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Vol. 6, No. 1 Jan/Feb 2013

Rocky Mountain Edition (CO, UT, ID, MT and WY)

Delcam Supports Customers’ Precision Manufacturing CAM Requirements Across Many Industries


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“I shall argue that strong men, conversely, know when to compromise and that all principles can be compromised to serve a greater principle.” Andrew Carnegie As we are reading on a daily basis, and timely after the president’s inaugural speech, it is clear our political leaders aren’t advocates of the principles of compromise.

In its true form,Webster’s dictionary defines compromise as “An amicable agreement between parties in controversy, to settle their differences by mutual concessions.”

Delcam Supports Manufacturing’s CAM Software Requirements Across A Variety of Industries. This Month’s Shop Profile. Photography Provided Courtesy of Delcam.

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You often hear about the merits of compromise - it is one of the most frequently used words in average evening news. “Unions compromised with the company”, “the department of transport reached a compromise with the pressure group”, etc.

Published.by: A2Z.Metalworker

In fact, compromise is something we do everyday. If we are married, in a relationship, have children, have friends, belong to a team or association, go to work with others -- if we don’t compromise we will never be successful in life. Imagine never bending from your desires and principles.You would be a very lonely person in life...alone in your satisfaction with always winning at the expense of others.

PUBLISHER/EDITOR Linda Daly linda@azmetalworker.com

Martin Luther King, Jr., who would have celebrated his 84th birthday last month if he were still living, once said that the people in our country “must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Hum.

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The US Democrat and Republican elected officials typically proceed from the same premise - that they should be in charge of the people, that they should be directing people’s (our) lives. It appears that our elected officials have walked away from a historic opportunity to reduce the deficit because of their obsessive insistence that not one penny come from higher revenues. Interestingly, with the discussion of higher taxes for the rich, or higher taxes for all, recent polls suggest that the American people are not so obstinate and are more than willing to accept some increase in taxes to reduce the deficit. There is a high degree of consistency in every poll I could find on this topic. Some showed a willingness margin of 2:1. If the US budget problem were a household problem, wouldn’t one consider both reducing spending and increasing revenues to solve the problem?Yes, I would cut down my expenses, by prioritizing my spending and cutting out those things that were luxuries, and I might also have to get another job in order to increase my revenue stream if I could not solve my problems through cutting expenses. Let us all look within ourselves to be better at compromise. And let us hope that our political representatives begin to see that a compromise that helps to fulfill the ultimate goal, United States solvency, is in the best interest of every single person in this great United States. Until next issue, I wish you success, compromise, and happiness, and God Bless our Troops!

Linda Daly Publisher



Jan/Feb 2013

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Miter cutting has never been so affordable Trajan saws are designed by people who know the metal cutting industry. These utility Trajan horizontal band saws are quality machine tools that will provide fast, precise cutting. All of our band saws use a strong gear box, hydraulic down feed control, a wire chip brush, and a standard coolant pump system.

Trajan 1319 13" x 19" Two-Way Swivel, Professional Heavy Duty Band Saw • New type one-piece stand incorporated with swivel control box for very convenient operation • Professional semi-auto hydraulic system can make a perfect cutting cycle by lifting the saw head to correct height and cutting down


• Laser cut light and hydraulic tension meter included


Trajan 250S Manual, Swivel Head, Variable Speed Band Saw • Cast iron base and blade wheels coupled with heavy gauge steel saw head perform excellent while maintaining low cost • Control panel conveniently installed on top of saw • Carbide guide enhances cutting stability and extends blade life



• 0° Cutting Capacity: 9 13/16” Round, 9 13/16” x 15 1/8” Rectangle, 9 1/16” x 15 3/4” Rectange • 45° Cutting Capacity: 8 7/16” Round, 9 13/16” x 8 7/16” Rectangle

Trajan 712N 7” Metal Cutting Band Saw • Utility saw, better value, immediate delivery, always in stock • Casting structure assures mechanical strength • Adjustable blade guide for high accuracy and long blade life




877-499-7297 A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

Announcements & Releases J.M..Grisley.Machine.Tools.Service.Technician. Wins.Award.For.Exemplary.Service! Doosan has Recognized Dave Allen of J.M. Grisley Machine Tools as an Exemplary Dealer Service Technician. Dave is being recognized for his excellent reputation in field service and his commitment to training. In 2012, Dave spent 2 weeks at the Doosan factory in Pusan, South Korea and another week in Doosan headquarter for comprehensive maintenance training. JMG is committed to having the best trained service force in the market. For more information on J.M. Grisley Machine Tools, contact them at 801-554-7830.

SPRINGWORKS. Utah.Achieves.AS9100. Rev.. C.Certification! Spring Works Utah is pleased to announce that they recently certified to the AS9100 Revision C Standard. The company has been certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard for the past 6 years. Eli Mongeon, Vice President of the company, says, “The AS9100 Revision C Standard was a natural progression we felt we needed to take in order to better serve our aerospace customers throughout the world. Our customers, new and old, will appreciate that we have been proactive in achieving this certification in advance of many others in the industry.” Spring Works Utah has specialized in the manufacture of springs, wire forms, and stampings for any conceivable industrial application for nearly 30 years. The team at Spring Works Utah has the ability to help solve complex component problems, help improve products and processes, and produce and deliver a wide range of precision components reliably and at the right price. For more information, contact Spring Works Utah by phone at 801298-0113, by email at sales@springworksutah.com, or via their website at www.springworksutah.com.

Star.Metal.Fluids.Adds.New.Member.to.Team. to.Support.Utah,.Idaho.and.Wyoming! Jason Hicken has joined the Star Metal Fluids sales team with primary responsibility for Utah with extended coverage into Idaho and Wyoming. Jason has worked the past nine years with a primary Utah supplier A2Z METALWORKER


Jan/Feb 2013

of aerospace, military and medical precision machined parts. Having this working knowledge is a real asset for Star Metal Fluids and our valued customers. Aaron Kurzawski (Manager of Sales) said, “We took our time in finding the right person to entrust our customer base. We had to make sure that our new man in Utah believed in our long-time proven principles of service, on-time delivery and technical expertise. Our customers will soon experience the “Jason Factor” by noticing his work ethic, follow-through and ability to build strong customer relationships. Jason is just what we needed to continue our growth in Utah”. You can reach Jason directly at 801-641-2214 or toll-free at 800367-9966. Find Star Metal Fluids online atwww.metalfluids.com with local inventory in our newly expanded warehouse located in West Valley Utah.

Rocky. Mountain.Tooling. and. Machining. Association.(RMTMA).Welcomes.its.Newest. Members! The Rocky Mountain Tooling and Machining Association (RMTMA) is pleased to announce its newest members. Organized Light Technology, Inc. Organized Light Technology’s professional services include Laser Engraving, Laser Etching and Laser Marking on just about any material known. We also offer Laser Welding for most metals and some plastics as well as Laser Drilling and Laser Cutting services. We are “Focused on Service”. With over 18 years of experience utilizing industrial lasers, we can handle any task great or small. Our quality record is the best you will find and we think you will like our pricing structure as well. For more information, call Matt or Tiffany Brown at 719-667-0688 or visit their website at www.organizedlight.com D & R CNC Machining Inc. D& R CNC Machining was founded by brothers Robert and Darek Bruzgo. Like a well-built machine, our company works together to provide you with the highest quality parts and exemplary service. Together, we have over 100 years of experience in manufacturing, mechanical and civil engineering. Both Darek and Robert are degreed engineers, graduating with a BS Engineering, mechanical specialty Announcements Continued Page 8





Looking for speed…power…precision…quick setups…conversational programming, all in a rugged, budget-beating VMC? Whatever you need, look for Doosan’s Mynx or DNM to have it. Mynx – models 5400, 6500 or 7500

For partsor upversatility, to 60 x 30 x 24.6 inches s speed,•power count on Doosan to have it.

• Spindle motors from 20 to 40 HP and speeds to 12,000 rpm • tals, verticals, Traverse verticals Rate 1,181 and ipm mill-turns • Rapidinverted

ferent PumaCAT turning 40 andcenters 50 with Big Plus Dual Contact Spindle

s up to 43.3” x 198” DNM diam. – models 400,long 500, 650 or 750 40” • For parts up to 85 x 30 x 25.6 inches

Spindle motors to 75 Hp•and 6,000 rpmfrom 15 to 30 HP and speeds to 15,000 rpm

• controls, meehanite castings, 45o slant beds, uding Fanuc Traverse Rate 1,889 ipm • Rapid torque tube construction, glass scales, y-axis motion, spindles, and live tooling CAT 40 taper with Big Plus Dual Contact Spindle

with more than 30 years’ experience building tough machines for the toughest jobs.


And they’re from Doosan, with more than 30 years’ experience building tough machines for the toughest jobs. www.doosaninfracore.com/machinetools Corporate Office & Engineering Center: 19A Chapin Road Pine Brook, NJ 07058 Tel: 973-618-2500

www.doosaninfracore.com/machinetools Foothills Machinery Sales

Midwestern Technical Center: 1701 F Howard Street Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel: 847-437-1010


Corporate Office & Engineering Center: 19A Chapin Road 116th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020 Pine Brook, NJ 07058 Tel: 973-618-2500

6855 West Western Technical Center: 488 W. Meats Avenue Orange, CA 92865 Tel: 714-974-1330


Midwestern Technical Center: 1701 F Howard Street www.foothillsmachinery.com Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel: 847-437-1010




Western Technical Center: 488 W. Meats Avenue Orange, CA 92865 Tel: 714-974-1330 A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

Fadal Problems?

Down Today - Up Tomorrow

Find Us On Facebook & Twitter! MOTORS SPINDLES


sales@fadalcnc.com • 208-855-9426 1582 E. Bramble Ln • Meridian ID 83642 WWW.FADALCNC.COM


Announcements Continued

from the Colorado School of Mines. The two each have16 Years of experience in machining and engineering.

D and R CNC Machining specializes in manufacturing for the following industries: Food & Beverage Packaging; Semi-Conductor; Recreation; Earth Sciences; Energy; Education; Commercial Printing, among others. For more information, contact them at 303.781.2949 or visit their website at dnrdenver.com.

GF.AgieCharmilles’. New.Training.Academy. Extends.Employee.Expertise.. G F AgieCharmilles, a leading provider of wire and die-sinking EDM systems, 3- and 5-axis milling machines and laser texturing technology, recently opened a new training academy at its Geneva, Switzerland headquarters. The academy’s state-of-the-art facility and curriculum will accelerate the expertise and skills of the company’s applications and service engineers worldwide.

The new training academy features a massive machining center area A2Z METALWORKER


Jan/Feb 2013

with space for training, an updated metrology area, technical and training labs as well as classrooms – all of which are intended to further leverage the company’s ever-expanding knowledge base. According to Gisbert Ledvon, director of business development for GF AgieCharmilles in North America, the advanced technical expertise of GF AgieCharmilles employees helps drive the company’s pioneering work in the development of new technologies, products and services for the manufacturing of high-precision parts and components developed over the last 60 years. GF AgieCharmilles customers include moldmakers and manufacturers across a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, information and communications technology, electronics and watchmaking. With the latest investment in GF AgieCharmilles employees, the academy opening sets the stage to build on a culture of excellence. GF AgieCharmilles employs 2,712 across 50 sites worldwide.The company’s U.S. headquarters is located in Lincolnshire, Ill.

Solar.Atmospheres.Welcomes.New.Regional. Sales.Manager Solar Atmospheres of Western PA (SAWPA) has named John (Jack) Giacobbi as their new Regional Sales Manager. Mr. Giacobbi will manage established accounts and develop new business in the MidAnnouncements Continued Page 10



YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE SWISS MADE QUALITY Tornos Swiss ST 26 for turned parts up to 26 mm. Amazingly affordable Swiss Made quality. Now it pays to invest in high performance and productivity with the new Swiss ST 26. Two totally independent tool systems provide balanced operations, 7 linear axes, 2 C-axes and conversion to a guide-bush-less machine in only 30 minutes. The Swiss ST 26 is equipped with the most powerful and dynamic spindle and counter spindle ever built for this class of machine, allowing extreme machining capabilities. Choose from three turnkey equipment packs: “Starter”, “Advanced” and “Medical”. Tornos Technologies US Corporation: Lombard, IL and Bethel, CT; www.tornos.us


Contact details for editorial inquiries:Faina Sandler,Email: faina.sandler@sandvik.com

Shop Tools, Inc., Colorado’s Largest Independent Distributor, Is Celebrating Over 30 Years In Business!

S e c o . T o o l s. Recognized.for.Best. Human. Resources. Practices For the second year in a row, the National Association for Business Resources (NABR) named Seco Tools one of the nation’s “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.”

We Are The ‘PRO’ in Productivity! 8160 Blakeland Dr, Unit G Littleton, CO 80125 Ph. 303-375-9190 Fax: 303-375-9198

1110 Elkton Unit A Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Ph. 719-593-0237 Fax: 719-593-8907

www.shoptools.com www.shoptools.com

Announcements Continued West U.S. territory. He previously held a position with similar responsibilities as an account manager at Bodycote in Rochester, NY. “The expansion of our sales team further strengthens our ability to meet the needs of our customers,” noted Robert Hill, SAWPA President. “Jack’s comprehensive understanding of heat treating sales and processing will help us connect with new customers and improve our client service. As an award-winning sales person, we are confident that Jack will make a valuable contribution to our continued success.”

Sandvik.Coromant.Adopts.ISO.13399 Cutting tool and tooling systems manufacturer Sandvik Coromant has adopted the ISO 13399 standard for simplifying cutting tool data representation and exchange. Customer benefits include lower cost for tool information management and more accurate and efficient use of manufacturing resources. For example, there is no longer any need to change existing programming settings to use Sandvik Coromant tooling. ISO 13399, an international standard for the computer-interpretable representation and exchange of industrial product data, was developed jointly by Sandvik Coromant, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, French Cetim (technical center for mechanical engineers) and other players in the metal cutting sector. Its aim is to offer a mechanism that is able to describe product data pertaining to cutting tools, independent of any specific system. This makes it suitable not only for neutral file exchange, but also as a basis for implementing and sharing product databases and archiving. A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

Seco, a leading provider of advanced metalcutting solutions for the manufacturing industry, received the honor for upholding the highest quality human resources initiatives, including employee engagement, worklife balance, open-door policies, training programs and employee events. According to Dan Sikora, director of operations and human resources, the company makes recruiting and retaining talented employees a top priority, which is critical in a time when skilled workers within the manufacturing sector are at a premium. Seco offers several programs to reward dedicated, responsible and creative employees, as well as fosters an environment that listens to employees. In addition to this national recognition, Corp! Magazine recently listed Seco as one of “Metropolitan Detroit’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.” This 2012 honor marks the fourth year in a row where the magazine has recognized Seco for providing a highly motivating and rewarding work experience to employees. For more information, please contact Lisa Seidl, lseidl@secotools.com, visit www.secotools.com/us.

We help you put all the pieces together. We know metal working inside and out. Since 1996 we have been more than a distributor of metal working equipment and supplies. We’re your single source for custom solutions to all your metal working needs: equipment, supplies and inventory supply control. Bench and Pedestal Wheel Arbor Bushings

We assist you in many facets of your business to ensure you produce the highest quality products, the most economical solutions and the best service in your industry. ARBOR BUSHINGS WHEEL DIAMETER

WHEEL CENTER HOLE 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 7/8"

5”, 6", 7” 1"

• technical solutions • development • automation • equipment • supplies • inventory control





12" X 1”


1" 1-1/4"

12” X 2”







We’re Colorado’s only Yellow Coat Elite Sandvik certified dealer!

For complete information on all of our products and services call us today and we’ll be happy to send you a catalog that will detail products and supplies specific to your needs.

We’ve got you covered. Logon to www.aittools.com

4575 S. Navajo • Englewood, Colorado 80110 Call us! We can help...

800-321-3195• 11 • A2Z METALWORKER

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Call us first for FREE containers

We set containers for: • Machine, welding & fab shops • Manufacturing facilities • Demolition projects • One-time clean-ups • Containers: 1 to 60 yards • Flatbed, cargo trailers, rolloffs • Small boxes on wheels • Locking Lids • Leakproof boxes

Top prices paid for: • Aluminum • Copper • Brass • Stainless • Steel/Iron • Alloys • Lead & more

Convenient drive-in recycling:

Call now for up-to-the minute price quotes and market info!

• Easy acces from I-25, I-70 and Commerce City ~ • Fully paved • Se Habla Espanol

5555 Franklin St. Denver, CO 80216 www.ironandmetals.com

Iron & Metals, Inc.

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Recycling Metals, Conserving Resources, Since 1961 BP.Report.Projects.North.American.Shale.Boom.Will.Continue The Wall Street Journal reports BP issued its annual energy forecast, and said rising North American shale oil production will pressure OPEC to cut its crude production, leaving the largest buffer in global oil supplies in more than 10 years. The Journal says BP’s forecast underscores the map re-drawing effects of the current North American shale boom. The forecast, which discussed the global energy industry through 2030, also said that by that time there wouldn’t be a significant shale boom outside of North America, as investment conditions for unconventional gas and oil in Asia and Europe will remain less favorable. BP chief economist Christof Ruehl said the US might surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s biggest hydocarbon liquids producer this year, highlighting the rapid progress of growth in the shale oil and gas fields.

The report also predicted by 2030 the US will be importing only 1% of its yearly energy needs, versus 30% in 2005.

Lockheed. Martin. Receives. $755M. Contract. For. Production. Of. PAC-3.Missiles. Lockheed Martin received a contract totaling $755 million from the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command for hardware and services associated with the combat-proven PATRIOT Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) Missile Segment program. The contract includes Fiscal Year 2013 (FY’13) missile and command launch system production for the U.S. Army and a follow-on sale of the PAC-3 Missile to Taiwan. In 2009, Taiwanbecame the fifth international customer for the PAC-3 Missile. The contract includes production of 168 hit-to-kill PAC-3 Missiles, 27 launcher modification kits A2Z METALWORKER

12 • Jan/Feb 2013

and associated tooling, as well as program management and services. This is the 14thproduction buy of the PAC-3 Missile Segment by the U.S. government. “The PAC-3 Missile remains in demand from the U.S. and governments around the world,” said Richard McDaniel , vice president of PAC-3 programs at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. “In fact, we continue to see expanding interest from all PATRIOT-using nations as well as from countries that want to acquire the PAC-3 Missile Segment for the first time.” Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor on the PAC-3 Missile Segment upgrade to the PATRIOT air defense system. The PAC-3 Missile Segment consists of the PAC-3 Missile, a highly agile hit-to-kill interceptor, the PAC-3 Missile canisters, a fire solution computer and an enhanced launcher electronics system and launcher support hardware.

Samuel Aerospace is one of North America’s top ten processors and distributors of metals, operating more than 40 facilities which are strategically located throughout Canada and the United States. Additional facilities maintained in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and China extend our reach globally. Our strategically placed processing and service centers allow us to offer on time and JIT delivery services.

Samuel Aerospace alloys are available in a complete range of shapes and sizes to meet the diverse requirements of the commercial and defense aerospace markets. We stock one of the most extensive aluminum inventories in the industry. Our available aerospace aluminum offering includes:

• Sheet & Coil • Plate • Rod & Bar • Tube & Pipe

A variety of AS, ISO and TS standards ensures conformance to customer’s requirements. Primary aerospace service centers are ISO 9000 and AS9100/9120 certified. Samuel Aerospace offers value-added quality processing services including:

• Water-Jet Cutting • Bar and Extrusion Sawing

• Aluminum Plate Sawing • First Stage Processing

Our pre-production processing services are all performed to stringent quality standards to your specifications, saving you time and money while ensuring the quality of your end product. We go to great heights to deliver the right product to the correct quality standards, on time, every time. Plus, we offer Stock and Release and Vendor Managed Inventory programs. These programs can help your company eliminate costly inventories and improve cash flow.

To learn more contact your Samuel Aerospace Metals representative or call (877) 565-7050. Everything you need in a metals supplier…quality, reliability and availability.

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Sealing - 0 Rings SealingProducts Products - O-rings Adjustable Locknuts Adjustable Locknuts

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And More…

Proud subsidiary of Daikin Industries, Ltd. • Osaka, Japan Corporate and Midwest: 815-943-9111 Regional Offices: Corporate and Midwest • 1301 W. Diggins • Harvard, IL 60033 • P: 815 943 9111 • F: 815 943 5370 • 103A Kingsbridge Drive • Carrollton, GA 30117 • P: 770 830 7751 • F: 770 830 7752 California:Southeast 714-348-6017 Ohio • 1821 Yankee Road • Middletown, OH 45044 • P: 513 217 7840 • F: 513 217 7846 California • P: 714 348 6017 Repair Service: 815-943-0120 Repair Service: 650 Chippewa, Suite 1 • Harvard, IL 60033 • P: 815 943 0120 • F: 815 943 0921 www.allworldmachinery.com www.allworldmachinery.com

Packings-Hydraulics Packings-Hydraulics Bearing Grease Bearing



NASA. begins. robotic. refueling. mission. on. International. Space.Station.

If these techniques work, scientists envision robot tenders servicing some of the 400 satellites now orbiting at what is called geosynchronous Earth orbit. That orbit, 22,000 miles above Earth and far above the space station, is a spot that allows a satellite to remain stationary over a particular land location to beam entertainment, weather or communications down to the ground. The washing machine-sized RRM test platform was built specifically to test robotic work in space and carried to the station on July 8, 2011 on the last space shuttle flight. Read more about it and Dextre here, and watch an earlier test of its capabilities below. Immediately below is a video of controllers explaining how their missions work. In the earlier test, NASA says Dextre “successfully snipped two twisted wires -- each the thickness of two sheets of paper -- with only a few millimeters of clearance: a task essential to the satellite refueling process.”

Physicist. Sees. Solar. Energy. Use.In.Off-Grid.Applications. In.Future The “SciGuy” blog in the Houston Chronicle carries an essay by Seamus Curran, a physicist at the University of Houston, who writes about the future of solar energy. Curran believes that solar energy will be able to meet the electricity needs of the US. He says the US was “behind the rest of the world when it came to solar cell manufacturing” in 2003 but has now become a “real competitive player” in the solar industry.

Testing techniques that may lead to robotic tenders that can refuel and repair satellites in orbit, NASA begins new manipulations of the International Space Station robotic arm known as Dextre. If Dextre can do it, NASA says even satellites not designed to be refueled may one day be, and that would be a huge cost savings over building and launching new ones.

Curran says the US has made progress by “looking at other micro materials other than silicon to generate electricity. We now see the use of CdTe and CIGS, also known as ‘thin film’ solar cells being the next competitor to silicon, and possibly the replacement.”

“Every satellite has a lifespan and eventual retirement date, determined by the reliability of its components and how much fuel it can carry,” Benjamin Reed, deputy project manager of NASA’s Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office, or SSCO, said in a NASA news release. Repairing and refueling satellites already in place could save millions, even billions of dollars and many years of work, he said.

He writes, “The big use of solar in the future will move beyond ‘solar farms.’ I see it being used in non-conventional ways, such as off-grid applications, replacing diesel generators with portable solar generators.”


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Jan/Feb 2013

We Know Long Products Improved turnaround on your production cutting orders for bar, tubing or structural shapes. Ryerson high-speed, precision carbide saws deliver close tolerance semi-finished parts in high volumes. Choose rounds, squares, hexes, tubing, angles, channels or tees. Our inventories include a wide range of grades in carbon, alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel or copper alloys.

Markets Served: • Energy • Mining • Aerospace

• Industrial • OEMs

Grades Stocked: Bar - 4130 / 4140-L80 / 4140-P110 / 4340 / 8620 / 1144 / 1018 / 1045 / 304L / 316L / 17-4 / 6061 / 6063 / 7075 Tube – 4130 / 4140-L80 / 4140-P110 / 4340 / 1026 / Sq Seamless / Rec Seamless / 304L / 316L / 6061 / 6063

Processed To Fit Your Needs: High Speed In House Cutting To Tight Tolerances +/- .020” on Carbon, Alloy and Stainless +/- .063 on Aluminum

We Know Plate Products Ryerson’s full line of metal products, in combination with our wide variety of processing capabilities, can simplify your manufacturing and procurement. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind component or parts in production quantities, we offer the advantage of one stop shopping to reduce your overall costs and streamline your operations.

Markets Served: • Energy / Oil and Gas • Mining • Aerospace

Grades Stocked: Carbon & Alloy – A36, 516G70, 514, 572G50, AR400 Stainless – All Grades Aluminum – 1100, 6061, 7075, 2024, 7050, CAST TOOL

Processed To Fit Your Needs: • • • • • • • •

Oxy Fuel Cutting – Up to 12” Thick Steel High Definition Plasma Cutting – Up to 3” Thick Carbon and Stainless STD. Plasma Cut Up To 61⁄4” Stainless/Aluminum (Edgestart) Water Jet Cutting Precision Saw Cutting – Up to .005” Cut Tolerance Shearing • Beveling up to 3” Heat Treating • Temper Passing Stress Relieving

www.ryerson.com 6600 Hwy 85, Commerce City, Colorado 80022 303-287-0101 Local | 303-289-7919 Fax 800-332-1857 In State | 800-525-1811 Out Of State

514 W Pickett Circle Suite A, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 801-820-1180 Phone | 801-820-1181 Fax 866-922-0748 Toll Free

Serving Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Montana

Serving Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and Utah

and-start space policy. When NASA retired the shuttle in 2011, it had no homegrown, human-rated spacecraft to replace it. So the agency has relied on Russia to ferry astronauts to and from the station — an arrangement costing the U.S. roughly $1.5 billion during five years. To fix that situation, NASA began a “space taxi” program that aimed to put NASA astronauts on commercial rockets by the end of the decade. The effort is a continuation of an earlier NASA program to help commercial companies develop rockets and capsules to ferry cargo to the station. SpaceX began doing that work last year, including an October flight that delivered 882 pounds of supplies to the orbiting observatory; another cargo mission is scheduled for March, according to a NASA launch manifest.

Toyota. Retakes. Global. Auto. Sales. Crown. From. General.Motors The Detroit Free Press reports, “General Motors sold 9.285 million vehicles throughout the world in 2012, up 2.9%, but placing the automaker behind Toyota for the spot as top automaker in the world.”

SpaceX.plans.to.launch.humans.into.space.in.2015 A top executive at SpaceX said that the rocket company hoped to launch U.S. astronauts into orbit as early as 2015 — with the twist that these space-farers would be SpaceX employees and not NASA personnel. The goal was announced during a NASA news conference held at Kennedy Space Center intended to broadly update the public on the agency’s efforts to use commercial companies to ferry its astronauts to the International Space Station. The 2015 demonstration flight by SpaceX — along with a similar mission planned by Boeing in 2016 for its new capsule — are being encouraged by NASA as a precursor to launching agency astronauts. “We want to know when you [commercial companies] are ready to fly your crew at your risk,” said Ed Mango, manager of NASA’s commercial-crew program. NASA has had to hire commercial-rocket companies for transportation because of years of stopA2Z METALWORKER

16 •

Jan/Feb 2013

Toyota “was expected to sell about 9.7 million vehicles in 2012, surging back to the top spot after losing the ranking in 2011 because of production capacity problems caused by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.” CNNMoney reports, “A federal bailout and growth in China helped GM’s global sales to rebound much more quickly than many believed possible, especially as China, where GM is the No. 1 automaker, became the largest market for car sales.When the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disrupted Toyota’s production and supply in 2011, GM recaptured the lead.”

Likely You Know That J.M. Grisley, 4th Generation Machine Tool Dealer, Has Been Serving Its Loyal Customers in The Intermountain West Region for 86Years. But You Might Not Know What’s New at J.M. Grisley. • 2 New Sales Engineers • A New Service Engineer Added To Their Team (Full In-House Service) • Now An Authorized Spaceclaim (3D Modeling Software) Reseller • You Can Now Purchase All Your Tooling And Fixturing From Them • Added CHMER/EDM Machines To Their Product Line: High End Quality EDM Machines at a Fraction of the Price. We also sell Consumables for All Major EDM Brands at Significant Savings

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• Size: 3rd Largest Machine Tool Builder In The World • Doosan’s Are Everywhere! Including GE, Honeywell, Baldor, Ingersoll Rand, Caterpillar, FMC Corp, and Many Other Manufacturers Worldwide • R&D: 1700 Employees (330 R&D/Engineers) And An Annual R&D Budget Of $60 Million • Innovation: Introduced More Than 60 New Models In The Past 2 Years • Financial, Environmental & Social Responsibility: Made List of DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainable Management Index) for 2 Consecutive Years • North American Growth: Expanded U.S. Headquarters To 60,000 Sq. Ft. Building in Pine Brook, NJ, Complete with Engineering Center and 24x7 Support


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8620 0 4 3 4 4140 ROUND BAR AND MORE



They’re coming. And they’re not just for the military anymore. Dozens of companies have sprung up in the last few years making remote controlled, mini-aircraft mounted with cameras, that are increasingly being used for commercial and even entertainment purposes. But these aren’t the remote controlled helicopters you remember flying as a kid.Today’s drones are lighter, have better software, longer lasting batteries and vastly improved camera technology. On the higher end of the cost spectrum are drones with high definition cameras that can operate a mile or more from the person flying it.They can cost tens of thousand of dollars, and are aimed at a variety of commercial uses. Law enforcement agencies and border patrol are using them to keep tabs on suspected scofflaws. Journalists and sports photographers use them in lieu of expensive helicopters. Real estate agents employ them for aerial photos and video. Wildlife researchers and searchand-rescue outfits are using them or studying the potential. Even the utility industry is interested in having them hunt for downed power lines after a storm. One of the most promising uses might be in agriculture, said Chris Anderson, former editor of Wired magazine who now runs the drone maker 3D Robotics. •

18 •







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3D Robotics makes a $500 drone that flies itself via GPS, scouring fields for information on crop conditions including water levels, pest infestations and other signs of trouble. Currently, Anderson said farmers pay $1,000 an hour for aircraft flyovers, a cost that’s prohibitively expensive. “Farmers have no idea what’s going on in the fields,” said Anderson. “It can lead to over irrigation, over pesticide use, all sorts of problems.” There is also a growing market for smaller, simpler drones marketed to kids and adults for recreational use. For example, the Parrot AR Drone, has a range of about 160 feet, is controlled by a smart phone app, and can be bought at Toys R Us for $300. It’s aimed at teens and adults that want an enhanced video game experience. Parrot said sales have already exceeded 500,000. Regulation: The Federal Aviation Administration was instructed by Congress in 2012 to open up the nation’s airspace to routine commercial drone use and is in charge of issuing permits for drones that operate at 400 feet or higher. Since 2009, the number of permits has more than doubled, going from 146 to 345 in 2012. While the agency is still working up the rules, it has issued a fact sheet with current guidelines.The FAA says drones that operate below 400 feet are subject to the same rules that govern model aircraft. Those essentially say the drones cannot be flown near populated areas, must stay within eyesight of the user, and cannot be used for commercial purposes, at least until the rules are finalized.


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One Small Step With one small step, a man became a hero and the impossible became a reality. The same heroic spirit that fueled the space race and placed the first man on the moon still lives within the people who support NASA’s continued pursuit of innovation. Using GF AgieCharmilles HPM 800U machines, NASA experts manufacture the technology that continues to propel science beyond what we think possible. From that first lunar landing to modern space exploration, the heroes behind these accomplishments take small steps every day that amount to giant leaps for mankind. Read more about how GF AgieCharmilles helps NASA achieve more at us.gfac.com/hero.

To access the GF AgieCharmilles mobile website, download a QR code app and scan this image.

Tel. (800) 282-1336

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NOW NOW ISO ISO 9000...2008 9000...2008 CERTIFIED CERTIFIED Long bar grinding up to 20’ long. (Dia depends on Weight) Some Bar Straightening. (We can supply you with material ground to size or you can have your material sent to us to be ground to size.) Centerless grinding (polish or stock removal) Plunge grinding (Close tolerance and long runs) (Specialize in Production Runs of, pins, shafts, medical parts etc) Angle or surface 144” x 8” x 4”

Through feed grinding up to 5” OD (Length depends on weight) Blanchard grinding 40” swing and 14” under head I.D./O.D. grinding Digital Readout Close Toll. O.D. – 45” L x 12” O.D. I.D. – 9” depth x 10” I.D. Blade Grinding Industrial Machines-12 foot long magnetic beds Surface grinding (12” W / 28” H / 52” L)

We can supply you with material ground to size or you can have your material sent to us to be ground to size. N o r t h r o p . b u i l d s . UAV. demonstrator. An unmanned aerial vehicle demonstrator is being built by Northrop Grumman for at-sea surveillance under the U.S. Navy’s MQ-4C Triton program. Triton provides a detailed picture of surface vessels to identify threats across vast areas of ocean and littoral areas and complements many manned surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. “The aircraft will initially be used to further testing efforts for the Navy as we prepare Triton to be operational in late 2015,” said Steve Enewold, Northrop Grumman’s vice president and program manager for Triton.

sections have already been joined to the aircraft’s fuselage and that the aircraft will be outfitted with the same intelligencegathering sensors and communications suite as the Navy’s Triton program.

More.Than.450.Girls.Attend. ATK-sponsored.Science.and. Math.Event

Northrop is building the design and demonstrator using its own funding. The company said the aircraft’s wing

EYH’s goal is to excite young women in


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“We hope the conference will interest the girls in these professions and motivate them to become creative thinkers,” said ATK mechanical engineer, Mai Nield.

Pending. Sales. Of. Existing. Homes. Reached. Highest. Level.In.Over.Two.Years

Pink t-shirts and inspired smiles filled classrooms at the Northern Utah Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) in Science and Mathematics conference this past November. The conference was sponsored by ATK Aerospace Group, continuing a valuable tradition and reaching more than 5,000 young women over the past 12 years.

“Eventually, we will use the aircraft as a test bed to improve system performance, incorporate new intelligence-gathering capabilities and conduct demonstrations.”

grades six through nine about science, math and technical careers. Attendees selected from 28 different workshops that included learning about what it takes to be a veterinarian, a rocket scientist, a chemist, an engineer and a physical therapist.

The AP reported that according to the NAR, “its pending home sales index, which measures contracts to buy homes, increased last month to its highest level in two and a half years.” The group “said its seasonally adjusted index rose 1.7% in November from October to 106.4.” This is the highest level since April 2010, the NAR explained. The AP noted that this was another indication that housing is recovering.

U.S..to.continue.helicopter.purchase.with. only.1.bidder

Why Contact Faustson Tool? • We are a leader in 5 Axis Manufacturing Technology, Technology including 5 Axis Milling and 5 Axis EDM. • We have 30 Years of Experience Servicing Customers. Fauston Tool is a Woman Owned Small Business. • Our customers span the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Semi-Conductor, Energy and Aeronautic industries. • Our certifications include: ISO 9001:2000, JPL Flight Certified , Ball Flight Certified, MPC Flight Certified , LASP Flight Certified, ITAR Certified Ball Aerospace: First ever delegated supplier

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The U.S. Air Force declined to confirm that it had received only one bid for a $6.8 billion helicopter competition, but said it had procedures in place that would allow the acquisition to continue regardless of the number of bidders. All but one of the contractors expected to bid to build a new combat search and rescue helicopter for the Air Force announced last month that they would not compete, raising the prospect that the Air Force would have to adopt a different approach to the acquisition program. Sikorsky Aircraft did submit a bid for the competition, based on its H-60 helicopter, according to a company spokesman. Other potential competitors confirmed that they had decided to skip the bidding, and at least one of the companies said it was exploring a possible legal challenge to the terms of the competition. Air Force spokesman Ed Gulick said he could not say how many companies had submitted bids by the deadline because that was “source selection sensitive,” but the Air Force had “acquisition procedures in place to proceed with this important acquisition regardless of the number of bidders.” Gulick said the Air Force remained “committed to a fair, open and transparent process” to pick a new, affordable Combat Rescue Helicopter (CRH) that met the military’s requirements, but could only release details after selecting a winning bidder. Lieutenant General Charles Davis, the top military official in charge of Air Force acquisition, told Reuters in an interview last month that the helicopter competition was structured to tell potential bidders exactly what capabilities the Air Force wanted and what it could afford. He denied that the terms of the competition had been written to favor the Black Hawk helicopter built by Sikorsky, and said Sikorsky would be asked to submit certified cost and pricing data if it turned out to be the sole bidder for the program.

We are a full service job shop, providing as much or as little project involvement as required – from tool and die design to finishing and assembly.

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C o n c e p t

t o

R e a l i t y

Boeing Co, Textron Inc’s Bell Helicopter unit, EADS and Northrop Grumman Corp teamed with AgustaWestland, part of Italy’s Finmeccanica SpA (SIFI.MI), announced last month that they would not bid for the work. At the time, industry executives said the bidding rules were so narrowly framed that they effectively excluded all but Sikorsky’s Black Hawk helicopter from the competition, and would not reward extra capability offered by other aircraft.


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If you are an avid hunter, a competitive shooter, or a Navy SEAL, in all probability, you use Nightforce riflescopes. If you don’t, you really should check their products out. Especially the B.E.A.S.T.TM Before we skip ahead it t is noteworthy to learn more about Nightforce and its founder Dr Raymond L Dennis, a self made entrepreneur who put himself through dental school some years back before he decided to follow his dream. Back in 1992, Dr. Raymond L. Dennis (also known as “Ray” to his staff and friends), an Australian hunter and shooter had a problem.You see, hunting at night in Australia is not only legal, but also wildly popular. Several years earlier, Ray had founded LIGHTFORCE in Australia to manufacture the finest hand-held sporting/spotlights on the planet. LIGHTFORCE then went forward into manufacturing high-performance automotive driving lights for night hunting.The new automotive lights coupled with the handheld sporting lights vastly improved the hunter’s ability to find and spot targets in the darkness. Trouble was, there was no riflescope on the market of sufficient quality to take advantage of Ray’s superb lights. So he set out to build his own. He founded NightForce Optics, and he based his start-up company in ‘Gods Country’, in a small town in Idaho, called Orofino. The principles he followed then have remained unchanged over two decades—to gather the finest materials, utilize the most advanced technology and talent, cut no corners whatsoever, and build what is simply the most rugged, most precise, most uncompromising riflescope money can buy. Judging by the growth of the company he founded, he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.The company remains privately held today, and Dr Dennis splits his time between two country towns in two continents: Adelaide, Australia and Orofino, Idaho, USA. Needless to say, Dr. Dennis does not practice as a dentist anymore. Today, Nightforce riflescopes are used by professional and competition shooters, avid hunters and our armed forces under incredibly demanding conditions in every corner of the globe. There are a number of reasons why Nightforce riflescopes are the best in the industry, but one key advantage comes from products that are designed, inspected, built and serviced by Nightforce riflescope users: more than 60% of the team at Nightforce are avid users of the products they make. Every single scope Nightforce sells is thoroughly inspected and tested by hand at their Idaho headquarters. Each scope is hand built and is checked at 70 to 130 different points, depending on the model, and must pass a battery A2Z METALWORKER

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of tests that would, frankly, destroy a lesser-quality scope.The tests include forward impact, side impact, tracking accuracy and resolution integrity. All Nighforce riflescopes are subjected to abuse during product development that would quickly destroy lesser optics. Pre-production riflescopes are tested in a pressure tank simulating 100 feet of water for 24 hours, ensuring absolute waterproof integrity.Then, they are tested for thermal stability by freezing them to -80ºF, then heating them to 160ºF within a one-hour period. Function is checked at both temperature extremes. The most important features to look for in a long-range rifle scope are absolute point of impact and unconditional adjustments that yield the utmost in repeatable and precision adjustments values. Many riflescope manufactures try to cloud the issue by touting optical excellence, or some revolutionary ballistic compensation system. However, without mechanical precision and quality control processes to ensure the product delivered is perfect, fancy adjustments and great optical performance are useless. The first and most important function a riflescope must perform is precise aiming. If the lens elements shift, or the lens cells don’t fit precisely, the aiming point can shift from the slightest impact and even mild recoil. Nightforce tests every single riflescope for off axis point of impact shift along with dozens of other causes of aiming error. If the scope doesn’t pass, it doesn’t ship. It almost isn’t fair. Nightforce NXS™ and Precision Benchrest riflescopes already have taken more long-range world records than any other brand. Now, with the introduction of their 15-55×52 Competition™, the bar has been raised to lofty new heights. It is a riflescope so good, so advanced, that you will blow away your competition. Not literally, of course. Nightforce is a proud member of a number of industry associations, including the NRA and the National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF), and actively promotes safe gun handling. With several years of double-digit growth, Nightforce embarked on a $1 million expansion of their headquarters in 2011. It was completed

last year, just in time to support their most extraordinary growth in the history of the company. The expansion facilitated faster delivery times, more R&D capabilities, and even better customer service. It has also resulted in the introduction of 3 new riflescopes this year! Until a few years ago, Nightforce was handwriting their programs. As the company grew, this was no longer a feasible option, Nightforce programmer Aaron Snyder said. “ I was very familiar with other CAM programs from school, but hadn’t had any experience with Delcam’s FeatureCAM software.The package that the management team selected prior to me joining about 5 years ago.” Aaron said. “Today, I am a true believer in the software! It is the most user friendly CAM software on the market, it is faster to learn than other software packages, and I can make changes much quicker than what is possible with other packages.” The company utilizes the Delcam software in both their production and R&D environments.Aaron elaborated, “We use FeatureCAM for everything from making minor changes in a part to designing a part from just a print or an idea.We use FeatureCAM to program parts of a scope or tooling to make the scope tech’s job easier. FeatureCAM makes it very easy for me to accommodate these needs in the company.” Jesse Daniels, management team member, says, “When we are looking at a new R&D project, with Delcam, Aaron hops on the computer, and put together a CAM program, and within a month we’ve got a full functioning component prototype.This is invaluable to our business.” The team at Nightforce finds Delcam’s customer support to be outstanding. Aaron says that whenever he has a question, Sales Engineer Ben Gowers is just a call away.And if it is something Ben can’t fix or assist the team at Nightforce with, he gets Delcam’s Technical Support involved

Why is the most advanced riflescope on the market today called the B.E.A.S.T? It has nothing to do with size, weight, or appearance. Nightforce’s engineers were asked to do what was thought impossible…to create a riflescope the likes of which had never been built before. To invent radical new technologies that solve old problems inherent to competitor’s products. And to include capabilities and features that for years had been nothing but pipe dreams. Cut no corners, they were told.Then build it. It was a challenge so demanding, so taxing, at times so overwhelming, that the concept became known as “a beast,” both for the difficulties it presented and for the times when it seemed they had created a monster.When they succeeded, and it came time to give the newest Nightforce riflescope a name, nothing else seemed appropriate. “But you can’t call a riflescope a ‘”beast,’” some folks said. What does that stand for? What will customers think?They’ll think it stands for “Best Example of Advanced ScopeTechnology.” Because that’s what it is. To learn more about Nightforce products, visit their website at nightforceoptics.com.You can find the dealer closest to you by entering your zip code. And if you are a superior machinist looking to relocate to rural Orofino, Idaho, you will find an outstanding work environment with a 401K plan, 100% medical coverage, 4-day workweeks and more. Call 208-476-9814 to learn more about opportunities or visit nightforceoptics.com. Delcam just recently launched its FeatureCAM 2013. FeatureCAM was the world’s first feature-based programming software when it was launched in 1995. Constant development since then has ensured that the system has retained its leadership in programming speed and ease of use, while an increased range of strategies has been added to provide more efficient toolpaths giving greater productivity on a wider range of machines. The main change to the 2013 FeatureCAM product family has been the introduction of three levels of 3D machining functionality. FeatureMILL 3D Lite offers single-surface machining with a basic range of strategies and so provides an introductory product for companies moving into 3D machining for the first time. For more information on the Delcam suite of software, call them at 1-877-DELCAM1or visit their website at delcam.com.

The hole you see in the well-used Nightforce 3.5-15 x 50 NXS riflescope was made by an enemy 7.62×39 round fired at a U.S. soldier. immediately.Aaron admits that, given Delcam’s ease of use, calls to Ben and the Delcam technical support center are infrequent. About the B.E.A.S.T.TM The U.S. military spoke. Nightforce listened.The playing field in warfare has changed. Our military snipers are engaging targets at ever-increasing ranges; extremely difficult targets demanding levels of positive identification, accuracy and optical performance that were impossible with existing technology. Recognizing this, the U.S. military threw out all the conventions associated with tactical day scopes, and requested a riflescope unlike any ever created.

The bullet completely penetrated the erector tube—the heart of the scope’s optical system. We’re happy to report that the soldier was not injured, and the only casualty is the riflescope’s magnification ring, frozen on 15x. Its focus, tracking, and all other functions work just fine. It holds point of aim like new. The soldier wrapped the riflescope in duct tape to keep out sand and dirt, and used it without a problem for the next three days, completing his mission. Because Nightforce riflescopes are used in active theaters by most of the elite special forces worldwide, they are subjected to— and survive— the most brutal conditions imaginable. A2Z METALWORKER

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ferent thinking and behavior to succeed,” says Erich Fischer, a partner at consulting firm Booz & Co.

UTAH METAL WORKS www.umw.com

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At Utah Metal Works, recycling industrial-related scrap metal is one of the things we do best. You simply won’t find more knowledgeable, capable partners for your scrap handling and recycling efforts anywhere. We are known in the industry for our honesty and integrity, and you can be sure you are always getting a competitive return along with superior service. We make it easy for you to cash in on non-ferrous metals from:

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Aircraft/High Temperature Alloy Scrap Stainless, titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, cupronickel, aluminum;state-of-the-art metal analysis conducted on site; Mixed or contaminated items are accepted and sorted Easy Access To I80, I15, and I215 Detailed Directions On Our Website 805 West Everett Ave • Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Defense.Firms.Seek.Alternatives.as.U.S..Cuts.Military.Spending Dawne Hickton has seen the future—and it is old people. After building a business largely on selling titanium to the U.S. defense industry, Ms. Hickton is turning her sights to health care.

RTI International Metals Inc., of which Ms. Hickton is chief executive, last year paid $182 million to buy a medical-device business, gaining access to the market for spinal implants and other products for the nation’s growing numbers of senior citizens. “That’s a future for us—the elderly population,” Ms. Hickton says. “That’s a growing market. We don’t know what the defense market is going to do.”

The challenge stems from the Obama administration’s attempts to move from a post-Sept. 11, 2001, “war on terrorism” mind-set to a post-Afghanistan-war period. That shifting worldview has led to an agreement with Congress to cut $487 billion from the defense budget over the next 10 years. Even if U.S. lawmakers avert $500 billion in additional cuts over the next decade that were put on hold by this week’s fiscal-cliff agreement, the Pentagon is expected to face additional reductions in any deal to cope with a fragile economy and massive debt. Meanwhile, the U.S. is preparing to end major combat operations in Afghanistan, wrapping up more than a decade of ground operations in South Asia and the Mideast. Those factors are generating anxiety among defense companies. “Nothing changes table manners faster than a smaller pie,” a top industry executive says. “And we are all competing for less.” The last big decline in military spending came at the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, when the U.S. closed 350 military installations. Defense companies responded with a series of mergers that shrank the number of major contractors working with the Pentagon. In 2011 the top five U.S. defense contractors secured more than a quarter of all military spending. The Obama administration is opposed to moves that would decrease competition further, so analysts don’t expect any consolidation at the top of the food chain.

Faced with more defense cuts on the horizon, RTI is part of a broader shift by defense companies, large and small, looking for ways to contend with lost business. Some of them are diversifying. Others are shedding unprofitable segments. Many are looking to increase sales on the international market.

But European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co.’s unsuccessful attempt last year to purchase Britain’s BAE Systems suggests that at least one merger among the next tier of Pentagon contractors could be on deck within a few years. BAE, in particular, holds an especially coveted New Hampshire unit that makes equipment for military surveillance.

“What we’re about to go through happens once every 20 to 30 years in the industry, and it requires dif-

As U.S. military dollars shrink, large

Over the past three years, she says, Pittsburgh-based RTI’s defense work has been cut in half, falling to 20% of the company’s revenue from 40%.


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ALMAR TOOLS, INC A leader in the custom tool manufacturing industry and CNC tool sharpening Manufacture of special end mills, form cutters, step drills, and step reamers Visit us at www.almartools.com and click on TOOL BUILDER for a paperless quote Specializing in short orders to production with promt delivery Quotes returned same day with PDF drawing


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defense contractors are closing plants and consolidating operations. Boeing Co.is closing operations in Kansas and California. Boeing said in November that it would cut 30% of its management jobs and consolidate units in its defense, space and security business.The Chicago-based company has cut $2 billion in costs since 2010 and plans to slice another $1.6 billion through the consolidation, says spokesman Todd Blecher. Smaller defense contractors also are looking to streamline and to focus on new areas, such as cybersecurity or unmanned vehicles. L-3 Communications spun off its consulting and government-services work in July as it moved to reinvent itself. The New York company paid $130 million to buy a British aircraft training-and-simulation business. In February L-3 paid $210 million for a unit of Danaher Corp. that makes sophisticated electrical units for U.S. Navy submarines. L-3 Chief Executive Michael Strianese says defense companies have to be careful as they move into new ventures. “I don’t think it’s a good strategy for defense companies to wander too far outside their core areas,” he says. “We’ve all done that at some point in our lives, and it usually doesn’t end well.” Mr. Strianese says. To make up for dwindling opportunities in the U.S., companies also are looking to increase sales overseas, with emerging markets in Brazil and India appearing especially fruitful. As the U.S. shifts more strategic resources to Asia, arms sales to U.S. allies in the region are also expected to rise.

To help facilitate that effort, the Obama administration has moved to ease export controls to help companies sell arms abroad. In November L-3 secured a $23 million deal to help train some Iraqi military pilots. Overseas sales to developing nations by U.S. defense contractors quadrupled in 2011 to a record $56.3 billion, according to the Congressional Research Service, as the administration approved deals with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. American companies have been lobbying Washington to ease export controls further. They recently secured support from Congress to expand satellite sales abroad, something that could give a boost to Boeing, among others. Meanwhile, though, U.S. defense contractors are facing new competition in the U.S. market from foreign companies, including EADS and Switzerland’s Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. They also face more pressure from nontraditional rivals, such as consulting firm Accenture and computer makers Apple Inc. and Dell Inc. Such nontraditional defense contractors account for about 40% of major new post-Cold War hardware programs and services sold to the Pentagon, says Booz’s Mr. Fischer. Old-line defense contractors will have to become more nimble to compete with the new rivals, according to Booz. “Defense companies need faster development and fielding cycles to remain relevant for large portions of their core markets,” Mr. Fischer says. A2Z METALWORKER

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Your Specialists in Electromechanical and Fluid Management Design Solenoid (noun) a coil of wire, partially surrounding an iron core, that is made to move inside the coil by the magnetic field set up by a current: used to convert electrical to mechanical energy, as in the operation of a switch. RAM Company, founded nearly 4 decades ago, specializes in the custom design and manufacture of solenoids and valves used in a variety of applications in the demanding environments of air, sea, land, and space. RAM’s products are commonly found in military and commercial aerospace, undersea submersibles, and a variety of commercial applications. RAM was founded in, and remains today in Saint George, a small town located in the southwestern part of Utah on the Utah/Arizona border. With double-digit sales growth in each of the past many years, the company recently added 5.5 acres to its headquarters, bringing the total acreage to 13 acres.This enabled a physical plant expansion of 20,000 square feet, adding a second building to their existing facility for a total of 75,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. Ray and Melzie Ganowsky started RAM Company in 1975, and the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence begins with the example of their founders. Ray, a degreed Aeronautical engineer, holds 23 U.S. and foreign patents for solenoid design; he has received many awards and recognitions such as The Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology and St. George City’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. Today, Kevin Ganowsky, Ray and Melzie’s son and long-term employee of the company, has become a co-owner of the company and works day-to-day as the company A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

President. Ray and Melzie continue to lend their leadership assistance and support Kevin and the management team. The company’s quality management systems conforms to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100-C requirements. RAM also has many processes that are NADCAP certified. Lean manufacturing principles and Six Sigma tools are employed to improve flow, reduce lead time, and develop sustainable continuous improvement throughout the entire company, thus enabling RAM to become ever more responsive to customer expectations. With full capability in design, prototype, manufacturing, processing, assembly, and test, RAM currently has 164 great employees, including machinists, assemblers, engineers, technicians, and a host of support personnel. Project Engineers and customer-service representatives provide full support to all customers and aid in developing design solutions for RAM’s growing customer base. The manufacturing team builds, tests, and delivers quality products in impressively-short lead times. RAM serves customers from all over the world. Their products (linear and rotary solenoids and

solenoid valves, check-and-relief valves, and pressure switches) appear on many complex, manufactured products, including those built by such well-known entities as the following: Airbus Industries Boeing Aircraft General Dynamics N.A.S.A. Sikorsky Aircraft Corp United States Army United States Postal Service About RAM’s Linear Solenoids RAM Company’s linear solenoids encompass a vast array of design features and design applications, with strokes ranging from .005” to 3”, push or pull performance, and pressurized or non-pressurized cavities. The company supports its customers with a wide array of performance requirements, including those related to the following: Magnetic or mechanical latching Positional devices

Fast response time Redundant coils Manual override Long life Low power consumption Harsh environmental conditions Extreme vibration and shock Operation in a vacuum Extreme force requirements PWM capabilities RAM’s Rotary Solenoid Valves The RAM Company rotary solenoid is a pure rotary device utilizing the angles of a balanced armature within a magnetic field. By eliminating the need for cams or races that convert linear motion into rotary, as used in other rotary solenoid designs, RAM Company is able to offer distinct design advantages. Solenoid Valves from RAM Company Designed and manufactured at RAM, solenoid valves are the fastest growing segment of their business. This type of valve lends itself to simplicity and high efficiencies. Designs are available in two or three way flow as well as direct or pilot operated. Pneumatic solenoid valves can be designed up to operating pressures of 10,000 psig. Hydraulic solenoid valves can be designed to yield flow rates of up to 20 gallons/minute. Manufacturing at RAM Company All manufacturing performed in house features the best quality CNC equipment. RAM’s CNC lathes and mills operate in very tight tolerances, and their in-house special processes include honing, welding, brazing (copper, silver, and nickel), coil winding, plating, transfer molding, EB welding, and soldering, among others. The most recent addition to their in-house capabilities was the implementation of a heat treat operation. The company provides Hydraulic test capability up to 5000 PSIG & 35 GPM (Red oil, Skydrol & Stoddard), and Pneumatic test capability up to 15,000 PSIG (Nitrogen). They offer Static impulse testing up to 9000 PSIG, and their temperature testing ranges from -100 to 600 °F. From the onset, Ray Ganowsky believed in purchasing the best machine tools to manufacture products. But the best machine tools weren’t enough. RAM Company’s ability to provide superior service to their customers also meant that their best-in-class machine tools had to be serviced and maintained by a superior machine tool distributor, one willing to support them in the small town of Saint George, Utah. Kevin says “Smith Machinery Sales, based in Salt Lake City, is our partner. They sell the superior Mazak machine tool line, and we began purchasing from them nearly 30 years ago. Today,

Clark Smith owns Smith Machinery, and my dad bought our first machine from his father, Tracy Smith. When you really look at it, there are only a handful of machine tool builders that produce a machine as good as Mazak does. ” He continued, “When you get down to it, a superior machine tool isn’t enough. I don’t buy a Mercedes Benz because I can’t get it serviced in Saint George. We work closely with Clark Smith’s team, because we continue to receive superior support from them. If a machine goes down, they are here quickly. Our latest purchases include two Mazak Multiplex machine tools: Multi-Tasking, dual-spindle, dual turret machines.With one, we have added a Mazak GL Gantry robot (for unattended operation), and with the second, we have a barfeed.These machine tools are so beneficial to us, as our portfolio is comprised of high mix, low quantity products. The cell we have set up with the Mazak Multiplex machines facilitates our set-up reduction and work-flow efficiency.” Kevin added, “The reliability of the Mazak machines is key to us. They are so outstanding that we just traded in a 1990 and a 1992 Mazak that we bought new. They are just that good.” “RAM Company has made a commitment to invest in advanced technology and they see the benefits of improved accuracy, high productivity and maximum spindle-on-time. Fortunately, Mazak is also committed to provide advanced technology that works”, says Clark Smith. For more information on RAM Company, contact them at (435) 673-4603 or visit their website at www.ramcompany.com. To learn more about Smith Machinery’s superior machine tool products, and their unmatched customer support, contact them at (801) 263-6403 or visit their website at www.smithmachinetools.com. A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

Additive. Manufacturing. May. Resuscitate. Manufacturing.Sector

7130 West 117th Avenue, Unit D-4, P.O. Box 1904, Broomfield, CO 80038

Call Jim Daldos Or Virginia Ebert Today 303-466-7342 • Fax 303-465-2117 We Specialize in Structural and Sheet Metal Fabricating Equipment. We Can Provide Engineering and Consultation for Your Individual Needs.




S Specialty Specia ialt lty Steel Steel S Service, Inc.

“Small Sma l enough en ugh tto care, are La Large enough to serve.” Lar We stock a large variety of the metals you need.

-Tool and Die steels -Alloys and Carbon -Aluminum Plate As well as being the authorized distrubutor of Precision Marshall and Latrobe Steel products.

We offer a variety of services, including:

-Production Cutting -Aluminum Plate Cutting -Cold Sawing - Delivering to Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Weber counties everyday

334 W. 800 S. Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 Toll Free 1-800-890-5950 Telephone (801) 539-8252 Fax (801) 539-8311 Email Scott@specialtysteelservice.com


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Jan/Feb 2013

Scientific American reports, “The US wants back into the manufacturing game, but the industry has had to weigh this desire to create new jobs and stimulate the economy against the reality of competing against lower operating costs elsewhere” around the globe. Manufacturers “and government agencies have begun placing bets on additive manufacturing technologies-including 3-D printing-that they believe could represent the industry’s future. Just what this future will look like and how the US might get there is the subject of a technology showcase at The Pennsylvania State University, sponsored by the school’s Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D), along with the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute.” NAMII “is the first of 15 ‘innovation institutes’ to be established by Pres. Obama’s $1-billion National Network for Manufacturing Innovation strategy introduced in March.”

Ball.Aerospace. completes. all. performance. testing.for.NASA’s.JWST Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. has completed all performance testing for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope aft-optics subsystem (AOS) under contract to the Northrop Grumman Corporation. Since May of 2012, the AOS has undergone a series of tests including thermal and vibration, followed by cryogenic testing to demonstrate that it can withstand the rigorous vibration environment of the rocket launch and remain precisely aligned in order to function at extremely cold temperatures in space. The AOS will remain at Ball Aerospace to be used during integrated testing with the flight actuator drive unit and AOS source plate assembly.This AOS is the final optical subsystem of the James Webb Optical Telescope Element to complete integration and test activities at Ball Aerospace. The AOS is a precision beryllium rectangular optical bench that houses the tertiary and the fine steering mirror installed at the center ofWebb’s primary mirror. The AOS is surrounded by a shroud that eliminates stray light, and two large radiator panels that keep the assembly cold. This subsystem collects and focuses the light from the secondary mirror and feeds it into the science instruments. Ball is the principal subcontractor to Northrop Grumman for the optical technology and lightweight mirror system for NASA’s Webb Telescope. In total, Ball has designed and delivered the Webb’s 18 beryllium primary mirror segments, secondary and tertiary mirrors, a fine steering mirror, and several engineering development units. In September 2012, Ball began the process of shipping the finished Webb primary mirrors to Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. The remaining mirrors will arrive at Goddard this year, awaiting telescope integration in 2015. The Webb is on track for an October 2018 liftoff.

1974 Bucktail Lane • Sugar Grove, IL 80554 1-888-289-3367 • www.EDMNetwork.com A Z METALWORKER • 31 • Jan/Feb 2013 inf@EDMNetwork.com 2


American Global Standards, LLC 1187 Coast Village Road #495 Montecito, CA 93108 617 838 4648 info@americanglobal.org www.americanglobal.org


A Virtual Program For ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 Rev. C, And ISO 14001

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 No travel expenses, No other fees!  Save Your Company Thousands Annually (Minimum savings: $2,000 & up to $50,000 annually) Save Top Management Valuable Time  AGS has been a Registrar since 1993 Serving More Than 4000 Customers Worldwide


AGS is accredited by the American International Accreditation Organization, Bureau of Accredited Registrars (AIAO-BAR) an indePM Page 1pendent, not-for-profit organization.www.aiao-bar.org

Lockheed.Martin.awarded.$100.million.for. GPS.station Continuing a legacy of more than 30 years supporting the Global Positioning System, Lockheed Martin has been awarded a contract to sustain the ground control segment for the GPS satellite constellation. The U.S. Air Force Space Command Space and Missile Center awarded Lockheed Martin a $104 million contract to support the GPS ground control segment. The GPS mission is crucial to sustaining the nation’s space superiority, and ensuring that precise position, navigation, and timing signals are available for worldwide users across numerous domains.The demands for near 100 percent system availability, as well as the fiscal constraints being placed on the GPS program are critical factors in sustaining the GPS control station. Lockheed Martin’s team includes small businesses Arctic Slope Research Corporation (ASRC), ISYS Technologies, Overlook Systems Technologies and Tigua Technology Services who will perform hardware engineering, software test, technical order management and systems administration functions. Also on the team is the Ogden Air Logistics Center, who will provide Depot level software maintenance and test support.

Lucintel. Estimate. Global. Commercial.Airliner.And.Regional.Aircraft.Market.To.Reach. US.$112B.In.2017 The global commercial airliner and regional aircraft markets are expected to reach an estimated US $112 billion in 2017 with a CAGR of 5.3% over the next five years despite the recession. Increasing demand from emerging economies such as Asia (India, China) and the Middle East, deregulation, and rising middle class are factors driving growth in the aerospace market.


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Jan/Feb 2013

Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research company, has analyzed the Global Commercial Airliner and Regional Aircraft market and presents its findings in “Global Commercial Airliner and Regional Aircraft Industry 2012–2017: Trend, Profit, and Forecast Analysis.” The Global Commercial and Regional Aircraft industry consists of commercial airliners and regional aircraft manufacturers. Industry products are used by airlines (international, domestic, and regional) and governments around the world. The industry is highly consolidated in terms of suppliers and buyers. North America dominates this market, but Asia and the Middle East are expected to drive demand for the global aerospace industry in coming years. For a detailed table of contents and pricing information on these timely, insightful reports, contact Lucintel at +1-972-636-5056 or via email at helpdesk (at) lucintel (dot) com. Lucintel offerings include SWOT analysis, target screening and merger & acquisition consulting.



The Makino PS-Series has additional capabilities you simply won’t find on your current VMCs. Modular, automated pallet systems and Like spindle speed, power and 24/7 machining capabilities are opening torque handle aggressive whole new to doors of productivity. And cuts opportunity. the Makino and in tough With materials thatMMC2 reduce MAS A5 cell controller, you know you’re cyclewith times. In other words, working the industry standard everything you need for virtually eliminating setupto andmake changeover times. While helping more parts faster and atyou a lower manage what matters most: production cost. Because when you make schedules, costs and throughput. what matters, that’s the kind of See how the Makinothat MMC2 system performance really counts. can help you compete globally.

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GE.Aviation.ramps.up.engine.production GE Aviation expects to produce more jet engines in 2013 and foresees more of its engines in use as its commercial business grows.

The company and its joint ventures are also developing new engines with better fuel efficiency, and have already sold some of these engines for airplanes still under development, said Rick Kennedy, spokesman for GE Aviation. Overall engine production by GE and GE’s joint ventures will grow from 3,400 engines in 2012 to 3,600 engines this year. The number of GE and joint venture engines in service — engines placed in active aircrafts — will grow from 25,000 today to about 40,000 by 2020. It is key to build a large base of engines in service, and then provide spare parts and maintenance for them over a long period, Kennedy said. GE jet engines power commercial aircraft made by Airbus, Boeing, Embraer of Brazil and Bombardier of Canada, as well as military aircraft. GE Aviation employs about 40,000 worldwide, and about 8,600 people in the Cincinnati-Dayton area. “Commercial aviation is doing extremely well. It’s across the industry,” said Dan Stohr, spokesman for trade group Aerospace Industries Association. Growing or developing markets include China, the Middle East and across Pacific Asia, he said.


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.. ing

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Jan/Feb 2013

Jet Processing is now

GE Aviation has a joint venture with French company Snecma to make the CFM56 engine, which powers the narrow body jetliners Airbus A320 and Boeing 737.The joint venture, CFM International, has a new engine under developmentthat will come to market in 2016. Called the LEAP engine, the new engine will also power future Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 airplanes, as well as new planes under development — the Airbus A320neo, Boeing 737 MAX and COMAC C919 from China. The LEAP engine is GE Aviation’s biggest development program right now. “The company has already sold more than 4,000 engines on three different airplanes under development, and the first engine hasn’t even run yet. So, it’s an extremely important program for GE, and is being designed to deliver both outstanding reliability and better fuel burn,” Kennedy said. “Achieving both is very challenging.” GE Aviation is also in the early stages of development for an engine called GE9X, which will be the successor to its current GE90 engine that powers the Boeing 777 jumbo jet. Boeing is looking into a newgeneration 777 aircraft, for which GE will provide the engine. GE Aviation began testing an engine core for the ADaptive Versatile ENgine Technology program with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory.The new core technologies being tested will result in a 25 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, a 30 percent increase in operating range and a 5 to 10 percent improvement in thrust compared to current fixed-cycle engines, the company said.

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CO, Longmont 1707 North Main Street # 402 Longmont, CO 80501 Phone 303-772-7201 Fax 303-772-4669

UT, Ogden 4387 S Harrison Boulevard # C-1 Ogden, UT 84403 Phone 801-476-1999 Fax 801-476-1995

CO, Loveland 134 East 29th Street Loveland, CO 80526 Phone 970-669-7371 Fax 970-669-7443 A2Z METALWORKER

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ISO9001/ AS9100/ AS9110/ AS9120 Registration Services Fast Quotes. No Application Fees. Registration Doesn’t Have To Be An Onerous Process. Certified Auditors Throughout the U.S.

HEAR FROM OUR CUSTOMERS! “By far, Great Western is the best Registrar I have had the opportunity to work with. With President Karey Cwiekowski, and auditors Deborah Gilpin and Rebecca Salo, I get very personal, prompt and professional support.They are experienced and knowledgeable, and I can always call them with a question and get an answer immediately.” Patrick, QualityManager at Aerostar Aerospace “We’ve always used Great Western for our audits and Certification. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable and competitively priced, but they are a pleasure to work with. Great Western’s team treats all of our employees with respect.” Don, Quality Manager, R&D Specialty Manco “We started using Great Western Registrar for certification in 2006 and have been very happy with their professional help and guidance. Great Western was recommended to us by a consultant, and the word in the industry was Great Western is the company to use.” David Ellis, Quality Manager, AATC “Great Western’s entire team is trained in ISO/AS9100. When you call Great Western’s office with a question, you will always get an answer provided by a certified auditor. Great Western is expert in their industry.” Paula, Manufacturing Engineer, Helm Precision

Great Western Registrar L.L.C. Ph: 623-580-1881 Fax: 623-505-9685 www.GreatWesternRegistrar.com

ATK.Awarded. NASA LaunchesContract. Programto. ToDeliver. CertifyPrecision. Space Extended.Range.Munition.Capability.for.U.S.. Taxis Marine.Corps.120mm.Mortar.System With an eye toward breaking Russia’s monopoly on flying crew to the international space station (ISS) by 2017, NASA has launched a twoATK announced that it stage certification process aimed at ensuring commercial passenger will begin execution spaceships currently under development will meet the of agency’s a $14.3safety million standards, schedule and mission requirements. contract awarded to

develop a solution to NASA to award multiple firms for a Certification Products meet theexpects U.S. Marine Corps’ requirement a rifled, 120mm, Precision Contract each of(PERM). which will run for 15 months and bedivision worth will Extended(CPC), Range Mortar ATK’s Armament Systems up to $10 million. programtodovetails with Corps the agency’s serve as the primeThe contractor the Marine for theongoing 24-month partnerships with Boeing, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. PERM development program that will demonstrate a precision mortar (SpaceX) and Sierra Nevada Corp. to develop privately owned space cartridge capable of reliably providing accuracy within 20 meters circular transportation flying astronauts to the station.and error probablesystems and cancapable then beofquickly transitioned tospace production ultimately fielding. CPC’s first phase is scheduled to begin in February and run through May has 30,teamed 2014. The intended Ordnance to influence commercial ATK with timing GeneralisDynamics and Tactical Systems spaceship design and operations plans early enough to meet NASA’s The (GD-OTS) to bring the most mature capabilities to the program. space/station mission requirements and minimize potentially ATK GD-OTS PERM technical solution combines ATK’scostly patented changes and schedule delays later in the development process. and operationally-proven precision guidance fuze technology with the

GD-OTS extended-range rifled mortar energetic subsystems developed After rounds of Space Act Agreements that leveraged duringthree the PERM Technical Demonstration program. U.S. government funding with private investment to stimulate development of passenger spaceships, NASA shifting to fixed-priced, “This best-in-class combination provides the ismost reliable and affordable Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)-based awards the CPCmorpath to achieve the Marine Corps’ objective of fieldingfor a precision A2Z METALWORKER

36 •

Jan/Feb 2013

tar,” said DeWitt, President General Manager effort. The Bruce first buy will be Vice for data productsand related to “an end-tofor ATK Armament Systems Division. “Using mature, proven end Crew Transportation System (CTS) for an ISS design reference technologies significantly development time, which mission,” NASAalso wrote in its Sept.reduces 12 solicitation. we’ve proven by using our Precision Guidance Kit technology to deliver – in one year’s time – a fully-qualified, precision “The government expects that only Phase 1 contractors will be capable mortar to meet the U.S. Army’s aggressive Accelerated Preciof successfully competing for Phase 2,” NASA wrote. sion Mortar Initiative.” NASA intends to run its ongoing, 21-month, $1.1 billion Commercial ATK guidance fuze technology is currently being used by the Crew Integrated Capability (CCiCap) projects with Boeing, SpaceX U.S. Army to meet precision guidance requirements for 155mm and Sierra Nevada separately from any awards the companies may artillery projectiles (XM1156) and 120mm mortar cartridges win under the Certification Products Contract. (XM395).The ATK / GD-OTS PERM projectile will capitalize on these ongoing U.S. Army development and production programs Under its existingdesign program, NASA was not able learned, to formally to incorporate commonality, lessons andevaluate future if product a company’s design met agency requirements for flying crew to improvements. the station.

The PERM initiative is integral to the Marine Corps Ship-to“This bridge will allow (STOM) us to either move down the roadthat toward Objective-Maneuver contingency operations call getting design concurrence assessment potentially for for precision, long-range (16 – 20km)ormortars firedwaivers from the areas where we don’t fully meet all the design requirements,” said Expeditionary Fire Support System (EFSS) towed-mortar platform John Mulholland, Boeing vice president in support of Marine infantry units. and program manager for commercial space programs. The EFSS is a light, mobile and vertically transportable indirect “The benefitsystem of [CPC] is thatfor bridge is going to allow us to move firebig support designed missions requiring tactical versadown together and hopefully get certified to fly to the international tility, speed and close-in fire support. The EFSS is designed to be space station and fly NASA crew,” Mulholland told Space News. internally transportable in the MV-22B Osprey and the CH-53 heProposals are due Oct. 12. licopter and has been in fielded with the Marine Corps since 2009. A2Z METALWORKER

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Sept/Oct 2012

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Pratt. &.Whitney.To. Supply. Engine. For. Embraer.Jets

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Property and casualty coverages and safety services are underwritten, issued and/or administered by a member of the Sentry Insurance Group, Stevens Point, WI. For a complete listing of companies, visit sentry.com. Policies, coverages, benefits and discounts are not available in all states. See policy for complete coverage details. ® Captain John Parker photo



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Jan/Feb 2013

729898 1/18/11

Bloomberg News reports, “Pratt & Whitney won an agreement to build jet engines for redesigned Embraer SA jets currently powered by General Electric Co.” The plane will use Pratt’s geared turbofan, “which the company has said reduces fuel burn by as much as 15 percent, curbs noise by using a gear to slow the engine’s outer fan. Combined with wing improvements, full fly-by-wire flight controls and other alterations, it will provide “double-digit” improvements in efficiency and maintenance costs for the revamped jets, Embraer said.” This is a “significant victory for Pratt’s campaign to penetrate the single-aisle market, and is a major blow for General Electric which was believed to be in pole-position with a mix of the nextgeneration NG34 and de-rated CFM Leap.”

Autoliv. saving. more. lives…delivers. half. a. billion.airbags.for.side.protection Autoliv, Inc.reports that the company has delivered over half a billion airbags for side protection since the company invented these safety devices in 1994. Side airbags were first introduced to the automotive market when Autoliv, in cooperation with Volvo launched the world’s first sideimpact airbag on the Volvo 850. This airbag was designed to reduce injuries and fatalities to the occupant’s chest in side-impact collisions. Subsequently, in 1998, Autoliv introduced another “World’s First”. This was the Inflatable Curtain, which is an airbag that covers the whole upper side of a vehicle in a side-impact collision to protect the head of occupants sitting on the struck side of the vehicle. This patented airbag was launched in cooperation withVolvo and Mercedes. “These products continue to provide a very important benefit to society and human life” commented Jan Olsson, Vice President of Autoliv Research. “We estimate that our side airbags in the field will save at least 15,000 lives over the years while in service. In addition, we believe there is significant savings to society in medical and rehabilitation costs related to fewer injuries due to our side airbags” . “Our company’s primary focus is to save more lives”, stated Jan Carlson CEO of Autoliv while presenting his keynote address during a recent employee management conference. “It gives us a real sense of pride and accomplishment when we hear from people who have survived automobile crashes because of the products our dedicated employees design and produce every day”. Side airbags (both chest side airbags and head curtain side airbags) will become mandatory on all new light vehicles sold as of September next year according to federal law. Despite this improvement, only 50% of the passenger light vehicles produced in the world are currently equipped with side airbags.



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Lockheed’s upbeat view comes as its first LCS ship, the USS Freedom, a steel single hull vessel, prepares for a six-week voyage to Singapore, where it will be deployed for nine months. Unlike earlier warships, littoral combat ships can operate in shallower coastal regions, have smaller crews and can be easily reconfigured for different missions, such as surface warfare or mine-hunting. The U.S. unit of Australia’s Austal is also building a separate LCS ship for the U.S. Navy, based on an aluminum trimaran design.

TCI Machine-Ready Blanks Can Help. Increase throughput by 25% or more with TCI Machine-Ready Blanks. With one P.O., eliminate grinding / squaring operations and outside processing. Use the time you save for more productive use of your CNC equipment – adding to your bottom line. • Ready to load directly into your CNC machining centers • Guaranteed tolerances as close as +/-.0005” dimensionally and as close as .0002” flatness, squareness and parallelism – deburred and cleaned • Aluminum, stainless, alloy steels and more • ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered Call today, or visit us on the Web to Request a quote Good Parts. On Time. Period. and sign up for a FREE Webinar, How to Increase Throughput and Profits, hosted by Modern Machine Shop.

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Lockheed.sees.good.export.prospects.for.ships,.helicopters Lockheed Martin Corp sees good prospects for selling new coastal warships and helicopters it is building for the U.S. Navy to other countries, especially given a planned U.S. pivot to the Asia-Pacific region, company executives said recently. The U.S. Navy’s plans to send Lockheed’s first Littoral Combat Ship, or LCS-1, to Singapore in mid-April, could deepen international interest in the new warship, said Michele Evans, vice president of business development for Lockheed’s mission systems and training business. Lockheed and other U.S. weapons makers are scrambling to increase foreign military sales to maintain revenue in coming years as they brace for cuts in U.S. military spending after sharp growth over the past decade. A2Z METALWORKER

40 •

Jan/Feb 2013

The Navy is proceeding with the Singapore deployment of LCS despite continued problems with the ship’s 30 mm and 57 mm guns and a mine countermeasures system identified in a new report by the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester. The report also noted that “LCS is not expected to be survivable” since it was not designed to continue operating if it took a significant hit in a hostile combat environment. The Pentagon’s office of Operational Test and Evaluation said it was deferring tests of the ships’ overall survivability, and separate shock trials for at least a year. Lockheed executives said they were in talks with six to seven possible foreign buyers in the Middle East and Asia for the ship, down from 22 countries that initially were interested. The Navy plans to buy 55 of the new smaller warships in coming years, a key part of its drive to replace aging vessels and increase the overall number of ships in the Navy. Lockheed is also proposing possible integration of ballistic missile defense capabilities on the LCS ships in the future, which could enhance their attractiveness to foreign buyers. Lockheed officials also see bright export prospects for MH-60 maritime helicopter that it builds with Sikorsky Aircraft, a unit of United Technologies Corp, forecasting that it could sell over 200 of the helicopters overseas in coming years.

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STAINLESS: 304H, 304L, 316L, 317L, 321, 347, 904L, 2205, 2507, 254-SMO, LDX 2101 CARBON: A35, W44, 514, 516-70, 572-50, 588, API-2H-G50 ALUMINUM: 5086, 5454, 6061, 7075, 7050, 2024

Range of Sizes... THK: 3/16” to 6” WIDTH: 48” to 120” LENGTHS: 96” to 528”

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Jan/Feb 2013

NRL. Designs. Multi-Junction. Solar. Cell. to. Break.Efficiency.Barrier. U.S. Naval Research Laboratory scientists in the Electronics Technology and Science Division, in collaboration with the Imperial College and MicroLink Devices, Inc. have proposed a novel triple-junction solar cell with the potential to break the 50 percent conversion efficiency barrier, which is the current goal in multi-junction photovoltaic development. “This research has produced a novel, realistically achievable, latticematched, multi-junction solar cell design with the potential to break the 50 percent power conversion efficiency mark under concentrated illumination,” said Robert Walters, Ph.D., NRL research physicist. “At present, the world record triple-junction solar cell efficiency is 44 percent under concentration and it is generally accepted that a major technology breakthrough will be required for the efficiency of these cells to increase much further.” In multi-junction (MJ) solar cells, each junction is ‘tuned’ to different wavelength bands in the solar spectrum to increase efficiency. High bandgap semiconductor material is used to absorb the short wavelength radiation with longer wavelength parts transmitted to subsequent semiconductors. In theory, an infinite-junction cell could obtain a maximum power conversion percentage of nearly 87 percent. The challenge is to develop a semiconductor material system that can attain a wide range of bandgaps and be grown with high crystalline quality. UPM Bus Card Ad_Layout 1 11/21/12 10:22 AM Page 1 info@dcm-tech.com

By exploring novel semiconductor materials and applying band structure engineering, via strain-balanced quantum wells, the NRL research team has produced a design for a MJ solar cell that can achieve direct band gaps from 0.7 to 1.8 electron volts (eV) with materials that are all lattice-matched to an indium phosphide (InP) substrate. The primary innovation enabling this new path to high efficiency is the identification of InAlAsSb quaternary alloys as a high band gap material layer that can be grown lattice-matched to InP. Drawing from their experience with Sb-based compounds for detector and laser applications, NRL scientists modeled the band structure of InAlAsSb and showed that this material could potentially achieve a direct bandgap as high as 1.8eV. With this result, and using a model that includes both radiative and non-radiative recombination, the NRL scientists created a solar cell design that is a potential route to over 50 percent power conversion efficiency under concentrated solar illumination. Recently awarded a U.S. Department of Energy (DoE), Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) project, NRL scientists, working with MicroLink and Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, N.Y., will execute a three year materials and device development program to realize this new solar cell technology. Through a highly competitive, peer-reviewed proposal process, ARPA-E seeks out transformational, breakthrough technologies that show fundamental technical promise but are too early for private-sector investment. These projects have the potential to produce gamechanging breakthroughs in energy technology, form the foundation A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

for entirely new industries, and to have large commercial impacts. The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory is the Navy’s full-spectrum corporate laboratory, conducting a broadly based multidisciplinary program of scientific research and advanced technological development. NRL has served the Navy and the nation for over 85 years and continues to meet the complex technological challenges of today’s world.

Report:.Auto.Production. Highest.Since.2007 The Detroit News reported, “Michigan’s auto production in 2012 rose to 2.26 million vehicles - its highest level since 2007,” according to a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The “report on Michigan’s economy said auto production in Michigan rose 3.5 percent in 2012. The 2012 production is 1.12 million vehicles higher than 2009, when car production fell to lowest level in decades in Michigan to just 1.14 million vehicles as General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC both filed for bankruptcy and idled their operations for significant stretches.”

Army.Told.to.Pick.CombatVehicle. Contractor. Next. Year The Army must choose a single contractor next year to complete development and build the service’s Ground Combat Vehicle, a potential $32 billion program, according to the Pentagon’s top weapons buyer. BAE Systems Plcand General Dynamics Corp. have been competing to produce the tank-like replacement for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Previous plans called for both companies to continue development work beyond 2014, after which one would probably have been selected for the production phase. “The combination of fiscal pressures and the need for additional development time led” to the change of plans, Defense Undersecretary for Acquisition Frank Kendall wrote in a directive issued.The revision will save as much as $4 billion through 2018. The Army plans to buy 1,904 of the combat vehicles, according to a Government Accountability Office report.The Pentagon estimates they

will cost as much as $17 million apiece, according to the Congressional Research Service.

If.you’re.in.Aerospace.and.Defense.Manufacturing,. don’t.miss.the.AeroDef.2013.Conference!. This year’s Technical Conference - developed in collaboration with an Advisory Committee of industry professionals who best understand ways to improve processes, create efficiencies, and increase capacity will focus on the future success of commercial, defense, and military aerospace manufacturing, such as:Where is commercial aviation manufacturing headed?; How will you meet the ever-increasing demands for innovation, affordability, and producibility?;How will large defense manufacturers need to adjust for the future?;What does Sequestration mean to us now? and how is it going to affect all segments of our industry? Join us March 19-21, 2013 in Long Beach, CA A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

OECD:. Leading. Indicator. Show.The. Global. Economy.Is.Stabilizing




super carbide tools CO EFFE ST C TOOLITIVE NG




QUALITY...Through QUALITY... ALITY Through ALITY... Manufacturing Excellence!

i cr o QuIk



Unique “3 POINT” Locking/Locating Tooling System Engineered for Maximum Tool Rigidity and Centerline Repeatability within +.0005” from Tool to Tool! Reduce Machine...Setup, Downtime, Tooling Costs, Tooling Inventories while Boosting Productivity! Tools Manufactured with the... Exclusive... MICRO 100 Proprietary Process! PROUDLY

Bloomberg News reports, “The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said that its leading economic indicator suggests that the global economy is stabilizing as the US, UK, China and India return to growth. The composite leading indicator for the US climbed to 101 in November from 100.8 in October, the” OECD said on Monday. “The reading for the UK rose to 100.7 from 100.5, while China’s reading climbed to 99.7 from 99.5. The euro-area reading rose to 99.5 from 99.4.” AFP reports, “For several months, international economic forecasting organizations have warned that the eurozone debt crisis was one of the main threats to the outlook for the global economy, which struggled towards the end of last year. But in recent weeks, sentiment on financial markets has edged toward the view that the eurozone is getting on top of its crisis.” In the US and the UK, “which is not a member of the eurozone, the overall indicator ‘continues to point to economic growth firming,’ the OECD said.‘In China and India, signs of a turning point are more marked than in last month’s assessment.’”


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GE.Aviation.To.Increase.Engine.Production The Dayton (OH) Daily News reported, “GE Aviation expects to produce more jet engines in 2013 and foresees more of its engines in use as its commercial business grows.” The “company and its joint ventures are also developing new engines with better fuel efficiency, and have already sold some of these engines for airplanes still under development,” according to spokesperson Rick Kennedy. “Overall engine production by GE and GE’s joint ventures will grow from 3,400 engines in 2012 to 3,600 engines this year, Kennedy said. The number of GE and joint venture engines in service - engines placed in active aircrafts - will grow from 25,000 today to about 40,000 by 2020, he said.”

Metalformers.see.growth.in.2013….but.the. cliff.looms

Part Number: G12146D221M

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sales@5axisfixtures.com Jan/Feb 2013

[PMA President Bill Gaskin Quoted] The December Business Conditions Report from the Precision Metalforming Association indicates modest optimism among members. Looming on the horizon, and on the minds of the 126 members of the PMA’s report sample, is the “fiscal cliff ” crisis in Washington, and association leaders called for swift action to resolve that issue. The December PMA report found 22% of participants believe that economic activity will improve during the next three months, up from 19% in November. Another 49% predict that activity will remain unchanged, also up from the previous month’s level, while just 29% expect activity will decline. Part of that optimism is built around an increase in orders in November. Over the next three months, one-third of metalforming anticipated an increase in orders, up from 28% in November.

The one darker cloud in the statistics is the percentage of metalforming companies with a portion of their workforce on short time or layoff. That figure stayed at 17% in December, the same level as November, and five percentage points higher than the 2011 report. PMA president William Gaskin balanced the good news against the concerns of the association members. “There is significant uncertainty in the manufacturing sector being caused by the looming fiscal cliff in areas such as personal/corporate tax rates, availability of the R&D Investment Tax Credit and depreciation rules for investment in new equipment,” said Gaskint. “The average PMA member company has experienced 6% growth in orders and shipments for the first 11 months of 2012 vs. 2011, so most have had an okay year and should be poised to continue investing. “However, uncertainty about how the President and Congress will resolve the tax and spending issues that stand in the way of continued economic recovery has them far more pessimistic than they were at this time last year. PMA calls on President Obama and the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate to quickly resolve these political issues so the manufacturing sector can create new jobs and provide economic certainty for its employees.”

Hardinge.supports.pharmaceutical.market. with.Capsule.Collets Hardinge, a global designer and manufacturer of machine tools and advanced workholding products, has been producing capsule collets for the world’s leading capsule manufacturers for the past 50 years. These partnerships have resulted in state-of-the-art collets for the production of capsule bodies and caps in sizes of #00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Hardinge precision, hardened and ground collets assure reliability and long life for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. A polished radius nose on the collet reduces friction and eliminates marking, while allowing you to take full advantage of your production capabilities with reduced downtime. Collets are 4-split or 3-split, depending on size, and are stocked in their Elmira, New York facility for worldwide distribution. Hardinge also designs and manufactures custom gripping devices for turning, milling, grinding, process and assembly applications. Capsule collets and over 40,000 other workholding and rotary products are available factory-direct from Hardinge at www.shophardinge.com. For more information call 800-843-8801. Hardinge has a very diversecustomer base and serves a wide variety of end-user markets. This customer base includes metalworking manufacturers which make parts for a variety of industries, as well as a wide range of end users in the aerospace, agricultural, transportation, basic consumer goods, communications and electronics, construction, defense, energy, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, and recreation industries, among others. Hardinge has manufacturing operations in the United States, Switzerland, Taiwan, and China. For more information, please visit http://www. hardinge.com.

ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) certifies businesses of all types and sizes around the globe to a variety of standards:

ISO 9001 • AS 9100 • ISO 14001 The expertise of our auditors, the professionalism of our audit processes, the knowledge of what drives value in each industry can help you get the most from your management systems.


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Human Factors - Corrective/Preventive Action Human Factors - Corrective/Preventive Action Process Mapping - Six Sigma - Implementation Process Mapping - Six Sigma - Implementation Documentation - Management Overviews Documentation - Management Overviews ISO/AS Software Modules ISO/AS Software Modules

For more informationcall: call: 719.495.8045 For more information 623.939.4412 or visit: www.gladhillassociates.com or visit: www.gladhillassociates.com email:brodish@gladhillassociates.com A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

American.industry.is.on.the.move By: Sebastian Mallaby

Last year Jeff Immelt, the boss of General Electric, declared that outsourcing was “mostly outdated as a business model”. GE’s venerable Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky, is opening a string of new assembly lines to build refrigerators, water heaters and washing machines, bringing home jobs from China and Mexico. President Barack Obama has trumpeted this wave of “insourcing”, while Hal Sirkin of the Boston Consulting Group foretells a US “manufacturing renaissance”. Even as the news from Washington reeks of heedless brinkmanship, the news from the people who actually make stuff sounds refreshingly hopeful. How real is this renaissance? It is tempting to dismiss it out of hand. Manufacturing has experienced a steady relative decline in just about all advanced economies. Between 1980 and 2010, German manufacturing value added fell from 30 per cent of gross domestic product to 21 per cent, according to World Bank data, while Japan’s fell from 27 per cent to 19 per cent.

Howard Precision Machined Products (JW Howard Inc.)

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“Any owner in today’s climate needs the strength and support of a strong business organization.” Ron Overton, Overton Industries

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 Market Conditions Reports And Purchasing Fairs  Benchmarking Reports  Seminars With Cutting Edge Concepts  Advocacy in Washington, D.C.  Networking Events  Next Generation Workforce Development “Best Little Trade Association in the U.S.!” INC. Magazine

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www.gonrl.org www.themfgmeeting.com Jan/Feb 2013

But there are a few exceptions. After its financial crisis in 1992, Sweden boosted manufacturing value added as a share of output and held on to the gains for more than a decade. The question is whether Sweden’s conditions exist in the US. The first requirement is a weak currency. After its peak in 1992 Sweden’s real effective exchange rate fell 27 per cent. Since the dollar peaked in 2002, it has fallen 21 per cent, enough to make a major difference. In 2000 US wages were almost 22 times higher than China’s. By 2015 that multiple will have declined to four. The other Swedish ingredient is a productivity boom. In 1995 Sweden joined the EU and opened its economy to foreign investment. The country’s industrial champions responded by investing twice as much in vocational training as their EU rivals and restructuring aggressively. Between 1996 and 2009, this yielded a cumulative boost to manufacturing productivity of 57 per cent, according to the OECD. By contrast, Germany managed only 17 per cent. If Sweden sounds impressive, here is the surprise: over the same period American manufacturers piled up an even larger productivity gain of 69 per cent. Again, competition contributed: the US joined the North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organisation, and its continent-sized economy generates plenty of internal competition. But in the US case, the impetus from trade and competition has been powerfully reinforced by a jolt from technology. Despite much fashionable chatter, this is not mainly about fracking.The new extraction technology has cut the price of natural gas in the US to a fraction of the Asian level, but, as the McKinsey Global Institute observed recently, the industries that are most energy-intensive are not actually very trade-intensive. US paper mills and oil refineries will enjoy the cheap gas bonanza but not much production in these sectors is likely to shift to US shores.

The more important technological jolt comes under the heading of “big data”. Last month, an exhaustive survey of management practices at 30,000 US manufacturing establishments was released. Two of the authors, Nick Bloom and John Van Reenen, had previously shown that US companies were, on average, better managed than foreign rivals. A striking conclusion of their study is that US manufacturers continue to get better, particularly when it comes to capturing and analysing data on everything from customer behaviour to production-line efficiencies.

Top qualiTy cuSTomeR ReviewS foR oveR 3,500 Band SawS

And there is plenty of scope to improve further. A minority of survey respondents embraced most state-of-the-art management incentives and monitored performance against clear targets. But a quarter of respondents adopted fewer than half of these practices. So the stage is at least half set for a US manufacturing revival, even if obstacles – poor education, poor infrastructure – remain. But what might a revival mean? Not, unfortunately, a cure for unemployment. Since a trough in January 2010, the US has generated just over half a million new manufacturing jobs but the bounce mostly reflects the collapse during the recession. For an advanced economy to create manufacturing employment independently of a cyclical rebound is almost unheard of. Even as it boosted manufacturing as a share of output between 1993 and 2007, Sweden lost almost a 10th of its manufacturing jobs. But a manufacturing turnround is clearly desirable. Precisely because manufacturing workers can be displaced by machines, it is factories that drive productivity: in the US, manufacturing accounted for about 17 per cent of output between 1995 and 2005, yet contributed 37 per cent of economywide productivity gains, according to McKinsey. Higher productivity means higher pay for surviving employees: American manufacturing workers are on average paid better than American service workers. And consumers benefit from the productivity windfall. Since 1985 the quality-adjusted price of US durables has scarcely budged while the cost of services has more than doubled.

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A US manufacturing renaissance is possible, not certain. But Americans are right to celebrate the early indicators – from Siemens, which has just begun shipping US-made turbines to Saudi Arabia; from Toyota, which exports US-made cars to 21 countries; and of course from that chief insourcer, GE’s Mr Immelt.

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New.Infiniti.Vehicle.Augurs.A.Future.Without. Steering.Wheels Popular Science reports that the Infiniti Q50, which was introduced at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, “is the first major production car to use steer-by-wire.” It is “the automotive version of fly-by-wire; Infiniti calls it Direct Adaptive Steering.To vastly oversimplify, wires and processors and actuators, rather than mechanical linkages, relay the motion of the steering wheel to the actual wheels.” According to Popular Science, “With steer-by-wire, there’s no fundamental reason why you need a wheel to steer the car. A joystick would work.”

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88 • May/June 2012

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Gardner. Capital. Spending. Forecast. Predicts. a.Strong.2013 2936 South Zuni Street • Englewood, Colorado 80110 303-761-3000 • sales@rmsawblades.com Order Custom Welded Band Saw Blades in Denver • Over 30 years experience • State of the art, Ideal Computerized Welder • Offering a wide range of blade stock from many different manufacturers • Complete line of products for production cutting • Expedited orders are no extra charge.

Saws Band Saw Blades Files Magnets Power Tool Accessories Hole Saws Port-A-Bands Saw Blades Metal Cutting Fluids

Our goal is to ship out all of our orders “same day”. We are proud to offer the best “on time delivery” at the best price anywhere.

At the Okuma and Partners in THINC 2012 Technology Showcase, Steve Kline presented findings from the Gardner Research 2013 Capital Spending Forecast.The full presentation details the types of equipment, workholding, and tooling that metalworking facilities will buy in 2013. The data includes an emphasis on hot industries for 2013. If you were unable to attend our Technology Showcase, you can download the presentation here. Highlights from the presentation include: Saws • We are currently in the strongest CNC machine tool market in 15 years Band Saw Blades • Current capacity utulization (80.1%) is the highest since 1999, and Files growth since 2009 is historic Magnets • There will be a greater preference for horizontal machining centers Power Tool Accessories over verticals in 2013 Hole Saws • Skilled labor shortage is causing an increased focus onPort-A-Bands greater machine/ process flexibility Saw Blades Metal Cutting • CNC machine tool consumption is projected to increase 8% Fluids from 2012, which is roughly 10% more than the historical average market

Aeros. CEO. Igor. Paster nak. Announces. Successful.Completion.Of.The.First.Movement. Test.Of.The.Aeroscraft.Vehicle Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak announced that the massive Aeroscraft prototype vehicle completed its first movement and ground-handling test, effectively validating the air vehicle’s maneuverability. Said Pasternak: “The ground-handling demonstration showed that the vehicle can move without assistance from ground personnel and can be controlled from the cockpit using its air-bearing landing system (ABLS).” Aeros announced earlier this month completion of the Aeroscraft proofof-design prototype — the world’s first rigid variable-buoyancy air vehicle. With this new test, the Aeroscraft vehicle has demonstrated its capability to operate without land infrastructure and ground crew, interfacing during the test with remote as well as with onboard cockpit controls.

52• •Jan/Feb July/Aug 2012 48 2013


Pasternak added: “We believe that the Aeroscraftvehicle with its global reach will revolutionize the transportation of large and heavy cargos, transforming any number of equipment-dependent mega-projects and the industries that manage them including wind energy, aerospace, petroleum, highway construction, engineering and telecommunications.” The Aeroscraft vehicle was developed for oversized freight transportation from point of origin to point of need. The Aeroscraft can support the transportation of cargo to remote and ecologically-sensitive areas anywhere in the world.

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Ballscrews Fadal_CNC__________ 208-855-9426 Fadal Bandsaw Blades Roentgen_USA________ 847-787-0135 Roentgen Barfeeder Accessories Trusty-Cook Trusty-Cook_ ________ 877-240-2462 Boring Bars AIT______________ 800-321-3195 Marshall_Tool_&_Supply___ 602-269-6295 Micro_100_ _________ 208-888-7310 Seco_Tools_Inc.________ 248-528-5960 Chucks Marshall_Tool_&_Supply___ 602-269-6295 Seco_Tools_Inc.________ 248-528-5960 Cleanroom Bytebox Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox Shop Shop_Tools,_Inc._ ______ 303-375-9190 CNC Lathe Accessories Trusty-Cook ________ 877-240-2462 Trusty-Cook_ CNC Spindle Liners Trusty-Cook ________ 877-240-2462 Trusty-Cook_

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Doug Klein, ASQ CQE 5730 E. Leith Lane Scottsdale, AZ 85254 480-626-8131 Fax 480-626-2101 doug@klontech.com www.klontech.com

Protective Computer Enclosures for the Industrial Environment

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Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox Castrol__ __________ 800-894-7773 Christensen_Oil_ ______ 800-654-0438 DCM_Tech___________ 800-533-5339 Star_Metal_Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 EDM Materials & Supplies Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Castrol____________ 800-894-7773 Christensen_Oil_ ______ 800-654-0438 Desert_EDM_Sales_____ 480-816-6300 EDM_Network_ _______ 480-836-1782 EDM_Perform._Access.____ 800-336-2946 Global_EDM__Supply_____ 480-836-8330 Star_Metal_Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 EDM: Dielectric Systems /Filtration Desert_EDM_Sales_____ 480-816-6300

End Mills Almar_Tools_ ________ 503-255-2763 Marshall_Tool_&_Supply___ 602-269-6295 Micro_100_ _________ 208-888-7310 Sandvik_ __________ 801-362-3618 Electronics Fadal_CNC__________ 208-855-9426 Fasteners Self_Clinch_Direct_ ____ 801-746-2689 Filtration Equipment Desert_EDM_Sales_____ 480-816-6300 Fixtures/Fixturing 5th_Axis_Fixtures_______ 858-505-0432 Gaging Blackhawk_Industrial_ ___ 303-744-1205 Shop_Tools,_Inc._ ______ 303-375-9190 Knives: Replacement Superior_Grinding______ 801-487-9700

Laser Accessories Castrol____________ 800-894-7773 Christensen_Oil_ ______ 800-654-0438 Laser Marking Equipment Total_Quality_Systems_Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Liquid Penetrant Team_Industrial_Services___ 801-397-2202 Team_Industrial_Services___ 602-269-7868 Lubricants / Systems Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Castrol____________ 800-894-7773 Christensen_Oil_ ______ 800-654-0438 Hangsterfer’s_ _______ 316-640-2462 Hangsterfer’s_ _______ 760-580-1357 Marshall_Tool_&_Supply___ 602-269-6295 Qualichem,_Inc._ ______ 480-320-0308 Star_Metal_Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966


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Machine Tool Cool. Filtration Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Castrol____________ 800-894-7773 Christensen_Oil_ ______ 800-654-0438 Hangsterfer’s_ _______ 316-640-2462 Hangsterfer’s_ _______ 760-580-1357 Marshall_Tool_&_Supply___ 602-269-6295 Star_Metal_Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 Motors Fadal_CNC__________ 208-855-9426 Parts Washing Equipment Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Star_Metal_Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 Revolvers Fadal_CNC__________ 208-855-9426 Solvents /Degreasing Agents Blaser____________ 801-722-4095 Castrol____________ 800-894-7773 A2Z METALWORKER

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angsterfer’s _______ 316-640-2462 Hangsterfer’s_ Hangsterfer’s_ _______ 760-580-1357 Star_Metal_Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 Spindles Fadal_CNC__________ 208-855-9426 GMN_USA_ _________ 800-686-1679 Setco_Spindles_&_Slides_ __ 866-362-0699 Thread Mills Micro_100_ _________ 208-888-7310 Sandvik_ __________ 801-362-3618 Tooling Systems AIT______________ 800-321-3195 Almar_Tools_ ________ 503-255-2763 Blackhawk_Industrial_ ___ 303-744-1205 Micro_100_ _________ 208-888-7310 Sandvik_ __________ 801-362-3618 Seco_Tools_Inc.________ 248-528-5960

Jan/Feb 2013

Vices and Vice Jaws 5th_Axis_Fixtures_______ 858-505-0432 Desert_EDM_Sales_ _____ 480-816-6300 Waycovers Fadal_CNC__________ 208-855-9426 Work Holding 5th_Axis_Fixtures_______ 858-505-0432 AIT______________ 800-321-3195 CALIBRATION SERVICES Advanced_Coord._Tech_____ 303-469-6161 Klontech_Industrial_Sales_ _ 480-948-1871 Total_Qual._Syst._______ 480-377-6422 GRAPHITE FOR EDM Aerospace Toyo_Tanso_USA_ ______ 630-248-3885 Fine Detail Electrodes Toyo_Tanso_USA_ ______ 630-248-3885

Forging Dies Toyo_Tanso_USA_ ______ 630-248-3885 Carbide Burning Toyo_Tanso_USA_ ______ 630-248-3885 Threaded Electrodes Toyo_Tanso_USA_ ______ 630-248-3885 GRINDING Grinding Machines DCM_Tech__________ 800-533-5339 Blackhawk_Industrial___ 303-744-1205 Moncktons_Mach_Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 Triad_Machine_______ 303-424-0268 Aircraft brake rotor DCM_Tech__________ 800-533-5339 Grinders, Rotary Silicon & Quartz DCM_Tech__________ 800-533-5339 A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

11042 N. 24th Ave. Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85029


Innovative solutions for all 3, 4, and 5 axis machines.

Mathew Evans Director of Sales and Marketing

7140 Engineer Rd. San Diego, CA 92111 www.5axisfixtures.com sales@5axisfixtures.com

Automatic Barfeeds of all Types


An ISO 9001 Company

VP/General Manager

Jeff Klimowicz  Senior Sales Engineer  Southwest Region: AZ, UT, NV, CO, ID  All Products Proudly Made in the USA  

Manual Lathes & Mills AME,_Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 Pedestals for Grinders Midaco___________847-593-8420 Sawing Machines AIT______________ 800-321-3195 Blackhawk_Industrial___ 303-744-1205 Jorgensen_Machine_Tools_ 800-952-0151 Moncktons_Mach_Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 Rocky_Mountain_Saw_Blades__303-761-3000_ Saw Replacement Parts Rocky_Mountain_Saw_Blades__303-761-3000 _ Tool Grinders Punch & Die DCM_Tech__________ 800-533-5339 _INSPECTION EQUIP Advanced_Coord._Tech_____ 303-469-6161 Gage_Lab_Products______ 801-716-2972 Klontech_Indust._Sales____ 480-948-1871 OGP_ _ ___________ 480-889-9056 Total_Qual._Syst._______ 480-377-6422 CMM Probes Datum_Inspection_ _____ 602-997-1340 Gage_Lab_Products______ 801-716-2972 A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

Klontech_Industrial_Sales_ _ 480-948-1871 OGP_ ___________ 480-889-9056 Total_Quality_Systems_Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Coordinate Measuring Mach. Advanced_Coordinate_Tech__ 623-780-4137 Datum_Inspection_ _____ 602-997-1340 Klontech_Industrial_Sales_ _ 480-948-1871 Moncktons_Mach_Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 OGP_ ___________ 480-889-9056 Total_Quality_Systems_Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Gauging Equipment Advanced_Coord._Tech__ __ 303-469-6161 Gage_Lab_Products______ 801-716-2972 Klontech_Industrial_Sales_ 480-948-1871 OGP_ ___________ 480-889-9056 Total_Quality_Systems_Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Low Temp Instrumentation High_Precision_Devices_ _ 303-447-2558 Metrology Instruments Advanced_Coord._Tech__ __ 303-469-6161 Datum_Inspection_____ 602-997-1340 Gage_Lab_Products______ 801-716-2972 Klontech_Industrial_Sales_ 480-948-1871

Mobile: 480‐320‐0308  jklimowicz@qualichem.com  www.qualichem.com 

OGP______ __________ 480-889-9056 Total_Quality_Systems_Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Optical Comparators Advanced_Coord._Tech__ __ 303-469-6161 Datum_Inspection_____ 602-997-1340 Gage_Lab_Products______ 801-716-2972 Klontech_Industrial_Sales_ 480-948-1871 OGP_ ___________ 480-889-9056 Total_Quality_Systems_Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Particle Inspection Mach DCM_Tech__________ 800-533-5339 Video Measuring Systems Advanced_Coordinate_Tech_ ___ 623-780-4137 Gage_Lab_Products______ 801-716-2972 Klontech_Industrial_Sales_ 480-948-1871 Total_Quality_Systems_Inc.__ 480-377-6422 HARDWARE Horizon_Carbide_Tool___480-968-0957 Metal_Supermarkets_ __ 801-972-2441 Utah_Metal_Works,_Inc.__ 801-364-5679 METALS & MATERIALS AZ_Tool_Steel_LLC_ _____ 480-784-1600 Coastal_Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466

Erickson_Metals______877-543-6061 Metal_Supermarkets_ __ 801-972-2441 Ryerson__________303-227-6310 Samuel,_Son_&_Co._ __ 303-422-8282 TCI_Precision_Metals_ __ 800-234-5613 United_Performance_Metals_888-282-3292 Western_States_Metals_ _801-978-0562 Alloys: Corrosion Resistant Haynes_Intl__________ 713-937-7597 United_Performance_Metals__888-282-3292 Alloys: High Temperature Haynes_Intl_ ________713-937-7597 United_Performance_Metals__888-282-3292 Alloys: Nichel & Cobalt Haynes_Intl_ ________713-937-7597 United_Performance_Metals__888-282-3292 Aluminum TCI_Precision_Metals_ __ 800-234-5613 Brass Coastal_Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 Ryerson___________303-227-6310 United_Performance_Metals_ 888-282-3292 Bronze Coastal_Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

888.282.3292 | www.upmet.com


3475 Symmes Road | Hamilton, OH 45015

Carbon Coastal_Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 Ryerson___________303-227-6310 Metals: Bar & Plate AZ_Tool_Steel_LLC_ _____480-784-1600 Coastal_Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 Ryerson___________303-227-6310 Mold Steel AZ_Tool_Steel_LLC_ _____480-784-1600 Nickel Alloys AZ_Tool_Steel_LLC_ _____480-784-1600 Marzee_Inc.________602-269-5801 Ryerson__________303-227-6310 United_Performance_Metals__888-282-3292 _Plate-Precision Saw Cut Erickson_Metals______877-543-6061 Pre-Honed Tube Western_States_Metals_ _801-978-0562 Rubber Marzee_Inc.________602-269-5801 Sheet Metal Self_Clinch_Direct_ ____ 801-746-2689 Stainless Steel AZ_Tool_Steel_LLC_ ____ 480-784-1600 Coastal_Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 Metal_Supermarkets_ __ 801-972-2441 Ryerson__________303-227-6310 Samuel,_Son_&_CO.____ 303-422-8282 TCI_Precision_Metals_ __ 800-234-5613 United_Performance_Metals__888-282-3292 Steel AZ_Tool_Steel_LLC________480-784-1600 Coastal_Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 Marzee_ __________ 602-269-5801 Metal_Supermarkets____801-972-2441 Ryerson___________303-227-6310 Samuel,_Son_&_CO.____ 303-422-8282 TCI_Precision_Metals_ __ 800-234-5613 Titanium Tube & Pipe Haynes_Intl_ ________713-937-7597 Supra_Alloys,Inc_______805-388-2138 Titanium, Rod, Bar & Wire Supra_Alloys,Inc_______805-388-2138 Titanium, Sheet & Plate Supra_Alloys,Inc_______805-388-2138 Washers LeeSpring_________480-539-5704 METAL DISTRIBUTORS Erickson_Metals______ 877-543-6061 Coastal_Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466

Haynes Intl 713-937-7597 Haynes_Intl__________713-937-7597 Metal_Supermarkets_ __ 801-972-2441 Ryerson___________303-227-6310 Samuel,_Son_&_CO.____ 303-422-8282 Supra_Alloys,Inc_______805-388-2138 United_Performance_Metals__888-282-3292 Western_States_Metals_ _ 801-978-0562 NEW MACHINERY CHIP CUTTING CNC Drilling/Tapping Methods_West_______ 602-437-2220 CNC Mills Action_Machine_ _____ 303-532-2900 AME,_Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 Blackhawk_Industrial___ 303-744-1205 Foothills_Machinery____ 303-466-3777 Hartwig_Inc.________ 303-373-9450 J.M._Grisley_ _______ 801-486-7519 King_Machine_______ 208-345-9600 Methods_West_______ 602-437-2220 Moncktons_Mach_Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 Smith_Machinery_Co_ ___801-263-6403 Todd_Machinery_______801-294-6390 Tornos_USA_ ________951-695-0342 Triad_Machine________303-424-0268 CNC Lathes Action_Machine_ _____ 303-532-2900 AME,_Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 Blackhawk_Industrial____303-744-1205 Foothills_Machinery____ 303-466-3777 J.M._Grisley_ _____ ______801-486-7519 Hartwig_Inc._________303-373-9450 King_Machine_______ 208-345-9600 Methods_West_______ 602-437-2220 Moncktons_Mach_Tools_ __303-571-4933 Muratec__________ 949-466-8255 Smith_Machinery_Co_ ___801-263-6403 Todd_Machinery_______801-294-6390 Triad_Machine________303-424-0268 CNC Swiss Turn Machines AME,_Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 Methods_West_______ 602-437-2220 Moncktons_Mach_Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 Muratec_________ 949-466-8255 Tornos_USA_ ______ 951-695-0342 Triad_Machine_______ 303-424-0268 EDM Machines Action_Machine_ _____ 303-532-2900 AME,_Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 Desert_EDM_Sales_____ 480-816-6300

647159_UPM_BCs.indd 1

EDM_Network_ ______ 480-836-1782 EDM Methods_West_______ 602-437-2220 Methods Moncktons_Mach_Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 Moncktons Smith_Machinery_Co_ __ 801-263-6403 Smith Todd_Machinery______ 801-294-6390 Todd Triad_Machine_______ 303-424-0268 Triad EDM Tooling Systems Desert_EDM_Sales_____ 480-816-6300 EDM_Network_ ______ 480-836-1782 EDM_Perform._Access.____ 800-336-2946 Global_EDM__Supply____ 480-836-8330 End Mills Helical_Solutions_ ____ 866-543-5422 NEW MACHINERY FABRICATION PrecisionFab_Inc._ ____303-779-9180 Band Saws AIT______________ 800-321-3195 Fabricating_Equip_Sales__ 303-466-7342 King_Machine_______ 208-345-9600 Marshall_Tool_&_Supply___ 602-269-6295 Bar Feeders Edge_Technologies______ 562-597-7824 Trusty-Cook_ ________ 877-240-2462 Cold Saws Fabricating_Equip_Sales___ 303-466-7342 CNC Punching Centers Blackhawk_Industrial___ 303-744-1205 PrecisionFab_Inc._ ____303-779-9180 S&S_Machinery_Sales___ 602-368-8542 Iron Workers AIT______________ 800-321-3195 Fabricating_Equip_Sales__ 303-466-7342 Jorgensen_Machine_Tools_ 800-952-0151 S&S_Machinery_Sales___ 602-368-8542 Laser Cutters Action_Machine_ _____ 303-532-2900 Blackhawk_Industrial___ 303-744-1205 Moncktons_Mach_Tools_ _ 303-571-4933 Muratec_________ 949-466-8255 PrecisionFab_Inc._ ____303-779-9180 S&S_Machinery_Sales___ 602-368-8542 Sidley_Diamond_Tool_ __ 800-544-9070 Triad_Machine_______ 303-424-0268 Pipe &Tube Benders/Notchers Fabricating_Equip_Sales__ 303-466-7342 S&S_Machinery_Sales___ 602-368-8542 Plasma/Gas CuttingSystems Muratec_________ 949-466-8255 Plate Rolls Fabricating_Equip_Sales__ 303-466-7342 Jorgensen_Machine_Tools_ 800-952-0151 Press Brakes Blackhawk_Industrial___ 303-744-1205 Fabricating_Equip_Sales__ 303-466-7342 Jorgensen_Machine_Tools_ 800-952-0151 King_Machine_______ 208-345-9600

11/19/12 11:23 AM

PrecisionFab_Inc._ ____303-779-9180 S&S_Machinery_Sales___ 602-368-8542 Shearing Machines Action_Machine_ _____ 303-532-2900 Blackhawk_Industrial___ 303-744-1205_ Fabricating_Equip_Sales__ 303-466-7342 Jorgensen_Machine_Tools_ 800-952-0151 King_Machine_______ 208-345-9600 S&S_Machinery_Sales___ 602-368-8542 Turret Press Muratec_________ 949-466-8255 PrecisionFab_Inc._ ____303-779-9180 Welding Equipment Rocky_Mountain_Saw_Blades_ _303-761-3000 OTHER ACCESSORIES Tooling Systems Desert_EDM_Sales______ 480-816-6300 USA_EDM_Supply_ _____ 480-836-8330 PALLET SYSTEMS Automatic Pallet Systems Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 Automatic Door Opener Systems Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 Manual Rotary Pallet Systems Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 Robotic Part Loading Systems Midaco___________ 847-593-8420 PROG. SYSTEMS Factory Automation/Logistics Muratec_________ 949-466-8255 CAD/CAMSoftware, CAD AME,_Inc._ ________ 303-922-9266 Delcam_ __________ 877-35-2261 Feature_Cam_ ______ 602-502-9654 PROTOTYPE MACHINERY 3D_Parts_To_Go________801-380-7935 RECYCLING Recyclable Metals Iron_&_Metals,_Inc_____ 303-292-5555 Utah_Metal_Works,_Inc.___801-364-5679 Scrap Metal Recycling Iron_&_Metals,_Inc_____ 303-292-5555 Utah_Metal_Works,_Inc.___801-364-5679 REPAIR PARTS Belts All_World_Machinery_Supply_ 815-943-9111 Bearings(Precision) All_World_Machinery_Supply_ 815-943-9111


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Jan/Feb 2013


VP BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 10530 E. 59th Street Indianapolis, IN 46236 ph317.823.6821 / 877.240.2462 cell317.946.1235 / home317.823.8615 fax317.823.6822 www.trusty-cook.com email-trustycook@sbcglobal.net

Gladhill_Associates_______719-495-8045 Financing IEC_ __ __________ 303-593-0403 Great_Western_Registrar____623-580-1881 Intech_Funding_ ______480-699-2512 MEP_ _ ____________801-863-7001 First Article Inspection Orion_Registrar__ _______303-645-4017 Advanced_Coord._Tech______303-469-6161 Sustaining_Edge_Solutions__ 888-572-9642 ISO Registrar Datum_Inspection_ _____ 602-997-1340 American_Global_Standards_ 617-838-4648 Western_States_Calibration___ 801-466-1700 Great_Western_Registrar____623-580-1881 Heavyhaul IRH_ __ ___________801-972-5581 Orion_Registrar__ _______303-645-4017 SERVICES Injection Molding Lean Manufacturing AS9100 Certification 3D_Parts_To_Go_ _____ 801-380-7935 MEP_ _ ____________ 801-863-7001 ABS_Quality_Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 ISO900/AS9100 Audits Sustaining_Edge_Solutions__ 888-572-9642 BMSC_ __________ 602-445-9400 American_Global_Standards_ 617-838-4648 Machine Tool Rebuilding MEP_ ___________ 801-863-7001 Great_Western_Registrar_ 623-580-1881 EDM_Network_ ______ 480-836-1782 Sustaining_Edge_Solutions__ 888-572-9642 ISO900/AS9100 Registration Process Improvement Calibration Services American_Global_Standards_ 617-838-4648 BMSC__ _____________ 602-445-9400 Advanced_Coord._Tech__ __ 303-469-6161 Great_Western_Registrar_ 623-580-1881 Sustaining_Edge_Solutions___ 888-572-9642 Klontech_Industrial_ ____480-948-1871 Inspection Services Rapid Prototyping Western_States_Calibration___ 801-466-1700 Advanced_Coord._Tech______303-469-6161 3D_Parts_To_Go_ _____ 801-380-7935 Consultant, ISO Datum_Inspection_ _____ 602-997-1340 ABS_Quality_Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 Team_Industrial_Services___ 801-397-2202 Reverse Engineering BMSC_ __________ 602-445-9400 Advanced_Coord._Tech__ ____303-469-6161 Team_Industrial_Services___ 602-269-7868 MEP_ ___________ 801-863-7001 Diversified_Metal_Services____801-972-6093 Insurance Services Sustaining_Edge_Solutions__ 888-572-9642 Western_States_Calibration_ 801-466-1700 Sentry_Insurance_ ____ 303-619-4476 Klontech_Measure_Sol_____480-626-8131 Lean Consulting Rigging Calibration: Repair & Certify ABS_Quality_Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 IRH_ _____________801-972-5581 Western_States_Calibration___ 801-466-1700 Machine Repair/Servicing Spindle Rebuilding Calibration Services Jorgensen_Machine_Tools__ 800-952-0151 GMN_USA_ _________ 800-686-1679 Advanced_Coord._Tech__ __ 303-469-6161 MAG Particle Klontech_Industrial_ ____480-948-1871 Setco-Pope_Spindles______866-362-0699 Team_Industrial_Services_ __ 801-397-2202 Western_States_Calibration___ 801-466-1700 Staffing Team_Industrial_Services___ 602-269-7868 Calibration Training Resource_Mfg_________801-265-1999 Western_States_Calibration___ 801-466-1700 Process Improvement/ Audit Statistical Process Control ABS_Quality_Evaluations_ 702-371-7591 Contract Inspection Advanced_Coord._Tech__ __ 303-469-6161 BMSC__ _____________ 602-445-9400 Total_Quality_Systems_Inc.__ 480-377-6422 SHOP FLOOR AUTOMAKlontech_Measure_Sol___ 480-626-8131 Sustaining_Edge_Solutions__ 888-572-9642 TION X-Ray Total_Quality_Systems_Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Hardware: USB Certified_Inspection_Service_ _602-267-0661 Contract Programming Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox Total_Quality_Systems_Inc.__ 480-377-6422 Semiray____________602-275-1917 Shop_Floor_Automations____ 877-611-5825 Team_Industrial_Services___ 801-397-2202 Education Scheduling College_Of_Western_Idaho__ 208-562-2346 Team_Industrial_Services___ 602-269-7868 Shop_Floor_Automations____ 877-611-5825 Ogden-Weber__Tech_College_ 801-395-3795 ISO9000 / AS9100 Cert. Serial Port Engineering Services American_Global_Standards_ 617-838-4648 Advanced_Coord._Tech__ __ 303-469-6161 BMSC__ _____________ 602-445-9400 Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox Metric O-Rings All_World_Machinery_Supply_ 815-943-9111 Switches (Proximity, Limit) All_World_Machinery_Supply_ 815-943-9111 Valves (Hydraulic, Pneumatic) All_World_Machinery_Supply_ 815-943-9111 ROBOTIC EQUIPMENT Integrated_Systems_Inc__ 928-649-9600


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Jan/Feb 2013

Shop_Floor_Automations____ 877-611-5825_ Software:CNC Networking Bytebox____________ 888-Bytebox Shop_Floor_Automations____ 877-611-5825 RS232 Cabling Shop_Floor_Automations____ 877-611-5825 Transportation IRH_ _____________801-972-5581 Virtual CNC Shop_Floor_Automations____ 877-611-5825 TOOLING Arc Cutting Tools Helical_Solutions_______866-543-5422 TRAINING CAD/CAM Training College_Of_Western_Idaho__ 208-562-2346 Davis_Applied_Tech_College___801-593-2483 CNC/Conventional Machining College_Of_Western_Idaho__ 208-562-2346 Davis_Applied_Tech_College___801-593-2483 Machining Software College_Of_Western_Idaho__ 208-562-2346 Davis_Applied_Tech_College___801-593-2483 USED MACHINERY EDM_Network_ ________ 480-836-1782 Jorgensen_Machine_Tools___800-952-0151 King_Maching_______ 208-345-9600 K.D._Capital_Equipment____480-922-1674 Methods_West_________602-437-2220 PrecisionFab_Inc._ ____303-779-9180 S&S_Machinery_Sales_____602-368-8542 WATERJET CUTTING MACHINERY Action_Machine________303-532-2900 Fabricating_Equip_Sales___ 303-466-7342 Flow_International_______800-446-3569 Global_EDM__Supply_____480-836-8330 Jorgensen_Machine_Tools___800-952-0151 King_Machine______ 208-345-9600 OMAX_Corp_________800-838-0343 Triad_Machine_______ 303-424-0268

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes

www.daytonrogers.com 800-677-8881

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● Difficult Assemblies ●Contract Mfg. ●Design Assistance

Mark Erickson ● General Manager merickson@daytonrogers.com 763-717-6303

ASSEMBLIES Bar-S_Machine_________ 928-636-2115 Dayton_Rogers_ _______ 763-717-6303 Prescott’s_Manufacturing___ 719-482-5826 Progway____________435-656-9585 Riegert_Precision_Machine_ _ 208-442-1999 Superior_Metal_Products___ 303-791-7550 Wasatch_Laser_Processing___801-972-3500 Welded Assemblies Weiser/Mile_High_Precision_ 303-280-2778 BAR CODING Western_Sintering______509-375-3096 BENDING JQ_Enterprises__________801-975-0777 Mandrel Bending BK_Machine_Inc.________801-253-1929 BRAZING Precision_Casting_Repair_ __ 801-972-2345

BROACHING Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. Ponderosa_Ind_________303-298-1801 Coating_Technologies____623-581-2648 Precision_Mach’d_Products_ 970-482-7676 Collins_Metal_Finishing_ __ 602-275-3117 Specialty_Steel_Services___ 801-539-8252 Powder_Extreme_Coatings__ 801-450-2819 Coating: Powder Turning: Automatic Matrix_Machine_______ 480-966-4451 Powder_Extreme_Coatings__ 801-450-2819 COLD SPRAY COATING Accuwright_Industries____480-892-9595 Ceramic High-Tech COMPOSITES Powder_Extreme_Coatings__ 801-450-2819 S.A._Composites________ 970-776-3877 Coating: Liquid CUTTING Collins_Metal_Finishing_ __ 602-275-3117 Plastic Pilkington_Metal_Finishing_ 801-972-2146 ImageTek_ __________ 303-806-8111 Coating: Nickel/Teflon/ DESIGN/ CAD/CAM Chrome Bar-S_Machine_________ 928-636-2115 Coating_Technologies____623-581-2648 H&_S_Machine_________ 801-755-7627 Collins_Metal_Finishing_ __ 602-275-3117 DIE CASTING LA_Specialties________ 602-269-7612 Watkins_Tool_&_Supply_ __ 303-295-9603

TVT_Die_Casting_ ______ 800-280-2278 Die Casting: Aluminum/Zinc TVT_Die_Casting_ ______ 800-280-2278 DIES Able_Machining_&_Eng.__ 801-268-6766 EDM EDM: Drilling Small Hole BK_Machine_Inc.______801-253-1929 Critical_Cut__________ 480-785-1316 Micropulse_West_______ 480-966-2300 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) Innovative_Precision____ 801-334-6317 Maverick_Mold_&_Machine_ 970-535-4604 Micropulse_West_______ 480-966-2300 Prec._Mach’d_Products____ 970-482-7676 EDM: Wire Advanced_Machining_Inc.__303-485-5256 Critical_Cut__________ 480-785-1316 • 55 • Jan/Feb 2013 55 •July/Aug 2011


Kelly Martinez Machine Shop Lifetime Products, Inc. P.O. Box 160010, Freeport Center, Bldg D-11 Clearfield, UT 84016 T: 801.726.5312 F: 801.728.1979 email: kmartinez@lifetime.com

Foremaster Tool ______801-737--0265 Foremaster_Tool_ Innovative_Precision______801-334-6317 Micropulse_West_______ 480-966-2300 Paramount_Machine_ ___ 801-282-2755 H&R_Precision_________801-975-7400 Jet_Processing________ 623-869-6749 LA_Specialties________ 602-269-7612 ELECTROPOLISHING Collins_Metal_Finishing_ __ 602-275-3117 ENGINEERING/DESIGN AzMark_ __________480-926-8969 Hexatron_ _________ 801-363-8010 FABRICATION Aero_Tech_ _______ 801-292-0493 Arrow_Sheet_Metal_Prod_ 303-427-6419 Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 D&B_Precision_Products___ 719-473-3699 A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

Dayton_Rogers_ Dayton Rogers ______ 763-717-6303 EMJD_Corporation_____303-761-5236 Focused_on_Machining_ __ 303-922-3076 GBC_ ____________303-988-6450 Hexatron_ _________ 801-363-8010 Howell_Precision_______ 623-582-4776 Kustom_Koncepts_ _____ 307-472-0818 MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 Mountain_View_Machine__ _435-755-0500 Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559 Custom Auto/Truck/Bike H&_S_Machine_______ 801-755-7627 Fabrication: Filament Winding S.A._Composites_______ 970-776-3877 Fabrication: Composites S.A._Composites_______ 970-776-3877

Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559 Fabrication: Medium & Large Arrow_Sheet_Metal_ ___303-427-6419 EMJD_Corp_ _______303-761-5236 Falcon_Sheet_Metal___ 801-298-5064 GBC_ ____________303-988-6450 Group_Mfg_Serv_______480-966-3952 Howell_Precision_______ 623-582-4776 MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 Kustom_Koncepts_ _____ 307-472-0818 Weiser/Mile_High_Precision_ 303-280-2778 Fabrication: Non-Metal Wesco_Laser_Mchg._ ____ 303-765-5916 Fabrication: Plastic Fabrication: Enclosures ImageTek_ __________303-806-8111 Falcon_Sheet_Metal___ 801-298-5064 Fabrication: SheetMetal Kustom_Koncepts_ _____ 307-472-0818_ Arrow_Sheet_Metal_Prod_ 303-427-6419

AzMark AzMark_ __________480-926-8969 Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 D&B_Precision_Products___ 719-473-3699 Denver_Machine_Shop____303-295-6000 EMJD_Corporation_____303-761-5236 Falcon_Sheet_Metal___ 801-298-5064 GBC_ ____________303-988-6450 Group_Mfg_Serv_______480-966-3952 Hexatron_ _________ 801-363-8010 Howell_Precision_______ 623-582-4776 Kustom_Koncepts_ _____ 307-472-0818 Laser_Concepts_Inc._ ____ 801-280-7723 MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 Precision_Tech________801-285-7288 Richards_Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559 Weiser/Mile_High_Precision_ 303-280-2778 Wrico_ ___________ 480-892-7800

Image Tek Business Card 2011 (Neil Daley: President) 3.5” Wide by 2” High

Hand Deburring: Precision H Fabrication: Steel F EMJD_Corp_ ______ 303-761-5236 H&R_Precision________ 801-975-7400 Falcon_Sheet_Metal___ 801-298-5064 Liquid Painting Precision Electronic Sheet Metal Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 D&B_Precision_Products___ 719-473-3699 Passivation FINISHING Certified_Inspection_Service___602-267-0661 Arizona_Finishing______602-438-4443 Coating_Technologies_ ___623-581-2648 Coating_Technologies_ ___623-581-2648 Jet_Processing_____ 623-869-6749x117 Collins_Metal_Finishing_ __ 602-275-3117 Powder Coating Foresight_Finishing_ ____ 480-921-0000 Arizona_Finishing______602-438-4443 Phoenix_Heat_Treating_ __ 602-258-7751 Precision_Mach’d_Prod____ 970-482-7676 Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559 LA_Specialties________ 602-269-7612 Superior_Grinding______801-487-9700 Pilkington_Metal_Finishing_ 801-972-2146 TVT_Die_Casting_ ______800-280-2278 Powder_Extreme_Coatings__ 801-450-2819 Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559 De-Rusting Sandblasting Glass Bead Clean Coating_Technologies_ ___623-581-2648 Powder_Extreme_Coatings__ 801-450-2819

Silk Screening Arizona_Finishing______602-438-4443 Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 Potting/Encapsulation Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 Wet Paint/CARC MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 Aluminum (Medium & Large) Aero_Tech________ 801-292-0493 FOUNDRY May_Foundry_&_Machine_ 801-531-8931 State_Brass_Foundry_&_Mach._ 801-467-9461 GALVANIZING Jordan_River_Galvanizing__801-282-9375 Galvanizing: Hot Dip Jordan_River_Galvanizing__801-282-9375

Galvanizing: Zinc Jordan_River_Galvanizing__801-282-9375 GAS NITRIDING Blanchard_Metals_Proc._ __801-972-5590 GEAR CUTTING Ponderosa_Ind________ 303-298-1801 Reata_Engineering_&_Mach._ 303-936-1350 Specialty_Steel_Svcs____ 801-539-8252 Gear Hobbing Ponderosa_Ind________ 303-298-1801 GRINDING AzMark_ __________480-926-8969 ChemResearch________ 602-253-4175 Diversified_Metal_Services__ 801-972-6093 Focused_on_Machining_ __ 303-922-3076 GMN_USA_ ________ 800-686-1679 • 57 • Jan/Feb 2013 57 •July/Aug 2011


A Veteran-Owned Small Business

Shawn Carlin scarlin@gmsaz.com

Prec._Mach’d_Products____ 970-482-7676 Precision_Tech________801-285-7288 Ron_Grob_Co._ _______970-667-5320 Steel_Services_Grinding_ __ 800-662-0126 Superior_Grinding______ 801487-9700 Superior_Metal_Products___ 303-791-7550 TCI_Precision_Metals_ __800-234-5613 Grinding, Blanchard Diversified_Metal_Services__ 801-972-6093 Steel_Services_Grinding_ __ 800-662-0126 Superior_Grinding______ 801487-9700 TCI_Precision_Metals_ __800-234-5613 Grinding, Centerless Ron_Grob_Co._ _______970-667-5320 Grinding, Double Disc TCI_Precision_Metals_ __800-234-5613 Grinding: OD AzMark_ __________480-926-8969 Focused_on_Machining_ __ 303-922-3076 Precision_Tech________801-285-7288 Ron_Grob_Co._ _______970-667-5320 Superior_Grinding______ 801487-9700 Superior_Metal_Products___303-791-7550 Grinding: Surface ChemResearch________ 602-253-4175 Superior_Grinding______ 801487-9700 Passivation Gold_Tech_Industries_____ 480-968-1930 Polishing Gold_Tech_Industries_____ 480-968-1930 A2Z METALWORKER

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Jan/Feb 2013

Selective Coatings ImageTek_ __________303-806-8111 FORMING D&B_Precision_Products___ 719-473-3699 Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559 Wasatch_Laser_Processing__801-972-3500 HEAT TREATING Blanchard Blanchard_Metals_Proc._ __801-972-5590 Phoenix Phoenix_Heat_Treating_ __ 602-258-7751 Pilkington Pilkington_Metal_Finishing__801-972-2146 Reata Reata_Engineering_&_Mach._ 303-936-1350 Temperature Temperature_Processing_ __ 303-772-0250 Custom Temperature_Processing___ 303-772-0250 Cryogenics Temperature_Processing___ 303-772-0250 Aluminum Temperature_Processing___ 303-772-0250 Nitriding Temperature_Processing___ 303-772-0250 Vibrational Stress TestingTemperature_Processing___ 303-772-0250 INSPECTION Inspection, First Article Klontech_Measure_Sol____ 480-626-8131 Inspection Services Klontech_Measure_Sol____ 480-626-8131 Micropulse_West_______480-966-2300 Sustaining_Edge_Solutions__888-572-9642 IRON STITCHING Precision_Casting_Repair__801-972-2345 LASER CUTTING Laser Cutting Arrow_Sheet_Metal_Prod_303-427-6419 EMJD_Corporation_____303-761-5236 GBC_ ____________303-988-6450 Howell_Precision_______ 623-582-4776 Kustom_Koncepts_ _____ 307-472-0818 Laser_Concepts_Inc._ ____ 801-280-7723 Progway___________ 435-656-9585 Richards_Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559

Wasatch_Laser_Processing__801-972-3500 Wesco_Laser_Mchg._ ____ 303-765-5916 Wrico_ ___________480-892-7800 Laser Cutting: Non-Metal Wesco_Laser_Mchg._ ____ 303-765-5916 Laser Cutting: Pipe&Tube Wasatch_Laser_Processing__801-972-3500 Wesco_Laser_Mchg._ ____ 303-765-5916 EMI/RFI Shielding Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 Laminating Wesco_Laser_Mchg.___303-765-5916 Laser Engraving 4_Axis_Machining_Inc.____ 303-295-1544 Laser Marking 4_Axis_Machining_Inc.____ 303-295-1544 LINE TOOLING Riegert_Precision_Machine__ 208-442-1999 MACHINING Advanced_Machining_Inc.__303-485-5256 American_Machine_&_Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Apex_Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 BK_Machine_Inc.______ 801-253-1929 CM_Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 D&B_Precision_Products___ 719-473-3699 Focused_on_Machining_ __ 303-922-3076 GBC_ ____________303-988-6450 H&R_Precision________ 801-975-7400 Mountain_View_Machine_ _435-755-0500 Peterson_Machining_____303-449-5755 R&H_Machine_________801-621-7922 RD_Machine_&_MFg____ 801-977-0447 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 Riegert_Precision_Machine_ 208-442-1999 Skydandee_Mfg______ 801-774-8031 St._Vrain__________ 303-702-1529 Superior_Metal_Products____303-791-7550 TVT_Die_Casting_ ______ 800-280-2278 Machining: 3D Advanced_Machining_Inc.__303-485-5256 Micropulse_West_______480-966-2300 Machining: 5 Axis 4_Axis_Machining_Inc.____303-295-1544

5th_Axis_Fixtures______ 858-505-0432 Accutech_Machine______ 801-975-1117 Advanced_Machining_Inc.__303-485-5256 AzMark_ __________480-926-8969 Cling’s_Manufacturing____ 480-968-1778 Faustson___________303-420-7422 Howard_PMP__ _______ 801-808-4106 Peterson_Machining_____303-449-5755 S.A._Composites_______ 970-776-3877 St._Vrain__________ 303-702-1529 Superior_Metal_Products_ 303-791-7550

Machining: Aerospace Advanced_Machining_Inc.__303-485-5256 AzMark_ __________480-926-8969 H&R_Precision________ 801-975-7400 CM_Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 Howard_PMP__ _______ 801-808-4106 Matrix_Machine_____ 480-966-4451 Micropulse_West_______480-966-2300 Mountain_View_Machine_ _435-755-0500 Paramount_Machine_ ___801-282-2755 Peterson_Machining_____303-449-5755 Pinnacle_Precision_ ___435-563-2722 Ponderosa_Ind________ 303-298-1801 Precision_Mach’d_Products_ 970-482-7676 Precision_Tech________801-285-7288 Prescott’s_Mfg________ 719-482-5826 Quick_Turn_Precision_____801-334-6800 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 Reata_Engineering_&_Mach._ 303-936-1350 RD_Machine_&_MFg____ 801-977-0447

Skydandee_Mfg______ 801-774-8031 St._Vrain__________ 303-702-1529 Superior_Metal_Products_ 303-791-7550 Machining: CNC 4_Axis_Machining_Inc.____303-295-1544 Able_Machining_&_Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Apex_Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Advanced_Machining_Inc.__303-485-5256 Accutech_Machine______ 801-975-1117 American_Machine_&_Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Apex_Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Bar-S_Machine_______ 928-636-2115 BK_Machine_Inc.______ 801-253-1929 Cling’s_Manufacturing_ _ 480-968-1778 CM_Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 DMSI___________801-972-6093 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 Focused_on_Machining_ __ 303-922-3076 Foremaster_Tool_____ 801-737--0265 GBC_ ____________303-988-6450 H&R_Precision_______ 801-975-7400 H&_S_Machine_______ 801-755-7627 Hexatron_ _________ 801-363-8010 Howard_PMP__ _______ 801-808-4106 Innovative_Precision_ __ 801-334-6317 L.A.R._Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Leading_Edge_Machine__ 435-563-9425 _Maverick_Mold_&_Machine_ 970-535-4604 MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 Peterson_Machining_____303-449-5755 Pinnacle_Precision_ ___435-563-2722 R&H_Machine_________801-621-7922 RD_Machine_&_Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 Reata_Eng.&_Mach_ ___ 303-936-1350 Riegert_Precision_Machine_ 208-442-1999 St._Vrain__________ 303-702-1529 Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559 Superior_Metal_Products_ 303-791-7550

Mountain_View_Machine__435-755-0500 Mount Peterson_Machining_____303-449-5755 Peterson Ponderosa_Ind_ Ponderosa _______ 303-298-1801 Prec._Mach’d_Products__970-482-7676 Prec. Precision_Tech________801-285-7288 Precision Ron_Grob_Co._ _______970-667-5320 Ron Tool_Design_______ 801-231-4404 Tool

Machining: Prototype 4_Axis_Machining_Inc.____303-295-1544 “Precision Machining Solutions for Industry” Able_Machining_&_Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Robert Bergstrom President Accutech_Machine______ 801-975-1117 Phone: (303) 702-1529 x 103 819 So. Lincoln Street P. O. Box 1066 Fax: (303) 702-1534 Advanced_Machining_Inc.__303-485-5256 Email: bobb@stvrainmfg.com Longmont, CO 80502 Website: stvrainmfg.com RFQ Email: mail@stvrainmfg.com American_Machine_&_Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Apex_Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Tool_Design_______ 801-231-4404 Bar-S_Machine_______ 928-636-2115 Machining: Mold Base Machining: Contract Maverick_Mold_&_Machine___970-535-4604 BK_Machine_Inc.______ 801-253-1929 American_Machine_&_Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Cling’s_Manufacturing_ _ 480-968-1778 Howard_PMP__ _______ 801-808-4106 Machining: Mold Making Faustson___________303-420-7422 Paramount_Machine_ ___801-282-2755 R&H_Machine_________801-621-7922 Focused_on_Machining_ __ 303-922-3076 Machining: Plastic Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 ImageTek_ _________ 303-806-8111 Foremaster_Tool______ 801-737--0265 Skydandee_Mfg______ 801-774-8031 H&R_Precision________ 801-975-7400 Machining: DoD Machining: Production Innovative_Precision_ __ 801-334-6317 CM_Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 Able_Machining_&_Eng.__ 801-268-6766 L.A.R._Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Machining: Laser Apex_Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Leading_Edge_Machine_ _ 435-563-9425 AzMark_ __________480-926-8969 BK_Machine_Inc.______ 801-253-1929 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 CM_Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 Micropulse_West______ 480-966-2300 Foremaster_Tool______ 801-737--0265 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 Mountain_View_Machine_ 435-755-0500 Gerome_Mfg________520-622-8402 Focused_on_Machining_ __ 303-922-3076 Newport_Tool_ _______801-295-7411 Innovative_Precision_ __ 801-334-6317 H&R_Precision________ 801-975-7400 Quick_Turn_Precision_ __ 801-334-6800 L.A.R._Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Howard_PMP__ _______ 801-808-4106 R&H_Machine_________801-621-7922 Matrix_Machine______ 480-966-4451 Innovative_Precision_ __ 801-334-6317 Radtech_ _________ 303-789-4247 MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 L.A.R._Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 RD_Machine_&_Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 Paramount_Machine_ __ 801-282-2755 Newport_Tool_ _______801-295-7411 Riegert_Precision_Machine__ 208-442-1999 Reata_Engineering_&_Mach_ 303-936-1350 Paramount_Machine_ __ 801-282-2755 Skydandee_Mfg______ 801-774-8031 RD_Machine_&_Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 Peterson_Machining_____303-449-5755 S.A._Composites_______ 970-776-3877 Machining:Medical Ponderosa_Ind________ 303-298-1801 St._Vrain__________ 303-702-1529 Advanced_Machining_Inc.__303-485-5256 Prescott’s_Mfg_______ 719-482-5826 Pinnacle_Precision_ ___435-563-2722 R&H_Machine_________801-621-7922 Superior_Metal_Products_ 303-791-7550 Prescott’s_Mfg________ 719-482-5826 Radtech__________ 303-789-4247 Tool_Design_______ 801-231-4404 Machining: Precision Machining: Milling RD_Machine_&_Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 Advanced_Machining_Inc.__303-485-5256 Reata_Engineering_&_Mach_ 303-936-1350 4_Axis_Machining_Inc.___ 303-295-1544 American_Machine_&_Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Riegert_Precision_Machine__ 208-442-1999 Able_Machining_&_Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Cling’s_Manufacturing____ 480-968-1778 Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559 American_Machine_&_Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Focused_on_Machining_ __ 303-922-3076 Tool_Design_______ 801-231-4404 BK_Machine_Inc.______ 801-253-1929 St. Vrain Manufacturing, Inc.


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Jan/Feb 2013

HowardPMP________ 801-619-9850 Leading_Edge_Machine_ __ 435-563-9425 Mountain_View_Machine___ 435-755-0500 Prec_Mach’d_Products_ ___ 970-482-7676 Quick_Turn_Precision_ __801-334-6800 RD_Machine_&_Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 Tool_Design_______ 801-231-4404 Wesco_Laser_Mchg______ 303-765-5916

CM_Manufacturing_ ___ 406-543-4450 Focused_on_Machining_ __ 303-922-3076 MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 H&R_Precision________ 801-975-7400 Howard_PMP__ _______ 801-808-4106_ Newport_Tool_ _______801-295-7411 Peterson_Machining_____303-449-5755 Pinnacle_Precision_ ___435-563-2722 Ponderosa_Ind________ 303-298-1801 Precision_Machined_Prod.__ 970-482-7676 Precision_Tech________801-285-7288 Riegert_Precision_Machine__ 208-442-1999 Superior_Metal_Products___303-791-7550 Tool_Design_______ 801-231-4404 TVT_Die_Casting_ ______ 800-280-2278

Prescott’s_Mfg_______ 719-482-5826 Reata_Engineering_&_Mach._ 303-936-1350 Superior_Metal_Products___ 303-791-7550 Wasatch_Laser_Processing__801-972-3500 Machining: Swiss Bar-S_Machine_______ 928-636-2115 HowardPMP________ 801-619-9850 Pinnacle_Precision_ ___435-563-2722 Ron_Grob_Co._ _______970-667-5320 White_Rock_Inc________ 435-750-6414

Machining: Ultra-Precision Pinnacle_Precision_ ___435-563-2722 Machining: Waterjet Colorado_Waterjet_ ___970-532-5404 Quick_Turn_Precision_ __801-334-6800 MANUFACTURING Group_Mfg_Serv______480-966-3952 Prescott’s_Manufacturing_719-482-5826 RD_Machine_&_Mfg_ ___ 801-977-0447 Composites S.A._Composites_______ 970-776-3877 S.A. Contract Apex Apex_Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 Manufacturing: Electrode Wire-Tech ________ 480-966-1591 Wire-Tech_ Production Aero Aero_Tech_ ________ 801-292-0493 BK BK_Machine_Inc.______801-253-1929 EMJD EMJD_Corporation_____303-761-5236 L.A.R. L.A.R._Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Laser Laser_Concepts_Inc.____ 801-280-7723 Prescott’s Prescott’s_Manufacturing_719-482-5826 White White_Rock_Inc_ _______ 435-750-6414 Rapid Prototyping White White_Rock_Inc_ _______ 435-750-6414 Robotic CNC DMSI___________ 801-972-6093 DMSI_ Routering CNC DMSI___________ 801-972-6093 DMSI_ Small Part Pinnacle Pinnacle_Precision_ ___435-563-2722 White_Rock_Inc________ 435-750-6414 Turnkey Product Services Aero_Tech_ ________ 801-292-0493 L.A.R._Manufacturing___ 801-280-3505 Accuwright_Industries___480-892-9595 METAL INJECTION MOLDING (MIM) AFT_ ____________ 303-833-6112 Progway___________435-656-9585 METAL STAMPING Hi-Production Precision Stamping Precision_Die_&_Stamping__480-967-2038

MOLDS Colorado_Tool_Design_Inc_ 720-218-5246 Lifetime_Products_____ 801-728-1260 Maverick_Mold_&_Machine_ 970-535-4604 Prescott’s_Manufacturing_719-482-5826 Progway__________435-656-9585 Molds: Blow Lifetime_Products_____ 801-728-1260 Molds: Plastic Injection Lifetime_Products_ _____801-728-1260 Maverick_Mold_&_Machine_ 970-535-4604 Watkins_Tool_&_Supply_ _ 303-295-9603 Molds: DieCast Design Colorado_Tool_Design_Inc_ _ 720-218-5246 Molds: Injection Design Colorado_Tool_Design_Inc_ _ 720-218-5246 Molds: Trim Die Design Colorado_Tool_Design_Inc_ _ 720-218-5246 Molds Steel DMSI____________ 801-972-6093 Aero_Tech_ ________ 801-292-0493 Arizona_Finishing_____602-438-4443 ChemResearch_ _____ 602-253-4175 Jet_Processing____ 623-869-6749x117 Mil Spec Painting Industrialex_______ 303-456-6847 PAINTING Richards_Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 PARTS: MISC. Lifetime_Products_ _____801-728-1260 PLATING Blanchard_Metals_Proc.__ 801-972-5590 ChemResearch_ _____ 602-253-4175 Collins_Metal_Finishing_ __ 602-275-3117 Foresight_Finishing_ ____ 480-921-0000 Gold_Tech_Industries_ __ 480-968-1930 LA_Specialties_______ 602-269-7612 Anodizing Blanchard_Metals_Proc._ __801-972-5590 ChemResearch________ 602-253-4175 Collins_Metal_Finishing_ __ 602-275-3117 Jet_Processing_____ 623-869-6749x117 Pilkington_Metal_Finishing_ 801-972-2146 Gold/Silver Plate Foresight_Finishing_ ____ 480-921-0000 Gold_Tech_Industries_ __ 480-968-1930 Nickel/Chrome Gold_Tech_Industries_ __ 480-968-1930 Tin Plate Gold_Tech_Industries_ __ 480-968-1930

Machining: Turning American_Machine_&_Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Apex_Engineering_____ 435-713-0072 AzMark_ __________480-926-8969 METALIZING Bar-S_Machine_______ 928-636-2115 POLISHING Machining: R & D BK_Machine_Inc.______ 801-253-1929 Accuwright_Industries___480-892-9595 American_Machine_&_Eng._ _ 801-973-0494 Faustson__________ 303-420-7422 Gold_Tech_Industries_ __ 480-968-1930 MOLDING: ARC Peterson_Machining_____303-449-5755 H&R_Precision________ 801-975-7400 Watkins_Tool_&_Supply__303-295-9603 LA_Specialties_______ 602-269-7612


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Jan/Feb 2013


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Jan/Feb 2013

,-./012%($012'!034" 5*67+*6(809:0;/-/< 9$==>0;;;?;.-?@A-/

Specializing in laser welding, precision welding and microwelding of dies, molds and other tooling.

!"#$%&'()'"*++(,*+'-./ 0#""#+-#.(,*+'-./(( 1-2"3'-#.(,*+'-./


Frontier Metal Stamping _ 303-458-5129 PRECISION FORMING Frontier_Metal_Stamping_ Richards_Fab________801-409-0392 Lifetime_Products_ _____801-728-1260 Wrico_ ___________480-892-7800 Pacific_Metal_Stampings___ 661-257-7656 Precision_Die_&_Stamping__480-967-2038 PRINTING Richards_Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Custom Screen ImageTek__________303-806-8111 Weiser/Mile_High_Prec._303280-2778 Stamping:Aerospace PROCESSING: METAL Frontier_Metal_Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Chemical LA_Specialties________ 602-269-7612 Pacific_Metal_Stampings___ 661-257-7656 Precision_Die_&_Stamping__480-967-2038 PUNCHING Stamping:Assembly Group_Manufacturing_Serv_ 480-966-3952 Frontier_Metal_Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559 Stamping:Bending REPAIR Pacific_Metal_Stampings___ 661-257-7656 Bearing Surface Stamping:Design Denver_Machine_Shop____303-295-6000 Frontier_Metal_Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Hydraulic Cylinder Pacific_Metal_Stampings___ 661-257-7656 Denver_Machine_Shop____303-295-6000 Weiser/Mile_High_Prec._303280-2778 ROLL FORMING Stamping:Flat Forming Lifetime_Products_ _____801-728-1260 SPRING_WORKS_Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 Rolling: thread Stamping: Light Ron_Grob_Co._ _______970-667-5320 Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 ROUTERING, CNC Pacific_Metal_Stampings___ 661-257-7656 Micropulse_West_______480-966-2300 SPRING_WORKS_Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 SAW CUTTING Stamping:Precision Diversified_Metal_Services__ 801-972-6093 Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 SHOT PEENING Frontier_Metal_Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Blanchard_Metals_Proc._ __801-972-5590 Pacific_Metal_Stampings___ 661-257-7656 SINTERING Precision_Die_&_Stamping__480-967-2038 Western_Sintering______509-375-3096 Stamping:Prototype SPINNING: METAL Frontier_Metal_Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Metal_Spinning_Solutions__ 480-899-0939 Stamping:Short Run SPLINES Hexatron_ _________ 801-363-8010 Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 SWISS SCREW MCHG. Specialty_Steel_Services__ 801-539-8252 Howard_PMP__ _______ 801-808-4106 SPRAY: METAL, PLASMA White_Rock_Inc________ 435-750-6414 Accuwright_Industries____480-892-9595 Screwing: Lead SPRINGS Ron_Grob_Co._ _______970-667-5320 Flat & Wire TAPPING SPRING_WORKS_Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 Laser_Concepts_Inc._ ____ 801-280-7723 STAMPING Cygnet____________ 818-240-7574 TEST FIXTURES Dayton_Rogers_ ______ 763-717-6303 Riegert_Precision_Machine__ 208-442-1999

TESTING Testing: Corrosive CascadeTEK_ ________888-835-9250 Testing: Non-Destructive Blanchard_Metals_Proc._ __801-972-5590 CascadeTEK_ ________888-835-9250 Jet_Processing_____ 623-869-6749x117 Pilkington_Metal_Finishing___ 801-972-2146 THERMAL SPRAY Accuwright_Industries____480-892-9595 TOOL & DIE Foremaster_Tool______ 801-737--0265 Newport_Tool_ _______801-295-7411 Wrico_ ___________480-892-7800 TOOLING Frontier_Metal_Stamping_ _ 303-458-5129 Mountain_View_Machine_ _435-755-0500 Precision_Tech________801-285-7288 Western_Sintering______509-375-3096 TUBE FORMING Cling’s_Manufacturing____ 480-968-1778 Howell_Precision_______ 623-582-4776 Formed Tubing Cling’s_Manufacturing____ 480-968-1778 Howell_Precision_______ 623-582-4776 Tube Bending /Fabrication Cling’s_Manufacturing____ 480-968-1778 Howell_Precision_______ 623-582-4776 WATERJET CUTTING Colorado_Waterjet_ __ 970-532-5404 Diversified_Metal_Services__ 801-972-6093 JQ_Enterprises________ 801-975-0777 Leading_Edge_Machine_ __435-563-9425 Marzee_Inc._______ 602-269-5801 MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 Mountain_View_Machine_ _435-755-0500 Quick_Turn_Precision_____801-334-6800

Denver Machine Shop ___303-295-6000 Denver_Machine_Shop_ GBC_ ____________303-988-6450 H&_S_Machine_______ 801-755-7627 JQ_Enterprises________ 801-975-0777 Kustom_Koncepts_ _____ 307-472-0818 Laser_Concepts_Inc._ ____ 801-280-7723 MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 Mountain_View_Machine_ _435-755-0500 Precision_Casting_Repair_ _801-972-2345 Precision_Tech________801-285-7288 Quick_Turn_Precision_____801-334-6800 Richards_Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Star_Precision_ _______303-926-0559 Wasatch_Laser_Processing__801-972-3500 Weiser/Mile_High_Prec._303280-2778 Weldtech,_Inc______303-828-WELD Welding: Aluminum Medium & Large MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 Skyline_Products________719-392-9046 Richards_Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Welding: Dies/Molds Weldtech,_Inc______303-828-WELD Welding: Micro Weldtech,_Inc______303-828-WELD Welding: Orbital Richards_Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Welding: Precision Arrow_Sheet_Metal_Prod___ 303-427-6419 D&B_Precision_Products___ 719-473-3699 MicroMetals_________ 719-593-8367 Richards_Fab_ _____ 801-409-0392 Weiser/Mile_High_Prec._303280-2778 Weldtech,_Inc______303-828-WELD Welding: TIG Arrow_Sheet_Metal_Prod___ 303-427-6419 GBC_ ____________303-988-6450 Mountain_View_Machine___ 435-755-0500_

WELDING Able_Machining_&_Eng.__ 801-268-6766 Arrow_Sheet_Metal_Prod___ 303-427-6419 D&B_Precision_Products___ 719-473-3699 WIRE FORMING Dayton_Rogers_ ______ 763-717-6303 SPRING_WORKS_Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 A2Z METALWORKER METALWORKER A2Z

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www. smithmachinetools.com “Providing Technology Solutions for Competitive Manufacturing” “They (Smith Machinery) do what they say they will do, and their support is everything we expect from our machine tool suppliers.”

Now with 2 local factory service technicians.This, combined with our Smith Neotech service group, will provide you with the best service support available in the Mountain States.

“ S m i t h Machinery, our dealer for the Mazak line of machine tool p ro d u c t s, i s o u t s t a n d i n g. They sell a great product and their service and support is exceptional.”

“We had 3everal different manufacturers perform competitive test cuts for our evaluation, and the Mitsubishi came out on top. It took 1/3 less time to cut the part, and it used 1/3 less wire consumption for a comparable finish and accuracy.”

MITSUBISHI EDM, Laser, Waterjet, VMCs, Milling Machines & Press Brakes

www. smithmachinetools.com “Providing Technology Solutions for Competitive Manufacturing”

Star Swiss CNC

“They (Smith Machinery) do what they say they will do, and their support is everything we expect from our machine tool suppliers.”

Now with 2 local factory service technicians.This, combined with our Smith Neotech service group, will provide you with the best service support available in the Mountain States.

CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders MITSUBISHI

EDM, Laser, Waterjet, VMCs, Milling Machines & Press Brakes

Proud member of

“ S m i t h Machinery, our dealer for the Mazak line of machine tool p ro d u c t s, i s o u t s t a n d i n g. They sell a great product and their service and support is exceptional.”

Star Swiss CNC

“We had 3everal different manufacturers perform competitive test cuts for our evaluation, and the Mitsubishi came out on top. It took 1/3 less time to cut the part, and it used 1/3 less wire consumption for a comparable finish and accuracy.”

CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders

Combination “Teach” Lathes

Combination “Teach” Lathes

Sheet Hydroforming

SMITH MACHINERY CO., INC. Proud member of


Sheet Hydroforming

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

41 West Guest Avenue Salt Lake City, UT 84115 Phone: 801-263-6403 Fax: 801-263-6404

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

41 West Guest Avenue Salt Lake City, UT 84115 Phone: 801-263-6403 Fax: 801-263-6404



A2Z Metalworker P. O. Box 93295 Phoenix, AZ 85070

maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products It’s what’s on the InsIde that counts … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

the RIght lIne of PRoducts

the technoLogy inside

• Cutting & Grinding • High Performance Lubricants • Greases • Deformation • Cleaners • Corrosion Preventatives • Chain Oils

discover why only castrol Industrial has the technology InsIde. Castrol Industrial North America Inc. l 150 West Warrenville Rd. 603-1E l Naperville, IL 60563 l techhelp@castrol.com l castrol.com/industrial


Christensen Oil Provo, UT christensenoil.com 1 800 654 0438 • 64 • Jan/Feb 2013 Serving Utah & Idaho

Maxum Petroleum canyonstateoil.com 1 800 894 7773 Serving Colorado

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A2Z Metalworker Rocky Mountain Edition Jan Feb 2013  

The A2Z Metalworker Regional Manufacturing Magazines are a business development tool for U.S. Manufacturing! The A2Z Metalworker’s focus is...

A2Z Metalworker Rocky Mountain Edition Jan Feb 2013  

The A2Z Metalworker Regional Manufacturing Magazines are a business development tool for U.S. Manufacturing! The A2Z Metalworker’s focus is...

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