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Product Guide Gas Analysis and Detection Equipment

Company Profile In its first ten years of trading Cambridge Sensotec has gone from strength to strength, developing into an international company with an established worldwide distributor network and gaining ISO 9001 accreditation. Initially the company specialised in zirconia sensors for measuring low ppm oxygen, particularly in vacuum applications. Having diversified, the company now offers a large range of portable and bench mounted analysers designed for heavy industry, research and development and are popular within university laboratories. The Rapidox 2100 and 3100 series which succeeded the original 2000 and 3000 range, first launched in 2001, are highly

regarded for speed of response, ease of use and value for money. A full data-logging software suite is supplied with every instrument, enhancing the usability of the range. The Rapidox range has recently been extended with the introduction of dual gas analysers and a tri-gas analyser, that measures SF6, SO2 and Dewpoint, aimed specifically at the power industry. Dr Mark Swetnam MD

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Rapidox 1100 range of Oxygen Analysers Cambridge Sensotec’s budget range of O2 analysers

Rapidox 1100Z The Rapidox 1100Z is a zirconia oxygen analyser that allows fast and accurate oxygen analysis over the range 1ppm to 100%

Rapidox 1100E The Rapidox 1100E oxygen analyser gives accurate oxygen analysis over the oxygen range 0 to 100% O2 with a resolution of 0.01%. The Rapidox 1100E contains a top-of-the-range Yuasa electrochemical O2 sensor which has an estimated lifetime of 5 years. Like all the 1100 range the unit has programmable alarm circuits,

Rapidox 1100L The Rapidox 1100L is designed for low range O2 analysis where a traditional zirconia sensor may not be suitable. The 1100L

O2. The analyser provides continuous on-line oxygen analysis, with a typical response time of less than 5 seconds for a 90% response to a step change in gas compositions. It also includes an internal pressure sensor to compensate for small variations in gas pressure. Various applications are possible, including low level O2 monitoring in laboratories and inert gas purity measurements.

programmable analogue outputs, easy calibration (user selectable gases), RS232 communications and complete communications / data-logging software.

contains a German engineered ppm electrochemical oxygen cell which measures from 0.1ppm to 1% O2. This analyser is most suitable when the user wants to measure O2 in a gas mixture containing VOCS, solvents, helium or fuels. All of the Rapidox 1100 range of oxygen analysers have pumps with variable flow rate, can be supplied panel mounted and equipped with the gas inlets and outlets on the rear of the instrument.

Rapidox 2100 range of Oxygen Analysers Cambridge Sensotec’s portable industrial O2 analyser

Rapidox 2100 The Rapidox 2100 is a portable oxygen analyser that is perfect for high temperature gas measurements or measuring gas in a vacuum. From the display to the outputs, all features are fully user programmable using the keypad on the front panel, or the software provided. Easy to use and simple to calibrate using

Rapidox 2100 OEM The Rapidox 2100 OEM uses the same sensor as the Rapidox 2100, which allows fast and accurate oxygen analysis over

Rapidox 2100W Supplied in an IP65 weather proof housing with a transparent polycarbonate hinged window, the Rapidox 2100 Wallmount. includes all the features of the bench-mounted version and is built to suit a static application. The zirconia oxygen sensor is fitted inside a bespoke steel cabinet with a flow gauge, room for a printer and auxiliary sensors. Additional sensors can

your choice of up to three gases, the Rapidox 2100 offers exceptional performance and flexibility using a rugged, long-life zirconia oxygen sensor.

the full oxygen range (10-20 ppm to 100% O2). The analyser provides continuous on-line oxygen analysis, with a typical response time less than 5 seconds for a 90% response to a step change in gas compositions. The Rapidox 2100 OEM offers analyser performance at a very competitive price. Like all the 2100 range it is supplied with full Windows software for easy datalogging and live time graphing.

be fitted via the auxiliary input on either the 2100 or the 2100W models which can be configured to read pressure, vacuum or dew-point.

Rapidox 3100 range of Oxygen Analysers Cambridge Sensotec’s precision range of O2 analysers

Rapidox 3100Z The Rapidox 3100Z oxygen analyser allows fast and accurate O2 analysis down to sub-ppm levels. All models in

Rapidox 3100E/L/Z AB The Rapidox 3100A/B are designed to measure O2 and either CO2 or CO. The analysers utilise state of the art infrared gas detection cards to measure CO2 or CO and are available with any of the O2 cells listed; a zirconia cell that measures from 10-20ppm to 100% O2, a Yuasa electrochemical cell which offers a range of 0.01-100% and finally

Rapidox 3100E/L/Z D The Rapidox 3100D uses a dewpoint sensor alongside any of the available oxygen sensors. This enables the user to plot the

the 3100 range are designed to provide continuous in-line oxygen analysis and are fitted with a motor-driven sample pump. This precision range of analysers comes with fully programmable alarm circuits, programmable analogue outputs, easy calibration, RS232 / RS485 communications, a type K thermocouple and a full set of communications and data-logging software.

the L cell which utilises a German engineered ppm electrochemical sensor with a range of 0.1ppm to 1%. Users can also benefit from a large range of CO / CO2 cards.

moisture content of their gas mixture along with the O2 content. As with the other models in the 3100 range full pressure, excluding the H20 sensor in the Rapidox 3100D, and temperature compensation are included. All the Rapidox dual gas analysers can data log both gases and can use MS-Excel logging software. Cambridge Sensotec also offers a variety of filters allowing the 3100 range to be used in a large number of applications.

Rapidox 3100C IR SF6 Analyser Cambridge Sensotec’s triple gas analyser for SF6 monitoring

Rapidox 3100C The Rapidox IR SF6 Analyser is the latest high precision gas analyser designed for controlling and monitoring the quality of SF6 in gas insulated sub-stations and circuit breakers. The analyser not only measures the SF6 gas content in air or nitrogen over the full range, but also measures the moisture and SO2 content. The analyser simultaneously

Rapidox 3100C Kit The Rapidox 3100C is also available as a complete portable kit allowing engineers to carry all the equipment they need in one

Gas Recovery Bag The Rapidox gas recovery bag is designed to store samples of gas SF6 until they can be properly recycled. The bag can hold up to 80 litres at standard pressure, allowing many hours of testing before the bag needs to be emptied. Once the user has finished or the bag has become full it can be returned to a recycling facility. The gas recovery bag is also suitable for

measures SF6 (0-100%), SO2 (0- 100ppm) and H2O (-100 to +20°Cdp). All three gases can be monitored and data-logged simultaneously with readings given extremely quickly.

handy case. This includes a handle for the unit itself, a set of DN8 and DN20 DILO fittings with 2m hose and a thermal printer. In addition to the standard 3100-C a battery powered model is now available, making the unit fully portable. With up to eight hours between charges this unit is perfect for sampling multiple sites quickly and efficiently. Both battery / mains powered units are available in single gas models.

recovering, sampling, storing and transporting many other gases. The bag is constructed from extremely tough and durable polyamide material.

Distributed Products Cambridge Sensotec’s range of gas detection products

BW Technologies BW Technologies by Honeywell are a Canadian-based, industryleading producer of innovative gas detection instrumentation.

Dynascan Dynascan’s Seal Integrity and Leak Detection Systems are low cost units which can be used to test a variety of different packaging types; pharmaceutical, food and industrial.

BW attribute their success in the industry to providing high performance, dependable products backed by exceptional customer service. BW specialise in handheld gas detection equipment for use in confined spaces, oil, gas, steel and telecom applications. Their GasAlert range includes the ever popular MicroClip, the disposable ClipExtreme, the rugged Quattro and the versatile Micro5.

MediBLUE unit, which is a self contained set of equipment which automates the industry standard Methylene Blue Dye leak test.

The MediTest and FlexiTest units use a vacuum to measure the reactive force generated by the pack to test its integrity. Test data can be stored via software.

Industrial Scientific Industrial Scientific manufacture a wide range of portable gas monitors and detectors for safety monitoring of a wide range of

toxic and explosive gases. As an industry leader with a record for innovation, Industrial Scientific produced the first portable gas detector with a colour display when it released the MX6 iBrid. Industrial Scientific can also offer single gas detectors, pumped units and wide area monitoring solutions. The company is dedicated to “Ending death in the workplace by the end of the century”.

Distributed Products Cambridge Sensotec’s range of gas detection products

Oldham Oldham, who are owned by Industrial Scientific, provide fixed gas detection systems. These are based around several transmitters, which are connected to a control panel that monitors the transmitters’ outputs and sets off alarms when thresholds are tripped. With a full range of ATEX and non ATEX units, their product

Orbitec Orbitec Ltd, founded in 1948 in Germany, are specialist manufacturers of welding equipment, who have a range of

Status Scientific Status Scientific Controls are designers and manufacturers of high quality fixed gas detection systems with specialised expertise in intrinsically safe and explosion protected equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres. They have ATEX and non ATEX certified transmitters along with their ‘Low Cost’ and ‘Master’ range of control panels. The wide variety of gas detectors available, including the

range includes the extremely popular OLCT20 range of transmitters, the OLCT100 range which includes IR capabilities and the MX43 control panel with enhanced specifications.

oxygen gas analysers specifically designed for the welding industry. Orbitec produce two main products. The Oxy Integral is a handheld gas analyser with dual voltage base station for accurate measurement of O2 at titanium weld purging levels. The Oxy-2 is an orbital bench mounted analyser which has a maintenance free zirconia sensor that measures as low as 1ppm O2.

ever popular FGD10 range, make Status Scientific products extremely versatile and they are able to provide solutions for the most demanding applications.

Distributed Products Cambridge Sensotec’s range of gas detection products

Witt Gas Techniques Witt Gas Techniques specialise in manufacturing gas products for use in the food packing industry. Modified Atmosphere

Vandagraph Vandagraph Ltd have a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of gas analysis equipment designed specifically to meet the needs of scuba divers. Oxygen and mixed gas analysers are available including the revolutionary Tek-Ox, which is designed to meet the challenges of the diving environment. The MixCheck allows analysis of helium

Viamed Viamed UK Ltd manufacture a wide range of medical products including oxygen monitors based on the Teledyne RM17

Packaging (MAP) requires rigorous testing at various stages of production, to ensure the gas mixture is correct and that package integrity is maintained. The Oxybaby series from Witt can analyse CO2 and O2 inside MAP packaging using a minute gas sample to give customers full confidence in their MAP packaging system. Witt also manufacture a large range of leak testers, designed to suit any application large or small.

and oxygen. All Vandagraph analysers are rugged, extremely easy to use and offer divers peace of mind before they enter the water.

sensors. Their latest range of digital oxygen analysers are compact and very competitively priced. The AX300 / MX300 feature auto calibration, easy to read backlit LCD display and auto diagnostics, making these products popular with medical professionals around the world. Viamed also produce the GB300 industrial oxygen analyser which is a low cost solution for a variety of industrial applications.

Rapidox 1100 range of oxygen analy Gas Products

Cambridge Sensotec is now able to supply an extensive range of special gas mixtures and related products. Produced on behalf of Cambridge Sensotec, these gas mixtures can be used for calibrating and bump testing of single or multi gas analysers. The gases are

supplied in non-refillable, lightweight, disposable cylinders. Cambridge Sensotec can also offer a complete calibration kit for most analysers available, including two gas cylinders, a regulator, certificate of analysis and a lightweight peli-style carry case.

Calibration Service

Cambridge Sensotec also offers calibration services for a large range of portable gas detectors and analysers. In 2010 Cambridge Sensotec were awarded a grant from the East of England Development agency which enabled the company to launch a full calibration station. Cambridge Sensotec keep a

large variety of calibration gases in stock, providing a full calibration service for virtually every product in their extensive range. All calibrations come with an official calibration certificate including full test results for future reference.

Rapidox Applications Example applications for the Rapidox range of analysers

§ Laboratory scale furnace experiments § Monitoring of the combustion process in lean-burn applications § Monitoring vehicle emissions § Industrial processes § Sampling oxygen in rooms containing liquid nitrogen dewars § Control of critical oxygen atmospheres § Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) testing § Testing the purity of inert gases such as argon and nitrogen § Air separation plants § Medical gas monitoring § Glove Box atmosphere measurement § Testing the purity of oxygen gas cylinders

§ Measuring ppm levels of oxygen in helium and hydrogen and gases containing VOCs, solvents and fuels § Multi-layer capacitor furnaces § Forming gas analysis § Controlling gas quality § Health and Safety monitoring § Environmental monitoring § Applying a condition based maintenance program (CBM) to extend the life cycle of SF6 § Detecting the presence of leaks and SF6 discharge § Indication of arcing and breakdown through the build up of corrosive by-products

Distributed Product Applications Example applications for the distributed products

§ Handheld personal safety § Oil and gas § Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) § Steel mills § Telecommunications § Fixed monitoring systems § Agriculture § Medical § Healthy and safety § Industrial area safety

§ § § § § § §

Perishable goods transport Welding / nitrogen welding Leak Testing Food Packaging Inert gas analysis Diving gas analysis Refineries and petrochemical facilities § Marine transport § Nitrogen generation § Confined space entry

Although every effort have been made to ensure accuracy, Cambridge Sensotec can accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions. Images are for reference only. The products featured are not exhaustive. Cambridge Sensotec Product Guide V1.4

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Cambridge Sensotec Brochure  

Cambridge Sensotec Limited is an ISO9001 accredited oxygen gas analyser manufacturing company.

Cambridge Sensotec Brochure  

Cambridge Sensotec Limited is an ISO9001 accredited oxygen gas analyser manufacturing company.