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FlowFile Pro

Not Your Ordinary Document Management System Simplest, Easiest Document Managment System on the market today…  Simple Installation  Easy enough for all your employees to use, regardless of technical ability and job responsibility

 Easy enough to be very, very affordable  No training required to retrieve documents  Easy enough to be operational in under eight hours  Easy to secure, share, and archive  File it once and only once.

FlowFile Pro is different… Every piece of paper that you store in a filing cabinet follows rules that you establish. These rules determine where to file it, and in what order. It is how you organize your files. Documents like invoices, personnel records, permits, insurance records and contracts have different rules or “workflows” on how they get filed. With FlowFile Pro, you can automate and simplify the way you index and file documents into electronic folders similar to your paper filing system, using self-contained Adobe PDF files. All you need to access your documents is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Finding a document is simply a matter of navigating to the folder or using standard file search tools like Windows Search, Apple Finder or Linux. You can safely shred the paper, because your documents are stored the same way the United States Federal Courts use to store their documents, in Adobe PDF format. It simply works!

What Clients are saying about FlowFile Pro... “It took less than a day to implement, train, and run!” “We started with AP invoices, and now it stores everything!” “Standard PDFs keep are documents ready for emails, archiving, audits and any litigation.”

Maximize your Investment with TechBldrs FlowFile Pro... NO proprietary user licenses or software required to access the documents. All files are self-contained standard PDF documents. FlowFile Pro uses Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your documents. NO need to pay for proprietary software to archive your documents off-line. Because FlowFile Pro uses self-contained PDF files, they can be easily burned to CD’s. NO need to worry about corrupt databases or pointer files if the links to a file get broken. FlowFile Pro embeds all the indexing information directly into the document file. NO extensive training to learn a new filing scheme with proprietary software. FlowFile Pro uses standard Windows folders, subfolders and file conventions for storing and accessing documents. NO headaches trying to find misfiled documents with a traditional system. FlowFile Pro uses standard Windows and Adobe Search Tools to locate folders and files.

“I’m not locked into my accounting system to find my documents.”

StoreFile NAS compliments FlowFile Pro: Your business relies on the day to day dependability of your business data. Five years ago having a 25 Gb hard drive for your server was considered significant. Now we are talking about Terabyte drives! What has happened?! Companies are now storing large drawing files, photo files, and scanning and archiving old paper files. Based on all the business regulations today, companies are saving all their email files and deleting nothing. The requirement for more disk storage space has become explosive! The answer, StoreFile. It’s fast and easy to use. Just plug it into the network to get terabytes of storage.


NO 2 to 3 month implementations. You are in production mode the same day. NO expensive Custom Programming fees required to link to other data sources. FlowFile Pro links to any ODBC data source, Microsoft Access and Excel using a clickand-drag interface. NO restrictions on scanning and storage archive systems. FlowFile Pro works with any scanning device and does not care where the document was created. Nor does it care where you want to store it.

Maximize Your Investment with One affordable Monthly Fee: One time installation: $3499.95

 TECHBLDRS provides all software, installation, training and a high-speed, USB duplex color scanner

 TECHBLDRS provides consulting to build one workflow based on your needs to file documents

Fee: $299.95 / month  TECHBLDRS provides phone & remote support for all Flowfile software, workflow and document filing

 TECHBLDRS installs updates as needed to keep Flowfile upto-date. Your only business responsibilities are as follows:

 Purchase & replace all worn parts  Allow remote access for TechBldrs through the Internet

System Requirements:  Pentium Dual Core with 2 gb Memory or higher  Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 32bit or 64bit

TECHBLDRS SOLUTIONS: TECHBLDRS now has twelve years experience bringing the hard-earned best IT practices from Corporate America to Small Businesses. Our only reason for being in business is to help our clients succeed.

WE ARE DIFFERENT! We are business people first. We know the challenges you face first-hand and how to solve them. We have the battle scars to provide business advice, not just technology advice. We deliver timely and professional service in plain talk. We help your staff use the system you already own more effectively. The TECHBLDRS way is easy, simple and logical. It works to enable your company to sustain greater focus on core business tasks and objectives. We believe in technology that works for you - easy, seamless, behind the scenes technology that serves you, not the other way around! Talk to us about our Technology Building Process:  Restart DR: Backup is no longer enough!  Performance Coaching: Enhancing your Employees.  Document/Paper Management: Managing Time, Labor, Space, and Money.  Purchased vs. Managed PCs: Which is Cheaper?  Tailored Applications for the Construction Industry: The Power of what you already own!  Better Storage Solutions: Dealing with the Flood of Data.  Going GREEN: Real Cost Savings.

What Clients are saying about us... “Performance coaching is personal mentoring that we desperately needed!” “The monthly visits give us a chance to clean up all the computer problems”. “The amazing thing about our tailored programs is that they are so simple to use.”

 Microsoft Office Professional 2003 or Access 2003 or newer  19” LCD Monitor or larger

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Service - FlowFile Pro ver 1.6  

Service - FlowFile Pro ver 1.6