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WH AT W E D O Since 1986, Tenecom has been providing businesses, big and small, with network solutions they can rely on. Our customers consider us a trusted advisor and someone they can talk to. Whether you are simply procuring best-of-breed technology for next day delivery, or require installation and support for an entire network, Tenecom has the proven skills and expertise to ensure your IT infrastructure performs flawlessly, effortlessly, and cost effectively.

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Tenecom specializes in network solutions from start to finish; Microsoft Servers, Internet Security, Managed Services, Spam Control, Disaster Recovery, Innovative Email Solutions, Blackberry Servers and the list goes on. But what really distinguishes us? We are IT people you can talk to. No matter how simple or complex a requirement, you can count on Tenecom to deliver our solutions professionally and efficiently.

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MANAGED S ER VIC ES The cornerstone of Tenecom’s managed services offering is Tenecom Seismic, which provides customers with 24x7 real-time remote network monitoring, reporting, enhanced security, SPAM control, and rapid recovery of servers and PCs. No longer reserved for the big guys, many smaller organizations have turned to us for the invaluable peace of mind and efficiency provided by managed services. Tenecom Seismic gives our customers the benefit of a predictable monthly IT expenditure and bundled services. Whether you need to provide supplementary support to your internal IT team or outsource your entire IT infrastructure, we can provide a solution that suits your needs and budget.

HARDWARE, SOFTWARE AND SUPPLIES Why shop around comparing vendors, features, prices and warranty options when we’ve done it for you. We provide next day North American delivery, competitive pricing, financing and credit card options! Tenecom stocks all the major brands of servers, PCs, laptops, software and supplies from vendors such as IBM, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Apple and Microsoft, just to name a few. Tenecom also offers complete network solutions and provides deployment of those networks anywhere in North America.

DISA STE R RE COVE RY SE RVICE S Is your business properly protected? Tenecom recognizes that disaster recovery planning is essential for any business. We focus on the irreplaceable and ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality. Tenecom Seismic provides a full range of affordable disaster recovery and auditing services to suit your needs and budget. Should disaster strike, you can count on Tenecom Seismic to be there 24/7. Now that’s peace of mind!

INTE RNE T SE CURITY SOLUTIONS Organizations everywhere are under increasing threats of viruses and other malicious internet entities. Uncontrolled, they can seriously impact employee productivity and business continuity. When the threat becomes reality, some organizations never recover. Fortunately, protecting your business is easy with Tenecom Seismic. Our multilayered Internet security solution combats these threats, protects your confidential data, and enables employees to work efficiently and effectively.

TE NE COM E MA IL SWE E P (TE S) Spam is purely a waste of time and inhibits employee productivity. Tenecom Email Sweep (TES) captures at least 98 per cent of all unsolicited messages to your organization. TES compliments any POP3 or SMTP email product. Fed up with SPAM? Call us today and fix it once and for all.

Tenecom Brochure  

brieft overview of the company and it's services

Tenecom Brochure  

brieft overview of the company and it's services