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Priority Support Core Protection + Professional Management Professional business consulting and system engineering at its best... Our mission is to provide a stable technology platform to enhance your business process and effective communications between office, field, management, and your business partners at large. Priority Support is a service that offers a mix of professional consulting and systems engineering to keep your business running smoothly, plus all the features of Core Management (Antivirus, Spam Filtering and Patch Mgmt). Although life teaches us that there is no such thing as a “sure thing”, TechBldrs strives to provide 100% Accountability and maximum Utilization of our Technical Staff in support of your business process. We believe that the best way to develop a trustworthy and positive working relationship is through direct personal contact. We have designed our Priority Support around consistent and regular visits to interact with all the staff from accounting to the project managers to owners. The Priority Support program was created to provide a balance between remote and on-site services to give you the best possible outsourced IT experience!

• Work Process Recommendations: Improve the way you use your system. • ROI Analysis: Understanding your Investment. • Critical Thinking about Technology: Making the best IT decision. 2) Support for People: Unburden your IT Tasks!

How to get started... Priority Support is available to clients who have completed our IT Transition Process. The IT Transition Process is designed to optimize your current system, identify the problem areas and identify your IT goals. The result is the right design for hardware, software, networks, and security that make up your system. We integrate the components that are needed to support your business process flow.

What happens for a monthly fee... Priority Support covers 3 areas: 1) Support for your Business: Make the Correct Decision! • Technology Life-cycling Consulting, Research and Recommendations: Planning for your Future!

• On-site HELP: Get hands on assistance at your Workstation during the monthly on-site visit. • HELP Desk - On Call for the Problem: Stop the problem from becoming a major issue. • Research - We burn the midnight oil to find better, cheaper solutions to incorporate into your systems. • Minor Enhancements: Keeping your IT tools aligned with your business process. • New User Setup: For a small additional fee, get your new employee set up in your system without all the getting started headaches. 3) Support for your Systems: How we keep you Running: • Keeping Hardware up-to-date: Keeping Firmware and Drivers up-to-date.

Keeping up with Mobility: It seems there is at least one in every organization. Usually, it is an owner or someone in top management. Regardless, they are vital to the organization and never seem to be in the same place twice! When they need support for their remote laptop it usually is time sensitive, so they need help now! For a small additional monthly fee, TechBldrs can provide that critical remote support. No matter where they are, from Alabama to Zimbabwe (A to Z), we can access their laptop and get them back on course.


• Keeping Software up-to-date: Keeping your critical Business Applications up-to-date. • System Maintenance and Problem Diagnosis: We burn the midnight oil & visit you on site to keep you running. • Managing Hardware Repair: We play the detective and interface with the vendor support teams. • Computer Virus Eradication: We become the watchdog & make sure viruses have minimal impact on you. • Spyware: Sleep easier knowing your identity is intact. • System Administration and Optimization Tuning: We are the custodian for keeping all the day-to-day administrative stuff up to date. • Vendor Management: Taking away the frustration of who to call and what to say.

Financial Benefits of Priority Support…

TECHBLDRS SOLUTIONS: TECHBLDRS now has twelve years experience bringing the hard-earned best IT practices from Corporate America to Small Businesses. Our only reason for being in business is to help our clients succeed.

WE ARE DIFFERENT! We are business people first. We know the challenges you face first-hand and how to solve them. We have the battle scars to provide business advice, not just technology advice. We deliver timely and professional service in plain talk. We help your staff use the system you already own more effectively. The TECHBLDRS way is easy, simple and logical. It works to enable your company to sustain greater focus on core business tasks and objectives. We believe in technology that works for you - easy, seamless, behind the scenes technology that serves you, not the other way around!

Information Technology has become the dominant requirement for small businesses to remain competitive in the 21st Century. It is important for your CFO to be able to budget and forecast the costs to maintain the computer systems and future growth. There are no surprises with Priority Support. The fee is fixed and is billed month to month, so the CFO knows what it costs to maintain the systems.

Talk to us about our Technology Building Process:

Because the Priority Support Program includes a Quarterly Business Review, your organization can monitor the results AND plan for the future. This allows TECHBLDRS to partner with your organization to be sure you are getting optimal performance from your systems and staff, and to position yourself to remain competitive in the future.

What Clients are saying about us...

For those who wish to discuss less comprehensive support programs, please talk to us about REMOTE PROFESSIONAL and CORE MANAGEMENT SUPPORT programs.

• Restart DR: Backup is no longer enough! • Performance Coaching: Enhancing your Employees. • Document/Paper Management: Managing Time, Labor, Space, and Money. • Purchased vs. Managed PCs: Which is Cheaper? • Tailored Applications for the Construction Industry: The Power of what you already own! • Better Storage Solutions: Dealing with the Flood of Data. • Going GREEN: Real Cost Savings.

“Performance coaching is personal mentoring that we desperately needed!” “The monthly visits give us a chance to clean up all the computer problems”. “The amazing thing about our tailored programs is that they are so simple to use.”

TECHBLDRS: Rest easy, we have you Covered! 120 E. Uwchlan Avenue, Suite 102. Exton, PA 19341 | Tel 610.937.0900 | Fax 610.594.1763


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