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Today’s youth live in a world where entertainment options abound. PlayStation, YouTube, Facebook, Blu-ray and iPod are words that were scarcely heard of fifteen years ago and now make up an increasing entertainment landscape. So do young people live better lives because of this? The abundance of options in many cases has actually dulled their zeal for life and created a "seen it all, done it all, what’s next?" attitude. They have literally been entertained to oblivion.

Christian youth ministries hold the key to the cry of this generation.

While it is important to be relevant, the solution is not in running entertaining programs. It’s in helping them discover a real relationship with God and the abundant life He offers.

Transition has been carefully planned to effectively reach young men where they are at. When our youth truly enter into kingdom living we see a transformation from passivity and dullness to passion and joy. As a youth leader, you can use Transition to strategically challenge your young men to step up. What will manhood mean to them? The focus is on heart attitudes, attributes of being a man and putting all this into action.

Promise Keepers has successfully run Events for men and youth for many years. PK has been focused on equipping men to grow spiritually, build friendships and look outward to mission. The Events are about creating a masculine environment for men so that the Holy Spirit can speak into their lives. Getting this dynamic right is not easy, but when it is done well it really opens men up to dramatic shifts in attitude. Transition has brought added value as a resource to deal with some of the tough issues young men are facing. This gives a solid platform for further discussion and teaching in the context of the youth group or family home. When you come to Transition together, experience it together, discuss and process it on the way home together and then later build on it together, there is the opportunity to really progress together. Promise Keepers wants families and churches to live out great relationships with both sons and daughters. At the men’s Events, we only have the chance to address the sons. Because the young guys are coming into the world of men at a Promise Keepers Event, that atmosphere can change their outlook. As a youth leader, please use this unique resource to bless your young men.

“Great to have my sons rub shoulders with real men. They will become real men when they spend time with real men." Alton

0800 77 66 47 A Promise Keepers Event for Young Men 11-17 Years

How Youth Leaders can use Transition  

The benefits of Promise Keepers "TRANSITION" for young men

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