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Issue Number 41, December 2012

Inside WT41 read about... Best in the UK! Winners 2000 is the j The National Gym of the Year for 2012 a “Slimmer U� in 2013? j Want Find out about our very own Weight Management Program

j Get the latest news from all 3 clubs the latest results and amazing j See transformations our members are achieving programs you j Training can follow on how to beat the j Tips binge this Christmas j and much, much more...

Christmas Eve Christmas Day Boxing Day 27th & 28th December 29th & 30th December New Years Eve New Years Day Wed 2nd January

9am – 1pm CLOSED CLOSED 8am – 8pm 9am – 4pm CLOSED CLOSED Normal Hours (6.30am-9pm)

Are you struggling with what to buy for someone this Christmas? Forget socks, get them something that makes them look, feel and function at their best. Buy an Introductory 5 pack of personal training as a gift this Christmas. The offer includes: H 5 sessions 1 on 1 with one of our Personal Trainers H H Goal setting H H Dietary advice and planning H H Exercise programs set up and completed H H Follow up support to answer all your questions, provide support H We hope that following this 5 session offer, they will want to join the gym. If so we’ll give them a special rate to do so. Help someone start 2013 the best possible way. Feeling good, looking great and functioning at their best. This trial membership is available to any current non-members only, offer available until 31st January 2013.

Winning Times | December 2012


“Winning...” Winners 2000 is officially the best club in the UK for 2012.


e are incredibly proud to have been selected as the Best Club in the UK for 2012, at the National Fitness Awards on Friday 30th November. We were given firstly the award for the Southern area, then chosen over the North, East and West, as the best club overall in the UK.

We take this award very seriously and intend to carry it with pride and responsibility, still looking to get better every day. Thank you very much to those of you who sent kind words via email, facebook and text following the announcement at the award gala dinner. As ever, if you have any feedback that can help us improve, please let me us know. Thanks again. We have already begun work on retaining our status as the best in the UK in 2013. Simon and Team Winners.

Winning Times | December 2012


Invite a Friend to come and join you at Winners 2000, and as a thank you from us, we’ll give you 1 months extra membership for FREE. If you have any friends, family or colleagues who you think would benefit from coming here to work out with us, then please just pass them our contact information and we will take really good care of them. If you have anyone in mind who you think wants to lose weight and is frustrated because they can’t seem to shift it; Or someone who just needs to feel better about themselves, develop a more positive state of mind; Maybe someone who wants to build up, get stronger, add some muscle. We promise to take really good care of them.

Please contact (Newton Abbot), (Torquay) or (Paignton) for more information.

Training and Nutrition for a sustainable fit, healthy and lean female physique By Hannah Bryant, UFE Pro Figure Athlete. 95% of our members list losing fat as their number 1 goal for being at the gym. People always imagine that coming to Winners 2000 they’ll be surrounded by these really ultrafit athletes; it just isn’t that way at all. At Winners 2000 the majority of our members want the same thing; to look, feel and function that bit better, without it having to take over their lives. So I have put together my approach to how you can achieve this, I hope it is of some use to you.


Use both resistance and cardio in your weekly training program Every time a new female member joins the gym, they say the same thing; “wont lifting weights make me bigger?” It is perhaps the biggest misconception there is. The resistance training element of your plan is more important than the cardio in my opinion. Cardiovascular training alone is very limited in terms of what it can achieve for your body. If I had to choose just one, I’d choose weights all the time. Lifting weights increases the tone of the muscle, increases the metabolic rate and spikes natural growth hormone, which in turn helps to burn body fat all day long. The increase in natural metabolic rate from weights will last a lot longer than from a steady treadmill walk, hence why it is more effective. I like to combine both, weights and cardio, and to cycle the intensity of both of these throughout the month, making small changes each week.

Make sure you get enough fibre in your diet, good fibre There is a lot that goes into having a good hormonal balance, many different contributing factors. But, adding more good fibre to your diet is one sure fine way to help lower bad estrogens in your body. Adding green foods like broccoli, spinach, kale as well as almonds and even supplementing with psylium husks, all have a positive effect on the amount of circulating estrogens in the body. If you can cleanse the body of these excess estrogens, then you are less likely to hold extra fat on your glutes. Make sure you get fibre, good fibre, not the processed kind from packet cereals, but from greens and some nuts. A Sample Gym Routine Every week should be different, but here is a sample of 1 weeks training, based on 4 sessions per week, that I may go through with one of my ladies. Program A (Monday and Thursday) Warm up, 6-8 minutes, X Trainer, heart rate about 65% maximum. Mobility work, loosening low back, hips, shoulders neck, 4-6 minutes. Resistance Block Push ups plus heaves, 2 x 8-10 reps.

Make changes regularly so the body has to keep guessing, but small ones The body is designed to adapt, that is how we make improvements. When we don’t create enough stimulus, the body has no reason to change and progress stalls. By the same token, if we give the body too much stimulus, it can’t handle it, and it gets burnt out. Neither situation produces the results you want. Each week you need to make subtle changes to your body. Start with Proteins and Greens, build around that Without getting too technical, if your diet consists mainly of big servings of greens, a protein source and some good quality low Glycaemic carbs, taken at the right time, then you won’t go far wrong. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your food, you should never feel restricted, and it can be a lot more fun than you think. Most people will crash calories when they think about weight loss and just consume very little food. They may lose weight to start, but it will not be fat, it will be a combination of fat and muscle tissue, the last thing you want to lose. As the body adjusts to the new low level of calorie intake, the metabolism will slow down and no more weight loss. Typically, people then cut calories even more, starve themselves, and end up tired, weak and anxious, trying to live off a lettuce leaf a day. Try a day with some scrambled eggs, spinach and blueberries for breakfast, then a chicken and avocado salad with a pear for lunch, a snack on some almonds and cottage cheese, and an evening meal of some salmon, broccoli and a small serving of potato, rice or quinoa. You’ll be amazed how well you will feel just from that simple plan.

Incline DB Press plus single arm DB Row, 3-4 x 8-10

Reverse Grip Pulldowns, 2 x 12-15 reps

Seated Db Shoulder press plus seated DB lateral raise superset, 3 x 8-12

V Sit ups, touch hands to feet, add weight when able to.

Cardio Stairmaster, 10-20 minutes of intervals, 1 minute on, 1 minute off.

Winning Times | December 2012


Program B (Tuesday and Friday) Warm up, 6-8 minutes, Bike. Mobility work, as above, loosen all major areas. Resistance Block Walking Lunges plus DB Stiff Legged Deadlifts, 2 x 8-12 superset. Fitball Squat plus lying leg curl, 3 x 8-12, superset. Seated Rows plus Vertical Chest Press, 2 x 8-12 reps superset. Fitball Close Grip DB Press plus Pullovers, 2 x 8-12 Cardio Incline treadmill walk/run, intervals, 1 minute on, 1 minute off, 10-20 minutes.

To summarise Combine weights and cardio, vary them both just enough so that your body keeps guessing and has to make the changes you want it to make. Don’t let things go stale, change it up, everything, your warm up, your weights, your heart rate zones. Allow enough time for rest and recovery, have an easier week once every 4-6 weeks. Eat a range of greens and proteins, and build your good fats and low Glycaemic clean carbs around them. Working out should be about making yourself feel better, every day, having more energy, taking pride in how you look and function. Start with spending some time on the goal (What you want) and then make your plans with a Trainer who really knows what they are doing and most importantly, knows what you want from your exercise program.

Winning Times | December 2012


If you have any questions, please contact me via email to Check out my website at

We stock a complete range of MyProtein products as well as other quality supplements, including nut butters, ďŹ sh oils, vitamins and greens products. We will advise you on what to take to support your health and performance goals, how much, and explain why. We WILL NOT just sell you something for the sake of it. Unlike many supplement stores or online websites, our aim is to have our members achieve the results they joined us for, and we use supplements to enhance that process. We will never recommend anything to you just for the sake of it. We do not have sales targets for the supplements we stock. We are not interested in using them to make money, just purely to help you achieve your goals.

Welcome to Winners 2000 Newton Abbot!


ur Newton Abbot club has played host for many charity events and November saw 4 local police officers row the distance of the English Channel on our concept 2 rowers. They tagged teamed 11 miles clocking up 44 miles in total. A superb effort with all money going to the special baby care unit at Torbay Hospital. Congratulations to two of our members Alexa and Mark Groft who married in November. They both trained hard leading up to their big day, so much so, that Alexa’s dress was slightly to big (I’m sure most brides have the opposite problem) so a big well done for that! Due to the amount of time they spend in the gym, it was only appropriate to have some wedding photos taken at the club! Winter training! It’s never easy finding the motivation to push yourself hard in the gym on those cold and dark morning and evenings, so why not join our circuit training classes and eliminate the threat of having a half hearted workout! I would like to also introduce you to Paul Hudson who is a new addition to our club. Paul was a former member of Winners and has been through his own transformation since training with us and is now available to deliver his personal training services to all Winners 2000 members. We are getting closer to 2013 and in January Tanja Foy will be delivering Pilates classes from our studio. If you are interested in this class, please contact Tanja on 07976131672

CHrISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: If you are stuck on what to buy for a loved one, why not speak to one of our trainers and kick start someone’s New Year with some personal training sessions. A great way to shed those Christmas pounds and shape up for 2013!

Winning Times | December 2012


Introducing Newton Abbots new personal trainer Nicholas Martin-Jones


or the past 16 years I have been a royal Marine Commando, operating from the harsh arctic conditions in Northern Norway, the jungle environment in Sierra Leon and the hostile operational theatre in Afghanistan.

Since 2002 I have been a Physical Training Instructor, training recruits to complete the arduous Commando tests. During 2003-4 I went on to specialise as a Joint Service Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor, therefore it was a natural progression to complete a sports rehabilitation BSc in which I gained a 1stclass Hons. I then continued studying in my area of interest and passion by undergoing an MSc in Strength and Conditioning. For the previous three years I have been the Exercise Rehabilitation instructor for a tier One Special Forces unit plus Strength and Conditioning consultant for the physical conditioning of operational requirements, in which I was developing Maritime counter terrorism physical training programs and operational speciďŹ c training. I have recently moved back to the area and I am now the head of rehabilitation at Hasler Company in Plymouth which deals with long term complex trauma on the recovery pathway. I am a REPS level 4 instructor allowing me to treat and train the high risk population, and a UK Strength and Conditioning Accredited coach. All of this has allowed me to gain the experience and knowledge to treat patients from the acute stage of injury or post-surgery and progress them back to an elite level of sports performance. What can I do for you??? I can help to improve your quality of life whether from sports injuries or a de-conditioned body, I can increase your sports performance to get you stronger, faster and more powerful. Whatever your ďŹ tness goals, I can help achieve them.

Winning Times | December 2012


You can contact me either: Mobile: 07970154109 Email:

Weight Loss Myths Exposed By Adam Stansbury Introduction Looking for the right diet to follow can be a nightmare, there is so much conflicting information out there and there is so much information now with the internet, which has also spawned many thousands of people trying to make a few quick bucks off the back of people desperate to address their health and body composition issues, that can run very deep mentally as well as physically, making people easy prey for something that sounds too good to be true. Firstly the body is an amazing tool and is meant to be lean and muscular (aka Cavemen and Women), no one is born fat or obese this comes from the food choices we make and the nutrients we choose to ingest that cause conflict with our bodies internal hormonal system (the Endocrine System), which plays havoc with blood sugar/insulin levels and puts the body into an optimum state of fat storage and ill health. I heard the following quote a couple of months ago from Charlotte Gerson (Gerson Therapy) whilst watching the award winning film “Food Matters”, she said this :

day, count my calories etc etc the list goes on, most of these diets make secondary sales with their own line of “Nutritional Magic” pills or supplements, usually modeled by already in shape models. The kicker with most of these fad diets is that they are generally depriving the body of nutrients by either adding insubstantial meals or getting you to live your life in a complicated manner, once you’ve reached your goal you celebrate, come off the plan, put the weight back on and re-join the plan and so the cycle begins. The ever turning “yo yo” dieting wheel. This is not only bad for your bodies hormonal balance and could lead to future problems but also for your self esteem and your enjoyment of life. Here are some examples of well known diet trends and why you may want to avoid them:

Weight Watchers: Uses a points system so that as long as you’ve been healthy all week you can save up points and “spend” them at the weekend on lots of booze and chocolate! Ok so I’m sure that they don’t condone that behavior or have it stated literature but I “Remove the Poison, feed the body inhavetheirspoken to many girls following this style of and God will heal it” Charlotte Gerson diet and this is the way of Now not being religious myself, so in my mind thinking it encourages. It counts calories and does the final part is up for argument but it is the not take into consideration the differing effects simplicity of the statement that is so profound that a calorie from sugar or a calorie from protein and the realization that once the body is given may have on the body, a calorie is NOT a calorie. the correct fuels in which to work, all those billions of cells we have in our body will start It creates a game of dieting making it fun for working at an optimum rate to bring our bodies people to stick to but are they going to play that back into “Homeostasis” or Balance and you will game forever? Probably not and what happens have a lean and muscular physique. when they stop playing the game? It’s not rocket science, there is no magic pill, it is only a consistent commitment to making the correct food choices on a daily basis that will lead you to the body you desire, over a period of time. Depending how far you have let your body become out of sync with its natural size and shape, will of course determine a longer period length of time needed to realize your body composition goals. Which diet do I choose? So what works and what doesn’t? Do you choose low-carb, no-carb, low-fat, cabbage soup, shake a

Atkins Diet: Atkins stresses a low carb diet and doesn't seem to have much interest in real food. I have heard people feasting on poor quality sausages, bacon and other high fat processed meats without any attention to the quality or the processes that have gone into sourcing their foods and the reasons their body needs to combine other macronutrients for long term health. Slim Fast: Basically a meal replacement shake drunk instead of whole food. Creating a huge calorific deficit which will instigate fast weight loss until the user becomes so bored of feeling

starving all the time and will revert back to how they begun, making poor food choices. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all you had to do was to remove all processed and un-natural food from your diet and replace it with nourishing natural whole foods, a diet made up of good quality animal protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds… yes but that wouldn’t make anyone any money would it? Generally a lack of knowledge and ignorance, as to what is the correct food to eat is what holds back the majority of people. So what would be the most effective tool you could give to people in fighting their battle to lose weight and fat now?, in a healthy, sustainable way, so that they will carry on living a lean healthy life long after your weight loss program has been completed and the fees paid, the one thing that all these programs DO NOT OFFEr…Education. Owning your Nutrition Our weight loss strategy Slimmer U has been designed to help you to be more accountable for your daily food intake by having the knowledge you need to make those food choices everyday. So what’s the difference between this and any other weight loss program? EDUCATION: This nutritional strategy is not about selling you an un-natural supplement or a regime that racks up points when you eat, at Winners 2000 we take the time and pride to educate everyone who comes into our gyms and everyone who passes through the Slimmer U program on not just the correct foods to eat but why you should be eating them and what they will be doing to benefit your body and goals. We use a Paleo / Metabolic Typing nutritional protocol which we believe is the most natural and simplistic way of eating for everyone. We don’t want you completing our program and then “YoYoing” back a couple of months down the line. We want to educate you NOW and for you to understand why you are eating certain foods, how they can help you achieve your body composition goals, so that you can make more informed food choices in the future, empowering you to live a long, lean, healthy life without complex plans and unnatural regimes. It really is as simple as “Removing the Poison and Feeding the Body”.

Winning Times | December 2012


Do your resolutions include losing weight? Looking and feeling better about yourself? Then the answer is here... The safe, simple and sustainable answer to your weight loss problems. Available to non-members, you do not need to join the gym, exercise or be a member to start this program. Forget counting calories, forget starving yourself, forget feeling like death, this works. Join the hundreds of people currently losing weight and feeling great using the principles of our very own Weight Management Program. Make 2013 about a “Slimmer U”, sign up today, start January.

For more information check out Ps – You know how you see those pictures of people who have lost weight? They look really happy, they are in totally different clothes; they talk about how easy it was once they got started? That’s you in 3 months if you start this program.

Member Transformations! Trainer: Dean Evans Angela Kay ‘‘Stop making excuses! I’ve lost 4 stone & 67 inches!’’ If you want to become that person that you have always wanted to be then Winners 2000 Fitness is a great place to start. I joined in August 2011 and soon started training with Dean Evans. His professional approach and expert guidance soon got me on the right track to a healthy future. I carefully started following Dean’s 12 week challenge, which included an ever evolving nutrition plan with plenty of recipe ideas. As well as this I trained with Dean on a regular basis. The training sessions were always challenging and adapted to my increasing energy and fitness levels. With Dean I have achieved great results and look like a different person. I have so far lost 4 stone and 67 inches! Dean is both innovative and motivational. He positively encourages you to question any pre-conceived ideas you may have relating to your body’s limits and capabilities. This can really help with self confidence and when trying to break bad habits. My advice to anyone would be; make that commitment to yourself! Make those changes you have always wanted to and stay focused. With Deans 100% support, YOU can become a WINNER and make that ‘new you’ become a reality.

Winning Times | December 2012


Paul Lidster After training at the gym for around 8 years, I still wasn’t pleased with the results. I decided to have some sessions with Dean to see if it made any difference. Straight away he gave me a brand new diet and educated me about the fact that nutrition is key to getting results and that you cannot rely on exercise alone. After following various diet plans from Dean and getting good results, I am now confident in choosing what ingredients go into my meals. I started at 16 ½ stone and after my first 12 weeks with Dean I was under 14 ½ stone. I’ve been training with Dean now for 18 months. He always varies my training exercises with different techniques and tempos, so my body never gets used to training one way. It’s always enjoyable as he regularly sets new challenges for me although Dean would never ask a client to do something he hasn’t done himself. I can honestly say I’m happy with the way my body looks now. I would recommend Dean to anyone who is serious about getting into shape.

For more information about training with Dean please email

10 Tips to Surviving the Christmas Binge By Adam Stansbury Introduction We all do it year in year out, we make great progress towards the end of the year and then December and the festive season halts our body composition goals like a tone of mince pies! That festive mixture of sweet sugary things, starchy carbohydrates and alcohol is music to the ears of the Fat Storage Demons but do not fear there is help in hand, there are many different nutritional techniques that will help you conquer or at least minimize the damage caused during the period of festivities. Damage Limitation So here are my top ten festive nutritional techniques to help beat the Christmas binge! 1. Eat your Protein First: Sounds simple doesn’t it? Eating the lean protein on your plate first helps you in several ways. A. Naturally fills you up before you get a chance to over indulge in the bad stuff. B. Keeping your levels of protein high will also help to maintain your levels of lean muscle mass and which in turn will increase the energy/calories expended by your body in digesting the protein, thus increasing your metabolism C. It naturally reduces the glycemic load on your body. Meaning it greatly reduces the negative blood sugar spike caused by ingesting high volumes of carbohydrates, this is key to you staying clear of the Fat Storage Demon. 2. Eat your Greens next: After protein you should see these nutrients as your next target on your dinner plate. This will not only again fill you up further with much needed bulk helping to minimize your carbohydrate indulgence but will also help to increase levels of vitamins and minerals at a time when everyone’s immune system suffers. They will also aid your digestion and help to alkaline your body whilst eating high protein/fattier foods. 3.Drink a Shot of Citrus Fruit: Freshly squeezed grapefruit, lemon or lime juice. Studies have shown this to help lower blood sugar levels due to the acidity which helps to slow down digestion of carbohydrates and thus prevents an unhealthy spike in blood sugar. As little as 4 teaspoons taken along with a side salad has been shown to reduce blood sugar by up to 30%! Combine with Tips 1 & 2 for the most effectiveness. A little red wine and Vinegar can work as well. 4. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is an ingredient in many anti-diabetic products as it lowers blood sugar by enabling the body to metabolize sugar more efficiently. It can be incorporated into your diet in many ways and especially at this time of year, the cinnamon flavour is synonymous with Christmas. Try sprinkling on your food, into a chai tea, with some hot apple juice, into a black coffee or even onto your mince pies instead of sugar. 5. Exercise: Exercise is one of the most effect ways to lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity, not to mention the feel good factor you’ll get after watching too many Christmas movies. Try performing a quick 20

minute intensive body weight circuit with press ups, burpees, squat jumps and sit ups on Christmas morning to increase insulin sensitivity preparing you for the big lunch ahead. 6. High Protein Breakfast: Eat a high protein breakfast with fats and green vegetables to help curb the rise in blood sugar which can be at it’s worse first thing in the morning if you indulge in carbohydrates, due to the high levels of cortisol in the body. Having a meal that will not negatively affect your blood sugar in the morning will also set up your neurotransmitters for the day ahead, keeping you alert and not sleepy. 7. Paleo Only Day: On a day leading up to Christmas day go strict with your diet and eat a pure Paleo Diet for a day, eating only animal protein, green vegetables and nuts/seeds. This will help to prepare your body for the days ahead by increasing your metabolic rate and increasing insulin sensitivity. 8. Take Chromium: Many diabetics are deficient in chromium an important mineral, deficiencies can cause cravings for sugary foods and elevated blood sugar levels. Supplementation is important for those with problems controlling their blood sugar and will therefore help with cravings. 9. Fish Oil: Indirectly has an effect on blood sugar levels by lowering blood Triglycerides by up to 30%. These are the fats created by excess blood glucose and which are stored around the abdomen. High triglycerides occur with various conditions that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, including obesity, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels and high blood sugar. 10. Intermittent Fasting: Probably the most useful nutritional strategy you could implement this Christmas in the run up to the big day. This will not only help increase your overall insulin sensitivity but will help to create a slight calorie deficit in the lead up to your festive binge. Try fasting from 10pm to 1pm the following day, perform this for 3-5 days pre- Christmas day, eating 2- 3 normal meals between 1pm and 10pm each day. This will create a daily calorie restriction so that your body will be able to metabolize and deal with the excess over Christmas more efficiently. So there you have it, implementing one or more of these techniques will go some of the way to minimizing the effects of Christmas binging on your waist line and will also let you enjoy all the wonderful food and drink on offer without feeling too guilty.

Merry Christmas

Winning Times | December 2012


Life is one big Adventure .......let’s race it!


dventure races are becoming one of the fastest growing adventure sports. Run nationally by organizations such as Questars, EnduranceLife and Rat Race, the series involves trail running, mountain biking and kayaking at some of the most spectacular locations in the UK. Adventure races are suitable for all levels of fitness and you can take part as solo, in pairs or as a relay team. Questars also hold events which include orienteering. Participants map read travelling from checkpoint to checkpoint using electronic chips to collect points. Checkpoints are not always easy to find and you are also against time - you usually have about 5 hours to complete the course. The Beginning I came across Adventure races when looking for new ways to train for endurance in preparation for triathlons. I soon discovered that they were extremely fun, really challenging and great way to learn new skills. I had found a new multi sport that could help to develop all the skills I needed for triathlons but within a team environment. Part of our preparation was learning to kayak at the Devon Windsurf and Canoe Centre at Decoy Lake in Newton Abbot.

Members Suzanne Brown, Jessica Welsh, Derek Skinner, Gavin Burns and Richard Pallot of the Newton Abbot club have all taken part in adventure racing with me this year. Rat Race The first challenge we took on was in Scotland and was the Coast to Coast (Rat Race) challenge in September 2011 where Suzanne and I entered under the team name True Grit. This was an epic 2 day event covering a journey from Inverness to the Isle of Glencoe. The format is usually, run, bike and Winning Times | December 2012


kayak, with set distances to travel each day. We covered over 100 miles in Scotland which included kayak sections on Loch Ness and Loch Leven and a half marathon run round Ben Nevis. There was also a challenging off road bike section through some tough hilly terrain and then a long road bike section covering about 50 miles each day, with some huge hill climbs, made all more amazing by the views. Ben Nevis The Great Escape Since then we have taken part in several more races alongside team pair Derek Skinner and Gavin Burns. The Great Escape is a local event journeying from Princetown to Start Point which took us 9.5 hours. This event was a real test of endurance, especially coming off the kayak section soaking wet and freezing cold, and then having to run the 14 mile coastal route from Dartmouth to Start Point, just reaching the finish as it was getting dark. Cardiff Burn Cardiff Burn (EnduranceLife) a couple of weeks later was great fun, and in our pairs Suzanne and I came 2nd in the women's event out of 11 teams, which has given us a place on the Adventure Race leader board. We can now collect points throughout the year at different races and work our way this space! Training for adventure races can be tough as the main requirement is endurance. I have worked hard with Suzanne, Richard, Derek and Gavin within personal training sessions and then weekly on Monday nights within the running club at Newton Abbot.

We all set out with the aim of increasing our bike and running skills while pushing for longer distances. On top of this we added in some strength and interval training in preparation for the steep hills and mixed terrain. As the training and challenges can be very demanding we also knew that nutrition would play a major part in keeping our energy levels up and helping to repair tired bodies. Therefore, getting the right macro nutrient balance became very important to each of us and is something that requires consistent attention. Lastly I would like to say a little about Richard Pallot who is another member with a lot of determination and whom I am proud of. Richard has been taking part in adventure races as part of his preparation for the Half Iron Man, Wimbleball in May 2013. He has also taken on some tough road races as a solo including Tough Ten, Cockington Caper, Hestercombe Humdinger, Dart Vale 10K and the Hayton Hellor to name a few. This has all been achieved since joining Winners 2000 Newton Abbot as an unhealthy beer monster (his admission) back in 2010. Myself and everyone at Winners will be following his progress and will keep you updated in the near future. Future fun 2013! Next year holds some very exciting events for me. Firstly, I am taking on the challenge of a body building show in May but have booked several other races after this, including the Barcelona Triathlon in October and will be taking part in the Great Escape again. If you are interested in adventure races, the Newton Abbot running club or personal training please feel free to pop in and see me or attend any session that I run. Remember the running club is FREE to members! Louise Welsh Personal Trainer -

RUNNING CLUB with LOUISE MONDAYS Absolute Beginners 6.15pm Intermediate 7.00pm For more information please call me on 01626 331224

Winning Times | December 2012


Member Transformations! Brian & Lisa Oliver


ince joining Winners 2000 in Newton Abbot and training with Adam we have been able to radically change the way we train and how we set out our daily nutrition. We have also learnt how to balance hectic work and family schedules. Training with Adam was always challenging but at the same time enjoyable. He made sure each session we were being pushed to our limits and always ensured we adopted the proper form and technique. As well as training Adam provided us with all the information and knowledge we needed to follow the correct diets for our body types. Adam was always able to stay focused (even with all of Lisa’s moaning) and able to keep us on track and motivated. It has been a real pleasure to train with Adam over the last 12 weeks, he genuinely cares about his clients and getting the results they are looking for. He has shown real passion and at times extreme patience as we are not the easiest of clients to work with.

If you are considering changing your lifestyle for the better then sit down and visualise exactly how you would like to look, then think about how you would feel once you have achieved it. If you want to feel great everyday for the rest of your life then join Winners 2000 and train with Adam.

For more information email

“Being in the best shape we have been in for years has been the icing on the cake”

The Leisure Lounge Cafe For all those early birds, the cafe is now open at 7.30am and available to serve you breakfast right after your workout has finished.

Opening Hours are: Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun

7.30am – 2.00pm 7.30am – 2.00pm 9.00am – 2.00pm 7.30am – 2.00pm 7.30am – 2.00pm 9.00am – 2.00pm Closed

Winning Times | December 2012


5.00pm – 8.00pm 5.00pm – 8.00pm 5.00pm – 8.00pm 5.00pm – 8.00pm

Welcome to Winners 2000 Torquay Real Food Café Tish Price is the manager of the ‘Real Food Café’ - serving food daily from Monday - Saturday between 9am and 2pm with meals including healthy breakfasts, take away porridge and light snacks, flapjacks and protein shakes. All food is locally sourced and you can even buy your meats and eggs through the café. Order today, collect tomorrow. To contact Tish for more information is 01803-313485 or 07805119597 or You can also find the Real food Café on Facebook too for daily meals. Catering Services are also available.

think it is safe to say that winter is here and were are fast approaching Christmas. If you are struggling to keep to your weekly exercise regime due to the dark evenings then why not mix things up by trying a ‘free to member’ class or asking your trainer for a program upgrade. It is so easy to lose focus through the winter as we are all distracted by Christmas social events. However, staying focused on your goals will not only help you look great in your little black dress or smart clothes but also not undo all the hard work you have already put in to get where you are. If you would like more information to help you get through the season see our article ’10 tips to surviving the Christmas binge’ or speak to a trainer today. Canada – Pro card Figure Most of you will know that I have been competing in ‘Figure’ now for the last 5 years. I have just returned from Canada after placing 2nd with the UFE (Ultimate Fitness Events, Canada) and have now signed a contract for my Pro-Card. The pro-card is a prestigious and an elite award given out only to the best athletes. I also then entered the Pro-show and reached 4th Place in the Figure Class. I am the first UK female to have achieved Pro-status with this federation as I have been competing for the last 3 years against Canadians and Americans and I am very excited and look forward to new opportunities. There is an article to read with pictures in this edition of the newsletter. Zumba Classes have new teachers. As well as Monday and Friday evenings, we now have a Friday morning Zumba class with Leanne Smith at 9.30am. Sacha Penn will now be teaching our Friday evenings at 7.15pm and will be moving into the slot of Monday evenings come the New Year at 7pm. From all the Torquay Winners Team we would like to say a big welcome to Sacha. Both girls have great personalities and have masses of enthusiasm to teach to the young and the old, so if you have never tried Zumba, then take this opportunity and give it a go!

“The Cutting Room” Hairdressing Salon with Holly and Rachel. Members receive 15% discount, price leaflets are available in the Torquay Gym. To contact them call 01803-316792 or 07796683266. The salon is open throughout the day and appointments are also available in the evenings. Wedding Bells Congratulations to our member Jamie Coombes who recently married Charlotte, they had a lovely wedding day overlooking the Fowey Estuary, we wish them all the best for the future. 2013 Events I hope you will all want to take part in our 2013 events, The Serious Fit Event will be back along with the ‘Lose An Inch’, ‘Legs’ and ‘Add An Inch To Your Arms’ events, this time they will all be held at each club so that all members can take part if they wish. More details on this in the newsletter. Congratulations to our young Team Winners! Congratulations to Glen Bevan and his wife Natalie who had a baby boy Barnaby George and also to Laura Duncan and her husband Rob who had a baby girl Edie Laura. Both teams are doing really well and we wish them all the best being new parents. In the meantime, I hope you are all really enjoying your training with us. As ever my advice is to be clear about your goals, have fun chasing them and take the time to invest in your health. It’s the most important thing you have. If you have any questions of feedback, please contact me at Hannah Bryant Manager Winners 2000 Torquay

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The Real Food Café open in Torquay with manager Tish Price. Serving food daily Mon-Sat 7am-2pm with meals including healthy breakfasts, light snacks, flapjacks and protein shakes. All food is locally sourced and you can buy meat and eggs ordering through the café and collect the next working day. For more information, contact Tish 01803 313485 or 07805-119597 or email

Welcome to the Cutting Room!!! Run by Holly and Rachel, The Cutting Room Hairdressers from the Torquay Winners 2000 is based downstairs in our Torquay club. OPENING HOURS Tuesday - Friday: 0900-1730 Saturday: 0900-1600 Late evenings are available by appointment only.

Winners 2000 members receive 15% discount each time they come Contact Holly and Rachel on 01803 316792 or 07796683266

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Hormones Basics - Critical for Fat Burning Are You Struggling To Lose Belly Fat? This is an introduction to how hormones play a part in weight loss and health, and how bad diet choices affect their natural balance, including tips for controlling and repairing them. Most of the time I get asked the questions... “How do I get rid of belly fat?”, “How do I get rid of this bit?”, or “How do I get abs?” Questions which are not a one answer solution. With the health and fitness industry full of varied information readily available to the world these days via the internet, TV and magazines, no wonder everyone is confused by all the mixed messages. One of the biggest mistakes over the past few decades which people have been led to believe is the concept of calorie counting and believing controlling calorie intake is the way forward. Calories in and calories out right..? Wrong! The same with fat free products and so called ‘health conscious foods’. It couldn't be any further from the truth! Hormones are the signallers and messengers to all the different types of cells from our brain to our organs telling each other what to do and how to respond depending on many different factors. They work synergistically together aiming to balance out and repair your body. Here is a breakdown of the hormones you need to understand with the food and lifestyle choices to help guide them in the right direction. Adrenaline is the gas pedal hormone. When weight training, adrenaline signals the body to begin burning fuel. A chain reaction then causes the release of other hormones – cortisol, testosterone, and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) to be triggered and the body goes into fat-burning mode. However, when adrenaline is released in someone with high insulin and leptin levels, the body switches to a sugar-burning (fat storing) mode. This is why it is vital you get your nutrition right so your body can maintain homeostasis (balance) and be at its fat burning potential. A lot of people are using this hormone to excess nowadays via overstimulating the adrenal glands to dangerous

levels with the workload they now place on their 'busy' lives. Solution - Control your sugar intake and become more insulin sensitive by eating as many fibourous vegetables as you can daily with adequate protein and fat intake in each meal depending on your Metabolic Type and macronutrient ratios. Avoid stimulatants and get adequate antioxidants to support adrenals. Rhiodiola Rosea is a good adapagenic herb which will help support adrenal health. Insulin - is a storing and locking hormone. High insulin levels assure that any extra calories be stored as fat, while putting a lock on fat cells and inhibiting the body's ability to release fat. Carbohydrates (starches, sweets, processed foods) impact dramatically on elevating insulin levels, increasing fat storage and decreasing fat burning. The pancreas secretes insulin in order to help the body process the blood glucose. Insulin is the only hormone we have 100% control over, so take advantage of this and regulate it to look younger, be healthier, and prevent becoming pre-diabetes or being diagnosed with diabeties. In a healthy body, the insulin binds with receptors on your cells. When a cell has insulin attached to it via the receptor, the cell activates other receptors (that act like messengers) to absorb the glucose from the blood stream into the cell to be used for energy. However, be aware of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when your cells are less affected by insulin and the receptors don’t properly bind with the insulin. Insulin resistance is as if you have locks on the door to your cells. In a healthy body, the insulin is similar to a “key” that opens the door of the cell so that the glucose (from carbs you have eaten) can move from your blood into your cells where it is either burned or stored. If your body is very insulin sensitive and you eat foods that manage insulin secretion, your body will work like a well-oiled machine and the whole process will be very efficient. But, if your cells become resistant to insulin, the pancreas will secrete more and more insulin because of the continued presence of glucose in the blood. The pancreas will think more “keys” are needed to open the door to the cells. This will lead to high levels of insulin and glucose

circulating, but none of either are going where they are supposed to in the body. Rather, the insulin will trigger the body to release the stress hormone cortisol, and the high blood glucose will be turned into fat. You will have low energy levels because your cells are not getting the fuel they need and many other processes in the body will be negatively affected. It is a continuum; it’s not that you are either insulin resistance or insulin sensitive. These are not absolute terms and the good news is that you can shift your how your cells respond on your continuum to be more sensitive. Solution 1 - Eat a higher protein and fat diet with lower carbohydrates. Foods that will stimulate a high glycemic response are starches like breads, pastas, potatoes, rice, baked beans and sugary processed foods. Eliminating grains, particularly wheat is the most important principle regarding carb intake. Wheat influences blood sugar levels the same way as plain table sugar. Lower glycemic response foods like darky green leafy vegetables and dark berries will be the foods which manage your insulin response better and will provide you with the fibre and antioxidant contents to support for health. The best source of fibrous low-glycemic foods are strawberries, blueberries, bilberries, raspberries, cherries, kale, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, green beans, asparagus, cucumber, spinach, peppers, zucchini. Bananas, pineapples, and oranges have a much higher glycemic index. Solution 2 - It is important to stay active and weight train. This will help make you burn more energy; this also goes for sprint/interval training. The higher the intensity the better for insulin sensitivity however, Low intensity can still be beneficial. For best results, heavy weights and high volume will lead to greater energy expenditure and optimal insulin health. Solution 3 - Make sure you have adequate amounts of basic nutrients. Including Omega 3 fish oil, the most important nutrients that support insulin sensitivity are magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D. Many people are deficient in these. Other herbs and minerals and antioxidants which will help are Cinammon, resveratrol, probiotics, vitamin K, carnitine and green tea to name a few.

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Cortisol - is the Jekyll-Hyde hormone. It can be your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to fat loss Cortisol is released in the presence of high insulin levels, low testosterone, and limited HGH. It acts as an unfriendly fat-storing, and muscle burning hormone. If cortisol is released with large amounts of HGH and testosterone, it becomes a good friend, blocking muscle burning while enhancing the fat-burning effect. During a workout, the body releases cortisol to produce energy. Used too long it breaks down muscle tissue, oxidises tissue (makes it rust), and increases fat storage. For the majority of the population, cortisol tends to be a foe. With the adrenal glands working hard on a daily basis by people's current daily conveinience diets and not having time in their lives to unwind and relax or sleep enough, these as just a few or the many contributing lifestyle factors to why we have too much circulating in our bodies. Because of the lifestyle problems nowadays, we have 100 times more stress than our grandfathers. Mobile phones, email, TV and radiation from WiFi are insidious nowadays but still do damage by elevating our cortisol levels. Pollution is big stress on our bodies nowadays too. Solution1 - The main nutrients depleted are Vitamin C and Vitamin B5. So supplementing with these two water soluble vitamins is important to help support your immune system, Support the adrenals and help lower the risk of diabetes. . As Vit B5 is the stepping stone to the master regulator hormone pregnenolone, B5 will help support this hormone fuel DHEA and to boost testosterone in the body, preventing the cortisol shunt, pregnenolone steal. Obviously our physiology changes daily so making sure you provide your body with the right nutrition, you will support the adrenals. Solution 2 - Stress raises acidity in the body so alkalising the body will support your immune system and help lower cortisol. Hitting a water goal is another important factor towards lowering cortisol as well as taking a probiotic. Probiotics help alkaline the GI tract which makes it healthier, therefore communicates better with your neurotransmitters lowering cortisol. Lifestyle factors to lower cortisol include meditating/ taking a nap. Research shows quality meditating 20 mins a day can contribute upto 2 hours of sleep a night. Writing down a grateful log can also lower cortisol/stress through mindset changes.

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Ghrelin – is called the stomach growl hormone. It affects hunger from hour to hour. It stimulates hunger and can promote energy storage (fat storage), and tends to increase before a meal and decrease after eating. Leptin on the other hand affects it from day to day. Ghrelin is produced by cells lining the stomach. This hormone forms part of the communication system between the gut and the part of the brain that controls hunger and satiety (how full you feel).

Leptin is produced by the fat cells and is essential for survival, and tells the brain when you need to eat to get energy. A healthy leptin response suppresses hunger and increases metabolism. Studies have shown that leptin can imitate some of the actions of insulin, thus helping to balance blood sugar levels. It has also been indicated in regulating the immune system, supporting healthy blood pressure, and increasing cognitive function.

Solution - As ghrelin levels rise, hunger signals are sent to the brain. High ghrelin levels are very difficult to overcome through willpower alone. Eating more proteins and fibre (vegetables and nuts) in meals especially including breakfast will help blunt grehlin's message. Also doing intense exercise i.e. weight training and interval training will do the same thing and will work hand in hand together at regulating Grehlin. If your GI tract is healthy, hormones and neurotransmitters will communicate as they should. Use a good quality probiotic like Solgar Acidophilus Plus or Optibacs probiotics and L-Glutamine to help support your GI system and immune health.

Solution - Aiming to regulate this hormone is altered by various factors, including balancing the other two hormones that regulate appetite, insulin and serotonin. Naturally lowering leptin involves lifestyle changes and balancing nutritional intake i.e. lowering stress levels and having the right program design will help reactivate the body’s response to leptin. As leptin is the cause of yo-yo dieting, it is designed to replace the body's store of fat after a period of deprivation. In earlier times, this was necessary for survival. In modern days, this is the genetic response to a low-calorie diet. The only way to avoid having this problem is to eat in such a way as to not upset leptin balance.

Glucagon – is insulin’s alter ego. If insulin makes you store fat, then glucagon helps burn it. Glucagon works in the liver to help it regulate both sugar and fat usage. The insulin/glucagon ratio is a major determinant of whether you burn or store fat. In general, starches/sugar secretes insulin, while protein stimulates glucagon, so adjusting the protein/carb balance favours fat burning.

Testosterone and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) – are the building and burning hormones. They send signals to be lean and muscular, and work with cortisol and adrenaline to assure that fat is burned rather than stored. Low testosterone is a much bigger problem than most men realize. There are many interconnected reasons for low Testosterone such as exposure to chemical estrogens, lack of nutrients in our food, diets that don’t provide the building blocks for the body to make Testosterone, and lack of physical activity.

Solution - Becoming more insulin sensitive is the key. So by eating cereals and toast with a banana and coffee will shoot insulin up first thing in the morning. Cortisol will be higher in the morning as cortisol is at its highest anyway, so you will land with a big crash and crave for sugars/stimulants hours later yet again to make a poor food choice which is quick, easy and conveinient. If that sounds like you, leading your days like this day in day out not only puts your hormones in a fat storing mode, but you will be on the road to becoming insulin resistant and diabetic. Aim for a Protein rich breakfast with good fats with greens and/or nuts to satiate Grehlin, keep insulin low but stabilising blood sugar levels, giving yourself more energy allowing you to think clearer, burn fat and make better food choices. Leptin – is the body’s fuel gauge. It controls how hungry you are on a day-to-day basis. If you become leptin resistant, you will eat and eat and eat as if you are starving. This is why some people become morbidly obese; their bodies never receive the message to stop eating and start burning.

Solution - Make sure you have adequate nutrients which are directly linked to suboptimal levels of Testosterone. Zinc, Magnesium, Omega 3's and Vitamin D3 are a few of the main nutrients to supplement with to get your levels up. Simple errors in diet like eating a lot of sugar and high glycemic foods, restricting fat intake into your diet will be signs you have lower levels. Having a high Pec and Tricep body fat site measured through your BioSignature analysis will be a good marker to indicate lower Test levels. Also beware if you are a vegetarian as you will tend to have lower levels. The Thyroid – stabilises metabolism and takes its cues from other hormones (like leptin) to maintain weight set point; it acts like a weight thermostat. Many people with underactive thyroid function are actually suffering from a deficit in leptin signalling because their bodies are leptin resistant. Leptin acts on the thyroid by stimulating the release of its fat-burning hormones.

Solution - The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating the body's metabolism and the production and utilization of important hormones in the body. Poor nutrition, frequent dieting and some genetic aspects can cause the thyroid gland to begin to function poorly, making weight loss a challenging task. Supporting your thyroid function and your energy metabolism using specific nutritional strategies will help you kick start your weight loss goals safely, effectively and healthily. Try Stiring 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into a cup of hot water 20 minutes before eating and drink the mixture. Add a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon too. Coconut oil/butter, which is mostly a saturated fat, has been demonstrated to have the power in speeding up thyroid function and metabolism.

Metabolism from the Hormonal Perspective The FAT “Storer” HORMONE LEVELS Glucagon – Low Cortisol – High HGH – Low Insulin – High Leptin – High

The FAT “burner” HORMONE LEVELS Glucagon – High Cortisol – Low HGH – High Insulin – Low Leptin – Low

Omega 3 Fish Oils, dark green leafy veg and brazil nuts, cashews and almonds will all support thyroid function. These Nuts, Greens and Veg like spinach and asparagus contain the likes of selenium, magnesium, manganese, and vitamin E, all beneficial for thyriod function. They also contain high levels of antioxidant-rich phytonutrients that reduce the effect of stress on the thyroid gland. Other nutrients important for thyroid health include iodine, zinc, vitamin D and amino acids. Solution Summary - Eating a diet rich in proteins, fats and low glycemic carbohydrates will be key to your fat loss goals. Aim to vary your meats and vegetables throughout the week to gain the best nutrition that your body requires. Supplementing yourself with high strength Omega 3 Fish Oils (high in EPA/DHA), Vitamin D3, Zinc, Magnesium, and a broad spectrum Multi-Vitamin alongside your healthy diet will help provide you with sub-optimal energy. This in turn will ensure your health and immunity is working to its optimum; these nutrients are vital to all the metabolic processes which occur within the body. James Doolan ‘Healthier, Stronger, Faster’ Health & Fitness Coach BioSignature Practitioner

“Disease... hyphenate it into two words, Dis-Ease, it’s a body that is not at ease”

References: Charles Poliquin, Metabolic Effect, Livestrong

Want to lose inches all over in ultra quick time? Take part in our amazing “Lose an Inch in a day” Special event, dates below. A half day of exercise geared towards revving your natural fat burning abilities into overdrive. Includes follow up 14 day diet plan. Newton Abbot, Saturday 9th February .................................................................... Torquay, Sunday 17th February .................................................................... Paignton, Saturday 23rd February This event is run by our Personal Trainers. Throughout the day you’ll be instructed through each workout and have plenty of time to ask questions about fat loss, the whys and why not’s, and get all the answers you need. To reserve your space contact the Site Manager at the club via email or talk to an instructor on duty.

30 spaces available for each event. £20 to Members £30 to Non-Members “Plateaus don’t exist at Winners 2000, just results...” Check out the results from the previous events that took place last year on our website at

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Member Success Story his words!

es, that is me back in 2003, 106kg and very overweight. It was then I knew it was time for change.


I owe a lot to the whole team at Winners 2000, they have provided great trainers and fantastic facilities to help me achieve what I have today. I now weigh in at 73kg (11 stone 6lbs). With the help of Chris I managed to shed another 13kg (2 stone), I am leaner, stronger and fitter than ever before.

So off I went to join a local sports centre. Within 1 year I managed to lose 20kg (over 3 stone) in weight and I was addicted to exercise! I stuck at that gym for another 5 years but hadn’t lost anymore weight, and it started to become boring, monotomous and I 2003 and 106kg (16st 9lbs) wasn’t enjoying it.

In Chris’ words. Tony joined Winners 2000 with the aim of continuing his fat loss, along with improving overall health and fitness. He had already lost a significant amount of body fat but had hit a plateau and needed to shake things up. I looked at what Tony had been eating and although it was generally healthy, he was often eating the wrong foods at the wrong times. Nutrient timing is very important in your quest to a leaner physique. I spoke to Tony in great detail about this and it’s amazing how a few small changes along with a new, intense training routine made such a difference to him.

In August 2009 I decided to move to Winners 2000 in Paignton where Chris Thatcher was assigned as my trainer through the induction process. During our first session Chris asked me lots of questions about my health and fitness history and discussed what my goals were going to be. I had told Chris that I wanted to lose more weight (body fat). So we had a starting point Chris decided to weigh and measure me which he then kept in his records. At the end of the session Chris asked me to start a food diary so he could see what I was eating and then to bring it to part two of the induction. 2003 and 106kg (16st 9lbs) Now this diary was what held the key to solving my weight problems. I was very honest and wrote everything down. When I showed the diary to Chris at our second induction he explained in very simple terms that not only was I eating the wrong foods, I was eating them at the wrong time too. I didn’t feel like I was being told off, instead I felt like I was finally being taught how to eat properly to get the results I wanted. Chris had written a fitness routine for me to do each day based on attending the gym 5 days a week, for one hour sessions. By the end of our third session I knew all the exercises and was given a typical daily session of what to expect from personal training with him. I then felt motivated enought to get on with it by myself however, every 8 weeks Chris would measure and weigh me. This was really good as it was very motivating to see how my body was changing. As well as this, Chris would provide me with a new fitness routine. If I was ever unsure of how to use a particular piece of equipment or wanted to ask about diet, he was always more than willing to help, and if he wasn’t about any of the other Winners staff were more than happy to help if I was unsure on how to use a piece of equipment. I am so impressed with how Chris has supported me, and has continued to do so long after the inductions ended, because of this I decided to hire his services as a personal trainer and have a one to one session once a week. Every workout we do he has something different for me to do. I take great satisfaction away from each session, knowing that I have worked hard and been pushed to my limits.

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I initially structured a new programme for him every 6-8 weeks but for the last 2 years we have been having one-one sessions once per week and then I structure a programme for him to do on his own for the other times during the week. Just looking at the before and after pictures shows how hard this man has worked. He has made such a significant difference to not only his appearance but his whole life in general. Tony’s commitment is impressive to say the least. If anyone deserves to get the results he has achieved, he certainly does. I can’t remember the last time I looked around the gym at around 7am and didn’t see this man either hitting the weights hard or sweating it out on a piece of cardio equipment. We now train together at 6am on a Saturday morning. I think that speaks volumes as most people wouldn’t dream about getting out of bed at 5.30am on a Saturday at the best of times, let alone to work hard in one of my sessions. No matter how he is feeling, Tony always gives it his best and works so hard. It is a pleasure to train him and he always leaves with a smile on his face and lots of sweat on his brow. Quite often later that day he will send a text thanking me for the session and telling me how much he enjoyed it. Since training together Tony has lost a further 2 stone in weight along with getting both fitter and stronger. I’m sure we will continue to train together for a long time to come and all I can say is “Keep up the hard work buddy and continue to enjoy it as you do”.

Come and join our PUMP Classes in Torquay, check out the timetable for days and times, or contact: or for more information.

Sacha Penn New Zumba Instructor at Winners 2000 Torquay Winners 2000 would like introduce our new Zumba instructor Sacha Penn. Sacha will be taking over both classes in Torquay on Monday and Friday nights from December. She is currently teaching locally and has been teaching Zumba since January 2012. Sacha has a strong background in dance with 20 years experience and wants each class to be fun and feel like a party. Her classes are suitable for complete beginners. With the news of Sacha joining us we will be saying goodbye and best wishes to Lea Millman who is off on a new venture.

Zumba in Torquay: Monday 6.15-7.15pm Friday 7.15-8.15pm For more information please email or call Torquay on 01803 327561

Advertise in The Winning Times Would you like to get your business name out to over 3000 members, plus thousands more around Paignton, Newton Abbot and Torquay via our online newsletter? We are now offering ¼, ½ and full page adverts within the Winning Times. For more information please email or call 01803 524553

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The Stress Response


he word “stress” is one that seems to be used on a daily basis by just about all of us. We think of it as something bad, something that we feel when work isn’t going well, or our personal lives, or we are worried about money, anything like that.

But how much do we really know about “what it is” and “why it is bad for us”? A life with no stress at all wouldn’t work; your body needs some stress, in some forms, to remain healthy and functioning correctly. Take exercise, that is a stress, and when done correctly, it enhances the way we think, act and perform. However, like any stress, when we Later in his book, Price cites the fact that many have too much of it, or do the wrong things, that is native tribal societies (in the late 30′s and early when it becomes a problem. 40′s) didn’t even have a word for cancer, yet in 2004 the National Center for Health Statistics MODERN LIVING reported that 1500 people died every day from There’s an awful lot of information out there on cancer in the United States alone! It was the health and wellbeing today, but we know that discoveries of Dr. Price and others like him that led there’s an even larger number of unhealthy people us further away from the standard western in the world. Why is that? I believe it is partly approaches to medicine, certain exercise because the majority of people do not understand presciptions and nutrition. what it means to be healthy! People have forgotten how to take responsibility for themselves. The FIGHT OR FLIGHT healthy person today is healthy because they honor These are common symptoms you may well of their body with adequate rest, nutrition, movement heard which are the result of our body’s general and recreation. Healthy people typically accept reaction to stress. To a degree, when your bodyresponsibility for themselves because they value mind as a whole interprets that it’s under stress, their body and how to express it the right way. your body triggers its fight or flight reaction. In the short term, this reaction is healthy – necessary Sadly, healthy people are getting very hard to find even. But when chronically triggered, the fight or and emulate! That probably sounds counterintuitive flight reaction can be extremely harmful to your given that we have all sorts of new medical health leading to adrenal fatigue. technology. But the fact is research shows we’re suffering from more illness and disease than our In any part of our lives, whether it be personal or ancestors. If you read Weston A. Price’s book, professional, every situation perceived as stressful Nutrition and Physical Degeneration you’ll see that activates the fight or flight branch of the central he offers proof that before technology and nervous system (CNS), called the sympathetic consumerism reached native tribes and races all branch of the nervous system. The purpose of the over the world, there was far less disease and stress system is to provide the body with a boost to among them. For example, Price writes that, protect itself during short periods of stress. “The cook on the government boat was an aboriginal Australian from Northern Australia. He had been trained on a military craft as a dietitian. Nearly all his teeth were lost. It is of interest that while the native Aborigines had relatively perfect teeth, this man, who was trained dietitian for the whites, had lost nearly all his teeth from tooth decay and pyorrhea” (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, p. 181).

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• Increased consumption of bodily resources. This includes neurotransmitters, stress hormones, and energy stores – particularly stored glycogen from the liver. • Shifting blood away from the internal organs to the skin and muscles of the body. This stops all digestive processes, and allows a readily available supply of blood, oxygen and blood sugar to provide energy to the muscles. • Release of stress hormones. When a stressful event occurs, a sequence of hormones is released in the body i.e. adrenaline, ending with a class of chemicals called glucocorticoids. These chemicals: 1) elevate the heart rate and blood pressure to meet any immediate demands, allowing maximum opportunity to fight vigorously or to run as fast as possible for as long as needed to survive, and 2) increase immune system performance for brief periods of time. • Increased sweat. Chronic stress results in sweaty hands and armpits. Because sweating is the human version of a radiator, this helps the body to stay cool and work more efficiently while running from that bear.

As said, all of these features are really helpful for brief periods of time. But the stresses that we now face in the environment of our modern world aren’t Think of your ancestor, the caveman, fleeing from a temporary like the startled bear that our ancestors faced. They can persist for long periods of time and bear whose path he innocently wandered across. The bear probably isn’t going to stalk him for days, thus our fight or flight systems stay active for long so he doesn’t need to have the fight or flight system durations which our bodies weren’t originally intended to do by design. This hasn't really running constantly – just long enough to escape changed. In the face of chronic stress, our fight or the immediate danger and return to his natural, relaxed state. In order to help us out in these brief flight system can have the following negative effects on our body-mind: times of emergency, our fight or flight system enacts the following biological changes:

• Radical swings in energy levels during the day as blood sugar levels change • Progressively reduced energy levels over the long term • Weight gain, including in particular the accumulation of fat around the middle in response to blood sugar fluctuations and hormonal stress • Low Self-esteem caused by weight gain/body issues • Self-identity issues • Digestive troubles including gas and acid reflux • Chronic constipation, common to approximately 90% of people worldwide today • Strong, smelly body odour • The persistence of glucocorticoids and other stress hormones in the body which trigger 1) Chronic elevation of blood pressure and heart disease, not to mention elevated triglycerides (fats), including coming from a low fat, high carbohydrate, processed food modern diet. 2) Weakened immune system – the more stressed out our body is, the more susceptible it is to the cold or flu that’s going around. If the stress persists in your body-mind long enough, the over-production of stress hormones is also likely to lead to Adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands are small glands that sit at the top of each kidney and manufacture your stress hormones and most of your sex hormones. As the adrenal glands fatigue, the body starts to suffer from: • Low energy • Poor recovery from physical exercise • Diminished sex drive • Accelerated aging • Difficulty concentrating FINDING THE CAUSE There are many types of stress we constantly face. The word 'Stress' now seems to be a buzz word to many which is a bad thing as the word stress gets diluted down to one or two things to many people nowadays. This isn't the case. Stress factors may be physical (exposure to the extremes of temperature, injuries, or accidents), chemical (exposure to pollutants, allergens, poisons, toxins, and drugs), microbiological (germs, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other microorganisms), psychological or extreme emotional states (fear, anger, sadness, or a sense of loss), mental functioning (suppression or repression), as well as inborn drives to hurry, to succeed, to compete, as well as sociocultural (work pressures, crime, IRS, regulations, financial crisis and peer and parental pressure). Stress affects practically every organ in the body and if not controlled can certainly aggravate and complicate most any known disease or illness.

Life stresses, whether they’re physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, regardless of the origin, work much the same way. We simply need to learn how to manage them properly, and when we do, they provide us with opportunities to become more healthy and happier within ourselves.

nutrients in our soils and within our foods is Magnesium. Supplementing with this nutrient is a very good idea to control your cortisol levels, and helps many different functions in the body including nerve function. Magnesium Glycinate, Gluconate and Citrate seem to be the best absorbable for the body taken with foods (meals) Everyone of us has the 'experts' inside of us. We just containing saturated fat. need to learn how to listen to the advice that they are continuously telling and offering us. Paul Cheks 'How To Eat Move And Be Healthy' book is designed to teach you how to hear and interpret what your own panel of doctors – Dr. Quiet, Dr. Diet, Dr. Happiness, and Dr. Movement – are telling you about the challenges to your well being that you’re facing in our modern fast paced world and how to use that information to guide you to a happier, healthier life. MEET THE 4 DOCTORS So how do we cope with and overcome excessive stressors? By using the help of Paul Chek’s Four Doctors. Initially, Paul Chek learnt the concept which was called the three doctors initially while studying ancient Greek medicine and herbology. The ancient Greek physicians based their medical opinions on the framework of the three doctors: Dr. Happiness, Dr. Diet and Dr. Quiet. These physicians knew that if a patient wasn’t happy, if they weren’t eating right or they weren’t getting enough rest, the patient was likely to get sick. Today, because so many people are either sedentary or over-training, Chek added a fourth doctor – Dr. Movement. DR. DIET Dr. Diet provides the foundation for wellbeing. Food and drink dramatically affect our energy levels and our biochemical reality, which in turn influences our emotional and our mental reality.

DR. QUIET Dr. Quiet is the physician in charge of energy management and recovery. When you’re overly stressed and your fight or flight system is triggered repeatedly or for long periods of time, one of the first things to suffer is your sleep. Unfortunately, your body’s ability to recover and repair itself is tied in very real, biological ways to the sleep that you get. Dr. Quiet’s primary duty is to encourage you to get the necessary sleep to recover from the challenges you faced the day before and to wake energized for the day to come. At the same time, Dr. Quiet guides you to get the relaxation and the selftime you need to stay calm, focused and energized during the day. Dr. Quiet can show you how to get active rest during your workday that will help you to tackle your projects more efficiently and effectively than ever.

As you’ll soon see, surprisingly, Dr. Diet won’t necessarily guide everyone to eat the same foods. In fact, the kinds of foods and the proportions of foods that are right for you may vary quite radically from your friends and loved ones. Dr. Diet gives you the information you need to make the right nutritional choices for your body. This is also where Metabolic Typing comes in, so you eat foods which are best suited to your digestive system and burner type.

Tips: During your working day, aim to relax your body completely by simply sitting or lying down and taking some deep abdominal breaths whilst closing your eyes. Then visualize yourself being somewhere totally relaxed not thinking about anything but calm. Chilling sounds/music can also help like getting a massage. A few minutes of this will work wonders to relieve stress in your entire system. This includes taking a 15-30 minute nap in the afternoon if you can, as this will be very stress relieving.

Tip: A major anti-stress mineral which is very deficient from our diets because of the depleted

What exactly does sleep reset? Our hormones. Sound sleep each night is a perfect antidote to

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stress. To do this, stick to a regular sleep schedule and try to begin relaxing about an hour before you go to bed. Don't eat big before going to bed, and be sure that you sleep in a very comfortable environment. DR. HAPPINESS Dr. Happiness is always there to lead us toward a life that fulfils our individual needs. Dr. Happiness advises us that if we lead a life that doesn’t fit with our core values and doesn’t fulfil us, every facet of our life becomes a burden. So, the less your current lifestyle fits with your core values, the more frequently your fight or flight system is active. The important guiding truth that this Doctor offers is that happiness is an essential feature of genuine lasting health. Dr. Happiness will help to create and undertake the deep introspective study and intention to discover what makes you truly happy. – Bit of a mouthful? Tips: We are all aiming for balance, and balance is a state of non-stress. There are many things that throw us out of balance. Poor diet, lack of exercise, decreased sleep, caffeine, alcohol, negative thoughts, and dehydration are all things that will cause a negative reaction in our body. Start by try to develop a positive attitude about everything you do. We become what we think about. If you constantly think about negative, bad problems and thoughts, you are simply going to create and draw more of these bad situations into your world. Writing out a gratitude log each night reflecting on your day will make you appreciate everything you do, and doing this throughout the week will made you more positive as you can reflect on this. Questions like, 'What good to other people did you do today?', 'What good did other people do to me today?', What did I learn from today?'. Look at cultivating a good sense of humor and remind yourself to have fun. Laughing always relieves stress, so if you know what things make you laugh, do so more often! It is important to realise that we can choose which type of stress we will experience, negative or positive. We have control through our choices and perception.

movement isn’t simply necessary for keeping a trim figure or decreasing the risk of heart disease. It is also necessary to get nutrients to and through our bodies, to move and eliminate waste and toxins out of our bodies and to generate emotional stability and mental clarity. However, these day there are way too many external stressors and toxins in our environment including malnutrishing soil which is a big problem we now face (as mentioned in Dr. Diet and Magnesium deficiency). Dr. Movement is there to show you the way to acquire more life-force and how to move it into action so that you can truly experience and enjoy life.

ARE YOU READY TO CONSULT WITH YOUR 4 DOCTORS? Many people will argue that it’s just easier to take a pill and forget about it. But, because pills don’t address the root causes – which are the constant, excessive stresses that trigger our fight or flight systems – they can never give us the freedom of true health. When we truly live, we listen to our bodies in this way, like our inner-voice. When we feel, communicate and work comforatbly with our body, we are in the flow and life is more rewarding for us.

When we don’t listen, and resort to unnecessary drugs to avoid the actual cause of our problems, we Tips: When it comes to exercise, things get trickier are no longer really living. We’re just aging, and fast. It should come as no surprise that the antiwith a person under many stressors. After all, exercise is a stress to the body, right? While this is aging business is the latest and greatest medical true, remember some stressors can be positive and boom to come along, with yet another host of drugs, synthetic hormones, injectables and surgical some can negative. The way you choose to do cut-snip-n-tuck procedures – none of which exercise will determine which scenario predominates. Proper exercise acts like a tune-up addresses the stresses that caused the problem in the first place! to your hormonal stress network. This is another form of reset for the body. Only this time, you get the benefit of having new more effective software With a little bit of training, you can learn to hear the voices of your Four Doctors. Each of these inner added after reboot. This new software includes hormones that repair and make the body stronger doctors will help you to understand the symptoms that you’re facing and their causes, and provide you and leaner so that the next time you encounter with the tools and guidance you need to transform stress it will be less likely to knock you out of balance. Exercise done properly allows us to stay in these distressing pressures into opportunities for personal growth and wellbeing. a balanced state for much longer periods of time which is why research shows those who regularly exercise are happier, healthier, leaner, and stronger. Let’s get started and see what prescriptions your Four Doctors are already trying to give you and The mistake made by most people, is too much time spent exercising e.g. Long duration cardio like prepare to create the new you! the cross-trainer and the Stairmaster. Long drawn A few of many books I recommend on relieving out exercise sessions are not necessary, and may Stress and on understanding Cortisol are The actually increase certain messengers that lead to further imbalance. Especially the cortisol response. Cortisol Connection: Why Stress Makes You Fat and Choosing short duration higher intensity exercise Ruins Your Health - And What You Can Do about It, by Shawn Talbott.The Power of the Subconcious and strength/weight training provides the right Mind, by Joseph Murphy. How To Eat Move And Be balance of hormonal software to help our bodies Healthy, by Paul Chek. The Greatness Guide, and The run more efficiently. Not only does this type of Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma. exercise burn a tremendous amount of calories during exercise, but the hormonal situation created References: Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin, Jade Teta. allows for increased energy usage for long periods of time after the exercise has stopped.

DR. MOVEMENT Dr. Movement is the addition to the panel of your inner Doctors. Over the course of history, humans have become more and more sedentary. We no longer have to hunt and gather just to feed ourselves. Our jobs and careers require us to sit most of the day in front of computer screens, and the daily demands of our life often keep us from any kind of beneficial physical movement. Daily Winning Times | December 2012


Do you want to build up your arms and fill out your sleeves? Add inches to your arms in just one day!!! Take part in our proven one day arm cure event, dates below: “Add an Inch in a Day” Newton Abbot, Saturday 9th March .................................................................... Torquay, Saturday 16th March This event will be run by your team of personal trainers. You will be instructed throughout the day on the exercises to undertake, as well as given nutritional advice for both during and after the event. To reserve your space contact the Site Manager at the club via email or talk to an instructor.

30 spaces available for each event. £20 to Members £30 to Non-Members “Plateaus don’t exist at Winners 2000, just results...” Check out the results from the previous events that took place last year on our website at

Winning Times | December 2012


Newton Abbot - 01626 331224

Torquay - 01803 327561

Paignton - 01803 524553



Pilates Zoe Winterbourne 7.45pm

Pilates Zoe Winterbourne 9.30am Zumba Sarah Harris 6.00pm Pump Leanne Smith 7.00pm



Zumba Lea Millman 6:15pm

Pump Hannah Bryant 6.15pm


Tuesday Circuits James Doolan 7.00am

Circuits Rob Hughes 7.45pm Wednesday Pump Leanne Smith 9:30am


20 minute ABS Blast Adam Stansbury 6:00pm Absolute Beginners Running Club Louise 6:15pm Running Club Louise 7:00pm

20 minute ABS Blast Adam Stansbury 6:00pm


Saturday Zumba Sarah Harris 9.00am

Cardio, Tone & Stretch

Leanne Smith 10.00am Combat Leanne Smith 6.00pm Pump Leanne Smith 7.00pm

Core Leanne Smith 6.00pm


Friday Zumba Leanne Smith 9:30am

Circuit Training Glen Bevan 6.00pm

Beginner’s Running Club Sam Essam 6:30pm Zumba Sacha Penn 7:15pm


Friday Circuits James Doolan 7.00am

Saturday Experienced Running Club Glen Bevan 7.30am


Circuits Steve Murray 9.15am

Advanced Circuits Ben 6:30pm Zumba Mandi 6.00pm

Zumba Ted 6.00pm

Friday Circuits Tom Clark 7.00am

Pump Louise 9:15am

Pump Louise 9:15am

Winning Times | December 2012


Wednesday ½ Hour Blast Tom Clark 7.00am Zumba Sarah Harris 9.30am

Pump Louise 7:00pm

Fitball Andy 6:00pm

Circuit Training James Doolan 6.15pm

Welcome to Winners 2000 Paignton Paignton Update


here goes another year! We hope all our Paignton members have achieved what they set out to do in the past 12 months, and if not, hopefully you are on the right track. Each New Year gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate and work towards a goal with renewed focus and determination, I hope we can help and be a part of that with you. I am extremely proud of all my trainers here in Paignton, and I would personally like to thank them all for the long hours and hard work they put in this year. The members’ testimonies throughout It is with great pride that we announce that the Paignton gym retained the "Can you kick it" trophy this newsletter go to show what amazing after trailing in the final to the Torquay team. They results they are helping you all achieve. came back to level the match and take it to penalties where they were finally successful. It was This year will go down as one of our busiest. Not only did we move to are fantastic new home, but we a great day and had over 60 members taking part. have also held Charity events like the Zumbathon in We look forward to running the event again next Paignton for the first time, had record numbers and year. Let us hope we can keep our winning streak personal bests in our ‘Test Yourself’ event Serious Fit, going. we have introduced new staff and new services Jeff Gilbert- GP Referral Scheme throughout the year and on top of that we have I would like to introduce Jeff as a further addition to been nominated for the second year in a row for ‘Gym of the Year.’ All this goes to show that we really our Paignton team. Jeff is qualified through the have a fantastic facility for you all to enjoy and we Wright Foundation and heads up our GP referral scheme on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Jeff has taken are so glad we can share it with you. over the role from Dean and Debbie and has fitted in so well. The group are making some fantastic gains and it is a real pleasure to see them working out in the gym. The GP Referral Scheme is a nationwide format to help people with injuries or illnesses to get into exercise in a controlled and supervised manner. If you think this might be of benefit to you or any of your friends, please get in contact with Jeff or speak to your GP, we would love to see you in the gym. Latest News We are so happy to announce the arrival of Freddie Looking forward to 2013 Due to the huge success of ‘Lose an inch’ day in John Thatcher, the beautiful baby boy belongs to Newton Abbot in 2012, we will be holding are very one of our Trainers Chris Thatcher and his wife Maria, Freddie was born on November 8th. We wish own in February 2013 at the Paignton gym. The their little family all the best and hopefully not too whole day is based around losing body fat, using our many sleepless nights..... Thatch needs his beauty very own Weight Management Plan. We will put you through new exercise techniques such as GBC sleep. (German Body Composition) training as well as a ‘Can you Kick It’ Charity Football Match We recently held a charity football day at Paignton Sports College on the Astro turf pitch. The event comprised of teams from Torquay, Newton Abbot, Paignton and this year for the first time a Winners 2000 instructors team.

detailed diet and supplement plans to help ‘lose that inch.’ Whether you have a couple of pounds to lose or much more, this strategy will help get you there. It is perfect timing for the Post Christmas burn off that some of you will be taking part in, so I highly recommend you booking your place quickly. Please look out for more details coming soon. Extra Services at Winners 2000 Paignton I would also like to remind everyone of two fantastic services that we have in our Paignton gym. Upstairs we have both Stag Hairdressers and Sports Therapy, these services complement us really well and it is a pleasure to be working alongside these companies. Stag Hairdressers are open Monday to Saturday and are available for walk ins and appointments for both members and non-members alike. If you work or live in the Paignton area, what could be easier than popping in on your lunch break or after work, parking in our free car park and having a professional Haircut without any stress or waiting. Contact Stag on 07512680236 or ‘like’ on facebook!/STAGGentlemansHair for all the latest updates. We also have a dedicated Sport Therapy clinic upstairs, with all the latest equipment. The services include sports massage, injury treatment and rehab, electrotherapy and biomechanical assessment. So from everyone at Winners 2000 Paignton, Have a fantastic Christmas and an amazing 2013! Jon and team.

Winning Times | December 2012


Meet the Toms family .... a family that trains together, sees great results!


he Toms family consisting of dad Andy, mum Sam and their two boys Matt and Nick joined the Paignton club in May 2012. All had individual targets however their main common goal was to lose weight and improve their health as a family. For Andy and Matt this also included giving up smoking.

The family had decided that it was time to find a new gym and commit to making a complete lifestyle change. With this they started eating better with frequent healthy meals and exercising with a greater purpose and clearer direction using training programs written by Tristan Sellors and Sarah Harris both trainers at the Paignton club.

“I am so glad that my family and I switched to Winners 2000, it’s been the making of us in turning our lifestyles around” Sam Toms “It’s the best feeling to notice a change with your appearance” Matt Toms “My preconceived thoughts were that I would feel intimidated and out of place but these thoughts were quickly extinguished” Andy Toms

Before joining Winners Nick had been doing cardio at a friend’s gym but had seen hardly any physical improvements. It was only when he started following a weight training programme mixed with some cardio that the weight began falling off. Nick has now lost over 3stone in weight, built muscle and has his eating habits under control. He has learnt that eating small meals often leaves his body burning body fat efficiently. Matt has also lost a lot of weight. Since May he has lost over 4 stone and has a completely new physical appearance. Matt started at Winners with a program written by trainer Sarah Harris. The program contained a mixture of heavy lifts and drops sets to create a positive hormone response so the body started using body fat for energy. Since then he has added in spinning classes* to his weekly program to add on extra calorie expenditure. Dad Andy joined Winners weighing 18 ½ stone. Six months later he weighs in at 14 ½ stone losing amazing 4 stone, has more energy and looks forward to his training days. Upon starting training Andy completed a 10 block of personal training sessions with Tristan. These sessions helped to educate him on the most effective ways to lift weights and create intensity. Through this process Andy improved his strength, added lean muscle and gained a lot of confidence when it came to lifting heavier loads. As well as shredding body fat Andy and Matt had been trying to give up smoking by using electric cigarettes. Both have now completely given up and are feeling the benefits including better breathing and having more efficiently with their training. All the boys enjoy training together as it allows them to spend time as a family while creating some healthy competition. They also help to spot each other while tackling heavy lifts or when finishing off those final few reps.

October 2011

November 2012

Mum Sam has also produced some great results with trainer Tristan Sellors. By following a program combining weights and cardio she has managed to lose some weight but more importantly has lost inches, toned up and feels full of good health and positivity which was her main goal. She has also stayed committed to attending 4 times a week in order to get a step closer to her goals every day. If you feel you need help changing your current lifestyle but are unsure of where or how to start please contact either Sarah or Tristan on 01803 524553 or email or *Spinning classes are available at Torquay and Paignton Winners with Spinergy. For more info please visit

Winning Times | December 2012


Andy Toms Before

New Classes in Paignton At the end of October Winners 2000 in Paignton launched a brand new studio timetable. ‘The Zone’ now holds 13 fitness classes a week including early morning, mid morning and evening slots Monday Early Doors Mid Morning Evening


Pilates Zoe Winterbourne 7.45pm-8.30pm

Friday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Circuits ½ Hour Blast Zumba Tom Clark Tom Clark Sarah Harris 7.00am-7.45am 9.00am-10.00am 7.00am-7.30am Cardio, Tone & Stretch Pilates Zumba Leanne Smith Sarah Harris Zoe Winterbourne 9.30am-10.30am 9.30am-10.30am 10.00am-11.00am Combat Zumba Core Conditioning Leanne Smith Sarah Harris Leanne Smith 6.00pm-7.00pm 6.00pm-6.30pm 6.00pm-6.50pm Pump Pump Circuits Leanne Smith Leanne Smith Rob Hughes 7.00pm-8.00pm 7.45pm-8.00pm 7.00pm-8.00pm Tuesday

Pilates in Paignton Firstly we would like to introduce and welcome our new Pilates instructor Zoe Rowlinson. Zoe has been a member at Winners 2000 in Paignton for a while and when she told us she was training to be a Pilates instructor we were delighted. Zoe is teaching two classes in Paignton; Monday evening at 7.45pm and Tuesday morning at 9.30am. About Zoe: I've been practising Pilates since 2006 as a way of easing the stresses of a full time job and hectic family life. Pilates has strengthened my core whilst allowing me to develop a better awareness of my body. I believe that it has also allowed me to maintain equilibrium between, on the one hand, muscular strength and endurance and, on the other, flexibility and co-ordination. Crucially, Pilates has allowed me to pursue my physical training without frequent injury. My style of Pilates works the core muscles and gives them a good challenge, whilst balancing that with the necessary stretching to help them recover. Alongside Pilates I enjoy training, horse riding, running and swimming. If you would like more information about Pilates or would like to book into one of Zoe’s classes please call 01803 524553

Sonia Ryan Sonia joined the gym in September 2012 after some time off from exercise and told me that she wanted to lose weight and improve her fitness. After chatting with Sonia I could tell from her personality that she was shy and struggled a little with self confidence. One of Sonia’s goals is to apply for a job in the forces so building up her confidence and fitness levels was very important. Over the weeks I varied her personal training sessions to include some of the required fitness test elements. This included a mile and a half run, along side the maximum amount of sit ups in one minute and maximum amount of push ups in one minute. Sonia has been progressing really well and is now moving on to more difficult movements including the full push up. In the first 6 weeks of Sonia’s training she lost an amazing 16inches! She always gives 100% in her training sessions and that has clearly paid off. As well as the physical change, Sonia has become a lot more confident in herself. She now comes to the gym on her own and is more comfortable using the gym equipment. It has been great to watch her personality develop. If you would like more information on training with me please email

Winning Times | December 2012


New Classes in Paignton Cardio,Tone & Stretch with Leanne Smith Cardio, Tone & Stretch is a one hour class combining aerobics, weighted toning exercises and a flexibility section. The class is aimed at all fitness levels but is appropriate for anyone who may be getting back into fitness or just starting out. The first half an hour will be uncomplicated aerobic routines so that we can build the heart rate up slowly, eventually improving fitness levels. Once the aerobic section has finished we will move on to simple exercises using either body weight or free weights to tone and tighten the body, targeting areas such as the bum, legs, tummy and bingo wings! To relax and bring the class to a close we will finish with gentle stretching aimed at improving flexibility. This will help improve body alignment and posture as well as a general feeling of well-being. Cardio, Tone & Stretch is on Thursday mornings at 10am. To book please call 01803 524553 or write your name on the booking sheet found at reception. See you soon!

FrEE CLASS VOUCHEr If you are a non-member interested in trying one of our classes please contact Sarah on 01803 524553 for a FrEE CLASS VOUCHEr redeemable against any free to member class. *Booking in advance is highly recommended. Members are also able to obtain vouchers for friends & family. Please ask for a voucher at reception or email

½ HOUR BLAST with Tom Clark ½ Hour blast is a studio class take on Tabata training. The class will provide a short warm up before going into short sprints followed by even shorter rest periods. Each class will include set exercises that will be repeated several times aimed at jump starting the body’s metabolism. This class is ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their early morning cardio sessions as ½ hour blast will leave your body burning fat and stimulating the right hormonal responses for losing weight, toning up and improving fitness. A perfect class to start your day.

Kathleen Snell Kathleen first came to me in September explaining that she wanted to lose a bit of weight and clean up her nutrition. However, once we sat down and talked it was clear that Kathleen also had some other goals that she had previously ignored due to thinking that they weren’t really that important. Kathleen wanted focus, drive and motivation. She was tired of going from gym to gym, following unsuccessful exercise programs and diets. She wanted the right knowledge, stability and support. Firstly I set about creating a program for Kathleen that was interesting and challenging. I knew she had lots of previous gym experience so I wanted to make sure we set session goals while targeting large muscle groups so that she saw good results quickly. Kathleen easily grasped the exercise program but the difficult challenge was her nutrition. She travels around a lot with work so spends most of her day in the car or sat at a desk relying mostly on caffeine for energy. Kathleen and I sat down and we went through some basic nutrition Do’s and Don’ts. Some of these included; eating breakfast, drinking more water, cutting out caffeine! Once Kathleen got her head around this she saw dramatic results losing over half a stone in 5weeks and dropping some serious inches. With such great results she is motivated to continue changing bad habits and won’t be gym hopping ever again! She is now counting down to a well deserved holiday with a target weight in sight. I am 100% sure she will achieve it. If you would like to know more about training with me or the Weight Loss program I offer at Winners 2000 please email or call me on 01803 524553

Winning Times | December 2012


AccountsEtceteraLimited Bookkeeping, VAT, PAYE, CIS, Tax Returns

Accounts Etcetera offers a flexible accountancy service for business or personal taxation. This includes Book- Keeping, Accounts Preparation, PAYE, CIS,VAT and Tax Returns. We take the pressure off the accountancy side of your business away leaving you to concentrate on running your business. 99 Dartmouth Road Paignton, TQ4 6NF

07790 353389

Our new uniform sponsors Torquay based Chartered Building Surveyors, Winfields, have agreed an exclusive sponsorship deal with Winners 2000. The family run business is managed by Mr Gill Winfield & Mr Thomas Winfield, both members of the Torquay gym.

own business, and we hope to build further on the synergies between us.”

Gill Winfield, Director at Winfields said: “We are delighted to be the main sponsor for Winners 2000 for 2013. We have forged strong links over the past few years and agree the partnership will be beneficial for both parties. The ambitions and the vision of Winners 2000 match that of Winfields Chartered Surveyors and we look forward to forging an even stronger relationship in the years to come.”

Please visit for further information or call us on 0845 265 8338 for further information.

Newton Abbot Gym Manager Dean Turner said: “We believe Winfields will be an excellent Partner for Winners 2000. Their dedication in helping to raise our profile has been an important factor in agreeing the new deal. Our own ethos is mirrored in the way they go about their

Winfields Chartered Surveyors are based at 107 Teignmouth Road, just a few hundred metres from the Torquay Gym. We specialise in all types of Architectural Design, Building Surveys, Health and Safety Compliance, and many other disciplines.

Winfields can help you with: • Architectural Design • Planning & Building Regulation Applications • Project Management • Building Surveys • Health and Safety • Project Tendering • Energy Performance Certificates • Valuations

Winning Times | December 2012


Well done Kelley Mccourt In 2011 long term Paignton member Kelley Mccourt decided on a new challenge that would not just test her body and determination but that would also change her life.

2012 came around fast and Kelley already knew three separate body building shows, achieved top she would need to set new goals. With that in mind three placing and walked away with three British she set out to compete in three spate federations; final invites. NABBA, NPA and now the BNBF as it had just launched a new category “ if you put in the hard work and take the risk to step called Masters figure. outside your comfort zone, you can achieve great On the 3rd April 2012 things you never imagined possible.” Kelley took part in the NABBA West placing 3rd and was invited to the Kelley finished off her year by placing 6th at the British final. She felt great and looked in amazing BNBF finals in Manchester in September. Her body shape having added slightly more muscle since was now tired after dieting and training hard One day she made the decision to compete in a competing last time. She was now set to take the nonstop and she needed some rest. However, her body building show. However, the goal did not stop stage in June with the aim of placing in another journey is not quite over. Kelley will rest over the there. Kelley had a three year plan. Year one; get on British final. festive season, only weight training to maintain stage. Year two; be invited to a British final. Year muscle mass then start the whole process again in three; be placed in a British final. After such a high in April Kelley’s life fell apart in May the New Year. when husband Jimmy suffered a heart attack. Having 15 years of weight training behind her Luckily, Jimmy (also a long term member of Kelley has shown that if you put in the hard work Kelley set about on her first ever 12 week prep Winners) had good heath and is recovering well with and take the risk to step outside your comfort zone, which included cardio! Having never done cardio to only encouragement for Kelley to continue. Kelley you can achieve great things you never imagined such extremes before this in itself was a challenge stepped on stage at the NABBA finals in Southport possible. all on its own. with Jimmy proudly cheering her on from the crowd.

Kelley’s first show was in April 2011 where she entered the category of Toned Figure at the NABBA qualifier. At this point Kelley’s main aim was to just step on stage leaving any worries or concerns behind and be in the best shape of her life at the age of 41. Smiling her way through the whole of her first show Kelley placed in 4th of which she was delighted. Having now caught the competitive bug Kelley looked for her next competition and entered the NPA West Briton show in Taunton. Kelley excelled and walked away with a 2nd place trophy and an invite to the British finals. This was more than ever expected when Kelley looked back at her three year plan.

Winning Times | December 2012


In July, she changed federations when she entered the NPA for a second year running. Once again she walked away with a trophy and an invite to the British finals. She was over the moon. To finish off what had already been a great year of competing and a personal life which included some highs and lows she stayed committed to entering the BNBF masters figure. With a line up over 12 ladies over the age of 40 all competing Kelley thought she would be lucky to be placed. However, she looked good and she posed her way to 2nd place and another invite to a British final. She couldn’t believe it. In one of the most testing years of her life to date she had managed to enter

Goals for 2013; to enter the BNBF master figure again and improve on her 6th place. Everyone at Winners 2000 would like to congratulate Kelley on all her hard work and dedication. She has been a member since the very beginning and we wish her all the luck in achieving her goals.

Hannah Bryant The First UFE Pro Figure Athlete, 2012 The North American Championships, Hamilton, Canada – November 10th 2012. This was my third year competing in the UFE. Every year has been tough, but so much fun. They organise great events and make you feel so special when you get there, they really take care of their competitors, run a fair and honest contest, and make it feel like the fun event it should be. I took part in the Elite Morning Championships – Figure Class and was aiming for top 3 as that granted you professional status, which has long been my goal. I then get to compete at Pro-Level against the best Natural Figure Competitors it the world. My physique has improved this year, I have added a little muscle and more shape, I was a bit harder and more defined, and that was enough to get me into the top 3, with a placing of 2nd. So, after around 5 years of competing, 3 with the UFE, Id finally achieved the aim. I signed a contract in the afternoon to accept a Pro Card with the UFE Ultimate Fitness Events. I then was able to enter the Figure division in the evening Pro Show and placed 4th. Now I am training for the 2013 Pro Championships in Canada in November 9th where I hope to place top 3. I have been competing for 5 years now and training with Winners 2000 for 11 years. My goal has always been to earn my pro card and now I have done it. What is a pro card? It is really the pinnacle of Figure and Fitness Competition. It gives you the opportunity to compete against the very best, and to earn prize money for doing so. I am the only UK International Pro at present as the other Pros reside in Canada and the USA. The UFE has been running shows for around for 6 years. The federation is all about showcasing natural, safe health and fitness, no steroids, no black marks. It is why I compete with them, because I believe in their morals and ethics, which I don’t with the UK Figure and Fitness classes. My experiences have never been positive with them. Why I do it? I love pushing myself, it fits with my career, it’s what I am asking other people to do; aim high, get better every day, in whatever way makes them happy. I love showing people that you can get better; I love the hard work and discipline that comes with competing. If you want to know more, drop me an email, I love talking training, food and competition. Hannah x Pro-Figure Athelte, UFE. follow me on facebook - Hannah Bryant Figure Athlete

Winning Times | December 2012


Paignton Community College students excel in new environment


he PE Department at Paignton Community and Sports Academy are always keen to provide a varied and expansive curriculum for their pupils. As part of their physical education option process the Academy offers a wide array of activities that include all the traditional sports as well as alternative activities such as trampolining, dance mats, roller blading and health and beauty modules.

David Carpenter the Director of Sport at Paignton said "The girls have found the alternative location and experienced staff really engaging, some of the group have enquired about obtaining membership and attending outside of school hours" " We hope to build on our successful partnership and develop further physical education lessons at Winners 2000"

This term the Academy had a particular girl’s class who preferred to undertake fitness based activities rather than competitive sports. To suit their needs the Academy contacted Winners 2000 in Paignton to use their staff and facilities. The girls shaped their own curriculum and planned their weekly physical education lessons in conjunction with trainer Sarah Harris at the new Winners gym. Using the vast experience of Sarah the weekly sessions included different activities for only one or two week duration to keep the interest and motivation high. Each week has seen the sessions led by Sarah and activities have included Body Toning, Zumba, Dance, and fitness sessions using the latest cardiovascular technology within the gym.

Student Membership at Winners 2000 3 months for £100 + £21 Induction Fee Discount for South Devon College Students (id required)

Winning Times | December 2012


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