breakdown of sugars, fats and protein.  Whenever we eat more calories than our body needs, it can be turned into cholesterol. This is why weight loss is very important if you wish to reduce your cholesterol levels. There are 3 parts to cholesterol: HDL (good-created from healthy diet); LDL (bad – too many fatty foods and too much inflammation); and triglycerides (too many carbs, sugar or alcohol). If you have high cholesterol and can’t work out why, ask yourself if you have sluggish bowels – less than one poo a day? Or if you are carrying excess weight around your belly?


DRINK UP: Orange juice is among a range of cholesterol lowering juices.

If this is you, these tips may be helpful. * Increase fibre. Fibre binds to cholesterol and moves it out of the body in your poos, and is found in LSA, chia, oats, fruit and veg. * Cut out sugar: in your tea/coffee, soft drinks (inc diet), white bread, pasta, sweet snack foods.

* Increase cholesterol lowering juices: apple, carrot, ginger, orange, celery, beets. * Increase herbs and spices: ginger, turmeric, parsley, garlic all have cholesterol lowering effects. * Talk to your naturopath about losing belly fat and a cholesterol focused weight loss/detox program.

IN the last few days I have been reading many articles on the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and what it thinks about interest rates and I am not sure I like what I see. At its meeting last week the bank left the cash interest rates at the same level, with governor Glenn Stevens stressing again the Australian dollar was still “uncomfortably high”. That’s not too much different from last month’s statement that the current policy settings were appropriate. “The board will continue to assess the outlook and adjust policy as needed to foster sustainable growth in demand and inflation outcomes consistent with the target,” Mr Stevens said. His statement contained only minor changes, such as “still too soon to judge” about consumer and business sentiment to “still unclear”. Analysts say the RBA will be keeping a close watch on movements in the Australian dollar, housing and labor market figures and the possibility that the US Federal Reserve may move to reduce its bond-buying program. Our currency however did decline by 3.7 per cent in November, in part due to sustained calls for a weaker dollar by the central bank. Retail sales performed a little better than expected in October, as we increased our spending on food, clothing and not surprisingly for me, eating out at restaurants. Retail trade for the last three months has risen by 0.6 per cent and balance of payment figures for the third quarter are in a positive mode, with export volumes growing by 0.1 per cent and import volumes declining by 2.4 per cent. This should be reflected in an addition of 0.7 percentage points to third-quarter GDP. As Michael Pascoe said, last month’s observation that there is “continuing evidence

By KEN CLARKE, WANGARATTA CERTIFIED PRACTICING ACCOUNTANT of a shift in savers’ behavior in response to declining returns on low risk assets” has had an extra sentence attached: “Housing and equity markets have strengthened further over recent month, trends which should in time be supportive of investment”. He continued by saying last month the governor was sounding a little wishful about the currency, saying a lower level would “assist in rebalancing growth” but now a lower level “is likely to be needed to achieve balanced growth”. Makes one wonder what Mr Stevens will be saying in February? If we have one person who can really make an impact on the Australian economy it is he, and I wonder if he has the resolve and confidence of his inner thoughts to take the necessary action to bring down the value of the dollar. Interesting to note that whilst exports grew and imports declined, the current account deficit widened in the three months to September from $12.1 billion in the previous quarter to $12.7 billion. The latest figures also show that offshore investors continue to have a strong interest in Australian government bonds, given the lower exchange rate and relatively high yields on their investments. Investments by non-residents in the third quarter totalled $15.3 billion in Commonwealth securities - the largest increase since March 2012. I think there may be some rocky times ahead, although some analysts are predicting a stronger net export position in 2014 and 2015.

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