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With this guide we hope you can learn a little more about the city of Rio de Janeiro and that we can assist you during your stay, providing useful information for you to be increasingly integrated with the day-to-day of the city and the company. Remember that we are available to assist you with questions and information, so do not hesitate to contact us whenever necessary. GlaxoSmithKline is pleased to welcome you and counts on your support to continue to improve the quality of life by enabling people to do more, live longer and feel better.

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is one of the leaders among the pharmaceutical research companies, with a powerful combination of skills and resources that provides a basis for strong growth in the rapidly changing environment we live in today. GSK's mission is to improve the life quality of people, so they can do more, live longer and feel better. Headquartered in UK and with an operations office in the United States, the company is a leader in the industry, sharing approximately 7% of the global pharmaceutical market. GSK is also a leader in four major therapeutic areas: anti-infective, central nervous system (CNS), respiratory and gastro-metabolic. Besides these, it is a leader in the important area of vaccines and has a growing portfolio of oncology products. The company also has a Consumer Healthcare area (CH), whose portfolio covers over-the-counter (OTC) – products that do not require prescription - in addition to products for oral care and nutritional drinks, many of them market leaders. GSK has over 100,000 employees worldwide. Of these, more than 40,000 are in sales and marketing, constituting one of the largest sales forces in the industry. Approximately 35,000 people work in 80 Global Manufacturing & Supply (GMS) in 37 countries, in addition to more than 15,000 engaged in Research and Development (R & D).

Mission / Vision / Values Our Mission: Our global quest is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. Our Spirit and Values: We take our quest with entrepreneurial enthusiasm, stimulated by the constant pursuit of innovation. We value the performance achieved with integrity. We will be successful as world class leaders with each member of our staff contributing with passion and unmatched sense of urgency.


Addresses Jacarepaguá (JPA) Address: Estrada dos Bandeirantes, 8464 - Jacarepaguá / Rio de Janeiro – RJ CEP: 22.783-110 Tel.: (21) 2141-6000 Rio Office Park Condomínio Rio Office Park Address: Rua Vitor Civita, 66 – Bloco 5, Sala 402 - Barra da Tijuca / Rio de Janeiro – RJ CEP: 22.775-044 Tel./Fax: (21) 3535-9010 CDPA Address: Estrada dos Bandeirantes, 5560 – Curicica / Rio de Janeiro - RJ CEP: 22.780-083 Pesquisa Clínica Address: Rua Olegário Maciel, 260 – Cobertura 1 - Barra da Tijuca / Rio de Janeiro – RJ CEP: 22.610-200 Tel.: (21) 3982-7201 / 3982-7202 / 3982-7203 Regional São Paulo / Sales & Vaccines Management SP Address: Rua Carneiro da Cunha, 303 – 8º, 9º e 10º andares – Saúde / São Paulo – SP CEP: 04.144-000 Tel.: (11) 6853-0800 / 6853-0888 (Vaccines) Derma São Paulo Address: Rua Hungria, 1240 – 4º andar - Jardim Europa / São Paulo - SP Cep: 01.455-000 Tel.: (11) 3039-2500 GMS Stiefel Address: Rua Prof. João Carneiro Salem, 1081 – Guarulhos / São Paulo - SP CEP: 07.243-580 Tel.: (11) 2404-8000


THE CITY OF RIO DE JANEIRO History The city was mentioned officially for the first time when the second Portuguese exploratory expedition, commanded by Gaspar Lemos, arrived in January 1502, at the bay, the navigator assumed, understandably, to be the mouth of a river, thus giving the name to the region of Rio de Janeiro. But it was only in 1530 that the Portuguese crown sent an expedition to colonize the area, rather than continue using it just as a stop for overseas adventures. The French, on the other hand, had been in Rio de Janeiro and surrounding areas since the beginning of the century and were willing to fight for dominance in the region. In 1560, after a series of skirmishes, the Portuguese expelled the French. The beginning of the city as such was in Morro of São Januário, later known as Morro do Castelo, and then the Praça Quinze, vital center of Rio to this day. Rio de Janeiro developed thanks to its vocation as a natural harbor. At the same time that gold was discovered in the state of Minas Gerais, in the late XVII century, the Governor of Brazil was made Viceroy. Salvador was the capital of the colony, but the growing importance of the port of Rio secured the transfer of the seat of power to the south, to the city that would become, and still is, the intellectual and cultural center of the country. In 1808, the Portuguese royal family came to Rio de Janeiro, as a refuge from the threat of Napoleon’s invasion. In this period the city developed considerably, with the establishment of new activities and construction of large buildings. When the royal family returned to Portugal and after the independence of Brazil in 1822, the gold mines had been depleted and had given way to a different source of wealth: coffee. The city continued to grow through the XIX century, initially northward, to São Cristóvão and Tijuca, and then towards the South Zone, through Glória, Flamengo and Botafogo. However, in 1889, the abolition of slavery and poor harvests interrupted progress. This period of social and political unrest led to the Proclamation of the Republic. Despite this, Rio, then called the Federal District, remained the political center and capital of the country. The beginning of the XX century saw the creation of wide streets and imposing buildings, mostly in the French fin-de-siècle style. Rio de Janeiro maintained its position until the inauguration of Brasília as capital of the republic in 1960. As the Capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro, the city remains the social and cultural center of the country. (Source: Riotur).


Geography The Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro is comprised of 17 municipalities and its area reaches 1,255.3 Km² including the islands and continental waters. The county is divided into 32 administrative regions with 159 districts. The relief is affiliated to the system of the Serra do Mar, covered by Atlantic rainforest and its coastline is calculated to have 246.22 km divided into three sectors: Guanabara Bay, the Atlantic Ocean itself and Sepetiba Bay. Its climate is tropical, hot and humid, with local variations due to differences in altitude, vegetation and proximity to the ocean, the average annual temperature is 22 ºC. In the four months of summer - December to March - the very hot days are always followed by sunny afternoons, when rains usually fall hard and fast, bringing cooler nights (Source: Riotur).

Holidays Fixed January 1st April 21st May 1st September 7th October 12th November 2nd November 15th December 25th

New Year's Tiradentes Labors Day Independence of Brazil (1822) Nossa Senhora Aparecida (Brazil's patron saint) Dia de Finados Proclamation of the Republic (1899) Christmas

Moving *Change according to the Christian liturgy

Februrary/March March/April March/April May/June

Carnival Paixão de Cristo Easter Corpus Christi


TRANSPORTATION Rio Ônibus Bus Company of the City of Rio de Janeiro Site: Tel.: 0800-886-1000 (Fetranspor) Metrô Rio Metro Company of Rio de Janeiro Site: (em inglês) SuperVia Train operator of the City of Rio de Janeiro Site: Tel.: 0800-726-9494 BRS - Blue Corridor Rio’s traffic has its particularities and you should be careful. Some neighborhoods have the BRS band, an exclusive corridor for buses, that runs from Monday to Friday from 06AM to 09PM and Saturday from 06AM to 02PM. Drivers who are caught traveling by the band will be subject to a penalty.

AIRPORTS Rio de Janeiro/Galeão–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport Address: Avenida 20 de Janeiro - Ilha do Governador Telephone: (21) 3398-5050 / 3398-9486 Santos Dumont Airport Address: Praça Senador Salgado Filho - Centro Telephone: (21) 3814-7070 / 3814-7246




Arpoador: Located between the Fort of Copacabana and Ipanema beach, Arpoador is one of the most famous spots on the city’s seaside .

Ipanema Its 2 km (1.2 mi) extend between Arpoador and Jardim de Alah. Famous for gathering beautiful people on its sands and for its eternal “Girls from Ipanema”.

Joatinga A hidden Paradise, therefore, of difficult access.

Leblon A Family beach, with a special area for babies and toddlers, known as “ Baixo Bebê”. Leme and Copacabana Considered two of the most famous beaches in the world, they are 4.15 km (2.6 mi) long, along Av. Atlântica (avenue) all the way down to the Fort of Copacabana.


Praia do Diabo Praia do Diabo (Devil’s Beach) is left to the Arpoador Rock.

Praia Vermelha The small and calm beach with a gorgeous landscape is located in Urca.

São Conrado Next to the Pedra Bonita, it’s ideal for adventure lovers who practice hang gliding.

Abricó The only naturist beach in Rio, is inside the environmental protection area of Grumari and is around 1.5 km (1 mi) long.

Barra da Tijuca The longest beach in Rio, going along the Av. Sernambetiba (avenue) all the way to Recreio. It’s 14.5 km (9.5 mi) long .


Barra de Guaratiba Situated in an ecological reserve, among the Restinga de Marambaia, mangroves and the Atlantic rainforest.

Macumba Macumba beach is between Recreio beach and Prainha.

Prainha A small strip of sand 700m (750 yd) long with a rough sea located at the end of Recreio beach.

Recreio dos Bandeirantes A 2,8km (1.7mi) long cove located at the end of the Av. Sernambetiba (avenue), it displays an exuberant landscape.

Reserva This wild look beach is located between the Barra da Tijuca and Recreio beaches.


Malls Botafogo Praia Shopping Varied shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: Praia de Botafogo, 400 – Botafogo Tel.: (21) 2559-9880 / 2559-9559 Rio Design Center Decor and varied shopping Address: Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 270 – Leblon Tel.: (21) 2540-0700 Rio Sul Varied shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: R. Lauro Muller, 116 – Botafogo Tel.: (21) 2545-7256 / 2545-7257 / 2545-7299 São Conrado Fashion Mall Varied shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: Estrada da Gávea, 899 – São Conrado Tel.: (21) 3322-0200 / 3322-0300 Shopping da Gávea Varied shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: R. Marques de São Vicente, 52 – Gávea Tel.: (21) 2274-9896 Barra Shopping Varied shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: Av. Das Américas, 4666 – Barra da Tijuca Tel.: (21) 3089-1000 / 3089-1100 Barra Point Varied shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: Av. Armando Lombardi, 350 – Barra da Tijuca Tel.: (21) 2491-3306 / 2491-6475 Shopping Leblon Varied shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: Av. Afrânio de Melo Franco, 290 – Leblon Tel.: (21) 2430-5122 11

Barra Square Varied shopping, restaurants, movie theaters and theaters Address: Av. Das Américas, 3555 – Barra da Tijuca. Tel.: (21) 2430-7000 Village Mall Luxury shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: Avenida das Américas, 3.900 - Barra da Tijuca. Tel.: (21) 3252-2999 Casa Shopping Furniture and decor Address: Av. Ayrton Senna, 2150 – Barra da Tijuca Tel.: (21) 2429-8000 Città América Varied shopping and services Address: Av. Das Américas, 700 – Barra da Tijuca. Tel.: (21) 2132-7777 Downtown Varied shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: Av. Das Américas, 500 – Barra da Tijuca Tel.: (21) 3982-2000 New York City Center Varied shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: Av. Das Américas, 5000 – Barra da Tijuca Tel.: (21) 2432-4980 Rio Design Barra Furniture, decor, restaurants and movie theaters Address: Av. Das Américas, 7777 – Barra da Tijuca Tel.: (21) 3461-9999 Via Parque Shopping Varied shopping, restaurants and movie theaters Address: Av. Ayrton Senna, 3000 – Barra da Tijuca Tel.: (21) 2421-9222 12

Tourist Attractions

Cristo Redentor Symbol of the City of Rio de Janeiro, was chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Address: Parque Nacional da Tijuca Access: Estrada de Ferro Corcovado - Rua Cosme Velho, 513.

Theatro Municipal The Municipal Theater is in Cinelândia and it stands out not only because of its architecture, but also for the magnificence of its façade and the beauty of its interior. Address: Praça Marechal Floriano, s/nº Centro (Downtown).

Pão de Açúcar The Sugar Loaf had the first cable car installed in Brasil, and third in the world, it’s one of the most important icons of carioca tourism and has become one of the main trademarks of the City of Rio de Janeiro. Address: Av. Pasteur, 520 – Urca. Maracanã A mandatory stop for tourists, it’s the symbol of the Country of Soccer, keeping the History of the sport which is an icon of Brazil. Address: Rua Professor Eurico Rabelo, s/n. – Maracanã. Jardim Botânico The Botanical Garden, one of the 10 most important in the world, is home to the rarest species of plants from the Brazilian flora, as well as from other countries’ and it’s a great leisu re option leisure. Address: Rua Jardim Botânico, 1008. 13

Forte de Copacabana The Fort of Copacabana was built in 1914 to strengthen the defense of the Guanabara Bay. The Fort offers its visitors many curiosities and attractions. Address: Praça Coronel Eugênio Franco, 01 – Copacabana. Quinta da Boa Vista The park is part of the Boa Vista manor, the official residence of the crown and the Brazilian emperors from 1822 to 1889, when the Republic was proclaimed. Address: Av. Pedro II, entre as Ruas Almirante Baltazar e Dom Meinrado - São Cristóvão

Santa Teresa This district is located on a hill in the heart of the city and looks as if it is frozen in time, keeping a piece of history on its every corner. Access: Downtown. Museu de Arte Moderna The Museum of Modern Art has around 1,700 pieces in its collection, among paintings, sculptures and engravings by national and foreign artists. It also has a library specialized in art and an important film library. Address: Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 85 – Aterro do Flamengo.

Lapa Center stage to the lyricism of the samba, the chords of Brazilian regional music and the modernity of electronic music, they all live in perfect harmony along the many bars spread out throughout the Mem de Sá, Riachuelo and Lavradio streets. Access: Downtown 14

USEFUL PHONE NUMBERS 100 128 180 181 190 191 192 193 194 197 198 199 (21) 3399-7171 0800-021-0196 08000-247-766 0800-282-1195 0800-282-0120

Human Rights Secretariat Emergency Services for Mercosul DEAM (Police Station for Crimes Against Women) Disque-DenĂşncia (Crime Hotline) Military Police Federal Highway Police Ambulance Firefighters Federal Police Civil Police (Detectives) State Highway Police Civil Defense Tourists Police Department Disque-Light (Electricity Utility) CEG (State Gas Company) CEDAE (State Water and Sewage Company) LIGHT (Light Company)


CONSULATES Consulate General of The Republic of Argentina Address: Praia de Botafogo, 228/Sblj. 201 - Botafogo Telephone: (21) 2553-1646 / 2553-1568 Email: Consulate General of Chile Address: Praia do Flamengo, 344/7º - Flamengo Telephone: (21) 3579-9660 Email: Consulate General of Bolívia Address: Av. Rui Barbosa, 664/101 - Flamengo Telephone: (21) 2552-5490 / 2551-1796 Email: Consulate General of Canada Address: Av. Atlântica, 1.130/5º - Copacabana Telephone: (21) 2543-3004 Email: Consulate General of Costa Rica Address: Av. Atlântica, 4.240 - Copacabana Telephone: (21) 2522-8833 Email: Honorary Consulate of Equador Address: Rua Pintor Oswaldo Teixeira, 465 - Barra da Tijuca Telephone: (21) 3563-0380 Email: Consulate General of Spain Address: Rua Lauro Müller, 116 salas - 1.601 - Botafogo Telephone: (21) 2543-3200 / 2543-3096 Email:


Consulate General of The United States of America Address: Av. Presidente Wilson, 147 - Centro Telephone: (21) 3823-2000 Email: British Consulate General Address: Praia do Flamengo, 284/2º - Flamengo. Telephone: (21) 2555-9600 Email: Consulate General of Italy Address: Av. Presidente Antônio Carlos, 40/6º - Centro Telephone: (21) 3534-1315 / 3534-1325 Email: Consulate General of Mexico Address: Praia de Botafogo, 242/3º andar - Botafogo. Telephone: (21) 3262-3200 Email: Consulate General of Peru Address: Av. Rui Barbosa, 314/2º andar – Flamengo. Telephone: (21) 2551-9596 Email: Consulate General of Uruguay Address: Praia de Botafogo, 242/6º andar - Botafogo Telephone: (21) 2553-6030 / 2553-6015 Email:


DOCUMENTATION FOR FOREIGNERS Brazilian Social Security (CPF) It’s a database managed by the Internal Revenue Service of Brazil - RFB, which stores registry information of taxpayers required to be enrolled in the CPF, or citizens who voluntarily enrolled. Foreigners who work in Brazil must have their registration and should have all their documents translated by a sworn translator to collect it. National Registry of Foreigners (RNE) It’s a document certifying the identity of non -Brazilian individuals with temporary or permanent residence in the territory of the Federation. The deadline for registration is 30 (thirty) days from the date of entry into the national territory. It is required by the Federal Police and can only be done in person. The permanent foreign resident who becomes absent for more than two uninterrupted years from national territory, will lose his or her resident status. Driver License for Foreigners The Driver's License (CNH) is a document stating that you are fit to drive vehicles in Brazil and it is mandatory for those who are driving. Only 18 year-olds, who can read, write and have an identity document (or passport) and CPF are allowed to drive. If you already have a valid driver's license in your home country, you should only submit an application for registration and recognition to the DETRAN (DMV) Foreigners Service. Work and Social Security Booklet (CTPS) A Work and Social Security Booklet is necessary for a person providing services in Brazil. It can be applied for foreigners coming to Brazil for services of any kind. For each foreign-specific condition there is a specific documentation.

Attention: Please contact Barbara Dias, in Mobility area, for further information on the withdrawal of your documentation.


HOSPITALS Barra D’ Or Address: Av. Ayrton Senna, 2541 - Barra da Tijuca Telephone: (21) 2430-3600 Rio Mar Address: R. Augusto Camossa Saldanha, 55 - Barra da Tijuca Telephone: (21) 3578-2700 Hospital das Américas Address: Av. Ayrton Senna, 2001 - Barra da Tijuca Telephone: (21) 2439-3017 Perinatal Address: Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno - Pista Lateral, 201 - Barra da Tijuca Telephone: (21) 3722-2000 Copa D’ Or Address: R. Figueiredo Magalhães, 875 – Copacabana Telephone: (21) 2545-3600 Casa de Saúde São José Address: Rua Macedo Sobrinho, 21 – Humaitá Telephone: (21) 2538-7626


SUPERMARKETS Barra da Tijuca / Recreio dos Bandeirantes Supermercado Zona Sul Address: Av. Érico Veríssimo, 565 - Loja A/B – Barra da Tijuca Tel: (21) 2491-6055 | 2491-6434 Supermercado Zona Sul Address: Av. das Américas, 3665 - Loja A - Barra da Tijuca Tel: (21) 3325-1177 Pão de Açucar – Freeway Address: Av Américas, 2000 – Barra da Tijuca Tel: (21) 2439-4000 Extra 24 Horas Address: Av das Américas, 1510 – Barra da Tijuca Tel: (21) 2493-5228 Supermercado Guanabara Address: Av. das Américas, 3.501 – Barra da Tijuca Tel.: 2420-3738 / 2420-9199 / 2432-8434 Hipermercado Extra Address: Av das Americas, 900 – Barra da Tijuca Tel.: (21) 39067600 Supermercado Zona Sul Address: Av. das Américas, 16237 - Km 16 - Recreio dos Bandeirantes Tel: (21) 2437-6533 Supermercado Pão de Açúcar Address: Av. Das Americas, 19019, loja 108 – Recreio dos Bandeirantes Tel.: (21) 24901410 South Zone Supermercado Extra Address: R. Barao de Itambi, 50 - Botafogo Tel.: (21) 25515499


Supermercado Extra Address: Rua Siqueira campos,143 lojas 48/40 – Copacabana Tel.: (21) 25472267 Supermercado Zona Sul Address: Rua Francisco Sá, 35 - Copacabana Tel: (21) 2523-4846 Address: Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 1200 - Copacabana Tel: (21) 2523-0816 Address: Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 504 - Ipanema Tel: (21) 2540-7878 Address: Rua Bartolomeu Mitre, 705 - Leblon Tel: (21) 2512-2200 Supermercado Pão de Açúcar Address: Rua Voluntarios da Patria, 213 - Botafogo Tel.: (21) 25272609


FURNITURE / APPLIANCES STORES Tok&Stok Address: Av. José Silva de Azevedo Neto, 75 - Barra da Tijuca Address: Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 1417 - Copacabana Casas Bahia Address: Av. Ayrton Senna - 3000 - LJ 1093 – Barra da Tijuca Address:Av. Ayrton Senna - 2000 – Barra da Tijuca Address: Av. Nossa Sra. De Copacabana - 794, Copacabana Address: R. Voluntários Da Pátria, 331 A 335, Botafogo Address: R. Visconde De Piraja, 161 LJ. A, Ipanema Etna Address: Av. Ayrton Senna, 3437 – Barra da Tijuca Ponto Frio Address: Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 86 – Botafogo Address: Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 616 – Ipanema Address: Av. Prefeito Dulcídio Cardoso, 2000 - Barra da Tijuca Address: Av. das Américas, 4666 - Barra da Tijuca (Barra Shopping) Address: Av. Ayrton Senna, 2150 - Barra Da Tijuca (Casa Shopping) Address: Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 735 – Copacabana Address: Av. das Américas, 16457 – Recreio dos Bandeirantes Ricardo Eletro Address: Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 750 – Copacabana Address: Avenida Ayrton Senna, 3000 – Barra da Tijuca


EDUCATION American School of Rio de Janeiro Established in Rio de Janeiro since 1937 on the initiative of private companies and American citizens residing in the city, the American School has an academic excellence program compared to the best educational institutions in the United States. Addresses: Gávea: Estrada da Gavea, 132 – Gávea Telephone: (21) 2125-9000 Barra da Tijuca: Rua Martinho de Mesquita, 301 - Barra da Tijuca Telephone: (21) 2495-2485 Our Lady of Mercy School The Our Lady of Mercy (OLM) School is an American Catholic school in the city of Rio de Janeiro that offers the most advanced educational programs for students of all nationalities. The school is recognized by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Department of Education of the State of Rio de Janeiro and confers two degrees to students - American and Brazilian. Address: Rua Visconde de Caravelas, 48 – Botafogo Telephone: (21) 3722-8250 / 2266-8250

British School The British School was founded in 1924 and it is a non-profit independent institution. It offers a curriculum consistent with the requirements of the countries belonging to the British Commonwealth and is also in accordance with the Brazilian law. Addresses: Botafogo: R. Real Grandeza, 99 - Botafogo Telephone: (21) 2539-2717 Urca: Av. Pasteur, 429 – Urca Telephone: (21) 2543-5519 Barra da Tijuca: Rua Mário Autuori, 100 – Barra da Tijuca Telephone: (21) 3329-2854


Liceu Molière Founded in 1982, it is a Portuguese-French bilingual school officially recognized by the French and Portuguese Ministries of Education. The College receives support from the French government to cover their expenses and to maintain their didactic-educational level consistent with the requirements of both countries, as well as to work with the programs of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Address: Rua Pereira da Silva, 728, Laranjeiras Telephone: (21) 3235-1800 Swiss-Brazilian School The Swiss-Brazilian School, founded in 1962, offers bilingual education, in German / Portuguese or French / Portuguese, from kindergarten to high school. The school is consistent with the requirements of Brazilian law and also works with the programs of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Address: Rua Corrêa de Araújo, 81 - Barra da Tijuca Telephone: (21) 3389-2089 Cruzeiro School In 1982 the Deutsche Schule (German School) was born, the current College Cruzeiro. To encourage the teaching of the German language, the school receives financial assistance from the Department of Administration of Germany. The school is one of the largest private schools of Rio de Janeiro. Addresses: Centro: Rua Carlos de Carvalho, 76 – Centro Telephone: (21) 3221-5000 Jacarépaguá: Rua Retiro dos Artistas, 589 – Jacarepaguá Telephone: (21) 3515-4100


MEDICAL & ODONTOLOGICAL CARE All expatriates coming to Brazil, as well as their dependents, will only have access to medical and odontological care benefits once they are in accordance with the Brazilian Social Security (CPF). GSK will provide support for emergency care while the employee is awaiting the finalization of the process to obtain the CPF. The expatriate should contact the Department of Occupational Health (DSO) directly and request a Letter of Authorization for Emergency Care. This letter authorizes the care in official emergency situations at Hospital Barra D'or exclusively. The hospital is located in Barra da Tijuca, the address is Avenida Ayrton Senna, 2541. For questions about the process please contact HR (RH Atende). LIFE INSURANCE To GSK’s expatriate employees, Life Insurance is only offered after their effective inclusion in the Brazilian payroll. While this process is underway the employee remains covered by this benefit by being connected to the payroll of their country of origin. REAL ESTATE RENTAL Upon arriving in Brazil, GSK provides aid for temporary housing during the period of approximately 30 days in which the employee will be staying in a hotel or flat. This period should be used to search for an apartment in which the expatriate will reside during his or her stay in the country. During this period the employee will have the assistance of a specialized company that will give him or her all the necessary support in this search, as in other processes to rent the property. When finding an apartment that meets your needs, the process for formalizing the rent with the preparation and signing of the lease starts. Such a contract should be assessed by the Company's Legal Sector and, once changes are made - if necessary, the sector authorizes the start of the internal approval process. In Brazil most of the lease occurs through the presence of a guarantor who assumes the debts incurred by the lessee during the term of the contract. GSK is willing to appear as guarantor in the lease of its expatriate staff by prior analysis. 25

SAFETY STATISTICS FOR RIO DE J ANEIRO Criminality Index for the City of Rio de Janeiro (Capital) Compared to 2011, in 2012 we noticed a significant improvement in public safety, with an average reduction of 37.25% in cases of robbery and murder, classic kidnapping, theft and car theft, with the exception of express kidnapping and robberies of residences, which showed an average increase of 22.33 %.

Titles Victims of violent crimes murder Injury followed by death Robbery (robbery followed by death) Attempted murder Aggravated assault rape Victims of transit crimes manslaughter Culpable injury Victims of deaths with provisional classification Cadaver discovery Bones discovery Records of property crimes Robbery of merchant Burglary of residence Car theft Cargo theft Robbery of passerby Robbery on public transportation Bank robbery ATM theft Theft of mobile phone Robbery with driving the victim to withdraw money Theft of vehicles Extortion through kidnapping (Classic abduction) Extortion Robbery with momentary deprivation of liberty larceny

Moving Quarter 2011 1.012 8 30 1.030 20.589 1.275 2011 673 12.092 2011 109 12 2011 1.091 287 4.966 752 13.389 1.594 10 5 1.262 32 3.937 3 486 41 7.870

2012 937 1 41 1.046 22.161 1.604 2012 606 12.510 2012 143 8 2012 1.253 285 5.278 886 11.651 1.051 4 9 1.057 27 3.922 6 379 21 8.993

aug/sep/o ct Abs. Dif. -75 -7 11 16 1.572 329 Abs. Dif. -67 418 Abs. Dif. 34 -4 Abs. Dif. 162 -2 312 134 -1.738 -543 -6 4 -205 -5 -15 3 -107 -20 1.123

Accumulated - jan to oct 2011 3.595 35 95 3.555 70.449 4.087 2011 2.088 38.963 2011 433 34 2011 3.941 970 15.563 2.423 46.439 5.611 33 11 4.716 91 13.103 7 1.665 122 24.031

2012 3.342 18 123 3.793 73.356 5.055 2012 1.972 39.486 2012 458 27 2012 4.386 1.104 18.411 2.973 41.737 4.115 16 24 3.749 79 13.461 13 1.588 102 27.522

Abs. Dif. -253 -17 28 238 2.907 968 Abs. Dif. -116 523 Abs. Dif. 25 -7 Abs. Dif. 445 134 2.848 550 -4.702 -1.496 -17 13 -967 -12 358 6 -77 -20 3.491


Pacified Areas in RJ (occupied by Pacifying Police Units - UPPs)


SAFETY TIPS Avoid commuting on the express ways or near non-pacified communities during unsafe hours (11:00PM-05:00AM); For greater safety, always drive with all windows up, using air conditioning/ventilation. Wear the seatbelt and lock all doors while driving; Avoid displaying handbags/packages inside the vehicles, especially when stopped at a traffic light; Avoid displaying valuables and jewelry in crowded public spaces (stadiums, events, nightclubs); As you leave home, observe for the presence of strange or suspicious elements near the driveways or gates of houses or condominiums; Keep calm if faced with a criminal, do not make sudden moves or argue. Your nervousness may escalate the situation; Avoid using ATMs in unsafe areas. Prefer to use the ATMs at malls. In case of an incident, go to the nearest Police Station and contact GSK’s Security on the following numbers: (21) 2141-6040 / 2141-6041 / 21416042



International Airport Tom Jobim


Ipanema Beach

Avenida Brasil

Santos Dumont Airport

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

Mario Filho Stadium (Maracanã) Tijuca Rainforest

Red Line

Flamengo Park

Gávea Hipodrome

Riocentro Convention Center

Yellow Line

Sugar Loaf

Botanical Garden

Construction site – Olympic Games 2016

Rio-Niterói Bridge

Copacabana Beach

Corcovado and The Christ


Rio – São Paulo



Mobility Bárbara Dias Telephone: (21) 2141-6507 Security Maurício Gomes Telephone: (21) 2141-6731 Fleet Douglas Cruz Telephone: (21) 2141-6344 Occupational Health Department (DSO) Dr. Márcia Vieira Telephone: (21) 2141-6440