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Amin Yussoff is the Creative Managing Director of EA Alam Reka Group. The company’s brilliant yet contemporary approach to interior design has continuously won the hearts of numerous corporate giants and government agencies such as Samsung, University Malaya, Petronas, Maybank, TNB, and countless more. It aims to educate domestic clients through personalised and tailored engagement to make their conceptualised usage of space into an amazing reality.


first met Amin eight years ago during a sporting

Always Learning

any setbacks. He is also blessed to be surrounded

event. At that time, he was just a struggling young

I know of no other man who has spent as much

by a group of friends with a mutual passion for

designer who had just started to find his footing

time, effort and investment like Amin in improving

success. His wife is also a pillar of strength that has

in the business. He was first and foremost a man of

himself. He dedicates hours of his time every week

allowed Amin to strive for excellence with her

talent in arts and creativity. His passion for all things

in educating himself and his team, whether it be in

strong support and understanding.

beautiful was obvious. But most importantly, he

professional courses or in personal growth lessons.

was easy-going and had a sense of humour which

Some might even say he is a seminar junkie, but in

The most memorable moment that I shared with

made it easier for people to be friends with him.

a positive way.

him over the years was when he invited me to his

Throughout the years we’ve been professional


small office of 1200sqft to a much spacious area

partners and personal friends, I have witnessed

Despite his growing success, Amin has always been

of 5000sqft, it was a huge leap for him. It marks

Amin’s considerable personal growth. He has

a sensible individual who does not let it get

his achievement and how far he has come in this

plenty of admirable qualities but the three that

to his head. He lives within his means, spends time


stuck with me the most are:

helping others succeed and most importantly,

newly renovated office recently. From a relatively


always willing to listen to advice and seek

I would like to congratulate Amin on his immense

inspiration from others.

success and most importantly, the manner of his

He is extremely passionate about his craft in

success. It was all due to hard work and hustling

designing beautiful spaces for people. This became

The most important factor of his successes has to

harder than the rest. He is an honest businessman

obvious not only through his work but also his

be his love for his job.There has never been a doubt

with integrity and I admire him for that. I believe

sense of style and demeanour. He wastes very little

in Amin’s mind that interior designing is going to

his story is an inspiration to many and I not only

time thinking about anything else other than his

be his way of life. That has allowed him to deliver

wish, but truly believe, his greatest achievements

passion for work and the company.

exceptional value to customers and ride through

are yet to come.

Najmie Noordin

Chief Executive Officer Cosmopoint Group of Colleges

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