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2011 Traditional Ferry

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Trucks Freight

* reservation required for vehicle transportation

Ferries depart daily from Pt. Judith/Narragansett Seasonal service from Newport All ferries arrive in downtown, Old Harbor Block Island 866.783.7996


Map 6 Calendar 9 Beaches 16 Getting Around 19 Land Adventures 21 Water Adventures 22 Cocktails 25 Dining 26 Attractions and Galleries 29 Rentals and Accommodations 30 Shopping 32 History of Block Island & 350th Celebration 34

Parasailing & Banana Boat Rides (6 passengers max.)

Old Harbor Dock 401-864-2474 Est. 1989 so Block Island

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*Buy 1 lb of fudge & get an additional 1/4 lb FREE

“the sweet taste of summer”

FUDGE Blocks of Fudge 459 Chapel St. P.O. Box 930 Block Island, RI 02807

Ink It If you can think it, we can Ink It Custom printing, usually same day Weddings • Parties • Family Reunions T Shirts • Totes • Towels and more... Unique pre-printed designs too! 212 Water St • 401-466-5162 •

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Great store for summer clothing, bathing suits, and sweatshirts

53 Water St. (401) 466-8895

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so Block Island

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Bring the Family! Aldo’s offers a number of Italian and seafood favorites, subs, salads and appetizers We also have a full bar, stocked with all the favorites!

Weldon’s Way ~ in the heart of Old Harbor 401-466-5871 Daily: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

pa pa’ s pizzeria

Cool off with an assortment of flavors Only 100 steps from the ferry!

10% off

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Located right across from the ferry landing in Old Harbor - Water St.




Just a short walk from the ferry and a few steps from the beach Indoor & outdoor seating Serving lunch & dinner Beer & wine available

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with this coupon *excludes alcohol

Corn Neck Rd. F 401-466-9939

Photo: Stephanie Izzo


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North Lighthouse Block Island Wildlife Refuge Sachem Pond West Beach Charlestown Beach Cormorant Cove Steven’s Cove Mohegan Bluffs Southeast Lighthouse Fred Benson Town Beach Mansion Beach


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Champlin’s Full Service Marina New London Ferry Terminal Medical Center Block Island Airport Visitor’s Center Point Judith & Newport Ferry Terminal Island Free Library Police Station


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Grace Cove - Surfing Dories Cove - Surfing Rodman’s Hollow - Trails & Hiking Black Rock Beach - Surfing Old Harbor Shopping Area Dodge Street Shopping See map pg 15 Clayhead/Greenway Trails & Hiking

N 1

Paved roads Dirt roads



Ferry Route

Rd .

3 26 or tF er ry

Fe rry ith


nF err y



Po in


n do


6 7

ck Rd


New Harbor

e Corn N


24 8


Be ac

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Beacon Hill

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W es




Co nn .A ve



rin So u



as tR d.

eymus Rd. Coon

de Dr. Lakesi




t Si de. d . R


Old Town Rd. d. rR

Old Harbor


Dodge St.

Mohegan Trail




Ne wp

Co rn Ne ck

New Lo


Original Block Island Designs including the new 350th anniversary of Block Island

by Jennifer

Sunset lounge overlooking Great Salt Pond

Water St. (Under Harborside) • 401-466-7944 Open 10am - 6 pm •

• Traditional Block Island Accommodations • Spectacular sunsets from our porch • Cocktails and dining • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served daily

The Narragansett Inn 1 Ocean Avenue, Block Island • 401-466-2626 &

Summer Afternoon… Block Island

“Let us show you the most beautiful properties on Block Island.” —Nancy Pike and Mary Stover

.ta s


Spend time reconnecting, relaxing and enjoying all that Block Island has to offer.



Let us help you find a summer home.

Experience the Best Block Island Has To Ooffer Summer Fun 3-5

teo fbi





• • Leslie of Italy Special Order 14K White & 14K Yellow Gold • Carla Block Island Pendants & Designs in Sterling


3.B 38

Buttons Just $5

Splendid Fall

Mary Stover and Nancy Pike, Brokers



so Block Island


446 Ocean Avenue, Block Island 02807 •


September 23-25

w. tas teofb m

3. BIR

Beach Real Estate


Kathleen Saxon, Sales Associate

Sales • Rentals • Market Evaluations

Your Taste of Block Island button is your passport to Kayaking Tours of the Great Salt Pond . Behind the Scenes Animal Farm Tour. Taxi Tours. Food and Wine Tasting and so much more!

.38 800

Your Taste of Block Island button gives you special access to wine & beer tastings, hotel packages and other events like the Fall Motoring Event - antique cars, face painting, pumpkins and more. 800 383-2474 • 401 466-2474

Summer Calendar JUNE June 3-5 Sample all of what Block Island has to offer at the third annual Taste of Block Island. Purchase a button for only $5 and enjoy a weekend of shopping discounts, hotel packages, restaurant specials, wine tastings, gallery openings, nature walks and more. 800-383-BIRI (2474), June 14-19 Revel in an atmosphere of unique live music by 48 undiscovered artists at the Block Island Music Festival. The free, grassroots event begins on the beach with a barbecue and continues through the night on the main stage of Captain Nick’s Rock n’ Roll Bar. 34 Ocean Avenue. 401-466-5670, June 17 Celebrate history by attending the opening of the Block Island Historical Society Museum’s 350th Anniversary Exhibit from 4-7pm. “The Governor’s Own” 88th Army Band will perform on the lawn directly before the grand opening. 18 Old Town Road. 401-4662481, June 19-24 It’s that time again: Storm Trysail Club’s biennial Block Island Race Week, now in its 24th year. Don’t miss watching over 150 boats sail around the Block in one of the country’s largest regattas. June 16, 23 In honor of the island’s 350th anniversary, various organizations will host a Heritage Presentation Series featuring

Settler’s Rock

JUNE 18: The island celebrates Founder’s Day in its 350th year with a re-dedication of Settler’s Rock at the north end and a hospitality reception to follow at Smuggler’s Cove. While you’re there, take a tour of the newly re-lit North Light.,

slide shows narrated by Martha Ball and Bob Downie, and presentations from local author Gerald Carbone and cartoonist Don Bousquet & Son. June 30 Sing along at Billy Stubbs Night, a tribute to the late performer, while overlooking the peaceful New Harbor on the deck of Dead Eye Dick’s. 218 Ocean Avenue. 401-466-2473

JULY July 3 To kick off your Fourth of July festivities,

stop by the 350th anniversary celebratory concert on the beach. The fireworks display begins at 9pm. Crescent Beach. 401-466-2982, July 4 Gather your family and friends for the annual Fourth of July parade beginning in Legion Park. The homemade floats, bands, vendors and music are sure to provide entertainment for all. Afterwards, feast with the Fire Department at their annual Steak Fry at the Firebarn. July 6 Tour the historic site and take in the views from the summit on Beacon Hill Day, so Block Island

| 9

Summer Calendar


courtesy of Carol Brown and her family. Visitors will get the chance to view historic documents, guidebooks and building plans. July 10 The elegant Sullivan House hosts Block Island’s second annual Wedding Show. Plan your wedding in a stress-free atmosphere featuring wedding vendors, live entertainment, good food and drinks, and prize draws. Corn Neck Road. 4662222, July 14 Join a melodic movement to raise awareness for environmental conservation by attending Conserfest, a live event featuring grassroots music at Fred Benson Beach followed by performances at McGovern’s Yellow Kittens. Proceeds and donations support Block Island Conservancy. conserfest@gmail. com, July 16-18 Are you the biggest fish in a Rhody-sized pond? Find out at the seventh annual Block Island Fire Department Fishing Tournament. Any eager angler is welcome to participate and attend the event. Prizes will be drawn at the Firebarn cookout Sunday afternoon. bifishworks@msn. com, July 17 In memory of Esta Gray, attend the Gala Grand Opening of the newly renovated Esta’s Park on Water Street. Following the ceremony, join Pamela Littlefield Gasner and Karin Sprague in an island Cemetery Tour, sponsored by the Block Island Historical Society. This church-

10 |

so Block Island

JULY 30: Swim, bike and run (or just watch) at Block Island’s 29th Annual Triathlon, sponsored by the Recreation Department. The showcase of unparalleled athleticism begins at Fred Benson Beach. 401-466-3223

yard trek will also take place on August 21. July 23 Immerse yourself in the melodic sounds of Block Island history at the 350th Anniversary Barbershop Concert, featuring special local songs at 8pm. www. July 30 Sit back and take in the classical, traditional, and swing-style tunes of the Wakefield Band in its first ever Block Island show. The outdoor event takes place on the lawn of the Atlantic Inn –

don’t forget your chair or blanket. 359 High Street. 466-5883

AUGUST August 6-7 Peruse through the arts and crafts of local and regional artists at the Block Island Art and Artisan Festival while enjoying a day at the beach. This is one of the can’t-miss events of the summer. 203-878-2623 August 10 The Block Island Historical Society hosts

Twenty-One Antique Filled Rooms... Sweeping Views of the Island and Ocean Beyond... Your Table and Room Reserved... Cocktails k Tapas k Sunsets k Romance Candlelight k a Specially Prepared Dinner k After Dinner Drinks

. No Worries, No Pressure ,

(401) 466-5883

Relax… Repose… Recall Life’s Simple Pleasures

Avonlea Jewel of the Sea Close walking distance to the ferry, beaches, shops & restaurants

:; Located directly on the beach

:; For reservations or brochure, please call:

(800) 992.7290 or (401) 466.5891

Drop by to see our New Seaglass Jewelry made on Block Island

Block Island’s Fine Jewelry Store


Open Daily 10am-5pm

Dodge Street, Block Island (Next to Red Bird Liquor)

12 |

so Block Island

12 MINUTES Between Westerly ONLY

and Block Island

Discover Block Island – The Bermuda of the North Unspoiled Beaches • The Bluffs • Windsurfing • Sailing... Hourly Flights • Daily • Year-Round Charter flights anywhere Westerly 401-596-2460 • E-mail: Toll Free 800-243-2460

Summer Calendar


its 40th annual House and Garden Tour, featuring the original town center: Isaac’s Corner and Lakeside Drive. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased the day of the event. Old Town Road. 401-466-2481 August 16 Explore the tall ship Mystic Whaler while enjoying refreshments and colonial music by the Hildebrands. This historical reception on powerful planks will take place at the Block Island Boat Basin. August 20 Calling all craft lovers: Block Island’s Artist Guild Fair will take place on the Historical Society Lawn from 9am-2pm. Browse through an assortment of creative displays and support local artists while you do. Old Town Road

SEPTEMBER September 4 Mingle with the Lions Club at their annual Clam Bake. The cookout will take place at the beautiful Narragansett Inn and feature a variety of seafood delicacies. 1 Ocean Avenue September 10 Race the loop from Fresh Pond to Chaplin’s Marina in the 36th annual 15k Run Around the Block. Registration is $25 and benefits the Block Island Scholarship Fund. 800-383-BIRI (2474), www. September 11 The Benefit Concert for Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue at the Sullivan House is an afternoon of food, drinks and great music by the Beantown Swing Orchestra and Block Island’s own Booze Beggars. Advance tickets are $20 and tickets at the door are $25. Indian Neck Road.

SEPTEMBER 24: It’s a Lighthouse Celebration, an outdoor party for all ages at the Southeast Lighthouse. Come enjoy piano music by Anders Vercelli from 4-6 pm, sponsored by the Southeast Lighthouse Foundation.

September 16 The 11th annual Lion’s Club Inshore Fishing Tournament is an entire weekend of competition, beginning on Friday at 6pm and running until Sunday at noon. Registration is $40 and includes a free t-shirt and an all-you-can-eat cookout! Proceeds will be donated to Block Island charities and to the National Children’s Cancer Society. 401-466-5392 September 23-25 Taste of Block Island makes a triumphant return for the second celebration of the year. Purchase a button for only $5 and enjoy a weekend of shopping discounts, hotel packages, restaurant specials, wine tastings, gallery openings, nature walks and more. 800-383-BIRI (2474), September 24 The Block Island Early Learning Center

presents a 350th Anniversary Fair and Motoring Event at the Narragansett Inn, beginning at 11:30 am. Proceeds will benefit the ELC. September 30 Take part in Birding Weekend and study a variety of stunning wildlife in its natural habitat, including warblers, brown thrashers, dickcissels, merlins, red-breasted nuthatches, and more. Registration is $450. For more information contact

OCTOBER October 8 The Arts & Crafts Guild Show and Sale will be held on the Historical Society lawn from 9am to 2 pm. Venture from tent to tent, browsing through displays of local art under the Block Island sun. so Block Island

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Seaside Fun & Shopping

Not just fruit

Beautiful jewelry, gifts & clothing


Eclectic cuisine for the mind and body º

Froozilicious... On the back porch of the National Hotel 401-466-2230

Fine Leather & Pearls by

Wendy Mignot

lorsStreet | (401) 466-2538 Water CoDodge The Bird is the word for Barbecues on Block Island Come in and see our wide selection of wines for any occasion. Or, let us order exactly what you want.

Exclusively at

The Bird’s Nest Seaside FL • St. Barth’s • Bora Bora Mexico • Block Island The Bird’s Nest

233 Dodge Street, Block Island 401-466-5080 14 |

so Block Island

The Red Bird Liquor Store

Fine Wines, Beers, Liquor, Kegs & Soda. Case discounts!

(401) 466-2441

Mon.-Thurs., 9am - 9pm. • Fri.- Sat., 9am-10pm • Sun., 12-6pm

To Ferry >> ter Wa




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t Na




a ion

t. eS dg


Boards, Rentals, Lessons, Clothing & More! Diamondblue Surf Shop

442 Dodge St. | 401.466.3145

Mark's Beach Comber Hair Design Walk-Ins Welcome

Corn N

eck R d.

Custom hair cuts/styling Coloring permanent waving Pedicure or Manicure Weddings a specialty


dT ow n

Rd .

442 Dodge St, Block Island (401) 466-5100

Beachcomber Everything you need for a day at the beach! Resort wear, including Fresh Produce, in all sizes Beach gear & swimwear for the whole family

401.466.2777 |

64 Dodge St so Block Island

| 15

Beaches “A day at the beach”

means different things to different people. There are those who like to load the kids and three tons of beach-paraphernalia into the station wagon for a day of surfing, sandcastles and snack bars, while others prefer to spend their time strolling the beach, fishing, reading a book or hiking along rocky trails to see the sunset. One of the great things about Block Island is that it has a large variety of beaches to suit the needs of just about everyone, all located within 10 square miles. On the east side of the island lie four beaches, which make up an uninterrupted, three-mile, curved stretch of sand known collectively as Crescent Beach. Located roughly in the middle is Fred Benson Town Beach, the quintessential

Crescent Beach family vacation beach. It’s the only beach on the island with lifeguards, and parking is easy (and free), with two large lots that lead to the pavilion – good news for families who like to bring a lot of gear with them. Feel like traveling light? The pavilion is host to a slew of amenities, with much-needed bathrooms and showers and super-convenient rentals, from umbrellas and cabanas to beach chairs and boogie boards. Forget to pack a lunch?

West Beach

16 |

so Block Island

Grab a burger at the snack bar and chow down at a picnic table. At the southern end of Crescent Beach, just a short walk along Fred Benson, is Kid Beach, which is – not surprisingly – a great beach for the little ones. The waves are calmer here, and the beach has an easier slope into the shallow water, where kids can spend hours looking for crabs, mussels and other tiny marine critters. At the northern end of Crescent Beach are Scotch Beach and Mansion Beach. They’re further away from the facilities of Fred Benson, but there are usually fewer people around. Mansion Beach is named for the house that used to overlook the spot before burning down in the ‘60s, and it’s not hard to see why the beautiful spot was chosen for building. Both beaches have parking nearby. Crescent Beach is conveniently located close to town and right next to the ferries, and with its snack bar, hot showers, bathrooms and rentals-galore, it has practically everything you could ask for just shy of wireless internet and digital cable. But as such, it can get pretty crowded. If you’re looking for a bit more solitude, and can go without all of the creature comforts, the west side of the island may be just the place for you. Just south of Crescent Beach, on the other side of the ferries, is Ballard’s

Beach. While it may seem like your typical busy beach, it’s got something the others lack: the eponymous Ballard’s Inn. It’s certainly a step up from your standard snack bar fare, and you can soak up the sun while the inn’s wait staff braves the hot sand and dense crowds to bring your order straight to your towel. Now that’s service. Charlestown Beach is the perfect spot for a quiet, relaxing day. The waters are calmer and the crowds aren’t as big as on the eastern side of the island. It’s a great spot for fishing or just reading a book. The northern end of the beach used to have a Coast Guard station, but now provides convenient parking and a quiet place to watch the boats come and go in New Harbor. South of that is Dories’s Cove Beach, a smaller beach with darker sand, fewer people and a great view of the sunset (and, on clear days, Long Island). Not a bad location for a picnic. To the north is West Beach. Like the other western beaches, it has calmer waves and fewer people, but makes for an especially good walk. Just head north to the lighthouse and Settler’s Rock and enjoy the scenery. Keep it mind that it’s part of a national wildlife refuge, which means no dogs allowed and you should keep off the dunes – even seagulls deserve a bit of peace and quiet. If you like the sound of West Beach, odds are good you care less about swimming and working on your tan and more about enjoying a walk, taking in the fresh salt air and being surrounded by the beauty of the sea. If so, switch your flip-flops for hiking boots and head down to the southern end of the island. Vail Beach and Black Rock Beach don’t offer much in the way of soft sand or snack bars, but they more than make up for it with lush greenery, waves breaking on rocks and dramatic sun-soaked bluffs. The views are gorgeous, but you have to work to get to them: the beaches aren’t accessible by car, and the trails are as rough as they are beautiful, but there’s nothing quite as rewarding as hoofing it through steep terrain only to emerge at a beautiful vista and the sound of the ocean.

Best Bikes on the Block 7, 18, 21, 24 & 27 Speed • Dual Suspension Children’s Bikes • Helmets Available • Locks Provided

Competitive Rates • Inquire About Our Specials All Guest Rooms with Private Bath TV with DVD players! Free DVD rental of movies!

Seacrest Inn & Bicycle Rentals

Kid Beach

High Street, Block Island • 401-466-2882 so Block Island

| 17

18 |

so Block Island

Getting Around the Island

There are only two ways to get on

the island: by ferry or by aircraft. The Block Island Ferry leaves from two locations: Narragansett and Newport. In a rush to begin your vacation? A high- speed ferry leaves from the Narragansett’s Point Judith, which takes about 30 minutes. There is also traditional ferry service. No matter your port of departure, you will dock in Old Harbor, located in the center of town. The ferry features snacks and a full bar, and even has its own signature cocktail: the Chai-tini. 401-783-7996, In 12 short minutes New England Airlines will take you from Westerly to Block Island. Flights run daily, every hour on the half-hour, in the summer season. Returning flights run every hour on the hour. New England Airlines has been providing daily scheduled air service to Block Island since 1970. 800-243-

2460, If you don’t want to spend money on parking lots, which charge daily, Little Rest Limos can get you to your destination. This family-owned car service serves the three surrounding states. They will take you from your starting destination to the airport or the Block Island Ferry. 401294-1414, Although the ferry does allow you to transport your vehicle, cars are not a necessity to get around this easy-going, small town. Due to the size of the island and the amount of vehicles, there is often traffic and getting around in a car can be problematic. Aldo’s Mopeds (401-466-5018), on Weldon’s Way, provides bike and moped rentals. If you find that you would prefer to travel in a car, Aldo’s Mopeds also has cars that you can rent for a day or the entire duration

of your stay. The Moped Man (401-4665444), on Water Street, also has bikes and mopeds that are available for the day or for the entirety of your vacation. There are also a variety of taxi services available on the island, including, Mig Rig’s Taxi (401-480-0493,, McGovern’s Cab (401-862-6087, and Starr Car (401-4999824). Taxis are a relatively inexpensive way to travel; rates are not metered but set by the town. Taxi stands can be found at the marina or you can call to arrange one. The taxis run all day but stop running at about 1:30am. As a bonus, the taxi drivers are all locals and can give you recommendations or answer any questions. Finally, if you want to make for a true island-hopping adventure, Block Island Express ( will run you to Long Island, docking at Orient Point. so Block Island

| 19


uietly Located above the Old Harbor

area at the crest of Spring Street Hill, the inn offers a magnificent vista of ocean and coastline, and is a five minute walk from the ferry landing, shops and restaurants. Complimentary fresh continental breakfast, maps, beach towels, and a kayak available for use in the pond.

Great place to kick off a sightseeing tour of the island!

hISTorICAL SoCIeTY muSeum 2011 Summer Exhibit: “350 Treasures from 3,500 Years” • On-going slide shows & scheduled showings of Island related movies • The new Gift shop/Gallery features maps, postcards, prints & t-shirts

Summer hourS: 11 am - 4 pm Closed Tuesdays for research and walking tours Call for reservations or appointment

Admission: $5 adults, $3 seniors & students Members and children FREE Memberships available


Sea Breeze Inn

71 Spring St. u 401-466-2275 u

Block Island Fishing Charters

2, 3 or 4 Hour Trips Six Passenger Maximum All Tackle Provided

G Willie Makit Charters - Old Harbor Capt. Bill Gould Office (401) 466-5151 • Cell (484) 431-7131

20 |

so Block Island

June 17, 5 - 7 pm Opening Reception June 26, 2 pm Manissean monument dedication at Isaac’s Corner

401-466-2481 •

Land Adventures

Mohegan Bluffs

Block Island has 25 miles

of trails through grassland and shrubbery that will give you access to some of the best sightseeing the island has to offer. Almost half of the island is preserved land, which creates many trails and beautiful views. There are no difficult hikes on Block Island, so feel free to bring along inexperienced hikers or children. The Greenway is a 12-mile trail that covers much of the southern half of the island. On this trail you will pass through many revered natural areas including Rodman’s Hollow, the Enchanted Forest, Nathan Mott Park and Turnip Farm. Rodman’s Hollow is a 128-acre wildlife refuge with many trails, offering views of the Atlantic Ocean and the opportunity to observe a variety of plant and animal life. One of Block Island’s must-see landmarks, the Mohegan Bluffs, can be reached on the four-mile Mohegan Bluffs Trails. The Bluffs rise 200 feet above the ocean and offer one of the most magnificent views on the island. A wooden stairway leads downward to the beach where there are picnic tables, benches and swimming and fishing areas. Just before you reach the bluffs you will find the Southeast Lighthouse, anoth-

er historical landmark. The lighthouse was built in 1874 and can been seen by ships up to 35 miles away. On the north side of the island, the Clayhead Trail gives hikers an opportunity to observe the Clayhead Bluffs. They rise 50 to 100 feet over the surf and stretch two miles along the island. When you arrive to Block Island by ferry, these are the bluffs that greet you. The Clayhead Trail is also one of the best places for bird watching, with up to 100 species seen at any given time. The Block Island National Refuge Trail connects to the 25-acre Hodge Family Preserve. This preserve has several dirt trails and is home to many bird species. The Block Island National Refuge Trail will also lead you to two of Block Island’s points of historical interest, the North Lighthouse and Settler’s Rock. The North Lighthouse was built in 1867 and Settler’s Rock is where the island’s original colonists landed in April 1661. North Light Fibers (203-241-0578, www. is a small mini-mill specializing in yarn made of alpaca, buffalo, camel, silk and merino. This small mill produces yarn of many different blends, from lace weight to rug yarn. The mill is located

smack dab in the middle of Manisses Farm, located on the property of the Manisses Hotel. It is home to alpacas, camels, llamas, kangaroos, emus, bulls, ducks and more exotic animals – as if that wasn’t enough already. Ball O’Brien Playground is located before you reach Champlin’s Marina. It is complete with basketball and tennis courts, swing sets, a slide, jungle gym, and a skate park. Ian Kortbek Memorial Skate Park has concrete and wooden ramps, ideal for all skateboarders.

Manisses Farm so Block Island

| 21

Water Adventures

If you want to experience

the ocean during your vacation, there are many options available to you. You can partake in a variety of water sports, or rent or charter a boat. Get a different view of Block Island with the help of Block Island Parasail, located in Old Harbor. Get towed on the back of a boat either in the air or on the water. They have over 20 years experience in parasailing and banana boat rides. The captains are United States Coast Guard certified. No experience is needed for either activity. Parasailing and banana boating are safe and fun activities for the whole family. Block Island Parasail: Old Harbor Dock. 401-864-2474, Explore the wildlife and scenic shoreline of the Great Salt Pond and the connected tidal ponds. Pond & Beyond offers kayak tours of the 700 acres of calm, motorboatfree waters. Pond & Beyond Reservations: 466-5105, Have you ever wanted to learn how to surf? Diamond Blue Kiteboarding will provide you with everything you need, from surfboard rentals to lessons to get started. Beginners will step into calm waters while more experienced surfers will dive into

22 |

so Block Island

rougher surf. Diamond Blue Kiteboarding: 442 Dodge Street. 401-369-2297. All the gear you need for both land and sea adventures – from water shoes and kayaks to sunglasses and cycling accessories – is available at Block Island Sport Shop. 224 Water Street. 401-466-5001, If you would rather be on the ocean than in it, renting or chartering a boat may be the right option. There are fishing charters from both Old Harbor and New Harbor. Block Island has long been known as one of the best fishing spots on the East Coast, attracting fishermen from all over. G Willie Charters, Hula Charters and Block Island Fishing Charters are located in Old Harbor. G Willie Charters is the oldest charter service, offering a variety of fishing trips for any experience level and any duration of time. Captain Bill Gould has over 50 years of fishing experience, 27 years locally. Hula Charters, also in Old Harbor, offers many tours, including sunset cruises and night fishing trips. On their charter you may catch striped bass, blue fish, fluke, sea bass, scup and many more depending on the trip your party chooses. Block Island Fishing Charters has been working the local

waters since the 1980s. They offer various day charters, but also a canyon overnight experience. G Willie Charters Reservations: 401-466-5151, Hula Charters Reservations: 401-263-3474. Block Island Fishing Charters: 401-4872425, Block Island Fishworks, located in New Harbor, can address all of your fishing needs, including charters, fly-fishing and light tackle. They have 20- to 36-foot boats available for various durations of time. All guides are residents with local fishing knowledge. 401742-3992, For a more relaxing activity, charter a sailboat to cruise around Block Island. White Rose Custom Sailing Charter is located in Old Harbor. This boat can accommodate up to six people. Ruling Passion, located in New Harbor, is a 45-foot boat that fits up to 29 guests. It offers midday, sunset (including wine and cheese) and night cruises daily. White Rose Custom Sailing Charter: 401-466-SAIL or 401-782-1954 If you wish to rent rather than charter, Aldo’s Boat Rental in Old Harbor is the place. They have kayaks, pontoon boats, center console boats and even bumper boats. Aldo’s Boat Rental: 401-466-2700

Join SO R we... s hode Island a y r r e F d and the Block Islan

o t n i sail er

m m u

Wednesday, June 15 5:00-9:00pm*

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*Ferry will depart at 5:00pm sharp from Galilee, and depart Block Island at 8:30pm sharp.

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nefit: Na e b o t s Proceed

rragansett Chamber of Co

mmerc e

Enjoy the ride! Forget about that summer traffic and parking

Going the Distance!

Your one stop shopping for ground transportation Whether it's a ride to the BI ferry, picking up out of town guests, hitting the casinos or just fighting that summer traffic, our reliable, courteous and professional drivers will take you where you want to go Clean comfortable vehicles to meet your every expectation

Little Rest Limo Located in South county

401-294-1414 Book online at 24 |

so Block Island

224 Water St. (401) 466-5001


the beach bar at Ballard’s Resort

Block Island visitors

have plenty of opportunity to relax with a drink in hand. Sipping on a fruity cocktail at Ballard’s private beach or tipping back a micro-brewed creation at the Mohegan Café isn’t plain old boozing around. The essence of this New England isle is leisure, and there are a few ways to drink like a Block Islander. Don’t want to travel to Boston in search of a quality brewpub? Can’t afford a trip to the Bahamas for beachside cocktails? Not a problem on The Block. Ask yourself: How many islands north of the Caribbean offer you the opportunity to enjoy a Mudslide while maintaining that vacation feel? The answer is very few, and Ballard’s Resort (42 Water Street. 401-466-2231, makes Block Island one of them. Seated in close proximity to the ferry landing, Ballard’s owns a long strip of picturesque sand where its wait staff takes drink orders by the dozen. The selection of adult beverages ranges from the refreshing Citron Del’s Crush (made with, you guessed it, Del’s lemonade) to a Mudslide loaded with local island berries. Bottled beer and a selection of wines are also on hand, making Ballad’s a tempting place to spend too much time. One of the best places to go for a view

and a brew on Block Island is The Beachead (Corn Neck Road. 401-466-2249, www. With a sizable outdoor seating area next to Crescent Beach, this popular restaurant is the perfect place to put back a few Block Island Blondes. The locally produced beer (by Block Island Beers) is described as an American-style lager with light malt flavor and a clean finish. While available on the mainland, it’s better to experience it where it was intended to be enjoyed: overlooking the waves near the gorgeous Block Island shoreline. If you’re still struggling to get into that beach mindset, but a beer sounds like a great idea, Mohegan Café and Brewery (213 Water Street. 401-466-5911) will keep you from getting thirsty. A selection of in-house microbrews rotates frequently here and the taste is always fresh. A typical assortment (all made with purified Block Island water) includes a Striper Ale, a Cherry Porter, and a Strawberry Blonde. Customers often insist that they can taste each individual flavor in their beer, a sign of a well-made brew. This pub also offers a diverse selection of dishes to accompany your suds of choice. There are several other noteworthy watering holes around the island. If you’re in the

mood for some wining and dining, try Aldo’s Restaurant (130 Chapel Street. 401-4665871, Aldo’s is a sizable Italian establishment with a wide variety of fine wines on the menu. Everything from Italian Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley pairs beautifully with a dish of Zuppa Di Pesce or Pollo Piccata. If you’re more interested in pairing your cocktail with music than food, check out Captain Nick’s Rock N Roll Bar (34 Ocean Avenue. 401-466-5670, www.captainnicks. com). This collection of three bars is home to a dance floor and a patio with frequent musical performances. Finally, the terrace at the Spring House Hotel (52 Spring Street. 401-466-5844, is perhaps the best place to drink an exotic martini (Key Lime Pie!) with an unparalleled view. It was once selected by Esquire magazine as one of the “Best Bars In America.” Fix your gaze on the sunset here and settle in for an enchanting summer evening. Of course, if you’d rather enjoy a tipple in the privacy of your own room, or perhaps on a beach picnic, Red Bird Liquor Store (233 Dodge Street. 401-466-2441) has all you need to stock up. so Block Island

| 25


Stepping off of the Block Island Ferry

is like pushing a “hungry” button on the ground. You will be famished once your sea legs are gone. Luckily, for people in your position, New Shoreham’s premiere dining strips are conveniently located just beyond the dock. You are looking for Water Street, Dodge Street and nearby Ocean Avenue. One of the first places your eyes will meet is Ballard’s Resort (42 Water Street. 401-466-2231, The restaurant here keeps its entrée selection full of local flavors from the sea. Everything from the daily catch to fish and chips is available, along with sandwiches and appetizers. Littlenecks, oysters and shrimp are fresh for the taking, and drinks on the beach are a treat that should definitely be enjoyed. Mohegan Café and Brewery (213 Water Street. 401-466-5911) is also incredibly convenient. Seated below the Water Street Inn, don’t enter expecting standard fare burgers and wings; this is anything but a limited menu brewpub. Here, patrons choose their meal from a wildly diverse menu that includes everything from Polynesian codfish to steak and cheese sandwiches, from fresh

26 |

so Block Island

fish topped salads to pasta entrées. Pair a delightful meal with one of the brewery’s own micro-brewed beers. Another option is the nearby National Hotel Tap & Grille (Water Street. 401-466-2901,, which serves up local favorites like New England clam chowder and seared diver scallops. They also offer more standard pub and steakhouse fare, from chicken wings all the way to filet mignon. If you manage to move up the street without giving in to temptation, Dodge Street holds a frozen treasure of its own. The best place to head for a refreshing smoothie is Froozie’s Juice Bar and Café (26 Dodge Street. 401-466-2230, Customers can choose from apple-peach-mixed berry, soy protein augmented pineapple-peach-strawberry, and many other combinations. Froozie’s also offers a breakfast and lunch menu filled with creative sandwich selections, including a bagel and hummus spread and mouth-watering grilled cheese panini. There are other Island eateries that keep things simple and serve up old favorites. Dead Eye Dick’s (218 Ocean Avenue. 401-

466-2654) offers food and drinks in a casual atmosphere. Try out the fish and chips or the delicately fried calamari for casual and local cuisine right by the beach. For a sweet treat to top off your meal – or just snack on the go – Blocks of Fudge (459 Chapel Street. 401-466-5196) is the island’s best way to indulge your sweet tooth. They offer a great selection of fudge and chocolate delicacies, as well as an array of other candies. Dining on Block Island is about experiencing a mixture of local flavors and traditional comfort food in a relaxing setting. So stretch those sea legs and find something delicious.

Blocks of Fudge

Looking for decorative hardware and lighting on Block Island?

Here’s a hint. Look in Westerly.

showrooms PLUMBING Visit us at 79A Tom Harvey Road Right near the airport


LIGHTING WaterSpot Natick

Providence • Westerly • Woonsocket • Natick, MA

79A Tom Harvey Road, Westerly, RI 401.315.2727


June 18 - Founder’s Day Celebration

800-383-2474 This message brought to you by the Block Island Tourism Council


For a complete listing of events celebrating the founding of Block Island, visit:

Come and be part of history when Settlers Rock at North Light is re-dedicated. Dignitaries include Rhode Island legislators and the ambassadors from both the Netherlands and Great Britain. The Ceremony starts at 1pm with a reception to follow at Smuggler’s Cove.

July 3 - Fireworks

Block Island lights up the ocean sky with the annual Independence Day fireworks display.

July 4 - Parade

This annual parade is sponsored by the Block Island Double Ender Committee. Following the parade join the Fire Department Annual Steak Fry, sponsored by the Block Island Volunteer Fire Department.

September 11 - Concert

Spend a day enjoying an outdoor concert at the Sullivan House. Look out at the ocean as you enjoy the sounds of the 18 piece swing band, The Beantown Swing Orchestra. Then Block Island’s own, Booze Beggars, will take the stage. 12 noon - 5pm. Proceeds to benefit the Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad.

Photo: Stephanie Izzo


North Light

Those attracted to

Block Island for its miles of unspoiled natural beauty will be pleasantly surprised to find that its manmade sights are just as impressive. In particular, its two historic lighthouses – the Southeast Lighthouse and North Light – attract legions of visitors every year. The Southeast Lighthouse is situated on the Mohegan Bluffs. Designated a U.S. national landmark in 1997, the red-bricked beacon contains a first floor museum that showcases its original Fresnel Lens. Visitors are welcome on weekends from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, and every day from late June to Labor Day. The North Light was built in 1867 and stands as the counterpart to the Southeast Lighthouse. It is the fourth generation of lighthouse perched on Block Island’s Sandy Point after three others were swallowed by the sea. Currently closed to the public, the giant building stands awe-inspiring watch over the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge. Those with an eye for sculpture and a love for meaningful history would be well suited to visit the statue of Rebecca. A cup-bearer stands on Water Street as a figure once thought to be the biblical Re-

bekah-at-the-Well. The Women’s Christian Temperance movement erected her in the late 19th century as a means to rid the island of alcoholism. Ironically, 20th century art historians discovered that the piece actually represented the Greek Hebe: cupbearer to the gods. Abstinence from alcohol failed to take hold on the island, so contemporary blame is (jokingly) placed on the statue. After bearing witness to Block Island’s architectural and historic beauty, it’s time to move on to the more contemporary attractions created by local artists. The Spring Street Gallery (105 Spring Street 401-4665374, is the perfect place to start. Ceramists, painters, weavers, photographers and other artisans (all part of the Block Island Arts and Crafts Guild) come together to demonstrate their artistic technique and make it available to the public. In its 30th year of operation the collection of local arts and crafts will range from paintings of island bluffs to richly detailed quilts. For a smaller operation, head to The Photo Dog Art Gallery located underneath the National Hotel on Water Street (401-466-5858). The little shop holds a selection of local photography from the port-

folio of Leslie A. Ulrich. Gorgeous frames and custom jewelry are also up for sale in one of the island’s most unique art stores. Another memorable spot is the Aurora Gallery (30 Water Street. 401-466-2003). Sitting in the same building as the island’s post office, it harbors a selection of paintings, sculpture, photography and jewelry from native Rhode Islanders. There is always something wonderful to see on the island, whether natural or manmade.

statue of Rebecca so Block Island

| 29

Where to Stay

One of the most important

elements to any vacation is having a place to sleep. Whether it is a quaint inn or bed and breakfast, a large Victorian-style hotel or a beach home rental, Block Island offers a variety of lodging options. Many are historic landmarks that have been recently renovated so you can enjoy staying in a piece of history with modern luxury and conveniences. Located in the heart of Old Harbor are both the National Hotel and Seacreast Inn. The National Hotel, a 45-room, centrally located hotel, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Enjoy the expansive views of the harbor on the famous wraparound porch. The National Hotel is also home to the only steakhouse on the island, the Tap & Grille. The Seacreast Inn, a family owned and operated inn, is steps from the ferry landings and a short taxi ride away from the airport. Staying true to inn-style lodging, the Seacreast features a complimentary continental breakfast with your stay. National Hotel: Water Street. 401-466-2901, www.blockislandhotels. com. Seacrest Inn: 207 High Street. 401466-2882, The Atlantic Inn and Sea Breeze Inn have magnificent views of Old Harbor. The Atlantic Inn, a renovated, 45-room Vic-

30 |

so Block Island

torian, is a short five-minute walk to Old Harbor. The guest rooms are individually decorated with antiques. The lush six-acre property is ideal for an afternoon walk and the tennis courts are the place for a competitive game. The Atlantic Inn also has a wraparound porch with views of Old Harbor. The small Sea Breeze Inn overlooks the harbor, a wildflower meadow, perennial gardens and a swan pond. A continental breakfast and kayak rentals for the pond are included. Atlantic Inn: 359 High Street. 401-466-5883, Sea Breeze Inn: 71 Spring Street. 401-466-2275, Located on the Great Salt Pond in New Harbor, The Narragansett Inn is a fourbuilding hotel. The main Victorian style house is composed of 17 guest rooms and a wraparound deck with views of the ocean. This hotel has a private beach for its guests to enjoy. 1 Ocean Avenue. 401-4662626, Avonlea and the Blue Dory Inn are ideal for romantic getaways. Avonlea is a recently renovated beach house in a prime location. It has an incredible view of the ocean from its wraparound porch and is located directly on the beach – you are only steps away from having your toes in the water. The Blue Dory Inn has been vot-

ed “Block Island’s Most Romantic Bed and Breakfast” by Boston Best Guide since 1996. Located on Crescent Beach, it is a short walk to the beach, dining, shopping and the ferry. Both serve a complimentary hot breakfast in the morning and wine, hors d’oeuvres and their famous “Blue Dory Cookies” in the afternoon. Both: 800-992-7290, If a hotel or inn is not for you, Beach Real Estate or Sullivan Real Estate has a house rental that is ideal for you. Just because you are on vacation, it doesn’t mean you have to lose the comforts of home. Beach Block Island Real Estate has a variety of rentals, and if you decide you don’t want to leave, they also have many properties for sale. Sullivan Real Estate, Block Island’s oldest agency, represents over 150 properties of all price levels, locations and sizes. Beach Real Estate: 401-466-2312, Sullivan Real Estate: 401-4665521, If you are unsure what lodging option is the perfect one for you, Block Island Reservations can help you explore all the island has to offer. They provide a variety of accommodations throughout the island, including apartments, suites and hotels for any length of time. 800-825-6254,

BLOCK ISLAND RESERVATIONS *Hotels*Cottages*Apartments*Suites*


Conveniently located in the lobby of the Harborside Inn across from the ferry “DISCOVER BLOCK ISLAND” MIDWEEK PACKAGE FOR TWO STARTS AT JUST $349!


1-800-825-6254 Visit our website to find out about all packages! “Like” us on Facebook for specials


Shopping What would a vacation

destination be without great shopping? With over 50 shops on Block Island, most of which are small and independently owned, you are sure to find many one-of-a-kind items to make all your friends back home jealous. Despite the size of the small island, there is a wide a variety of stores, including jewelry, clothing, gift and souvenir shops.

Jewelry Block Island has bling, with several jewelry shores that can provide a sparkling reminder of your trip. Visit one of Jennifer’s Jewelry’s (207 Water Street. 401-466-7944) two locations for the full collection of Pandora beads, as well as fine silver, gold and estate pieces. A portion of the sales from the Block Island bead, a piece in Jennifer’s own Block Island Collection, will be donated to the Block Island Medical Center. Martin David Jewelry (207 High Street. 401-4662744) is a fine jewelry store specializing in a collection of sea glass jewelry and Chamilia beads. Golddiggers (90 Chapel Street. 401466-2611) offers an array of locally inspired jewelry designed by owner Ila MannerSchulman. Watercolors specializes in gifts and unique jewelry featuring everything from sea glass to sterling silver designs (60 Dodge Street. 401-466-2538). With their diverse selections and local flair, these stores offer a unique way to bring a piece of the island home with you.

Clothing Forgot your flip-flops at home or simply want a new dress to wear to dinner? Check out some of the island’s boutiques for all of

32 |

so Block Island

your vacation-wear needs. Ink It (212 Water Street. 401-466-5800) is a unique store that offers custom printed t-shirts, towels and bags, as well as affordable jewelry and, of course, flip-flops. For resort clothing at mainland prices check out Wave (53 Water Street. 401-466-8822) an exclusive carrier of Roxy, Quicksilver, Tommy Bahama and much more. A fun summer-wear boutique, Bonnie and Clyde’s (53 Water Street. 401-4668895), brings some of the best designers to the island. Get a pair of the popular Seven Jeans or a new Vix bathing suit to show off at the beach. For even more must-have sand and surf wear, stop by Island Outfitters (227 Weldon Way. 401-466-5502), Block Island’s watersports retailer since 1994. Don’t let the names confuse you: though they’re both on Dodge Street, The Beachcomber sells clothing, jewelry and gifts (64 Dodge Street. 401466-2777) while Mark’s Beachcomber Hair Salon (442 Dodge Street. 401-466-5100) offers hair and nail services, and sells Bare Minerals Cosmetics, Paul Mitchell Products and OPI nail polishes.

Gift Stores Don’t go home without the perfect gift for the dog-sitter – or the dog. For a wide selection of gifts, including pottery, the Vera Bradley collection and Maye Kelley’s decoupage

collection stop into The Scarlet Begonia (233 Dodge Street. 401-466-5024) At 234 Water Gallery and Gift (234 Water Street. 401-466-8600) you can browse handmade works by American artists, assorted home accessories and island inspired gifts for everyone and anyone. The Bird’s Nest is a funky boutique that sells home goods like Swedish linens and furniture, along with jewelry and Thymes body products (233 Dodge Street. 401-466-5080). For your second favorite child – the dog – check out Islandog (104 Water Street. 401-466-5666) for a large selection of gift items for your dog and dogthemed gifts for humans.

Souvenirs You can never have enough sweatshirts that declare your love for Block Island or souvenir coffee mugs to start every day with the wonderful memories of your trip. Venture into the appropriately named Tourist Trap (224 Water Street. 401-466-3195) for unique t-shirts, sweats, beach toys and accessories. BIT’s, (26 Water Street. 401-466-5977) conveniently located under the National Hotel, has everything from stickers, mugs and magnets to t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts. You are sure to find the perfect gift for anyone or the perfect reminder of your trip to the island in either of these souvenir stores.

Block Island’s Premiere Waterfront Hotel Summer Special:

Book any room midweek night and a 3 course dinner is included

Live Entertainment Come Try The Best Chowder Winner of Block Island's Chowder Cookoff

45 rooms all with private baths, televisions & telephones Full service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner Right across from the Ferry Landing

800-225-2449 • 3/29/11 2:01 PM Page 1

11039 S Rhode IS Mag3

Photo: Michael Melford

Block Island In Just Over One Hour!

The Fastest Most Comfortable Ferry from the Mainland to Block Island Getting there is half the fun! Let Block Island Express take you to scenic Old Harbor at the center of Block Island, within walking distance of restaurants, shops, hotels and the best beaches in the Northeast. Ample parking in New London - onsite and at conveniently located parking garages. Within walking distance of Amtrak's New London station.

Service May - September Frequent Departures (860) 444-4624 so Block Island

| 33

350 Years of Block Island It is hard to believe

that Block Island’s rolling hills and stunning landscape was once a massive mound of rock, soil and rubble deposited by a Northeast glacier. By the time of its English settlement, the island had been inhabited by Narragansett Indians for 2,500 years. The island’s existence was first reported by European explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano in 1524; 90 years later, in 1661, it was rediscovered by Adriaen Block, who named it for himself. In 1636, Massachusetts’ Colonel John Endicott took over the island from the Narragansett Indians in retaliation for the killing of an an English trader. Sixteen families, led by John Alcock set out from Braintree, Massachusetts to settle on the Block in 1661. They arrived at what is now known as “Cow Cove” on the north end near Sandy Point and the North Light. Two years later, Block Island officially became a part of the

Block Island Historical Society

34 |

so Block Island

Block Island in the early 1900s English colony of Rhode Island. Only a handful of citizens still farm today, but in its time of settlement, farming was essential for survival. The Rhode Island General Assembly, in 1672, incorporated Block Island as “New Shoreham,” which now encompasses the entire island. Exactly 200 years later the Breakwater wall was erected, transforming the island from a fishing and farming community to what it is recognized as today: a summer tourist destination. The Block Island Historical Society, located on Old Town Road, was founded in 1942 in order to preserve the cultural artifacts of Block Island and to provide educational programs to the community and its visitors. The museum, housed in a charming 1850 farmhouse, is home to a variety of diverse artifacts and exhibits, including a special 350th anniversary exhibit opening on June 17. Free tours are held daily in the summer during regular hours of operation, 10am-4pm. 401-466-2481.

This year, Block Island celebrates 350 years, and it will not be an anniversary to go unnoticed. The 350th Anniversary Committee, formed to plan and oversee this year’s commemorative celebration, has been hard at work preparing a variety of exciting events in honor of the Block’s settlement. A series of historical Heritage Presentations sponsored by local organizations will take place throughout the summer months, as well as tours aboard vintage ships, band concerts and an Island Anniversary Fair. Settler’s Rock will be re-dedicated on Founders Day, where visitors can tour the North Light and take part in other celebrations. An anniversary Barbershop concert, shipwreck party, and September 11 benefit concert for Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue are also among the assortment of events planned for the anniversary, which will be celebrated from May through September.

Ahoy, mates, and welcome to The Beachead!

Block Island’s Favorite Family Restaurant! Fresh Seafood • Waterfront Dining Serving Lunch & Dinner

(401) 466-2249 Located on Corn Neck Road

You’ll always remember your summer on Block Island.

s Rentallable i a Still Av2011 for


omewhere on Block Island there’s the perfect summer cottage for you. And we can help you find it. We have an extensive selection of rental homes and if you’re interested in taking advantage of the current buyers’ market we can help you with that too. From North Light to Black Rock nobody knows this island better. That’s why they call us the Island experts. Make this summer one to remember. Cynthia Pappas, Broker Gail Heinz • Sandra Hopf • Shannon Morgan Logan Mott • Rebecca Pappas

Sullivan Real Estate • The Island Experts since 1967 • 401 466-5521 •

The Seasons of Block Island Beckon

© Michael Melford

© Malcolm Greenaway

© Kate Ryan

© Malcolm Greenaway

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Summer 2011; Escape to the Island for a day or a week, here's everything you need to know for your BI visit