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spring/summer 2014

designed by j-me in London

j-me original design is the vision of brothers, mark & jamie antoniades, who share a common desire to create products that encompass original design, quality & attention to detail. founded in 2000 & located in the creative hub of London’s Oxo Tower, the j-me team follow a focused design ethos which results in a range of award-winning products for the home that balance eye-catching design & function with a twist of humour.

Avec son design fluide et sophistiqué qui réunit forme et fonctionnalité, l’ouvre-bouteille Gouttelette est le meilleur moyen d’ouvrir une bouteille. Tenant debout tout seul grâce à ses pieds en caoutchouc, cet élégant ouvre-bouteille est heureux lorsqu’il est présenté fièrement sans être dissimulé. Vous comprendrez très vite que vous ne voudrez jamais laisser l’ouvre-bouteille Gouttelette dormir au fond d’un tiroir.

Die kladurchdachte,fließende Formgebung paart sich geschickt mit Funktionalität. Droplet ist die schönste Art und Weise eine Flasche zu öffnen. Mit seinen gummierten Standflächen, ist dieser elegante Flaschenöffner sehr standhaft und am liebstenfreistehen platziert. Sie werden sehen, sie werden ihn nie in einer Schublade verschwinden lassen.

Con un diseño sofisticado y sin restricciones y un diseño aerodinamico, Droplet es la herramienta elegante para abrir botellas. Se aguanta de pie con una base de goma. Este abrebotellas elegante luce expuesto de pie. No querrás guardarlo en un cajón.

Con il suo design sofisticato che coniuga forma e funzione, Droplet è un “bel modo” per aprire le bottiglie. Free standing, con piedini ingomma morbida, questo elegante apribottiglie è più felice quando è in piedi, fiero, in bella mostra. Non vorrete mai abbandonare Droplet in un cassetto

関数でフォームと結婚、 その洗練 された、自由流動設計により 、液滴は、ボトルを開くための美しい方法 です。それが出てディスプレイ上に、誇り に思って立っているときにフリースタンディ ングでは、柔らかいゴム足と、このエレガン トなボトルオープナーが一番幸せです。あ なたが引き出しの中にドロップレットをドロ ップすることは決してないだろう見つけるこ とができます。




bottle opener

non slip rubber & zinc 63 x 33 x 230mm

l’ouvre-bouteille flaschenöffner apribottiglia abrebotellas ボトルオープナー

the black range to celebrate the launch of the black range, we’re introducing the droplet bottle opener. it’s the first of a series of products inspired by our design ethos when we first launched in 2000 – to create timeless designs which seamlessly blend function with striking visual appeal. free standing, with soft rubber feet, this elegant bottle opener is happiest when it’s standing proud, out on display. 1

chrome finish fitted with soft rubber feet

non slip rubber approx. 98 x 98 x 6mm



note: size is per shape coaster

sous-verres untersetzer sottobicchieri posavasos コースター

get your coffee table in shape! let these bright and vibrant shape coasters add a big splash of colour to your home. each set of four shape coasters is sure to brighten up any break – tea, coffee, or chocolate.

pack of 4 assorted colours 2


remote tidy

non slip rubber 130 x 130 x 90mm

range télécommandes fernbedienungs-halter porta telecomando porta control remoto リモコン立て

never lose your remotes again! cozy solves the age old problem of losing remote controls. this tasteful solution enables you to keep your remotes snug & tidy. since its launch in 2009 the cozy has proven itself as the top seller every year, both in the UK & overseas! an instant eye-catcher on any coffee table.

holds up to 4 remotes


2 x remotes provided for retail display

non slip rubber 130 x 75 x 92mm



vide-poches taschenleerer portatutto organizador オーガナイザー

inspired by our best selling cozy remote tidy! designed to hold any combination of remote controls, mobile phones, wallets, glasses etc. this compact solution is perfect to use anywhere around the home!




vide-poches taschenleerer portatutto organizador オーガナイザー

a home for all your valuables! this subtly stylish, yet incredibly practical product keeps all your essentials conveniently stored together. the spacious rear section holds wallets, purses, sunglasses, mobile phones etc. the front holds smaller items such as loose change, keys & other pocket valuables.


non slip rubber 240 x 125 x 125mm

non slip rubber & zinc approx. 40 x 40 x 50mm



note: size is per shape keyholder & keyring

range-clés schlüsselhalter portachiavi porta llaves キーホールダー

add some shape-sorting fun to your wall bring back childhood memories with this set of four keyholders & keyrings. slot the different shape keyrings into their matching hole to store your keys. each keyholder is individually wall mounted so you can display them as a set or individually in different rooms around the house.

fittings supplied



range-clés schlüsselhalter portachiavi porta llaves キーホールダー

80 x 25 x 110mm


his & hers

stainless steel & plastic








never lose your keys again! our all time best seller is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year! the keyholders are perfect for making sure that wandering keys are never lost. simply attach the dummy key to your set of keys & insert into the lock for safe keeping.

dummy keys included fittings supplied pos for retail display holds 12 x keyholders 7

non slip rubber


180 x 90 x 35mm

door stop bloque porte türstopper fermaporta tope de puerta

the key to holding your door open! a simple solution in a key shaped wedge. the iconic key has a direct synergy to the door it holds open! a fun & playful product.


desk coaster

non slip rubber 162 x 90 x 112mm

dessous de verre pour bureau bürountersetzer sottobicchere da scrivania contenedor de lápices con posavasos デスクコースター

just what every desk needs! jot is a colourful desk accessory which allows you to bring together two of your desk’s most essential items; your mug & your pens!


big head

rubber & stainless steel

coin dish

146 x 105 x 28mm

vide-poches kleingeldschale svuotatasche vacía bolsillos コインディシュ

trust big head with your change! big head coin dish is a playful character that holds all of your loose change in his head & his cleverly designed hands. he is ready to lighten your pockets & is another great addition to the ‘big head’ range. rubber & stainless steel 230 x 129 x 41mm


organiser vide-poches clé schlüsselschale svuotatasche llave organizadora キーラック

a key storage solution key organiser is a fun design which gives you a practical place to store your keys & pocket clutter. take comfort in knowing your keys are now in a convenient place, saving you time looking for them. 9

magnetic sheet

post card

210 x 146 x 1mm

magnetic memo board carte postale magnétique kühlschrankmagnet cartolina magnetica postal magnética マグネティックポストカード

dinner 7pm pick up wine!

plumber 3pm!

milk & eggs

the lunc h in :) fridge

kids football

practice 6pm this is an original magnetic

memo board designed by


from j-me with love post card is a handy way for family members to leave messages on the fridge. Its dry-wipe surface lets you write what you like, then wipe it off and write something else.

magnetic dry wipe pen with eraser included pos for retail display holds 12 x post cards 10



money bag

130 x 100 x 145mm

bourse spardose sacchetto portamonete bolsa de dinero マニーバック

money bag is the new money box! a ceramic money bag standing upright waiting to be filled. loot is designed without the use of a bung to hold the money in. when you need to access your cash simply pour it out. ceramic 180 x 125 x 21mm

available with black or red rope

post card

memo pad pense bête notiztafel memo in ceramica memo de mesa メモパッド

dry wipe,reusable post card preserving the long history behind post cards, our post card memo pad modernises the way in which friends & family leave messages. it can be used to leave short messages, reminders or even funky doodles.

dry wipe pen included can be wall mounted 11

non slip rubber & mild steel 187 x 35 x 250mm

big head

memo pad pense bête notiztafel lavagna segna messaggi memo de mesa メモパッド

a fun, dry wipe, reusable memo pad! his dry wipe face ensures there is always somewhere to leave messages on a daily basis. nag your husband to unload the dishwasher, remind your boyfriend about booking that weekend away or tell your housemate they still owe you money.

magnetic dry wipe pen with eraser included


BiC pen lid

pen holder

plastic 94 x 78 x 245mm

pot à crayons stiftehalter portamatite portapluma ペン立て

SOCIETE BIC all rights reserved

a lid for your pens! endorsed by world famous BiC brand, this iconic & instantly recognisable design has been turning heads since its launch. a play on the actual BiC pen lid, it is a practical piece of desk art admired by many.

weighted for extra stability BiC logo pos provided for retail display 13



70 x 70 x 62mm

sharpener taille-crayon spitzer temperamatite sacapuntas シャープナー

have a ball with our sharpener! its unique ‘orb’ shape ensures a beautifully smooth grip, making sharpening quick & easy. also, with its subtly flat bottom it always sits correctly on your desk. pos for retail display holds 6 x sharpeners 14



letter holder

152 x 60 x 166mm

range courrier briefhalter porta lettere porta cartas

your desk’s prickly friend everyone loves using plants & flowers to add life & colour in their home. cactus letter holder does just that whilst also keeping your letters & notes organised. it doesn’t need watering either! plastic 168 x 58 x 111mm


desk tidy

rangement de bureau schreibtischhelfer portascotch e portamatite oganizador de escritotio デスクタイディー

the cassette tape is back rewind back the years! another play on the retro cool cassette tape offering storage for your pens, pencils & small stationery items as well as the ability to dispense sticky tape.

small core tape included 15



68 x 61 x 117mm

rubber band holder porte élastiques gummiband-halter porta elastici sujeta gomas ゴム立て

how big can you grow his head? once you have stopped flicking elastic bands at colleagues & family members it’s time to make a rubber band ball. rafael is the perfect partner to start your collection.

weighted for extra stability



plastic & stainless steel 160 x 45 x 158mm

serre-livres buchstütze fermalibri sujeta-libros ブックエンド

a man’s best friend buddy bookend is the fun answer to keeping all of your books neat & tidy. standing up on his hind legs, buddy stays upright with his front paws on all of your books! keep your books organised & bring a playful touch to your home.



tape dispenser

dérouleur de ruban adhésif tesafilm-abroller porta scotch dispensador de cinta テープカッター

the cassette tape is back get back into that old school feeling with our cassette tape dispenser. this really takes you back to that golden era when you once owned the beach boys, elvis, or maybe even the beatles albums. retro cool!

small core tape included


non slip rubber 140 x 37 x 90mm

non slip rubber 105 x 55 x 90mm


desk butler

le compagnon de bureau büro-butler il maggiordomo da scrivania organizador de escritorio デスクバトラー

keep your desk organised! this friendly little dog is a loyal accessory to any desk or work space. rocky is willing to hold up to 5 pens, small stationery items in his back, elastic bands as a collar & paper clips on his mouth.

magnetic mouth for paper clips paper clips included


sticky pad holder

non slip rubber 80 x 55 x 85mm

le porte bloc-notes zettlehalter il porta post-it sujeta notas スティッキーパットホルダー

give a dog a sticky pad! never lose your sticky pads again! lucky looks after all your sticky pads (all sizes) & holds up to 5 pens.

sticky pad included 18




163 x 110 x 25mm

dessous de verre untersetzer sottobicchere posavasos コースター

the perfect combination! nibble coaster combines two pleasures, which go hand in hand – food & drink. be a great host by serving nuts, biscuits or any other snacks together with a drink.

powder coated steel

the uk in e


ma d

make a statement with this two tone green wine rack. the cactus thorns provide a unique way to store your bottles of wine. this cactus will liven up any kitchen or living room! if this cactus does get thirsty a drink is never too far away.



wine storage

made in t h

two tone green

holds 8 bottles


e in the u ad k m

400 x 100 x 430mm

wine rack porte bouteilles weinregal portabottiglie vino botellero ワインラック

stainless steel & mild steel


140 x 100mm

shoe rack range chaussures schuhregal portascarpe zapatero シューラック

screw into wall

wall mounted shoe storage since 2005 j-me has been offering the world a modern, stylish & convenient way of tidying shoes. the horizontal shoe rack gives the appearance that the shoes are floating off of the floor. 700mm length 3 pairs men’s shoes or 4 pairs women’s shoes

available in white & stainless steel, both in 700 & 1200mm lengths fittings supplied

1200mm length 6 pairs men’s shoes or 7 pairs women’s shoes 20


shoe rack


stainless steel (mild steel base) 200 x 213 x 456mm

range chaussures schuhregal portascarpe zapatero シューラック

freestanding shoe storage nest shoe rack is another elegant & stylish way to tidy up your shoes! it is great at holding shoes without compromising on space thanks to its vertical form. this version can be easily removed from its base & wall mounted

holds up to 7 pairs of shoes

stainless steel 150 x 190 x 403mm


shoe rack

wall mounted range chaussures schuhregal portascarpe zapatero シューラック

wall mounted shoe storage this wall mounted version allows the nest to keep all your pairs of shoes well & truly out of the way. its convenient & super sleek design allows you to grab your shoes quickly.

holds up to 6 pairs of shoes fittings supplied 21

plastic 162 x 183 x 33mm


shoe shelf

etagère pour chaussures d’enfant kinderschuhregal ripiano per scarpe bimbo estante para zapatos de niños こども用シューズレスト

make your shoes stand out! if you’re fed up with finding your children’s footwear all over the floor, footprint is a really tidy solution. footprint stores their favourite pairs of shoes & trainers on the wall, so they’re always ready to wear, when they need them. the beauty of footprint is that it provides a simple & engaging method for your child to put their shoes away!

fittings supplied



mild steel

over door hooks

106 x 30 x 260mm

crochets de porte türhaken ganci per la porta colgador de puerta オーバードアフック





utilise both sides of the door! duo is unique. fitting almost all doors perfectly, it gives you a handy hook on both sides. with various sized pads, you can be sure of the correct fit, no matter which door you choose.

foam pads supplied front 23


mild steel

wave wire

170 x 77 x 556mm

coat rack

porte-manteau métallique wandgarderobe appendiabiti a filo perchero alambre ワイヤーコートラック



made in t h

the uk in

inspired by a j-me classic this free-flowing form makes a visually interesting piece of wall art when empty. its six hooks can hold up to 18 n t i h eu e ad k coats, and can effortlessly accommodate all m your umbrellas, bags and gloves too.

chrome finish fittings supplied 24


ma d


powder coated steel

coat rack

600 x 165 x 90mm

porte manteaux garderobe appendiabiti perchero コートラック





made in t h

the uk in

e in the u ad k m


ma d

coat rack & storage shelf free flowing form for coat storage, scarves & bags. the discreet shelf area is suitable for storing everyday essentials like keys, wallet/purse, camera, sat nav, sunglasses as well as larger items like gloves & hats.

fittings supplied powder coated steel 165 x 80 x 580mm


coat rack porte manteaux garderobe appendiabiti perchero コートラック




coat & bag storage an eye-catching & space saving vertical form. holds up to 15 coats on its 5 peaks & has the ability to holdscarves, hats & gloves.

fittings supplied 25

mild steel 366 x 170 x 510mm


magazine rack porte magazines zeitungsständer portariviste revistero マガジンラック

unique magazine rack the award winning float magazine rack is a great design piece for anyone who likes to keep their magazines neat & tidy. magazines slot into position & can be easily removed or placed back.

holds 12 magazines


it takes a long time to create a quality product with design integrity. this is why we don’t rush. here at j-me original design we spend a great deal of time generating unique, emotive products that solve everyday problems. only when we are all fully satisfied, will production begin. if everything runs smoothly, the whole process can take 8–12 months! we only ever launch products we are proud of and happy to put our name on. we hope this brief insight gives you a taste of the intense journey an idea goes through to become a j-me product.

he uk in t d

k desig eu n th unit 1.20 -1.21, oxo tower wharf, london se1 9ph t +44 (0)207 928 8828 f +44 (0)207 928 8846 Photography by Michael Gamer - & j-me original design

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J-Me design - 2014  
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