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DEAR FRIENDS, What does an inclusive Northwest look like to you? We aim to answer that question in this year’s annual report as we take a deeper look at how your support of PROVAIL’s mission has led to significant improvements in our community. This annual report will provide you with an overview of the types of services we provide, and the scope in which these services are offered have been utilized. This report also serves as a financial report. We are proud to say that now, in FY2016, we are a $14 million enterprise. In order to understand what we do as an organization, is important to understand why we do what we do. We believe every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose to live, and people with disabilities are no different. PROVAIL is proud to serve as a community leader, working with others, to champion creative initiatives that improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. This year, PROVAIL launched a new annual event, Inclucity. The event, held in October, is a chance for people to learn about advancements in technology and services supporting people with disabilities. Through this new event we hope to accelerate the movement of creating a truly inclusive Northwest. Also as a part of PROVAIL’s current strategic plan, we have made serving children in our Therapy and Assistive Technology Clinic a top priority. We see mobility and communication tools as basic needs to live life by one’s own choices. In this annual report, you’ll have the opportunity to see the tremendous growth and opportunities for development within each of our three focus areas, Mobility & Communication, Employment, and Home & Lifestyle, and as always, we are fostering inclusion among the board. It is our hope that you come away from this annual report with a stronger understanding of why we do what we do, and why people of all abilities should have the right to fulfill their life choices. Sincerely,

Michael Hatzenbeler President & CEO, PROVAIL






Ken Toole, Chair Adobe Systems, Inc.

Michael Hatzenbeler President & Chief Executive Officer

Harris Clarke, 1st Vice Chair PEMCO Mutual Insurance

Mac MacKellar-Hertan Chief Financial Officer

Denise Kajanoff, 2nd Vice Chair OPTUM

Amal Grabinski Director of Community Living

Kevin Koppes, Secretary Epilepsy Foundation Northwest

Meg Enderby Director of External & Strategic Operations

Jim Chesemore Parker, Smith & Feek

Gina Solberg Director of Employment Services

Dave Marrujo Bellevue Church

Sandy Gibb Director of Manufacturing & Sales–Fabrication

Mike Hughes Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. Steve Suter Healthcare Management Administrators, Inc.


We thank all of our current and retired Board of Directors. It is with your dedication that we are able to work toward an inclusive community.

Dale DeWhitt OpenSquare

Retired Members:

Donald Black Ogden Murphy Wallace, P.L.L.C

Thank you for your service.

Chris King Doug Durbin


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“I want her to be as independent as possible.” – Karin, Camille’s mother

DEFYING EXPECTATIONS What is so unique about Camille? If you ask her family, they are likely to say that she is just like any other teenager. She’s typically happy, she doesn’t like to work if she doesn’t have to, she plays baseball, and she likes to cook. Even so, Camille has had to work harder than most her age. “She has come so much further than doctors thought she ever would” says Karin, Camille’s mother. Throughout her life, Camille has faced serious health issues often setting her back in development, so when Camille takes a step forward in life it’s worth recognizing. “We celebrate the little things that most people overlook”, says Karin. One of the many celebrations is Camille’s growing use of her communication device.



When Camille was 10 years old, she received her first communication device to improve her communication capabilities. She now uses a device called Accent which allows her to communicate what she wants to do, how she feels, and what she needs. “It’s important that she has a way to be heard, to be a part of decisions, to have a tool for learning and being creative. It enables her to show who she is, and that she has her own opinions,” says Donna, a PROVAIL Speech Language Pathologist. It’s also important that Camille and her family, and others using communication devices, receive the education and support needed in order to use these devices effectively. PROVAIL works to enhance communication between device users and their communities, often resulting in a new form independence.

MAXIMIZING INDEPENDENCE PROVAIL’s Mobility & Communication services support children and adults with disabilities to maximize their independence at home, school, work, and in the leisure activities of their choice. Our clinical services create holistic solutions and promote the highest potential for learning and improving independence. Specialists work collaboratively with clients and their support teams to address their mobility and communication needs with innovative technology and creative therapy approaches.

COMMUNICATION Communicate with the world around you is the first step to living life by your own choices. With innovative communication tools and technology, children and adults with disabilities can access their community in a whole new way.

MOBILITY Access to self-directed mobility from a very young age is vital to supporting children, youth and adults with disabilities throughout all stages of life by creating a path of greater possibilities.

Camille’s family hopes that with further development of her communication skills, she will get to a point where she can work or perhaps volunteer. In order to get her to that place, Camille is continually tasked with unique challenges. Although her family has worried that perhaps she has been challenged too greatly at times, these worries have largely been dispelled. “Just when we are worried that we are pushing her too hard, she does something that blows us out of the water”, says Karin. It’s true, Camille is just like any other teenager. Where she differs from most is the circle of community and family support that exists in her life, committed to ensuring that she can pursue the life she chooses.

FOCUS AREA OUTCOMES In partnership with the community, PROVAIL will ensure that, in King and Snohomish Counties: • All children entering school-based services are evaluated for their mobility and communication needs. • All high school graduates have the mobility and communication tools they need to be successful in the next stages of their life. Achieving these outcomes will take broad change to how young children with disabilities have access to communication devices, power wheelchairs, and the therapy services to learn their devices. Over the next year we will continue to explore the best way to move toward this goal.





“I go to work, and I love my job. I am living my life the way I want to live it.” – David

ORDINARY EXPERIENCES The excitement and nervousness of leaving a comfortable environment can be difficult for anyone. This is especially true with the pressures of graduating high school and finding a job in a competitive workforce. These feelings, mixed with an uncertainty of the future are familiar for most, and perhaps even more so for people with disabilities. David, a graduate of the Transition Program at Lake Washington School District Transition Academy, couldn’t have been more eager to do the things that everyone else in his age group were doing upon graduation—and that included finding a job. To make this life expectation happen, David worked with teachers and transition


specialists at PROVAIL to identify which interests he wanted to pursue, and which skills would be best applied to a specific role. With David’s personality and work ethic, he landed a position with Aegis Living of Bellevue. “I’m not doing anything remarkable or out of the ordinary”, says David when referencing his desire to work. Work is an expectation for most, and people with disabilities are no different. “Everybody wakes up in the morning and wants an opportunity to live life to the fullest”, says Glen Lewis, General Manager of Aegis of Bellevue, and this includes working. While David’s title at Aegis Living is Busser, he is much more than that. He connects with the residents on a personal level as he serves them, and listening and lifting spirits when needed. In addition to his responsibilities, David is included in all workplace activities—a sign of an inclusive workplace.

EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES For a person with a disability, a job is much more than a paycheck. It’s having the opportunity to go to work every day to be around people who miss you when you’re gone, expect you to come in on time, celebrate milestones, and form relationships with you. At PROVAIL, we connect quality businesses to quality employees. Our Employment Services provide Schoolto-Work transition support, vocational assessments, individualized job placement, job coaching, and supported employment for youth and adults with disabilities.

employment of their choice. The goal for Transition is to have community-based, paid employment in place before June of a student’s last year.

EMPLOYMENT For many of us, our job is a part of who we are. To have meaningful, community-based paid employment is central for many to live the way they choose to live. With the right job and support anyone can work.

TRANSITION The journey to employment starts before adulthood. Transition Services enable youth to explore career possibilities through work experience leading to

SPECIALISTERNE PROVAIL is excited to introduce its newest program— Specialisterne! This socially innovative program assesses, on-boards, and supports individuals on the autism spectrum for competitive positions in the IT industry at ability aware employers.

FOCUS AREA OUTCOMES If you ask David’s Job Consultant Nancy why it is that David is so successful in his position she says it’s because, “He pays attention to details, he knows the likes and dislikes of residents such as where they like to sit, and who has diet restrictions”. She adds, “Just as significantly, he knows the value of work”, which is something that isn’t defined by ability. Today, David is excelling in his role at Aegis Living of Bellevue. He also serves as a voice for people of all abilities who want to pursue their life choices. “I am living my life the way I want to live it. Shouldn’t everyone have that opportunity?” David’s expectation to work and advocacy for other people with disabilities also expecting to work, will help lead toward a truly inclusive Northwest.

In partnership with the community, PROVAIL will ensure that, in King and Snohomish Counties: • The rate of employment for students with disabilities graduating from high school – not choosing to pursue higher education – mirrors the rate of their counterparts without disabilities. • The employment rate of people with disabilities is double the rate of 2013 by 2018. Moving the needle on the employment rates for people with disabilities must start with changing the expectations of what people with disabilities can accomplish, and encouraging youth and their families to think about the possibilities of employment at a young age. PROVAIL.ORG

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“This is my first experience knowing about brain injuries.” – Gretchen, Avery’s mother


For individuals living with a traumatic brain injury, thoughts and memories can largely fit within two categories—before the injury occurred, and afterwards. In January 2016 Avery suffered a traumatic brain injury forcing him to start at a place of vulnerability and new beginnings. Relearning how to dress himself and relearning facts about his life comprised just the beginning of Avery’s recovery. “He wants to start his life over”, Says Gretchen, Avery’s mom. Avery will have a chance to do just that as he moves into PROVAIL’s new TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) assisted living project (licensed by the Dept. of Health) known as BrainSpace—a state-of-the art facility built to house low-income adult TBI survivors.



“This is my first experience knowing about brain injuries”, explains Gretchen. Both Gretchen and Avery are aware of the services and support that Avery will need in order to further his recovery. When referencing resources specifically addressing individuals with traumatic brain injuries Gretchen says, “I see that there is a huge need for it.” Currently, there are only two other community residential facilities in Western Washington that specialize in meeting the needs of TBI survivors. PROVAIL aims to provide a safe and supportive environment with BrainSpace, but as importantly, to provide a sense of community and independence for all of its residents. PROVAIL’s BrainSpace is designed to be as home-like as possible with a living room, fireplace, warm finishes, lots of natural light, and outdoor patios. When asked about his thoughts regarding BrainSpace, his new

MAXIMIZING INDEPENDENCE People with disabilities deserve the opportunity to live as full members of their community from day one. PROVAIL supports individuals to live as independently as possible, so they don’t just live in their community, but are a part of it. In the Puget Sound, we have come a long way in what services are available, but we have a long way to go to build a truly inclusive community for people of all abilities. Together, we can break down barriers so that people with disabilities can live, work, and play in the community of their choice.

HOME We envision a world where people with disabilities can live as independently as possible and truly become a part of a community of their choosing.

LIFESTYLE All people, no matter their ability, should have access to supported housing, health, leisure, and wellness options in their community.

FOCUS AREA OUTCOMES In partnership with the community, PROVAIL will ensure that, in King and Snohomish Counties:

home, Avery’s response was simple yet profound— “I’m excited.” What’s significant is not only what Avery wants to do with his life but why-to regain independence and live the life he chooses to create. Like anyone else, Avery has goals and expectations for his future. “I want to become independent so I can live on my own with my own job. I hope I can drive again someday and go to interesting places. I want to meet new people, have a girlfriend, get a dog (or turtle) and spend time with my family.” Notwithstanding a disability, fulfilling one’s life choices defines independence. Avery is eager to work with PROVAIL and other organizations to make his goals and expectations a reality. With continued hard work, access to necessary resources, and the support of a community, Avery will do just that.

• People with disabilities have options that support their health and wellness that are comparable with options available to those without disabilities. • All adults with disabilities have a community-based, supportive housing option available to them. We’ve started imagining a world where young adults have housing options that open a lifetime of independent living options. Over the coming years we’ll be exploring what this looks like.


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MANUFACTURING WITH A GREATER IMPACT The Fabrication Division is a social enterprise of PROVAIL. Employing a fully-inclusive workforce, the Fabrication Division provides substantial financial support to our direct service programs. Recognized by Boeing as a Silver-level supplier, the Fabrication Division produces a wide variety of quality parts and subassemblies for the U. S. Government and the aerospace industry. The net income generated from these partnerships is used to support PROVAIL’s direct service programs. From CNC machining and water jet cutting to hand assembly and merchandise kitting, the Fabrication Division offers opportunities for skill development, specialized training, and on-the-job experience to over 50 employees.


2016 FABRICATION DIVISION MILESTONES • Received a Silver Award from Boeing for performance excellence • Recognized as the Manufacturing Nonprofit of the Year by Seattle Business Magazine

THE HEART OF WHO WE ARE Creating an inclusive community cannot be accomplished by one person or one organization — it takes all of us. It is the families,


individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our Board of Directors. If you believe that every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose to live — now is the time to join PROVAIL in tackling big goals to support people with disabilities to fulfill their life choices. Interested in learning more about the PROVAIL Board? Contact Michael Hatzenbeler, President & CEO at

INCLUCITY ADVISORY BOARD Inclucity is a movement to improve inclusivity

throughout the Puget Sound. Advisory Board members contribute by connecting businesses and organizations as event vendors, planning event details, recruiting guests and strategizing how to engage the broader community in the movement.

community members, and


corporate partners who join us

The Gala Committee is essential to helping us pack the room with energy, excitement, and engaged people who want to support PROVAIL at the Annual Gala & Auction. The committee will also play an important role in procurement for live and silent auction items.

in the belief that every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose to live — that makes our work possible. We extend a whole-hearted

PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS PROVAIL has volunteer opportunities throughout all our programs and ways that you can impact someone’s life. Whether it is lending a hand at one of our events, or giving extra support with member outings at Seattle BrainWorks, there is a way to get involved for almost any interest.

thank you to the volunteers of the PROVAIL Family that dedicate their time towards building a truly inclusive Puget Sound. As a volunteer at PROVAIL, you can have a deep impact on supporting people with disabilities to fulfill their life choices. You can help at events, join a committee,


Interested in becoming a volunteer? Learn more about how to get involved or other ways to volunteer at or contact

join the Board of Directors,

or work hands-on with our

clients and participants.


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FY16 FINANCIALS AND DONORS 2% Therapeutic & AT Clinic 0.5% Seattle BrainWorks 0.7% Other Income

5% Community Support

21% Employment Services

45% Community Living Program

7% Administration

3% Therapeutic & AT Clinic 4% Fund Development 0.7% Seattle BrainWorks

19% Employment Services

42% Community Living Program

23% Fabrication

25% Fabrication



Community Living Program

$ 6,819,782

Community Living Program

$ 6,219,643

Fabrication Division

$ 3,728,942

Fabrication Division

$ 3,465,059

Employment Services

$ 3,235,391

Employment Services



Community Support






Therapeutic & AT Clinic



Therapeutic & AT Clinic



Seattle BrainWorks



Fund Development



Other Income



Seattle BrainWorks



Total Revenue

$ 15,109,762

Total Expenses

$ 14,956,867

$100,000+ Wilfred Bolton

$30,000 - $99,999

Employees Community Fund of Boeing United Way of King County Garneau-Nicon Family Foundation Safeco Insurance Fund

$10,000 - $29,000

Gertrude and Eldon Sallee Foundation Ken & Trish Toole Adobe Foundation Byron and Alice Lockwood Foundation Harvest Foundation Norcliffe Foundation QBE Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Richard & Carolyn Mattern Sandi Lund Brain Injury Association of Washington Denise & Paul Kajanoff United Cerebral Palsy, Inc. Kibble & Prentice Mike & Sally Hughes Heidi de Laubenfels & Harris Clarke Riddell Williams Byron & Connie Barnes Lauren & Darren Trautmann Jim & Cynthia Chesemore

DCI Engineers MyKey Consulting, LLC Alaska National Insurance Company Aegis Living - Bellevue BlackRock Foundation Chubb Dependable Medical Equipment Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation Peterson Sullivan LLP The Hartford

$1,000 – $4,999

Brown & Riding Invacare Toni & Kevin Evans Ann Lokey Ed Fugo & Trisha Fulwiler Parker Smith & Feek Terry & Bill Houlahan Meg Enderby & Josh Menne CRC Insurance Services Mary Van Orman Dan & Melody Olson Mark D’Amato Mike & Peggy Hatzenbeler Greg & Jan Monroe Michelle Juno Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions Mac MacKellar-Hertan Doug Durbin Anchor QEA BlackRock - San Francisco Cigna Conover Insurance Cornerstone Advisors


Healthcare Management Administrators JD Fulwiler & Company Insurance Leavitt Group Insurance Magic Metals, Inc. OptumHealth Care Solutions Inc. Parametric Prime Advisors, Inc. QBE/Unigard Shuttle Express Strategic Income Management Swett & Crawford Union Bank United Healthcare Insurance Company Woodruff Sawyer & Company XL Insurance Microsoft Paul & Colleen Nowak Joseph Carroll Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation Liberty Mutual Insurance Quantum Rehab Ryan Turner Specialty Evelyn Reutimann Steve Ricco Mari Anderson-Green Suzie Curti Suzanne Grady Navigators Management Company Trenton Hornbeck & Van Pieper Sandy Gibb Lindsay Bosch AdvanTac Technologies

James Minorchio Washington Technology Industry Association Chris King North Central Kiwanis Club Jim Beam Brands Co. Bell-Anderson Insurance CNA Insurance Imperial PFS Milliman USA Monitor Liability Managers, Inc. Premera Blue Cross Travelers Zurich American Insurance Company Hanover Insurance Group Chris Bading Rob & Teresa Cannon Suzanne Pitone Petra & Billy Duss Steve & Laurie Stupakis Delta Dental Washington Scott Schumacher Kerri Villeneuve Cascade Designs Inc. Dolce Vita PEMCO Insurance Companies Physicians Insurance Rob Rosson Wai Ha Wu Microsoft Corporation Matching Fund Marc Tollefson Phillip Allison Amie Stafford Robert Bowman Evan Anderson Embassy Suites - Bellevue

Peter & Michelle Kline Community Health Charities of Washington State Carrie Gandy Direct Interactions Inc. Kollin O’Dannel Carroll Bryan Helsell Fetterman Rick Carroll Melissa Bryan Cornerstone Advisors Matching Fund Carol & John McGilliard Tyler Reutimann Four Seasons Scottsdale Elizabeth Day Arnie Prentice Paul Dziedzic Gordon & Polscer LLC Le Cadeau Vineyard Robert Lee Steve Meginnis Boyd & Randi Morrison MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Clinic Navarre+Pollowitz and Associates Sammamish Kiwanis Foundation William Savoy

$500 - $999 Steve Sims Nick Anderson Brian Placzek Moss Adams Seattle Mariners Peggy Agress Jeff Weeks

Nick Licata & Andrea Okomoski Thomas Roth The Seattle Foundation Bank of America Matching Gifts Boeing Company Matching Fund Ann & Bill Clumpner Gina Solberg Patrick & Denice Town Carrie Wies David Hastings Joanie Kimmel Alaska National Insurance Company David Hannant Richard Theisen Mark McGregor Jacob Decker Hal Mccutchan Richard Haines Stan & Anne-Marie Lake Cammie & Dave Marrujo Christina Conklin Linda Maracich Goldman Sachs & Co. Matching Gifts Program Brad Porter United Healthcare Matching Fund Dave & Kim Hatcher Jill Boehmer Joe Wilson Christina & Craig Chaney Caren Maldon Rod & Cindy Brooks Pete Turner Eric Joiner Jim Kerr

Woodrow Foundation Greg Bryan Joseph & Nancy Boyd Mark Broughton Suzanne Burke Derek Crump Lavonne Dickson Alison Dillow Colleen Engle Sue Foy Ken Hart Rebecca Hood Craig Law Dan McTaggart Erlend Millikan Janet Moore Ruth Neal Eddie Poplawski Tim Robinson Joanna Rohde Pat Rowen Skylar Sherwood University of Washington Student Occupational Therapy Association Healther Weldon Mark Wilkerson XL Insurance Group Matching Fund


Janet Pearson Kim Williams Ann Von Moritz Patrick Fitzgerald Eric W. Cobbs Shelleen Delaney Tom Bomar Victor Harned Ryan Moses Amal Grabinski Ruth Moore Rebecah Reutimann Linda Reutimann Ned Sander Alex Stone Gunner Anderson Modo Yoga Seattle Ed Bukovinsky Will Clarke D.A. Davison & Co. Josh Helderop Kevin & Amanda Koppes Mike & Diane Spiva Tom Chittenden Dottie Jones Lisa Palmatier Barbara Dickson Kere Greene Carolyn Hughes Scott Townsend Jeff Grange Paige Speir Sigita Cepaitiene Jill Alm David DeBond Michael Goodwill Kutting Edge Fitness Andy Hall MaryAnn Okomski Jerry Benoit Roger Tucker Sky Valley Education Center Cafe Cielo Shelbi Nicholson Kristin McKinnon Tony Darmanin Jessica Hall Gary Hatzenbeler Richard Koppes Murray Lee Doug McFarland Patricia Mooser Starbucks Matching Fund Scot Studebaker Dori Towler Jane Caron Stephanie Collier Leah Idler Geoff & LaDonna Jolly Laura Fileding

Lisa Okomski Ben Starsky BMGI Group Matching Fund Bruce Borrus Robert Curtis Chris & Debra Farmer Cheryl Felak Robert Greeley Terry Green Cheryl Hall Marlow Harris Jeana Jorgensen Kim Lappala Aric Manion Patrick Mazzuca Tammy Neilson Carole Slessman Angela Sweet Emily Tracy Chris Yob Udiyan Padmanabhan Lindsey Van Halen Tim Black Cory Cooper Julie Paul Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Stewart Brown Stuart Croff Laurel Parfitt Linda Bates Wes Marks Jake & Alysa Sturm Ali Ibarra Kelda Nelson Jeremy Bakke Bodypoint, Inc. Donna Cole-Wilson Karin & James Coppernoll David Driscoll Andrea Mano Steve Miller Richard Rapport Lindsey Rey Michael Sutton Mary & James Tremayne Boeing Employees Community Fund Shawn Evans Brian Towns Richard Artura Chris Cleary Josh Harnet Bob Meyer Steve Hatzenbeler Lynn Gregorich Ginger Blendheim Mike Lally Brandon Stone Christina Brandt Harold Eden Steven Gray Matthew Matson Nicole Fullerton Renate Myers Dennis Karlinsky Shelton Berry Shannon Beric Micaela Boehmer Robert Bush Dave Charleson Terry Coe Karen Del Bianco Dave Drews Deanna Dukes Ewing & Clark Dawn Flookes David Freudenberg Chris Gibbons Mark Girouard Denise Hagan David Howe Lucinda Jackson Karen Kilbane Chala Kline Terry Konrady Julia Neander Lindsey Nichols Derek & Francis Olson Pilar Parker Prentke Romich Company Billy Rex

Traci Russell Mel Sheldon Monika Sheron Kathleen Simpson Tim Smith Milan Stefanec Cindi & John VanGilder Cindy Weeks Marc Gamba Adam McDonough Jon Tribbel Alex Haskell Janie Bakke Judy Pickar Matthew Quinn Michael Reph Craig Grant Brian Towne Eric Burton Kol & Sonni Erway Turrean Hatzenbeler Carmen Jacobs Michelle Batson Claudia Berman Chris Blanchard Scott Briscoe Michael Edmonds Robert Kulapaditharom TJ Sundgren Anne Gettman Carla Hudson Michelle Landwehr Kelley Roe Wendy Wharton Jennifer Woiwod Travis Belling Evan Wirkkala Ken Lippe Richard Malowney Tricia Childs Rob Headlee Sharon Jodock-King Amy Logan Patrick Nugent Matt Story Matt Woltman Jeff Akers Joanie Stultz Agata Wine Kramer Aspiri Gregory Bauer Barbara Benson Best Plumbing Tonjia Borland Ian Brown Diane Browning Gloria Burton Eun-Hee Chang Chubb Matching Fund Colby Cook Miles Craigwell Pam Cross Emil Dammel Lisa Denham Mindy Deyong Hazel Dwoskin Sharon Edmondson Mary R. Elsberry John Feltz Dorothy Gendron Stacy Gillett Carolyn Graham Nan Houston Gary Jacobs Kibble & Prentice Corporate Matching Fund Susan Kingston Jeffrey Komar Matthew Kosh Tim Kussie Lisa Latchford Donita Leeson Teresa Lombardi Brenda Lyons Kristina Markosova Blake Marks-Dias Julie McCarty

Eric Merriman Sugar Mountain MRS Systems, Inc. Joe Muller Susan Nadeau Charlene Okomski Candace O’Neill Optum Healthcare Solutions Corporate Matching Fund Darin Pope James Pura Mike Reutimann Linda Rolfe Rebecca Schaechter Schwartz Brothers Restaurants Gavin Skok Roy Sorensen Michael Tremayne Melanie Tronson Washington Business Alliance Roger Wright

Under $100

Andy Emerick Ryan Larson Maddie Carde Alex Christlieb Tom Jensen Kevin Norris Jeff Abram Jean Hodgson Gabe Laigo Andy Hoven Steve Ridgwell Mike Spence Max Monbouquette Chris Edwards Geoffrey Dickson James Dickson Katherine Festa Scott Leonard Tiffany McEldowney Tim Pretare Carly Raltson Noreen Kincannon Blake Konrady Jeff Colby Ben Belur Ashley Berg Jeffrey Dehn Francisco Dias Linda & James Herrling Troy Hyatt Dan McGrady Mike Monroe Amy Pennington John Schmidt Robert Shawcroft Lionel Tamez Nathan Wetmore Melanie Workhoven Carolyn Henry Ryan Barth Tim Salzman Dave Hadfield Tony Karunphan Mitchell Adolphson Dean Young Graham Crow Chris Eisenbeis David Lee Chris McQuaker Riccardo Marossa Jim Thompson Mark Smith Brett Bauer Rick Paige Mike Rutz Ross Latham Jack Ray Joyce Shoemaker Mike Arnold Kathy Prosser Nick Bacher Marilyn Boss Peter Gale Nick Hansen Adrian Newell Christina Fuller Gary Griggs Mike Weaver

Jason Hamilton Dan Schuler Glen Lewis Adobe Matching Gifts Program Shannon Allam Susan Amirghodsi Jennifer Anderson Kevin Anderson Dan Berlin Jean Buskin Irene Buskin Leanne Clarke Joe Cunningham Susan Cwiertnia John DeCarvalho Jessica Delgado Joseph Desimone Michele Dietz DooKashi Earl Ecklund Harry Ehlers Brandon Elieff Patricia Fisher Kathryn Garman Gary Heimbigner Alisha Jackson Renee Jensen Chelsea Krempl Lake Washington Technical College Jan Ledbetter Kelly Lie Carole Lowell Virginia Lynch Tamar Mentzer Steve Mitchell Michael Navarre Nancy Nichols Donald Norman Pacific Continental Bank Gary Purbaugh Greg Rafuse Karin Reed Dan Rich Mary Rogers W J Rose Eric Roycroft Karl Schlamm Theresa Schoenfeld Gail Scott Laura & Mark Simers Sara Slonsky Jim Sorte Matt Spencer The Arthur J Gallagher Foundation Patricia Thibaudeau Nancy Totten Louis Uhm Bill Vernon Jason Webb Richard Wilson Dan Winckoski Nick Jensen Tim McKinney Billy Boucock Jennifer Krause Aran Buchan Darrel Clayton Reid Ekberg John High Amazon Smile Vicky Garcia Brittany Gaines Andrew Hartman Guy Armfield David Kennerud Casey Stenzel Peter Buck David Avolio Lowell Bassett John Casper Margie Cooper Tim Cowan Dean DeAngelo Mark Hruska Adam Lewis Jarrett Lofthus Gary Patterson Ricky Rea Dino Rossi

Mika Shepherd Anthony Spacciante Laurelle Whiteley Kate Collins Anna Dronen Suzanne Fitzgerald Debra Holland Tom Kozaczynski Crystal Martin David Pollock Tim Purbaugh Eddie Ross Travis Taylor Waggener Edstrom Worldwide James Wickwire Janice Worman Tiffany Anderson Mary Andrews Maria Carilao Mike Greene Sharon Hall Cammie Hall Kristina Joiner Marty Kulina Mary Lombardi Rob Maxfield Caitlin McCauley Ann McMurray Bryn Smith Kendra Steiner Collene Taylor Matt Throckmorton Gail Toole Jennifer Whitaker Sheila Yocum Shannan Behrens Cyrus Despres Alaska Airlines Matching Fund Christine Beatty Karen Ewing Kim Farley Nancy Hardman JulieAnne Howe Haley Ledet Tricia Lichtenhan Michele O’Connell Blaire Smith Darlene Smith Bonita Thomas Minyette Wilson Scott Youmans Kyle Rask Lynette Lyngaas Bill Brambir Brandon Chisolm Jonathan Gathers Brent Holcomb Patrick Lee Heather Luke Sally Noel Adriane O’Richey Scott Palm Valerie Quince Bradley Stevens Mahinda Werake Kristin Beaulieu Mac McIntosh Simone Chow Eduardo Silva


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