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Professional Security Installer

ACCESS CONTROL The benefits of GSM


Carl Jarred of Amax Fire & Security

BETTER BUSINESS Increase service sales


Dahua DH-SDT-5X225-2F-WA-0600

EDITOR’S CHOICE A look at the best new products

EFFECTIVE PROTECTION How you can help your customers stay safe

The value of perimeter protection The value of perimeter protection Don’t overlook the value of the perimeter as the first Don’t line ofoverlook defence. the value of the perimeter as the first line of defence.

Dive deep into the subject of perimeter protection with our: Dive deep scenario into the subject of perimeter protection with our: • Real-life •• •• •

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July 2020 www.psimagazine.co.uk 5 Editorial Got those lockdown blues? Well by the time you read this the UK should be on its way back to some level or normality. What does this mean for installers?

6 Industry news News and events from the security and fire industries

11 Appointments Recent industry employment announcements

12 TESTED - Dahua DH-SDT5X225 The new dome camera is put through its paces by an independent reviewer

16 Editor’s Choice The pick of the latest security products with information from the manufacturers and handy QR codes

19 Your role in the ‘new normal’ There is plenty of confusion about these days in regard to virus control and getting back to work. Here we discuss the official guidelines and your position

25 Locking up after locking down How has the pandemic affected the use of access control technology?

25 Better business This month, business expert Jim Rathbone looks at how you can increase service sales

Not sure what is effective protection? Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what we should be doing to make workplaces safe for a return to the daily grind. We look at the government guidelines with Paxton and see what you can do to help

29 Social media What appeared on our Instagram feed in June

31 Meet the installer Security life with Carl Jarred of Amax Fire and Security in Harrow

33 One door opens... We consider how non-contact requirements will work with emergency and fire doors

36 The benefits of GSM Do you know how GSM technology could help your customers improve security?


EDITOR Andy Clutton Tel: 020 8295 8308 E-mail: andy.clutton@psimagazine.co.uk Twitter: @SecurityDrum DESIGN & PRODUCTION Matt Jarvis Tel: 020 8295 8310 Fax: 0870 4292015 E-mail: matt.jarvis@proactivpubs.co.uk

39 Gate essentials

ADVERTISEMENT DIRECTOR David Lewis Tel: 020 8295 8309 Fax: 01322 292295 E-mail: david.lewis@proactivpubs.co.uk

Specifying and installing an automatic gate for the first time can be a daunting task

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43 A future in the cloud

ADMINISTRATION Tracey Cole Tel: 020 8295 8306 Fax: 01322 292295 E-mail: tracey.cole@proactivpubs.co.uk

Harnessing the cloud and what it might mean for the future of the security industry

57 The PSi Directory Your guide to vendors and service providers



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The abnormal normal The period we are about to enter has been named the ‘new normal’ but whether this is a long- or short-term change and what it might mean for installers is yet to be seen

he Spring of 2020 was a season like we’d never seen before. The whole country was put into a self-imposed lockdown that at the time was deemed necessary to prevent the NHS from collapsing under the strain of admissions. The public lost leisure activities such as going to pubs, restaurants, concerts, most shops, sports events and even security industry trade shows in the hope that stopping mass gatherings would prevent the spread of a virus for which there was no vaccine or cure. Times change quickly however and the current news is dominated with how we can best come out of that lockdown without putting everyone back at risk again. Fortunately the massive pandemic of 250,000 deaths that was feared on Day One didn’t happen, but we still lost over 40,000 people and countless jobs and businesses in the time. But how best to resurface is now the trend topic as the case numbers continue to drop. Liability is now a major concern. Plenty of people who kept quiet at the time of lockdown are now benefitting from 20:20 hindsight vision and questioning how quickly we went into the lockdown - whatever the case the public overwhelmingly yearn for a return to the way of life we had in 2019, but how that happens is being scrutinised by MPs now that they feel it’s acceptable to play party politics again. For the security industry this is a new era too. Some of the technologies you have fitted are now deemed to be Covid compliant such as contactless access control or have a completely new role to play like thermal cameras for showing one of the symptoms of the virus. This duty of care offers you a new avenue for business in addition to the usual security angle, but are your customers aware of what the kit can do for them - and even if they need to have it installed in the first place? The government has put together guidelines for UK businesses to follow outlining various factors which need to be addressed to make the workplace of the ‘new normal’ safe for employees and visitors. In this edition we look at what your customers are required to do going forward and how you might be able to help. Elsewhere in this issue we also focus on the changing roles that security technology has to play in postlockdown life - a subject that will, no doubt, continue to develop until we’re back to a normal level of normality. And what happens to all of that Covid compliant technology then? Will the public still be virus vigilant in Spring 2021? However long the ‘new normal’ turns out to be, you have a role to play in not only the safety and security of the population, but it’s health too.


Andy Clutton EDITOR 5

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Are y Are you ou looking lookin g ffor... orr...



Access Access C Control ontrol

Fire Fire

INDUSTRY NEWS Tavcom course is awarded accreditation

Tavcom Training has announced that its distance learning course CCTV over IP Networking has been awarded a BTEC Level 3 accreditation by Pearson. The CCTV over IP Networking course provides the information required to be able to install, repair and maintain electronic security systems, such as CCTV, access control, intruder alarms, and fire alarm detection systems. With several accredited distance learning courses already under its belt, the business is thrilled with the

Intruder Intruder

sales@oprema.co.uk sales@oprema.co.uk +44(0)29 2064 1509 oprema.co.uk oprema.co.uk

latest expansion of its accredited portfolio. Andrew Saywell, Business Development Manager for Tavcom Training says: “When it comes to progressing your security career, we’re seeing accreditation becoming more and more necessary. The BTEC Level 3 accreditation of our CCTV over IP Networking course is a key stepping stone in reaching that goal.” In keeping with the belief that learners should be able to govern their own learning path, professionals undertaking the CCTV over IP Networking course will have the opportunity to opt for the non-accredited route if they so choose. Andrew Saywell adds: “We couldn’t be prouder that we’ve added yet another internationally recognised accreditation to our portfolio.”

In brief

CSL has announced Orisec as its latest partner for SIMs. A managed roaming SIM will now be supplied with all Orisec panels that include its GSM module, providing secure connectivity and the ability to roam to 2G/3G/4G on major networks.

Evolution and Zitko Consulting in exclusive partnership

Following an enforced break due to the lockdown, the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) has announced the resumption of all audit and assessment activity. NSI will utilise a combination of remote audit and on-site audit capability in accordance with guidelines.

Evolution has entered into an exclusive agreement with Zitko Consulting to manage all of its staff resourcing requirements across engineering, operations and management. The two companies have been working together successfully for several years on national and international recruitment projects. The new managed service contract will embed a senior Zitko consultant, Paul Gooding, into the organisation to provide close support. Richard Lambert, Managing Director of


Evolution, says he is looking forward to involving Paul more closely in the strategic business and manpower planning : “Until now we’ve expended considerable time and energy working with multiple consultancies. This new arrangement will allow a deeper, more productive collaboration – with a team we’ve come to know and trust well.” MD George Zitko says: “With the new partnership we’ll be able to contribute to the Evolution business far more widely – from salary research and employer marketing to building talent pools well in advance of requirement.”



Occupancy Monitoring Application Helping businesses to comply with social distancing rules •

Control the number of people on premises with multiple entrances and exits

Give customers a clear message instructing them to enter or wait

Licence-free with Wisenet P Series AI Cameras

Easy to set up, serverless yet scalable


Watch our video

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Look no further

Kings Secure signs UK integrator partnership with Openpath Kings Secure Technologies has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Openpath. The partnership allows Kings to extend its

IFSEC International 2020 and co-located events are cancelled As a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the introduction of government regulations and public health directives, IFSEC International and its colocated events will no longer take place at


product portfolio and become Openpath’s chosen UK integrator for cloud-based access control systems. Openpath’s technology enables the use of a mobile phone to open an authorised door without needing their phone or app open. Readers use a combination of Bluetooth along with the user’s movement to recognise the mobile credential. According to Openpath, if a user can tap the reader with their elbow while the phone is on their person, they can open the door—even if their hands are full. Or they can wave their hand in front of the reader, no contact necessary. Cloud Keys allows system managers and administrators to text or email a temporary link to visitors for access that doesn’t require them to install the app. Alternatively authorised users can unlock doors remotely. For users who require a physical badge, Openpath also offers encrypted key cards and fobs. “The Openpath solution disrupts the access control market especially in the multi-tenanted building marketplace,” said Darren Gamage, COO, Kings Secure Technologies.

ExCeL London on 8-10 September, 2020. This postponement and rescheduling covers the following events: • IFSEC International • FIREX International • Counter Terror Expo, Forensics Europe Expo and World Counter Terror Congress • Safety & Health Expo • Facilities Show • Intelligent Building Europe • Workplace Wellbeing Show The next edition of these events will take place 18-20 May, 2021. Chris Edwards, Group Director at Informa said, “We know how important these events are as a forum where our communities come together to learn, network and meet suppliers. We have a proud track record of hosting the largest gatherings of any event in our industry in the UK, and often beyond, and no one is more disappointed in this decision than us, but after much deliberation we are sure that this is absolutely the right thing to do in the circumstances.”


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Over £5m worth of stock on site

Pre noon next day delivery as standard

supported by

sales@oprema.co.uk +44(0)29 2064 1509 oprema.co.uk

THE BOTTOM LINE The interview that gets the facts from the top


Global market for residential monitored security expected to be flat for 2020 The global market for residential monitored security is expected to be flat this year, with the number of accounts set to rise by 0.8 percent, according to Omdia’s Residential Remote Monitoring Report – 2020. Omdia’s previous forecast envisioned 3.8 percent growth for the year. “In both good economic times and bad, consumers have been willing to spend on residential alarm monitoring— driving consistent growth in the number of accounts worldwide,” said Blake Kozak, principal analyst at Omdia. “However, the COVID-19 crisis is on a completely different scale than previous recessions. Not only has pandemic impacted consumer spending, but mass quarantines have inundated nearly every country across the globe. Consequently, the residential alarm monitoring industry is destined to experience a sharp reduction in growth for the remainder of 2020.” The COVID-19 pandemic is heavily impacting regional residential alarm monitoring markets. In the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, account growth now is expected to total 2.5 percent in 2020—down more than half from the previous projection of 5.6 percent growth. The forecast reduction for Asia is even more dramatic, with the number of accounts in the region now expected to rise by only 1.5 percent this year, down by a factor of five from the previous expectation of 7.6 percent growth. As of late May, there were signs that much of the United States was set to begin a phased approach to reopening the economy. This news is welcome to the alarm industry, especially companies that rely on door-to-door sales during the summer months. However, existing home sales have slowed and are expected to decline by as much as 25 percent in the United States in 2020, causing new installations of alarm accounts to be severely diminished. Despite this, all is not lost during this quiet time for new accounts, since across the United States and in many other countries, installers can rely on the 3G sunset (in order to update cellular back radios from 3G to 4G) to continue entering homes and engaging with customers. Partly because of this, Omdia does not expect major cancellations of existing contracts. Instead, the slowdown will be the result of less new business.

Check out the PSI Security News podcasts on Spotify The PSI Security News podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple and Castbox along with Spreaker and via the PSI website. Just search for “PSI Security” and you’ll find all of the recordings so far, ready for streaming or download.

This month Simon Banks talks to David Davies, Chief Technical Officer at DVS, the multi-brand distributors of electronic surveillance products.

What is the role of the distributor in today’s market? More than ever, a distributor has a lot more to offer beyond the typical process of sending out a box. Our clients expect us to look at the technologies available in the marketplace and configure them in a way that allows them to easily identify the benefits and potential for their business. They also require us to deliver training for our offerings, enabling them to have true confidence in the products and to help them deliver a positive experience to their customer base. We test all our products and services at DVS, to ensure we deliver maximum value back to our customer base and the product does exactly what it says it does. We also try to pick products and services that fit into what I like to call “the eco-system”. This is an environment where technologies from multiple providers and manufacturers can be used – or exist – in a successful and complementary configuration.

What are the latest technologies exciting the sector? The most exciting is probably Thermal Screening Solutions for abnormal temperature detection. Many Installers are being asked to provide these to ensure retailers and offices can reopen safely following the Covid lockdown. In addition to this, People Counting Systems are another useful solution that is proving very popular in the market. Footfall counting is not new by any means but with some adaption, we can show how many people are not only in the store but when someone can enter or must wait for the capacity to fall below the safe levels. Facial Recognition is also playing a revitalised role within many of these systems. The solutions offer GDPR compliant, facial recognition technology which includes mask detection. The fight against Covid-19 and shop theft goes on even when masked! All these devices rely on one common link – reliable connectivity. This provides a gateway to send data from the system on-site to the platform or monitoring centre. It also allows remote access into the system for programming updates, analytics and maintenance. Devices like CSL Router provide the support and reassurance that is needed right now. Moving forward, these remote connections offer so many possibilities. Additionally, many IT departments are unwilling to allow installers to connect systems to a business network. In these instances, 4G routing provides secure and stable connections to allow flexibility whilst not being reliant on IT to make changes or limit their capacity. We all know how frustrating this can be, and with speeds ever-increasing, they sometimes outperform conventional landline communications! There has also been a rise in rapid deployment devices which need immediate connectivity, such as PTZ, body and vehicle cameras that can all be interconnected and easily deployed. How do you see CCTV being used as a confirmation technology for both Fire & Security? Fire and CCTV have long been two separate technologies, but there is now a drive to enable these to co-exist within the same systems. This would allow visual verification and more detailed information to help tackle the fire. CCTV technologies such as AI are being used to help reduce false (or unwanted) alarms and raise the focus on actual events. AI has a lot more to offer moving forward, especially as we see the improvements in high image resolutions and lower connection speeds.

YOU SAID IT! “Great & simple-to-use equipment, and great customer service & support” Cerri Mobbs (CDS Fire Safety Ltd) – Facebook Post – 7th April

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Bosch IP 3000i cameras. Extend smart video surveillance to general surveilance applications. Bosch all-new IP 3000i cameras offer high-quality, 24/7 performance and something never seen before in such competitively-priced cameras; built-in Essential Video Analytics as standard. Micro dome, mini dome, bullet and turret options are available with resolutions of up to 5MP for indoor and outdoor use. This intelligent solution is an industry first for general, cost-effective video surveillance. Find out more at boschsecurity.com

Take control with DualCom Pro



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What’s in the box? Dome camera assembly Top mounting plate Wall bracket with gasket and securing screws Heavy duty wall fixings Steel safety lanyard Power supply IEC type 15 to Euro type “F” power lead Allen key RJ45 waterproofing cover Insulating tape Pair of gloves Installation guide and legal information



he DH-SDT-5X225-2F-WA-0600 is promoted as a 2MP Starlight IR Dual PTZ external network camera. It is from the Dahua WizMind range and is based on 2 x 1/2.8” CMOS sensors, one with a wide angle view and one with a 25x optical zoom lens. “Deep Learning algorithms” are used to support detection functions such as smart tracking of vehicles or humans with automatic filtering of false alarms. A sticker in the accessories pack provides a QR code and web address for Manuals and Downloads.

Dahua DH-SDT-5X225-2F-WA-0600 European “Schuko” mains plug to the notched (Type 15) IEC connector (kettle type) so a standard IEC equipment lead couldn’t be used. So, if an adaptor is not available you may need to replace the mains plug. The dome is relatively heavy at around 9kg so must be handled with care, especially as the lower dome rotates freely when unpowered. With the Wall bracket firmly fixed in place, the dome’s top plate is secured to this using the 3 Allen securing screws that are provided along with the mounting gasket in a bag within the bracket. Although the top of the plate appears at first to be threaded it is simply pushed up into the bracket and the screws then locate into its central channel to hold it in place. The dome assembly can then be hooked onto a hinged bar on the top plate. The lanyard at this stage is fitted between the bracket and the dome to provide an additional level of security against dropping. With the dome hooked in place there is ample space for making off the connections for the network, power, and any auxiliaries such as alarms and audio. Once completed the dome is raised up and secured to the top plate with 4 captive Allen bolts. Once powered-up the dome runs through a short power-up and position calibration routine. A default IP address of is used and DHCP is disabled. Initial setup is performed using a web browser or the Config tool from the Dahua website. At first connection a strong password is enforced before commencing, with an option to enter an e-mail address for a password recovery process. Further options are available for P2P connectivity and auto-check for updates of firmware. A Micro SD card of up to 256GB can be fitted for local storage. This is accessed at the rear of the dome and can be exchanged while in situ. However, the cover plate which has two captive crosshead screws securing it, is not tied to the dome so it and its waterproofing seal may dislodge, so this operation must be handled carefully. Video files are stored in .dav format and can be reviewed using the Dahua Smart Player software. The dome is supplied with a wall-mount bracket, but ceiling and pole mount options are available.

Getting started


The camera is High Power PoE capable (40W max) or can be fed from the supplied 36-volt 2.23A power supply unit. The supplied lead was a

This is an unusual arrangement in that the dome has two elements to consider, firstly in the upper section a “Panorama” camera that has a fixed


The Smart Choice for the Professional Installer Introducing our new range of Miniature Wireless Contacts

Key features


• Excellent Range

• EN 50131-2-6

• Low profile 64mm x 28mm x 9mm

• Grade 2, Class II

• Colours: White, Brown & Grey

• BS 8243

• Compatible with legacy HKC RF Systems

• PD 6662

• Battery Life > 4 years (typically)

Why Choose HKC ? • Route to Market protected for professional installers (no online prices) • Two panels cover all properties - up to 270 zones with expanders • Alarm User and Engineer App • Engineer Software • We own and manage our Cloud • Excellent RF Device Range

www.hkcsecurity.com promo(4).indd 1

• RF PIR Camera via App • Life Safety - Smoke, Heat & CO detectors

Get in touch by calling 01706 373560 or e-mail ukinfo@hkc.ie UK Technical Support: 0800 1114599

An ASSA ABLOY Group brand

Experience a safer and more open world

08/06/2020 16:01:10

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(continued from p12)

doesn’t give sufficient overview detail on optimising the relationship between the two cameras’ settings. Additional tools are available for download including a Configuration Tool for device discovery and initialisation, a Smart Player for replay of video files and a Smart PSS that provides “small batch” video management and storage. The cameras have an Auto-Reboot feature that was set to activate every Friday at 04:53, but this can be changed or inhibited in the System submenu. Apps are available for iOS and Android with simple QR code configuration for mobile connections.

An interesting ONVIF compliant dome with high sensitivity and capable of tracking subjects while still maintaining an overview of the scene of interest

NOTE: This PSI Product Test was carried out by an independent third party, not editorial staff. The manufacturer had no input in the review or the final result

8.0 out of 10 14

wide-angle lens with a 30° Tilt range that has continuous 360° rotation. The lower section has a more conventional dome appearance with a “Detail” camera fitted with a 25x zoom lens that can tilt from +10° to -90° from horizontal and with a pan range of 250°. This means that the Detail camera can be panned 125° either side of the vertical centre of the Panorama camera’s view. The Panorama camera’s horizontal field of view is 53.7° and vertical is 28.7°. So this camera can view down to approximately 45° which suits its requirement to provide a perimeter overview. The Detail camera can view from above the horizon to directly below the camera so can be used to fully track subjects. An auto-flip function is included. The browser live view shows both images by default as a PiP (picture in picture), the bandwidth of each is shown in the top left corner with the resolution at the right. Tabs along the top are for selecting Live, Playback, Setting, Alarm and Logout. Icons above the image window select; Manual Position, Regional Focus, Relay Out, Digital Zoom, Snapshot, Triple Snapshot, Record, Audio and Talk. To the right of the live window is a PTZ control block with speed selection; lens controls appear when the Detail camera is selected. Below this are additional PTZ Functions for Scan, Preset, Tour, Pattern, Pan, Assistant and Go To (specific coordinates). Icons below the live window select; Image Adjustment, Full Screen, Aspect ratio, Fluency, Rules Info, PTZ, Anti-Aliasing and picture display (Split screen, Individual, Quad or PiP formats). Mouse control can be used for Pan and Tilt dragging on images and the detail camera allows a box selection for zooming in to a selected area. The website provides a 26 page “Installation Manual” for the Speed Dome, though this largely covers cable types and connection details, but it does give good lightning protection information and Cybersecurity recommendations. The 190 page “User’s Manual” is rather generic and

Performance Both cameras have high sensitivity, performing to the level of typical “Starlight” type sensors. As is often now the case an absurdly low minimum illumination figure of 0.005 Lux colour and 0.0005 lux B/W is stated with no validation. The wide dynamic range is good at a stated 120dB and has the advantage of a slider setting to vary the amount required for the scene. The dome has four infrared LED sources and four white light LEDs. The white LEDs are categorised as Near and Far with either pair capable of being varied from 0 to 100% or if both used a maximum of 100% split between the two pairs. The infrared LEDs are controlled on a Smart IR basis relative to zoom position. The visible light has a range of up to 30 metres and the infrared is rated up to 100 metres. The zoom lens with a focal length of 4.8mm to 120mm gives a horizontal field of view of 59.6° to 4.8°. DORI distances are given in the datasheet. Preset position calling is extremely precise with a pan accuracy of better than 0.05° measured. Pan preset speed is up to 242°/s for the Panorama and 430°/s for the Detail camera. 300 presets can be allocated and named. Each camera has a Main stream with a resolution of 1920 x1080, 1280 x 960 or 1280 x 720 and a Sub stream that can be set to D1 (704 x 576) or CIF (352 x 288). Streams were set to CBR (Constant Bit Rate) by default but these can be changed to Variable for reduced bandwidth on most scenes.

Conclusion An interesting ONVIF compliant dome with high sensitivity and capable of tracking subjects while still maintaining an overview of the scene of interest. Good differentiation of targets to track Humans and / or Vehicles while preventing false alarms. With both infrared and white light for discrete or overt observation.


Uniview, a leading temperature screening solution provider, helps prevent the spread of Covid-19 around the world.

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Access and security anywhere, anytime

New range of thirteen cameras announced

Panasonic has launched the U-Series, a range of thirteen new indoor and outdoor security cameras in the entry-to-mid-level range. The range includes cameras with dome and bullet designs, varifocal and fixed lens options, Full HD and 4MP, along with vandal resistant and weather-proofed designs for outdoor models. The U-Series uses H.265 compression and smart coding to reduce the amount of video data, which increases bandwidth efficiency and reduces storage requirements and costs. U-Series cameras deliver day and night time visibility with low level lighting and IR-LED capabilities to ensure colour security images. The cameras use Panasonic’s iA (Intelligent Auto) technology to monitor scene dynamics and motion and adjusts camera settings automatically in realtime to reduce distortion, such as motion blur on moving objects. business.panasonic.co.uk/security-solutions/

Honeywell’s MAXPRO Cloud platform enables security management across multiple sites via the cloud. Access control, video and intrusion solutions are all integrated within a seamless solution on a single platform. For installers the solution provides a useful route towards growth with a subscriptionbased service and opportunities for upselling. Furthermore, the health and status of video, access control and intrusion systems across all customer locations can be managed via the cloud to help cut down maintenance costs. Connecting an existing Galaxy installation to MAXPRO Cloud enables services such as Intrusion/access events with video verification, real-time notifications with event clips, automated and scheduled reporting, push notification for instant alert and/or customer offering optimalisation and customisable floor plans. www.security.honeywell.com/maxpro-cloud/

Alarm management with BACnet support

Cameras utilising S&ST platform are launched

Security & Safety Things (S&ST), a subsidiary of Robert Bosch, has announced the commercial availability of a number of new IP security cameras from a variety of vendors that leverage the Security & Safety Things open IoT platform. The cameras will operate using the free S&ST camera operating system, which enables the cameras to run multiple AI-enabled applications in parallel. The apps automate the analysis of video data to produce operational intelligence for business optimisation as well as provide various tools. Qisda/Topview was the first camera manufacturer to launch a camera running the S&ST OS, followed by AndroVideo, who will also start shipping their S&ST enabled cameras in Q2. Bosch is making their INTEOX camera line available as of July followed by Vivotek and BSTsecurity who plan to ship later in Q3. The first devices from Hanwha Techwin that run the S&ST OS are expected to be commercially available in Q4 2020. www.securityandsafetythings.com/ 16

Kentec Electronics has added BACnet (Building Automation and Control Network) protocol support to its Vizulinx alarm management solution, to facilitate coordinated and efficient responses to fire incidents. The protocol provides integration between Kentec fire systems and other BACnet protocol systems. Kentec fire alarm systems send real time status messages to other devices on the BACnet network, these status messages can be monitored by a central control and monitoring system which can then generate automatic responses (for example, to automatically close extract vents, dampers, initiate equipment shutdowns etc. which can help to reduce the spread of fire and support evacuation procedures). www.kentec.co.uk

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers


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EDITOR’S CHOICE The security industry is busy and complex, so it’s easy to miss new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day activities. Every now and again, certain products grab our attention so here we take a look at a few of the products we think you won’t want to miss this month.

Convergent cloud-based security service solution

PTZ with smoked bubble enclosure

The Tyco Illustra Flex Bubble PTZ features 30x optical and 12x digital magnification and is reportedly capable of managing video quality at a distance of up to 1,000ft (300m). The Flex PTZ Bubble ensures camera lens direction is obscured, providing a more covert solution suited for retail and gaming. Additionally, the Zoom Adjusted Protocol (ZAP) automatically adjusts pan and tilt speeds scaled in proportion to zoom position. Camera have 2MP resolution, true day/night and true Wide Dynamic Range and are ONVIF Profile S conformant for simplified integrations. illustracameras.com/cameras/

Hik-ProConnect is a convergent, cloud-based solution designed for security service providers. With Hik-ProConnect, users can converge Hikvision devices to cover video, intrusion, access control, intercom, and more to address their security needs. Users can also authorise their professional security advisors to complete necessary system management, such as remote system health checks and maintenance. For device health monitoring a clear dashboard gives the status of all devices shown in order. Instant notifications are sent to the installer’s portal, app, or email as configured, prompting them to identify the abnormal devices. The installer can then solve problems online via remote configuration. Flexible linkage rules across Hikvision devices can be customised as required while end users can receive alarms through their Hik-Connect App with video verification. www.hikvision.com/uk/products/software/

Cylinder lock has three separate lines of defence With 73% of all domestic burglaries occurring through a door , it is essential that maximum-security locks are in place to offer protection from potential break-ins. Mul-T-Lock’s Break Secure 3DS anti-snap cylinder has surpassed the British Standard Kitemark BS EN 1303:2015 completing one million accelerated cycles. As well as complying to the EN 1303 standard, the Break Secure 3DS cylinder has also undergone independent testing by the Master Locksmiths Association to meet the Sold Secure Diamond SS312 standard, as well as the TS007 3 Star standard developed by the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) and the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) in conjunction with Secured by Design, the police preferred specification. The Break Secure 3DS cylinder offers three separate lines of defence: a sacrificial end – designed to snap to protect against lock-snapping; the most common form of entry to a property, bump resistance – many cylinders can be easily ‘bumped’ (inserting and tapping an illegal key to release the cam and open the door) and drill resistant – the lock is engineered to withstand prolonged drilling. In addition to these lines of defence, the cylinder boasts anti-screw and anti-pick protection, and the key or thumb turn is still able to operate internally, even after the cylinder has been attacked. www.mul-t-lock.co.uk




CIQURIX FCamSolo Series Video ďŹ re detection bullet camera.

CAMSAT Rapid Deployment Solutions

Mobile Security Box and Telescopic Mast For temporary installations that require fast deployment and secure perimeter protection of facility.

Fast deployed mobile system for IP Cameras.

CSL Router CSL can offer connectivity Solutions allowing the systems to be managed and monitored centrally.

Perimeter Cameras Optex or Luminite for perimeter PIR detection. Product choice depends on install requirement and preference.

Body Cam Solutions For patrolling security staff.



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Guidelines for the “new normal” In June, Paxton introduced an online guide designed in line with the UK government guidelines to help installers ensure that their customers’ buildings are secure and ready for a return to work following the lockdown. We caught up with Gareth O’Hara to find out what you can do to help your customers get back to business as ‘almost’ usual

he pandemic lockdown situation and what the public is and is not allowed to do is changing week by week as the numbers dictate how close we are to the ‘new normal’. At time of writing, buildings across the country are beginning to implement the measures necessary to comply with the UK government guidelines. Business owners are working out how to safely transition their people back to work, but there is some confusion. For installers there have been a number of solutions labelled as Covid-19 compliant many of these simply being pre-existing systems remarketed to find a new use in the wake of the uncertainty surrounding staying safe. There is clearly a difference between what your customers CAN do and what do they HAVE to do, but as an installer what could you do to help? Fortunately, the team at Paxton has read through the government guidelines and produced an online guide giving end users and managers an overview of what is needed. As a result of this they are able to advise installers



on the measures they need to focus on in order to help get their customers back to work. As Katie Millis-Ward, Divisional Director of Communications told us: “We genuinely want to help installers help their customers. Providing insight into the detailed government guidelines to make it simple for both the installer and the end customer is something we are well placed to do. There’s a lot of information for businesses to digest to make buildings safe and we hope we have broken it down into a digestible format so people can get started with confidence.” So for a walkthrough of the basics, we spoke to Gareth O’Hara, Chief Sales Officer at Paxton to see what installers should be doing for their customers over the next few weeks: Did you research the government guidelines to get yourselves back to work and then realise others might also need some help? Early on during the pandemic, we had been looking at what we, as a technology company,

Gareth O’Hara, Paxton

There is clearly a difference between what your customers CAN do and what do they HAVE to do, but as an installer what could you do to help?


EDIT lockdown psi jul20_v9_PSI_mar15 23/06/2020 14:30 Page 3


(continued from previous page)

could do to help protect people against the virus. We were sure that with our systems and years in the industry that we had a role to play. Access control, in its most basic form manages the movement of people around buildings and work sites. When the government documentation was released in May it provided us with the opportunity to adapt our ideas and activities into a webinar allowing us to combine our expertise with the specific guidelines the government has produced in a simple to follow format. What are the basic requirements of the guidelines for businesses? The main principles are based around facilitating social distancing whenever possible, reducing the possibility of transmission, by limiting the number of people common areas, and to reduce as much as possible, common touch points such as door handles or keypads.

“The government does not stipulate the mandatory use of thermal scanning. However, when used in combination with access control, the combination of the technology can help contribute to minimising risk and stop the spread of infection”


Do all access control systems need to be contactless? The introduction to all the industry sectors that the government documentation covers stipulates that the employer must look to reduce risk to the ‘lowest reasonably practicable level’ by taking preventative measures, in order of priority. There is specific reference to employers to look at alternatives to keypads and ‘touchbased’ solutions to mitigate the risk of infection. Do the guidelines specify the use of thermal cameras? No, not specifically, the government does not stipulate the mandatory use of thermal scanning. However, when used in combination with access control, the combination of the technology can help contribute to minimising risk and stop the spread of infection. Are there any external areas that need consideration? There is a document dedicated specifically to work sites, so more reference is made to construction and outdoor working in this specific paper. Many of the guidelines cross all industry sectors as the goals of enforcing social


EDIT lockdown psi jul20_v9_PSI_mar15 23/06/2020 14:30 Page 4


distancing and minimizing the risk of transmission remain the same throughout. If you consider a car park for example, it is a common area where multiple people can be at the same time so it can represent a risk. By applying solutions such as staggered start and finish times through the software you can reduce the density of people in these areas at specific times of the day. Are emergency/life safety systems in the guidelines? They are not referenced; in fact, it is important to note that these guidelines do not supersede any health and safety or legal obligations for employers. At the point they were produced, the purpose of the documents is specifically to guide and educate employers on ways to make their building COVID-19 secure not to re-create health and safety legislation. Are there any rules for tradespeople going into premises to install systems? There is a specific section, section 4 of the guidelines, that talks directly to considerations for customers, visitors, and contractors. This section really focusses on the needs for clear guidelines to be available to share with contractors regarding the rules that are in place on those premises. In specific relation to access control the document outlines the need to provide, where practical, separate entry and exit points for contractors and to explore the possibilities of working outside of core hours when more people are on the site. How do you think the lockdown and the pandemic will change the way security tech is developed? Like most other companies, the lockdown has forced us to adapt. At Paxton, we create technology products, and with our engineers working from home, we have had to adopt different methods of managing projects, communicating with each other, and testing. In many cases, things have worked far better than we would have thought, and these techniques will be carried forward into the future. People are very different though, some of us thrive in isolation without the usual distractions, whilst some of us crave face-to-face interaction and find it difficult to perform without it. Certainly however, this strange period has been a valuable learning experience and a good excuse to try different things.


“There is a specific section, section 4 of the guidelines, that talks directly to considerations for customers, visitors, and contractors” With regards to the nature of security solutions, there has never been a stronger case for access control. The ability to carefully manage the flow of people around a building has obvious and important benefits. In addition, we have responded to this crisis with some new features to enable the monitoring and control of people density in any given area, thus helping to maintain an environment where social distancing is possible. I think the whole security industry has a valuable role to play in helping people and businesses support the suppression of this virus. As manufacturers, we need to be innovating and pursuing all the ways our products can be used to this end. I do see many indications of this happening. The effects of the pandemic will be longlasting and, in the years to come, we will be a more cautious world. As with all paradigm shifts, there is both opportunity and risk. I hope and expect the security industry to play a useful role.

For Paxton’s “Definitive Guide to COVID-secure Buildings” visit: www.paxton-access.com/our-definitive-guide-to-covid-secure-buildings/


FW MASTER_A3 AP Campaign June 2020 v2 Y.pdf




STOP STORE THEFT! Facewatch is proven to reduce shop theft and anti-social behaviour. The cloud-based system works with standard HD CCTV equipment and is GDR compliant. There has never been a more important time to provide shoppers and store managers with the confidence to re-start retail. We are recruiting a national network of CCTV installers to provide sales, installation and support with a superb range of benefits and recurring income for partners. Join our growing network today.

Facewatch is installed and supported by a UK network of Vista CCTV (www.vista-cctv.com) and DVS (www.dvs.co.uk) Accredited Facewatch Partners.

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The leader in facial recognition * for a limited period only





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Locking up after locking down The events of Spring 2020 changed the way people lived and worked, with businesses seeing lower occupancy levels in properties across the country. Colin Campbell, Managing Director of Codelocks, talks about what this meant for security – and how installers can use technology as we start to return to ‘normal’

ecuring properties has always required an understanding of risk – but with the upheaval to our working lives caused by the recent pandemic, we needed to re-evaluate the situation for our customers. With many people working from home on a daily basis, properties were standing empty, or only lightly occupied, for long periods. Appropriate access control was, and still is, needed to help prevent break-ins, theft and damage.


Smart locks

With staff working from home, or in separate shifts, businesses needed to provide employees access to the right areas of premises at the right time. One very effective way to achieve this security is through the use of smart locks. Smart locks combine the convenience of keyless operation with the extra control and functionality afforded by smart technology. Using wireless technology and an Application Programming Interface (API), your customers can create codes that have a specified start date, time and duration that will automatically expire. This will allow them to provide the required levels of access for essential workers and important deliveries without compromising on security, even if they are located remotely. By automating code generation, the need for onsite staff is dramatically reduced and, in many cases, removed.

Securing equipment outside

According to Logic Fire and Security, the UK construction industry loses £800 million each year due to burglary, vandalism and neglect. Research undertaken by the Chartered Institute of Building revealed that 92% of construction


workers and management are affected weekly, monthly or yearly by theft. This is even more the case when there are fewer people around to act as a natural deterrent to crime, and when many properties are less guarded than usual. The exposure of construction sites and outbuildings leaves them especially vulnerable, meaning that access control is paramount. One way that installers can help construction companies to secure their sites is by fitting mechanical coded locks. Easy to install on to existing doors, gates and storage units, these locks are ideal for securing enclosures containing construction equipment. They are robust enough for frequent use, flexible enough to allow multiple workers easy access and effective at keeping the public safely out of the way of any construction hazards. For environments that are at particular risk from damage caused by corrosion, it is worth considering a marine grade finish lock. These are designed to withstand exposure to moisture, and are ideal for outbuildings, construction sites, marinas and properties by the water.

Research undertaken by the Chartered Institute of Building revealed that 92% of construction workers and management are affected by theft


EDIT Access psi jul20_v9_PSI_mar15 23/06/2020 13:05 Page 3


Secure lockers (continued from previous page)

As staff are returning to work in shifts and more flexibly, there is also an increased need for safe storage for kit, equipment and devices – but a personal locker for everyone is not always possible due to space limitations.

With flexibility becoming more important in the workplace, coded locks are an effective way to provide access control for a range of sites, buildings, and equipment

A simple solution to this is to equip lockers with coded locks. This enables multiple users to access the same locker securely, without the need for a key. There are many options available. A simple mechanical locker lock can be programmed by the user each time and be ready for the next person once it is finished with. More sophisticated electronic locker locks can be programmed by an app, allowing access to authorised users at set times. With either option, coded locks can cut down aon the number of lockers needed to meet demand. Plus, each user has their own code, rather than a copy of a key, which is at risk of being misplaced. Providing coded access to lockers also keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.

Locks for the future

With flexibility becoming more important in the workplace, coded locks are an effective way to provide access control for a range of sites, buildings, and equipment – and there is an ever-growing range to choose from.

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Five steps to grow your service sales In this article in the series on growing your service business, Jim Rathbone now looks at how to increase service sales from customers


n this series of articles on growing your service business, we look at the importance of increasing service sales from existing customers. Let’s consider five steps to grow your service sales from your customer base: 1. Test and measure multiple lead generation methods One of the biggest reasons why marketing often delivers less than you anticipate is simply a failure to consistently test and measure the results of different marketing approaches. Marketing does not need to only be an art – it can also be a science.You may wish to test the following methods of generating leads from your customers: • Develop marketing content related to maintenance, new technologies and new services that you can share in person, by phone, Zoom, email and social media. This will inform the following: o Conduct a telesales campaign to existing customers who do not have a maintenance contract in place with the aim of converting them to a service contract. o Cross-sell contracts on fire and security systems already installed in the customer’s premises, including those supplied by competitors. o Use direct mail with letters or postcards o Ask existing service customers for referrals in person, by telephone and by email. 2. Deploy service engineers to generate and convert leads Service engineers are the first-line ambassadors for your company. They are often trusted by customers to advise them on how to get the best from their system as their needs develop through extensions, upgrades, and service contracts. Put an incentive scheme in place to reward service engineers for leads which they generate that convert into sales. Run the scheme for six months and then assess whether to continue. Report the results by service engineer in a league table each month. At the same time, coach engineers regularly on how to spot opportunities for increasing customer value. Feedback to engineers on a systematic basis, success stories, client feedback and tips on how to optimise the use of vendor technologies.


3. Agree internally how you will sell maintenance contracts at multiple stages Develop a process that identifies the multiple stages at which maintenance contracts can be sold on systems installed – and how conversion rates can be increased. Develop an improved quotation template for selling service contracts. The value of the service proposition and the benefits of taking out a service contract should be very clear. Aim to increase the sales of service contracts at point-of-sale for all security and safety technologies provided. If the client does not take up the service contract at point-of-sale , ensure your process includes how to sell contracts (a) at completion stage, b) before the warranty expires and (c) when the help desk is contacted for technical advice or a call out. 4. Consider Investing in service indoor salesperson Investing in an indoor service salesperson to sell maintenance contracts and service/ small works has proven a very effective way of increasing sales and margins for many of our clients. We’ve found that sales conversion rates and margins are higher than new installations work, offsetting this investment. This dedicated role should ensure that most leads receive a quote within 24 hours, that there is follow-up by email or phone within 48 hours and that new lead generation methods are more consistently trialled and measured. The role should also provide a high degree of engineer feedback on the outcome of the leads that they have provided. 5. Target to grow service sales through outdoor sales Ensure that all outdoor salespersons have sales targets for service and not just installation. Measure service sales by salesperson. Ensure that the commission scheme rewards salespeople for selling service contracts – that they are incentivised to sell service contracts and not focus exclusively on selling higher-priced system installations. Identify the key accounts that have the highest potential for service revenues and create a plan for developing them. Aim to increase your wallet share on their security spend through proactive and planned sales activity and customer contact.

Investing in an indoor service salesperson to sell maintenance contracts and service/ small works has proven a very effective way of increasing sales and margins

Jim Rathbone is the Managing Director of Rathbone Results which supports security installers to increase profits and grow recurring income jim@rathboneresults.com


Download The New Qvis & Lighting Security Self Management App • View our full product ranges from your smart device • Order your chosen products quickly and easily • Track your rebate and current spending

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Starlight Technology



Dahua Temperature Monitoring Solution Access Control Solution

(Device) DHI-ASI7213X-T1 • Temperature Monitoring accuracy: ±0.5°C • Temperature Monitoring distance: 0.3m ~ 1.8m • Sound Prompt: Abnormal temperature alarm (DSS-EXPRESS) - Viewing Software Optional

ASF172X-T1 (Temperature Stand Also Optional)


www.qvisglobal.co.uk • For further information - Call 02392 488300

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SECURITY ON SOCIAL MEDIA A look at what’s been happening on PSI’s Instagram feed this month (apart from all the sport...)




To book your LIVE demonstration, email or call us T 01924 528000 E sales@videcon.co.uk W www.videcon.co.uk

• Use any combination of body temperature, face recognition, mask detection, QR code or card/FOB for authentication • Manage visitors and control entry with two way audio • Customisable audio prompts • Can be integrated with existing access control or standalone



Thermi-Scan_ADVERT.indd 1

24/06/2020 16:02

EDIT meet the installer jul20_v9_000_PSI_may15 23/06/2020 14:34 Page 2

together raising standards

Meet the installer What would be a typical project for you? Ultra-High Net-Worth Individual (UHNWI), looking to protect their residence.

Security life with Carl Jarred of Amex Fire & Security in Harrow Name: Carl Jarred Job title: Sales Director

Do you have any 'go to' technology? Avigilon for CCTV and video analytics.

Time in security/fire: Almost 20 years

What is the best thing about working in security? I enjoy finding new uses for technology that’s purely security related, especially in commercial world where you can utilise CCTV for business efficiency management etc.

Location: Harrow

Is third party accreditation beneficial to you? Yes, it shows we have invested in our training and adhere to industry wide standards.

Company: Amax Fire & Security

Areas of expertise: Fire, intruder, CCTV, perimeter protection, analytics, door entry, fibre and structure cabling Accreditations: NSI Gold, BAFE, UKAS, FIA, CNCI Unfortunately the AV industry is masquerading that they can do security as well, but actually have no experience in the design of security systems and are just offering the ability to just add a camera/device onto their platform. What would make your job easier? Especially in the IP world, there is not a standard unlike fire and intruder where you have actual standards based on health and safety and regulations. The IP security world does not have a fixed standard and so is very much based on perception and your interpretation of what security means.

Do you think there is a skills shortage in the industry? Any trouble recruiting? Yes. The reality is there are a lot of old-school engineers out there who sometimes haven’t adapted to IP technology which is now leading the way as far as our industry is concerned. Equally, there are no higher qualifications specifically for security which would introduce a new interest into the industry. Amax are aware of the many levels of knowledge and skillsets required in this industry, and to support in setting the foundations we have set up a structure for engineering banding where engineers can gain these further skills and move up the banding and progress in their careers. Are there any common requests from customers that give you problems? Our job is to manage the expectations of the client, so they understand the capabilities or solutions we are offering. Long gone are the days where people ask for cameras to see around corners and people are a lot more technology savvy now. What impact has smart/home automation had on your business?


“Our job is to manage the expectations of the client, so they understand the capabilities or solutions we are offering”

What is your ultimate/fantasy electronic security/fire product? I would like to see intruder alarm/fire alarms get with the programme and become a fully IP based solution in keeping with everything else that is being implemented in buildings now. What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? Probably to pay more attention in Computer Tech instead of playing games! Will England ever win the football World Cup again? Probably not, not until we invest in more grass roots football in training lower down in the leagues If you won £25,000 what would you do with the money? Probably buy Motorola shares. 31

More than just a distributor... SITE SURVEYS







...Your project support partner THAT’S THE ADI DIFFERENCE Award winning project support Speak to your ADI Account Manager Call: 0161 687 8787

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Exit strategy changes For the June 2020 PSI podcast we spoke with Pat Jefferies of Abloy UK and discussed the potential impact of the pandemic and lockdown on the use and development of access and egress control systems. Here is an overview of the interview

ot every door is the same and not every door is bound by the same regulations so the development of technology in the wake of a pandemic that leaned heavily on noncontact processes is not straightforward. As R&D departments, regulators and manufacturers get back to work, how will the technology they produce going forward change so that public health and safety measures do not infringe on security and life safety? We caught up with Pat Jefferies, Commercial Director at Abloy UK, to find out the answer:


How do you see access control changing in the wake of the pandemic? That's actually a very interesting question because I think that once we come to a post lockdown situation; lots of things are going to change. I think the two biggest changes will centre around the process of not touching things such as door handles, panic bars and all those kinds of things that we traditionally see on the door being questioned going forward. Having said that we should never compromise when it comes to life safety and of course one of the biggest changes will be automation for doors.

route because we don't want the user to go right to the door to present the card because the door may open onto them. And of course we could have a situation where there's actually a delay. What we want is a reader that is perhaps about a metre away from the door as we come to it. We would present the card, the access control system will work its magic in the background and then provide access if you are an authorised user. This process sends the signal back to the door operator that recognises a locked door to be unlocked so that the door starts to open and the user walks through. Then the door closes behind and re-locks. So really the big change is that we are now talking to a door operator module above the door and that is going to be the brains of the door. What are the implications of specified access control regimes in respect of the means of escape from a building and the requirement for no compromise when it comes to life safety? This is an interesting point and we need to be careful that we don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Clearly the one thing we don't want to do going forward is to have unnecessary contact with the door, but equally in that time of need when somebody needs to escape, it's very, very clear how we escape through an emergency escape door, panic escape door or electrically


Pat Jefferies, Abloy UK

“We should never compromise when it comes to life safety and of course one of the biggest changes will be automation for doors�

How will automatic doors interface with access control systems and what's the importance of the interface? The starting point that we need to consider is that we need to change what we're controlling on the door because traditionally the access control system interfaces with the locking or blocking system on the door. Once we present to the reader, the access control system sends a signal back to unlock the door and allows us to go through. The big change with how we would interface it would be that the door operator becomes the brains of the door. So what we actually need are the readers positioned en-



EDIT Interview psi jul20.qxp_PSI_mar15 23/06/2020 14:24 Page 3


(continued from previous page)

controlled escape door. There are standards that apply and realistically from an emergency escape door we'd always be looking at free egress via a lever handle, for a panic escape door we'd be looking at free egress via a panic bar and whilst normally we might not be using them on a regular basis to go through the door, on that day when we need to escape it must provide for escape. Any occasion when we need to escape we must be able to do so.

“One of the bigger concerns, apart from the hands-free element and door automation, is the question: "During lockdown, did my system perform as I expected it to?�


Are escape doors and fire doors being treated as one and the same when it comes to access/egress control? There is a very strict demarcation between the two, but we need to remember right from the start that a single door may have both requirements. One of the things we say to people is to think of the door as a hole in the wall and then ask the questions: Why is the door there? Is it convenient? Well, we could argue sometimes it is inconvenient but in actual fact when you think about convenience, it keeps the rain out, keeps the heat in and provides security. That really is a convenience factor and most doors would have a convenience factor. The important questions we need to ask are: Is it a fire door or is it an escape door and is it on or across an escape route? We can then tick-off convenience, fire and escape and once we understand whether we actually have just a convenience door, just a fire door, just an escape door or a fire and escape door we can start to specify the products required. The constructions product regulations of July 2013 make it very, very clear that if we have a fire door it would be a criminal offense to fit non-fire tested products onto that door. In exactly the same way if that

door is an escape door we need an escape compliant product on the door. And of course if it is a fire and escape door we need products that are both escape compliant and fire compliant. What will be the roadmap for access control systems development in the immediate years ahead? What will be the key drivers? There will have to be reflection on what happened during the Covid-19 period and it will cover a number of topics. It may be along the lines of when you needed to lockdown did the access control system perform as you thought it would? In terms of security, did the keying system work as you thought it would and did you actually have the right key for the right people? Did you have the right credentials enabled and could you lock out the main workforce, but at the same time make sure that essential users could still gain access? There are some important lessons that we are going to learn from the period. One of the bigger concerns, apart from the hands-free element and door automation, is the question: "During lockdown, did my system perform as I expected it to and was it power dependent?" We always teach people to consider the door in two halves; never compromise on the escape side of the door, while on the security side of the door did you provide for dynamic lockdown and did you have a device in the door which ensured that the building would be secure even in the event of a power failure? Other issues such as density of buildings in terms of staffing levels will also fall under the microscope going forward.


Access Control

Intruder Alarm


Multiple Devices

No Software Required

Easy Setup with Checklist Prompts

Send IP Alarms via Multipath-IP Network


E: ireurope@innerrange.co.uk


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How GSM benefits installers

In this article, Victor d’Allancé, UK Country Manager at Intratone, explains how GSM technology can help streamline property access management ransitioning from analogue processes to digital is universally acknowledged as an effective way of improving both operational and cost efficiencies in a number of disciplines. The property management sector is one area in particular which could reap significant security benefits by implementing more digital ways of working. Furthermore, by harnessing some accessible technologies, including GSM – which was originally created for mobile communications, and applying them to block management, the switch to digital is straightforward, without the need for significant investment in infrastructure or added resources. Plus, with social distancing measures still in place in the UK at the time of writing, working remotely is not merely an option but a necessity for many. Technologies that can facilitate remote


By reducing time spent on-site, maintenance and administrative burden, and providing boosted security and convenience, GSM technology makes block access control management intuitive, easy and fast 36

working can enhance it too – for example bringing time and cost savings – and can truly drive the property management sector forward and offer benefits for installers.

What is GSM technology?

GSM, or the Global System for Mobile Communications, isn’t in itself a new technology. A digital cellular technology that transmits data such as voice and video streams to other devices, it is the foundation for mobile phone data networks, allowing users to both make and receive calls. In fact, nearly 80% of mobile phone users across the globe already use GSM as their primary network for placing wireless calls. What is new is how the GSM technology can also be used in a range of other applications such as with intercom and door access control systems. As a completely wireless and digital system, this gives residents the convenience of answering the door via their own smartphone or tablet and permits property professionals to update key fob data and grant building access remotely too.


EDIT GSM psi jul20.qxp_PSI_mar15 23/06/2020 14:16 Page 2

The inner workings of GSM

Several existing technologies allow devices to connect remotely and allow for data transfer between machines, from RFID and Bluetooth, to GSM, Wi-Fi and satellites, each method has its own merits for specific applications. Using Time Division Multiple Access technology, or TDMA, GSM works by assigning time slots to multiple conversation streams, alternating them in sequence and switching between each conversation in very short intervals. During these intervals, devices can transmit compressed, digitised information from one to the other – such as a call from a contractor who is seeking to access the property. In order for the network to know which users are connected, each device uses a SIM card. By linking multiple systems together, GSM allows both telecommunication and remote control across several units – with extensive global coverage. In this way, GSM technology can be harnessed for access control systems for quick and easy communication, automatic updates and as a cost-effective alternative to traditional hardware-based, wired systems.

GSM and installers

Implementing SIM cards and GSM capabilities into access control systems enables streamlined, intuitive block management, allowing property access to be granted via mobile phone calls, no matter where they are. As an alternative to the more traditional radiofrequency technology, which is reliant on the distance between the device and the handset, the unlimited range of GSM technology makes access control management more practical. As no wires or physical handsets are required, GSM technology is ideal for retrofit installations. Plus, GSM-enabled access devices benefit from a fast installation with minimal disturbance to residents, as there is no need to enter each individual property to connect receivers or handsets. There is also little need for ongoing maintenance, and any issues can be fixed remotely. GSM technology can be linked to existing remote or off-site management systems, allowing property professionals to oversee all access to the block from their own office or place of work. As such, property security managers can carry out day-to-day


administration tasks, such as making real-time changes to key fobs, flat numbers and tenant information, in a more efficient way, primarily as no site visits are required. In addition, GSM technology can also link a variety of other support systems and accessories such as digital noticeboards in communal areas and key cabinets, again, streamlining workloads.

Easy access control

GSM-based devices ensure that access control is as easy and intuitive to operate as possible. Tenants can control access to their property no matter where they are in their home, or indeed the world, via their mobile or tablet. This has a number of advantages from a security standpoint, as GSM intercom systems can help make it appear as if there is always someone at home and, if a video intercom is used, they allow tenants to see exactly who is at the door. Another advantage of GSM intercoms is improved accessibility. It can be stressful and inconvenient for those with restricted mobility such as the elderly, or those with a disability, to answer the door if they need to reach a fixed handset on the wall. Instead of the one-size-fitsall solution of a built-in handset, with GSMbased systems residents can choose what device they want to use to answer the door. It also allows residents to grant property access without having to move. While the technology is relatively straightforward in terms of installation and ease of use, the impact for your customers is not to be underestimated. GSM-based intercoms and access systems streamline the administrative burden of property or block management significantly, helping users to manage multiple properties and numerous resident needs all from one location.

GSM-based devices ensure that access control is as easy and intuitive to operate as possible. Tenants can control access to their property no matter where they are in their home, or indeed the world, via their mobile or tablet

A future with GSM

By reducing time spent on-site, maintenance and administrative burden, and providing boosted security and convenience, GSM technology makes block access control management intuitive, easy and fast. It’s a simple solution to an age-old problem – that of how to fit more into your day as an installer.


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Gate installation essentials Specifying or fitting an automatic gate system for the first time can raise a number of questions. Matthew Batson of Bft Automation UK talks us through some of the key considerations you’ll need to consider and discuss with your client and argues that, whoever you buy from, you should be offered more than an instruction manual

ates can be automated to either swing or to slide open and in the case of swinging gates, the opener may be concealed underground or gate mounted. The most suitable opener for your installation will depend on the space available and the type of gate selected. Concealed underground automation is ideal for highly ornate gates. However, where gates are fully infilled (typical of many timber designs), gate mounted openers are concealed from the front of the gate by the gate leaf and present a cost-effective option. The choice between slide and swing is largely down to the space available - swing gates require a clear space for their opening arc whilst sliding gates require space to one or both sides of the gate. Sliding gates are perhaps the best choice where the drive slopes or when drive space is limited, as they use the least space when opening.



Most swing gate and sliding systems are available in 24v or 230v. The 24v systems still need 230v mains power – there is a transformer built into the 24v control panels. Deciding which voltage to use can include a combination of factors such as the material of the gates, the location of the system and the safety features you want. With wrought iron gates, the wind can pass through them whereas with fully boarded wooden gates (popular because they give full privacy) the wind has nowhere to go, so they act like sails. Some installers take the view that they’ll fit a 230v system on a pair of fully boarded wooden gates because 230v systems have more “grunt”.


Deciding which voltage to use can include a combination of factors such as the material of the gates, the location of the system and the safety features you want Many 24v systems have an excellent obstacle detection feature for safety where the gates will stop and reverse. However, these safety features may also be triggered by the weather on a really windy day, particularly with fully boarded wooden gates. This could result in your client contacting you to say the system’s not working. They will need some reassurance - it is working and it’s doing what it is designed to do. For commercial or industrial applications with larger entrances and a heavy gate, you may need 3 Phase 400v power (sliding gates only).

In a tight squeeze?

The environment in which you are fitting may well influence which gate and motor you recommend. Will it be in an exposed area which is subject to the elements? Will it be positioned on a slope? 39

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(continued from previous page)


Most gates are made of metal or wood but these can be solid or bars, they also cover different lengths and heights and this affects the weight. Motors are designed to suit each size gate and it’s important to get the right one for the job (otherwise you may find yourself with an over-engineered solution or paying over the odds).

Safe and secure

Installers have always faced the challenge of installing gate motors in confined spaces. When fitting a pedestrian gate, there is often limited space in which to work Installers have always faced the challenge of installing gate motors in confined spaces. When fitting a pedestrian gate, there is often limited space in which to work – potentially making an installation time consuming and technically demanding. If this is the case for you, consider a gate operator which is designed specifically for installations with limited space for manoeuvre. An example of this is the E5 compact gate operator. The operator is not only small but has an optional slide lever attachment designed for installations where there is extremely limited space, meaning that just 8cm of the pillar is needed for installation. What’s more, improved fixing points and a simple ‘hook and fasten’ process means assembly is safe, quick and straight forward. 40

To give your client peace of mind, you’ll need to advise on the type of lock and access control available to them. Electronic locks release on operation of the automation system to allow the gates to open. Locks are required for all non-locking (also known as reversible) operators and are recommended for any gate on a multi-user site or any gate over 2.5m. Apply the same logic to an automated gate as you would to a domestic door– for example, you wouldn’t fit your front door with a lock on the same side as the hinges or a drop bolt at the hinge end of a manual gate so why dispense with this logic when the gate is automated? There are a number of locks on the market including magnetic locks, drop locks that “shoot” a bolt into the ground and side latching locks. These are all designed for external use. While the gate itself will provide physical security, the customer will want to feel in control of who enters their property, when and for what purpose. Consider access for post and deliveries, waste disposal and visitors arriving on foot etc. There is a range of options available. Intercom systems will allow the user to vet visitors, keypad entry can allow remote access for visitors with a specific code, remote controls allow an oncoming driver to open the gates without getting out of the vehicle, and a timer control can be used to open or close the gates at certain times of the day. Vehicle detection loops can be installed discreetly under the tarmac allowing the presence of vehicles to exit the gates and prevent closing whilst obstructed. Ultimately, you’ll be looking for a good quality, reliable product with good service. Work with a supplier that offers more than just a manual. If they are happy to offer training, their time and advice when you buy, the chances are you’ll get their support long term.


GET YOUR ‘SOLUTIONS FOR THE NEW NORMAL’ BROCHURE! Norbain has released a brochure of comprehensive solutions from a range of suppliers that can help us all get back to a new normal way of working and living. The brochure contains all the products that are already up on the dedicated section of norbain.com, and includes solutions for: CONTACTLESS ACCESS CONTROL



REQUEST A BRANDED COPY If you’re a Norbain customer, we can offer you a version of the brochure with your company branding – perfect for sending out to your customers. Just request a copy by emailing us at marketing@norbain.com.

View brochure online: www.norbain.com/resources View solutions on website: www.norbain.com/covid-19 info@norbain.com

Norbain Solutions for New Normal Brochure Advert v2.indd 1


0118 912 5000

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Empty threats waste time and missed threats could have disastrous consequences. For enhanced security, it makes sense to bring the power of two technologies together. Our intelligent sensors can detect without being influenced by light or weather conditions and integrate with video systems to provide visual verification. Because vision can’t do it all, it makes sense to have sensor-led visual verification.

For more information visit www.optex-europe.com r e op t i c M i c r o wa v e se n s o r s IR LiDAR I PR

F ib

Expert in sensing technologies

DON’T WASTE TIME ON EMPTY THREATS Get the power of sensor-led visual verification



@psimagazine follow PSI on Twitter for news, views & comment



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Your future in the cloud


Harnessing the cloud – and what it means for the future of the industry with Neil Killick of Milestone Systems

ilestone Systems recently announced the availability of XProtect on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Marking a significant step in video management systems (VMS) on the cloud and the culmination of many years of cloud advances and video management development. The move further strengthens the strong growth of the cloud (it’s predicted to grow 17% in 2020) and meets the needs of a growing audience - more than a third of business leaders see cloud investments as a top-three investing priority in the near future. To explain this breakthrough further, PSI spoke with Neil Killick, Leader of Strategic Business in EMEA for Milestone Systems.


Milestone’s cloud approach

Neil was keen to emphasise the time-intensive and considered approach that Milestone took to make this a reality. Instead of purely going for an off-the-shelf cloud solution, the Milestone team considered the needs of installers and end-users, the direction the industry is going, and how best to fulfil those requirements. This led to AWS and AWS Marketplace, which offered


the scalability, geography, and security standards that met Milestone’s expectations.

Introducing XProtect on AWS

XProtect on AWS offers a new way of designing XProtect systems, reducing the friction involved in setting-up and maintaining on-site VMS systems. The result is a highly flexible solution with elastic compute, storage, and networking, that adjusts easily to the distributed needs of different organisations. It particularly lends well to multi-location global site installations. There is dynamic scaling of power and storage, without the worry of capacity planning, storage hardware, or software maintenance. XProtect’s deployment can also be complemented with AWS’ other services, empowering customers to design systems that fully fit their needs.

The benefits for installers

For installers, this means greater time to focus on value-added services like consulting - as AWS does most of the heavy lifting in installing a customer’s XProtect solution. Instead of ordering, buying and unboxing, racking and stacking the solution, when deployed over the

Neil Killick, Milestone Systems

“There is a coming together of technologies and we will see this reflected in installers’ skill sets. This migration will be organic as we see greater hybrid and full-cloud adoption”


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Offering XProtect as a cloud solution will set an installer’s business apart from the competition. Neil explains: “This will help installers cater to customers across the entire cloud adoption spectrum”

(continued from previous page)

cloud, installation can take mere minutes. It becomes easier to address new market segments and taps into the growing trend of bringing cloud solutions to on-premise applications like video surveillance. It also offers global scale, as XProtect can be rolled out in any AWS region including within AWS GovCloud (US) regions for government facilities and highly regulated organisations. Offering XProtect as a cloud solution will also set an installer’s business apart from the competition. Neil explains: “This will help installers cater to customers across the entire cloud adoption spectrum - including hybrid use cases. From those looking solely at on-premise solutions to others who wish to become early adopters of VMS on the cloud.” Installers can expect reduced risk and friction with simplified dimensioning, ordering and installation of server hardware. Before, it would take weeks or months to spec, buy and install via the cloud, this is possible within 20 minutes. Through the cloud, it will also be possible to address some support cases remotely - reducing the number of on-site visits needed.

A shift in the industry

On-prem still needed

It’s also worth noting that this doesn’t mean the demise of on-prem. In some situations, solely on-prem will still suit customers better - or a hybrid solution may be sought. The next 18 months will see Milestone explore this avenue, focusing on a hybrid approach that delivers the benefits of the cloud and provides on-prem solutions where needed. Still, the pace of the cloud computing market cannot be denied. Like all innovations, however, it will take time to see a VMS in the cloud become mainstream. Neil anticipates that this first stage, where organisations become educated and comfortable with the cloud, will take a further few years.

Getting started

For those taking their first steps with the cloud, Milestone offers two products in AWS Marketplace: The free XProtect Essential+, and XProtect BYOL (Bring Your Own License), which requires a paid license sold through Milestone’s existing distribution channels. Both products provide an experience identical to XProtect software on-premises and are available across all AWS Regions from June.

This signals a sea-change in the way video management is carried out, and it will require new skill sets and knowledge. For security installers, Neil predicts more opportunities to get involved in areas that were traditionally the domain of IT teams. He says: “There is a coming together of technologies and we will see this reflected in installers’ skill sets. This migration will be organic as we see greater hybrid and fullcloud adoption - indeed it may be sped up by recent events that have accelerated digital transformation. “Ultimately, this means that security installers will have access to opportunities that weren’t open to them just a few months ago.” This will also impact licensing and data storage - potentially leading to a future where hardware is free and customers only pay for data storage and licensing. “However, I would caution that a single high-profile data breach will halt this progress,” he adds, “I think that a license/data-only scenario is possible in the next decade or so, but not if a big breach occurs.”

To learn more about the benefits of the cloud, read the new Milestone insight guide, The Cloud on the Horizon: how to make the transition to cloud technology simple and easy.






TO ENTER BUILDINGS. Intratone’s wireless intercoms and access systems are the perfect solution for installers wanting to safely get back to work during COVID-19. They’re quick and easy to install, and better still, you can practice social distancing, with no need to enter the building or individual flats. It’s installation for the new “normal”. Find out more at intratone.uk.com

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Open Door IDIS Center VMS boasts new features and functions

IDIS has further enhanced its IDIS Center VMS, adding new features and functions targeted at small to mid-sized enterprises, and multi-site customers.

Organisations can build powerful centralised monitoring solutions, quickly and easily, when implementing IDIS Center together with the wide selection of IDIS DirectIP® cameras and powerful NVRs. These deliver customer lifecycle savings of 50% or more compared with server-based solutions, thanks to reduced installation time, no upfront or ongoing license fees, easier maintenance and the industry-beating IDIS Ultimate Warranty. Important new features now included with the cost-free, license-free IDIS Center VMS include MapVue, an easy-to-use search function that speeds up operator navigation across building layouts and floor plans. Its intuitive interface helps users to play back video streams across multi-camera systems, while maintaining an overview perspective of their facilities’ layouts and camera positions. MapVue also provides easy bookmarking, allowing operators to search the recorded data for persons and activity of interest. Bookmarked footage can then be saved in an Excel file, creating a library of video clips. IDIS Center users can also now benefit from IDIS Instant Meta Filtering (IMF) capabilities without any licensing or maintenance fees when using the new range of IDIS 6000 Series Edge VA (EVA) cameras. IMF speeds up incident investigations from days or hours to mere minutes. It allows operators to easily collate footage and scan hours of recorded video, from multiple streams, to pinpoint the movements and last-known locations of persons or vehicles of interest. Find out more: www.idisglobal.com

Licence simplification for Integriti system

Inner Range has announced a major simplification of the licensing model for its intelligent access control and intruder detection system Integriti. Partners and customers will be able to choose from four clearly defined software options that include sets of features, rather than needing licences for each feature individually. The new structure will have a dramatic effect on the way Integriti systems are designed and quoted, cutting down on the complexities and time needed as well as being cost neutral. The four software options are:

Express – For basic administration of sites with a single controller. Professional – Extends management abilities to multiple controllers and multiple sites. It’s the first software edition that allows expansion and integrations to be added. Business – For businesses who use Integriti in their daily routines including using extensive reporting capabilities. This is the first edition that includes CCTV integration. Corporate – Fully featured enterprise-grade software that unlocks Integriti’s full potential. It accommodates large scale sites and includes features for on-site guards and monitoring. Tim Northwood, general manager of Inner Range, said: “Integriti’s strength is that it can provide highly sophisticated and holistic security management systems. But sometimes these have been complicated to achieve. Our new licensing model offers four clear and transparent options for partners and customers that are much easier to understand and explain, as well as being cost neutral. We hope our simplified structure will make Integriti’s power and sophistication much easier to access.” Visit: www.innerrange.co.uk



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Open Door is an online service from PSI that provides in-depth information from a selection of market leading companies. Here are some of the highlights from the pages of Open Door.....

Putting all of Texecom’s information at your fingertips

With the TexecomPro App installers have access to the very latest product information at the touch of a button. Easy access to product information with keyword searches, intuitive menus and built-in barcode scanning. Features include: Manuals - Product information and instructions will be accessed by simply scanning the QR code on the product, which will instantly call up all the relevant information. News - Users will be able to keep up to date with all the latest news, with real-time updates from Texecom, whether it is new product launches, software updates, interesting case studies, ‘how to’ guides or blog posts. Favourites - Documents such as product manuals, guides and technical bulletins can be saved as favourites, making access to them even easier. Forum Access - Texecom’s Forum is an essential tool for security installers. Training Access - Users can easily see what training courses are coming up and even book a place. A range of useful quick-start guides and video tutorials will also be available. Visit: www.texecompro.com

Wiltshire Council supported by wireless conference system

Located in the South West of England, Wiltshire Council provides local government services to 471,000 Wiltshire residents. Councillors work with residents, businesses and community groups to discuss local improvements. Because of this, Wiltshire councillors frequently move between different venues within their wards, requiring a conference system that is portable and is easy to set-up, use and break down, coupled with audio quality that reflects the modernised operation of the council. The DICENTIS Wireless Conference System from Bosch was the perfect solution, due to its high degree of flexibility and ease of installation. The system can be ready for use in under 10 minutes, and packed away at the end of the meetings in 5 minutes. Having just three components – the discussion devices, the chargers and the wireless access point, which functions as the system controller, this solution has the most simple system architecture. Because the system is wireless, it can also be installed, rearranged, and operated in every type of conference venue that the council operates in, regardless of the available resources. Visit: www.boschsecurity.com/gb/en/

Honeywell’s OmniAssure Touch provides cutting-edge protection

Honeywell’s OmniAssure Touch access control solution provides advanced security against credential cloning and reader tampering, increases operator productivity when deploying mobile credentials, and is interoperable with a range of credential technologies and panel communication protocols. OmniAssure Touch provides: Ultra secure protection: protect against credential cloning and replay attacks with technology that is fully compliant with OSDP Secure Channel Protocol (SCP) and the latest DESFire EV2 encryption standards. Exceptional adaptability: features hassle-free, user friendly mobile credential capabilities that eliminate the need to present a phone to the reader and easy migration from legacy prox to smart and mobile technologies. A comprehensive solution: save time by deploying mobile credentials directly through Honeywell’s WIN-PAK, WINMAG and Pro-Watch integrated security suites, revoke mobile credentials in real-time, and transform the way people interact with your building using the Honeywell Vector Occupant App. For more visit: www.security.honeywell.com/uk



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Get Recognised Get Registered

The Professional Register Raising Professional Standards in the Security & Fire Industry Recognising Competence and QualiďŹ cations for Individuals who Install & Maintain Security & Fire Systems.

Find out more or Register now at:


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A modular and scalable upgrade

When a business grows it needs its security system to be able to match its changing requirements. Here we see how a retailer in Dubai upgraded its CCTV to meet demand arrefour Jordan operator Majid Al Futtaim turned to integrator Ametrad Technology Services to upgrade its video technology as it prepared for growth. The Dubai-based retailer, which first introduced Carrefour to the Middle East in 1995 and now operates 70 outlets across the region, is looking to open new express stores and hypermarkets. Ametrad is deploying video technology built around IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) video management software (VMS) for the Majid Al Futtaim security team, whose priority is to prevent losses, improve safety and security, enhance the customer experience and increase operational efficiency across its existing eight express stores and hypermarket. ISS VMS is modular and scalable, giving Carrefour a centralised monitoring environment with multi-layered failover providing protection



against network instability and power outages. The legacy CCTV system was proving costly to maintain and time-intensive to operate, while low bandwidth at some stores was limiting performance. These problems were being compounded by new requirements to move from 30 to 90 days storage. Ametrad managing director Ahmad Shanawani says: “We have not experienced a single hard disk drive failure, a request for an NVR reset, or any gaps in footage due to a power outage.�

The legacy CCTV system was proving costly to maintain and time-intensive to operate, while low bandwidth at some stores was limiting performance


EDIT CCTV psi jul20_v9_PSI_mar15 23/06/2020 13:21 Page 3


(continued from previous page)

Limited bandwidth was solved with IDIS Intelligent Codec, while dynamic multistream control has alleviated latency. These technologies also allowed Carrefour to double the camera count at each store


All the hardware is backed by a cost-free warranty and the ability to easily add new stores as they come online – vital as Carrefour serves over 200,000 customers every day across the region and is continuing to expand. Using a phased upgrade approach 32 2MP domes and bullets already provide coverage at the hypermarket in Irbid City Centre, with a further 64 legacy cameras earmarked for upgrade, while an average of 28 cameras deliver situational awareness across each express store. The IDIS cameras ensure image capture in varying light conditions, including in darkness up to 30 metres, and cope with varying light and shade thanks to true wide dynamic range. 32-channel NVRs and a user-friendly interface for authorised retail staff at each supermarket provide 370Mbps throughput and up to 960ips UHD real-time recording. This ensures live monitoring and forensic video retrieval, while native RAID 1 provides an additional layer of redundancy. Ametrad engineers connected each device in minutes with plug-and-play IDIS DirectIP

technology, and IDIS For Every Network (FEN) technology allowed one-click configuration linking each store to the control centre. The hierarchical connection structure between IDIS DirectIP devices also guaranteed an efficient method of cabling into the compact control room. Limited bandwidth was solved with IDIS Intelligent Codec, while dynamic multi-stream control has alleviated latency. These technologies also allowed Carrefour to double the camera count at each store to provide coverage without the need to upgrade networks. Ametrad is also deploying IDIS VA in the Box analytics, to provide each store with heatmapping, people counting, queue management and intelligent reporting capabilities. ISS control panels provide live monitoring, playback, event search, system health reports, and navigation via store layouts, allowing control room staff to troubleshoot and manage hundreds of video streams and devices across multiple stores. These functions have reduced the time needed to find and export video clips.


A Brighter Future is on the Horizon. oprema.co.uk +44 (0)29 2064 1509 sales@oprema.co.uk

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CCTV – TRIED & TESTED An overview of some of the products we have featured in PSI independent test reports. This month we highlight recent CCTV reviews; products are listed in no particular order. As always, manufacturers and distributors have no input in the test reports or results Bosch – Flexidome NDE-3503-AL

Part of the Bosch Flexidome IP 3000i IR range, this fixed dome camera is impact resistant to IK10 with IP66 protection rating and has a 1/2.9” 5MP CMOS sensor, 3.2 to 10mm motorised lens and a range of “Essential” video analytic functions. It has a diameter of 137mm and height of 122.5mm. It has an operating temperature of -30°C to +50°C.

Review: A very capable dome camera with a wide range of configuration options.

IDIS – DC-Y3C14WRX This is a 360° dome IP camera with built-in infrared illumination. It supports two-way audio, alarm input and outputs and a range of viewing modes. Review: This is a well-built 360° camera with some very flexible display modes. For maximum benefit it would ideally be used with an IDIS NVR or front end but works well with the supplied software or Web viewer.

Concept Pro – CP-HSD20-AHD This Concept Pro IP66 IK10 rated speed-dome is based on the Starvis 1/2.8” CMOS sensor, giving a 2MP (1920 x 1080p) image with a 20x zoom lens and in-built infrared illuminators with a stated range of up to 150 metres. A 30x zoom version is also available. The camera provides outputs for all the main analogue HD formats such as AHD, CVI, TVI along with the digital over coax SDI standard. Review: An interesting highly sensitive HD speed dome that gives a potentially easy route to changing from analogue HD to IP based viewing and control, compatible with all key analogue HD systems. Some of the camera’s core configuration options are not currently accessible via the browser but possibly may be included in a future firmware version.

Optio - OPA4ED28V12IRG

The OPA4ED28V12IRG camera is an IP67 rated, 4 Megapixel (2560H x 1440V) Eyeball style analogue camera with a varifocal 2.7mm to 12mm lens. It consists of an aluminium body and mount available in a dark grey or white finish. Optio products form a subset of the Vista range. Review: Working with all of the key analogue HD formats and providing up to 4MP resolution this camera is relatively simple to install and set up. When combined with a compatible recorder, this camera allows simple and cost-effective upgrades for legacy analogue systems using coaxial cabling. 52


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Hikvision – DS-2CD4A26FWD This camera is a high-end outdoor bullet camera identified as part of Hikvision’s DarkFighter range. The camera offers very high sensitivity and 1920 x 1080p HD performance with pre-installed firmware to provide video analytic functions. These can be selected from options including Audio Exception, Defocus, Scene Change, Face, Line Crossing, Intrusion, Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Unattended Baggage and Object Removal Detection. Review: The wide range of detection methods mean that this camera can fulfil the majority of current security video tasks. Its builtin Infrared illuminator range and high sensitivity provide very good image quality even in challenging conditions.

Tyco – Illustra Flex IFS02P6INWIT This Indoor HD PTZ dome is from the Illustra Flex range and has a 30 times optical and 12 times digital zoom range with IR illumination up to 25 metres. An external variant has IR support to 150 metres. Review: A very well constructed PTZ camera unit with straightforward connection and configuration. Some minor issues encountered with setup functions and lens performance but overall, good image quality and extended zoom range.

Hanwha Techwin – Wisenet PNM-9320VQP The Wisenet PNM-9320VQP is a relatively large assembly that can house up to 4 fixed camera modules for wide area coverage and with a PTZ camera beneath fitted with a 32x zoom lens of 4.44mm to 142.6mm. The wide range of fixed camera modules means that the camera can cover a full 360° field of view or 4 specific narrower views to suit the surveillance requirement. Review: An interesting device to provide wide area surveillance with PTZ support for close-up or automated tracking of subjects. The single network connection means that an existing network camera can be upgraded to a multiview capability without the need for additional network hardware.

Dahua - DH-IPC-HDW4431EMP

The HDW4431EMP is a 4MP “Eyeball” format camera with infrared support, IP67 ingress protection and IK10 vandal resistance. The camera supports Dahua’s ePoE technology for extended connection distances over network cabling. The 2.8mm lens on this model gives a viewing angle of 104°(H) x 58°(V); 3.6mm and 6mm lens options are available for narrower angle horizontal views of 83° and 58° respectively. A true Wide Dynamic Range of 120dB is stated. Review: A well featured compact camera with good performance and ease of installation.

Flir – CC-3103-01-I This is an IP66 rated corner mounting 3MP IP camera from the Flir Ariel range with a lens viewing angle designed to provide wall to wall and ceiling to floor coverage of the surveyed area. It has a curved front plate to ensure no grip is possible and that no ligature can be attached. A microphone allows sound to be captured and discrete infrared illumination is available for low or zero visible light use. Review: This camera is very simple to get up and running and has a wide range of settings to optimise its performance. Image quality and colour rendition is very good and alarm settings are clearly laid out and function well. The ease of browser access was a welcome change from some supplier offerings.



Evacuate everyone

EN54-23 Approved Fire Beacons Sonos Pulse and Nexus Pulse devices contain Pulse Alert Technology, Klaxon’s EN54-23 compliant visual notification for wall and ceiling mount devices. Pulse Alert Technology provides visual notifications that are unmissable and unmistakable, ensuring that everyone is notified of a fire evacuation emergency.

Seminars Klaxon currently run a certified EN54-23 CPD seminar for Consultants, Integrators and End Users. Please contact us now to book a ‘lunch and learn’ EN54-23 CPD Seminar. Phone +44 (0)1706 212524 or visit www.klaxonsignals.com/fire

EN54-3 Sonders & Beacons Nexus 105/110/120 Sounders High output sounders certified to EN54-3.

Sonos Sounder Beacon Electronic sounder beacon certified to EN54-3.

www.klaxonsignals.com Sales: +44 (0)1706 212524

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Network security system upgraded to the cloud Amthal and Cloudview have worked together to upgrade legacy network surveillance systems into smart cloud based, compliant solutions for the benefit of staff and residents at Notting Hill Genesis. Notting Hill Genesis is one of the largest housing associations in London and the southeast. With head offices in Kings Cross, and five further site locations requiring protection for more than 1,500 office based staff, Amthal has worked with Cloudview to take responsibility for security maintenance across the office portfolio, alongside ensuring the safety and security of residents in new and existing housing stock. The new system removes the need for digital video recorders and allow authorised personnel instant and secure remote access for management or evidential footage stored as required in case of a threat or emergency. Suki Kahlon, Office Services Manager, Central Services for Notting Hill Genesis says: “The need to update CCTV systems to ensure compliance with latest GDPR regulations was of paramount importance, both for the Notting Hill Genesis team, and also our residents and their safety. Essentially our ambition is that wherever we have CCTV systems in place, we want to upgrade to the cloud and bring our networks together in a centrally managed, visual data infrastructure. The Cloudview solution has been well received by building managers and authorised personnel, and being simple to install with Amthal minimising downtime, provides remote access across our housing portfolio as and when required for all our safety and security.” Notting Hill Genesis, together with Amthal’s installation and maintenance teams, has completed the install at its head office in Kings Cross and West London office in Hammersmith, alongside new housing development connections. The new surveillance technology is created to offer alerts when instant action is required, based on what is identified as a threat. Visual data can be accessed anywhere at any time on any device and shared immediately and saved for up to 12 months if required, with 30 day delete options as

Expanding company installs new detection system As G&B (North West) continues to extend its roofing operations, Comelit fire detection systems have been installed by Bell Lancaster to protect new operations on its farm site. The company supplies over one million square metres to the trade every year and to accommodate growing demand the business is extending its building capacity, thus requiring fire detection technology to ensure the safety of its building, products and all who operate on site. Comelit’s Atena addressable panel was installed, featuring a touch screen and capability to expand from one to four loops. It can


standard to comply with GDPR. It is only accessible by authorised personnel all with audit control capability, for full compliance. Stephen Bates, CEO of Cloudview added: “Notting Hill Genesis is committed to providing safe and secure communities for residents to thrive. The need for smart surveillance technology, that can be centrally managed is integral, and we were delighted to offer a solution that could bring these requirements together. With the help of Amthal, we could enable a seamless installation process between all Notting Hill Genesis’ offices and housing developments.” Phil Bryant, Manager Strategic Accounts Team of Amthal Fire & Security added: “The Cloudview system has proven to offer best value and significant efficiency savings, that can be maintained to ensure ongoing compliance and simple maintenance plans. It also allows Notting Hill Genesis staff to have a much more reactive and instant approach to any threat identified, creating total peace of mind all round.” accommodate up to 1,000 devices with network ability for up to 64 panels, enabling a networked opportunity to expand with a facility or building requirement. Paul McDonough, Operations Director Bell Lancaster added: “The fast pace nature of the manufacturing process at G&B (North West) Ltd meant that any fire detection system to extended buildings had to be installed quickly and efficiently to eliminate the threat of any downtime or business disruption. Comelit’s Atena solution achieved this objective.”


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Bespoke fire and security systems solution is installed

A bespoke fire and security solution specified and installed by Evolution is helping to protect new tenants and staff at One Embassy Gardens, a new 12-storey, 215,000 sq. ft development project on the South Bank of London. The gardens combine green spaces, shops, restaurants and office space and the area is also the

Fire detectors chosen to protect Ulster Bank Apollo Fire Detectors’ SOTERIA range of detectors has been chosen to protect Ulster Bank’s headquarters in Belfast. The group moved its headquarters to a development in Donegall Square East in Belfast in 2000. The building required a life cycle replacement of its existing fire alarm system, which had been in service for 18 years, along with additional detection as necessary to validate L1 coverage.


new home for both the Dutch and US embassies. One Embassy Gardens was constructed and is owned by property development company, Ballymore. Ballymore appointed Briggs & Forrester to tender for the fire and security system, and Ballymore in turn appointed Evolution to manage the bespoke system’s design and installation. Evolution’s solution comprises a complete fire detection and alarm system including networked fire panels (that allow the system to be expanded as required), and air aspirating systems are utilised to detect the first signs of a potential fire for early intervention. The open protocol system also includes bespoke voice sounders that have been developed for both the evacuation process, which utilises a phased evacuation process, and the invacuation process, which involves moving occupants to a safe location within the building. The security system is similarly bespoke comprising access control, CCTV and an International Communications (InterComms) system, which includes live communications during an invacuation, allowing direct interactions between security staff and the occupants of the building. Nigel Hyson, Fire Sales Manager at Evolution, says One Embassy Gardens is a prime example of Evolution’s capabilities to deliver integrated systems, no matter what the size or complexities involved: “We have delivered a complete and fully compliant fire and security solution tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and this complex development.”

The development was created around the façade of an old Methodist church consisting of a reinforced concrete frame with flat slab floor construction including a double storey basement. In order to cause the least amount of disruption to staff, the work was all carried out after-hours and at weekends over a 12-week period, while also making sure the system was fully functional and all work areas clean and tidy for staff coming in the next day. Aramark Ireland was selected by Ulster Bank to perform the role of main contractor for the works. Following a tender process, Ashdale Engineering was appointed to replace the existing closed protocol fire alarm system and PAVA system. Apollo devices chosen included optical smoke detector, heat detectors, multisensors, manual call points and interfaces. Covering a range of areas from open plan offices, carpark, plant rooms, kitchens and canteen, SOTERIA met the customers’ expectations to minimise the risk of false alarms and provide a future proof system. A total of 645 optical detectors, 89 heat detectors, 24 multisensors, 83 manual call points and 78 interfaces combine to provide the solution for Ulster Bank. All controlled by a fire panel from Advanced.


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Tel: +44 (0) 1763 273 243 Fax: +44 (0) 1763 274 106 Email: sales@kerisystems.co.uk www.kerisystems.co.uk ACCESS CONTROL MANUFACTURER



+44 (0) 1293 422800 marketing@frontierpitts.com


NORTECH CONTROL SYSTEMS LTD. Nortech House, William Brown Close Llantarnam Park, Cwmbran NP44 3AB

Tel: 01633 485533 Email: sales@nortechcontrol.com www.nortechcontrol.com ACCESS CONTROL – SPEED GATES, BI-FOLD GATES

HTC PARKING AND SECURITY LIMITED St. James’ Bus. Centre, Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington Cheshire WA4 6PS

Tel 01925 552740 M: 07969 650 394 info@htcparkingandsecurity.co.uk www.htcparkingandsecurity.co.uk ACCESS CONTROL


Integrated Design Limited, Feltham Point, Air Park Way, Feltham, Middlesex. TW13 7EQ Tel: +44 (0) 208 890 5550

sales@idl.co.uk www.fastlane-turnstiles.com



ALTRON COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT LTD Tower House, Parc Hendre, Capel Hendre, Carms. SA18 3SJ

Tel: +44 (0) 1269 831431 cctvsales@altron.co.uk www.altron.co.uk

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Tel: 01788 567811 Fax: 01788 544 549 Email: jackie@plettac.co.uk www.plettac.co.uk





Distributor of electronic security systems and solutions for over 250 leading manufacturers, the company also offers an internal technical support team, dedicated field support engineers along with a suite of training courses and services. ADI also offers a variety of fast, reliable delivery options, including specified time delivery, next day or collection from any one of 28 branches nationwide. Plus, with an ADI online account, installers can order up to 7pm for next day delivery.

Tel: 0161 767 2990 Fax: 0161 767 2999 sales.uk@adiglobal.com www.adiglobal.com/uk




Independent security provider offering CCTV monitoring, CCTV Data Protection Assessments, Key Holding, Alarm Response. Competitive trade rates for Installers. ISO 9001, 27001 Accredited.Innova House, Innova Park, Enfield, EN3 7XH

www.guk.co.uk monitoring@guk.co.uk 01992655659


Our product range not only covers IP security products but also incorporates the cabling infrastructure and the Ethernet switching products necessary for a comprehensive security installation. We have a knowledgeable team of sales and technical experts that provide advice and support with system design and product choice. You can also order online up to 8pm for next day FREE delivery.

Excel House, Junction 6 Industrial Park, Electric Avenue, Birmingham, B6 7JJ

Tel: 0800 75 75 65 www.mayflex.com



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Security distributors direct to installers, property maintenance & facilities management companies

Phone 0800 880 6123/0113 850 6123 sales@onlinesecurityproducts.co.uk www.onlinesecurityproducts.co.uk



BRITISH SECURITY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Tel: 0845 389 3889 Email: info@bsia.co.uk Website: www.bsia.co.uk Twitter: @thebsia

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HONEYWELL COMMERCIAL SECURITY Tel: +44 (0) 844 8000 235 E-mail: securitysales@honeywell.com INTEGRATED SECURITY SOLUTIONS


Units 10 - 11, Theale Lakes Business Park, Moulden Way, Sulhampstead, Reading, Berkshire RG74GB, United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0) 845 470 5000 Fax: +44(0) 845 470 5001 ireurope@innerrange.co.uk www.innerrange.com



T: +44 (0)1895 474474 sales@csl-group.com @CSLGroupLtd www.csl-group.com LIFE SAFETY EQUIPMENT


Challenge Way, Martland Park, Wigan WN5 OLD United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1942 322744 Fax: +44 (0) 1942 829867 Website: www.c-tec.com





6a Hazel Court, Blidworth, Nottingham NG21 0RY

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Redwall® infrared and laser detectors for CCTV applications and Fiber SenSys® fibre optic perimeter security solutions are owned by Optex. Platinum House, Unit 32B Clivemont Road, Cordwallis Industrial Estate, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7BZ

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 631000 Fax: +44 (0) 1628 636311 Email: sales@optex-europe.com www.optex-europe.com


0208 295 8306 tracey.cole@proactivpubs.co.uk

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PAC & GDX has announced the appointment of Bill Hobbs as the global head of its sales organisation. As Global Vice President of Sales for 3xLOGIC and PACOM, Bill adds PAC & GDX to his portfolio and will now consolidate sales leadership for the brands. Bill’s career spans more than 35 years in the systems integration and physical security industries. Initially a software developer and systems engineer, Bill has built multiple systems integration businesses over his career and, for the past 20 years, he has led technical sales teams across a variety of organisations. “I am very pleased to be able to add the strength of the PAC & GDX sales teams to my global sales organisation,” said Bill. “This consolidation will expand our capability to provide a fully layered approach to securing our customers’ estates and optimising their businesses.”

Nick Hart Nick Hart has been appointed as Managing Director of Hart Door Systems, in a move that will see him take over from his father, Doug Hart. In his new role Nick will be responsible for further driving the company’s export strategy forward and strengthening the company’s presence in key markets including food and drink processing, pharmaceuticals, airports and waste management. Hart Door Systems brings generations of engineering experience and product innovation expertise to its customers across the world, helping them to take control of their business environments and ensuring that they can operate productively, efficiently, safely and securely.


Simon Davies Norbain has appointed Simon Davies as Solution Specialist. Simon’s role will allow him to gather information from integrators and end users on their concerns and requirements and then work closely with suppliers to ensure the best solutions are being offered. Simon comments: “On many occasions electronic security solutions have been viewed more of a commodity than a necessity, however as the new normal takes shape it is now developing as a key tool in creating a safer environment for our team members and our customers.

Steve Dunning & Rob Kidd AMG Systems has announced that Steve Dunning and Rob Kidd have been appointed as Regional Sales Managers. Steve’s new role will see him supporting the north of England & Scotland. His previous security industry experience includes systems integration, manufacturing and latterly, sales roles at Pro-Vision and EET Europe. Rob’s career has developed working for companies such as Axis, Anixter and Comnet. His new role encompasses supporting customers in the south of England and Ireland. “Working closely with installers, system integrators, end-users, specifiers and consultants, my focus will be to develop sales and increase the awareness of AMG Systems,” says Steve.

Michael Hygild Arcules has appointed Michael Hygild as Director of Sales, EMEA. In his new role, Michael will be responsible for leading strategic sales initiatives, including channel programs, within Europe. Michael joins Arcules from Hikvision where he managed the Hikvision Europe - Nordic business unit, focusing on expanding the company’s reach and growth strategies in its early stage. During his tenure, Michael drove the development and successful execution of sales and business development initiatives. He was also recently named one of four finalists for Sales Excellence of the Year by Business Denmark and TACK International. “Michael brings a wealth of knowledge, energy and experience to Arcules, including first-hand insight into the complexities and challenges our customers face in building the next evolution of video surveillance and security infrastructures,” said Nigel Waterton, Chief Revenue Officer, Arcules. 11

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