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Omraam MikhaĂŤl AĂŻvanhov

Restoring meaning and beauty to everyday life


‘One or two moments of inspiration are not enough to give meaning to your life; you must also learn to make these moments last, so that they become a permanent state of consciousness, which purifies, restores and gives order to everything within you. So, each day, think about linking to those great, beautiful, luminous moments you have lived already… Remember all those experiences, those special moments which have given you the true meaning of life.’ Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


Golden Rules for Everyday Life ‘From the moment we get up in the morning until the time we go to bed at night, there are so many things to do! And everyone has to do them. The difference is that some people carry out their tasks automatically, mechanically, while others, who have a spiritual philosophy, seek on the contrary to bring a purer and more intense life to every one of their actions. And then everything is transformed, everything has new meaning for them, and they are constantly inspired.’ izvor Collection Ref. P227AN

Table of contents 1. Life: our most precious possession 2. Let your material life be consistent with your spiritual life 3. Dedicate your life to a sublime goal 4. Our daily life: a matter that must be transformed by the spirit 5. Nutrition as Yoga 6. Respiration 7. How to recuperate energy 8. Love makes us tireless 9. Technical progress frees man for spiritual work 10. Furnishing your inner dwelling 11. The outer world is a reflection of your inner world 12. Make sure of a good future by the way you live today 13. Live in the fullness of the present 14. The importance of beginnings...(con’t) 4

The Powers of Thought ‘Thought is a power, an instrument given to human beings so that thy can become true creators, that is, creators of beauty and perfection. But they must also be extremely vigilant and constantly check whether what they are doing with their thoughts is truly good for both themselves and the whole world. They must concern themselves only with that.

izvor Collection Ref. P224AN

Table of contents 1. The Reality of Spiritual Work 2. Thinking the Future 3. Psychic Pollution 4. Thoughts are Living Beings 5. How Thought Produces Material Results 6. Striking a Balance between Matter and Spirit 7. The Strength of the Spirit 8. Rules for Spiritual Work 9. Thoughts as Weapons 10. The Power of Concentration 11. Meditation 12. Creative Prayer 13. Reaching for the Unattainable


The Seeds of Happiness ‘Happiness is like a ball you chase after… But as soon as you catch up with it you give it a kick so you can carry on running! For it is the running that stimulates you. So, what must you do to never stop? Set out in pursuit of the farthest and most unattainable goal – the goal of perfection, immensity and eternity. And in the pursuit of this goal you will come across all the other things you desire – knowledge, power, wealth and love.’

izvor Collection Ref. P231AN

Table of contents 1. Happiness: A Gift to be Cultivated 2. Happiness is not Pleasure 3. Happiness is Found in Work 4. A Philosophy of Effort 5. Light Makes for Happiness 6. The Meaning of Life 7. Peace and Happiness 8. if You want to be Happy, Be Alive 9. Rise Above your Circumstances 10. Develop a Sensitivity to the Divine 11. The Land of Canaan 12. The Spirit is Above the Laws of Fate 13. Look for Happiness on a Higher Level 14. The Quest for Happiness is a Quest for God 15. No Happiness for Egoists 16. Give Without Expecting Anything in Return 17. Love Without Asking to be Loved in Return 18. Our Enemies are Good for Us... (con’t) 6

Harmony and Health ‘if you blow hard on a flowering branch, the petals will fly in all directions, leaving none of the order and subtle organization which gave it all its beauty. Well, that is what happens to you too when you give way to chaotic, passionate states – you produce a breath, a current, that disturbs the harmonious arrangement of atoms and electrons inside you. it is the disruption of this inner organization that is the source of psychic and even physical illnesses.’ izvor Collection Ref. P 225AN

Table of content 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Life Comes First The World of Harmony Harmony and Health The Spiritual Foundations of Medicine Respiration and Nutrition Respiration: I. The Effects of Respiration on Health II. How to Melt into the Harmony of the Cosmos 7. Nutrition on the Different Planes 8. How to Become Tireless 9. Cultivate an Attitude of Contentment


The Yoga of Nutrition ‘How we eat is as important as what we eat. As you eat, watch your hand movements so as not to make any noise and to learn mastery and control; make the most of this time to link with the food and send it a loving, grateful thought; this is the most accessible yoga there is, and the easiest. By our act of eating, by our thoughts and feelings, we can extract spiritual elements from the food which will contribute to the blossoming of our whole being.’

izvor Collection Réf. P204AN

Table of contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Eating: An Act which Concerns the Whole Man Hrani-Yoga Food: A Love-Letter from God Choosing Your Food Vegetarianism The Ethics of Eating Fasting: I. Meansof Purification II. Another Form of Nutrition 8. Communion 9. The Meaning of the Blessing 10. The Spirit Transforms Matter 11. The Law of Symbiosis


The Path of Silence ‘The silence that concerns us here is not the silence of inertia; it is the stillness of a work of great intensity that is taking place in a climate of perfect harmony. Nor is it emptiness or absence; it is plenitude, a fullness comparable to that experienced by two human beings who love each other very deeply and share something that cannot be expressed in words or gestures. Silence is a quality of the inner life.’ izvor Collection Réf. P229AN

Table of contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Noise and Silence Achieving Inner Silence Leave Your Cares at the Door Make Your Meals an Exercise in Silence Silence, a Reservoir of Energies The inhabitants of Silence Harmony, the Essential Condition for inner Silence 8. Silence, the Essential Condition for Thought 9. The Quest for Silence is the Quest for the Centre 10. Speech and the Logos 11. A Master Speaks in Silence 12. The Voice of Silence is the Voice of God 13. The Revelations of a Starry Sky 14. A Silent Room


Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres ‘However much we cultivate and refine our five senses they will always be severely limited in scope for they belong to the physical plane: they will never be capable of exploring any reality above or beyond the physical. in order to experience other, new sensations, we must call into play those other, subtler organs and centres which we all possess.’

izvor Collection Réf. P219AN

Table of contents 1. Human Evolution and the Development of the Spiritual Organs 2. The Aura 3. The Solar Plexus 4. The Hara Centre 5. Kundalini Force 6. The Chakras: I. The Chakra System II. Ajna and Sahasrara



The distinguished philosopher and spiritual Master, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (1900-1986), was born in Bulgaria and moved to France in 1937. Although his books cover many aspects of initiatic science, he specifies: ‘The questions we ask ourselves will always be the same: we want to understand ourselves, discover the meaning of our existence and overcome the obstacles we find on our path. So, don’t ask me to talk to you about anything else; I will always come back to these same subjects: our development, our difficulties, the path we have to follow and the methods for doing so.’ World Wide Editor – Distributor

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(EN) Catalog: Restoring meaning and Beauty to everyday life.  

Restoring meaning and Beauty to everyday life. Catalog 2013.

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