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December 2016

Monthly Newsletter of the Professional Women’s Association of Rome Celebrating our Silver Jubilee Anniversary

PWA is an international hub in the heart of Rome where ideas and values, tradition and innovation, diversity, culture and professionalism meet and intersect. On our journey into the future our travel companions are respect, ethics, and a sense of social responsibility. This year we celebrate our 25th Jubilee Anniversary.

The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings. Question #1: What was the most important act of solidarity you achieved in 2016? If you are desperately trying to think of a considerable money donation you made or the anti-human-trafficking manifestation you participated in, you're off track. I am talking about simple, every-day actions that promoted solidarity within your circle of family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. The core of solidarity is at valuing our fellow human beings and respecting who they are as individuals. Rather than criticizing, excluding and judging, a person armed with solidarity encourages, includes and gives positive, constructive feedback. Often it is not about WHAT we say or do, but also about HOW we do it. Instead of nagging at our husband for the way he made the bed (not as perfect as ours), we should thank him for doing it, and kindly show that little extra-touch that makes the spotless bed. Rather than scolding our child for the mistake he/she made on a math test, we should praise him for all the calculations he did correctly, and gently go through the problem he had difficulties with. Alternatively to pointing out the technical flaws in the presentation our colleagues gave, we should list the strong points and praise them for the eloquent way they spoke. We should accept that every individual is different and has unique tastes, habits and characteristics. In order to get along with the others it is not necessary to make them think or act the way we do, but rather appreciate the diversity and learn from it. Question #2: Could you do better in 2017? My personal answer is YES, I COULD. Even though I try to be positive and kind, especially with those I don't know that well, it happens frequently that I snap at my family and closest friends, trying to make them act or think like me, rather than accepting and appreciating the differencies. Luckily it is never too late to change. I would like to challenge you all to act out of solidarity and be encouraging, kind and empathetic. Hopefully we all will have a more positive annual report in December 2017. Happy Holidays,



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PWA C H R IS T M AS C L USTER Friday, December 16 at 20.00 hrs at Hotel Indigo St. George Via Giulia 62, Rome Vino bianco: Chardonnay, Casale del Giglio Polpettine di melanzane Vol-au-vent con mousse alle erbe e piselli Fiori di zucca in pastella Involtini di verdure Mouse di fagioli cannellino ed olio agli agrumi Zuppetta di lenticchie e castagne

Vino rosso: Shiraz, Casale del Giglio Acqua Minerale San Benedetto Acqua Effervescente Nepi Acqua Frizzante San Benedetto Soft Drink

Ravioli ripieni con zucca e salsa di funghi misti Tiramisù con panettone Mouse di gianduia e granella di nocciole Tagliata di frutta di stagione Tre tipologie di pane fatto in casa al pomodoro, alle patate, semi di papavero


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Secret Santa gift exchange Think about the meaning of giving by offering a modest gift that represents you, such as home-made fare, a book, a plant, or a piece of handicraft.

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It's time for some Solidarity by Lisa R Tucci - Founder, TestaAlta Quantum Learning Network - SuperCamp Art&Media Communications - Museums & Exhibition Services

December 10th is the Day that the United Nations honour Human Rights. It’s a great way to laser focus peoples’ attention on what we humans go about doing in our daily lives, and certainly should allow for some reflection, but more importantly, it is a call to all 192 countries for Action. What else can we be doing to improve the lives of others? Brexit, Burundi, Syria, the USA… It seems the more we’re connected, the more fragmented we seem to be. So, what can each of us do to take a stand and to have each other’s backs?

Posting your pet causes and tweet declarations may make you feel good, but truly it’s not taking action. So sign that petition, donate that money, or bring clothes over to the homeless. Repost and celebrate your victories, as your actions will certainly inspire more. A friend of mine posted his ‘annual’ Christmas get together with neighbors on Facebook. It got me thinking…how many of your neighbors do you really know? Strike up a conversation, borrow some butter, offer to take care of someone’s pet.


This holiday you wish to really give? Try Charity Gift Certificates - You send the card, the recipient chooses the charity!

Here in Italy, but anywhere round the world… don’t forget the earthquake victims. One couple here in Italy race over to danger zones to rescue perhaps the most vulnerable. But they can’t do it alone. You can find Sarah Topps on Facebook and all she does to help these frightened critters… Raising Funds To Feed The Displaced Pets of The Italian Earthquake.

How about striving to model the behaviour you wish to see in the world. Care to lend a hand, or… how about just lending an ear? Solidarity comes in all shapes and sizes. And... Be Yourself. My richest connections have been with so many of the street sellers or beggars in my neighborhood. You will find all of humanity in their smiles.

Looking for a wacky support group to celebrate your individuality? Try donning a red hat…

Finally, when you’ve had enough… well, then, you can always sit down with your besties and play Cards Against Humanity — and then go back to doing your best to leaving this world a better place than when we found it. That’s Solidarity.


Valentina Ferretti

The Go-Getter by Valerie Baxter, President

By VAlerie Baxter President


ou can get it if you really want - a song by Jimmy Cliff immediately sprang into my head upon concluding my interview with Valentina Ferretti. In this article we reveal a woman whose character is unconditionally optimistic: “if I want something to happen, it happens” she says, as she continues feeding her enthusiasm. How, you might ask. Valentina finds she obtains what she wants through the examples of others who’ve found a new way to get what they want, an alternative route to satisfaction. Her first example was her successful father, who founded his own business, synonymous


of earnestness and quality, and defined a compliment “You did no more than your duty”. Valentina’s parents formed the foundations of her outlook on life. For over 40 years, mum and dad, Ing. Renato and Mrs Ferretti together ran a 'niche innovation' — a family business based on robotics — specialised in automated seasoning of the most famous cheese in the world, Parmeggiano Reggiano! Although unique and highly successful, the generational passage of the company to Valentina and her sister, didn’t materialise. Valentina completed her studies at Bocconi University in Milan, graduating with a degree in Economics, and her sister married a Frenchman. Yet through her upbringing, R&D Innovation was already in Valentina’s blood, or should we say DNA?

Social innovation became part of Valentina’s objective when - although highly successful in her own right as Sales Manager for Expert Systems - she recently decided to take a look at start-ups in the field of social inclusion and sustainable development. She researched the New York based Brooklyn Grange business model of Rooftop Farms, with a desire to contribute to sustainable development through socially inclusive activity in derelict urban areas in N.Y. to restore green areas by making them rich in 0Km produce. Seeing the enormous business potential, not to mention the positive environmental impact, she contacted Brooklyn Grange with a view to exploring its expansion into Italy, but came up against a cryptic refusal. But Valentina is not one to take 'no' for an answer. Unthwarted, this brought her to discover Orti Alti — featured in We-Women for Expo 2015 and situated in Turin where a flat roof, transformed into a hanging garden, increases the value of the building by more than 15%. It also insulates it, reducing its energy consumption by 10-30%. Since September, driven by a will to change, to be part of a different, fresh environment, with the accent on going 'green' Valentina offers her skills as a pro-bono consultant to the realisation and marketing of rooftop gardens, creating awareness in corporate social responsibility. Not part of a personal dream, rather a professional dream, Valentina is convinced that her own sensibility and sense of responsibility can influence sustainable development. An unusual reason for coming to live in Rome dictated Valentina’s choice to be a part of Caput Mundi: her passion for sailing. She was already dabbling in agonistic regatas, so a friend in need of another 50kg in the form of a female crew member asked Valentina to complete a sailing crew off the shores of Rome. Her greatest satisfactions were thus drawn not only from the agitated, excited moments experienced by each

crew member, but also from the effects their synchronized movements 'as one' had on the keel of the craft, as they cut through the sea, or how they caught the wind as they trimmed the sails in a certain way. In essence Valentina judges her sailing experiences reassuring, just like the boat itself. This reassurance is also evoked by the smell of her mother’s silk scarves, as she relates to her childhood, rooted in Reggio Emilia, together with the memory of the colours of the vine leaves as their hues turned during autumn in the vineyard behind the house where she grew up. She defines this country energy as the origin of her enthusiasm. Deriving pleasure from change, just as leaves change their colour, she feels that change is possible just by having different experiences. She expresses her motto in «If you want to try, try». Following her passion, just as an initial weekend sport had unexpectedly motivated the move to her new home, Valentina’s curiosity took her a step further afield in her quest for new experiences… What else? PWA for Valentina was one of those trials. Just over a year ago, as a new member, she was attracted by the thought of meeting new people. As she tried out convivial moments in PWA, she discovered the environment to be intellectually stimulating. Uninterested in the professional perks, in search of another dimension, she found herself far more stimulated by personal relationships. She comments: «Every time I go to a PWA event, I keep an open mind, without expectations. Every time I come home with an unexpected added value.» Her choice to become part of the Board last autumn as Sponsorship director has certainly added value to PWA, demonstrating herself to be a valuable asset. Indeed I could paraphrase Valentina’s notion of not having expectations with «expect the unexpected» to sum up “the People We Are».


All's well that ends well

by Valerie Baxter, President


itting at home in my country environment, contemplating PWA’s achievements over these past months in preparation for my article, I was suddenly startled by a crash at my window. The Christmas garland I had painstakingly mounted round the window frame ready for adding decorations and lights had fallen unstuck from its supports. To my chagrin I had miscalculated the strength of the hooks for the weight of the garland! I hadn’t considered the effect that humidity would have on the adhesive. I had wasted money on products unsuitable for the task. I had wasted time on a losing strategy. The fundamentals just weren’t in place! PWA is a machine with a 25-year track record of women’s achievements. The measurement of its success as an association has always been its growth strategy and its leadership by consolidating achievement and changing what was obsolete or didn’t work. It then dawned on me that the fallen garland was a cryptic message: Build PWA on solid foundations! The machine will continue to work only if the chassis is strong. Looking back over the past three newsletters, where our strategy is explained and we highlight the People We Are, we’ve been working towards a more inclusive society. In September we outline the promise of resources for our members, and the launch of the ME2 Inclusion contest. In October we demonstrate the importance of education in order to emerge and succeed, where PWA’s mission is not only to empower and inspire women in the working world, but also to support and sustain women in order to fulfill those desires. In November we illustrate the examples of women’s leadership strategy in order to improve our society and reduce inequality. This final issue of 2016 is dedicated to solidarity. Given that PWA is an association dedicated to singleness of purpose, like-mindedness or community of interest, mutual support, cooperation, cohesion, team spirit - all synonymous of solidarity, I wish to speak of solidity, or rather firmness, strength in structure. Consequential to our fortified and more frequent relations with JCU and RBS, plus awareness created by ME2 Promoting Inclusion project, PWA is currently attracting young women like never before. Collaborative examples are the Strategic marketing project for PWA elaborated by students of John Cabot University


and the participation of PWA in the recent Rome Business School Italia Africa Business Forum. Uncertainty continues to rear its ugly head as world leaders seem unable to get a grip on solutions for an inclusive society. Gender imbalance is still an issue and equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion remain substantially empty promises. A conspicuous number of international students are now looking to our association for guidance and want to participate in PWA activity. Yet if we are to accommodate young people in PWA, we need to ensure that our association is strong enough to carry the burden of youth empowerment, forging their strength through our example. Our mentoring programs are geared to this end, Big Sister for personal growth and Carpe Diem for professional growth, but we need strong mentors among our members. We need more strong leaders on our board and team to help achieve what we’ve always promised: support the empowerment of women in the working environment. We need strong, committed members to be an example for young women to follow, willing to give a piece of themselves, why not through TIMEOUT Professional TimeBank, sacrificing a little of their time to exchange skills and competence among participants. If our structure is strong, our garland will not fall! As we look forward to some fun, celebrate our achievements during 2016, exchange gifts among friends, applaud our Winter Queen as she reaches the halfway mark together with others already eligible in the Woman of the Year Award, let’s make a new year resolution to fortify ourselves, ready for the challenges 2017 will bring. Let’s structure ourselves to be the driving force for all women who desire to improve themselves personally and professionally, especially the young, as yet inexperienced women of tomorrow. I thank each and every Board and Team member for the incredible dedication, unconditional support and unlimited value contributed to our association so far. On behalf of PWA I wish health, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment to you all. Let’s be proud of PWA and promote our association like never before. Let’s become stronger, not only in attitude and engagement, but also in number; because we’re worth it and because we can.

Happy New Year!

Diversity and Inclusion: the path is set

by Gaia Chirico

The aim of diversity and inclusion is letting someone different, in any aspect which makes him unique, be actively and effectively part of our society. The chance to exercise the right to work is the first step to achieve this goal. Indeed, diversity can bring many different skills in the professional field: above all a different point of view that can produce added value. Meanwhile, inclusion can create an environment in which involvement, respect, different backgrounds, and perspectives can help both employees and business growth. It can produce a different, and stimulating way of working between people that can also generate products, and services tailored for a large part of consumers, still left unconsidered in an appropriate way. In Italy a law exists, number 68/99, regarding companies’ obligation to hire people with disability, but unfortunately diversity and inclusion, with all their implications, and potential developments, are still not widely practiced, especially in the working environment. Nowadays, just a few companies apply real inclusive policies but something is starting to move forward, even if at snail pace. 5th October 2009 “La Carta per le Pari Opportunità e l’Uguaglianza” was launched and to date 700 companies, and local administrations already accept it. This is a declaration of intent signed voluntarily by companies, with the aim to spread throughout their environments a human resources diversity culture free of prejudice and discrimination, in order to enhance the value of talent in diversity. It should be helpful in changing points of view, and perceptions by thinking about diversity as an asset instead of a limit. Indeed, since 2007 DiversitaLavoro has been organizing the “Equal Opportunity Career Forum Day” which has the goal of encouraging access to the labour

market by disabled people, or foreign, or transgender, involving directly companies and institutions. Every year, two “Career Forum Day” are held; in Milan in May, and in Rome in November, in which attendees have the possibility to receive information, tips, advice, and orientation related to the working field. But above all, they have the chance to meet directly the human resources managers of important national and international companies that participate in the event. This slow but stable “behind the scenes” work is starting to produce some interesting achievements. Last September Enel was included in the list of the first 100 top companies in the new “Diversity and Inclusion Index” by Thomson Reuters. More than 5000 companies were screened regarding their diversity and inclusion performance policies, and the Index classifies the companies’ achievements through environmental, social and governance data. Information was collected by Thomson Reuters using annual reports, company web sites, stock market documents, reports on corporate responsibility, and press. The index measures the company’s performance in 24 categories, divided amongst 4 pillars: Diversity, People Development, Inclusion e New Controversies. Only the ones who obtain a score in all pillars receive a global mark, as the average of the scores of all areas: with a mark of 74,75, Enel gained the 25th position. Globally among the first 100 positions there are also other Italian companies: Intesa Sanpaolo, 28th position with a score of 74,5, Generali position 45th and scoring 73 and Snam, 69th position with a score of 71. This is an excellent result because it’s becoming clear to the major companies that dealing with diversity and inclusion is starting to be essential for a totality of reasons, including the fact that they gain ground not only in terms of productivity but also in improved image perception, especially among their customers. 11

Do solidarity and inclusion mean something in this talk of walls and exits all around the world?

by Cristiana Montani Natalucci It’s Christmas time again. Lights and brightness, reflected out of shops and in the streets, try to tell us we should be happy, while the rush to buy presents has started and people seem to have accepted the situation. In all this western Christmas madness, is there room for a simple question? Is it possible to show solidarity for other people who are not in our same social, political, and economic condition? Is there any way we can build a bridge towards someone different from ourselves? This is a tough moment for people in many parts of the world. It’s a difficult period for Europeans, risking to see the idea of Europe as a common space of deep inclusion and solidarity broken up; it’s the same for half the Americans who didn’t vote Donald Trump and that now are part of the “divided States of America”. They are the healthy part of America that doesn’t want walls but, instead, believes that the best ideas and achievements of every area rise from the cultural melting pot. Maybe, these times are harder for the British young generation, betrayed by their grandparents and maybe forced to remain on an island that perhaps will become farther and more isolated from everything. The world trend seems to go towards the philosophy of border to border. But, there is someone still willing to challenge the world by doing exactly the contrary. He is a young handsome man, full of energy and awareness. He is Justin Trudeau, the current Prime Minister of Canada who, a few days ago, welcomed 12 some Syrian refugees with a touched expression and face

full of humanity, crying and telling them: “welcome home to Canada!” Justin Trudeau, leader of the Canadian Liberal Party, is definitely and undoubtedly an enlightened Prime Minister, but he is also the best expression of the whole Canadian society that makes inclusion its political and cultural flag. Issues of equity, diversity and inclusion pack have become a case history in Canada. With an aging population and declining birth rates, Canada continues to rely on immigration for population and labour market growth. As a result, the population has and will continue to become more racially, ethnically, religiously, and linguistically diverse. The Canadian population has also been affected by societal changes, including the increased labour market participation of women, increased integration of persons with disabilities in society, increased social acceptance of, and openness from people who belong to the LGBTQ communities. There has been an increased understanding of and discussions about issues of social inequality, changes to the family structure, and intergenerational differences within five generations of Canadians now in the workforce. This process has generated an increasing awareness and acceptance of the concept of diversity among the population and employers who continue to face challenges related to understanding, responding to, and leveraging this diversity for organizational success. This is proof that only the best practice of inclusion and solidarity has the power to build innovative, interculturally effective and creative societies.

What will you create?

Rita G. Patel CPA, MPH, CWWPM Artist, Creativity Consultant and Coach Founder of Experiments in Beautiful Thinking™

magine that you have in your sight a vista such as a sunset that you find beautiful. You pause and take it in – even savor – the colors and their changing hues. As time passes the deepening in the color seems to draw you in further and you feel yourself unfurling...

for more beauty and you have your unique creative articulation that can bring it into being in a way only you can. And why is this important? Does it matter? Without question, yes! The rest of us do not have your constellation of abilities and need you. What you create in our world matters to all of us.

To be touched by beauty can awaken and lighten your heart and soul and bring you back to yourself. Beauty begets beauty. It can beckon you to bring something of beauty into the world. The power of beauty is that when you perceive it, you become enlivened and welcome it into your realm. It is the force that ignites your creativity. A life force. What you create - and you create daily, in every moment – is what shapes your world and of those connected to you and beyond if you can imagine. If each of us realize that we live in the created world that is in part of our own doing, would we participate - imagine and make visible - one that was inspired by the beautiful? Would that change our experience of ourselves, our situations, our environment...the choices we make, the conversations we have, the things we build, and the people we welcome?

I hear many people say that they are not creative and maybe you are one of them. The truth is each of us is creative (since even every thought you have is created by you). The idea of being creative is a matter of reframing it in our minds and practicing. Where to start? Begin by experiencing beauty. Allow your mind, spirit, and body to awaken and kindle your imagination. Let it speak to you and inspire you to bring forth the beautiful. It can be as simple but profound as creating a mood of kindness. Imagine what that impact that can have. The more you act from this place, you will find you are coming from a place of greater confidence. It becomes an endless resource of power that replenishes itself as you open your heart more and more. This is courage, leading from the heart and in turn leading you into wholeness with yourself, other beings, and the world. A solid ground to lead from no matter how uncomfortable or unknowable the situation.

I fear that we have relegated beauty as being trifling and superficial rather than being the core essence of who we are and can be. By acknowledging beauty's significance, we have the power to transform our world by changing the way we see and create it. The more you honor beauty – recognize its abundant presence – the more you honor yourself. This reverence inspires the desire

So, what will you create? Take this question as a wonderful prompt to approach the world. You are your best asset for contributing to the world. Deep down, we are all excited to experience the possibility that lies in you as you walk with beauty.


November Conference

The Powergame

Why did Hillary Clinton’s election campaign fail? What will happen in Europe and the world now that Trump is in power? These were but a few questions that Hon. Lia Quartapelle - member of the Italian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe - tackled in her extremely eloquent presentation, the Powergame, for the PWA audience last night. By sharing her deep knowledge of international politics and affairs in a clear and interesting manner, Hon. Quartapelle gave us a strong reminder of the fact that we live in an era of uncertainty and that globalization with all its annexes is no longer seen as a positive force, and not only in the U.S.

photos and story by Hanna Suni





4 1 Karima Hassa, November cover girl 2 Rosemary Aspinall, awarded for loyalty 3 Valentina Ferretti, PWA Sponsorship Director explaining sponsor advantages 4 Hon. Lia Quartapelle

Lady carabiniere securing our safety during the conference

December Di-vino ConneXion

Such a cozy and tasty evening featuring finger foods on mini-taglieri, good wines and festive, happy people. PWA offered the December ConneXion at Essenza in Trastevere and was delighted to host both new guests and dear members. Our sponsor for the evening was and they are also the in-kind donor for the Christmas Cluster Party. Our next ConneXion will be in February on Wedesday the 1st in the Ostiense area. Make sure to join us for another evening of networking and fun!


Christmas Tips in the Eternal City by Laura M. Rizzi

Christmas time in Italy officially starts on December 8th with the Immaculate Conception Feast. Certainly every Italian city is pleasant to visit during this period of the year, but Rome is unique, because it is a mix of very old traditions and faith, historical buildings and archaeological sites, lights and decorations, Christmas Trees and Presepi (crèches). Therefore I'd like to invite you to follow me in my personal itinerary to spend a day in the Eternal City. I would start from the shining lights of Via Vittorio Veneto. This year along the street of La Dolce Vita the hotels and historical places are looking like glittering gift packs; afterwards I would make a stop in Piazza di Spagna to admire the recently restored Spanish Steps and to have a 'real English cup of tea' at Babington’s, listening to some Christmas Carols.

Next, I would suggest taking some time to visit Basilica S. Maria del Popolo, the fascinating Renaissance church of the Roman people, built by Baccio Pontelli and Andrea Bregno in 1472-1477. The Basilica has many masterpieces of Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo, Andrea Bregno, Bramante and hosts two of Caravaggio’s paintings (the Crucifixion of St Peter and the Conversion of St Paul) so only the art lovers look for the very well-preserved chapels survived to “the Baroque restyling” by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the 17th century. In the Della Rovere or Nativity Chapel (the first one on the right aisle) — created for the powerful Della Rovere family — it is possible to admire at the main altar the superb Adoration of the Child with St Jerome painted between 1488 and 1490 by Bernardino di Betto, called il Pinturicchio.

A Christmas Market with local products and handmade gifts will be inaugurated on December 18th at Istituto San Giuseppe De Merode (via Aliberti 5) near the at Spanish Steps. The two euro entrance fee will be donated to support the victims of the recent earthquakes in Italy. Walking around the streets of fashion — Via Condotti, Via Frattina, Via Borgognona — we can find the posh luxury shops, but also some little stores with leather bags or vintage jewels and a flower stand with handmade decorations made with pine, mistletoe and poinsettia for a very special Christmas table. After a paper cone of 'caldarroste' (roasted chestnuts), originally a traditional winter street food, or, if you prefer something French, a few macarons at Maison Ladurée in Via Borgognona, I am leading you to Piazza del Popolo to visit an icon of a real Italian Christmas tradition, the temporary exhibition 100 Presepi at Sala del Bramante. The 41st Edition, included in the Official events of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, is entitled Craft Instrument of Peace. More than 100 crèches from all around the world, made with all types of materials, show that it is possible to express the same values in very different ways, also using simple and inexpensive materials.

Pinturicchio Chapel della Rovere, The Adoration of the Child 1488-90 Walking along Via del Corso, the ancient Roman Via Lata, brings us to the center of Piazza Venezia to see the main Christmas tree of the City. This year, the 20-meter-tall pine (abete), donated by Comune di Pinzolo-Madonna di Campiglio and community of Giudicarie, is the only one; in fact along Via dei Fori Imperiali there isn’t one Christmas tree in front of the Coliseum. The main Christmas tree is decorated with elegant but very simple lights and was inaugurated officially in the presence of the new major Virginia Raggi and a group of children.

Christmas tree at Piazza Venezia 2016


Rome is the city of museums and picture galleries, but probably very few of you know that there is a museum dedicated only to nativity scenes; the International Museum of Nativity 'A. Stefanucci', located in Via Tor de’ Conti, 23 at Rione Monti. It is open every month of the year thanks to volunteers.

It was created in 1967 by Angelo Stefanucci — founder of the Associazione Italiana Amici dei Presepi — and it is hosted in a vast underground space nearby St. Quirico and Giulitta Church. At this level it is possible to see traces of the frescos of the paleocristian apse of the old church (6th -7th Century A.D.) and an extraordinary collection of more than 1000 cribs. There are traditional and modern ones, big or minuature ones; they are made with a variety of materials (wood, shells, paper, terracotta, glass, metal, bread, silver etc.) and techniques and they originate from different Italian regions (from Trentino Alto Adige to Sicily), but also from foreign countries like Poland, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Holy Land and India. They are fantastic and you can find some true antique Neapolitan masterpieces created by nativity scene’s artists, but also small ones made by nuns or by passionates of crèches. Even in modern times the Nativity scene maintains its importance as an expression of popular devotion and essence of Christmas traditions.

Presepio in madreperla dalla Terra Santa

Presepi in terracotta e ceramica naturale opera di Lino Agnini (Nove –VI)

Interno Museo

Presepio realizzato con centinaia di microscopiche conchiglie (dalla Sicilia XVIII sec.)


women and words

poem Elvira La Rocca painting Rosanna Chiani

Fata o strega che conosci gli incantesimi afferra il suo cuore perchĂŠ batta all'unisono col mio... regalami il suo sorriso perchĂŠ illumini i miei giorni e riscaldi le mie notti. Avvinghia la sua anima alla mia perchĂŠ librino leggere in un unico respiro. Tu che spargi nel giardino degli incanti quel seme che germoglia e spande Amore riportami quel sogno ormai perduto mentre gli occhi si preparano all'oblio e il silenzio pervade ogni pensiero.


Italia-Africa Business Forum at

PWA was delighted to participate at the Italia-Africa Business Forum organized by the Rome Business School on December 2nd. President Valerie Baxter gave a presentation on Demolishing Cultural Barriers for Reaching Effective Leadership. She was supported by Vice President Michela Lazzè and PR Director Marta Schneider.


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PARTICIPATE IN THE INCLUSION CONTEST CREATE AN INCLUSION AWARENESS PROJECT/EVENT DESCRIPTION (700 words) to FINALISTS JUDGED BY JURY 1st place b ­ est project/event manufacturable by PWA (Special projects) 2nd place b ­ est project/event idea deemed feasible by Thinktank PRIZES I Free membership/friendship PWA 2017/18 Event or project will be realised and publicised by PWA II Free invitation PWA to Jubilee Party June 2017 Who may apply: male/female PWA members/non­members, students aged 18 and over Submissions Deadline: 31st December 2016 Keywords: Gender equality, Equal opportunity, Equality, workplace diversity, social inclusion.


JCU Strategic Marketing class works on PWA marketing

PWA and JCU have a partnership that lasts since 2009. During the summer, the Institute for Entrepreneurship had a call for projects for their marketing students to work on and PWA promptly replied. A group of six Strategic Marketing class students worked on a strategy for PWA and presented the results on Tuesday, November 29th at the presence of Valerie Baxter and Hanna Suni. Some of the most interesting proposals were: Instragram contest during events, promotional video for website and social media and a partnership with LUISS University. PWA would like to thank Prof. Alessandro Signorini and the students, Kate, Nilou, Nicole, Allegra, Ntsako and Michael, for their hard work and precious advice.

La John Cabot University di Roma presenta i MASTER 2017 “MANAGEMENT DELLE IMPRESE IN AMBITO INTERNAZIONALE” “MARKETING DELLE ORGANIZZAZIONI PUBBLICHE E PRIVATE E STRATEGIA DIGITALE” “MANAGEMENT STRATEGICO DELLE RISORSE UMANE E ORGANIZZAZIONE AZIENDALE” “BUSINESS FINANCE” “GESTIONE E DIGITALIZZAZIONE DEL PATRIMONIO CULTURALE” Il costo del master è pari a 10.000 euro. Sono previste agevolazioni economiche messe a disposizione dall’ateneo. Tutti i percorsi prevedono lezioni frontali, casi aziendali, project work, e stage in una delle 400 aziende/organizzazioni partner. L’esperienza di stage potrà iniziare già durante il percorso di studi per permettere l’applicazione pratica dei concetti appresi in aula. I master si svolgono in un contesto internazionale e per ogni percorso è previsto un modulo integrato di Business English e altre 70 ore complessive di Inglese (grammatica e conversazione). La faculty è composta da docenti e professionisti, tutti provenienti dal mondo del lavoro.I posti per la partecipazione ai master sono limitati. E’ previsto uno sconto del 10 % per i membri di PWA ed i loro familiari. Per informazioni consultare il SITO o contattare: Prof.ssa Antonella Salvatore - 06/68191219/267− Dott.ssa Maria Vittoria Biseo - 06/45477657 − Dott. Fabio Scognamiglio - 335/6059901 −


GROW AND LEARN PWA MENTORING PROGRAMS PWA aims to accelerate the advancement of women in all professions, facilitate mentoring, and enhance our leadership role in the community. The PWA Mentoring Programs provide highly motivated individuals with tools for personal development, their careers and leadership abilities. Through guided activities and formal mentoring partnerships, it strengthens and expands our network of women. • by encouraging women to help each other through structured one-on-one mentoring so we can all succeed. • provides an opportunity for participants to learn and share through guided activities which develop practical, goal-oriented career and leadership skills. If you are a PWA member pursuing a professional career and are willing to make the commitment, you are encouraged to apply. Please note that this program is not in any way connected with job placement. As a mentee, you will have an opportunity to: • Learn how to establish and maintain professional mentoring partnerships. • Explore career options and possible paths toward your career goals. • Set goals and develop a plan to take the next steps in your advancement. • Receive useful guidance and honest feedback from an advisor who has “been there, done that.” • Make a networking connection with someone farther along on their career path. • Learn practical skills that can be put to use right away in advancing your career. By mentoring another woman, you will have an opportunity to: • Pass along the mentoring and support you received, or become the mentor you wish you had. • Share enthusiasm for your own career, and catch enthusiasm from another. • Gain perspective on how far you have progressed, and reinforce your competency and expertise. • Develop as a leader and learn by teaching others. • Help another woman to avoid mistakes, persevere through difficulties, and reach important goals. • Build a mutually beneficial relationship with someone who may be able to help you in the future. • Enjoy the success of others, knowing you contributed to making it happen. LEADERSHIP Every team member contributes to the success of an objective. When you are adept at teamwork in both support and leadership roles, you will more easily advance to better jobs and executive positions.


By improving your skills as a team player and leader you will: • Enjoy fun activities and share your enthusiasm for growth with others. • Learn to effectively contribute to the success of a team. • Learn to lead, motivate and organize individuals and teams. • Develop career skills in event planning, public speaking, and written presentations. • Gain self-confidence as a leader in business. • Build and strengthen your professional network. • Contribute to increasing the presence of women in the professional community. PROGRAM OUTLINE & TIMETABLE Apply by January 7th — begin with Mentoring Session A Apply by July 31st — begin with Mentoring Session B Mentoring Session A: January 15th – Jun 30th Mentoring Session B: September 15th – November 30th APPLICATION & PARTICIPATION CRITERIA • PWA Membership: You must maintain membership to the PWA throughout participation in the program, and have started or be planning a professional career. If you are not currently a PWA member, please join right away. Contact our Membership director at or see our website for details. • Registration Fee: New participants accepted into the program pay a one-time Registration fee of €25 (mentors excluded). Participation Fees: BIG SISTER €20 monthly (9 months) or €162 in advance (10% discount) Participation Fees: CARPE DIEM €40 monthly (9 months) or €324 in advance (10% discount) • Email Access: You will need regular (at least once per week) email access to communicate with the PWA Mentoring Coordination Team and your mentoring partners. • Internet Access: You will need regular internet access to interact with the PWA mentoring program. You may need to view or print the program materials in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. • Commitment to Mentoring, Career Development, and Leadership Activities: It takes time and effort to build mentoring partnerships and learn new skills. During the two Mentoring Sessions of your Choice (BIG SISTER or CARPE DIEM), we require a minimum of two communications per month, via email, Skype or telephone, with your mentoring partner. • Confidentiality: All parties are asked to respect sensitive personal information shared by mentoring partners. • Commitment to the entire program: It will take you 9 months to complete the PWA mentoring program and graduate. You are expected to commit to the entire program without interruption. At end of program term (December) you will receive recognition of your mentoring journey achievement.

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The perfect Christmas gift The story of a bully...who discovers empathy thru a little magic.

by Michele M Tucci and Hanna Suni edited by Lisa R Tucci


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We would like to welcome Paola Fiorentino and Anastasiya Gorshkova as members who have recently joined our Association. PWA is a place that grows with each member, therefore we are looking forward to enjoying PWA together with you! Make sure to take advantage of all that PWA has to offer, from our monthly events to scholarships and Expert Resources, from the Mentoring programs to TimeOut Professional TimeBank. If you’d like to join, visit our website and contact .

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