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February 2019

Monthly Newsletter of the Professional Women’s Association of Rome

Sabina Santovetti THE NURTURER

PWA is an international hub in the heart of Rome where ideas and values, tradition and innovation, diversity, culture and professionalism meet and intersect. On our journey into the future our travel companions are respect, ethics, and a sense of social responsibility.

Dear Members and Friends, According to the Future of Jobs Report 2018 by World Economic Forum, one of the advantages of artificial intelligence is that it will be able to improve the quality of work being done by humans. Necessarily the better jobs will mean the up-scaling of skills to keep abreast of the disruptive changes in the workforce and become prepared for emerging roles. Throughout the year PWA has brought a few insights through its conferences creating awareness of how these changes will affect women. We are happy to report that conference attendance has increased on average by 35% over last year, whilst renewing members have increased by 10%. PWA is not result driven, rather we share our values and thanks to this approach, we are certainly making a difference as our reputation grows in Rome and beyond... The quota of women on boards has notched up an increase of 3% globally in 3 years according to the latest analysis by Deloitte. PWA prides itself on the training of women on our own board to aim higher in leadership performance. Success stories in board members’ careers over the past four years are testimonials to this effect. Our Board elections will be held in May, and we appeal to members to candidate themselves for open positions for the period July 2019 June 2020. If you feel up to the challenge, and would like to leave your imprint in PWA, we welcome your application. There’s plenty more in store over the coming months, so we urge you to stay tuned and tell your friends about PWA. Be a part of it!

Valentina Ferretti President


Hanna Suni editor and layout designer www.hamedesign.com marketing@pwarome.org

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Artificial Intelligence and Women Member Spotlight: Sabina Santovetti — The Nurturer Artificial Intelligence vs. Green Intelligence Some Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

14 January Conference photo recap 16 Welcome New PWA Members

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PWA February Conference

20 February at 19.30 at Grand Hotel Palace

Artificial Intelligence: Staying employable The conference aims at exploring and analyzing the hype which is around the so called “4th industrial revolution� which in the following years will supposedly disrupt the labour market and require new mindsets, skills and attitudes. A few reasons that make AI more difficult than other technologies to be integrated into companies processes and organizations will be discussed, together with the main questions that it raises and changes that it requires. Recent trends and scenarios will be presented together with a business case on how the introduction of the first Artificial Intelligence solutions in TIM is already shifting HR’s mindset and approach to skills and jobs.

About Our Speakers Ida Sirolli and Marina Geymonat Ida Sirolli has worked for over 20 years in the Human Resources Department of large companies managing programs related to People & Talent Development, Training, Knowledge Management, Recruiting, Employer Branding, Internal Communication. She has designed, launched and managed a Corporate University and managed many groups guiding them through change. Currently she is Learning & Development Director in TIM, has a degree in Organizational Psychology and is a certified business coach. Marina Geymonat, now leading the TIM Center of Excellence on Artificial Intelligence, has been working in various areas of the TIM Innovation department since 1994. Over the past 10 years she has been working on semantic analysis, complex data visualization, Big Data solutions and lately she has been able to concentrate entirely on Artificial Intelligence applications in the telecommunications business. Currently she is part of the national group of experts who work alongside the Ministry of Economic Development in the definition of an Italian strategy on artificial intelligence.

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Listen to an anthropologist, Emma Aiken-Kl (VP, Global Human Insights), talk about the importance of the user experience behind the digital development

AI Is the Future — But Where Are the Women? For all their differences, big tech companies agree on where we’re heading: into a future dominated by smart machines. Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple all say that every aspect of our lives will soon be transformed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, through innovations such as self-driving cars and facial recognition. Yet the people whose work underpins that vision don’t much resemble the society their inventions are supposed to transform. WIRED worked with Montreal startup Element AI to estimate the diversity of leading machine learning researchers, and found that only 12 percent were women.


our role as antholo is to unearth the b contexts that shap human experience

AI è l’acronimo più affascinante e al tempo

stesso inquietante dell’ultimo anno. Ma che cosa è davvero l’Artificial Intelligence, l’Intelligenza Artificiale? Qual è la sua storia, quali le sue caratteristiche e le tecnologie che rientrano in questa definizione?

Haraway’s ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’ is a key postmodern text and is widely taught

in many disciplines as one of the first texts to embrace technology from a leftist and feminist perspective using the metaphor of the cyborg to champion socialist, postmodern, and anti-identitarian politics. Until Haraway’s work, few feminists had turned to theorizing science and technology and thus her work quite literally changed the terms of the debate. You can also find the text in PDF format for free.


18 inspiring women who lead the field in AI, Analytics, Big Data, Data science, and Machine Learning areas


ogists broader pe the e Women in AI (WAI) is a nonprofit working towards genderinclusive AI that benefits global society. Their mission is to increase female representation and participation in AI. It is a community-driven initiative bringing empowerment, knowledge and active collaboration via education, research, events and blogging. 7

Sabina Santovetti THE NURTURER By Valerie Baxter Newsletter Consultant


ften we hear the phrase “what I do is not who I am”. This is definitely not the case of Roman born Sabina Santovetti, sustainable architect and designer. Compliant with her mum’s wishes to frequent international schools and universities by studying at St. George’s International school in Rome and being sent to the U.S. to graduate, Sabina drew the line when it came to deciding her career. Far from the traditional openings available to women in diplomacy, teaching, and languages, Sabina went against her father’s wishes to follow his profession as an architect. Unlike today, there were many multinationals in Italy as she grew up. She recalls shopping at the FAO and U.S. Embassy supermarkets where she could buy products and live in Rome as a “foreigner”: But 8

her disadvantages came early when obliged to re-sit her English diploma at that time unrecognized by the Italian educational system. Suffice it to say that her parents facilitated Sabina’s younger brother by sending him through the Italian schooling system! Impressive (to put it mildly) is Sabina’s educational experience which not only contributed to her choices as an architect, but also framed her personality. She holds a doctorate in Education from Paris University the Sorbonne in Art history and Architecture plus a degree from Rome University in Letters & Philosophy, and Art history. For good measure, at the Pratt Institute she obtained a Master in industrial and product design, plus a Master of Architecture at Washington University. Abroad she had no pressure from society to become who she wanted to be.

At the age of 15/16 Sabina was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s book “A Room of One’s Own” to appreciate the privileges she’d had in order to express her own potential - her education and her independence to create her own space. Despite being a qualified teacher of industrial design at the famous IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) of Milan, Sabina discovered early in her career as an architect that she had stepped into a man’s world. As a woman, although commissioned to complete renovation projects, interior decorating, she found resistance from clients to afford her the building contracts she dreamed of after so much study. To prove herself capable of offering the finished product consequent to drawings and gain the trust of her clients, she had to become a builder herself - onsite from dawn to dusk working with her employees. Her satisfaction came from the respect of her workers for her hands on approach and the practical knowledge only a builder would have. Sabina’s favourite colour is red: the emotionally intense colour of energy, strength, fire, power and passion. Obviously not a colour for the weak at heart. Sabina learnt from her father the principles of a re-use, recycle modus operandi, throwing nothing away. Her choices of sustainability stem from women’s natural tendency to care about what’s happening around them, to be nurturers. “Nature has a closed cycle” she says as she reminds us that Italy has agricultural ethics in re-use rather than the ‘consume and abandon’ theory of industrialization. More tools of sustainability were gained by Sabina at the age of 42, and those technical studies for her were the best years of her life. Her advice: “get a degree in your 40s for personal culture. Commit to yourself and gain a luxury consciousness of reality, freeing yourself from its restrictions”. Her biggest accomplishment was not a particular project, but rather to find herself. “You are what you want to be” she retains as she feels that there is space for anything and that women can teach each other to be themselves. The macho or narcissistic approach is not felt among American architects. So in Italy it’s time to break away from the norm by embracing the nurturing factor latent in women. The immense pressure of teaching whilst studying reminds Sabina that she never slept at university. Reminiscences include a series of conferences on

sustainability in New Zealand. A fun course in ecorestructuring in Italy brought her even closer to her icons: Renzo Piano, Carlo Scarpa and Lina Bo Bardi. Renzo Piano: for his conceptual ability to start by showing you where you are, creating his masterpieces to become a reflection of who you are. Carlo Scarpa: an amazing, enigmatic architect of the 20th Century underappreciated by Italy during his lifetime. Lina Bo Bardi: an Italian “communist” hero designer who moved to Brazil and created her masterpiece, the Art Museum of San Paolo. Sabina took her creativity in sustainability a step further when asked to organize a private event for over a thousand people which takes place once every 10 years. She is happy to report that the effect was stunning! Another achievement she is particularly proud of is the redesign of a 17th Century convent which was transformed into a hostel “EcOstello Magliano Sabina”(in the picture above) using recycled materials and connected to courses for water reuse with the help of the community. She plans to return to New Zealand in September for a lecture trip which will include both artistic and architectural projects. She feels that our artistic side is often undervalued; drawing and painting pastimes are left unmentioned, hence we should experiment in many fields to remain open-minded. A few years ago, Sabina’s first approach to PWA via Carol Bourg (a past president) was originally intended to boost her client base. Surprisingly, she was so busy working, her schedule didn’t fit the timing of events and her appearances in PWA were few and far between. Now, she’s back and likes what she sees. Even from the countryside Sabina enjoys making the effort to come and meet people, exchange views and appreciates the quality environment. She hopes to meet more international people in future. I never cease to be amazed by the diversity within PWA, how members of such different nationalities and backgrounds come together through the common objective of networking to share their experiences and put their skills on the table for the benefit of others. 9

Artificial intelligence vs. Green intelligence By Valerie Baxter Newsletter Consultant

Artificial intelligence, like the best scientific breakthroughs, is a product of powerful imagination and the capacity to look at the world from an unedited point of view and an unconditioned perspective. Awesome! To quote the American vernacular. At the beginning of my career in the prestigious “City” (London) I was fortunate enough to become a young manager, assisted by a secretary to whom I could delegate a lot, including the obvious chore - typing. When I moved to Rome, every job I applied for needed typing skills which I lacked. I considered myself fortunate again, when I finally landed a job as a PA to the business owner thanks to my managerial experience and language skills, I was told I could learn to type on the job. I dreamt about voice recognition word processors for years after!


Here I am, forty years later, battling with T9 and automatic translation as my “Smartphone” interprets what I’m trying to say on WhatsApp by substituting my words for nonsensical gibberish and I have to go back to edit everything before sending. It’s even more frustrating when on “ok Google” your phone doesn’t recognise your voice, or maybe your pronunciation is not perfect: mutatis mutandis. Who knows what voice recognition on my Smart TV would have done for me as I can’t seem to fathom the automated vocal commands. But there is still hope as car navigators use voice recognition to help you find your way round the confusing signposts or absence of, mapping your route. Great if you have four eyes, your own sense of orientation and don’t need reading

glasses… problematic if one way streets were changed overnight, or you miss your exit on the roundabout! In London, with a complex and advanced system of public transport, I had never felt the need to learn how to drive. When the Docklands Light Railway came into being, initially the driverless trains were a bit unnerving, but I felt I was stepping into the future. Fears of job losses were surging to mind, as drivers transformed into door operators. But the social benefits were huge: no night shifts, more frequent schedules, and the disappearance of drivers’ strikes which crippled the economy! In Rome, I was obliged to learn to drive, scared out of my wits of traffic, getting lost, frequent accidents, not to mention the foul language from male drivers on whyever women were allowed to get a drivers’ license! My dream rapidly changed to automated cars! Driving stress led me to let my driving license expire as my career advanced, and I employed a driver so I could make more money (applying the Pareto principle). Unfortunately too late for me, now automated cars are a reality and car insurance costs less, but I have no license, still employ a driver, and pay the class 14 insurance premium. With more time to observe human behaviour, now I’m wondering about pattern and facial recognition, when applied to crime and terrorism as millions of CCTV cameras populate the globe. Our movements are already tracked from one ATM to another. My favourite detective programme “Elementary” (the modern Sherlock Holmes) sometimes features the skills of a forensic accountant. Uncannily, the TV series is partially sponsored by Microsoft. How soon will it be, before an expensive holiday to the other side of the Atlantic arouses enough suspicion to merit the application of artificial intelligence in forensic accounting to our tax return? I was once interrogated by the Finance police (Guardia di Finanza) because my tax return included an unusually incredible amount on healthcare one year. The fact that I’d had two expensive operations in private clinics in one year made me a tax evader! A case of guilty until proven innocent.

Now I live in the country, far from CCTV, noise and traffic, and after a lifetime of waiting for artificial intelligence to solve my problems, a number of recent fastidious telecommunication experiences not involving humans have prompted me to consider the possibilities of plant intelligence. Do plants communicate amongst themselves? Are they able to solve problems? Alas, Charles Darwin and his son Frances, despite their lifelong research into botany are not famous for their work on plants. The Nobel prize wasn’t awarded to them as botanists. We still know relatively little about the world of plants. Yet, recent psychological studies carried out in top scientific institutions show that green vegetation positively influences children’s capacity of attention. It increases student and job concentration as it also influences earlier recovery from surgery, has a relaxing effect on long space missions. Green belts reduce suicides and violent crimes. More importantly, plants are at the basis of pharmaceutical research worldwide. I am a keen gardener and love to experiment. In secret, I talk to my plants. Maybe not everyone is aware that plants have a personality, adopt survival strategies, and better exploit resources of energy. They possess memory, awareness of gravity and the capacity to learn. The plant world constitutes 99% of our planet. In our quest for ecological solutions, we are only just realising that whilst vegetation can survive without primates, we cannot survive without vegetation. We do know already that artificial intelligence can come to the aid of sustainability. I am but at the very beginning of my research into a brave new dimension, and I’m already fascinated. I ask myself, if plants can positively affect my brain, my mood, my health and well-being, surely plant intelligence merits a little more consideration?


Some thoughts on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE By Sabine Schuh Programming Director

The AI is incredible powerful, fast and efficient and WE HUMANS CAN NEVER EVER COMPETE WITH THEM. Therefore, our job is to teach AI well and to concentrate on what is our part of the deal, which is to be humans and to bring out the best qualities and gifts in us for all of us, basically all those things WERE AI CANNOT COMPETE WITH US! The technological revolution is a huge challenge for all of us and it will affect us on a lot of different levels, some of which we can’t even imagine now. It will bring a lot of benefits, but along the way human beings will face an enormous amount of changes and physical, mental, emotional and energetical stress. Where ever I look around, I see people discussing what is possible with AI or how to develop or implement it, but I do not see much taking care of the humans and their challenges. So far I have not seen many professionals showing up to start working on supporting people with their fear, anger, frustration and whatever else will come up around AI, but I am very sure it will come up and we need support! Whether we like it or not and whether we will do something about it in time or not… it will come up. People are naturally afraid of change… and of death, which is the ultimate UNKNOWN, which includes also the “death of the ego”! Who will we be, when AI takes over, being so much smarter, faster and more powerful than we can ever be? What will happen to our selfesteem, to our values, to our future? For some people these questions will not only shake their world and believes profoundly, but also their definitions of themselves and for a lot of them the new scenarios will have concrete consequences as well. Jobs and careers will end, and people will be forced to reinvent themselves completely, whether they will like it or not!


AI is an unknown of a different kind. It will be much more disruptive than the

internet was and if we are not addressing this now, we will hit a wall sooner or later. Maybe in a year or 3, 5 or 10, but we will hit that wall and then people will say “Why didn’t we think about this before and protected us from the consequences when we still had time and means?” It will be like the invention of plastic. Everyone will play around with it as if there was nothing to worry about, till one day we wake up to islands of plastic in the ocean and with everyone complaining about the irreversibility of the process. Nowadays everyone is fascinated by the technology and people are dreaming away about the new possibilities, while they completely forget to take care of the generations that must deal with the changes, consequences and the chaos that will be involved! In my work as a Life & Business Designer I deal every day with the unconscious dynamics of people and their unwanted consequences. Good news is that the subconscious can be reprogrammed and put to our service, which has a positive influence on people’s behaviour and in the long run also on their wellbeing and happiness. Yes, I am worried, but I am also a very positive person and from my experience in working with the quantum field I know that there is much more to this than what meets the eye. We have huge resources many people can’t even imagine, and it is time to start using them! I love people and I love transformation for the benefit it offers, and I am questioning myself how I can contribute and do my part so that we do not hit that wall without being prepared? There are some concrete ideas on processes and settings that could be useful, but it is something where a whole society needs to act on, not just a single person… So how about you? What can you contribute and with what can we come up together to make a leap? Looking forward hearing from you.

PWA January Conference: Space for Women Dr. Susanne Mecklenburg, a Satelite Mission Manager of the European Space Agency, did take us to a journey to the moon and back. After explaining the mission of the ESA and the process of creating a project and building the necessary satellite for it, she did illustrate various missions and showed us how the measurements from space can help to predict, influence and improve our life on earth. She also gave examples throughout time of powerful women in science who did and still contribute in a very important way. Susanne ended her speech with an interview with Asia Bulgarini who is a master student in Astrophysics who gave us some outlook to the future of women in science.

text Sabine Schuh, Programming Director photos Gerlie Saura, PR Director


My name is Carola Chiarlitti and I was born in Rome, where I currently live and work. I graduated in Law at LUISS Guido Carli. I work as a Trainee Lawyer in the International Litigation Department of BonelliErede where I deal with commercial cross-border disputes and corporate restructuring. I am passionate about the topic of education and mentoring as a tool for people’s empowerment. I daily strive to resemble the words I say and I try to have a good laugh at myself as often as possible. I crave for ideas’ sharing, so I encourage you to pop-up to tell me about the world as you see it.


Hi my name is Lorelay Croce. I am a results driven, self-motivated and resourceful leader, with over 17 years of invaluable experience in managing projects, resources and staff in an effective and efficient manner that have resulted in a track record of successfully directing the execution of tactical operating plans. In the past I have worked with some of the world’s most respected and recognizable brands such as Telecom Italia, Apple and Sixt among others. Currently I am HR business Partner at Nobel Captain OÜ (Head Hunting, EU Startup Services, Team Building & Sailing, Sales Management Training, Corporate Mergers Events, Management Consulting, Funding & Calls for Tender, Public Procurement Contracts)"

Hi, I'm Lifang Dong known as Anna. I'm an international business lawyer with Chinese origin with academic and professional experiences in Italy, U.K. and China. In 2010 I founded Dong & Partners G roup, who provides legal, tax and strategic advisory to Asian businesses investing in Europe, as well as European businesses investing in Asia and other foreign markets. We also offer investor Search for M&A projects and business matching for products and services, the organization of institutional and business delegations as well as seminar, conference and workshop for public entities, entrepreneurs and professionals. I would like to thank PWA's Board and members for the warm welcome to me as guest speaker last November 21, 2018 on One Belt One Road and Made in China 2025. I'm hounoured to join PWA and hope to connect with you soon also through my personal social media: linkedin, facebook, twitter, instagram, we chat's accounts as Anna Lifang Dong. Stay in touch also via email: lifang@dongpartners.com. For more information about me, please check my linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ annalifangdong/ For the recent Moneygram Award 2018, selected as the "Best Foreign Entrepreneur for Innovation Category in Italy", please see http://www.xinhuanet.com/ english/2018-06/03/c_137227404. htm

PWA continues to attract both women and men with its vibrant activities. Since September 2018, many women and men have joined the association and it is our pleasure to present 5 of them as they tell their personal story in their own words.

Hi, my name is Carlotta Sertori. Back to Italy after 8 years in Azerbaijan and Japan, I took my experiences as an expat to heart. My new challenge? Welcome and guide people during the delicate stage of moving and adapting to the Eternal city. Further info on www. rhomerelocation.com . You can find me at: carlotta@ rhomereocation.it or on FB: @rhomerelocation

Hi, I'm Fiona Talbot Originally from the UK, I’ve been based in Rome since 2003 where I divide my time between delivering virtual and face-to-face training sessions in leadership and management skills and coaching both corporate and private clients. I love helping people discover their innate talents and learn new skills to improve their confidence and personal effectiveness so do get in touch via my website www. fionatalbot.com or connect with me on LinkedIn if you’d like to learn more.

IWD Cultural ConneXion at PALAZZO MERULANA Friday March 8, 2019 at 18.30-20.00

MEETING POINT Palazzo Merulana, via Merulana 121, Rome at 18.10 After more than 50 years Palazzo Merulana, completely restored, reopened to the public for his second life to host the collection Cerasi. Elena and Claudio Cerasi in fact paid completely the refurbishing of the building and donated 90 works, part of their collection of paintings, busts and statues of modern and conteporary art. We will admire the works made by great artists like Balla, Cambellotti, de Chirico, Donghi, Capagrossi, Casorati, Pirandello-but we will focus our attention on the masterpieces of Antonietta Raphael Mafai, the artist most represented in the gallery , member of the so called “Scuola Romana” and famous for her impressive statues.

Members 15 / Guests 17 euro, includes reservation, ticket, guided tour and headset Sign up through website http://www.pwarome.org/events/iwd-pwa-cultural-connexion/

Footloose URBAN Trekking event at riserva di monte mario

Sunday May 12, 2019 at 10-13

MEETING POINT c/o Bar Mini Garden, Via Colli Farnesina, 32 Recommended equipment: trekking or sports shoes, hiking poles, water Level: easy, scenery – CAI trekking path 7/8 km, 3 hours approx. Participation fee: 15 euro (includes tour guide, logistical and technical support with Land Rover Defender 110 (7 seats) and Subscription card to CRF 2019) 25 euro lunch optional lunch at the end of the trekking Sign up through FORM e money wire to CRF Sign up either at PWA February and March conferences (by filling out the form and paying in advance) or through filling out the FORM sending it and e money wire directly to Club Fuoristrada Romana IBAN IT69Y0335901600100000143339 by April 12th, 2019

INFORMATION (in Italian) IN VIRIDI VITA TREKKING by Club Romano Fuoristrada Massimo 333 7587553 Monica 339 6617074 www.clubromanofuoristrada.it info@clubromanofuoristrada.it

PWA Year 2018/19 Event program

conneXions Fri 8 March

visit to Palazzo Merulana with Laura Rizzi


Wed 3 April

aperitif at the terrace of Donna Camilla

Sun 12 May

Urban Trekking at Monte Mario (see adjacent page)

20 March 17 April 22 May

special events June - Summer Party

Check out www.pwarome.org


If you would like to spend some nice holidays in Cilento please visit our website: www.benvenutialmare.com and contact us at 333-2318833 or benvenutialmare@gmail.com. For PWA members a discount of 10% on booked holidays for May and June and 5% for July and August MY PHILOSOPHY

Villa Valeria is my story, the story of my parents, my daughter, my husband and my friends. Stories of boat trips... every summer, cheered by the warm sun and crystal clear sea. Valeria Parisi

Membership news New Members Welcome!

We would like to welcome Isabella Claire ADRIANI , Cristina ALVAREZ SANCHEZ, Carola Chiarlitti, Lifang Dong, Martina Ecker, Ilaria Giordano, Raffaella Granone, Morgana Mastrocinque, Paola Santoro as members who have recently joined our Association. PWA is a place that grows with each member, therefore we are looking forward to enjoying PWA together with you! Make sure to take advantage of all that PWA has to offer, from our monthly events to scholarships and Expert Resources, from the Mentoring programs to TimeOut Professional TimeBank. If you’d like to join, visit our website and contact MembershipDirector@pwarome.org .



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