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Introduction to Monsoon Communications and our Pronto Marketing Service

Job Openings – Marketing SEO / SEM Manager

Marketing Officer



• Manage client Google AdWords Pay-per-Click Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns

• Manage add-on services programs

• Search Engine Optimization (sEO0 for client websites • Local Directory listings and programs

Skills Required • Strong analytic skills and interest • Enjoy working with numbers, data, Excel spreadsheets, and statistics. • Must have strong English skills

Experience Required • 2-4 years marketing, research or related jobs • Experience in SEO / SEM desired but not required • We will provide training for the right candidate in SEO and Google AdWords Campaign Management. • 4 year degree, MA/MBA a plus

• Press Releases production and distribution • Email Marketing Campaigns • Integration Services • Manage internal “to client” campaigns and activities

Skills Required • Good organization and planning skills • Enjoy managing projects with deadlines • Customer service attitude • Must have strong English skills

Experience Required • 1-4 years marketing or related jobs • We will consider recent graduates or intern positions. • 4 year degree, MA/MBA a plus

Job Openings – Web Production Web Developer / Site Administration

Web Content & Update



• Update client WordPress-based websites

• Update client WordPress-based website content and pages

• Update CSS, style sheets and page code • Basic design work with Photoshop • IT Administration and Support

Skills Required • Website maintenance and updates • Advanced CSS, JavaScript, HTMP skills • Basic to strong Photoshop skills • Strong English skills

Experience Required • 2-4 years web production, development or design • 4 year degree

• Update directories, email lists, CRM and other systems

Skills Required • Quick to learn with good attention to details • Fast with computer activities • Experience with the Internet and PCs • Basic English skills

Experience Required • No experience required.

• We will consider candidates with any other experience and an interest to learn about website production • We will consider recent graduates or intern positions. • 4 year degree

About our Company

Monsoon is a two year old, well managed and capitalized Thai company.

Founded by an experienced high technology industry leader.

“Derek is a gifted marketer. I worked with Derek on dozens of Microsoft projects, spanning several years. Throughout, Derek showed great creativity, world class people and project management skills, and a knack for unique, effective and result driven solutions to marketing challenges.” Juha Christensen , Vice President, Mobile Devices Division , Microsoft

“Years before the term "social media" was coined, Derek was doing it. In his role at Microsoft, he was connecting with enthusiasts and community leaders in the mobile space and leveraging their knowledge and experience to help drive Windows Mobile forward in the market. Derek's passion, openness, and excitement is contagious … “ Jason Dunn , Managing Editor,

“Derek is one of my favorite strategic marketing clients of all-time---at Microsoft or any other company. As Director of Marketing Communications for the Mobile Devices group, Derek was leading global brand-building efforts …Only Derek's unwavering customer focus and courageous and certain championing of "Pocket PC" as the right solution to Bill Gates and Microsoft's C-level made it happen. Kylie Hansen , CEO, IdeoCreative, LLC

Derek Brown

We have over 330 clients around the world who love our unique service. We will grow that to close to 1000 in 2011 “Across the board, top notch -- they are worth every penny and frankly they have become a strategic partner to our company since we trust them to handle all the web presence and newsletter service... Can't say enough positive about them...” Michael Capps , President , Integrated Technologies of Kansas, USA

“Derek and his team are among the few service providers who can offer great value, superb focus and ultimate professionalism at the same time. Pronto have been providing Marketing and Website services to Abussi on a rolling basis for some time and at every stage they provide me with a huge competitive advantage.” Craig Sharp, Managing Director, Abussi Ltd. United Kingdom

“I've never really put much store in the website in the past. It was there as more of a virtual card, nothing more. You already proved me wrong…This past week I've had two website driven enquiries. The first I've met and am sending contracts to. They've said they will sign. The second I meet tomorrow.” Stuart Sanders, Managing Director, BITS, Hong Kong

“Derek is committed to working with his customers in partnership rather than simply being a supplier of services. He encourages feedback and is not satisfied until his customer is. Derek operates in a niche market, offering a unique service which adds great value to our company and no doubt to any company like ours.” Clayton Moulynox , Business Development, Evolve IT, Australia

We use the latest technology and systems, in a professional work environment in our new, conveniently located offices.

Office Location

We have everything we need for success except YOU.

We’ve got a young team working together.

We’ve got style.

With some attitude.


"Each day I'm surrounded by a great team and people and the latest web technologies. What more could a man want?!"

And friendly smiles.


“โอกาศที่ดีสาหรับฉันเริ่มจากที่นี่ ...ที่นี่ คือบ ้านและครอบครัวที่ดีสาหรับเรา”

But something is missing.


“Good Work Good Team at Monsoon!!”

What we’re looking for is...


Working at Monsoon I learn something new every day!


At Monsoon we don’t hire you for a job. We hire you because you’re you. Por

“ผมมีความภาคภูมิใจเป็ นอย่างมากที่ได ้ร่วมงานกับบริษท ั ที่มีอนาคตก ้าว ้ วตนส่วน ไกล ผมเริ่มต ้นที่บริษท ั จากลูกค ้าเพิ่งสิบกว่ารายเท่านั้น บัดนี ตั หนึ่ งของผมได ้เติบโตมาพร ้อมกับลูกค ้ากว่าสองร ้อยราย ขอขอบคุณคุณ ้ บ” เดเร็กที่ให ้โอกาสผมมาเป็ นส่วนหนึ่ งของทีมนี ครั

Then we find a job where you can be a superstar.


“งานสนุ ก ไม่กดดันมาก บรรกาศอบอุน ่ เป็ นกันเอง พี่ๆ ทุกคนน่ ารัก ค่ะ เราทางานกันเป็ นทีมเวิร ์ค มีอะไรก็ชว่ ยเหลือ และแบ่งปันกันไดค้ ะ่ ”

You need to be smart.


"บริษท ั มอนซูนเป็ นจุดเริ่มต ้นของการเรียนรู ้สิ่งใหม่ และพัฒนาทักษะของ ตนเอง ฉันเองก็ชอบในความท ้าทายนี ้ บริษท ั มอนซูนจุดประกาย ่ ความคิด มอบสิงใหม่ๆให ้กับฉัน ้ ด" มีความรู ้อีกมากมายที่ฉันยังต ้องค ้นหาจากที่นี่ ไม่มีท่ีสินสุ

And happy.


"สาหรับตัวฉันแล ้วทุกวันที่ที่ผ่านไปไวมาก และคิดว่าทุกคนในทีมก็คิด เช่นนั้น ไม่เบื่อที่ต ้องเจอความยากของงาน แต่กลับรู ้สึกท ้าทายกับทุก ๊ ่ งานที่ฉันได ้รับมา ดีใจมากมีเพื่อนพี่น้องผูเ้ ป็ นร่วมงานที่ดี และบิกบอสที น่ ารัก ^.^ ยินดีท่ีได ้เป็ นส่วนหนึ่ งของที่นี่ ค่ะ"

So we’re just wondering…


“It has been a great opportunity for me to work at Monsoon Communication. I have learned so much in these 4 months. The best part about working at Monsoon is the teamwork that all the coworkers have between each other. I have never seen any company having such a co-operative work environment like what I see here in Monsoon. Cheers to Monsoon for making us feel at home.”

If YOU will join our team.

Yam “Working here at Monsoon makes me feel like I wake up in the morning to do something amusing every single day. And the feeling still exists until now. Others might call it "go to work" but to me it's like "go to solve the exciting puzzle game". I meant: I don't have to do anything because I have to but it my initial reaction was "I can do exactly what I want here". I just made up the motto for Monsoon myself and it says "good place to work and great place to learn".�

About Monsoon and our amazing Pronto Marketing service.

We focus 100% on helping MSPs and IT Service Providers get their online marketing in gear. From concept to execution to maintenance – we do it all for a low monthly subscription. Founded by Derek Brown, a leader in IT services and digital marketing, and backed by a talented team of marketing and web professionals. Derek’s 20+ years of technology marketing and sales experience includes over 12 years at Microsoft during which time he was in varied roles from Director of Windows SBS Product Management, Director of Worldwide Marketing Mobile Devices Division and BMO Director Microsoft Thailand. In addition, Derek has extensive channel experience at companies such as TechData and with a number of technology start-ups. Derek has also been an Adjunct Professor on Digital Marketing & Business Strategy at American International College in Bangkok. Based in Bangkok, Thailand and with an extended team of freelance editors and writers around the world, we are changing our businesses think about their online marketing.

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Intro to Monsoon  

Intro to Monsoon

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