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Vol. 2, No. 3 June/July 2012

Regional Manufactuing Magazine for Pacific Northwest Edition (WA, OR, and N. CA)

Dale Newberry, President

MICRO 100Ă• s Unbreakable Combination: A Superior Tool Makes a Quality Part! www.a2zMetalworker.com


M U LT I S W I S S 6 X 1 4 • Completely numerically controlled • Easy set-up and changeover • 14 linear axes, 7 C axes • Up to 18 tools (3 tools per position) • Exceptional rigidity through guide separation • Unsurpassed shock absorption with hydrostatic

bearings • Thermal regulation of the entire machine • Completely integrated peripheral units • Reduced floor space

» www.multiswiss.info

Tornos • East 1 Parklawn Dr. Bethel, CT 06801 203.775.4319

Tornos • Midwest 840 Parkview Blvd. Lombard, IL 60148 630.812.2040



Single spindle

Multi spindle

Samuel Aerospace is one of North America’s top ten processors and distributors of metals, operating more than 40 facilities which are strategically located throughout Canada and the United States. Additional facilities maintained in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and China extend our reach globally. Our strategically placed processing and service centers allow us to offer on time and JIT delivery services.

Samuel Aerospace alloys are available in a complete range of shapes and sizes to meet the diverse requirements of the commercial and defense aerospace markets. We stock one of the most extensive aluminum inventories in the industry. Our available aerospace aluminum offering includes:

• Sheet & Coil • Plate • Rod & Bar • Tube & Pipe

A variety of AS, ISO and TS standards ensures conformance to customer’s requirements. Primary aerospace service centers are ISO 9000 and AS9100/9120 certified. Samuel Aerospace offers value-added quality processing services including:

• Water-Jet Cutting

• Bar and Extrusion Sawing • Aluminum Plate Sawing • First Stage Processing

Our pre-production processing services are all performed to stringent quality standards to your specifications, saving you time and money while ensuring the quality of your end product. We go to great heights to deliver the right product to the correct quality standards, on time, every time. Plus, we offer Stock and Release and Vendor Managed Inventory programs. These programs can help your company eliminate costly inventories and improve cash flow.

To learn more contact your Samuel Aerospace Metals representative or call (877) 565-7050. Everything you need in a metals supplier…quality, reliability and availability.

Editors Corner “If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure.” Colin Powell “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.” Bill Clinton “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776 As we come close to celebrating our Country’s Independence Day I would like to credit the freedom and liberty we all have for helping us, help ourselves get out of the doldrums of the past recession. Liberty, Freedom, and the Opportunity to conduct business on our own as our own company prevails and continues to proper in the United States. I’m seeing people who have worked for someone else for years who are now making the jump to work their own company and take the leap of faith to build their own businesses. Small Manufacturing Companies & OEM Dealers are buying machines and buying their own buildings to promote their businesses and to raise the level of service they afford their valued customers. It’s happening! Independence day is every day. Some celebrate it more than others. To those who celebrate it every day, I would ask; remind those you come in contact with every day that we here in the land of the free and home of the brave, have the liberty to breathe in freedom as much as we want and, that we have the liberty to pursue our dreams, goals, and desires every single hour. I would like to take this moment also to thank those of you who have served! Thank you! We have our Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness because you all have protected it and some of you have fought for it. FYI,Veterans are 45 percent more likely to take the plunge into entrepreneurship than people with no active-duty military experience, according to a May 2011 study from the SBA Office of Advocacy. In 2007 (the latest data available from the U.S. Census Bureau), veterans owned 2.4 million businesses, or 9 percent of all businesses nationwide, generating $1.2 trillion in receipts and employing nearly 5.8 million people. Thank you again! The A2Z Metalworker NW is growing thanks to our advertisers. We just went up 8 pages and we are featuring some great companies and some great stories on outstanding businesses. I hope the information and the articles will inspire you to grab your freedom and take the liberty to grow your businesses. If there is anything I can do for you, please, don’t hesitate to call or email me and I will do my best to help! Have a great second half of the year and may you all prosper!

Kim Carpenter www.facebook.com/a2zmetalworker 4 • Jun/July 2012


This Month’s Cover & Shop Profile. Micro 100’s Unbreakable Combo Article: AFT Needs a few good machine shops! Announcements/Releases ....................6,7,8 Shop Profile ......................................1,16-17 Feature Articles ....................................40-41 Buyers Guide Equipment .....................44-48 Buyers Guide Processes .......................49-53 Card Gallery .........................................44-53 Index Of Advertisers.................................54 Editorial ................................... Throughout

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CONTRIBUTORS Linda Daly Gene Wirth Chris Seay Alexander Shanosky

Published bi-monthly to keep precision manufacturers abreast of news and to supply a viable supplier source for the industry. Circulation: The A2Z Metalworker NW maintains a master list of over 9500 decision makers consisting of fortune 1000 companies, small manufacturing companies, engineering firms, DOD & Scientific Lab facilities, machine shops, fab-shops, and secondary sources businesses. It has an estimated pass on readership of more than 24,000 people. The majority of our readers are based in the Pacific NW! Advertising Rates have remained the same since 1999, deadlines and mechanical requirements furnished on our webite at: www.a2zMetalworker.com. All photos and copy become the property of A2Z Metalworker NW. The Publisher assumes no responsibility for the contents of any advertisement, and all representations are those of the advertiser and not that of the publisher. The Publisher is not liable to any advertiser for any misprints or errors not the fault of the publisher, and in such event, the limit of the publisher's liability shall only be the amount of the publishers charge for such advertising.

THE SMART CHOICE I AM manufactured in Florence, Kentucky. I EASILY move from heavy-duty to high-speed machining applications, making me ideal for job shops and specialty manufacturers alike. I PROVIDE a 12,000-rpm, 25-hp 40-taper spindle with a maximum torque of 70.2 ft/lbs. I AM bi-lingual thanks to my MAZATROL SMART control, which allows me to use both EIA/ISO programs and conversational programming languages. I RIDE on the Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System to deliver unmatched levels of rigidity, durability and reliability that result in long-term accuracy. I AM smart with Intelligent Machine functions that boost my accuracy, reliability and productivity. I INCORPORATE an environmentally friendly and ergonomic design that provides an easily accessible workspace and simplifies maintenance. I AM your highly rewarding, easy-to-use, go-to guy, ready to tackle whatever work you give me.

Machine Toolworks, Inc Grand Opening July 25 and 26th, 2012 Machine Toolworks, Inc, a leading supplier of CNC machine tools in Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Canada has expanded their operations in the Seattle area acquiring a 10,000 square foot facility located at 14600 Interurban Ave, South, Tukwila, WA 98168, to be their head offices and display area for the most technologically advanced machine tools available. I AM THE MAZAK VERTICAL CENTER SMART 430A, AND THE RESULTS I PROVIDE WILL HAVE YOUR COMPETITION WISHING THEY’D BEEN SMART ENOUGH TO BRING ME IN.

WWW.MAZAKUSA.COM Tel: 859-342-1700 Florence, Kentucky

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. Representing the best in metal working solutions since 1984.

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. 8448 Washington Place N.E. Albuquerque, N.M. 87113 Tel: (505) 345-8389 Email: magnumalb@magnumabq.com

Oregon Tech Center Washington Tech Center MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. Ave, South 27350 SW 95th Ave 14600 Interurban 12025 Rojas Drive, Suite ‘A’ 3614 E. Southern Avenue #1 Wilsonville, 97070 Tukwila, WA 98168 El Paso, TX OR 79936 Phoenix, AZ 85040 Tel: (915) 856-7900 Tel: (602) 431-8300 Office - 503-682-9030 Office - 206-575-3390 Email: sales@magnumep.com Email: sales@magnumaz.com Fax - 503-682-9040 Fax - 206-575-3397 www.magnumprecisionmachines.com A2Z METALWORKER

• 17 • Jan/Feb 2012

Announcements & Releases Medical, Semiconductor Industries Benfetting From Series’ Higher Rigidity And Performance

Inc. at (562) 903-1929 or email: info@chevalierusa.com or visit us on the web at www.chevalierusa.com

Harry Moser, Reshoring Expert, Speaker at Smartmap Expo

Industries such as medical, semiconductor, wind energy, turbine and satellite stations have experienced higher rigidity and performance due to the design capabilities of Cheavlier’s FVGC-II vertical grinding center. Chevalier has developed the FVGC-II vertical grinding center to meet future grinding and chip-cutting requirements. “The series has linear-way design on saddle and table, with Big-Plus CT40 spindle taper,” says Chevalier Vice President Johnson Lan. “The series has an over-all dimension of 47.2” x 20” with a table load of 1,320 lbs.” length: 10”, Optional drum-type coolant system with paper filter. The flow rate is 200L/min, tank capacity is 470L, width of paper is 27.5”, and accuracy of filter paper is 0.001”. There are two types of filters for third filtration: one for coolant nozzle and one for coolant curtain. “The air-conditioned electrical cabinet eliminates interior heat, keeping the cabinet clean and dry.That results in stable and reliable electrical components, prolonging the longevity of the electrical system,” Lan says. The FVGC-II offers XYZ axis with a special-sealedtype ballscrew and XY-axis ballscrew with protection cover. For more information, contact: Johnson Lan of Chevalier Machinery A2Z METALWORKER NW •

6 • Jun/July 2012

Kennewick, WA – The TriCity Development Council (TRIDEC) is proud to announce the keynote speaker for the tenth annual Smartmap Expo will be Harry C. Moser, the nationally recognized founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative. The Smartmap Expo, the Premier Manufacturing Networking Event in the Pacific Northwest, will be held September 27, 2012 at the TRAC Center, Pasco, Washington from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The theme for the Smartmap Expo 2012 is, “Made in the U.S.A.”. “Mr. Moser’s Reshoring Initiative fits in perfectly with this year’s theme. We are honored to have a speaker of this caliber. Mr. Moser’s participation is indicative of the prominent position the Smartmap Expo has attained over the last ten years”, stated Gary A. White, producer of the Expo. Mr. Moser will provide a presentation during the Haskins Steel Power Breakfast (7:30 – 8:30AM) and a one hour reshoring seminar (9:00 AM). Reshoring Initiative will also have a display booth, where Expo participants can meet with Mr. Moser. A 40-year manufacturing industry veteran and retired president of GF AgieCharmilles, Harry Moser founded the Reshoring Initiative to move jobs back to the United States by helping U.S. manufacturers recognize the profit potential of utilizing local sourcing and production as well as the critical role they can play in strengthening the economy. Part of the Initiative’s mission involves the complimentary Total Cost of Ownership Estimator software that is available 24/7 at www.reshorenow.com. With the Estimator, users can account for all relevant factors when determining their total cost of ownership, including overhead, balance sheet, corporate strategy and other internal and external business costs. For more information on attending or exhibiting in the Smartmap Expo 2012 visit www.smartmapexpo.org (available May, 2012) or contact Gary A. White, Director, Business Retention & Expansion, Tri-City Development Council at 509-735-1000 or gwhite@tridec. org. Photographs of Harry C. Moser are available upon request.

CGS Technologies Announces Management Changes and ISO9001/ AS9100 Rev C Certification! CGS Technologies is pleased to announce that it has recently achieved ISO 9001/ AS9100 Revision C Certification. The company, a superior fabrication and assembly supplier to the aerospace industry, specializes in non-metallic materials such as gaskets, thermal insulators, gap pads, EMI/RFI shielding, and elastomeric seals. The Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned small business is now making some executive management changes. Christian Guy was recently promoted to General Manager of the company, and founder Gary Kincart will step down from his day-to-day management of the company. Gary says, “It is time to take some time off, and to begin a new phase of my life that includes more vacations. I have been grooming Christian for the past year, and he is poised to take CGS Technologies to the next level. Christian has a very strong business background, with experience in a law firm, in manufacturing, and in Finance. Christian is well prepared to support our customers worldwide.” CGS Technologies is an approved supplier to some of the largest aerospace companies, including Honeywell, General Dynamics, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Ducommun, to name a few. Their products ship to these customers all over the world. For more information, contact Christian at 623-869-0600 or visit their website at www.cgstech.com.

Lean AwardWinner Pacific Metal Stampings, Inc.

Awards received from College and City Hall at Annual Business and Industry Breakfast

hours in a 12 month period. Initially, the employees were not receptive to the Lean Manufacturing classes. Brian Schlotfelt, Vice President of Pacific Metal Stampings, said the company’s employees asked, “Why do we need to work harder, when we already work hard?” After the second class session, a change in the culture was taking place. Brian said, “I was dumbfounded by the employees’ positive attitude and their excitement about the changes.” Donald Schlotfelt, President of Pacific Metal Stampings, was initially skeptical but was pleased with the extraordinary results of the Lean training. He said over the last 12 months the thru-put average went from 5 weeks to 3 days. The on time delivery improved by 70%, and work in process has been reduced by 40%, along with a 40% increase in capacity. “We had our doubts, but having College of the Canyons as a partner has been a very rewarding experience. It is the best money we have ever spent.” In recognition of their accomplishments, College of the Canyons President Dianne Van Hook named Pacific Metal Stampings as its Business Partner of the Year. President Van Hook said, “The award recognized Pacific Metal Stampings’ investment in its employees and the accomplishments they achieved.” The City of Santa Clarita also presented Pacific Metal Stampings with a Plaque to commemorate their achievements.Van Hook noted Pacific Metal Stampings’ investment resulted in increased productivity, improved company performance, and generated additional business for the company. For more information on Pacific Metal Stampings call: 888-506-7624, www.PacificMetalStampings.com

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc 50 years in the Business, Continues to Support the Pacific Northwest! Raymond and Lauretta Fahey founded Fahey Machinery Co., Inc. (Fahey Machinery) almost 50 years ago as a machine tool distributor, specializing in sheet metal and steel fabricating equipment. Fahey Machinery has become a leading distributor and represents some of the finest machine tool manufacturers in the industry and has a territory that spans the following states: Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, and Northern California. Fahey Machinery has offices located in Lake Oswego, Oregon and Sammamish, Washington. The main office in Oregon houses a wide variety of new and used equipment and machines for: bending, punching, shearing, stamping, sawing, burning, welding, rolling, finishing, as well as milling and turning.

The trend has been to move manufacturing operations off shore in an effort to stay competitive in today’s world economy.

Along with a professional sales team, Fahey Machinery employs full time service, parts, and tooling departments. We are dedicated to keeping your equipment operating smoothly and with precision.

Pacific Metal Stampings, Inc. had a different approach: training, and lots of it. With the assistance of Pamela Welden, Director of the Employee Training Institute at the College of the Canyons, they had over 50% of their employees attend three separate classes consisting of 140

Contact Fahey Machinery at: Oregon: Phone: (503) 620-9031, Washington: Phone: (425) 398-1554, billfaheyjr@faheyinc.com, www.FaheyInc.com. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

7 • Jun/July 2012

costs is critical in the competitive marketplace that we operate in. The shrinking lot sizes are a reality yet each job must be managed to ensure that even the smaller orders net a sustainable profit. Flexibility and quick change-over are key to success in this operating environment. Ganesh has tailored a solution to meet the needs of manufacturers with the “Bolt-Master”. The value priced 3-axis 6,000 RPM 10-HP gang-tooled Ganesh GT-32 CNC Gang Tool Lathe features 1” diameter ballscrews and hydraulic collet actuation; which makes it the strongest, heaviest, and most powerful machine in its class. For CNC machines, the gangtooled solution is the fastest way to make fasteners there is, with the quickest tool-to-tool time available.

Announcements Continued Fastener Automation GANESH “Bolt-Master” Provides Hugh Production Improvement! Manufacturers looking for “affordable cost reduction” for small parts from fasteners to faucet stems would do well to look into automation like that provided by Ganesh Machinery of Chatsworth, CA. The Ganesh new CNC gang tool Lathe “Bolt-Master” series of machines uses various workhandling solutions such as vibratory bowl feeders or racked parts to automatically feed the lathe spindle without operator assistance. It is always a challenge to do more with less, but controlling A2Z METALWORKER NW •

The Ganesh Cyclone GT-32 features rigid tapping and a bar capacity of 1-3/8”, and offers quick-changeover tool bars and high tool-density solutions. When additional tooling is needed, an 8-station tool turret is available that has the unique ability to mount multiple tools in each tool station. For those machining cross-holes, wire holes, or Nylok slots on their fasteners, the GT-32 features a high-performance C-axis, and both high-speed driven tools and unique servo driven tools are available that can even rigid tap to get the job done in just one handling. A Traub A-32 or 5C collet chuck can be used for workholding and a 5” diameter 3-jaw hydraulic chuck is also available for larger work. Those looking for an accurate high-performance automation will definitely find the Ganesh Cyclone-32 Bolt-Master worth checking out. For more information on Ganesh Machinery and their great line of products call: Derek Stanton 818-518-4013; Derek@GaneshMachinery.com; www.ganeshmachinery.com Announcements Continued Page 10


Jun/July 2012

The FiberMark Metal and Plastic Marking Laser is Right for Your Application

quality ground ballscrews and linear guides available. The machine base, slides and tooling plate are precisionmachined in America

OmniTurn Made In America In 1994 we began producing the OmniTurn GT-75. The GT-75 is a fully enclosed slant-bed turning center with American-made high-precision spindle, pneumatic collet closer, flood coolant, and work lamp.

Do you need... To etch 2D, linear, and data matrix barcodes. Engrave logos and graphics on your parts and tools. To mark, polish, anneal and etch with one machine. To be able to set up custom jobs quickly and easily.

In 1998 we introduced the OmniTurn GT-Jr. The GT-Jr has the same rugged and precise base, table and spindle as the GT-75, but without the enclosure, which allows for very fast change-over and setup.

To engrave fonts as intricate as 2 pt.

Or do you want...

OmniTurns are fast, precise and affordable. They are also reliable, easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain. There are thousands of OmniTurns in use throughout the country earning a profit for large corporations as well as ‘garage-shops’.

A machine that runs on the software you already use. A machine capable of metal marking large parts and tools. To engrave multiple tools at once with a jig. To etch cylindrical parts and tools. A system that can be set up and running in minutes.

..the FiberMark does all this and more!

To request information online and receive free samples, visit www.epiloglaser.com/azmetal.htm 888-437-4564 - sales@epiloglaser.com

This machine is built entirely at our factory in Oregon. Easy setup! The GT-75 is shipped in a wooden frame as illustrated, for easy pallet-jack maneuvering into place in your shop.


OmniTurn is a product manufactured by NC Electronics, Inc. who have have been building precision CNC turning machines since 1987, beginning with CNC conversion kits for chuckers and toolroom lathes. NCE was among the first in the machine tool industry to incorporate PC based CNC technology.NCE has always used the highest A2Z METALWORKER NW •

10 •

Jun/July 2012

Air requirements are minimal: less than 3cfm at 80psi. Electrical power requirements are 220vac single or threephase, 20 amps. The machine does not need to be bolted down. Leveling pads are included; simply adjust each pad to stabilize the machine. You can set up your OmniTurn GT75 with no special tools, and be ready to run parts very quickly.

Free telephone support and service weekdays 8am - 6pm Pacific Time (541) 332-7004.


full page fab tech ad


ROLLERCOASTERS. THE ONE EVENT TO SEE THE MOST SPECTACULAR METAL FABRICATION TECHNOLOGY. FABTECH 2012. Experience the ultimate thrill of FABTECH 2012—a place where you can see and compare cutting-edge equipment and technology in action. Check out all the new products, network with industry pros and find solutions to work smarter and be more competitive. There’s nothing else like it!

North America’s Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding and Finishing Event

Scan this code to watch an exciting preview of FABTECH.

November 12-14, 2012 | Las Vegas Convention Center REGISTER NOW at fabtechexpo.com

Follow us:


15235 NE 92nd • Redmond, WA 98052 Telephone: 425.882.1970 •TOLL FREE:1-877-784-1966 EMAIL: info@pacifictool.com


High-quality precision tooling, components, and fixtures for aerospace and commercial industrial applications since 1966 PTI is a full-service manufacturing facility. Our commitment to quality and on-time delivery is reflected in our investment in advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment and the capabilities required to deliver the precision products demanded by the commercial aviation industry.

As your full-service resource, PTI has: • The Technical Background to help you develop new products • Experience to assist in design for manufacturing • Size to support your production needs Fast Responsive Customer Support • ISO/AS9100 Certification to provide traceability and reduce your WIP inventory PTI supports integrators of large aircraft subsystems. We manufacture complete subcomponents allowing integrators to focus on their core competencies of larger assemblies. We are your tool for solving problems!

Machine Toolworks, Inc, Grand Opening

API Services Continues to Serve The USA

Machine Toolworks, Inc, a leading supplier of CNC machine tools in Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Canada has expanded their operations in the Seattle area acquiring a 10,000 square foot facility located at 14600 Interurban Ave, South,Tukwila,WA 98168, to be their head offices and display area for the most technologically advanced machine tools available. The new facility has a new Technology Learning Center, a display area, and general offices. Machine Toolworks, Inc. represents Mazak CNC Machines, United Grinding Technologies, and Kuraki CNC Boring Mills. Machine Toolworks has branch offices in Wilsonville, Oregon and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

API Services is a metrology and machine tool calibration service company.

A Grand Opening is planned for July 25 and 26th, 2012.The CNC machine tools that will be demonstrated are the Mazak HCN-6000 50 taper horizontal machining center, the Mazak Integrex i-200S multitasking machine, the Mazak Variaxis i-600 tilting rotary table vertical-5-Axis machine, and the new SMART series VCS 530 milling and QTS 250 turning machines. Visit Machine Toolworks at machinetoolworks.com. Call for additional information (800) 426-2052, or email ganderegg@ machinetoolworks.com. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

12 • Jun/July 2012

We provide high value solutions to customers nation and worldwide. Our team of engineers and technicians are the best in the industry and continually provide the best customer service through commitment, knowledge and diversity. We offer a wide variety of other services such as: laser tracker rentals, machine tool calibration equipment, laser tracker calibrations and certifications for all tracker models. We proudly service the following industries: BIM, Aerospace, Marine, Shipbuilding, Energy, Automotive and Petro-chemical and many more! API Services has been in business since 2008. Headquartered in Newport News, Virginia, we are a qualified and insured service contractor specializing in dimensional measurement and highvalue metrology solutions. API Services also provides equipment rental, tracker and software training, onsite tracker calibrations, machine tool inspections and customized maintenance and support services. A recent emphasis on corporate growth has allowed us to extend our infrastructure for service and support into the central and southern United States. For more information Please Call: 757-223-4157 or email us at Sales@ apisensor.com, www. apitechnical.com.

Long Products – a sampling of what we offer Carbon Steel Bar

Stainless Steel Tube

• • • • • •

• 304 SQUARE TUBE – 1/2"SQ X .065W THRU 12"SQ X .500W • 304 RECTANGLE TUBE – 1/2" X 1" X .065W THRU 12"SQ X 8" X .500W • 304 ROUND TUBE – 1/2"OD X .065W THRU 6.0"D X .375W • AVAILABLE IN MILL FINISH AND 180 GRIT POLISHED

CF1018 ROUNDS – 3/16" THRU 6" CF1018 SQUARES – 1/4" THRU 6" CF1018 FLATS – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 3-1/2" X 6" CF1045 ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 6" CF1144 STRESSPROOF ROUNDS – 1/2" THRU 4-1/2" CF12L14 ROUNDS – 1/2" THRU 6"

Alloy Steel Bar • • • •

CF4140ANN ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 4-1/2" CF8620ANN ROUNDS – 1-1/8" THRU 4-3/4" CF4140HT ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 3-1/2" HR4140ANN ROUNDS – 1-1/2" THRU 24"

Aluminum Bar

Carbon Steel Tube • ERW STEEL TUBE – 1/2"OD X .049W THRU 6"0D X .188W • ORN STEEL TUBE – 1/2"SQ X .065W THRU 4"SQ X .120W • STRUCT STEEL TUBE – 1-1/2"SQ THRU 6"SQ X .250W (INCLUDING RECTANGLES)

Stainless Steel Bar • • • • •

303, 304L, 316L, 17-4 ROUNDS – 1/8" THRU 12" 304L, 316L PLATE CUT FLATS – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 1/2" X 8" 303, 304L, 316L ROLLED BAR – 1/4" X 3/4" THRU 1-1/2" X 2" 304L, 316L ANGLES – 3/4" X 3/4" X 1/8" THRU 4" X 4" X 1/2" 304L, 316L CHANNELS – 2" X 1" X 1/8" THRU 6" X 4" X 3/8"

• 6061 EXTR & CF ROUNDS – 3/16" THRU 12" • 6061 EXTR SQUARES – 1/4" THRU 6" • 6061 EXTR RECTANGLES – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 4" X 8" • 6061, 6063 EXTR ANGLES, CHANNELS, BEAMS • 2024 CF ROUNDS – 3/8" THRU 4"

Tube & Pipe • 6061, 6063 EXTR SQUARE TUBE – 3/4"SQ X .065W THRU 8"SQ X .500W • 6061, 6063 EXTR RECTANGLE TUBE – 3/4" X 1-1/2" THRU 2" X 8" X .250W • 6061 EXTR ROUND TUBE – 1/2" X .125W THRU 8"OD X .250W • 6061 EXTR PIPE – 1/2" SCH40 THRU 8" SCH80


Carbon & Alloy Plate We routinely stock: • Carbon from general purpose to structural, PVQ and improved machining grades. • Alloy in construction, case hardening, PVQ, aircraft quality and abrasion resisting grades. Plate processing: Oxy-fuel Cutting Plasma Cutting Shearing

Ryerson simplifies customer manufacturing and procurement. From one-of-a-kind components to parts in production quantities, our one-stop shopping reduces overall costs and streamlines operations. Lower Production Costs Trim outsourcing handling costs and inspection points. Eliminate scrap handling costs and inspection points. Minimize capital expenditures. Our ready-to-assemble parts reduce customer work-in-process inventory.

Aluminum Plate We routinely stock: • Heat treatable, cast tooling and cast mold plate • Standard thicknesses to 16” • Widths to 60.5” • Standard lengths of 96”, 120”, 144”, 240” and 288” • Diamond Tread plate

Consolidate Supplier Base Save transportation and administrative costs. We’re responsible for all work

Plate processing: Sawing Band Saw Cutting Shearing Cutting to Length

Plate processing: Plasma Cutting Sawing Shearing Cutting to Length Precision Leveling

Increase Flexibility Test new designs and prototypes without tying up machines or employees. We know fabrication and materials and recommend the best for customer applications. Meet Demand Fluctuations Eliminate bottlenecks. Avoid capacity overloads. Eliminate capital tied up in underutilized equipment. We help customers focus on core competencies and meet processing requirements.


Stainless Plate We routinely stock: • All standard grades • Plate up to 4” thick • Coiled plate inventory: 36, 48, 60, 72” wide • Stainless floor plate in 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4” thickness

performed, even for services of our extended fabrication network. We screen and audit all of our sources.

Seattle: 600 SW 10th Street, Renton, WA 98057 206-624-2300 Local | 800-562-9067 Toll Free

Portland: 6330 Basin Avenue, Portland, OR 97217 503-247-2300 Local | 800-452-9935 Toll Free

Boise: 6759 S. Supplyway, Boise, ID 83716 800-452-9935 Toll Free

Spokane: 207 N. Freya Street, Spokane, WA 99202 509-535-1582 Local | 800-541-6365 Toll Free


13 • Jun/July


and provide you with much faster answers. You can greatly increase your odds of success by knowing your credit profile and working to correct any issues and to improve it before you get started Most lenders check the following credit reports when applying for commercial credit. - A satisfactory PayNet business credit report - A satisfactory Dunn and Bradstreet business credit report - A satisfactory personal credit report (Experian,TransUnion and Equifax) What are satisfactory scores? This can vary based on the size of the transaction; but in most cases, it usually boils down to paying your contracts and obligations on time and making sure they are being reported correctly. Personal credit scores (FICO or BEACON scores) show your history of payments on personal revolving and term debts and these scores are often; but not always, included in the credit file depending on the size and structure of the company.

How To Get The Best Rates In Machine Tool Financing Now that manufacturing technology orders are off to their best start since 1998, many companies want to invest in their business again. Financing can be an integral part of the equation. Financing can generally be broken into two scenarios. “Application Only” financing and underwriting with “Full Documentation”. “Application Only” financing is quick and easy. Companies with good credit will have a relatively easy time getting financed for transactions up to $350,000 (sometimes up to $500,000) and they will benefit from today’s low interest rates and strong tax incentives.

If the transaction is over $350,000 or doesn’t qualify under “Application Only” guidelines, your lender will ask you for financial statements or other back up information. Dealing with a lender that specializes in machine tools will simplify the process, drastically lower the amount of information required A2Z METALWORKER NW •

14 • Jun/July 2012

A Dunn and B r a d s t re e t re por t g ives a lender a benchmark and overview of who your company is; they show how timely your company pays on open accounts plus they show public filings such as liens, judgments, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, and records filed with the Secretary of State where your company resides. A PayNet report shows how timely your payments are being made on existing commercial term debt like loans and leases and they also issue a risk factor rating. Strong credit ratings in all of these areas can often facilitate financing up to $500,000

at fantastic interest rates with very little paperwork. Weak credit can greatly impact the kind of rates and terms you receive on your equipment financing. If you think that your credit may have suffered over the last few years, avoid last minute surprises by requesting a copy of your business and personal credit reports. Many times, with a little correspondence and effort you can improve your scores and improve your odds of financing at the best interest rates available. The companies listed below can give you advice on how to improve your credit profile.

SinceÊ 1979 3305Ê EdisonÊ Way,Ê Fremont,Ê CAÊ 94538

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LargestÊIn ventoryÊinÊNor thernÊC aliforniaÊand Ê Nevada NewÊ-ÊUs edÊ-ÊSer viceÊ-Ê TrainingÊ -Ê FinancingÊ -Ê Applications The Ultimate machining Power

Business Credit Reports Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B) Request a copy of your D&B report by calling (800)234-3867. You can verify your company and ownership information is reported correctly. It is also important for you to know your companies D&B Paydex® score. Paydex® scores reflect how promptly customers pay on trade credit and a score below 60 can impact the type of financing you qualify for. PayNet Inc. Customers can request a copy of their PayNet report by calling (866)8253400.


Personal Credit Reports Individuals can request their free annual credit reports at www.annualcreditreport.com. All personal credit information in the US is reported through Experian,TransUnion and Equifax. If you see information incorrectly reported on your personal credit, send correspondence to all three national credit bureaus. The other part of the equation is dealing with a reputable lender who specializes in machine tools and who understands the unique needs of

manufacturing companies. Since 1995 Intech Funding has been financing manufacturing equipment and ranks among the top lenders for machine tools nationally. As a specialist, Intech can offer better rates than most banks and “generalist” finance companies. Dealing with someone who understands your business saves you time and money. For more information on financing your next machine, call Intech Funding Corp. at (800) 553-9208. Intech Funding Corp. Financing for manufacturing companies nationwide since 1995. Call Intech Funding today: (800) 553-9208 Questions? Email Intech Funding: tsherrill@intechfunding.com A2Z METALWORKER NW •

15 • Jun/July 2012

and asked what the secret sauce was and how management applies it. By Kim Carpenter

Tools so good it makes more business sense to lease them instead of selling them. It all started in 1967 – in Gardena CA, in Jack and Dale Newberry’s carport, they did not even have walls. Dale’s father Jack was a journeyman machinist. He worked at a local large machine shop and his tooling kept breaking. Jack had to have many different tools for various types of jobs he ran when the idea formulated; A Carbide Tool with one grade that fits all applications, doesn’t break, and has a very long life. Wow! Jack eventually left his job and worked full time on his new passion. Making non-breakable carbide tools that were a one type fits all. Jack developed a process to evenly distribute the molecular content makeup of the carbide ingredients without fail first time every time, thus a Carbide tool that absorbs shock, pushes away heat, and has a very long life. When you eliminate heat and shock problems tools just have a hard time wearing out. Micro 100 was the innovator of solid carbide boring tools. Jack showed his new invention, Hi-Micro Super Carbide cutting tools later to be changed to Micro 100 Tool Corp, to Mike Bruhwiler, President of Bruwiler Precise Sales, and a retail tool distributor back in the 60’s. Jack Newberry asked Mike Bruhwiler to take him to a part of the building that had a concrete floor, and, once there, he proceeded to throw the tool onto the concrete floor to prove its durability and show that it would not chip or damage. Normal carbide tools would have chipped or shattered. Bruhwiler said he watched the demonstration in awe and thought, “This man is crazy, I have flipped out, or Jack Newberry has made something truly valuable.” Bruhwiler took on and promoted the new line, while Newberry manufactured the tools as a family business for slow and steady growth.That’s how Micro 100 Inc. began selling its super carbide, single grade tools. Fast forward to 1980. Business continues to grow and the word is out that Micro 100 makes an incredible tool. Jack and family loved hunting and fishing and on a vacation trip through the Treasure Valley area in greater Boise area in Idaho, they all fell in love with it. Shortly after their return from their trip they had a conference with their employees and announced they were moving the business to Meridian Idaho.They asked their long time employees to come with them and start a new life in Idaho. Four of the employees moved with four family members, Jack, Dale, Wayne, Ron, and all their families. Two remain working at the plant today and the other two retired from the company that brought them to Idaho. That says a lot for the management team and the work environment at Micro 100. We interviewed Randy Nedrow,VP of Sales & Marketing for Micro 100 A Z METALWORKER NW • 16 • Jun/July 2012 2

Randy told us the average tenure at Micro 100 is 17 plus years, unheard of in this industry. Randy said, “Dale Newberry, the President all the way through to the janitor, lead by example. We are not a dictatorship; we harbor and foster a culture of ownership. We have quarterly employee meetings and share every aspect of the business with all employees. Many people can’t believe we share all the information about our company.The leadership team of the company is Dale Newberry-President, Wayne Newberry-VP, Randy Nedrow,VP Sales & Marketing, Craig GrafVP Manufacturing, & Mick Armstrong – VP Finance.This management team brings in all employees in groups to their employee conference room and goes over every detail from quality, flow rates, cycle time improvements to finance.We show actual numbers and everyone in the company feels like they are an owner.The employees enjoy a 401K plan that Micro 100 matches very generously and bonuses are distributed to every employee.We have grown in every year this business has existed except for one and we felt the pain that everyone in the industry did that year.” We asked Randy, “So what makes your company’s tools different from all the many other manufacturers in the world?” Randy said, “If you put an end mill in front of our competitors and asked them to give us one reason their end mill is better than mine, all ten will believe they have something better, the shape, the flute, the geometry, etc. The truth is, every manufacturer of tools uses the same type of grinders and various methods for making cutting tools, and everything is basically the same. The only difference is the carbide, Game Over. Tools break because of the carbide quality and consistency of grain or lack of it. If you have inconsistent grain in your carbide it breaks. With Micro 100’s proprietary carbide treatment every ingredient of the substrate is completely homogeneous (of uniform structure or composition throughout) every time. No one else can do this because Micro 100 changed everything. This is the main reason we can drop a tool on a cement floor and it does not shatter or break. Our tools are one of the highest priced tools on the market at the time of purchase and by the time they finally wear out the consumer can realize a 30% to 3000% longer tool life. This makes our tools the least expensive at the end of their life of use.” Micro 100 sells into over 64 countries with a very unique and able sales force of 38 sales engineers providing solutions. Randy’s sales team consists of Engineers, Programmers, Machinists, and the like. Randy told us, “you can always teach a guy to sell but knowledge is a very necessary trait in fixing and solving problems at the end user. Our sales force members are educators and will go to the consumers, and offer solutions right at the spindle, make a sale and walk into the local Micro 100 Distributor and hand the sale right over to them. Selling through industrial distributors is not revolutionary by any means, however being very loyal to them, having a minimum number of distributors and protecting them is indeed very revolutionary in current times. A company in our size range generally has about 1200 to 1400 distributors in the

marketplace; MICRO 100 has close to 400; by design. One of our company credos is do the maximum amount of business with the least amount of partners; we are the last of the Mohicans. If we get an order from anyone that is not an authorized distributor we will not ship it. It must go through our authorized distribution network. Our distributor network relationships are a foot wide and over 2000 ft. deep, Randy laughs.” “We have a very close relationship with great support for our distribution family.” Micro 100 literally doubled the size of the plant and employees about a decade ago. Today they have 115 non-union employees in a very modern state of the art 52K sq. ft. facility. With a multimillion dollar plant expansion 12 years ago, complete new manufacturing systems in place, the Micro 100 team instituted a Kanban system, promoting discipline in manufacturing and added millions in capital investments to improve the way they do business. Back at the time of the expansion the mayor of Meridian nominated Dale Newberry– Idaho Small Business Owner of the Year. “Our company is so genuine. Dale even went to the White House for a dinner with Vice President Gore as a result of the award.” Randy said. Micro 100 is without a doubt a world leader in cutting tools and maintains the market leadership position in the Brazed Tooling segment. Leading by example, leading a great team, producing a superior product, through a highly professional sales engineering team, with a strong and viable distribution network. This is a winning combination. Here’s what some customers and business associations say about Micro 100: “I have worked with and for Micro 100 for 14 years now. This company is one of the best carbide manufacturers in the USA without question. Micro 100’s products are always manufactured to the utmost of quality and care and do not come back from the consumer due to manufacturing errors. With only a .04% return rate that gives the salesman in the field the confidence it takes to achieve new business and educate our dealers of the benefits of selling our products to their customers. I have worked with many different manufacturers over the years and Micro 100 remains and still is number 1 from a sales point of view. I am an independent representative that can only be as effective as the manufacturers we represent and because of Micro 100 my agency has reached new heights within the distribution channel we focus our efforts on day in and day out. Micro 100 is truly the best carbide manufacturer in the USA.” The President of a National Rep Firm “Micro 100 is a key supplier for our Tool Company. They offer a broad range of high end products, competitively priced, and with quick delivery.The Micro 100 team is great to work with and always available when necessary. It is always a pleasure to speak with Randy Nedrow about any issue including industry trends.”

A Senior Product Manager for a Nationally Acclaimed Industrial Distributor “Our Tool Supply Company has been a distributor for Micro 100 since the early 90’s. The cooperation from Micro 100 is excellent. Their customer service is outstanding, from their field support staff to the inside sales personnel. All bend over backwards to help as needed! As to the product itself, it’s indestructible; a user of their products never has problems with Micro 100’s quality.They have some of the best on time deliveries in the industry! They have expanded their products to cover a greater breadth of the industrial market and are continually doing so by developing new tooling to offer the market. Micro 100 falls into a selective group of our A1 top suppliers. They really are a great bunch of people!” Director of Purchasing for a Major Nationally Acclaimed Tool Supply Company “Micro 100 has positioned themselves over the years as a provider of unique carbide cutting tools that span various applications in many markets. Although Micro grain carbide may be commonplace, Micro 100 has always led their marketing efforts with how their extraordinary process of producing micro grain carbide stands above the rest. Their continued success in the heavily saturated carbide round cutting tool market is truly a testament to their manufacturing, quality, and marketing efforts over many years.” Senior Product Manager for a Major Nationally Acclaimed Tool Supply Company “I have been using Micro 100 products for over 25 years. They make great carbide and I really like the Micro-QUIK quick-change tooling. I can insert a new tool quickly and the repeatability is near perfect every time under .0005” accuracy. My only question is why did it take so long to create it? The sales force and customer support is really good to the point that I can get free tools to try on specific and difficult jobs. I have a shop with 53 screw machines and I couldn’t run it without Micro 100.” President for a Large Machine Shop “I’ve been doing business with Micro 100 for over 15 years.They have a superior product and compared to their competitors it is much better. Our cost per part is minimized with their tooling; I make more profit with their tools. I’m never shut down and they always deliver.The product is always the same with no variation. This is very important to us. Their technical knowledge is excellent and their field service, Charlie Mersinas is awesome! Charlie is trustworthy, has great character, and he is allowed free reign in my shop. He is there to help us. Also, the Micro-QUIK Quick-Change system has really helped us reduce set ups and lower our costs. It’s the best thing since sliced bread!” General Manager for a Large Machine Shop For more information on Micro 100 and their long lasting carbide tools Call them Toll Free: 800-421-8065 Email them at: info@Micro100.com , www.Micro100.com A Z METALWORKER NW • 17 • Jun/July 2012 2

A Leading Provider of Self-Clinching Fasteners 801-746-2689 www.selfclinchdirect.com • sales@selfclinchdirect.com Self-Clinch Direct is a Master Distributor of TR Fastenings. TR Fastenings products adhere to the same standards as other competing brands. With the same Form, Fit and Function as our competitors, there are no design changes required. See our website for complete pricing, specifications and performance data.

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Manufacturing Is ‘Resilient’ Resilient and strong are two of the best words to describe the current state of manufacturing in the United States. Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in May for the 34th consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the 36th straight month. The report also indicated there is little to no reason to think anything will stand in the way of sustained growth during the second half of 2012. “I suspect we are going to see a continuation of this current trend over the next few months,” says Bradley J. Holcomb, CPSM, CPSD, chair of the Institute for Supply Management Manufacturing Business Survey Committee. The PMI registered 53.5 in May, down 1.3 percentage points when compared to April’s reading of 54.8 percent. A reading above 50 percent indicates the manufacturing economy is generally expanding, while a reading below 50 percent means it is generally contracting. “Overall I think it is a really solid report even though the PMI is down 1.3, it is still operating in a very nice range, as it has been all year,” says Holcomb, noting that the average PMI over the course of the past 12 months stands at 53.1. 18• •March/Apr Jun/July 2012 18 2012


Self Clinch Screw Lock Threaded Standoffs

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No minimums New Orders No index gives Holcomb more reason to expect future growth in manufacturing and the overall economy than this month’s ISM New Orders Index. It registered 60.1 percent in May, its highest reading since April of last year and an increase of 1.9 percentage points over April. “I’m pretty pleased with that number,” says Holcomb. “New orders drive this whole system. Order books seem to be strong across a broad array of industries, and that certainly bodes well for the next several months.” Prices One index that read quite different than it did a few short weeks ago is ISM’s Prices Index. It registered 47.5 percent in May, down 13.5 percentage points compared to the April reading of 61 percent.This is the first month the index reflected a decrease in the price of raw materials since December 2011, when it also registered 47.5 percent. The index hovered around 61 percent for the past three months prior to this month’s significant decrease, and it has approached nowhere near the heights it did in early-to-mid 2011. “Up until this month the Prices Index has been relatively moderate compared to last year,” says Holcomb. “I think last year we were in the 80s. Now we are in the 60s, which already signals moderating price increases. Now to see this fairly dramatic decrease is welcome good news.”

What effect or effects will lower prices have on the manufacturing industry and economy as a whole? Holcomb has a few ideas. “It will indirectly have a fairly significant impact pretty broadly,” he says. “I think it will impact inventories. We’ll see inventories come up as they need to anyway, because (companies) will be able to get inventories at lower prices. They need inventories to fill those strong new orders, so it all works together.” Employment Another reason for future optimism is the steady, albeit slow, growth in the area of employment. ISM’s Employment Index registered 56.9 in May, down 0.4 percentage points from the 57.3 percent reported in April. It has been quite the consistent index over the course of the last several months, something Holcomb has liked to see. “Employment is holding pretty steady and pretty even at a good strong 56.9,” he says. “To the extent that stays up, that shows the confidence that manufacturing has and a continuation of new orders. That’s one to watch.”

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ISM’s Production Index registered 55.6 in May, down 5.4 percentage points when compared to the 61 percent reported in April. However, given the uptick in new orders, Holcomb doesn’t expect it to decrease further in 2012. U.S. manufacturing technology orders are also reported on a regional basis for five geographic breakdowns of the United States. Northeast Region manufacturing technology orders totaled $53.14 million in February, 5.7% less than the $56.34 million total for January and 3.7% less than the total for February 2011. Southern Region; At $53.30 million, February manufacturing technology orders in the Southern Region were up 45.2% when compared with the $36.71 million total for January and up 54.2%

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when compared with February a year ago. Midwest Region; February manufacturing technology orders in the Midwest Region totaled $164.43 million, 14.1% more than January’s $144.14 million and up 46.6% when compared with the February 2011 figure. Central Region; manufacturing technology orders in February stood at $132.21 million, 1.9% more than the January total of $128.82 million and 32.2% higher than last February’s total. Western Region; Manufacturing technology orders in the Western Region in February totaled $41.99 million, up 4.1% from January’s $40.32 million and up 53.7% when compared with the February 2011 figure. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

19 •

Jun/July 2012

Boeing Phantom Eye Completes 1st Autonomous Flight

TVT DIE CASTING Precision aluminum and zinc die casting, machining and finishing. Quality, Reliability and Service

High-Altitude, LongEndurance aircraft is designed to remain airborne for up to 4 days while reaching altitudes of 65,000 feet Boeing’s Phantom Eye unmanned airborne system (UAS) completed its first autonomous flight June 1 at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.

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The 28-minute flight began at 6:22 a.m. Pacific time as the liquidhydrogen powered aircraft lifted off its launch cart. Phantom Eye climbed to an altitude of 4,080 feet and reached a cruising speed of 62 knots. After touching down, the vehicle sustained some damage when the landing gear dug into the lakebed and broke. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Market 2012-2022: Technologies for ISR & Counter Insurgency “This day ushers in a new era of persistent Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) where an unmanned aircraft will remain on station for days at a time providing critical information and services,” said Darryl Davis, president, Boeing Phantom Works. “This flight puts Boeing on a path to accomplish another aerospace first -- the capability of four days of unrefueled, autonomous flight.” Phantom Eye is the latest in a series of Boeing-funded rapid prototyping programs, which include Phantom Ray, Echo Ranger, ScanEagle Compressed Carriage, and an associated Common Open Mission Management Command and Control (COMC2) system capable of managing all of the company’s unmanned assets.


“While Phantom Eye is important for many reasons, future ISR, strike and bomber programs also will benefit from the technologies we are developing and maturing for our customers,” said Davis. The flight took place following a series of taxi tests in April that validated ground guidance, navigation and control, mission planning, pilot interface and operational procedures.

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20 • Jun/July 2012

“This flight demonstrated Phantom Eye’s initial handling and maneuverability capabilities,” said Phantom Eye Program Manager Drew Mallow. “The team is now analyzing data from the mission and preparing for our next flight.When we fly the demonstrator again, we will enter higher and more demanding envelopes of high-altitude flight.” Phantom Eye’s innovative and environmentally responsible liquid-

hydrogen propulsion system will allow the aircraft to stay on station for up to four days while providing persistent monitoring over large areas at a ceiling of up to 65,000 feet, creating only water as a byproduct. The demonstrator, with its 150-foot wingspan, is capable of carrying a 450-pound payload. The company’s portfolio of UAS solutions includes the A160T Hummingbird, H-6U Unmanned Little Bird, S-100 Camcopter, Integrator, ScanEagle (which is currently in service in Canada, Australia, Poland, the Netherlands and Malaysia), Dominator, Phantom Eye and Phantom Ray.

Boeing Receives Its 1st International Cybersecurity Contract The Boeing Company announced that Sojitz Corporation, a global trading company headquartered in Tokyo, has entered into an agreement with Boeing’s Information Solutions division for advanced network assessment. The contract is Boeing’s first international cybersecurity agreement and highlights the company’s commitment to growing its cybersecurity business in Asia. The value of the contract is not being disclosed. “Boeing recognizes the significant level of trust placed in us with this award by Sojitz Corporation,” said Bryan Palma, vice president of

the Secure Infrastructure Group in Boeing Information Solutions. “Expanding our longstanding relationship into network security reinforces the priority of cybersecurity in the Japanese market.” Sojitz is making major investments to strengthen our network infrastructure and requiring more integrated solutions to manage the security of these assets,” said Ken Kuribayashi, Sojitz Aerospace Department general manager. “This agreement allows Sojitz to take advantage of Boeing’s extensive cybersecurity expertise by providing the tools and integrated solutions needed to improve our situational awareness and response capabilities.”

Boeing Celebrates First Delivery to Avolon Boeing and Avolon celebrated the first direct-order airplane delivery to the Dublin-based leasing company. Avolon took delivery of the first of 12 Next-Generation 737-800s ordered in December 2009. “We are pleased to take delivery of the first of twelve new NextGeneration 737-800s from Boeing,” said John Higgins, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Avolon. “Key to delivering enhanced profitability for our lessees is selecting high-performance aircraft with superior fuel economy.The 737-800 is the best-selling version of the successful Next-Generation 737 family, known for its reliability, fuel efficiency and economical performance throughout the world. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

21 • Jun/July 2012

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)




super carbide tools CO EFFE ST C TOOLITIVE NG




QUALITY...Through QUALITY... ALITY Through ALITY... Manufacturing Excellence!

i cr o QuIk



Unique “3 POINT” Locking/Locating Tooling System Engineered for Maximum Tool Rigidity and Centerline Repeatability within +.0005” from Tool to Tool! Reduce Machine...Setup, Downtime, Tooling Costs, Tooling Inventories while Boosting Productivity! Tools Manufactured with the... Exclusive... MICRO 100 Proprietary Process! PROUDLY MADE IN THE

MICRO 100 TOOL CORPORATION 1410 E. Pine Avenue Meridian, ID. 83642





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It was the scientist Lord Kelvin who said, “When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind.” So, if you are among those in the medical device industry who are struggling to keep DFM alive and well within your organization, or you plan to kick off a DFx initiative, this article is for you. While Google and Wikipedia were both fruitless in providing a definitive answer as to the origins of Design for Manufacturability (DFM), it does not diminish the profound impact the process can have on real profitability.The vast majority of medical device engineers and engineering managers are familiar with DFM or Design For “x” (DFx) concepts but relatively few have implemented methods to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. Consider the following formula: Price = Cost + Profit. In a noncompetitive environment, a company may get away with assuming Cost and Profit are fixed amounts by which they determine the Price they will charge for their product. Now consider this version of the formula; Profit = Price – Cost, where Price is fixed by what the market will bear and Cost is the true variable by which Profit can be maximized. Designing for manufacturability is an essential core competency for any design or manufacturing company that is seeking customers in a competitive environment because it supports a holistic approach to cost and profitability. Think of it as lean design if you’re in a company practicing Lean. It helps analyze designs and make decisions that lower overall costs, not just product costs. Combining DFM with new product development will yield significant cost reductions by: Increasing manufacturing throughput Reducing damage rates of products and people Obtaining higher first time quality Streamlining logistics Faster development and delivery of new products. Design engineering will often cry, “It’s too early, the design isn’t far enough along for critique” only to find themselves later saying, “Oh, we should have done this six months ago because the tooling has already been cut” Most DFM experts will agree that approximately 65% of the total product cost will be dictated by the specified materials and required labor to assemble with only 5% accounted for in product design efforts. Ironically, the tiny proportion of the product cost consumed by design engineering will account for 70% of influence on the total product cost.A quick study of Figure 1 will highlight the importance of product design on product cost relative to its financial investment over the life of the product. So, with this realization, it becomes apparent that we must initiate DFM efforts earlier than intuition would suggest. Most organizations can accept this suggestion as long as the effort is type cast correctly and void of process ambiguity.This brings us to our first and most fundamental way to quantify our efforts through Conceptual DFM analysis and “The Part Value Challenge”.


22 • Jun/July 2012

Small Manufacturers Buy Big Machines Small businesses that make machines and components for other manufacturers are experiencing an upswing that could be a sign of things to come for the broader economy. The industries fueling the demand vary. In some cases, business is coming from medical device makers, which are expected to see increasing growth as baby boomers age and need more medical care.An uptick in orders is coming from oil and gas producers supplying energy to growing economies in countries such as China and India. And then some are getting a pop in sales from aerospace manufacturers that are busy building fuel-efficient aircraft and engines and need special parts to get the job done. As different as these manufacturers may be, they have two things in common:Their industries are expected to see continued growth and they’re investing in expensive machinery that can cost millions of dollars. This small manufacturer machinery boom may seem at odds with an economy that is suffering from slow job growth following the worst recession many can remember. But the increase in demand for gear that businesses use to make a variety of machines, parts, tools and devices is a sign that companies are more confident and are willing to spend. They’re also getting loans from banks to buy the equipment — evidence that lenders are feeling more secure.

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Last year, industrial and materials manufacturers had a 37 percent increase in big equipment purchases, according to PayNet, a company that tracks lending to small businesses. That compares to an average of 17 percent for all the industries PayNet follows.

90 percent of pre-recession levels. It expects the recovery among these manufacturers to reach other parts of the economy. Sales for privately held industrial machinery manufacturers, including companies of all sizes, are up nearly 23 percent in the last 12 months, according to Sageworks, a financial research firm.

Skeptics should talk to the bankers who grant loans to companies that make gear and parts for othermanufacturers, like Anthony Cracchiolo, president of U.S. Bank’s equipment finance unit. U.S Bank’s lending through its ManufacturingVendor Services division, part of the equipment finance unit, is up 15 percent this year from the same period of 2011. And last year’s lending level was up 26 percent from 2010. Equipment sales had fallen 70 percent during the recession. More recently, the bank, which is based in Minneapolis and has branches in 25 states, has seen an increase in demand for big machines like lasers, molding equipment and plastic injection machines.

Morris Technologies spent $1 million on an electronic beam melting machine in January.The company, based in Cincinnati, uses a sophisticated technology called additive metal fabrication to create complex parts for planes, turbines, medical equipment and other machinery. It’s a manufacturing method that uses computer models and molten metals to build components one layer at a time rather than carving them out of a block of metal.

By the end of this year, U.S. Bank expects this type of lending to be at

CEO Greg Morris says the interest he’s seeing in the technology from A2Z METALWORKER NW •

23 • Jun/July 2012

his customers justifies the purchase of an expensive machine. “I think the handwriting on the wall is that this technology is going to be huge,” he says. Generous tax breaks that small businesses got during the recession were also an incentive for these manufacturers to buy big equipment. Morris said the laws that allowed him to speed up depreciation of new equipment were a factor in his decision to buy. However, those breaks have been scaled back dramatically this year. Taking Business From China Many of these small manufacturers spend months on design and development to customize parts for their customers. The complexities involved have given U.S. manufacturers an edge. That’s helped some small companies in the U.S. take business away from manufacturers in China. “For specialty manufacturing products, the end users are concluding it’s better to have production close by, here in the U.S.,” says William Phelan, the president of PayNet. “If there’s a problem, they can get the parts shipped overnight, and transportation costs are less.”

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Wells Fargo also sees the trend in its lending to small manufacturers. “We’re seeing this reverse offshoring — some call it onshoring,” Long says.

want to replace them. When Boeing. Co. released its first-quarter earnings in April, it said it had orders for more than 4,000 commercial planes. “It’s a good food chain to be involved in,” says Boucher, whose company is located in Tacoma,Wash.

Some of these companies are getting more business from the government. Peter Boucher, whose company, 3v Precision Machining, makes components for industries including aerospace and medical devices, is also making parts for the new F-35 fighter plane. He began buying machines during the recession and will buy one this year. He has spent $1.6 million on four machines since 2007.

John Maurer has bought four machines in the last year some cost just 40 percent of the price of a new one and were only a year old. He expects to buy two this year for his company, Esterline & Sons Manufacturing, whose customers include aerospace and medical device companies and power plants.

Boucher says his business from aircraft makers has risen sharply because airlines that weren’t buying planes during the recession now

But the deals are disappearing — which is actually a good sign for the overall economy because it points to the increase in demand.


24 • Jun/July 2012

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Oregon No. 2 fastest-growing economy Oregon was among the hardest-hit states during the recession, with an unemployment rate that peaked at 11.6 percent in mid-2009. The state is now, however, one of the fastest to bounce back. An analysis by MSNBC’s 24/7 Wall St. blog found that Oregon’s economy was the second-fastest growing among the states in 2011, behind North Dakota. Spurring Oregon to the top tier was 2011 GDP growth of 4.7 percent, three times that of the U.S. economy. Growth in the durable goods manufacturing industry — which includes high-tech companies such as Intel Corp. — led the way, with an increase of 3.94 percent, second in the nation. Other more recent economic variables indicate Oregon’s upward momentum is continuing in 2012. Among them, May unemployment was 8.4 percent, marking the third consecutive month that seasonally adjusted payroll employment grew; and the University of Oregon Index of Economic Indicators increased in April, continuing a trend of growth that began last summer. Rounding out the top five fast-growing states were West Virginia, Texas and Alaska.

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rfq@micro-tronics.com www.micro-tronics.com

Orbital Set to Launch Company-Built NuSTAR Astrophysics Spacecraft for NASA Aboard Pegasus Rocket Orbital Sciences Corporation announced that it is in final preparations to launch the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) satellite that the company designed, manufactured and tested at its Dulles, VA production facilities. The NuSTAR satellite will be launched aboard Orbital’s Pegasus® air-launched rocket in a mission that will originate from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands located near the Equator in the mid-Pacific Ocean. The targeted launch date and time is Wednesday, June 13 at 11:30 a.m. (EDT), subject to final pre-launch preparations and testing activities, as well as acceptable weather conditions at the time of the launch. Orbital’s The L-1011 “Stargazer” aircraft will depart from the Ronald Reagan Test Facility on Kwajalein Atoll approximately one hour prior to the targeted launch time. Following a pre-planned flight path, the Pegasus rocket will be released at approximately 39,000 feet and first stage ignition will occur approximately five seconds later. The powered flight sequence for the NuSTAR mission is expected to take just over 13 minutes, from the time the Pegasus rocket is released to the time that the satellite is separated from the rocket’s third stage and is deployed into orbit. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

25 •

Jun/July 2012

Until Boeing starts building new 787s in the new surge line this fall, the primary 787 line, above, will be the only place in the Puget Sound region where new 787s will be assembled. Boeing is focusing its new “surge” line in Everett on the task of finishing partially complete 787s this summer and won’t switch it over to assembling new Dreamliners until the fall. The plan is an effort to get more of the 45 aircraft scattered around the Everett tarmac into the hands of waiting customers, said Boeing spokesman Scott Lefeber. “We’ve just placed a priority on those airplanes for the time being,” he said, adding that the surge line was finished around the beginning of June. The 45 aircraft are highly visible, and expensive, reminders of the problems Boeing had in the first three years of 787 production. During that period, the company was forced to push unfinished aircraft out the door, partly due to issues with incomplete and late arrivals of parts and systems.

Boeing Everett surge line focused on partially done 787s for summer

The fact that Boeing is willing to shift the surge line’s focus for three or four months suggests that Boeing is gaining confidence that its 787 production problems are largely over. Both Everett and Boeing’s plant in North Charleston, S.C., have just started to turn out what are being called “clean” 787s, which means they don’t need rework after emerging from the factory. This is the norm for all other Boeing models. Lefeber said that despite the summer shift, Boeing will still be on track for its goal to produce 10 model 787s monthly by the end of 2013, seven of them from Everett, including the surge line, and three from South Carolina. With this summer’s approach, the surge line will complement the “Mod Center,” the leased facility at the south end of the Everett site where Boeing has turned the completion of partially done 787s into a full manufacturing process.


26 • Jun/July 2012


27 • Jun/July 2012

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28 • Jun/July 2012

A study published by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute, titled “Keeping America Competitive”[1], states that “today’s manufacturing jobs are technology jobs, and employees at all levels must have the wider range of skills required to respond to the demands of an increasingly complex environment.” The study goes on to say that among companies involved in skilled production (whose employees are machinists, craft workers, and technicians), 51 percent report shortages and see increased shortages ahead. A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that shortages of skilled workers are most serious for machinists, craft workers, technicians, electricians and engineers.

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Manufacturing As A Career

The need to replace 10 million manufacturing workers in the U.S. certainly confirms that there will be many manufacturing jobs available in the next 15 years, and perhaps even more jobs if America can maintain its number one position and find a way to grow manufacturing. Many students, parents, and teachers still identify with the old vision of a manufacturing plant as a dirty, grimy, and dangerous working environment where workers do low-skill and back-breaking jobs. But this vision today is far from the truth. As manufacturing has continuously automated over the last 40 years, there are few low skilled jobs left and many of the modern plants look more like laboratories then manufacturing plants. Manufacturers need people who can operate, maintain, and troubleshoot this high tech equipment. Many young people think that manufacturing is only about blue-collar jobs in the shop. But this is not true, as many types of manufacturing have as many white-collar jobs as blue-collar jobs. There are design engineering, production control, purchasing, sales, marketing, and general management jobs. The average manufacturing job pays about $20,000 more per year then the average service job. Getting the skills needed to be craftsman or journeyman in manufacturing could really boost annual pay. A good example is the high-tech sector in Austin,Texas.There the average wage is $88,000 per year. So if there are so many job opportunities, why don’t we just announce the opportunity to parents, community colleges, universities, high schools, and grade schools? Then get industry and the government to support a massive education and training initiative – much like putting a man on the moon. However, there are many problems and obstacles to consider: Manufacturing’s image is that American manufacturing has a bad image. Many students and citizens still see manufacturing as a world of dirty, dark, sweatshops offering long hours and low pay. Students use adjectives like boring, repetitious, and dangerous to describe their pre-conceived notion of manufacturing work. A study sponsored by National Association of Manufacturers (N.A.M.), and Deloitte Touche showed that manufacturing’s image was “found to be heavily loaded with negative connotations and universally tied to the stereotype of the assembly line.” It was also viewed by most people to be a dying industry that was quickly

moving offshore. Another poll, sponsored by Nuts Bolts & Thingamajigs (NBT) and the Foundation of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA), “showed a majority of teens — 52 percent — have little or no interest in a manufacturing career. Another 21 percent are ambivalent. When asked why, a whopping 61 percent said they seek a professional career, far surpassing other issues, such as pay (17 percent), career growth (15 percent) and physical work (14 percent).”[2] It will be a big challenge for American manufacturing to convince students seeking careers that they should invest in a manufacturing career. The perception by high school and college students is that there seems to be no sense of loyalty from the manufacturing companies and very little security. This keeps students turned off to the career path. The community college problem is that many of the vocational courses are not sufficiently financed, “as a result of community college funding formulas established by state legislatures that limit the number of technical non-credit courses. Only four states provide equal per-capita subsidies for all students.”

equipment, I think that the training needed is similar to the concept of apprentice training that leads to journeyman credentials.The Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training is a Federal department that keeps track of all registered apprentices.This program is supposed to assist private industry in developing and improving apprenticeships and other training programs designed to provide skilled workers needed to compete in today’s global economy. In 2008 the Bureau of Apprentice Training listed 397,375 apprentices as registered.The overall number of registered apprentices is not growing. Of this number, they estimated that 75 percent of the apprentices are in construction, another 20 percent are in electrical, plumbing, brick layers and other trades, and only about 5 percent of the registered apprentices are in manufacturing. This is a tiny number, and it indicates that most manufacturing companies are not investing in apprentice-type training. It appears that most manufacturers have a different idea of what a skilled worker is, or they don’t want to make the investment.

One of the biggest issues in trying to convince young people to make manufacturing a career is the advanced training needed for manufacturing workers in the 21st century. But nobody (including the government) can seem to agree on a definition of advanced training.

There are many programs to try and interest young people in manufacturing. Examples include summer camps, plant tours, manufacturing games, etc. However, to get young people to become interested in a career in manufacturing, it will take a lot more then promotions. It will require the following:

Because manufacturing plants are so automated and use such advanced

Government investment in vocational schools — Manufacturers do

Continued Page 30


29 • Jun/July 2012

it appears that the schools are going to focus on the new STEM learning and there probably won’t be enough money for both programs. Vocational class credits — Just getting a degree in general subjects like history, psychology, or business may not get someone a job. The last census showed that general degree graduates had entry level wages of $30-35,000 per year. We need an education system that is open to the idea of including career-oriented classes and skill training into the education curriculum.What is needed is theoretical knowledge combined with practical training in manufacturing systems. Yes, I mean giving people credit for skill training no matter what degree they are pursuing. This could help students with college degrees get a white-collar job in manufacturing and help manufacturers replace the retiring skilled workers.

rate the community colleges as their preferred training providers. President Obama has asked the Congress for $8 billion to train community college students for high-growth industries. The President said the Community Career Fund would train 2 million workers for jobs in potential growth areas. Apprentice type training with long OJT training — I think that the advanced training needed is some variation of the old apprentice program.This type of training takes several years of classroom education and several years of on-the-job training.The problem is that many manufacturers (particularly large manufacturers) have been very reluctant to invest in this type of long term training. Shop classes — I think the best thing we can do to interest both grade school and high school students is to bring back shop classes to these schools. This will be a real challenge, because A2Z METALWORKER NW •

30 • Jun/July 2012

Money and wages — Students are very aware of vocations that pay well such as an electrician, plumber, or nurse. It will probably take higher entry level wages to attract the good students who have credentials in advanced math and science. If they are recruited into an advanced technical training program, it will probably also be necessary to pay them as they go through the training for the skills acquired. Furthermore, it will perhaps award them with industry certifications for their transferable skills. Since the large manufacturers have been focused on lowering labor costs and getting rid of unions for the last 30 years, paying more to get the right people will test their resolve. Career — To recruit the necessary people, manufacturing really needs to describe the opportunity as a career – not just another job. I think this will take a long-term commitment to job security for the recruits. It may also require offering internships and scholarships to help pay for education and training. Young people need to know that that a career in manufacturing has great future potential. The big issue is not promoting this career to young people. It is about money and investment. I am not very optimistic that many of the suggestion I have described above will be acceptable to manufacturers or the government. Perhaps we will simply have to get deeper into the skilled worker crisis before these kinds of suggestion will be considered.



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33 • Jun/July 2012

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The airworthiness test phase, which comprised 23 flights by two air vehicles, proved that the X-47B will perform properly at all speeds, weights and altitudes associated with the Navy’s Unmanned Combat Air System Carrier Demonstration (UCAS-D) program. The flights included tests of several aircraft maneuvers required in the carrier environment, helping to reduce risks associated with operating a tailless, unmanned aircraft from a Navy aircraft carrier.

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34 • Jun/July 2012

SAN DIEGO, The first major phase of flight testing the X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) demonstrator aircraft came to a successful conclusion when Northrop Grumman Corporation and the U.S. Navy wrapped up testing at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.

“The X-47B flight test program at Edwards will be remembered as a very successful collaboration among the Navy, Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center,” said Carl Johnson, vice president and Navy UCAS Enterprise program manager for Northrop Grumman’s Aerospace Systems sector. “The team has done outstanding work testing and preparing the aircraft for the next phase of the program, which will take place at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md.” The team completed the cross-country move of the second of two X-47Bs built by Northrop Grumman from Edwards to Patuxent River. Carrier suitability testing of the aircraft will begin later this summer. “The X-47B flight test program at Edwards demonstrated convincingly the maturity, durability and performance of this revolutionary new unmanned system,” said Johnson. “Through innovation, hard work and an enduring partnership with our customer, we laid the foundation for the upcoming carrier integration sea trials.” While at Edwards, the X-47B aircraft reached altitudes exceeding 15,000 feet and demonstrated multiple maneuvers relevant to carrier operations, including extending and retracting a tail hook, completing an autonomous “touch-and-go” landing – an aviation first – and performing landings at a high sink rate and in a heavy weight configuration. The Northrop Grumman team is currently finalizing the software that will be required to enter carrier suitability testing of the X-47B.That testing will include catapult launches, arrested landings and wireless remote deck handling of the aircraft. The first X-47B was moved to Patuxent River in December 2011. It is currently undergoing electromagnetic interference testing, which is designed to demonstrate that the X-47B is compatible with the electromagnetic signal environment of an aircraft carrier.

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Marine Corps Systems Command Awards Iris Technology Solar Power Adaptor - Generation II Contract Iris Technology Corporation, a Southern Calif.based defense contractor specializing in tactical power systems and spacecraft hardware, today announced that it has won a contract from the Marine Corps Systems Command for the initial phase of Solar Power Adaptor – Generation II (SPA II). The entire contract, to be implemented incrementally, is for six years with a maximum value of $42 million. “We welcome the opportunity to team up with the U.S. Marine Corps again to deliver this groundbreaking man-portable solar power system. The next generation StarPower™ controller at the heart of the SPA II is a major technological advancement in solar charging, power management and distribution,” said Iris Technology President and Chief Executive Officer Edward O’Rourke. “By incorporating elements from our extremely compact, highly successful Merlin™ family of radio power adapters, our new StarPower sets the standard in solar power controller performance.” O’Rourke added that, based completely on Iris Technology’s software

1582 E. Bramble Ln • Meridian ID 83642 WWW.FADALCNC.COM platform, StarPower is able to address any rechargeable battery chemistry, now and in the anticipated future. Natively, it powers virtually all tactical radios. StarPower accepts any DC input source from 9 to 44 VDC, charges multi-chemistry batteries and provides up to 400 W output power. Iris Technology Corporation’s tur nkey solar power systems have been garnering significant national attention lately. O’Rourke was honored as a “Champions of Change” in innovations for renewable energy at the White House in April 2012 for advancing new ideas that are leading the way to a clean energy future and an economy that’s built to last. SPA II is the next generation version of the highly successful Iris Technology Solar Portable Alternative Communications Energy System (SPACES), an innovative family of mobile solar power and power distribution products. SPACES has been lauded as a life-saver in combat zones reducing the number of re-supply trucks needed and the number and weight of batteries each Marine has to carry on his or her mission. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

35 • Jun/July 2012

Raytheon receives $79 M award for US Navy Multiband Terminal systems Raytheon Company has received a $79 million contract from the U.S. Navy for 47 more Navy Multiband Terminal (NMT) systems. NMT is one of three Raytheon Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) terminals that are in production and have successfully interoperated with the AEHF satellite. The other two are the U.S. Army’s Secure Mobile Anti-jam Reliable Tactical Terminal and the U.S. Air Force’s Minuteman Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network Program Upgrade. Raytheon is the only provider of deployed AEHF terminals to the U.S. armed forces.

Part Density.

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“Raytheon is committed to meeting our customers’ needs,” said Scott Whatmough, vice president of Integrated Communication Systems for Raytheon’s Network Centr ic System s business. “The latest production order confir ms our commitment to the Navy to develop, demonstrate and deliver a multibanded, secure terminal using the Advanced Extremely High Frequency waveform.”

Part Number: G12146D221M

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NMT has been in production since 2010. In total, Raytheon is expected to field more than 350 AEHF NMT terminals to the U.S. and international partners under the production contract.The NMT system incorporates Raytheon’s demonstrated XDR waveform, a complex protected communications protocol which is implemented in hardware and software. XDR provides users with increased bandwidth and speed, enabling strategic and tactical military communications.

36 • Jun/July 2012 2012 CO



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37 • Jun/July 2012

5/16/12 8:59 PM

Somon Air receives its second 737-900ER with the Boeing Sky Interior

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38 • Jun/July 2012 • 72 • Jan/Feb 2012

NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Boeing’s Next-Generation 737-900ER (extended range) reached 100 Telescope Array (NuSTAR) deliveriesinto with delivery skies this week to Tajikistan-based Somon Air. launched theamorning

over the central Pacific Ocean To date, the has logged 414 orders from 16 customers. beginning its 737-900ER mission to unveil The Next-Generation 737and family (all models) has won orders for secrets of buried black holes moreexotic than 6,000 airplanes and Boeing has delivered more than 3,800. other objects.

“Airlines aroundawait the world are recognizing the superior performance “We all eagerly the launch of this novel X-ray observatory,” and Paul operating economics of the Next-Generation 737-900ER,” said Hertz, NASA’s Astrophysics Division Director. “Withsaid Beverly Wyse, 737 vice president and general manager. “It offers its unprecedented spatial and spectral resolution to the previouslythe best seat-mile of anyregion single-aisle airplane which spectrum, is especially poorly explored cost hard X-ray of the electromagnetic important today’s fuel prices.” NuSTAR willwith open a newhigh window on the universe and will provide complementary data to NASA’s larger missions including Fermi, The Next-Generation 737-900ER is a short-to-medium range twinjet Chandra, Hubble and Spitzer.” that increases the capability of the Next-Generation 737 family. The higher-capacity, 737-900 launched NuSTAR will uselonger-range a unique set derivative of eyes to of seethethe highestwas energy Xin July 2005 with an order for 30 airplanes from Indonesia’s ray light from the cosmos. The observatory can see through gasLion andAir and to introduced intoholes service in April 2007. dust reveal black lurking in our Milky Way galaxy, as well as those hidden in the hearts of faraway galaxies. “NuSTAR will help 737-900ER replacesblack the holes, larger,tosingle-aisle usThe findNext-Generation the most elusive and most energetic help us Boeing 757, which ceased production in 2004. The 737-900ER understand the structure of the universe,” said Fiona Harrison, the is capable of operating more than 90 percent of the 757 twin-engine’s mission’s principal investigator at the California Institute of Technolroutes yet at a much lower operating cost. ogy in Pasadena.

Theobservatory 737-900ERbegan is the longest 737,aboard typically passengers The its journey thecarrying L-1011 180 “Stargazer” air- in a two-class layout with anSciences exit limit certified for up toVA. 220NuSTAR passengers craft, operated by Orbital Corporation, Dulles, in a single-class configuration. was perched atop Orbital’s Pegasus XL rocket, both of which were strapped to the belly of the Stargazer plane.The plane left Kwajalein Somon Air,central based Pacific in Dushanbe, is the country’s private Atoll in the Ocean Tajikistan, one hour before launch. Atfirst 0900:35 full-service carrier. This isfree-falling the airline’s 737-900ER PDT, the rocket dropped, forsecond five seconds beforedelivered firing with the Boeing Sky Interior. its first-stage motor. About 13 minutes after the rocket dropped, NuSTAR from Goodrich Wins Contract forseparated Landing the rocket, reaching its final low Earth orbit.The first signal from the Gear System Services spacecraft was received Overhaul at 0914 PDT) through NASA’s Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System. “NuSTAR spread its solar panels to charge Goodrich Corporation hasthen beenreported selected by Boeing to provide landing the spacecraft battery and back to Earth of its good gear system maintenance supportmanager of the United States health,” saidYunjin Kim, theservices mission’sinproject at NASA’s JetAir Force fleetLaboratory of Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft. Included Propulsion in Pasadena, Calif. “We are checking outasthepart of the agreement, Goodrich provide to Hill Air sky.” Force spacecraft now and are excited towill tune into thetraining high-energy X-ray Base (HAFB) in Ogden, Utah to perform overhaul of C-17 landing gearmission’s systemsunique as a Goodrich The telescopesupplier. design includes a 33-foot (10-meter) mast, which was folded up in a small canister during launch. In about Gregdays, Watson, site director for Goodrich’s Gear business seven engineers will command the mast Landing to extend, enabling the in Burlington, Ontario, Canada stated, “We later, look forward to using this telescope to focus properly. About 23 days science operations partnership HAFB as an opportunity to and share best practices are scheduled with to begin. In addition to black holes their powerful between the U.S. Government and private industry which can help jets, NuSTAR will study a host of high-energy objects in our universe, to identify process continue to add including thekey remains of improvements exploded stars;and compact, dead stars;value and to performance.” clusters of galaxies.The mission’s observations, in coordination with other telescopes such as NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, which Goodrich is the original equipment (OEM) of the detects lower-energy X-rays, will help manufacturer solve fundamental cosmic Globemaster III landing system. is alsofiery one atmosphere, of the largest looklanding mysteries. NuSTAR also gear will study ourIt sun’s gear suppliers in the industry. ing foroverhaul clues as maintenance to how it is heated.

CONTRACTS MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY The Missile Defense Agency is announcing the award of a sole-source letter contract to Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. (LMSSC), Sunnyvale, Calif., as an undefinitized contract action (UCA) at a total notto-exceed price of $2,023,590,000. This award is made under the existing Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) production contract HQ0147-07-C-0196. Under this contract, LMSSC will supply a minimum of 42 THAAD interceptors, Lots 3 and 4. The government intends to combine this procurement with the Foreign Military Sales for the United Arab Emirates procurement of 96 interceptors, previously synopsized as an UCA under basic ordering agreement HQ0147-12-G-9000, in order to gain synergy cost savings. This UCA covers the combined procurement of a minimum of 138 interceptors. This work will be managed in Sunnyvale, Calif., with final assembly performed in Troy, Ala. The performance period extends from June 4, 2012 through July 31, 2018. This action was synopsized as a sole-source requirement to LMSSC in Federal Business Opportunities; one response was received. Definitization of the UCA is anticipated no later than Nov. 30, 2012. The Missile Defense Agency,THAAD Program Office, Redstone Arsenal, Ala., is the contracting activity.

We’ve been passionate about Waterjet for years. At Flow, in 1979, Dr. Mohamed Hashish invented the abrasive waterjet...

...though his passion started well before then.

Today he continues to develop breakthrough waterjet solutions with an equally passionate team of experts at Flow.

Our passion for waterjets, years of experience, and dedication to our customers drives us. Waterjet is our life. Driven by passion. Inspired by you.

AIR FORCE The Boeing Co., Seattle,Wash., is being awarded a $66,814,404 (face value) firm-fixed-price foreign military sales contract for the installation and check out of Group A and B radar system improvement kits for the Royal Saudi Air Force fleet of five Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft. This exercises existing priced options. The locations of the performance are Seattle, Wash. (30 percent); Baltimore, Md. (20 percent); and Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi (50 percent). Work is to be completed by Jun 15, 2015. ESC/HBSK, Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., is the contracting activity (F1962801-D-0016, Delivery Order 0080). Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., Hendon, Va., is being awarded a $21,145,243 (face value) cost-plus-fixed-fee, indefinite-delivery, and requirements contract for research and development in order to

FlowWaterjet.com info@flowcorp.com 800.446.3569

complete survivability technology and vulnerability of threat assessments, risk assessments and forecast reports, and the survivability and vulnerability resource analysis report. The contractor logistics support sustainment division will use these scientific and technical information reports to create a single, all-hazards program focus that shall minimize the vulnerability of Department of Defense. The location of the performance is McLean,Va. Work is to be completed Sept. 5, 2013. ESG/PKS DTIC, Offutt Air Force Base, Neb., is the contracting activity (SP0700-03-D-1380, Delivery Order 0454). Lockheed Martin Corp., Fort Worth,Texas, is being awarded a $19,154,000 (face value) cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for automatic backup oxygen supply in the F-22 Life Support System. Effort includes 40 retrofit kits, plus non–recurring engineering, and 10 spares. The location of the performance is Marietta, Ga. Work is to be completed April 30, 2013. ASC/WWUK, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, is the contracting activity A2Z METALWORKER NW •

39 • Jun/July 2012

AFT Is Looking For A Few Good Machine Shops in The West! ADVANCED FORMING TECHNOLOGY ISO 13485 - Medical

ISO/TS 16949 - Automotive

AS 9100 - Aerospace

for more than 20 years, producing turnkey revolver, pistol and long gun parts. The company’s 105,000 square foot campus houses more than 24 metal injection molding machines, 10 sintering furnaces and 4 de-binding units. AFT’s Battenfeld Injection Molding Machines are equipped with three- and four-axis robotics, to ensure consistent cycle time, and consistent processes. The company additionally maintains a small on-site machine shop to build and maintain tooling.

AFT was founded in 1987, and it prides itself on its experience in the MIM industry. Today, the company employs 170 people, with more than 20% of the team holding engineering and metallurgical degrees. The average tenure of the team is 14 years. David Smith, Senior Sales Manager, was part of the start-up team when the company was founded. He says, “MIM technology is very complex. From our inception, we built a team that was highly technical, and one that could interact with our customers’ engineers, supporting design efforts of their products from the onset. Additionally, the fact that our employees remain at the company means that we offer our customers the superior experience that only comes with longevity.” AFT maintains ISO certification and Six Sigma Process Control for the highest level of quality and accuracy. They are AS9100 Rev C-certified for Aerospace Components, ISO 13485-certified for the Medical Components Industry, and ISO/TS 16949-certified for the Automotive Components Industry. In fact, they certified to the AS9100 Rev C just last October, and their auditor says they were the first company he ever certified that attained ‘0’ Findings, and ‘0’ Observations! They additionally have manufactured gun components for industry leaders across the US A2Z METALWORKER NW • A2Z METALWORKER •

40 • •Jun/July 2012 30 May/June 2012

Today, AFT is looking for additional suppliers, particularly those who specialize in high volume 3 and 5-axis machining.The superior metal injection molding (MIM) company has seen nearly 50% growth in its business in the last year and a half, and it needs to add additional suppliers to keep up with rapidly growing orders.

Why Metal Injection Molding (MIM)? AFT’s proprietary MIM technology combines the shape-making capabilities of plastic injection molding with the material flexibility of powder metallurgy. MIM can make complex parts economically in structural metals. It can also allow you to replace an assembly of two or more parts with a single MIM part, further reducing costs. AFT technology permits molding of complex shapes enabling multiple components to be formed into a single unit. Metallurgical properties emerge that are superior to those of conventional metal-forming manufacturing. David says, “Our customers tend to be companies who had existing operations for their products, but are being designed into a corner. These customers typically have parts that are extremely complex in shape and are needed in large volumes (e.g. from 10,000 per year to 1 million per month). In many cases, the MIM technology can save our customers 20-40% off a full machined part price.”

Sintering Debinding Molding Compounding

The first step is compounding: fine metal powder s are mixed with plastic and pelletized - the blend is ~60% metal and 40% plastic -- and this material is then placed in a standard plastic injection molding machine and processed.

After molding, the 2nd step in the process, the part is 20% larger than its final size and ready for the 3rd step, debinding, which uses heat and/or chemicals to remove most of the binders from the part. After debinding, the components are placed in vacuum furnaces for the final operation, sintering, where the remaining binders are removed and the part shrinks 20% to its final size, resulting in a high density, complex-shaped component. Fe, NiFe, SS,F-75,Ti, as well as aerospace grade materials are available. Since AFT compounds its own material, custom materials with specific properties can be produced.

What AFT is Looking for In Machine Shop Suppliers Jed Rust, Operations Manager, says, “We are seeking superior machine shops close to Colorado, who have high speed 3 and 5-axis machining capabilities, are highly automated with robotics, and are equipped to support quantities in the thousands.” He continued, “AFT currently uses local machining companies to finish MIM blanks by drilling, tapping and reaming holes as well as profile machining. Ideally they will be ISO9001 certified. We are also looking for shops that have EDM, drilling, tapping and reaming capabilities in-house.” If you are interested in securing work with AFT, please email your complete machine tool list to Sheryl Blood at sblood@pcc-aft.com.

For Potential AFT MIM Customers If you feel that MIM technology may be the right solution for your product, contact AFT today.They offer a 2 day “Hands On” MIM Technology school quarterly. Contact David Smith at dsmith@pcc-aft.com for more information.

“AFT has been our supplier since we opened our plant in Mexico. We are the company’s largest plant in the world. Since day 1, we have relied on AFT to make our MIM (Metal Injection Molding) castings. We have other suppliers who are approved, but we almost always use AFT for a number of reasons. Their quality is outstanding, they are almost always on time, and even though they are in the states, and a distance from us, their pricing is very competitive. Our engineers prefer AFT for all of our MIM castings, not just because of their quality and pricing, but also because of their knowledge. They are helping us now with a re-tool project, and they are actually coming to our plant this month to walk our production lines, helping to offer productivity improvement recommendations. AFT is so knowledgeable with regard to MIM casting that they offer training sessions on a regular basis.They know their business inside and out and I would recommend them to anyone.” Purchasing Manager, Leading Consumer Product Customer “We were having quite a bit of trouble finding qualified suppliers for a number of critical, very precise components that are used in our disposal, minimally invasive surgical devices. AFT was recommended to us by a professor at San Diego State. He is also a consultant and he suggested we take our parts to AFT. Today, AFT make superior parts for us. There may be a few other companies that utilize Metal Injection Molding (MIM), but I don’t think there are any companies that can make the parts we need as well as AFT does. The team at AFT is professional, knowledgeable, and very customer oriented.Their reputation in MIM is outstanding. Because of the time it takes to take these parts from inception, to design, to tooling, to manufacture, it is critical you have a supplier you can trust, and who you regularly communicate with. The processes and certifications that AFT has in place is invaluable to us.” CFO, Public Surgical Device Manufacturer A2AZ2ZMETALWORKER METALWORKER NW••

41 31• Jun/July • May/June 20122012

Attend the Premier Manufacturing Networking Event in the Pacific Northwest!

Bringing Manufacturing Back to the United States

10th Annual

Sept. 26 & 27

TRAC Center, Pasco, WA

Hear what the experts are saying about the changing dynamics favoring American manufacturing and the Reshoring Movement! To learn more about the Expo, including networking opportunities and seminars, and to register as an exhibitor or attendee go to www.smartmapexpo.org.

For additional information contact Gary A. White at 509-735-1000 or gwhite@tridec.org. Featuring Harry C. Moser Founder and President Reshoring Initiative

Mr. Moser will be the Keynote Speaker at the Haskins Steel Power Breakfast and presenting a “Reshoring Workshop”.

www.reshorenow.org presented by



42 •

Apollo, Inc., Lampson International, LLC, Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce, Tri-Ports Jun/July 2012

NAVY Ultra Electronics, Braintree, Mass., is being awarded a $49,200,000 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with cost-plus-fixedfee/firm-fixed-price provisions for TR-317/353 submarine transducers. The TR-317/353 submarine transducers detect and localize targets by active sonar and are installed in the main hull-mounted active spherical array on submarines. Large numbers of these transducers are stocked by the Navy to support fleet requirements for new and restored units. Work will be performed in Braintree, Mass., and is expected to be completed by December 2016. Fiscal 2011 Other Procurement Navy funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured via the Federal Business Opportunities website, with two offers received. The Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport, R.I., is the contracting activity (N66604-12-D-0358).

ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) certifies businesses of all types and sizes around the globe to a variety of standards:

ISO 9001 • AS 9100 • ISO 14001

The Boeing Co., St Louis, Mo., is being awarded a $20,258,296 firmfixed-price delivery order 0010 under a previously awarded performance based logistics contract (N00383-07-D-001J) for various quantities of repairs and new spare parts to support the AV-8 aircraft. Work will be performed in St. Louis, Mo., and is expected to be completed June 6, 2015. The applicable Navy Working Capital Funds will not expire before the end of the current fiscal year. This requirement was not competitively procured. The NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support, Philadelphia, Pa., is the contracting activity (N00383-07-D-001J). T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc., San Diego, Calif., is being awarded $18,236,607 for firm-fixed-price task order 0006 under a previously awarded multiple award construction contract (N62473-10-D-5412) for design and construction of a child development center at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center,Twentynine Palms. The project will provide a new facility for infants, pre-toddlers, toddlers, and pre-school aged children of military and civilian personnel. The task order also contains one planned modification, which, if exercised, would increase cumulative task order value to $19,390,935. Work will be performed in Twentynine Palms, Calif., and is expected to be completed by December 2013. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. Eight proposals were received for this task order. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest, San Diego, Calif., is the contracting activity. The Boeing Co., Huntington Beach, Calif., is being awarded a $10,237,396 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract to provide TRIDENT II (D5) navigation test equipment upgrade. Work will include: upgrade test equipment for theodolites; drift test station binnacle overhaul kits and necessary contingency replenishment items and program plan; electrostatically supported gyro container power supply strategic systems programs alteration (SPALT); resolver replacement; network board SPALT; and TR-C5 A/C 1/6 software SPALT. This contract contains options, which, if exercised, will bring the contract value to $15,604,616. Work will be performed in Huntington Beach, Calif. (96.4 percent), and Heath, Ohio (3.6 percent), and is expected to be completed June 30, 2015. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was not competitively procured. The Strategic Systems Programs, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity (N00030-12-C-0026).

The expertise of our auditors, the professionalism of our audit processes, the knowledge of what drives value in each industry can help you get the most from your management systems.


Certified Performance

NewS, ReviewS aNd aRticleS aBout BaNd Saw BladeS aNd PaRtS At Bandsawblog.com, we want to provide our readers with information, advice and news about band saw blades. What’s the right part for your band saw, which band saw machine is the right choice for you and where do you find the best prices for it? Having this information at hand when deciding to make a purchase or just scoping the market is key to your satisfaction.

BaNd Saw BladeS aRe ouR SPecialty Our team is constantly researching and writing articles that are aimed at bringing you one step closer to knowing your band saw machine. We are looking to grow into a community that leaves its mark on the band saw industry, and for that we invite you, our readers to contribute actively for the development BandSawBlog.com. Comment! Write! Develop! Critique! Be critiqued! We offer you the opportunity to leave your own mark on the band saw blades industry.

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www.BandSawBlog.com A2Z METALWORKER NW •

43 • Jun/July 2012

4/4/12 8:47 PM

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Tornos US 840 Parkview Boulevard Lombard, IL 60148 Phone 630 812 2040 Fax 630 812 2039

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VP BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 10530 E. 59th Street Indianapolis, IN 46236 ph317.823.6821 / 877.240.2462 cell317.946.1235 / home317.823.8615 fax317.823.6822 www.trusty-cook.com email-trustycook@sbcglobal.net

CNC Sharpening CaliforniaÊ ColdÊ SawÊ ___ 877-700-7610 CNC Spindle Liners Trusty-CookÊ _______ 877-240-2462 Coolant Systems EbbcoÊ IncÊ ________ 800-809-3901 DCMÊ TechÊ Ê ________ 800-533-5339 SwiftÊ ToolÊ Co,Ê Inc.Ê ____ 800-562-0900 Cutting Fluids & Oils CaliforniaÊ ColdÊ SawÊ ___ 877-700-7610 CastrolÊ __________ 800-894-7773 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ _ 510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ _ 619-477-7733 SwiftÊ ToolÊ Co,Ê Inc.Ê ____ 800-562-0900 Cutting Tools HorizonÊ CarbideÊ ______480-335-7688Ê InnovativeÊ ToolÊ SalesÊ ___ 714-780-0730 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ _ 510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ _ 619-477-7733 SandvikÊ _________ 503-381-8740 SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê ______ 503-267-4805 SwiftÊ ToolÊ Co,Ê Inc.Ê ____ 800-562-0900 Cutting Tool Holders InnovativeÊ ToolÊ SalesÊ __ 714-780-0730

SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê ______ 503-267-4805 SwiftÊ ToolÊ Co,Ê Inc.Ê ____ 800-562-0900 Cutting Tool Systems InnovativeÊ ToolÊ SalesÊ __ 714-780-0730 SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê ______ 503-267-4805 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ _ 510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ _ 619-477-7733 Magnetic Drills/Cutters InnovativeÊ ToolÊ SalesÊ __ 714-780-0730 MicroÊ 100Ê ________ 208-888-7310 SandvikÊ _________ 503-381-8740 SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê ______ 503-267-4805 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ _ 510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ _ 619-477-7733 Drills/Reamers SandvikÊ _________ 503-381-8740 SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê ______ 503-267-4805 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ _ 510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ __ 619-477-773 Dust Collectors, Filtration Equip. DCMÊ TechÊ Ê ________ 800-533-5339

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EDM Materials & Supplies DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê ___ 480-816-6300 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ______ 480-836-1782 EDMÊ PerformanceÊ ____ 800-336-2946 GlobalÊ EDMÊ Ê SupplyÊ ___ 480-836-8330 EDM: Dielectric Systems /Filtration EbbcoÊ IncÊ ________ 800-809-3901 Electronics FadalÊ CNCÊ ________ 208-855-9426 End Mills HorizonÊ CarbideÊ _____ 480-335-7688 MicroÊ 100Ê ________ 208-888-7310 SandvikÊ _________ 503-381-8740 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ _ 510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ _ 619-477-7733 SwiftÊ ToolÊ Co,Ê Inc.Ê ____ 800-562-0900 Fixturing/Fixtures 5thÊ AxisÊ FixturesÊ Ê ____ 858-505-0432 Inserts HorizonÊ CarbideÊ _____ 480-335-7688 SandvikÊ _________ 503-381-8740 SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê ______ 503-267-4805 SwiftÊ ToolÊ Co,Ê Inc.Ê ____ 800-562-0900 Jaws DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê ___ 480-816-6300 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ______ 480-836-1782

Lubricants / Systems CaliforniaÊ ColdÊ SawÊ ___ 877-700-7610 DCMÊ TechÊ Ê ________ 800-533-5339 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ _ 510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ _ 619-477-7733 SwiftÊ ToolÊ Co,Ê Inc.Ê ____ 800-562-0900 Machine Tool Cool. Filtration DCMÊ TechÊ Ê ________ 800-533-5339 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ _ 510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ _ 619-477-7733 Modular Spray Systems SwiftÊ ToolÊ Co,Ê Inc.Ê ____ 800-562-0900 Motors FadalÊ CNCÊ ________ 208-855-9426 Parts Washing Equipment EbbcoÊ IncÊ ________ 800-809-3901 DCMÊ TechÊ Ê ________ 800-533-5339 Resolvers FadalÊ CNCÊ ________ 208-855-9426 Rotary Tables HogueÊ PrecisionÊ -------------209-892-5649 Saw Blades & Replacement Parts CaliforniaÊ ColdÊ SawÊ ___ 877-700-7610 RockyÊ MountainÊ SawÊ BladesÊ 303--761-3000 RoentgenÊ USAÊ ______ 760--900-1110

SawBlade.comÊ _____ 800--240-2932 Solvents & Degreasing Agents DCMÊ TechÊ Ê _______ 800-533-5339 PetrofermÊ Inc.Ê ______317-371-8899 Solvents: Vapor degreasing PetrofermÊ Inc.Ê ______317-371-8899 Solvents:Hand Wipe PetrofermÊ Inc.Ê ______317-371-8899 Solvents: Mil PRF 680 PetrofermÊ Inc.Ê ______317-371-8899 Spindles FadalÊ CNCÊ _______ 208-855-9426 Setco-PopeÊ SpindlesÊ __ 866-362-0699 Thread Mills MicroÊ 100Ê _______ 208-888-7310 SandvikÊ ________ 503-381-8740 Tooling Systems HorizonÊ CarbideÊ ____ 480-335-7688 MicroÊ 100Ê _______ 208-888-7310 SandvikÊ ________ 503-381-8740 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ 510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ _619-477-7733 Vises & Vise Jaws 5thÊ AxisÊ FixturesÊ Ê ___ 858-505-0432 Waterjet Accessories KMTÊ WaterjetÊ SystemsÊ_ 800-826-9274


Waycovers FadalÊ CNCÊ ________208-855-9426 Workholding 5thÊ AxisÊ FixturesÊ Ê ___ 858-505-0432 InnovativeÊ ToolÊ SalesÊ __714-780-0730 DOOR SYSTEMS Automatic Door opening Systems MidacoÊ CorporationÊ ___ 847-593-8420 FIRE SUPPRESSION Fire Suppression Systems FiretraceÊ ________ 480-544-4450 GRINDING Grinding Filtration S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ _510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ _619-477-7733 Grinding Machines ChevalierÊ USAÊ _____ 562-903-1929 ClarkÊ MachineryÊ ___ 206-219-2528 CNCÊ MachineÊ ServicesÊ 425-788-4500 HallidieÊ MachineÊ ToolÊ_ 253-939-9020 HogueÊ PrecisionÊ____ 209-892-5649 MachineÊ ToolworksÊ ___800-426-2052 North-SouthÊ MachineryÊ 253-333-2439 NorthÊ WesternÊ MachineryÊ 206-583-2333 PerformanceÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ510-249-1000 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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Carlos R. Lugo Sales Manager




(206) 583-2333 Fax (206) 583-0698 Cell (206) 898-6900 clugo@nwmachinery.org

1222 S. Weller St. Seattle, WA 98144 www.nwmachinery.org


Machine Tools Northwest, LLC

Edward Gieblewicz

Account Manager


970 Industry Drive Tukwila, WA 98188

Vince Selway

Toll Free: 1-866-437-7315 Cell: (206) 300-3945 Fax: (780) 437-7328 edward@newusedmachines.com

Phone: 206-650-8999 Fax: 360-651-2488 E-mail: vselway@gmail.com

Web: www.newusedmachines.com

MicroÊ 100Ê ToolÊ Ê Corporation www.micro100.com

JeffÊ SaltnessÊ

ManufacturerÊ RepresentativeÊ -Ê OregonÊ Ê Sales Office 23180 SW Price Terrace Sherwood, OR 97140 Email: jnsaltness@comcast.net Office: 503-625-1578 Fax:503-715-0430 Cell: 503-330-5414

Guard & Vacuum Pedestals For Grinders MidacoÊ CorporationÊ ____847-593-8420 Aircraft brake rotor DCMÊ TechÊ Ê _______ 800-533-5339 Grinders, Rotary CNCÊ MachineÊ ServicesÊ 425-788-4500 Silicon & Quartz DCMÊ TechÊ Ê _______ 800-533-5339 Manual Lathes & Mills ClarkÊ MachineryÊ ___ 206-219-2528 GaneshÊ MachineryÊ __ 888-542-6374 HallidieÊ MachineÊ Tool__253-939-9020 MachineÊ ToolworksÊ ___800-426-2052 NorthÊ WesternÊ MachineryÊ206-583-2333 WesternÊ MachineÊ CenterÊ 408-955-1000 Sawing Machines HallidieÊ MachineÊ ToolÊ SalesÊ 253-939-9020 NorthÊ WesternÊ MachineryÊ 206-583-2333 PerformanceÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ510-249-1000 RockyÊ MountainÊ SawÊ BladesÊ303-761-3000Ê WesternÊ MachineÊ CenterÊ 408-955-1000 Saw Replacement Parts RockyÊ MountainÊ SawÊ BladesÊ 303-761-3000 SawBlade.comÊ _____ 800--240-2932 Punch & Die DCMÊ TechÊ Ê _______ 800-533-5339 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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Company Office 1410 E. Pine Avenue Meridian, ID 83642 Toll Free: 800-421-8065 Ph: 208-888-7310 Fax: 208-888-2106

INSPECTION EQUIP OGPÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê ________ 480-889-9056 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ SanÊ LeandroÊ 510-895-9000 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ R.Ê DominguezÊ 310-868-1010 S.L.Ê FuscoÊ NationalÊ CityÊ 619-477-7733

CMM Probes OGPÊ Ê _________ 480-889-9056 Coordinate Measuring Mach. OGPÊ Ê _________ 480-889-9056 Gauging Equipment TotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê 480-377-6422 Laser Trackers Metrology Instruments OGPÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê ________ 480-889-9056 Optical Comparators OGPÊ Ê _________ 480-889-9056 Particle Inspection Mach DCMÊ TechÊ Ê _______800-533-5339 MATERIAL Aluminum FryÊ SteelÊ _________ 800-423-6651 LaserÊ CuttingÊ Services,Ê IncÊ 503-612-8311 RyersonÊ Corporation____425-204-2601 SamuelÊ SonÊ &Ê CoÊ ____800-648-8000 TCIÊ PrecisionÊ MetalsÊ __ 800-234-5613

Aluminum Extrusions SamuelÊ SonÊ &Ê CoÊ ____ 800-631-9765 Armor:Commercial TemtcoÊ Steel______480-389-2883 Armor: Military Grade TemtcoÊ Steel______480-389-2883 Brass FryÊ SteelÊ __________ 800-423-6651 CoastalÊ MetalsÊ _______ 800-811-7466 RyersonÊ Corporation_____425-204-2601 SequoiaÊ BrassÊ &Ê Copper__ 800-362-5255 Bronze CoastalÊ MetalsÊ _______ 800-811-7466 SamuelÊ SonÊ &Ê CoÊ _____ 800-648-8000 SequoiaÊ BrassÊ &Ê Copper__ 800-362-5255 Carbon Steel CoastalÊ MetalsÊ _______ 800-811-7466 FryÊ SteelÊ __________ 800-423-6651 LaserÊ CuttingÊ Services,Ê IncÊ _503-612-8311 RyersonÊ Corporation_____425-204-2601 SamuelÊ SonÊ &Ê CoÊ _____ 800-648-8000 Ceramics SamuelÊ SonÊ &Ê CoÊ _____ 800-648-8000 Copper RyersonÊ Corporation_____425-204-2601 SequoiaÊ BrassÊ &Ê Copper__ 800-362-5255 Electrical Steels FryÊ SteelÊ __________ 800-423-6651

Hastelloy Tube & Pipe HaynesÊ InternationalÊ __ 425-422-6496 High Temperature Alloys HaynesÊ InternationalÊ __ 425-422-6496 Laser Cut Material LaserÊ CuttingÊ Services,Ê IncÊ 503-612-8311 Material Sales HaynesÊ InternationalÊ __ 425-422-6496 CoastalÊ MetalsÊ _______800-811-7466 FryÊ SteelÊ __________800-423-6651 LaserÊ CuttingÊ Services,Ê IncÊ 503-612-8311 SamuelÊ SonÊ &Ê CoÊ ____ 800-648-8000 TemtcoÊ SteelÊ _______480-389-2883 Metals: Bar & Plate FryÊ SteelÊ __________800-423-6651 RyersonÊ Corporation_____425-204-2601 SamuelÊ SonÊ &Ê CoÊ ____ 800-648-8000 SequoiaÊ BrassÊ &Ê CopperÊ 800-362-5255 Nickel Alloys FryÊ SteelÊ __________800-423-6651 HaynesÊ InternationalÊ __ 425-422-6496 MarzeeÊ Inc.Ê ______ 602-269-5801Ê Plate: Wear and Structural RyersonÊ Corporation_____425-204-2601 TemtcoÊ SteelÊ _______480-389-2883 Sheet & Coil RyersonÊ Corporation_____425-204-2601

Fry Las Rye Sa TCIÊ Tem



Hay Sup

Sam TCIÊ Tem


Fry Hay Las Rye Sam Seq Sup




96 66 51 11 00 83

51 2601 00 55

51 96 01Ê l 2601 83







8215 SW TUALATIN-SHERWOOD ROAD, SUITE 200 CELL: 503-267-4805 OFFICE: 248-528-5990 503-404-2440 CELL: FAX: 503-267-4805 E-MAIL: dladzick@secotools.com OFFICE: 248-528-5990 FAX: 503-404-2440 www.secotools.com E-MAIL: dladzick@secotools.com



Vice President/General Manager

Stainless Steel FryÊ SteelÊ ___________800-423-6651 LaserÊ CuttingÊ Services,Ê IncÊ _ 503-612-8311 RyersonÊ Corporation_____425-204-2601 SamuelÊ SonÊ &Ê Co_______800-648-8000 TCIÊ PrecisionÊ MetalsÊ______800-234-5613 TemtcoÊ SteelÊ_______480-389-2883 Titanium Rod, Bar, & Wire SupraÊ Alloys,Ê Inc._Ê______866-949-1699 Titanium Sheet & Plate SupraÊ Alloys,Ê Inc._Ê______866-949-1699 Titanium Tube & Pipe HaynesÊ InternationalÊ ____425-422-6496 SupraÊ Alloys,Ê Inc._Ê______866-949-1699 Tool Steel SamuelÊ SonÊ &Ê CoÊ _____ 800-648-8000 TCIÊ PrecisionÊ MetalsÊ ____800-234-5613 TemtcoÊ SteelÊ ______480-389-2883 Tubing & Pipe RyersonÊ Corporation_____425-204-2601 METAL DISTRIBUTORS FryÊ SteelÊ ___________800-423-6651 HaynesÊ InternationalÊ ____425-422-6496 LaserÊ CuttingÊ Services,Ê IncÊ _ 503-612-8311 RyersonÊ Corporation_____425-204-2601 SamuelÊ SonÊ &Ê CoÊ _____ 800-648-8000 SequoiaÊ BrassÊ &Ê Copper___800-362-5255 SupraÊ Alloys,Ê Inc._Ê______866-949-1699

TCIÊ PrecisionÊ MeTals____800-234-5613 TemtcoÊ SteelÊ _______ 480-389-2883 NEW MACHINERY CHIP CUTTING Boring NorthÊ WesternÊ MachineryÊ _ 206-583-2333 CNC Attachments OmniTurnÊ __________541-332-7004 CNC Drilling/Tapping MachineÊ ToolworksÊ ___800-426-2052 NorthÊ WesternÊ MachineryÊ _ 206-583-2333 CNC Mills 5-Axis PerformanceÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ _ 510-249-1000 WesternÊ MachineÊ CenterÊ 408-955-1000 CNC Mills ChevalierÊ USAÊ ______ 562-903-1929 GaneshÊ MachineryÊ ___ 888-542-6374 HallidieÊ MachineÊ ToolÊ Ê _ 253-939-9020 LMIÊ MachineryÊ Inc.____866-437-7315 MachineÊ ToolworksÊ ____800-426-2052 MachineÊ ToolsÊ NorthwestÊ _ 206-650-8999 North Western Mach’y___206-583-2333 PerformanceÊ MachineÊ Tools_510-249-1000 TornosÊ USA.Ê _______ 951-240-0818 CNC Lathes ChevalierÊ USAÊ ______ 562-903-1929 GaneshÊ MachineryÊ ___ 888-542-6374 HallidieÊ MachineÊ ToolÊ__ 253-939-9020

MachineÊ ToolworksÊ ____800-426-2052

EDM Filtration

MachineÊ ToolsÊ NorthwestÊ 206-650-8999 MuratecÊ _______ 949-466-8255 NorthÊ WesternÊ MachineryÊ206-583-2333 OmniTurnÊ ________ 541-332-7004 PerformanceÊ MachineÊ Tools_510-249-1000 CNC Routing Machines SansonÊ MachineryÊ __ 425-513-8263 CNC Swiss Turn Machines EllisÊ MachineryÊ WAÊ __253-838-3443 EllisÊ MachineryÊ ORÊ __503-258-0526 GaneshÊ MachineryÊ __ 888-542-6374 LMIÊ MachineryÊ Inc.___866-437-7315 MachineÊ ToolworksÊ _____800-4262052

DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê __ 480-816-6300 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ____ 480-836-1782 EDM Machines4 DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê __ 480-816-6300 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ____ 480-836-1782 North-SouthÊ MachineryÊ 253-333-2439 EDM Service DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê __ 480-816-6300 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ____ 480-836-1782 EDM Tooling Systems DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê __ 480-816-6300 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ____ 480-836-1782 GlobalÊ EDMÊ Ê SupplyÊ 480-836-8330 CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines ChevalierÊ USAÊ _____562-903-1929 Slant Bed Lathes ChevalierÊ USAÊ _____562-903-1929 Sub Spindle Lathes ChevalierÊ USAÊ _____562-903-1929 Used Wire EDM Machines

MachineÊ ToolsÊ NorthwestÊ 206-650-8999 North-SouthÊ MachineryÊ 253-333-2439 NorthÊ WesternÊ MachineryÊ206-583-2333 PerformanceÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ510-249-1000 TornosÊ USA.Ê _____ _951-240-0818 Custom Design/Build Machines LambieÊ EngineeringÊ _ 509-868-3100 Double Column Vertical Milling Machines DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê __ 480-816-6300 ChevalierÊ USAÊ _____ 562-903-1929 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ____ 480-836-1782 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

47 • Jun/July 2012

Magnetic Drills/Cutters Machine Tool Rebuilding Software, Solid Modeling InnovativeÊ ToolÊ SalesÊ __ 714-780-0730 DelcamÊ__________877-DELCAM1 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ____480-836-1782 Notchers ShopÊ FloorÊ______ 877-611-5825 Management Systems FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê__503-620-9031 Training REPAIR PARTS Pipe & Tube BendersNotchers ABSÊ QualityÊ EvaluationsÊ 702-371-7591 HallidieÊ MachineÊ ToolÊ 253-939-9020 Belts BMSCÊ____________602-445-9400 Plasma/Gas PALLET SYSTEMS AllÊ WorldÊ Machinery___815-943-9111 Supply Chain Assessments Cutting Tools/Systems Manual & Automatic Pallet Bearings(Precision) ABSÊ QualityÊ EvaluationsÊ 702-371-7591 DWÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 425-827-6931 Systems AllÊ WorldÊ MachineryÊ _ __815-943-9111 SPINDLES & SLIDES MidacoÊ CorporationÊ ____ 847-593-8420 SansonÊ MachineryÊ ___425-513-8263 Metric O -R ings Magnetic Drills/Cutters Manual Lift Off Pallet SysSpindle Rebuilding/Repair InnovativeÊ ToolÊ SalesÊ __ 714-780-0730 AllÊ WorldÊ MachineryÊ___815-943-9111 GMNÊ USAÊ LLC_______800-686-1679 tems Switches (Proximity, MidacoÊ CorporationÊ ____ 847-593-8420 MuratecÊ ________949-466-8255 SetcoÊ___________714-222-6523 Limit) Plate Bending & Rolls Manual Rotory Pallet Systems Spindle Sales New FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê__503-620-9031 AllÊ WorldÊ MachineryÊ___815-943-9111 MidacoÊ CorporationÊ ____ 847-593-8420 FadalÊ CNCÊ ______ 208-855-9426 Valves (Hydraulic, PneuJorgensenÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ 800-952-0151 REPAIR GMNÊ USAÊ LLC_______800-686-1679 matic) SansonÊ MachineryÊ ___425-513-8263 BandsawÊ Tech_______562--419-7675 AllÊ WorldÊ MachineryÊ___815-943-9111 SetcoÊ___________714-222-6523 Presses ROBOTICS USED MACHINERY DWÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 425-827-6931 Robotic Part Loading Systems ROBOTICS SansonÊ MachineryÊ ___425-513-8263 MidacoÊ CorporationÊ ____ 847-593-8420 LMIÊ MachineryÊ Inc.Ê___866-437-7315 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ______480-836-1782 Press Brakes GaneshÊ Machinery____888-542-6374 NEW MACHINERY SERVICES DWÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ ____425-827-6931 HallidieÊ MachineÊ ToolÊ 253-939-9020 FABRICATION FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê__503-620-9031 JorgensenÊ MachineÊ Tools_Ê ____ AS9100 Registration FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê_ 503-620-9031 HallidieÊ MachineÊ ToolÊ Ê 253-939-9020 ABSÊ QualityÊ EvaluationsÊ 702-371-7591 800-952-0151 JorgensenÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ 800-952-0151 GreatÊ WesternÊ RegistrarÊ 623-580-1881 K.D.Ê CapitalÊ Equipt____480-922-1674 Band & Cut Off Saws Punches DWÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 425-827-6931 Gap Analysis Training MachineÊ ToolsÊ NorthwestÊ 206-650-8999 FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê__503-620-9031 ABSÊ QualityÊ EvaluationsÊ 702-371-7591 InnovativeÊ ToolÊ SalesÊ __ 714-780-0730 North Western Mach’yÊ _______ Sanders/Finishing JorgensonÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ 801-214-7309 Financial Services ___206-583-2333 NorthÊ WesternÊ MachineryÊ206-583-2333 DWÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ ____425-827-6931 SpectraÊ FinancialÊ_____602-680-7570Ê PerformanceÊ MachineÊ Tools_510-249-1000 ISO Registration SansonÊ MachineryÊ ___425-513-8263 SansonÊ MachineryÊ ___425-513-8263 Ê WATERJET CUTTING ABSÊ QualityÊ EvaluationsÊ 702-371-7591 Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Shearing Machines CNC Turret Punches FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê 503-620-9031 DWÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 425-827-6931 FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê__503-620-9031 GreatÊ WesternÊ RegistrarÊ 623-580-1881 FLOWÊ Intl.Ê_________909-620-5707 Lean Consulting JorgensenÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ_800-952-0151 MuratecÊ ________949-466-8255 ABSÊ QualityÊ EvaluationsÊ 702-371-7591 JorgensenÊ MachineÊ Tools_800-952-0151 SansonÊ MachineryÊ ___425-513-8263 SansonÊ MachineryÊ ___425-513-8263 LambieÊ EngineeringÊ 509-868-3100 MachineÊ ToolworksÊ ____800-426-20521 Tooling Drill Lines Lean Training OMAXÊ Corp_________800-838-0343 FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê_ 503-620-9031 FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê__503-620-9031 ABSÊ QualityÊ EvaluationsÊ 702-371-7591 SansonÊ Machinery____Ê425-513-8263 Tube Bending Cold Saws/Saws LambieÊ EngineeringÊ 509-868-3100 Waterjet Abrasives DWÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 425-827-6931 DWÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ ____425-827-6931 Liquid Penetrant HallidieÊ MachineÊ ToolÊ SalesÊ 253-939-9020 KMTÊ WaterjetÊ SystemsÊ 800-826-9274 FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê_ 503-620-9031 TeamÊ IndustrialÊ Servies---------801-397-2202 Welding Equipment NorthÊ WesternÊ MachineryÊ_206-583-2333 Waterjet Replacement Parts RockyÊ MountainÊ SawÊ BladesÊ 303-761-3000 TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ 602-269-7868 Hardware Insertion EDMÊ PerformanceÊ __ 800-336-2946 MAG Particle SansonÊ MachineryÊ ___425-513-8263 SansonÊ MachineryÊ ___425-513-8263 KMTÊ WaterjetÊ SystemsÊ 800-826-9274 TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ 801-397-2202 OTHER ACCESSORIES Iron Workers WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ 602-269-7868 Tooling Systems FaheyÊ MachineryÊ Co.,Ê Inc.Ê_ 503-620-9031 KMTÊ WaterjetÊ SystemsÊ 800-826-9274 HallidieÊ MachineÊ ToolÊ Ê 253-939-9020 USAÊ EDMÊ SupplyÊ ____ 480-836-8330 X-Ray Waterjet Nozzels TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ 801-397-2202 JorgensenÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ 800-952-0151 PROG. SYSTEMS KMTÊ WaterjetÊ SystemsÊ 800-826-9274 Laser Cutting Factory Automation/Logistics TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ 602-269-7868 Waterjet Pumps DWÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 425-827-6931 MuratecÊ ________949-466-8255 ISO9000 / AS9100 KMTÊ WaterjetÊ SystemsÊ 800-826-9274 SansonÊ MachineryÊ ___425-513-8263 Certification CAD/CAMSoftware, CAD Waterjet Robot Kits DelcamÊ _________ 877-DELCAM1 ABSÊ QualityÊ EvaluationsÊ 702-371-7591 Laser Marking CNCÊ MachineÊ ServicesÊ 425-788-4500 ShopÊ FloorÊ ________ 877-611-5825 BMSCÊ____________602-445-9400 KMTÊ WaterjetÊ SystemsÊ 800-826-9274 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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Jun/July 2012





Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes Innol/ative Tool !!iales


Manufacturers Representatives

Randall J. Wilson Industrial Products 755 East Debra Lane Anaheim. CA 92805

r 679 23


ITS Office, (714) 780-0730 Weld Shop: [7 I 4) 533- 1690



[714] 780-0735



(714) 51 2-73 I 4

679 23 MarZee I nc. 2345 N. 34th Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85009

82 374 20

Home of 5 Omax Waterjets 80” x 240” Cutting Envelope Virtually Zero Taper Available Fast Quoting & Turn Arounds Prototype to Production

602-269-5801 602-269-5810 1-877-885-1059 FAX






31 07 0151 521 343 263


BRAZING PrecisionÊ CastingÊ RepairÊ _801-972-2345 BROACHING PonderosaÊ IndÊ _______303-298-1801 SpecialtyÊ SteelÊ ServicesÊ _ 801-539-8252

ASSEMBLIES DiamondÊ ToolÊ &Ê Die_510-534-7050 MatrixÊ MachineÊ __ 480-966-4451 Prescott’s MFG ____719-659-0262 SeastromÊ _____ 800-634-2356 BENDING Mandrel BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê Ê _ 801-253-1929 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ __ 623-582-4776 SolidÊ FormÊ FabricationÊ503-435-1400 BONDING Diffusion MatrixÊ MachineÊ __ 480-966-4451 VACCOÊ IndustriesÊ __626-443-7121 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

49 • Jun/July 2012

Turning: Automatic MatrixÊ MachineÊ ______480-966-4451 Castings: Repair PrecisionÊ CastingÊ RepairÊ _801-972-2345 CHEMICAL ETCHING Acu-LineÊ __________206-634-1618 PMAÊ PhotometalsÊ ____ 480-773-3239 VACCOÊ IndustriesÊ ____ 626-443-7121 CLEANING WasatchÊ MetalÊ Finishing801-779-2020 COATING AccuwrightÊ IndustriesÊ _ 480-892-9595 CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ __ 623-581-2648 METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __602-276-4120 Coating: Black Oxide CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ __ 623-581-2648

METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ _602-276-41203 Coating: Dry Film Lube CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ __ 623-581-2648 Coating: Nickel/ Teflon/Chrome CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ __ 623-581-2648 Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ __ 623-581-2648 Electro-Coating Services VACCOÊ IndustriesÊ ___ 626-443-7121 COLD SPRAY AccuwrightÊ IndustriesÊ _ 480-892-9595 DIE CASTING HiltonÊ ToolÊ ________________ __________503-657-9312 TVTÊ DieÊ CastingÊ _____ 800-280-2278

EDM EDM: Dialectric Systems /Filtration EbbcoÊ IncÊ ___________ 586-716-5151 EDM: Drilling Small Hole MicropulseÊ West,Ê Inc.Ê _____480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics,Ê Inc.Ê _______602-437-8995 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) MicropulseÊ West,Ê Inc.Ê _____480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics,Ê Inc.Ê _______602-437-8995 PetersenÊ Inc.Ê_________ 800-410-6789 WrightÊ PrototypeÊ ______ 541-924-1203 EDM: Wire CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ ___ 435-752-0934 DiamondÊ ToolÊ &Ê Die,Ê Inc.Ê __ 510-534-7050 MicropulseÊ West,Ê Inc.Ê _____480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics,Ê Inc.Ê _______602-437-8995 JetÊ ProcessingÊ ______ 623-869-6749x117 Pacific Tool, Inc. _____425-882-1970 PlasticÊ InjectionÊ MoldingÊ __ 509-531-2634 PowerhausÊ PrecisionÊ ____ 480-225-8845 ENGINEERING/DESIGN

DIES Tool & Dies HiltonÊ Tool_________503-657-9312 MicropulseÊ WestÊ Inc.Ê __ 480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics,Ê Inc.Ê ____ 602-437-8995 NuclearÊ FilterÊ Tech____303-384-9785 PlasticÊ InjectionÊ MoldingÊ 509-531-2634 Pacific Tool, Inc. _____425-882-1970 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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Jun/July 2012

Patrick McGrath patrick@redbackindustries.com T: 425-455-9200 F: 425.455.1750 Redback Industries 1400 112th Ave. SE Bellevue, WA 98004 www.redbackindustries.com

Graphite Services Micro-Tronics,Ê Inc.Ê ____ 602-437-8995 FABRICATION Fabrication: Sheet Metal AeroÊ TechÊ MFGÊ _____ 801-891-2740 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _ 435-752-0934 CygnetÊ StampingÊ &Ê FabÊ _ 818-240-7574 DiamondÊ ToolÊ &Ê Die,Ê Inc.Ê 510-534-7050 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ 435-755-0500 SolidÊ FormÊ FabricationÊ _ 503-435-1400 ValleyÊ MachineÊ Shop,Ê Inc.Ê 425-207-5951 Fabrication: Custom Metal CygnetÊ StampingÊ &Ê FabÊ _ 818-240-7574 GroupÊ MfgÊ ServÊ _____ 480-966-3952 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776 IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 PetersenÊ IncÊ _______ 800-410-6789 SolidÊ FormÊ FabricationÊ _ 503-435-1400 VACCOÊ IndustriesÊ ___ 626-443-7121 ValleyÊ MachineÊ Shop,Ê Inc.Ê 425-207-5951 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ PrecisionÊ 303-280-2778 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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Wrico WricoÊ __________ 480-892-7800 WrightÊ PrototypeÊ ____ 541-924-1203 Fabrication: Medium & Large BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê Ê ____801-253-1929 GroupÊ MfgÊ ServÊ _____ 480-966-3952 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776 IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 SolidÊ FormÊ FabricationÊ _ 503-435-1400 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ PrecisionÊ 303-280-2778 FASTENERS/HARDWARE SelfÊ ClinchÊ _________801-746-2689 FINISHING ArizonaÊ FinishingÊ ____ 602-438-4443 CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ __ 623-581-2648 METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __602-276-4120 Galvanizing: Hot Dip TMMÊ PrecisionÊ Ê _____ 800-448-9448 Glass Bead Clean ByingtonÊ SteelÊ Treating,Ê Inc.Ê408-727-6630 CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ __ 623-581-2648

Liquid Painting AeroÊ TechÊ MFGÊ ____ 801-891-2740 IndustrialEXÊ _____ 303-456-6847 MPIÊ InternationalÊ ____ 956-631-6880

GRINDING ChemResearchÊ _____ 602-253-4175 GetÊ AnÊ Edge________425-355-9593 IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ 435-755-0500 Passivation Pacific Tool, Inc. _____425-882-1970 CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ _623-581-2648 PrecisionÊ TechÊ ______ 801-285-7288 JetÊ ProcessingÊ ___ 623-869-6749x117 RonÊ GrobÊ CoÊ _______ 970-667-5320 METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ _602-276-4120 SuperiorÊ GrindingÊ ____ 801-487-9700 Powder Coating TCIÊ PrecisionÊ MetalsÊ ___ 800-234-5613 AeroÊ TechÊ MFGÊ ____ 801-891-2740 Grinding, Blanchard Diversified Metal ServicesÊ 801-972-6093 Sandblasting ByingtonÊ SteelÊ Treating,Ê Inc.Ê408-727-6630 SuperiorÊ GrindingÊ ____ 801-487-9700 TCIÊ PrecisionÊ MetalsÊ ___ 800-234-5613 Silk Screening Grinding, Centerless ArizonaÊ FinishingÊ ___ 602-438-4443 RonÊ GrobÊ CoÊ _______ 970-667-5320 IndustrialEXÊ _____ 303-456-6847 Grinding, Double Disc Potting/Encapsulation TCIÊ PrecisionÊ MetalsÊ ___ 800-234-5613 IndustrialEXÊ _____ 303-456-6847 Grinding: OD GALVANIZING Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ ____ 602-437-8995 PetersenÊ IncÊ _______800-410-6789 Pacific Tool, Inc. _____425-882-1970 GLASS/OPTICAL PrecisionÊ TechÊ ______ 801-285-7288 Prescott’s MFG ______719-659-0262 RonÊ GrobÊ CoÊ _______ 970-667-5320 A Z METALWORKER NW 2

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Shawn Carlin scarlin@gmsaz.com

Marjorie Langton President

J&M Machine, LLC 1703 NE 43rd Street Renton, WA 98056 Phone: 425-204-0848 Fax: 425-204-0850 Email: Marj@jm-machine.net


DIAMOND TOOL & DIE, INC. CNC Machining and Manufacturing Since 1968

510 534-7050 Ext 215 Fax 510 534-0454 rfq@dtdjobshop.com www.dtdjobshop.com

508 29th Avenue Oakland, CA 94601 USA

AEROSPACE MILITARY COMMERCIAL www.powerhausprecision.com

SuperiorÊ GrindingÊ ___ 801-487-9700 Grinding: Surface ChemResearchÊ______602-253-4175 QualityÊ Mold______ 480-892-5480 SuperiorÊ GrindingÊ ___ 801-487-9700 TCIÊ PrecisionÊ MetalsÊ ___800-234-5613 WestwoodÊ PrecisionÊ ___ 425-742-7011 Grinding: Tool & Cutter GetÊ AnÊ Edge________425-355-9593 SuperiorÊ Grinding_____888-487-9701 HEAT TREATING ByingtonÊ SteelÊ Treating__408-727-6630 PhoenixÊ HeatÊ TreatingÊ _602-258-7751 Cryogenics PhoenixÊ HeatÊ TreatingÊ _602-258-7751 Heat Treating/ISO/AS9100 ByingtonÊ SteelÊ Treating__408-727-6630 Heat Treating/Aerospace ByingtonÊ SteelÊ Treating__408-727-6630 Large Capacity Drop Bottom Oven/Aluminum ByingtonÊ SteelÊ Treating__408-727-6630

HONING ValleyÊ MachineÊ Shop,Ê Inc.Ê 425-207-5951 WestwoodÊ PrecisionÊ ____425-742-7011 INJECTION MOLDS HiltonÊ ToolÊ ________ 503-657-9312 PlasticÊ InjectionÊ MoldingÊ 509-531-2634 INJECTION MOLDING Prescott’s MFG ______719-659-0262 Inspection Services IRON STITCHING PrecisionÊ CastingÊ Repair_801-972-2345 LASER CUTTING Laser Cutting HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776 WricoÊ __________ 480-892-7800 Laser Cutting: Micro HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776 VACCOÊ IndustriesÊ ___ 626-443-7121 Laser Cutting: 3D HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776

EMI/RFI Shielding IndustrialEXÊ _____ 303-456-6847 Laser Engraving PMAÊ PhotometalsÊ ____ 480-773-3239 VACCOÊ IndustriesÊ ___ 626-443-7121 Laser Marking PMAÊ PhotometalsÊ ____ 480-773-3239 VACCOÊ IndustriesÊ ___ 626-443-7121 Precision Etched Parts PMAÊ PhotometalsÊ ____ 480-773-3239 VACCOÊ IndustriesÊ ___ 626-443-7121

MACHINING AdvancedÊ MfgÊ ServicesÊ _ 310-320-2897 3rdÊ GenÊ Machine______435-794-4980 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê Ê ____801-253-1929 Bar-SÊ Machine,Ê Inc.Ê Ê ___ 928-636-2115 BritzÊ MachineÊ &Ê DesignÊ _ 509-457-2800 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _ 435-752-0934 DiamondÊ ToolÊ &Ê Die,Ê Inc.Ê 510-534-7050 FaustsonÊ _________ 303-420-7422 MatrixÊ MachineÊ _____ 480-966-4451 E-Coat NuclearÊ FilterÊ TechÊ __ 303-384-9785 MPIÊ InternationalÊ ____ 956-631-6880 Pacific Tool, Inc.Ê _____ 425-882-1970

PowerhausÊ PrecisionÊ __ 480-225-8845 PremierÊ PrecisionÊ ____ 623-466-3156 RonÊ GrobÊ CoÊ _______ 970-667-5320 SeastromÊ__________ 800-634-2356 St.Ê VrainÊ _________303-702-1529 SolidÊ FormÊ FabricationÊ _ 503-435-1400 TVTÊ DieÊ CastingÊ _____ 800-280-2278 ValleyÊ MachineÊ Shop,Ê Inc.Ê 425-207-5951 WestwoodÊ PrecisionÊ ___ 425-742-7011 WrightÊ PrototypeÊ ____ 541-924-1203 Machining: 5-Axis St.Ê VrainÊ _________303-702-1529 Machining: Aerospace Bar-SÊ Machine,Ê Inc.Ê Ê ___ 928-636-2115 St.Ê VrainÊ _________303-702-1529 TetonÊ MachineÊ Ê ____ 208-642-9344 Machining: Proto-R & D AdvancedÊ MfgÊ ServicesÊ _ 310-320-2897 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê Ê ____801-253-1929 Bar-SÊ Machine,Ê Inc.Ê Ê ___ 928-636-2115 BritzÊ MachineÊ &Ê DesignÊ _ 509-457-2800 A2Z METALWORKER NW

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MOLDS STEEL AeroÊ TechÊ MFGÊ _____ 801-891-2740 PlasticÊ InjectionÊ MoldingÊ 509-531-2634

CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _ 435-752-0934 IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 InnovativeÊ PrecisionÊ ____801-334-6317 MatrixÊ MachineÊ _____ 480-966-4451 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ ____602-437-8995 PetersenÊ IncÊ _______ 800-410-6789 Pacific Tool, Inc.Ê _____ 425-882-1970 PowerhausÊ PrecisionÊ __ 480-225-8845 Prescott’s MFG ________719-659-0262 RonÊ GrobÊ CoÊ _______ 970-667-5320 TVTÊ DieÊ CastingÊ ______ 800-280-2278 WestwoodÊ PrecisionÊ ___ 425-742-7011 WrightÊ PrototypeÊ ____ 541-924-1203 Machining: Chemical Acu-LineÊ _________ 206-634-1618 Machining: CNC AdvancedÊ MfgÊ ServicesÊ _ 310-320-2897 3rdÊ GenÊ Machine______435-794-4980 Bar-SÊ Machine,Ê Inc.Ê Ê ___ 928-636-2115 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê Ê ____801-253-1929 BritzÊ MachineÊ &Ê DesignÊ _ 509-457-2800 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _ 435-752-0934 FaustsonÊ _________ 303-420-7422 IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 InnovativeÊ PrecisionÊ ____801-334-6317 MatrixÊ MachineÊ _____ 480-966-4451 MicropulseÊ West,Ê Inc.Ê ___ 480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ ___ 602-437-8995 Pacific Tool, Inc.Ê _____ 425-882-1970 SeastromÊ _________ 800-634-2356 TetonÊ MachineÊ Ê ____ 208-642-9344 ValleyÊ MachineÊ Shop,Ê Inc.Ê 425-207-5951 WestwoodÊ PrecisionÊ ___ 425-742-7011 WrightÊ PrototypeÊ ____ 541-924-1203 Machining: Large ValleyÊ MachineÊ Shop,Ê Inc.Ê 425-207-5951 Machining: Laser InnovativeÊ PrecisionÊ ____801-334-6317 Machining: Medical Prescott’s MFG _______719-659-0262 TetonÊ MachineÊ Ê ____ 208-642-9344 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

52 • Jun/July 2012

S Rebecca Prentice Business Manager

MOLDING: RUBBER Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ ____602-437-8995 www.IndustrialMachineServices.com Molds: Plastic Injection Machining: Production Gold Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ ____602-437-8995 InnovativeÊ PrecisionÊ ____801-334-6317 EPSIÊ ___________ 714-519-9423 PlasticÊ InjectionÊ MoldingÊ 509-531-2634 Prescott’s MFG _______719-659-0262 GoldÊ TechÊ Ê ________480-968-1930 Molds Steel TetonÊ MachineÊ Ê ____ 208-642-9344 ArizonaÊ FinishingÊ ___ 602-438-4443 SeattleÊ PolishingÊ &Ê PlatingÊ 253-804-0160 Machining: Swiss GTin / Zinc Plate JetÊ ProcessingÊ ___ 623-869-6749x117 Bar-SÊ Machine,Ê Inc.Ê Ê ___ 928-636-2115 PlasticÊ InjectionÊ MoldingÊ 509-531-2634 METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __602-276-4120 TetonÊ MachineÊ Ê ____ 208-642-9344 EPSIÊ ___________ 714-519-9423 Mil Spec Painting Machining: Turning IndustrialEXÊ _____ 303-456-6847 GoldÊ TechÊ Ê ________480-968-1930 AdvancedÊ MfgÊ ServicesÊ _ 310-320-2897 Silver Plating NAME PLATES 3rdÊ GenÊ Machine_____435-794-4980 ___________ 714-519-9423 EPSIÊ Bar-SÊ Machine,Ê Inc.Ê Ê ___ 928-636-2115 Acu-LineÊ _________ 206-634-1618 GoldÊ TechÊ Ê ________480-968-1930 PACKAGING BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê Ê ____801-253-1929 PRECISION FORMING BritzÊ MachineÊ &Ê DesignÊ _ 509-457-2800 Banding Material Systems CygnetÊ StampingÊ &Ê FabÊ _ 818-240-7574 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _ 435-752-0934 RedbackÊ ________ 425-455-9200 Pacific Tool, IncÊ _____ 425-882-1970 FaustsonÊ________ 303-420-7422 Non-Metalic Banding SpringWorksÊ UtahÊ ____ 801-298-0113 IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 Systems Pacific Tool, Inc.Ê _____ 425-882-1970 RedbackÊ ________ 425-455-9200 WricoÊ __________ 480-892-7800 PowerhausÊ PrecisionÊ __ 480-225-8845 PROCESSING: METAL PLASTIC MOLDING TetonÊ MachineÊ Ê ____ 208-642-9344 Acid Pickle PlasticÊ InjectionÊ MoldingÊ 509-531-2634 ValleyÊ MachineÊ Shop,Ê Inc.Ê 425-207-5951 MPIÊ InternationalÊ _____ 956-631-6880 Mold Making WestwoodÊ PrecisionÊ ___ 425-742-7011 Chemical PlasticÊ InjectionÊ MoldingÊ 509-531-2634 Machining: Turning Large LAÊ SpecialtiesÊ _______602-269-7612 PLATING ValleyÊ MachineÊ Shop,Ê Inc.Ê 425-207-5951 ChemResearchÊ _____ 602-253-4175 MPIÊ InternationalÊ _____ 956-631-6880 MANUFACTURING AdvancedÊ MfgÊ ServicesÊ _ 310-320-2897 EPSIÊ ___________ 714-519-9423 SeattleÊ PolishingÊ &Ê PlatingÊ 253-804-0160 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê Ê ____801-253-1929 GoldÊ TechÊ Ê ________480-968-1930 Plating Alodine CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _ 435-752-0934 METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __602-276-4120 MPIÊ InternationalÊ _____ 956-631-6880 DiamondÊ ToolÊ &Ê Die,Ê Inc.Ê 510-534-7050 MPIÊ InternationalÊ ____ 956-631-6880 Phosphate GroupÊ MfgÊ ServÊ ____ 480-966-3952 Anodizing MPIÊ InternationalÊ _____ 956-631-6880 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776 ChemResearchÊ _____ 602-253-4175 Polishing Pacific Tool, Inc.Ê _____ 425-882-1970 METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __602-276-4120 SeattleÊ PolishingÊ &Ê PlatingÊ 253-804-0160 PremierÊ PrecisionÊ ____ 623-466-3156 TetonÊ MachineÊ Ê ____ 208-642-9344 PremierÊ PrecisionÊ ____ 623-466-3156 PUNCHING TVTÊ DieÊ CastingÊ ______ 800-280-2278 PilkingtonÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ801-972-2146 GroupÊ ManufacturingÊ ServÊ480-966-3952 Chrome/Nickel/Palladium WestwoodÊ PrecisionÊ ___ 425-742-7011 Pacific Tool, IncÊ _____ 425-882-1970 EPSIÊ ___________ 714-519-9423 Turnkey Product Services CygnetÊ StampingÊ &Ê FabÊ _ 818-240-7574 AeroÊ TechÊ MFGÊ _____ 801-891-2740 GoldÊ TechÊ Ê ________480-968-1930 SANDBLASTING SeattleÊ PolishingÊ &Ê PlatingÊ 253-804-0160 ByingtonÊ SteelÊ Treating__408-727-6630 METALIZING AccuwrightÊ IndustriesÊ__ 480-892-9595 SIGNS Embrittlement Relief METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 602-276-4120 EPSIÊ ___________ 714-519-9423 Acu-LineÊ _________ 206-634-1618









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“QUALITY METAL STAMPINGS” JED BROWN 155 Schulz Road Central Point, OR 97502 jed@jptool.com

541-664-6743 Fax 541-664-6769 www.jptool.com

Utah ____ 801-298-0113 SolidÊ FormÊ FabricationÊ _ 503-435-1400 SpringWorksÊ UtahÊ SPLINES Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ Prec.Ê303280-2778 SpecialtyÊ SteelÊ ServicesÊ _801-539-8252 Stamping:Flat Forming JPÊ ToolÊ __________ 541-664-6743 SPRAY:METAL,PLASMA AccuwrightÊ IndustriesÊ __ 480-892-9595 SpringWorksÊ UtahÊ ____ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Light SPRINGS SpringWorksÊ UtahÊ ____ 801-298-0113 JPÊ ToolÊ __________ 541-664-6743 STAMPING PRECISION Pacific Metal StampingsÊ _ 661-257-7656 CygnetÊ StampingÊ &Ê FabÊ _ 818-240-7574Ê SeastromÊ _________ 800-634-2356 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _ 435-752-0934 SpringWorksÊ UtahÊ ____ 801-298-0113 JPÊ ToolÊ __________ 541-664-6743 Stamping: Production/ Pacific Metal StampingsÊ _ 661-257-7656 Precision PrecisionÊ DieÊ &Ê StampingÊ 480-967-2038 PrecisionÊ DieÊ &Ê StampingÊ 480-967-2038 SeastromÊ ________ 800-634-2356 Stamping: Short Run SpringWorksÊ UtahÊ ____ 801-298-0113 JPÊ ToolÊ __________ 541-664-6743 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ Prec.303-280-2778 Pacific Metal StampingsÊ _ 661-257-7656 Stamping: Aerospace SWISS SCREW JPÊ ToolÊ __________ 541-664-6743 MACHINING. Pacific Metal StampingsÊ _ 661-257-7656 AcuÊ Spec,Ê Inc_______ 408-748-8600 Stamping: Bending 3rdÊ GenÊ MachineÊ ____ 435-794-4980 JPÊ ToolÊ __________ 541-664-6743 HowardÊ PMPÊ Ê _______801-808-4106 Pacific Metal StampingsÊ _ 661-257-7656 LewisÊ AerospaceÊ ___ 877-254-2024 Stamping:Design RonÊ GrobÊ CoÊ _______ 970-667-5320 JPÊ ToolÊ __________ 541-664-6743 SeastromÊ _________ 800-634-2356 Pacific Metal StampingsÊ _ 661-257-7656 WestwoodÊ PrecisionÊ ___ 425-742-7011

Call: Kim Carpenter 480-773-3239

TESTING Testing: Non-Destructive BlanchardÊ MetalsÊ Proc.Ê _ 801-972-5590 JetÊ ProcessingÊ ____623-869-6749x117 PilkingtonÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ 801-972-2146 PremierÊ PrecisionÊ ____ 623-466-3156 THERMAL SPRAY AccuwrightÊ IndustriesÊ __ 480-892-9595 TOOL & DIE WricoÊ __________ 480-892-7800 TOOL Cutting & Grinding PowerhausÊ PrecisionÊ __ 480-225-8845 TOOLING CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _ 435-752-0934 DiamondÊ ToolÊ &Ê Die,Ê Inc.Ê 510-534-7050 IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 JPÊ ToolÊ __________ 541-664-6743 LambieÊ EngineeringÊ __509-868-3100 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ 435-755-0500 TUBE BENDING CUTTING FAB CygnetÊ StampingÊ &Ê FabÊ _ 818-240-7574 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776 WATERJET CUTTING BritzÊ MachineÊ &Ê DesignÊ _ 509-457-2800

CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _ 435-752-0934 MarzeeÊ Inc.Ê _____ 602-269-5801 PetersenÊ IncÊ _______ 800-410-6789 SolidÊ FormÊ FabricationÊ _ 503-435-1400 WELDING BritzÊ MachineÊ &Ê DesignÊ _ 509-457-2800 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _ 435-752-0934 CygnetÊ StampingÊ &Ê FabÊ _ 818-240-7574 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776 IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 PetersenÊ IncÊ _______ 800-410-6789 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ 435-755-0500 SolidÊ FormÊ FabricationÊ _ 503-435-1400 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ Prec.Ê303280-2778 Welding: Aluminum Medium & Large IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 PetersenÊ IncÊ _______ 800-410-6789 Welding: Precision HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776 IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 PetersenÊ IncÊ _______ 800-410-6789 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ Prec.Ê303280-2778 Welding: MIG-TIG HowellÊ PrecisionÊ _____ 623-582-4776 IndustrialÊ MachineÊ SvcsÊ _ 503-240-0878 PetersenÊ IncÊ _______ 800-410-6789

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maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products It’s what’s on the InsIde that counts … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

the technoLogy inside

the RIght LIne of PRoducts • Cutting & Grinding • High Performance Lubricants • Greases • Deformation • Cleaners • Corrosion Preventatives • Chain Oils

discover why only castrol Industrial has the technoLogy InsIde.

Castrol Industrial North America Inc. l 150 West Warrenville Rd. 603-1E l Naperville, IL 60563 l techhelp@castrol.com l castrol.com/industrial

S.L. Fusco’s three locations: 2102 Adams Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577 1 510 895 9000 Serving Northern California & Northern Nevada

1966 Via Arado Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220 1 310 868 1010 Serving Southern California

2530 Southport Way, Ste. D National City, CA 91950 1 619 477 7733 Serving Southern California

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1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2"

18.59 19.94 21.29 22.64 23.99 25.34 26.69 28.04 29.39 30.74 32.09 33.44 34.79 36.14 37.49 38.84 40.19 41.54 42.89 44.24 45.59 46.94 48.29 49.64 50.99 52.34 53.69 55.04 56.39



27.81 30.05 29.30 32.57 30.78 35.10 32.26 37.62 33.74 40.15 35.23 42.67 36.71 45.20 38.19 47.72 39.67 50.25 41.16 52.77 42.64 55.30 44.12 57.82 TH E 45.60 60.35 47.09 62.87 48.57 65.40 50.05 67.92 51.53 70.45 53.02 72.97 54.60 75.60 55.98 78.02 57.46 80.55 58.95 83.07 60.43 85.60 61.91 88.12 63.39 90.65 64.88 93.17 66.36 95.70 67.84 98.22 69.32 100.75

41.18 43.93 46.67 49.41 52.15 54.90 57.64 60.38 63.12 65.87 68.61 71.35 W O74.09 R L D. 76.84 79.58 82.32 85.06 87.81 90.55 93.29 96.03 98.78 101.52 104.26 107.00 109.75 112.49 115.23 117.97


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3/4" quality 1" to1-1/4" 1-1/2" 2" 2-5/8" sacrifice keep your margins. BandSawParts.com

44.44 50.14 57.74 70.81 103.27 120.72 19'-0" savings of up72.29 to 40%105.80 every day on our 45.44offers 51.29 59.09 123.46 19'-6" 46.44 52.44 60.44 73.77 108.32 126.20 20'-0" inventory, stocked with128.94 the highest47.44 complete 53.59 61.79 75.25 110.85 20'-6" 48.44 54.74 63.14 76.74 113.37 131.69 21'-0" quality64.49 replacement you’ll134.43 find anywhere. 49.44 55.89 78.22parts 115.90 21'-6" 50.44 57.04 65.84 79.70 118.42 137.17 22'-0" Our strong value81.18 proposition, on prompt 51.44 58.19 67.19 120.95built 139.91 22'-6" 52.44 59.34 68.54 82.67 123.47 142.66 23'-0" and courteous unequalled expertise, 53.44 60.49 69.89 service, 84.15 126.00 145.40 23'-6" 54.44 61.64 71.24 85.63 128.52 148.14 24'-0" and attention just some of the 55.44 62.79 72.59 to detail 87.11 are 131.05 150.88 24'-6" HE T 25'-0"N D 56.44 63.94 73.94 88.60 133.57 153.63 reasons you’ll get even more for your money. Over ROU A25'-6" 57.44 65.09 75.29 90.08 136.10 156.37 58.44 66.24 76.64 91.56 138.62 159.11 26'-0" 50,000 ready-to-ship parts for brand-name machines like 59.44 67.39 77.99 93.04 141.15 161.85 26'-6" 60.44 68.54 79.34 94.53 143.67 164.60 27'-0" Hydmech, Marvel, DoAll, Amada, Jet, and Wellsaw, along with 61.44 69.69 80.69 96.01 146.20 167.34 27'-6" 82.04band 97.49 148.72 170.08 28'-0" parts for62.44 every 70.84 other major saw manufacturer ensures if 63.44 71.99 83.39 98.97 172.82 172.82 28'-6" 64.44 73.14 84.74 100.46 153.77 29'-0" you order it today, it ships today. Call, or visit our175.57 web site, and 65.44 74.29 86.09 101.94 156.30 178.31 29'-6" 87.44 103.42 158.82 181.05 30'-0" join the66.44 growing75.44 list of satisfied customers who are cutting 69.44 78.89 91.49 107.87 166.40 189.28 31'-6" 70.44 the 80.04 92.84 168.92 192.02 32'-0" costs, keeping quality, and109.35 staying strong. 71.44 81.19 94.19 110.83 171.45 194.76 32'-6" 72.44 82.34 95.54 112.32 173.97 197.51 33'-0" 73.44 83.49 96.89 113.80 176.60 200.25 33'-6" 74.44 84.64 98.24 115.28 179.02 202.99 34'-0"



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M42 Band Saw Blade Prices

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877.501.7297 www.bandsawparts.com  •  800.240.2932

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