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Certified Monitoring Inspectors. Erosion & Sediment Control monitoring as required in your permit.

E nvironmental Specialists for the Construction Industry

GEMS is the ONE CALL Environmental Solutions Provider who manages all the environmental components of your construction project. Whether planned or in the event of an emergency, GEMS oversees the environmental team of specialists required to meet ALL the project components. Providing the client with ONE POINT OF CONTACT, GEMS manages the team to ensure timelines, budgets & environmental legislation are met.

Don’t let this be you!

Interruptions can be costly and time consuming.

Who’s Watching Your Site? GEMS monitors your site:  During, pre and post rain events to ensure your Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) measures are effective.  To prevent dirty discharge water on your construction site from entering a storm drain, creek or sanitary sewer.  Understanding the constant changes of your work area and tailors ESC measures to be effective with the changing conditions of your work site.  To ensure compliance with Conservation Authorities, MNR and MOE permits.  To ensure due diligence monitoring.

Be this!

Avoid potential project delays, extra costs and fines.

GEMS’ CISEC Certified Monitoring Team:  Specializes in environmental monitoring services for contractors in accordance with contract specifications.  Will monitor your site, protecting you from liability. When you have to perform additional services, or have an unexpected occurrence in an environmentally sensitive area, GEMS understands what is within and beyond contractual obligations, and will advise/act accordingly.

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