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Sanity 101 Package for Parents Priority of Package is to help parents monitor the homework of their children and encouraging those children to be independent, accountable and responsible for their homework rather than co-dependent. This package allows parents to monitor work without having to pay for a weekly tutor.

Time commitment of parents is 2 hours every other week after screening, academic planning and training. Unless the child asks for weekly support. Phase 1 Assessment Homework Sanity performs the assessment to make sure your child is at, or above grade level. This helps us to decide if your child fits into a tutoring or a remediation path for support. The assessment process usually takes about an hour and then another ½ hour to review the results with the child and yourself. There is a fee per child. Phase 2 Academic Action Plan If your child is at, or above grade level then we create an easy academic action plan for the parent to monitor during their sessions with the child. This allows the parent to have a clear plan and vision prior to taking any action with the child. There is a fee per child. Phase 3 Parent Tutor Training This consists of private training where Homework Sanity shows you how to partner with rather than parent your child. There is an hourly fee for training (minimum 3 hours).

Cost $925 one time versus ongoing tutoring services saves you between $625 to $7025 depending on the hourly rate of your tutor ($25-$7025). Available Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. Schedule Call 323 387-3601. All major credit cards accepted. First come first serve. (323) 387-3601

Package for Parents