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The Adolf Fredrik Girls Choir is a vocal ensemble of extremely high quality. Their rich sound and fine intonation together with the collected expression of their songs are well worth hearing. The interesting and varied repertoire and the vital interpretation under the leadership of their conductor Bo Johansson strengthens the impression that this has to be one of the best girls choirs in the world. – Eric Ericson, professor emeritus

The celebration of S:ta Lucia in the middle of December is a major and important festival of light in Sweden. A time of myriad processions and, most especially, of Lucia concerts in our churches, concert halls and our places of work. For many years the Adolf Fredriks Girls Choir have performed their special Lucia concerts with the best songs from the repertoire of Lucia songs and carols.

The Adolf Fredrik Girls Choir is a representative choir for the Adolf Fredrik Music Classes in Stockholm (a secondary school with more than 1,000 students). The choir contains the most talented girls from the music classes. More than 40 girls sing in the choir with ages ranging from 12 - 16. The repertoire is very far ranging, both secular and sacred, with a special interest in present day music. Over the years the Adolf Fredrik Girls Choir has toured many European countries, the USA, Canada and Hong Kong/China.

The Adolf Fredriks Girls Choir frequently participate as a representative choir at official functions in Stockholm; at the opening of important events, the opening of congresses – or as the case here, at the presentation of the largest music award in the world, The Polar Music Prize.

Apart from their regular music instruction in school and their hours spent with the class choir, the girls choir rehearses twice a week after school the whole school year. And in the event of important concerts and tours, rehearsals are often held at weekends as well.

The girls choir are often invited to participate at choir festivals in many different countries. Here we see the girls choir participating in the final concert given at the first international girls choir festival in Riga, Latvia, August 1999.

The Adolf Fredrik Girls Choir has won many first awards in different choir competitions, including the BBC’s “Let the peoples sing”. The Girls Choir frequently sings on both television and radio and at major public events such as the official opening of the Riksdag, the Nobel Prize awards, etc. The choir has functioned as Artists in Residence at the international choir festival, Kathaumixw, Powell River, Canada. The Girls Choir was given the honorary task by IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music) of playing in the Cantemus 2 CD-record.

Bo Johansson has ranked as one of the most prominent choir leaders in Sweden for many years. His interest in pedagogy has created pedagogic material for music teaching, a music dictionary for children and several choir collections. He is a much sought after conductor and lecturer in both Sweden and abroad. He has participated at the IFCM symposium in Stockholm 1990, Ljublana 1995, Sydney 1996, Rotterdam 1999 and a large number of European choir festivals. Bo Johansson is a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Bo Johansson is also very actively concerned with international co-operation on music for childrens choirs. Keep in touch:

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The repertoire for The Adolf Fredrik Girls Choir is now the most advanced for treble choirs. The choir inspires composers to write music especially for the Girls Choir. And choir conductors from all over the world come to Stockholm to hear the world famous girls choir sound and ask such questions as “How do you select a repertoire? How do you build up a common social relationship between girls aged from 12 to 15 ? How is it possible to sing with such a developed choir sound when the girls are so young?”

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Adolf Fredrik's Girls' Choir - Greetings from Sweden  

Choir presentation: Adolf Fredrik's Girls Choir tour to Poland, december 1999

Adolf Fredrik's Girls' Choir - Greetings from Sweden  

Choir presentation: Adolf Fredrik's Girls Choir tour to Poland, december 1999