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Promise Keepers launched The Call Events with a roaring start in Christchurch recently with more men than last year attending. Men met the challenge of the upward call of God through inspired worship, powerful speakers and experiencing the power of the Event together. The Event included men returning to Promise Keepers for the first time in years (one man last attended Promise Keepers 15 years ago), through to a man who had only heard of Promise Keepers for the first time the week before. They were all impacted by the upward call of God on their life. Many men who brought family and friends along saw them make first time commitments for salvation. What bigger buzz could you ask for than that? Fathers brought sons along so they could be impacted by God. The heart of a Christian father is desperate to see his children saved and blessed by God. At the Transition Youth Event 25 out of the 62 young men responded to the salvation and recommitment call!! Amazing! Group Leaders did an outstanding job marshalling the troops for this annual milestone. One man who had no other men coming with him four days prior arrived with a Group of 11! Others showed visionary expectation for their men to grow further and see PK as a key ingredient in the process. George has 35 men signed up so far for The Call Auckland Event. He says that fathers and sons are very keen to go together. His purpose in attending is the

“Highlight was being able to talk to Inga and thank him for witnessing to my father which enabled Dad to come to God.” – Thomas

opportunity to minister to others and see them find freedom! Many men are struggling with huge issues and need God to intervene. The team at Promise Keepers is looking to build on the power and influence of this first Event and see God move even more dramatically in Wellington and Auckland. We are on track to see a bigger crowd with an even better atmosphere than last year. The focus is on immediate impact that leads to long term results. Men are testifying that this is exactly what has happened to them at Promise Keepers. In this, the 20th year of running Events for men in New Zealand, the power of God transforming men’s lives is more evident t h a n e v e r. H o p e . Purpose. Future. God is calling you!

All of the speakers were of superb calibre - biblically grounded, Spirit-filled and boldly honest. – David L

Stance [breakout for young men] has given me direction and clarity for where I should go in my life. The way in which God wants to use me has been made especially clear. The Event provided great insight into financial and relationship topics. – Jethro

Steve Gwyn holds up the new chainsaw while he calls the winner forward.

I [last] attended a Promise Keepers Event at Christchurch Town Hall [1998]. As I looked up at the lights in the high ceiling, I encountered God telling me I was loved and accepted and called. That stayed with me for many years and I was able to draw strength from it through difficult times. This year God again called me, saying He had things to say to me – reminding me again of my call, destiny and purpose, to be courageous. Promise Keepers for me has been a place where I can encounter God, be strengthened and reminded of what it takes to live the high calling of God for my life. – David T

The Lord has cemented in my heart my future calling. I’ve been a Christian for many years - 33 now - have had numerous leadership roles in the Body of Christ. I’m readying myself for the next step in His journey for me. I’ve probably been to about 13 of the 20 Promise Keepers [Events]. Thank you team for putting on such [an] amazingly well-organised Event that I say is a day and a half of a spiritual booster shot in the arm. – Andrew

The last couple of months I began having a strong impression in my mind to attend Promise Keepers. I have been ministering for many years and especially working with men, running the Men’s Ministries. The Lord gave me a figure of seven men attending which He honoured. These men’s ages ranged from 17 years old to 66 years old. I believe God does have a plan and purpose for each of these men and have a strong expectation that Promise Keepers will be a vital ingredient Promise Keepers has been part of my journey. In the last two years, 2012 and 2013, I have seen to empower, challenge and men give their lives to Jesus that I have brought to Promise Keepers Events. Praise the Lord. I motivate these guys. – Mike think Promise Keepers is a great Event and has developed great resources to encourage, build up and grow men in their spiritual walk. – Lachlan

Men’s Events 2013

WELLINGTON 13-14 September

AUCKLAND 4-5 October

The Upward Call  
The Upward Call  

After a roaring start to the 2013 Events in Christchurch, check out what happened and comments from guys who attended.