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brainSTORMING News April 2010

Anatl Ghermanschi School

issue no.3


ey everyone!

Just a few days left until Easter vacation comes! Finally! A week of freedom and sleeping 'til 12PM! With this number of "Brainstorming News", we are introducing our new team that's going to take care of the articles. Me, Andreea, and my classmates Alina, Mihai, Bogdan, Daniel, Bogdan hope you will enjoy this first number that's been written by us. Have fun in the holiday!'

From Back Left :Bogdan, Andrea, Alina, Daniel. Front: Bogdan Gigoros, Mihai.

Hi. My name is Daniel Georguscu. I’m a gamer and that’s why I write about games in this newspaper. Have a good day and play asmuch as you can.


Hi, my name is Bogdan Gigoros, and I really love having fun! I enjoy every moment of my life and love the quote: “Don’t worry, be happy.” Hi my name is also Bogdan, I’m 13 years old and I’ll be writing game reviews for the school magazine. The review will be made on PC and console games. Hope you like having fun! Hi! My name is Alina. I’m 14 years old and I love the sport that I practice, and I love to listen to music, but I write about School News and Outdoors. In the end I can say that I do what I like and I like what I do, so this is the reason why I write for this newspaper.

3D Science Fiction in your Fingertips!! 2 Gaming Reviews in › side! The Bell of The Ball or .. who is the smartest of you all?? -Anat Ghermanchi’s Physics whiz!

Hey hey! My name is Andrea and I am 13 years old. I enjoy travelling and reading books and that’s why I’ve been assigned to write about travelling and book review. Oh and I’m also the editor of the magazine.

Artsy Fartsy- Or Art Challenged?Tips to get you a 10 in Art or to just take a really cool photo.

Hello! My name is Mihai and I am 13 years old. I like sports and science very much. That’s why I chose to write about those subjects. Well, that’s all. Bye!

TGIF!!! Now what?? Hot Spots to hit up on the

News School Outdoors/Hot Spots

The Na t io na l Ol ym pi a d i n Physi c s

Mihai followed some special preparation over the class level, and tried to passing over the topics and exercises. Some of theme were simple, but others more ›diffi cult. Anyway, after all this stressMi › hai th men › managed to get the 15 tion, beating many other partici › pants. This year, Mihai Hrecinuc participated in Mihai was also rewarded for National Olympiad in Physics, which was held in his Costineti. work, receiving as a prize a A nice place for a contest. A place wherediploma its warm, pleasant and good for self relaxingand and50 lei. A good prize. concentration. He and other participants Mihai were spent the time during the contest accommodated at Hotel Flora ( two stars hotel ) with some of his friends. where they enjoyed everything they needed.

The Weekend

The weekend is a short holiday of two days and many children do not know how to spend it minute by minute, So I will try to help, giving some ideas.For example, you can draw, you can read you can do whatever you want, trying to relax yourself. These two days, are probably the most relaxing days in the whole week, so, kids most appreciate it and use it. All of us have the chance to have some time to ourselves and to forget all of our problems. Most students of 6th, 7th and 8th grades are spending this free time going out in the town with friends. That is a nice idea and a good so-

lution to have some fun and get closer to your friends. Because we all have different preferences, I have few locations that should be perfect for anyone. Some of the popular places for kids to hang out are Blue Train ( Jazz & Bluzz Pub ), McDonald’s ( The most famous Fast-Food all over the world ) or Komodia ( Another teen pub ).In these places you can eat, drink, listen to music and you can simply relax befor or after the homeworks you must do for the new week you waiting for. By Alina Constantescu

Soar like an eagle! By Mihai Hrecinuc

By Mihai Hrecinu

Back in the 70’s, no one imagined that one day we will use a little, portable device to speak from one country to another, to send text messages, photos and songs by the push of a button. Today, this thing is very common. Of course, we are talking about the mobile phone. Thirty years ago, wired phones were used to speak with another person. This had some disadvantages. First, you couldn’t move around the house with the phone. Second, they were big and chunky. But, in 1973, Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher invented the first hand – held mobile phone. But the phone was the size of a brick, the battery was very inefficient and…it looked stupid. The first commercial automatic cellular network(or the 1G network) was launched in Japan, in 1979. Since then, the technology surrounding this invention quickly expanded. In the 90’s, mobile phones started to be efficient, the SMS was invented, more and more operators like Vodafone, Orange appeared and, first of all, people around the world started buying mobile phones. Today, the mobile phone is packed with the latest technology, so you can use it instead of using a computer! You can surf on the Internet, you can download and listen lots of songs, you can watch movies and lots more. But the most important thing about the mobile phone today is…it’s size. We have gone all the way from a brick to a match box. That’s one big improvement!




At the end of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, some athletes were covered in glory. Being a big fan of ski jumping, I couldn’t miss Simon Ammann’s unbelievable performance that added two gold medals to his collection. But, sometimes you don’t have to win gold medals to remain in Olympic history. You only have to finish last, to be partially sighted and to be the first ski jumper to represent Great Britain at the Winter Olympics. Yes, this is you, Eddie. But who is Eddie? Michael Edwards, better known as Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, started his career not in ski jumping, but in alpine skiing! A good downhill skier, Edwards narrowly missed making the Great Britain team for the 1984 Games and also soon found himself short of funds. Eddie made a daring decision: he decided to switch to ski jumping because this sport was less expensive and there was no ski jumper to represent the UK. At first, he jumped with equipment borrowed from his coach; he had to wear six pairs of socks to make the boots fit! Eddie was handicapped by his weight, being 9 kg heavier than the next heavier competitor. He was also far sighted, requiring him to wear glasses all the time! Eddie, even with less experience in ski jumping, managed to rank 55th at the 1987 World Championships, performance that qualified him at the 1988 Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, there, at Calgary, he finished last in both events. However, he did in “great” style, moving his arms just like an eagle that flies (maybe that fact gave him the nickname). Immediately, the skiing community called him “an embarrassment for this sport”. However, he instantly became an international celebrity. Because of his true amateur, Olympic spirit that made him compete, people liked him. Today, after 22 years, Eddie still has many fans around the world, especially in Canada. Why? Because he just soared like an eagle…

Game Reviews

Assassin s Creed II By Daniel Georgescu As you may know ACII was supposed to be released on 13 November 2009 for all platforms.But the computer version was delayed and now it’s planned to be launched on March 16,2010. The action will take place in the late 1400’s as a master assassin in Venice.This time the combat system will be totally redefined.You will need to use strategies not only spamming a key like the first game.ACII will have a new visual engine that will bring to us loads of new graphic improvements and new brutal animations for

Burnout Paradise By Bogdan Curta Burnout Paradise reinvigorated Criterion’s ultrasuccessful smash-up racing series when it launched this time last year on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box brings the series’ trademark racing action to the PC for the first time. With solid online and offline play, an almost staggering number of events, and more than 70 vehicles, Ultimate Box is at the front of the PC racer pack.

combat.We know that Ezio travels from Florence, to Venice, Rome, Tuscany, and various locations in the Italian countryside. Ezio can travel by horse, or steer a gondola in Venice, or to save time he can hire transportation and fast travel to locations on the map. Eventually his exploits take him to the Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni which was built by his great-grandfather. We also know that you can buy weapons improve your villa and hire assassins whit the money robbed from enemies. In your villa you will have a secret entrance that leads down to a vault filled with statues dedicated to famous past assassins. Among the statues I recognized garb that reseembles Genghis Khan’s attire and a special statue dedicated to Altair. smashing them into traffic or objects; and in Marked Man you have to reach the finish line before your opponents can destroy your car. Burning Routes consists of time trials from point to point, and by completing them you’ll unlock an upgraded model of your current ride.Which you can use the next time you visit the junkyard.

Getting online is as simple as hitting a button during gameplay, at which point you’ll join your friends or enter a random lobby. The online mode is seamless, and there are no loading times; you can drop in and out of online games at will or make a dedicated server for you and your buddys in which you can do anything you Visually, the PC version is even more of a sump- want. tuous feast than its console brethren. Running at Burnout Paradise includes 350 challenges, and its highest resolution, Paradise City has never there are now an additional 140 challenges with looked crisper or more vibrant. Cars smash, pop, the new packs. The challenge types are varied scrape, and deform just as you’d expect, and the and include straight races, beat-the-clock events, particle effects make the wanton destruction jumping over other players’ rides, and other seem real. The weather effects brought in with more-complex multipart challenges like meeting the Bikes pack look great, with fog, glowing at a certain location and racing to the other part nighttime neon, and the half-light of dusk all of the map. rendered with style. In my opinion this game is one of the best racGameplay options are largely unchanged from ing game that is on the market ,the way crashes the console version and include normal race, and racing is intertwined is fantastic. The guys Stunt Run, Marked Man, Road Rage, and Burn- at Criterion games have done a very good job so ing Route. For those new to the Burnout series, if you are looking for an action packed racing in Stunt Run you chain together drifts, jumps, simulator this game is for you. and boosts to achieve combos; in Road Rage events you need to eliminate opponents by

Pack up and enjoy Maramures! By Andreea Fota Hey guys ! How was Interview your inter-semestrial holiday? Mine with wasLavina all right, but I wish it was longer… I can’t wait for the Easter holiday! I heard that some of you are going to go to Germany. For those who are spending their time in Romania and don’t want to stay in Brasov, I recommend Maramures. First of all, the wooden Churches of Maramures are shining examples of well preserved architecture with Orthodox Orthodox and Gothic influences. They demonstrate a high level of artistic maturity and craft: they are narrow, high, built of logs having one or two characteristic towers of shingle roofs. But Maramures itself is an unique region of Romania. Besides that, the people of Maramureş, the moroşeni, are very hospitable, always ready

A Better Choice For Spending The WeekendReading A Bestseller By Andrea Fota

to invite visitors to their homes. This makes Maramureş an “easy” and interesting place to visit, but also the fact that the people have maintained their traditions maybe better than any other group in Romania, still wearing the folk costume, weaving textiles, carving wooden objects, and so on. Have fun! Me: Hey Lavinia! I heard you've been to Maramures, to visit the monasteries in a school-organized trip. What can you tell us about the monasteries? Lavinia: I personally liked most the monastery from Sapanta, which was really tall... And there was another one, Barsana, which was like a complex of buildings.. You know, there were the nuns' cells, and the church and a museum.. And in the center there was a garden which was really green and really awesome! Me: And what was your overall opinion about Maramures? Lavinia: Maramures is a place where the world is different ... The people are more patient and better and landscapes are absolutely brilliant. Me: Okay Lavi, thank you for your time! Lavinia: It was my pleasure.

What was the last good book you’ve read? Mine was ‘Angels and Demons’. I read it in the summer. Some of you might know the movie made after the book, but reading is greater than just watching the adventures from the plot. So let me tell you about this bestseller. Dan Brown is an extraordinary writer. In ‘Angels and Demons’, Brown managed to keep the reader fascinated by the way he describes architectural details of ancient buildings in Rome. The plot quickly makes the reader want to quickly finish reading this book. Not only that, Brown is also showing some very amazing ambigrams. In ‘Angels and Demons’, Robert Langdon is a professor at Harvard. He also has an intelligent partner, Vittoria Vetra, which is the daughter of the assassinated physicist by the Cult of Illuminati. Together, they dig through archives and ancient mysteries to find clues in order to find out who is the leader of the Illuminati and stop him destroy Vatican City. Overall, this book is extraordinary. The main characters are great and there links between the happenings you wouldn’t think of. I recommend this book, it’s really worth reading, mostly because the author make readers feel like they are participating in their adventure.

MUSIC IN OUR LIVES By Bogdan Gigoros

“Arts” mean a lot of things such as: Painting , Drawings, Manners , Creating things, Arhitecture and other stuff like that ! But my favourite art is Music. Music is the art where everyone gets to express their feelings in a different ways depending on what kind of music they listen to. Music can be a way of life for many people, but it can also be just a way of entertaining yourself. For exemple (tocontinue with my idea, I would like to give you certain examples): (Firstly),People who listen to rock music like to live their life to the max, they never miss the opportunity of having fun or an adventure. On the other hand, there are people who like Jazz and also other slow kinds of music. These people are really taking their time to do everything: they laugh, but not to much; they have fun, but not to much; they like sports, but don’t practice it a lot. In what concerns me, I usually agree with any kinds of music depending on my mood. When I feel angry I just listen to HardCore Metal and stuff , when I just want to chill up I listen to Jazz, blues, slow music in general. And I think you all agree that music is great ! Moreover, I can say that music also has negative effects. I read some time ago about some people that took music to seriThis Newsletter was created by the help of: Simona Buzea English Teacher Alexandra Ichim Projects Abroad Journalism Coordinator Sky-Lee Jarrett Projects Abroad Volunteer and Graphic Designer Daniel Zmistovski Projects Abroad Volunteer

ously. They actually did what the lyrics said and that wasn’t so pleasant. So my advise to you all is not to become an addict of mean lyrics. Just listen for fun! Usually Teenagers are the biggest fans of music and bands. It’s like a passing fashion for each month, Today everyone says that they like a Hip-Hop band , tomorrow who knows, everybody ikes pop music bands. So, teenagers can be real shifty … they change their minds just for fashion . This is the idea on today’s teenagers favourite bands . Few are those who really appreciate music and some of them are afraid to say the truth about their music style because they can get discriminated and even rejected. I know it sounds rough, but that is just the way things are! So don’t be like the others ! Listen only to the music you truly like ! To continue with my idea, I would like to present an interview with Alexandra of my fellow classmates : Me : Hi Alexandra ! Can I take you an interview? Alexandra: Sure ! What is it about ? Me: Ohhoo..You will like this..It’s about music. I’ll start with a simple question.. what do you feel about music ? Alexandra : Well…Music makes me feel’s relaxing.. But some types of music make me go wild. Me: Interesting..What do you think about people who take lyrics to serious ? Alexandra : Well … It has a good and a bad part.For me.. I listen to lyrics and actually do what they tell me , but not to all kinds of music. Only good ones and relaxing. Me: Ok thanks ! That will be all for now . Good bye.

Tips and Tricks How to make the best night photo: For making good pictures a DSLR it’s a must.But you can make good photos with other camera too.Get a tripod aswell,it will help you a lot.Set your camera to ISO 100(slow speed it’s irrelevant for night pictures).Good luck and get your best shot.

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