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Nobody likes dealing with IT issues, but when technical problems bring your production line to a halt, you’re not just annoyed—you’re losing money. CMIT Solutions proactive IT services intercept possible issues before they become real problems, which means you’re not waiting on the IT guy to show up while your factory sits idle and your employees are on the clock.

CMIT Solutions

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WE ARE SMALL BUSINESS EXPERTS We’re not your typical IT service shop. We are your strategic IT partner, your trusted technology advisor. Businesses don’t just call us when things go wrong. We meet with our partners on a regular basis to help

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is there. It’s a fantastic system!

CMIT Solutions will take the worry out of your

It allows us to get focused on

company’s IT, so you can focus on what’s most

the things that we need to focus on instead of worrying about our data and computer systems. We’re able to move forward with our company projects and things that we need to do.”


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B  rian Overheidt Terrace Supply Company Business Manager

John Doe Company Name 500 N. Capital of TX Hwy Bldg 6, Ste 200 Austin, TX 78746

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