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PSI Magazine DECEMBER 2016

December 2016 – £4.00

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Professional Security Installer

IN MY OPINION Gary Rowden of Vista CCTV

PRODUCT TESTS Hikvision DS-7308HUHI-F4/N Mr Beams Ultra Bright Spotlight

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EDITOR’S CHOICE A look at the best new products

ALL YOU WANT FOR XMAS..? Your security technology wish list revealed

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Merry Christmas from everyone at Pyronix


Protect your home from almost everyone this winter

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December 2016 – £4.00

December 2016


Professional Security Installer

5 Editorial It’s that time of year when thoughts turn festive then we see in the New Year with high hopes for a day or two. The editor takes a gamble on predicting the trends for 2017 with a few safe bankers...

6 Industry news News and events from the security and fire industries

11 Appointments

IN MY OPINION Gary Rowden of Vista CCTV

PRODUCT TESTS Hikvision DS-7308HUHI-F4/N Mr Beams Ultra Bright Spotlight

ACCESS CONTROL No keys please

We meet some of this month’s security industry movers and shakers

12 TESTED - Hikvision DVR The Hikvision DS-7308HUHI-F4/N DVR is put through its paces by an independent reviewer

16 TESTED - Mr Beams Spotlight The battery powered 300 lumine unit is put under the microscope

18 Editor’s Choice The pick of the latest security products



A look at the best new products

21 The PSi Interview This month PSi talks to Gary Rowden of Vista CCTV about organising aseries of customer-led focus groups to help grow the brand and its service

27 The PSi Panel What is your dream security technology? The PSI Panel writes its wish list for Father Christmas

Your security technology wish list revealed

All you want for Xmas? If Father Christmas could bring you any technological breakthrough this year what would you ask for? What is your fantasy security product that you would like to own/stock and why?

31 The key to access control Access control is one of the basic security fundamentals, but there is more than one way to allow or deny entry. Here we take a look at some of the latest methods


41 Meet the installer We chat to Richard Lambert from Evolution (Electronic Security Systems) about the industry, customers and recruitment

45 Proven solutions In this section we highlight some recent successful installations and look at how technology has improved security and protection

49 Product Update An overview of some of the latest product launches

54 Caught on camera Sometimes surveillance cameras catch the most unexpected events

56 The PSi Directory Your guide to vendors and service providers

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Wireless upgrades for any security system

Expand any security system with Ricochet® mesh technology Adding additional safety and security to new and existing security systems couldn’t be simpler. With Texecom’s Ricochet Wireless Expansion Pack, adding additional wireless devices is a quick and easy process. Each pack converts wireless devices into Normally Closed (N/C) relay outputs for direct connection to security control panel wired zones or CCTV triggering systems. • Enhance safety and security • Quick and easy to install

Any Control Panel

Ricochet Expansion Pack

Relay Interface Wireless Expander

Texecom products are designed and manufactured in the UK

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Compatible Ricochet Enabled Devices

Compact Pet Immune Detector

Compact Digital Detector

Compact Digital Quad Detector


Safe bets for 2017 It’s the time of year when thoughts turn towards the coming twelve months and what the industry might throw up for installers, manufacturers and distributors. So with no accounting for accuracy or fear of reprisal, here are our predictions...

I External Detector

Digital Quad Detector

Digital Detector

Ceiling Mount Detector

Contact/Shock Sensor

Panic Button

Smoke Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector Sales: +44 (0)1706 220460

t is at this time of year when all the television adverts are for children’s toys, or as I write this “Black Friday” events for last season’s stock, when you realise how society has moved forwards in its expectations of what electronic technology should be able to do. Every generation has seen a leap in the capabilities of its technology, either for personal or business use. It is due to this seismic growth and development of software, hardware and connectivity that the security industry, as well as all other walks of life, is constantly modernising. So it is no surprise that the first trend that 2017 will give us will be the unstoppable move towards ‘smart’ remote access to systems and home automation, but it might not be all plain sailing for the latest technology trend in the sector. Everyone is talking about offering remote solutions via smart devices, be it for alarms, surveillance, access control, fire monitoring or any other aspect of the home; the ability to view and manage the system status via remote connectivity is a major driver for the domestic security market. This will not stop in 2017 yet it may face scrutiny next year when (not ‘if’) there is a highprofile breach of security due to the apparent limitations of IoT continuously being exposed in the mainstream media. Your customers with remote access via devices will not sacrifice their security for it, no matter how ‘on trend’ it is. Next year we will also see the big guns of Amazon, Google, Apple et al joining in the home automation and security services party with various options for integration and control in the domestic sector. We await their impact with interest. 2017 will also see the continuation of the consolidation in the market. This is likely to be particularly apparent with the CCTV side of things as margins continue to thin for manufacturers with prices now at their lowest point. The business dealings will not be limited to acquisitions either. We have already seen a couple of major surveillance brands (Canon and Sony) partner up with others (Axis and Bosch respectively) to arrange sales and marketing operations and we’ve seen others pull out of manufacturing altogether to go down the OEM route. It’s a difficult time to be selling cameras - especially on price alone. We will no doubt see another busy year for the current market leaders Hikvision and Dahua in terms of acquiring companies (such as the purchase of Pyronix by Hikvision) as both continue building strength in the market following their swift rise to the top. Rumours are circulating daily as to ‘who will be next...’ for a deal as the brands will look to increase their foothold in the UK. So these are our top predictions for 2017. Fairly safe bets, but there will no doubt be some surprises ahead too. Be lucky. Andy Clutton EDITOR 5

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INDUSTRY NEWS Smart systems focusing on customer appeal not security? An area of concern for security installers gained more coverage this month with the news that a paper titled “IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a ZigBee Chain Reaction” outlined encryption keys to control devices over Zigbee wireless networks. This is reported as allowing malware to compromise a single ‘smart’ light bulb from up to 400 metres away. The worm can then spread from a single bulb to those nearby. With many surveillance and alarm systems being aligned to ‘smart’ home automation solutions this is disturbing news for the industry. Alex Mathews, EMEA technical manager at Positive Technologies said: “This is a sign of a worrying bigger picture trend. As more and more IoT devices are connected to the Internet, they bring with them countless vulnerabilities because they simply aren’t created with security in mind. The creators of devices such as this typically prioritise consumer appeal, not potential threats from hacking, and this creates a potential risk. Even when a vulnerability is known or discovered, all too often manufacturers cannot fix them as they typically lie within third party components and/or the cost is too prohibitive.

In brief Videcon has signed a distribution agreement with Redvision, manufacturer of the X-Series PTZ range designed as a camera solution for all terrains and environments. Nitek International and distributor Clear Vision Technologies have signed a new partnership agreement meaning that Clear Vision Technologies will distribute Nitek’s range of Ethernet extenders and fibre optic products throughout the UK.


Comelit opens new London office with “experience space” inside Comelit UK has opened its new central London offices in Queen Elizabeth Street, near Tower Bridge. The newly refurbished facility, which hosted more than 100 guests at a busy midweek opening event in early November, also includes an “experience space” designed to showcase Comelit’s video door entry panels

Bosch and Sony agree sales and support partnership Bosch Security Systems and Sony Corporation have signed a contract to establish a business partnership, effective from the beginning of 2017. As part of the agreed partnership, Sony`s video security customers in all markets except Japan will be served and supported by the sales and marketing organisation of Bosch Security Systems. The partnership is subject to approval by the antitrust authorities. Sony’s video security customers will be served and supported by a dedicated sales and marketing team within the Bosch Security Systems organisation, offering customer support, after-sales service and training in different languages worldwide. “Whilst lightbulbs are seemingly innocuous, it points to a more serious problem. Any device which is connected to the Internet is fallible; this isn’t just toasters and lightbulbs but also so called ‘Industrial IoT’ devices, the hardware and software which underpins our transport networks, energy grids, logistics operations and communications networks. As people with nefarious intent start probing these further, it leaves vast swathes of the population open to disruption or worse.” and monitors, HD CCTV surveillance solutions, access control and home automation systems. Inside the converted Victorian warehouse building, a detailed, full-scale recreation of a modern apartment has been built and fully kitted out to demonstrate how easily the company’s products and systems can be installed and operated. Serving as a blueprint for system design, the experience space also helps illustrate how its end-to-end product portfolio can be integrated and controlled on one device. Francesca Boeris, Managing Director of Comelit, said: “We are thrilled to have opened our second location in the UK. We’ve put a lot of effort and hard work into this project. It demonstrates our commitment and investment in the UK market and is the result of continued strong growth during 2016.”

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Nortech makes distribution and training course announcements

In brief Y3K Europe has announced a strategic distribution partnership with Northamber. Through the partnership agreement, Northamber will be selling Y3K’s Xvision range of IP CCTV surveillance solutions. Vanderbilt has announced the completion of its purchase of Access Control Technology (ACT). The ACT brand will be added to the Vanderbilt portfolio, and includes ACTpro, ACTenterprise and ACT365. Euralarm and EUSAS are organising a European conference on research into fire technologies that will shape the future standards. The conference will take place in Berlin on Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 February 2017.


In a busy month, Nortech Control Systems has announced the appointment of Pro-Vision Distribution as an official distribution partner and revealed a series of new training courses. Nortech’s products have been included in Pro-Vision’s catalogue for many years but this new agreement will provide installers and system integrators with the complete range of Nortech access control and parking solutions, ex-stock backed up by access to technical support.

Marks & Spencer achieves surveillance certification

SSAIB has confirmed that following an audit retailer Marks and Spencer has achieved the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Certificate of Compliance. In a move personally praised by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, M&S voluntarily sought the certification and is the first retailer in the UK to demonstrate compliance with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice. The certification, awarded by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, follows an audit conducted by SSAIB’s Lead Assessor Stephen Grieve, which covered all of Marks & Spencer’s operations, from its head office through to distribution centres and retail

“Our new agreement with Pro-Vision Distribution enables us to provide our people and vehicle access products through a respected and established partner offering next day deliveries to stock items,” said Steve Greenaway, Business Development Director at Nortech. “This structured approach enables us to build a more formal distributor network than we’ve previously had in the past.” With the issue of safety continuously in the spotlight, Nortech has announced a series of specialist training courses to allow existing and new customers to learn more about parking management, long range identification and access control. The three product training days will provide participants with detailed, hands-on experience. Stephen Blackler, Managing Director of Nortech said: “The range of security challenges that we face as a society continue to be a concern for our customer base, and these technical courses and sales days will provide customers with the in-depth training and skills they require to successfully install, maintain and troubleshoot systems in their line of work.” stores. In practice, it means that the company has been found compliant with the twelve guiding principles of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice (in accordance with the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012). M&S’s Head of Corporate Security, Clint Reid, worked in partnership with Four Security Consultants to meet the certification standards and comments that he is “optimistic about the potential improvements in protecting our people and working environment that gaining the SCC CCTV certification will bring”. Brendan McGarrity, Head of Four Security Consultants, adds: “We praise the vision and tenacity of Clint and his team in realising the importance of gaining this certification and the hard work they put in, helping us achieve it with them. This move has significantly raised the profile of CCTV within M&S and is an important source of operational information. The increased awareness of M&S’s surveillance capability, together with the quality of its CCTV equipment, has resulted in managers being more willing to use the data to help them realise operational and commercial benefits.”

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Latest FIA survey indicates surprise trends and no expected impact from Brexit The FIA (Fire Industry Association) has released the results of its Market Conditions Survey, Wave 7. This survey is a snapshot of the current trends within the fire industry nationwide. Each Wave is conducted every six months with Wave 7 revealing the impact of the recent changes in the political landscape, the trends within the market, as well as other emerging issues, such as the need for more skilled engineers. During the last six months there have been a lot of changes in both the political and economic stratosphere: a new Prime Minister, a vote to leave the EU, and a drop in the value of the Pound Sterling. But how will this affect business? The respondents to the survey revealed that Brexit would have no impact on business. CEO Ian Moore said that this was a positive attitude to have, stating that throughout the transition out of the EU, the FIA will ‘support businesses as we always have’, even though the data shows ‘a slight decline in sales enquiries this time around’. However, for exporters, the referendum seems not have had much of an impact – export businesses reported that they had grown either ‘slightly more’ or ‘stayed the same’. Additionally, Ian commented on the need for new skilled labour in the industry. The survey shows that there is still a good appetite for training but there is still a shortage of skilled engineers entering the industry. Comments that arose during the survey included: - “Good engineers are still almost impossible to find on the open recruitment market. In our case, this seems to be particularly so in the M1 corridor” - “Skilled labour is hard to find and comes with a premium. Companies should therefore look to the future and invest in apprenticeships and implement multi-skilled training programmes for existing engineers. The results of which will improve customer experience while reducing project costs.” - “Due to increased routes to market of fire vendors and increased number of installers quoting for fire jobs, price pressure is increasing across the board, this is reducing margins for distributers and installers alike and this creates an offset between profit requirements and the obvious need for training of installers. Is the FIA aware of the pressure and are there plans to tackle this issue?” Ian Moore highlighted that in order to solve this issue we must realise that the lack of skilled labour is a nationwide problem, and we must act now. He highlighted the need for to educate the wider world of the industry to gain interest in new careers within the industry and also for companies to back apprenticeship schemes and training.

The interview that gets the facts from the top This month Simon Banks talks to Cyril Deschanel, Head of Northern Europe at Vodafone Internet of Things (IoT). Vodafone recently announced a significant partnership agreement with CSL for the next 10 years. Just how important is this? We have been collaborating with CSL for over 20 years, supporting its pioneering work in the electronic security industry and around the integration of wireless technology into security solutions. Now, as we enter an era where anything can be connected, we have extended our collaboration further. Our renewed partnership with CSL focuses on innovation around next generation Machine to Machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) with a view to bringing new capabilities to Critical Connectivity services. IoT has become a buzz word over the recent years. What opportunities are there for Fire and Security companies here? The Internet of Things represents an incredibly exciting technology area for all sectors but with Fire and Security we’re moving into a completely new sphere. With the ability to use 4G video surveillance and an ever increasing range of sensors it’s possible not only to detect heat and smoke but analyse water quality, air pressure and even human behavioural patterns remotely. It’s making it possible and easy for businesses to be able to know more about its assets. CSL is great example of how IoT is influencing the sector. In the UK, CSL is one of the largest users of the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. It has around half a million devices in the market using the service, and is adding 6,000 a month. More than 90% of these connections are focused on the Fire and Security market, from hospitals to high street retailers to private homes. Can companies take advantage of IoT today or should they be planning for it in the future? Is it still hype? They can certainly take advantage of IoT today. As with any new innovation area there will be a period of discovery to explore how it can be absorbed into current or future product and service development. We work closely with companies to support this process as well as the design and implementation of projects and management of assets. Security has arguably been M2M for decades, how does IoT change this? Quite simply, IoT encompasses a new model for connecting things. Machine to Machine and the Internet of Things have several definitions but the way we see it is that M2M was the basic communication between machines. With IoT, we’re moving to a whole series of interconnected parts to a solution such as the sensors, analytics and reporting as well as the management of remote devices. Solutions can be very simple or quite complex depending upon the task. Vodafone has continued to invest in recent years, what are the next planned stages of development? Vodafone sees IoT as very important growth area. We have already invested heavily in our IoT platform and the networks that support this and we will continue to do so. We’re also focused on providing endto-end solutions for a range of customers of which the security sector is key.

YOU SAID IT! Nice commercial take over completed yesterday using @CSLDualCom with monitoring through to @emcsindependent #KeepingYouSafe Tweeted by @kyssecurity - Sept 30 Tweet us @CSLDualCom

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Redvision has promoted Carole Fry to the position of operations director. Her responsibilities include managing the smooth running of customer services, production processes, quality assurance, inventory and distribution; driving operational improvements; and managing all associated departmental budgets and costs. Carole joined Redvision in 2010 as operations manager and now joins the senior management team at Redvision comprising Dermot Grace as MD, Paul Hucker leading research and development and Glen Waterfall as sales director.

Hakan Johansson

Axis Communications has announced the appointment of Håkan Johansson to the position of Sales Director for Northern Europe, with responsibility for the Nordics, UK and Ireland. Prior to his appointment, Håkan worked with Liaison Technologies, specialists in cloud-based data integration and data management solutions. He joins the team with over 30 years’ experience in sales and management, having held senior roles at Motorola, Avaya and Anixter, amongst others. His previous roles spanned across the UK, Belgium and the USA. Speaking on his appointment, Håkan Johansson states, “I’m hugely excited to have been given this opportunity.”

Morten Persen, John Goy & Wai Li

CSL has announced three new appointments in its M2M/IoT division. John Goy joins as Business Development Director for Europe from British Telecom where he previously headed the M2M Sales and Commercial functions within their Enterprise division. Prior to that he spent several years in solution sales within the security software sector. Morten Persen joins as Business Development Manager for the Nordic region. He brings nine years of solution sales experience working in the Nordic telecommunication market, where he most recently helped ICE.Net grow to become Norway’s third largest Telecoms operator. Wai Li joins as Business Development Consultant. He also joins from British Telecom where he spent the last ten years leading the design and build of their core UK M2M network infrastructure, delivering bespoke connectivity solutions to corporate customers.

Andy Rainforth

Grosvenor Technology has appointed Andy Rainforth as Managing Director. Having joined Grosvenor Technology as Sales and Marketing Director in 2014, Andy has been at the forefront of a period of change at the organisation and is now taking the helm. Apparently there is no time for him to get comfortable and hang his portrait on his office wall, partly because he doesn’t have one. But also, because there’s bigger fish to fry, like the Sateon Advance access control and the Alliance Partnership Programme. “It’s been a great process, preparing Grosvenor for growth,” says Andy. “We’ve learnt a lot about our NSI and SSAIB installer base and what they look for in an access control manufacturer.”

Matthew Browne, Ellie Peters & Daniel Wilkinson

Laidlaw has launched its own graduate scheme with the appointment of Mathew Browne, Ellie Peters and Daniel Wilkinson, all of whom have started a sixmonth induction and training programme. During this time they will undergo rigorous customerfocused sales training and work in all areas across the business. On successful completion of the induction phase and complete the GAI (Guild of Architectural Ironmongery) Foundation Programme, they will be placed into key account manager roles within the business and go on to study for a three-year GAI diploma.


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PRODUCT TEST he 7300 series DVR is available in four, eight and 16 input versions and can record HD-TVI, AHD or CVBS analogue camera signals. H.264 compression is used with up to 3MP camera resolution. Up to four 6TB SATA hard drives can be installed with RAID capability if required. The primary video output is by HDMI or VGA with up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, a secondary HDMI output supports up to 3840 x 2160 (4K) resolution. A composite video output BNC is also provided to provide a further level of legacy compatibility. Up to 16 alarm inputs and four outputs are available through removeable push-fit connectors on the rear panel, these alarms can be combined with video motion detection or camera analytics to provide a very capable alert triggered recording solution. The recorder has two Gigabit Ethernet ports to provide resilient network connectivity.

concerns regarding security devices being compromised by viruses and contributing to widescale denial of service attacks, Hikvision products all require a supplier or customer defined password to be set at first power-up. There is no longer a default password that can be easily shared by hackers. The activation routine and supplied documentation mandates that a “strong” password is set and an indicator lets you know when your password is sufficiently strong i.e. at least eight characters with ideally a suitable mix of letters, numbers and special characters rather than ordinary words. Once the password is set, a setup “Wizard” runs to configure basic settings. Eight wizard pages were presented but oddly these all were titled Wizard rather than being given a functional title. Following the final setup screen the display changed to its default multi-screen display of one large tile in the top left corner surrounded by seven smaller tiles. Analogue camera channels are paired meaning that there must always be an even number of inputs allocated to analogue inputs, any unused channels can then be selected for IP sources.

Getting started


The DVR is supplied with no hard drive fitted. This is becoming normal practice for far-eastern supplied recorders and as greater capacities of drive are seemingly constantly being released this does potentially give greater flexibility for the installer to provide the most appropriate storage solution for the customer. Two cross-head screws hold the top cover in place, once removed the chassis can be seen to house a small form factor PC type power supply at the rear left corner with a single motherboard occupying the rear right-hand side of the chassis. The front half is available for mounting up to four hard drives to suit the recording requirement with an option for a recordable drive to be fitted behind a front panel drive-tray cover. The power supply has four hard-drive power connectors marked PA to PD. The SATA data connections are along the front edge of the motherboard marked as JP51 to JP54. For the purposes of testing, the unit was fitted with a new 1TB WD Purple drive. On power-up with a single SD analogue camera input and an HDMI monitor connected, the unit showed a splash-screen display after 35 seconds and then entered its activation mode after a further 40 seconds. Particularly in light of recent

The supplied disc holds a copy of Hikvision’s iVMS video management software that can be used to control all of the recorder’s features locally or remotely. This licence-free software supports multiple devices and sites. It has a useful grouping feature to display cameras from different sites onto a multi-screen display. Video File player software is included for the replay of exported files, although the player is included in the export process. Hikvision’s SDK information is also included. The disc did not include the SADP IP camera discovery tool but this can be downloaded from their website should it be required if adding Hikvision IP cameras to the system.


What’s in the box? DVR Rack mounting brackets Remote control handset USB mouse Four SATA leads ESATA lead Drive fixing screws (24 off ) UK IEC power lead Quick-start guide Support disc Password activation sheet

NOTE: This PSI Product Test was carried out by an independent third party, not editorial staff. The manufacturer had no input in the review or the final result


Hikvision DS-7308HUHI-F4/N

Operation Once set up and running the controls are relatively straightforward. The need to enter a complex password proves quite annoying for regular use as although the timeout period of five minutes can be increased, there were some conditions where a password was required within the timeout period. It was found that a USB keyboard could be added but not all features appeared to be supported, including the Enter

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building g intelligence g access control • IP video management • building automation

We have been waiting for a product like net10 that offers an out of the box solution for the automation of daily tasks. An extremely versatile product. — Lucan Clift, Engineering supervisor at The Alarming Company Ltd

available to all net10 partners register for net10 installer training to become a partner and find out about the possibilities of net10 building intelligence

from a brand you know and trust


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(continued from p12)

This DVR is well designed and engineered. It is very easy to set up, very flexible in use and image quality is excellent when used with HD-TVI format or IP cameras

key. Double-clicking on any image tile will maximise it on the screen with the same operation to return to the previous display format. Right clicking the mouse brings up a list of operator functions. There are a variety of ways to review recorded footage. On the Playback screen a top left hand drop-down menu offers; Normal, Event, Tag, Smart, Sub-periods and External File replays. An adjacent drop-down allows the Main or Substream from any IP camera to be viewed. In the Normal mode, the right-hand side of the screen shows a scrollable list of the cameras that are available with a monthly calendar to select day, month and year of interest. As cameras are selected a recording indication shows in a timeline which can be stretched or reduced to show 24, 6 or a 1 hour period. A blue line represents Normal recording and a red line is used to show Event recordings. It was noted that the timeline tended to show the first selected camera only rather than an individual line for each camera. This meant that occasionally it would just represent the camera with the most recordings stored and cameras recorded for shorter durations would not be identifiable unless selected alone. Beneath the timeline are the main replay controls set in three blocks. The controls are reasonably impressive but don’t necessarily help in identifying specific frames, for example when trying to isolate a subject for a printed image. It is not possible to change the speed when in pause mode so if you find something of interest when fast reviewing a time of interest, it is not possible to pause and move back a few frames as you must first go into reverse play which defaults to realtime speed. The jog/shuttle on the DVR front panel provides multiple functions but in replay the outer wheel momentarily changes the replay speed and the inner wheel jumps forward or




Does it perform as expected and intuitively?


Were all necessary accessories provided?


Are manuals and guides clear and easily available?


Is the specification detail accurate?


Can the product be used without specialist training?


Are security industry conventions followed?


Is the product compatible with industry norms?


Is there a novel or unique feature?


If known, is the price point favourable /reasonable?


Is detailed technical information available?


Total score


Averaged score


TEST SCORE (marks out of ten)


backward in 30 second increments so is too coarse for quickly getting to the point of interest. By noting the time and slowly advancing to the frames of interest is it possible to achieve good results but the process could be improved. Having said that, the reverse play is good for an H.264 based system and replay images can be synchronised or replayed with different time periods. Video clips can be selected manually or by event and exported to external storage devices such as USB drives or memory sticks. There are 2 front panel USB ports and one on the rear, but of course one of these must be used for the mouse. An e-SATA connector on the rear panel allows for larger external storage to be used. The general operations can be controlled from the front panel or via the supplied hand-held remote control but it was found that the majority of functions worked more intuitively and simply using the mouse. The analogue HD-TVI processing does not allow looping inputs on such DVRs but splitter devices are available from the manufacturer should this form of connection be required for dual recorder use or secondary displays. The menu options give access to the full range of DVR settings and while some of these functions are available via the drop-down menus this collection brings together the full set of commands so it is worth spending time with the manual and familiarising yourself with the features rather than relying on the basic wizard settings. This will allow optimisation of recording quality and duration and improve flexibility when making remote connections.

Performance Apart from the minor reservations regarding playback above, the unit performed extremely well and follows Hikvision’s standard menu and configuration structures. The basic video analytic features are easy to set up and operate well. Exception reporting of alarms and system status can be sent out by email using SMTP if the installation network supports such functionality. Some very good diagnostic information is available to help with drive and network connection issues and their remote connectivity process using Hik Cloud P2P and HiDDNS is intended to remove the need for advanced networking skills.

Conclusion This DVR is well designed and engineered. It is very easy to set up, very flexible in use and image quality is excellent when used with HD-TVI format or IP cameras.

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© 2016 Seagate Technology LLC. All rights reserved.


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What’s in the box? Light Instructions Fitting screws/ wall plugs

8.0 out of 10

hen the nights draw in it makes you more aware of how much a role lighting plays in security. There are a number of options available to the installer depending on the application, with most of these depending on the existence of a ready power supply. Back in February this year we looked at one such system, an energysaving PIR-driven LED solution from ESP, which gave an impressive coverage thanks to 1100 lumens activated with a range of around 10m. But what happens if there is no power available and the option of fitting a supply is cost inhibiting? The answer is either battery or solar power. At the moment lights powered by solar do not suit themselves to security work however there are a number of battery systems on the market that do offer lighting that is bright enough to protect a property. In the past these had often proven to be no more than disappointing but the development of high lumen LEDs has changed all that. The system we looked at is the Ultra Bright Spotlight (priced £29.95 online at time of review) from Mr Beams, a US company with UK distribution out of Gloucester. The parent company is Wireless Environment based in Solon, Ohio. Founded in 2006, the company produces lights that operate fully off grid or shift between wired and wireless. In addition to Mr Beams , they also manufacture the ReadyBright range of lights for power outages. The company range is probably aimed more at the DIY market than the professional installer but the model we looked at here lends itself to being a quick, simple solution for adding lighting to the

This battery powered light is much more effective than we initially expected and at 300 lumens it is rated higher than similar units on the market 16

Mr Beams Ultra Bright Spotlight outside of a building without the hassle of fitting electrics so certainly warrants a look.

Installation Fitting the light is a simple job, as you would expect for a system that essentially involves screwing the base plate to the wall with the three supplied screws and putting the four D-cell batteries into the unit. An alternative model in the range has a mounting bracket for fitting to a drainpipe. The locking nut on the arm of the light allows the angle of detection and projection to be changed in addition to the grooves set into the base plate that also enable coverage to be customised.

Performance The output of the unit is listed as 300 lumens, lower than that of electically powered systems, but still much higher than the average battery lights we found online. The LEDs, when activated by the PIR at a stated distance of 12m, stay on for 30 seconds unless there is further motion detected. We found that the 12m estimation was accurate and quite widespread. The light coverage is listed in documentation as being 37m² which was more than adequate for lighting up a driveway, garden, back door etc.

Conclusion This battery powered light is much more effective than we initially expected and at 300 lumens it is rated higher than similar units on the market. (The company has recently launched a 500 lumens product which we may look at in a future edition). The battery life of the unit is estimated to be six to twelve months of average use, however we have had the unit on test for well over a year with the original set of Alkaline batteries and not seen any dip in brightness. The company portfolio includes various other battery powered systems some of which are remote controlled and can be networked to switch on up to 50 units when just one is triggered. These variations are not yet featured with the Ultra Bright Spotlight but may be in the pipeline. All in all this is a very simple and effective way to illuminate an area when motion is detected and could well be a cost-effective solution for installers looking to improve security lighting in a tricky area without the need for wiring.

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40-zone panel for stylish security The i-on Style from Eaton is an integrated panel solution with colour TFT display and low profile keypad, ethernet/IP communication and Cloud/App connectivity. The colour TFT display with icon alerts gives clear notification of the system status e.g. set or unset. The large screen shows multiple menu options allowing easy navigation of the system for both installer and user. The unit features 40 radio zones with additional four wired zones, 30 radio outputs and four wired outputs (two transistor and two relay). Radio pendants provide peace of mind in the event of an emergency by triggering a social or medical alarm. The two-way speech function enables direct contact with any one in the building through the built in speaker and microphone.

System designed to speed up video footage searches

SeeQuestor is a the system designed to improve the speed and capacity of handling video footage by law enforcement agencies. The system can reportedly deliver results up to 100 times quicker than current technology and methods by combining the processing power of a supercomputer with intelligent software and graphics processors to aid investigations. Instead of playing video sequentially to look for something interesting, users can pre-index videos with all of the movements, faces and people present; and then find the person or incident of interest. It was designed with input from the Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police and has been tested on real cases with police forces from around the world.


Plug and play NVR supports 12 HD IP cameras

The Arteco-3000 network video recorder supports 12 IP cameras at full HD resolution. The platform’s 64-bit architecture enables users to address today’s security and operational needs while ensuring scalability with evolving video data requirements. With a plug-and-play approach and an intuitive user experience, installation and system management are streamlined. The completely integrated package reduces training and deployment costs, and enhances integration through close compatibility with various thirdparty devices. It is also expandable with any Arteco video event management system or NVR.

VMS streamlines UHD video

Bosch has released its Video Management System 7.0 software (Bosch VMS 7.0), which will empower security operators to effectively manage high-resolution video streams in their day-to-day work. With the new Bosch VMS 7.0 the user is able to keep multiple UHD (Ultra High Definition) cameras open without having to worry about slowing down the application. Bosch VMS 7.0 uses the technology “streamlining”. This technology automatically shows the optimal video resolution on the screen. If an operator needs to view many cameras simultaneously, the Bosch VMS 7.0 automatically uses a lower-resolution stream. When enhanced pictures are required to zoom in or view on a full screen, for instance, a higher-resolution stream is automatically chosen. This feature uses the multi-stream capabilities available on Bosch IP video cameras and runs on existing workstations.

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All-in-one power source for remote site cameras

EDITOR’S CHOICE The security industry is busy and complex, so it’s easy to miss new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day activities. Every now and again, certain products grab our attention so here we take a look at some of the products we think you won’t want to miss this month.

Fixed ANPR camera launched

The PowerBox from Leading Edge Power, is an allin-one power source, fitted into a pallet-sized box, providing power for security cameras installed on remote sites with no mains electricity. This hybrid system has a LE-300 wind turbine that can generate 0.5kWh-1.5kWh of power a day and two 140W solar panels made from Sunpower cells, which can generate over 1.5kWh a day during the summer. The PowerBox can be IP monitored and be deployed in less than an hour. The PowerBox is supplied with four 120Ah AGM batteries which can be configured for 12V, 24V or 48V. Two further batteries can be added to increase the reserve ‘in the tank’ and keep equipment running.

Genetec has launched AutoVu SharpV, a new fixed camera designed for ANPR installations. It can be tied into citywide video surveillance systems to improve forensic investigations, reporting, monitoring, and is suited for controlling access to corporate facilities, as well as managing off-street parking facilities. The SharpV-ITS model will offer a solution specifically targeted at the transportation sector. Featuring a new design that is aimed at making it easy for integrators to install, the AutoVu SharpV can be mounted on walls or poles. With power and communication transferring through a Power-over- Ethernet plus (PoE+) connection, and a varifocal lens design that allows installers to adjust the focal distance of the camera on site for optimal image capture, the SharpV can detect and read any type of license plate on the edge, and includes various analytics such as vehicle make and direction of travel.

Linux-based NVR allows centralised control Surveon Technology has announced that the Linux-based NVR2104 has been added to the existing Window-based storage subsystem NVR2100 Series. Supporting up to 64 channels of 5MP recording and RAID subsystem with 12bay or 16-bay hot-swappable HDDs, NVR2104 is a solution for remote recording as the storage subsystem could be located on a separate site from the server so as to easily receive recordings from multiple servers. This server-storage subsystem structure provides not only the convenience to arrange surveillance system for different sites, but also efficiency to centralise the video management for mission-critical projects like banking, casino or companies with branch offices. The Surveon NVR2104 is capable of extend the capacity up to 240 HDDs via local SAS storage and iSCSI storage on the remote site for longer video retention periods. The independent storage subsystem allows recording from multiple NVRs simultaneously, giving security staff a centralised control to manage surveillance videos. NVR2104 also comes with the SANwatch storage monitoring suite which helps the user manage and monitor the status of the storage, ensuring the availability of recorded video. Casper Wu, Product Marketing Manager at Surveon Technology says: “NVR2104 provides the flexibility to manage all videos on the central site while the recordings are done remotely, reducing the risk of data loss or damaged unexpectedly.”

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers


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Listening and learning Would you sit your customers down with ex-customers to discuss your company, products and services? That is exactly what the people behind Vista did recently. Here we find out why they took this daring step‌ n mid-October, Vista hosted a couple of events with the aim of finding out how the market viewed the brand and to create a community to support and direct future developments. In a brave move they invited both buyers and lapsed buyers for an open and frank discussion with no agenda on the table. PSI was among those in attendance at the first gathering and afterwards we caught up with Gary Rowden, Divisional Director - Product Management & Business Development for Vista CCTV to see how he viewed the events and what the plan is now going forward.


How has the last year been for you? It has been a really interesting twelve months. Some of the areas that we've been specifically focusing on include changing where we are in the market and what we represent as a brand. That has probably been our driving force over the year, starting back at IFSEC 2015 when we wanted to separate Vista and Xeno as two distinctly separate brands. Pretty much everything that we've been focusing on over the last twelve months is to really be clear on who we are, what we represent and more importantly what we want our customers to feel about Vista. What that actually means in practical terms is looking at our range and business and, as a result, there has been a fair bit of consolidation in terms of moving from being a "me too" supplier into ensuring that everything we have in the range is the best that we can make it. So the last twelve months has been taking stock of where we are, still continuing to work with our loyal set of customers and understanding what they like about us and what we need to change. From the more commercial side it's really trying to battle with the changing face of the marketplace which has seen very strong, professional Chinese camera manufacturers coming into the industry and altering the dynamics of the sector. This not only affects us but other brands as well and I think that this has made us look at doing what we are good at. We know where our business comes from and we know what we're good at and now we

are trying to understand what our customers really want from us using the Voice of Customer initiative. We will then apply this to everything we do in terms of our services. Product is almost the secondary part of the business as we believe purchasing is more about the positive experience of dealing with us, mainly because everyone's got very similar product nowadays. So unless you have some very clear USPs it's all about the customer experience and the customer engagement. Part of this focus has been the Voice of Customer (VoC) events. Was it a bit of a risk for you to sit customers down with non-customers? There are lots of suppliers in the market and as such there are plenty of times when you have the ability to take a product and bring it to market, but is this a good decision? Maybe in the past there have been a few times when we've brought a product to the market just to have it available. Clearly the best people to ask about what we should be doing are our customers because sometimes you can get a little insular and you can get a little too focused on what you think are the right things and your own prejudices can affect the way you do things. So, driven by the way the market is moving at the moment we wanted to take a step back and say let's just put everything on the table and really understand what people want from us. And not just in terms of

“Pretty much everything that we've been focusing on over the last twelve months is to really be clear on who we are, what we represent and more importantly what we want our customers to feel about Vista� - Gary Rowden

(continued over)


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(continued from previous page)

“Driven by the way the market is moving at the moment we wanted to take a step back and say let's just put everything on the table and really understand what people want from us”

product, it's about engagement regarding services and the difference between advance replacement and warranty and even just listening to customers about making a product easier to install - that's a really effective tool and a very powerful benefit you can give to customers. Some manufacturers get stuck in a spiral because they follow suit rather than follow demand. In other words, is it the best decision to say that just because someone else has got a 6 megapixel camera you should also develop a 6 megapixel camera? The VoC was quite a brave stance to put ourselves in, facing what was sometimes difficult feedback, but we are in a privileged position of having customers bothering to give us this feedback thus allowing me to try and do something about their concerns. The biggest danger for a brand would be when you think you know what is happening in the marketplace, but you don't do the proper due diligence and the market votes with its feet. Your business then dissipates and you really won't know why. We felt that if we are going to be really serious and try to embrace our strapline of ‘the brand that listens’ we've got to be prepared to put ourselves out there and hear some tough things. Customers are very savvy, they very quickly know that if you just say you are a brand that listens but you never actually take the opportunity to listen, then they will just say ”that's a nice sales pitch Gary”. If you say you are a brand that listens and then you expose yourself to some potentially tough conversations, then your marketing message is real.

Sometimes it's very difficult to compete with the Chinese brands that have got huge economies of scale and thousands of engineers on board. You've got to be brave enough to come at it from a different angle and that's why we really do believe that there is a space in the market for us. This decision has been vindicated by some of the feedback from VoC installers who really appreciated being listened to rather than pitched to. If we can create a space for ourselves like that, I think we will meet our business objectives and give our customers something that is of value to them. So you feel there are a lot of companies just following trends? I think there is an element of that and you can see it from the way cameras are marketed through to how they are sold, but having the product range is only part of it. We have a number of different options that we could provide to customers but first we always talk to them and find out where they are in terms of their journey. They could be moving from analogue to IP, they could be hybrid or HD over coax, they could have an entry level NVR system or be using Enterprise VMS. Until we know where they are in the process we can't provide them with the right solution. We surveyed customers and found that they liked the fact that we used to listen to them and give our advice or even help them redesign the system. Over the years I believe we've lost that, so again part of what we've been doing is getting back to those core values of listening, understanding, advising and supporting. There is a lot of information out there, but we still have a lot of customers that would like some support in designing systems. I think this approach adds real value. Obviously we can't do it every time, but knowing when to engage the customer in a positive way is beneficial to everyone. You've had two VoC events, what now? All of the people that have attended so far are now part of a closed LinkedIn group. This allows us to pull out some of the things that came out of the meetings and, when we are able to do something that addresses those needs, we can use the LinkedIn group to say "we’ve listened, and as a result we have now introduced this solution". An example of this was when we moved from warranties to advanced replacement. That idea came from (continued on p24)


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Since April 2016 Concept Pro Network Video and the

P2P networking makes it simple

Analogue High Definition recorders have been using Secure

for installers to configure mobile

European Based Servers to ensure that all your customer

viewing of the Concept Pro

data is protected. Concerns that third parties could gain

Recorders on smartphones and

access to the connection details of any machine and view

tablets. Installers simply activate

images remotely was raised by a number of our customers

mobile viewing by scanning the

working with government bodies, private business and

QR code on the unit into the

individuals. We took these comments on board and view

Concept Pro app (available for

this measure as an absolute necessity and one that allows

Android and iOS devices free of

our customers to have the peace of mind that their

charge) connecting through the

installations were secure.

server straight to the NVR.

EDIT interview psi dec16_PSI_mar15 28/11/2016 12:02 Page 6


(continued from p22)

customer feedback, before the VoC initiative was put in place, saying it was of more value. Periodically we can also say that we are thinking about introducing a certain solution or service and ask "do you see the need for it?" or "how could we make a product that's easier for you to install?" or "what are some of the key challenges for your engineers?" and then we can act on that on-going feedback. For next year we will host four VoC events to enlarge the group of customers, because our aim is to build a community that is interested in changing the industry for the better. We want to develop a core platform where we can ask the necessary questions and deliver our services and products more effectively.

“The biggest danger for a brand would be when you think you know what is happening in the marketplace, but you don't do the proper due diligence and the market votes with its feet. Your business then dissipates and you really won't know why” 24

What are your aims for Vista? Ultimately I would like for us to be a disruptive brand because we're not doing things the same way as everyone else is. This could be in relation to product, service, strategy, innovation or even in the way in which we run roadshows. This is a change for Vista from just trying to be an end-toend solution provider. In my opinion the days of claiming to be ’best in class’ at everything are gone. Customers know you can't be the best at everything - so we aim to focus on the parts we are great at and then work with partners in other fields. What is the relationship between Norbain and Vista and would you like this to change? It is well known that Vista is owned by Norbain. While this has some benefits, it also presents some challenges in that there could be a tendency for people to feel that they're getting pushed Vista kit just because it's a Norbain brand. One of the things that we recognised back in 2015 was that we needed to be a brand inside Norbain in the same way as any other supplier. We need to work on developing our own brand strength and resources and giving our guys the confidence and knowledge so that,

if they get the opportunity, they can legitimately put forward Vista without the customer questioning if it’s the best solution for them. Speaking of following trends, does this approach mean that you're not going to be launching home automation solutions anytime soon? First and foremost, before we launch a new product, part of rationalising what we do is making sure that we ask ourselves “is there a space for it in the market?” ”Does the new product fit into our overall strategy?” and finally “Can we create value for our customers?” If we can't answer one of those questions then we should take a step back and really look at why we’re introducing that product. Of course we are always looking for the next wave of innovation and the next rising stars. Everyone's talking about automation now, but whether we would go down that route at this stage is still something that we would need to consider. I think there's probably still a lot of work to do before we look at that market and we will only do so if we think it is right for our brand. Interestingly, this subject has not been mentioned at all by installers at a VOC event so far. It's a tough time to be selling cameras, so what does the future hold for the market? I think we will see more consolidation of suppliers. Because, in my opinion, there is too much product in the marketplace nowadays and that situation cannot continue. I think what we will possibly see are certain brands trying to differentiate themselves from a high volume-type sell, focusing on integration, customisation or complexity, and this is where companies will create space for themselves. I think this will also lead to more vendors working in partnerships so that they can offer their core strengths in a system alongside partners in other disciplines.

hwell Dec16_000_PSI_mar15 28/11/2016 17:35 Page 2


Optimizing video surveillance through integration Security professionals today are looking for more from their video surveillance systems. CCTV has become a staple technology for securing every kind of site in recent years, from homes and public facilities, to the largest business enterprises. Although these sites demand different levels of security, end users of all kinds are increasingly looking for video surveillance that can integrate with their other security systems – while still providing accurate images in challenging conditions.


or most sites, the bare minimum for integrating CCTV is simple compatibility. An integrated security system that links together CCTV, access control, and other elements of physical security can be immensely helpful as it provides security managers with a single view across their site at all times. With the rise of IoT technologies in the home, even residential CCTV systems should be looking ahead to complete integration. Honeywell has recently announced new additions to its portfolio of video technology to help installers provide an integrated CCTV solution. With new additions to the equIP series camera range, Honeywell has launched new video solutions that are easy to use, simple to install, and provide higher-quality video in even the most challenging of conditions. The new additions to the equIP cameras range feature low-light capability in four megapixel (4MP), 1080p, and 1080p ultra-low light resolutions. With wide dynamic range imaging, edge enhancement, and a Motorized Zoom function, the new cameras provide accurate video capture in high-contrast lighting and extreme backlit scenes. To save installation time and integration costs, equIP cameras come with an onboard help facility and support for ONVIF Profile S and G. The cameras can also be integrated with both Honeywell NVRs/VMS (including MAXPRO, DVM, and Performance Embedded NVRs) and thirdparty manufacturers. Alongside the new equIP range, Honeywell has announced the latest version (4.0) of its MAXPRO

network video recorder (NVR), which improves operators’ ability to quickly store and locate archived video. Applicable for a wide range of businesses and industries, the MAXPRO NVR status monitor allows users to more easily check the status of their system. Honeywell also recently launched new IR PTZ cameras for its HDZ range, which provide high image quality in low-light conditions, in vandalresistant camera houses. The equIP, HDZ cameras and MAXPRO NVRs integrate with Honeywell and third party products for the complete, fully integrated IP solution that end users increasingly demand. With these new products, security professionals can more easily design connected building solutions for a variety of different environments. Integrated IP solutions are ideal for every facility, according to Gerald Coste, Global Video Product Director, Honeywell Security and Fire. “The complete IP solution integrates new cameras that provide high quality video in ultra-low light environments with new technology in the NVRs that monitor the status of the system”, said Coste. “It provides an integrated offering for installers and more features and benefits for end users. There isn’t an environment that this system can’t go into.” MAXPRO NVRS, equIP, and HDZ cameras are part of Honeywell’s complete video portfolio that includes Performance Series Cameras and embedded NVRs, MAXPRO Cloud, and Xtralis analytics.

For more information, please visit 25

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Santa’s in the warehouse!

If Father Christmas could bring you any technological breakthrough this year what would you ask for? What is your fantasy security product that you would like to own/stock and why? Tim Duggan - Oprema

My fantasy security product is based around artificial intelligence. Although there has been significant technological breakthroughs in this sector, such as facial and vehicle recognition, we are only just scratching the surface. We are currently held back by hardware restraints and having to put trust in machines to make the decision of a human - but what if there were no restraints? I’m picturing a converged security system which uses the power of AI to detect a potential threat by analysing the behaviour of a single person, group of people or even a vehicle, using a city-wide network of cameras. This system would also have the ability to autonomously make a decision on how to react to a potential threat, for example locking down buildings and diverting traffic in the vicinity, to protect the public. Based on this assessment, the system would then be capable of making a decision about which emergency service would be best suited to respond to the type of threat detected, and deploy them, as well as provide continuously updated information on the target’s location, behaviour and identification.

The beauty about AI is that it has the ability to learn and adjust its algorithms, so potentially this type of system could learn from how it reacted previously and use this information to deal with similar threats in the future, faster and more efficiently.

Jamie Barnfield IDIS Europe

I’m dreaming of a white 4K, low-light drone camera linked to a surveillance system, which can not only stream video directly back to an NVR in real-time, but could also be configured to perform pre-set tours of a site on its own. The dream gets better with multiple drones, all on simultaneous tours and streaming real-time video back to a central monitoring station. Once a drone detects an intruder or incident of some kind, the monitoring station or alarm receiving centre has an audio link to the drone, enabling them to politely ask the intruder to leave or giving notification that a mobile response team or police are on their way. Each drone could then have facial recognition capabilities, which could process in real-time and relay alarms back to a monitoring centre once a wanted face is detected. The drone can then lock onto that person and track their

“What do I want for Xmas then? I want an affordable yet easy to install and setup face recognition camera”

(continued over)


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(from previous page)

“Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good boy this year, so I think I deserve more than just one piece of electronic wizardry...”

movements until ground security can apprehend the target. Each drone would also have the capability to call in other drones to help monitor high value areas in the case of multiple intruders, with each tracking separate targets. All these drones could be monitored via a VMS or DMS (Drone Monitoring Software), which will give the user GPS locations with a live view from each drone. Once the pre-set tours have finished, the drone will automatically come back to the charging bay ready for its next tour. This would be a great solution for many applications such as football stadiums, festivals and large exhibitions and conferences, particularly involving government officials or large nightclubs. Now if Father Christmas can come up with solution like this, I am going to give him a job.

Stephen D Green The Security Institute

Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good boy this year, so I think I deserve more than just one piece of electronic wizardry. I want instead the rapid development of a whole technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the much-misused term given to computer systems that mimic human capabilities of logical reasoning, pattern detection and behavioral analysis. All I want for Christmas is more AI applied across all security functions. For many years I have advocated that, for security to function well, both human and technology elements must work in harmony, with each covering the others weaknesses. Current conventional, “dumb” technology is excellent at applying logical rules consistently and continuously, but lacks discernment and discretion. It is unable autonomously to decide when rules might be relaxed, or to anticipate security situations before they occur. Technology is unable to extrapolate data to predict what might happen next and act in a preventative manner. Humans, conversely, are quite good at understanding the developing context of

Kenneth Kay - Fidelity Integrated Systems As more and more of the industry is moving towards remote diagnostics and remote control of systems especially as more FM companies are being employed to maintain security as well as other services, then a remote setting emergency break glass device would be a great seller. Although the majority of break glass devices don’t in fact have glass but a switch instead that is reset by a key then the ability to remotely reset the device would save an engineer callout. 28

scenarios, of pattern matching to previous experience and preempting incidents before they escalate. Frustratingly, humans are equally adept at leaping to conclusions, subverting safeguards and ignoring unwelcome or confusing data. Inherent psychological biases, influenced by levels of hormonal chemicals in the body, lead often to sometimes bizarre and dangerous decision-making. AI sits between these polar extremes. Advanced neural networks, such as Googles “Deepmind”, can be “taught” to make “decisions” based on feedback from previous experience. Such improving levels of cognition could usefully enhance future human/technology interactions. Unlike the eminent Professor Stephen Hawking, I refuse to subscribe to an apocalyptic, Terminator-like vision of AI destroying humanity. I believe instead that future intelligent systems, working collaboratively in support of operator decisions, preventing them from taking stupid action, could revolutionize security to a greater extent than the development of video did.

David Davies - DVS

What do I want for Xmas then? I want an affordable yet easy to install and setup face recognition camera. One that doesn’t require licenses, separate servers, a different manufacturer for the software compared to the camera hardware, and a rack full of servers to run this solution. Installers are looking for this kind of system right now, where the focus is on the end result and not the setup, configuration and on-going support. With processors becoming so easy to get and affordable, now surely we are at the point where this kind of power and resource can be handled to a point on the edge now? We can then add the camera ( installed correctly of course ) to the NVR device and not a super server and then use the Local GUI of the NVR to setup the camera and then start the process of capturing faces and collating the information as needed for the customer. Can you imagine when we get to this point, where this costs not much more than a standard camera ,how many great opportunities this would create for us all and what benefits the end users would see from this, pipe dream for a minute? Maybe, but the reality Is we may by next Xmas get very close to this. So if I do happen to wake up with this under my tree xmas day then I’ll be sure to thank all the Xmas elves for their hard work. HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL....!

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Gain better business insight. Can you predict the cost of ownership? In Axis’ Total Cost Ownership (TCO) study of a large-scale city surveillance system, you can see how costs for products, deployment, maintenance, decommissioning and many more are distributed over time.

Download the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study at

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BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS CREATING OPPORTUNITIES PROVIDING SOLUTIONS Working with Norbain as your security partner brings with it more than just the widest range of brands and the best distribution network on the market.

The result? We help to create opportunities for all of our partners and ensure that each project runs smoothly.

Our business ethos is simple. Create a rock solid foundation based on service, knowledge and support on which to build relevant and effective solutions.

• Experts in IP, CCTV, Access Control & Intruder Detection systems • Widest choice of brands on the market • Industry leading distribution • Pre-configuration service • Training courses • Extensive industry knowledge

By forging close relationships with our technology partners and our customers, we can craft systems to match the most exacting requirements. And because we work across CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection, we can create solutions that span any or all of these areas.

A snapshot of who we are:

Contact us today to find out more about how we can create opportunities for you.

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The keys to access control Access control is one of the basic security fundamentals, but there is more than one way to allow or deny entry. From the feature-rich to the basic there are options for every installation. Here we take a look at some of the latest systems...


s we discussed in last month’s edition of PSI there are a number of ways that a person (or vehicle) can be identifies in order to grant access to a particular area or building. The automation of access control streamlines the old approach of having a human, be it a receptionist or security officer, at the entrance to a building and also adds layers within the site to restrict the movement of personnel. Due to the wide range of solutions available therefore it can be quite daunting as to which system is best for each application. The usual parameters to take into consideration are the number of personnel who will need to issued with an entry card, key or fob, the remoteness of the location (for power, connectivity etc) and the level of security required to restrict access in the first place. For example it would be an administration nightmare to issue hundreds of entry keys to personnel then additional keys for areas of increased security so that staff were walking around with more keys than a medieval jailor. This adversity to keyrings the size of gypsy earrings and a desire to fully automate, streamline and control access has led us today to a number of technologies that all serve to allow smooth running of the security procedure. Identification of the person or vehicle can be achieved using a combination of factors including biometrics or recognition technology and also known codes or numbers, but the most common is still using the identifier which is carried on the person. Today, as we all know, the professional security industry is in the early days of the impact of smart technology, which is bringing the integration of technology that we have all been talking about for a few years, to the mass market. This is giving us a few new solutions such as the ability to open and close doors remotely using a ‘smart’ device. While this sounds like a home

automation fan’s dream, to the nation’s locksmiths and access control experts it sounds like a potential nightmare. In terms of smart technology the market is still finding its feet, so which of the latest systems for access control find solid footing and become established processes remains to be seen. However the continuous revelations surrounding the ‘hacking’ of IoT devices may put the access solutions a bit behind the uptake of smart surveillance product sales as we await to see how the general public views the vulnerabilities of having your house locked up by a potentially insecure remote app. So what are the current trends we are seeing in the market and how is technology coping with the increasingly 24/7 connected lifestyle of the modern customer? For a start the access control system is growing within the company with the latest systems such as the net10 line from Paxton becoming an organisation-wide platform for access and facilities and personnel management. Secondly remote control of the solution coupled with speedy amendments to authorisation rights and audit trails are going to become expected features for larger installations. For the smaller customer the systems do not need to be so grand, but there are still a number of options. Here we take a look at a handful of systems and the ideas behind them.

It would be an administration nightmare to have to issue hundreds of entry keys to personnel then additional keys for areas of increased security so that staff were walking around with more keys than a medieval jailor 31

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opened in a specific room. The technology has already been trialled with both Hilton and Village hotels who are due to roll out the system across the country. Other installations include London hotels Brown’s and The Athenaeum, where NT Security has provided 34 apartments with audio video entry systems, alarms for back of house offices and panic alarms for long term guests. Andy Purvis, boss of NT Security who is implementing the S2R (Straight to Room) Bluetooth technology said: “This simple system heralds the death of the hotel room key – the fantastic thing about Bluetooth is that every phone nowadays has it. In the past, guests hated the bulky room keys which they had to remember to return to reception before going home. “Hotels hated having to constantly pay to replace keys that had gone missing. Then the credit-card-style keys were equally unpopular with guests because they were easy to lose and would often stop working if they rubbed up against mobile phones. Now, guests are able to unlock their doors via their mobile phones using technology that is, if anything, even more secure than the traditional hotel keys. It won’t be long before the traditional hotel key is a thing of the past.”

Key concerns

“This simple system heralds the death of the hotel room key. In the past, guests hated the bulky room keys which they had to remember to return to reception before going home”



Originally developed as an alternative to the RS232 cable, Bluetooth has been around since the mid-90s and is a commonly known form of connectivity due to its widespread availability on mobile phones. The technology uses short wave UHF radio waves for short distance communication and it is beginning to find favour in the use of opening and closing locks and therefore replacing keys, codes and cards. One such application is typified by NT Security which is currently working with hotels to make the guest key a thing of the past by simply using an app on their mobile phones. The Bluetoothbased cloud technology allows guests to link their mobiles to the locking device of their individual hotel room. When they are due to check out, the hotel can automatically deactivate the locking system saving the headache of trying to remind guests to return their keys before departure. The online aspect of the Bluetooth system allows for a more intelligent solution. The technology also connects to the lights in the hotel room for example ambient lighting can be triggered by the hotel guest through the app, whereas a cleaner can trigger brighter lighting and the staff can be notified if a mini bar has been

Recent revelations that HMP Northumberland Prison incurred costs of up to £1million to change the facility’s locks after a guard was reportedly taken hostage and had his keys stolen is another example of why the key is falling out of favour with security systems managers and why they are turning to Bluetooth and smart device controlled technology. Following the theft, the prison had to review security procedures and change locks at an estimated cost of more than £500,000. In addition to this, moving prisoners from cells during the “re-lock” could have taken costs up to the £1million mark. Pip Courcoux, Sales & Product Manager CLIQ for Abloy UK, said: “Losing keys does happen even in the most unexpected of places, and the consequences can be very expensive and a logistical nightmare as we’ve seen in the case of HMP Northumberland Prison. However, organisations can protect against the threat of a compromised key system and avoid such expensive replacement programmes by installing an electro-mechanical key system.” CLIQ CONNECT is based on mechanical disc cylinders combined with encrypted electronic locking and identification. The system allows for remote key management, providing audit trails on

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£100 to replace, the actual risk is zero per cent. This is because keys are only valid at specific times – this is sometimes restricted down to as little as five minutes operation before they are rendered invalid. This substantially reduces risk in the system and eliminates the potential huge cost and inconvenience of replacing all locks and keys.”

A smooth visit

“Losing keys does happen even in the most unexpected of places, and the consequences can be very expensive and a logistical nightmare”


locks and padlocks, and the ability to electronically remove lost or stolen keys from the system, meaning security can still be maintained in circumstances where a key has been misplaced. The system online key uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, enabling users to update keys wirelessly with a smartphone. The connectivity provides a real time audit trail on non-wired products such as padlocks and cam locks, and access rights can be granted to the user ‘on-site’. Pip explains: “CLIQ CONNECT keys can always be disabled, so although a lost key may cost

We’ve all been to companies where the access control barrier system needs a bit of a rethink as queues of visitors build while they try to work out exactly what they should be doing, so if a system is fitted it is essential that it is one that matches the requirements of the client rather than creating problems. These systems combine various access options so that quick changes can be implemented and new criteria brought into play without having to start from scratch. For example, described in more depth elsewhere in this edition, Nortech’s Norpass access control system provides two options for visitor management. The first can be used where it is practicable to fit combined card readers and keypads to those gates and/or doors that visitors need access through. The Norpass Visitor PIN feature enables up to ten visitor PINs to be active simultaneously. Each visitor PIN can be configured to allow access to one or more areas of the premises according to the needs of a particular type of visitor. The PIN can be active for a short period while a visitor or group of visitors require access. The PIN can then be deactivated at the end of the visit period, ensuring that none of the visitors can gain access at a later time. This avoids the need to issue cards to visitors in advance and to recover them at the end of the visit. The second feature is the ability to automatically capture visitor cards at the end of their visit. Typically, this will be used in an office building with a reception area and turnstile access from the reception area into the main building. Employees and other authorised personnel would present their pass cards to card readers at the entry and exit turnstiles to enable them to pass through. Visitors would be issued special visitor pass cards at reception that enable them to enter the building on the day of the visit. They may also be used to access certain floors or offices. When a visitor leaves the building via an exit turnstile, they will insert their pass card into the readers slot (similar to that of an ATM machine). The access control unit will recognise that it is a valid visitor card and allow them to leave, while capturing their card in the same way as a rail ticket may be captured when it is inserted into the turnstile as they leave the

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Tavcom Resettlement

Whether you’re an employer seeking a talented, disciplined, self-motivated employee, or if you’re an individual who has

recently left, or is about to leave, the armed forces, then Tavcom Resettlement is the service for you.

Tavcom Resettlement – specialising in placing service leavers into security sector employment

Contact Tavcom for more details +44 (0)1489 895099

Unit 10 Claylands Park | Claylands Road | Bishops Waltham | Hampshire | SO32 1QD

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platform at the end of the journey. This also deals with the problem that we’re also familiar with of cards falling into the wrong hands and being used by undesirables posing as prior visitors.

Smarter card migration

“With the threat of card cloning and door controller interceptions ever increasing, the industry recommendation is to use smart cards to secure credentials; but for many companies the move is daunting” 36

For many companies, the choice to replace keys with cards has proven to be a beneficial move and as a result cards will now be a popular choice for your customers, but is it a straightforward process? Marc McNicholl, Senior Applications Engineer, CEM Systems told PSI that the four major concerns for companies wishing to migrate from legacy technology to highly secure smart card credentials include cost, security, compatibility and key management. “With the threat of card cloning and door controller interceptions ever increasing, the industry recommendation is to use smart cards to secure credentials; but for many companies the move is daunting,” he said. “For small companies the concerns are about cost, knowledge and selecting the best solution to meet their needs. Larger companies will have the additional concern of scale and how they physically manage the migration process and roll out of the new smart cards; especially if multiple sites and systems are deployed globally.” Looking at each of the four factors in more depth there are a few areas that need careful consideration before installers can begin work: Cost - While cost was a prohibitive factor in the beginning, we are now starting to see this change. The industry’s drive towards more secure technologies with multiple layers of encryption is pushing the cost of smart cards down. This not only offers a future proof technology platform for access control and other business functions but immediately protects against the growing threat of authentication breaches. Security - Although smart cards typically offer strong layers of security, companies must consider the entire security of their smart card solution from the credential right down to the reader level at the door. It is no good having a highly encrypted smart card when the card number is easily played back across a vulnerable Wiegand interface from a third party reader at the door. The communication channel between the card reader and controller must be secure. This can be achieved using secure RS485 communication protocol, as well as industry standard Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), which also means customers are not tied to one manufacturer. Compatibility - Think about more than just the physical security of your building or site. Ask yourself “Is this smart card technology

compatible with my existing security systems, products and technology?” Choosing the right smart card solution is definitely not clear cut. For example at some large organisations not all sites will have access control readers from the same manufacturer and crucially not all manufacturers can read from an encrypted area of a smart card. Every company has different challenges and questions such as “Can I integrate with other products using the new cards?” and ‘Will my secure card work with my other business systems?”. These are just some of the important questions your customers need to discuss with you before choosing their smart card. Key management - Ok, so your customer has chosen the smart card technology and solution that is right for their business. The next consideration is whether they should manage their own smart card keys. They could buy blank smart cards and self-manage keys or they can opt for pre-personalised smart cards from the manufacturer. Again there is no one size fits all answer here. The pros and cons need analysed depending on the business and resources. Carefully look at resources needed for self-key management, as well as the security considerations of storing their keys on site. For some projects the cost of managing their own cards could far outweigh any other cost savings made. Other technical considerations also need to be made, for example do they want their solution to read the Unique Identifier (UID) of the cards or the Private Secure Number (PSN) and should they use diversified keys or static keys? “There are many benefits of opting for smart cards already pre-personalised,” says Marc McNicholl. “It’s the manufacturer who takes responsibility for ensuring compatibility of smart cards with third party readers and other security systems. They manage the key security and storage securely offsite and they absorb the costs associated with smart card key management – including the sourcing of NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) from external system providers.” In many cases however organisations consider control of their own keys for physical access control and other applications an essential element to security. If your customers do decide that user defined personalisation is the way to go, then speak to the manufacturer to see if they support them buying their own blank smart cards and if the cards are compatible with their products. Also ask the security manufacturer if they have a software utility or application within their security management system that enables the user to create their own encrypted keysets in a manageable, intuitive and step-by-step way. This very often will eradicate any pitfalls of smart card encryption and transition.

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Video Management Software

Servers & Storage

INTEGRATED VMS and Analytics

Video Hardware



The Security Buying Group supplies video management software (VMS), analytics, integrated CCTV hardware and access control systems to security integrators. We offer network security expertise and experience, highlevel IP CCTV technical knowledge and exceptional customer support.


Simple license model with online training

Mobile device video streaming to server

System design, conďŹ guration and commissioning

Edge analytics and alarm support

License plate recognition and analytics

Server and storage design and build

Speed, audio and thermal triggers

Call us 0845 389 3123

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Visitor Management ost companies and institutions need to receive visitors on a daily basis. Managing their visitors securely while making them feel welcome can be a headache. They need to be given temporary, trouble-free access to the premises without compromising the security system. Whether they need vehicle access through the main gate or into a car park, or personal access into a building or area of the building, they need to be given some form of temporary permit. Where the facility is fitted with an access control system that requires all personnel to carry pass cards or fobs to allow them access into restricted areas, it is necessary to provide visitors with temporary permits that enable them to enter certain restricted areas only during their visit. Nortech’s Norpass access control system provides two options for visitor management. The first can be used where it is practicable to fit combined card readers and keypads to those gates and/or doors that visitors need access through. The Norpass Visitor PIN feature enables up to 10 visitor PINs to be active simultaneously. Each visitor PIN can be configured to allow access to one or more areas of the premises according to the needs of a particular type of visitor. The PIN can be active for a short period while a visitor or group of visitors require access. The PIN can then be deactivated at the end of the visit period, ensuring that none of the visitors can gain access at a later time. This avoids the need to issue cards to visitors in advance and to recover them at the end of the visit. The second feature, which is unique to Norpass, is the ability to automatically capture visitor cards at the end of their visit. Typically, this will be used in an office building with a


A visitor card will allow the visitor to enter one or more restricted areas during the validity period only. When they leave the premises, the card will be captured at the exit turnstile


reception area and turnstile access from the reception area into the main building. Employees and other authorised personnel would present their pass cards to card readers at the entry and exit turnstiles to enable them to pass through. Visitors would be issued special visitor pass cards at reception that enable them to enter the building on the day of the visit. They may also be used to access certain floors or offices. When a visitor leaves the building via an exit turnstile, they will insert their pass card into the readers slot (similar to that of an ATM machine). The access control unit will recognise that it is a valid visitor card and allow them to leave, while capturing their card in the same way as a rail ticket may be captured when it is inserted into the turnstile as they leave the platform at the end of the journey. This system uses Norpass, with its card capture facility, to control Nortech’s card capture reader, which can be integrated into most leading brand turnstiles. For applications where it is necessary to manage many visitors and there is no access control system installed, such as a visitor centre or conference hall, the card capture unit can be used together with Nortech’s FeeMaster Smart system. Here, visitor cards can be issued either in advance or at a ticket booth or reception desk. A visitor card will allow the visitor to enter one or more restricted areas during the validity period only. When they leave the premises, the card will be captured at the exit turnstile. Visitor cards are contactless smart cards that are programmed using a FeeMaster Smart console. The operator can instantly programme a card at the touch of a key and issue it straight away. Where there are several restricted areas on the site, each visitor card can be programmed to either allow access to all areas or restrict access to certain areas only. Issuing cards is a quick and simple operation with optional automatic fee calculation, and all transactions are logged to avoid fraud. Staff can be issued with long-term access cards that are not captured at exit turnstiles, avoiding the need for a separate access control system. Whatever the type of visitor management application you have, we have a solution.

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World Beating CCTV Powered by

Starvis is a trademark of Sony Corporation

Using super low-light technology from Sony, Redvisions’ latest HD cameras deliver clear colour images in challenging lighting conditions. The latest HD series is the preferred choice for public space applications.


+44(0)1420 448448 E

Security Alarm

Access Control

Simple & Easy Installation Integrated Security - Access Control Automation

No Software Required

Inception is an integrated access control and security alarm system with th a design edge that sets it apart from the pack. pack ck ck. k Featuring built in web based software, e, the Inception Incep ptition on o n system is simple to access using a web browser on a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. S DE



For more information, visit ption


Easy Setup with Checklist Prompting C


With a step by step commissioning guide and outstanding user interfa interface, face ce ce, e, Inception is easy to install and very easy asy to operate.

Multiple Devices



T: 0845 470 5000 E: W:

Send IP Alarms via the Multipath-IP Network

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‘Smart’ attitudes changing The prpl Foundation has unveiled its global study on the use of smart devices in a domestic setting and it raises a few concerns for the security industry

“Little research has been done on a large enough scale to uncover the level of penetration of smart devices in the home, and more importantly, the security implications” 40

he “The prpl Foundation Smart Home Security Report” study was conducted through OnePoll and covers the proliferation of smart device use and security within the home. It surveyed 1,200 respondents across the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Some key findings include: • The smart home isn’t coming; it’s already here and device adoption in certain cases has reached a tipping point • The smart home is woefully insecure due to users’ failure to follow best practices • Consumers prefer security to usability, and they’re prepared to take more responsibility if it means living in a safer home The study also found that geographically speaking, reported adoption of smart devices per household was strongest in the continental European nations of France (5.8 devices), Italy (5) and Germany (4.5), with the UK (2.6) and US (2.4) around the same level as each other. Japan has an average of just one smart device per home. “Little research has been done on a large enough scale to uncover the level of penetration of smart devices in the home, and more importantly, the security implications,” said Art Swift, president of the prpl Foundation. “What we’ve uncovered is that the smart home is actually mainstream, as 83% confess to having connected devices, not including laptops, computers and smartphones, in use in their homes. Game consoles, wireless printers and smart TVs were the most popular and yet security concerns have been raised about all three over recent years. Once it was established how pervasive smart technology in the home is, we also wanted to find out whether consumers are aware of the risks of the connected home and if homeowners would ultimately take responsibility for securing this new cyber domain, just as they would their physical front doors.” The equivalent to the front door in the case of the cyber world is the home router. It is the conduit through which all domestic internet traffic passes. But while homeowners traditionally lock their physical front doors, the prpl Foundation study found that many are


failing to secure their smart home by securing their routers. Failure to patch vendor updates could open critical vulnerabilities which hackers can take advantage of to eavesdrop on traffic and hijack smart devices. The Report main findings are: • Over half of respondents (57%) said they updated the router firmware “at least once a year.” But shockingly, 20% of respondents have never done so, and 23% didn’t even know it was possible. • Firewall ports should never be opened, yet users often think they need to be open in order for their internet-connected home services to work. An extraordinary 93% of consumers regularly leave one or more ports open on their router firewall. • Nearly half of respondents (46%) have never configured their router security settings. The final noteworthy findings from the study come from consumer attitudes towards security and how open they are to trading off usability and minor inconvenience for a more secure device. While consumer electronics makers have often acted on the basis that security interferes with usability – that it’s commercially imprudent to release more secure devices or systems which are slightly less user friendly, the prpl study shows that an overwhelming number of consumers would favour security over ease-ofuse. Two key findings in this area include: • Users are prepared to take more responsibility for security. Some 60% of respondents said they think the home user should take ownership of securing their connected devices, versus the manufacturer (20%) or service provider (20%). • Over 40% of respondents would generally prefer to pay more for more secure devices. “As is the case with so many things in life, what users say they would do and what they actually do fail to align, and this has to be down in large part to education,” said Cesare Garlati, chief security strategist for the prpl Foundation. “However, it is heartening to see consumer attitudes shifting somewhat and this is something the IoT industry in general would do well to take note of.”

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together raising standards

Meet the installer Do you use a distributor or buy direct from manufacturers? We use both channels. CCTV cameras, fire detection systems and intruder detection systems are generally purchased through the distribution network, but more complex and specialised systems are sourced direct from the manufacturers. For example, manufacturers of enterprise level access control products generally don’t sell through the distribution route, as their systems can be complex and there is a greater need for proper controls over who can sell, install and maintain their products. Each manufacturer expects a significant commitment to training and this comes at quite a cost, but is repaid by the partnership it fosters. Likewise, and as a result of the ‘high level’ in which we operate, CCTV systems are becoming more specialised. Interfacing and configuring software applications require an increasing amount of technical expertise to ensure our clients get the best out of their investment. Again, training is playing a greater role here than previously, and a direct relationship with the manufacturer is essential. Is third party accreditation beneficial to your company? Absolutely. We were one of the initial companies to achieve NSI Gold accreditation for all three sectors – access control, CCTV and intruder detection systems. We have also added fire (BAFE) and health and safety (CHAS and ContractorPlus) certifications since then. Two years after launching our business in Ireland, we achieved QualSec Platinum certification, acknowledging the quality of our installations and the associated processes.

This month we talk to Richard Lambert from Evolution (Electronic Security Systems)

What would be a typical project for you? Typically, we would be involved in integrated systems. This would include most or all of the business’ expertise in each specific area – so designing, installing, configuring and integrating products from access control and CCTV to intruder detection and fire safety systems. One recent development has been the inclusion of physical and perimeter security installations, particularly for larger ‘campus’-type sites with multiple buildings and high level security concerns. This remit has increased to the extent that we have partnered with mannedguarding specialists, Axis Security, and securityfencing experts Allen Fencing to cater for clients’ requirements. A typical project might be for a data centre; we have been seen as specialists in this sector for many years, having completed projects throughout Europe since 1996. Are there any common requests from customers that give you problems? We have always been able to react quickly to a customer’s demands, and that probably comes from our early days providing security systems for data centres where the timescales to completion are tight. But we often seem to play the ‘tail-end Charlie’ role on major sites, as doors or other hardware arrive late for fitting and when time is ticking away. Sometimes a client will say: “Just get more people on-site, haven’t you got employees sitting around twiddling their thumbs?” Over the weekend? And at very short notice? It’s an unreasonable demand. We also often experience delays getting network points and IP addresses up and running, particularly where clients’ IT departments

Name: Richard Lambert Job title: Managing Director Time in security/fire: 34 years Company: Evolution (Electronic Security Systems) Locations: London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Dublin Areas of expertise: The design, supply, installation and maintenance of enterprise level access control and CCTV systems, commercial intruder detection and fire systems Accreditations: NSI NACOSS Gold, BAFE, CHAS, ContractorPlus, PSA, QualSec Platinum

This year Evolution celebrated its 20th year in business with a party for staff on board a New Orleans Paddle Steamer during the Henley Music Festival in July


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together raising standards

Evolution way’, and give them a good start in a potentially strong career. Like all integrators at our level we have found the need to increase our Technical Support team to meet the needs of an industry that is becoming much more IT-dependent. With new, cloud- and web-browser based systems, it is as important to have that in-house expertise as it is for physical installation and maintenance. What is the industry’s biggest myth? That it is much bigger than it actually is and everything should be much cheaper to buy and install as a consequence.

In May 2016 Evolution opened its new Scottish headquarters just outside Edinburgh. It is home not only to the sales and commercial teams, but also service and maintenance, projects and administration. It includes a stores and workshop area, and in-house training facility

seem to be more focussed on their internal business needs and take the ‘security can wait’ approach. What will be the impact of home automation on the security sector? We are not physically in the home security sector, but are finding fantastic benefits for clients in the remote monitoring of security systems via mobile devices. I am not sure that security systems have ever been called ‘exciting’, but the development of mobile monitoring certainly lights up the faces of many of our clients. Do you think there is a skills shortage in the industry? Any trouble recruiting? A skills shortage has always been the case, and is enhanced as the industry grows – which it continually has. From day one we have recruited trainees; many are still with us (some are now in senior positions), and others have moved on though remain in the industry. It has always been important to bring in new blood, train them in ‘the

What would make your job easier? A uniform Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). We spend an inordinate amount of time responding to PQQs that often require the same information but in a different format or to a different layout. Also of benefit would be a single trade H&S Certification. It seems that each M&E contractor has their own favourite and we have to certify this information with clients in order to work with them –all take considerable time at considerable and on-going expense. What is your ultimate/fantasy electronic security product? Not necessarily a security product but stretchy cable would be a bonus! It’s definitely something that would have helped me throughout my career in sales! Will England ever win the football World Cup again? What I can guarantee is that England will win the Rugby World Cup many times before we stand a chance at football. If you won £25,000 what would you do with it? Put it all on Red, or buy a Jensen Interceptor. Probably the same odds!

Evolution is providing fire protection service to Lothian Buses which has a fleet of more than 700 vehicles delivering over 70 services in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas of Midlothian and East Lothian


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ass3 Norptrol Software

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BETTER SUPPORT FOR CUSTOMERS What a year it’s been for the UK’s fastest growing multi-brand distributor: - Sales growth of 100% for 2016 - On track for the same in 2017 - Twelve new staff members - Investment in SAP system to stay ahead of customer expectations - New partners - First-time IFSEC exhibitor

aving spent time understanding the challenges faced by their customers, Oprema made a significant investment in upgrading its internal processes to a SAP system and has strengthened its range of value added services – such as sales and technical support, training and logistics, and professional services including pre-sales design, preconfiguration and on site commissioning - to improve efficiency of the installation process and provide greater support to customers. “The new system, which features asset tracking, allows the warranties of all products to be traced and every technical support call to be logged. This has allowed us to identify common product or installation issues, which in turn enables us to proactively provide training solutions to our customers,” says Matthew Epps, MD at Oprema.


Dahua and Milestone certified training provider Matthew Epps, Oprema’s Managing Director, attributes his company’s success to several factors: “Hard work is top of the bill when it comes to building a strong business, as well recruiting excellent staff and taking the time to listen to customers and adapt to their ever-changing needs. Exhibiting at IFSEC for the first time this year was a celebration of our growth from an independent, local distributor to our current position as a full turnkey national security solutions provider, and the UK’s premier Dahua distributor.”

Tel: 029 2064 1509 E:


As well as Oprema customers being able to tap into their technical team’s expert knowledge whenever required, Oprema provides regular certified Dahua and Milestone training courses, as well as bespoke training options, which blend hands-on experience with theory to equip installers with their own knowledge. “Not only does training provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to install, becoming a certified partner of well-known and respected brands such as Dahua and Milestone also boosts your reputation for professionally delivering quality solutions for end users, which gives you the edge over your competitors,” comments Epps.

More than a distributor – a true partner to suppliers and customers This year has also been one of collaboration, with Oprema working closely with key partners to develop innovative new integrations, including the Paxton Net2 Access Control and Dahua NVR/DVR integration, the Scan-360-Dahua integration and the LuminiteDahua integration.

“We always aim to be more than a distributor – we love working closely with our strategic partners to develop innovative new solutions, and pride ourselves on being a true partner for our suppliers and customers,” said Epps. Oprema also works closely with installation partners, often providing a full end-to-end service encompassing system design, equipment preconfiguration and commissioning. Working in partnership with Select Security Specialists, Oprema recently supplied a TV and film prop collection business in London with a fully integrated biometric security system. Leon Window, Sales Director at Select Security Specialists, comments: “This project required a complex, integrated solution so Oprema provided their experience and knowledge to help us design the system. When it came to commissioning, a lot of the hard work had already been done for us, and Oprema tested the system in house before shipping it out to us to install, so we were confident that it would arrive already working. This meant that all we had to do was the first and second fix and install the equipment, which made our lives so much easier.”

The future for Oprema Looking ahead to next year, Epps is excited to build on the company’s commitment to supporting customers: “We’ll be bringing on new key suppliers which are aligned with our added value proposition, joining our extensive portfolio of leading brands which already include Paxton, Dahua, Honeywell, Videx, to name a few. We will continue adding to our team as we move into a new, larger headquarters to allow for a greater stock holding, improved logistics, as well as providing purpose built state-of-the-art training and demonstration facilities. All of these developments will put us in an even stronger position to handle the needs of even the largest installers.”

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Developers tackle fly-tipping with ANPR

Despite the efforts of local councils, London still has a very prominent flytipping issue. In 2015 the Evening Standard quoted: “London contains six of the UK’s ten worst areas for fly-tipping”. This is a problem that developers and residents alike have to deal with on a regular basis. As a result property owners have to foot the bill to clear the rubbish in order to maintain their image and the health and safety of their sites. Solving this issue was high on MIS Properties’ list when assessing the security requirements for their latest development, in North London, Southgate. Melis Charalambous, MIS Properties’ Project Manager, explains the predicament: “For my newest residential project I wanted to offer a high level of security throughout the building. My main aim was to find a system to assist with block management and I also wanted to offer a desirable amenity to achieve higher rental figures. “Prior to this project I had considered implementing security systems at previous developments but was never certain which systems to choose. I did not want to have to deal with complicated technical systems that I would not know how to operate.” Tas Kyriacou, Business Development Consultant IDS Group, describes the process to finding MIS Properties’ ideal solution: “After completing a site survey, we decided to tackle the problem right at the entrance. We suggested an ANPR camera to control the gated access. With the camera in place only preregistered vehicles can now enter the development.” To work in tandem with the ANPR and increase the overall security of the site, IDS Group installed CCTV for complete surveillance. Furthermore, to increase the control of access to the office video entry phones were used outside the gate and at the office entrance, ensuring only people who have been vetted are able to enter the buildings. As part of the site’s security upgrade the telephone system were improved by installing VoIP phones which integrate with the entry phones so telephone handsets can be used to let people in. VoIP lowers company’s phone bills as it uses internet connections to make virtually free calls – saving the building some operational costs while increasing their security. “The ANPR controlling the entrance gate has proved to be a very fluid solution, it has not hindered entrance or exit to the development but we have gained a significant level of security and eradicated our fly-tipping issue,” confirms Melis Charalambous.

Lookers Motor Group upgrades security to detect intruders Motor dealership Lookers Motor Group conducted a review of its existing security systems and concluded that further upgrades were needed to maintain the highest level of protection. Nabil Sunni, Security Manager at Lookers, contacted B&B Corporate Security Consultants (BBCSC), with whom he had worked previously, to recommend a solution that could be standardised across all of its sites. Andy Bromley at BBCSC proposed a multi-layered approach using a range of different sensors from Optex. Every perimeter is now protected by either wired or wireless infrared (IR) beams, or in some instances by laser sensors that create a ‘virtual wall’. Intruders are therefore detected before they can cause any damage. Each month, two new sites are assessed, and to date more than 20 have been upgraded with the new sensors. At one site in Ellesmere, 24 Optex Redwall SIP external detectors have been specified at the outer perimeter, integrated with PTZ cameras that are pre-set to locate intruders across the site. Should an intruder be detected, the cameras are triggered and the images instantaneously transmitted to a remote monitoring station to be acted upon. As well as the long-range detectors, four Optex VXI short-range PIRS are also deployed to detect people at the edge of the building, while a further number of curtain sensor BX series detectors protect the building itself, detecting anyone near the showroom window or door. Again, all of the sensors are connected to CCTV cameras and monitored remotely. Andy Bromley says that the new detectors replace what had previously been an expensive and

complicated system to install and maintain. They are also more effective: “Managing the security for these sites was proving expensive and complicated, as they all had different systems from different providers and were maintained by many different companies which led to a fractionalised security approach,” he says. “Security at car dealerships is exceptionally important, and by standardising the technology provided we have delivered a more robust, reliable and cost-effective solution.” Nabil confirms the systems installed are working well: “Our sites are quite complex with trees and flags swaying and many different people visiting, so quite a challenge to specify the right security system,” he says. “As no two sites are ever the same they all have bespoke specification – but using the same model of security systems each site has the same level of protection. We feel far safer in the knowledge that each site is well protected and completely secure.” 45

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Panic hardware is fitted at Middlesbrough football ground Panic hardware from Alpro is being used by Middlesbrough Football Club at its Riverside Stadium.

The club has spent £5m on the 33,000-capacity ground after winning promotion last season to the Premier League. The overhaul involves work on the general stadium structure as well as new floodlights and media facilities. Safety measures include use of Touch Bar two-point panic latches from Alpro on fire and exit doors. The latches allow rapid exit down escape routes in the event of an incident and offer the option to ‘lock off’ the hardware on non-match days to give easy operation of the door. After activation, the emergency door hardware allows authorised entry back into the site once an evacuation has been carried out. The Alpro latches at the Riverside Stadium have been fitted on doors created and installed by Tyne & Wear-based Metal Services. The Riverside Stadium opened in 1995 and replaced Ayresome Park which had been one of the venues for the 1966 World Cup. It was the first stadium designed and constructed in compliance with the recommendations made on crowd safety by the Taylor Report.

Homeless charity benefits from cloud-based installation An access control system manufactured by Intratone is helping to protect residents within properties managed by Brick By Brick, a London-based charity that provides permanent and temporary housing for people with homeless status. The cloud-based fob-reader system, installed by Delta Security into the charity’s Old Kent Road and Queen’s Road sites, and head office, has significantly enhanced control over who has access, for how long and to which properties. Because it is cloud-based, changes made to key fobs are immediate and can be facilitated from anywhere. Isabelle Gravenstein, General Manager, Brick By Brick, says a primary focus for installing the new system was to simplify key management,


especially when granting access to contractors: “Previously, management was required to escort all contractors onto sites, which could be very inconvenient. Now we know exactly where they are and when, and can control their access accordingly. The new system is simple to use and has made our lives as managers much easier.” The system has also enabled the charity to police suspected tenant subletting, which is not permitted in their contracts: “It is not possible to clone these fobs, so we know there is only one per flat,” explains Isabelle. “If a tenant loses a fob, we are able to check that the fob is in fact no longer being used, as well as cancel its functionality.” Dave Mundy, Operations Manager at Delta Security, says the package includes ten years’ of data, which helps to provide cost transparency: “It means the customer does not have to take out extra data contracts, which, especially for a charity, is extremely useful in providing an upfront cost.” Anthony Plasse, UK Sales Manager for Intratone, said: “We are extremely pleased that the installation is serving as a good example of how access control can make life easier for managers and residents alike.”

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Smoke alarm upgrade programmes announced in London and Manchester

Connections Hello again, In October we saw yet again another major outage this time on the Redcare Secure platform which yet again brought havoc to the ARC’s, installers and customers. 20 years ago single path failures on Redcare Classic became a major issue because of the failure of BT telephone lines. The failures, albeit on a property by property basis, caused high false alarm rates that were dispatched to the police. The answer? Dual path signalling in conjunction with confirmed alarms and CSL DualCom took the moral high ground in reducing communication failures, the rest is history. However, 20 years on and the industry is plagued by single PSTN path failures that form part of a confirmation group of signals and more importantly plagued by catastrophic outages on signalling networks, or in particular the radio networks.

The London Borough of Harrow is fitting Aico’s mains powered multi-sensor fire alarm, Ei2110e into it domestic properties. Harrow is using the Ei2110e to upgrade its properties to at least a category LD2, Grade D standard. The upgrades will take place during refurbishments or a rewire of a property, covering 200-300 homes per year. In line with category LD2, Grade D systems, the properties will be fitted with the Ei2110e in the main living room, landing and hallway, with a heat alarm in the kitchen. Further alarms will be installed on recommendation from the installers where additional risks have been highlighted. The Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm contains two sensor types, optical and heat, to constantly monitor smoke and heat levels, sending and receiving information via detection software. This sensor information alters the alarm’s sensitivity and trigger points helping to reduce potential false alarms. In addition to the mains powered Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, Ei2110e, Harrow Council is installing Aico Alarm Controllers and other devices and accessories where recommended by the installers. It was also announced recently that Northwards Housing in Manchester is undertaking a smoke alarm upgrade programme across its entire housing stock of 13,500 properties, using Aico’s Multi-Sensor Fire Alarms. Northwards Housing has been replacing its Aico Ei150 alarms over the past few years. With the launch of Aico’s Ei2110e in 2015, Northwards Housing changed the specification immediately to this latest model. Alan White, Mechanical & Electrical Manager for Responsive Repairs & Servicing at Northwards Housing, explains the move: “We changed to the multi-sensor to give better fire detection and also reduce false alarms such as those caused by burning toast, which can be a nuisance to residents”. The Ei2110e will be fitted across 13,500 properties over the next ten years as part of a rolling replacement programme to replace existing 150 series alarms reaching the end of their lives. Transition from the rectangular 150 series alarms to the circular Ei2110e has been made simple through the use of Ei1516 masking plates which cover any marks left by the previous unit and maintain the aesthetics of a room, as Alan explains: “the installation is uncomplicated and we use the masking plates to cover the difference in design shape”.

It feels a bit like Groundhog Day for those of us that have been in the industry for over 40 years. This time the answer appears to be Smart Dual Radio which improves on Radio/PSTN solutions by giving you alarm transmission and UDL over either path. Each path includes its own Radio module, SIM, antenna and connectivity. Both paths a fully managed using WebWay’s platform and the world leaders in IoT provisioning, Cisco Jasper. The WebWay Smart range of Dual Path Signalling solutions has a new 100% wireless option. Smart Dual Radio is the perfect upgrade for Grade 2 and 3 Radio/PSTN installations – the first to eliminate call costs and phone charges in a Dual Path solution. Smart Dual Radio is very easy to install and is not affected by Next Generation Networks, shared lines, changes to provider, customer interference, REN values or PABX’s. So here we go again with the next generation of signalling which allows only confirmed communication failures to be passed to the ARC, rather than single path failures and with no dependence on PSTN lines. Triple way signalling to include IP must surely be on the agenda in the very near future enabling an installer to connect the IP after the system is commissioned and when the connectivity has been provided by the telecom company. Keep an eye out for our e flyers on product awareness and training days for the new WebWay Smart Dual Radio solutions, which will be held at our ARC’s in the New Year. In the meanwhile details are available from SMS or NMS or indeed direct from WebWay. Bye for now


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Improved access control for sea rescue charity

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is a charity that responds 365 days a year to save lives on South African waters. The NSRI base in Port Elizabeth required an improved access control system, which would enable their offsite control room to allow the rescue team to gain access to the building during a rescue operation, reducing the time required to respond to an emergency situation. Anton Lamprecht, of Mars Technologies, specified Paxton’s Net2 access control system to meet the NSRI’s requirements. A KP-50 Proximity keypad has been installed on the main door to the site. This allows access to authorised personnel only, when a valid token or PIN is presented. The Net2 software has been installed on one PC, which is managed by a single administrator and an additional four users have been given the necessary permissions to grant access remotely during an emergency situation. The new Net2 system now allows the NSRI Port Elizabeth crew to respond in emergency situations quickly, as they no longer need to wait to gain access to the site. With over 643 rescue missions carried out by the entire organisation over the last two years, any time that can be saved during an emergency can help reduce the risk of fatalities. The team at Port Elizabeth now have plans to develop their new system, including an alarm integration for remote deactivation during sea rescue emergencies, and time-based access permissions, to improve the smooth running of day-to-day operations.

Toy store hides surveillance cameras in cloud cover!

Located in the Antara Mall in the south-west of Mexico City, Hamleys’ security infrastructure had to blend in with the toy store design; protecting, but never disturbing, its young and potentially sensitive buyers. Referring to this challenge of balancing function with design, Guillermo Martinez, Head of SIIDE Ingeniería, said, "It meant a challenge in every sense of the word. At a security level, there must be no blind spots left uncovered. At the same time, as it is critical to maintain the store’s children focused design-environment, the cameras should be discrete but fully functional.” In order to meet these demands, surveillance cameras were placed among giant clouds mounted on the ceiling. Working to harmonise with this environment, the natural solution was to adopt Vivotek‘s fisheye FE8181 camera. “When we were elaborating our proposal and visualising how to blend in with all the elements of the store, we came up with the design. The 360° cameras are strategically located between the display shelves, the bullet type IB8369 cameras are placed at the sales point to overview the area, and a third type of cameras capture the specific details at the sales points alone”, added Guillermo Martinez, from SIIDE Ingenieria. 16 cameras cover the entirety of the facilities (800 square meters). This case was also interesting for the specifics of the execution, as the contractors of Grupo Sordo Madaleno, together with the integrator SIIDE, had to make a four-meter-deep hole in the mall underpass, in the middle of the car park!


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Analogue camera with Starlight launched Vista has announced the launch of the VVRD37V11HDAS vandal resistant camera – its first high definition analogue camera to include Starlight technology. The camera is a new addition to the Vista analogue CCTV range and is capable of providing full HD 1080p resolution in TVI High Definition Analogue (HDA) format over coax cabling. The use of a varifocal lens, coupled with a Sony CMOS sensor, means that the VVRD37V11HDAS can reportedly also produce colour images in extremely low light situations. The camera also has a simple set up menu that can be accessed via the in-line tact switch or up the coax from a compatible DVR. This ensures that it is simple to adjust and commission. From an operator’s point of view, the OSD menu is described as easy to use, allowing access to a number of features. These features include Wide Dynamic Range and dual voltage 12VDC and 24VAC operation.

“Easy programming” now added Luminite Electronics, manufacturer of the Genesis range of wireless and hard wired PIR detectors, has announced an “easy programming” feature on both the Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 models. Previous models used DIP switches which required reference to the operating instructions and limited the number of features that could be adjusted. The new models have an LED display with push buttons which are not only intuitive but listed as very easy to program and enable future scope to add new facilities. Current features include individual tamper inhibit, sensitivity adjustment and various power saving modes.

Southern Monitoring 0844 871 2223 and Northern Monitoring 0844 871 2224 BT Redcare B!!!!!!!!! CSL CSL DualCom DualCom EMIZON EMiZON ArchAngelPassivSystems Loneworker RISCO RISCO Group Group RSI RSIVideo Video Technologies Technologies WebWayOne WebWayOne

Trust the Largest Independent Supplier of Monitoring Services in the UK

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Wireless video link for 1080p video VisBox Technologies (VBT) has introduced a new wireless video link system. The HDSDI HDMI-based link delivers 1080p HD uncompressed video at clear line-of-sight ranges of up to 300700 metres reportedly with virtually no delay. The transmitter weighs 224g making it suitable for use in a range of security applications including point to point video links, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and robotic systems. Operating over the unlicensed 5GHz frequency band, the VBT video link system transmits 1080p pictures at 1 ms delay without compression. The link allows a range of power voltage inputs from 9-36 volts for compatibility with most camera batteries. It also provides a multi-casting capability, enabling any number of receivers to view the same transmitter simultaneously.

Cameras for maximum coverage

ITS Products has released stainless steel versions of its IP or analogue CMD cameras. The series was originally developed for the police custody market with features specifically for the challenges of detention facilities. The angular design ensures that the camera presents no ligature point for the room occupant. Using a combination of specific wideangle lens technology and a triangular geometric design, the camera delivers maximum room coverage. Low-energy LED infrared lighting allows the room to be monitored regardless of lighting conditions.

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Wireless lock integration reduces costs Tyco Security Products has introduced the latest version of its EntraPass Security Software from Kantech with integration to Assa Abloy Aperio Wireless Lock Technology for deeper door density and reduction of wiring costs. EntraPass’ integration with the Aperio Wireless Lock Technology provides customers with a wayto bring the flexibility of wireless locks to any door in a facility including cabinets, drawers and server racks with little to no operational disruption. The Aperio locks become part of the EntraPass security software eco-system and can be managed from the EntraPass interface for a unified security management experience. The access control decisions on these locks will continue to be made by the Kantech controllers. In addition, Kantech joins the Connected Partner Program from Tyco Security Products allowing third-party integrations to be developed using the Kantech software development kit (SDK).

New GUI is supplied as complete package Vox Ignis has announced the release of ViLX Commander, a GUI supplied as a complete package, with an EN54-4 power supply and an industrial panel PC with a telephone handset integrated. ViLX Commander forms the front end to the Lexicomm Network, and can control up-to 64 network panels, which can be master panels or system expanders - multiple LX Commanders can be utilised for complex sites. The application comes complete with an editor allowing the engineer to place bitmaps or jpegs, and place buttons for EVCS outstations, and Assist Call systems, as well as area buttons, allowing multiple screens to be interlinked. Once a call comes in ViLX Commander switches to the specific screen for that call, allowing the operator to visualise the location of the call, reducing training for the staff. The GUI connects to a standard network through the ViLX-EX8 system expander.

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers


For more information visit or contact sales on 01772 336111 Call now for more information: 01772 336111

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New Axis camera features Canon lenses

Video recorder compatible with five formats

Axis Communications has introduced the Axis Q1659 Network Camera, its first to combine professional-caliber photographic imaging technologies from Canon with its security offering. The wide-area surveillance camera leverages EF lens technologies for unmatched color, contrast and detail. AXIS Q1659 delivers 20MP resolution at 8 frames per second (fps), achieving detail for observing open spaces and across long distances. It features digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) imaging technology and offers a choice of seven different EF/EF-S lenses depending on individual user needs. Equipped with an EF lens mount, the camera enables easy lens changes. Dahua Technology has announced the launch of XVR, a video recorder compatible with multiple access technologies. It is ideal for upgrading existing video surveillance systems and supports four mainstream analogue camera types including CVBS, HDCVI, AHD and TVI, as well as IP cameras. XVR recognises the signal formats from cameras automatically and”plug & play” makes operation more user-friendly and convenient. POC (power over coax) helps XVR to simplify users’ network cable construction, easing the wiring of power cables and maximising benefits. In addition, users can switch video channel type in OSD menu or HDCVI UTC controller.


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Innovative and smart solutions can add value and benefits to modern systems for customers. With the technological landscape rapidly evolving, the Benchmark Smart Solutions project assesses the potential on offer from system integration, advanced connectivity and intelligent technology. Bringing together field trials and assessments, proof of concept and real-world experience of implementing smart solutions, it represents an essential resource for all involved in innovative system design. Launching in 2017, Benchmark Smart Solutions will be the industry’s only real-world resource for security professionals who are intent on offering added value through the delivery of smarter solutions.

@Benchmark_Smart Partner Companies

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CAUGHT ON CAMERA Monkey robs jewellery store

This CCTV footage shows a monkey entering a jewellery shop in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, Southern India after dropping some fruit in the doorway and stealing 10,000 Rupees from the cash desk. The video has caused a bit of a stir with some in the online community claiming that monkeys are being trained to recognise and take money from shops.

Postman dings twice

In a poor display of customer service, this postman is captured on camera reversing into two parked cars only to speed off without admitting any fault. According to the latest information, the Royal Mail is looking into the incident however as the number plate of the van and the location are not in question, postie is in first-class trouble.

CCTV catches toddler catch There are some parents who think that their child can sit anywhere they like with a particular favourite spot being on the top of shop service counters. In an example of this, a toddler in India is sat upon the glass top of a jewellery display while his parents look at the trinkets. Out of their eye line the baby falls backwards off the cabinet and is luckily caught by a passing assistant thus avoiding injury. This CCTV footage has been seen around the world with most comments congratulating the catch and others condemning the parenting skills on show.

As we all know, CCTV has a real value in the fight against crime, however once in a while it captures the public doing something that is perhaps not altogether sensible or it catches a real one-off moment. Here we look at a look at CCTV clips from around the world… Lost whereabouts on roundabout

More driving mishaps captured on camera this time on a dashcam fitted to a driving instructor’s vehicle. The footage shows the car entering a roundabout on the A332 in Windsor, Berkshire only to be facing a silver Honda Jazz head-on which had taken a right turn rather than a left. It is believed that the Honda driver, who executed a three point turn to resolve the problem, was an elderly gentleman. No arrests have been made.

Yobs pick on wrong girlfriend There’s nothing as satisfying as seeing someone get their comeuppance so you’ll likely enjoy this CCTV footage of two yobs picking on the girlfriend of someone who knows how to punch his weight. While walking through an underpass one yob throws a stone at a girl’s head then challenges the boyfriend when he turns around. The boyfriend then dishes out a little street justice before walking away. Unfortunately there are some questions being raised as to authenticity of the recording, but only because the camera is still functioning while in a UK underpass!


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European Sales Consultant – West London Our Ref: C502896 Salary: up to £40,000

Fire and Security Installation Engineer – Glasgow Our Ref: C502873 Salary: up to £28,000

Sprinkler Service Engineer – Cardiff Our Ref: C502868 Salary: up to £30,000

We are working on behalf of a national door entry company who are looking to add a European Sales Consultant to their team where they will be responsible for selling to key accounts and appointed distributors, playing an important role in the develop of the sales strategy to meet agreed objectives.

We are recruiting on behalf of a leading national Fire & Security company who are looking for an experienced Fire and Security Engineer to join their team where they will be responsible for the installation of Fire & Security systems in Glasgow.

This is an office based role, however you there will be some domestic and international travel on occasion.

• Proven experience working on Fire Alarm, CCTV, Intruder Alarms and Access Control systems • Fire & Security Apprenticeship (or equivalent) • Health & Safety training • Educated to GCSE Level minimum • Full drivers licence • Willing to travel • City & Guilds Part 3 (Electrical Installation 2360) or equivalent qualification (desirable)

We are working on behalf of an established fire services provider who are looking to add a Sprinkler Service Engineer to their team where they will be responsible for the service and repair of sprinkler systems in Cardiff and surrounding areas, and carry out checks and flow tests on fire pumps. You will also be part of a call out rota for out of hours emergencies.

This would be an excellent opportunity for an Engineer who wants to come off the tools and move into sales. Requirements: • Previous experience within the access control / security sector • Qualifications in an electronic / electro-mechanical field • High level of commercial awareness • Skilled in presentations and sales techniques • Dynamic and self motivated individual

Offering in return:


Offering in return: • • • •

Competitive salary up to £28,000 Pension Healthcare Overtime

To apply, please click the following link:­and­security­ installation­engineer­3

• Competitive salary up to £40,000 • Company benefits To apply for this position, please click the following link:­sales­ consultant

Fire Service Engineer – London / South East of England Our Ref: C502835 Salary: up to £32,000

Fire Systems Engineer – Reading / M4 Our Ref: C502893 Salary: up to £28,000

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced Fire Service Engineer to join a leading fire systems company, where you will be responsible for the service, maintenance and small works of fire safety equipment, emergency lighting and smoke vent systems in Central London / South East of England, working in accordance with all current British & European Standards, whilst being part of a call out rota.

We are working on behalf of an independent Fire and Security Solutions Company who are looking to add a Fire Systems Engineer to their team where they will be responsible for the service, repair and routine inspection of fire alarm and fire detection systems in the Reading area. You will be required to ensure that all works and call outs are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible in accordance to Company policies and procedures. Requirements: • Proven service/installation experience working with a range of Fire Detection, Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting systems (addressable and non-addressable) • Good knowledge of BS5839 regulations • Ability to work on own initiative and manage own workload • Full UK drivers licence

Offering in return: • Competitive salary up to £28,000 • Company vehicle • Bonus To apply, please click the following link:­systems­ engineer­1

You may also be required to work on extinguishers and dry risers. Requirements: • • • • •

Proven servicing experience within the fire industry FIA Level 1 & 5 17th Edition Electrical qualification Understanding of current regulations Ability to work as part of a team, as well as on own initiative with minimal supervision • Full drivers licence

Offering in return: • Competitive salary up to £32,000 • Vehicle • Additional company benefits To apply, please click the following link:­service­engineer

You will be required to ensure that Company policies and procedures are adhered to at all times and that a first class service is carried out to achieve customer satisfaction. Requirements: • Demonstrable track record working with fire sprinkler systems • Strong understanding of fire panels and isolations • Experience of working within a customer facing role • This role will also require some UK wide travel • Ability to work on own initiative

Offering in return: • • • • •

Competitive salary up to £30,000 Bonus Company vehicle Overtime Additional company benefits

To apply for this position, please click the following link:­ service­engineer

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1 Rotherbrook Court, Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3QG Tel +44 (0) 1730 230530 Fax +44 (0) 1730 262333 Email:

NORBAIN SD LTD 210 Wharfedale Road, IQ Winnersh, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 5TP Tel: 0118 912 5000 Fax: 0118 912 5001 Email:





Unit 39 Sir Frank Whittle Business Centre, Great Central Way, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 3XH Tel: 01788 567811 Fax: 01788 544 549 Email:

Hikivision & MaxxOne (logos) Authorised Dealer Unit A10 Pear Mill, Lower Bredbury, Stockport. SK6 2BP Tel +44 (0)161 430 3849 Tel: +44 (0)1273 475500

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SECURITY VACANCIES Telephone: 01420 525260

Units 10 - 11, Theale Lakes Business Park, Moulden Way, Sulhampstead, Reading, Berkshire RG74GB, United Kingdom Tel: +44(0) 845 470 5000 Fax: +44(0) 845 470 5001 Email:


GJD MANUFACTURING LTD Unit 2 Birch Business Park, Whittle Lane, Heywood, OL10 2SX Tel: + 44 (0) 1706 363998 Fax: + 44 (0) 1706 363991 Email:



DATABAC GROUP LIMITED 1 The Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH Tel: +44 (0)20 8546 9826 Fax:+44 (0)20 8547 1026

GPS PERIMETER SYSTEMS LTD 14 Low Farm Place, Moulton Park Northampton, NN3 6HY UK Tel: +44(0)1604 648344 Fax: +44(0)1604 646097 E-mail: Web site:



BRITISH SECURITY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Tel: 0845 389 3889 Email: Website: Twitter: @thebsia


SSAIB 7-11 Earsdon Road, West Monkseaton Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear NE25 9SX Tel: 0191 2963242 Web:


DYCON LTD Unit A, Cwm Cynon Business Park, Mountain Ash, CF45 4ER Tel: 01443 471900 Fax: 01443 479 374 Email:


UPS SYSTEMS PLC Herongate, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 0YU Tel: 01488 680500



HONEYWELL SECURITY GROUP Honeywell Security Group provides innovative intrusion detection, video surveillance and access control products and solutions that monitor and protect millions of facilities, offices and homes worldwide. Honeywell integrates the latest in IP and digital technology with traditional analogue components enabling users to better control operational costs and maximise existing investments in security and surveillance equipment. Honeywell – your partner of choice in security. Tel: +44 (0) 844 8000 235 E-mail: Web:

Adept House, 65 South Way, Walworth Business Park Andover, Hants SP10 5AF Tel: 01264 351415 Fax: 01264 351217 Web: E-mail:


UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLIES LTD Woodgate, Bartley Wood Business Park Hook, Hampshire RG27 9XA Tel: 01256 386700 5152 e-mail: Tel: +44 (0)1273 475500

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CONTRACT SECURITY SERVICES LTD Challenger House, 125 Gunnersbury Lane, London W3 8LH Tel: 020 8752 0160 Fax: 020 8992 9536 E: E: Web:

Challenge Way, Martland Park, Wigan WN5 OLD United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1942 322744 Fax: +44 (0) 1942 829867 Website:



CONSTANT SECURITY SERVICES Cliff Street, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S64 9HU Tel: 0845 330 4400 Email:

Aviary Court, Wade Road, Basingstoke Hampshire RG24 8PE Tel: +44 (0) 1256 475555 Fax: +44 (0) 1256 466268 Email: Web:



J B CORRIE & CO LTD Frenchmans Road Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3AP Tel: 01730 237100 Fax: 01730 264915 email:

Units 1 & 2 Cliffe Industrial Estate Lewes, East Sussex BN8 6JL Tel: 01273 475500



OPTEX (EUROPE) LTD Redwall® infrared and laser detectors for CCTV applications and Fiber SenSys® fibre optic perimeter security solutions are owned by Optex. Platinum House, Unit 32B Clivemont Road, Cordwallis Industrial Estate, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7BZ Tel: +44 (0) 1628 631000 Fax: +44 (0) 1628 636311 Email:

Secure House, Braithwell Way, Hellaby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 8QY. Tel: +44 (0) 1709 700 100 Fax: +44 (0) 1709 701 042


CQR SECURITY 125 Pasture road, Moreton, Wirral UK CH46 4 TH Tel: 0151 606 1000 Fax: 0151 606 1122 Email:

BOSCH SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD PO Box 750, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB9 5ZJ Tel: 0330 1239979 E-mail: Web:




Secure House, Braithwell Way, Hellaby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 8QY TEL +44 (0) 1709 700 100 FAX +44 (0) 1709 701 042

Salamander Quay West, Park Lane Harefield , Middlesex UB9 6NZ T: +44 (0)1895 474 474 @CSLDualCom


RISCO GROUP Commerce House, Whitbrook Way, Stakehill Distribution Park, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2SS Tel: 0161 655 5500 Fax: 0161 655 5501 Email: Web:


EATON Eaton is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of security equipment its Scantronic and Menvier product lines are suitable for all types of commercial and residential installations. Tel: 01594 545 400 Email: Web: Twitter: @securityTP





Lincoln House, Malcolm Street Derby DE23 8LT Tel: 0871 208 1187

Brunel Way, Fareham Hampshire, PO15 5TX United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1273 475500

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Wishing all our CSL Connected Partners a very Merry Christmas

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PSI December 2016  
PSI December 2016  

If you could ask Santa for one security technology present this year what would it be? All is revealed in the December edition of PSI. Also...