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R O B E RT C A R D I N A L Robert Cardinal Studio & Gallery 54 Shore Road North Truro 508.487.1167

Kiley Court Gallery

445 Commercial Street Provincetown 508.487.4496

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6/6/15 2:59 PM


Thanassi Gallery 234 Commercial St. 508. 487. 0233 2013 Provincetown Art Guide | GALLERIES | 1

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6/6/15 3:09 PM


Thanassi Gallery 234 Commercial Street 508 487 0233

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6/6/15 3:09 PM

Bao Lede, The Dusk oil on canvas 30 ”x 30”

tao water gallery

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Bao Lede Fly Over The Dunes | July 3-16, 2015 | opening July 3, 7-9pm

B ao L e d e

352 Commercial Street, Provincetown | 1989 Route 6A, W. Barnstable 508-487-8880 | 508.375.0428 | taowater galler y.com

6/6/15 3:09 PM

M E G A N H I N TO N E x hi b ition o f N e w Painting s , J u ly 1 9 - 3 0 , 2 0 1 5

Crimson Tarr y 2015 oil on canvas

24” x 30”

tao wate r ga l l e ry 352 Commercial Street, Provincetown 508-487-8880 | 1989 Route 6A, W. Barnstable 508-375-0428

taowatergaller y.com

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6/6/15 3:09 PM

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6/6/15 3:09 PM

John Dowd Harbor Twilight

J ohn Dowd

The William Scott Gallery 439 Commercial Street 5 0 8 . 4 8 7. 4 0 4 0 w illi a m s c o t t g a ll e r y.c o m

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Chet Jones Approaching Rain


6/6/15 3:09 PM

Woodman/Shimko Gallery “PT

TO PS: 3,000 Miles of Art” tm

398 Commercial Street Provincetown, MA 02657 508.487.0606 1105 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.322.1230 WoodmanShimkoGallery@gmail.com WoodmanShimkoGallery.com

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6/6/15 3:09 PM

Publisher /Art Director/Editor

letter from the publisher

Patricia Zur Special thanks to: David W. Dunlap, Jim Zimmerman, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Stephen Rome, Robert Callahan, Stephen Borkowski, Seamen's Bank , and the Town of Provincetown.

Long Point Studio P.O. Box 1506 Provincetown, MA 02657 info@provincetownartguide.com 508.487.6681 Browse the book, advertise with us, and order copies: provincetownartguide.com © 2015 Provincetown Art Guide Long Point Studio All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the publisher. Printed on recycled paper and produced with 100% wind power.

This year, Art Guide celebrates the publication of an historic book, long in the making and a labor of love by its author, New York Times writer David W. Dunlap, with generous contributions by the people of Provincetown. When I first read the lovely introduction, I knew we shared a similar “cockeyed optimism” for this town, its past—and its future. Here is an excerpt:

J!ibe!up!dpnf!up!uif!wfsz!ujq!pg!Zbolff!Ofx! Fohmboe!up!mfbso!pof!pg!uif!nptu!cfbvujgvm! xpset!jo!uif!Qpsuvhvftf!mbohvbhf;!Ótbvebef/Ô! In his book of the same name, with its gorgeously haunting photographs of vanishing Provincetown, Mischa Richter says saudade can’t be translated into English. But then he does so lyrically, writing that if you ask an Azorean what he means by saudade, “he will say that he is sad, but something more than sad — homesick, for a home that no longer exists, and in his own life never did exist.” This longing even takes musical form, in fado singing. ....Provincetown always looks over its shoulder, because it is always changing. So far, it has survived the collapse of salt making, whaling, and Grand Banks fishing; the arrival of German U-boats and the Hurricane of 1938; the fall from favor of neo-Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism; the scourges of smallpox and AIDS. I’d like to believe it can retain or reclaim its legacy as a town that’s vibrant, multi-layered, and not altogether tame. I can’t help hoping that — in between choruses of fado — Provincetown will dance again.

ÒEBWJE!EVOMBQ gspn!uif!jouspevdujpo!up!ÓCvjmejoh!QspwjodfupxoÔ! Bruce McKain (1900-1990) Untitled (rooftops) n.d. oil on canvas 20” x 24” Courtesy: Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Extended Loan of Nora Phillips and William Leaf.

I applaud all who contributed to this wonderful book. It's not only the houses—but those who inhabit them—that make a place special.


8 | provincetownartguide.com

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6/6/15 3:09 PM


HBMMFSJFT !;;! 21 NBQ !;;! 59 BSUJTUT !;;! 68 BSUJTBOT !;;! 8: BOUJRVFT !;;! 93 DBMFOEBS !;;! 96

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PAG15_01-55.indd 9

Cvjmejoh Qspwjodfupxo fydfsqut!gspn!uif!cppl!boe! cmph!cz!Ebwje!Evombq!boe! uif!Qfpqmf!pg!Qspwjodfupxo

9!Njmmfs!Ijmm!Spbe! 42!Buljot!Nbzp!Spbe! 4!Bvou!TvlfzÖt!Xbz! 742!Dpnnfsdjbm!Tu/! 395!Csbegpse!Tusffu! 3:!Njmmfs!Ijmm!Spbe! Ifotdif!Mbof! 4!Csbegpse!Tusffu!! 87!Dpnnfsdjbm!Tu/! 71!Xftu!Gsbolmjo!Tu/!! 618!Dpnnfsdjbm!Tu/!!

27 28 53 54 67 77 78 89 94 :1 :4!

6/6/15 3:09 PM

D o n a l d B e a l J a m i e Ca s e r ta n o K at h yC o t t e r

robert goldstrom sian robertson

christopher sousa

donald beal

G eo r g e H i r o s ePa s q ua l e N ata l e A da m Pec k

Sut tonFosterRobertGoldstromJulienHavard

S i a n R o b e r t s o n D a v i d S o k o shCh r i s t o ph e r S o u s a

192 commercial street provincetown, ma 02657 agalleryart.com facebook+twitter.com/agalleryart

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6/6/15 3:09 PM

1 A gallery George Hirose Coast Guard Station

192 Commercial Street | 508.274.8298 | agalleryart.com agalleryartptown@gmail.com | facebook/twitter: /agalleryart Paintings, sculpture, photography, fine art prints, artist’s books and more from Cape Cod, American and International artists. New Solo shows weekly. Friday night openings for new & established artists. Artist’s videos shown in the solo gallery. Represented artists include Donald Beal, Jamie Casertano, Kathy Cotter, Sutton Foster, Robert Goldstrom, Julien Havard, George Hirose, Roberta Marks, Jackie Marti, Paquale Natale, Adam Peck, Marian Peck, Sian Robertson, David Sokosh, Christopher Sousa and Harry Wicks.

Jack Pierson Golden Hour 2014

2 ALBERT MEROLA GALLERY 424 Commercial Street | 508.487.4424 | ufoarts@comcast.net albertmerolagallery.com Since 1988, the Albert Merola Gallery has been one of the primary venues for contemporary and historically significant Provincetown related art. Richard Baker, James Balla, Daniel Bodner, Paul Bowen, Fritz Bultman, Ann Chernow, Donna Flax, Pat de Groot, Sharon Horvath, Jacqueline Humphries, Cary S. Leibowitz/Candyass, Lyle Ashton Harris, Irene Lipton, Michael Mazur, Jack Pierson, Mischa Richter, Duane Slick, Tabitha Vevers, John Waters, Helen Miranda Wilson, William Wood, Timothy Woodman, and Frank Yamrus.

423 Commercial Street | 508.487.4230 | open year round, daily in season | aldengallery@gmail.com | aldengallery.com An accomplished contemporary collection of work by artists with a variety of approaches, both representational and abstract, rooted in Provincetown traditions. Shows of new work are scheduled from May through Sept. (with Friday evening openings) featuring our gallery artists: Ed Christie, Kevin Cyr, Cathleen Daley, Alice Denison, Joerg Dressler, Robert Glisson, Raúl Gonzalez III, Paul Kelly, Catherine McCarthy, Robert Morgan, Mark Palmer, Paul Pedulla, Linda Reedy, Anne Salas, Heather Toland, Mike Wright, and Laurence Young.

Anne Salas Lake Shore #991 o/c 22" x 22"


2015 Provincetown Art Guide | GALLERIES | 11

PAG15_01-55.indd 11

6/6/15 3:09 PM

4 AMP Gallery 148 Commercial St. (West End)| 508.413.9090 | 646.298.9258 cell | Open May-Oct and by appt. | artmarketprovincetown.com A ‘live’ contemporary gallery space dedicated to visual, conceptual, performance artists, filmmakers & writers. 2015 features Cindy Bishop, Bobby Busnach, Jennifer Camper, Karen Cappotto, Barbara Cohen, Michael Cunningham, Katrina del Mar, Ivan de Petrovsky, Richard Dorff, Dana Ellyn, Mimi Gross, Barbara Hadden, Keith Krisa, Shania LeClaire Riviere, Jennie Livingston, Tim McCarthy, Bobby Miller, Jennifer Moller, Marian Roth, Jicky Schnee, Matt Sesow, Sam Smiley, TABBOO! Stephen Tashjian, Laura Wulf & others.

Angela Russo Red Bench

5 ANGELA RUSSO FINE ART AT THE KARILON GALLERY 447 Commercial Street | 617.233.9234 | open daily 11-5, 6-10 all season | russophoto.com

Thomas Antonelli acrylic on canvas

Located in Provincetown‘s East End Gallery District, the Karilon Gallery features the work of two long-time residents of Provincetown, Fine Art Photographer, Angela Russo, and Ilona RoyceSmithkin, painter and Fashion Icon! Stop by to say hello and see their most recent work.

6 ANTONELLI GIARDELLI GALLERY 416 Commercial Street | 508.487.9693 | daily in season: 11-6 and 8-10, off season: Fri-Mon 12-5 and by appointment Our 32nd Season. Featuring the Paintings of Thomas Antonelli.

12 | GALLERIES | provincetownartguide.com

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6/6/15 3:09 PM

antonelli giardelli gallery

PAG15_01-55.indd 13

6/6/15 3:09 PM

Paul Resika Red Sky 1990 oil on canvas

7 BERTA WALKER GALLERY 208 Bradford Street | 508.487.6411 | daily, 12-5, closed Tuesdays Manager, Grace Hopkins | bertawalker@bertawalkergallery.com bertawalkergallery.com Provincetown's premiere gallery representing Varujan Boghosian, Romolo Del Deo, Salvatore Del Deo, Rob DuToit, Ed Giobbi, Elspeth Halvorsen, Robert Henry, Brenda Horowitz, Penelope Jencks, David Kaplan, Judyth Katz, Anne MacAdam, Danielle Mailer, Erna Partoll, Sky Power, Blair Resika, Paul Resika, Peter Watts, Murray Zimiles. Masters: Chaffee, Hofmann, Knaths, Lazzell, Moffett, Weinrich. Estates: John Kearney, Selina Trieff, Nancy Whorf.

347 Commercial Street | 508.237.3080 | open daily 10am-11pm evaul.com | bill@evaul.com

Paul Wisotzky Tall Stoneware Vase

A working studio and solo gallery for Bill Evaul, a leading proponent of the Provincetown Print or White-Line Woodcut. Featuring an ever changing exhibit of Evaul‘s original woodcuts from 2-inch miniatures to the world‘s largest at over 6 ft. and related oils, watercolors, charcoals and prints. See artist demonstrations. Private classes, workshops offered. Reproduction prints available. Also home to William Harper Associates, offering USPAP Certified Fine Art Appraisals, rare art books & secondary market American art.

Three Towers 2008 white-line woodcut


9 BLUE GALLERY 389 Commercial Street | 508.413.9490 bluegalleryprovincetown.com Blue Gallery represents more than 30 artist makers, many local to Cape Cod and New England. Browse a wide variety of exquisitely crafted and unique handmade items for you and your home. Also home to Blueberry Lane Pottery. Shop local, support individual artist makers and buy handmade at Blue Gallery.

14 | GALLERIES | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 14

6/6/15 3:09 PM

PAG15_01-55.indd 15

6/6/15 3:09 PM

8 Miller Hill Road “Radiant” was how Robert Motherwell described the work of Fritz Bultman, a painter and sculptor from New Orleans in the front ranks of the Abstract Expressionists. He met Hans Hofmann in Munich in 1935. Two years later, having followed Hofmann to Chicago, he met the Minimalist sculptor Tony Smith. In 1938, he set out to Provincetown to study with Hofmann, who was teaching in Hawthorne’s Class Studio on Miller Hill. Smith designed a studio for Bultman that is one of the finest works of Modernist architecture in town. It was first used for Hofmann’s summer school in 1945. Five years later, Bultman was among the 28 “Irascibles” — Hofmann, Motherwell, Weldon Kees, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko were others — who boycotted a juried show at the Metropolitan Museum, charging that the museum had failed to recognize “advanced art.” Later, Bultman turned to luminous collages that recall Matisse. Collaborating with his wife Jeanne, he turned collages into stained-glass windows. [Fritz Bultman, “The Darlings” mm collage, 1938 . Courtesy PAAM.]

16 | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 16

6/6/15 3:10 PM

31 Atkins Mayo Road The artist and restaurateur Salvatore Del Deo — namesake of both Ciro & Sal’s and Sal’s Place — has owned this property since 1955 with his wife, Josephine (Couch) Del Deo. She is the town historian emerita; a moving force behind the Cape Cod National Seashore, the Historic District, and the former Heritage Museum, and the author of Figures in a Landscape, a biography of Ross Moffett; and Compass Grass Anthology. In 1953, she married Sal, who had attended the Art Students League and the Vesper George School of Art in Boston before coming to town to study with Henry Hensche. His studio is a freestanding building out back. To design it, Del Deo told me, he measured the dimensions of studios used by Moffett, Philip Malicoat, Pauline Palmer, Max Bohm, Frederick Waugh, and Charles Hawthorne. The main house was originally the studio of Mary Bacon Jones. [Salvatore DelDeo "Dragger in the Mist" Courtesy: Seamen's Bank ]

PAG15_01-55.indd 17

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | 17

6/6/15 3:10 PM

PAG15_01-55.indd 18

6/6/15 3:10 PM

PAG15_01-55.indd 19

6/6/15 3:10 PM

Steve Bowersock Repeating Motion 24" x 24"

10 BOWERSOCK GALLERY 373 Commercial Street | 508.487.4994 | bowersockgallery.com Representing regional and nationally known artists across New England, with artists who are members of The Guild of Boston Artists, Copley Society of Art, and National Sculpture Society. Featuring fine art highlighted for both the contemporary, modern, abstract and classic collector. Works on display include: portrait, photography, landscape, still life, figurative, sculpture, nude, realism, and encaustic works in a wide range of styles. Visit us also at our Mount Dora, Florida location. Baltivik Pond Cottage oil/maple wood 28x30

11 CHARLES BALTIVIK GALLERY 432 Commercial Street | 508.487.3611 | year-round | daily 11-5, Fri/Sat 11-8 | cbgallery.net | facebook.com/charles.baltivik.gallery Established in 1994 to offer art that is affordable, the gallery showcases artists with a strong tie to Provincetown’s rich artistic heritage. Showcasing owner/artist Katherine Baltivik’s bold, colorful oils on copper and maple wood, Michael Marrinan’s oils on copper landscapes, Andrea Sawyer’s oil seascapes and Provincetown street scenes, Timmer Nayor’s acrylic seascapes, Tim Campbell’s folk art of the town, and Al Cave’s male figurative work mixed media. Own your own piece of Provincetown art.

12 CORTILE GALLERY Gallery Interior

230 Commercial Street | 508.487.4200 | open year round: in season, daily; off season, weekends | cortilegallery.com Located in one of Provincetown’s centrally located historic buildings, Cortile Gallery offers a diverse collection of original fine artwork by local, regional and national artists. The collection includes paintings, woodcuts, ceramic, glass, sculpture, metalwork, photography, drawings, watercolor, construction art and jewelry on two gallery levels. One may also visit and view artwork of working artists at the Cortile Gallery Artist Studios.

20 | GALLERIES | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 20

6/6/15 3:10 PM

Mel Tudisco, Acrylic on Copper, Course of Action

Eleanor Rahim, Oil, Transition I

HM Saffer, Oil Water Jewels III

Peter Dutra, Oil, Off the Point

Paintings Original Intaglio Prints Hand Blown Glass Unique Ceramics Sculpture

SARAH JESSICA FINE ARTS 347 Commercial St., Provincetown | 508.487.0884 | sarahjessicafinearts.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 21

6/6/15 3:10 PM

David Smira

La Petite Galerie

Join us at a special party to meet the artist Thursday, june 25 6-9 pm

Receptions Friday Evenings 394 Commercial Street | 562.619.7113 | davidsmira.com | david @ davidsmira.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 22

6/6/15 3:10 PM

13 DAVID SMIRA 'LA PETITE GALERIE' David Smira Provincetown Sunset

394 Commercial Street | 562.619.7113 | davidsmira.com david@davidsmira.com

A. Egeli Provincetown Sunset o/c 24"x 30"

The best things come in small packages and La Petite Galerie is no exception. Nestled in Provincetown's famous East End, it is home to the Impressionist work of artist David Smira. Smira's life-long artistic trajectory has taken him from Tel Aviv, his birthplace, to galleries in San Francisco and Carmel, California. Now, after a life-long journey in art, inspired by Cezanne and Van Gogh, Smira emerges from retirement to paint the light and beauty of Provincetown from the veranda of his tiny gallery with a pristine view of gorgeous Cape Cod Bay.

14 EGELI GALLERY 382 Commercial Street | 626.695.0551 | 12-4 / 7-10 egeligallery.com In 1899 when Charles Hawthorne founded the Provincetown art colony with his Cape Cod School of Art, a new brand of American Impressionism was born. Painters have sought since to capture the town's unique light & subject matter. Egeli Gallery represents old Provincetown masters: Whorf, Bohm, Dunn Mears & leading painters writing their names in art history: Clayton, Griffin, Cedric, Joanette, Lisa & Arthur Egeli, McWethy, McNamara, McBride, Alvarez, Ignatov, Merrell, Greene, Couper, Wolf & McBride.

24 Pearl Street | 508.487.9960 | info@fawc.org | fawc.org Throughout the year, the Hudson D. Walker Gallery at the Fine Arts Work Center offers dynamic, thought-provoking exhibitions featuring visiting faculty, Work Center Fellows, eminent Provincetown and national artists, of both contemporary and historic acclaim. Exhibitions are free and open to the public. Openings are Fridays 6 to 8 PM. Go to fawc.org/calendar for an updated schedule.

Gallery Opening Reception

15 FINE ARTS WORK CENTER / Hudson D. Walker Gallery

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | GALLERIES | 23

PAG15_01-55.indd 23

6/6/15 3:10 PM


four eleven gallery BRIGID WATSON

Helen Grimm Under the Ebb oil on canvas 35” x 47”

PAG15_01-55.indd 24

411 cOMMERCIAL STREET 617.9 05.7432 fourelevenstudio.com

6/6/15 3:10 PM

Madelyn Carney Blessing Boat watercolor

16 FOUR ELEVEN gallery

411 Commercial Street | 617.905.7432 | fourelevenstudio.com For over 50 years, the rambling white house at 411 Commercial St. has been a studio and home to many artists and writers in Provincetown. The storefront gallery space, opened in 2011 by Liz Carney, is a true painter's gallery. It's been said by many locals that it evokes a feeling of old Provincetown. Paintings by Helen Grimm, Madelyn Carney, Brigid Watson, Matthew Capaldo, Liz Carney, Janine Evers, Pete Hocking, Janine Carney, Cheryl Robinson, Claire Griffin, Mary Carney, and Craig Hunter.

Luis Rodríguez NOA The Beach 2015

17 GALERÍA CUBANA 357 Commercial Street | 508.487.CUBA (2822) LaGaleriaCubana.com New England’s most comprehensive collection of contemporary Cuban art offering rarely seen works by both internationally renowned and emerging artists currently living in Cuba. Artists represented include Edel Bordón, Sandra Dooley, Orestes Gaulhiac, Eduardo Guerra, Isolina Limonta and Luis Rodríguez NOA. Galería Cubana showcases paintings, prints & drawings that encapsulate the cultural depth, aesthetic diversity and political edge unique to Cuban art.

18 Gallery Ehva

Gallery Ehva features contemporary and early Provincetown art and offers 2-week long off-season residency programs. EhvaLAB is our hands-on art making by gallery artists and friends. Our 7th season in a location of many possibilities & many challenges where we continue to present art full of surprises and beauty made by exceptional Provincetown and national artists, with our guiding spirit Arthur Cohen, and his unflinching love for Provincetown, at the helm.

Arthur Cohen Harbor oil 16" x 20"

74 Shank Painter Road | 508 487-0011 | Open year-round. Daily in summer 11am-6pm, closed Wed | Openings Fridays, 6-8pm. | GalleryEhva.com

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | GALLERIES | 25

PAG15_01-55.indd 25

6/6/15 3:10 PM

Michael del Visco no name storm oil on board 48” x 48”

MDV3 Gallery & Studio 142 Commercial Street

PAG15_01-55.indd 26

Provincetown, MA



6/6/15 3:10 PM

PAG15_01-55.indd 27

6/6/15 3:10 PM



IMPULSE ART GALLERY 188 Commercial Street 508.487.1154 impulseartgallery.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 28

Bsu!'!Boujrvft Jotjef!Xibmfst!Xibsg 348!Dpnnfsdjbm!Tusffu nbvsffomfbwfoxpsui/dpn! 619.357.366:

6/6/15 3:10 PM

Charles-Baltivik Gallery

Katherine Baltivik | Andrea Sawyer | Timmer Naylor | Lynette Molnar Michael Marrinan | Tim Campbell | Al Cave | Joanne Bartone

Own a piece of Provincetown. Artwork at affordable prices. Featuring works on copper, canvas and maple wood. 432 Commercial Street Open seasonally and year-round by appointment 508/487-3611 CBGallery.net Artist Owned & Operated

PAG15_01-55.indd 29

6/6/15 3:10 PM

J. Papandreas Like Mind (detail) 2005

19 GALLERY VOYEUR 444 Commercial Street | 508.487.3678 | open late May-Sept. call for daily and fall/winter hours | voy-art.com info@voy-art.com Step into another world in a gallery unlike any other in Provincetown. Featuring paintings by Johniene Papandreas, emotionally provocative works of sensuality and mystery that will take your breath away. In the East End Gallery District near the Provincetown Art Association Museum. And for animal lovers, "Joyful Canis", oil portraits of animal friends and family by commission.

M. Eade Wild Apple Tree Study no.17 5”x 5”

20 GARY MAROTTA FINE ART g-1 162 Commercial Street | 617.834.5262 | daily 11-4, 7-10 weekends off season | garymarottafineart.com g-1 offers established and emerging contemporary artists with a focus on painting, photography, and works on paper. Exhibiting in 2015: Luis Cruz Azaceta: painting and drawing, Boris Bally: metalsmith, Katy Bisby: painting and drawing, Michael Eade: paintings and watercolors, Milton H. Greene: photographs of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Malafronte: paintings, Andrew Moore: photography, Manuel Pardo (1952-2012): painting and drawing, Segundo Planes: painting and watercolor, and Maggie Simonelli: encaustic.

A Day in the Dunes o/b 8" x 10"

21 HILDA NEILY GALLERY 364 Commercial Street | 508.487.6300 | 727.743.6393 open May-Dec and by appointment | hildaneilygallery.com Featuring oil paintings by Hilda Neily. An accomplished student of Henry Hensche & master teacher at the Cape School of Art, Neily continues to contribute to Provincetown’s historic legacy of plein air Impressionism following in the schools 100 plus year tradition through painting the color & light in her Plein Air landscapes, seascapes, outdoor & North light still lifes. Neily started showing professionally in 1969. Since then her collector base has grown extensively to include works in prestigious collections nationally & in Europe European artists.

30 | GALLERIES | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 30

6/6/15 3:10 PM

H I L D A N E I LY G A L L E R Y p l e i n a i r p a i n t i n g s b y H I L D A N E I LY

Hilda Neily Mid Career Retrospective Provincetown Art Association & Museum September 4 – November 8, 2015

PAG15_01-55.indd 31

364 Commercial St. 508.487.6300 | 727.743.6393


6/6/15 3:10 PM

PAG15_01-55.indd 32

6/6/15 3:10 PM

Ray Wiggs Gallery

432 Commercial Street Provincetown 774.593.5143 raywiggsgallery.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 33

6/6/15 3:10 PM


Introducing painting parties- 1-10 people BYOB Supplies Provided

153 Commercial St.

PAG15_01-55.indd 34



6/6/15 3:10 PM

Harry Folsom homes of the future 5-9-2014

22 HUTSON GALLERY 432 Commercial Street | 508.487.0915 | Open May-October One of Provincetown's few galleries to focus on contemporary abstract art and abstract work from the early to mid-20th century. The Hutson Gallery represents these regional contemporary artists: Al Benkin, Michael Fenton, Harry Folsom, Philip Gerstein, Kristen Gossler, Gary Grossman, Peter Macara, Gay Malin, Felice Newman, Rose Olson, John O’Shea, Michael Page, Melissa Resch, William Skerritt, Eleanor Steinadler, Joe Trepiccione and Luanne E. Witkowski. The gallery also exhibits modern and contemporary European artists.

23 IMPULSE ART GALLERY MarieLuise Hutchinson oil

188 Commercial Street | 508.487.1154 | open daily impulseartgallery.com Since 1984, Impulse has offered quality, handmade works by local, American and world-wide artists including paintings, jewelry, glass, marbles, ceramics, and kaleidoscopes. Original paintings are offered by Robert Farris, Candice Ronesi, MarieLuise Hutchinson, Dennis Lucas, Jeanne MacFarland, Robert Marcellino and Elizabeth McOsker. You want unique? BUY HANDMADE.

24 Julie Tremblay

Now in her sixth season, Julie Tremblay Gallery, in the center of town, features the diverse and compelling work of local accomplished photographer and filmmaker Julie Tremblay. With her fine art photography there is an emotional connection to her images of portraits, landscapes, animals and still lifes that pull her audience in to her work. She has published two fine art photography books: 'Work' - a visual resume of her photography portfolio; and 'Provincetown' - a fine art photography book of Provincetown, Massachusetts. Her gallery offers quality giclĂŠe prints with custom frames. Now offering Limited Editions.

Phinley medium format black/white film

277 Commercial Street | 508-439-2025 | Open Daily MarchDecember JulieTremblay.com

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | GALLERIES | 35

PAG15_01-55.indd 35

6/6/15 3:10 PM

MAX BOHM (1868-1923) Max Bohm studied at the AcadÊmie Julian in Paris and is the grandfather of artist Anne Packard. His heroic depiction of Étaples fishermen, En Mer, received a gold medal at the Paris Salon in 1898. He went on to teach painting at the Royal Academy in London until 1911 before returning to the U.S. to join the school of artists in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Max Bohm Bring in the Catch 39x56

E geli G allery Now accepting consignments of early Provincetown Impressionist masters

PAG15_01-55.indd 36

6/6/15 3:10 PM

Arthur Egeli

E geli G allery 382 Commercial Street

PAG15_01-55.indd 37



6/6/15 3:10 PM

Frank Milby Low Tide o/c 20"x24"

25 KILEY COURT GALLERY 445 Commercial Street | 508.487.4496 | open year-round info@kileycourtgallery.com | kileycourtgallery.com Since 1990, the Kiley Court Gallery has been exhibiting a variety of fine, representational paintings. Artists: Matteo Caloiaro, Julian Cardinal, Robert Cardinal, Ann Hartley, Francine Huot, Steve Kennedy, Joan Cobb Marsh, Frank Milby, John Mulcahy, Brooke Olivares, Robert Thoren.

Ted Polomis Toy Boat Toy Boat Oil 8" x 10"

26 KOBALT GALLERY 366 Commercial Street | 508.487.1132 | summer: 11-10 daily spring/fall: Thu-Sun 11-5 and by appt. | kobaltgallery.com

Kenneth Hawkey West End oil on canvas

In its 10th season, 2015 at Kobalt Gallery delivers an exciting year of outstanding solo & group exhibitions covering a broad range of media. Abstract expressionist painter Rose Masterpol, photographer Susan Burnstine, mixed media artist Jon Davenport & realist painter Ted Polomis join the Kobalt roster of artists including the latest exceptional works from Sean Flood, Deborah Martin, Conny Hatch, Dave Laro, Cherie Mittenthal, Tamiko Kawata, Duncan Johnson, Lorraine La Pointe, Helen Shulman, Giles Ford & Milenko Katic’.

27 LARKIN GALLERY 405 Commercial Street | 508.487.6111 | larkingallery.com open year round | daily 9:30-5, evenings in season Presenting new work by Gallery Artists Kenneth Hawkey, Lisa Molyneux, Jason Eldredge, Elisabeth Pearl, Catherine Meeks, Neva Hansen, Emilie Walker, William Barron, Ellen Llewellyn, Nancy McCarthy, Kay Knight Clarke, Byrne Marston, Robert Valois, Candice Ronesi, Elizabeth Embler, Emilie Walker, Jane Rowe and others. Friday evening receptions.

38 | GALLERIES | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 38

6/6/15 3:10 PM

PAG15_01-55.indd 39

6/6/15 3:11 PM

Jeff Lovinger Swayambhunath Temple, Nepal

28 LOVINGER GALLERY 427 Commercial Street 508.487.3733 | lovingerimages.com Fine art photography by local resident, travel photographer, and workshop instructor Jeff Lovinger. Featuring large format museum-quality archival photographs and canvases of Cape Cod, Provincetown, Provincelands Dunes, Nepal, India, and Asia. Photography workshops available. Encaustic mixed media artist Gurli Lovinger merges art and technology incorporating photography. Nepal benefit show August 7th to help earthquake victims, photographed by Jeff Lovinger just prior to the earthquake. Joshua Dean Wiley Early Bird 2 mm/canvas

29 MAISON DÉCOR GALLERY 368B Commercial Street (Johnson & Arch Streets) 508.487.0444 | maisondecorgallery@gmail.com maisondecorgallery.com

Colin McGuire oil on panel 9” x 12”

A unique hybrid art gallery also featuring full interior decoration services and home décor. Distinctive contemporary paintings, mixed media, sculptures, and ceramics by local and nationally known artists, including Rosa Empis, Justine Ives, Joshua Dean Wiley, Michael J. Gredler, Brian Dunne, Carmen Cicero Prints, and Patricia Zur. Private collections include Nolin & Gross. Custom and antique furniture, fine gifts.

30 McGUIRE GALLERY 465 Commercial Street | 508.221.0416 | daily 11-5 and 7-10 michaelmcguire.net McGuire Gallery celebrates its 15th season featuring: Michael McGuire Colin McGuire Nancy Pettibone

40 | GALLERIES | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 40

6/6/15 3:11 PM

gallery and studio •


commercial street •


• michaelmcguire.net


PAG15_01-55.indd 41

6/6/15 3:11 PM

3 Aunt Sukey’s Way John W. “Jack” Kearney, whose family divided its time between Provincetown and Chicago for decades, is the creator — among other works — of whimsical zoomorphic sculptures, many of them made from automobile parts. Kearney, who trained at the Cranbrook Academy of Art and in Italy, was a sculptor in the classical medium of bronze and the less classical medium of automobile parts. This was his studio and fabrication plant, on property he purchased in 1984. “Kearney has welded the curved ends of chrome car bumpers into the organic shapes of such beasts as the bison, Siberian tiger, snowy egret and white rhinoceros,” Christopher Busa wrote in Provincetown Arts. Among the works cast here were characters from The Wizard of Oz, for Oz Park in Chicago. When a girl spotted the newly finished Tin Man, she admonished the sculptor that he’d forgotten the heart. Kearney told her father to bring her back the next day, by which time he’d given Tin Man a heart of stainless steel. A man of great heart himself, Kearney died in 2014. 42 | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 42

6/6/15 3:11 PM

631 Commercial Street There is no more conspicuous studio in town than Sea Barn. Its builder, Robert Motherwell, was a pillar of Abstract Expressionism, the last artist of international stature to live and work in town. In 1942, he traveled to Provincetown to join his art dealer, Peggy Guggenheim, and her new husband, Max Ernst. He watched Ernst making “automatic” paintings as a paint bucket with a hole in it swung over a canvas, suspended from the ceiling. He bought No. 622 in 1957. In 1961 and 1962, Motherwell shared the old barn at the Days Lumber Yard with his third wife, Helen Frankenthaler, an artist of high stature herself. Its arched loft door inspired the design of Sea Barn, the site of which he acquired in 1962. “He produced more work than he did in any other of his studios or at any other time of year,” his daughter Jeannie wrote. In time, the floor was covered with drips and splatters that made it look like a 21-by-37-foot Motherwell. He died in 1991, survived by his fourth wife, the German photographer Renate Ponsold, and is buried in Town Cemetery. 2015 Provincetown Art Guide | 43

PAG15_01-55.indd 43

6/6/15 3:11 PM

Matteo Caloiaro

Steve Kennedy


Matteo Caloiaro| Julian Cardinal|Robert Cardinal|Ann Hartley|Francine Huot Steve Kennedy| Joan Cobb Marsh|Frank Milby| John Mulcahy|Brooke Olivares|Robert Thoren

445 Commercial Street

PAG15_01-55.indd 44





6/6/15 3:11 PM

Two local houses acrylic on panel 24"x28"

31 MDV3 GALLERY & STUDIO 142 Commercial Street | 508.241.9454 | mdv3@comcast.net MDV3 Gallery features the acrylics, collages and large-scale oil paintings of longtime Provincetown-based multi-media artist Michael Robert del Visco.

Roccapriore Tom's Piano



437 Commercial Street l 508.280.1278 l roccart@yahoo.com www.oilsbytheseagallery.com Artist owned and directed gallery featuring local artists exhibiting a diverse body of work. Representing artists: Shirl Roccapriore, Christine Sullivan, Jim Broussard, Sally Brophy, Dawn Zimiles, Gerard Roccapriore, Donna Pomponio, and Janet London.

33 Packard Gallery

Since 1984, the Packard Gallery, family-owned and run, has represented the works of Anne, Cynthia and Leslie Packard–two generations of widely exhibited and collected painters. Anne, a renowned landscape artist, paints simple, sparely-rendered scenes of the Outer Cape and Europe. Cynthia, a gifted colorist, paints abstracts and figurative representations of nudes, children and still lifes. Leslie paints still lifes speaking with the simplicity of pure color and elegant form.

Packard Gallery exterior

418 Commercial Street | 508.487.4690 | packardgallery.com Packard Gallery II: 372 Commercial St. | packardprintgallery.com

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | GALLERIES | 45

PAG15_01-55.indd 45

6/6/15 3:11 PM

PAG15_01-55.indd 46

6/6/15 3:11 PM

34 POST OFFICE GALLERY 38 Shore Road, North Truro Village | 508.487.3111 | open year round | Thurs - Mon 11-4 & by appt. | postofficegallery.com William Barron Cake

Post Office Gallery, in the heart of North Truro Village, is also home to locally and independently owned SeasCape Realty. Post Office Gallery features established and emerging artists including well known and highly collected Truro Artist Kenneth Hawkey, Catherine Meeks, Nancy McCarthy, Byrne Marston, Emilie Walker and others. Juried Exhibitions this season include: “Weather’d,” “Faces,” “Home,” “Mixed Media,” & “Doesn’t Belong.” Opening Receptions on Sunday afternoons in season.

35 PROVINCETOWN ART ASSOCIATION AND MUSEUM 460 Commercial Street | 508.487.1750 | paam.org photo: Anton Grassi

After an unprecedented Centennial celebration in 2014, PAAM continues the traditions that have made the oldest continuous arts colony thrive today. Our 2015 schedule reflects a diverse mix in a variety of media, featuring artists who have defined the arts community over the past century. Not to be missed is our Members’ 12 x 12 Silent Auction opening May 8 & continuing through July 11. A great way to collect original works of art from PAAM’s members & simultaneously support us. More than 1,800 members agree: now is a great time to be part of PAAM– we look forward to seeing you often.

432 Commercial Street | 774.593.5143 | raywiggsgallery.com Located in the heart of the gallery district is the gallery and working studio of acclaimed local artist Ray Wiggs. Showcased are compelling, visionary paintings in oil that offer the viewer a fresh perspective. The gallery presents quality, content-driven works of diverse subject matter that utilize technical mastery and visual eloquence to transform the human heart and soul at an intimate level.

Ray Wiggs oil on canvas 30" x 40"

36 Ray Wiggs Gallery

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | GALLERIES | 47

PAG15_01-55.indd 47

6/6/15 3:11 PM

11 Charles Blativik Gallery 12 Cortile Gallery 13 David Smira 'La Petite Galerie' 14 Egeli Gallery 15 Fine Arts Work Center 16 Four Eleven Gallery 17 Galería Cubana 18 Gallery Ehva 19 Gallery Voyeur 20 gary marotta fine art g-1 21 Hilda Neily Gallery 22 Hutson Gallery








TE 6

art: Peter Clemons

PAG15_01-55.indd 48

53 55

#150 22 15






13 14


16 8

26 28 21 44 40 41 38 29


45 30

10 9 53 52 18 17

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16 17 30 27







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39 32 28




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30 39

39 35







38 34

Impulse Art Gallery Julie Tremblay Gallery Kiley Court Gallery Kobalt Gallery Larkin Gallery Lovinger Gallery Maison Décor Gallery McGuire Gallery MDV3 Gallery & Studio Oils by the Sea Packard Gallery Post Office Gallery




Post Office Gallery 38 Shore Rd N. Truro


























1 A Gallery 2 Albert Merola Gallery 3 Alden Gallery 4 AMP: Art Market Provincetown 5 Angela Russo Gallery 6 Antonelli Giardelli Gallery 7 Berta Walker Gallery 8 Bill Evaul Studios & Gallery 9 Blue Gallery 10 Bowersock Gallery

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34


6/6/15 3:11 PM

54 Steven Cove Stained Glass 55 Victor Powell Workshop


46 Small Temptations 47 Vintage In Vogue 48 Yesterday’s Treasures


56 60 MacMillan Wharf 53 50






























42 5 #150 5 4 35 31





56 58


45 12 41



53 51 COMMERCIAL 30 48 55 1 23

43 47 41




53 54



38 41

56 57 53 55 46 #300






49 53

16 8




PAG15_01-55.indd 49

6/6/15 3:11 PM


49 Cape Cod Bag Company 50 Cape Cod Woodcarving 51 Christinas Jewelry 52 Lisa Ventre Hats 53 Silverglassartstudio



Chamber of Commerce Exuma Ruby’s Provincetown Salon 54 Schooner Hindu


56 57 58 59 60


Provincetown Art Association Ray Wiggs Gallery Rice Polak Gallery Sarah Jessica Fine Arts Simie Maryles Gallery Tao Water Gallery Thanassi Gallery TJ Walton gallery Vintage in Vogue William Scott Gallery Woodman/Shimko Gallery


35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45

37 RICE POLAK GALLERY Patrick Webb Secret oil 36" x 32"

430 Commercial Street | 508.487.1052 | ricepolakgallery.com ricepolakgallery.com | Director: Marla Rice | daily 11-10 Provincetown‘s most comprehensive collection of contemporary art including paintings, pastels, photography, sculpture, installations & special exhibitions by internationally renowned artists: Abait, Ackerson, Antonova, Arvidson, Bradshaw, Bromley, Calkins, Ciccariello, Carroll, Crocker, Dodson, Fabbris, Firmin, Goldstein, Graham, Harvey, Howes-Stevens, Kinkead, Lake, LeBow, Levesque, Liddy, Lilly, Little, Meyer, Patten, Peretz, Plaut, Prifti, del Rosario, Sherer, Skollar, Snodgrass, Southworth, Thomas, Triebert, Tyler, Webb, Winfield, & Wolfe.

38 SARAH JESSICA FINE ARTS Terry Rockwood At Rest oil on board

342 Commercial Street | 508.487.0884 summer hours 11-10, spring/fall 11-6, winter Sat-Sun 12-5 sarahjessicafinearts@comcast.net | sarahjessicafinearts.com The most unique and eclectic art gallery in Provincetown since 1999. Representing local & nationally acclaimed painters, original printmakers, glass, ceramic and sculpture artists. Featuring: Javier Arean, Joanne Thorne Arnold, Carol Collette, Peter Dutra, Lois Fisher, Joan Hayes, Alla Lazebnik, Lisa Joyce Hill, Mary Hurst, Neil McAuliffe, Tim Neil, Suzanne Packer, Eleanor Rahim, HM Saffer, Walter Scott, Terry Rockwood, Ellen Rolli, Mel Tudisco & many more.

Roxie Munro City Glimpse XIV

39 SIMIE MARYLES GALLERY 435 Commercial Street | 508.487.7878 | open daily in summer and weekends all winter | simiemaryles.com Artist-owned gallery featuring exceptional representational painters & sculptors from across the U.S. in styles from classical to impressionist to contemporary. Bryony Bensly, Anne Blair Brown, Patrick Byrnes, Kenneth Cadwallader, Stephen Cerceillo, Michael John dePierro, Barry Levin, Simie Maryles, Patti Mollica, David Mueller, Roxie Munro, Robert K. Roark, Jane Rosenberg, Richard Rosenblatt, John Brandon Sills, Kurt Walters, Justin Wood. Openings Fridays 7-10pm in season. All exhibits online.

50 | GALLERIES | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 50

6/6/15 3:11 PM

PAG15_01-55.indd 51

6/6/15 3:11 PM

Jiang Peng Brain Wash 2013-7 a/c 39" x 39"

40 TAO WATER GALLERY 352 Commercial Street | 508.487.8880 | 508.375.0428 summer 11-11, spring/fall 11-5 | taowatergallery.com Featuring Asian contemporary art and leading figures. Over 25 artists from China and USA. Bao Lede, Qin Feng, Ming Jing, Zhang Yu, Li Jin, Zhao Kai Lin, Hai Ri Han, Zhang Jing Sheng, Su Xin Ping, Liu Yue, Luo Fa Hui, Jiang Hai, George Xiong, Duo Ling Huang, Gu Ying Qing, Lin Chun Yan, Ma Lin, Wu Yang, Cao Yang, Jia Tian Shi, Wang Xiao Song, Xue Mo, Li Wang, Zhang Wan, Jiang Peng, Xin Men, Soonjin Kim, George Xiong, Duo Ling Huang, Megan Hinton, and Karen Krieger.

41 THANASSI GALLERY 234 Commercial Street ThanassiGallery.com 508 487 0233 Thanassi oil on canvas

Art in the center of town. Early works by Hensche, Moffett, Whorf, Hawthorne, Heinz, Wilson, Sawyer & Barber. Works by Thanassi, Robert Douglas Hunter, Mary Holton, Linda Lee, Charles Tersolo, João de Brito, Richard MacCormack,Monrüd Becker, Mark Ruddy, Vcevy Strekalovsky, Stephen Silver, Steven Knight, Leslie Berenson, Ruth KJaer, Taki Skaperdas, Vasso Trellis, Deborah Hope Colligan, Mark Shasha, Tod Montanaro, Sue Kwasnick Elizabeth Livingstone, Jack Zaner, Chuck Anzalone, Richard Muccini & Molly Hawley.

42 TJ WALTON Gallery

TJ Walton

153 Commercial St. | 508.737.6697 | open daily, call for appt. tjwaltongallery.com Representing established long-time Provincetown artist and “new modern” painter, TJ Walton. Permanent installations on view at The Red Inn, Saki, Cook Street Inn, Joe Coffee & nationally at Crate and Barrel. TJ, whose work is represented in the permanent collections of the Provincetown Art Association & Museum, Cape Cod Museum of Art & Newburyport Maritime Museum, has garnered a strong reputation for being at the forefront of a new movement of self taught artists.

52 | GALLERIES | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 52

6/6/15 3:11 PM

Simie Maryles Gallery 435 Commercial Street Provincetown 508.487.7878 www.simiemaryles.com

PAG15_01-55.indd 53

6/6/15 3:11 PM

The William Scott Gallery

Michael Costello

Da ph n e Co n fa r

S tephen Coy l e

Tony Chimento

K at e R ya n

Se an Christopher McCabe

4 3 9 C o mm e r c i a l S t r e e t

PAG15_01-55.indd 54

5 0 8 . 4 8 7. 4 0 4 0

w i l l i a m s c o t t g a l l e r y. c o m

6/6/15 3:11 PM

Maureen Leavenworth Lieutenant Island

43 VINTAGE IN VOGUE art & ANTIQUES 237 Commercial Street, Inside Whalers Wharf | 508-246-2559 www.maureenleavenworth.com

Michael Costello Chico and Jess monotype

Impressionist artist, Maureen Leavenworth, is renowned for capturing the gentle beauty of Cape Cod. Taking you through winding paths and meadows to sweeping shorelines and breathtaking vistas. A Cape Cod artist for over 30 years, collectors can now find her original oils and pastels at Vintage In Vogue inside Whalers Wharf, as well as her many passions for antiques, collectibles and information about her colonial hearth cooking classes.

44 WILLIAM SCOTT GALLERY 439 Commercial Street | 508.487.4040 | daily 11-10 Director: Brian Galloway | williamscottgallery.com bgalloway@williamscottgallery.com Representing local and national contemporary artists, including: John Dowd,Tony Chimento, Emil Cohen, Daphne Confar, Michael Costello, Stephen Coyle, Chet Jones, Janet Lage, Jean Paul Mallozzi, Sean Christopher McCabe, Dannielle Mick, Jane O’Hara, Armando Pedroso, Kate Ryan, and Gin Stone.

398 Commercial Street | 508.487.0606 | open daily 11-11 and by appointment | woodmanshimkogallery.com The Woodman/Shimko Gallery first opened its doors in the late 90's and is back in a new location in the East End. Having a gallery in Palm Springs as well, WSG is happy to represent local Provincetown artists such as Cassandra Complex, Joey Mars, Silas Finch and Shari Rubeck as well as several Palm Springs artists.

Gabe Fernandez Ketchup And Mustard


2015 Provincetown Art Guide | GALLERIES | 55

PAG15_01-55.indd 55

6/6/15 3:11 PM

284 Bradford Street There are few townscapes as joyfully expressive as the works of Kenneth Stubbs, who attended the Corcoran School of Art in Washington before coming to town in the 1930s to study with his friend E. Ambrose Webster. In 1960, Stubbs and his wife, Miriam, bought this property, originally part of a farm, from Mischa and Helen Richter. Stubbs died in 1967 but the family still owns the small compound. The main house was built around 1900. A garage was converted into Stubbs’s studio and is now one of two cottages that the family rents out, mostly to artists, like Billy Jarecki. In the wetlands out back are traces of a pond that drew ice-skaters two or three generations ago, Miriam told me. [Kenneth Stubbs, Untitled (Provincetown) 1962, Courtesy PAAM.]

56 | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_56-77.indd 56

6/6/15 3:12 PM



broussardfineart.com 774.722.3756 chach

73 Shankpainter Road

oils by the sea gallery

PAG15_56-77.indd 57


437 Commercial Street


6/6/15 3:12 PM


Retract Ink with color 24” x 24”

Solo Exhibit: Opening August 14, 7-9 pm | Works on display all season

tao wat er ga l l er y 352 Commercial Street, Provincetown 508-487-8880 | 1989 Route 6A, W. Barnstable 508-375-0428 taowatergaller y.com | www.ar t203.com

PAG15_56-77.indd 58

6/6/15 3:12 PM



Woodman/Shimko Gallery 398 Commercial Street

Harmon Gallery 95 Commercial Street Wellfleet 508.349.3617 amicosante.com harmongallery.com


The closing of Lyman-Eyer Gallery in Provincetown after 15 years is a major blow to the local & national art community. My deepest gratitude and best wishes for the future go out to Jim Lyman.

As a magic realist painter, the narrative theme of my work often develops into an extended tale told in a series of large-scale oil paintings. Manifest (Detail) Mixed Media 18”x 24”

Temptation oil on canvas 48”x48”

Chuck AnzalonE


Thanassi Gallery 234 Commercial Street 508.487.0233 chuckanzalone.com

Julie Heller East 435 Commercial St. 508.487.2166 juliehellergallery.com

Evocative impressions of Cape Cod concentrating on color and light.

New work inspired by the sea. Exhibition: New Paintings, September 4 - 17, 2015. Opening reception Sept. 4, 7 - 9 pm.

Harvest (detail) oil/canvas 16" x 20"

untitled oil on panel


jeanniemotherwell.com Every Swarm 48” x 67” 2015 Provincetown Art Guide | ARTISTS | 59

PAG15_56-77.indd 59

6/6/15 3:12 PM


Alden Gallery

423 Commercial Street, Provincetown


PAG15_56-77.indd 60

6/6/15 3:12 PM


Egeli Gallery • 382 Commercial St. 508.487.0044

PAG15_56-77.indd 61

6/6/15 3:12 PM

Brenda Silva

A. Paul Filiberto

Rob Longley

Cortile Artists Studio 193 Commercial Street, Provincetown 508.487.4200

Michael John dePierro Carved wood sculptures dog portrait commissions accepted

Simie Maryles Gallery 435 Commercial Street art@simiemaryles.com 508.487.7878 simiemaryles.com

PAG15_56-77.indd 62

6/6/15 3:12 PM



Cortile Gallery 193 Commercial Street rebeccabruyn.com

Egeli Gallery egeligallery.com johnclaytonstudio.com

Through a mid-1800s cyanot ype printing process, Rebecca’s photos capture a visual sense of the past. With a love of light and a passion for history, her work refines iconic Outer Cape scenes into still moments of simple, classic beauty.

In addition to his well known Impressionist plein air paintings, John Clayton embarks on a series of painterly studies featuring simple and iconic objects in the popular culture. Milk Carton oil on canvas

moonlit dune cyanotype



Cortile Gallery studio hours by appt. 508.487.8381


I make drawings, paintings & prints. Each is a celebration in line and color of the world as I see or imagine it. My works are meant to involve the viewer in the joyous task of finding meaning in, or away through, this mysterious and dazzling universe.

Mark Rothko said “A painting is not a picture of an experience. It is an experience.”

Oyster Lunch oil on Masonite panel

Party Gull woodcut 8"x 8"

rob longley Represented in Provincetown by

cortile gallery 230 commercial st. www.cortilegallery.com

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | ARTISTS | 63

PAG15_56-77.indd 63

6/6/15 3:12 PM


OILS BY THE SEA GALLERY 437 Commercial Street | 508-280-1278 | oilsbytheseagallery.com | christinesullivan.com

PAG15_56-77.indd 64

6/6/15 3:12 PM




PAG15_56-77.indd 65

August 21 st - 26th

opening reception:

382 Commercial St.


August 21st, 7-9pm


6/6/15 3:12 PM

29 Miller Hill Road If the Provincetown artists’ colony can be said to have a birthplace — that is, something more structural than the dunes and tidal flats and Cape light — this is the place. It is the Class Studio, built in 1907 by the painter Charles Webster Hawthorne to accommodate the growing number of students in his Cape Cod School of Art. Though his own house at No. 9 was intended for that purpose, the school quickly outgrew it. Hawthorne died in 1930. Hans Hofmann took the building over in 1934 and was succeeded by Morris Davidson and his wife, Anne. Davidson’s School of Modern Painting (later the School of Contemporary Painting) lasted until the ’70s. He died in 1979, a year after the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The next breath of artistic life came with the Pop artist Peter Gee and his wife, Olga Opsahl-Gee. In 1994, they opened the Hawthorne School of Art, whose chief draw was Gee’s color workshop. Today the Hawthorne barn is the centerpiece of an annual month-long artists’ residency program called Twenty Summers. 66 | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_56-77.indd 66

[Charles Hawthorne, “Girl Sewing #1” o/b c. 1923, Courtesy PAAM]

6/6/15 3:12 PM

H ensche Lane Of Charles Hawthorne’s many heirs, arguably none were as influential — at least not in Provincetown — as Henry Hensche. His students included Sal Del Deo, Ciro Cozzi, Edward Giobbi, Philip Malicoat, Bruce McKain (featured on the cover of this year’s Art Guide), Romanos Rizk, and George Yater. In 1936, Hensche married the painter Ada Rayner and they lived and painted in this house, which Rayner designed as a Cape version of an English cottage. Jesse Meads supervised the construction. The couple lovingly ornamented the millwork and furnishings. “The painter’s function,” Hensche said during World War II, “is to show people the wonder and beauty of the world, in the hope that they will strive to make it a little less of the hell hole it is.” [Henry Hensche, “Margaret Mayo Expecting Motherhood” Courtesy: Town of Provincetown Art Collection. Photo: Stephen Rome Henry Hensche, Untitled (Provincetown scene) n.d. oil Courtesy: Provincetown Art Association and Museum]

PAG15_56-77.indd 67

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | 67

6/6/15 3:12 PM


watercolors & egg tempera paintings

Bakker Gallery 359 Commercial Street 508.413.9758 bakkerproject.com The Lobster Pot 321 Commercial Street 508.487.0842



ROBERT CALLAHAN Miniature Landscapes

watercolor and scrimshaw on antique piano keys

PAG15_56-77.indd 68

6/6/15 3:12 PM



Harmon Gallery 95 Commercial Street Welleet johndorish.com harmongallery.com

Frederick Studio 237 Commercial Street Whaler’s Wharf, 3rd Level 513.236.0094 frederickstudioprovincetown.com

A resident of New York City since 1977, John Dorish is a painter and printmaker and member of the ART STUDENTS LEAGUE “I love the city as it is the source of my inspiration.�

Greenwich Village Studio etching 9�x12�

Working studio of local Provincetown artist, featuring Cape Cod inspired mixedmedia works. By appt. See website for seasonal open studio calendar.



Harmon Gallery 95 Commercial Street Welleet 508.349.3617 harmongallery.com

Kiley Court Gallery 445 Commercial Street 508.487.4496 kileycourtgallery.com

Lively color, gestural marks & mysterious character give Cynthia Guild’s ships a powerful presence. “I am interested in raising ordinary sights to a level at which the life force can be seen & felt.�

Phoenix Beta oil on panel 24"x 28"

Harboring Jellies m/m on canvas 40� x 40�

This QuĂŠbec-born artist uses transparent acrylic washes mixed with heavy colorful brush strokes to create vibrant landscapes and still lifes. Exhibited in several art galleries in QuĂŠbec. La chante clair a/b 14"x 11"


5SVSP ." &TTFY $5




,": ,/*()5 $-"3,&

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | ARTISTS | 69

PAG15_56-77.indd 69

6/6/15 3:12 PM


Egeli Gallery • 382 Commercial St. • 508.487.0044

PAG15_56-77.indd 70

6/6/15 3:12 PM

KEVIN McNAMARA One-Man Show July 24 to July 30 | Opening Reception July 24, 7–9pm


PAG15_56-77.indd 71

3 8 2 Commer c i a l S t .


e g e l i g a l l e r y.com

6/6/15 3:12 PM

Colin McGuire

McGuire Gallery gallery and studio • 465 commercial street 508.221.0416 michaelmcguire.net O p e n i n g R e c e p t i o n J u ly 1 0

PAG15_56-77.indd 72

6/6/15 3:12 PM



Kobalt Gallery 366 Commercial Street cheriemittenthal.com kobaltgallery.com

lindaohlsongraham.com earthoceanheavens.com How to create Global Peace and calmer weather patterns is within fine photographer and ecstatic poet Linda Ohlson Graham’s ’guide book’ to aide Humanity in entering ‘The New Age" via her websites.

Cherie Mittenthal works predominantly in encaustic paint, pigment sticks and marble dust. Her subject matter revolves around the landscape, flowers, patron saints and farm animals.

Earth Ocean Heavens photograph

House with Lines encaustic 8" x 8" 2015

Page Pearson Railsback

Rowena Perkins Rowena Perkins Studio Orleans, MA rowenaperkinspaintings. blogspot.com Representational-Abstract paintings & prints. Inspired by daily life: from the nature of Cape Cod to ordinary household items. Painting is all of life & its manifestations; the revelation of the subjective within the objective.

Studio by appt: 508.846.2197 PageRailsback.com Munn Fine Arts Gallery, Orleans

Two Modern acrylic on paper 11”x 15” 2015

Based in MA & Puerto Vallarta where she teaches how to “Paint From The Heart,” Page is a ‘fellow’ at the Fine Arts Work Center & a gallery artist at Boston’s Copley Society.

Hot mixed media 30"x30"

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | ARTISTS | 73

PAG15_56-77.indd 73

6/6/15 3:12 PM

Both Sides Now oil on canvas 18"x 24"

Follow the Path oil 24”x 36”



Cad Red Studio Charles-Baltivik Gallery 432 Commercial Street 508-487-3611 cbgallery.net

Rice Polak Gallery 430 Commercial Street 508. 487.1052 ricepolakgallery.com Robert Sherer’s pyrographic art (wood-burnings on birch panels with wood stains) is now represented by Rice Polak Gallery. Opening reception of new works on Friday, August 21, 2015.

Inspired by the brilliant light in her ocean-side garret & the sea-tested randomness of the shops & houses of our narrow lanes, Andrea paints what she sees in the place she calls home.

Local Boy pyrography on panel 14”x 11”


JoanLee Stassi

studio: 508.487.0980 cathyskowron@comcast.net Cortile Gallery gallery: 508.487.4200

Stassi Studio 234 Commercial Street (down brick path) 815.494.6538

Luminous oil paintings of Outer Cape scenes focusing on dune landscapes of the Provincelands. More images of artwork are available at cortilegallery.com.

My work contains elements of nature, investigations into psychological conditions, along with recollections of past cultures. The sea continues to play a prominent role as an endless source of inspiration for me.

Sea Journey acrylic / venetian plaster on board

acmefineart.com juliehellergallery.com

rose Basile rbasileart@aol.com 508.487.2347

74 | ARTISTS | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_56-77.indd 74

6/6/15 3:12 PM

The Walk o/c 24”x24”

Julian Cardinal

Kiley Court Gallery

445 Commercial Street



Julian Cardinal.com

PAG15_56-77.indd 75

6/6/15 3:13 PM

Letting Go oil 30”x40”



Harmon Gallery 95 Commercial Street Wellfleet blairthornley.com harmongallery.com

Hutson Gallery 423 Commercial Street 508.487.0915 joetrepiccione.com

My work is a personal assimilation of my past & present; where I’ve lived, characters I’ve observed and some I’ve imagined. I am a New Englander based in California, back in Truro each summer.

Creating fiery golden landscapes and cool breezy seascapes of Cape Cod, in oil, that beckon the viewer. On exhibit throughout the season. Yellow pier oil on canvas 12"x12"



Alden Gallery 423 Commercial Street 508.487.4230 aldengallery.com

Larkin Gallery 405 Commercial Street 508.487.6111 x107 508.237.0119 bernadettewaystack.com

Icon No. 5 Cape Dune Fences 5.5" x 5.5"

Oils on panel, pastels and art quilts. Contemporary icons of the landscape exploring the concept of painting as prayer.

Deconstructed Summer 2013

The best moment is placing the first pieces of old wood & seeing relationships of form begin to take shape. Parameters are: the wood must be found in Provincetown & not to paint that wood, whose patina is impossible to duplicate.

J u l i a K e l ly juliakellyart.com recent works at B a kk e r G a l l e ry 359 Commercial Street, Ptown

508-413-9758 76 | ARTISTS | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_56-77.indd 76

6/6/15 3:13 PM

JACK DELMOND The Winds of Mars 40” x 60”

Yesterday’s Treasures 176 Commercial Street 508.487.5920

PAG15_56-77.indd 77

6/6/15 3:13 PM

3 Bradford Street Provincetown Welding Works The amazingly animate yard of the Provincetown Welding Works looks like a Tim Burton movie come to three-dimensional life. It was founded in 1946 by Clarence Kacergis. “At first, he imagined a simple welding shop until several Provincetown artists and sculptors looked to stretch themselves and embrace metal as a heightened form of expression,” Gerry Desautels wrote in The Banner. Among them was Chaim Gross. In the present day, Desautels continued: “Maritime objects, fauna, flora and Cape characters — strumming musicians, rowing sailors and sawing woodsmen — are depicted in quirky Kacergis style throughout the chock-a-block shop. … The works are wonders of modern recycling and years of collecting parts and pieces.” Clarence’s son, Michael, succeeded to the business. 78 | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_78-96.indd 78

6/6/15 3:20 PM

Joanne Mi lbury Cove

nat u r e i n s i lve r

stev en Cov e

fantasy in gl ass

Shop beachsilver@etsy.com 508-487-4096

Visit us Thursdays at the UU Church Artisan Fair

Visit P-townglasswizard.com 508-951-7064

Handmade Genuine Beach Glass Jewelry by

christina available exclusively at

Christina’s jewelry 215 commercial street 508.487.2228 christinasprovincetown.com

PAG15_78-96.indd 79

6/6/15 3:21 PM

Michelle Dodd-Santos

Gunter Hanelt Go Studio at Exuma Jewelry 283 Commercial St. 508.487.2746

Cape Cod Bag Company Macmillan Wharf Artist Shed #2 capecodbagcompany.com Artisan made Beach Bags, Handbags, Sea Glass Wristlets & Pillows. Locally made. Inspired by the ocean. Visit our studio by the sea on Macmillan Wharf. seaglass wristlet

twisted wire and seaglass necklace



Lisa Ventre Hats 357 Commercial Street across from the library lisaventrehats.com

Victor Powell Workshop 323 Commercial Street 508.487.9075

Handstitched Alligator Bag

Elegant twisted wire & seaglass necklaces from longtime Provincetown-based jeweler Gunter who's graphic and sculptural designs were first featured in the 70's film classic "Saturday Night Fever."

Working with Old World techniques, Victor Powell creates contemporary handmade custom sandals, bags, accessories & leather sculpture. Come watch Victor at work in his studio. Open daily except Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10-5.

Beautiful hats designed and made in Provincetown. Working with toyo, a natural fiber braid that is lightweight and packable, Lisa Ventre creates hats that are organic, lively and sculptural. Hand-made toyo hat


CAPE COD WOODCARVING 508 . 237. 9404


Shed 4 A MacMillan Wharf



80 | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_78-96.indd 80

6/6/15 3:21 PM

Donna Mahan Fine glass artist & Sculptor Open working studio www.donnamahanstudios.com 774-487-1195 Also available at: Cortile Gallery Blue Gallery Top Mast Café commissions using personal mementos & artifacts welcome


art glass tiles & contemporary glassworks

241 Commercial St. 508.364.5417 2nd floor Whalers Wharf next to Ross’ Grille

commissions welcome Facebook.com/GlassCrafter GlassCrafterfacebook.com

m also available at: CORTILE GALLERY

PAG15_78-96.indd 81

230 Commercial St. 508.487.4200

TaqwaGlassWorks.com TaqwaGlass@gmail.com

6/6/15 3:21 PM

A N T I Q U E S 46





289 Commercial Street | 781.249.9562 20 Vendors Group Co-Op shop selling Antiques, Jewelry, Art, Sailing Ship Models and more. Located in the center of town near Town Hall. Local dealers sell Estate Sale Finds and restock daily. CapeCod maps $10. Reasonable prices and it feels like a treasure hunt! 47


237 Commercial Street | 508.246.2559 | vintageinvogue.com Timeless vintage fashions and accessories for men & women 1870 to 1970. Vintage hats, dresses, caftans, beach ware, lingerie, purses, coats, shoes, and costume jewelry. Bridal Gowns and Wedding Attire for your special occasion. 48


176 Commercial Street | 508.487.5920 This Commercial Street shop in Provincetown’s West End is celebrating its 15th season in town. This eclectic shop offers specialty collectibles such as vintage 20th century art pottery and glass, Provincetown paintings and estate jewelry. Our mantra is fun and affordable!

Celebrating our 15th Year!

Y e ste rd ay’s Tre asure s p o t t e r y, g l a s s , j e w e l r y & much more 176 Commercial Street 508.487.5920

PAG15_78-96.indd 82

6/6/15 3:21 PM

76 Commercial Street Doric columns, serious and sturdy, hold up a prominent pediment that marks this handsome Federal-style facade from the early 1800s. For a century or so, No. 76 was owned by the Nickerson and Freeman families. The house was purchased in 1927 by the seascape painter Frederick Judd Waugh, who constructed the cathedrallike studio on Nickerson Street, behind the main house. Waugh used beams and planks from a shipwreck, as well as enormous brackets known as ship’s knees. The studio was completed in 1928. The painter Hans Hofmann, who’d worked and taught at the Hawthorne Class Studio and Fritz Bultman’s studio, bought the Waugh studio and home in 1945. In the house, Hofmann’s wife, Miz, “created spectacular interiors using red, yellow, blue, and white paint,” according to the Walking Tour by Josephine Del Deo and George Bryant. Hofmann conducted Friday afternoon critiques that drew large crowds. He died in 1966 and is buried in Truro. 2015 Provincetown Art Guide | 83

PAG15_78-96.indd 83

6/6/15 3:21 PM

Workshops in American Impressionism taught by leading painters and instructors

The Cape School of Art

Lee Boynton Heather Bruce John Clayton Anastasia Egeli Cedric and Joanette Egeli

Mary Giammarino Margaret McWethy Hilda Neily Camille Przewodek

Teaching the principles of light and color since 1899 P.O. Box 1365 Provincetown, MA 02657 capeschoolofart.com 617-717-9568 info@capeschoolofart.com

PAG15_78-96.indd 84

6/6/15 3:21 PM











MUSEUMS PROVINCETOWN ART ASSOCIATION AND MUSEUM 460 Commercial Street | 508.487.1750 | paam.org PAAM has anchored the artistic and cultural life of the region for nearly a century, and its schedule highlights significant artists, artwork, and events that have contributed to PAAM becoming the vital cultural institution it is today. 5/1-6/21

Jay Critchley, Incorporated

5/8-7/11 Members’ 12x12 Exhibition and










Compact here in 1620, climb our 252’granite tower for a great view of the outer Cape. 2015 Exhibits: The Fine White Line : Faces behind the Prints. A celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Provincetown Print curated by Bill Evaul . Captured 1614: Our Story – A Wampanoag History. The museum celebrates Ptown‘s history as a fishing and whaling port, art colony & the birthplace of modern American theater. Furniture, decorative arts, scrimshaw, models, toys and much more.

CAPE COD MUSEUM OF ART 60 Hope Lane, Dennis | 508.385.4477 | ccmoa.org

Silent Auction

5/15-7/19 Robert Motherwell: A Centennial Celebration 6/26-8/30 Paul Resika: Paintings, 1947-2014 7/10-8/18 Keepers of the Flame: Portraits of Provincetown Luminaries by Ilona Royce Smithkin 7/17-9/13 Maurice Freedman: Light, Palette, Action! 7/24-9/27 Nora Speyer and Sideo Fromboluti: A Shared Life in Art 9/4-11/8 Hilda Neily: Vicarious Light 9/18-11/15 Amy Arbus

PILGRIM MONUMENT | PROVINCETOWN MUSEUM High Pole Hill | 508.487.1310 | pilgrim-monument.org Built to commemorate the Mayflower Pilgrims‘ first landing place in America and the writing and signing of the Mayflower

ART CLASSES/WORKSHOPS THE CAPE SCHOOL OF ART 617.717.9568 | capeschoolofart.com The principles of light & color taught by Charles Hawthorne & Henry Hensche, beginning in 1899, continue today at The Cape School of Art. Summer workshops taught by former Hensche master students: portrait & figure painting, landscape, color study, still life; all in natural light. Complete schedule online.

FINE ARTS WORK CENTER 24 Pearl Street, Provincetown | 508.487.9960 www.fawc.org/calendar The Fine Arts Work Center is a nationally renowned fellowship program for emerging writers and artists. The Work Center offers open enrollment summer workshops in creative writing and visual arts. The Work Center also offers free readings, open

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | CALENDAR | 85

PAG15_78-96.indd 85

6/6/15 3:21 PM

NEW in JUNE 2015


A Guide to Its Social and Cultural History, Told Through Its Architecture by David W. Dunlap and the People of Provincetown

Available for purchase at Provincetown Town Hall Office of the Town Clerk 260 Commercial Street Provincetown, Mass. 02657

More than 1,200 pictures and 650 entries cover everything from the largest national landmarks to the smallest dune shacks. Working with town residents, David W. Dunlap, who has covered historic preservation for The New York Times since 1981, gathered images and stories that have never before been presented in one place.


PAG15_78-96.indd 86

Published by Town of Provincetown Provincetown Historical Commission

6/6/15 3:21 PM




















studios, exhibitions and cultural events. During the academic year, online writing classes are available through 24PearlStreet.

7/28 John P. Bunker Lecture Series-Ellen Langer, Wellfleet Library, 7pm

6/4-14 Exhibition: Asian Cultural Council Solo 6/11- 8/28 Summer Program: Week-long Workshops in Writing and Visual Arts 6/19-7/6 Exhibition: Summer Program New Faculty 7/11 6th Annual Summer Awards Honoring Daniel Mullin and Elizabeth McCracken 7/11-26 Exhibition: Provincetown Artists from the Private Collection of Daniel Mullin Curated by John Dowd 7/31-8/16 Exhibition: Michael Mazur: Selected Works 8/7-15 Exhibition: 39th Annual Auction Preview 8/15 39th Annual Auction Featured Artist: Michael Mazur 25th Anniversary of the New Provincetown Print Project Ongoing: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nights 6:30 PM: Readings and Artist Talks Thursday nights 5 PM: Student Readings and Open Studios


THE LILLIAN ORLOWSKY AND WILLIAM FREED MUSEUM SCHOOL Provincetown Art Association and Museum | 460 Commercial Street | 508.487.1750 | paam.org Offering an exciting line up of workshops in the visual arts, continuing the tradition of excellence in education that began here decades ago. Art History, Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography, Computers, and Plein Air Painting, free lectures and demonstrations; workshops for kids; and across Cape Cod in artists’ studios.

TRURO CENTER FOR THE ARTS AT CASTLE HILL 10 Meetinghouse Road & 1 Depot Road, Truro 508.349.7511 | castlehill.org Offering art classes and workshops year-round. 6/27 Cocktail Party at Edgewood Farm, honoring The Truro Conservation Trust Food, music, & dancing. 6pm 7/5 Artists’ 8” x 8” Small Works Fundraiser theme: “Water”, Castle Hill, 4 - 6pm 7/19 Get Roasted & Smoked: Mark Bittman Dinner, Pamet Yacht Club 6pm

87 | CALENDAR | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_78-96.indd 87

Art Auction Preview rec 4 – 6pm, Castle Hill

8/1 Pamet River Float & Family Cookout, Pamet Landing 12pm 8/8

Castle Hill Silent Art Auction 5pm

8/13 Poetry Reading - Dorianne Laux & Joe Millar, Castle Hill 6pm 8/20 PoemJazz with Robert Pinsky, Stan Strickland & Laurence Hobgood, Wellfleet Pres Hall 7pm 8/26 Janet Echelman Lecture, Wellfleet Pres Hall 7:30pm 8/29 Full Moon Gala at Edgewood Farm, honoring Janet Echelman & Anita Walker 5pm 9/10 “Paint the Race” on a Whale Watch Boat, Provincetown Schooner Regatta12-3pm 9/16 Mark Doty Poetry Reading, First Congregational Parish 6:30pm 9/17

Stuart Shils Lecture, Castle Hill 6 - 8pm

9/29 Lois Dodd: Maine Masters Film Screening & Conversation with Artist 6pm 10/24-26 11th Annual Provincetown Dance Festival, Provincetown Theater 7:30pm

GALLERIES CORTILE GALLERY 6/12-7/7 Light Reflections: Nocturnal Scenes rec 6/12, 6-8pm 7/10-8/4 Big Skies: Bold Landscapes, grand season opening rec 7/10, 7-10pm 8/7-9/1 Vintage & Contemporary Cape Cod rec 8/7, 7-9pm

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | CALENDAR | 87

6/6/15 3:21 PM











9/4-9/22 5th Annual Tour of America Invitational rec 9/4, 6:30-8:30pm 9/24-10/20 Structured Scapes new exhibit only 10/23-11/17 Of Land & Of Sea new exhibit only 11/25-12/8 Holly Folly: Small Works new exhibit only 12/10-1/3/16 Cool Vibes new exhibit only

DAVID SMIRA LA PETITE GALLERY 6/25 Grand reception to meet the artist 6-9 pm EGELI GALLERY 7/24-30 Kevin McNamara rec 7/24, 7-9pm 8/21-26 John Clayton rec 8/21 7-9pm

gary marotta fine art g-1 Openings (all Fridays & Saturdays 7-9 pm) 6/19, 20 Michael Eade, painting and watercolor 7/3, 4 Manuel Pardo (1952-2012) painting and drawing 7/24, 25

Katy Bisby, painting and drawing Frank Malafronte, recent paintings 9/18,19 Milton H. Greene, photographs of Marilyn Monroe Maggie Simonelli, recent works in encaustic 9/4,5

8/15, 16

KILEY COURT GALLERY 7/24-8/2 Steve Kennedy rec 7/24 7-9pm 8/7-16 Joan Cobb Marsh rec 8/7, 7-9pm 8/21-30 Robert Cardinal & Julian Cardinal rec 8/21, 7-9pm










KOBALT GALLERY 6/5-16 “Connexions” Cherie Mittenthal “Lucky Strike” Dave Laro rec 7/3 7-10pm 7/3-14 7/17- 28 “Family and Friends – Then and Now” Milenko Katic’ rec 7/ 17 7-10pm 7/31- 8/11 “Dogmata” Rose Masterpol rec 7/31 7-10pm 8/14-9/1 “Tenth Season Celebration & Exhibition” Gallery Artists rec 8/ 14 7-10pm 9/4-9/15 “A New York Minute” Sean Flood rec 9/4 7-10pm 9/ 18-29 “Celebrated Guest Artist” Carmen Cicero rec 9/18 7-9pm LOVINGER GALLERY 8/7 Nepal Benefit Show 7pm TAO WATER ARTS GALLERY 6/30-23 Contemporary Cape Cod Artists: on Abstraction rec 6/30 7-9pm 7/3 - 16 Bao Lede rec 7/3 7-9pm 7/ 17-30 Megan Hinton rec 7/17 7-9pm 7/11-8/31 George Xiong and Duoling Huang 7/31-8/6 Liwang- Happy Man 8/1- 30 Bao Lede rec 8/1 7-9pm 8/14-20 Karen Krieger- Convergence: Mist and Mountains rec 8/14 7-9pm

Cuts & Color 508.487.4247 54 Bradford St. Provincetown

A Cut Above... Celebrating 27 years of service! 88 | CALENDAR | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_78-96.indd 88

6/6/15 3:21 PM

EXPERIENCE TRUE SAILING HISTORIC SCHOONER HINDU Sailing in Provincetown July-September, 2015

After more than 65 years of sailing out of Provincetown Harbor, the Schooner Hindu is a local legend and a must-do during any trip to the outer Cape. Help the crew raise sail, get behind the helm or just sit back and enjoy. Hindu offers breathtaking views, peaceful company & an authentic sailing experience.

Photo credit: Nancy Bloom

Help us raise sails and enjoy a new view of Provincetown Find us at MacMillan Pier | Couples, groups, & families | 3 trips daily | Charters available


PAG15_78-96.indd 89

6/6/15 3:21 PM

60 West Franklin Street Those delightful Tourists outside the Public Library may be the town’s most beloved public sculpture. Not far behind are Dancing Mother and Dance Rhythm (left) at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. The artist, Chaim Gross, who died in 1991, created many such beguiling works. Born in Wohlau, Germany (now Wołów, Poland), he and his wife, Renee, bought this splendid 2.7-acre hilltop property from the heirs of George Elmer Browne in 1951 for $7,500.

90 | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_78-96.indd 90

6/6/15 3:21 PM



















167 Commercial Street Provincetown, MA

original designs by ALEX ŠEPKUS

rubysptownjewelry.com 508. 487.9522

ŠEPKUS TRUNK SHOW Friday, August 7, Open 11 am

THE WILLIAM SCOTT GALLERY 6/26-7/1 Emil Cohen: Portraits in Provincetown rec 6/26 7-9pm John Dowd: Night Paintings rec 7/3 7-9pm 7/3-8 rec 7/11 7-9pm Daphne Confar & Stephen Coyle 7/10-22 rec 7/10 7-9pm 7/24-8/5 Michael Costello & Sean McCabe rec 7/24 7-9pm Kate Ryan rec 8/7 7-9pm 8/7-19 8/14-8/26 Tony Chimento rec 8/14 7-9pm 8/21-9/1 Chet Jones & Jean Paul Mallozzi 7-9pm John Dowd: Summer Work rec 9/4 7-9pm 9/4-7


WOODMAN/SHIMKO GALLERY Cassandra Complex paintings on view all season

7/24 -8/5

Facial Appearances by Cassandra Complex rec 7/10 6-9pm Street Scenes by Adam O'Day


New Work by Shari Wechler Rubeck


rec 7/24 6-9pm rec 8/7 6-9 pm 8/14-26

Cape Cod Artist, Joey Mars rec 8/14 6-9pm

8/28 -9/10 Palm Springs To Provincetown: 3,000 Miles Of Art rec 8/28 6-9pm 9/11-24

Found Object Artist, Silas Finch rec 9/11 6-9pm

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | CALENDAR | 91

PAG15_78-96.indd 91

6/6/15 3:21 PM

507 Commercial Street A glimpse into the yard tells you: This is Old Provincetown. Scintillating, eccentric, tatterdemalion, devil-may-care. It is home to one of the town’s most prolific artists, Pat de Groot, a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant recipient known among other things for her cormorant portraits and her serenely small seascapes inspired by the limitless and ever-changing scene outside her window. In her words: “I want to grab a piece of all this, of this sacred place, and say something with paint about the sky and the sea and the horizon and how it affects me.” She and her husband, the painter Nanno de Groot bought this waterfront lot in 1961 and began building the double-gabled structure, completed in 1963. Nanno died that year. “I did the drawings for the house,” Pat told me in 2011. “This was designed specifically for artists to live and work in.” [Nanno deGroot “Sunflower” oil on plywood 1961]

92 | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_78-96.indd 92

6/6/15 3:21 PM



H 2 I 0 B1


T e Iv

eO n N t

CULTURE 6/17-21

Provincetown International Film Festival

6/25-28 Provincetown Portuguese Festival provincetownportuguesefestival.com 7/10-19 Kalmar Nyckel Public 3 hour sails KalmarNyckel.org 7/11 Provincetown Art Association 12×12 Silent Auction Closing Party – paam.org 7/19 ASGCC Provincetown 5k Run/Walk ASGCC.org 7/19 PAAM Annual Secret Garden Tour www.paam.org 7/28-8/1 5th Annual Whale Week to benefit the

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies

CenterForCoastalStudies.org 8/5 Summer Jazz with Bart Weisman @ PAAM paam.org 8/8 5th Annual Lobsterfest to Benefit Outer Cape Health Services – outercape.org 8/15-17 The 11th Annual Provincetown Jazz Festival – ProvincetownJazzFestival.org 8/15-21

Carnival Week – ptown.org Carnival Parade: starts at 3pm – ptown.org 9/7-10 The Great Provincetown Schooner Regatta 8/20

ProvincetownSchoonerRace.com 9/7

Castle Hill Paints the Town – castlehill.org







9/11 22nd Annual Celebration of Life Concert swim4life.org 9/12 Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla – swim4life.org 9/14-20 Afterglow Alternative Performance Arts Festival – AfterGlow Festival.org 9/24-27 10th Annual Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival – TWPtown.org 9/25-27 Pet Appreciation Weekend (PAW) CASAS CasasAnimalShelter.org 508-487-4243 9/26, 27 Provincetown Dahlia Show – facebook.com/ groups/PtownDahlias 10/10 PAAM Gala Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner paaam.org 10/23-24 Provincetown Dance Festival – castlehill.org 10/30-11/1 Halloween Week in Provincetown BOO! 11/13-15 Weekend Benefit for Wild Care Cape Cod – weekend of birding & tracking, walks & interactive talks 508-487-2779 wildcarecapecod.com 11/14 SKIP Benefit – Hit the Holidays Cocktail Extravaganza! 508-487-8331 PtownSoup.org 11/25 Lighting of the Monument 5-7pm Pilgrim-Monument.org 11/26-29 Thanksgiving Weekend Art & Craft Fairs!

Great Holiday Shopping! Thanksgiving Day 11/28 Lighting of the Lobster Pot Tree Lopes Square – ProvincetownView.com 11/26

2015 Provincetown Art Guide | CALENDAR | 93

PAG15_78-96.indd 93

6/6/15 3:21 PM

PAG15_78-96.indd 94

6/6/15 3:21 PM

PAG15_78-96.indd 95

6/6/15 3:21 PM



1 5

















THEATER Provincetown Theater 238 Bradford Street | 508.487.7487 tickets: 866.811.4111 | provincetowntheater.com Spring and Fall Playwrights’ Festivals, Winter Readings Series & full productions of new and established works.

Peregrine Theatre Ensemble peregrinetheatre.com


provincetown High School | 12 Winslow Street | June 29September 9 | Monday - Wednesdays at 7pm Peregrine Theatre Ensemble transforms the school’s former auditorium into Carrie’s high school in Chamberlain, Maine. An interactive & live theatrical experience in which the audience is invited to attend prom for a night to remember.

BLUE DUSK Gay Plays by Tennessee Williams August 6 - September 18 | Thursdays - Fridays 7pm “And Tell Sad Stories of The Deaths of Queens…” “The Parade, or Approaching The End of a Summer”

THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare

Thursdays at 5pm | July 16, 23, 30 and August 6, 13 Whale of a Tale: Theatre for Young Audiences will present an ensemble-based, collaborative and interactive adaptation of William Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST. Directed by Tessa Bry Taylor.

Tennessee Williams Theater Festival September 24-28 | twptown.org | 866-789-TENN (8366)

Year TENN: A Decade of Tennessee Williams in Provincetown. Four days of theater, dance and music, by artists from around the globe, featuring a world premiere Tennessee Williams play, and much more: Suddenly, Last Summer, The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore, The Remarkable Rooming House of Madame LeMonde, The Day On Which A Man Dies, The Parade, A new play by John Guare Full schedule, tickets, and additional events at twptown.org.

Payomet Performing Arts Center In Truro 508.487.5400 | info@payomet.org Festivals, music, theater, children’s classes and shows.

WELLFLEET HARBOR ACTORS THEATRE (W.H.A.T.) 508.349.6835 | what.org Concerts, films, broadcasts, plays & children’s theater.

96 | CALENDAR | provincetownartguide.com

PAG15_78-96.indd 96

6/6/15 3:21 PM

PAG15_COVER.indd 99

6/6/15 2:59 PM


PAG15_COVER.indd 100

6/6/15 2:59 PM

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