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November 2023 – £4.00

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Professional Security Installer


Tas Kyriacou of IDS Group


ANALYTICS FOR THE UK Selling AI to the user

PRODUCT FOCUS Alarm peripherals

IT’S COOL TO BE SMART The benefits of integrated installations

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LAYER UP SECURITY THIS AUTUMN Secure the property and the perimeter

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November 2023 – £4.00

November 2023 5 Editorial What would your answer be to the question “Are selfm0nitored security systems a good or bad thing?” We’ve asked a few people on our travels recently and had a range of responses

6 Industry news News and events from the security and fire sectors

11 Appointments Movers and shakers within the security industry this month

12 Editor’s Choice The pick of the latest security products with information from the manufacturers plus handy QR codes

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Professional Security Installer


Tas Kyriacou of IDS Group


ANALYTICS FOR THE UK Selling AI to the user

PRODUCT FOCUS Alarm peripherals


14 Dnake – IPK03


The IP video intercom kit is put through its paces by an independent reviewer

The beneÀts of integrated installations

18 Securing smart opportunities The concept of the “smart home” has emerged as a beacon of convenience, efficiency, and connectivity

20 Security on social media Highlights of PSI’s Instagram feed this month

21 Trying new technology Brand loyalty and established working relationships play a major role in selection processes, so when a different name crops up how do you approach it?

25 Time to work “smarter”

It’s cool to be smart This month we carry a few articles on the benefits of smart automation and integrated technologies. Your customers will be impressed with the products and even the price!


There are several advantages of the new wave of integrated solutions, for you and your customers

27 Meet the installer Security life with Tas Kyriacou of IDS Group

31 Inside Story Resideo Technologies has introduced its connected ProSeries Security and Life Safety platform to Europe

33 Product Focus A spotlight on alarm system peripherals

37 HVM for CT protection Busting a myth about hostile vehicle management

42 Tried & Tested A guide to some of the most recent PSI product reviews

46 Time to get training

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Odyssey X3 Lighting the way to secure nights

Illuminate your logo, elevate your brand. The Odyssey X3 brings innovation and a modern twist to external sounders, providing unparalleled performance as a visual deterrent for day and night. Sales: +44 (0)1706 212524

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Odyssey X3 key features: • Custom graphic inserts for professional branding • A choice of 6 electronic backplate modules • Illuminated X3 cover options • Wired, wireless & dummy versions • White comfort LEDs • A host of installer-friendly features • Designed to comply with EN50131-4

Your new branding awaits...

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Self awareness

Over the last few months, we’ve asked a number of people the same question and received answers covering various angles. What would your response be?


ne of the questions in our regular Meet the Installer articles is “What is the best thing about working in the security sector?” and while for most installers it is the variety of jobs they get to undertake, for someone who works on this side of the industry it is the variety of people I get to talk to. Most of the articles you read in this publication come from interviews, either face to face, or more commonly these days over an online app, with installers, manufacturers and distributors. This means that we get to ask questions of all kinds of people to gauge the trends and gather predictions on the market and technology. In interviews for the last few editions of the magazine I’ve thrown in the same question each time just to find out what the thinking is behind a particular topic for people living in this always-connected world. This question is not sports related (although that does usually form the majority of the time spent in the meeting), nor is it as contentious as the “What is a woman?” that seemingly had politicians stumped, it is simply “Are self-monitored alarms a good thing, or a bad thing?” and it is interesting to hear the replies. Much like when Matt Walsh asked his “woman” question, I’ve had a few “What do you think?” responses from the cagey ones but in the main the answers cover both sides of the coin. Now of course, we know that nothing matches professionally monitored alarms in terms of the levels of protection it provides so self-monitoring is a bad investment in that regard, but there have been plenty of people that say self-monitored alarms are a good thing because it at least gets end users thinking about security. Then, hopefully within a short period of time they will realise the shortcomings of the technology and look to protect themselves with something more substantial than an app that only enables them to watch their property being stolen. What professional systems can’t yet beat is the sense of novelty that comes from DIY app-driven systems. The technology geek will always want to be able to set up his own system and brag about the resolution of his cameras down the pub. There is also the deterrent angle to address. Is the average burglar put off by the sight of a small Wi-Fi camera or a shop bought video doorbell? One thing is for sure - any form of security is better than nothing, but the sooner that the homeowner moves on from the cheap self-monitored system, the sooner the user will benefit from proper peace of mind. How you convince people to make the further investment rather than abandoning the whole thing is another question entirely. Andy Clutton EDITOR 5

27/10/2023 17:54:53

Voted PSI Distributor of the Year 12 times The UK’s #1 Fire and Security Distributor...


Tracy Buckingham presents Simon Banks with one of the first printed copies of the new brochure

CSL supports production of Government brochure on CNI CSL was selected by UK Defence and Security Exports (UKDSE) and the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) to support the

BSIA installer toolkit to help ‘Beat the Big Switch Off’ The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has created a toolkit for alarm installers designed to encourage their customers to ‘Beat the Big Switch Off’ and be All-IP ready as analogue lines are switched off at the end of 2025. Since the initial announcement by Openreach in 2017 of the PSTN switch-off, the BSIA has been engaging with its members to ensure that they are fully aware and prepared for the final upgrade deadline of December 2025. Whilst many companies have engaged in discussions with their end users, and alarm signalling upgrades are happening, it is estimated a remaining 1,000,000+ PSTN-connected alarm systems in the UK have not yet transitioned; it is likely that many of these systems have an end user who may not even be aware that changes need to be made or does not appreciate the seriousness of the deadline.


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production of the latest Government brochure: Securing critical national infrastructure: an introduction to UK capability. This latest brochure sets out UK industry expertise in helping to improve the physical and cyber security of sites of critical national infrastructure (CNI). The companies and case studies included are from industry experts and CSL partners.The CNI industry includes these sectors: Energy, Communications, Defence, Emergency Services, Finance, Food, Government, Health, Transport, Water and Civil Nuclear. Simon Banks, Founder of CSL and Chairman of the BSIA commented: “The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and machineto-machine (M2M) technology have served the sector extremely well.” CSL’s Head of IoT Business Development, Hiran Ravat, worked alongside UKDSE to coordinate the content and was recently commended by Tracy Buckingham, Deputy Director and Head of Security & Cyber Security Exports, during a seminar at the International Security Expo in London. As the phrase ‘All-IP’ may not mean much beyond the industry, the BSIA, working with Openreach and supported by SSAIB and NSI, have created a campaign theme, ‘Beat the Big Switch Off’, encouraging end users to take the deadline seriously. The toolkit includes letter templates and flyers that includes FAQs that cover the concerns and queries which those still on PSTN lines may have, balancing useful information with the consequences of what may happen if they do not transition within time. David Wilkinson, Director of Technical Services, BSIA, said: “Through the efforts of the Association and its members, feedback suggests that end users still do not fully understand the impact or are in some cases dismissing the transition to All-IP as something that won’t affect them. “We are encouraging our members and the wider industry to assist with this roll out of important information and we hope the toolkit will play a significant role in achieving this; the effect that this will have on end users who depend on these alarm systems has the potential to cause serious disruption and create risks, not only in the supply chain, but in the daily use of these systems.”

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Largest stock holding in the UK & Ireland







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Reliance High-Tech achieves ISO 45001 certification Reliance High-Tech has announced that it has gained certification from the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) to the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standard. Following a two-stage assessment process, Reliance High-Tech demonstrated its ability to provide a legally compliant working environment, mitigate potential hazards and foster a culture where employees are more aware, engaged and committed to safety.

Fire detection and security manufacturer is acquired Global Safety Systems (GSS) Group has announced the completion of the acquisition


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“This latest achievement complements our existing range of ISO certifications that includes ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management and ISO 27001 information security management,” stated Darrel Skinner, health and safety environmental and quality manager at Reliance High-Tech. A globally recognised occupational health and safety standard, ISO 45001 sets out a framework that employers can implement to address any issues. Based upon the Plan, Do, Check, Act structure pioneered by management quality expert, W Edwards Deming, it ensures that the hazards and risks associated with an organisation’s activities are systematically identified, assessed, controlled, monitored, and continuously improved upon. This involves a constant process of analysis to make enhancements and Reliance High-Tech will seek to configure more effective ways of operating, along with ensuring that any defined objectives are compatible with its overall strategic direction. Employees across all levels of the company were consulted in the development and implementation of health and safety measures in order to understand their needs, concerns and expectations. Meanwhile, relevant data will be collected and analysed to implement and refine key performance indicators, so that hazards are recognised, and risks eliminated. Alistair Enser, chief executive officer at Reliance High-Tech, concluded: “I’m delighted that we have achieved ISO 45001, as it is a vital piece of the jigsaw that we needed to create the safest possible working environment for everyone at the company.”. of the European electronics manufacturing company, Nibble. The acquisition strengthens the group’s portfolio of safety system electronics and enhances its research and development capabilities. The R&D team at Nibble will bring additional specialist technical expertise into the group and enhance its ability to develop fire detection and security solutions. The company manufactures a complete portfolio of fire and security systems, including wired and wireless addressable systems, complemented by a range of conventional products. A spokesperson for GSS Group said: “Safety, technology, innovation, connectivity and sustainability are at the heart of Nibble’s product development, which is very much aligned with GSS Group’s focus on continued growth through innovation.”

27/10/2023 19:02:09

Hikvision releases UK&I operations update Following extensive engagement with the UK Government, and with the relevant legislation in the Procurement Bill having been debated and approved by all sides across the two Houses of Parliament, Hikvision has confirmed that the UK Government has now clarified its position concerning Hikvision CCTV cameras in relation to sensitive areas of the government estate. As a result of this confirmation, the company has announced a renewal of its commitment to the UK market. A statement from Justin Hollis, Hikvision UK & Ireland Marketing Director reads: “The UK’s Government letter to Hikvision confirms that Hikvision’s equipment is not banned from wider public sector settings. This decision recognises the integral role Hikvision products play in protecting property and promoting public safety.” The statement provided from His Majesty’s Government is: Hikvision UK wishes to understand the policy in order to explain the position of the Government to its customers, confirming that: - The policy responds to an internal assessment of emerging threats, arising from the increased sophistication and connectivity of visual surveillance equipment. - This policy applies to sensitive sites on the central government estate where security considerations are always paramount – for example, defence and intelligence facilities. - The rationale for this policy is set out in the attached WMS. - The term ‘sensitive sites’ is defined within Government and well-understood by those working within the relevant parts of the Government. The definition is not public. - The policy represents instruction and advice to central Government departments. It does not apply to private individuals or businesses or other public authorities (outside the central government estate) and was not intended to be relied upon by such persons in relation to their own use of visual surveillance equipment. The policy did not respond to any specific request for a “ban” on the use of Hikvision products. Justin states: “The Government’s decision endorses the security credentials of Hikvision’s products and adds to a growing consensus around the safety and integrity of Hikvision technology across the UK and Ireland, as well as internationally. Further evidence of this came recently in the Republic of Ireland, where the cross-party Houses of Oireachtas Committee overseeing the Irish parliamentary estate at Leinster House ruled that it was satisfied Hikvision cameras installed in the parliamentary precinct did not present a security risk, with our products remaining installed. “Hikvision has always been clear that the company and its products present no threat to UK national security,” continues Justin. “No respected technical institution or assessment has concluded otherwise. Each of Hikvision’s products is subject to strict security requirements and is compliant with the applicable laws and regulations in the UK, as well as any other country and regions in which we operate. “We are confident that this regulatory clarity and the completion of the Procurement Bill will remove any confusion regarding our viability in the UK. Indeed, we are open for business.”

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Answering unit meets IP technology demand

2N has launched a new IP answering unit, the 2N Clip , which is designed to meet the growing demand for IP technology in mid-range residential projects. The 4” video device runs on the same operating system as 2N’s premium IP products, and offers many of the same audio and video advantages. It also offers cybersecurity and sustainability benefits and, according to 2N, takes only three minutes to install – and it can be managed and configured remotely via the My2N Management Platform.

AI added to 4 and 5-channel multi-directiona multi-directional cameras Hanwha Vision is expanding expandi its range of AI with new 4 and 5-channel cameras wit multi-directional cameras, multi-d powered by an AI engine, pow that provide operators tha with a 360° view and w analytics. a The solutions rapidly classify and detect cla people, faces, vehicles peop (including vehicle types), (includ licence plates, as well as and licen AI-based loitering providing A crossing detection, Auto and line cro control, WiseStream smart Prefer Shutter con technology and compression techn The camera WiseNR noise reduction. red PNM-C34404RQPZ, PNMmodels, PNM-C344 PNM-C32083RVQ, make C16083RVQ and PNM benefit from AI. The it easier than ever to b multi-directional cameras require significantly infrastructure, compared with less cabling and infrastruc what would normally be required to enable up to 5 separate cameras to cover such large and complex scenes. Meanwhile the AI on the camera (edge AI) needs less server room space as analytics is carried out on the device and only metadata is transmitted. 12

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60GHz Wireless Link with low potential for interference

SilverNet has launched the STREAM 60GHz Wireless Link. The wireless bridge is ideal for high speed data links even in RF noisy urban environments. STREAM is two products in one, a 60GHz system and long range link in the upper two channels. In areas where 5GHz is having problems, or where OFCOM have complained about channel congestion, STREAM opens up an opportunity for smoother and extremely reliable infrastructure STREAM 60GHz radios fully support all six channels. 1/2 bandwidths are also supported so 12 channels are available for use. SilverNet also provides a link calculator to help show what can be expected for a given link, and help model different scenarios related to rainfall.

Remote power and IoT connectivity solution Sunstone Systems has launched the Rapid Autonomous Frontier Technology (RAFT) System. The RAFT System consists of an extreme system enclosure, an efficient Internal Control and Power Management System (ICPMS), a reliable battery configuration, a modular solar array, and a seamlessly integrated IoT mast. Deployed quickly without groundworks, the system delivers IoT and communications technologies on any frontier.

27/10/2023 16:58:17

EDITOR’S CHOICE The security industry is busy and complex, so it’s easy to miss new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day activities. Here are a few recent launches that caught our eye.

Desktop card enrolment device with USB connectivity New wireless EN 54 certified fire and alarm technology Cygnus has announced the launch of the SmartNet-100 range, a wireless, EN 54 certified fire detection and alarm system that allows for a maximum of 100 devices on the network. SmartNet-100 has many of the features of the SmartNet-Pro range and is capable of rapidly detecting and alerting users to signs of smoke or fire, whilst also being resilient to false alarms. There is no need for wired boosters, translators, or any other wired element, which removes the first fix stage of an installation. The network is built on a combination of battery powered radio devices, operating on a self-forming, self-healing mesh network using the Cygnus protocol across ten frequency channels operating at 865-868 MHz. The control panel is mains power operated.

The KPROG from CDVI is a desktop card enrolment device for ATRIUM access control systems. It is designed to make card and tag management simple. The KPROG plugs directly into PCs via a USB connection and eliminates the need to enrol credentials via active or in-use readers. The KPROG is compatible with both the ATRIUM web server and software portals. When a credential is placed on the desktop reader, its information is automatically detected and transferred into the relevant fields in ATRIUM.

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers

Cloud-based application gives installers system health monitoring A new application for installers enabling them to monitor the health of their customers’ security systems has been launched by Dahua Technology. DoLynk Care is a cloud-based tool for installers to help add value to their customers by monitoring the health of a system in real-time, and alerting installers of any issues before they become a problem. If a device fails, the installation company receives immediate notification, enabling remote diagnosis and – if necessary – providing the necessary information for a single site visit to repair/replace hardware. The system sends notifications to web clients or mobile phones in realtime. It can be configured so that the person with the master account can then allocate end-user sites to specific engineers, in order that they receive only relevant alerts. The application is used to configure an installation – without needing a direct connection to the system via a laptop logged into the DoLynk Care portal. Various devices can be added to the platform and they can be configured individually or configured in batches, showing individual camera feeds. In addition to notifying installation companies of any faults, the system helps troubleshooting by giving possible solutions to each issue, turning errors into tasks on the web dashboard or mobile app.

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What’s in the box? Door station Indoor viewer Mounting brackets and wiring cover Fixings Diodes User manual


he IPK03 is a video intercom kit comprising the E216 7” capacitive touch screen internal monitor and an S212 door station. All fixing brackets and mounting accessories are included. Both items can be PoE or 12v powered and use wired network connections for communication. Single button calling and remote mobile connection is supported with remote unlocking. Up to eight ONVIF cameras can also be connected. The door station includes a card reader, has an IP65 rating and is IK08 impact rated.

Getting started The two devices can be simply connected to PoE enabled switch ports and the monitor screen starts up in its basic programming mode, this first requests the language setting (English default) and then confirmation that this is the first (Main) monitor on the system. The next page is for IP configuration; DHCP can be turned on here or the IP address can be changed from its default to a suitable alternative. The next stage is to synchronise with the door station. A drop-down box shows the MAC address of any available door stations and once selected, you can ‘Sync’ to this unit. The final stage is to select DHCP or provide IP address of the door station followed by naming

The IPK03 is a video intercom kit comprising the E216 7” capacitive touch screen internal monitor and an S212 door station. All fixing brackets and mounting accessories are included 14

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Dnake – IPK03 Video Intercom Kit

the unit (up to 10 characters). During this stage the image from the door unit camera will appear for a short duration before timing out. Once completed you can add an additional door unit or finish the setup. A pair of QR codes are presented allowing Download or Adding a Smart Life App to your mobile device with a ‘Skip’ option below. The Smart Life app requires a free account sign-up and can control additional home automation devices. An NTP time reference server connection is set by default, but the region is set to UTC +08:00 so this and the general date display format should be changed for UK operation. Flexible daylight-saving time dates can be set. Due to its relatively small size, the door station has very small connectors. These are placed either side of a central RJ45 network socket and each consist of 8 x push-release terminals. Functions are identified by very small legends on the circuit board, but these are largely obscured once the RJ45 connector is in place. These provide on the left the 12v supply in, Weigand connection, and two alarm inputs. The right-hand block is for RS485 and the two alarm output relays with both NO and NC connections presented. As the connectors are mounted on the device on the insecure side of the building, care and additional security measures must be taken if using the door station for remote door release. A tamper switch on the back of the unit can be enabled to raise an alarm.

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Looking for Support with Your Next Project? Our experienced, fully accredited Technical Support team can support any install, from large to small



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Visit to learn more about the support services and technical support available at ADI UK: Sales: +44 (0) 161 687 8787 - Tech Support: +44 (0) 161 687 8789 Email: - Web:

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(continued from p14)

The door station has dimensions of 168 x 88 x 34 and a stated power rating of 3.5W (1.5W standby), measurement suggested just 2.6W with illuminators on and 1.1W standby. The viewer is 195 x 130 x 14.5 with a stated power demand of 9W (1.5W standby) with measured results of approximately 2.5W operating and 0.8W standby. An eleven-way connector on the viewer can be used for 12v input and source (100mA max), relay output and RS485 connectivity. A ten-way connector is used for eight alarm inputs that can be allocated to alarm or doorbell functions. Both devices are designed to fit onto standard 2-gang electrical wall boxes using the supplied brackets.


A very easily configured networked video door entry system that can be used as a simple video intercom or expanded with multiple door readers and displays, and remote connectivity

NOTE: This PSI Product Test was carried out by an independent third party, not editorial staff. The manufacturer had no input in the review or the final result


EDIT - Test 1.indd 2

The viewer has a clear display and works in landscape mode with a light blue background, with the Time & Date in the upper left of the screen and access to Call Logs and Phone Book to the right. The lower portion of the screen holds the four main icons to access all functions. These are identified as Panel, Monitor, Security, and Setup. ‘Panel’ takes you straight to the image from the main door station, three icons to the right are available to Unlock the door, Initiate the connection (after time-out) and a Pause button to close the connection. If a second door station is available this can be selected at the top of the screen’s Icon area. ‘Monitor’ displays a blank screen or the main view for any of up to eight cameras that are connected and configured onto the system. These are connected as RTSP streams from ONVIF compatible cameras. ‘Security’ has four icons for ON/OFF, Zone, Scene, and Setup (password). ‘Setup’ sets Display and Sounds, Date & Time, Devices, and gives password protected access to advanced settings. Both devices have very simple default passwords and there is no forced requirement to change these. Device and Web access passwords should therefore be given a suitable level of password security to suit the installation. While the camera is based on a 2MP sensor, the system supports transmission of up to 1280 x 720 pixels at 25 ips, so for any HD camera access, a suitable secondary stream from each camera must be selected. The door station includes a card reader that is both 125kHz and 13.56MHz compatible. Cards can be programmed into the system using a designated Master card, to add or delete cards, or they can be added through the ‘Person’ option from the unit’s browser interface by

entering their number or reading from the door station’s reader; names and access rights can then be associated with the card. Weigand connectivity is supported from the reader or to an external device. The door station with a resolution of 1024 x 600, includes a reset switch close to the connectors, and both devices can easily be restored to factory defaults via menu or web browser access.

Browser menu options Browsing to either device’s web server is possible and gives more flexibility for configuration and backup. The Door unit has a simple menu system with General, Intercom, Access, and Advanced options, with each expanding to give full functional access. The viewing station has two levels of browser access, the first is the User access and this just shows device details through the Main option and an IPC option allows up to eight RTSP camera streams to be entered. The more advanced admin log-in can be used to access features such as SIP settings, concierge calling, and some debugging file data production in ‘.pcap’ format.

Performance The door station can be given an additional overview image from a camera’s RTSP feed. Once the door station has initiated a call, the user can then use a numeric keypad overlay to switch between the device and the overview camera views. Viewing the video streams from up to eight IP cameras provides additional site security monitoring. The camera provides a viewing angle of 110°(H) x 60° (V), it maintains colour images at all times with the illuminators turned on during low light when the call button is pressed, or the viewer contacts the panel. Audio quality is clear with echo cancellation and an easily accessible mute button. White light LEDs either side of the camera lens provide bright illumination for low light operation. The camera copes well with backlit images.

Conclusion A very easily configured networked video door entry system that can be used as a simple video intercom or expanded with multiple door readers and displays, and remote connectivity.

8.5 out of 10

31/10/2023 17:57:25


• 360° Camera Ca Motion Detectors • Effectiv Effective Visual Deterrent • Reliable Solar Power Solution • 1 Perso Person Deployable • Fully Customisable Cu Wraps Available Availab On Request • 12 Months Mont Free Monitoring


• Construction Sites • Festival Sites • School/University Campuses • Farms • Marinas & Ports • Car Storage Facilities & Garage Forecourts

Speak to an account manager today, for full specs & pricing, or visit the PureTech website. ƒ HPDLO VDOHV#SXUHWHFKVHFXULW\ FR XN ƒ ZHE ZZZ SXUHWHFKVHFXULW\ FR XN

Manufactured in the UK Information is subject to change without notice.

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Securing opportunities in smart security

In an era defined by the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT), the concept of the “smart home” has emerged as a beacon of convenience, efficiency, and connectivity


The scope of devices available is expanding and evolving. And it can start right from the perimeter systems of a connected home 18

EDIT - Opinion.indd 2

ur futureproof smart homes promise a world where lights, appliances, thermostats, and even doorbells can be controlled remotely with a smartphone or a simple voice command. According to Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Director, at the heart of this interconnected web of devices remains our fundamental necessity: security. Especially true in the current challenging climate, where we must continue to educate the market. This is with forward-thinking product design and manufacturers to help offer the necessary protection against a wave of crime. Spurred on by the impact of the pandemic, there has been a clear shift from being the early adopter of fancy gadgets to homeowners understanding the practical insights of embracing new smart technology alongside making homes cheaper and more efficient. To the extent that at the start of 2023, there were 2.22 million smart homes in the UK and this is expected to rise to 29.7 million by 2027. We can continue to embrace the opportunities available with smart security, the challenge being to create integrated solutions that go beyond the obvious. Installers can partner with

manufacturers to share their confidence in the new technology with the consumer. Smart doorbells are the greatest example. With the current trends of rising crime against a cost-of-living crisis and high inflation backdrop, compounded by the much-documented police resource issues. Homeowners want the assurance and visibility associated with smart technology. The practical advantages we know include no more waiting for a delivery, all operated with smartphone alerts when a visitor rings a doorbell. It also means homeowners can send evidence of any attempted break-in or criminal activity, with police actively encouraging use as evidence. This is especially important as we enter the winter months, a time of known increase in crime, where clear visual verification will make the difference to action being taken. Many end users – whilst adopting tech such as smart speakers – are still concerned about issues such as interoperability and aren’t techsavvy when it comes to smart devices. That’s where professional installers are able to leverage their expertise and trust with the end user, to provide devices which work together on one platform and deliver real value to the end user.

27/10/2023 19:08:54

EZVIZ: The New Innovation Technology Automated Control, Anywhere, Anytime EZVIZ HP7 Video Doorphone: A Connected Choice For Safer and Smarter Access

Built-In Doorbell with Multiple Ringtones

Supports MicroSD Card (Up to 512 GB)

Smart RFID Unlock (3 tags included)

Smart Human Motion Detection

2K Resolution

7-Inch ColorTouch Screen

Remote Door/Gate Unlock

The EZVIZ EB8 Pan & Tilt Camera: Eliminating Network and Power Limits for Ultimate Outdoor Security Mobility

4G 1 Connectivity

Device GPS Location Viewing 2

2K Resolution

Extra-Large Battery Capacity (10,400 mAh) 3

Color Night Vision

Panoramic View

Visit to discover more about the latest Innovation products and security solutions from EZVIZ. 01642 220166

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UK Branch Now Open! No. 115, 200 Brook Drive, Green Park, Reading, UK, RG2 6UB

Distributors are now available in the UK:

Broadband Buyer

Dynamic CCTV


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Extending the scope We can showcase how much more there is to embrace in the smart security world. The scope of devices available is expanding and evolving. And it can start right from the perimeter systems of a connected home. A key example is the influence security technology can have on protecting vehicles. Currently suffering an influx of crime, with a 24.9% year-on-in increase in the number of vehicles stolen across England and Wales according to new data published by the Office of National Statistics. AA Insurance Services says theft from vehicles rose by 9.9%, with 212,900 people having items stolen from their vehicles compared to 193,647 the year before. In the same context, tool theft from a vehicle has increased by 25%. Tradespeople are 10 times more likely to experience tool theft from a vehicle than they are from a building site or their place of work. The smart home can be developed to offer our vehicles the necessary protection, using devices such as the Pyronix CarDefender. Not just operating as a clear visual deterrent, with three configurable detection modes, it can be set to trigger under a range of circumstances, providing flexibility for the end user. The CarDefender secures vehicles within the home range of the control panel. And it operates with Pyronix’ smart home alarm in the event of an attempted theft. Users are given an early warning, allowing them to take action as soon as possible, where previously, the theft may have gone unnoticed for some time. This smart deterrent, especially if activated, is likely to make any criminal move on to the next unprotected car.

Partnership approach Installers in conjunction with manufacturers are the key to identifying solutions and offering much-needed peace of mind. With the opportunity to build up a smart home with standalone champions or create an allencompassing solution. It is our sector’s responsibility to highlight the need for professionally installed and maintained security systems, to ensure an integrated home security solution. Here, home security can be designed and implemented by experts who understand the intricacies of modern security threats and know how to tailor solutions to specific homeowner needs. They ensure that all components, from intruder alarms, and surveillance cameras to access control systems, have the capability to function seamlessly together. And have the

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desired effect for homeowners to monitor activity via their smartphone for an instant response as required. If security and all it entails (internal protection, perimeter protection, video solutions) is covered first in this context, it provides the necessary base for the homeowner to customise their smart security system to meet their needs. In summary, the future of smart home security is poised for remarkable growth and continuous innovation. As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, smart home systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They are becoming more accessible to every UK household as homeowners see the advantages of integrating solutions into everyday life, including the many security benefits. Smart homes must deliver more integrated security and home automation solutions that present control, monitoring, real-time data and connectivity, all without compromising on assurance or ease of use. It becomes the role of the installer to step o homeowners the added up and demonstrate to value. ork with leading The installer can work onstrate how assets and manufacturers to demonstrate possessions across a complete home site, not just in the home itself can benefit from smarter e can highlight how we are security solutions. We o combat rising concerns consistently working to such as vehicle crime and seasonal threats. The future becomess one of unprecedented ce, and user connectivity, intelligence, se systems evolve, empowerment. As these ect our homes more they will not only protect ake our lives effectively but also make more convenient and efficient. By embracing the benefitss y, of smart home security, it will become an n integral part of modern e of living, providing peace ur mind and enhancing our quality of life.

Smart homes must deliver more integrated security and home automation solutions that present control, monitoring, real-time data and connectivity, all without compromising on assurance or ease of use


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Building a community Although established over ten years ago, British camera brand Serage has recently benefitted from increased market awareness and new distribution deals to create a stir in the sector. We find out how the brand fits into the busy CCTV market…


s a security systems installer you’ll be well aware of the many options available to you when it comes to specifying technology for your next contract. Brand loyalty and established working relationships play a major role in your selection process, so when a new name crops up, how do you approach it? Currently distributed in the UK via G-Tec and Smart Merchants and in Ireland by AES, Serage is a brand with a different approach to CCTV. With over 40 products in the range the business is keen to ensure that the right technology goes into every application and all of those involved get the service, support and eventual success they warrant. PSI spoke to company CEO Sam Cherri to find out more about how he wants to develop the business and his goals for the brand: How tricky is it working in an already busy market? Like with anything new, people are always a bit hesitant to try it, but we know that when it comes to technology, people need to see it working in order to make a decision. So, when we’ve enabled that to happen, we’ve had real success with roadshows, visiting distributor’s outlets and bringing people to our Academy. Once they try the systems and they see what it can do, they’re more inclined to get on board. I know it’s not easy to change people’s buying habits, because they’ve already built relationships with BDMs, distributors etc and if the brand was working for them, then why would they look to change? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! So, we’ve had to work around a way to break that cycle where we can get people interested and we’ve done that by showing them that we’re different. We basically have to give installers something better than what they’ve already got. We can do this because, on a like-for-like basis, we think our cameras offer more features than others do.

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Another reason why installers like us is that the products are not available on the internet – they are only available through distributors. Of course, it is a busy market and it’s not been an easy ride, but the signs are great and we’re getting a lot of interest from installers and distributors. What are the features of the cameras that installers like? It’s not just the features, but how we deliver them that is appealing. The most popular AI features, such as ANPR or face recognition are usually add-ons that people pay extra for, however with Serage, the software is already embedded so you don’t have to pay extra for it. This mean that ANPR is in every camera that we sell and it works really well too, unlike some asstandard services that are essentially unusable. Installers need to know that the embedded software is fit-for-purpose and that they can rely on it to work. Our CMS software is also well received because it performs, it is easy to use and there’s no licence fee.

Sam Cherri, CEO of Serage

“It is a busy market and it’s not been an easy ride, but the signs are great and we’re getting a lot of interest from installers and distributors”

AI is the big buzzword in CCTV, but are you finding that anyone is using it? There is a lot of advertising of AI today, but it may not be being adopted as much as you expect from all the coverage. I think that installers themselves tend to not try to promote something that the end user didn’t ask for and maybe only promote the service if it will get them the work. The areas where it is being used are for ANPR and vehicle/human detection


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although I would suggest there is a bit of confusion in the market about what is AI and what is analytics. When it comes to security features, I do feel that often the end user might not be using a service because the installer didn’t promote it to them from the start. When we help installers with project designs, we can suggest ideas to them, but they might say that the end user didn’t ask for that particular feature, so not include it in the final system. Once the end users gain more knowledge about AI functions and once installers realise the extra business opportunities that come from providing a more feature packed system via AI, this situation will change.

“I don’t want us to be just another brand that’s only concerned with how many units we can sell. The Serage community is the goal” 22

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Who is in the UK is driving the NDAA message? It’s being driven by the installers, but even with installers we sometimes have to explain it to them so they get the full picture. We are very clear that it’s an American term, not a British term and we don’t have anything equivalent here. When the subject arises, most end users say they haven’t heard about NDAA - they only hear about it from the installer. If they have some knowledge of it, they might say they don’t want a certain brand because they aren’t often aware of the finer details of the Act. We focus a lot on the NDAA and definition of it to help raise awareness with installers because they need to be salespeople as well as engineers and they need to be fully aware of what is involved and who is affected. So you think installers need to be better salespeople? The installer should always be selling for their company as technically they should make the best salespeople too because of their knowledge of brands, systems and capabilities, but that is not always the case. On our training courses we show people not only how to install the kit, but we also show them how to sell it depending on the application. At the end of the day the installer has a range of options for every job so it’s in their hands to put the best system together for the customer. Who it is that actually sells the system in the first place is probably down to the size of the business. For smaller companies the installer is the one who gets the contracts, but in medium to large companies there should always be someone that sells the system and someone who installs it. In all of our training courses we have a section called “When, Where and Why” to

help installers match the best products to the application and why that decision is valid. Then the end users feel that the installer knows what they’re talking about and how the technology will do what they have asked for. If you could have one dream product in the range, what would it be? To be honest, if I have a dream for us, it is not for a specific product that we could market. I have a different goal; I want Serage to become a community. I’m already happy with the products that we sell through distributors to installers, who in turn supply the end user. My ultimate goal is that they all feel well taken care of. The end user is happy and benefitting from the system, the installer has got the knowledge, support and product range to be successful and the distributor has enough margin. This is why we help with marketing for both the distributor and the installer so that we all flourish and grow together. We’re launching an approved installer scheme next year which will see us provide regular workshops, uniforms, forums and useful tools - so it’s not just about selling products. That’s really the dream I have for us in the market. I don’t want us to be just another brand that’s only concerned with how many units we can sell. The Serage community is the goal.

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Access Control

Intruder Alarm


Multiple Devices

No Software Required

Easy Setup with Checklist Prompts

Send IP Alarms via Multipath-IP Network



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It’s time to be smarter The term “smart automation” means different things to different people, but it essentially describes a fully integrated solution of multiple disciplines. In the security sector this can bring added benefits for all involved, so is it time you made your installations work smarter?


ccording to reports, the number of active UK households using smart automation technology is expected to amount to 34.8m users by 2028. Commercial security installations are also boosted when alarms, CCTV and access control are linked with building management systems so integrated, professional applications are going to be key for businesses looking for a more intelligent approach. Smart automation is no longer just a plaything for the rich and famous. The technology is now more cost effective and the presence of names like Amazon and Google in the DIY market have brought it front and centre. Automating services from lighting through to heating and security bring business benefits for professional installers who choose to add integrated security/smart automation solutions to their portfolio. In the latest PSI podcast, we caught up with Mark Earp, Technical Manager at RISCO, for advice on selecting the best kind of system for the job and also to discover tips for fitting this kind of kit. Here is an excerpt:

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How is the smart automation market performing? In a nutshell, smart automation is definitely growing. Market researchers Fortune Business Insights conservatively estimated that this market will increase by around 20% by 2028 and we’ve seen factors such as awareness about energy conservation and the need for convenience and security, continuing to drive the adoption of solutions. Awareness has been driven by the larger companies within the DIY market, but this can be taken advantage of by the professional security installer as customers look to integrate their smart automation with their home security. And, if you think about it, why wouldn’t they? Combining both together allows residential and commercial properties to be smarter, allowing locks, plugs and lights or to be controlled or actioned by the security system, it can even help with energy savings by incorporating thermostats etc. In addition, we’ve also seen the price of smart automation devices falling and with this in mind it gives the installer the perfect opportunity to access the market more profitably. It is also possible

We’ve seen the price of smart automation devices falling and with this in mind it gives the installer the perfect opportunity to access the market more profitably


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(continued from page 25)

As an installation business you should always be looking at ways to make you stand out from the competition and smart automation can be a way of making your company more profitable

Listen to the PSI Podcast here:

to integrate smart automation systems with voice commands such as Amazon Alexa which is appealing to the end user. Are self-monitored smart systems a good thing or a bad thing for the industry? There are good and bad sides to this. At the very least a completely un-monitored system relies on you having neighbours who don’t mind false alarms, whereas with smart tech, self-monitoring makes it easier to control the alarm meaning it won’t annoy them! But there are disadvantages such as people thinking they don’t need police response because they’re doing their own monitoring and so not really providing any real protection. What are the benefits of the latest systems on the market? There are several advantages of the new wave of integrated solutions, especially for the customer, with a major one being the cost. As end users they are already spending to protect their businesses and homes, but for just a relatively small additional investment, it can easily be expanded to include integration and this can provide a far superior degree of security. Another issue has been the market perception of affordability versus benefits. Smart automation encompasses a range of devices and systems such as alarms, lighting, plugs, thermostats and the list of compatible devices and providers is continually growing. Furthermore, with standard protocols such as Z-Wave, users can choose from many devices across multiple manufacturers that can be easily integrated into a cohesive solution. These devices can also be remotely controlled and automated to create a more intelligent and interconnected living environment. Unfortunately, for some customers professional security solutions are considered a grudge purchase rather than an aspirational purchase and that mentality can drive some to install lower quality DIY products. Obviously, this can be a disadvantage for a couple of reasons, one of them being integration as professional smart automation and alarm systems are designed from the ground up to provide a seamless, user experience with the core of the system being the security aspects. The second disadvantage concerns hacking and cybersecurity because a fully supported professional system meets and often exceeds international cybersecurity standards, which is not something that can be said for some DIY products.

What are the benefits for installers in looking at smart automation? As an installation business you should always be looking at ways to make you stand out from the competition and smart automation can be a way of making your company more profitable by giving you the opportunity to upsell. In general, the installer/integrator will fit a combined security and smart automation system obtained from a manufacturer not offered in the DIY channel. This controls standards and ensures all aspects of the solution are closely and simply integrated to form a cohesive solution. In the past, smart automation was only an option for the more affluent customer and there are several very high-end automated solutions on the market which are very professional and look impressive, however they come at a premium price. These are out of reach for most home and small business owners, however thanks to recent innovations smart automation is not beyond most budgets and for the installer, they are not difficult to fit and manage. What are the top tips for installers? When it comes to integrated smart solutions, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The first one I would say is to plan ahead; before you start on the work take some time out to properly plan and lay out the system as this will help avoid any problems later on. I think another key issue would be to choose the right system for the customer. There are different integrated solutions available, so it’s important to choose the one that is the best for your customer’s needs. Testing the system is essential to ensure you are leaving a fully working solution for your customer, plus you will also identify any potential problems before you leave. I’d also recommend getting some good product training before you undergo any installation and finally, always remember to update the system. System improvements and even bug fixes can be addressed with updates, so keep on top of those.


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together raising standards

Meet the installer What would be a typical project for you? We work both in the residential and commercial space in London and further afield. We have primary focused over the years on CCTV, access control and door entry. Our commercial projects demand these types of system as they tend to be on the larger spectrum, ranging from 5,000sft to 180,000sft. Our typical project tends to be office or workspace buildings where various tenants are using the space and therefore it is crucial for the landlord to provide safe and secure spaces for their tenants. These buildings also have concierge or reception desks as well as security rooms. So, it is important that the security systems are easy to use and accessible to the relevant staff. Our residential project tend to be prime or super price homes in and around London; these projects, however, have different demands. Do you have any ‘go to’ technology and manufacturers? We don’t necessarily have ‘go to’ technology or manufacturers as we believe that every project is different, with various requirements, demands and expectations. Manufacturers and products can vary so it is important to us that we listen to the requirements of the client and design a system that will fulfil the client brief, as opposed to it being product driven. That said, we do have a shortlist of products we use regularly. Once company that we always stick to is 2N for our door entry. Their equipment is robust, flexible, and simple works! We deploy this on every project we can. We have found the products very reliable, and the quality of manufacturing is evident.

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Security life with Tas Kyriacou, Director of IDS in London Name: Tas Kyriacou Job title: Director Time in security/fire: 10 years Company: IDS Location: London Areas of expertise: CCTV, access control and door entry Certifications: NSI, Safe Contractor

What is the best thing about working in this industry? There are always new challenges, demands shift and requirements change quickly, so it is always important to stay ahead of the game. Working in London specifically, it’s extremely demanding, however we have always enjoyed a challenge! Is third party certification beneficial? Yes, certifications are important as it shows competency, education and consistent progression. It’s also important to us that our engineer team is constantly up to date with training and the development of products.

“Our residential project tend to be prime or super price homes in and around London; these projects, however, have different demands”

Do you think there is an engineer skills shortage? Any trouble recruiting? Unfortunately, there is a skills shortage. Since Brexit, recruitment has been more challenging. We have been very specific with our requirements, we ensure that we maintain the standard that we have always pursued, however, this has been a challenge, so we


31/10/2023 18:06:58

together raising standards go through a more rigorous recruitment process. Are there any common requests from customers that give you problems? Security has always been paramount for clients, but this has been accelerated by the growing unrest around the world – so, nothing specific per se, but it is incredibly important that we use robust systems such as 2N, TDSI and Axis, to name a few. What impact has smart/home automation had on your business? We work both in security and home automation, so whether we are working on a commercial or residential project we implement systems from both arenas and we typically integrate the security system to the home automation for a more holistic and easy-to-use solution. For example, products like 2N’s are renowned for integrating with home automation systems, which proves the importance of products being versatile.

What would make your job easier? No job is easy, especially in our industry! However, I believe that good processes have an impact on performance and delivery. What is your ultimate/fantasy electronic security/fire product? I believe that AI will – and as already has – impacted our industry. AI will accelerate the efficiency of technology and make things far more automated. It’s not necessarily a ‘fantasy’, but enhanced security for clients is our goal so if this helps us deliver it, then it’s great. What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? Patience. Rome was not built in a day. Will England ever win the World Cup again? I think with football, anything can happen! . If you won £25,000 what would you do with the money? Put it towards an investment that will generate income.


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The Wireless Access Control Report 2023 is available now

Discover what’s next for wireless access control. Download your copy

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IR & Night Colours

Crowd Density

Human & Vehicle Detection


Face Recognition

Straight out of the box

Missing Objects

People Counting

Perimeter Protection

Siren & Light Deterrent


Want a closer look? 6FDQ WKH 45 WR ǓQG out more...

SA L E S @SE R AGE .CO. U K Untitled-1 1

£ SE SERAGE products come with 3 year co warranty


SERAGE products RǖHU RQOLQH SULFH protection

NDAA Compliant

Compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act

0203 9630 10 0 27/10/2023 13:49:28


A platform for growth

Last month, Resideo Technologies announced the introduction of its connected ProSeries Security and Life Safety platform to Europe. The platform has been developed for residential and small business applications and is modular by design, incorporating hardware, software, an app and associated services. We take a closer look….


he introductory offering in the three initial European launch markets – France, Spain and the UK – includes: the PROBOX-EU wireless security panel, a suite of compatible wireless sensors and peripherals and professional and self-monitoring options. It is reported that the platform can offer professional installers the opportunity to grow their businesses by enabling them to develop their customer relationships beyond the traditional install and repair life cycle. This is done by offering a monthly service that enhances the security and safety of the home and small businesses. Laurent Legris, Senior Director of Safety and Security Product Management, explains the significance of the introduction of ProSeries to Europe: “Our ProSeries solution has been protecting homes and businesses across America and Canada since 2020. The introduction of a version specifically tailored for the European market is good news for homeowners and small businesses, who want to protect what matters most, and professional security installers who want to grow their business through smart services.” The number of panel variations, peripherals and services will be extended during the remainder of 2023 and into 2024. To find out more about the platform and the thinking behind the launch, PSI caught up with Mario Moura, Products & Solutions EMEA Managing Director at Resideo:

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Is the technology an OEM? It is technology that we developed ourselves and first launched in North America in 2020, so it’s a proven system that’s been adapted for the European market developed by Resideo – not a re-badged product. Resideo is not really a new name in the UK, we’ve been present here in different forms for a long-time, selling security systems via our partners ADI and they are the initial distributor for the new platform. It is true to say however that it is an established market and with the new system we aim to strengthen our position in the UK.

Mario Moura of Resideo

How do you intend to convince installers to switch to you? We are not looking at the new solution simply as an alarm system. We see it as a life safety system that in the near future will be able to integrate with HVAC systems, water leak detectors, energy management systems and other similar platforms. We believe that the USPs that differentiate us from other players in the UK market include the fact that ProSeries is an entire life safety system designed for professional installers in the European market. We’re not envisioning going to retailers or the

“Resideo is not really a new name in the UK, we’ve been present here in different forms for a long-time, selling security systems via our partners ADI and they are the initial distributor for the new platform” 31

27/10/2023 17:40:52


(continued from page 31)

DIY space with the system although there is a self-monitoring option with the system. The kit is completely wireless making it easy to update and upgrade and we also believe that we can offer a robust platform in terms of video on-demand, video verification and storage. All of the technology in the platform will be linked via an app and there will be some additional services as well. In the UK, there is a large number of houses that don’t have security, so how will your platform benefit homeowners? I think we can reach those customers through professional installers and we believe there is a lot of value in having your house professionally monitored as well. These two aspects offer a far superior level of security than you can achieve with DIY, self-monitored, un-maintained products. That combination of factors plus the modularity of the system will be appealing. Another bonus is that we’ve made the platform modular so that you don’t have to acquire the whole system from the start. I think one of the barriers for consumerss comes with the initial cost of the hardware on top of the monthly monitoring charge, but with ProSeries you can build the system as and when you want to. I believe that we have a compelling offering against the DIY products.

“I think one of the barriers for consumers comes with the initial cost of the hardware on top of the monthly monitoring charge, but with ProSeries you can build the system as and when you want to” 32

EDIT - Inside Story Nov23.indd 3

Will ProSeries have any impact on your current portfolio? Platforms such as Videofied are still part of our current offering and they are popular with installers. However, I do think that the long-term future belongs to systems like ProSeries. In America you see telecoms companies offering security services, is this going to happen in the UK? I don’t know the full picture here in the UK, but I have seen these businesses move into security in countries like America and over in Europe. In France you have cable companies quite active in the security space and in other countries you see insurance businesses getting involved and owning large security players. So, I would say that iit is quite a complex market, but in terms of the offerings out there, I don’t think we have any anybody currently cracking the whole home automation, connected home space with security, life safety and HVAC/ energy management solutions – all combined. We now have the system, and we have an int introductory partner in ADI to bring it to market. A fully connected ecosystem like ProSeries was the piece of the puzzle that was missing from the UK market until now.

Will the forthcoming launches for the system be mostly new peripherals? We are looking to develop the portfolio in a way that enhances the platform. There is more news to come. For example, we have had a leakage sensor available for four years and now have a shut-off valve as well, which in the near future will extend the protection offered by the platform. This means the system will be able to sense the leakage and automatically send a signal to the shut-off valve by itself or via the homeowner’s app to turn off the water supply at source. Don’t forget, in the UK we have a well-established thermostat business thanks to the heritage of Honeywell and this is also a provision that can be connected to the platform, thus bringing non-security services into play with the kit. We also have a history with smoke detectors in the UK, so we are ideally placed to connect all of these proven technologies together.

27/10/2023 17:41:17



The peripherals associated with security alarm panels cover a range of services including leak detection, glass break, contacts, keypads and motion sensors. Here we highlight some of the latest technologies to hit the market

Texecom – Impaq S G3 The Impaq S G3 shock sensor from Texecom features VIBER Accelerometer Technology to reduce false alarms and also boasts third party EN Grade 3 compliance. The device also features the aesthetics demanded for high end residential and commercial properties and is easy to install.

Bosch – Commercial Series Bosch Commercial Series (Gen2) motion detectors recently launched in the EMEA region reportedly boast even better catch performance and false-alarm immunity than previously due to the use of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems). As part of the latest update, Bosch has further enhanced the detector’s RF (radio frequency) immunity. In the new devices, this is now up to 6 GHz, providing the motion detectors with even better protection from interference caused by Wi-Fi routers.

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers

Ajax Systems – KeyPad Touchscreen Ajax Systems recently introduced KeyPad TouchScreen which features an Ajax app-like interface, big touch IPS display and security features, including DESFire and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies. One of the main advantages of KeyPad TouchScreen is its easy security group management. Users can view and control multiple security groups with one touch, making arming and disarming various sections of their property effortless. The device also supports sound notifications for alarms, delays, and door openings, providing users with instant updates on their system’s status. The device’s robust security features, such as duress code, protection against code guessing and unauthorised access devices, tamper alarms, data encryption, and protection against spoofing, ensure that only authorised users can access the system. With the capability to use smartphones, Pass cards, Tag key fobs, and personal access codes, KeyPad TouchScreen offers three convenient authentication methods.

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27/10/2023 19:24:01


Pyronix – CarDefender

CarDefender from Pyronix is a three-axis accelerometer device recommended for vehicle security. Developed to combat vehicle theft (particularly keyless theft), CarDefender offers a new line of defence to deter intruders by raising the house alarm in the event of an attempted theft. Users are given early warning, allowing them to take action as soon as possible. Working in conjunction with existing Pyronix systems, CarDefender secures vehicles within the wireless home range of the control panel. It features a three-axis accelerometer with three configurable detection modes, which are able to detect shock or tilt. The device can be set to trigger for shock only, tilt only, or if either shock or tilt is detected. It comes with a specially designed, brightly-coloured silicone rubber mount, allowing users to strap it to a vehicle’s steering wheel for reliability and visual deterrence.

Aritech – VE 735/6 The VE 735/6 range of passive infra-red detectors from Aritech offer 60-metre long distance corridor detection, combined with a 20metre volumetric coverage, with Grade 2 and Grade 3 Anti-Mask versions available. Mirror optics create a dense detection pattern of continuous curtains (11 curtains on the VE series). Each mirror segment has a lens effect compensating for the distance of the person moving in front of the detector. Patented vector technology is based on a double passive infrared sensing element with a specific layout. Thanks to the specific layout of the sensor, elaborated analytics can be made on the detection signal resulting in both increased stability and sensitivity. The sophisticated vector algorithms, using pattern recognition, can easily eliminate nuisance signals and can even determine the direction of motion of the intruder. 34

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Optex – FlipX Grade 3 FlipX sensors feature a bespoke pyroelectric sensor for increased performance that adapts to the human shape, and a lens that can be ‘flipped’ to provide both wide and narrow detection in a single sensor. By rotating the lens through 180°, the sensor can be used to protect narrow or long areas such as a corridor or warehouse aisles up to 24m, or a wide, open area like a lobby or a high-value retail store to 15m at 85°. In addition, to provide a higher level of security, the Advanced models feature IR-Antimasking, which protects both the PIR and microwave sensors, generating an alert if they are covered. It’s also equipped with additional algorithms to ensure stable detection and to reduce ‘false’ alarms. Double conductive shielding means nuisance alarms caused by changes of light, temperature or Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can be avoided.

Resideo – L Series The Resideo L1 WiFi Water Leak & Freeze Detector alerts consumers to leaks or frozen pipes with smartphone notifications, on site alerts and an alarm. When paired with the Resideo Braukmann L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve to automatically turn off the water supply to the home when a water leak is detected, the two products make a complete water leak damage defence system – connected via the Resideo Smart Home app.

30/10/2023 16:36:46

Project1_Layout 1 31/08/2022 22:24 Page 1


HKC Security – RF-MCS

A miniature wireless magnetic contact with shock sensor available in white, brown or grey the RF-MCS delivers a line of sight range up to 400m and battery life of around three years while maintaining a discreet and aesthetic profile. The unit is ideal for applications that require specific architectural design consideration and operates in temperatures from -10 to +40°C. It is designed to work alongside existing and legacy HKC RF detectors.

RISCO – RisControl

Visonic – PowerG Wireless Advanced Outdoor Curtain PIR The PowerG Wireless Advanced Outdoor Curtain PIR Detector creates a narrow protective shield across windows, balconies, doors, driveways and other entranceways. Weather-proof to IP55 and pet-immune, with anti-masking capabilities, it delivers detection in temperatures of -35°C to 60°C and demanding outdoor environments. The detector filters normal environmental movement with the True Motion Recognition algorithm and ensures pet immunity with Target Specific Imaging (TSI) technology – for reduced false alarms. Directional detection can be set to distinguish between people entering or exiting the building.

Eaton – DET-REXT-PIR30

RisControl is a high resolution 8” touchscreen keypad, offering an intuitive easy to use interface. With RisControl the user can control all alarm and cloud-based solutions from RISCO Group from one access point. It provides a clear overview of the system status, easy set/ unset functionality and the option to view live video and recordings from VUpoint NVR and IP cameras. The keypad functions are presented in an intuitive way, allowing users to quickly learn and operate their security system. Users can also define their own personalised quick access buttons and shortcuts to the most important functions and can make controlling a security system is as easy as using a mobile app.

Orisec – DT-360-AM Ceiling mount detectors from Orisec provide detection in a sleek and easy to install housing. The detectors can be mounted between 2.4m and 4.0m to provide a coverage area up to 10m in diameter. The DT-360-AM is a Grade 3 anti-masking 360 ceiling mount quad PIR with dual technology and RFI immunity up to 2.7GHz

The DET-REXT-PIR30 from Eaton is an outdoor radio PIR motion detector designed for perimeter monitoring ideal for triggering alarms and video monitoring systems. The system is designed using two independent detectors, both of which must trigger to signal an alarm to help deliver precise and reliable detection. Detection is adjustable from 10 to 30 metres and the unit has coverage angles from 10 to 70 degrees.


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The ‘specialist’ shield in CT In an evolving security landscape where threats are always looming, understanding the pivotal role of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) in counter terrorism (CT) is imperative. In our second article in a series on HVM we look at its role in any CT strategy


t is crucial to debunk a common misconception: HVM is not traffic management (TM) —it is a meticulously designed defence against terrorism. The strategy centres around implementing robust, independently tested, and rated equipment that acts as a formidable barrier against vehicle-led attacks, ensuring the preservation of lives and assets. The Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA) strongly believes that the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Installers Scheme (HVMIS) - a critical initiative by the PSSA - should be reinforced through formal legislation. Currently operating as an essential, yet non-statutory scheme, HVMIS plays a crucial role in our strategic approach to perimeter security. The PSSA is advocating for the elevation of this scheme to a legislatively mandated initiative. The architecture of this proposed legislation aims to ensure the selection of the precise skills and knowledge necessary for effective HVM

EDIT - Security.indd 2

installation and operation. Choosing the right person or company for HVM is like picking the right doctor for a specific medical problem. You need someone with the right skills and knowledge for the job. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation; the person or company you choose must have specific expertise in HVM. This specificity and specialisation are essential. Imagine entrusting an electrician with plumbing repairs or expecting a tree surgeon to perform a medical operation. Such a mismatch of expertise could yield disastrous outcomes. In the field of HVM, the stakes are immensely high. Entrusting non-specialists, with the supply and installation of HVM equipment, risks the integrity of the system, thus compromising the safety it vows to uphold.

It is crucial to debunk a common misconception: HVM is not traffic management —it is a meticulously designed defence against terrorism 37

31/10/2023 17:32:33


(continued from page 37)

The emphasis should be on recognising HVM as a specialised profession that plays a pivotal role in counterterrorism strategies


EDIT - Security.indd 3

Paul Jeffrey, PSSA Chairman commented “The PSSA strongly advocates for the implementation of more robust and mandatory legislation surrounding the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Installers Scheme (HVMIS). We believe that the guidelines and standards proposed within the HVMIS should not just be recommendations, but firmly enforced by law, obligating all installers to uphold these stringent standards rigorously. By instigating this crucial legislative action, we aim to ensure that the deployment of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems is executed with the utmost precision and effectiveness, guaranteeing enhanced compliance and the reinforcement of our perimeter security solutions against any potential vehicle-based threats or attacks.” Diligence and due consideration are the bedrock of effective HVM. The end-users and installers must foster a keen understanding of the CT threat landscape, ensuring that the HVM strategies echo the identified vulnerabilities and risks. The domain of HVM is varied, extending beyond the mere installation of barriers for road closures. It needs a great understanding of strategic placement, ensuring maximum delay in the face of threats, allowing time to put necessary protective measures in place. Paul Jeffrey added, “Due diligence of the end user is crucial in perimeter security. Always ensure that your HVM provider/installer comprehensively understands your CT threat, vulnerability, and risk Accreditation stands as a cornerstone in optimising the efficiency of HVM installations. Ensuring that the HVM equipment is installed as per the tested specifications is vital. Incorrect installations cast a shadow not only

over the installer and the manufacturer but over the integrity of the entire industry. It fuels misconceptions regarding the effectiveness of HVM measures, thereby undermining public confidence in the protective mechanisms aimed at safeguarding crowded spaces.” The PSSA’s HVMIS emerges as a beacon of comprehensive approach towards hostile vehicle security. The scheme, embroidered with stringent guidelines and processes, focuses on aligning installations with physical constraints and the budgetary considerations of clients without a compromise on safety and functionality. The emphasis on mandatory maintenance, operational training, and thirdparty verifications such as those through CTSA’s, NPSA, NaCTSO, and CT SecCos underscores the commitment to maintaining a consistent standard of quality and compliance across the board. The development of HVMIS is the result of thorough assessment and collaboration among various groups, including government agencies and the PSSA Council. This joint effort shows a strong dedication to improving security strategies with a shared vision. In conclusion, the emphasis should be on recognising HVM as a specialised profession that plays a pivotal role in counterterrorism strategies. It is not just an auxiliary component of traffic management but a crucial line of defence against hostile threats. A collective endeavour towards tighter legislation, diligence, and enhanced professionalisation within the industry is imperative to protect our defences, ensuring that our public spaces remain places of safety in the face of evolving threats.

31/10/2023 17:33:11


Cannabis grower meets legal security requirements Paxton’s Net2 access control has been installed at Highlands Grow, a fully licensed industrialscale cultivator, producing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. Based in Lapeer in Michigan, Highlands Grow provide consumable cannabis products to US-based retailers, projects. The volume of produce cultivated is of extremely high-market value and needs to be secured as stated by Michigan state law. Prior to the new Net2 security installation, the Highlands Grow facility was secured by traditional locks and keys. This meant that it was open to potential security risks, and the site would not meet the legal requirements to secure the higher volume of product planned to produce as the company increased the size of its customer base. Highlands Grow, called consultants Existo Solutions who recommended Paxton’s Net2 access control. Chris Hernandez, Operations Lead at Existo Solutions, said: “Achieving compliance while growing cannabis in most US states is related to the security and access of the facility. Cultivators who don’t comply can receive up to a $90k fine from the US government, so access control is vitally important to get right.” For the new security system to meet legal surveillance requirements, cameras needed to be integrated alongside a remote alert system. For Highlands Grow, that meant monitoring 50 cameras, while securing 21 doors, which lead to large-scale grow rooms and secure vaults, storing curing cannabis and finished products. Having this functionality is crucial so the owners can receive real-time notifications and video clips of potential security risks on individual doors when the facility is at low capacity. Chris continues: “What is very important for the customers in our industry, isn’t just knowing who goes in and out of a facility, it’s who goes up to a door when they are not supposed to. It’s about being aware of who tried to open a vault when no one is there.” Existo Solutions installed Net2, Paxton’s networked IP access control system, integrated seamlessly with Vivotek cameras, meaning that Highlands Grow can now remotely monitor every door on their facility 24/7, using Net2Online software and the Paxton Connect app. Chris said: “Net2 has enabled us to provide Highlands Grow with the highest security service package we offer, which is great for them.” Paxton’s vandal resistant Entry range touch panel has been fitted on the main entrance

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to the facility, alongside an Entry Premium monitor in the site’s security station. The Net2 software has been configured to provide notification alerts on the owner’s smart devices if people are trying to enter the building outside of business hours. Net2 readers were fitted across all doors alongside the camera integration to monitor access from internal employees to grow rooms and vaults. These readers have been configured to allow different access levels depending on seniority in the company, and time restrictions added to lock down rooms with no need for frequent access. The Net2 system has been installed with no problems and the owners are pleased with how easy it is to use. They have been maximising the use of its feature-rich software and have been impressed with the proximity cards, which they have doubled up as access tokens and ID cards. Matt Saagman, Director of Cultivation at Highlands Grow, said: “As we expand out our facility, we plan to keep building on the current system and we are interested in seeing what else it can do as we grow.”


31/10/2023 18:10:34


Central London locations have enhanced public safety Heald has installed and secured a number of high-footfall Central London locations, including Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and The Strand. Alongside vehicle-borne attacks remaining a dominant threat to busy locations, the plans to

Cameras enable AI-based detection at port terminal MIC IP ultra 7100i cameras from Bosch were recently installed on around ten 40-metre high masts to meet the security requirements at the port of Paracas in Peru. The port operators were looking for a video security solution to ensure high-resolution surveillance of an 11-hectare area, even when faced with the adverse


Applications Nov.indd 4

implement higher levels of public safety in these central spaces were chosen due to concerns surrounding high footfall and the tourist-heavy nature of the locations. Installations commenced in the location of Pall Mall East Trafalgar Square, where Heald provided two Electro-Mechanical Matador 4’s. This was shortly followed by the second location of Charing Cross Eastern Side. Heald also installed two Electro-Mechanical Matador 4’s at one of London’s busiest locations, Leicester Square. Following the central installations, Heald also provided bespoke Matador systems to The Strand’s East and West sides. Debbie Heald MBE, managing director at Heald Ltd, comments: “Due to the high levels of footfall London attracts and recent hostile vehicle incidents, the correct level of public protection must be in place to mitigate the risk of an unanticipated vehicle attack. Implementing highquality security systems such as crash-tested hostile vehicle mitigation bollards will provide a visual deterrent to mitigate the chances of a vehicle-borne attack, providing peace of mind to members of the public. “Heald’s Matador is crash tested to IWA-14 and PAS 68 standards, as well as holding a CPNI Vehicle Attack Delay Standard (VADS) rating.” weather conditions that are typical in the region, including stormy winds and extremely salty air. “Our previous cameras were unable to meet our expectations,” explains César Rojas, Operations Manager at the port of Paracas. “That represented a major security risk, as we weren’t technically equipped to reliably detect intruders and their potential criminal activities in sensitive areas involving the loading or unloading of goods at the port terminal and take the necessary action.” Thanks to MIC IP ultra 7100i cameras from Bosch with UHD (4K) resolution, 12x zoom, and optical image stabilisation (OIS), the port’s management team have found a solution that now satisfies all of their requirements. MIC cameras are moving pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) devices. Remote panning, tilting, and zooming from a control room gives them coverage of large areas. These technical features won over the management team. César Rojas says: “Thanks to ultra-high definition, we can detect intruders and see what they’re up to in sharp detail for the first time. As a result of optical image stabilisation, this is even the case if strong winds rock the masts with the cameras attached at a height of 40 metres, or if we zoom up to 12x in the very salty air.”

27/10/2023 16:19:50

Access solution for serviced apartments In Milton Keynes Abloy UK has supplied its SMARTair access control system to Your Apartment for its new aparthotel based in the centre of Milton Keynes to service the 65 one-bed and studio apartments and gym. A flexible and integrated access control system was required for the aparthotel that could grant access to residents, team members and contractors with the relevant credentials at the right time, with the added benefit of audit trails for enhanced security. The building contractor approached Abloy UK during the specification stage, and the SMARTair system was suggested as the ideal solution, to offer wireless door entry and provide a detailed security overview of the building: who entered, where and when, in real-time. With SMARTair, the Facilities Manager controls user rights and sets access

Quick installation for Essex based primary school Cygnus has worked Blake Fire & Security Systems to supply 130 of its SmartNet wireless alarm systems to Elmwood Primary School in South Woodham Ferrers to ensure optimal safety for its staff and students. The school contacted the installer for a review and quotation of its site and existing fire alarm systems which were over 15 years old and starting to fail. “After discussing the options, it was obvious to see the benefits of using a wireless system for this project,” commented Rory Foster, Fire Safety Systems Manager at Blake Fire & Security Systems. “It helped that the cost of the wireless system was less than that of a wired system, due to the fact it did not require

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limitations, time schedules and permissions calendars for different user groups, so people can only access areas in which they have authorisation to do so at a specific time. The system is integrated with Openow, a smartphone app that opens doors with Bluetooth functionality, meaning the user’s mobile phone becomes a secure virtual key. The Facilities Managers update virtual keys over the air from anywhere eliminating delays in issuing new credentials or revoking lost ones. This is a tailor-made solution for residents, with valid keys on their smartphones enabling them to unlock a SMARTair-protected door by tapping the phone against a reader. any containment and cabling, and installation was straightforward as it only required one engineer.” “The ease of installation meant that we were able to install SmartNet in just four days during the May half term, therefore we didn’t need to wait until the summer holiday period,” continued Rory. “The wireless system ensured that we did not need to penetrate through the walls or ceilings as we would have with a wired alternative. Running cables through walls and ceilings with a wired system also requires extra fire proofing to maintain the fire compartments of the building.” 41

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An overview of some of the products we have featured in PSI independent test reports over recent months. Manufacturers and distributors have no input in the testing or the final results so you can rest assured that these are genuine reports and not based on external influences. Bosch – Flexidome NDE-3503-AL Part of the Bosch Flexidome IP 3000i IR range, this fixed dome camera is impact resistant to IK10 with IP66 protection rating and has a 1/2.9” 5MP CMOS sensor, 3.2 to 10mm motorised lens and a range of “Essential” video analytic functions. It has a diameter of 137mm and height of 122.5mm. It has an operating temperature of -30°C to +50°C. Review: A very capable dome camera with a wide range of configuration options. Score: 8.5/10

i-PRO – WV-S71300-F3 The i-PRO WV-S71300-F3 camera is described as an internal IP44 mini box camera with overall dimensions of 102(w) x 48(H) x 21(D) mm. It has a clear protective cover that increases the dimension by approximately 1.5mm per side. Review: A very compact camera whose appearance does not stand out, making it ideal for locations where overt security is not desired. Score: 8.5/10

Uniview – IPC2325EBR5-DPZ Promoted as a 5MP WDR Starlight Varifocal IP67 network bullet camera, the unit is based on a 1/ 2.7” sensor with a 2.7 to 13.5mm auto-focus motorized zoom lens giving a horizontal angle of view from 93.28° to 28.56°. Review: A versatile solidly built external bullet camera with a wide range of configuration settings. The security settings allow the camera to be suitably locked-down but the lack of a forced “strong” password is a concern; perhaps a future firmware update will remedy this. Score: 8/10

AVA – DOME W-4K-30 The AVA dome is an NDAA compliant vandal resistant (IK10) day /night IP66 dome for indoor or outdoor use with 4K imaging, built-in microphones and edge analytics. The dome uses Cloud connectivity to provide simple set-up and management. Review: A well-engineered dome with impressive analytics capabilities and straightforward secure connectivity. Ideal for diverse or centralised systems with flexible notifications that can be received and managed from anywhere with available internet access. Score: 8.5/10


Tried June.indd 1

29/06/2023 20:08:07

d in g T h e U K ’s L e a Exper ts

Hikvision – ColorVu DS-2CD2087G2-LU This IP67, 8MP bullet camera is from the Hikvision ColorVu range. It is designed for 24-hour colour imagery with warm-white visible LED illumination support for zero light scenes. A wide 2.8mm lens version is standard with 4mm and 6mm options. Review: An extremely sensitive 8MP high-resolution camera with advanced detection capabilities, 24-hour colour capability and a wide range of security features. Score: 9/10

Serage – SRDNC5FW Dome The Serage SRDNC5FW from G-TEC is an IP66 ‘Turret’ style 5MP dome with a fixed 2.8mm lens. It is based around a 1/2.7” high sensitivity sensor coupled with an F1.0 lens to give good colour images in low light. Visible and infrared illumination is built in, and a microphone provides audio. AI based video and audio detection is included. Review: A very good all-round performance from this compact dome camera. Excellent colour image quality in very low light levels and flexible detection and analytic capabilities. Score: 8.5/10

Oncam – C-12 Indoor This internal 360° view camera designed for ceiling or wall mounting, is based on a 12MP sensor and provides a fisheye image with a wide range of configuration options. Review: A very powerful compact fisheye view camera compatible with a wide range of video management systems with simplicity of installation and good support documentation. Score:

Dahua – TiOC 2.0 The DH-IPC-HDW3549H-AS-PV-S3 is a 5MP full-colour fixed-focal eyeball WizSense network camera. It is the latest in the company’s TiOC (three- in-one camera) line which integrates 24/7 full-colour monitoring, active deterrence and AI into one solution. Review: A very capable Eyeball style dome that has a wide range of features to help detect and deter intruders, with extensive cyber security settings. When used with the Dahua Smart NVR, the camera supports intelligent search capabilities. Score: 8.5/10

Wisenet – PNM-C7083RVD The PNM-C7083RVD multi-directional camera is a dual dome device that provides two 2MP views that can be individually set to suit locations while requiring only one network lead. The cameras provide AI object classification analytics and low light operation. They are IP66 & NEMA4X environmentally rated with an IK10 impact protection rating. Review: An impressive and very flexible dual camera unit that is easy to install, configure and maintain. Score: 9/10

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Videx – GSM4KCR/4G The Videx 4000 Series is a flexible modular audio call system capable of supporting up to 50 buttons. A range of modules are available - for the review the housing contained the 4810/4G Intercom and a 4903 Keypad. The intercom is designed for 4G networks but is also compatible with 2G and 3G networks. Review: A well-engineered flexible and expandable 4G based intercom system that can be managed through a variety of local and remote methods. Score: 8.5/10

Pyronix – Home Control DoorbellCam kit A smart HD video doorbell and wireless chime kit that allows users to receive real-time alerts from the front door and stay connected to home; never missing a visitor or delivery again. The DoorbellCam has an inbuilt mic and speaker for two-way contact. Review: This easy to set up and straightforward to use video doorbell kit would be a great addition to any smart home system or simply to provide more functionality at an entrance way. Score: 8/10

Ajax – MotionCam Outdoor The Ajax MotionCam Outdoor is an IP 55 rated combined external PIR sensor with inbuilt capture camera for use with the latest Ajax Hubs that support visual verification. The detector has settings for the image resolution and number of pictures sent on alarm. After dark the unit has two high-intensity infrared LEDs to provide illumination for the camera’s monochrome mode. Review: A very simple to install and manage, extended battery life external PIR detector for Ajax based Hub 2 systems, with the advantage of visual verification. Score: 9/10

Eaton – i-on10 KP The i-on Compact Security System is a Grade 2 wired intrusion detection panel with 10 zones and up to 10 users and 4 keypads. It is promoted as being suitable for simple, entry-level burglar alarm systems to protect homes and small commercial installations. Review: A straightforward and engineer friendly grade 2 wired alarm system with a wide range of configuration options and simplicity of installation. Good documentation is supplied with the product. Score: 9/10

CSL – MiniAir 2 MiniAir 2 is a single-path signalling solution that utilises a 4G/LTE-M path to signal an alarm from a protected premises to an ARC. It comes with a standby SIM as a backup to safeguard the system, if the active SIM fails. Review: The product overall is great. It is a perfect solution to the PSTN switch over/off as it means that existing systems that rely solely on PSTN signalling can continue to do so without the expense of upgrading the customers control equipment. Score: 9/10 44

Tried July.indd 3

30/06/2023 14:40:36

d in g T h e U K ’s L e a Exper ts

Texecom – Capture Capture motion detectors are intended for use in a wide variety of professional security applications. With a choice of EN Grade 2 wired or wireless connectivity, wall or ceiling mounting, and a choice of detection technologies including dual element, quad element or dual technology sensing, Capture suits a wide variety of security environments. Review: The ease of connection with a range of switchable, built-in EOL resistor values simplifies the installation process. The potential for device branding will likely be appealing to independent installers. Score: 9/10

Netgear – GS305E The GS305E is a 5-port Gigabit Smart managed SOHO switch at an unmanaged switch price. It is from the 300 range that includes 8-port and PoE+ variants. They include flexible VLAN, QoS and IGMP Snooping features with local and remote management. Review: A well-engineered low-cost managed network switch with high bandwidth, good security features and simple local and remote management capability. Score: 9/10

Ruijie – Reyee Ruijie Reyee devices are part of a range of network products. We reviewed the RG-EG105G-P Router, the RG-ES206GC-P Managed Network Switch and the RGRAP2200(E) Access Point. Review: This is an impressive range of cloudmanaged network products that can be used to build well documented secure networks for security or office systems. Ease of remote access and system management simplifies long term support. Score: 9/10

Wisenet – TID-600R The Wisenet TID-600R is a compact IP65, IK08 intercom unit featuring a 1/2.8” 2MP camera with a very wide viewing angle and infrared support up to 5 metres. It supports SIP 2.0 connection, has a touchless call option, edge storage and ONVIF compliance. It measures 165(h) x 49(w) x 48(d) cm with a weight of 490g. Review: This is an impressive SIP 2.0 intercom unit that can be used in a wide range of situations especially in healthcare, where the touch-free method to initiate a call reduces infection risks. The HD camera and its event recording options can provide excellent evidential images. Score: 9/10

2N – IP Verso 2.0 This updated 2N product maintains compatibility with the original Verso range but provides upgraded features including a wide dynamic range HD camera and with extended capabilities due to the use of the ARTPEC-7 processor produced by parent company Axis. Review: This is a highly flexible system with wide ranging capabilities and facilities. Score: 8/10

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Take time to train James Downey, UK Training Manager at BFT Automation, explores the value of training at all stages of an installer’s career, including advice for managers in identifying training needs and overcoming potential barriers to learning


s the security industry continues to face skills shortages – and with opportunities for individuals and businesses to diversify into new fields within our sector – the need for installers to broaden their skillset is greater than ever. “Whether you’re an individual installer looking to diversify into a new field of security work, or you manage a team who could benefit from a chance to expand or refresh their skills,

Given the speed at which the security sector evolves, there are lots of opportunities for installers and businesses to expand their offering or generate new revenue streams 46

EDIT - Training.indd 2

investing some time and effort on training can pay dividends. It’s easy to assume that training is primarily for those in the earlier stages of their careers, but in recent years there’s been a growing recognition that anyone at any stage of their working lives can benefit from expanding their skills. That’s certainly something I see through my own work as a trainer – it’s not just apprentices or recently qualified installers who are coming forward to boost their knowledge. When an installer hasn’t been formally trained in how to use the products they rely on, they can sometimes run into challenges during installations in new and different environments., It’s often the case that learning some simple measures can make such processes far easier, but it’s hard to gain that level of knowledge from a product manual alone. These kind of scenarios can happen throughout an installer’s career, especially when new products are launched or current products have been improved, and some simple training can make a big difference. Similarly, it’s important to keep on top of new regulations and guidelines and the implications they can have on an installer’s day-to-day work. The launch of the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA)’s new Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Installers Scheme is a good example of this. Essentially a code of conduct for PSSA members, the scheme aims to set the requirements and processes to ensure quality and efficiency in HVM installation and maintenance.

Opportunities to upskill Given the speed at which the security sector evolves, there are lots of opportunities for installers and businesses to expand their offering or generate new revenue streams. For instance, with the Protect Duty Act progressing towards legislation, more and more venues are likely to be reviewing their HVM plans (or to be considering such measures for the first time) so we can expect a growing demand for installers with the skills for bollard installation. For businesses and individuals who are interested in expanding their services to include HVM systems for the first time, thorough training will be key.

Overcoming barriers Returning to a classroom environment can feel intimidating for some, especially if they’re at the stage in their careers where their time in formal education has long passed. They may be worried about showing any gaps in their knowledge and whether they’ll be able to keep up with the pace of learning on a course.

31/10/2023 18:15:42

With this in mind, it’s important to look for providers who offer a learning environment which works for you. A relaxed, friendly approach will help everyone taking part to feel more supported in their learning.

While an installer, or their manager, may have identified specific skills they need to be trained on, it’s important to allow flexibility for trainees to explore areas where they’d like to develop Above all, training shouldn’t follow too rigid a format. While an installer, or their manager, may have identified specific skills they need to be trained on, it’s important to allow flexibility for trainees to explore areas where they’d like to develop. Training should move at a the pace of the individual, so that those who need more time to practice their skills are given that chance. Ideally, there should be an open door for learners to keep in touch with training providers

for any support they need in consolidating what they’ve learned. The value of learning something new, or revisiting any knowledge gaps that have opened up along the way, should be embraced regardless of where you might be in your career – especially when working in a fast-moving field like the security sector. There are so many opportunities for installers to make the most of new developments in technology and to keep pace with demand for new specialisms. The chance to consolidate your knowledge and understanding can reap significant rewards.”

MARKET LEADERS IN SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT FOR FIRE & SECURITY, TELECOMS AND M&E Working with many of the country's leading companies, we are recognised as Fire & Security Specialists, helping deliver permanent and contractor talent for major projects across the UK. Fire & Security Service Engineer

Fire & Security Service Engineer

Location: Essex Duration: Contract Work Rate: £220 Per Day

Location: Aberdeen Salary: Up to £35k + Van + Overtime + Travel Time

Regional Service Manager

With 20+ years of recruiting experience,

Location: South East England we’re your trusted talent provider across: Salary: Up to £53k + Car Allowance

Fire & Security Telecoms

Location: North West Duration: Contract Work Rate: £210 Per Day

Fire & Security Service Engineer Location: West Yorkshire Salary: Up to £35k + Van + Call Out + Travel Time + Overtime

Fire & Security Service Engineer

Fire & Security Service Engineer

Location: Hampshire Duration: Contract Work Rate: £220 Per day

Location: Lancashire Salary: Up to £35k + Van, Overtime + Travel Time + Call Out

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Fire & Security Service Engineer



M&E Security Design Engineer Location: Fully Remote Salary: Up to £55k Basic + Car Allowance

Security Project Manager Location: London & Home Counties Salary: Up to £60k + Bonus + Car/Car Allowance

If you’re interested in any of these roles, send an up-to-date CV to:, or call 01932 837777


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We lead in specialist recruitment for the Fire & Security, Telecoms, and M&E sectors. With over 20 years of trading, Technical Resources work with the best permanent and contract staff, helping our clients to deliver their services. Whether it’s permanent, contract, or larger recruitment programs - we deliver the right candidates to our clients. To do this, we have a great team of hard-working recruiters who know that getting recruitment right the first time is key to the success of the businesses we serve and the professionals we find jobs for. What makes us different? We reference check ALL our candidates.

Intratone is a manufacturer and service provider of GSM door entry technology. Over the past 10 years Intratone has expanded its product portfolio to include a large range of video intercoms, proximity readers and digital noticeboards. Quick installation, no costly handsets, remote management via free cloud portal make our wireless system to a sustainable, real-time solution for all your accesses.

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The projects you have need to be delivered. So, we will only send you candidates that we have previously used or successfully referenced. This saves you crucial time and ensures successful project delivery. Concerned about compliance? Quality and compliance is in our DNA. Compliance checks are a key part of our weekly processes. And we don’t stop after placing the candidates with you. We run weekly checks on all contractor timesheets and will check in with you


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Paxton House, Home Farm Road, Brighton, BN1 9HU

With nearly 40 years of experience, we design and manufacture marketleading security solutions for a range of buildings. Around 30,000 buildings are secured globally by Paxton products, every year. We utilise the latest technology to provide powerful, yet easy-to-install and use security solutions. Our products are designed for a wide range of sectors including education, healthcare, retail, leisure, commercial, the public sector and more. All our products are manufactured in the UK and are backed by our 5-year guarantee and hassle-free returns policy.




35+ years of experience in the fire and security industry. Protect homes and businesses with our Next Generation alarm signalling systems. From fast and affordable to best in the business, you can get every customer future ready for all-IP and the PSTN closure with our special offer and marketing toolkit. Simple to install with an OLED display and a choice of fixed IP and wifi connected options. Dual sim and roaming 4G for resilient wireless signalling. All with LPCB third party certification, 10 year guarantee and 24/7 support.

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PO Box 1288, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 9BQ

InstallerPro is designed for UK Fire & Security companies. With InstallerPro you will never miss a job, visit, or invoice again. Our system helps keep your business on track and maintain your compliance to BS/ISO standards, SSAIB, NSI, BAFE & GateSafe. InstallerPro comes preloaded with all the tools you need to get working straight away, and because its cloud based, you can work from anywhere. Import your clients from your old software and get started with InstallerPro today. YOUR CLOUD. YOUR WAY



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APPOINTMENTS Adam Taylor ERA has appointed a new Smart Security Product Manager. Adam Taylor’s appointment at ERA follows a 25-year career in engineering and product management across the automotive, environmental and manufacturing industries, which has seen him work on various engineering and new product development projects at the likes of SPX Cooling Technologies, QED Environmental Systems and Ishida Europe. Adam says: “I am looking forward to working with our customers to establish their smart product needs and turning them into a reality, with the support of ERA’s Design Engineering team.”

Marinus de Heijde Bandweaver has welcomed Marinus de Heijde to the team as the new Business Development Manager, bringing with him 20 years’ experience in the fire safety sector. Marinus will be responsible for accelerating Bandweaver’s growth through sales strategies and building relationships with key decision-makers. He will also be working with existing customers, maintaining and developing key relationships. Marinus joins from Biosite Systems where he was the Business Development Manager (Export). In his time there, he was responsible for the sale of all fire safety products in Europe and set up exclusive distributors in The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and UAE whilst also selling direct and indirect in Ireland, Sweden and Germany.

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Paul Campbell

Codelocks has appointed Paul Campbell as its new Technical, Quality and Sustainability Manager. With over 30 years’ experience in architectural ironmongery, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to the role and will focus on driving Codelocks’ newly launched sustainability initiatives, while also working towards new accreditations. Paul said, “A priority in my role will be empowering the team around me. Through regular audits, monitoring our processes and targets, we can ensure that we collectively work towards Codelocks’ new sustainability and quality goals”

Thomas Vanden Wyngaerdt & Tom Wright Texecom has announced two key appointments to its sales team. Joining as Head of EMEA Sales, Thomas Vanden Wyngaerdt comes with twelve years of sales management experience, many of which were spent in the telematics industry. Thomas will oversee the full EMEA sales function and will work with the current team, customers and distribution partners to grow sales of the Texecom range. Tom Wright has also joined the company, as EMEA Account Manager. With previous experience in multiple trading, commercial and direct sales roles, Tom will take responsibility for a number of key customer accounts and will be tasked with providing them with support to assist in developing their business.

Bernhard Weindl Wagner Rail, a subsidiary of the fire protection solutions provider Wagner with a focus on fire protection solutions for rail transport, is complementing its management team. Together with Dr. Markus Müller and Dr. Peter Stahl, Bernhard Weindl will drive the expansion and further development of Wagner Rail as an additional managing director in the future. The industry specialist joins Wagner from Knorr Bremse, where he was Sales Manager Japan in Tokyo and most recently Director Global Sales Hydraulics of Knorr Bremse in Munich. He succeeds Markus Kock, who has held the position as Managing Director of Wagner Deutschland since its foundation in 2020.

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