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Tama Tane Malosi 11 Samoan Men’s Event Image courtesy of Photosport NZ

The Breakers basketball team is the most successful NZ franchise to ever participate in any Australian league. At the heart of that success is Calvin Thomas Bruton Jr, also known as CJ. Many people take sport very seriously, but is it often a matter of life and death? That’s the question that confronted CJ when an armed robber pointed a pistol at his face! Before CJ arrived in Venezuela, a soccer player had been shot in the leg, so he was advised to remain as inconspicuous as possible. “How can I do that when I’m carrying three suitcases?” he thought. As CJ left the airport terminal, he was met by his driver and then a car pulled up alongside. The driver jumped out holding a gun. Another robber jumped out of the back seat. The boot popped open and a

third man climbed out of there! They grabbed CJ’s suitcases and other bags, then when one robber stepped forward to try and frisk him, CJ slapped his hands away. That’s when the robber pointed a pistol at his face and started shouting. CJ’s driver was shouting back. Then the robbers jumped in the car and sped away. CJ was left shaken, and with only $200 and his driver’s licence in his back pocket. His passport and everything else had been stolen. They made their way to the hotel and the car entered the grounds through heavily locked gates. CJ’s wife Jessica had planned to join him, so he phoned her and told her not to come. That night he went for a walk in the area

That’s when the robber pointed a pistol at his face and started shouting

around the hotel. He thought, “I’ve got nothing left to get stolen anyway.” As he walked the streets, he saw poor people everywhere. The thought came to him that the thieves had taken his stuff to survive. The team owner flew in later and told CJ that he had been the 90th person to be robbed that day. He was in Venezuela to play a series of four games. The series outcome depended on the last game. Before the game, someone told him, don’t eat the food in the hotel, but he was hungry and went ahead and ate. The food was poisoned, but the next day CJ still played and won anyway. The owner gave him a bag of cash in



Today could well be a turning point for the impact of Christianity in our nation. There is now a clear separation between the laws of the land and the standards that we are called by God to live by. This is an exciting time to be a Christian! The challenge for us is to keep our eyes fixed on the upward call of God on our lives. This is the theme of The Call Promise Keepers Events in 2013. By answering this call, our life has direction and purpose, the outcome of which is a lasting legacy extending to the next generation. It’s time to move beyond just being nice! Our objective is not to be so politically correct that our greatest virtue is that we don’t offend anyone. We are being called to speak truth with grace, to stand up with integrity, character and strength for those who need help. To step out beyond comfort and complacency - to be men of influence and impact. Many are searching for their true identity. As a Christian our identity comes from God. He formed us, called us by name and sent Jesus to die on the cross so that we could be reconciled to Him. It’s time to spread this life-changing news, and Promise Keepers is more committed than ever to doing just that! Last year many new dynamic innovations were introduced at our annual Events, with dramatic results. An astonishing 34% of men attending Promise Keepers in 2012 attended for the first time. Over 70% of men attended in Groups. This creates an opportunity for the momentum achieved at the Event to be captured and maintained in the church for the rest of the year. Because of this we have focused our resources on assisting Group Leaders to motivate and mobilise men to attend the Event as a spark to ignite their men. We are excited by the opportunities that are opening to see men ignited, equipped and activated in their spiritual walk. God bless Paul Subritzky National Director

Promise Keepers’ mission is to help men live transformed lives. We want to successfully face the challenges that life throws our way, and in God’s power overcome those obstacles and continually grow stronger in our faith. With a rich history of Men’s Events over the last 20 years we have seen thousands of men energised to stand up for what is right, live with integrity and purpose and make the world a better place for those they know and love.

THE 7 PROMISES OF A PROMISE KEEPER A Promise Keeper is committed to...


Honouring Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, and obedience to God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Pursuing vital relationships with a few other men, understanding that he needs brothers to help him keep his promises.

3 4

Practising spiritual, moral, ethical and sexual purity.


Supporting the mission of his church by honouring and praying for his pastor and by actively giving his time and resources.


Reaching beyond any racial and denominational barriers to demonstrate the power of biblical unity.


Influencing his world, being obedient to the Great Commandment (Mark 12:3031) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

Building strong marriages and families through love, protection and biblical values.

This year’s theme is “The Call”, where men will come together and examine aspects of Christian manhood that build a muscular faith – a faith that is on the move. Men will be clarifying the call that is on their life and how that affects these four areas.

• Protection

Men have a deep primal understanding of their role as protectors - men who are prepared to put themselves in harm’s way for their family and for the oppressed; men who want to protect the delicate heart of the innocent child; men who know they are called to live larger than themselves.

• Provision

Despite a rapidly-changing culture and blurred roles, something inside a man says he needs to sacrifice himself for his family. Some men continue in soulless, difficult or dirty workplaces, pouring out their lives so that they can take that important pay cheque home.

• Perseverance

The longer we live the more we appreciate the timeline involved in dealing with challenges. There are also the seasons of life and some of these can be cold and barren. We know that we have to persevere to succeed.

• Prayer

To know God’s heart for us and respond to His call means we need to talk with Him about His plans for us. In a busy, overstimulated world, it is getting harder to stop, be still, pray and listen. Prayer is a deliberate decision.

Men of integrity, men who keep their promises, are the men to travel down the road of life with. Your integrity is your most powerful possession. Ph 0800 PROMISE (77 66 47)


How do men truly come alive in Christ? Christian men sense that we were created to lead powerful lives transformed by Christ. But all too often there are obstacles that are blocking us.


Most men want to make a contribution and leave the world a better place. It is part of the raw energy that can make men restless. Men can be confused about what a powerful, transformed life really looks like. They have high hopes for the Christian lifestyle but real life raises many questions about Christian manhood. Patrick Morley says men’s instincts scream “there must be more”. He says that when men try to put into words what keeps them from feeling fully alive, they invariably describe one or more of these seven symptoms: • “I just feel like I am in this thing all alone.” • “I don’t feel like God cares about me personally - not really.” • “I don’t feel like my life has a purpose. It seems random.” • “I have a lot of destructive behaviours that keep dragging me down.” • “My soul feels dry.” • “My most important relationships are not working.” • “I don’t feel like I’m doing anything that will make a difference and leave the world a better place.”

We don’t have to settle for spiritual mediocrity

Do you see any part of yourself on this list? There is an alternative to each of these seven conditions – you don’t have to settle for being half alive! Men share more similarities and struggles than we realise. But we don’t have to settle for spiritual mediocrity. When we answer the call that God has on our lives we can be transformed and live a life of fulfilment and purpose.

Rising Above Spiritual Mediocrity The Lord has delivered me from petty crime, alcohol and drugs. My parents split when I was 14 years old. At the time I thought I was strong because I started drinking, but the drinking and drug-taking were just a mask to cover the real hurt I was going through. I left school at 16. I had a job for only 7 months; after that I never had a job until the age of 25. At 18 I was sent to Corrective Training for going on a “tiki” tour of the South Island with an ex-gang member, stealing cars as we went. While in custody I cried out to God, asking for help. He rescued me - I received the Lord as my Saviour and His forgiveness for my sins. It took three years upon release before

I found a church. I was baptised in water and the Spirit. I have now been a Christian for approximately 20 years. God has given me another chance to succeed. – Greg [At] Promise Keepers 2011 I was set free from the sin of unforgiveness. As a result my marriage that was failing has been restored. I went down on my knees, asked my wife’s forgiveness for not honouring her as I should. I asked forgiveness from my father and mother because I hated them for getting a divorce. 2011 gave me the hiding of my life! It stripped away Satan’s hold over me. Praise God. I now have reaped the rewards and blessing that our Father in Heaven has set for me. – Bronson



As men, every day we are confronted with the pressure to make choices. It may be about work, family, finances or the future. The decisions we make will impact us and those around us long after they have been made. They may even impact our destiny. It is crucial to make right decisions so we live a life of no regrets. There is a way to make better choices so that you enjoy better outcomes in your life. The Bible exhorts us to seek wisdom – the wisdom that comes from the Father. To get that wisdom you want to enjoy some time each day focusing on growing closer to Jesus, and seeing your spiritual life outworking in your daily world. Reading scripture and processing it, conversing with the Father in prayer – you want to do that every day but often the opportunity slips by. Then you go to an awesome event like Promise Keepers and come home buzzing, but as the weeks pass by, the excitement of feeling God so close to you in

the company of brothers becomes an increasingly distant memory. The team at Promise Keepers knows that the demands of a busy life can distance us from that close relationship with our Father that we deeply long for. Good intentions don’t make good relationships. What we focus on is what we become passionate about.

I am very biased when I say that WiseChoices is fantastic, only because my friends and I play and replay the DVDs constantly. Doug

This is why we have created WiseChoices just for you! WiseChoices is a resource pack that we mail out to over 1100 men every month. It includes Men of Integrity, inspirational readings that men love to use every day. Here’s what Daryl said about Men of Integrity:

I find WiseChoices to be excellent for today’s busy men. Each day takes only a minute or two to read and absorb, with links to relevant scripture also. The brilliant thing about this small, easy to read booklet is that it is topical, with a weekly theme. It is written by men for men, and really makes you think about how you live out your Christianity in everyday life as a man of God. On top of that, there is a monthly newsletter containing inspiring articles relevant for men, and then every couple of months there is a DVD that brings back the atmosphere of Promise Keepers with a speaker, music, drama, panels, funnies and more! Now you too can easily access these premium resources. Don’t let another day slip by. Subscribe to WiseChoices today so that you can make the most of every day and live life with no regrets.

I have found WiseChoices a great resource that helps me give five or ten minutes in quiet time with God at the end of each day as soon as I get home from work. [It] really helps me to focus on God and recharge after a hard day’s work. Samuel I use WiseChoices in our men’s group and find it awesome, especially getting the DVDs as I use them as a starting point to some good sharing and discussions… The weekly studies from the DVD are good to use. Our church is using them in all our men’s groups. George My wife was the one who endorsed subscribing something timeless and worth so much to my own personal growth and keeping alive the Promise Keeper values through the year has no price. Steve

The suggested donation of only $10 per month enables Promise Keepers to produce these powerful resources and continue to serve more men. WiseChoices is even available if you are unable to donate because we know how useful it is to every man! Call 0800 PROMISE (77 66 47) and get connected with better outcomes!


5 the life of our churches because: • Men are action-orientated and their focus on the outside world brings a healthy perspective. • They are hard-wired for risk taking and rise to a challenge. • Men are innovators and want things to progress and succeed. • They bring their resources into the church, be they technical, financial or natural giftings.

Today economic problems and the speed of social change are part of the times that try men’s souls. It’s never easy to hold the line in soul-trying times. You may be facing giants in your life now that will have shrunk when you look back with the perspective of time. What will your story look like in a year’s time? 10 years? 100 years? What will be your legacy? When we face giants that we think we can’t overcome, that can lead to feeling intimidated and inadequate. Steve Farrar says, “If you have a desire in your heart to be picked up and used by the living God, you can’t expect to stroll through the sunshine and daisies for the rest of your years. If you really want a life of usefulness to God, you have to be ready to fight. You must be willing to take on the giants that come lumbering into your path to block your way and stop your progress.” Those giants can be diseases, disappointments, depressions, addictions, financial problems, career setbacks, family breakdowns or personal failures. But God is a giant too - the sort that you want on your side! God is the greatest of all giants and He is a trump card in your life. It doesn’t matter what you are facing, God trumps your giant! God is wisdom, God is love and God is power. What more powerful combination could you want? We serve a powerful God; we should be confident in our faith. There is no place for wimpy Christianity – it is Christianity with muscle. Men who understand God’s wisdom, love and power are vital to the advancement of the Christian faith. The sad fact is that today many men do not have a vibrant faith and are not engaged in the life of the church. In almost every church that has closed its doors it is the men who have left first. On the other hand, fathers are the most influential

people in bringing families into the church. If Dad comes to Christ first 93% of families will follow. Remember Jesus called and invested himself into the lives of twelve men for three years. Those twelve men changed the world. Today Christian men are looking for: • A powerful and dynamic cause to which they can commit their lives.

You must be willing to take on the giants

• A challenging vision that inspires them to achieve a meaningful goal. • They want to be part of a team under a visionary leader, taking part in an adventure with other men. • They want to see results and know that they can make a difference. Families, churches and communities need men who are healthy and active. They need men to be men. Men who can relate well to others, be influential, are great workers and rescue those in need. Men are very important in

• Men bring strength to a church as they combine to get the job done. Churches who understand men are keen to develop a productive and dynamic Men’s Ministry, because it brings men out of isolation and gives them a Band of Brothers to experience adventure with and to process life with. When men understand and appreciate their purpose, they will bring greater strength and resources to their church, and be a godly influence in their homes, workplaces, and every area of their lives. Promise Keepers’ mission is to see men transformed and to help the men in your church succeed on their spiritual journey of godly transformation.



Come & See

• • • •

Social Activities

Community Activities

Church Activities

Men’s Camps & Courses

Promise Keepers Events

Focus on connecting men

Focus on bringing in unchurched

Focus on connecting all the men of the church

Focus on spiritual growth and friendships

Focus on creating dynamic momentum

Fishing/Golfing Go-carting/4W driving Rugby nights/Movie nights Breakfasts

• Acts of service or serving in the community • Contacting and connecting with individual men with purpose

• Working bees • Helping to move and/ or clean up property for church families in need of help

• Biblical teaching • Building friendships • Fun

• Encounter with God • Building team together • Creating momentum

Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men

MEN’S GROUPS – the powerhouse of men’s spiritual growth Spiritual Growth

Character Issues of Life

Building Friendships

• Grow 7 times faster in small group • Learn by asking questions • Receive sustained prayer • Feed on God’s Word Iron sharpens iron

• Making changes necessary for life • Plumbline for life: – Work – Sex – Family – Finance

• Build friends you can trust to help you encounter Jesus when trials come • Receive: – Guidance – Wisdom – Correction

Equipped for Mission • Growing a heart and focus for ministry and mission • Encouragement to fulfil God’s purpose & calling

Developing Team • Identifying potential team members • Observing character and giftings • Communicating upcoming activities

Go make disciples Ministry Opportunities • • • • •

Mission • Supporting or going:

Widows & solos Marriage ministry Healing Ministry to elderly Connecting with youth

– In New Zealand – Outside New Zealand

How Promise Keepers can help you to energise your Ministry with Men! Men’s Groups • Training - “How to get started” and “How to maintain a group” • Promise Keepers Study Guides • Resources - including DVD courses and workbooks

Ministry with Men • • • • •

Get more from Promise Keepers via EMAIL! Subscribe to PK NEWS now to stay connected and to be resourced for life! Phone 0800 PROMISE or email

Planning and evaluation tools Training webinars Online resources Personal help from Field Representatives Expert Consultancy or ongoing Coaching

Promise Keepers – 20 Years of Men’s Ministry Expertise in New Zealand


Gather, grow, go - the essentials for a powerful Men’s Ministry. These three words give clear purpose and direction for your Men’s Ministry. Do all three well and you unleash the power to change men and see them influence others.


The focus on “gathering activities”, courses and events is to provide opportunities to bring men from the congregation together, as well as unchurched men when the activities are suitable. This should be seen as a starting point to building friendships and begin or continue the process of spiritual growth. Obviously some activities should have a different focus. Some will emphasise making contacts and strengthening friendships, others will provide opportunities for continuing spiritual growth. Unfortunately in a large number of Men’s Ministries across the nation, gathering activities are the only type of men’s activities that take place, causing them to miss out on the real potential and power of men in the church.


Men’s groups are at the very heart of Ministry with Men in the local church. When men gather together regularly as part of a group, they experience growth as they learn to pray for others effectively, apply the Bible to their lives and harness the power of each other’s experience and wisdom while building friendships. Regular attendance at a men’s group will activate spiritual growth up to 7 times faster than only attending Sunday church services. This is because most men learn by asking questions which is not possible during most regular Sunday services. By asking questions they are able to apply truths and T h a n k Yo u P r o m i s e K e e p e r s appreciates the support of the advertisers which has made the production of this newspaper viable. Please support these advertisers and mention that you saw their promotion in Men of Action.

receive biblical wisdom from other men in the group at a pace that they can understand and implement. Men frequently are confronting issues that require time, sustained prayer, encouragement and perseverance to be resolved and overcome. These issues may be associated with character, faith, relationships, work, family or finance. Men receive discipleship and mentoring from the group which gives them the necessary guidance, wisdom and correction to confront and overcome these challenges. Men grow in groups - whether they are open or closed groups. As men get to know each other they see character, leadership qualities and potential in others. These men can form the nucleus of multiple teams to organise “gathering events” to continue drawing men into the church. Every church needs an open men’s group. When a new man arrives at church on a Sunday and asks what is available in Men’s Ministry that week, it is likely that the only opportunity for him to participate in Men’s Ministry will be in an open men’s group that meets weekly. Meeting weekly provides consistent opportunities to invite other men from both inside or outside the church to attend.


As friendships are built and men are equipped spiritually, it follows that they want to fulfil their ultimate purpose in

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life with ministry and mission. Paul Subritzky says From our open group alone we have seen ministries develop to widows and solos, healing, ministries to the elderly, and marriage ministries, to name a few. In addition to that we have seen missionaries resourced, equipped and encouraged in their work. I have been involved in men’s open groups for over 20 years and have come to realise that they are the engine room and powerhouse to gather men, grow men and ultimately equip them to go!

Insiders’ Preview Share the excitement as we get closer to The Call. Join the Promise Keepers team on special free webinars where we will be revealing some of the highlights. There will also be some great tips to help you bring your friends with you. The first webinar is Monday 8th July at 7pm. See website for webinar login details:



From 2012… Impacting speakers Powerful drama

Dynamic interaction

Awesome worship

Men on Walk & Talk

Why should I go to Promise Keepers? • This is a unique Event especially for men

• Receive a personal spiritual checkup (WOF)

• It is not a Sunday service on Saturday

• Take the opportunity to focus on where you are now and where you want to go

• Experience worship with hundreds of other men • Expect a powerful encounter with God To see more watch The Call promo video:

• Position yourself to hear God’s plan for your life



By men, for men

Specialised breakouts Innovative technology

Amazing artistry

…to 2013

CHRISTCHURCH 23 - 24 August | WELLINGTON 13 - 14 September | AUCKLAND 4 - 5 October

Why should I go with others? Maximise the impact of the Event experience by going with others… • TRAVELLING to the Event together as a Group allows you to get to know each other and start to build or strengthen friendships.

• EATING together gives you time to dig deeper into the content of the sessions you have just heard and work through the truths that apply to your lives.

• ATTENDING together enables you to share the journey and process what you have heard during and after the Event with other men. You can then stand shoulder to shoulder to meet future challenges.

• STAYING together enables you to discuss and pray through the aspects of the Event experience that have impacted you. To see more watch the Power of a Group video:



A powerful move of God among men caught the attention of some Kiwis 20 years ago. Why were Christian men filling football stadiums in the USA? We discovered that men were being mobilised in an unprecedented way for Christian events. The Promise Keepers movement is built on large, annual catalytic events and regular men’s groups. Break Down the Walls 1996

Paul Subritzky, Storm the Gates 2002

At the North Shore Events Centre

Now in our 20th year in New Zealand, we can look back over an incredible journey of impacting Events, stories of God transforming men and growth of Ministry with Men in churches. One of the greatest outcomes of Promise Keepers is that so many men are actively growing spiritually, building friendships and doing ministry and mission together every week. Our call is still to reach more men with the transforming power of Christ.

Michael Jones at Youth Event

Specialised Breakouts

It’s time to answer the Call! There has never been a better time to focus on what God is saying to us. He wants us to be witnesses of His power and love in a world that is losing hope. This year Promise Keepers is pulling out all the stops to deliver the best Events ever as we roll through our 20th year. We want you and your friends to experience God’s power afresh in your life when you get re-energised at The Call Events. Promise Keepers is much better if you don’t go alone, right? There are heaps of resources available to help you organise your friends as a Group. These include online, print and videos. The team is super-excited about the promo video and would love for you to check it out. If you are fortunate enough to have to travel to Promise Keepers, make the roadtrip an integral part of the positive experience together. We have taken the time to interview last year’s most successful Groups to find their top tips. Every Group Leader interviewed stated the roadtrip as a highlight. If you register your church as a Partnership Church there are extra free benefits as well as recognition of the partnership status. Groups play a vital part in getting the most out of the Promise Keepers experience and keeping the momentum going afterwards. Going as a team has a special dynamic and the role of Group Leaders is vital. This year Promise Keepers is pouring a lot of energy into working with Group Leaders and resourcing them to be more successful than ever before. If you are getting a Group of guys together, make sure you get in touch with the Promise Keepers office to be kept fully up to date as new resources come out.

Transition Young men 11-17 years | Saturday afternoon At Transition we work hard to deliver a fantastic program, combining great speakers, bands and crazy activities to make sure we are relevant to young men. But a good program is not our main priority; the most important thing to us is to create an environment where young men can have encounters with God and see their lives transformed. We come to Transition 2013 The Call with a real sense of momentum and excitement about what God is going to do in the lives of the next generation of men. We will be unpacking the awesome plan that God has for their lives and showing them how to position themselves to fulfil that call.

Stance Young men 18-30 years | Saturday afternoon Young men face some of the biggest decisions of their lifetime. These include how they should respond to the call of God on their life, as well as career, finances and relationships. Promise Keepers knows how crucial these issues are and has brought in an expert team to help the young guys out. Tom O’Neil has taken this to another level by offering a monthly blog and personal communication to help guys year-round.

Leaders of Men

Pastors & Men’s Ministry Leaders | Saturday morning Learn how to ignite and accelerate your Ministry with Men in this specialised training elective. Promise Keepers builds on your experience, and gives you the opportunity to interact with other leaders. This will inspire you to reach more men at a deeper level. When you are a leader in the battle for men’s souls you will encounter flak and opposition, so the Promise Keepers Team is ready to help with some personal ministry if requested.

Promise Keepers – 20 Years of Men’s Ministry Expertise in New Zealand



Tavale Matai’a It has been my privilege to be involved in the Promise Keepers Ministry for many years. It is my honour to stand together with a devoted team of godly men with the same vision and passion in reaching out to the men of New Zealand with the transforming message of the Gospel.

This is a real eye-opener for me, in making me realise how much our men are desiring to make some profound changes in their lives for the better. – Retired Judge Aeau Semi Epati

I have watched hundreds of men who have attended Promise Keepers Events and other events being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Even in my own church: A while ago, four guys who had been attending our church for a few months while living in de-facto relationships were challenged at PK Events and they all got married soon after. Whenever we hold PK Events, countless Samoan men who cannot handle the English language very well, from a number of churches, would ask me why we could not do the same for them in the Samoan language. I alerted the Promise Keepers Board of this a few years ago and after many discussions and much prayer the Board agreed to launch the first Tama Tane Malosi Event last year. With the wonderful hands-on support of the Promise Keepers National Director, Paul Subritzky and his amazing staff, the dedicated Tama Tane Malosi team of nine pastors from various Samoan churches set the planning process in motion. We targeted 300 men to attend – but when we opened the doors of the Manukau Faith City Church for the first Tama Tane Malosi Event in July 2012, about 500 men turned up. A wide range of Samoan speakers from various churches included pastors, businessmen, sports celebrities and a retired judge. Many men made first-time commitments to Jesus Christ and everyone was inspired and blessed beyond measure! With great anticipation we are very excited for the move of the Holy Spirit at our next Tama Tane Malosi Event which is planned for 28th and 29th June. We are very grateful to Paul Subritzky and his staff, and we give God all the glory and honour.

Our men enjoyed it because now they see the difference between a man, and a man of valour. This was the message of the speaker on Friday night. They have been encouraged to go up to the level where they should be – a man that leads the family. The women shared on Sunday how the men yielded to the Word, the teaching about loving their wives and children, especially their daughters. – Pastor Kuki Aloalii

My men are fired up and want to do what they have learned in the weekend. We are looking forward to the next one.

– Rev Faasoo Auvaa

Best men’s conference ever. Unique, and the brotherhood spirit was all over the place. – Opeta

I’m going away a changed man with a new perspective on how to be a godly husband and father [to] my wife and children. Also, God has given me His love and courage to influence my bros with the love of Christ. – Ex-gang member

In our Samoan community there are a lot of subjects that are really sensitive to even mention and that means the Word is restricted by the culture aspect of things, but I thank the Lord for giving this opportunity to the Samoan men to hear the Word without restrictions. – Des



Geoff Wiklund

Why would a pastor attend this conference? First of all, pastors who have attended profess its value, and more significantly, they return – some more than twice. Secondly there is nothing else like it in this country, as it is based on material accumulated by Pastor Jack Hayford and filtered with my own experiences of churches and church planting in New Zealand. I began Refreshed & Released in response to a prophetic word I received from Pastor Jack Hayford.  Initially it was all about obedience, but as it has transpired, my vision has grown with the experience. I now so enjoy the time with the pastors and I see four key things happening: • Firstly there is great interaction and learning with other pastors.  Friendships and relationships are being formed as we share and spend time in the presence of God together. • Secondly some key truths are imparted that help us to grow in the ministry and increase our

PK Promise #5

“...So that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” Acts 3:19

impact on our community and congregation. • Thirdly there is a great connection with the Word and every pastor has gone home inspired with ideas to preach. • Most importantly there has been refreshing and healing as hands have been laid on each participant and words of encouragement spoken and prayed over one another. A number of pastors have literally been prevented from leaving the ministry while others have felt stirred up to achieve more, having been equipped with tools to be more effective. The fact that a number of pastors have chosen to return a second time speaks of the perceived value by those who have attended. COMING UP: A new level two course will be added later this year which will be very practical and include actually planning out next year. I encourage you to attend this Event and bring some other ministers who you believe need refreshing. For more info visit the Promise Keepers website:

CHRISTCHURCH 24-25 Sept Level 2 26 Sept AUCKLAND Level 2

22-23 Oct 24 Oct

A Promise Keeper is committed to supporting the mission of his church by honouring and praying for his pastor and by actively giving his time and resources.

Porn in the Church Promise Keepers recommends Covenant Eyes software to help men deal with the temptations of porn. Some studies suggest this struggle affects as many as 50% of Christian men Because porn use thrives in secrecy, many church members are trapped in a cycle of sin and shame. When Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability is installed on your computer, smartphone or tablet, it monitors how the internet is used and sends a report to a friend you choose. This allows you to be open about your internet use and talk with a friend about the temptations you face online. Ending the secrecy helps to break its power over you.

Find out more and set up your account from USD$8.99 per month at



Tom O’Neil

For the first fifteen years of my Christian faith, I really struggled developing my regular quiet times. Told by numerous wellmeaning people that I had to pray “every day for at least one hour” to get close to God and discover his meaning for my life, I found that I would get depressed and despondent when I could continually only manage this two or three days in a row. After failing AGAIN, I would then give up trying, only to have another crack at reaching spiritual perfection a month or so later. Thankfully an old friend of mine, Aaron Roberts, shared with me a great idea, transforming my quiet times from once a month or so, to every day. His advice was about forming a life habit of prayer. “Instead of trying to pray for one hour a day, try just two minutes” was his advice. “Two minutes a day?” I replied, taken aback. “What sort of Christian prays for only two minutes a day?” “A faithful Christian,” was his reply. His concept was simply to discipline myself to pray regularly for two minutes a day. Once I was successful at this, I was to increase it to three minutes a day. After I completed this for a couple of months, I then could up it to five minutes and so on. Little did I know it, but this was some of the best advice I have ever had in my life. Today my quiet times are very regular and I have made it both a discipline and a priority to ensure I spend this precious time getting closer to my Lord.

transition to a better and more rewarding life a lot easier. Setting and achieving daily ‘mini-goals’ over a short- to medium-term period, you can quickly transform what you achieve and how you want to live.

Small incremental steps, practised over time and consistently focused towards a specific goal, can’t help but bring your dreams to reality Small incremental steps, practised over time and consistently focused towards a specific goal, can’t help but bring your dreams to reality. The entire philosophy is very simple:

The 1% Principle© What is one thing I can do today to improve my life, or that of someone around me, by 1%?

The 1% Principle Following on from this concept, I firstly turned this idea into a ‘life philosophy’, then more recently into an inspirational book, The 1% Principle. An average life of 80 years is broken into 29,200 days, which equates to more than 700,000 hours or 42 million minutes. Over a person’s life they make tens of millions of choices, which accumulate over time into different circumstances. These circumstances (including spiritual, health, career, relationships etc.) then open or close doors as a person progresses through their life. The 1% Principle© focuses on making the

Massive changes can come from regular incremental steps over time.

However it’s up to you to discover His plans for you, then live them out! Psalm 37:23 says “The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him”. I believe that in many ways these steps are our daily choices and decisions that move us either closer or further away from His will.

God’s Plans God’s plans for your life are awesome. Jeremiah 29:11-13 says: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (NIV)

Examples of the 1% Principle • Pray deeply and without distraction for just two minutes (or more if you already do this) every day for a week. • Spend 15 minutes reading the Bible every day this week. • Read a devotional such as Promise Keepers’ Men of Integrity or a respected Christian author. • Download a spiritual development app on your phone and commit to using it regularly for one week. • Do some research on a facet of Christianity that has always interested you (e.g. church history, prophecy, creationism etc). • Find a free online course based on building your faith and knowledge. A great start is • Think of a way you can positively and practically share your faith with someone today.

Summary The little things are actually the building blocks of the big things! Ask the Lord to make each of your steps firm, and get closer to God and His will in your life. Tom O’Neil is a Promise Keeper, inspirational speaker and international author. He is the Managing Director of CV.CO. NZ. His new book The 1% Principle was released through Harper Collins in New Zealand and Australia this June.



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payment before he headed out to the airport. He was kind of freaked out carrying a large amount of cash to the airport where he had been robbed when he arrived. He flew back to the States and when he arrived in Miami, he kissed the ground because he was so happy to be out of Venezuela. He spent another three days in hospital getting over the food poisoning.

Family foundations CJ’s mother and grandmother have imparted to him strong family and spiritual values. His father has given him training in sports and the example of the importance of a father’s role and legacy. When CJ was only three the family moved to Australia, following his father Cal Bruton’s signing with the Brisbane Bullets in 1979. In an interview CJ said, “My father was a big influence growing up. He was and still is, my idol. He moved us from the States so we could grow up in Australia and have dual citizenship. To give your kids everything that you can give them is quite something, and I’ll always hold dear to my heart what my father has done for my mum, my brothers and me.” As he grew up, he had his father and his father’s teammates to learn his basketball skills from. He studied videotapes of them playing, watching how they shot the ball. With the encouragement of his father, he was eventually selected for the under 14s national team in Australia. This started his career, which included playing at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Called for a purpose At that time, CJ felt like he had achieved everything, but felt empty. His mother told him that if you think you’ve got it hard, go to the hospital and see the people there. CJ spent a lot of time in the children’s ward, visiting over the course of a year. He saw two children pass away with cancer. The kids in the ward used to watch his games. He would give them a special signal after he scored his first three-pointer. His mother told him, “You might not see the works that you do through your everyday life, but others will see the Lord through you.” When he was 11 years old he was running from God, but his mother sought to keep him on track. As he grew up, his mother’s motto was that if you are out after 2 a.m. you are up to no good! Once

when travelling with his mother they got a flat tyre and the car spun out on a wet road. They missed an oncoming truck by inches. He felt that God was saying to him that his life is in God’s hands.

The Breakers CJ joined the Breakers in 2008, which gave them stability in the point guard position. After a great start to the season he suffered a high ankle sprain and after that the Breakers lost eight of their final 11 games. The next year the Breakers finished fifth and missed out on the semi-finals. Success finally came in the 201011 season, when the Breakers made history by winning the Australian NBL league. With this year’s win on 12 April, the

Breakers achieved their third NBL title and CJ won his sixth!

The “overnight” success that took 8 years Many people now forget the eight long years the Breakers wandered in the wilderness before these wins. Paul and Liz Blackwell bought into the team because of their six-year-old son’s interest in basketball. When the other owners bailed out, they had to choose whether to close down or continue. There were many tears in the following years as they wondered what they had done. Their philosophy is that God doesn’t give you something to run away from; He gives you something to run to. They brought their values to the Breakers, but a values-based organisation only works if everyone agrees with those values. If they had people who didn’t fit in, they allowed them or helped them to exit.

Family values One of the strengths of the Breakers is the sense of family and family values. This is underpinned by faith, with several Christians on the team. The team culture and attitude of the owners makes this an attractive team to play for. Liz sees her role as pastoral care of the players’ wives and looking after

their welfare. CJ and his family have thrived in this environment and they love living in New Zealand. Part of the family feeling is bringing on young players. This is a necessity, due to the points cap of 70 for a team. When Tom Abercrombie started he was initially ranked at one point but is now ranked at 10. Obviously teams need a balance in their player line-up. The points cap is a transparent way to regulate the sport. CJ takes a keen interest in the other players and their welfare. He has seen players make poor lifestyle decisions. CJ believes that when you do wrong, you make amends and move on. Never look down on or ignore anybody, but the friends you choose can affect your outcomes. You can’t afford to be involved with people who drag you down, especially with things like drugs. CJ and Jess are dedicated to their two sons, Rio who is five years old and Roc who is 18 months old. CJ is awed with being a father, saying it is the most amazing experience seeing them born and holding the baby in his arms. He is excited now to see them growing up and saying their prayers. For Rio, his prayers have gone from personal to now praying for other countries like Malaysia. Because he is the oldest, CJ is teaching him that it’s his responsibility

CJ is teaching [his son] that it’s his responsibility to pave the way for his younger brother. This is the legacy taught to CJ by his father to pave the way for his younger brother. This is the legacy taught to CJ by his father. He is dedicated to his family and fatherhood. When Promise Keepers met him for an interview, his boys were suffering from upset stomachs. He had just got a call from Jess to pick up some medicine, so turned around and took that home. Halfway through our time, he excused himself for a while to take dinner home to his family. We met at Sal’s Pizza and watched a replay of the Breakers final winning game before CJ arrived. During our interview children came up for autographs, women asked to be photographed with him, and men shook his hand and congratulated him on their recent win. CJ was humble and gracious with everybody. He is a fantastic ambassador for the Breakers and for his faith. As his mother said all those years ago, you might not see the works that you do through your everyday life, but others will see the Lord through you. John Subritzky

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil. Proverbs 3:5-7 CJ wears his favourite scripture



Dwain Hindriksen On 6 February 2013 while Kiwis were relaxing with a Waitangi Day beer and some grub, people on Santa Cruz Island, Solomon Islands were running for their lives as an earthquake measuring 8 on the Richter scale triggered a tsunami that tore through coastal communities. Once the water receded and the tremors subsided, communities began to count the cost in lives and livelihoods lost, housing destroyed and ruined prized possessions.

A few weeks later I was deployed to the Solomon Islands as part of the Emergency Response Team distributing essential relief supplies to communities including water, blankets, tarpaulins, shelter kits

and water purification tablets. At the end of a long day I was listening to distribution team leader Harry Noel explain to a community how the relief items were to be distributed to each household, when a community volunteer whispered to me, “My cousin lives in NZ�. A few minutes later and our worlds had become connected as we narrowed the degrees of separation and found that I knew someone who knew his cousin. A short while later I was talking to a Solomon Islands colleague and realised his cousin also lived in NZ and was an old friend of mine. Here we were, in the most remote region of the Solomon Islands and I had a connection to this village, these communities and these people. This was a poignant moment for me. These were not strangers; these were our Pasifika neighbours, people connected to us. Over the six weeks that I was in the Solomon Islands, I supported the distribution of relief items, planned team operations and drafted a transition plan from relief to recovery work. We struggled with temperamental weather but managed to get a good job done that met the needs of communities. As communities undertake a lengthy period of reconstruction work, it is great to see that they are putting in the graft that is required to restore their communities, and with World Vision working alongside them, communities are supported to rebuild their lives and prepare for the future. This is not the first weather-related disaster to hit their homes and nor will it be the last. Geographically, communities on Santa Cruz are vulnerable to disasters. However, every dollar invested into disaster preparedness

Dwain Hindriksen and Temotu Tsunami Distribution Team Leader Harry Noel discussing the data collection process for upcoming distribution.


went in a matter of The tsunami came and ng communities is a minutes but rehabilitati i ree weeks post-tsunam much longer process. Th in d are cle be to ris deb and there is still much Area 4.

saves seven dollars in disaster response. As an example, World Vision is implementing an FM radio project that will broadcast messages in local languages that men, women and children can easily access and understand, to build a culture of disaster preparedness and response knowledge. A billion dollar response is not required. A simple radio story of a child on the beach, realising that receding water could mean a tsunami is coming and then alerting her parents, can save a whole village. Communities in Temotu are resilient; they have had major disasters hit their islands in the past and they are likely to face similar challenges in the future. Thank you to all the Promise Keepers men who are supporting our work here. Every cent is changing lives. Hei kona, Thanks! Dwain Hindriksen is World Vision New Zealand’s Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Manager. He writes about his deployment to the Solomon Islands following the devastating earthquake and tsunami there earlier this year.



The sun pierces my eyes as I drive over the hill. It’s 6.30am and I’m stunned again by the beauty of a dawning new day. As I watch the darkness disappear, my prayers are directed to my family, “Lord as the head of my home I pray, wash my family afresh with the blood of Jesus, forgive us our sins and break any agreement we have made with the enemy, in Jesus’ precious name”. So I ended my morning prayer with my mind firmly embracing God’s love for my family. It’s difficult to define family today; the definition of family seems to have changed over the years. The dictionary defines family as: • A basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: the traditional family. • A social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for: a singleparent family. • All the people living together in one household. However the Bible tells me in Genesis 2:24 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one

Gary Grut

flesh”. Here we see husband and wife constituting the first family. How then do we see children fitting into the family picture? My family shapes who I am today, the main influence being my parents. Now that I’m a father of four boys, I work hard at maintaining my relationship with my wife as the priority relationship. Our children are welcome members to our family, I love them, I care for them, however they do not rule the home. Fatherhood has posed some challenges over the years and has been a constant source of learning. Let’s take a moment to look closer at some things I have learned. Understand that even if you’re a single parent these principles may still apply. I have discovered that my role as a father is to plant SEEDs in the lives of my children.

These SEEDs are: •

• •

Strengthen your child’s faith in Christ and establish them in God’s love.

Let’s take the time to focus in on two of these SEEDs:

1. Establish or re-establish your child’s identity Here are some practical things you can do: • Tell your kids how much you love them. • Help them figure out who they are. • Listen to them. • Tell them about God. “Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget His deeds but would keep His commands.” Psalm 78:7 • Be careful with the words you use (use words that build them up). • Applaud and celebrate the things they do to help the family.

2. Demonstrate your love as a father to them Some practical ways to show love to your children: • Love their mum (e.g. take your wife out on a date night).

Establish your

• Nothing builds a child’s security more than when a father hugs his kids.

Encourage a

• Win at work and excel at home.

child’s identity. godly vision for your children’s future.

Demonstrate your love as a father to them.

• Actions over words (don’t make false promises). • Walk with them as they face life (through the hard times and the great times). • Never be afraid to say you’re sorry. • Have fun with your children.

Rickshaws For India Setting Families Free

In India, Rickshaws are a major method of taxi transportation for people taking short journeys. Those going to and from work and school, shoppers and business people all ride on Rickshaws. They are also used for moving goods and courier jobs. The government promotes their use as they are non-polluting. Sponsoring a Rickshaw enables an Indian family to have a debt free, good income producing small business that permanently supports them. This provides food, housing, clothing, healthcare, and a proper education for their children.

When you sponsor a Rickshaw for an Indian family, you are sent photos of the family with their new Rickshaw along with a plaque with all of their names, which is personally authenticated by the thumbprint of the husband. If requested we also sign write the sponsors name and/ or message on the back of the Rickshaw. This is a treasure that you can display in your home or office to remember your Indian family by. Sponsoring a Rickshaw is truly a gift that keeps on giving, day after day, year after year.

Set a family free from poverty online today

A B N 76 0 6 4 2 7 0 7 9 3

Rickshaw sponsorship, it sets a family free from poverty – forever!

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