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Dec 2014


product review The independent guide to innovative security solutions

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Continuous development. Forward thinking wireless. We’ll let the technology do the talking.

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product review CONTACTS

EDITOR Andy Clutton Tel: 020 8295 8308 E-mail: andy.clutton@psimagazine.co.uk DESIGN & PRODUCTION Matt Jarvis Tel: 020 8295 8304 Fax: 0870 4292015 E-mail: matt.jarvis@proactivpubs.co.uk ADVERTISEMENT DIRECTOR David Lewis Tel: 020 8295 8309 Fax: 020 8295 1919 E-mail: david.lewis@proactivpubs.co.uk ADMINISTRATION Tracey Beale Tel: 020 8295 8306 Fax: 020 8295 1919 E-mail: tracey.beale@proactivpubs.co.uk MANAGING DIRECTOR Mark Quittenton CHAIRMAN Larry O’Leary

FOLLOW US: @SecurityDrum

4 Axis

20 Risco

The AXIS 1615 delivers outstanding image quality in demanding video surveillance conditions

LightSYS2 truly offers flexible installations through advanced IP and GSM/GPRS or STU adaptor

6 WebWayOne

22 Bosch

Introducing a new category of single and dual path systems and a range of single path solutions with radio recovery path

AUTODOME IP cameras offer 1080p, 720p or SD resolution for protection regardless of lighting condition

8 Texecom

24 NVT

Ricochet mesh networking wireless technology delivers more performance than any other wireless security system

NVT has released its new range of TBus UTP/Ethernet over Coax transmission products

10 Raytec

26 Paxton

VARIO IP PoE is the first range of network CCTV illuminators in the security industry with IP and PoE capability

Eleven schools have been secured in Rochdale using access control technology from Paxton

11 Samsung Techwin

28 Pyronix

TheWiseNetIII 1.3MP, 2MP and 3MP camera range, and ‘zero configuration’ NVRs

The Enforcer 32-WE was developed with the installer in mind at every step of the development process

12 Honeywell Pro-Watch provides the flexibility, the scalability and the control required for comprehensive security management

30 Siemens IP access control system specification, installation and maintenance has never been easier

14 Takex Security-based editorial contributions to PSI are welcomed, and the Editor reserves the right to alter or abridge text prior to publication. The views expressed in PSI are not necessarily those of the publishers.

For over 50 years TAKEX has provided active infrared detection devices for industrial, commercial and domestic installation

Editorial and Advertisement Office PRO-ACTIV PUBLICATIONS LTD PO BOX 332 DARTFORD DA1 9FF © Pro-Activ Publications Ltd 2014

15 Visonic

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

Introducing the PowerG-based Distributed Wireless Alarm

COP Security, has announced the release of ‘Nexus’, a brand new range of IP cameras and NVRs

34 Product Selection A look at some of the other memorable products covered by PSI in 2014

16 IDIS In less than two years, Korea-based IDIS has cemented its reputation as a global innovator

ISSN: 1360-6476

18 Optex Europe

PSI is currently available for an annual subscription rate of £48.00 (UK only)

Introducing SL-beams from OPTEX Europe


32 COP Security


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AXIS 1615 Network Camera for superior image quality The AXIS 1615 delivers outstanding image quality in demanding video surveillance conditions, such as poor or highly variable lighting. he unique Lightfinder technology makes the camera extremely sensitive to low light, effectively allows it to ‘see’ even in dark conditions. Wide Dynamic Range with ‘Dynamic Capture’ and ‘Forensic Capture’ provide homogeneous images, without too dark or too bright parts. AXIS 1615 also features electronic image stabilization that greatly improves video quality in situations where the camera is subject to vibration.


Lightfinder Technology Axis Communications’ research and development have led to the introduction of the new and revolutionary Lightfinder technology. The Lightfinder technology is the result of a meticulous choice of the right sensor and the right lens, together with the elaboration of the image data coming from the combination of sensor and lens. The fusion of these factors – sensor, lens, in-house chip development and knowledge in image processing – provides network cameras incorporating this technology with outstanding performance. Compared to any analog camera, the Lightfinder technology will give a better resolution and more lifelike colors, especially in low-light conditions. The noise reduction of the Lightfinder technology is vastly improved compared to any analog camera on the market, which in combination with the light sensitivity of the sensor gives a superior image quality. Also, since cameras incorporating the Lightfinder technology are digital, it opens a broad range of possibilities, such as the usage of a progressive scan sensor, video intelligence analysis and video surveillance systems.

Axis WDR Forensic Capture Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) imaging is a method used to produce images that try to recreate the full scene content in scenes that have a dynamic range 4

that cannot be captured by standard cameras in one image. Axis’ WDR – Forensic Capture optimizes video for forensic purposes by enabling an extremely high level of detail to be visible in both dark and bright areas of a scene. AXIS Q1615 with WDR – Forensic Capture applies advanced algorithms to optimize image quality and includes the ability to seamlessly transition between WDR and Lightfinder mode. Overall, this WDR technology makes it easier to detect and identify important details in a scene.

Steady video during vibration

Gusts of wind tearing at a surveillance camera can make it shake or vibrate enough to make images come out as useless blur. A heavy truck, or a train, passing close by can have similar consequences. A number of different technical solutions have been developed to cope with the problem, with varying degrees of success. However, the introduction of efficient gyroscopes in combination with cutting-edge software programming has accelerated the process towards robust, real-time image stabilization.

Innovative installation features In addition to Lightfinder, WDR Forensic Capture and Image stabilization, AXIS Q1615 also includes new innovative features to help installers to mount the camera. The leveling assistance guides to the correct level, meaning that the camera can be installed wherever but always have a perfect image. The auto rotation functionality flips the image to the right orientation, also when Corridor Format. Moreover, AXIS Q1615 supports focus assistant, remote back focus and pixel counter. The camera is further protected with shock detection, a capability that sends an alarm to personnel during attempted vandalism.

More features supported in AXIS 1615 Network Camera • Intelligent capabilities such as enhanced video motion detection, audio detection and detection of camera tampering attempts like blocking or spray-painting • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af ), eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs • Two-way audio support with enhanced audio quality • SD/SDHC memory card slot for storing recordings locally • Advanced security and network management features such as HTTPS encryption with preserved performance, IPv6 and Quality of Service. • Open Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration, including VAPIX® from Axis Communications. www.axis.com www.psimagazine.co.uk

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= P I s u B


You don’t need to be a genius to use it! NVT TBus technology offers a flexible, cost-effective, and easily deployable transmission solution. Providing connectivity for all IP cameras, including Megapixel. TBus technology allows: • IP Video & PoE on any cable • IP on any wiring topology • IP at almost any distance TBus equals IP to the power of 3!


Tel. +44 (0)20 8977 6614 • E-mail: info@nvt.com


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WebWay. Communicate Smarter. T

WebWayOne is excited to introduce our new range of signalling devices. All solutions were designed to meet your every need, to provide you with the best signalling device ever seen in the security market. The first and only genuine roaming 3G solution will change the world of signalling. All solutions are available for you in the UK and Ireland, with local distribution and technical support.

he solutions offer the smallest dual path signalling device, with the highest capability, lowest power consumption and an enhanced cellular footprint for maximum reliability and jamming protection. We’ve developed an all new category of single and dual path systems and a unique range of single path solutions with radio recovery path. All devices use 3G/EDGE/GPRS Micro SIM with the enhanced roaming options, an industry first. Roaming 3G and GPRS services increases reliability as well as transmission speeds and provides increased protection against heavy data traffic or jammers. This all provides more networks to access, smoother installations, fewer faults to handle and high speed communications for alarms and UDL. Each of the WebWay signalling devices has 2 camera Imaging capability on board for verification, so nothing has been left out giving installers all the options when specifying confirmed security and panic systems. The new hardware is 40 times faster and has 14 times more memory, but is 50% more power efficient (less than 60mA signalling) than the previous generation. The design ensures every WebWay connection is future proofed. Installers can choose a solution with 18 inputs, modem capture or serial bus connection with access to the largest integration library for Contact ID, SIA, ARM & UDL. Devices have a 5 year warranty, extended for every year monitored until obsolete.

Meet the brands We’ve designed the solutions which cover the key

installer markets of bells upgrade, Digi replacement, dual path monitoring and high end integrated signalling.

Smart. The smallest, smartest dual path signalling solution.

Smart is the smallest, smartest dual path signalling device available. 3G/PSTN (IP ready) or IP/3G options have a range of Grade 2, 3 and 4 services to suit. Smart is just 107x89x20mm (serial connection).

Go Plus. A new category of high reliability single path signalling. The new Go Plus solution defines a new category of single path system. IP is used as primary and 3G as the radio recovery path which will send fault diagnostics and alarms in the event of broadband service, equipment or power failure. The ultimate in Digi modem replacement with the lowest ongoing fees. Go Plus can be upgraded remotely to the Smart, dual path monitoring services.

Go. Simple, powerful, single path signalling. Go is our range of single path signalling solutions using IP or 3G single path (the latter with IP ready on board).

WebWay World. Everything installers need instantly online. Installers have free access to our online service WebWay World which is optimised for mobile and tablet. This enables installers to order, configure, commission and manage devices whilst on site. It’s the most popular and powerful installer website.

Nothing has been left out, giving installers all the options when specifying confirmed security and panic systems CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION: sales@webwayone.co.uk Telephone: 01635 231 500 www.webwayworld.com



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Designed and manufactured by global surveillance powerhouse, IDIS, DirectIP combines plug-and-play simplicity with unrivalled performance and reliability, to deliver the most comprehensive video surveillance solution available. With unsurpassed image quality and resolution, DirectIP includes an affordable range of cameras, monitors, network video recorders (NVR) and video management software (VMS) for businesses large or small.

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The next generation of wireless security, Ricochet mesh networking wireless technology delivers more performance than any other wireless security system and is now available to everyone without a compromise on features or quality

Five new Premier Elite wireless kits feature a selection of control systems and peripherals



A safer place for everyone esh-networking is the process whereby every single wireless device is capable of receiving and retransmitting any signal from any other wireless device on the network. The size, scalability and range of the entire system are extended as wireless signalling is no longer limited by point-to point communications. And where in the past wireless systems have sometimes proved unreliable when compared to the wired alternative this is not the case today; a point underlined with the news that Ricochet technology from Texecom was recognised for its advanced performance and reliability in 2014 when it won a Security Innovation Award from Benchmark magazine. The power of Texecom’s Ricochet meshnetworking system over point-to-point wireless security systems is made evident when installed in large-scale industrial complexes. Even when using the most expensive, high quality engineered point-to-point wireless system; ultimately the size of the system and scope of protection is compromised by this limiting factor. With mesh-networking the range of the system is not limited in this way, with multiple devices capable of relaying messages to and from even the most remote locations in a building. However it is no longer just the larger sites or businesses that can benefit from Ricochet with the news that Texecom’s Premier Elite Series has been expanded and enhanced with the recent release of new control panel models and peripheral devices. Designed to make the world a safer place for everyone, the Premier Elite Series now brings commercial-grade security into a wide range of applications. Entry level systems have often been toned down versions of their more ‘professional’ relation however with the announcement of five new Premier Elite wireless kits featuring a selection of control systems and peripherals it is easy to find the perfect kit to suit the needs of any application. The kits allow users to benefit from wireless technology on a costeffective basis and takes out the complexity of choosing which system is required. For the installer there are many benefits of fitting a wireless system including the time it takes to fit and the flexibility of being able to place detectors in areas that might prove tricky in a wired installation. Also the installer knows that the


Premier Elite technology is more than capable of handling any situation that can arise in a residential application, so with its proven reliability it is a genuine ‘fit and forget’ system. Each device is provided multiple signalling routes to and from the controlling equipment. This built-in redundancy allows the entire system to be more reliable. If a connection between two devices is lost (perhaps due to changes in the building infrastructure), the network ‘self-heals’ and automatically re-routes communications via alternate devices. In this system as more devices are installed, the greater the reliability of the system. The main aim of wireless is to make the installation process simpler, quicker and less disruptive to the owner of the protected premises. Texecom has developed a series of diagnostic tools that provide the installer with greater system control than ever before. Commission Mode - Once a device has been connected onto a system, the device LED flashes to indicate adequate communication to the wireless expander. This is made possible by the bidirectional signalling across the mesh‑network and turns each device into its own signal strength meter. Keypad Diagnostics - Any Premier LCD keypad can simply be connected to Ricochet enabled wireless expander and a host of diagnostic features is made available. Devices can be learned or removed from the system, signal strength information and communication routing information is all available on-screen. PC Software - The most advanced diagnostic tool is the PC-based Ricochet Monitor software. This software provides greater visibility and control over the wireless system performance than ever before. From a simple, intuitive menu screen all device status is available at a glance, with clear graphics highlighting signalling performance. Device attributes can be configured and distributed across the network in seconds. Where the Ricochet Monitor software really excels is with the graphical representation of the mesh-networking system. The system literally ‘comes alive’ when the graphical function is selected. Each device is shown on screen, in real time, placed according to where the device communicates across the network. It is instantly visible and clear which routes communication signals are taking and the overall network performance is demonstrated. With the power of the graphical user interface, even complex systems can be diagnosed simply, providing confidence that the communication platform is robust and reliable. The benefits for the installer are clear, but what about the customer? Ricochet is an established, proven solution for large scale applications but now that the technology is within products and systems aimed at the residential market, all of the benefits of commercial-grade wireless signalling are available to everyone. www.texe.com www.psimagazine.co.uk

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unlock potential...

...and throw away the keys! With Pro-Watch 4.2, state-of-the-art access control is available at the most affordable price yet! With an enhanced lockset and biometric portfolio, it offers numerous reader options to meet specific security needs. With fewer wires and reduced costs, customers can now employ access control in areas that were once considered difficult, or even impossible! Plus, Pro-Watch 4.2 delivers enhanced biometric integration options that are easy to use, and provide fast, reliable and secure access points. You can finally throw away the keys and start enjoying the benefits of a robust access control management system. Unlock potential, and lock in the savings!

For more information visit www.honeywellintegrated.eu or 08448 000 235 Š 2014 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved.

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Lighting integration made easier sers can now not only adjust their IP cameras remotely, but they can control their lighting in the same way too, via web interface, video management system or new HTTP Commands. Since its launch, VARIO IP PoE has picked up 5 accolades including a Security Essen Technology Innovation Award 2014, and an IFSEC Award for Best CCTV System of the Year 2013. Available in both Infra-Red and White-Light LED, VARIO IP PoE provides dedicated IP lighting for network cameras, allowing for remote set up, commissioning, operation and maintenance of your lighting scheme, from anywhere on the

Raytec launched VARIO IP PoE earlier this year - the first range of network CCTV illuminators in the security industry with IP and PoE capability.


For more information on VARIO IP PoE visit www.rayteccctv.com

TWIN BEAMS Protect entrances, windows, and wall lines at distances up to 100m outdoor / 200m indoor

QUAD BEAMS The ultimate in trouble free perimeter detection for distances up to 200m outdoor / 400m indoor

CEILING PIR PA-6800 series PIR’s combine a discreet compact appearance with outstanding performance

BATTERY PIR Create temporary or permanent secure systems in difficult-tocable-to areas, or sites without mains power.

network 24/7. VARIO IP PoE can be operated individually or remotely in groups making it much easier to operate large CCTV systems. New HTTP commands for VARIO IP PoE now make network lighting even easier, with configuration at device interface level rather than at a software level. HTTP commands allow lighting to be fully integrated and controlled from any network device, for a smarter system and lighting triggered on demand as an active crime deterrent. Using lighting on demand in this way also significantly reduces electrical consumption. An API is also available for seamless VMS integration, allowing quick and easy operation of your lighting within your overall security system. When it comes to commissioning (fine tuning) your lighting system, which is often the most challenging and time consuming part, the ability to remotely adjust VARIO IP PoE illuminators reduces visits to site, minimises labour time and costs, whilst ensuring maximum performance from your system at all times. In addition, its PoE capability allows for a much quicker and more cost effective lighting installation onto an existing network infrastructure, with no local mains connections or special electrical labour required.

Reliable Perimeter Intruder Detection (PIDs) is an art, and rs we consider ourselves masters TAS/TAD/TAW Beam Towers • TAS (single-sided), TAD (double-sided) and TAW (wall mount) versions available • available in 1m, 1.5m, 2m or 3m heights • vandal resistant polycarbonate covers conceals number and position of beams

PB-KH Series Quad Beams • • • •

Designed specifically for use in TAS/TAD/TAW Series Beam Towers PB-50HF-KH (50m), PB-100HF-KH (100m) and PB-200HF-KH (200m) models available selectable 4-channel beam frequencies allows stacking without crosstalk environmental monitoring circuit

as From Active Infra-Red Beams and Tower systems capable of monitoring the smallest of areas to the largest of commercial and industrial sites, via wired or wireless external pet-tolerant EX PIRs, and Speech Warning devices for security, health & safety or advisory messages, TAKEX equipment is used by professional security installers worldwide.

TEL : +44 (0)1256 475555 | FAX : +44 (0)1256 466268 | EMAIL : sales@takex.com

| WEB EB B : www w.takex.com w takkex com www.takex.com

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Samsung Techwin

here is an almost countless number of existing analogue CCTV installations where the users may now wish to capture high resolution identification grade images which their existing analogue cameras cannot deliver, and yet the users are not ready for various reasons to migrate to a network based solution. Samsung Techwin has therefore introduced its new Beyond 1280H series of analogue cameras (1000TVL) and DVRs that are interoperable with the many thousands of existing analogue CCTV systems across Europe. The new cameras and domes are equipped as standard with a long list of innovative and technically advanced features which until now, users might have only expected to see built into IP network cameras. Collectively the eight new models are designed to offer solutions for a wide range of applications and environments from offices, retail stores, schools and hospitals and warehouses, to more challenging environments such as airports, ports, transport facilities, car parks and town centres. To ensure that customers can gain maximum benefit from the outstanding quality images captured by the eight new analogue models, Samsung Techwin has also introduced new high performance 4, 8 and 16 channel Beyond DVRs which can simultaneously record the extremely high quality 1000 TV lines images in real time across all their channels. “We have introduced the new Beyond 1280H series of analogue cameras and DVRs in support of those many thousands of CCTV users across Europe who want to cost effectively extend the life of their existing analogue systems,” said Tim Biddulph, Product Manager for the Security Solution division of Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “There is an almost countless number of existing analogue CCTV systems which are working satisfactorily but the end-users may now need identification grade images which their existing analogue cameras cannot deliver. The good news is that the Beyond series is fully interoperable with current, existing and legacy analogue systems.” Many of the new highly competitively priced models feature enhanced Wide Dynamic Range which, with performance greater than 120dB, can accurately produce images in scenes that simultaneously contain very bright and very dark areas. They are also equipped with SSNR IV, Samsung Techwin’s new generation of noise reduction technology, to deliver high resolution images in night time conditions without any smear or “ghosting”. Other key features include various forms of video analytics, and defog which can improve the clarity of images captured in poor weather conditions such as rain, smoke or fog.



1280H technology from Samsung Techwin extends life of analogue systems time across all of their channels, Samsung Techwin has also introduced the 16 channel SRD1656D, which has the ability to record in real time, CIF quality images captured by connected cameras. De-Interlace support on each channel ensures sharp, accurate display of still images. All four new Beyond DVRs, which have a single channel audio output, offer the flexibility to separately configure each of their channels to make best use of the available storage capacity by enabling users to set the specific image quality/resolution required for each camera location. With the exception of the 4 channel SRD476D which has a single internal HDD, the Beyond series of DVRS have four internal SATA HDDs and each provide the option for extra video storage via two external SATA ports. The Beyond DVRs benefit from a new ultra user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) and offer authorised users the option to remotely view live or recorded video from a PC or any Android or IOS supported smartphone or tablet via Samsung Techwin’s license-free SSM, SmartViewer or iPOLiS Mobile monitoring software. A built-in web viewer offers enhanced compatibility via Chrome, Explorer and Safari. The new cameras and domes in the Beyond 1280H series are: • SCB-5003 WDR 1280H bodied camera • SCB-5000 1280H bodied camera • SCD-5083 WDR 1280H Dome Camera • SCD-5080 1280H Dome Camera • SCV-5083 1280H WDR Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera • SCV-5080 1280H Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera • SCD-5083R 1280H WDR IR Dome Camera • SCV-5083R VandalResistant WDR IR Dome Camera

It is widely accepted that the widespread adoption of IP is inevitable and to reflect this, Samsung Techwin has been developing its open Platform WiseNetIII 1.3MP, 2MP and 3MP camera range, as well as ‘zero configuration’ NVRs which are changing the way we can all work with IP based video surveillance.

Visit www.samsungsecurity.co.uk/ beyondseries to book your ‘Best in analogue’ demonstration.

Beyond DVRs In addition to the Beyond 4 channel SRD-476D, 8 channel SRD-876D and 16 channel SRD-1676D, which can all record 1000 TV lines images in real www.psimagazine.co.uk


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Cost effective security management Designed to meet the challenges of today’s demanding environments, Honeywell’s Pro-Watch security management suite provides the flexibility, scalability and control required for comprehensive security management. Pro-Watch equips organisations with the right tools to protect people, secure assets and ensure regulatory compliance by combining access control, digital video, intrusion and other functions into one powerful system. ro-Watch 4.2 security management system allows integrators to accommodate virtually any access control need in a cost effective way. The system is equipped with expanded support for wireless locksets, including options from Allegion (AD-400 Series), Assa Abloy (Aperio Line), and Salto (Sallis and SVN), that enable the system to protect previously hard-to-reach doors and locations. By supporting biometric readers from Suprema Entertech Systems (BioEntry Plus and BioStation T2) and MorphoTrak (Sigma Series), Pro-Watch 4.2 can provide additional security in higher-risk areas where multi-factor authentication is required. Along with the wireless locksets, the biometric options help create a costeffective, less-complex access control system that is easier for new users to learn. The Pro-Watch 4.2 system uses an open platform to easily integrate with other disparate building and security systems. Pro-Watch 4.2 is compatible with Honeywell’s Vindicator® Intrusion


Detection systems – which are commonly used at high-profile, critical infrastructure sites – and gives users control of intrusion, access control and video surveillance systems via a common interface. By integrating several buildings systems with ProWatch 4.2, integrators save time and money previously allocated to repairs and software upgrades while also providing users with a more efficient platform. The system’s layered security extends to third party solutions and uses embedded software to limit downtime and provide users with instant notification if a security alarm or event occurs. A drop-in board replacement for Mercury-based systems more easily transitions legacy readers and access equipment over to the updated platform without replacing existing hardware.

Pro-Watch 4.2 is available in four editions: • Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition is designed for global enterprises and multiple locations with unlimited users and doors. • Pro-Watch Corporate Edition accommodates mid-size to large applications, five or more users and over 96 doors. • Pro-Watch Professional Edition provides complete functionality for organisations with up to five users and 64 doors. • Pro-Watch Lite Edition offers basic functionality for organisations with up to 32 doors, on Pro-Watch series panels. Badging not included.

By integrating several buildings systems with Pro-Watch 4.2, integrators save time and money previously allocated to repairs and software upgrades while also providing users with a more efficient platform www.security.honeywell.com/uk 12


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From darkest to brightest. AXIS Q1615/-E Network Cameras. AXIS Q1615 and AXIS Q1615-E find the balance in high-contrast conditions with WDR-Forensic Capture and discover the details hidden in the dark and bright areas at the same time. And when the cameras are subject to tough vibrations, the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) function greatly improves video quality.


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Peace of mind protection For over 50 years TAKEX has provided active infrared detection devices for industrial, commercial and domestic installation. In this time they have developed a patented combination of technologies to provide the most reliable pointto-point active infrared detection units available...


s the challenges and demands of an external environment are so much greater than internal, different products and technologies need to be considered. External detectors need to combine reliability with peace of mind. The fundamentals of an active infrared beam are simple; a transmitter emits a signal, a receiver recognizes that signal, and a break in the signal causes the receiver to report an alarm. The stability of this signal is paramount to the reliability and effectiveness of the system. Most light sources emit a spectrum of light that includes infrared. This means successful beams must be able to discriminate their transmitted signal from other light sources. TAKEX were the first company to develop and patent a double modulated signal that does not occur naturally or


by chance, ensuring better discrimination & reliability. Every receiver uses a filtration circuit to remove background noise, providing a clean signal for processing and validation. PhaseLocked Loop circuitry continuously monitors the signal strength to optimise the performance, and on the intelligent HF models, AutoGain Control & Auto-Gain Lock allow the receiver to increase sensitivity by up to 300% to maintain integrity, even if 99% of the signal is lost, whilst also warning the system of possible issues. In a world filled with competing IR sources such as headlights, remote controls, IR camera illuminators / floodlights, combined with harsh environments including torrential rain, snow, fog and direct sunlight, installers have proved time and again that there can be no compromise to ensure success, making TAKEX beams the choice of professionals worldwide.

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owerG is Visonic's patent-pending, revolutionary wireless technology for burglar alarm systems. It literally redefines the reliability of wireless intrusion alarms. PowerMaster-33 G2 is a distributed wireless security, safety and control system. It is suitable for SME / light-commercial usage and for residential customers who want concealed alarm system. It provides outstanding wireless functionality with all peripherals. PowerMaster-33 G2 utilises Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology and a full two-way synchronised TDMA wireless network, for streamlined communication and improved channel efficiency. With a huge transmission range of 2000m (6500ft) line of sight, it covers significantly larger premises than traditional systems, without repeaters. The panel can be installed out of sight, which should be appealing to customers looking for a discreet solution for their security requirements. Accommodating more than 120 wireless devices including up to 64 zones, up to ten KP-250 PG2 keypads plus 32 keyfobs, eight sirens and four repeaters the panel is capable of bringing flexibility to any installation. Furthermore with optional GSM/GPRS/IP modules and the extensive range of PowerG peripherals for every application, installers can be confident that the PowerMaster-33 G2 can be recommended for a wide range of jobs. The benefits are not all for the user however as the system is easy to install with remote configuration and diagnostics with system status indications. All devices are configured from the wireless keypad and the unit also offers the benefits of SirenNet so that when an alarm occurs — whether triggered by burglar, fire, panic, or safety devices — all installed smoke detectors leverage their built-in buzzers to sound the alarm. This is a powerful cost-saving and lifesaving application for large homes and commercial sites. In the event of a fire, SirenNet provides the optimal warning for clearing the premises before the fire spreads. In the event of an intrusion, the activation of multiple sirens makes it impossible to shut down the alarm by vandalising the sirens, effectively scaring off the burglar. In terms of signal robustness, there are always concerns about the security of wireless signals so customers will be interested to know that the PowerMaster-33 G2 uses highly secured AES-128 encrypted wireless communication which surpasses the most demanding industry standards. Environmentally-conscious customers will also be pleased to find out that the panel uses adaptive transmission power which saves energy and significantly extends battery life. But the features and benefits of PowerMaster33 G2 do not end there…..



PowerMaster-33 G2 – flexible distributed wireless security re-open the peripherals once closed. • Customised configuration templates enable configuration of the devices collectively. • Visible signal quality indication shown on the device – Enables the installer to choose the optimal location without having to walk to the panel during installation. • Powerful diagnostic tool indicates RF link quality, based on the previous 24 hours’ statistics and on-demand bi-directional measurements, displaying immediate problems and enabling verification of the installation during house setup.

Benefits for Central Monitoring Stations

Using Visonic’s revolutionary PowerG network technology, PowerMaster-33 G2 fully answers the most demanding requirements facing the security industry today, as well as the challenges of tomorrow

• Remote enrolment, configuration and review of all peripherals in the system. • Initiate remote walk test with assistance from anyone in the house. • Remote diagnostics of wireless connection and RF link quality for all peripherals – Based on the previous 24 hours’ statistics and ondemand bi-directional measurements.

Benefits for the Environment • Two-way, synchronised, spread spectrum communication eliminates unnecessary retransmissions. • Typical 5-8 years’ battery life for all peripherals. • Minimum power consumption and pollution due to adaptive transmission power that is determined according to the distance from the panel and level of RF interference. Essentially the PowerMaster-33 G2 is the ideal control panel for residential and SME markets, installers and the Environment.

Accommodating more than 120 wireless devices including up to 64 zones, up to ten KP-250 PG2 keypads plus 32 keyfobs, eight sirens and four repeaters the panel is capable of bringing flexibility to any installation

Benefits for the Installer • Special enrolment button on each device simplifies enrolment procedures. • All devices are configured from the keypad and panel – No hardware switches and no need to www.psimagazine.co.uk

www.visonic.com 15

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Leading the market

A total surveillance solution As the proliferation of IP and HD systems has grown, installers and end-users continue to report frustration with the many challenges presented by an overly fragmented and unnecessarily complex surveillance marketplace. IDIS, noting not only this complexity, but the associated compatibility issues and loss of functionality across various products and individual devices, developed DirectIP: the industry’s first true ‘onestop-shop’ HD surveillance solution from a single source provider. The DirectIP framework and integrated Video Management System (VMS), bundled at no additional cost, allow simple, low cost installation and ease of use previously only associated with analogue systems.

Benefits include:


In less than two years, Korea-based IDIS has cemented its reputation as a global innovator in the security and surveillance marketplace.

ince launching IDIS Europe at IFSEC 2013— where the manufacturer introduced the world to its game-changing, total surveillance solution, DirectIP™—IDIS has aggressively grown its footprint, and won industry accolades for innovation at every step of the way. IDIS and its DirectIP™ total solution have quickly emerged as a credible industry innovator and market leader. At IFSEC 2014 in London, IDIS further extended its commitment to offering the industry’s most complete single-vendor solution, with the introduction of a new range of full-HD and Ultra High-Definition monitors and 4K cameras. End-toend designed and purpose-built for security and surveillance operations, the new range of monitors and cameras led the show, and the industry, to take notice. The new range of monitors prove a worthy extension of the boundary pushing innovation that defines the DirectIP™ total solution, featuring the world’s largest security monitor at 98-inches, and slimmest bezel-to-bezel video wall monitor at 3.6mm. Additionally, IDIS’s new 4K cameras offer unrivalled 30 images per second (ips) performance with no visible network latency, delivering DirectIP’s signature image quality at four times the resolution of full-HD.


Simplicity – DirectIP is truly plug and play, offering easy installation and an intuitive user interface, reducing and in many cases eliminating the need for costly installation and integration support, High Performance – DirectIP offers real-time live monitoring and recording with HD resolution and Pentaplex operation to customers, Compatibility – DirectIP is interoperable with ONVIF and compatible with the most popular third party IP camera protocols, legacy systems and external devices, Cost effectiveness – DirectIP offers NVR quality without additional cost, while it lowers installation fees, brings down training costs, requires less maintenance and features low power consumption. An additional benefit is the solution’s unparalleled scalability, making it appropriate and affordable for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Whilst DirectIP’s technology and functionality may have only previously been accessible to large organisations with significant budgets, the IDIS solution is readily available and suitable for the majority of applications, large or small.

The DirectIP framework and integrated Video Management System (VMS), bundled at no additional cost, allow simple, low cost installation and ease of use

Award-winning innovation The new range of monitors and cameras adds to the already impressive scope of the DirectIP™ total solution. Recently named “Technology Innovation of the Year” at the 2014 PSI Premier Awards, DirectIP™ is the industry’s true plug-and-play solution, comprising cameras, monitors, network video recorders (NVR) and comprehensive video management software—all manufactured by IDIS and designed to seamlessly integrate. The unrivalled plug-and-play simplicity, combined with highest-quality performance and industry-leading pricing levels has quickly made IDIS a key player in the European and global surveillance marketplace, but it is IDIS product quality that is gaining the most attention. Earlier this year, Benchmark Magazine ranked the IDIS DR6116P NVR highest in a head-to-head comparison with other industry offerings.



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OPTEX Europe

Performance and easy alignment for perimeter security Active infrared (AIR) detectors have been a preferred method of perimeter detection, especially in an open environment that does not have a security fence or wall, and when installers are looking for an affordable solution for either short or long-range distances.

Introducing SL-beams from OPTEX Europe Active infrared (AIR) detectors have been a preferred method of perimeter detection, especially in an open environment that does not have a security fence or wall, and when installers are looking for an affordable solution for either short or long-range distances. But they have had their challenges. Aligning the beams has often been a lengthy process, and if not done properly has led to problems of false or missed alarms. Reliability has often been compounded by the environments where the beams have been installed. Climatic conditions including sun, rain and fog can also make a difficult situation worse. And when stacked in towers or used back to back to cover a large perimeter, the whole system can become quite complex and there is a risk of cross talk. OPTEX now provides a full range of active infrared beams, with the wireless Smart Line 100m beams launched last year, and nine new, hardwired quad beam sensors available with 60, 100 and 200 metre detection ranges launched this year. What are the advantages of QUAD beams versus twin beams? Quad beams are significantly less prone to false alarms from wild animals or birds and wind-blown debris. For applications in rural areas where animals are roaming around, the QUAD beams technology has proven very reliable. How easy is it to install and align a 100 or 200m beam set? At OPTEX we believe that the most critical issue in implementing active infrared (AIR) beams is the alignment between the transmitter and receiver, especially for longrange operation. Therefore a number of tools and features have been specifically developed to make it as easy as possible. The colour of the beam has been made a vivid yellow colour, and a sniper viewfinder lens has been added, so the pairing beam can be seen at longer distances. Sound signals and LED features will also indicate how strong the signal is between transmitter and receiver. A visual LED signal gauge feature has been added to the receiver for SL-QDP models, and on both the transmitters and receivers for the SL-QDM model. With all these tools in place, an installer should have no difficulty to align long distance beams on their own. Does an installer need any special tool to install the beams?

www.optex-europe.com 18

Most of the tools required are included with the beams themselves; they have an embedded magnifier glass, Sniper View Finder that magnifies by two to make optical alignment easier. Blocking plates are also

provided with the set of beams. The only tool that the installer may need is a Voltmeter. Can the Smart Line beams be affected by cross talk? The channel frequency selection feature, available in the majority of the OPTEX Smart Line models, provides four different channels and is designed to eliminate the risk of cross talk. The only models that do not feature the channel frequency selection are our entry level wired and wireless models, the SL-QN and SLQNR. Are the beams affected by direct sunlight and reflection? All kind of lights can affect the performance of infrared beams, which is why OPTEX took extra care to design a three-layered protection system to ensure it wouldn’t affect the performance of the sensors. Firstly, a filter material is embedded in the front cover to remove visible lights. Then an additional filter ensures that only IR beams from the same wavelength used by the sensor are transmitted. Finally, a light disturbance compensation circuit differentiates between the beams generated by the sensors, or an external light source. Can the beams be installed in towers? They can and OPTEX can provide a full set of wall mounted or free standing towers from 50cm to 3m high. Mounting beams in towers has many benefits; it helps to protect the beams against vandalism and can create a virtual wall by stacking two to three beams sets. Some of the tower housings offer the option to add a light, a camera or additional sensors to provide a complete system. We would recommend that installers read through the beam tower guide available on our website to see the different options. If the beams are used for a lesser range than specified is this going to be a problem? It can cause signal saturation if for instance a 100m beam is used for a 60m-70m application. Having said that our mid- and high-range models, SL-QDP and SL-QDM, feature variable power adjustment enabling the installer to set the level of power and avoid any signal saturation. If the installer chooses the wire free model how long will the battery last? OPTEX advises that installers should use SAFT lithium batteries to get the best battery life expectancy. In average, a transmitter and receiver beam with two batteries each should work for four years before needing replacing. The system notifies when the batteries need changing via the low battery output. With four batteries in each transmitter and receiver, the installer can expect seven to eight years operation. www.psimagazine.co.uk

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Wireless security for how you live your life Ideal for homes and small businesses, the Premier Elite 12-W LIVE and Premier Elite 24-W LIVE feature 8 and 16 Ricochet速 enabled wireless zones respectively. Each control panel contains an on-board LCD keypad to ensure a superior user experience, which also provides access to a new Ricochet learn function for easier programming and faster installations. For added convenience and value, each control panel is available as part of a kit, which can be complimented with a wide range of Ricochet enabled wireless peripherals.

Premier Elite 12-W LIVE Kit GEK-0004 1 x Premier Elite 12-W LIVE 2 x Premier Compact PW-W 1 x Premier Elite Odyssey 3-W Backplate 1 x Premier Elite Impaq Contact-W 1 x Premier Elite Com2400 1 x Premier Elite SmartKey

Premier Elite 24-W LIVE Kit GER-0004 1 x Premier Elite 24-W LIVE 3 x Premier Elite QD-W 1 x Premier Elite Odyssey 3-W Backplate 1 x Premier Elite Impaq Contact-W 2 x Premier Elite SmartKey

Designed & made in the UK by Texecom

Sales: 01706 220460 Visit: www.texe.com

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The most versatile intruder alarm on the market! LightSYS™2 is a truly versatile, professional hybrid security system that offers flexible installations through advanced IP and GSM/GPRS or STU adaptor communication. A perfect takeover panel, it supports wired, two-way wireless and RISCO bus detectors in any combination, saving time and money as detectors can be remotely serviced. T: 0161 655 5555 E:marketing@riscogroup.co.uk W: www.riscogroup.com/uk

The industry is really starting to talk about LightSYS™2. This year it won the PSI Premier Intruder Product of the Year 2014 Award and was a shortlisted finalist in IFSEC’s 2014 Security Excellence Awards


‘We use LightSYS™2 for a range of installations from remote domestic dwellings through to large commercial premises and grand stately homes’ explains Neil from NSS Security Solutions. ‘The cutting edge performance of the panel allows us to provide the best return on investment for our customers as well as delivering on the promises we have made at the design stage. Additionally a great advantage to us as an installer is the backwards compatibility of the panel. We rely on LightSYS™2 to meet a broad mix of domestic and commercial end-user needs.’ Stuart Martin, General Manager of ICOL Security Systems agrees. ‘LightSYS™2 is ideal for large and multi-site applications’ says Stuart. ‘We were recently approached to modernise an existing alarm system in a junior school. Due to the limited budget and asbestos ceilings we

wanted to avoid re-cabling and reuse as much of the existing cable infrastructure as possible. We had used LightSYS™2 in many of our installations before and knew it could provide the perfect solution. The technology allowed us to power the replacement and additional alarm system equipment along existing cables, even on the long corridors of the school, without disturbing the wiring infrastructure. The flexibility of the LightSYS™2 and RISCO Bus technology allowed us to provide a high- performance, cost-effective solution, with minimal operational downtime to the school’s daily routine.’ The industry is really starting to talk about LightSYS™2. This year it won the PSI Premier Intruder Product of the Year 2014 Award and was a shortlisted finalist in IFSEC’s 2014 Security Excellence Awards. Installers and industry chiefs alike are impressed with iRISCO, the smartphone app that enables LightSYS™2 users to remotely monitor their property from anywhere in the world. Using the app or web browser, users can set or unset their system remotely, view a history of events, activate home automation devices, bypass detectors and view their home or business on the go. LightSYS™2 also integrates seamlessly with VUpoint, a brand new, revolutionary live video verification solution. The primary advantage of VUpoint is its simplicity. Plug and play IP cameras are easily and quickly installed with no specialised training required. Cameras can be installed indoors and outdoors both on site and remotely. Powered by the RISCO Cloud VUpoint provides video clips of up to 30 seconds in length and/or snapshots in response to an alarm trigger from an intruder or safety alert. It also provides real time video on demand. The video clips and streaming video snapshots can be viewed by users through, iRISCO or an ARC enabling them to determine if an alarm poses a real threat or is a false alarm. The app also includes a direct line to the local police station or the security service provider, offering users an unprecedented level of security and control. Steve Riley, Commercial Director of RISCO Group UK & Ireland enthuses "We constantly listen to what our customers want and we strive to innovate and devise product solutions that fulfil their needs. Everything we do is about helping the installer sell more, improve their margins and both increase and protect their recurring revenue. We couldn't be prouder of LightSYS™2, it’s a truly unique, versatile security control system that provides flexibility of installation, 50 zones, live video verification, smartphone app and an extensive list of features to enhance both the experience of the installer and the lifestyle of the user. Combining LightSYS™2 with VUpoint takes us beyond security to a solution that provides value added, lifestyle enhancing benefits never seen before from an intruder alarm panel. The possibilities are endless.” www.psimagazine.co.uk

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Above and beyond - introducing the first complete range of cameras and DVRs with 1000 TV lines. Upgrade and expand your analogue (PAL) CCTV system with 1280H technology cameras offering outstanding image quality and technically advanced features: 路

Enhanced Wide Dynamic Range for even greater clarity

Unique SSNR IV noise reduction technology

Easy to configure and even easier to operate

Visit www.samsungsecurity.co.uk/beyondseries and book your demonstration to discover the best in analogue.


Beyond Series - Analogue performance you would never have expected.

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Bosch Security Systems UK

Tracking relevant details of moving objects 24/7 AUTODOME IP cameras offer 1080p, 720p or SD resolution. The high definition models deliver enhanced safety and security whether capturing video in stable lighting, harsh sunlight or in extreme low light. You get round the clock protection regardless of lighting condition.

AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD Get HD video images in extreme low light situations and capture moving objects in 720p HD resolution at up to 60 frames per second. The latest sensor technology combined with the sophisticated noise suppression results in a light sensitivity of 0.052 lux in color mode and even 0.0103 lux in monochrome mode. The camera produces full color images in the dark beyond the point where other cameras have turned to monochrome images. Where others show no image at all, it still delivers detailed monochrome images.

AUTODOME IP dynamic 7000 HD Full 1080p HD resolution, wide dynamic range and intelligent backlight compensation technology ensure that moving objects or those of interest are enhanced and can be easily identified in scenes with simultaneously bright and dark areas, which typically challenge standard cameras.

Content Based Imaging Technology All AUTODOME IP 7000 cameras feature Content Based Imaging Technology. Captured images are tailored to the content of the scene. Depending on movement, varying light intensity, and back and front light fluctuations, the camera settings are continuously and dynamically adjusted. This ensures intelligent tracking and perfect exposure of objects of interest while keeping bitrate at the lowest level. Consequently your storage costs and network strain are reduced significantly without compromising video quality.

Perfect exposure every time uk.boschsecurity.com


When viewing foggy or other low contrast scenes, intelligent defog ensures the camera's visibility is significantly improved. This feature can be active continuously or automatically activated using built-in video analytics. If the camera detects fog, the image contrast is adjusted to ensure improved visibility. As soon as normal viewing conditions return, the camera settings are automatically readjusted again. Reducing storage costs and network strain Quiet scenes with little or no movement require a lower bitrate. By intelligently distinguishing between noise and relevant information, such as movement, intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (iDNR) reduces bitrate by up to 50 percent. Because noise is reduced at the source during image capture, the lower bitrate does not compromise on video quality.

Never lose track of objects of interest Intelligent Tracking automatically tracks moving objects based on predefined alarm rules or a simple click. By intelligently distinguishing between single and multiple reference points, it provides uninterrupted tracking with optimal image capture by dynamically adjusting the field of view.

Advanced Intelligence The AUTODOME IP 7000 family features built-in Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA). This helps you focus on relevant situations by alerting you when needed. IVA also adds sense and structure to video data through metadata — allowing quick retrieval of relevant images from hours of stored video. Metadata can also be used to deliver irrefutable forensic evidence or to optimize business processes based on people counting or crowd density information. With the ability to simultaneously combine 8 of the 15 available IVA rules, complex tasks are made easy and false alarms are reduced to a minimum.

24/7 remote access and camera control Dynamic Transcoding delivers smooth live video and access to HD images when needed, regardless of available bandwidth. Use the free Video Security app on your mobile device to access camera controls, live video streams, and HD images. This gives you full camera access and control everywhere, and at any time. The AUTODOME IP cameras are fully supported by Dynamic Transcoding in combination with either one of the Bosch DIVAR IP recording solutions or a Bosch VIDEOJET.

Designed for ease Tested tough for reliability The most comprehensive and rigorous battery of endurance tests in the industry assures AUTODOME cameras deliver years of reliable operation. Housings resist vandalism, water ingress, corrosion, ultraviolet rays, and impact. A heater/blower prevents fogging down to –40°F (–40°C). The cameras are exceptionally easy to install. Pre-terminated, color-coded wiring and a quick connect system between the camera and mount make AUTODOME cameras faster to install than other pan-tilt-zoom dome cameras. High Power over Ethernet provides power directly to IP models without additional cabling. AUTODOME IP cameras work seamlessly with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch and many other industry providers. This is backed by ONVIF conformance and the Integration Partner Program (IPP), which gives developers immediate access to software development tools to easily integrate Bosch products with third-party systems. www.psimagazine.co.uk

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SL-QDM mode

Quad beam AIR technology, because your line of work needs a line up that works OPTEX’s new perimeter security line-up features 60m, 100m and 200m IR Quad beams and includes dual-modulation models. A number of clever tools have been developed to ensure ultimate alignment between beams for best catch performance and minimum nuisance alarms. For more information call +44 (0)1628 631 000 or visit www-optexeuropecom/sl-beams


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Network Video Technologies (NVT)

NVT TBus® IP transmission range Network Video Technologies (NVT), have released their new range of high-performance TBus® UTP/Ethernet over Coax transmission products.

ffering installers and designers a flexible, simple and cost-effective ‘any distance’ transmission solution, versus traditional IP products, the new range of IP transmission devices utilises NVT’s unique Transmission Bus (TBus) technology.



Providing the backbone communications architecture for the new range, TBus products can be used with any cable media. TBus supports coax, UTP, 18/2, 2-wire (un-twisted wire) and STP (shielded twisted-pair), including any combination of star, peer-to-peer, or daisy-chain cabling topology. In addition to Ethernet transmission, TBus technology can deliver 56VDC power for remote transceivers and their remote PoE devices (IP cameras, etc.). Loads of up to 1 amp are possible supporting High Power PoE+ devices up to 50 watts. "The new range of TBus products provides customers with a cost-effective solution to migrate to IP based surveillance. With TBus, IP cameras can be deployed over UTP or coax cable, and at distances and power supply levels far beyond that achievable with conventional IEEE 802.3ab standard based IP/PoE," says Guy Apple, VP Marketing & Sales, NVT Inc. "NVT’s advanced TBus transmission and power technology provides ultra-robust connectivity for all IP cameras, including megapixel. Bringing cost and performance benefits for brand new or existing surveillance installations, NVT’s TBus technology offers an easily deployable route to IP surveillance." TBus transmitters include the single-port NVET1801 and the 4-port NV-ET1804. TBus receivers include the 4-port NV-ER1804, 8-port NV-ER1808i, and 16-port NV-1816i. The 8 and 16-port receivers are 1U rack-mountable, and contain browserbased management tools. Offering installers and end-users peace-ofmind, the new range of TBus IP transmission devices is also fully covered by NVT’s Limited Lifetime Warranty & Advance Replacement policy.

"NVT’s advanced TBus transmission and power technology provides ultra-robust connectivity for all IP cameras, including megapixel” 24


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Opens doors to easy installation Aliro – IP access control – not complication

When you’re installing IP Access Control the last thing you need is anything that slows you down or trips you up. Time, after all, is money. That’s why we’ve made Aliro as simple to set-up as it is to specify – so you can get in, get everything done, and get straight onto the next job. Its display panel walks you through every installation, each Access Point is pre-configured out of the box, and plug-and-play makes every single set-up straightforward. A one-door, one-controller, system with Ethernet and RS485 connections for flexibility, and web based software for easy administration – Aliro is new, sophisticated and secure. And loved by end users. Aliro – Your way in


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Paxton Access

Paxton secures 383 school doors Eleven schools have been secured in Rochdale using access control technology from Paxton

uilding Schools for the Future is a nationwide scheme and the largest school building programme since the 1800s: worth £55bn, the Labour government’s aim was to rebuild or refurbish every secondary school in the UK. Rochdale Council implemented a five year plan from January 2010 to December 2014 for 11 schools, costing the local borough council £160m. Every school had to comply with the local educational authority’s regulations for securing children and staff. Capita Managed IT Solutions were awarded the Rochdale Building Schools for the Future contract in 2010. They are the UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions.


Requirements www.paxton-access.co.uk

Type of site: 11 Secondary Schools, including Special Educational Needs and a Behavioural Difficulties Educational College Location: Rochdale, UK Number of doors: • 383 doors (across the 11 sites) Solution required: • Ensure pupil and staff safety • Restricted access to visitors, i.e. deliveries • Networked security solution to control the movement of children during lesson time


Andrew Tupman, Project Manager at Capita Managed IT Solutions, says: ‘Each of the BSF schools in Rochdale had very different Result: • Quickly installed needs and budgets • Customer confidence to work with. It was using the solution an authority • Timezones feature in requirement for all Net2 software allows of the schools to children, teachers and secure every parents to come and go external door, with freely during morning anything additional breaks and home time at the school’s • Integration with Milestone creates extra discretion. One features and CCTV event school opted to logging secure every Paxton products used: classroom, • Net2 plus amounting to over • Net2 pro software 150 doors. Paxton • Net2 Entry standard provided the perfect panels solution for this • Net2 PaxLock with their wireless Integration: and networked Net2 • Milestone IP CCTV PaxLock.’

Solution Net2 PaxLock is a wireless access control unit in a door handle, combining networked security with a stylish proximity reader. The simple design means that it can be easily retrofitted in place of a standard handle. Net2 PaxLock wirelessly communicates with Net2 software, reporting events back to the server PC, meaning that student activity can be easily monitored. Net2 software is a networked access control system that benefits from the advantages of central control from one PC, event reporting and flexible control over users’ access. Each secured door is part of a network but can run independently making its own decisions and remembering events. Users of Net2 can also benefit from additional features like custom days, ideal for schools adapting access permissions for one off occasions like open days and parents’ evenings. Capita Managed IT Solutions integrated the Net2 software with Milestone. Milestone systems produce IP video management software that integrate with Net2 and allows users to manage CCTV and access control in unison. The benefits of this include features such as alerts when a door forced event is received and event tracking through the Milestone software with the relevant footage stored.

Result Maxine Parratt, Network Manager from Kingsway Park High School one of the 11 schools, says: ‘If an external door is forced at any time of the day I receive an email alert so I am informed immediately, it offers great peace of mind for the safety of our pupils and is a preventative for any potential pupil truancy.’ Net2 is ideally suited to the growing schools within BSF, the system is easily scalable with up to 1,000 doors on one network. Andrew Tupman says: ‘Kingsway Park High School originally wanted 20 doors, after Maxine discovered how well the Paxton products worked she came back to us for additional doors and feature solutions.’


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VUpoint Live Video Verification Available Now! LIGHTSYS 2 TM



Utilising RISCO IP cameras and cloud connectivity, ectivity, y our highly cost effective VUpoint solution iss designed for use with our award winning LightSYS™2 and Agility™3 intruder alarms. • Live video upon event and on demand • Multiple triggers from detectors, events, safety, panic and more • Simple plug & play installation with no specialised training required

To watch our short video about VUpoint

TEXT VUPOINT to 60777*

riscogroup.com/uk RISCO Group UK | Tel: 0161 655 5555 | Fax: 0161 655 5501 | E-mail: marketing@riscogroup.co.uk *

Texts charged at standard network rate



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Continuous development; forward thinking wireless Undoubtedly wireless intruder systems have changed the face of the security industry. The technology has come a long way from the crude systems of a few decades ago, and now is becoming a real alternative to wired systems. www.pyronix.com

The multi award winning two-way wireless Enforcer 32WE was developed with the installer in mind at every step of the development process


n the three years since its launch, the two-way wireless Enforcer 32-WE has continued to grow and expand, to now offering an integrated and scalable solution for both wireless and hybrid installations. The multi award winning two-way wireless Enforcer 32-WE was developed with the installer in mind at every step of the development process. Innovative features such as Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) and one push to learn buttons on all wireless devices minimises installation time, saving time and money for the installer. Added security benefits such as two-way communication and Instant Two-way Device Control (ITDC) decrease false alarms, whilst keeping the system secure and maximising battery life. But the benefits of Enforcer technology doesn’t just stop at the panel. Integration and scalability have been maximised, ensuring installers can benefit from the Enforcer technology on EURO wired installations as well. The wireless zone expander, EURO ZEM32-WE, allows up to 32 wireless devices to be used on the EURO range – expandable to 96 on the EURO 162 – giving unparalleled usability and flexibility. The imminent release of the Universal Receiver (UR2-WE) will also allow the Enforcer range to be used on other manufacturers wired control panels, meaning you can still use the Enforcer accessories even for those stubborn wired takeovers which need expanding. The wide variety of wireless accessories in the Enforcer series caters for a range of applications. Fully wireless dual technology detectors with a battery life of greater than 2 years sets a new


benchmark in the market for wireless systems. A full complement of shock and magnetic contact detectors, as well as safety sensors such as integrated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors help to elevate the perception of professional wireless systems in the market to being more than just residential, but for commercial applications also. Whilst the market for wireless alarm systems in expanding, the every changing technological environment means that continual product development is key to remaining ahead of the curve. As the world becomes more connected, people want more than the traditional alarm system. The market is evolving, and functionality that was once considered additional, is now becoming expected. Integration with new technologies and features opens up greater possibilities for wireless technology, away from the traditional applications. This is also true of the Enforcer; the continual development of the product and technology has led Pyronix to news of its next generation of Enforcer. Incorporating Cloud technology and new Android and iOS apps, users will have better control and visibility of their home system. The new Enforcer systems will communicate with the PyronixCloud over IP, and directly with the new HomeControl+ app, allowing secure control of the system from remote locations anywhere in the world. Communications will be 256 bit encrypted, ensuring the highest levels of security. Users systems will also be accessible via the PyronixCloud, allowing the master user to activate and deactivate apps should the smart phone be compromised. Integration with internal and external cameras will also be available, giving home owners the ability to look into their properties from the app. News of further integration will see the new Enforcer integrating with appliances and devices in the home, giving a holistic approach to home systems, all controlled through the same app. Pyronix is paving the way in the future of wireless systems, pioneering the use of new technologies to provide a better product offering for the next generation of home systems. The benefits that the Enforcer brings for both the installer and end user have helped to elevate the wireless intruder market, setting new benchmarks for reliability, usability and functionality.


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Our focus is to make darkness totally visible

Maximize performance in low light Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could rely on clear and relevant images regardless of the lighting conditions? With the DINION IP starlight 8000 MP camera, Bosch offers a new quality standard in round-the-clock video surveillance. Regardless of lighting conditions, time-of-day or object movement, the camera delivers relevant IP video 24/7. With its impressive technical specifications, this is the ultimate 24/7 camera. Learn more at uk.boschsecurity.com

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Security Products from Siemens

Access all areas T

Matt Haynes, Global Access Control Specialist at Security Products from Siemens, explains why IP access control system specification, installation and maintenance has never been easier.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Matt Haynes, Security Products for Siemens, T: 01291 437920; E: matt.haynes@siemens; or visit www.siemens.co.uk/ securityproducts


he IP revolution has had a dramatic effect on the physical security equipment industry, allowing the development of new technologies that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. When it comes to access control, tokens and smartcards are replacing traditional locks and keys, providing innovative electronic security that operates over a local area network (LAN). Everything from getting into your car to withdrawing money from a cash machine is protected, at least in theory, by some form of access control. For organisations of all sizes, controlling access into and around a building is a vital part of any security strategy that is designed to keep people, property and assets safe. However, it can be difficult to monitor exactly who is going in and out of a building, even if there is a manned guarding or reception facility. IP access control technology means that not only can this be managed, specific personnel can even be granted or denied access to certain areas at different times, making it not only good for security but also, in some environments, for health and safety. Also, in the event of a theft, it is possible to pinpoint exactly who was where. The proliferation of IP based technology has opened up a new world of opportunity for security installers and modern day access control systems can be installed really quickly, thanks to ‘plug and play’ design and yet still provide a very sophisticated level of operation. Not only that, IP access control technology has seen dramatic reductions in price over the past few years due to the increasing levels of competition between manufacturers and the seemingly boundless progression of the technologies used. The latest state-of-the-art systems offer an

entirely multifaceted access control experience from both installer and end user perspectives, and are easy to configure and operate. Just as importantly, they have virtually unlimited system expansion capabilities which, in turn, offers an abundance of cost saving and centralisation benefits. This scalability also means that there is no need for an expensive financial outlay, as existing systems can simply be added to, offering end users the benefit of knowing that the cost of their system will be proportional to the number of doors they need to control. Every organisation is different, and even within a single building there can be many different requirements. The best kind of access control solution is flexible, robust and user friendly, and next generation entry level systems are designed to suit a wide range of applications – from shops and offices to schools and health centres. When considering a system, it is advisable to choose one with a flat system architecture that has easy-to-use Internet based software and intuitive mobile applications that enable system management from almost any device, such as the Aliro system recently launched by Security Products from Siemens. Similarly, some cost effective systems even have MiFare card readers with integrated LED screens to facilitate cardholder interaction by displaying messages based on a user’s individual credentials. The process of software configuration is also much easier than most installers might have been used to as, once the software is installed on a single PC, it routinely detects the access point units in the system and automatically allocates IP addresses to them. Software configuration is then completed using intuitive guided tasks, making system set up quick and convenient. Even the access points are preconfigured for standard applications, making them ready to use straight out of the box, and contractors can easily modify the standard configuration to meet specific customer requirements. It is worth noting that multiple system integration will continue to be a key market driver and the benefits are undeniable, whether at point of construction or as part of an IP migration strategy. An access control system can act as a centralised security management system, delivering a powerful command and control platform to manage multiple system alarms. The IP access control market is expanding rapidly – just as end users are becoming ever more security conscious. All installers should be reaping the rewards from getting involved with this technology which, thanks to the work of leading manufacturers, is now easier than ever to specify, install and maintain. www.psimagazine.co.uk

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Net2 Entry Simple Door Entry from Paxton - Now Even Smarter All NEW Features!

NEW secondary camera integration for extra security

Just 3 components, simply plug together

Units auto detect for easy installation

NEW intruder alarm integration for ultimate convenience

Easy plug and play expansion for large systems

NEW video voicemail

Inbuilt Net2 access control for a complete solution

Contact us today to get started with the simplest door entry system on the market 01273 811011



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COP Security

COP Security Nexus IP surveillance range

Complementing their popular range of analogue and HD-SDI CCTV products, professional trade-only CCTV security products distributor COP Security, has announced the release of ‘Nexus’, a brand new range of IP cameras and NVRs. www.cop-eu.com


einforcing COP’s position as one of the UK and Europe’s leading CCTV distributors, the Nexus IP camera and NVR range offers products suitable for easy installation by those familiar with IP and those new to the technology. Offering Power over Ethernet (PoE), up to 3 Megapixel digital imaging and large storage capability, the high-performance Nexus IP camera range delivers installation flexibility with true ‘Plug and Play’ connectivity. Ensuring compatibility and interoperability between products (regardless of manufacturer), all COP Nexus IP products have been designed to be compliant to ONVIF, the open global standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products. Whether the requirement is for an IR mini dome, vandal resistant dome, IR vandal resistant dome, internal dome or IR bullet camera, each model in the Nexus IP range offers exceptional image quality, in addition to dual streaming and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). All Nexus IP cameras offer a 1.3 or 3 Megapixel options and a large range of lens sizes, including motorised versions controlled via an NVR. The entire range is also equipped with day/night imaging with IR cut, digital WDR and IP66 weatherproof housing. Higher specification Nexus IP cameras include features such as alarms, microphone input and micro SD card support to afford direct backup in the event that a network becomes unstable. Alongside the range of static IP cameras, COP will also be introducing two new high specification Nexus IP IR PTZ domes. Both PTZ


domes feature 2 Megapixel capabilities and offer a 20x optical zoom lens (+16x digital). They also come as standard with powerful IR LED illuminators capable of reaching up to 150m at full power, whilst the top of the range dome also offers an auto tracking feature and wiper. Supporting the range of IP cameras, COP are releasing a range of seven Nexus NVRs. Utilising WD Purple and Re hard drives for the ultimate in surveillance recording, the choice of 4 to 256channel Nexus NVRs feature a stack of highperformance features. These include, PoE with ‘Plug and Play’ setup, Smart Search, PC/Mac compatibility, range of smartphone/tablet apps, and for ease of installation, all NVRs are supplied with Central Management (CMS) software included as standard. Gareth Rhodes, COP’s Sales & Marketing Team Leader says: “COP has achieved significant growth over the past 12 months so this is the perfect time to build on that success with the launch of the Nexus IP range. We are offering everything required for an IP installation and as usual it will be backed by our extensive warranty and support package.” Details of the new Nexus IP camera and NVR range can be found in COP’s new 2014/2015 Pricelist, alongside their entire line-up of analogue and HD-SDI CCTV products.

Whether the requirement is for an IR mini dome, vandal resistant dome, IR vandal resistant dome, internal dome or IR bullet camera, each model in the Nexus IP range offers exceptional image quality


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Expand your opportunities

PowerMaster-33 G2, the perfect solution for small to medium enterprise and residential customers. Expanding the boundaries of security t Add small to medium enterprise customers t Minimize discovery risk - go from obvious to obscure with a hidden panel and vanishing detectors t Broaden vision from intruder-at-the-door to advance warning with a wireless outdoor cam-detector

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PowerG Technology

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A year in review Integrated analytics enhanced cameras Schneider Electric announced in 2014 new capabilities to its Sarix Enhanced Range with SureVision 2.0. New features in the Enhanced Range include Pelco’s integrated analytics suite and ONVIF profile G compliance. The latest advancements and key benefits include the built-in analytics suite using algorithms to monitor scenes continuously and without the risk associated with human error. The Sarix Enhanced Range now also leverages edge storage to store video, audio, and metadata to an SD card directly in the camera for uninterrupted monitoring if the connection to the VMS is lost. SureVision 2.0 technology delivers low-light capability, true wide dynamic range (WDR), and anti-bloom technology and Sarix Enhanced cameras offer up to two full HD full frame rate video (up to 1080p 30 ips) using H.264 compression for optimised bandwidth and storage efficiency and two simultaneous, independently configurable video streams for demanding applications. www.pelco.com/sarix

Hard drives designed for surveillance and security Designed for video surveillance units, Western Digital’s Purple hard drives are available in capacities from 1 TB up to 4 TB. Optimised to withstand the demands of always-on digital PVR, DVR and NVR recording environments, WD Purple hard drives offer low power consumption and performance features typically reserved for enterprise-level storage. Built for easy integration into new or existing video surveillance systems, WD Purple hard drives are designed and tested to surveillance-class standards. Without a current industry standard, WD worked with surveillance partners to develop a proprietary benchmark to define and demonstrate performance in surveillance systems. Tests of WD Purple hard drives, says the company, indicate superior performance to competitive surveillance-class brands of storage, especially as cameras, channel count and workloads increase. products.wd.com/wdpurple


Over the course of the last twelve months PSI magazine has covered the launches of hundreds of new security and safety systems. Some have been outlined elsewhere in this publication, however we thought you might like to see a selection of technologies that also grabbed our attention. Here is our look back at some of the highlights of 2014…. Three sensors with improved functionality In our January 2014 edition we revealed that Hochiki Europe had announced the launch of three new sensors, the ALN-EN, ATJ-EN and ACCEN devices which had a number of features that reportedly improve functionality and reduce false and unwanted alarms. Replacing the ALG-EN photoelectric smoke sensor, the ALN-EN further refined the responsiveness of the company’s High Performance Chamber Technology. Its design minimised the differences in sensitivity experienced in flaming and smouldering fires, providing an optical chamber that was equally reactive to all smoke types and which reduces the possibility of false alarms. The ACB-E heat sensor had been superseded by the ATJ-EN, which incorporated a variable temperature heat element as well as a rate of rise heat element – both of which can be managed from a control panel. This allows either element, or both simultaneously, to play an active part in making the alarm decision. Lastly, the ACC-EN took over from the ACA-E as the company’s flagship multi-sensor. It features three modes, allowing the optical element, the thermal element or both to be active. Like the ALN-EN it also has the distinct advantage of utilising High Performance Chamber Technology. www.hochikieurope.com


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Remote ASD testing system In January 2014 we revealed that Detectortesters had announced the release of Scorpion, a remote test solution for point smoke detectors and Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems. Testing of hard to access smoke detectors and ASD systems had historically been a challenging task; often attracting high costs and significant disruption or even worse leaving detectors untested. Scorpion is a micro smoke generator permanently installed adjacent to a detector or adjacent to a sampling hole on an ASD pipe – typically at the end of the run. The smoke generator is connected to a Scorpion control panel mounted at a convenient, easy to access location at ground level. Functional testing of the detector is then easily achieved using the Scorpion control panel. Installations to date have included lift shafts, ceiling voids, IT server rooms, warehouses, and archives. www.detectortesters.com

Easy retrofit global readers Last year, Stanley Security launched the Oneprox GS3 range of Global Readers for access control systems. The GS3 Readers come in both low frequency and multi technology models and are compatible with the PAC KeyPac, Wiegand and Stanley’s own access cards or tokens. The multi technology readers also work with Mifare / DESfire EV1 cards or tokens and, with Stanley’s Ops feature, can be secured using 128-bit encryption. Using the Ops feature means a proprietary code is applied to the card / token which, along with the card’s CSN (card serial number), can only be read by a Oneprox GS3-MT Reader for effective security. The readers can reportedly be retrofitted with ease, allowing for simple migration of existing users onto new or additional access controlled doors. The GS3 readers provide Class 3 wall tamper option compliant to UL 294 and ULC S319, enabling connection of the reader to any intrusion system that requires an arm / disarm reader. This feature allows for one token / one reader range to secure the entire building, as opposed to requiring an extra token and reader solely for the intruder alarm system, for both convenience and added


NVR for easy migration Vista announced the launch of its new Quantum NVR, described as simple to use, with the look and feel of a DVR last year. The Quantum NVR provides full HD 1080p recording with up to 12TB of internal storage. Auto discovery and IP address setting of VK2 cameras makes the unit simple to set up. The NVR is compatible with all Vista VK2 cameras and comes with QCMS software that can communicate with any QNVR or H.264 Quantum DVR – an ideal solution for providing hybrid systems. The unit can also be controlled via the current VKBD4 joystick keyboard for remote operation and fluid dome control. Designed to look and feel like a standard Quantum DVR, the Quantum NVR helps installers and end users simplify the switch from analogue to IP. Easy to both install and operate, it is particularly relevant for estates currently using Quantum DVRs that want to move to an IP-based system. www.vista-cctv.com security. Accordingly, they are approved to BS EN 50131-1 and BS EN 50131-3 for intrusion and hold-up alarm systems. www.stanleysecurity.co.uk


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10x zoom option in 960H domes A remotely operated, 10x zoom option in Grundig’s 960H, analogue, vandal-resistant mini domes (GCA-C2357V) and bullet cameras (GCA-B2357T) was revealed in early 2014. Both cameras use a 3.8 to 38mm autofocus zoom (AFZ) lens, with a viewing angle of 5.5° to 50°. The vandal-resistant dome option also features ‘U’ form IR LED illuminators it is UVV Kassen Certified – a German accreditation, which allows the camera to be used in banks. The cameras are both true day/night and use the Sony 1/4" CCD, 960H, Ex-view HAD II sensor. This produces image resolutions of up to 700TVL in black and white and 650TVL in colour modes. Both cameras are IP66 rated and operate in ambient temperatures as low as -25°C, without needing a heater. A wide dynamic range (WDR) feature has improved scene contrast and high light compression (HLC) removes over-exposed parts of a scene altogether. Each camera has 8 polygonal privacy zones, 12vDC or 24vAC power options, multi-language menus and RS-485 remote set up. www.grundig-security.com

Thermal camera for low-light or zero-light use DVTEL released ioimage Thermal, a new line of thermal cameras in PSI March 2014. Available in fixed and pan-tilt versions, the cameras feature video analytics to deliver image interpretation and comprehension for customers requiring detection in low-light or zerolight environments. Powered by DRS Technologies the cameras can be integrated with existing surveillance systems. The ONVIF Profile-S-


Dedicated network for security systems ProtectNet is a solution launched by Beaming that we covered in PSI in February 2014. It had been designed to tackle some of the issues encountered by the security sector when it comes to accessing information over a network. For example, not only do connections between CCTV cameras and Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) need to be reliable and secure at all times, often third parties who are based off site – such as alarm installers and equipment manufacturers – may need to access the network remotely. Opening up the network historically could have meant exposure to external threats. This, said the company, had called for a solution to provide security companies with the peace of mind that their network was safe and it was only being accessed by authorised personnel. ProtectNet is set up so that only authorised staff can remotely access the network without jeopardising any security or exposing any data to anyone outside of the organisation. www.beaming.biz compliant ioimage Thermal camera is the first product in the line of edge-based surveillance devices from DVTEL that are optimised to work in low-light conditions. The infrared detector allows ioimage Thermal devices to detect the energy (or heat) that all objects, structures and people emit. This approach, said the company, enables a more consistent image than traditional cameras in harsh environments, such as those affected by fog, haze, smog, smoke, rain and extreme variances in temperature. The new thermal line is compatible with the entire DVTEL IP-based technology portfolio and is scheduled to be available in early 2014 through DVTEL’s network of authorised resellers. www.DVTEL.com


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Door holders triggered by alarm Vimpex introduced a wireless magnetic door holder that is triggered acoustically when fire alarm sounders are activated to us in 2014. No external wiring is required and a pair of standard 'C' cell batteries provides power for more than a year. Battery life indication and low battery warning allows batteries to be changed during normal maintenance. Digital technology learns the sound of the building’s fire alarm and the unit can be programmed for regular daily releases, e.g. to release at night and resume holding in the morning. This function is particularly useful in day-care centres, care homes and residential homes. With a 200N holding force even heavy fire doors can be easily held open. A manual release button is also included. Mounted onto a fixed surface, the door holders ensure retention of the fire door by means of a metallic keeper plate. Interfaced with the fire alarm system, the door holders are deenergised as soon as the fire is detected thus releasing the door without any harmful delay. www.vimpex.co.uk

Energy saving mini speed dome series Dahua introduced the Eco-Savvy 2Mp full-HD 12x network mini speed dome series (SD40/42/42C212S-HN) last year, maintaining the Eco-Savvy three low functionalities — low streaming, low consumption and ultra low-lux as it is based on Ambarella platform. From test reports the bit rate is less than 4Mb/s during encoding@1080p, and less than 2Mb/s@720p; meanwhile its frame rate is up to 60fps@720p, making it easier to spot every move and detail of the object in high-speed motions. In addition, compared with the previous camera generations, each camera of the new platform can save over 50kW/h energy annually. The mini speed dome series employs inhouse block camera, which is of all-in-one design, having video, audio, alarm, network and SD card interfaces embedded as a whole. The series supports 12x optical zoom, its view angle ranges from 4.64 degrees to 51.3 degrees, managing to cover wider domains under surveillance. The smart eye function realises instant focus with zero latency, enabling quick response. The series also supports max 300° pan speed, PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) and conforms to the ONVIF protocol. www.dahuasecurity.com

Transmitter converts devices to wireless HD-SDI product range and accessories Last year, Santec introduced a product range for video surveillance using HD-SDI technology. The HD-SDI products included HD-SDI cameras, camera sets and speed domes. Moreover, a new SanStore HD-SDI recorder was launched which featured auto detection at D1, 960H and HD-SDI (1080p, 720p). The recorder is available as 4-channel, 8channel or 16-channel model and is equipped with up to 4TB storage. Regarding cables, Santec offers an HD-SDI coax cable for transmitting HD video signals for up to 180 m distances. Matching accessories such as highquality plugs, repeaters and converters are also available. www.santec-video.com


The LGTX434 wireless transmitter module, from Luminite, converts third-party active IR beams, door contacts and other alarm devices to wireless operation. By removing the need for hard-wiring, the transmitter module makes installation quick and simple, with control by Luminite’s Genesis detector system. “The Transmitter Module simplifies and speeds up installation times by using wireless communication,” explains Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite. “Detectors and alarm products can be positioned for optimal detection performance, because they don’t require civil works for installation. Only 3 volt or 12 volt power is needed. 12 volts is for when an external power source is used and 3 volts is for when batteries are used. Battery life depends on battery capacity, but is often 2 years or more.” Up to 64 Transmitter Modules and PIRs can be used in a single wireless system, communicating with a Masthead receiver up to 1Km away. The Masthead is connected by RS232 or Ethernet to a CCTV system. www.luminite.co.uk


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Real time 720p recording of up to 8 IP channels The VideoNetBox II from Dallmeier offers a more open platform than its predecessor model and a number of enhancements. The VideoNetBox II is a compact appliance for the recording of up to 8 IP video channels. With a new, higher performance processor, all eight channels can now be recorded in real-time in 720p and the synchronised components, said the company, also enable very fast memory speed. SMAVIA recording server software for recording audio and video streams is already installed. The corresponding software SMAVIA viewing client allows for the independent and convenient evaluation of the recordings over Ethernet (LAN/WAN). It can be run on devices with a Windows XP / 7 operating system and is included in the VNB II’s scope of delivery. The pre-installed software is designed as an open platform and together with the according licenses, third-party IP cameras with motion detection can be recorded and configured over the ONVIF protocol. If the installation is to include analogue cameras as well as IP cameras in mixed operation, the VideoNetBox II can be expanded with the optional “Analogue Upgrade Kit” for operating as many as eight analogue channels in hybrid mode. www.dallmeier.com

Wire-free CCTV and PIR unit ESP added to its growing range of External Area Protection systems with a wire-free version of its GuardCam last year. According to the company, the GuardCam WF provides an ideal solution for the surveillance and protection of external areas around domestic or light commercial properties. Images are captured by wire-free CCTV cameras built into PIR controlled security lighting units and digitally transmitted to a choice of indoor receivers with integral SD card recording and user controls. GuardCam operates on a 2.4GHz frequency featuring FHSS digital technology to eradicate interference from other wire free devices and provides a range of up to 150m. Up to four transmitters (GuardCam WF-T) can be paired to a single receiver (GuardCam WF-MR with built in 7 inch screen or (GuardCam WF-SAR) for direct connection to a television.it One of the most popular features of the GuardCam range is that they don’t appear to be cameras. Users - especially in domestic installations - may not wish to create a high security prison look to their home. However they are happy to have socially acceptable security lights installed. This semi covert nature of the GuardCam range also fools the intruder. A natural reaction is to look toward the source of a triggered light and therefore also directly into the camera. www.espuk.com


ANPR camera for real-time access Knighthood International launched its integrated Bearbox system incorporating ANPR direct from the camera in PSI April 2014. The unit combines all the camera and real-time processing functions into the unit so that access can be granted in real-time. There is no need for a server or PC and the output can be used direct or passed to the host for reporting and audit trails. The Bearbox technology allows this system to be integrated with any other site system. The Bearbox ANPR system provides a tool for traffic monitoring and can be used in single and multiple formats to control access to multientrance car parks, toll collection, traffic movements at ferry terminals or security. For example, it can allow only pre-registered cars to have access to staff car parks or embassies, combining the entry gate function to the camera’s data collection for an automated, secure response or it can monitor which cars have entered and left a facility and present the data as in hire car depots. www.knighthoodinternational.co.uk


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Connector gel had a re-launch!

IP range in two formats

Connector gel Contralube 770 was relaunched in 2014 with a new formulation that reportedly made the connector gel more effective at weatherproofing electrical, electronic and data connections. The improved formula, said the company, will ensure that security engineers do not experience warranty call-outs due to external power or data connections (digital or analogue) becoming corroded or experiencing water ingress. Recommended for application to multi-pin connectors, spade, bayonet, bullet and any other type of push fit electro mechanical contact area Contralube 770 is a clear gel that prevents moisture ingress (inc. salt water), oxidation and corrosion, contact wear, verdigris and fretting corrosion. The gel was listed as ideal for use with electronic security equipment and has proven beneficial for the prevention of problems with CCTV installations. contralube.com

In 2014 Genie CCTV launched a range of IP surveillance products in two recording platforms (Professional and Performance) and a portfolio of cameras to fit the majority of commercial, industrial and domestic applications. With a minimum of 2.1MP the cameras ensure the capture of full ONVIF conforming 1080p images; and the range includes a Mini PTZ with a 5x Optical Zoom capability. PoE is standard throughout, as is Micro SD Card support – and models with integral Varifocal Lenses come with the Smart Focus feature which allows engineers and operators to remotely zoom a camera in or out – via the camera’s dedicated web page – and the camera then automatically re-focuses. Genie also developed two separate recording solutions, the NVRPRO Professional Range, available with 9, 16 or 32-Channels and the NVRX Performance with 4, 8 or 16-Channels – the cameras can obviously be used with either NVR. www.geniecctv.com

PTZ for low light surveillance

Multi threat fire alarm for complete protection An algorithm within the fire alarm from Panasonic launched last year allows users to detect smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) at the same time. The alarm was designed to be the solution for applications such as theatres with artificial smoke generators, or factory settings where oil mist may be present. Because it only triggers when smoke, heat and carbon monoxide are detected, the Panasonic 4402 promises high reliability in fire detection. The chemical CO sensor lasts for up to five years and, said the company, consumes very little power. In the case of contamination to a smoke chamber within the alarm, or a chemical sensor reaching the end its useful life, a service signal will notify the need of a replacement. The alarm detects smoke using an infrared light LED and a photodiode with two lenses, while a thermistor detects heat and the CO sensor is a chemical type. business.panasonic.co.uk


In May 2014 we covered the launch of JVC’s VNH557U Megapixel non-endless PTZ camera with Super LoLux HD technology. The VN-H557U’s 2megapixel image sensor produces 1920x1080 pixel resolution at 30 fps for full HD imaging performance with H.264 and MJPEG dual streaming. Super LoLux HD technology provides colour sensitivity of only 0.4 lux in full enabling Day/Night operation in colour. Image quality is further enhanced by a high quality 10x optical zoom lens with a focal range of 6.3 to 63.3mm. Total zoom capability is extended to 100x using the camera’s internal 10x digital zoom function. Additional features include PoE, 3D noise reduction, 350° pan/tilt operation, audio communications and on-board SD recording. www.jvc.com/security


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First aid alarm point module Bull Products now introduced a combined first aid alert and call point alarm module for the Cygnus wireless fire alarm system in our June 2014 edition. The first aid alert and call point alarm uses a single battery pack to work across the Cygnus wireless system with a category 1 radio frequency ensuring maximum range. The system has the capability of linking together 480 units in 15 different zones around a site with each then having the capacity to accommodate 32 units. When a first aid alert is raised, each first aid device will beep intermittently every 8 seconds, and a message is sent to the control panel to alert the first aider and can also

Cleaning up the image Cameras that are installed on poles or vehicles often provide jittery video streams due to strong wind or, for speed domes, high zoom factors. In order to solve this problem, all RIVA Full HD cameras include a video stabiliser software license as a standard feature at no extra costs. In addition, RIVA offers two standalone video stabilisers for analogue cameras with D1 resolution of 702x576 pixels. Both solutions are designed for pole or vehicle mounted fix cameras or PTZ cameras with a high zoom factor. Using algorithms such as the analysis of the image background, burntin text and moving objects are ignored automatically. Furthermore, the video delay is with less than 80 milliseconds. The one channel video stabilisers, with analogue in- and output, are installed as plug and play and work at temperatures between minus 20 and plus 60 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the model RS1000A includes an automatic fog reduction control and provides clear images even in misty visibility conditions. www.rivatech.de

trigger a paging system if required. The paging system is wired to the control panel which has a designated output and transmits alert messages to handheld devices carried by first aiders. Similarly, the call point function which is used to raise an alarm, activates all other devices around the entire site, these devices normally situated in prominent places such as main escape routes and fire points. It also has a sounder with an output of 120db and a beacon is incorporated on the face of the alarm for visual alert in excessively noisy areas where ear defenders are worn. www.bullproducts.co.uk

Hard drive built for reliable surveillanceperformance Announced in our August 2014 edition, the Seagate Surveillance HDD is purpose-built for storing and accessing video analytics, improving data integrity and keeping systems in the field longer. A 3.5-inch drive, the Surveillance HDD is available in capacities up to 4TB and can store up to 480 hours of high-definition (HD) content. Designed to scale video storage, the drive now incorporates rotational vibration (RV) sensors enabling it to reliably perform in systems with up to 16 drives, making it ideal for small-tomedium businesses such as casinos or manufacturing plants where bulk storage for HD video and video analytics are highly valued. Designed to support surveillance recordings from a number of cameras no matter their resolution requirements, Surveillance HDD supports up to 32 channels and handles the higher write workloads required by surveillance systems. It also supports the flexibility required to scale a surveillance solution, supporting more data for longer periods of time and meeting industry archive and resolution requirements. www.seagate.com

NVRs meet EU-wide demands In mid-2014 March Networks introduced the 6700 Series Hybrid Network Video Recorders (NVRs) incorporating privacy masking and other privacy protection features to meet varying video surveillance guidelines across Europe. Initially available in 16 and 8-channel models, the 6700 Series recording platform provides hybrid flexibility, supporting any combination of analogue and IP cameras up to a maximum of 16 IP cameras. Its optimised H.264 video compression ensures detailed, HD video and sharp analogue image capture without increasing storage requirements. Designed with channel partners in mind, each 6700 Series Hybrid NVR comes with a unique QR code on the front panel. Technicians working at a customer site can scan the code using March Networks’ free GURU app to access a range of product information and utilities, such as on-the-spot troubleshooting, warranty status and express return material authorisations. www.marchnetworks.com



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Multi-function ASD fire detector

Testing CCTV – without the cameras In 2014, Doo Technologies announced the launch of the Xstream Generator Suite (XsG) which enables users to test network bandwidth, storage capacity and the Video Management System (VMS) prior to installation. The XsG simulates the behaviour of a camera system sending virtual video fluxes through the network to the VMS without needing a live camera. Composed of three complementary applications, the XsG tests a network for a given quantity of cameras and visualises the reactions of the system configuration in realtime. The XsG user is able to view graphs and statistics about the network before proceeding with a system installation. The Xstream Generator Suite is described as an added value for all actors in the integration chain, providing analyses, determining the durability of the system or simply proving the capability of a new CCTV installation. dootechnologies.com

We announced in our July 2014 edition that Fike Safety Technology had introduced a new detector for its TWINFLEX pro two-wire fire alarm system. The Multipoint ASD detector has all of the features of the existing detector, including seven modes of detection and optional built-in sounder. The new detector includes an optional integral strobe, allowing the two-wire installation of an advanced smoke/heat detector, sounder and strobe, in a single device. The Multipoint ASD detector incorporates a new optical chamber for enhancing smoke detection and a simple LED in the base, which flashes when the detector head is removed. This enables users to easily identify which detector is missing even from considerable distance, e.g. in a high-ceiling building. Easier testing and maintenance at height is further simplified as the new head is compatible with the industry standard Solo Detector Tester pole. www.fikesafetytech.co.uk

Best foot forward… Technical industry clothing brand, Helly Hansen Workwear, unveiled a new safety footwear collection in Autumn/Winter 2014. The range was described as “walking the line perfectly between safety, design and performance” and was aimed at security installers looking to smarten up their image. Durability, grip and high abrasion resistance are some of the key features that the collection boasts, ensuring that protection and safety are top of the agenda. Of particular interest to installers could be the Oslo Boa WW shoes. These sporty performance models feature a BOA® lace construction and a Vibram® outsole, which has a rubber core for slip resistance and a TPU frame for durability. The shoes have a WED® (Wire Electricity Discharge) Strobel sole, which allows them to maintain antistatic properties even when the insole is removed or replaced. They also come with lightweight and flexible Enigma Zer® composite nail penetration protection and toe protection. The Olso Boa WW is detailed with a Dualmicro® heel insert for durability. www.hhworkwear.com



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Communicating with light Revealed in 2014, a light-based wireless communication network developed by pureLiFi could become an essential tool for government and business in combating terrorism and

Managing premises via remote access CDVI launched the ATRIUM-100 access control system to the market in PSI September 2014. The system allows a user to manage their premises, via the internet using a smartphone, tablet or web browser. ATRIUM’s embedded


cybercrime. The new system offers a secure way of exchanging information over networks, using light rather than radio waves to communicate between devices. Professor Haas, its inventor and pureLifi Chief Scientific Officer said: “Unlike existing wireless systems whose security vulnerabilities have received extensive media coverage in recent months, pureLiFi’s systems are almost impossible to intercept.” The new light-based communication technology, known as Li-Fi, could provide a substantially increased solution to enhance data security to businesses seeking to improve data protection, from government and defence organisations, to financial, public sector, pharmaceutical, or any ‘high data risk’ industries. Because Li-Fi signals travel in directional beams between an access point and a terminal, and vice versa, a potential interceptor would need to be in the overlapping space of both light beams. Even an unencrypted Li-Fi access point provides better security than Wi-Fi. www.purelifi.com web server gives instant results, and provides control of devices as well as critical reports. Developed on the back of the ATRIUM-10, the capacity has increased from ten to 100 readers, but includes more as CDVI’s MD, Alan Walker, explains: “We launched ATRIUM-10 in 2012 as a basic access control system with the capacity to control ten readers – we needed to gauge how the end user would react to a system that could be managed by the traditional method of a desktop computer running some software, but could equally be managed remotely using the internet. The results over the last two years have confirmed our view that access control, and the management of it, is ready to evolve away from the tradition of a dedicated host computer. The power and speed of the internet, along with evolving IP technology, has created the acceptance that it is ok to “manage on the move”, and ATRIUM-100 is simply taking its place alongside other product sectors which offer remote management technology”. The increase to 100 readers satisfies the capacity requirement and also the demand from installers for features such as CCTV and alarm integration, interlocking, email alerts. www.cdvi.co.uk


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Robot to aid frontline security Last year, EOS Innovation unveiled its ‘evigilante’ robot, an intelligent and autonomous mobile surveillance robot which provides frontline security to companies operating large warehouses and industrial sites, offering security cost reductions, human resources optimisation and increased reactivity. ‘e-vigilante’ was designed to supplement human surveillance, operating in tandem with an off-site security agent, who retains control of the important decision-making process when the robot detects an alert situation or other incident. ‘e-vigilante’ can patrol randomly or follow a pre-programmed round, set up by the remote agent. Equipped with a high-resolution surveillance camera with 360° pan capability, ‘e-vigilante’ saves and transmits audio and video data in real-time whenever an incident is detected. In order to qualify the existence of a security threat, the agent takes control of the robot remotely through a user-friendly interface. An array of dissuasive tactics, such as an alarm sound, flashing lights and voice control, can be used by the agent to combat potential theft from the safety and comfortof

Biometrics custom kit The Custom Kit from ievo lets users incorporate a host of options alongside the standard ultimate and micro fingerprint readers including card reader integration, increased template capacity and Power over Ethernet (PoE) among others. This allows users to effectively create their very own bespoke biometric access control system to suit the needs of specific projects. Customers can tailor their own readers as they require. For instance, if there is already a card reader at the site, customers can replace the card reader with options that let the biometric readers use most pre-existing cards. They can also provide a biometric template on the card, reducing their reliance on a central database. For users wanting to use identification mode (1:N search), ievo offers a standard


a remote location. www.eos-innovation.eu capacity of up to 10,000 fingerprint templates and can be expanded to 50,000 templates. By using PoE to power the control board, reader installation becomes faster, easier and more cost-effective. Wireless or Bluetooth communication can be used instead of a LAN. Now, one control board can handle both an ingress and egress reader reducing overall hardware and installation costs. The unit can be fitted with a Two Line Screen, ideal for time and attendance applications in which users want to see the date and time they scan in and out. These additional functions will not change the look of the standard ultimate and micro fingerprint readers, so users can enhance their access control system without physically altering the product. www.ievoreader.com


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PSI Product Review 2015  

Innovation is essential for the future success of any industry. In the 2015 PSI Product Review we look at the major innovations of the year...

PSI Product Review 2015  

Innovation is essential for the future success of any industry. In the 2015 PSI Product Review we look at the major innovations of the year...