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Home Here’s a lovely feeling. You’ll all know it. It’s that moment when you get home. And the door clicks shut behind you. You let out a little sigh. And a little voice inside your head goes “Aaaah I’m home”. At IKEA we want you to have that little happy sigh every single day. We want you to live in a happy home. With a happy family. All living in harmony.


Too often though, homes and families are out of tune. And one of the big reasons why is because of a four-letter word. Cover your ears now. It’s…



But it’s OK. We’re a nation of hoarders. So, you’re not alone. No really, you’re not. All our homes are packed full of mess. We’re all surrounded by our Odds and Ends. Bits and Bobs. Stuff and Junk. The treasures of life we love to keep.

WE’RE A NATION OF HOARDERS And there’s a big reason why. We adore our little treasures. 95% of us admit to keeping stuff we’ll never use. Nearly half of our homes are occupied by our stuff. You name it, and a Brit will collect it. For example, every single one of us somewhere in a drawer will have saved a little bit of obscure plastic they’ve found. None of us have any idea what this bit of plastic is for, or what it’s from. But we’ve saved it, just in case. Or our old phone charger from the 90s hidden, stashed away somewhere. Why keep it? Because it gives us comfort. But sadly, all of this stuff makes mess. So where can we keep it all?

Everyone thinks they know the answer. That little thought of, “If I moved somewhere bigger there’d be room for all my stuff”. We Brits call it ‘upscaling’. But have you ever noticed, how even once you’ve moved somewhere bigger, with a whole extra room or an extra cubby hole under the stairs, stuff still gets everywhere?

CLUTTER What makes things even harder is that fewer homes are being built on our lovely little island. And the ones being built are much smaller. In fact, we have the smallest homes in Europe. Which means it’s even more important for us to find more space in the places we currently live. Because let’s face it, there’s still more stuff we’d love to get. So as we start to live in ever more interesting combinations – with friends, grandparents or stepchildren – we have to admit one thing. Every one of us has our fair share of clutter. Which all adds up. The question is…

WHOSE MESS IS IT? It’s the question that leads to squabbles. Niggles. Nagging. Quibbles. And the out-of-tune house we mentioned. We all blame each other of course. Wives berate husbands. Brothers blame sisters. Girlfriends point the finger at their boyfriends. Well at IKEA we’re not interested in pointing fingers. Which is where this Storage Handbook comes in. We want to help make your home happier. More harmonious. We want to help you make PEACE, LOVE & STORAGE.


THE HANDBOOK The thing is, at IKEA we don’t just make storage. We make space. And we want to make it easier for you to make space too. That’s why we’re going to tell you about three little principles that can make a big difference to the way you store all your stuff away. Cleverly. Simply. Efficiently. So you can get on with enjoying your free time together at home. Fewer squabbles, more fun.

Upwards Not Sideways Subdivide Fill In The Gaps


Storage Principle

Upwards Not Sideways Using up all those unused spaces lets you squeeze so much more in. Just like those New York skyscrapers, we stack things up high. In one place. So instead of everything being sprawled around, it’s simply stored up to the ceiling.

Storage Principle

Subdivide By dividing up storage space into lots of smaller areas, you can create more space and stop everything from being mixed together. So you won’t have to tip all the drawers out just to find that thingy-mi-bob.

Storage Principle


Fill In The Gaps By seeing all spaces as useful, you can pack everything in neatly together. And those empty wasted spaces can become places to store stuff. This means you can fit more in, and leave less out.

See? Easy. Peezy. And to prove it, we asked some real people what their real problems were around the home. And then suggested some solutions to them.


“She stuffs so many clothes into our wardrobe that sometimes it just bursts, across the whole bedroom.” Steve, 35, from Surrey talking about fiancée Niki, 32, who drags him round the shops every Saturday.

2. Subdivide By subdividing your wardrobe you can use up all that wasted space. Not only that, but you can also keep everything safe and sound. And stop it turning into one massive heap.

3. P  AX LYNGDAL wardrobe and KOMPLEMENT add-on clothes rail Subdividing is all about finding clever ways to turn unused spaces into useful places. Who knew something as simple as an extra rail in your PAX wardrobe could double the amount of space? So you can both splurge on the sales this year.

Multiple rails making space for multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple shopping trips. All her long dresses, crumple free and ready to flounce around in.

Denim shorts close-to-hand – in case the sun’s out long enough to tan those legs.

Jeans neatly colour coordinated under tops they look fabulous with.

“Watching him dig out ‘that DVD of the ’94 World Cup I haven’t watched in ages!’ is like watching a mole dig a tunnel. Mounds of DVDs start popping up all over the living room.”

The kids’ game consoles, Grandma’s salsa CDs and Gramp’s golf DVDs all in one place, neatly organised.

All three TV remotes kept close to the TV. Tidied away with the spare batteries (which work if you rub them).

Mel, 31, from Cardiff talking about her husband Oscar, 35. The two of them are happiest when their three boys and all the cousins are at home together.

2. Subdivide Subdividing spaces doesn’t just keep things organised. It makes them easier to find too. Especially when they’re designed to help you see all your things at once.

3. BESTÅ storage bench completed with INREDA fully-extending drawers and DVD rack

By subdividing all that drawer space, INREDA DVD racks help you keep things neat and organised. Which makes it even easier to fit everything back in. And thanks to a range of drawer sizes, you can accommodate a growing DVD collection and see everything at the same time. So you can find your DVDs faster. Meaning more time scoffing popcorn together.

Ever expanding DVD collection tucked away, thanks to a range of optional drawer sizes.

Random wires that came with the DVD player that are really important, even though you have no idea what they do.

“Sometimes I look around and it’s like it’s been raining shoes. They get everywhere.”

Pumps keeping their shape and not getting flattened under everything else.

Eoin, 26, from Dublin talking about ex uni mates Jane and Jen who he flatshares with (Jane is the one with the shoe fetish).

2. Subdivide By subdividing all that free space at the bottom of a wardrobe, we’ve created lots of little homes for your shoes. Not only can you stop 16 pairs of shoes from tripping you up, you can make sure they keep their shape too.

3. KOMPLEMENT shoe organiser Shoes are happiest in pairs. It stops them wandering off around the house when no one’s looking. That’s why we created a KOMPLEMENT shoe organiser that fits perfectly into PAX. So that your shoes can keep their shape and stay together neatly in pairs. Happily ever after.

Fashion-statement killer heels at the ready for that special occasion that comes around once-in-a-bluemoon leap year.

High heels that go perfectly with the dresses hanging exactly above them.

Ballet pumps not getting dirtied by other shoes stacked on top of them.

“He runs in after school and straight away he’s on the games consoles. They didn’t have gadgets in my day. We made do with watching the TV.”

The comfy spot for resting your feet, or using as an extra seat. The boys’ console games and Grandma’s ballroom dancing DVDs, within easy reach.

Paul, 60, from Essex, talking about his grandson Steven, 12, who he and his wife Cathy take care of three days a week after school along with younger brother Charlie, 8.

2. FILL IN THE GAPS Tidying things away isn’t just about finding your things a special place to live. It’s also about lovely-looking storage solutions you all want to live with too.

3. EKTORP BROMMA foot stool Having a footstool that doubles up as a handy storage solution means no one will ever know how much stuff you’re hiding. From gaming console controls to evening-by-thetelly blankets, everything’s close to hand. So everyone can feel like the living room’s their own. And the person who tidies up gets to put their feet up. However smelly their socks are (thankfully it’s got washable covers too).

A mountain of family board games stored away so well that guests never even guess it’s there.

“She gets all cranky when her glossy mags get tatty. But she leaves them on the sofa like they’re cushions or something. They’re anything but comfy.” Alex, 33, from Bristol talking about his girlfriend Ling, 28, who loves nothing better than getting stuck into a good gossip mag.

Handily stored recipes that you will cook one day. Maybe.

All the takeaway menus in one place – to stop them turning into a doormat.

2. Subdivide Instead of piling mags and takeaway menus on top of each other, why not subdivide the space? And file them all away, so you know where to find them the minute you want them.

3. KASSETT Magazine File Fitting neatly into our BILLY and EXPEDIT bookshelves, the KASSET magazine file helps keep things organised. So rather than just making piles of stuff that get crumpled and lost, you can keep everything ship shape and looking brand new. So whether you want to curl up on the sofa with a fashion mag or order a Saturday night takeaway, you’ll know where to look.

Alphabetised and colourcoded ‘must buys’ from all your fashion mags.

Large label explaining that no one is ever allowed to throw any of these things away. Ever.

“He reckons there’s no need to put clean dishes away because he’ll only have to get them out again. I think he’s just afraid of that tower of plates in the cupboard.” Vivian, 43, from Manchester talking about her husband Bob, 41. Proper ‘foodies’, they love to chat with kids Megan, 10, and Kevin, 8, around the kitchen table over homemade pork pies.

Family plates all in one place. For that one Sunday when the whole family are all in one place.

2. SUBDIVIDE We believe that subdividing is the best way to tame the chaos. To put everything in its place. And make sure it stays there, no matter how much it wants to slide about.

3. RATIONELL VARIERA plateholder Keeping plates and bowls in drawers makes them easier to reach, for everyone. With our RATIONELL plate holders, kitchen cupboards stay neat, plate drawers stay organised, and you can carry plate stacks to the dinner table safely. And because they come in two sizes, they can look after anything from antique saucers to dinner plates. So everyone can spend less time juggling with crockery, and more time bagsying the best grub.

Perfect display for all your very expensive, cheap-chic vintage crockery.

No-excuse-not-toput-the-dry-platesaway handles. So anyone can put them back in the plate drawer.

“My little girl moults toys like cats moult hair. She scatters them around the house, and then I trip over them like they’re banana skins.”

A special place to sit and read stories once everything is tidied away. So everybody’s happy.

A handy desk space for her (when you pull out the drawer). So she can create more masterpieces for the wall.

Donna, 35, from London talking about daughter Ella, 5, who likes playing hide and seek with her toys.

Favourite teddies hidden from the dog – who likes a good old chew on a soft toy or two.

2. FILL IN THE GAPS Reducing empty spaces isn’t just about filling all those unused areas. It’s about making storage solutions that you can use for other things too.

3. STUVA Storage Bench With its child-friendly height and safe corners, our storage bench will help you teach your kids how to tidy up. And by doubling up as a bench, it gives you somewhere to sit when you read their bedtime story. The End.

Tiny cars and trains stowed away so big people can’t slip on them.

Jigsaw puzzles within shortarms’ reach (so they won’t spill everywhere).

“He’s always doing ‘the smell test’ on his clothes piled on the bedroom chair. He never hangs them up – so he can’t tell dirty ones from clean ones.” Katy, 24, from Swindon talking about boyfriend Dan, 26, who’s just moved in, and is still getting used to not living it up with the lads.

Long sleeved shirts hanging comfortably, so there’s no need to iron them again.

Novelty ties all on show, just in case you find the perfect excuse to wear one to work.

A single pair of shorts close to hand, just in case the British sun pops out.

2. FILL IN THE GAPS By seeing all space as good space, we’ve found you can get twice as much into a PAX wardrobe. We think something that can comfortably hang a minimum of 14 pairs of trousers (in space no one ever uses in a wardrobe) is a pretty good example.

3. KOMPLEMENT trouser hanger with five compartments & SKUBB boxes By finding extra spaces for all your clothes in the PAX wardrobe, you don’t have to struggle as hard to squeeze everything in. So there are less excuses to leave everything where you took it off. After all, bedrooms are where you’re supposed to, ahem, relax together.

Your trousers hanging underneath all of your shirts and jumpers, so you can match them up easily.

Engagement ring for the girlfriend hidden underneath a stack of jumpers (sssh).

Special lucky boxers stored nicely away, for all those different social events (stag night, work drinks, big footie match).

“She calls the bathroom her sanctuary. Personally all those lotions and potions balancing on the bath give me an anxiety attack.” Dave, 60, from Dorset talking about wife Barbara. The two of them live with their two daughters Stephanie, 21, and Gemma, 17, who show no signs of leaving home.

2. UPWARDS NOT SIDEWAYS Maximising space in bathrooms seems like a tall order. So we created a tall, skinny-fit solution.

3. GODMORGON high cabinet You don’t have to cram everything onto narrow ledges, edges and shelves. All that stuff can be put away into cupboards – that go ‘up’ the wall. Which means you don’t have to worry about things falling in the bath, or the toilet. The rubber duck will be pleased.

All of his expensive razors and man-care products (which he pretends he doesn’t own).

Spare toothpaste stash hidden discretely behind all your best lotions and potions that are made from seaweed, pineapple and other things you wouldn’t mind eating for breakfast.

A special cubby-hole for all those hotel freebies you know you’ll use one day. Maybe? Just maybe?

Every single type of sponge and loofah you’ve ever seen, stored where they can’t get damp and mouldy.

“When he gets home from work, he leaves a trail of shoes and socks through the house. I think he’s afraid I’ll lose him somewhere between the front door and the sofa.” Anita, 32, from Leeds talking about husband Sanjay, 34, whose three energetic children Rahul, Aryan and Meena are even messier than their dad.

Unused hooks folded neatly out of the way (with a satisfying ‘click!’)

Everything ready for the school rush tomorrow (including unfinished homework).

2. UPWARDS NOT SIDEWAYS Narrow hallways can demand a lot out of any storage solution. Not only do they have to keep everything neat and tidy, they have to let you get into the house too. This is when we build ‘upwards not sideways’.

Reusable bag and umbrella ready for a trip to the shops.

3. T  JUSIG bench with shoe storage and BJÄRNUM folding hooks Storing upwards doesn’t just mean stacking. With a TJUSIG storage bench on the ground, there’s still plenty of space for BJÄRNUM folding hooks above. So instead of wading through everyone’s stuff, you can breathe a sigh of relief to be home.

Five pairs of her gorgeous shoes on display, with his tatty ones hidden out of sight.

Football boots not getting mud all over your cosy, clean slippers.

“She just throws stuff under the stairs. Seriously, it’s like going exploring in the jungle. You never know what you’re going to discover.” Dog lead tucked out of sight – along with slobbery tennis balls and mucky, dog-walking trainers.

Keith, 47, from Glasgow talking about his wife Dawn. The two of them are keen to renovate their house now the kids have moved out, but can’t face the idea of trying to find the stepladder.

2. FILL IN THE GAPS When it comes to all those odd spaces around the house, efficient storage isn’t just about cramming things in wherever they’ll fit. It’s about finding a place for things to go, where you can get them out again without an excavation project.

Cables for guitar amp, old demo tapes and gig flyers. So you can reform the band and dash straight into the garage to practise.

3. ANTONIUS frames and pull-out wire baskets By transforming that dumping ground under the stairs, you’re less likely to just throw things in. And more likely to think about where things should go. So you can spend less time digging out the stepladder, and more time deciding which colour you want to paint those lovely spare rooms, now the girls have gone.

Family movie collection, finally given a proper home.

Flip-flops, tennis shoes and sun hat stored right next to the back garden.



After all, that’s what tidying is all about isn’t it? Clearing a space. Making room to breathe. Giving yourself a chance to relax. Because there’s nothing like a bit of space to help you feel calmer. So you can take a look around and think, “You know what? I love living here”. Which is exactly the way it should be.

MAKE ROOM Because it’s your home. The place where you belong. With all your friends and family. And nothing should get in the way of that. Not even your favourite stuff. And the bigger your home feels, the more welcoming it is. For everyone. You included.


Tidy. Organised. Neat. Orderly. Spick and span. Uncluttered. Harmonious. Clean. Spotless. Neat as a pin. Spacious. Everyone’s got a different word for that moment when all the clutter has finally been stored away. That lovely, relaxing moment when you look around your home and think...


“A place for everything, and everything in its place.”


So that when you walk through your front door, you let out that little, happy‌






HAPPY INSIDE At IKEA we want you to have that little happy sigh every single day. We want you to live in a happy home. With a happy family....