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Testimonials In our residents’ own words:

 “I like the Sensory Chart because it makes me feel more relaxed and happy when I’m upset.”

 “[The colour projection wheel] reminded me of rainbow-coloured fish swimming across my ceiling; it was beautiful.”

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 “When I closed my eyes, it was like I could really feel the water [from the sound effects machine].” Content of this publication is available in accessible formats upon request to the Communications Department. June 2013

Multi-Sensory Environment

at Providence Manor

Multi-Sensory Environment

Relevance to resident care

Benefits to residents

A Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) is a soothing, nonthreatening environment that blends sights, sounds, textures, and motion to stimulate the primary senses to enhance therapy, learning, and relaxation.

Residents of long-term care may experience varying degrees of sensory deprivation. This may result from impaired function, low engagement, restricted movement, and reduced opportunities for personal interaction.

Studies have shown Multi-Sensory Environments to be successful at:  Decreasing negative behaviours  Increasing engagement  Increasing responsiveness  Creating positive mood  Improving appetite, cognition, and speech  Encouraging movement, range of motion  Improving resident-staff relationships  Improving awareness

Sensory deprivation can lead to negative feelings including uselessness, helplessness, agitation or depression. It can also lead to disruptive behaviours, self-abuse, violence/aggression, and withdrawal. The goal of the Multi-Sensory Environment is to provide residents with an opportunity to feel a hightened sense of wellbeing and a sense of self. MSE incorporates a specialized selection of sensory equipment and materials that can help residents adapt their responses to sensory stimulation. MSE provides a relaxing oasis for residents where they have the opportunity to choose an activity at their own pace.

The MSE provides an environment where the resident is able to feel connected and have some control over their environment.

Multi Sensory Environment at Providence Manor  
Multi Sensory Environment at Providence Manor