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would like to give a hearty congratulations to Armani Media Sdn Bhd for yet another year of celebrating the achievements of young men and women in business.

We are in an era where the business environment is constantly evolving at an accelerated pace and to remain relevant and successful is a feat that should be regularly honoured. I would also like to commend the diverse list of nominees for this year and it warms my heart to see such a vibrant mix of successful young entrepreneurs. We have come a long way since the time when business and economics were considered a male-dominated environment. I have previously stated that men must play a role in empowering women, but what I see before me are women that have sought empowerment through their own actions and determination. The recipients of this year’s 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs are men and women that have cemented their reputation within various financial and social industries. But what is most important today is to create a nation that offers equal opportunity for all. So, continue to build your legacies and empires, but never forget to also contribute towards a better nation. Provide services and opportunities that can empower people, develop growth in our nation and reward success. Because people are the backbone of our country and you have the means to create a better nation, a thriving nation that celebrates communities as well as companies. Again, I would like to congratulate Armani Media Sdn Bhd and the men and women that have been awarded the title of Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs and I hope you can continue to be the best in your respective roles for the betterment of Malaysia. YAB DATO’ SERI DR. WAN AZIZAH DR. WAN ISMAIL Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Women, Family and Community Development


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would like to begin by first congratulating Armani Media Group Bhd for another year of excellence in producing yet another 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs (The 100 MIYE) affluent award ceremony as well as the impressive coffee table book to accompany it. The 100 MIYE is a celebration of this country’s top influencers across industries. These young men and women that have built their legacies from the bottom up are an important part of our country’s well-being and development. With their corporate and social contributions, they are directly raising the standards of best practice in the nation’s corporate environment. This award provides recognition for these young entrepreneurs who are creating an impact through their respective fields. Captains of industry at such a young age, they brace themselves against the waves of competition that are emerging daily only to stand at the shores of relevancy with their heads held high. To have so many talented and respected young entrepreneurs under one roof is also advantageous to everyone lucky enough to receive an invitation to The 100 MIYE awards. An invitation to this event means being able to share insight, network and swap ideas with some of the best minds in various industries. I do believe that The 100 MIYE is the best platform to nurture more entrepreneurial influencers for the country. It is important for us to encourage young Malaysians to go out into the world and chase their dreams while challenging the status quo. Malaysians should be headstrong with whatever they endeavour; adopt new technologies, break the mould and question your true purpose in life to become the next influential young entrepreneur. The prestigious 100 MIYE awards has set a high standard for not just young entrepreneurs, but the country at large. Now, more and more industry tycoons, public-listed board members and corporate leaders must look towards these young entrepreneurs in order to stay relevant in an ever changing, ever evolving environment. Inspiration is out there for anyone to claim. With this, I would like to wish each and every recipient of The 100 MIYE awards the very best of luck in their future undertakings and to never cease to amaze or inspire. Your success is our nation’s pride and please continue to make our country proud. Thank you. YB TUAN MOHD REDZUAN BIN MD. YUSOF Minister of Entrepreneurship Development

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would like to begin by first congratulating Armani Media Group Bhd for another year of excellence in producing yet another 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs (The 100 MIYE) affluent award ceremony as well as the impressive coffee table book to accompany it. I would also like to commend the diverse list of nominees for this year and it warms my heart to see such a vibrant mix of successful young entrepreneurs. This award provides recognition for these young entrepreneurs who are creating an impact through their respective fields. Captains of industry at such a young age, they brace themselves against the waves of competition that are emerging daily only to stand at the shores of relevancy with their heads held high. The recipients of this year’s 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs are men and women that have cemented their reputation within various financial and social industries. But what is most important today is to create a nation that offers equal opportunity for all. Continue to build your legacies and empires, but never forget to contribute towards a better nation. Provide services and opportunities that can empower people, develop growth in our nation and reward success. Because people are the backbone of our country and you have the means to create a better nation, a thriving nation that celebrates communities as well as companies. With this, I would like to wish each and every recipient of The 100 MIYE awards the very best of luck in their future undertakings and to never cease to amaze or inspire. Your success is our nation’s pride and please continue to make our country proud. YB TUAN IGNATIUS DORELL LEIKING Minister of International Trade and Industry


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irst of all, I would like to congratulate Armani Media Group on a job well done for another year of success in organising its 100 Most Young Influential Entrepreneurs Award. It is awards like these that continue to inspire and drive up-and-coming entrepreneurs to contribute their best towards the economic development of our country. Secondly, I would like to congratulate the young entrepreneurs nominated today on their hard work and commitment towards themselves and the nation. Young entrepreneurs are important in the growth of our nation’s economy. Their contribution to the country is indispensable through their various products and services. As Malaysia is constantly developing, it thrives on consumerism, thus an entrepreneur’s role has a large significance in the growth of our national income as well as raising the per capita income of the Rakyat. An entrepreneur contributes to the nation across seven tiers; investment, employment, diversity in products & services, international trade, and its gross domestic product. In terms of investment, in order to remain relevant in a fast-paced business environment, an entrepreneur must provide a product or service that is required for the economy. Economic progress depends on his or her contributions with the majority investing in a product or service that is in high demand and that can contribute to the livelihood of its people.

For employment, as of April 2018, the Malaysian employment rate is holding strong at 3.4%, an increase of 1.6% from the previous year. The nation is in need of employment and entrepreneurs, through the introduction of their new products and services in the market, generate employment. This is a major contribution to the development of Malaysia into a first-world country. Diversity in products and services is also an important aspect in the development of our nation. Business is a growing environment. We’ve seen it move gradually faster in recent years through the advancement of technology making the entrepreneurial environment increasingly competitive. Aside from wanting to stay relevant, an entrepreneur’s role is to provide a diverse array of goods and services to keep the consumer market constantly moving. The government believes that international trade is important for the country for both its economy and international relations. Malaysia’s growth as an international business hub critically relies on the efforts of entrepreneurs to seek overseas investments and injecting it into the country’s economy. All these mentioned above is important towards the growth of our nation’s Gross National Product. The GNP is calculated based on the total number of products and services produced or provided by a country. The more products and services, the higher the GNP indicating the nation’s economic prosperity. Thus, diversity in products and services as well as international trade is fundamental in evolving the nation with employment and investments playing a crucial role alongside them. As Malaysia is committed to the development of young entrepreneurs, so too do we hope young entrepreneurs are committed to the development of the nation. Once again, I would like to congratulate Armani Media and the entrepreneurs for their contribution to not only the industry, but to the nation. YB TUAN SYED SADDIQ BIN SYED ABDUL RAHMAN Minister Of Youth And Sports

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t has certainly been a rollercoaster ride this year so far. Disruptions are found everywhere, from politics to sports to technology and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Some look at disruption as an blockade to everyday life, but there are some who view obstruction as a launch pad to something greater. Who are these people? I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the brightest minds in the country and these young people have done some pretty amazing work. So here we are, celebrating Entrepreneur Insight’s 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs of 2018. I cannot be any prouder. These young people are a personification of true grit and tenacity, just some of the important characteristics an entrepreneur should have. Aside from being innovative and creative and original, I have always believed that nothing can beat good ‘ol fashioned hard work. I’ve seen businesses succeed, then crumble, then rise and succeed again. What is the magic formula? I say, hard work. This year’s 100 young entrepreneurs have shown excellence, particularly through sheer determination and effort that they place in everything that they do, and they should be proud of what they have achieved.This book recognises their achievements and we are pleased to introduce them to the world. Preparing this book was a challenge as well. And so I’d like to thank my editorial and media support team for being on this journey with me, especially those who have assisted in compiling this book, it has been a blast. DATO’ KK CHUA Founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Insight

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he 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs (100 MIYE) yearbook highlights the bold, creative and innovative Malaysians who set the standards of the country’s enterprising spirit.

Published by Entrepreneur Insight, an in-house brand under the auspices of Armani Media Group Berhad, 100 MIYE highlights the compelling and heart-warming journey of each recipient as well as the charisma and leadership values embedded in these young talents that brought them success. Shared through the eyes of peers and mentors who are some of the country’s key industry stakeholders, this yearbook not only celebrates their achievements but also acknowledges the tenacity, perseverance and persistence in overcoming challenges. These entrepreneurs are risk-takers, innovators and problem-solvers who excel in various fields including arts and culture, manufacturing, services, retail, as well as food and beverage, to come out on top. Entrepreneurship is one of the main drivers when it comes to economic growth. To bolster business opportunities, knowledge and knowledge sharing, it is important for Malaysian entrepreneurs to unite and take their businesses to greater heights. By highlighting these prominent young figures, we hope to inspire the youth to take the same step as they thrust Malaysian brands further into the global market and to strengthen the network of entrepreneurs, regardless of age. Entrepreneurs growing entrepreneurs. This is their story.

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Dato’ Sri Dr Danny Tan is Founder of Yagu. He is currently a diversified investor who is involved in chartered real estate, automobile business, information technology, security surveillance, healthcare products and many more.


ack in 2012, when I was still working in the

activities. Family is always a priority to him.

banking industry, that was where I first met

aspect of my life. If we had never met, I couldn’t imagine where will I be right now. Danny has guided

Dato’ Sri Danny Tan in the developer’s office.

Time management and efficiency are two of the

me through many of my difficulties. Without his

He is such an enthusiastic and charismatic person.

most admirable qualities that I admire in him.

advice and guidance, I might be living a miserable

That was the first impression I had of him.

With his busy schedule, he can always manage his

life today. I sincerely hope that he will excel more

time well for his business, family and friends, and

in the future and I’m glad that I was able to strive

While there are people who are busy boasting

not everyone can find a balance. I, myself, would

with him.

about themselves, he is the complete opposite i.e.

definitely like to learn more about that from him.

he keeps a low profile. It took me a while to find

As a friend, I am very proud of your success. You’re

out that he was a famous investor in the industry,

As far as I know, he was born to a middle-class

like a guru and a motivator to me. Others might

and was holding more than 30 different types of

family with many siblings. He started exploring in

think it’s an impossible mission, but when the goal

properties and was also involved in the alarm

business since he was young. Indeed, he succeeded

is with you, it changed to POSSIBLE no matter how

system and automobile industry.

and failed many times. To him, failure had become

hard it is to achieve.

commonplace in his early life, yet it never stopped As a businessman and friend, Danny has many

him from striving to succeed.

On the other hand, I would like to thank you for creating more job opportunities by contributing to

admirable qualities. As a friend, he’s a very helpful person, he willingly shares his suggestions when

Most of the people will stop learning new things

the technology industry in Sabah. You’re one of the

I’m seeking an opinion. As a business man, he is

gradually, but Danny had never once stopped

pioneers and the daredevils to start it here. I wish

perfectly accurate and efficient while completing

learning. Every year, he learns new skills. Be it

not only Malaysia but also the world to know that

his tasks.

psychology or technology, everything he has learnt

our very local brand “Yagu” is made in Sabah by

has kept him moving forward.

Dato’ Sri Dr Danny Tan.

no matter how busy he is, he will reserve his time

Danny is a very awesome person. He is a mentor,

for his family every Sunday for family outings and

teacher, and a very good buddy to me in every

Chris Liew

On the other hand, as a father of three, I found that

16 /

Sales Manager Besta Wijaya Sdn Bhd


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Dato’ Sri Francis Ang is the Chief Executive Officer of ACG Holdings Pte Ltd that participated in the joint venture to develop Paragon Residences and Paragon Suites in Johor Bahru. He also led ACG Holdings to establish a joint venture with Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd (MCC Group) to develop ACG City in Hai Phong, Vietnam.


hen I first met Dato’ Sri Francis

Once, my wife and I joined Francis and his family on

at a business conference in Kuala

a business cum leisure trip to Bangkok. During the

Lumpur last year, I found him to be

trip, I noticed that other than being an admirable

an approachable and broad-minded person who is

employer, he is also a very caring husband and

full of wisdom. His admirable qualities are reflected


in his indomitable spirit and courage in taking on challenges in the business world.

As I am from the entertainment industry, my business collaboration with Francis is to leverage

In whatever industry he ventures into, Francis

on my network of celebrities and social influencers

always holds on to the belief of adding value to

to raise awareness and branding exposure for his

his customers and also his employees. There are

development projects including ACG City in Hai

currently over 2,000 employees working under

Phong, Vietnam.

Francis, all of whom he views as being part of a big family.

Francis is a well-respected entrepreneur and leading role model for budding entrepreneurs who

A big-hearted entrepreneur, Francis treats all

is also well-known in Singapore and Johor Bahru.

of his employees equally regardless of their

I wish him all the best in continuing his business

positions. He is very generous to them - including

pursuits and mission of bringing value-added

booking business class flights and comfortable

offerings to his clients and community at large, as

accommodation for their business trips.

well as in taking his business to the next level.

The time spent with Francis is always significant.

Dato’ Jovi Heng

This is because he gives 100% of dedication when interacting with people and is always present in the

Founder TR Asia Entertainment Sdn Bhd


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have known Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza from the time she

a Malaysian. There were so many challenges that

won Bintang RTM in 1996, her first professional

we needed to overcome. Financial, logistical and

singing competition. I was brought in to facilitate

personal issues arose one by one, but through

a contract signing for Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza for her

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza’s persistence and commitment,

first album through her mentor, Pak Ngah.

we managed to make the event a success.

During that time, she was already a singer, just that

I believe that Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza is one of a kind.

she wasn’t so well known as she is today. When

Hard work and determination may be enough to

I first met Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, I instantly knew

succeed in an industry, but Dato’ Siti pairs that with

that she was going to be famous. However, she

her god-given talent. She’s also a perfectionist and

exceeded all expectations and became a national

will not stop until she is completely satisfied with

icon. She was different than a lot of other artists.

her work. It’s very difficult to meet someone with

I’ve managed other artists before but Dato’ Siti

her talents and dedication is this era.

even then was gifted with god-given talent. Some might even say she has the perfect pitch ability.

I would like to wish Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza the very best in her current and future endeavours. I hope

Dato’ Siti is committed to whatever she does. Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza is a Malaysian singer and businesswoman. She debuted in 1996 after she won Bintang HMI, a popular local singing competition. Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza propelled the Malaysian music industry when she successfully organised and sang at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall. To date, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza has won more than 200 local and international awards including 42 Anugerah Industri Muzik awards, 25 Anugerah Bintang Popular awards, 27 Anugerah Planet Muzik awards, 20 Anugerah Juara Lagu awards, four MTV Asia awards, three World Music awards and two Anugerah Muzik Indonesia awards among others. She has also received records in the Malaysian Book of Records. She has launched 17 studio albums and is considered the most popular artist in the Malay archipelago and Nusantara region.

20 /

she holds on to her principles and work ethics.

While most people would be satisfied with a mediocre effort, I remember sitting in a recording

I would also like to thank her for the help she has

studio at 3.00 am working with her. She would keep

provided to not only me, but to the people around

repeating that song until she was truly satisfied.

her through her music and the impact she has

Suffice to say, we wrapped up the song at 8.00 am.

brought to the Malaysian music industry.

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza also applies her creativity in

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza has benefited the people

everything she does. There was once she went to

around her as well as the musicians she’s worked

Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States to watch

with and the television stations and endorsers. I

Celine Dion live and came back with ideas that

wish Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza remains the person she


is today as well as the person she was that made





her into the person she is now who has helped so many people on her journey to become a national

My most memorable experience of Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza was during the production stages of her concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. A concert of that scale was the first for


Nor Hisham Hj Muhammad Advocate and Solicitor Ram, Reza & Muhammad


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still remember meeting Dr Sheikh Muszaphar for the first time. I was so thrilled and excited. My first impression was he is such a good-

looking man with a charming smile. He is quite tall and well-built. I never thought that he would be such a warm-hear ted and down-to-ear th person. With his accomplishments and being acknowledged as Malaysia’s first astronaut, I find



As the first Malaysian astronaut to fly to space, Dato’ Dr Sheikh Muszaphar is also the Founder of ARDA Niaga Sdn Bhd, the marketing company for Dato’ Dr Sheikh Muszaphar’s HAVE Herbal Spray product. Dato’ Dr Sheikh Muszaphar is currently promoting and creating awareness for his products and helping entrepreneurs survive amid uncertain market conditions.

him very energetic and he is very optimistic with his life. I am so blessed to have the oppor tunity to know Dr Sheikh Muszaphar in person. I’ve known Dr Sheikh Muszaphar quite a while now. We have been working together in business. What I can share with you is that he is very disciplined and well-organised in every aspect. He is always on time and never wastes time on something unnecessary. He knows how to treat people and respect them for who they are. I would say he is a well-rounded person. He also speaks with confidence and listens to others’ opinions. Being a famous and well-known person, I find him very humble and it’s very easy to feel comfor table around him. Well, I believe Dr Sheikh Muszaphar has a special gift from God. He is truly one in a million. His success factor lies in his spirit to achieve his goal and being passionate in his field. Being educated in medicine, it has helped to broaden his horizon to help others in need and also gave him the once in a lifetime oppor tunity to be selected to fur ther Malaysia’s Angkasawan programme. Other than that, he has a positive mental attitude. You can feel the optimism from his gestures and

Book_V2.indd 23

words. He believes that nothing is impossible in this life and he has proven it in all his endeavours. Having great self-discipline with clear goals and vision is his way of life. His advice to me is to manage my time well and to plan in advance. That is absolutely his success factor in life. I have been to his house and have met his family.

There are many things I’d like to share but

Suffice to say, he is a family man. He loves his

first of all, I thank God for the blessing I had

children very much and provides ample time to

in knowing him and the oppor tunity given to

teach them. I am surprised that he is really good

me to cooperate together in business. It is like

at handling children. I believe he is a great father

a blessing in disguise. I always look up to him

to his children.

as my mentor. He always inspires me to acquire self-discipline in all aspects of life. With his

Besides that, I have been travelling with Dr

experience, it has helped me to open my eyes to

Sheikh Muszaphar a couple of times and I find

take responsibility in this life and to strive harder

him a cheerful companion, someone who is very

to achieve my goal and vision. I can hardly thank

enjoyable to spend time with. We had a good

him enough for the amount of time and energy

and inspiring conversation.

that he has put up with the business, despite his tight schedule. Never theless, I can only pray for

I had always admired his experience when in outer space. When you travel with someone, you will discover his character. For me, he is such an intellectual person with a hear t the size of an elephant, if not bigger.

his well-being in this life and hereafter.

Kevin Mohamed Executive Director ARDA Niaga Sdn Bhd

24/09/2018 12:15 PM



CLA Global Holdings is an investment holding company controlled by Dato’ Albert Tay. CLA Global subsidiaries and associated companies are principally involved in the human resource industry, consultation services, bird nest industry, auto care services, cleaning services, construction and engineering industry, laundry services, food and beverage, interior design industry, furniture industry, air conditioner services, travel agency and security services with the value of over RM100 million.


y first encounter with Dato’ Albert took place back in the year 2012. The objective of the meeting was to discuss

his company’s need for IT services and how I could collaborate with him and provide assistance. I remember my initial impression of him was memorable. I thought that it was really impressive for a bright young entrepreneur to be running such a big business. After our meeting, I took a liking to Albert because I realised that he is someone whom I could work with well. He has many great qualities and one of them is his strong will. Once Albert has set a target or goal, he will put in the best effort and persist until the expected result is met. He also takes immediate action after deciding on a matter, which is the key to maintaining high efficiency and productivity for his business. This admirable quality of Albert has also given positive influence and motivation to his employees. On the other hand, he is an entrepreneur with a kind and caring heart who lends a helping hand to friends and those in need. Albert seems to be able to balance that out very well. In addition to that, among Albert’s success factors is his strong business network which he has built. I have to say, he has really wonderful social skills.

also given Albert a lot of support which has helped him to grow CLA Global Holdings, laying down the foundation for it to venture into different sectors. Albert’s proactive approach in managing and operating his business is another important factor for his excellent achievements. He is always motivating himself and does not rest on his laurels. I really admire that about him. There were many moments that I thought were memorable but the most significant one happened end of last year. It was when my father fell sick and was admitted to the hospital. Albert was not only very understanding and supportive, he even asked me to put aside my work to fully concentrate on taking care of my father. He may be a results-driven person, but he sets a very loving culture at work, where family is really important. Until today, I am really appreciative of his kind-hearted gesture. I am very thankful to Albert for giving me the opportunity to work in CLA Global Holdings. I hope the company will achieve all targets he has set for in the future. Congratulations on being awarded the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs!

Simon Lo

ICT Director CLA Global Holdings Sdn Bhd

Moreover, his work ethics and sense of integrity is what helped him earn the trust of business associates, suppliers and customers by always delivering what was promised. In return, they have

24 /


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Dato’ Anndy Yap is the Founder of Wynn Properties (M) Sdn Bhd. The company provides professional sales and marketing services in the real estate industry, covering residential, commercial and industrial properties. It offers the highest level of customer-oriented service with professionalism and precision.


hen I first met Dato’ Anndy, it

all walks of life. In my opinion, this is his biggest

was on the matter of processing

success factor.

his client’s (property purchaser)

loan application. We rejected his client’s loan and

One of the best moments I shared with him was

he did not accept our explanation. At that time,

the time I requested for his advice. He is a good

my impression of him was a person who is bad

person to approach when you are facing problems.

tempered and quite unreasonable.

His advice which I remember most is to look at things from different perspectives when faced

However, after a few following encounters where

with problems. By applying this method, we will

I got to know him better, I noticed that Anndy has

come out with good solutions. I can’t thank him

different perspectives which can be quite unique.

enough for the times he has helped me when I

After getting clarification from him, I could actually

really needed someone. I followed his advice and

understand things from his point of view and

I’ve never looked back.

accepted his explanation. Moreover, Anndy is a farsighted person. He From my perspective, Anndy is very persistent

always encourages others to stand from different

and can be very resourceful when handling work

viewpoints to get a bird’s eye view on all things. He

matter. He also has a “never say die” attitude; he

believes that by doing so there is no issue that one

will never even think of giving up and he continues

cannot resolve because he sees challenges from

to try his best to achieve his goal or to reach the

multiple angles. By doing so, it helps him to plan

expected result amid challenges.

ahead to be able to reach his goals.

Besides that, I think Anndy’s best quality which I

Before I end, I’d like to wish Anndy all the success in

admire is his excellent negotiation skills. He just

the world. I would also like to take this opportunity

doesn’t seem to lose any arguments. He is able to

to congratulate him for being recognised as one of

persuade people and has excellent EQ because he

the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs!

knows what people really want. I have always seen him on the winning side of negotiations. He has a strong ability to convince all kinds of people from

26 /

Wendy Woon

SME Head, Selangor/Negeri Sembilan Region Maybank


Book_V2.indd 26

24/09/2018 12:15 PM

Book_V2.indd 27

24/09/2018 12:15 PM

28 /


Book_V2.indd 28

24/09/2018 12:15 PM



Born in Kuala Lumpur, Dato’ Dex Chew founded DEX Group Holding Sdn Bhd. The company believes in innovative and scientific management approaches. He believes in honesty, innovation, hard work and sustainability in business. Dato’ Dex has also founded Global Vape Cafe Sdn Bhd in 2017, Malaysia’s first vape cafe. He is involved in various charities, donation drives and is a frequent volunteer in old folks’ homes as part of his social responsibility.


y first encounter with Dato’ Dex Chew

that cooperation among each other is key to the

took place at a training course. I had met

company’s success.

many people then but I had a distinct

memory of him when we met. My first impression

Furthermore, Chew is a family man and takes good

of him was that of a humble young entrepreneur

care of his loved ones. No matter how busy he is,

who is very willing to learn.

he always puts his family first.

There are many great traits that Chew possesses

I have many memorable moments with him and

but I truly admire Chew’s qualities of being very

these include a hiking trip and listening to him

helpful to his friends and willing to share good

sharing his entrepreneurial story and experience.

things with them. He hopes to achieve excellence in life together with his friends.

His story and experience have a positive effect on many people around him, inspiring and motivating

Chew also has a big heart and will never feel

them to forge ahead.

jealous of others’ achievements. He is very kind and generous with his time as well. People around

Chew is an excellent entrepreneur. He will be an

him often feel that they are appreciated because of

influential personality to the younger generation,

his kindness. It is such a great experience to have

especially in the mobile phone industry. I hope he

him as a friend.

will keep up the good work. I just want to say that I am proud of him and am also very happy to be

The biggest contributing factor to Chew’s success is his love and care for his team of employees. He is very attentive to his team and gives them assistance and strong support. He is also willing to groom talents among his team. He believes in

Book_V2.indd 29

his mentor.

Dato’ Calvin Khiu Founder OE Business School

24/09/2018 12:15 PM


TOH CHUN SHIONG Dato’ Eric Toh Chun Shiong is Senior Group Agency Manager and Founder of Centennial Elite Group. He has been a Million Dollar Round Table member for 18 consecutive years. With 22 years in the insurance industry, his vibrant leadership has won him 13 consecutive champion awards as manager in his company and multiple Top Awards in the insurance industry.


y first impression of Dato’ Eric Toh was

and motivate young people, giving them a sense

it in his agency with a proven immediate result.

that he is a quiet, serious, calm and

of importance of what they are doing. He is an

We have also discussed the challenges of bringing

composed individual who thinks deeply

excellent role model.

up children, since Eric is my brother-in-law and

about his work and cares about the people for

explored the differences in approach between

whom he is responsible for. Eric is very likeable,

Eric’s key success factors are his patience and

traditional Chinese parents and Western parents.

presentable and professional in his approach. He

dedication to his work. He thinks through carefully

He is a person who gives his best to every role

is clearly knowledgeable about insurance. Given

how to develop and market life assurance related

in his life.

his success, Eric is surprisingly humble and always

products, finding an original angle to build into

willing to learn from the experience of others

traditional products, using his knowledge of

I think Eric is a great brother-in-law whose company

and will find ways to apply the lessons from

accounting to create value propositions for

I always enjoy and whose continued success I

their experience to his circumstances. Eric is very

business owners. He invests a great deal of time

admire and respect. Maybe Eric should work

pleasant socially and when he speaks, it is always

in coaching and mentoring his teams and builds

less hard and achieve a better work-life balance,

sensible, smart and well-thought-out.

leaders whom he empowers to develop their own

reconciling the demands of his role at work and

sales teams. He is able to excel beyond the best

as the head of a family. I am very impressed by

consistently with great support from his wife.

the amount of charity Eric does, leading his down-

From his family life, Eric Toh has a very good heart and he invests enormous emotional energy in

liners, including doing the charity run, donating

bringing up and developing his son. Eric is a very

Some of the special moments we’ve had were

money to an orphanage and old folks’ home, and

good husband to his wife, Dato’ Adeline Gui, and

essentially coaching and mentoring discussions

distributing food to the homeless.

a devoted son to his parents. Eric is a person

where I have shared my experience regarding the

of integrity who would not mis-sell a product

principles of running large direct sales operations,

to a prospective client just to win at the MDRT.

how to allocate resources and sales calls to

From my discussions with him about managing

maximise the impact of calls on key decision-

salespeople, he understands how to develop

makers. I am impressed that he is able to implement

30 /

Datuk John Zinkin Managing Director Zinkin Ettinger Sdn Bhd


Book_V2.indd 30

24/09/2018 12:15 PM

Book_V2.indd 31

24/09/2018 12:15 PM



Servicing with sincerity, honesty and integrity is Dato’ Irene Gan Ai Ling’s, Agency Manager from Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Bhd mission in providing the best financial protection solutions. She has been consistently receiving many accolades celebrating her excellence and success over eight years’ journey in the industry. She was honoured to being awarded the ‘Winner of the Rookie Agency Leader of the Year’ in the 1st Asia Trusted Life Agents and Advisers Awards in 2016 and has earned the respect and admiration, and commitment to professionalism. knowledge and her key success factor is she always

servicing her clients after one day rest only. This is

exceeds customers’ expectations. She is a great

how she committed she was when servicing her

leader and entrepreneur who leads by example all

clients. She will deliver her promise without any

the time. She is always the first one who initiates

excuses no matter what.

the commitment toward achieving the agency goal. She inspires her team members to do the same to

Irene, it is great to witness your success from a

climb to greater heights.

professional corporate ISO consultant to a threeconsecutive years company champion Agency

Despite her success with her clients, business

Manager and is one of the champions with MDRT-

associates, friends, team members and leaders in

Top of the Table qualifications among all the

the industry, she remains humble and because of

insurance companies in Malaysia and many other

that, she earns people’s respect.

achievements and recognitions in the industry. Furthermore, her professionalism has led her to

Her other great traits include integrity, perseverance

greater heights i.e. achieving Winner of the Rookie

and the determination to break records. Her

Agency Leader of the Year in the 1st Asia Trusted

y first impression of Irene was someone

priority is always to provide proper advice towards

Life Agents and Advisers Awards in 2016.

decent, a corporate lady and housewife

customers’ needs and benefits rather than her own

who is working very hard to fulfil her

benefit. She seeks to break records in her industry

I sincerely urge you to continue breaking records

and she works hard for it. Furthermore, she will

as your achievements mean a lot more to your


roles in the office and at home.

overcome all challenges while at the same time not

customers. Whatever products and services you

She was a manager at ISO consulting company for

neglect her responsibilities as daughter, mother and

provide do really help their financial security for

10 years and she adheres strictly to professional

wife to perform the duties at home.

their family. At the same time, you’re nurturing

standards when advising the corporate chief

more successful graduates and professionals in

officer. She is a person with good personality

There was an incident during her early years of her

your financial and insurance industry as you grow

and integrity when dealing with her work, always

career. She was stabbed in the back at her waistline

your team. Your holistic leadership will eventually

accommodating others, and she is very caring

while preventing a snatch thief from robbing her.

make a lot of difference to others.

towards her clients and friends.

Despite the terrible shock, with her determination and commitment to the customers, she still

Additionally, she is very passionate to become

continued with her appointments that were set

the best in the financial and insurance industry.

earlier even she could not walk and was supposed

She continuously upgrades herself with new

to rest properly. She insisted she had to continue

32 /

Dato’Eric Toh Chun Shiong Founder and Senior Group Agency Manager Centennial Elite Group


Book_V2.indd 32

24/09/2018 12:15 PM

Book_V2.indd 33

24/09/2018 12:15 PM

34 /


Book_V2.indd 34

24/09/2018 12:15 PM



Dato’ Joel Low Qing Hong is the Chief Executive Officer of Agrivo International Limited and the Founder of Global Agricultural Exchange Pte Ltd. An international speaker and awardwinning entrepreneur, he has more than a decade of experience in the field of investments and the food and beverage industry. Together with his team, he is gearing the company towards the launch of the Global Agricultural Exchange, the world’s first licensed token for the global agricultural industry.


met Joel almost five years ago at Les Amis Group

around him. Lastly, his positivity is something that

what is special to me is watching Joel grow while

as a sommelier. I had a very good impression of

I found admirable, as it has helped keep him and

maintaining his positive attitude all this while. He

him as I saw a very positive young man, who was

histeam going despite the adversities, and it has

has grown from a young man to a business leader

determined and eager to prove himself. He also

made their learning journey a lot more enjoyable.

and it is a real special moment for me to share and

came across as easy-going and was a quick-witted

experience all the milestones in his life.

person with whom I could easily hold and maintain

His success factor would be his passion for learning

an intellectual conversation with. He was very

and his strong leadership qualities. This has helped

I would like him to know that I am very proud

open-minded in his discussions and had a strong

in convincing and instilling confidence in not just

of him—for who he is and what he has achieved

passion for what he believed in. Joel had both a

his co-workers but also investors, while he strived

today. The journey was not an easy one, but he

good level of IQ and EQ which I felt was important.

to achieve greater milestones. He was a great

has proven himself to be a strong and unwavering

He was rather knowledgeable in his field but also

influence and inspiration to his employees, and

individual, while he overcame all the obstacles and

has charisma, which was very important when

his compassion for them made him not just a

attained success. It has been a pleasure for me to

it comes to business. Joel displayed qualities of a

great employer, but also a friend who was well-

be a part of his growth, and I sincerely wish for

leader i.e. confident and firm.

respected. This in turn, I believe, have motivated

nothing but the best for him. May you continue to

many to strive harder to achieve success together

achieve great success.

As I got to know Joel better, I have come to realise

with him.

that he is also a compassionate person, who would consider the needs of others before his own. Joel

Business is never a smooth road. We have been

does not hesitate when it comes to helping those

through ups and downs. I would say that there is

in need. Additionally, Joel has a great sense of

no one special moment we have shared together;

humour that would undoubtedly bring joy to those

all have been special in their own ways. However,

Book_V2.indd 35

Dato’ Dr Nicholas Ho

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Seristine Holdings Pte Ltd

24/09/2018 12:15 PM



Dato’ Johnson Goh is Director of SEME Holding Sdn Bhd. Its group of subsidiaries and related companies are involved in selling China’s HOWO brand trucks, used cars, imported reconditioned luxury cars, heavy machineries and spare parts, Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) especially from Japan, property development, construction and oil palm plantation. SEME is a pioneer for refurbished and reconditioned trucks for the Malaysian market.


t seems like it was just yesterday but it has been about 15 years ago when I first encountered Dato’ Johnson Goh. A friend of mine had

organised a gathering and we happened to have met each other. We spoke briefly and I vividly remembered how Johnson had left me an impression of someone who was really kind and humble. As I got to know him better, I had the opportunity to learn more about him as a person. He has many great qualities that contribute to his personality. Furthermore, I noticed that Johnson is an entrepreneur with integrity who delivers what has been promised to clients. He never promises something that he cannot fulfil. I’ve met many people who have made empty promises just to satisfy the client at that moment. But not for Johnson. He believes that it’s more important to be honest and upfront from the beginning so as not to set unnecessary expectations between parties. He is also loyal and helpful to his friends. Another one of his admirable qualities is that he doesn’t gossip about others. It can be challenging when you

among each other. Some may be information that shows how the other person is great; but there are some who speak ill of others for their own benefit. Johnson has great self control and he stays away from gossiping, a trait that I really admire. In his business dealings, Johnson always explains the risks and analyses problems before selling products or services to clients. Johnson’s success was achieved through his down-to-earth personality and the strong support from friends close to him. His business partners are also supportive of him because of his integrity. Additionally, he actively pursues





across his path. You can say that Johnson is very courageous and daring enough to take calculated risks. He is also a living testament of what true entrepreneurial spirit is. He is just like gold which has a very practical value. Currency is a tool for trade, but gold is what has true value. I hope to be his lifelong business partner

Dato’ Bernard Teo Founder OD Racing

are around people who willingly share information

36 /


Book_V2.indd 36

24/09/2018 12:15 PM

Book_V2.indd 37

24/09/2018 12:15 PM



Dato’ Kenji Ling is the Founder of MooLan, Malaysia’s first high-tech hotel that will develop a mobile app to incorporate all hotel services. MooLan provides guests convenience and ease of checking in to hotels with the app.


y first impression of Kenji was that he

involved and the consequences. Kenji is not afraid

was quiet and observant and he would

to take risks and he has a strong sense of basic

only speak when he feels it is necessary.

ethics and integrity.

Even though he is a man of few words, but he has

Whenever I face difficult challenges and I ask him

amazing traits that are admirable. Kenji has a very

for help, Kenji will not hesitate to offer a helping

sharp mind and he is intelligent. Besides that, he is

hand to guide me through with what needs to be

also very honest and caring.


Moreover, Kenji has effective management skills,

He has inspired me to be firmer with my decision-

and coupled with his sharp intelligence, and his

making as well. I am truly thankful for Kenji because

passion to come up with solutions that are creative

he is always ready to provide his friends with

and helpful to people, he is a true entrepreneur.

advice and how best to solve our problems. He is really a great friend.

There are many success factors for Kenji but what stood out the most has to be his level of

It’s not often you come across someone as genuine


and smart at the same time and I’m proud to experience this and to have a relationship with you

When he sets his mind to do something, he will

over the years. Thank you for being a wonderful

be very focused in order to achieve his goals. In


addition, he is able to make very tough decisions when he needs to and that is impressive. I believe that being able to make tough decisions,


Chief Executive Officer HomeHero Asia Sdn Bhd

particularly in business, is not an easy feat. There are many factors to be considered i.e. the parties

38 /


Book_V2.indd 38

24/09/2018 12:15 PM

Book_V2.indd 39

24/09/2018 12:15 PM



Dato’ Kenny You is Chief Executive Officer of Bio Life Neutraceuticals Sdn Bhd, established to create awareness, provide and deliver health solutions to business associates. Certified by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health for Halal certification and good manufacturing practice, Bio Life aims to help people enjoy life through healthy living.


y first encounter with Dato’ Kenny

in a training course. Kenny also taught me how to

happened more than ten years ago.

apply knowledge I learnt from the course in my

The purpose was to establish a business

work. Although he had previously participated in

partnership with him, and to seek his assistance

the same course, Kenny still showed up to give me

and support to sell products for the company I am

support. I felt thankful for his gesture and it made

working for. After our first conversation, I found

me appreciate our friendship even more.

that Kenny is someone who speaks in a steady tone and manages his work with a serious approach.

As a person with integrity, Kenny always keeps his promises to his friends. He is also very dedicated

In our following interactions, I noticed that Kenny

to his family and takes very good care of his family

is generous in sharing his knowledge on matters

members. This shows that he has a big heart.

such as sales and is helpful to people working

Furthermore, having experienced many ups and

with him. For someone in the corporate industry,

downs, Kenny still maintains a broad-minded and

it was a very memorable experience as it is very

he does not dwell on the past.

difficult to find someone who is willing to take time out of his busy schedule to not only sit with

I feel very lucky to have met Kenny and befriend

you and entertain your requests, but to also share

him because he is truly a great man. He is like the

knowledge in sales and teach you to become a

sun that’s shining out a bright path for you. I see

better salesperson.

him as my mentor and idol.

Being a generous person, he spreads positive energy to people around him. As an example, I faced some challenges in work three years ago and

Mincos Lim

Advanced Medical Specialist Angel Face Aesthetics

as a solution, he recommended me to take part

40 /


Book_V2.indd 40

24/09/2018 12:15 PM

Book_V2.indd 41

24/09/2018 12:15 PM

42 /


Book_V2.indd 42

24/09/2018 12:16 PM



Dato’ Raymond Ho is the Owner and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sri Ternak Group of Companies, which has a core business of operating 24-hour wholesale and retail food marts. The Group’s food marts act as one-stop centres specialising in supplying food materials for the convenience of business customers and end-users.


ato’ Raymond is a childhood friend of

After all those years, we caught up with each other

Not only that, Raymond has another side to him

mine. Back then, he and I were neighbours.

and I got to know Raymond better. He has this

as well. Raymond’s cheerful nature and charisma

I have known him for more than 20 years.

tenacity that I really admire. Being a business person

sends out positive energy to family members,

has its ups and downs. There are many distractions

friends and employees around him. He can’t help

and pressures from people around you too.

but make people feel really pleasant around him.

Unfortunately, I lost contact with him when I decided to further my studies in the United States.

He is also very willing to help others to solve

Thankfully, we were able to meet up again through

For him, as a second-generation entrepreneur,

their problems. Not many people I can say who

mutual friends when I came back to Malaysia.

Raymond follows current trends in the market

is as generous with their time as Raymond. I truly

closely. I find that amazing because he would spend

believe that these are the factors for his success in

At that time, Raymond had taken over his family’s

a lot of time studying patterns and staying up to

business today.

business (Sri Ternak Group) and was leading the

date with the latest trends.

company well. He is very hardworking and keen in

Raymond is my mentor as he has given me some

taking self-improvement courses and always shares

Since he took over Sri Ternak Group, the Group

guidance and encouragement in business. I am very

the knowledge he learnt with employees.

has embarked on a period of transformation and is

thankful to him. I hope his business will continue its

now growing steadily. The company is experiencing

strong growth. Dear Raymond, thank you for always

Another admirable quality of Raymond is his high

development under his watchful eye and I can’t

shining a light on me during times when I needed

EQ where he maintains a good temperament at

be anymore prouder. Raymond really sets his

it. I appreciate all the support and encouragement

most times.

ambitions and works towards them.

and I wish you all the success that you deserve.

Derick Yap

Founder Shellout Seafood Restaurant

Book_V2.indd 43

24/09/2018 12:16 PM



Dato’ Raymond Yeo is the Founder of 168 Dato Raymond Group, which is part of GS Realty Sdn Bhd. Incorporated in 2010, GS Realty has grown to be one of Malaysia’s largest real estate agencies with a myriad of branch offices and representatives throughout Malaysia, as well as partners in ASEAN countries and other places around the world.


first met Dato’ Raymond when he visited me

company to assist them to sell their units. However,

at my house about five years ago. During the

every real estate sales company must start

meeting, Raymond told me of his intention to

somewhere and through Raymond’s persistence

switch from selling sub-sale properties to selling

and patience, he managed to build his company

developer projects which is an amazing shift in his

from a fresh sales company to a well established

talent within the property market industry. This

property sales agency that is known and trusted by

showed his drive and courage to take on a new

all the property developers in Malaysia.

challenge especially during the industry’s uncertain conditions and the soft property market which

Raymond is very helpful and sincere to his

was very admirable.

superiors, downlines and friends. He is also willing to make sacrifices when necessary to achieve the

As I got to know him better, I found that Raymond

best results in work. Many people around him have

is very attentive and enterprising in his work.

been moved by his sincerity.

For example, when he is negotiating for business partnerships with developers, Raymond always

I admire Raymond’s positive energy as well as

does his best to get the best outcome out of the

his honesty and optimism. Furthermore, I also

meeting. Even when met with failure, he will just

enjoy discussing on the success factors and

keep on trying which is a clear indication of his

elements of failure in business with him. I hope

“never give up” attitude.

Raymond remains humble after achieving success and continues to learn to attain more business

As an up-and-coming realty company, it is very hard to get developers to provide sales rights to their projects as it is their main source of revenue and they usually want a well established property sales

44 /


Dato’ Sri Nelson Kee Founder and Director GS Realty Sdn Bhd


Book_V2.indd 44

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

Book_V2.indd 45

24/09/2018 12:16 PM



Earth Build Construction Sdn Bhd is a construction company incorporated on 10th May 2012. As Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Dato’ Saravanan began Earth Build Construction with one focus: to build a construction company that can compete with large firms while operating with the flexibility and customerfocus of a small, family-run business. He calls it small business values with a big business approach.

Moreover, he is very detailed especially with in the

He is also fully committed and willing to attend

advice and suggestions he provides to his clients

to his clients should they encounter any situation.

regardless of whether it’s about architecture,

I’ve seen entire families who were so touched that

structural designs, landscaping, elevations, types of

they shed tears. This was in Ampang and I was

material, cost saving and others. He takes every

speechless to witness this moment.

project very personally and really works on his clients’ dream house day and night just to ensure his

Dear Dato’ Saravanan, you are a very rare friend

clients’ dream house are as per their expectations

that I have. Besides possessing a great personality

and satisfaction. He constantly manages to deliver

with good thoughts and character, many times I

the unit of a bungalow or a dream house to his

truly admire your nobleness and the good values

clients on time without fail.

you show. I would like to congratulate you on this achievement and I hope you will hold on to your and

values and principles in life and to take your career

determination in completing the projects by

to the next level. As the saying goes: “When you

ack in 2015, I met Dato’ Saravanan and the

spending many hours in office without going home

give sincerely from your heart, you gain more with

first impression I had about him is someone

for days.These are really some of his amazing traits.

blessings from the universe.” Following that prayer, I







very humble, genuine and a person who is

energetic with a larger-than-life type of personality.

would like to see you move up to become an even He is a great visionary and a go-getter. Another beautiful character about him is when he works

He is very frank in approaching his clients, especially

the project according to the best budget without

when dealing with people in the construction

any hidden costs. I’ve witnessed him lose money

industry. He continuously has this passion to build

in managing the projects due to his principal and

dream houses for all his potential clients.

business ethics.This is a great quality that have seen

more successful builder or contractor in future.

Dato’ Sri Dr M Andy Group Managing Director Everest Group of Companies

and learnt from him. One of the most admirable qualities I have found in him is that he delivers what he promises. He’s

A special moment that I will never forget was

the very definition of someone who walks the talk.

when he handed over a completed bungalow

He sets a very good example to his staff to follow.

project to one of his clients whereby he took them

Another key factor that has an advantage to his

for a house tour while explaining every detail of

success in his life is his family’s blessings. He has

the architecture design, materials, and appliances

also been a strict vegetarian for the past six years.

including how to take care and manage everything.

46 /


Book_V2.indd 46

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

Book_V2.indd 47

24/09/2018 12:16 PM



Dato’ Victor Ng is the Founder of Best Link Logistic. Founded in 2011, Best Link Logistic provides logistic services from China to Malaysia which include warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding and so on. It also owns up to 10,000m2 of storage areas and boasts a dedicated and professional delivery team in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


first met Dato’ Victor Ng one-and-a-half years

people who are around him, Ng remains very

ago at a training course conducted by OE

down-to-earth and he never boasts about his

Business School which I had founded. After


striking up a conversation about entrepreneurship with him, my first impression of him was that of a

Among the things I admire about Ng’s character is

businessman who is honest and has big dreams.

his humbleness, polite demeanour and selflessness to share knowledge. These values, which any

One of his most striking characteristics is his

outstanding entrepreneur should have, are also

ability to visualise his plans and go through with

why many people are thankful to him. Ng’s passion

them. Ng is one of the most extremely focused

for the industry, positive character and willingness

people I have ever known and I believe that his

to promote his team members have been the

success is no accident. Hardworking, disciplined

driving factors of his success in the logistics industry.

and dedicated, Ng sets himself apart from many to achieve remarkable results.

One of the most memorable times I spent with him was during a leisure trip. I noticed that he loves

Ng takes an innovative approach while running

his wife very much and cares a lot for his family

his logistics company in a traditional industry by

members. Being a family man and an entrepreneur

implementing new ideas into its operations. Under

who takes good care of his team members, Ng

his leadership, Ng’s company has built up a high

rightly earned what he has achieved today.

level of professionalism and efficiency, which serves as its strength to compete in the industry.

I really think that he deserves greater success in the future!

Although he has been conferred a datukship, Ng is eager to learn, share his knowledge, as well as extend help and support to others. With his experience and professionalism, Ng is one of the top business personalities in the logistics industry

Dato’ Calvin Khiu Founder OE Business School

of Malaysia. Despite being looked up to by many

48 /


Book_V2.indd 48

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

Book_V2.indd 49

24/09/2018 12:16 PM


The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of a civil construction and management consulting company, Datuk Shamrat Sen Gupta has been part of many prestigious projects nationwide via S&S. He has had many achievements, notably the Perdana Young Indian Entrepreneur Award (YIEA) and the Selangor Excellence Business Award (SEBA), both in 2017; and the recent Global Entrepreneurship Awards in 2018.

more important than what you expect from them.


successful in her own right as a businessperson.

e had first met through mutual friends and were better introduced back in 2009 when we explored

some work with his company. When you meet Datuk Shamrat, he is—in the classic sense—a gentleman. He has a firm handshake, is very attentive, polite and speaks eloquently. He doesn’t hide behind uncertainties. We started off meeting casually more frequently which has now led to a good friendship. Shamrat is a natural leader. There are many groups of people i.e. family, colleagues and friends, who are naturally drawn to him for direction, counse everyone around him and that drives him to be calm and composed all the time. He is aware that he has to be responsible for the people around him. When I have the opportunity to have a oneon-one conversation with him, we are comfortable

Shamrat is also naturally intelligent, thanks to his parents who nurtured him well. He takes the time to have a deep understanding of any subject matter and by speaking to many people. They say behind every successful man stands a strong woman. He made the best decision by marrying Datin Safira who is driven, intelligent and She is completely selfless and devoted as a wife. One of our shared moments was when we both decided to take on a mission many thought would be too big for us to handle. I personally started my journey believing I had nothing to lose. But Shamrat convinced me that we should put everything into this project because it could be our defining moment. Despite being questioned by different stakeholders, Shamrat was always calm, composed and extremely convincing. Dear Shamrat, I’m blessed and will also be grateful to the universe for connecting us. My family and I have grown with you and Datin Safira, and I hope this bond will grow even stronger. Most importantly, the next time I decide to chase unicorns, I hope you’ll be on that journey with me. You’re a great teacher and source of confidence and personal

enough to be honest with each other.

strength. I know that if I fail, you’ll pull me up and

The secrets of his success have been tested by

you are and am excited to see all that you’re going

time. Shamrat is extremely hardworking and he goes the extra mile in everything that he does. He is meticulous. He believes that the devil’s in the details, and this trait has come from his wide and varied experience throughout his career. He also

push me forward again. I’m proud of the man that to achieve in the future.

Puvanesan Subenthiran Group Chief Executive Officer Privasia Technology Bhd

builds alliances and nurtures them into friendships. He knows that what you invest in relationships is

50 /


Book_V2.indd 50

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

Book_V2.indd 51

24/09/2018 12:16 PM



Datin Kuan Chu Ling is the Co-founder and Executive Director of A PLUS BOSS. The financial management group is a private membership-based organisation for entrepreneurs. It is a platform that creates value by providing entrepreneurial education and financial management.

China. All course participants had sharing sessions

Kuan is a real heroine among female entrepreneurs

where we introduced ourselves and talked about

who are always seeking progress in business. She

our experiences in business. This was when I had

might look like a strong character as a female

the chance to know Kuan better.

entrepreneur, but there is also a sentimental side to her. In some of the courses that we had attended

She is a very responsible and caring person who

together, I have seen her shed tears during those

treasures her relationship with friends. She takes

sharing sessions—an expression of her true

care of her family well and is sincere to her


friends. When managing and running her business


y first encounter with Datin Kuan happened more than ten years ago, at a Boss Academy training course organised





Association or Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia (PUMM). After our first day, I found her to be a dedicated, passionate and jovial businesswoman. The second time I met her was at a business course conducted by Effective Management Guru Li Jian in

52 /

operations, Kuan is a unique female entrepreneur.

Kuan is an esteemed female entrepreneur who

Her dedication in business is shown through the

has struck a good balance between managing

attentive service she provides for her clients.

her career and caring for her family. I hope more female entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to

Kuan’s passion in learning for self-improvement is

learn from Kuan, thus growing her positive and

one of the key factors to her success in business.

beneficial influence on them.

She is always learning i.e. actively taking part in various business training courses. After completing a course, she is also willing to share the knowledge she learnt with fellow entrepreneurs and friends. This is

Dato’ Tony Looi Chee Hong Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ban Lee Hin Group

important because without sharing, the impact of the knowledge you have learnt will be limited.


Book_V2.indd 52

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

Book_V2.indd 53

24/09/2018 12:16 PM



Dr Fong Toh Jeng is an aesthetic physician certified by the Malaysia’s Ministry of Health. With more than seven years of experience, he founded UR Klinik, one of the largest aesthetic clinic chains in Penang. He has a total of six brand outlets and has also established UR Virtue Berhad in 2017.


o be very frank, I only met him in person in early 2018. Surprising to hear this, right? Anyway, it was his work ethic, discipline

and integrity that he portrayed all this while that had earned my trust and respect towards him. I would say that his personality and charisma were beyond the norm. A very versatile, millennial entrepreneur with great calibre; do not judge him by his youthful looks! Over the years, I do see Dr Fong walking his talk throughout his entrepreneurial journey. In just four years, I have seen him grow his business from one to seven outlets, spanning across the northern and southern regions of Peninsular Malaysia, with more to open in the central region end of this year. So, if you were to ask me what would be his most admirable qualities? I would say his foresight in the business world topped with his passion and endurance to keep raising the standards of his business and brand empire, and this has been proven over time. Being young, visionary and having that perseverance to succeed, Dr Fong can be regarded as a very serious person, especially when he is dealing with his business and brands.

let him manoeuver his company into the right successful path. Having said all that, he is also a very calm, devoted and resourceful young-spirited entrepreneur and visionary in the making. One of the most memorable moments of him was back in 2014, we spoke on the phone for the first time. He was a visionary and a professional, yet very down to earth.That was when he first shared about his passion in making the world beautiful through love. He shared about his ambition, vision and plans on taking his company and brand, UR Klinik, to the next level. Through his endless passion, dedication and commitment, I can see that what he said a few years back has been realised and there is no slowing down for him. I wish him all the best and would surely like to see him realise his full potential. I think society needs more people who are like him i.e. someone who puts his words into action to achieve commendable results. We should give him the support to see that his noble vision comes true for the betterment of society.

Kimber T.

Learning Enthusiast Freelancer/Friend

His 11 years of medical practice has equipped him with a truly valuable experience that will

54 /


Book_V2.indd 54

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

Book_V2.indd 55

24/09/2018 12:16 PM


Dr Jason Doo is Founder and Executive Chairman of Metroworld Realty that specialises in project launches, primary and secondary markets for sale, rental and lease of residential, commercial and agricultural properties. Presently, Jason is a registered Estate Agent with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents. To date, he has had countless successfully sold-out projects undertaken by him.


ason and I first met when we were in high

Moreover, Jason is also very kind to his friends and

school. I was about 14 years old and we both

he is known as the “hub” among us. Jason loves

attended Catholic High School in Petaling Jaya.

to have all our school friends together, especially

Even though it has been awhile since then, I could

during Chinese New Year, and he makes the effort to call everyone to meet up.

still remember Jason as someone who was jovial and very helpful.

He is the type who will go the extra mile for his friends too. Even during our gatherings, some

Growing up was not easy for Jason. He came from

of us have our own businesses while others are

an underprivileged family; his mother was a tailor

still employed; Jason tries his very best to ensure

and the family did not have much. I think that is one

everyone is comfortable and is treated equally.

of the catalysts that drives Jason to work hard and

That’s one of the more memorable moments I

succeed in life.

remember of Jason.

The Jason that you see now has gone through

Jason and I may meet up once in a while, but I’d

many of life’s hurdles. Back in the day, before he

like to take this opportunity to tell Jason: I wish you

started Metroworld, he was only driving a Proton

all the success in the world. But don’t ever forget

Iswara. But Jason has this really amazing quality that

to take care of your health, because you are the

really separates him from the rest: his personal

pillar of your family. They say business is important

relationship skills. Jason knows his way with people

but health is wealth, so take extra care of yourself.

and how to carry himself. Not only that, he is a risk-taker because he is able to see very far into the future. Jason is definitely a

T. Kannan

Classmate Catholic High School Alumni

visionary and that impresses me very much.

56 /


Book_V2.indd 56

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

Book_V2.indd 57

24/09/2018 12:16 PM




he is a hardworking lady. That is the very

atmosphere was just wonderful. No one would

first impression I had from Vivien. Back then,

have thought that Vivien was actually dealing with

Vivien was working in a phone shop and

some unsavoury characters at that moment. It was

she seemed ordinary until I had gotten to know

between her and a management staff, someone

more about her. I went to her shop for phone

who was quite influential in the company. Vivien

repair service and I was thoroughly satisfied with

dealt with the person as the best she could until

the service provided. She was approachable,

the end. After this incident, she never gives up

responsible and reliable. You could even see her

on trusting people. Many years had passed, I am

working on public holidays sometimes.

still impressed with the way she handled all the troubles.

That sums up who Vivien is, independent and

Dr Vivien Chen is Chief Executive Officer of ANMYNA Global Resources, a skincare, cosmetics and hair care brand from Taiwan that is currently positioned as a high-end cosmetics brand. ANMYNA was brought to Malaysia in 2015 and is now the first online-based business company registered in Malaysia.

strong! Besides that, she is amazing in many ways.

To Vivien, I’m glad I walked into your shop that day

She trusts herself and the people around her.

which was about 13 years ago. I’m so happy to be

Adapting to change is never easy but she did it

one of your friends. I’m truly proud of you. Your

awesomely. She leads her team really well and is

personality, generosity, trust in people and passion

being generous with her time and energy. She is

inspires me. I hope you are getting enough sleep

also a very warm-hearted person and you can see

and don’t overwork yourself. I’m very happy that

this from the way she takes care of her family, staff

you met your Virgo hubby. Someone who you can

and business partners. It must be very lucky for

lean on to when you are down and also the one

those who are with her.

who can make your life happier! I wish the very best to both of you and once again, I’m so glad to

She is a typical Leo woman. Her warm-hearted and royal personality is what leads her to her success today. She cares about everyone around her. She is also someone who is grateful for the things in life and she will always remember the good side

have known you both. Cheers to our friendship!

Leong See Mun Assistant C.P.A.D. Management and Consultancy

of people. There was one memorable moment I had of Vivien and it was during her company outing. We were all having fun, taking photos and chatting. The

58 /


Book_V2.indd 58

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

Book_V2.indd 59

24/09/2018 12:16 PM




first met Adi at a business networking meeting

till the evening followed by another day of event

early in the morning as he was invited by

over the weekend. He was eventually hired to be

a member about five years ago. Adi was

a TV news reader. Adi is also not afraid to dream

enthusiastic and attentive throughout the meeting.

big and works for what he wants. He is one of

What stood out was how he introduced himself

two official emcees from Malaysia in the recently

in the short sixty seconds allocated to visitors.

concluded Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia.

Most visitors would appear shy or introduce themselves because they had to but Adi stood up

Before I became a Facebook marketing trainer and

and seized the opportunity to speak and left me a

author, I was selling branded handbags to corporate

strong positive impression. He was confident and

clients. In a corporate deal, a bank ordered 300

approachable as we continued to network after

pieces of luxury items. My inexperience led me

the sit-down agenda concluded. I realised how

into trouble. Our client needed us to have every

powerful a short self-introduction could be.

single piece beautifully wrapped to be given to their priority banking clients within days. I did not have

Adi Afendi is a Master of Ceremonies (or emcee), TV personality, actor, protocol consultant and trainer. He has emceed hundreds of events, including weddings, annual dinners, property talks, seminars, conferences and sports events, both at local level as well as international. He was also the official emcee for 29th SEA Games 2017 and 18th Asian Games 2018.

I am a big fan of Adi because I had the privilege

enough manpower or the budget to outsource to

to know the struggles and challenges he had to

meet my clients’ demand. One group Whatsapp

overcome to be where he is today. When I first

message on Monday evening led to Adi being the

met him, he was battling various kinds of issues;

first person to show up at my residence Tuesday

family, career and financial due to unforeseen

morning, with roti canai for breakfast! He spent the

circumstances. He is a true fighter and believer.

whole day helping out.

He is also one of the most hardworking persons I have ever met, going to almost every event he

Thank you for inspiring me. I am sure if you remain

could to emcee and even offering free services to

humble, hardworking and helpful like the way

build his profile back then! His willingness to help

you are, there is no limit to your success. Now I

friends sincerely and remaining humble and helpful

recommend that you explore the international

till today made him a great friend.

markets. You are no longer being paid just for your emceeing services. Your presence in an event





would bring high value to it. Today, Adi Afendi is

courageous. If you follow Adi’s schedule, you

not merely an emcee but a brand, one that is

wonder where he finds his energy. Adi was the

ready to be exported to make Malaysia proud.

President of our business networking group,


chairing our meetings at 7:00am and had a perfect attendance record for a full year, being present for more than 52 weeks consecutively every single Friday. Then he would emcee events that could go

60 /

Marcus Teoh

Best-selling Author and Facebook Marketing Trainer MarcusTeoh.com


Book_V2.indd 60

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Book_V2.indd 61

24/09/2018 12:16 PM



Aeril Zafrel believes that business is not about how much money you make but it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives. Aeril is happy to share his earnings with the resellers as it brings a sense of fulfilment which is hard to describe. When he sees them do well, be able to afford their own cars, homes and cater to their families, it brings Aeril great joy and he believes that that’s the true meaning of success.


n order for someone to get to know Aeril, it’s

ability to accept change as long as it is something

a slow process, like reading a book; you have to

positive and can help him become a better person.

read each page one-by-one. For those that know

Aeril is also able to adapt to various new conditions

Aeril, he has a very unique personality. He’s very

and environments.

humble and shy and he is very committed to his dreams.

Aeril’s faith in God and his level of devotion to his religion is the main factor for his success as it

Aeril’s piety is what has moulded him into the

preaches humility and acceptance in every situation

person that he is today. His loyalty to Allah S.W.T

a devotee experiences. It has helped him become

has given him courage to overcome all challenges.

a strong-willed person and a confident person

Aeril constantly thinks of doing the best each and

both mentally and spiritually. Aside from that, he is

every time. I believe that this is a testament to his

never afraid to learn or try new things to achieve

commitment of achieving great things, regardless of

success. He understands the meaning of hardwork

whether they are big or small.

and he constantly shares his recipe for success with everyone who is willing to listen and learn.

Every decision he makes has been thought out diligently from every angle and sometimes, the way

I’ve had the opportunity to work with him on

he thinks is very difficult to comprehend but it is

many occasions and every moment was a chance

always five or six steps ahead of everyone else’s.

for me to learn about determination, courage and

Despite this, he highly respects the difference in

love, even if he is younger than me.Thank you Aeril!

everyone else. Moreover, he also easily accepts change or something new from different people signifying his 62 /

Shahriman Wahap

Manager Respected Citizen Communication


Book_V2.indd 62

24/09/2018 12:16 PM



Book_V2.indd 63

24/09/2018 12:16 PM


ISHAK the hall can feel his sincerity and energy! Whenever he conducts his mega events, he sometimes invites his friends on stage. I have been lucky enough to be one of them, sharing my almost three decades of knowledge in property law. He shares his stage with friends whom he trusts and introduces them to the audience.Those moments on stage with him were absolutely meaningful for us. Ahyat is someone who constantly wants the best for his friends. He constantly pushes us to be the best that we can be. He galvanised me to become a

Ahyat Ishak is the Founder of Pejuang Hartanah, a community of property investors dedicated to encourage smart and responsible real estate ownership among the Malay community for both investment and owner occupation. Pejuang Hartanah has built its foundation based on its three key principles; awareness, knowledge and personal finance.


habitual goal setter, and to work with clearly written goals. He has given me a lot of encouragement. In fact, I’ve written a book because he challenged me to do so. He finds joy in helping friends and always looking for an opportunity to open doors to his network and also the media. He is never afraid to share his network and opportunities with friends.

hyat is really fun to be with. Always full of

can be. He has his share of successes and failures,

energy. He is also always very polite. He

but he never gives up and always fights to find a

genuinely respects everyone, no matter

better way to do things. He loves meeting people

who they are. He believes that everyone is special

and always looks to widen his circle and network.

in their own way. Aside from being well-dressed,

He loves to collaborate and find an opportunity to

he is intelligent, sociable and talkative. There are so

create a win-win for everyone.

many other qualities that make Ahyat a great friend. He is kind, humble, sympathetic, happy and ever

We have made outstation and overseas trips

ready to help friends. He is always optimistic—

together where we would organise mastermind

always having a positive attitude and always looking

sessions on how to improve ourselves and our

for an opportunity in any situation.

businesses. He would always focus on how we can add value to the society. Business is never just

Ahyat is constantly pursuing to grow himself. He

about us. It is always about a bigger cause. If we

always looks for opportunities to increase his

are not out there to help make the world a better

intellect. I can see that he is always determined

place, than the business is not worth it.

to improve, always wanting to move forward and develop himself. One of his philosophies, which I still

Ahyat has such a big heart. His aura is contagious.

remember until today is in order to earn more, you

He is the only person I know that organises mega

must learn more. And if you want extraordinary

events across Malaysia teaching people knowledge

results you must be willing to act extraordinary.

on property, personal finance and entrepreneurship.

And that is evident of how results-oriented he

Even if there are thousands of people, everyone in

64 /

I am so grateful to Allah for bringing us together. To Ahyat: You have a gift of making people feel special. You are sincere and always puts the success of others before your own. You always bring out the best in people. You are truly a gift to everyone you meet. You are too humble and you may not know this, you make a bigger impact to people than you would ever realise. May Allah give you the strength and courage to continue your mission of giving back to society. May Allah bless you always with good health and wealth. And yes, you are more fun than anyone I know, including a bubble wrap!

Dato’ Hj Nazri Bin Mustafa Senior Lawyer/Managing Partner Messrs Nazri Azmi Islinda, Advocates & Solicitors


Book_V2.indd 64

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Book_V2.indd 65

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Alex Lee started Nu Infinity at the age of 22 with his partners Nick and Leslie. Today, Nu Infinity has become an international award-winning interior design firm that houses over 20 passionate, young and vibrant designers. Alex has also extended his expertise into other business-related industries like furniture and lighting design.


have known Alex for more than nine years. He

His ability to lead and guide the people around

unorthodox solutions to conquer obstacles and

is naturally a warm-hearted person who carries

him encourages strong teamwork that enables

challenges that have come his way.

with him good intentions in the way he conducts

impossible goals to be achieved. After all, to Alex,

his business and deals with clients as well as

nothing is impossible.


It is his resilience that has enabled him to go through thick and thin. Perseverance and the ability

Although there has been a series of ups and

to conquer challenges describes his character best.

He is a man who possesses high calibre and acts

downs during the course of his career, time and

with sincerity. Alex is willing to go to great lengths

time again, I have seen Alex handle successes and

Alex, where you are now, this is not the peak just

to offer his assistance to others. He would commit

setbacks equally well.

yet. Greater things certainly await you. And, you

and carry out to the best of his ability once he

will always be supported by people who believe

decides on undertaking something and puts his

Grabbing each opportunity that has come his way

heart and passion into whatever it is.

has propelled Alex to strive to achieve greater heights. Above all, Alex has continually stayed

I think his clarity of vision and sense of passion

humble and worked hard. Although he has faced

in what he does steers him forward to achieve

and encountered several setbacks, he has never

whatever goals he sets his mind to achieve.

once given up and has always found unique and

66 /

in you!

Nick Fong Director Nu Infinity


Book_V2.indd 66

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

Book_V2.indd 67

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

68 /


Book_V2.indd 68

24/09/2018 12:16 PM



Amin Yussoff is the Creative Managing Director of EA Alam Reka Group. The company’s brilliant yet contemporary approach to interior design has continuously won the hearts of numerous corporate giants and government agencies such as Samsung, University Malaya, Petronas, Maybank, TNB, and countless more. It aims to educate domestic clients through personalised and tailored engagement to make their conceptualised usage of space into an amazing reality.


first met Amin eight years ago during a sporting

Always Learning

any setbacks. He is also blessed to be surrounded

event. At that time, he was just a struggling young

I know of no other man who has spent as much

by a group of friends with a mutual passion for

designer who had just started to find his footing

time, effort and investment like Amin in improving

success. His wife is also a pillar of strength that has

in the business. He was first and foremost a man of

himself. He dedicates hours of his time every week

allowed Amin to strive for excellence with her

talent in arts and creativity. His passion for all things

in educating himself and his team, whether it be in

strong support and understanding.

beautiful was obvious. But most importantly, he

professional courses or in personal growth lessons.

was easy-going and had a sense of humour which

Some might even say he is a seminar junkie, but in

The most memorable moment that I shared with

made it easier for people to be friends with him.

a positive way.

him over the years was when he invited me to his

Throughout the years we’ve been professional


small office of 1200sqft to a much spacious area

partners and personal friends, I have witnessed

Despite his growing success, Amin has always been

of 5000sqft, it was a huge leap for him. It marks

Amin’s considerable personal growth. He has

a sensible individual who does not let it get

his achievement and how far he has come in this

plenty of admirable qualities but the three that

to his head. He lives within his means, spends time


stuck with me the most are:

helping others succeed and most importantly,

newly renovated office recently. From a relatively


always willing to listen to advice and seek

I would like to congratulate Amin on his immense

inspiration from others.

success and most importantly, the manner of his

He is extremely passionate about his craft in

success. It was all due to hard work and hustling

designing beautiful spaces for people. This became

The most important factor of his successes has to

harder than the rest. He is an honest businessman

obvious not only through his work but also his

be his love for his job.There has never been a doubt

with integrity and I admire him for that. I believe

sense of style and demeanour. He wastes very little

in Amin’s mind that interior designing is going to

his story is an inspiration to many and I not only

time thinking about anything else other than his

be his way of life. That has allowed him to deliver

wish, but truly believe, his greatest achievements

passion for work and the company.

exceptional value to customers and ride through

are yet to come.

Najmie Noordin

Chief Executive Officer Cosmopoint Group of Colleges

Book_V2.indd 69

24/09/2018 12:16 PM



Anan Saminathen is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nexible Solutions, a homegrown Malaysian company that began building software and apps in 2009 and have grown and expanded rapidly ever since. Its capability ranges from web development to building enterprise level automation software. The company is proud of their portfolio with a large array of satisfied clients from Malaysia and around the world. Recently, Nexible has begun to branch out into SaaS (Software as a Service) and has currently launched two products i.e. A School Management System and Learning Management system for International and Private schools called NexSchool. The second one is an intelligent Sales CRM called NexCRM that helps SMEs close deals faster.


have know Anan for some time and there are many things to describe. Well for one thing, it’s his insatiable appetite for innovative ideas. He is

constantly on the quest for new methodologies to make his product both relevant and new. Anan never stops innovating. Instead of just sticking to something that works for now, he always tries to find new line of products and services that complements his company’s current solutions. Not only that, coupled with his diligence, his willingness to work hard and to push boundaries to achieve what he seeks, Anan strives hard all the time. There is always this need to continue raising the bar and that keeps him on his toes and helps him to pay attention to details. Hence, Anan is able to become more creative with his solutions. These traits are truly admirable. I could vividly remember that there was a time a few years back when I had secured a meeting with a very important person who could potentially decide on a very large project that could make or break Anan’s product. That moment was nerve-

70 /

wracking. However, a few days before this meeting, we were made aware of one particular software feature that was the deciding factor for the success of this meeting. Wasting no time, Anan went back to the drawing board and somehow he and his team pulled off the nearly impossible task by completing this feature before the meeting. Sure enough, it was a crucial element in the meeting and the client was impressed. The rest, they say, is history. If there is anything, I’d like to say a few words to Anan and it will be to tell him to take quality breaks from his punishing schedules and high ambitions. He has been relentless in his pursuit for success, and has often pushed himself beyond his own limitations. Anan, remember that a rested mind keeps you better focused in order to continue to be creative in finding new solutions to your products and services.

Dato’ Lazarus Rokk Chief Executive Officer Rokk Consultancy Sdn Bhd


Book_V2.indd 70

24/09/2018 12:16 PM

Book_V2.indd 71

24/09/2018 12:17 PM


Andrew Yee is the Director of Pacific Artificial Model Trading Sdn Bhd that has been established as a shop display fixture company in Malaysia since 1981. The product range includes mannequin, tailor dummy, racking, hanger, garment steamer and other shop supplies. The company’s traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of window display in the retail market in South East Asia.


t’s my pleasure to recommend my secondary school mate and dear personal friend, Andrew Yee, for the 100 Most Influential Young

Entrepreneur awards. I’ve known Andrew for more than a decade and can attest to his strength of character and passion for his career. As the CEO of Pacific Artificial Model Trading Sdn Bhd, Andrew is an active leader in the window display industry. His outstanding leadership for his company helps spearhead the mission to provide excellent service to its customers. I first met Andrew when he was in his secondary school. Over the years, we’ve worked together on several school projects, like an e-sport event and we were in the same committee for the school annual dinner. He has always amazed me with his commitment to serve others. He is always caring and generous. With his spirit of giving and skill for community organising, Andrew is truly a legend. Andrew is an active business leader in his window display industry as the owner of Pacific Artificial

His company supplies display fixtures to many local fashion boutiques throughout Malaysia and South East Asia. Andrew is also an active citizen with a great commitment to community service. Andrew has donated a portion of his profits to operations by organising a food bank programme. His contributions nurture many less fortunate people in the community. I had the chance to witness all the good that he had done when he operated a food bank for charity. I am proud to be his friend and of his compassionate actions towards the poor. On a more personal level, Andrew is a cherished friend and an all-round lovely person. He’s thoughtful, reliable, and visionary. He has worked hard to get where he is today, and he truly deserves all the success that has come his way as an entrepreneur and outstanding industry leader.

Raymond Teong

Director Prowell Marketing Enterprise

Model Trading Sdn Bhd at Kenanga Wholesale City.

72 /


Book_V2.indd 72

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 73

24/09/2018 12:17 PM




ndy and I grew up in the same small town

neither can he lose to others whenever he sets

of Sungai Petani. I remember meeting him

his mind to do something. I see that as his strength

for the first time; the both of us were

and it shows in his work ethics. After Amway, he

probably around twelve years old. He was quite

joined the banking industry and he won countless

the playful child. We’d attend the same secondary

awards purely because he wanted to be the best.

school and subsequently be in the same class.

How many people do you know who don’t give up as easily as him? When others fail to deliver results

However, growing up was difficult for Andy. At a

for bank cases, he could. Coupled that with his

young age, he had to work to provide for himself

street smart personality, there really isn’t anything

and in a way, I think that gave him the drive to want

he cannot do. Whichever department Andy was

to succeed even more. After high school, we both

in, he would excel, be it mortgage or telesales; he

left for Kuala Lumpur. I furthered my studies and

would be the top performer.

Andy decided to pursue a career instead due to

Andy Lim is Group Managing Director of IBPO Group that specialises in corporate outsourcing and financial advisory with multiple products to give clients intimate attention to their financial needs. IBPO provides comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice to each client’s situation according to the problem they face. Equipped with professional knowledge and expertise, IBPO’s team is unmatched by any other professional firms in Malaysia.

family financial issues. One of his first jobs was at a

As time passed, Andy managed to accumulate

little store in MidValley and he was barely earning

enough experience and he ventured out on his

anything then. He had to take the train, cab, bus

own in his early 20s. He has his own business now

and taxi to work everyday and I really admire him

and I know he will be amazing at his job. Andy

for his grit.

and I speak on the phone every day, to the point that our girlfriends are jealous of the bromance

Not long after, Andy started joining Amway and

we have. I really am impressed of him because he

he participated in their training. He met many

would tell me his goals clearly. He sets short-term,

people and increased his network. Back then, the

mid-term and long-term goals and he stays so

one interesting trait of Andy was that he wasn’t as

focused to achieve them.

articulate nor does he interact well with people. Despite all those setbacks, Andy has a brain that

To Andy, my buddy: I wish you all the success in

works really fast. He learns things really quickly,

life because you deserve it. I wish that you will be

particularly when he is passionate about something.

even more successful and I hope you will be able

I swear if you were to teach him rocket science

to achieve all your dreams.

and he likes the topic, he would be able to grasp the concept easily. I have to say that Andy has this strong trait of never

Shawn Lim

Penang Branch Agency Director IBPO Group Sdn Bhd

wanting to back down. He never likes to lose,

74 /


Book_V2.indd 74

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 75

24/09/2018 12:17 PM


Founder of Elite Legacy and Chief Executive Officer of Ashley Tan Group, Ashley Tan started her real estate journey when she was really young. At just 26, she managed to achieve the title of CHAMPION among all Heads of Team in IQI. Leading one of the biggest teams, Elite Legacy, it focuses on the value of work-life balance. She believes life is short and we should enjoy each day to the fullest.

Being a team leader now, one of Ashley’s success factors is she knows how to inspire her team members. It is more meaningful to lead a team to reach a target as compared to achieving individual success. It is not easy for Ashley as some team members have more experience and are older than her. She had to rely on her excellent leadership skills in managing her team.


On the other hand, Ashley is very resourceful where she is always thinking of ways to execute tasks. She first met Ashley at my office about three years

never gives excuses. Ashley’s determination and

ago. She was 23 at that time, very young but with

confidence motivates her team members. Ashley

bigger dreams compared to other youngsters of

also has an aura which attracts team members to

her age. In the job interview, the first impression I

approach her for her knowledge and skills. She will

had of her was a young lady with plans, ambition

also allocate time for her team members on this

and confidence to achieve her goals in life.


As I got to know her better, I noticed that Ashley is

I am proud to have her as a colleague in my career

a go-getter. Once she sets a goal, she will explore

and appreciate her contribution to goals we have

all her resources to find ways to achieve it. She

achieved together. Her team members are also

also has a unique ability of turning her anxiety

thankful for the effort she has put in for the team.

when carrying out a task into a driving force, which helps her to complete the task. Ashley told me she wanted to own a Mercedes car by the age of 25 and eventually realised that dream through her

Aaron Siow

Group Vice President IQI Global Sdn Bhd

own effort.

76 /


Book_V2.indd 76

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 77

24/09/2018 12:17 PM



enson and I go back a long way as I had the

Benson is someone who is always open to new

privilege of knowing him for more than ten

ideas. He possesses excellent PR skills and strives

years.The first impression I got from Benson

to inspire others while learning as much as he can.

was that he is someone who is smart, easy-going

Benson could go on for hours sharing invaluable

and a friendly person who is willing to go the

life experiences and lessons that he learnt the

extra mile to help anyone in need. His humility

hard way, making him a great role model for future

and attentiveness to details have allowed him to

budding young entrepreneurs. I believe these are

achieve targets and goals that he has set out with

the strong traits that have contributed to his great

Crystalace. My initial perception of him, which was

success with Crystalace.

proven to be accurate, was that he always treats people with sincerity and gratitude.

I fondly recall the time both Benson and I travelled with our respective partners to Europe in 2013

The most admirable quality about Benson, is

and 2017. Benson is always dependable whenever

that he does not allow his shortcomings to be

there are difficulties and hiccups during the trip.

his limitations. Being determined in everything

He will always be the first to step forward to solve

he does, he outlines his targets and goals in a

problems with detailed analysis of the situation

clear and concise manner. Ten years under his

and ensure that the holidays shared together

guidance and leadership, Crystalace has evolved

will always be an enjoyable occasion with great

into a market leader of high quality curtains using

memories made.

imported designer fabrics and other related products


I would like to take this golden opportunity to

curtains, wallpaper and upholstery for home and




congratulate Benson on being deservingly named

commercial use.

one of the recipients of this prestigious MIYE 2018 award as a sign of well-earned recognition of his

Benson Ng is the Managing Director and driving force behind Crystalace Deco Sdn Bhd. The company has been involved in the soft furnishing industry for both home and commercial projects for close to two decades. Benson is passionate in combining his incomparable know-how and practical thinking to provide his customers with an unprecedented yet personal level of solution and customer experience.

From my point of view, Benson is a very

hard work and unwavering passion towards the

courageous and fearless person. Hailing from

industry as a whole. I wish him all the best in his

Muar, with minimal contact, zero network, lack of

future undertakings and may his business continue

local knowledge and no brand presence in Kuala

to grow by leaps and bounds. Personally, I believe

Lumpur, Benson took the leap of faith by setting

the best is yet to come. The sky is the limit for

up Crystalace and set the evolution of traditional

Benson. Keep up the good work.

Chinese family business to undertaking both home and commercial engagements, regardless of size and project cost. His never-say-die attitude and relentless pursuit of success have allowed him to

Alex Chiang Director Rodgers Reidy & Co

convert leads into opportunities.

78 /


Book_V2.indd 78

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 79

24/09/2018 12:17 PM



SY Image Beauty is a leading beauty salon in Malacca that unites cutting-edge technology and the essence of traditional skincare knowledge. Dubbed as the skin whisperer, its founder, Celine Khaw focuses on personalised treatments that reveal the key to your own beauty, your way.


even do all these. This shows how she values her

to see customers happy with the products and

time and productivity.

services that she offers.

Based on my observation, before Celine ventures

Furthermore, Celine is self-motivated and is always

into something or takes up a task, she will first

keen to learn something new. As I am quite skilled

find out related information about the matter and

in using the video-making software, she started to

eople often meet and become friends at

execute the task attentively. Celine once shared

learn from me about the software to make video

places they least expect. I guess you could

with me that she had already developed an interest

clips for her company. I was really happy to teach

say the same for Celine and myself. I first

in the beauty industry when she was still a student.

her and to see how much she has grown since

met Celine at her beauty salon about ten years

At that time, she started to learn more about the

we met. Celine is never shy about learning. I really

ago for a slimming session. I only got to know her

industry and stayed committed to her interest and

admire how much she loves to learn and she is

better in recent years as we had more interaction.

it proved to be the right decision.

ever so humble to ask for help when she knows she needs it. Moreover, she is never afraid to jump

Celine has a disciplined daily schedule where she

She always keeps herself up-to-date on customers’

into different things other than in her own industry.

wakes up early in the morning and carries out her

current skincare needs and will introduce products

That’s something I truly respect about Celine.

household chores. Following that, she will attend

to them according to each customer’s skin

yoga or exercise classes to maintain her health. She

condition. I am glad to be one of those customers.

I am very thankful for Celine’s help in improving my

also looks after her diet by taking light food. In my

She is really compassionate and kind as she takes

skin condition for the past ten years. It must not

opinion, these are some of her admirable qualities.

good care of her customers. Celine is one person

have been easy for her as I have sensitive skin. But

Judging from her daily routine, Celine is really

who truly cares for her clients very much. She

thank you so much, Celine!

focused and great at managing her time. She fills

believes that with her knowledge in the beauty

her time with really beneficial activities for herself

industry, she should share and provide the best

and not many people I know are aware or would

services to her clients. Most importantly, she loves

80 /

Too Chin Chen Homemaker


Book_V2.indd 80

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 81

24/09/2018 12:17 PM



Chee Tony is Founder of Fairplays, a project marketing agency working with property developers in Malaysia. Fairplays systematically plans the marketing processes to ensure efficiency in terms of time and cost. The company specialises in advertising, telemarketing/client engagement, professional project services, and strong sales administration support with leading ERP system and technology to ensure every process is seamless.

Tony is an unassuming person but do not let his

I have attended some of his team meetings

looks fool you. He is a walking microprocessor

before and I am totally amazed at his sincerity

with built-in artificial intelligence and he whips out

and inclusiveness that he channels across. He has

probabilities for all kinds of situations. His larger-

maturity beyond his age and always look at the

than-life personality is filled with humility, brilliance

bigger picture for the greater good.

and warmth that will make anyone into a friend. There are not many people of his generation who


Tony has the ability to adapt to any market situation

have the ability or the capability to focus on the

and changes. We may have planned for two years

macro instead of the micro. Subsequently, Tony is

in the future but he has planned 10 years ahead.

able to plan and manage many things smoothly, while ensuring that his goals are met. We always

y first encounter with Tony was during

To say that Tony is intelligent is an understatement:

our first day at a real estate course by

Tony is very focused and he keeps himself updated

UCSI University back in 2015. At that

with the current trends in the market. He has great

To Tony, I think the future needs more people with

time, he just joined the real estate industry and

market foresight and invests on the technologies

talents like you to lead and keep us inspired.

seemed really “green.� We introduced ourselves

that will be the leading edge in his industry.

and my first impression of him was really baffling as he gave me his email address as vitorbarbosa84@

He is a true leader and creates opportunities for

gmail.com. I have to be honest; I did not expect

others. He sincerely cares for the people who work

that coming from Tony. The friendship grew from

together with him, and he tries his best to maintain

there and he never fails to surprise me once in

great relationships with the people around him.

look up to him for a fair and conclusive solution.

Daniel Ho

General Manager Reca Home Sdn Bhd

a while.

82 /


Book_V2.indd 82

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Book_V2.indd 83

24/09/2018 12:17 PM


Cherry Quah is one of the most influential people on social media across Asia with 1.3 million followers from Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Indonesia. She has a great sense of style and has been sought after by many to seek advice on matters related to fashion, travelling, equipment, accessories, products or items used or worn by her. She runs a few businesses. She has an online fashion store, Cherry Q, and she’s also a property investor. Her online store provides fashionable clothings and accessories to her client’s satisfaction. I’ve known her for 15 years and in our friendship, I

when you have positive results, things will happen

found that she is much more than what I thought.

smoothly and you will have a happy life.

She is a very smart, capable, caring person who always seeks to develop new and creative ideas in

I strongly believe these charming traits have made

business. She enjoys sharing innovative ideas with

her successful in her professional and personal life.

partners, friends, family and clients.

I truly believe in Cherry! I have faith that she will guide us all to fly high together!

She also has this brilliant mind and she has been


Dear Cherry, I am better today because I have you

down. I would say she’s a very beautiful strategist

as my best buddy! Continue to share your positivity

that could help and influence people in their

to influence more people to fight for their dreams

business ideas and, of course, in the fashion industry.

and to shine!

Cherry is very ambitious and confident. She

Jesslyn Sye

dedicates all her time and effort into developing he first impression I had of Cherry Quah was that she is a cheerful, beautiful, friendly and extraordinary person. She has a

personality of treating people whom she meets with a kind heart. She’s also a detailed person and when she’s committed to a task, she wouldn’t feel tired even after long hours and she would work on it until she finishes it. I was really impressed by her because of her strong spirit of independence and her nevergive-up personality.

84 /

guiding me during my own journey when I was

herself and her business. Not only is she dedicated

Marketing Manager Dellmax Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd

to develop her fashion empire, she is committed as well in building a great team. She excels hard towards building a team that can improve continuously and create a better life for themselves. At times, she looks rather cool, but in fact, she is a very sensible person. She enjoys sharing with others; be it positive statements, positive quotes, or positive energy through her popular and famous Instagram and Facebook accounts. She has this belief that positive energy leads to positive actions, which will then lead to positive results! And


Book_V2.indd 84

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Book_V2.indd 85

24/09/2018 12:17 PM




he first thing that came into my mind when

through eventually, and credit goes to the highly

I first saw her was her petite physique.

spirited team performance, and outstanding

Well, I’m 191cm tall and she’s 150cm, you

leadership that synergised perfectly under the

get the picture. Nonetheless, her genuine smile

wings of Ai Li.

really captivates me. Ai Li’s strength is her ability to start conversations because she’s authentic and

One of the most unforgettable moments was our

sincere. Not to mention, she also has a laugh that’s

trip to India a few years back. We witnessed that a

so contagious, everyone will laugh together with

large part of India was still in great poverty. During


that time in New Delhi, Ai Li asked me, “Phil, what’s the best way to reduce poverty?” At the tender

Chew Ai Li is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of WeLink Advisory with over 20 years of experience specialising in financial planning services including life and general insurance, wills and trust and other financial products. WeLink Advisory consists of a team of young and dynamic financial planners and has won the AAA Award, 100+ Agency and Million Dollar Agency Award.

As one of the few female leaders in the industry,

age of 23, I answered her bluntly, “Change the

her charismatic leadership has always been shining

government.” She replied, “No Phil, it’s through

brightly. Systematic, yet flexible, she complements

education.” That moment, I realised something

her leadership style with a sprinkle of her soft

about her. Every year since then, Ai Li would

touch. Whatever problems you have, she would

adopt children from all over the world through

always be looking from your point of view. That’s

sponsorship programmes to ensure they are

why you get most of your problems solved

sufficiently funded for basic necessities. And she is

through her wisdom. I would call her “the engineer

still doing it now. She showed compassion towards

of relationships.” She is good at fixing relationships.

the society. She said, “Whatever we earned from


society, we must give back for the betterment of the society; this is how life works.”

Her journey started with her bold move when she decided to come all the way from Butterworth,

Thank you Ai Li, for being my friend and mentor

to the city of diversity, Kuala Lumpur, to venture

in life. Life is about making meaningful connections

into her insurance business, and she started

and having fulfilling experiences. I hope you could

everything from scratch. Without determination

fulfil your life purpose i.e. to inspire more people

and persistence, she wouldn’t grow into what she

to become a better version of themselves; and

is today.

to touch more people’s lives. For that, I give my blessings to you.

I envy her. She has the simplest mind of all, which is truly a blessing. She strongly believes in the saying “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” One of the seemingly impossible

Phil Tan

Agency Manager WeLink Advisory

goals was to achieve the 100+ Agency Award, a prestigious award that builds 100 manpower in a year. Nevertheless, we managed to pull everything

86 /


Book_V2.indd 86

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Book_V2.indd 87

24/09/2018 12:17 PM



Chong Tik Wei is the Founder of AI Success Consultancy, a financial service provider. The company’s mission is to be a compassionate financial management team and its vision is to create a fulfilling life through the power of love and compassion.


y first encounter with Tik Wei was in

he exhibits a strong tenacity and perseverance to

June 2016 at a cosy cafĂŠ in SS2, Petaling

complete all his undertakings.

jaya during a selection interview. I can

still clearly recall how he impressed me right from

In 2017, Tik Wei and I decided to embark on a

the beginning as a pleasant, well-mannered young

small journey of transformation for his company

man from the insurance profession beaming with

i.e. to replace its 20-year old corporate vision

his radiant smile and joyfulness. I signed him up on

and mission from a traditional self-centric version

the spot without any hesitation as I was confident

to a more inspiring and appealing customer-

with his ability to contribute to the energy level

oriented perspective. It was designed to create a

and ultimate greatness of the group.

favourable positioning as well as a first impression for the company, and to stand out from the crowd.

As I got to know him better, I became strongly

The openness, enthusiasm and determination

attracted to his personality as well as expertise.

demonstrated by Tik Wei throughout the journey

He is admirably sincere, warm and humble with

was so distinctive of his character.

an earnest desire to continuously improve himself,

As the father of modern marketing, Philip Kotler, has

even though he is the Group Vice Chairman of

said: An organisation which does not contribute to

Supremacy Integrity Berhad, a conglomerate of

the welfare of the society is not a good organisation.

more than 30 groups of agency managers, and not

Therefore, I would like to highlight to him the

just an agency manager.

importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the ultimate developmental objective of

On the other hand, he demonstrates an unexpected

all progressive organisations. It should be directed

expertise as a first-class organiser, a good energiser

towards their customers, employees, community as

as well as a great master of ceremony.

well as the external environment. CSR can certainly be a new source of competitive advantage to

I would think the success factor of Tik Wei is his

attract and retain the right employees as well as

unique Level five leadership quality as professed by


Jim Collins in his book From Good to Great. It is a powerful mixture of personal humility and great determination to succeed.

Jeffrey Khor

Chief Executive Officer and Coach Vistage Malaysia Sdn Bhd

On one extreme, he is impressively humble with a strong willingness to ask, listen and learn while

88 /


Book_V2.indd 88

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Book_V2.indd 89

24/09/2018 12:17 PM




hua Bee Ling is a hard worker who is

We’ve known each other less than a year now

passionate about her career. She has

but I came to admire the effort and sacrifice

decades of experience in the home and

that Bee Ling puts into her business. I admire her

bedding accessories industry. She has always been

spirit and passion she puts into her family, and the

actively building her social network through various

courage and bravery when overcoming challenges.

platforms while travelling abroad to gain new

She shows through her actions, not just through

knowledge and experiences. She also enjoys trying

words; a true leader. Learning is a lifelong process

new things as well as taking up new challenges.

and it is a journey of self-discovery as well. Bee Ling and I have been to China many times where

Bee Ling is and has always been a leader in her

we would learn and share business concepts and

profession, leading Homey (aka Homie) to greater

models together. Her enthusiasm towards her

heights. For self-improvement, she constantly

career inspires me a lot. I’m so glad to have her as

attends industry seminars and enrolls herself

a travelling and learning buddy.

for enterprise management courses. She always

Chua Bee Ling is Director of Homey Gallery Textile Sdn Bhd (HGT). It was established in 2009 and is recognised as one of the top manufacturers and wholesalers for home and bedding accessories in the country. Located in Taiping, Perak, HGT provides a variety of products including bed linen, towels, baby bedding, aprons, pillows, car seats, bolsters, floor mats, quilts, and carpets.

insisted that everything has to be done efficiently

To Bee Ling, I’d like to share a few things: Whatever

and wholeheartedly. She believes that one has to

we do, we must remember that success is

start from the bottom and put in all the effort in

never-ending and failure is never final. If you are

order to succeed.

unhappy with your performance today, you can always try again tomorrow. We must work hard

With over 10 years of experience in the industry,

and have a good attitude. There is always a way

Bee Ling is generous enough to share her work

if you are willing to find a way. Most importantly,

experience with her team i.e. helping them to

we must never give up. I sincerely hope that she

live up to their potential both professionally and

can continue to innovate and improve herself to

personally, and providing them a sense of belonging

become a better individual and be an inspiration

and job satisfaction. She treats her staff like her

to the people around her, as well as to achieve

business partners; shows them respect and care,

work-life balance.

understands their roles and responsibilities, and values their work to keep them motivated.

Maggie Fong Founder Wekah Bhd

90 /


Book_V2.indd 90

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Book_V2.indd 91

24/09/2018 12:17 PM




t’s such a pleasure to describe Coney.

she acquired over the years have made her an

Throughout the years, Coney has the warmest

expert in the beauty consultancy business. Coney

heart ever. I have witnessed how her helpful and

maintains her focus on the company’s direction

loving personality has enabled her to assist people

and on the employees’ well-being. She is realistic

including charities. Her principle in business is not

and grounded enough to achieve the company

for her own benefit, but to work with a heart of


wanting to help. Not only does she learn to improve herself, she Coney is the personification of walking the talk

also loves to share the knowledge with the team

and what she teaches to the people around her.

and ensures the team members are also improving.

With this, she has helped lots of people to build

Furthermore, she constantly innovates; she ensures

their confidence again. This has also enabled many

the quality and safety first by experiencing the

people to open up to her more comfortably

product herself to understand and ensure the

without feeling distant. She is able to stand in other

effects first before bringing in any new technology

people’s shoes and help them regardless to advise

to the business. For me, the hardships that we have

on their personal matters.

faced in building our dreams and goals have made us closer.

Coney Cheng is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coney Beauty. WIth more than 25 years of beauty experience, she has served more than 10,000 clients. Her mission is to help more people solve their beauty problems and make their face glow with confidence and brilliance.

The success factor of Coney is definitely her winning attitude. For anything she wants to achieve

Dear sister, we have been siblings for many years

in life, she will never compromise the effort to

and now, business partners. I remember clearly

achieve her goals. Regardless of how tough and

how you have helped me in the past whenever

challenging the situation can be, she will try until

I needed help. Thank you for being with me the

she succeeds.

whole time. You deserved all the success you have achieved today. I am so proud of you and feel so

As her business partner, I have learnt greatly from

blessed to have you in my life. I am confident that

her that if we want to achieve something, we

we will continue to create a brilliant life for our

must make sure that our belief is greater than


the challenges that come along the way. Through the years with her, I have seen how her life experiences have shaped and motivated the lives of many people. Besides her other great traits, she

Chin Gaw Executive Director Coney Beauty

is also down to earth, even with the knowledge

92 /


Book_V2.indd 92

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Book_V2.indd 93

24/09/2018 12:17 PM



Covy Fon is Founder of Stardust Healthcare, a networking and trading company. The company’s products are formulated in France, using only natural ingredients. The company also provides professional training, sales technique training and consultancy to dealers when they join the company. Stardust lives by the motto: Natural, Safe and Healthy.


y first impression of Covy was that she was young, beautiful, and charming. I still remember when I saw her at

another corporate awards ceremony four years ago. Among the crowds, she had an approachable personality. I got to know from Facebook that she was managing a micro-business in the health and beauty industry. I also had a feeling that she was good at making money! What impressed me and made me admire Covy most is her strong conviction. She would surprise people often when she carries out her actions immediately in a short period of time. Once, we were discussing whether running a micro-business required an office and within a few months, Covy had renovated a new office. Now she owns her first office, the Connect Group. Her motto is to never lose sight of the goal once you set it. However, all success comes with hard work. Setting up a business, especially a micro-business requires certain skills, particularly online trading. Not only is Covy competent in online activities but she is also diligent and systematic with her team’s offline training. In line with Hyundai’s O2O (online to offline) advocated in this era, she possesses a forward-looking leadership style. The main factor of Covy’s success in her attitude towards life and business. She also learns and improves continuously, from Michael Chiang’s personality course to Dato’ Calvin Khiu’s sessions, her attitude determines mindedness.I think she is

She is thoughtful, assertive, and creative. She established the company as a second home for her agents simply because she couldn’t bear to cause their parents to worry if these agents were working from home. The office also encourages positive energy among each other and is a platform for them to leverage their expertise and skills to help the community. I remembered one time we were attending a 4U course together and we were required to write notes of encouragement to respective business partners. I completed mine but when I turned to pass it to her, I also received a sticky note from her.The contents of the note were almost identical and that’s when I knew that we both were in sync with each other. Hence, I told myself that I want to grow with her and I was so grateful she was my benefactor. Until today, Covy has been focusing on selling only one brand, Cellglo. Cellglo is a branding product from France specialising in vision protection. There are not many products in the market like Cellglo. Therefore, I believe Cellglo products can truly help many people. Besides, Covy has been leading many agents to interact with other entrepreneurs to learn from and synergise with them. I believe what she does can lead to the continual growth of her team and bring success to many people!

First Lye Yik Ming Agency Manager Great Ideals Group

the frontrunner in the Malaysian micro-business community and she’s on the path to extraordinary new opportunities. 94 /


Book_V2.indd 94

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 95

24/09/2018 12:17 PM



Darren Lim Jin Howe is the founder of SCS Group, a company that focuses on birthing young financial entrepreneurs who are energetic and determined to pursue excellence in all their achievements. Darren is also a member of MDRT and is currently leading a team of 50 financial entrepreneurs to nurture the financial services industry.


y first encounter with Darren was back

a leader in business. He wasted no time. From

in 2012. Like many other boys I’ve met,

midnight until 4am, he came up with a plan. He

he was young, green and ambitious.

acted on the plan and within the second half of

Nevertheless, my first impression of him gradually

2017, the plan worked for himself and the Group.

improved and I was impressed by his personality

This was evident when they won the Best Group

and positive vision towards his own career and life.

award for remarkable business growth, increased

Despite being so young, Darren has this distinct

productivity and many inter-industry collaboration

persona that seemed mature than others. This has

to drive his team forward.

given him an edge to be successful in all that he does. The ingredients on how to be a successful

There are many factors that made him truly

entrepreneur has been with him since young and

successful but the most noticeable is his way of

all he needed was a mentor to guide and discover

execution. He could execute any business plan

his strengths and to lead all future endeavours.

or strategy within minutes. That shows strong belief and will. One other aspect of Darren that

One of his most desirable traits is his determination.

I’ve observed is his ability to balance family, health,

In the first half of 2017, he arrived at a crossroad

education, spirituality and friends. On a personal

in life i.e. what should he change in order to be

level, he lives his life as an example for the team

96 /


Book_V2.indd 96

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

to follow, like some sort of DNA for people to duplicate. In a recent annual company awards dinner, I was impressed that he brought along his parents to witness his achievement as the most successful team of the year and how he encouraged the team to bring their own parents or spouse as a way to have everyone be part of the big family in the organisation. Gratitude is certainly a part of the culture in the group. As one of his mentors, I feel blessed to have worked with the young and dynamic Darren for the past six years from a “green� young boy in pursuing new knowledge to a mature adult as he brings his teammates success through better work experiences. Frankly, SCS is a group that provides complete financial services whether it’s personal, family or SME while concurrently providing complete performance



management system and business collaboration platforms for young entrepreneurs to start out as

interns and be nurtured into financial

entrepreneurs. I wish him all the success because I know his success will bring more success to the community, society and country. I hope his vision of staying the best and awesome and taking the group to their RM10 million in sales turnover in next 3 years will come true soon. This award, the most influential young entrepreneur, is truly meaningful to Darren and it marks another new beginning in his journey.

William Chuah Teong Choon Chief Executive Officer Great Vision Mortgage Advisory Sdn Bhd

Book_V2.indd 97

24/09/2018 12:17 PM



Dennis Lee Kien Wei is Founder of Square Design Sdn Bhd, a renovation company that specialises in the Minimalist concept. It provides renovation services that are cost-effective and high in quality so to help clients save cost and to create value for their investment. The company aims to provide clients a simple, comfortable and organised home.


ennis is a very determined and highlymotivated person. Honesty and integrity are his most admirable qualities. He will

not give up easily on any opportunity that comes by and will work consistently to produce effective results. His success was not built within a short period as he has gone through hard times with a lot of patience and effort that made him what he is today. He is also very good at finding ways and ideas to solve whatever problems that arise. Dennis is a leader with an influential characteristic which makes him attractive to anyone. He always places his interest before others as he understands that helping others to succeed is the best achievement. Hence, he is a helpful guy who always shares helpful thoughts among his staff and friends. The key factor of his success is that he builds a strong bond with people. His business partner would often introduce him to other investors due to his openness and honesty. This is how he got involved

I really liked working with him as he required different kinds of skills such as IT, marketing and interior design and I loved being challenged. As he progresses, he used the skills he learnt when he gets involved in different kinds of corporate meetings and was able to produce great suggestions which help the company to gain phenomenal sales. Overall, I would say Dennis’s three most positive traits are hardworking, knowledgeable, and always up for the challenge. Dennis, I know you will bring the best out of yourself. I will always be supportive and stand by your side. I’m truly grateful that you have given so much in this business and with so much patience. I feel extremely proud to have a friend and partner like you. I’m confident you can achieve your goals and dreams in your entrepreneurial journey.

Terry Lee Jun Hui

Chief Executive Officer and Founder Rector Group Sdn Bhd

in various industries such as property, renovation, investment and F&B businesses. 98 /


Book_V2.indd 98

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 99

24/09/2018 12:17 PM


Derrick Tang is Founder of Intego Technologies Sdn Bhd that specialises in providing security solutions and products such as digital smart locks, hotel door locks/systems, in-room safes and one-card solution. Today, the company has serviced more than 300 established corporations and hotels; which Derrick is blessed with such wonderful colleagues who have aided in the growth of the company.


e met Derrick Tang from Intego

provide mutual success. This young entrepreneur

Technologies during the FHM KL

Derrick, this is a special note for a special buddy.

clearly stood out from the other companies we

Being lenient and fair to your staff is good but

2015 event. At the time, Safemark

interviewed who were more focused on their solo

was searching for an additional distributor of our

there must always be parameters so that they

needs. Derrick’s inherent values and progressive

guest room safes in Malaysia. Of the four companies

work without taking advantage of your kindness.

business acumen will undoubtedly contribute to

we were interviewing, two had existing relations

You are soft spoken, sweet and good looking so

any company he represents.

remember there are temptations which you have

with Safemark while Intego and one other were unknown.

to be very careful with. Please continue to guard I started working with Derrick in 2015 with

against temptations as you have a wonderful family

regular visits to strengthen our understanding and From the very beginning, Derrick demonstrated

and a successful business. Kindly delegate more

relationship where he had shown so many great

immense professionalism—from his firm handshake

responsibilities and authority to your department

qualities as a partner/businessman and a friend.

heads so that they can assist you. Finally, mistakes

and eye-contact to his deep understanding and

are OK as long as they do not defy moral values or

respect for the industry we serve. This noble first

Derrick is such a humble guy who treats all his

impression contributed to our decision to work

staff well with a good listening ear as he told me

with Derrick.

“a happy staff is important.” I admire him greatly for his honesty in telling me how he struggled

Intego specialises in providing hotel door locks

with English and attended courses to improve his

and has more than 300 established and esteemed

proficiency and knowledge as part of his upgrading.

are against the law. Also, please be firm!

Philip Toh

Vice President Safemark System LP

clients. During our discussion, Derrick was friendly, sincere and most importantly, honest about their

From him, I learnt how to be patient and humble in

company’s strengths and weaknesses. Derrick

every situation if we want a long term relationship

wanted to ensure his company could contribute

with clients or staff or suppliers or family members.

to Safemark and that our partnership would

Unbelievable, as it’s not so easy but he did it so naturally.

100 /


Book_V2.indd 100

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 101

24/09/2018 12:17 PM



DCA Advisory Sdn Bhd Founder, Desmond Chan, has utilised the Simple, Easy, Efficient and Duplicable SEED system combined with his “people-oriented” concept to build a highly competitive and efficient insurance agency team. His ideas have revolutionised the business model of traditional insurance agencies, bringing his agency to the next level.


esmond Chan was introduced to me by a

Risk-taking is also an important quality of a good

encouraged to make a comeback and insisted that

mutual friend. He exhibits many qualities

leader. Desmond also stands out in his approach

he must meet me.

that all real leaders should have as in

to his office renovation, investing much into

possessing concern about the well-being of their

revamping the design of the space as opposed to

He also introduced Angie Ng, an agent from

team members.

others who would rather save the money rather

another agency who has a strong desire to qualify

than invest for expansion.

for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) to meet

Most of our discussions are centred on how to

me who has potential but had no coach. These are

ensure his agents perform better. His selflessness

I think his passion for the life insurance business is

examples of a person who not only thinks about

and concern for others is apparent in the way

the main reason for his success as can be seen in

himself but wants to see others excel together.

he deals with others. Throughout my 18 years

him attending a majority of functions related to the

of being a consultant to many successful agency

life insurance industry. His passion in the business

Desmond, persist until you win. This is not a one-

leaders, I have not come across any leader who

has led him to organise morning meetings every

hundred-metre sprint, but rather, a marathon race.

takes as much interest in the welfare of their

day, from Monday to Friday, the moment he was

Those stories about people achieving success

employees as him.

promoted to be a manager. This is different from

overnight are cutting the stories short. All of them

most other leaders in the industry who conduct

have put in years of effort, polishing every skill that

Desmond also possesses a good attitude in

meetings probably once a month or on a weekly

is needed before they become successful. Just do it!

terms of learning and sharing and dares to take

basis. Agents who face rejections every day in the

risks which are essential qualities of good leaders.

market place will receive help from him through

Learning and sharing are important in the life

these morning meetings before they become

insurance business as many experiences are not


Dato’ Chua Meng Min Founder MMTS Consulting Sdn Bhd

easily shared or available from books or training modules. Desmond recently attended the D.I.S.C.

Desmond’s passion and his willingness to help

programme to understand the characters of

others to excel in this business can be seen from

individuals as well as to ascertain how to adapt

the number of people he introduced to me

and communicate with people better.

like him introducing Addy Ng to me whom he

102 /


Book_V2.indd 102

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 103

24/09/2018 12:17 PM


Desmond Tan has been in the insurance industry since 2001. He is currently the Chief Director of Allianz Life Changer Platform (ALCP). In January 2018, Desmond started a new business model i.e. ALCP to assist all platform members to achieve maximum results. ALCP currently has 350 members and has achieved RM20 million business turnover within eight months.

I began to learn about Desmond so much more. I noticed that Desmond has a strong passion for the life insurance industry and this is evident in how he carries himself. Not only that, he is very hardworking and persistent in his work. As the insurance industry requires a lot of interaction with customers, he is very patient when providing services to them. You’ll never see him fret over the meetings he had with his customers. He genuinely seeks the best solutions because he wants to help them.Thus, that is how he has stayed in the industry for such a long time.


Other than creating value for customers, Desmond also needs to manage his team in ALCP. It is not ime certainly passes very quickly. In just

easy to handle and manage a team as each team

a blink of an eye, it has already been six

member has different abilities and characters.

full years since Desmond and I first met.

I could vividly remember that it was during a

Nevertheless, Desmond has managed his team

dinner function when we crossed paths and the

well by banking on his positive thinking and strong

first impression I had of Desmond was someone

organisational skills. He guides them by sharing his

who exudes so much positive energy. You could

experience in the industry.

tell from his body language and the way he spoke, Desmond was always energetic and motivated.

Desmond is also very aware of the nuances of his team’s characters. I always believed he has a very

First impressions may be wrong but not when it

high EQ to be able to manage a team to work and

comes to Desmond. As I got to know him better,

achieve success together.

104 /


Book_V2.indd 104

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Desmond believes in helping his team members to unleash their potential and achieve success together. As a leader, he is willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of his team members. You don’t meet someone like Desmond very often. He gives his all for the people around him. Therefore, his team members support him strongly. Previously, Desmond has come across some major difficulties when he was doing well in his career. However, he was not discouraged and overcame the difficulties with a calm and cool mind. There have been many other challenging moments but for Desmond, it is very important to have passion and perseverance in the insurance industry. Through his persistent efforts, Desmond has now reached another peak in his career. To Desmond, I wish you and your wife, who is also in the insurance industry, to always be in good health. I also hope that you will lead your young team to grow the business to reach the next level.

Dato’ Steven Lee Managing Director Jiankun International Bhd

Book_V2.indd 105

24/09/2018 12:17 PM



KW Machinery Sdn Bhd Managing Director Doreen Teoh, who is also the Founder of Business On Wheels (BOW), is affectionately known to her peers as the Iron Lady. This is due to her uncompromising code of ethics and rigorous standards of perfection in running one of Malaysia’s most prestigious mobile truck companies.


y first encounter with Doreen happened seven years ago at a singing competition where I was a participant and she was

one of the judges. At that time, she didn’t leave much of an impression on me. However, as I got to know her better after she joined KW Machinery as my business partner, I noticed that Doreen is very productive and dedicated to her work. Doreen follows through every work matter and project attentively and does not give up easily when faced with tricky problems. She will dig into her resources to find solutions and complete the job. For example, she is quite good in communicating and negotiating with officers from government agencies to ensure the company’s

“Giving up” will never appear in her dictionary as Doreen always puts in as much effort as she can in all of her tasks. By observing how well she takes care of her appearance, I would say that she is a perfectionist. This is more evident in Doreen’s expectations of herself, always aiming to achieve 100% or more of the targeted results in work. I have high admiration for Doreen as she came from a different industry prior to joining KW Machinery. However, she still continues to deliver excellent results and has been leading our team very well. Thank you!

Kenny Wong

Chairman KW Machinery Sdn Bhd

smooth operations.

106 /


Book_V2.indd 106

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 107

24/09/2018 12:17 PM


Eddie Ng is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vanzo Asia Sdn Bhd. The company produces air freshener and it has always lived by the golden rule of providing quality products to the public while promoting health and well-being of their customers.

he has always demonstrated responsibility and the

team. The phrase from Eddie to everyone was

entrepreneurial spirit.

“Accepting other people’s differences” as there are many things we can do to move towards

His skills do not end at the workplace. Eddie also

accepting other people’s opinions and respecting

projects a warm, cheerful attitude to our clients. I

our differences. It’s truly inspiring to see him tackle

have seen him resolve conflicts and handle other

something and make it a success.

difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. During the course of his work,

On behalf of the all the stakeholders within the

Eddie has proven to be an invaluable resource

company, I would again like to express our sincere

and a very good ambassador for our brand. He

gratitude as we are all in the same team no matter

also demonstrated his analytical skills on numerous

what, through good and bad times.

occasions through market/business analysis and was able to make solid recommendations and


provide actionable plans. We also had frequent communication





first met Eddie when I went to Sunday church

execution of the different programmes at all staff

back in 2014. When I met him, he was just a


Ryan Sze

Vice President of Business Strategy Vanzo Asia Sdn Bhd

salesman for a fragrance company in Johor.

Despite being just a normal salesperson, he always

Eddie was an exceptional partner overall. He was

took pride in his work there and even developed

able to build strong business relationships and was

strategies to make his work more organised and

easy to interact with and he even communicated

efficient. Since then, I’ve watched with interest as

well with other team members. I recalled once

he pursued his passion for business.

when there were differences in opinions among shareholders during the preparation of a campaign

Being his business partner at Vanzo, it’s truly inspiring

launch, but Eddie was able to reinforce the company

to see him solving problems and making business

goal and strategies which further strengthened

ideas work daily and being the founder and CEO,

the confidence among the whole management

108 /


Book_V2.indd 108

24/09/2018 12:17 PM

Book_V2.indd 109

24/09/2018 12:18 PM

110 /


Book_V2.indd 110

24/09/2018 12:18 PM


Eldrick Koh is the Founder of GenYouth, an organisation aimed to empower the youth by cultivating and engraving entrepreneurship traits within them by establishing closer connections between businesses and industry players with the youth and vice versa. The Connected Campus Tour is the first ever nationwide campus tour to be organised and it offers a variety of activities that includes accelerator, incubation and mentoring programmes, inspirational talks and HR forum, company visitations, exhibitions and fairs, workshops and training.


ldrick is a leader who walks the talk. He

the society than to actively play a principal role

responsibilities especially in the areas regarding

strongly believes that a successful team

in building up the nation’s future leaders and to

human rights, labour rights and environmental

can only be created through tireless effort

constantly be an effective bridge in helping the

consciousness are upheld and ensured to the

of grinding together on-field. He is a motivated

younger generations to transition into successful

utmost capabilities of the establishments.

leader who is nurturing, inspiring, capable and


always helping others to grow in the best way. He

Eldrick has a knack in foreseeing the problems in

He is one who leads and teaches both theoretically

is known for his inclination to help, inspire, and

the market which in turn allows him to devise a

and practically to ensure his team is able to grasp

motivate anyone who desires to do so without

multitude of solutions and strategies that boost

the full extent of his industrial teachings and apply

expecting any reward in return. He established his

company morale and the continuous creation

it effectively. Not only that, his interest is to help

businesses in the hopes that many will benefit from

of creative insights that could turn any market

shape and improve the community to be on par

the programmes provided and is someone who

problem into sustainable business opportunities

with the major changes the industry goes through.

is greatly passionate in striving to ensure that his

that greatly benefits the establishment. Another

His curiosity and drive to explore and improve

experience and principles will be an inspiration for

defining quality of Eldrick is his tenacity and wisdom

is the best trait which led to his early success.

others yearning to succeed to achieve their goals.

in dealing and managing the consumer pool in

He never stops believing in improvement and

which he is able to work out early on the defining

is never afraid to venture into areas in which he

He created a unique organisation structure which

needs and demands of the market and eventually

is unfamiliar with. To him, every new challenge is

provides an avenue to all aspiring entrepreneurs to

churn out effective strategies to cope with the

seen as an opportunity for growth and personal

have a platform to rise up in life. He believes that

continuous strain of meeting market expectations.


lacking in strategic partnerships and efforts given

Eldrick had one belief: “Don’t always think about

to help the younger generation to kickstart their

taking before giving; Don’t always think about

Gillian Ooi

visions. All his establishments are built on the idea

giving because of receiving.” He believes in sharing

of having young aspiring partners to be a part

knowledge freely without boundaries. Besides,

of the core teams. What better way to improve

he strongly supports the direction of corporate

Malaysia is highly entrepreneurial but is severely

Book_V2.indd 111

Director GenYouth Sdn Bhd

24/09/2018 12:18 PM


Elyna Tan joined Paradise Group of Restaurants as the Chief Executive Officer of Paradise (F&B) Malaysia Sdn Bhd in 2011. Her responsibilities entail managing all aspects of the business ranging from overseeing the overall operational matters and business development to developing marketing plans for all 12 restaurants in Malaysia including Paradise Dynasty, Beauty In The Pot, Canton Paradise, LeNu (Chinese division), Para Thai, LeTen and Kungfu Bake Rice (halal division). She also works closely with Paradise Group Holding (Singapore) Chief Executive Officer Eldwin Chua and Chief Operating Officer Edlan Chua to ensure standardisation in the brand’s promise and delivery in Malaysia.


met Elyna over 10 years ago on my first job in

her: Elyna is persistent, hardworking and above all,

the opportunity to try my hands on graphic design.

loyal. These characteristics of hers do not falter

Even though I could barely put a simple poster

through tough situations which makes her a great

design together—let alone a comprehensive

leader who is able to lead her team through

menu design—she was patient and continuously

obstacles and distractions towards achieving the

encouraged me to keep trying. Looking back, she

ultimate goal. Persistence and being hardworking

could have laughed at my face but she did not and

is in her DNA, I believe, because this woman is

over the years, my design skills developed and I

unstoppable once she sets her mind on achieving

was able to participate in the full restaurant re-

something. To top it all, her sense of loyalty is

branding and design initiatives. She is still the same

unwavering—just ask anyone in the F&B industry,


and they will testify to her dedication.

developing her team’s skills. Her can-do attitude is

the food and beverage (F&B) industry. My first





impression was: “Man! This woman can walk

The destiny-changing moment was when Elyna

fast in heels.” But the truth is, my memory of her

took the leap of faith to accept the new challenge

As I’ve learnt the ins and outs of the F&B business,

as my immediate manager was authoritative at

at Paradise Group which has now made her one

I can’t help but express my gratitude for the

first but overtime, it became clear that she acts

of the most aspiring young entrepreneurs in the

opportunity to work alongside her over the years.

professionally and only has the company’s best

country. I have to admit that it was truly admirable

Despite the fact that we no longer work together,

interest at heart.

because to be frank, she was comfortable with

we often reconnect on a personal level and enjoy

her previous job. She was on top of her game,

occasional meals and laughter. I am glad that our

successful and well-loved by her bosses.

relationship has evolved from co-worker to friends.

In a short period of time, I learnt to respect her for many things, like her persistence and dedication to

Elyna, you’re a living testament of how a woman

her work to name a few. In short, the word “no” is

However, I guess greatness is not something

can be steel and silk at heart. How you juggle your

not welcome in her vocabulary. But don’t get me

people dream about. It’s about taking risks, making

commitment to work and family is nothing short

wrong, the lucky few will get to see the fun side of

that bold step and pushing for success because

of heroic!

her, myself included.

turning back is not an option. That’s how greatness is achieved and I believe Elyna is a strong example

It is hard to pinpoint any one particular trait but

of that person. When I first started out as a

I can name the top three values I admire most in

Marketing Executive, it was Elyna who gave me

112 /

Natalie Kam Stoyanov Business Development Manager Supa Dupa Event Company


Book_V2.indd 112

24/09/2018 12:18 PM

Book_V2.indd 113

24/09/2018 12:18 PM




’ll be honest. The first thing I noticed about Eva,

her given assignment and hands-on practice, she

what many people would likely notice first about

will reach out to me to be her model. Not giving

her, is her icy look. But of course, once I got to

a second thought, I would say yes. We were having

know her, she actually possessed the sugar-and-

fun exploring, laughing at the outcome, being

spice personality. Call it a spark, call it chemistry, we

silly together; it was definitely an unforgettable

clicked and bonded ever since we met.

experience. From what I can see, make-up artistry isn’t just a job for her, it’s a creative outlet she uses

What I admired about Eva the most is that she’s

to express herself. She puts everything she has into

doing things out of passion and love instead of

it and that’s how purpose-driven she can be.

obligation. It’s so joyful to see her eyes light up when she talks to me about things she loves and of

Despite it all, she knows how to make time to have

her plans. Her energy and drive draw me in. Eva is

fun when she needs to. We love exploring different

also very committed. There are some people who

countries, trying new food, and conquering fears

fall after the first hurdle, some people at the last,

together. Basically, we keep each other sane.

but she will run the whole track again if she knows that is what she wants to do. She doesn’t quit

I am incredibly proud of her. She has celebrated

when things get hard, she just pushes through. This

many achievements but this award in particular, it

trait is extremely admirable and I love her for it.

is incredibly special and it means a lot to her. It’s evident in her tremendous effort and her team. It

She’s inspiring in so many ways. She genuinely and

has always been an honour to witness her journey

authentically cares about the team and their well-

and growth, her highs and lows.

being. In her team, she believes that they carry more Eva Ong is the Founder of Eva Makeover Studio which was established in the year 2016. She is also a Chief Make-up Artist for the company, is a Kai Beauty Shareholder, and an almost full-time makeup instructor. Besides, she leads the Professional Make-up Artist Team which was bestowed the name “18 Makeover Team.”

than just the value they add to the company. She

To Eva, I want to thank you for always being the

100% believes in transparency and creating very

friend that’s been there for me through it all. We’ve

clearly articulated goals for each member of her

both grown up and changed so much since then,

team i.e. really being honest in accessing her team,

but our friendship has always remained a constant,

ensuring her team complement her, regardless of

something that’s always there even when life gets

her strengths and weaknesses. Besides, I admire

busy. For that, I’m forever thankful. I foresee there

her leadership style and how it has evolved over

will be more to come. Just keep moving forward

time. She has complete faith in her own ability and

fearlessly and relentlessly, constantly creating

others to get through whatever problems. She

miracles. I want you to know that I will always have

wants to help others accomplish the same.

your back and I will be rooting for you.

As she got older, her creative interests evolved. She

Yenny Toh

started to explore the make-up industry and soon after, it became her passion. With no knowledge,

Business Coordinator ASolute Sdn Bhd

no technique, no direction, she wanted to learn so badly. Hence, she enrolled in make-up courses at the Amber Chia Academy. As she had to complete

114 /


Book_V2.indd 114

24/09/2018 12:18 PM

Book_V2.indd 115

24/09/2018 12:18 PM



His name is synonymous with acting but there are many facets to Fahrin Ahmad that few people know about—lawyer, entrepreneur, family man, social activist and a humane individual. There are many words that can describe Fahrin. A man of many talents, Fahrin is everyone’s favourite leading man who never falls out of favour despite the proliferation of many new artistes and instant celebrities thanks to the burgeoning reality TV industry and the rise of Insta-famous celebrities.


nterestingly, I got to know Fahrin from a unique

business and even his personal life. He has survived

cup of coffee or green tea as his regular breakfast

perspective that is not known to many. Our

the industry for so long because he knows exactly

and strives to sleep for seven hours everyday. Yet,

relationship began when he voluntarily signed up

what he wants. His success is no coincidence. It

he can’t help craving for fish crackers and chips

as a Red Ribbon Celebrity Supporter—a unique

is the result of a highly calculative move and also

though; it’s the one junk food that he cannot live

advocacy programme by the Malaysian AIDS

a manifestation of his ability to spot trends and

without, apparently.

Council and Malaysian AIDS Foundation that rallies

adjusting to challenges. As an artiste and a public

together top celebrities and media personalities

figure, he continuously re-invents himself to suit

There is also a simple and humane side of Fahrin.

to support the HIV/AIDS cause. They became our

the industry’s expectations. Being an industry

He has this amazing gift to make everyone feel at

mouthpiece to the masses.

veteran, he lands plump acting gigs and continues

ease, a very useful skill that has helped him to land

to attract endorsement deals from some of the

lucrative business deals and earn respect and trust

I saw compassion, selflessness and a genuine

biggest brands in the country. I also know that

from many friends and allies. We can talk serious

intention to help the plight of the underprivileged

he is a serious venture capitalist; investing in

business with Fahrin but at the end of the day, he is

community. He embraced the challenges faced by

many businesses start-ups and always exploring

just a person you feel comfortable calling a friend

People Living with HIV, often above and beyond

new opportunities. With each enterprise, he

and true brother.

the call of duty to help them in any way he can.

demonstrates a similar level of savviness and

Fahrin has no issues exploiting his stardom and

attention to detail.

whatever influences that he has to help the cause, which he held dearly for the past 10 years, and

One thing for sure is that Fahrin loves sports and

shows no signs of slowing down. He understands

leads a healthy lifestyle. It’s no longer a secret that

that HIV/AIDS needs visibility to tear down the

he was actively playing rugby ever since his college

negative perception about the disease. He is not

years. It made him a gym junkie to look great as

shy or embarrassed to demonstrate his support

how he is today. Yet, his passion has led him to

and gives us the freedom to ride on his popularity

maintain a lean and healthy body instead. He would

to get the message across.

at least do a basic fitness routine or tricks with his

Jasmin Jalil

Executive Director Malaysian AIDS Foundation

football as it is his favourite sport. A healthy lifestyle Being his friend, I also became aware that he

wouldn’t be complete without healthy food and a

has this extraordinary ability to remain focused

beauty sleep. Knowing him better, I learnt that he

and determined to reach his goal, be it in acting,

goes for complex carbohydrates and eggs with a

116 /


Book_V2.indd 116

24/09/2018 12:18 PM



Book_V2.indd 117

24/09/2018 12:18 PM


At only 28 years old, Fattah Amin is just getting started with his achievements as an award-winning actor for his roles in Drama Suri Hati Mr Pilot and Hero Seorang Cinderella, as a singer, with his song “Wanita Terakhir” gaining over five million streams online, and as a successful entrepreneur. He had won numerous prestigious awards such as Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2017, Best Popular Actor at the Telenovela Awards 2017 and more. Fattah is currently managing his three businesses namely Stalkers Cafe Sdn Bhd, MRP and AJ De Parfum.


first met Fattah Amin on the set of Drama Suri

Fast forward to 2018, and he still manages to nab

but he truly is inspiring. He’s taught me that you

Hati Mr Pilot back in 2016, which we both starred

an award for Best Actor at the Telenovela Awards

can do it all if you set your mind to it, and most

in. I have to admit that he initially intimidated me,

this year, for his role in Hero Seorang Cinderella.

importantly, he’s taught me the importance of

despite his casual, open vibe. How could I not? This

He’s also the ambassador for a string of top brands,

staying humble and always giving back to others.

was a man who was already gaining a stronghold in

including Maybank, McDonalds and King Koil

the industry, and had no idea just how big he was

to name a few. See what I mean? Everything he

I want to wish my good friend, Fattah Amin, nothing

about to become.

touches turns to gold.

but the best for all his future undertakings, which

I later realised I had nothing to worry about. Not

Fattah continues to be one of my good friends, even

previous endeavours. I’m excited to see what the

only was he incredibly friendly, he was fun to work

after shooting ended for Drama Suri Hati Mr Pilot.

future brings for him, and seeing him on billboards

with and it was always a laugh on set with him

He is someone I can’t help but constantly admire,

and magazines across the world!


because I’ve never met anyone more self-driven

I’m sure will continue to be as successful as all his

and motivated as he is! Not a lot of people know My gut feeling about him was right though. Not

that even with his hectic schedule, he still finds

long after, he won the Best Popular Actor at the

time to manage three different businesses (Stalkers

Telenovela Awards 2017, followed by the Bintang

Cafe, MRP and AJ Perfume) and on top of that, is

Paling Popular award at Bintang Popular Berita

even pursuing his studies in Entrepreneurship at

Harian 2017. That same year, he also released a

Universiti Utara Malaysia.

Alvin Chong

Actor, Singer, Model Universal Music Malaysia

single called “Wanita Terakhir,” which was named the Best Domestic Song Debut and Best Position

He’s always been there for me and had given me

Held by a Domestic Song by the Recording

career advice which I hold close to my heart. It’s

Industry Association Malaysia.

probably cliche to say he’s one of my inspirations,

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Geoffrey Yeow is the Managing Director of Leo Myer Sdn Bhd, a property development and outdoor advertising company. Founded in 1995, the company now houses its office in Bangsaria, a seven-storey commercial building. To diversify the business, Leo Myer built two advertising billboards on the façade of the Bangsaria building. The LED advertising billboard facing traffic from Midvalley is the largest in Bangsar.

Geoffrey, a person who is able to both enrich and be enriched by conversations that can go from light to philosophical and then back again. Geoffrey’s success factor can be attributed to his sincerity. Venturing into a new business is always a gamble, but it’s a gamble easier taken if built with trust. Negotiating with Geoffrey, one can feel assured that there is no motive other than to achieve a win for both parties. You can speak frankly with Geoffrey to find common ground that leads to closed deals and all-round smiles. Back when I didn’t know him very well, I had said to him that I was trying to improve my life through


a self-imposed digital curfew an hour before bed. When I saw Geoffrey a week later, I was surprised met Geoffrey at Bangsaria on a hot day and the

that he told me that he had been inspired by me

first thing I noticed was his hat. While I would

to fully give up video gaming. In turn, I was inspired

come to learn that it’s part of the essential Geoff-

by him to do the same and we became recovering

look, at the time I figured it was just a measure

video game addicts. I think this is testament to

against the day’s weather. As we exchanged lines,

Geoffrey’s character of showing genuine interest in

I quickly formed the impression that this was a

others and attitude to improve.

guy I could get along with; someone who shares a similar background and stages in life. I was in a rush,

I am thankful that for whatever reason our paths

so our first encounter did not last longer than an

have crossed. To Geoffrey: I haven’t known you for

hour. When I left, I felt as though I had just caught

long, but for some reason it doesn’t feel that way.

up with an old friend rather than it being my first

It’s good to speak to someone whom I can have


both dumb and thoughtful conversations with, yet feel that there’s no reason for me to feel self-

Geoffrey’s most admirable quality is his sincerity. It’s a quality that shows itself in his genuine interest to hear and learn from others. Add this positive attitude with a critical intellect, and you have

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conscious of how I should portray myself.

Warren Chan

Chief Executive Officer ParkEasy

24/09/2018 12:18 PM



Gilbert Ng is the Director of T&N Furniture Sdn Bhd, a leading furniture company in Malaysia. T&N created Little World, a toddler-to-teenager furniture brand, and EuroModern that encapsulates modern internal architecture with state of the art interior design housed in a 12,000 sq ft showroom in Kuala Lumpur. T&N has also included feng shui conceptual living that incorporates positive energy while having a balanced lifestyle.

“He is not afraid of anything when he sets his mind to achieve something.”


“His learning ability is very good and he also came out of society earlier than many people who were born in the 80s.”


“He thinks positively all the time and he has great control when it comes to his emotions.

achieve even better results. Starting from a young

“He is not afraid to lose or fail.”

age already, Gilbert has proven that youth is really something worth capitalising on. By staying focused

Yeoh Song

on his goals, Gilbert was able to prioritise what

“He has his own opinions and is courageous

was more important and work on those first.

enough to put his all in everything. I believe he can inspire more young entrepreneurs in the future.”


Not only that, being willful is also another important trait that Gilbert possesses. In spite of


many failures and difficult challenges he has faced

“He is cheerful, optimistic, energetic and is always

in his life, Gilbert learnt what determination can

willing to help people.”

do to help him in his journey. As quoted by his pal, n the world of entrepreneurs, there have been

“Gilbert is not afraid of anything when he sets his

many great role models; from Steve Jobs to Jack

mind to something.”

Ma to Mark Zuckerberg. They all share similar


“He always seek change and he works hard.”


traits and that’s what made them into legendary

Most importantly, Gilbert is very passionate, daring

entrepreneurs of their generation.

but also self-reflective. It is truly a unique approach

“When we were young and playful, he was already

to include more than one person’s story but Being a risk-taker and the ability to lead teams are

trying to make money and bravely pursue what he

Gilbert believes that the people around him would

two often quoted qualities that lead to the success

wanted to achieve.”

provide the best feedback about himself.

of many. Such a mindset needs to be cultivated early and this is evident in how Gilbert operates.


There is more than just one person that is

“I really like to communicate with him personally

important in Gilbert’s life. The following are NINE In order to achieve remarkable results, one has

and he always shares his personal experiences with

of Gilbert’s key friends in his life, his Murni Step

to learn how to optimise one’s chances, in a

our friends. He is also a good listener too. Thank

Basketball Team members since the year 2000,

way, capitalise on what they are really good at to

you for being you.”

who would like to share a thing or two about him.

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Ginnz Chan is the Co-founder of Biliq.co, a property management company that enables distressed property owners to earn passive income and gain maximum profit for their property investments. He believes that property investment can lead anyone to financial freedom. Ginnz believes that with a grateful and positive attitude, there is nothing he cannot do.

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met Ginnz Chan many years ago when he became one of my employees in BAE International. This was probably about seven plus years ago and he

was in his early 20s. My first impression of him was not very distinct; he was one of those typical young guys who were fresh out of college, innocent and didn’t really have much ideas to share. But what I found interesting about him was his “I can do all” attitude. It may be old-fashioned but that characteristic of his really stood out. Back when we were working together, we had many roadshows across Malaysia—Penang, Johor, Kota Kinabalu, even Miri—to showcase what we had to offer. For someone his age, I assumed that people of his generation were very protective of their work/life balance i.e. he might not be open to working long and odd hours. However, I was impressed because he was determined, willing to learn and adaptive. Thus, he was able to learn many practical skills and meet many different people that helped polish his EQ too. I’ve always believed that people will go a long way in life with traits like those because others will adore you for having such a drive in life. One of the more memorable work experiences I had of him was when he went above and beyond his job scope and that made my life so much easier. I had to pitch ideas to clients that used scientific devices, he volunteered to learn and because of that, I didn’t have to engage a technical person to

Book_V2.indd 125

manage the job. He would never say no to me and

successful, you may not have all the money in the

he will handle anything even if without experience

world but you have enough for what you need. It’s

simply because he believes he could do it. He

time to focus on serving others without condition,

would also dedicate most of his time to work,

to be kind to others or to provide a gesture of

sometimes even neglecting his then-girlfriend. I felt

kindness to somebody you don’t know. By doing

bad because I hoped they would spend more time

this, you’ll gain satisfaction in life. It’s beyond just

together, so I brought them out for dinner to get

serving your loved ones. There are many choices

to know him and his girlfriend a little better and to

in life, like investing in stocks or property but

assure her that he was doing a good job.

those only give fulfilment to yourself. Serve others unconditionally; even with no money, you can smile

Now that he’s married, he has different priorities

to make someone’s day. Do little meaningful things

i.e. a burning desire to be a better provider for

everyday and it will accumulate and snowball to

the family, to take care of his parents’ health and

something amazing in the future.

to manage his children’s education. But he is still pretty much the same guy I met many years ago. To Ginnz, I only want to tell you what I told myself

KC Lim

Director Kwong Hing Group

all the time: Find your inner happiness. I may be 54 but I live like a 28-year-old. As you become more

24/09/2018 12:18 PM


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Hannah Delisha is a Singaporean-born artiste. She has released multiple singles since her debut and is also capable of performing in many different languages including Hindi, Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin. At 20 years old, Hannah was the youngest to be awarded the Most Popular Female Personality at the 14th Pesta Perdana Singapura, beating other great actresses despite her short stint in the industry.


e were first introduced by a friend

is also very clear with her vision and purpose. She

back in 2016 when she first came

knows what she wants and she’ll follow her own

here to record her single. We were

dream. Vague desires and beliefs lead to vague

sitting in a café and I thought that she was one of

outcomes. It is this sense of direction that gives her

those people whom you wouldn’t gel with very

the staying power to stick to her goals and achieve

quickly. But I was wrong. As the saying goes, “Smile

her dreams.

and the world smiles too.” So there’s nothing like her smile to create a good first impression of her, other

Hannah’s success factor is definitely her talent.

than her obvious physical beauty. Her brilliant choice

Because regardless of how good looking you are

of words in all of our conversations during that short

or how many connections you have, they will only

meet also amazed me; looking back, she was only 18

work so far. But it all boils down to your talent. I

years old. Yet she exuded extreme intelligence and

can say that Hannah’s talent is BIG. She can sing.

extreme determination, a combination that would

When I say sing, what I meant was all type of songs

make anyone not dislike her.

i.e. ballads, pop, country and even rap. She was also awarded the “Best Singapore Artiste” at the

Hannah is also a realist and optimist. Realistic

Anugerah Planet Music 2017. Not only that, she

because she takes action and optimistic because

can act. You can give her any character and she’ll

no matter what the result may be, she believes her

nail them all.

success is inevitable. She believes that like a child learning to walk, she needs to take action first and

Another factor that led to her success is her

then modify the action according to the feedback

professionalism. She demonstrates that she’s in

that she gets. This positive attitude allows her to

this business for the long run, and she’s destined to

persevere when things don’t go her way. Hannah

succeed as an actress and singer. She never stops

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learning to become better and better. Her aim is not to be like a pompous diva that wants to just show up, get paid and become famous. Her aim is to challenge herself with whatever talent that she has and to be someone that can inspire the world. Hannah, believe in yourself, listen to your inner muse and use what you have inside to achieve anything that you want to achieve in this whole wide world. If you find that those negative voices are way too loud, drown them out or at least balance them with your own chants of self-praise. Worrying about what other people think of you will continue to hold you back from doing something potentially huge for yourself.

Ema Sutrisno

PR Manager Prodigy Syndrome Management

24/09/2018 12:18 PM


Hendry Lee is the Founder of Affirm Plus Properties, a real estate company established in 2004 specialising in property marketing, investment and consultation. The company’s mission is to maximise benefits for customers, realise workmates’ dreams by providing a business platform while being responsible to society in terms of environment, protection and education. The foundation consists of valuable brands, professional business ethics, positive work attitude, innovation and work-life balance.


e met through a business gathering

There were several occasions where he could

and the first impression I had of him

have allowed me to spend unnecessary money

was someone who seemed stable,

for a road show which might have benefited him

honest and fun. We had a great time chatting and

but not for my project. But he always insisted I

drinking and he made the party a much more

shouldn’t do it and to go through a lengthy process

enjoyable experience.

of convincing me why I shouldn’t have spent the money for nothing.

I think the most admirable quality is his honesty. He is honest to everyone and will not try to cheat

This has made him an extremely valuable friend

people even though he stands to benefit more out

in the industry and his honesty is what we should

of a situation.

all aim to have. The fact that he did not squeeze me for an extra cent has made me trust him as an

Honesty is a rare commodity in today’s business

important person in the industry but also a good

industry. You always have to be wary with whom


you meet because their objectives might be different than yours. But with Hendry, he’s always

We are really good buddies and we share lots

honest about his intentions and it always makes

of good moments together during our drinking

people easy to be around him.

session. I believe Hendry already knows what I have wanted to tell him. But still, all the best and

His success factor is certainly his focus in what he is good at and his persistence in creating an honest and responsible agency. Furthermore, I think he is enjoying a good

see you soon!

Dato’ Seth Yap Chairman M101 Entity Sdn Bhd

reputation as a trustworthy person in the industry. This has allowed him to solidify his networking and make many friends in the process thus establishing his company and his work ethics in the industry.

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Henry Lim is the Founder and Director of LCP Buildsoft Technology, a company that specialises in software customisation development, mobile apps solution development, web solution development and Windowsbased solution development. With the vision of “Your IT, We Provide,” LCP aims to provide the best solutions to clients to be able to compete and be on top in the tech world.


first met him back in 2005 when we were studying. He was loud, noisy but optimistic. He might seem ordinary but every lecturer

remembered him because he dared to speak for himself. Even though many people look up to him, he remained down-to-earth. After getting to know him, I realised that he is a caring friend, a good listener, a trusted life partner and a reliable leader. There are admirable qualities that Henry possesses but his strong traits are his optimism and passion towards his work. He would anticipate life’s uncertainties and with his own capability, he would deal with all the ups and downs. He is also appreciative of what he has, of the people he meets along his journey, and he remains humble and passionate towards helping others. Furthermore, he treats every client with a sincere heart. He delivers what the client requested and makes sure of the quality as well. He always tells us that by being sincere and providing good service,

It has been six challenging years for us. Henry knows that giving up is not an option. I remember vividly back in 2015, it was one of our lowest moments. I was worried that the company might not make it through. Henry persevered and refused to give up, and if it weren’t for these qualities, it would not lead him to where he is today. Henry, you have been the pillar of support for all of us all this time. You showed not only through your words but also through your actions. You’ve been getting busy expanding the business, managing the company and clients. I believe you can achieve the dream you have for the company and you can make it happen. Keep up your loudness, optimism and sincerity, we can and we will definitely be able to make it bigger for a brighter future.

Yedda Lee

Software Director LCP Buildsoft Technology

clients will remember and eventually recommend new clients to us too. He has a clear vision for the company; he knows what he wants to achieve and he will guide the team towards the same vision and to achieve it as a team.

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first met Jerry in an interview at my office about

He is always a role model to the employees. He

eight years ago. He had just arrived “fresh off

achieved his financial freedom while still working

the boat” from London and Singapore after

as an employee. Why I’m truly grateful for Jerry,

working abroad for several years. He had this air

he is God-sent and he left his dream of being a

of sophistication about his persona that made the

happily-retired-homemaker just to support me to

whole interview memorable. Sharp cheekbones

build Richworks and to serve other like-minded

and over 6-feet tall, he was a little aloof and preened

individuals who want success and a better life.

away all the other candidates. I’m describing Jerry as Miranda Priestly, the fictional fashion editor in

So, we are in this mission together. And it wasn’t

the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, (a caricature

long after that fateful interview that he became my

of Anna Wintour, the famous Vogue editor).

co-founder till today. I believe God answered my prayers in finding the right candidate to steer our

He wasn’t really job-hunting back then. In actual

vision to impact the world.

fact, he intended to be a retired homemaker and gardener or maybe an aspiring horticulturist, so

Why Jerry is so successful today is because he is

attending the interview was totally irrelevant. He

brilliant in whatever he does. He can be a hard

was just scouting for something to pass his time.

critic and he’s always there to challenge your

Apparently, he applied for the job as an Accounts

ideas. Typically, he is a tough boss with the team

Executive since the office was close to his home.

yet he can be warm and full of fun at the same

He intentionally gave an understated resume and

time. He sets very high standards for himself and

by the end of the interview, I was wondering

others. His priority is always on being compliant

whether that was still the case.

and disciplined in everything, a great trait of an accountant and he takes his role very seriously.

Entrepreneurial, innovative and collaborative, he is always anticipating the next challenge. A fervent business coach with years of corporate experience at a consulting company, Jerry is currently the Co-founder and Regional Director of Richworks International, specialising in providing impactful and creative solutions to address accounting and business challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the region.

132 /

He has many great qualities but his admirable

He has a great business sense, a winning mindset,

quality is definitely his brain, then his heart. He has

always optimistic to learn and try out new things

a charity home that serves over 70 abandoned

and he definitely works hard. But then again, he

and less privileged kids which he is self-funding and

plays hard too. He just knows how to have a really

sustaining together with his siblings. From his whole

good time. He’s definitely a package.

packaging with all the sophistication that surrounds him, one may think he’s naturally materialistic, but

Jerry has always been with me through thick and

he is just brilliant with money and every penny of it.

thin in building the company and team. When he

Something that you naturally master from hardship

joined us back then, we didn’t even have properly

and years of working at a consulting company.

documented files. For someone his calibre to get


Book_V2.indd 132

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down and do the daily mundane tasks, we were typical startups, doing everything on our own till we built a team of 70 staff. He has done it all, from reconciling receipts to driving the van for our road tours, you just can’t imagine the things he was willing to do to build this company. And this is something we share and hold dearly in our hearts, building a company together and we are delighted to have celebrated our 10th year in July this year. I personally admire him and his talent. I appreciate his authenticity and determination to serve others. This is the key reason why we are building Richworks, to help develop more entrepreneurs. He is willing to sacrifice so much just to contribute to others. This is truly an extraordinary individual. I wouldn’t have been able to build what we have today without his wisdom and support. I’ll always be grateful and indebted to him. Congratulations Jerry, on achieving this award. May your passion to help businesses sustain and grow be blessed a thousand fold.

Dr Azizan Osman Executive Chairman Richworks International

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CHIN HUN Ho Chin Hun is Director of Hello Media Sdn Bhd. With their digital signage network, it allows clients to update content remotely over the Internet, adapt screens to viewers’ benefit and interact with local audience. The company’s content management system (CMS) is designed across various operating systems and devices, enabling users to log in via a desktop app on different operating systems or web browsers.


t was upon the main entrance steps of college

endure, he went on and pushed for things to

told me about the idea to venture into his own

that a brilliant white BMW pulled into the

happen with constant movement.

business. So I told him to just take the first

open air carpark. Out of it came the most

casually dressed yet confident guy I ever met.

step and he went on to achieve the successful He also has impeccable taste and developed an

business he has today.

avant-garde fashion sense. Most impor tantly, he

As we passed upon the steps, he asked if I was

doesn’t give up easily. A quality entrepreneur

Dear brother Ho, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but

going for the economics lecture. I asked him

with creative plans and ideas, Mr Ho works on

eventually you will build something great and I

for drinks after class. He said let’s go for a spin

two sides of business to harness the best results.

wish you all the best.

However, he is still a family man and spends

James Leu

instead. And the rest they say is history. Mr Ho is never too busy for you. He is the

a lot of quality family time. He believes that

paragon of true friendship and is always there

a balanced life makes a happier person. He is

to lend a listening ear. He never fails to lift your

inspired to invest in business involving reshaping

mood and is generous to a fault. You don’t call

the future growth of technology.

Senior Consultant Mysoft Technology Pte Ltd

him a friend, you call him family. During one of our get-togethers at Singapore Tough and persuasive, this is a guy who can sell

and having successfully completed adver tising

ice to Eskimos. Despite the struggles he had to

campaigns throughout his working career, he

Book_V2.indd 135

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Having established her name in the construction and hospitality industries, in 2015, Huen Su San embarked on her first journey into the food and beverage industry. In less than three years, she is the proud owner of three reputable Korean brands: Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe, Shinmapo Korean BBQ and Apple Samgyupsal operating under the belt of Beyond Korea Dining Group. Today, with eight outlets, two central kitchens and over 200 people in her team, Beyond Korea Dining Group is the leading name in the Korean F&B industry in Malaysia.


u San and I are old friends. We have known

She definitely has what it takes to be a champion. She

each other since our school days living in Ipoh,

has the mind of a champion, the relentless pursuit

our hometown. I have always remembered

to be the best in her field, always looking to learn,

her as a smart and steady person who knows what

always thinking what to do next and no matter the

she wants to achieve in life. We reconnected 15

obstacle, she never gives up and she never budges

years later when she approached me to assist her

from her mission. She will make the most out of

in some aspects of her business, as she ventured

things and is committed to making everything work.

outside of her construction businesses. Until today, that very impression of her hasn’t change a bit!

You can count on her, even during challenging times. Time and again, I have seen her ever

She is very driven and ambitious but she knows

so willing to be with her team, rendering

what she needs to do to get there—working


smart, learning fast and getting into the details of

inspiring them to keep going, and often showing

her businesses as well as learning all the ins and

her gratitude to people in her own way.

support, guidance, encouragement


outs, recognising and addressing problems plus continuously creating value.

It makes me smile with pride to see how far you have come—for I know so well, this is

Swinging from the construction to the hospitality

an achievement you have truly earned with

industry is a remarkable feat through her ventures

your serious effort and determination. I am

in LaserOPS Singapore, and the ultra-popular

very glad to have been a witness to your

event venue Glasshouse at Seputeh in Kuala

amazing journey. Continue to live your dream!

Lumpur—her business empire continues to grow as she makes waves in the F&B scene— conquering the Korean F&B industry in Malaysia with

136 /





Cheok Man Yee Founder Popcart Malaysia


Book_V2.indd 136

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An interior architecture graduate, Jacco Chia established Olo Interior Design and The Deerberry, a rattan furniture trading. Prep with design technicalities and know-how, he ventured into Stateight Development Sdn Bhd in 2014. Aiming to develop affordable, innovative and functional homes, the company launched the first ever “indoor garden” concept that improves the quality lifestyle of the community and managed to sell 80% despite the slow market. Jacco seeks to continue the success in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka. He also established JEDTEC Solutions Sdn Bhd to distribute home appliances and was fortunate to be appointed as the Exclusive Distributor of Gtech UK in Malaysia.


acco is a person with vision. He has this

just to travel around. Moreover, he prioritises

innate ability to predict patterns based on

his family first and foremost and this is evident

knowledge he gained and market trends.

from the way he treats his family members.

Fur thermore, he is process-oriented and this

He is proof that you can be successful without compromising his work-life balance.

can be seen in the way he designs. He strives for long-term success.

He once told me: Traveling will help you gain knowledge. That probably explains why Jacco

Other than that, his energy and creativity never

enjoys travelling often. Fur thermore, he likes to

seems to deplete. Jacco is extremely adaptable

bring home interesting things around the world.

and creative, and this is evident in the work that he produces. He is really focused and driven to

One interesting thing about Jacco, is that he

develop affordable, innovative and functional

has a relatively “different” stature. But don’t

homes, not only within Klang Valley but in other

be deceived by his size because he is actually

par ts of the country.

pretty good in playing basketball. He has been whining to slim down his weight, but so far has

Additionally, he is a generous person. He is very

not succeeded.

eager to share his experiences and to guide you along. Jacco also believes in giving back i.e.

However, I have one thing to say to Jacco. You

teaching and sharing knowledge among people

may not have been very successful in slimming

who really appreciate it. He is always willing

down, but I wish you all the success in the world

to share information and to work alongside

because you deserve it.

whenever necessary. Jacco is also a family man and you can tell he loves his family a lot. During the weekends, he will take his family out to enjoy good food or

138 /

Dino Leong

Marketing Director JEDTEC Solutions Sdn Bhd


Book_V2.indd 138

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Book_V2.indd 139

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Jack Low is the Founder of Starcity Global Group, a second home property immigration company with locations in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. Starcity is committed to providing the most comprehensive and professional immigration, real estate consulting, property management, including providing real estate sales, and many more services to overseas customers. Starcity has been featured prominently in the media as well.


y first impression of Jack is he is a very hardworking person. He is very devoted to his work and takes responsibility for

his time. He takes his job very seriously and will always dedicate his time and effort to offer the best for others. Not only that, he believes in the importance of maintaining connections at work. Having a good network will also help in business, and it’s vital to ensure that each relationship is nurtured well. Jack is also very focused and driven. He is very clear with his goals and he knows what he wants in life. He achieves his goals with passion. But I have to say, his most admirable quality is how hard he tries to achieve something that he has promised to fulfil. He has also shared that the journey is just as

Additionally, he takes really good care of his clients and his employees. His dedication towards his clients are unparalleled, not to mention the effort he puts in for his partners shows how much he wants to build positive relationships with them. As mentioned earlier, he is always willing and ready to go the extra mile for others because he believes in providing the best to everyone around him. The saying may go, “the sky’s the limit,” but for Jack, I know the sky is not very far for him and he will reach it very soon. His work ethics and dynamism prove how committed he can be. To Jack: I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, all the success in the world.

Ashfaque Mohd Musa

Company Director Kentex Trading and North Bengal Corp

important as the goal. And that really sums up Jack’s characteristic; He cares a lot for the result as much as the process in order to achieve those results. He is also a very process-oriented person and he has a strong capability to prioritise what is important.

140 /


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Jackson Tan is Chief Executive Officer of JS Group. The company has been delivering scaffolding solutions for many industries for the past 25 years and continues to provide innovative platforms for the construction sector. Customised solutions comes with JS’s experienced consultants no matter how complex the building development. Their motto “Scaffolding on Complexity” outlines the company’s objective on challenging for a better constructive design and continuous improvement on their services.


can never forget my first encounter with

success but I have to say, it is his passion to want

how to set up a youth trade wing for FEMACGA.

Jackson when I was travelling around China

to succeed that is key to his personality. He is

As close friends would, we had such a wonderful

during a trade mission at Canton Fair back in

one of the most strongly driven people I have

time bouncing ideas off each other. We talked

2015. I remember the first impression I had of

ever met. He has this tenacity and passion to

about the different strategies on how we could

Jackson was this young chap and he had loads

succeed. One major factor for his success today

attract the youth to join FEMACGA. During our

of positive energy. He would have this great

is Jackson’s appetite for risk. It takes a lot of

discussions, you could see his eyes glisten with

aura around him and I can see how he is so

courage to make cer tain investment moves in life,

such pride and passion. That’s when you know

full of passion about life. Par ticularly, you can

and Jackson will ever so boldly make decisions

that his drive to succeed really exudes during

see it when he talks about his life as a father, an

that may, at first, seem outrageous. But he is very

our chats.

entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a friend.

knowledgeable and he makes calculated risks along the way. In addition, he has also placed a

To Jackson, I’d like to share a few words: Keep it

Moreover, having a kind hear t himself, Jackson is

huge investment into his construction materials

up! Continue doing the great work that you are

always so generous. He would always be thinking


doing. But at the same time, take the chance to

of ways to give back to the people and how he

enjoy the oppor tunities that life has presented

could serve more to society and to be a better

One of the more memorable moments we

to you. Most impor tantly, remember to take a

person. Fur thermore, his altruistic side of him

had was during supper. We were discussing

break and just chillax.

compels him to donate whatever he deems

the coming arrangements for the Federation

necessary for good causes and other charities


to the community.



Chinese he




Association listening

wholehear tedly and sharing his views and vision. There are many factors that are vital to Jackson’s

142 /

Terence Wong

Director Fivestar Agency Sdn Bhd

We were planning and making arrangements on


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Book_V2.indd 143

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Jacky Lim is Director at Meiko, a leading brand name by Goldlife Marketing Sdn Bhd. Meiko specialises in healthcare and beauty products. Established in 2007, Meiko has various outlets nationwide. The company is currently expanding into the franchise business, education, training programmes and retail courses.


he right intention makes everything possible. This quote caught my ear and drew my attention to Jacky Lim

the founder and CEO of Meiko by Goldlife Marketing Sdn Bhd who delivered this message in a healthcare business sharing session. Jacky always possesses great enthusiasm to share and talk about his knowledge on healthcare and beauty as well as his vision on franchising a business. I have witnessed his charismatic personality that attracted others to connect easily with him and establish good contacts. Despite his busy schedule, he offers selfless help and empathy to those in need and I can feel his kindness and dedication to society. Jacky loves to learn. He practically applies his knowledge from what he has learnt and creatively builds long-term relationships with his franchisees and his team. By focusing on building a good and nurturing culture in his company and developing its people and growing together, he introduces

144 /

change into the business to motivate franchisees to

bring him down and tell him that all these are

provide a consistent level of products and services

impossible. Eleven years of experience in retail and

to their customers. He will rank his customers as

now moving forward by expanding to franchising,

number one and the most important component

education, and training programmes have shown

of his company and he encourages his team to

the determination and passion of his. He believes

make their customers a priority.

that you need to get the right people, say the right words, reach a consensus and do the right things, as

Staying focused is one of Jacky’s strengths. He

these are the values that bring everyone together.

believes that in order to build a successful business, one must stay focused on their primary goal. He

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate

shares that a person must concentrate all his effort

Jacky on his well-deserved success. Jacky, I feel

to build, grow and do what his business is meant

blessed to know you. Besides being a person

to do. He is so obsessed with this work and his

who enjoys life and work and one who inspires

dream. “To be a successful entrepreneur you must

as a motivator and visionary, you also serve as an

always keep your dream alive,” I remember Jacky

inspiration and role model for me in the business

say that one must think about it, talk about it and

world. Thank you. May your future be filled with

work on it every single day.

many more victories to celebrate. Congratulations!

The journey of an entrepreneur is exciting and

Ciindeeyz Cheong Sing Yee

challenging, yet risky. Along the journey to achieving success, there are a lot of naysayers who try to

Advocate and Solicitor SY Cheong and Partners


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Book_V2.indd 145

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y first encounter with Jansen was

in negotiations and agreements. His ability to adapt

during a property project development

to circumstances and to engage with stakeholders

negotiation. I was deeply impressed with

provides an environment where the voices of

Jansen and his partners’ sense of responsibility who

every person is heard, understood and respected.

demonstrated meticulous drafting abilities without

Undoubtedly, his good sense of humour certainly

neglecting the quality of their work despite working

helps him in the process.

under immensely stressful conditions. Last year, I recalled when we were in a negotiation Unlike most legal practitioners, he has provided

and he appeared to be troubled. Thereafter, in

me with pragmatic solutions taking into account

confidentiality, he informed me that he may have

commercial terms in his advice to his clients.

vested interest in the subject matter and further assured me that if he is required to relinquish

The most admirable quality in him is his

his interest, he will gladly do so if that will serve

determination whilst conducting his profession.

to protect my interest. I was deeply moved by

He seeks to understand our issues and concerns

his altruistic personality and, needless to say, our

patiently and even performs beyond his scope

professional relationship subsequently turned into

of duty by giving me valuable insights on certain


ancillary issues whilst providing his consultation. Jansen Chua is the Founder of Messrs Chua, Tan and Partners, a boutique legal firm in Mont Kiara specialising in conveyancing (real estate law), corporate law and litigation. He has been invited to conduct various talks and speeches to real estate agencies throughout his years of practice.

Jansen, I am proud of your achievements this year Further, he appears to me as a person who will

and I trust you will continue to protect my interests

see things through to completion and he exudes

with the best of your abilities. Looking forward to

his teamwork spirit to ensure participation of each

your greater success in times to come! Until then,

person in his assignment. To quote his favourite

gratulor tibi de hac gloria!

quote, “None of us are as smart as all of us.” I believe that his achievements can be attributed to his commitment towards his work and profession

Derek Soh

Executive Director Polygon Properties Sdn Bhd

and also his ability to ease tension between parties

146 /


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Book_V2.indd 147

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he time when I first met Jayson, the first

The very special moment I have shared with

impression that struck me was how young

Jayson was when we travelled together during our

he was, which made me question his

company trip. It was also fully sponsored by him.

background. However, as we talked, he amazed me

Jayson embraces the concept of “work hard play

by his experience and knowledge. He could really

hard.” It is extremely rare to travel with your boss

explain well and answer every question to make

yet we can all still be like ourselves. His made us

sure you understood the whole concept. In short,

feel like we’re just a bunch of close friends having

the confidence and his experience convinced me

fun together. He is a totally different kind of person

to join his company and since then, I have never

as what I see at work. Despite all these, when it is

regretted my decision.

time to enjoy, he becomes a very playful person and treats us as his close friends.

The most admirable quality of his is undoubtedly

Jayson Chong is the Director of UPG Holding Sdn Bhd, a solutions provider in the property industry. UPG specialises in bank auction properties, property investment, property development and property management. The company is the number one auction and bulk purchase company in Klang Valley.

148 /

his selfless dedication to us. From time to time, he

There are not enough words for me to express

will share his experience and techniques with all

my gratitude to him. But I want to say that I really

of us. Every time we face any difficulty, he will give

appreciate his guidance. Under his leadership, I have

us the best advice. He is a man that leads with his

become a better person and learnt how to guide

own good examples, which greatly benefits us. He

a team. For those who keep on judging, they do

gives us his utmost attention and he will definitely

not define us, it only shows that we are not going

try his best to attend to you and be ready to

the same direction. On the road to success, we will

answer your questions. On a lighter note, this is

meet more members with the same mindset and

also how he gained the nickname of “On Call 24/7

goals to be accomplished. To Jayson, all the best in

Boss” among us.

everything and let us keep moving forward.

Passion, dedication, proactiveness, risk management

Terry Yeoh

and right attitude are just a few reasons why Jayson can be a successful entrepreneur at a young age.

UPG Property Team Leader UPG Holding Sdn Bhd

No matter what he encounters, setbacks or challenges, he will treat them as the only way which must be passed in order to succeed.


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Book_V2.indd 149

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Jeffson Chong is recognised as the young and outstanding Group Agency Manager (GAM) of Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad. He is also the Founder of Excellence Leo agency, leading a group of young and passionate financial planners, who provide professional financial knowledge and advice to individuals, families and companies to meet their financial needs and goals.

150 /


Book_V2.indd 150

24/09/2018 12:19 PM


effson Chong was under my wing, starting as a project executive after his degree. From the moment I interviewed him, I realised that he is

a bright and proactive young man that brings new ideas, particularly about event organising. He was a hard worker and was also eager to learn new things. This eagerness marked a very good first impression I had of him. Since then, I have decided to bring out his strengths and polish his other skills. Some of his most admirable qualities that set him

There’s also one moment where I was truly

because your success is all I want to see as a

apart from most of the young people I had work

impressed way back in his university days. The way

mentor. The way you appreciate people around

with are definitely his drive towards success and his

he handled activities and events organised by his

you will take you to greater heights in times to

hunger for improvement. When Jeffson is planning

society and faculty is truly mature and impressive

come. I’m proud of you.

an event, he will put in 110% to make sure it runs

for a young man at his age. The way he managed

smoothly. Even if it doesn’t work as planned, he

people under him was truly remarkable alongside

never gines up and he learns from mistakes. He will

his charisma that gave him extra points as a

then make sure it will not happen again.

leader. Those were the times when I could see his

Kenny Chong Ching Shon Managing Director KMS Business Solutions Sdn Bhd

eagerness to improve and learn new things that If we’re talking about the success factor of Jeffson,

got me thinking that he will be an excellent leader

it’s definitely his qualities that he had practised over

if he were to be mentored properly.

the years since he started his career. Like any other leader, Jeffson possesses many qualities and has

Finally, I’d like to leave Jeffson a note: Congratulations

always wanted to break records. With a character

on your success and I know how much you have

like that, it’s no wonder that it’s effortless for him

worked for it. Don’t feel comfy with the current

to become a great leader and a successful person.

successes because you and I know being successful

That aside, his natural charisma gave him the ability

is easy but preserving it and expanding the success

to recruit more members to work under his

requires a great amount of perseverance and

leadership and guidance once he is able to play the

consistency. The route to success is a long journey

game on his own.That’s the thing that he possesses

and it won’t be easy. Keep on pushing and striving


Book_V2.indd 151

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Jerry Tang is Founder and Group Manager of De Bancco Group, a company that focuses on professional mortgage solutions, financial services, SME solutions, property investment consultancy and personal financing. De Bancco provides effective outsourcing solutions for banks and financial institutions.


hen I first met Jerry about four years ago at a training session, he was one of the presenters. I was

drawn to his charismatic personality as he laughed a lot and he spoke really loudly. Jerry was friendly and my first impression of him was someone who was very welcoming and hospitable. As we started working together, we met more often and I had the opportunity to know him better as well. There are two points that stood out the most about Jerry. First, Jerry is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. Probably due to his humble beginnings, Jerry pours his heart and soul into his work day and night, 365 days a year. Secondly, he is very objective and purpose-driven. Jerry is unlike most of the young people I know nowadays. He is very clear when it comes to his career and life and he would set specific goals to

We have also had many memorable moments together. I remember when we would complement each other really well, especially during training events. Jerry has this amazing energy and you can really experience as an audience member. He is really smart and is able to read situations effectively. If he sees a gap or a problem, he does not hesitate to act immediately. Most of the time, he does a fantastic job. If there is anything I could say to Jerry, it would be this: No matter what, I have no doubt that you will be one of the most successful people that I know in life. The way you carry yourself, the balance you managed to strike between work and family, how you treat your friends and colleagues, are just a testament to the inevitable success you will achieve in the future.

Heng Zee Soon

Trainer cum Business Owner Quest Corp Global

measure his success. Aside from those two points, Jerry is a smart worker too. He is able to see the big picture and maneuver the tiniest details. Jerry never fails to strike a balance between the macro and micro i.e. he will never neglect one side or the other.

152 /


Book_V2.indd 152

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Book_V2.indd 153

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Jess Chong is Director of Avelon Group that focuses on “Better Health Care for an Awesome You.” The group runs it pharmacies under the name “Park@ City” which aims to provide not only friendly but unmatchable service to ensure a “feel at home” environment. Currently, there are three branches in Klang Valley and more are in the pipeline to fulfil the needs of people who truly value health as the first and most important wealth.


y first encounter with Jess was in 2017 during my trip to China to attend a training course. I struck up a conversation

with her at the airport before my departure and managed to get to know her better. My first impression of Jess is that she is self-motivated with a strong passion for learning. I have been on many trips to China with Jess to attend training courses as well as to sightsee. Jess is always observant and takes every opportunity to learn from the trainers and the other participants. She exudes a very professional and knowledgeable vibe, somewhat akin to a young entrepreneur. Furthermore, she has excellent observational skills, and pays attention to many details of her work, initiatives and activities. After getting to know her better, I found out that Jess was a top academic performer in school and was, at the time, pursuing her tertiary education. Jess once confided in me her aim to be No.1 in her industry. Jess sets high standards for herself, always

encourage her to have courage and go all out to pursue her dreams. I truly believe she can do it. Jess is also a kind person who constantly shares her professional knowledge as a pharmacist with friends and cares for them whenever they fall sick. Furthermore, she is very attentive and cares for the people around her, including her employees. She always believes that an organisation can never achieve the goal without a team, just like how the Chinese tycoon Jack Ma believes in the importance of teamwork. She will always lend a helping hand whenever a friend or an employee is in need. I believe the key to her success is her patience and focus. I am elated that she is recognised as one of the “100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs 2018.” Congratulations, Jess!

Datin Kuan Chu Ling Co-founder A PLUS BOSS

striving for the best results in a highly competitive environment, explaining why she aims to be No.1 in her field of business. Hence, I would like to 154 /


Book_V2.indd 154

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Book_V2.indd 155

24/09/2018 12:19 PM


Jimmy Goh is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seng Feng Decoration Sdn Bhd. He is a professional carpenter of custom-made furniture and commercial renovation, with work experience in the SIBOS booth in United States, Japan and Canada. He has a thirst for furniture design and has always dedicated himself to design creativity, new advancement in furniture technology and sound innovation.


immy Goh appears to be a soft spoken, well-

In July 2018, I brought Jimmy to meet a potential

mannered person with much passion in his

business collaborator based in Kuala Lumpur with

furniture business.

the intention of introducing him for a business expansion idea. The meeting was such a pleasant

My business dealings with him have been such

and smooth one due to the fact that Jimmy was

a pleasure due to his attitude of ensuring a win-

very tactful in positioning his company in this

win situation for both parties. He has a sincere

possible collaboration. He was able to share his

disposition and is honest which is a rarity in the

values and capabilities in such a humble manner

business industry these days.

and gained much acknowledgement from the other party.The meeting ended on such a high note

After knowing Jimmy for some time now, I

and both parties looked forward to a successful

really admire his utmost commitment in fulfilling

business venture together soon.

whatever he has promised. He is a person that “walks the talk” all the time. There were some

Overall, Jimmy is a man of few words but is “action-

instances where situations were deemed difficult

packed.” He is results-oriented with a humble

but his endurance and ability to strive has made

personality. He is able to orchestrate his actions

matters at hand possible to be solved. His problem

towards the objectives and is also a good team

solving qualities are also integral in the industry and

leader for team members to achieve a greater

his perseverance is important in business.


For me, the factor that contributes to his success is his utmost perseverance in handling difficult situations. His integrity at work has gained much respect from others and garnered much support

Lai Chong Haur

Director HK Harmony Resources Sdn Bhd

and assistance. His has clear direction and is good in planning his actions towards the set goal.

156 /


Book_V2.indd 156

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Book_V2.indd 157

24/09/2018 12:19 PM



Joel Neoh is the Founder of Fave, the leading loyalty and rewards platform in South East Asia that offers rewards across multiple categories including food and beverage, beauty and wellness, services, activities, leisure and travel. Their mission is to help offline and retail businesses across South East Asia success through customer acquisition and increase revenue through mobile commerce. For consumers, Fave is driven to provide everyday rewards at their favourite places.


remember the first time I met Joel, I was an

Pacific, running 12 countries with thousands of

intern at Groupon Malaysia and he was the CEO


and I thought to myself: “Wow! This is one very

intimidating guy.”

Not one to settle down, Joel then left his high-flying career at Groupon to become an entrepreneur

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I may

once again through KFit and now, Fave. It’s hard

have only been an intern, but he treated me like an

to start all over again but Joel makes it look easy

equal, listened to my sometimes-insane ideas and

(even though it really isn’t).

even mentored me. Despite being well-accomplished, Joel’s belief in Joel even trusted me enough to be the public voice

the importance of learning is no doubt one of

of the company through the company’s social

his biggest advantages. He firmly believes in hiring

media channels. Imagine an intern was essentially

people who are smarter than him whom he can

the social media lead for one of the world’s fastest

learn from. He’s also an avid reader and that is in

growing company at the time!

spite of his busy schedule.

That internship with Groupon Malaysia and the

Joel, you are not just my colleague, you are my

opportunity to work directly with Joel played a

mentor and my friend. Thank you for everything

huge part in shaping my views towards my own

that you have done for me and I look forward to


seeing your career go upwards and onwards.

I’ve now known Joel for eight years and he has

Wong Chee Mun

never failed to impress me with his constant hunger for learning and achieving more.

Head of Special Projects and Strategic Communications Fave

From being one of the youngest CEOs in Malaysia, I have personally witnessed Joel’s career rise to eventually becoming the Head of Groupon Asia

158 /


Book_V2.indd 158

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Book_V2.indd 159

24/09/2018 12:19 PM


Jordan Oon is Founder of HostAStay, the first B2B short-stay management platform in South East Asia. Recognised by Airbnb and Tune Protect to be #1 in Malaysia, it is the first and only platform to provide insurance to all short-stay units. Furthermore, its platform is also API-integrated with five of the world’s top online travel agencies (OTAs) i.e. Airbnb, Ctrip, Expedia, Agoda and Booking.com. This signifies strong acknowledgement and confidence from the top players toward Jordan and HostAStay.


hen I first met Jordan, I was an

that he should take up the responsibility to nurture

intern at the company where he

more leaders to the point where they will be able

first partnered with Dato’ Sri Dr

to take his place. Hence, they help the company

How. The first impression he gave me was that

become self-sustainable and successful.

he was a brilliant person who stood firm on his beliefs, and at the same time was open-minded

There are many special moments that we’ve

for the many possibilities as long as facts are laid

shared but none could fully describe the best of

out properly and clearly. He is a visionary with


clear goals in mind. When his objectives are set, he is able to properly strategise the things that are

During work, he is fast-paced, decisive, driven and

required to be done in stages, and forecast the

committed. During play time, he plays hard, puts

outcome accurately.

down his position as CEO/employer and becomes a friend—that’s how he creates and maintains a

With his brilliant mind, he is able to connect and

strong bond with the team. There’s just too many

see many possibilities of collaboration between

to write down. Perhaps, one day I could share with

parties and to create win-win solutions for all. This

you verbally.

is one of the key reasons why business leaders are eager and happy to be working closely with Jordan.

To Jordan: Stay driven, committed and at the same time, stay humble and just have fun! Cheers!

He is also very generous in sharing his knowledge and experience. He wishes for each and every teammate to be able to rise up to their utmost potential and to chase their dreams.

Jayden Lee

Chief People Officer HostAStay Bhd

I think one of the biggest success factors of Jordan is his dream that one day he will be able to live life to the fullest alongside a bunch of close friends and family members. To be able to do that, he believes

160 /


Book_V2.indd 160

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Book_V2.indd 161

24/09/2018 12:19 PM

162 /


Book_V2.indd 162

24/09/2018 12:19 PM


Jordan Tan is the Founder of Empire Sushi Group Sdn Bhd that transforms traditional sushi to creative premium sushi with localised taste preferences and unique texture. Branded as a quick-service sushi kiosk with a trendy appeal for sushi lovers, Empire Sushi’s express store provides speedy service serving sushi as on-the-go fast food.


hen I first met Jordan Tan, he

Jordan is an extraordinary creator who appreciates

wings together to the overseas market as one of

appears to be a soft-spoken and

ingredients and spices that will surprise people’s

the most preferred food brand.

artistic gentleman. He is courteous

taste buds. He focuses on quality to dominate the

and respectful to ladies, attentive and mindful,

hearts of all sushi lovers and that is one of the main

Jordan, you are a very rigorous leader, very focused

focused and passionate. He patiently listens and

success factors in his entrepreneurial journey. He is

and is always striving for the best results. At the

understands when others are speaking. Jordan

a leader, who provides his team opportunities to

same time, you are very loving and caring. You

acknowledges his shortcomings in areas that he is

gain new knowledge and experience.

have empowered your team to grow Empire Sushi

not familiar with. He humbly seeks for advice and

that has led to your contribution to the economic I enjoyed sharing my experiences on CSR and

growth of the nation. You are definitely a role

career development plans for employees with my

model for the new generation. I strongly believe

After knowing him better, I discovered his strengths.

clients. When I talked about this to Jordan, he

that you and your team will make a difference in

He is a charismatic and skilful sushi master who

pleasantly acknowledged the great ideas that I have

the near future by bringing localised sushi to the

is so knowledgeable of the food and ingredients.

learnt from other entrepreneurs and accepted


His creativity and innovation is applied whole-

the enhancement that he could implement in

heartedly into creating localised taste sushi which

building his company with a socialpreneur mindset

incorporated spices and cooking methods with

that will eventually lead to a socially responsible

unique texture that suits the Malaysian palate.

company. He aspires to grow his team to be his

Despite his achievements, he is still working together

business partners who can fight together with him

with his team in the kitchen during rush hour.

to conquer the Malaysia market, and spread their

makes the effort to advance his career.

Book_V2.indd 163

Yvon Choo

Awards Consultant Vonz Synergy Sdn Bhd

24/09/2018 12:19 PM



JP Soon is Principal and Director of AXTI, a wealth management education centre and insurance consultancy group. AXTI’s mission is to educate people on how to manage their many types of wealth like interpersonal relationships, health of the body and mind, and monetary wealth. The Company hopes to help people achieve mastery and fulfilment in life.


first met Mr JP Soon a year ago in 2017 at a

attitude, mentality and principles, as well as how to

seminar organised by him where he invited

review our results from applying what has been

speakers from Taiwan. The first impression I

learnt. He is a very dedicated teacher.

have of him was one who is polite, courteous, knowledgeable, full of wisdom and ambitious.

Soon puts in a lot of effort in learning to upgrade and increase his knowledge so that he can carry

Soon is an entrepreneur who leads by example

out his mission of helping others succeed more

and delivers what he has promised. He has set a

efficiently. He is friendly to everyone, does not hold

strong mission to help people around him achieve

grudges and has great vision. He also has empathy

success especially during these uncertain market

where he will look at things from different



He is very hardworking and extremely diligent,

One of my most memorable moments of him

and this can be seen through how he manages his

happened at his company’s tenth annual dinner this

company, AXTI’s operations.

year. Soon performed a song, which he adapted, to entertain the crowd and this shows that he is easy-

As the company has four branches in Batu Pahat,

going and humble.

Muar, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur, Soon travels between these locations every week despite

He is a great friend and partner who is also my

residing in Batu Pahat, taking up a lot of his time

lifelong learning example. He will always be my role

which he balances very well.


Being a selfless person, Soon shares knowledge

Michael Tan

with his employees and outsiders. During his sharing sessions, Soon talks about hard skills and

Founder OTS Group

soft skills. He also explains on ways to set the right

164 /


Book_V2.indd 164

24/09/2018 12:19 PM

Book_V2.indd 165

24/09/2018 12:19 PM



MeiiShop Bhd Founder Julian Seow started off as a designer on his entrepreneurial journey. Having created many digital platforms, he is widely known as a digital talent among the social network community. He is also the original developer of the Meii System.


first met Julian about six months ago to discuss

Unlike other entrepreneurs who think they will

a business partnership with him as well as to

lose their competitive edge by sharing valuable

seek his guidance and support on social media

business insights to their peers, Julian does not

marketing for my company. My first impression of

have such a cautious approach to this issue.

him was that of a young man who is easy-going and very good at expressing himself.

Through his easy-going and helpful nature, he has built a credible reputation among his business

One of the services provided by Julian’s company

partners and clients, hence continuing to garner

is helping his clients to broadcast Facebook

strong support from them.

live sessions on other social media platforms simultaneously. In this social media age, Julian

Although I have only known him for six months, we

understood the importance of new age tools

have gotten along well mainly because of Julian’s

and is focusing his attention to leverage on the

forthrightness. I have also learnt a lot about social

innovative market.

media marketing from him.

He is very knowledgeable on this matter and has

Congratulations to Julian for being recognised

shared a lot of information with me during our

as one of the 100 Most Influential Young

first meeting. He always lends a helping hand to

Entrepreneurs! I believe Julian will gain significant

business associates and clients without asking for

progress and achieve greater success along his

anything in return.

entrepreneurial journey in the future.

Julian is always open to sharing information to

Stephanie Lee

whoever seeks it. He is also patient with people and takes the time to focus on their needs. Julian is

Founder Menica Sdn Bhd

also a very cheerful person and is easy to talk to.

166 /


Book_V2.indd 166

24/09/2018 12:19 PM

Book_V2.indd 167

24/09/2018 12:19 PM


Kaelyn Tan has four years of experience in the e-commerce industry, leading a team of over 100 women in Malaysia and overseas. She is passionate about creating values in life and self-confidence in more women through her online business while generating more income to support their own lives.


y first encounter with Kaelyn was

She puts in a lot of effort into her e-commerce

at a dinner gathering in Malaysia for

business and is generous in sharing the know-how

participants of a training course held

of using e-commerce platforms with others. These

earlier in China. Her boyfriend, Spark Liang, himself

are among the factors leading to her current success.

a participant of the training course, brought Kaelyn to the dinner function and introduced her to me.

I have attended some training courses with Kaelyn and noticed her to be an attentive participant. I

At that time, she was already quite successful in her

think Kaelyn’s hunger for success is the element

enzyme products business, which she was selling

that drives her to learn more business insights.

through e-commerce platforms including WeChat. Other than being a young and pretty female

Kaelyn has this distinct ability to adapt and she is

entrepreneur, I find her to be energetic, cute and

flexible; two important traits that helped define her

smart through our first interaction.

as a successful entrepreneur. Constantly wanting to challenge herself to achieve better results, she

Knowing that she is social media savvy, I asked

would spend time knowing more, particularly

for her advice on using social media platforms to

about the market and product knowledge so that

market and promote my company’s services and

she is always in the know.

activities. She was very friendly and willing to share her knowledge and gave me some very good tips.

Kaelyn has an aura of beauty and charm which attracts people to follow her in business. I am

Kaelyn has even guided me on conducting

confident that with a higher level of focus on

live broadcast sessions on social media with a

the WeChat e-commerce platform and bigger

positive and energetic approach to promote and

goals, she will be able to expand her business

gain publicity for business purposes. She is the


spokesperson for her own products and one who is influential.

Datin Kuan Chu Ling Co-founder A PLUS BOSS

168 /


Book_V2.indd 168

24/09/2018 12:19 PM

Book_V2.indd 169

24/09/2018 12:19 PM

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Book_V2.indd 170

24/09/2018 12:19 PM




Children would usually help their parents at the hawker stalls during school holidays. Kelvin Ong was one of those kids who helped out at the stall and that was how they spent time as a family. Today, Kelvin Ong owns Eng Noodles. Inspired by his parents, he decided to bring the unique and scrumptious local style noodles to the next generation. He started the business from the ground up with his passion, continued learning, and innovation to maintain the local food heritage.

elvin and I have known each other since

I know firsthand that it takes a lot of hard work

school days. From what I remember, he has

and dedication to keep a restaurant running in

always been filial and hardworking. He would

this hectic business climate. He has also found the

always be helping out at his father’s food stall in his

correct balance of price and quality and that keeps

free time.

his customers coming back.

He has always been proud of the family’s recipes

Although we are based in different countries now,

and everyone around him knows that it is his goal

we are both in the food business and that connects

to one day expand the business. I am happy for him

us often. He is reliable and dependable. Whenever

that he now has Eng’s Noodles Restaurant.

I encounter challenges with my business, despite his busy schedule, I can always count on him to share

Kelvin has a very confident and positive personality.

his experiences and to bounce off ideas.

People enjoy working with him or just being around him because it rubs off on them. He is also very

I am grateful and want to thank Kelvin for his

generous, loyal and watches out for his family, friends

support and encouragement when I started out

and co-workers and they are very loyal in turn.

my own restaurant. He is the better friend—always making an effort to keep in touch every now and

He has a lot of grit and is very determined to

then. He will always have my full support and best

succeed. Even when the going gets tough, and

wishes in whatever he wants to do.

when others give up, he will be persistent and pull through. When necessary, he is also willing to adapt and change so that it becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

Book_V2.indd 171

Johnny Teh

Chef/Owner The French Ladle Restaurant, Singapore

24/09/2018 12:19 PM


Kenneth Tiong is the Managing Director of Sharing Planet Sdn Bhd, a western-based cafe in Kuching. He started the business as a hobby in 2004 but was operating at a loss the first five years. Sharing Planet started to grow exponentially after being discovered by a local newspaper reporter. After 14 years of effort, he has four outlets and they were awarded “Kuching’s favourite western restaurant” by Astro’s MyFM.


have known Kenneth Tiong since 2001. My

work, perseverance and patience, Sharing Planet

impression of this 21-year-old young man was

would never have become as popular as it is today

that he was a playful guy. However, he was gentle,

without Kenneth.

ambitious and very hopeful for the future. Kenneth has a very unique demeanour and I believe that his

There are many great lessons that I had managed

personality is what sets him apart from everyone

to observe and should learn from Kenneth.


When we face difficulties, we should overcome it positively and based on God’s truth. We should not

He was always the leader amongst our friends,

be negative and choose to avoid the problem.

driving us to fulfil our dreams. He comes from a good Christian family background and I am

Many years later, Kenneth’s company made profit

honoured to witness his growth and success in life.

and continued to expand. But he still holds on to his faith and beliefs since he started his business. He

As he aims to succeed differently from others,

continues to lift the spirits of the people around him

Kenneth chose to work on his own. In 2004, with

and help to improve the character and life quality

the desire to serve fresh, delicious and quality

of his business partners and fellow workers. At the

western food for all at a reasonable price, he

same time, he also quietly contributes to charity.

started his own restaurant. Kenneth, no matter at which stage of life you’re At first, the business was not good and he did not

at, you’re still the man who holds strongly to his

earn for several years. However, he persisted and

faith and beliefs. You are a leader who leads by

through his hard work, his company, Sharing Planet,

example and is a good friend who listens to people

started to make money and was on the right track.

attentively and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Sharing Planet then became a well-known western

Jay Tay Guan Jiang

food restaurant in the community. Success like this is not achieved in a day, but through constant hard

172 /

Executive Director Jayken Food Sdn Bhd


Book_V2.indd 172

24/09/2018 12:19 PM

Book_V2.indd 173

24/09/2018 12:19 PM


Kenneth Yap joined the mortgage industry in 2010. He was awarded Malaysia’s Top 10 Mortgage Sales Executive due to his outstanding achievement in United Overseas Bank (UOB) after joining a mere nine months. And in 2012, he had started his own mortgage outsource company and has now become First Mortgage Hotline Sdn Bhd today.


first met Kenneth Yap about eight years ago

Despite all those, he never gave up and strongly

believes that sharing his knowledge is important

when he was still working in United Overseas

believes that this service will eventually be

as well.

Bank (UOB) as a Mortgage Sales Executive and

recognised. He understands that starting a business

I was the panel lawyer for the bank. He is different

from the ground up is never going to be an easy

Not only that, he believes that by sharing what he

compared to others.

task. I really admire his patience and perseverance

knows, it can help as many people as possible to

to succeed in his industry.

make better decisions, especially when it comes

He answered that he liked to help people solve

to finance-related matters. Nowadays, there are

their financial problems by helping them get their

With his strong and positive mindset, he managed

many who claim to know what is the best way

first home or even become their wealth planner.

to bring his team much success. Not only the

to invest in properties, but Kenneth is a realist

He knows that he can make himself stronger if he

borrowers, many developers such as Mah Sing

and he provides information to people without

can help more people. He puts a lot of effort in

Group, Ireka and SYF Resources Berhad also

sugar-coating it. That’s one great quality that I truly

learning by attending many classes to enrich his

cooperated with his company in managing their

admire in him.

knowledge and explore new things.

client’s loan application and qualification processes

Soon in 2012, he had started his own mortgage

(swift loan processing) while his company provided

I am proud and honoured to have Kenneth as my

other integrated services.

business partner and friend. He definitely is a good

outsource company by grouping bankers to

mentor for his team.

provide mortgages, loans, and other financial

In recent years, he has been constantly invited to

products. There were many challenges and

many speaking events to educate the public on

difficulties plus the mortgage outsource service

the importance of property investment and how

was not recognised in the market at that time.

to prepare themselves for loan application. He

174 /

Wong Sir

Lawyer Low & Wong Zahrita


Book_V2.indd 174

24/09/2018 12:19 PM

Book_V2.indd 175

24/09/2018 12:19 PM

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Book_V2.indd 176

24/09/2018 12:19 PM


Kenny is Co-founder of Biliq.co, a property management company that enables distressed property owners earn passive income and gain maximum profit for their property investments. Biliq also ensures that your property is kept in tiptop condition. Trust Biliq to handle everything for you.


first met Kenny over a cuppa to chat over

very confident in his ability to set a goal and work

a business opportunity. He came across as

hard towards achieving it.

someone with deep passion around his area

of interest which is property and that quickly

I remember vividly when it was quite a tense

impressed me with his strong business acumen.

situation and even in that moment of adversity,

He was easy to communicate with and we got

Kenny remained calm and took everything in as any

comfortable enough to talk about the more

good listener would. There were more questions

“passionate� topics like kids and family. It was great

than comments and that helped ease the situation

to know he was a family man and I could very

well and helped all parties settle very quickly.

quickly sense how much and how strongly he feels

He listened attentively and even acknowledged

about his wife and kids.

humbly some shortcomings but not without some concrete actions and suggestions to improve and

Over the period I got to know Kenny better, it

take things forward. I don’t think it was a situation

was clear to me that he was a good listener and a

anyone could come out of successfully unless they

humble person. These qualities helped very much

had those strong traits in them.

in the commercial nature of work that Kenny was doing. He can make you feel comfortable

Even though Kenny and I communicate regularly,

to communicate with and that was consistent

I would still like to take this opportunity to once

since the first time we met. Sometimes people

again wish you all the best and to keep up the

may mistake him as someone who is quiet or

good fight! May you be successful in your future

shy in nature but will be proven to be completely

endeavours and may your kids see you as a role

opposite once a conversation begins.

model to follow when they grow up in this crazy world of ours!

Kenny is very goal oriented. Successful people work towards a goal and regardless what obstacle one may face, their determination and grit will push them closer towards achieving that goal. I am

Book_V2.indd 177

Sheldon Fernandez Country Manager PropertyGuru Malaysia

24/09/2018 12:19 PM



Kenzi Chan is Founder and Director of Taras Properties, a real estate firm that practises the people-oriented business model to cultivate talents. The company will also implement a sharesharing model in the near future i.e. everyone in the company will feel that the company belongs to everyone. The company also practises 50% advanced commission to agents within a month. Not only that, it also has its own mobile apps, so their agents can get updated information and follow up on their claims status anytime.


y first impression of Kenzi Chan was

would be willing to work with his team from the

Before I end, I’d like to thank him. Kenzi, thanks for

that he was arrogant and people found

wee hours of the morning until late night? I know

not leaving anyone behind, thanks for always being

it difficult to approach him. We have

only one and he is Kenzi. Everyone in our team

there for us no matter what. I’m so lucky that I get

known each other since 2015 at DF Realty when

knew he had been very diligent since his agent

to meet such a great person in my life. He fights,

I was a new agent and he was the group manager.

days and he would never be absent from work,

learns and grows with us and he always leads by

As I introduced myself, he merely nodded and

even during the weekend or on a public holiday.

example. Taras Properties is an amazing platform

walked away. However, he came to me not long

He believes that all the hard work will pay off one

that Kenzi had created for us i.e. a place that I get

after and apologised as he was busy helping other

day and if you want to be somebody someday, all

to be a better me, a place that I found value, and

agents. He always had a serious look on his face,

you need to do is to be hardworking and keep

a place that I could achieve my dreams. Thank you

and that’s why I didn’t dare to be near him.

the faith.

Boss! We love you!

However, after getting to know him, I realised

I remember when I had a tough time achieving the

Kenzi possesses admirable leadership qualities and

top sales person. That was a period of time when

Katherine Thin

is looked up to by his peers. He spends most of

I felt inferior. I felt as if I was wandering through

his time with his team and he sees us as part of

life without purpose. We had a talk about this and

his family. Whenever anyone feels down or lost,

he encouraged me to find my passion for work

or have problems with clients, he never showed

again. After that, he had set a plan for me and he

disdain. Instead, he will listen first, try to understand

guided me every step of the way until I achieved

the problem and enlighten us after. He does not

the target. He never gave up on me even when I

only lead us in our work, he also takes interest in

had given up. He never stopped believing in me

our personal lives and issues.

when I wasn’t performing well or when I had an

Team Leader Taras Properties Sdn Bhd

unpleasant attitude. He said this to me, “Love what One of Kenzi’s success factors is being a hard

you choose, choose what you love and you will get

worker. Have you ever met a manager or boss who

what you want.”

178 /


Book_V2.indd 178

24/09/2018 12:19 PM

Book_V2.indd 179

24/09/2018 12:19 PM



Leong Peng Soon is Managing Director of Largus Engineering Sdn Bhd, an engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) company that provides total solutions to both water intake and water treatment sectors. The company also undertakes full turnkey contracts mainly from pilot to large water treatment plants.


got to know Peng Soon during college. We met

is in business management, he is willing to learn

found courage and overcame the problem in his

while participating in a programme by a non-

new things especially how the current business is


governmental organisation that served students

involving in engineering design and construction.

in rural areas. He was (and still is) a passionate

Other than that, he also manages and leads a team

Married with three kids, I always see him taking his

young man who is always ready to serve the

comprising of engineers and other related fields to

family out for family activities during the weekends.

community. We liked to joke that maybe one

complete some projects.

I really admire him as he achieves work-life balance

day he will become a social activist rather than a businessman.

and how much he appreciates his family. Not only I would say the success factor is his integrity in

that, his spirituality is also strong, which is always

handling issues and dealing with stakeholders. He

a challenge for many businessmen. Furthermore,

Passionate, I would say is the most admirable

managed to get a sole agency agreement from an

he continues to contribute to the local community.

quality I see in him. He left his job at the age of

overseas company with the transfer of technology

29 to pursue his dreams as an entrepreneur. He

and know-how. Personally, I think it is not easy to

I sincerely wish he will go on to achieve so much

started with a small office and steadily built his

partner with any overseas company, especially

more and continue to be the role model for the

company. Just this year, his business had an annual

when you can have differing cultures and values.

next generation of young entrepreneurs.

turnover of RM20 million. He always tries his

But Peng Soon manages to overcome and adapt to

best to solve problems encountered by his team.

it. During the ebb and flow of his business life, he

Although his background and tertiary education

basically did not give up. He rolled up his sleeves,

180 /

Teoh See Yong

Managing Director Seng Hin Brothers Enterprise Sdn Bhd


Book_V2.indd 180

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 181

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

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Book_V2.indd 182

24/09/2018 12:20 PM


Lester Tan is the Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of JioJioMe, a social media lifestyle mobile application that connects people with similar hobbies, interests and feelings, who are within a 20km radius of each other. Since its launch in December 2017, it has more than 130,000 users and 1,500 merchants and retailers in Singapore and Malaysia.


he first time I got to know Lester was through my brother and business partner, Dato’ Dr Nicholas Ho. He was sharing with

us on a social tech platform that he was going to create and this platform is now known as JioJioMe. From that meet up, I felt that he is a person with good personality, one who possesses strong leadership and strategic abilities. He showed great potential and I was very impressed with the way he spoke and how he has great vision. He shared the idea about JioJioMe and I was even more drawn to

Lester will always be there whenever my brother

him. Lester shows outstanding creativity to solve

and I need support. Because of this, we shared

problems or to make things simpler for people by

many memories and this has solidified our

creating the social tech platform.

friendship to another level. There was a period when my brother and I both had our very own

Lester is a very hardworking person who sets his

personal ordeals in which we had to endure. It was

target and strives to achieve his goal. I have never

with Lester that our ordeal was made much easier.

seen a person as hardworking as him. He is a risk

With the continual support given to one another,

taker, believes in himself and is very determined;

our brotherhood was forged!

a person who does not take failure as an option. I am proud of the achievement that Lester has I believe Lester’s success was built on his

made so far, and I wish him great success in his

perseverance and determination to achieve the

future endeavours. He has the X factor and the

goals he had set for himself. He has his own vision

ability to be more successful in the days ahead. His

and mission and seeks to bring both to life on a

positive attitude and determination is something

daily basis. He is very focused when he sets his

that I admire!

mind to do something. Many can say they have great focus, but oftentimes their plans derail. But not Lester. He never gives up easily and he works efficiently and consistently to achieve all his goals.

Book_V2.indd 183

Dato’ Dr Jay Ho

Executive Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer Seristine Group

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

184 /


Book_V2.indd 184

24/09/2018 12:20 PM



Liang Pui Leng is Founder of GM Communication Sdn Bhd. GM started off in 2014 as a sole proprietorship selling smartphone spare parts and accessories, and repairing equipment. The company continuously strives to source new products of high quality and provide extremely competitive prices to satisfy a wide range of customers throughout Malaysia.


remember when we met and had a conversation

Moreover, she has a very strong will and she never

careers. But she chose to adhere to the principle

together for the first time, Pui Leng exuded a

gives up easily despite the many challenges that she

that with time, we will prove to others we can

very positive vibe. I felt that this person has great

has to face. It is because of this that she learns

do it. She also mentioned that if we work hard

ideals, foresight and had a very optimistic attitude.

about determination and she is the successful

a hundred times, we will be able to repay our

In addition, I kind of knew she would make a very

person she is today because of that.

customers. And we did it.

Not only that, she is always active and cheerful in

The things I’ve shared here are based on the years

She has many amazing qualities but the most

the midst of everything, and can calmly think and

of knowing and understanding her. I believe that all

admirable one has to be her courage. Regardless

deal with problems.

experiences, whether good or bad, will make Pui

good leader.

Leng a better person. Chase after your dreams and

of how difficult the situation can be, she perseveres through it all, strives even harder, adheres and abides

She is good at motivating; she encourages everyone

by her principles and eventually, she succeeds.

around her by getting to know what their dreams are and by cheering them on to achieve those

Pui Leng is one of those entrepreneurs who work


extremely hard to achieve what they set out to achieve. A process-oriented person, she is great at

Pui Leng showed that nothing can bring you down.

managing and prioritising what needs to be done

There was a time when we were deeply ruined

first; and that’s how she achieves her goals.

by our peers and we were at the bottom of our

Book_V2.indd 185

continue to achieve all your goals!

Vernice Cho

Sales and Marketing Director GM Communication Sdn Bhd

24/09/2018 12:20 PM


YK CHUA to pull through the challenge together with me as his event partner. This sums up the level of commitment he and his company represents and I know he will always do his level best under any

Marc Chua is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ULTRON Asia Pacific, the fastest growing sportswear brand in ASEAN founded in Malaysia since 2015, and has made its footprints across 14 countries to-date. Best known for its ultra lightweight and comfortable micro-dry fabric, ULTRON’s superior product quality, innovative design and affordable price have made the brand a favourite among amateur athletes in both ASEAN and the Middle East. ULTRON has been recognised as one of the Top 10 Sportswear Brands in Asia during the SPIA Asia Sports Industry Award 2017 in Bangkok, Malaysia SUPERBRANDS 2018 and Homegrown Excellence Award by the Prime Minister’s Department in 2017.

circumstances for his clients. I have never expressed this to him before but I’d like to take this opportunity to first thank him for the wonderful business partner he and ULTRON has been to Yayasan Generasi Malaysia. I have been a strong admirer of his various qualities and believer in his huge potential, which also explained my invitation to him to be an EXCO Member for Yayasan Generasi Malaysia earlier this year. Hopefully, he will be able to become the role model for many other young Malaysians out there. Lastly, I am not only excited but hopeful to be part of the journey with Marc, to witness the bright


future ahead of him. I believe Marc will be a shining

s the CEO of Yayasan Generasi Malaysia

himself in such a manner. I have learnt that it’s

(Generation of Malaysian’s Foundation),

better to be critical i.e. to iron out the details while

I have been actively promoting active

bruising a few egos is a negligible price to pay in

lifestyle among the younger generation of Malaysia

ensuring the success of an event, which leads to

through running and cycling events, and I had

a healthier business relationship. Also, I personally

the opportunity to collaborate with ULTRON

have come to admire how much he holds on to

Malaysia. I have been dealing with Marc since 2015.

his strong beliefs in business, and today, I’ve even

Our professional relationship continued until today

adopted some of his methods when dealing with

and we have had our fair share of business issues

my other suppliers and partners.

star to look out for, not only in the industry but also the nation proud!

Datuk Dr Roslan Basaruddin Chief Executive Officer Yayasan Generasi Malaysia (Generation of Malaysians’ Foundation)

and crises especially when it comes to dealing with unexpected crisis in event management.

I can vividly remember one occasion where I was not able to confirm my order within the

Marc has never shied away from his superior

stipulated deadline due to late confirmation

management skills. But on the same note, he

from my event’s title sponsor and the relevant

was always cordial and fair in understanding the

government agencies. Despite the timeline being

challenges we all faced as an event owner and

too short, Marc has agreed to take up the job from

organiser. Even now, he can be very critical before

me. His production side was not able to complete

partnering with us each time prior to an event. I

in time, and he instructed his company driver to

had initially felt his dedication to his business belief

drive to Johor, pick up the t-shirts and deliver them

may cost him business opportunities, but over the

to me by morning just before the event started.

years, I began to understand why he conducted

He did not blame anybody and was simply glad

186 /


Book_V2.indd 186

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 187

24/09/2018 12:20 PM


Marshall Gan is Chief Executive Officer of Titanfour Business Solutions Sdn Bhd. It represents the strength and ability to connect businesses, offering improved business processes, mobility and customer-centric information technologies experience. Titanfour was awarded Top SME Company in 2013 with over 80 professionals across Asia helping over hundreds of local and global customers including top GLCs and SMEs.

It has been 16 years and we have gone through

with simplified and automated business processes

some ups and downs. From infancy in running a

built, this is where today’s business owners have to

business to who we are today, the key success

seriously consider.

factor will be our own team and support from our customers. Furthermore, we practised a close

As we tap into the new technology, we have also

working relationship with some software giants

developed our very own products. Among the

which directly benefited us and customers in new

most successful is the Property Foundation Suite

applications, technology and functionalities.

which solely and strictly focuses on propertyrelated industries. We make use of technology


Our outsourcing and support maintenance team

to assist our customers to achieve data accuracy,

had done a fantastic job to bring in constant fuel

mining data, visibilities, mobility and speedy

to run Titanfour. However, nothing can beat the

decisions to excel in their business.

innovative thinking of our entire workforce. The IT industry changes rapidly nowadays and our

As we look back on our paths, we are glad to be

arshall Gan used to be one of our

team is constantly coming out with innovative

together.The decision to start Titanfour and Group

colleagues in the previous company,

ways to improve and keep up-to-date with how

of Companies was the right choice. It was a tough

where he was the technical and systems

technology can help our customers to overcome

decision back then with limited funding but today,

their business challenges.

we are proud to have a branch office outside

person. Back in the early 2000s, he travelled to

Malaysia with locally hired staff. Being a truly

most of the customers’ sites for server upgrades and was dedicated towards the work assigned to

Today, the Gen-Y workforce floods the working

Malaysian company; our people, our product and

him. He received positive feedback from customers

market and they rely a lot on the Internet and

our process are our most valuable assets to help

too. That was more than 20 years ago.

mobility. Knowing this trend, doing business as how

our customers move towards another successful

we were 10-15 years ago will no longer interest

milestone. THE MARK OF SOLUTION—this is us.

In early 2000, he resigned and moved towards

this generation. Seeing this challenge, we formed

searching for his dream job and to advance his

our own Titanfour Learning Centre (T4LC)

career path. Shortly after, he joined an American-

which allows the team to continue learning new

based ERP company and became Group IT

technology and skills. We worked with local and

Manager. Those were enjoyable jobs but there was

foreign universities and colleges to encourage

something missing within the software vendor that

internship and post-graduate programmes. We

can do better to assist customers to accelerate

have our own training facilities and syllabus for

their business via innovative technology. With

effective teaching and to make sure learning is

courage and passion, and interest towards the

fun for everyone. With IoT and Industry 4.0 and

software, this brought us together again, thus the

other trends that rely on Internet and mobility to

birth of Titanfour.

perform and run businesses anytime anywhere,

188 /

Alvin Koh & Wong CK Co-founders Titanfour Group of Companies


Book_V2.indd 188

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 189

24/09/2018 12:20 PM



Founder and Director of Yoda Metaphysics, Master Cha Qiun Wei knows how to apply metaphysics and numerology in life, interpersonal relationship, career and business. Until today, he upholds the principle of having righteous thoughts and positive thinking while teaching solid numerology that is full of wisdom. He hopes that this will help more people understand the knowledge about their destiny and life.


pon first encounter with Master Cha,

and every one of those life experiences.

my impression of him was that he was a

through learning. He also showed good team spirit when our group was completing tasks given to us

great talent who was very polite and had

Furthermore, he is very responsible in his work

respect for others. He cooperates well with the

where he contributes first without expecting

people he works with to get the best results and is

anything in return further exemplifying his selfless

In my opinion, anyone will find Cha to be decorous

always looking to learn new opportunities.

attitude. These are his success factors. In his efforts

and kind-hearted when first interacting with him.

of advocating metaphysics, Cha is always improving

He is also attentive and sincere to friends and the

I admire Cha’s quality of applying the knowledge he

himself to share his knowledge with more people

people around him.

has learnt by educating others on how to change

to help them improve their lives as well. I would like to encourage Cha to have the

their lifestyle, make their life better and nurture good thoughts.

throughout the course.

One of the most memorable moments I had with

perseverance in achieving his dreams and take on

Cha was at a learning course. I was in the same

new challenges for self-improvement. I also hope

Cha has faced many setbacks and challenges

group as him and noticed that he has passion

he will share his knowledge on Xuanxue with

throughout his life, but he never gives up and

and takes a very serious approach in learning.

more people for them to understand the meaning

actively finds solutions while learning from each

He hopes to gain progress and motivates himself

of life and the value of existence.

Keda.Z Feng

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Amazing Group

190 /


Book_V2.indd 190

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 191

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

192 /


Book_V2.indd 192

24/09/2018 12:20 PM


Master Lo joined the wealth management industry in 1998, became the youngest district manager in Allianz at just 25 years old and established LYS Agency Sdn Bhd. With a strong focus on customers and after-sales services, he built a professional financial services team. He established Super Quantam Bhd, a resource integration platform to help others achieve success through learning.

Once Lo has set an objective, his strong willpower

to his team, which resulted in his agency’s much

drives him to achieve that objective. He is also

improved performance.

eager to put in effort to overcome any challenges


along his way to success, unlike many young people

Lo used to feel more agitated during meetings

who are not willing to make sacrifices.

when someone gives different opinions or negative comments. However, in recent years, he

When he just took over his father’s agency, Lo

has become a better listener where he will analyse

first met Master Lo almost 20 years ago when he

faced many difficulties but he did not give up. In the

and lead his team members to look at the problem

ventured into the insurance industry by joining

past five to six years, I noticed that he has matured

from a positive perspective. I hope he can further

my company. He was from a sales background.

and improved his interpersonal skills and has also

improve his management skills to a higher level and

widened his social circle.

aim for bigger achievements. I wish him all the best

Although I already knew his father, who was a

in the future!

senior member of the insurance company we worked for, he did not give me a strong impression

Lo used to lead the agency under his father’s

at that time. It was only after Lo achieved great

shadow, but now he has stepped away from that

performance and was promoted that he started to

and established a management style of his own. He

receive more attention in the company.

did a lot of self-learning and dedicated a lot of time

Book_V2.indd 193

Ong Pin Hean Chief Sales Officer Allianz Life

24/09/2018 12:20 PM



Mei Tan is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Scoopoint, an incubator space for creative entrepreneurs and the creative community in Penang. After a stint at MTV in New York City, she joined Asia Green Group as Chief Operating Officer. Hailed by many as Wonder Woman, she has won the Top 100 CEO and Top 30 JCI CYEA awards. She also actively mentors young talents.


first met Mei at the end of 2016 where I was one

As someone from a wealthy background, Mei

of seeing an obstacle as a problem, Mei sees it as

of the judges for Noble Excellence Awards 2016

certainly does not have any airs. I found her to be

a challenge and she takes it as part of a learning

and she was representing her company to the

very friendly and most willing to share both her


board of judges. The first impression that she gave

ideas and experiences.

me was she was a very energetic and charismatic lady.

All I can say is that Mei, you are such an amazing She is a lady full of creativity and her ability to turn

and talented individual. I know that this is the

her creative ideas into reality is amazingly strong.

beginning of another amazing journey of yours and

I liked the energy she was giving off and it was very

She is also a person who is able to influence others

I sincerely hope the best for you and your future

refreshing to see someone with so much wonderful

with her unique charisma.


qualities and she is sincere when presenting herself

Not only that, she is very passionate in helping

to people. She is also a very approachable person

others who share the same vision as her, so that

Steve Wee

and easy to get along with.

they could grow together with her. That’s why she

qualities.These were a few of her most memorable

Founder Brand Yourself Agency

has started the Scoopoint Incubator Programme. I only knew her more when she joined one of my workshops in July 2017 and since then, we have

Mei’s leadership and persistence are contributing

become close friends. I have always introduced her

factors to her success. On top of that, her positive

as the “Wonder Woman” in my circle of friends.

attitude also plays a part in her success. Instead

194 /


Book_V2.indd 194

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 195

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

196 /


Book_V2.indd 196

24/09/2018 12:20 PM


Melvis Khoo is Founder and Managing Director of M First Sdn Bhd, a specialist in strategic and marketing planning using e-commerce platform. She has helped many people to achieve financial freedom. The key to her success is to be always prepared and not wait for opportunities.


recalled the first time we met for the first

Also, I am very moved by her attitude towards

business meeting in a cafe, she arrived on time

her career, she is always optimistic, and always

and not even a minute later. This makes me

performs her best for her career development.This

believe that she has good character with great time

is something that I admired very much since the

management. I believe she is also a good leader

day I met her. It is always touching to see how her

who is friendly, talkative and caring.

team is working side by side in her entrepreneurial journey.This is something valuable a team needs i.e.

A person’s behaviour and attitude will influence

to achieve more in the future.

their achievement in life, and there is no free lunch in this world. When I got to know her more, I

All along the entrepreneurial journey, we show

found that she is a person with a great heart. She

care and love for each other. Everything seems

is willing to give and not ask for anything in return.

smoother and better when she is by my side in

She gives 100% effort to her team and whenever

the career journey. I am grateful for having her as

a goal is set, she will surely focus in achieving her

a career partner in my life, I wish we could achieve

very best. The reason why she has succeeded in

greater and create a successful life together in the

life is because of the right character. In addition, she


treats everyone kindly and lovingly. One of the most memorable moments I have of her was on the product launching day. I felt very

Melvis Wong

Managing Director NGS Healthcare Sdn Bhd

honoured and touched to be given a chance to attend the event and was even given an opportunity to know more about her, the challenges and the hard journey she had experienced in developing her career.

Book_V2.indd 197

24/09/2018 12:20 PM



Mike Bay is Founder and Vice President of B&O Capital Bhd, a food and beverage company with four distinctive brands i.e. Chizu, Honzu, Ageta, and Teien Japanese Restaurant. The company’s mission is to maintain business sustainability through brand versatility and creativity. B&O is expanding regionally by tapping into neighbouring Asian countries.

the targets leveraging on his own principles as

that everyone on earth deserves a friend like you.

guidelines. Despite no formal education, he is a

Someone who stands beside me during good and

very dedicated person in whatever he does and

bad times, who supports me, is my most honest

most importantly, he is a man of his words. He

critic and biggest fan, smiles and cries with me, but

does not make simple promises, and whatever he

lastly, just being the best friend ever in my life.

promises you, he will try his best to accomplish it. His dynamic personality, enthusiasm and commitment have led him to where he is today.

Danny Goh

Vice President Licensing and Business Development Fipper Marketing Sdn Bhd

One of Mike’s success factors is his ability to adapt to the dynamic environment and his ability to lead


and train his team. Aside from teamwork, one of his principles in running his business is respecting umble beginnings did nothing to quench

the people that he deals with. As a matter of fact,

the spirit of this remarkable person that

he has gained a high level of respect amongst his

I have known for almost three plus years;

staff and business partners. Undeniably, like many

he is a man with a mission. Deep down, he has the

inspiring successful leaders, it all boils down to

passion to be an entrepreneur. As a person, he is

the strength of leadership, and this makes Mike

very hardworking with a positive outlook towards

outstanding as he is able to lead very effectively.

life and believes in overcoming his challenges by facing them head on. He is very good in problem-

He and I share absolutely no similarities i.e. different

solving and is not fazed by the challenges that

upbringings, different thinking but a common hobby.

success brings along. He enjoys the challenges

We both just love each other like real brothers.

and does not look at the negative aspect of the

We both are the best of friends and believe me,

problem, rather as an opportunity to further

half the world is jealous of us especially his pursuer.

improve the business.

Trust, respect and love are what we share beyond any relationship.

Having the correct work attitude is essential for one to succeed. I believe this is the most admirable

I wish I have words to describe him better but

quality that Mike possesses. As someone who is

my words often fail me and no words are good

perpetually motivated by sets of goals, he sets

enough to describe him. To my brother, Mike: I

his own mission, and focuses on accomplishing

wish to share with you from deep inside my heart,

198 /


Book_V2.indd 198

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 199

24/09/2018 12:20 PM



still remember the first time I met Ajmal, he

chemical solutions to the customer with his car,

was a young entrepreneur. He was hungry for

and that is not something anyone should do.

knowledge and success, and that’s what drives

him forward in the industry. True enough, his

However, after eight years, he managed to work his

amazing achievements over the years have been

way up and eventually founded IOS Ventures Sdn

inspiring and I’m very proud to have been able to

Bhd together with his colleague from the previous

witness his growth from humble beginnings.

company to become one of the most successful expansion joint contractors in the power plant

Ajmal’s journey to success was not an easy feat. His

industry. A few years later, they managed to expand

success was due to him overcoming life challenges,

their business into manufacturing.

since things were certainly not laid out on a silver

Muhamad Ajmal is the Director of IOS Ventures Sdn Bhd that provides high quality gas turbines and boiler parts from Denmark. The professional team at IOS Ventures is highly experienced and is the preferred contractor for TNB, PETRONAS and Malakoff. Their expertise enhanced hundreds of projects in the power generation industry.

200 /

platter for him. During his university days, he had

Ajmal did not achieve his success overnight,

to pay for his own living expenses and tuition fees

neither did he give up simply because he was not

by working odd jobs from selling hawker food on

academically qualified. He strongly believes that

the streets, selling cinema tickets, teaching kids in

you will only stop growing when you stop learning.

tuition centres to becoming a tourist guide at the

He continued to learn from experiences and from

National Zoo.

the people around him. As he ventures forward, I wish him all the best and may he be successful in

Despite dropping out of his engineering degree, he began his career in a small engineering company. He learnt a lot of things from becoming a salesman, technician, forklift driver, project supervisor; he even had to learn how to submit a report to the

everything that he does.

Tuan Hanapi Muda Group Chief Executive Officer HMZ Engineering Sdn Bhd

customer. One time, I even saw him delivering


Book_V2.indd 200

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 201

24/09/2018 12:20 PM



Nini Wong is the Founder of Nini Wong Make-up Academy, an internationally-awarded make-up school by International Beauty Federation of Japan. Nini Wong is an active and creative person in her industry, a highly respected mentor in the make-up and the hairstyling industry. Some of her talented skills in hairstyling have gone viral on the Internet.

Indonesia as they trust her leadership. Nini ensures

up being her friend and that’s what makes her so

that each of her graduates can make a living as a

successful.That is Nini’s work ethic; serious but also

make-up artist.

eager to expand her network of acquaintances. Her methods also helped in advertising to others.

Nini is very driven but she provides a personal

Some friends of mine whom had met Nini many

touch every time. Every client receives the same

years ago mentioned how she started from the

special and exclusive treatment because she

bottom to what she is today: a bright diamond

believes in sincerity in her profession. Aside from

today. She believes in herself and in her career

her busy work schedule, she never forgets about

and her hard work is proof that anyone can be

her family and children. I personally have seen her

successful if they’ve got the right attitude.

many times in her high heels standing outside the


school under the hot sun waiting for her children’s

She is a true fighter. She is who she is today

class to end. She is a superb mum that could

because she sculptured herself to be her own

balance work and family well. She’s truly iconic.

hero even when the world lets her down, and she kept picking herself back up and be a hero

ini Wong is the personification of the

What I admire about Nini is also how charitable

for her children. Her presence brings joy to others

Japanese proverb: The taller the bamboo

she can be. She makes good use of her social

and her attitude towards work, life and friendship

grows, the lower it bends. It means that

media status by sharing and educating people to

sets a great example for the newer generations.

no matter how big or successful you have become,

be a part of organisations that help the community.

Lastly, my wife Sharon and I would like to thank her

you remain humble. Nini was already a celebrity in

She made great contributions to the people as well

for bringing so much joy to us and we would like

Malacca but even after knowing her, you’d think she

like when she donated rice to unfortunate families.

to take this opportunity to congratulate Nini for

behaves differently but she doesn’t.

I am very proud of her.

being awarded because she deserves it.

Not only that, as a reputable international make-up

One of the most memorable moments I’ve had

artist, she is also a great role model for young people

with Nini was when I witnessed how dedicated

Dr Yap Hong Keong

because she has the right attitude i.e. passionate

she was at a friend’s wedding. By four in the

and enthusiastic. She is also very studious as she is

morning, she was helping the bride to get ready

always eager to learn despite being a professional

until 11pm that night just to make sure the bride

make-up artist. She even set up her own make-

was comfortable with the make-up. At the end of

up academy with students from Japan, China and

the day, every customer she encountered ends

202 /

Aesthetic Physician Yap Clinic


Book_V2.indd 202

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 203

24/09/2018 12:20 PM



Ong Ya Wen is the Chief Executive Officer of YW Secret Sdn Bhd. YW Secret is an e-commerce business founded in 2015. Through this business, Ya Wen continues to help, motivate and inspire other women to follow in her footsteps in becoming independent women, while developing self confidence in a competitive world.

she shares freely with anyone who asks. She even offered me to join her micro business so that I can be as successful as her. Ya Wen is a person that is very brave for trying something new and sticking at it until she succeeds. She also had no one to rely on but herself for financial assistance or support in the past. Besides these, she is also a person that loves to dress up and be seen.


hen I first met Ya Wen, she was like a little girl—innocent, naïve and she looked like she could be

easily bullied by everyone. But, she was friendly and hardworking. We knew each other through a performance and I remembered we would always practise together when we were younger. I can’t believe she is now in the beauty industry with her own team. One of the most admirable qualities I find in Ya Wen is her perseverance in working until she succeeds. She is naturally confident because she is beautiful and she looks after her appearance. She also keeps herself well-informed of the current trends in beauty and slimming industry, which

204 /

There was a time when we were travelling and I noticed how Ya Wen also loves being beautiful and taking pictures. We did a photoshoot together and that’s the time we did something she loved and what I have always wanted to do but was too afraid to do on my own. We went to Korea and took more pictures to create more memories. To Ya Wen, I would like to wish her all the best in her business and may her dreams come true. I never imagined the transformation, that a young, innocent and naïve girl could become a successful woman and receive this award. I hope that when she becomes a millionaire, she will not forget me!

Felicia Foo

Operations Manager SB Supplies & Logistics Sdn Bhd


Book_V2.indd 204

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 205

24/09/2018 12:20 PM


Phoebe Tan, Vice President-Sales of Property Hub’s achievement is admirable even more so, given the fact that she comes from outside the real estate industry, having to shift her mindset as to how she should navigate her way in the property industry. She has won the Top Rookie and Top Achiever awards in her first year of embarking on her real estate journey in 2011 to where she is today.


hoebe comes across as someone with a

friendship and business relationship is something

pleasant personality who has high ambitions

we treasure. Her grounded and steady ways as

and hopes in life. From the day we knew her,

well as her sense of responsibility have certainly

we noticed that she is very bold with her vision

held her in good stead.

and has a strong desire to achieve, regardless of the Witnessing her growth from the day she started

challenges that were ahead of her.

her real estate business journey with Property Hub Without



to what she has achieved today is indeed special

determination serves her well. She is someone

for all of us. This is because she has taken various



challenges in her stride and worked towards her

relentlessly with her ability to focus and persevere.

goals steadfastly. Her success is testimony to her

Her determination sets her apart and she is willing

can-do spirit and her ability to stay positive in the

to do what it takes to achieve her goals. Failure is

midst of challenges.


doubt, pursue

her her

perseverance business

not an option for her as can be seen from her track record of achievements.

Above all, Phoebe believes that trust once earned, is a currency beyond measure. The trust that she

Her sense of loyalty is admirable even when things

has built with her clients is also a cornerstone of

don’t go her way. She stands strong and is willing

her success.

to accept differences and at the same time, has the ability to focus on the goals she has set her mind

We really want to wish her the very best as she

to achieving.

continues her remarkable success and growth in real estate. If there is anything we have to express

These are some of the amazing traits that we

to her is that we recognise her success story as

believe have led to her success factor, especially in

being part of ours and we hope to grow with her

managing setbacks and challenges throughout her

from today and beyond.

real estate entrepreneur journey. She is someone that you can rely on to bounce back stronger and her track record speaks for itself. In the business journey with her, we have encountered many good moments as well as

God bless you and your family Phoebe!

Christopher Lim & Benjamin Tee Founders and Directors Property Hub Sdn Bhd

challenging times. But above all, her ability of being objective and not allowing issues to affect our

206 /


Book_V2.indd 206

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 207

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

208 /


Book_V2.indd 208

24/09/2018 12:20 PM


Raymond Chou is Regional Managing Director of Infront Consulting Group Asia Pacific. The company is in the business of improving lives through cloud solutions. Its focus is on helping organisations embrace digital transformation through an easy methodology, adopt cloud technologies to automate and improve business processes and have it all managed by a specialist team located all across the globe.


aymond seems to be a happy-go-lucky guy.

what he has done for me before. He is always

However, when I first got to know him, I

looking to take care of others rather than his own

realised that he was at the toughest time


in his business. I’m amazed that despite all the challenges that he was going through, he continued

During one of my toughest times in business and in

to put a smile on his face and spread positivity

life, he was there for me. And a brother is one who

to everyone around him. He showed me that it

knows how to tell what needs to be told during

doesn’t really matter what happens to you. What

the worst time, even though it hurt.

matters is how you react to it. In life, God either brings someone to your life I’ve heard of the quote that no one plans to fail. But

to teach you a lesson or for you to teach them

many fail to plan. Raymond is one who is both big

something. Raymond is definitely one person

picture and small detail. He is one who is able to have

who is brought to earth as a gift to inspire many

a vision of the future and still work to the smallest

entrepreneurs to live life to the fullest. He has

details to ensure that all plans are well-thought-out.

taught me so much; particularly one quote—either we make it big or nothing at all. And he lives it.

Furthermore, he has this ability to transmit positive influence among people around him. Raymond is

Thanks Raymond for being a part of my life. And

not a boss. He is a coach and a leader and one who

I know you’ll be a candle that will continue to

is best at bringing out the best in others.

brighten up many entrepreneurs, their families, and the lives of people around them. Be the light!

I am honoured to be here writing this for him because he is more than a friend or a business partner. He is a brother who stands by all his brothers during their toughest times. And that’s

Book_V2.indd 209

Jonathan Quek Founder Owners Circle Bhd

24/09/2018 12:20 PM




first met Sam at a training course conducted

on-stage charm. I was also deeply moved by Sam’s

by me in Chinese. Sam is not fluent in Chinese

story on his entrepreneurial journey. Sam showed

as he is English-educated, but he was willing to

many commendable qualities as a CEO and as a

enroll in my course which is an indication of his

person. These days, the strong personalities of Sam

strong learning desire. I also noticed that he was a

are much needed for leaders to operate and for a

gentleman with a sincere heart.

company to thrive.



I really admire Sam as an entrepreneur who started

responsibility, where he delivers what has been





his business from scratch and had grown it into

promised. Sam will never say one thing and do the

a reputable company, while remaining a humble

other. This quality of his is a good learning example

person. He has overcome uncertain market

for others.

conditions and challenging situations to build his company into something that it is today.This is very

A leader who is willing to learn will eventually

admirable and I am proud of Sam for being able to

achieve success. Other than actively looking

do what he does.

for self-improvement opportunities, Sam also

Sam Tsen established SBH Corporate Group Sdn Bhd in 2012 and today, SBH has become one of the largest financial advisory service groups. His objective is to build SBH as a one-stop solution offering a full suite of financial services to suit all customers’ needs. It also customises solutions that serve to manage personal circumstances at both individual and corporate levels to ensure success in reaching customers’ goal. Sam always emphasises trustworthiness, role model and teamwork in SBH, as he believes are key to success and to bring SBH and the team to another level.

210 /

encourages team members in his company to

I would like to urge Sam to stick to his current role

learn new knowledge and ideas. This shows great

in the finance industry, because I strongly believe

leadership in him which is a very rare quality in the

he will help more small and medium enterprises

corporate industry these days.

(SMEs) with his professionalism and sincerity.

Sam has a strong ability in presentations and has shown his talent in public speaking during a sharing session in one of my courses for CEOs. He won the hearts of the audience with his eloquence and

Dato’ Calvin Khiu Founder OE Business School


Book_V2.indd 210

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

Book_V2.indd 211

24/09/2018 12:20 PM


Sammiie Koh is the Founder and current Chief Executive Officer of GTA Management Sdn Bhd. GTA helps small and medium enterprises to reduce the risk of exposure to compliance risk and to minimise penalty through long-term support, education and advisory on taxation, internal control and accounting issues.


knew Sammiie during a property investment

is right and wrong in any situation and make

always positive when she motivates her friends.

course. At that time, I thought she was very

the correct decision. Once she knows you are

Most importantly, when she does lend a hand, she

fierce and would always scold people. I have to

trustworthy, she will always be willing to give more

never expects anything in return. She knows how

admit at that time I didn’t want to be close to her.

and sacrifice her time and energy just to assist her

situations in life can be difficult and she doesn’t

However, after getting along with her, I realised that

friends in whatever they need. I respect her for

want any of her friends to suffer as well. That’s why

she is a very kind-hearted and nice person with


she is known as “Big Sister” to everyone.

and always offers her helping hand to whoever

Furthermore, when she sets her mind to something,

To Sammiie: Just trust yourself. Sometimes, you lack

is in need. I’m impressed with how she treats her

she will go all the way to achieve it. Even though

confidence but when you start doubting yourself,

friends with respect.

she has met some setbacks, she is always humble

just look around you and see what you’ve done.

and accepts all criticism without any prejudices.

You are always an inspiration to everyone. You

One quality of hers that I admire is how she treats

She believes she can always improve in whatever

have already achieved success and you are great!

her friends equally. For example, she will not leave

means possible. Her “never say die” attitude drives

Just do it and don’t hold back. When you fall down,

out any one of her friends during a gathering, and

her to be successful.

you still have your friends to support you so don’t

strong principles. She treats her friends very well

if a friend is receiving less attention and care, she

worry. Go after your dream and make it happen!

will offer them care and concern by lifting up their

I always remembered how she would always

mood. That is why a lot of people like her.

cheer the people she cares for. When she knows her friends are down and in need of support, she

I also like how she can always easily identify what

212 /

will do her best to make them feel better. She’s

Verron Leong Chung Yee Director Master Mont Technologies Sdn Bhd


Book_V2.indd 212

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

Book_V2.indd 213

24/09/2018 12:21 PM


Sanjay Das is Founder and Managing Director of SD Global Technologies Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian healthcare, IT and consulting company, that specialises in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to corporate, private and smaller hospitals. SD Global helps hospitals transform into smart hospitals by optimising costs, improving productivity, and enhancing overall patient care.

even under challenging situations. He sets the right expectations and beyond that, he empowers and helps people to meet those expectations. Sanjay has a very positive outlook towards everything in life and that reflects in the way he helps his team members; he believes in collaboration, openness, and respect for each other. His confidence reflects in the fact that he is not afraid of being challenged.


he first time I met Sanjay was at the airport when both of us were travelling to meet a customer. There were some serious issues

with the project and I was extremely worried. I kept thinking what we could have done differently. But my conversations with Sanjay during the travel was not at all about that. He spoke about why he is working in this industry, why he loves what he is doing, what he would like to do, what are his goals, and how he sees his company and the people in the company grow. The customer was, of course, important to him and he was worried about the project too but he had, as always, chosen to look at the bigger picture. This ability to focus on what is important is very admirable. He does not let the day-to-day work pressures or deadlines cloud his judgment nor hamper his relationships with people. He looks at the good qualities of every individual and I think that makes him a great leader. He has an excellent gift of being able to put people at ease and help

Once, our top performing team member said that he wanted to change roles despite doing exceptionally well in his current role, meeting all his targets, and was an asset to the company. Moving him to a new role (even in our same company) meant losing some revenue for us. I was upset and not willing to accept this move. At that time, Sanjay said, “Think about how you can help him in his new role. When he does well in his new role, you will have an excellent player in the team with crossfunctional capabilities.” Today, that employee is one of our best performing members and extremely happy with his new role. Now, that’s what I call excellent people management and leadership! To Sanjay: “Thank you for being an inspiring leader, a trusted friend, and an amazing mentor. Working with you has been a very enriching experience. Here’s to many more successful years together!”

Siddhartha Mishra

Chief Executive Officer SD Global Technologies Sdn Bhd

them perform to the best of their capabilities,

214 /


Book_V2.indd 214

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

Book_V2.indd 215

24/09/2018 12:21 PM


Shane Mun is the Director of Big Bath Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Leonfast Sdn Bhd. Established since 2012, Big Bath is a one-stop bathroom and kitchen specialist and currently has a total of eight branches in Malaysia.


y first impression dates back 15 years

ideas has really been admired by many. Helping

system and app in the market. I was holding the

when I first met Shane. He was young,

other entrepreneurs in their business challenges

door for Shane while he was waiting for the emcee

ambitious, and always passionate in

has made him well-respected among many. He

to welcome him. I can feel his nervousness, but his

enriching the lives of customers, workers and

also loves to work with people from different

eyes were filled with confidence. Knowing him, he

their families. He’s a natural leader and often likes

niche areas as he sees goodness in others and

was going to rock the stage. As he leapt on stage, I

to help others without prejudice. Shane always

encourages them to work together to help build

gave him a customary high five. That night, he raised

carries the vision to help Malaysia’s SMEs to be

a greater nation.

over RM500,000 in four hours and generated more

successful not just within the country, but also to

than 1,000 leads subsequent to the event.“We need

help everyone be successful in the international

Of course, success does not happen easily for

to first believe, only then we can achieve it,” Shane

arena. His highly energetic personality never fails

Shane. With dedication, his business has grown

would always say.

to encourage positivity in others. Hence, he often

so much throughout the years. He achieved great

becomes a role model for others to strive with

success by adopting modern management in his

I would like to take this opportunity to show my

him, and a great father to look up to.

traditional company. This has given him a huge

appreciation to him for walking me through my

competitive advantage in the market. His ability to

entrepreneurial journey. He has always seen the

Whenever Shane sets his mind on a mission, he

turn challenges into opportunities resulted in his

goodness in others and I hope that he will always

is determined to follow through to the end. One

company outperforming its competitors. Also, he

continue to believe in himself and help others. It is an

of the most admirable qualities he has is that he

always has the ability to act fast to market demands,

honour knowing him and working alongside him and

is able to motivate people with his positivity and

continuously creating blue oceans in very saturated

to share his vision. Shane is an inspiring leader with an

energy. He is always able to get the attention of

markets. His positivity has led him to achieve many

amazing personality, setting a high benchmark to all

the crowd and to influence greatness in them.

awards and success stories at a young age.

young entrepreneurs to look up to.

focused on that. Nevertheless, he always speaks

One of the most memorable moments of his was

of the importance of the process along the way.

when he stood on stage in front of 300 entrepreneurs,

Phillip Choong Yee Loong

Furthermore, his ability to come up with creative

presenting the first SME performance management

Results speak greater than words, he has always

216 /

Chief Technical Officer and Director Adev Ventures Sdn Bhd


Book_V2.indd 216

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Book_V2.indd 217

24/09/2018 12:21 PM


Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shacare Global Affiliate, Sharon Voo is a young, self-made millionaire with the biggest Affiliate Marketing network in Sabah. In 2015, her business bloomed when she was awarded the Global Affiliate Agency—the highest award qualification in Malaysia and Indonesia. Today, Sharon contributes actively as a professional trainer, a motivator on entrepreneurship and an IKON of CreaM@ YWE (Creating Millionaires Among Women Entrepreneurs) of 2018.

interval speed and rhythm of the breathing. She

Sharon is very committed in her business by

started progressing in the pool and it was great to

always sharing and creating awareness in the local

finally see her enjoying swimming as a recreation.

community whenever the opportunity arises.

As a state swimmer myself, I know how hard it

Today, she is one of the leaders in the Bumiputera/

can be for beginners. I witnessed how much she

Malay community despite facing language barriers

practised and from there, I understood how

before. She has been invited to become one of

the mind can be so powerful. That is how she

the speakers in Jakarta, Indonesia. Recently, she was

has coped in her business until today despite

appointed as “IKON” (Icon) for CreaM@YWE (i.e

uncountable challenges.

Creating Millionaires Among Young Entrepreneurs) sponsored by Majlis Penasihat Wanita Sabah

With Sharon, there’s no such thing as giving up.


Being an amateur, especially in Sabah, starting a


business has been very difficult. In addition, her

Before I end, I would like to express my gratitude

family was not supportive because she was already

to Sharon because without her, I will not be here.

facing financial issues. However, she decided to

She introduced me into this wonderful business of

continue the affiliate marketing business at the

affiliate marketing and started to teach me every

haron Voo is a very friendly and easy-going

age of 21 and chose to be the pioneer in Sabah.

single thing. She changed my life from living in debts

person. Although she is young, but she is a

The concept of affiliate marketing had not caught

to an entrepreneur who runs my own business.

very mature person who likes to help others

on and she received negative comments from the

Although she is much younger than me, she is a

because she believes she was born to this world

public. For the first three years, Sharon worked

really great mentor. She will always be a role model

with a mission i.e. helping people in need. Sharon is

alone but she managed to meet about 200 clients

to me because she has proven that an ordinary

also a visionary. She is a person who walks the talk

in a month. Despite that, not one of them were

person like her can achieve success. Today, she

and she dreams big while she also motivates and

interested to join her business.

is still helping a lot of people to succeed and to

inspires people by sharing her vision and dreams.

improve their lives. She had tried all sorts of marketing methods such

A few years ago, we went to Pulau Pangkor for

as knocking on doors, distributing flyers, setting up

training and that’s when I found out that Sharon

a booth at shopping malls, making cold calls, and

didn’t know how to swim and she feared the

participating in various business events. In 2013,

deep water. Eventually, she overcame the fear by

after years of struggling, she successfully formed

resetting her mindset. With no professional help,

a team with a few partners who believed in the

she learnt by observing other swimmers, the

business and shared the same vision.

218 /

Tsen Syn Erl

Chief Executive Officer IC Millennium Resources


Book_V2.indd 218

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

Book_V2.indd 219

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220 /


Book_V2.indd 220

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Shila Amzah is a self-managed singer and celebrity under the brand Shilala HK Limited. Shila works with a team of global experts in the field of talent management, PR, social media marketing and music production. The team has successfully represented her and her music globally especially in Malaysia, China, US and Australia.


hila Amzah, as a familiar face to millions of

Hard work and passion go a long way. 2018 marks

fans, has been a global phenomenon in the

her 20th anniversary in the music career since her

South East Asian music industry. Our first

debut album at the age of 9. There is no secret to

encounter was in my Shanghai office with her

her success, the talent in singing probably is inherited

father ND Lala, who flew all the way from Malaysia

from her family, but her professional attitude, ethics

to listen to my three-hour presentation. I always

and passion at work is the main factor for her

knew she was a remarkable singer, but gosh she is

success. This has not changed since the day I knew

a better listener and never dropped a degree of

her, except becoming more matured over the years

concentration even after a long-haul flight. It is this

and this quality is embraced by more people.

perseverance and the always hardworking Shila Amzah that established our eternal bond and trust

There was one time during rehearsal, her guitar was

we had for the many tours all these years, and we

broken by accident and there wasn’t enough time

have kept our spirits high, keeping the smile on our

to get it repaired before the performance. She was

faces, no matter how tough the journey can be.

heartbroken not because of the damage but she had planned and practised so hard to perform it in

I think her level of respect for others is something

front of her fans. She then went off stage, went to

I admire the most. Shila can be a diva on stage,

a room, cried with a broken heart, came out again

capturing your soul and taking over your emotions

and finished off the rehearsal, not a word on her

with her voice and attitude, but off stage, she loses

disappointment.The performance on the night was

all and becomes just a girl-next-door.There are not

a great success as usual and she never showed a

many people who can do that but Shila can do this

sign of her sadness.This is remarkable for someone

naturally as she is truly acting upon her heart.

of her age to be so mature and professional.

Book_V2.indd 221

Shila Amzah is known to be a person always considering others before herself. Her emotions are hardly a consideration but after all, we are all human beings and it is OK to be sad and express the emotions constructively. She is in one of the most difficult and cruelest industries where everything is under the spotlight and she copes well. Shila, you need a well-deserved holiday where you can just throw all your burdens out the window and enjoy a moment all to yourself.

Darren Kong

International PR, Global Strategies and Management for Shila Amzah Greyscale Pty Ltd

24/09/2018 12:21 PM



Shim Yun Yun is the Founder of 339 Home Tuition. 339 Home Tuition is an established training centre located in Miri, Sarawak providing a wide range of education programmes including public speaking, ocarina, kids leadership camp and etc. 339 Home Tuition believes in empowering every child with unique and engaging teaching methods to enhance their confidence in learning and to unleash their potential.


knew Ms Shim a few years back because of her job advertisement on social media when I was anxiously looking for an educator job after STPM.

We came to a concession to have an interview after she briefed me about the job description. Fortunately, I became her employee after that. As a young-aged principal, she was not only concerned about my teaching quality, she also empathised with my past situation, that I needed to take up two jobs, and so she permitted me to adjust my working hours based on my timetable. I felt extremely grateful to have the chance to work under her leadership. Ms Shim is a passionate principal, who is willing to sacrifice her time in order to contribute to her professional field. I am proud to say that her employees have no doubts towards her leadership. She would share her experiences with me, including other teachers so that we could learn from her lessons. The outcome has absolutely influenced us positively. One of the most memorable moments was she never had status discrimination and hence, we could mix around, share thoughts, discuss about stress-coping skills, and most importantly, we solved things together. Determination is the success factor of Ms Shim. This element provided her a strong enthusiasm to be involved in the education field. We, as teachers, felt stressful especially when the examination period was around the corner. She always kept herself in a stand that we must give our very

to students and at the same time, she provided us confidence. Hence, we went through quite a number of ups and downs eventually. Her passion influenced most of the young teachers. I was not an experienced young educator a few years back. Ms Shim played her role as a principal, taught me about several skills to improve my teaching skills, such as time management, student management and communication skills. In order to upgrade her educational service quality, we as her employees witnessed her efforts she had put in. During holidays, she conducted trainings or workshops for teachers to improve our teaching qualities, boost confidence levels, and selfenrichment. Again, all we have achieved is because we have the similar goal as professional educators. Ms Shim, I am proud to tell everyone that your professionals are not only contributing to the education field, you have also helped a lot of youngsters to achieve their dreams of becoming teachers. I am so fortunate that I am one of them you have nurtured. Even though I am not under your leadership currently, I am still keeping you in mind about your professionalism which directs me to contribute to this society. I wish all the best to you and congratulations on your bright achievements.

Lee You Siew Teacher Taska SetiaMu

best teaching services to our students without a thought of giving up. She gave encouragement

222 /


Book_V2.indd 222

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

Book_V2.indd 223

24/09/2018 12:21 PM



Sifu Jamal is the Founder of Sifufbads Sdn Bhd, a company focused on creating professional trainers in digital marketing all over South East Asia and preparing an online digital education platform that will save time and cost for entrepreneurs. Established since 2013, Sifufbads has 36 employees and five professional trainers; together with Sifu Jamal, they have 35 years of experience.


opinions. I value these the most.

Sifu as I have come to know you, I understand what

and he was taking a break from a long

Sifu Jamal has a number of key qualities that are

all the support you receive each day. Many lives

day coaching his elite “CEO” students. Dressed

his success factors. They are his discipline, his ability

impeccably in a dark suit, he has the figure of a

to motivate others, his determination to reach

young and energetic entrepreneur.

his personal and business goals and the trust his

he first time I met Sifu Jamal was at the Palace of The Golden Horses Hotel

followers have in him, which make him a powerful Our meeting was short and he then invited me


to join his students who were enjoying the high tea buffet. Everyone wanted him to join their table

Once when we were having lunch at an open air café,

but he politely made me his priority for that time. I

it was a regular meeting over a meal among friends.

found him a great listener. He also had a firm way

Sifu Jamal was approached by a young salesman who

of speaking about a subject.

was selling books from table to table. Sifu listened

drives you; your mission and vision is worthy of have been touched by your valuable work. So many dreams have come true for so many people by your blessings and motivation. Please keep up your kind efforts. The road may be long but many beautiful rewards, I am certain, await Sifufbads Sdn Bhd.

Dev Satchi

Business Development Sifufbads Sdn Bhd

to his pitch and was so impressed that he not only Sifu Jamal is a very focused person. I remember

bought some books, he talked to the salesman and

when I first met him, these were my first thoughts.

asked his background then offered him a job!

The way he walked into the room to meet me and how he greeted me made me feel very

Sifu Jamal is a true entrepreneur and can spot

comfortable. He spoke little at the beginning of

talent in any situation. He is also a compassionate

our conversation, asking me a lot of questions and

person who genuinely wants to see everyone’s life

really listening to my answers. Now when we meet,

improve and is willing to give people who work

I can expect him to be all ears, ever interested

hard an opportunity.

in my problems and giving me well-considered 224 /


Book_V2.indd 224

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

Book_V2.indd 225

24/09/2018 12:21 PM


Stephanie Tan is the Founder of GoCater, a premium catering service company that specialises in canapes integrating a wide variety of dishes from around the world. It offers unique services for personal or corporate events with unique and beautifully decorated, value for money buffet line ensembles for truly memorable events.

managed to pursue her goals independently. Her

booked a part-time driver and waited on tables

friendly and cheerful smile attracts people and

from time to time. She used to carry all the heavy

people love her very much.

stuff after grocery shopping and handled all the food preparation, table set-up and dismantling on

Even though she has so many gatherings and

her own.

events to attend in order for her to build up her


network, she has never neglected her family and

Today, she made her dream come true. With hard

children. The most admirable part of her is her

work, determination and passion, she has her own

work-life balance. Stephanie is great at managing

team and a central kitchen in Ara Damansara. I

her business and being a mother of two lovely

see her growing her business step by step and I’m

young children. I truly salute her.

proud of her success!

Her success definitely comes from her strong

What drives her is her determination and her

he first impression I had of Stephanie Tan

network and creativity. She specially designed her

passion in cooking! Stephanie clearly knows the

was someone with amazing laughter! She

“Special finger food rack” for an entire buffet line

importance of having mentors in life and is always

is indeed a very cheerful and jovial person

with finger food just like those served in 5-star

grateful. She appreciates and treats people who

who stands out from the crowd. She laughs like a

hotels. Who would spend so much of time and

have supported her with respect.

doll and cries like a child. She works like a man but

effort to decorate the buffet line for an event?

speaks like a girl. She’s an angel to everyone! We

Stephanie is just too kind and wants to do the best

Stephanie, as your best buddy, I just want you to

grew closer after some time as we also bonded

for her clients.

know that I think you are truly amazing! You were

over fashion.

made to do hard things, so believe in yourself. In today’s competitive world, Stephanie finds that

Some of your greatest pain will become your

I was told that she personally cooks for her catering

food alone served at an event is just too boring.

greatest strengths in life! You are doing better than

business. My first thought was:- “Can she really

Hence, she took up the challenge to present the

you think you are. I’m truly proud of you. Keep

cook? She looks more like a beautician.” However,

food in a unique and creative presentation to

going, you’ve got this! You are always in my prayers.

after seeing her cook in her “wonder kitchen” with

the market. Her passion and creativity makes her

May God bless you with continued success and

my own eyes, I was shocked that she actually could!

catering so special that everyone loves it. She is not

have a fruitful life ahead. Love and hugs!

just creative in her food presentation but has also Some of the most admirable qualities of Stephanie

never failed to make the food delicious.

is her kind nature and her generous spirit. Her strong, patient and positive character has helped

Stephanie started the business with only one maid

her catering business to succeed. Somehow, she

as her helper and received orders on her own,

226 /

WeiWei Low Founder Perfect Shot


Book_V2.indd 226

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

Book_V2.indd 227

24/09/2018 12:21 PM



Tan Ching Sheng is the Founder and Director of Elsevier Enterprise. Elsevier is Malaysia’s sole distributor for Spenco Footwear. Spenco is a medical health footwear from Texas, USA since 1967. It has received the Prestigious Seal of Acceptance Award from American Podiatric Medical Association. Its special features on footbed is rarely seen in other footwear in the market.


he first time I saw Tan Ching Sheng (affectionately,TCS) was in the first year of university when he was my roommate.

He was known to be sociable, someone who can make friends easily. Hence, he had many friends during our university days.These social connections are one of the factors that made him who he is today. In addition, he can be quite humorous. It’s this fun side of him that makes people feel better and comfortable around him. He is also a person who knows how to win the hearts of the people. Couple that with his strong observation skills, he made Top Salesperson when he was doing part-time credit card sales in high school. Furthermore, he often looks for opportunities. He even ventured into direct selling and then moved on to join Beacon Hospital after graduation as a marketing executive. These are just some of his capabilities that drove his entrepreneurial passion and helped him face future challenges.

challenge head on. When he makes a difficult decision, he is confident and is fully aware of the risks. He is extremely self-aware. He is able to fulfil his personal dreams, instil ideas into others, and deliver superior solutions to problems. In the end, TCS often improves and learns through different courses in life, so that he can better grasp the overall situation and make good strategies in the industry. There was a time when he was originally travelling on a business trip abroad, but because he promised to attend my wedding, he didn’t hesitate to change his flight schedule. That shows what he prioritises in real life and I am forever grateful. After all, I look to him as a good brother who has been a witness to my relationship and life for more than ten years. Of course, when he got married, I have not missed his wedding either. Finally, I hope my brother can achieve even more success in life. After all, he is a person who is dissatisfied with the status quo or to get comfortable with what he has. Thank you for always giving me advice, whether it is life or career problems. I will also never forget the advice he gave me for my own business and that has helped me tremendously.

Victor Tan Xun Pei Founder and Principal Berry Good Tuition

Doing any type of business has its risks. But TCS has a strong fighting spirit and he will face any

228 /


Book_V2.indd 228

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

Book_V2.indd 229

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

230 /


Book_V2.indd 230

24/09/2018 12:21 PM


Terence Tan is the Founder of Real Empire, one of the most preferred marketing organisations among property developers in Malaysia. He collaborates with many public-listed developers and has successfully sold more than RM100 million worth of properties monthly. Terence has not only won The Top Personal Sales Champion but also led Real Empire to win The Top Group Sales Champion Award.


here are many things that a person

Terence is an earnest person and will always treat

It was a rather special moment for us when

experiences in life. You remember some,

things seriously regardless of academic or career. He

Terence and I had the chance to become business

you forget some. But meeting Terence was

will carry out all necessary research and prepare

partners. Both of us and our mutual friends have

definitely something I’d remember. It was way back

himself well before performing any task. He gives

started a private tuition centre, and everything has

in the year 2004 and that was also when Terence

his best every time and is never selfish to share his

slowly gotten on track. It is special that we can still

and I first met. We attended the same university and

knowledge. We have a lot of discussions and sharing

contribute our little effort in the academic line,

were were taking the same major.

not only during our university years, but we have

which is important in cultivating and nourishing the

also been exchanging our career experience to

young and talented new generation.

Coincidentally, the both of us were also staying

support each other now. Terence has always been

in the very same hostel at the time. I distinctly

generous with this time and effort and you can see

I would like to express my sincerest congratulations

remembered the first impression I had of him was

that in all the things he does, whether big or small.

to Terence’s success and recognition for this

someone rather friendly and he would have no

award. I know this is not the final destination in his

problem chatting up with people. I guess you could

Terence has a strong passion in the real estate

entrepreneurial journey, but rather a good start for

call him a sociable person.

industry and gives 100% effort in building up his

him. So,Terence, focus and continue your efforts and

achievements. He was in the beauty industry

hopefully I have a chance to send my speech when

Not long after, we became very close friends. I would

previously. However, he was not as successful as he

you win your next award soon!

always appreciate the effort and time he spent just

is today. After joining the real estate industry, it turns

to explore Kuala Lumpur with me. You see, I was

out that Terence has a knack for being really good at

not from the city. I had come from Penang and he

his job. It suited his interests better and coupled that

was a local. There’s never a dull moment when we

with his constant positive attitude, it seems that he is

go round the city together. Terence is always full of

on the right career path.

Dr Tan Seng Khim Managing Director US Frozen Food Sdn Bhd

passion and he gives his all, even if it’s just being a tour guide to me.

Book_V2.indd 231

24/09/2018 12:21 PM


Terrence Tiew is Director of Goldhill Home and Kitchen Cabinet Sdn Bhd, a home transformation centre. Goldhill’s services focus primarily in the East Coast and is the only MK Curtain franchisee in Kelantan. Aside from branches in Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Lumpur, Goldhil is expanding to Terengganu in the near future.


first met Terrence at an exhibition about three

Terrence is not thrifty with his knowledge and

years ago and I noticed immediately that he is

shares information freely with anyone that wants

a friendly, sincere and hardworking person. It

to know more about the industry. This is what

is very difficult to meet someone like Terence in

makes Terence approachable and easy to talk to

the industry these days and it’s very refreshing

and he always shares his passion for his job.

to me when first meeting with him. He was very approachable and easy to talk to and the

In my opinion, he is an organised person who

conversation we had was very informative.

handles his business arrangements well and takes into consideration the possible results before

As I have gotten to know Terrence better, I found

making any decisions. Furthermore, he also thinks

that he is filial to his parents, takes good care of

from the perspective of others to ensure their

his team and collaborates well with people on

benefits are taken care of. Hence, there have been

work-related matters. These admirable qualities

quite a lot of people giving Terrence strong support

have helped him achieve good results in business.

and assistance in his entrepreneurial journey.

Terrence is also very honest with his conversations and you get to know him a lot when talking to him

I would like to congratulate him for being

especially his love for his parents and his colleagues.

recognised as one of the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs. And, I truly hope he will scale

Terrence’s success as an entrepreneur was built on his sincerity in business dealings. He is also generous and knows which areas to prioritise when running his business operations and managing his team.

232 /

to greater heights in his career and life in the future.

Dato’ Calvin Khiu Founder OE Business School


Book_V2.indd 232

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

Book_V2.indd 233

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

234 /


Book_V2.indd 234

24/09/2018 12:21 PM


Through strength and determination, Thomas Ng has transformed LDK Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd from a sunset industry. He introduced the idea of respecting human nature and modern management into his company. He also spent almost RM1 million to purchase an automated machine to enhance the flexible customisation capabilities of stainless steel, thus earning recognition in the market.


first met Thomas two years ago at my clinic

very closely to his plans and he manages the plans

I really admire how he is grateful towards the

where he was my patient. My first impression

efficiently. These are his qualities which I admire.

people who helped him along the way, and also

of him was that of a kind and friendly person

how he showed gratitude to those people. To hear

full of positive energy. As I got to know Thomas

One main factor for Thomas’s accomplishments in

him share all these things, I was honestly touched

better, I could see that he has many wonderful

business today is that he shows gratitude to people

by him.

traits that are a testament to his success. He is very

who have given him assistance and support. He

responsible and is a good family man who loves

will repay them by helping them more because

With his character and the developmental pace of


he understands the idea of giving first before

his business, it is only a matter of time for Thomas

expecting any returns.

to achieve excellence in all his undertakings. I hope

Thomas has a strong character who is not affected

he will stick to his beliefs and stay determined.

easily by negative elements around him. He is also

I had an unforgettable experience with Thomas a

determined in achieving the goals that he has set.

few months ago when we were rushing to catch a flight and ended up as the last two passengers to

Thomas is one of the most driven and focused

board the flight. During the flight, Thomas shared

people I have ever met. It is because of his ability

his experience in starting a business and sustaining

to stay focused that helps him to achieve the

it, and how many times he had to overcome

results that he anticipated. Not only that, he is

difficulties. He also shared how he managed to

very optimistic when it comes to work despite

keep his business going despite the struggles, as

many people around him who tell him otherwise.

well as how he repaid those who have helped him

He is not easily swayed by comments as he sticks

in business.

Book_V2.indd 235

Dato’ Dr Bryan Yap Founder and Managing Director Union Medic Group of Clinics

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Wawa Zainal is a Malaysian artist. Wawa believes that business is her passion and when you do something that you love, you will always enjoy and be inspired at work. She strongly thinks that you don’t have to know everything to start anything because she started off knowing nothing about the world of business. With passion, Wawa learnt that when she falls, she will rise again. That motto is what made Wawa Zainal the person she is today.


he first impression I have of Wawa Zainal is

regardless of whether in business or relationships,

and I think that helps her to be even more

someone who is humble. She has an easy-

because without trust, business is nothing.

understanding, empathic, loving and kind.

going personality that I aspire to have and

Additionally, she is willing to take the time, energy

a strong personality that some people lack. She is

and commitment to learn new things. Wawa also

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for

also very passionate about the things that she does

has great empathy and she knows how to forgive

making me feel like I’m part of her family. She

and I’m really happy she is receiving this award.

because she knows that forgiveness can free

never underestimates me. Thank you for being a

people of hatred, and their loved ones can be free

good boss and for cherishing us and making us feel

from fear of guilt.

comfortable. You’re such a good role model to

Wawa has many admirable qualities; she is very understanding and she respects others, particularly

everyone. Thank you so much for trusting us and

the people she works with. She is always positive of

We share many special moments together

the future and she never puts people down even

especially when we hang out and talk about

though she is a celebrity. She doesn’t like to show

business. She will always encourage me to be a

off despite her status. I also am impressed at how

better person and to be positive.

well-mannered she can be, always saying thank you and please, and that makes people around her very

The special moment for me is when we always


hang out together and talk about business. Wawa

for giving us opportunities.

Juju Zailani

Brand Manager Juju Excellent Beauty

is also generous, but not necessarily in terms of She is successful today because she has confidence

material things. It means adopting a state of mind

in what she does. She also believes that honesty

that wants to give in the best way possible. Last

is the best policy and being honest is necessary,

but not least, Wawa is extremely compassionate,

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ayne and I have been coursemates

I remember, one of the most difficult times in

in Tunku Abdul Rahman College

Wayne’s career was when he just started to switch



from sub-sale to project-based work. Even after

Accounting together but we do not personally

he led his team to hit the target and had sold

know each other well.

the number of units required, he failed to receive



commission from certain parties.This has created a When he started as a professional real estate

lot of issues for him and his team, but Wayne being

agent, we became close friends and that was when

himself, overcame it with a positive attitude and a

I realised he is really friendly, approachable and he

strong mindset.There’s a saying: “Winners are born

is someone who will find solutions by himself using

in adversities.” Wayne is one of them.

all his resources. As he climbed higher, he built very strong influence He’s truly an admirable character who is very

and leadership skills that soon, he became one of

determined and is a passionate lad who wants to

the Top Leaders in his company, leading over 200

constantly challenge himself to the next level.

agents and has groomed more than five leaders in 2016 and 2017. It is a tremendous achievement to

Wayne is someone who overcomes adversities Wayne Leong is the Vice President of IPG Malaysia and also Founder of IPG United (WL United Capital Sdn Bhd). With a background in auditing, he became a property agent in 2010 and quickly rose to fame achieving multiple awards every year. With his team of over 200 consultants, Wayne was awarded the Golden Visionary Award in 2017 as the Champion for Project Group Sales at RM893 million.

lead and to manage such a number of people.

with a calm demeanour. He has shown this from the beginning of his real estate career. For his first

It is my joy and luck to be an associate of Wayne

deal, Wayne has received more than RM10,000 in

and I hope he will achieve what he wants in his

commission but it was cancelled due to car park

lifetime. Cheers!

issues but that didn’t dampen his spirit. Instead, he kept moving forward and in a short time, Wayne was ranked Top 4 Personal Sales

Patrick Wong Managing Director IPG Malaysia

Agent in one of Malaysia’s largest real estate companies in 2011.

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Wayne Lim is the Founder of IQI Eliteone Synergy Group in partnership with IQI Global. With over 1,000 agents throughout Malaysia, the Group provides services to property developers’ newly launched premium projects via conventional and digital marketing channels. Wayne has been recognised and awarded multiple times with the most recent being The Influential Team Leader in Real Estate 2018 by iProperty Malaysia.


y first encounter with Wayne Lim

allowed himself to make excuses, get tired or take

that is efficient and effective and enabled him to

was three years ago when he was

it easy. He starts early in the morning, finishes late

overcome any challenge he encounters.

introduced to me by a business partner.

at night and makes sure he achieves the goals he

He immediately gave a striking impression because

set for the day.

at a young age, he already had a high flying career

What I have described of Wayne so far has made him a very good real estate entrepreneur but I

in the advertising industry. Despite making a five-

Apart from that is his emphasis on personal

remembered the moment that made him a great

figure income, he had the courage to dive into

development. Wayne has always been hungry

one. I was listening to Wayne sharing his experience

real estate in which he had zero experience and

for knowledge and constantly wants to upgrade

with his fellow colleagues and business partners

yet expressed an unshakeable determination to

himself. Over the past few years, he invested

and I realised that not only is he an outstanding


heavily in self development and skill development

salesperson but he is also one that is humble and

seminars as well as learning from the best in the

very generous. Even if he stands to gain nothing,

Over the coming months, his determination was

industry. His attitude of being open to learning

he is open to teach everything he knows down

translated into a relentless pursuit of excellence.

new things allowed him to ascend quickly from

to the fine details and reveal his experiences and

Not only did he work consistently hard on a daily

an individual realtor to having a strong team of

strategies so that others may be successful like him.

basis to achieve outstanding sales figures, he also

highly motivated real estate negotiators. His great

Such generosity and humbleness is truly rare in the

put massive effort and time into training and honing

leadership skill influenced and drew positive energy

highly competitive world of real estate.

his skills to be the best. The result of his persistent

from everyone around him. In the process, he set

focus was he beat the overwhelming odds of failure

the benchmark of outstanding achievement within

To Wayne, on behalf of all our mutual friends,

and in an incredibly short time skyrocketed himself

the agency as well as in the industry.

colleagues and business partners, I would like to

into legendary status in the real estate industry. He

say thank you for giving us the motivation to strive

is living proof that the power of focus and sheer

From my experience of managing and interacting

to be the best that we can be and for setting a

determination can bring about incredible miracles.

with thousands of real estate entrepreneurs, I

benchmark so high that we will always look up for

can safely conclude that the primary factors that

inspiration. All the best in your outstanding career.

I think the most admirable quality that makes

have given Wayne his success are his unwavering

Stay strong, stay focused and keep moving forward.

Wayne successful is his discipline. Despite reaching

determination, his brilliant creativity and his

a level of success that many realtors can only

astounding ability to keep things simple. When

dream of, he works day in day out with the drive

put together, these three factors create Wayne’s

as if it was his first day in real estate. He never

unique mindset and personal code of conduct

240 /

Aaron Siow

Group Vice President IQI Global


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Lam Chong Boo (Xifu Lam) is the Founder of X Performance Motor. Established in 2006, he started X Performance Motor Sdn Bhd and X One Performance Sdn Bhd in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Both companies provide one-stop services to fulfil the needs of motorbike enthusiasts. He is also a Nan Yang 95th Anniversary Outstanding Business Awards Winner under the Outstanding Brand category.

Lam’s hardworking attitude is another key factor to him being a successful business owner. I have joked to clients by telling them that it could be hard for them to meet my boss as he is busier than his employees. This is because he is willing to share the workload with them. Differing from some entrepreneurs who run a traditional business, Lam is open-minded and willing to take in new ideas and implement them


in his business. Due to his hardworking nature first met Lam in a job interview for a vacancy in his company. On that day, I waited for a few hours before he had time to conduct the interview as

he was very busy. I appreciated his effort to see me because he was actually having a fever at that time. My first impression of him was of someone who has gained significant success in business as a young entrepreneur, which I think is an impressive achievement. One of the characteristics of Lam which I admired most is his dedication to his employees, where he takes good care of his employees’ benefits. He is also an employer who walks the talk and practises a hands-on approach in managing and running his business operations.

242 /

and hands-on approach, he is always concerned with many matters. This has resulted in him being overworked sometimes. Other than being our employer, Lam also taught and trained me and my colleagues on the techniques of repairing and servicing motorbikes. Hence, I hope he does not worry too much about us as we have matured and improved our skills. We will do our best to deliver what he requires from us. Under Lam’s leadership, I strongly believe the company will grow and develop fast. We are proud of you, boss! Thank you!

Jackson Chong Marketing Manager X Performance Motor


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Yew Yang is the Founder of CY Software and ART (Asia Robotics and Technologies), and has begun freelancing while studying over four years ago. After gaining more traction and clients, the company decided to pursue this business full time. At the end of the first year, CY Software started receiving projects from bigger multinational clients and then founded Asia Robotics and Technologies.


met Yew Yang again during a basketball game

and really intelligent. He continues to inspire not just

and we hit it off immediately. After exchanging

his staff but everyone around him, myself included.

words with him, I realised his ambitions and

He takes really good care of his employees and

goals are similar to mine and we started talking

it may seem easy to most people, but Yew Yang

about business. Yew Yang is a young gentleman

genuinely shows how much he appreciates them

who knows what he is passionate about and he

and he is grateful for having a good team.

is determined to succeed. I can see his hunger for success yet he was also humble at the same time.

Passion and perseverance are essential for success,

This is very rare.

but the right direction will lead one to greater heights. Yew Yang is on the right path. One of

In addition, Yew Yang is extremely hardworking and

the memorable moments we had was when we

he wastes no time in achieving all his goals as he

travelled together. We exchanged a lot of points

has planned. Meticulous and calculative, he is great

and shared ideas from different perspectives. What

at managing his time and this is proof that he is

can I say? Road trips are the best when you’re

really determined to succeed.

travelling with positive people.

One of his most admirable qualities is definitely

To Yew Yang, I’d like to say a few words: Dear

his grit. I have hardly come across anyone from

Yew Yang, I will always appreciate you and your

Generation Y with such clarity on one’s goals and

kind support. Keep that grit and let’s strive for

how one would achieve them. He motivates and

excellence. Work smart, play hard!

inspires his staff to learn and be better everyday, not for the company but for themselves. Furthermore, he provides a creative and conducive environment for them to work in.

Ivan Foo

Special Assistant to Chairman Asia Assets International Holdings Pte Ltd

Yew Yang is one of those rare gems; very knowledgeable, great communicator and listener,

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www.pipda.com.my 246 /


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marketing@entrepreneurinsight.com.my/012 378 8683

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ntrepreneur Insight is a monthly entrepreneurial magazine published by Armani Media Sdn Bhd. Under its banner, Entrepreneur Insight also hosts the Entrepreneur

Insight Summit, Entrepreneur Insight Workshop and Entrepreneur Insight Insider which all serve as gateways for Entrepreneurs to grow and excel together while taking success to the next level.

Malaysia’s Largest Entrepreneur Convention

The exclusive Entrepreneur Insight Club also takes precedence under Entrepreneur Insight’s initiatives, gathering like-minded business owners and Entrepreneurs to propel their skills and knowledge in business. A unique aspect of this club lies with its community focused business mentorship. Entrepreneur Insight is also very active with its presence felt on print and on its online platform. Fresh, updated and comprehensive coverage including video content is updated daily, making this the go-to place for catching up with the latest news and


business trends unfolding in the industry.



Konvensyen Usahawan Bumiputra (KUB) is also the brainchild of Entrepreneur Insight which serves as a unique platform created to address what was perceived as a missing niche in the market with regards to Bumiputra Entrepreneurs.This platform was created


to assist new Bumiputra Entrepreneurs to develop and sharpen their business acumen and grow their businesses. Held for the first time ever in 2017, it has successfully garnered a record 2,630 participants which is by far, the largest Bumiputra Entrepreneur convention ever held.

13-14 JAN 2017

Adding another feather to its cap, Entrepreneur Insight is upping the ante by further organising the Asia Halal Brand Awards (AHBA) 2017. This is the first halal award of its kind which is endorsed by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and Halal Industry Development Corporation (HIDC). In addition to this, Entrepreneur Insight has also successfully launched the first-ever privately organised Kuala Lumpur International Halal Expo (KLIHE) 2018 which was held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.


EI+ is the latest app which will be launched under Entrepreneur Insight which is a disruptive application technology that is anticipated to revolutionise the entire Entrepreneurs’ community ranging from networking, equity funding to barter trade.

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