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THE HOTEL The Hotel “Fiorenza” for sale is situated in the “Marradi” Pinewood of the small sea-side village of Castiglioncello, Leghorn Province. It has a commercial area on the ground floor and the accomodation zone is from the 1st to the 3rd floor. The hotel has a total surface of 1.194 sqm and it is divided in 4 floors. In the ground floor there is the restaurant with veranda, which access to the pinewood and to the sea, which is 100m far. In the same floor there is one of the most well-known american bar of the Tyrrhenian coast restored in a modern way. From the first floor there is the real hotel, which spreads for 3 floors for a total of 26 rooms, all with private bathroom. Methane heating in all rooms and elevator connecting the floors. The accomodation facilities need restoration.

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THE VILLAGE The village is on the edge of the Ancient Etruscan Empire. It was born approximately between the end of the IV century and the beginning of the III century and it had the assignment to control the “Via Aurelia” and the bordering coast. The archeological excavations of the XVIII century revealed a huge necropolis, more than 350 graves, which proves the strong connection with Volterra and the prosperity of Castiglioncello during III and II century B.C. However from the I century B.C the village decayed rapidly, maybe because of the construction of the Via Aemilia Scauri which passed in the inland and cut out Castiglioncello from its big traffic. From the Roman age the village became a vacation destination, as many luxury villas testify. In the first Middle Ages the Pisa’s Counts Del Porto built a castel there and they called it Castiglione Mondiglio, Medieval name of the present Castiglioncello. During the XV century the powerful Medici family built a watchtower which was part of the fortification project to protect the coast from the several raids of the Saracen pirats. However the turistic chance began through the end of ‘800, when the art critic Diego Martelli built there his house, today called Pasquini Castle, where he continuing hosted the known painters group Macchiaioli: Abbati, Fattori, Sernesi, Borrani , Cabianca etc... who started the “Scuola di Castiglioncello" (Castiglioncello’s School). The Pasquini Castle has become a national datum point in the last years. It hosts important conventions about disarmament and childhood, also it is location of the Dance Festival and of the Literary Award “Castiglioncello Costa degli Etruschi”. Castiglioncello is located in a priviliged panoramic position, far from the biggest roads surrounded by nature. It still has luxury pine forest and spectacular cliffs. Since many years this little town is haunt of culture, relax and entertainment. Castiglioncello has become famous in the ‘60s as holiday destination of important v.i.p. as Alberto Sordi and Marcello Mastroianni, very important actors of the Italian Cinema and it is still today a very important holiday destination.

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CRYSTALINE WATER Castiglioncello offers crystaline water all along the coast. Every year many tourists come here to have their holiday, swimming in its wonderful water and refreshing in the remarkable cliffs, which many artists, as Agostino Veroni, portrayed in many wonderful paintings.

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TUSCAN ARCHIPELAGO Just in front of the Castiglioncello coast there is the Tuscan Archipelago, the biggest natural park of Europe. By boat from the small tourist port you can reach islands like Gorgona, Capraia and Elba, all areas are protected for their rich flora and fauna.

LEGHORN AND THE AQUARIUM Only few km on the North, there is Leghorn, big marine city from which port leave and stop the most majestic cruises of the Mediterranean sea. This wonderful city offers one of the most beautiful promenade of the entire Tuscan Coast, called Terrazza Mascagni, perfect background for a photo feature. Leghorn offers also a big aquarium, which has been renovated on 2010. It is run by the same family who runs the Genoa aquarium. This aquarium is the biggest in Tuscany and the most important because of the presence of a Greek-Roman archaeological marine area with a reproduction of Taranto’s sarcophagus and with a Roman ship wreck. Also it is the only one to have a relevant national art expo. The structure hosting the aquarium has a remarkable historic and artistic value and it is located just in the Terrazza Mascagni on the Leghorn Promenade. HOTEL

1.194 sqm

26 rooms


2.400.000 â‚Ź

3.244.198 $

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via F. Tozzi, 5 路 Pontedera, Pisa 路 mob. +39 339 3958993 路

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