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PSI Magazine AUGUST 2015

August 2015 – £4.00

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Professional Security Installer

MEET THE INSTALLER Christina Powell of Castle Alarms

PSI PREMIER AWARDS 2015 The winners are revealed

PRODUCT TESTS Milestone Husky M10 & DeWalt DCD776C3 Drill

A look at the best new products


August 2015 – £4.00

Self-monitoring security on the move

PSI Magazine AUGUST 2015


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Security Insta ller


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Elephant proof. Our cameras are much tougher than they look. That’s because we don’t just give them a few strikes during testing, as you might expect. Instead, we subject them to about 30 heavy strikes – directly on their weakest spots. Don’t worry though, we keep them away from elephants. It’s just one of the tough tests Axis cameras face, so you can be sure you’ll always get the best image quality and high performance – no matter what’s thrown at them.

Learn more about Axis’ quality assurance work at axis.com/quality

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August 2015 – £4.00

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Professional Security Installer

5 Editorial IT security is far more widespread in its UK usage than electronic security such as CCTV and access control yet the risk of physical attack is seemingly higher

MEET THE INSTALLER Christina Powell of Castle Alarms

6 Industry news News and events from the security and fire industries

11 Appointments We meet some of this month’s movers and shakers

13 Data storage demands This month we talk to Larry Lummis of Seagate about the importance of using the correct technology for surveillance storage and his fondness for British cuisine

PSI PREMIER AWARDS 2015 The winners are revealed

PRODUCT TESTS Milestone Husky M10 & DeWalt DCD776C3 Drill

16 Editor’s Choice The pick of the latest security products available

Our independent product reviewer takes a closer look at the Milestone Husky M10 unit

20 Test - DeWalt DCD776C3


We ask an installer to spend some time with the DeWalt DCD776C3 18V 1.3Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill XR

22 PSI Premier Golf Day 2015 Stapleford Park was the venue for this year’s PSI Golf Day. Here we take a look back at the day and the sporting prowess on display

Self-monitoring security on the move

A look at the best new products

August 2015 – £4.00


18 Test - Milestone Husky M10





Security Installer


Remote and robust? We are currently seeing a lot of technology launches aimed at pairing smartphones and tablets with simple networked devices for remote video, intruder, access, lighting etc. Are there any concerns about people having access to security measures on a remote device?

24 PSI Premier Awards 2015 Following the Golf Day the cream of the industry met up to recognise excellence and innovation in this year’s awards campaign. Find out who won here


39 Smart homes and you What will be the impact of home automation and the Internet of Things on the professional security market? The PSI Panel is in discussion

44 The 4K limiting factor The role of the lens in 4K surveillance is highlighted

46 Raising resolutions We look at all you need to know in order to raise CCTV resolutions for your customers

52 Meet the installer This month we talk to Christina Powell of Castle Alarms

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Illuminate your life

Illuminate your logo, elevate your brand, deliver the highest quality security The new Odyssey X3 brings innovation and a modern twist to external sounders, providing unparalleled performance and extensive features to benefit installers and end users alike.

Odyssey X3 Key Features: • Custom graphic inserts for professional installer branding • A choice of 6 electronic backplate modules • Illuminated X3 cover options • Wired, wireless & dummy versions • White comfort LEDs • A host of installer-friendly features • Designed to comply with EN50131-4

Your new branding awaits...

Sales enquiries: 01706 220460

Order your custom inserts directly from us: www.illuminatedbellbox.com

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Create your Odyssey X: www.psimagazine.co.uk


Money matters It has long been the experience of installers that cost is the deciding factor for many jobs. A report last month showed that there were still plenty of potential jobs out there, but at what price? ast month we ran a News Extra item that seemed to generate quite a buzz on Twitter (catch us at @SecurityDrum). The article in question was the overview of the results of the European Security Barometer conducted by YouGov for Vanderbilt. In the report it was revealed why businesses and homeowners purchased security technology and which types of systems were popular. It was clear from the results that while cyber crime gets a lot of the headlines and is something that large corporations have enterprise-wide policies to deal with, electronic security such as CCTV and access control are fitted mainly for practical reasons with an eye firmly on cost. Companies cannot afford to play fast and loose with data and can, if they lose customer information, be fined heavily for inept security measures. Electronic security on the other hand is not held with such importance by many businesses and the report showed in fact that many British businesses did not have any CCTV, access control or remote monitoring. The comments we saw on Twitter surrounded the opinion that electronic security is still very much a grudge purchase; it will not, in general circumstances, aid any companies with performance or market position. Neither of course will IT security, but there is a mindset that each PC is a window that criminals can open at any time from anywhere and needs to be addressed. Meanwhile the real windows in the building can go unprotected. Typical Tweets we had regarding the results were: “Scary statistics” and “One day business people might realise that security comes first, not last”. For one reason or another data is considered more valuable than pesonnel or property. Despite the fact that the review showed that medium-sized businesses reported a higher number of physical breaches (32%) than cyber attacks (13%) you can bet that more companies in the UK have IT security than electronic security. IT protection is a ‘must have’ while properly installed and maintained electronic security and relevant monitoring appears to be mostly an ‘if the price is right’ decision. The report indicated that price coupled with quality are the most important factors in specifying and purchasing security technology, but unfortunately as price is such a deal-breaker in the security buying process I am sure you have all seen examples of poor installations where the customer has been given a less than ideal service (one such occasion is listed in our ‘Off the Wall’ section this month) because they went with the local likely lad who did the work on the cheap. Will this situation ever change? It is unlikely, as those in other trades also regularly experience. Cowboys undercutting the competition hurts the industry, not just the image of the installer, but also in the money it takes out of the professional market. Perhaps the positive to take from the report is the number of companies that still need electronic security. We can only hope they focus on quality more than price in their decisions one day.

L 1. Choose your cover

2. Create your graphic insert

3. Choose your backplate

Andy Clutton EDITOR 5

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INDUSTRY NEWS Rebranding for 100 in 100 apprentice campaign

Cento’s Brett Ennals, one of the people behind the new security apprentice website

In brief Geoff Teader, Managing Director of Amalgamated, has won the Ian Marsh Award at the 2015 ECA Annual awards. Sponsored by the Fire and Security Association (FSA), the award recognises individuals who demonstrate enthusiasm and selfless concern for the fire, security and emergency systems industry.

Tavcom has reported that it has successfully completed CCTV training for 1,000 students attending the International Centre for Security & Safety (ICSS) at the Dubai Police Academy

Newmark Security has announced its entry into Asia with the opening of Grosvenor Technology Hong Kong.


Since it was founded in 2011, the 100 in 100 apprentice drive has placed over 3,000 apprentices in the sector. The scheme has recently been rebranded Apprentices for Security and a new website www.apprentices4sec.com will be launching to make finding apprentices even easier. Brett Ennals of Cento has worked closely with Simon Banks, Group MD and founder of CSL DualCom to deliver a website that will become a one-stop shop for apprenticeships in security. Brett outlined what visitors can expect to find on the website; “If you are looking for an apprenticeship or seeking an apprentice, this new website has been designed for you. It will provide an opportunity for individuals to register an interest in pursuing a career in security. It will help businesses identify ideal candidates to train as apprentices and fill the skills shortage gap.”

J R Clegg Security acquired by Secura Managament Secura Management, the company behind the Securahomes and Pro-tect Alarms brand names, has acquired JR Clegg Security to sit within the Securahomes group. JR Clegg Security will continue trading under its own name. John Clegg, founder of JR Clegg Security states: “Joining Secura Management and becoming part of Securahomes will enable us to continue selling domestic house alarms, as well as the Securahomes wireless systems to both new customers and our existing customers. The UK domestic alarm market is changing for the better; homeowners are looking for monitored alarm systems that offer complete protection, not just from burglars and intruders, but they are looking for intelligent alarm systems that also help protect them from carbon monoxide poisoning and the dangers of smoke inhalation caused by house fires. Becoming part of Securahomes will ensure we remain competitive, whilst allowing us to offer a range of intelligent monitored alarms.” Martin Mann, owner and managing director of Secura Management states: “JR Clegg Security has a long-standing reputation for

Police using CCTV images on Facebook to catch criminals Would-be criminals are being warned to watch out as police are broadcasting highdefinition CCTV footage on social media. Blackpool South Shore Police have released images from CCTV footage showing a man and woman responsible for distracting and stealing a purse from an elderly lady in an Aldi store in Blackpool. Images of the pair, which were captured on cameras by Hadrian Technology, have appeared on Facebook, with the intention of encouraging local residents to circulate the post in a bid to hunt down the thieves. The images captured in the Aldi store were taken with HD-SDI technology. Gary Trotter from Hadrian Technology said: “I applaud the police for their initiative. It is bound to have a positive impact both on the prevention and conviction rate of crime in the retail environment. Previous to HD-SDI, the quality of CCTV imagery was simply too poor to be used in this way.” good customer service, which is an ethos that fits nicely into our own culture of service and after sales care. We’re confident our alarm systems will serve the people of Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Hull and Barton-Upon-Humber very well, safeguarding them and their property. Acquiring JR Clegg Security is the right choice for the Secura Management family and for our customers living in East Yorkshire.” Under the acquisition Securahomes engineers will help to deliver the after sales care services, providing maintenance and servicing; they will also install alarm upgrades to existing customers who are looking for monitored systems.

(L-R): Martin Mann and John Clegg


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Keep persons of interest in view, as they move – even at speed.


Gives you the ability to pinpoint persons of interest fast and accurately.


Gives you the detail you need to make informed decisions.

Our focus is helping you to locate, track and zoom in on details. Bosch motion control cameras off er you total control of what you choose to see, and the level of zoom you use to identify objects over large distances, regardless of movement. Learn more at Tel: 01895 878095 | Email: security.systems@uk.bosch.com

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THE BOTTOM LINE Euralarm initiates Stakeholder Group for European Services Standard

In 2011 Euralarm initiated the development of the first European Standard concerning the quality levels of Services for electronic fire safety and security systems. This EN-standard, now known as prEN 16763, is now in the enquiry phase after long and intensive discussions in the CEN/CENELEC project group TC4. Listening to the experts in the field the standard has a good chance of being adopted. This European standard lays out the quality requirements for the service providers. It defines basic levels of competence of the employees entrusted with the planning, design, assembly, commissioning, system verification, handover or maintenance of fire safety or security systems. Further it defines minimum requirements on the service output and documentation. Enzo Peduzzi, president of Euralarm, states: “The draft standard is causing quite a few headaches to users, the industry and the certification bodies. On the contrary of what is current practice in many countries today, the standard does not define in detail every single criteria which a service provider has to fulfill to comply with the standard.” In order to be able to be adopted in all European and CEN/CENELEC countries and to cover all the discipline of fire safety and security, the standard had to be designed as a “Management System Standard”. Instead of the traditional national service standards the industry is used to, this EN-standard will be designed more like an ISO 9000 type standard. The test criteria will be defined in a “Certification Scheme” for each individual category of systems in fire safety and security. “Euralarm is aware that the standard alone will not provide enough details and information to guarantee comparable level of quality of services provided from one service provider or another. In particular if the service providers are based in different countries,” says Peduzzi. Therefore Euralarm launched a discussion with 24 accredited and renowned Certification Bodies from several European countries. Together we will discuss how the new standard, prEN 1763, could be implemented and how a convergence of the national certification schemes to a panEuropean Scheme could be achieved. Most of the Certification Bodies responded positively and agreed to explore the possibilities to form a ‘Stakeholder Group’. This group should overcome the varying and complex national certification structures which are linked to national legislation, national culture/history, well-known local marks, and local scheme owners. The group shall find a compromise which takes current local structures into consideration. This creates an open market for service providers to operate in all EU countries for which they only need to perform the additional certification efforts for country specific requirements. Peduzzi: “At Euralarm we believe that with the introduction of this new standard we have the unique opportunity to define the pan-European criteria for the certification of service providers. This would be a major breakthrough for the European Fire and Security industry.” Euralarm is looking forward to the cooperation with the Certification Bodies. The Stakeholder Group will be open for all qualified and accredited Certification Bodies and Certification Scheme holders as well as insurance companies, first responders, consumer organizations, and other stakeholders with a genuine interest in enhancing the service level quality on an European scale of service providers of electronic fire safety and security systems.


The interview that gets the facts from the top This month Simon Banks talks to David Witts-Price, Director of the SGD Group. The SGD Group design, install and maintain tailor-made security solutions and fire prevention systems across Wales and Southwest England. You have grown SGD considerably through acquisitions in the alarm sector. What is the strategy behind this? We have been operational for over 30 years which brings with it an abundance of experience. The day-to-day business runs exceptionally well due to this and as a result we have been able to acquire other quality security companies. These acquisitions have allowed the SGD Group to improve the quality and levels of customer care, diversify the services we offer and grow our base of monitored systems. What makes a company sell to you rather than a more traditional route of selling to larger National Alarm Companies? Although we have a national base of customers we have always kept a family business mentality with a local touch which keeps us approachable. It’s important to recognise the achievements of the business you are acquiring, after all it’s the lifetime work of the owner and handing it all over is not an easy step. We also value good staff and offer strong career pathways for key team members within businesses we acquire to ensure business continuity and quality of service. A lot of what makes you attractive to a potential acquisition is the comfort factor. How does swapping out signalling align with your growth strategy and cost based rationale? We always look at ways to future-proof our monitoring base and made the decision a number of years ago to standardise on Dual Signalling for all our signalling requirements. Before we acquire a new company we will look at what areas we can improve. By upgrading the signalling not only are we able to increase the benefits but we are also able to offer a more cost effective solution to our clients. Passing these savings on through the value chain allows us to be more competitive whilst maintaining the highest standards. How would you calculate the true value of a company when purchasing? A valuation would be based primarily on the intangible assets, the maintenance base and recurring revenue. Intangibles are more difficult to value by their very nature. We would give some consideration to the annual profitability however this would be in line with the cost implication of when the current business owner(s) choose to retire.

YOU SAID IT! We're pleased to be installing @CSLDualCom, easy to install, totally flexible, providing an excellent service for our customers. Tweeted by @TauntonFirePS – Feb 22 Tweet us @CSLDualCom

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Design for success

Honeywell Specifier Programme a smart approach to solution design Providing the right security solution for your customer takes knowledge and technical expertise. With the new Honeywell :WLJPÄLY7YVNYHTTL`V\UV[VUS`ILULÄ[MYVTHWSL[OVYHVM THYRL[PUNZ\WWVY[I\[^L»]LHSZVKL]LSVWLKHUPUUV]H[P]LVUSPUL KLZPNU[VVS[OH[ZPTWS`HUKX\PJRS`PKLU[PÄLZ[OLTVZ[HWWYVWYPH[L products to match your project and customer needs. :THY[KLZPNUZH[PZÄLKJ\Z[VTLY =PZP[^^^OVUL`^LSSZWLJPÄLYJVT\R[VÄUKV\[TVYL

To explore our new design tool visit www.honeywellspecifiertool.com Scan the QR code or visit www.honeywellspecifier.com/uk to sign up to the programme. © 2015 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved.

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Reach new heights with your alarm signalling =V[LKILZ[JVTT\UPJH[PVUZWYVK\J[I`0UZ[HSSLYZÄ]L`LHYZPUHYV^



©CSL DualCom Limited

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When every

WD Purple™ NV

Surveillance Storage

Learn more at wd.com/PurpleNV

second counts, give your NVR system hard drives that:

• Support up to 64 HD camera streams • Are built for NVR surveillance systems • Have up to 6 TB of capacity See more. Secure more. Store more.

Western Digital, WD, and the WD logo are registered trademarks of Western Digital Technologies, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries; WD Purple and AllFrame are trademarks of Western Digital Technologies, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. All other marks that may be mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Reference herein to any third party trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship, guarantee or recommendation thereof by Western Digital Technologies, Inc. As used for storage capacity, one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment. Product specifications subject to change without notice. Pictures shown may vary from actual products. Not all products are available in all regions of the world. © 2015 Western Digital Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. 2178-800108-A00 April 2015

EDIT interview psi aug15_PSI_mar15 24/07/2015 12:34 Page 3


Drives and data demands arry Lummis has spent 18 years in the hard drive business with Seagate, Maxtor and Quantum. He is currently the Director of Product Line Management for Consumer Electronics at Seagate. Prior to that, Larry spent ten years as an Entrepreneur owning his own Golf retail store and participating in a scanner business start-up. He is currently coming to the end of a long-term assignment in Maidenhead.


How have the last twelve months been for Seagate in the UK? The last twelve months have been very good for the Seagate surveillance business, not just in the UK but worldwide. Higher camera resolutions, more cameras, and longer retention times have combined to grow our business significantly. And that growth manifests itself not just in incremental units, but in higher capacity drives as well. Regarding the UK, we have spent the last twelve months using our ten years of surveillance experience to develop new partner relationships as well as growing our existing partnerships. You are coming to the end of a year-long stint working over here how has it gone for you? My experience here has been fantastic. The weather has been brilliant, and I have developed an affinity for pub food and Indian cuisine. I will never forget my time spent here. From a business perspective, I consider myself lucky that many of my partners and customers have become friends during my short stay here. Have you been surprised by anything you have seen in the UK regarding surveillance? Anything you weren’t expecting? I have been surprised by the spirit and neversay-die attitude of my colleagues and partners. What may seem like an overwhelming obstacle is just another issue to be resolved. This energy and enthusiasm on the part of my colleagues and partners has been contagious. Is the use of desktop drives in video recording devices a common thing and if so, how can it be prevented? The use of desktop drives in surveillance systems is far too common, and we continue to


educate our customer and partner base against this practice. As a system integrator or installer, it may seem like an easy way to save a few pounds, and in many cases it may have worked in the past. But installations today require higher resolution cameras than yesterday, and that necessity increases the demand on the drive. Desktop drives are just not designed for a 24x7 environment. As I talk to system integrators and integrators, I point out that hardware depreciates over time, but the value of data increases. A customer writes a cheque for high tech cameras and DVRs, but in reality he is paying to have data available when he needs it. If an installer cuts corners and the data is not available when needed, he has failed his customer and damaged his reputation. And all to save a few quid! Your latest system includes rescue services. Why did you add this function? It’s all about the value of data. We are beginning to see more and more government mandates that define retention times with significant penalties should the data not be available. Our Seagate Rescue Service provides peace of mind, allowing you to purchase a drive that includes data recovery for the warranty lifetime of the drive for a fraction of the cost of a post-failure recovery. I read recently that the Milwaukee Police Department lost video interrogations of hundreds of suspects in a major computer malfunction. They had to secure emergency funding to pay recovery costs that were described as "fairly staggering." With Seagate Recovery Services securing their data, they would have recovered this critical data at a fraction of the cost. How would you say our security market differs from that in the US? I recognised a few differences. The nature of the surveillance business in the UK is more intimate given the relative size of the marketplace versus the US. That size makes it more conducive to aligning strategies with partners as well as developing new strategic partners. The scale of the US makes this very difficult to manage. Another difference is the way that surveillance data will potentially be used. People in the UK (and Europe in general) tend to be more wary

This month we talk to Larry Lummis of Seagate about the importance of using the correct technology for surveillance storage and his fondness for British cuisine

“The use of desktop drives in surveillance systems is far too common, and we continue to educate our customer and partner base against this practice” 13

EDIT interview psi aug15_PSI_mar15 27/07/2015 13:07 Page 4


with respect to how business and government entities will use this data. Future data mining opportunities will need to balance this hesitancy against the business intelligence and security opportunities that all of this data can provide. And rightly so. Finally, I see much more of a trend in DIY surveillance in the US for homes and small business. IP technology makes installation easy, and many NAS suppliers are now incorporating surveillance capability into their home and small business systems. I believe that we will see this as a growth area in the UK.

“While IP technology is the future, HD over coax will lead continued surveillance growth where there are price sensitivities”

Are there any security trends you can predict for the future? The importance of surveillance data will continue to grow. As software applications become more sophisticated, data mining of surveillance data will provide businesses with value that goes beyond loss prevention. We see this already in retail, where surveillance data is being used to better understand purchase patterns to optimize store layout. In the future,

surveillance systems will no longer be defined as capex, but instead seen as a critical requirement for business efficiency. While IP technology is the future, HD over coax will lead continued surveillance growth where there are price sensitivities. The ability to use existing infrastructure while delivering enhanced capability will help to drive surveillance growth. And with many of these systems enabling “hybrid” capability and 4k, they are scalable. The availability of consumer surveillance solutions (both DIY and professionally installed) will grow. This will be driven by the availability of lower cost systems and enhanced NAS capabilities as well as advancements in smart phone technology that enable remote monitoring. What will you miss most about the UK? Obviously I will miss my colleagues, both at Seagate and our partners. The spirit that I have seen here is contagious, with no obstacle being too small. And I will miss the fish and chips.


@securitydrum follow PSI on Twitter for news, views & comment

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A Truly Integrated VMS and Access Control System Seamless Integration


Simple and Transparent Licensing

Preloaded Access Control & VMS analytics Seamless Upgrades Video and Access features developed in-house

No hidden fees No annual recurring charges

Local Sales and Technical Support


Sales Offices and Technical Support in UK and Ireland Supports all major camera brands

Free training & certification Specification & design

See the ‘ACTviquest video’ on youtube

EDIT ­ ed choice Aug15_000_PSI_jun15 24/07/2015 11:03 Page 1

Cameras for hazardous environments Bosch has announced the launch of EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX, a range of explosionproof IP cameras developed for safe operation in hazardous environments. The cameras are ATEX and IECEX certified and are tested according to the IEC standard EN50130-5 for continuous and safe operation in surroundings with temperature ranges from -50° to +60° Celsius (-58° to 140° Fahrenheit). The cameras also have CSA and IEC 60950-1 certifications. The range consists of two models. In extreme low light situations, the EXTEGRA IP starlight 9000 FX camera delivers HD video images and captures fast moving objects at 720p HD. Should the application demand maximum resolution for optimum identification of objects in high contrast scenes, the second model, EXTEGRA IP dynamic 9000 FX provides full HD 1080p resolution. www.boschsecurity.com

Access controller for upgrading legacy systems PAC has launched the PAC 212 two-door standalone controller. The controller allows for up to 2,000 users to be administered via the built-in reader in both legacy Low Frequency (LF) and high security High Frequency (HF) formats. Ideal for upgrading legacy systems that require extra access features, when used in conjunction with any PAC HF or MT readers and PAC’s Ops credentials, the PAC 212 provides AES-128bit certified security which reduces the risk of token cloning. The controller offers a choice of configuration options such as time profiles, PIN and Prox, controller and reader tamper protection. For increased security and accountability the controller is capable of holding up to 4000 events and token information in its memory. www.stanleysecurityproducts.com


Out of the box access control and management New from Paxton, net10 delivers out of the box access control, IP video management and building automation to streamline the management of buildings. Using conventional RFID tokens or Bluetooth smart devices, the system offers tools for giving specific permissions to individuals and groups of people. It works in conjunction with all types of IP cameras in order to facilitate live viewing and the recording of video footage. It also interfaces with existing building infrastructure for a high level of control over lighting, heating, air conditioning, intruder and fire alarms, ensuring maximum efficiency and bolstering cost and time savings. net10 is suitable for projects of all sizes, from the smallest shop to the largest university campus. The system is managed using an intuitive web-interface meaning there’s no software to install or upgrade. www.paxton-access.co.uk

Value engineered NVRs with built in PoE+

Samsung Techwin has introduced a new series of “competitively priced” NVRs equipped with a built in PoE+ switch. According to the company the 4, 8 and 16 channel NVRs offer the opportunity to reduce installation costs by negating the need for the provision of separate power supplies and switches. Built in PoE+ functionality means that all three of the new NVR models can provide sufficient power for any ONVIF compliant PoE+ camera, including speed domes and domes with heaters. The three new NVRs offer 8 Megapixel camera support which means that they are able to images including those captured from 4K cameras. Although they are described as value engineered, the NVRs are equipped with user friendly and practical benefits, including easy to use, multi-language, on-screen graphical user interfaces and they can be locally configured and controlled by a plug-in mouse or joystick controller. Samsung Techwin cameras can therefore be easily configured through the NVR interface without the need for a PC. www.samsungsecurity.co.uk


EDIT ­ ed choice Aug15_000_PSI_jun15 24/07/2015 11:03 Page 2


EDITOR’S CHOICE The security industry is busy and complex, so it’s easy to miss new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day activities. Every now and again, certain products grab our attention so here we take a look at some of the products we think you won’t want to miss this month.

Next generation of HD cameras released Vicon Industries has announced the release of the next generation of its IQeye Alliance-mx HD megapixel series of cameras. Along with an improvement in video quality, the new Alliance-mx cameras offer a motorised remote-focus lens, an increased field-of-view, extended range of model options and a modified housing for better flush mounting. The new line offers 1MP and 2MP cameras with both cost-effective and feature options. The 3MP and 5MP cameras boast the full-featured version. The addition of a motorised lens option allows complete zoom and focus control from the camera’s web interface, which reduces installation time and allows for easy long-term maintenance. The motorised lens has P-Iris (auto-iris) that supports optimal iris control. The new versions are in addition to the camera’s processing power needed to run analytics or VMS applications at the edge, WDR, built-in IR illumination, on-camera storage, and true day/night capability. Both ONVIF and PSIA compliant, this updated Alliance-mx works seamlessly with Vicon’s ViconNet and as well as all leading NVR/VMS providers. www.vicon-security.com

Seven new low-light cameras announced Hikvision has launched the LightFighter series of 2MP SMART IP cameras. Each of the seven new LightFighter cameras incorporates Hikvision's 140 dB WDR technology for visibility in brightly lit or high contrast environments. The LightFighter series consists of seven 2megapixel cameras including an IP box camera, two outdoor bullet cameras, two outdoor dome cameras, and a pair of network PTZ dome cameras with 36X zoom. All seven LightFighter cameras are also capable of rendering Full 1920 x 1080 HD images at a consistent 60 frames per second with low-light capability for night time surveillance needs. The LightFighter camera range is equipped with the company’s SMART feature set, including face detection, intrusion detection, line-crossing detection, ANPR and object counting that enables the camera to detect any progressively moving object and follow it within the camera's area of coverage. www.hikvision.com

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers

Ruggedised wide area surveillance cameras 360 Vision Technology has launched a radar version of the Predator High Definition ruggedised PTZ camera. Designed for short to medium range applications where the detection of objects or individuals is of paramount importance, Predator Radar can track up to 40 targets simultaneously up to a range of 400m radius. Intelligent Time Share alarm handling also ensures that multi-object alarms can be handled proportionally or by priority. Predator Radar scans 360 degrees twice every second, to detect and track objects, whilst alarms are overlaid on screen. The unit’s radar detection is unaffected by weather conditions, so detection and alarm functionality continues even in adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog or snow. Predator Radar is available with 30x zoom lens in 1080P HD 0.013Lux scene illumination, HD Night Vision 720P 0.008Lux, and HD Night Vision Ultra 1080P 0.008Lux variants, and with built-in edge recording options providing 128GB or 256GB of on-board storage space. www.360visiontechnology.com



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he Husky M10 reviewed here is an 8 channel dedicated NVR housed in a small squarefootprint box measuring 200 x 200 x 46 mm in height excluding the connectors and has a weight of approximately 2.5 kg. A monitor, keyboard and mouse can be connected for initial configuration following which it can be interrogated over the network. Two blue LED lights on the front panel show Power is connected (upper) and system activity (lower). When connected the boot-up sequence takes around 1 minute to complete and then an embedded Firefox browser screen is presented which gives a log-in option along with links to Milestone online tutorials via YouTube and Milestone App download information from the Milestone website if the network is internet enabled. The login gives a warning against operating the unit with a monitor connected as this will cause a loss of performance. An End User License Agreement must be accepted before first login. After accepting the licence agreement a simple Home View screen gives selectable options in the top right corner of the screen for EXPORTS, SETTINGS, LEARN and LOG OUT plus a search bar option to “Search all cameras”. These options provide the following functionality:


For more flexible performance the Husky can be controlled using the Milestone XProtect range of software packages or for mobile applications a free XProtect Mobile Server component can be downloaded What’s in the box? Husky NVR External PSU – with locking 12 V connector. UK IEC mains lead. DVI to VGA adapter. Quick-start guide. Warranty document.


Menu Options Top level menu options activate drop-down lists of functions in the following order: EXPORTS – Once clips have been selected, they are listed here for exporting to external devices, alternatively a “There are no exports to show” message identifies that for a new system no video clips have been tagged for exporting. A large blue arrow navigates back to the main options page. SETTINGS – Camera configuration, User permissions, Network settings, Date & Time, General.

The Milestone Husky M10

LEARN – A “Server not found” message is displayed if the unit is not connected with internet access and there is then no simple “Back” function. Stepping back with the Browser takes you back to the log-in page. If internet connected then Milestone YouTube pages are presented and navigated in the usual way. LOG OUT – Initially you are logged in as “Anonymous” until user profiles are established. In the test case it was found that logging out of the system didn’t return to a page allowing a new log-in, so the operator had to navigate there using the Browser’s history list.

Settings Menu details When any of the main options are selected there is a simple pull-down box to navigate to alternative screens or a Back function to return to the previous screen. The CAMERA sub-menu screen has a right hand pane showing various system statistics including a disk usage pie chart, CPU use as a percentage, the number of licences available (up to 8 for this model), a Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) expiry date (12/05/2018 in this case) and the software version number (1.7/283583). The left hand area either shows a “No cameras were found” message or displays thumbnail images and details of any compatible cameras found on the network. This screen also allows these cameras to be removed or configured and for alternative cameras to be manually selected. When cameras are selected for configuration a further range of options allow for the following settings: General – Enabled (ON default), IP address, Name. Video – Codec (type and stream), fps rate, Resolution (camera’s highest by default). Recording – Mode (Always, When Motion Detected (default) or Never), Pre & Post motion recording, Retention time (in days), Disk usage indication in GB.


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Motion Detection – Select type, Grid dimensions (4 x 3 default), Small / large movement detection, Low / high sensitivity, CPU impact. The USERS sub-menu screen has a similar layout and statistics pane to the camera menu, but will show any configured users in the left hand area once they are entered or the message “No users were found”. User permissions and access can be configured and saved from here. The NETWORK sub-menu again uses the same screen layout as above but shows the status of the two network ports on the left hand side. These are identified as “eth0” and “eth1” with both having DHCP ON by default. An EDIT option for each port allows changes to the DHCP state, IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS1 and DNS2 with an Apply button to save or an X to cancel any changes. The DATE & TIME sub-menu first gives a warning about the potential effect on users and recordings of changing time settings then gives the following options: Time zone (set as US/Pacific by default), Set date & time automatically (ON by default with option to use connected PC time), Current time shown (for confirmation), List of currently used Time Servers, Add a time server, Remove time server. Selecting the Europe/London time zone corrected the time shown. It was noted that there was no Apply function button for time settings but the X to close option did store the changes. The GENERAL sub-menu gives an option for “Direct streaming of cameras to reduce loading”. The message “your current browser does not support streaming” is encountered if the correct drivers are not in place.

Hardware The unit is based on a Nexcom small format fanless PC with American Megatrends BIOS installed as can be seen briefly from its initial splash screen when powering up. It runs a Linux operating system that auto-runs a Firefox browser based user interface. The rear panel has from left to right a power switch, a DVI socket, an HDMI socket, four USB ports, two LAN RJ45 sockets and a 12v DC IN locking power connector. USB ports can be used to connect a standard PC keyboard and mouse for any configuration changes necessary. The case when running was measured at a temperature of approximately 37°C with an ambient of 26°C. The momentary power switch when activated during operation gives a Log Out, Restart or Shut Down option window. If the Log Out option is selected, it was found that you are presented with


a password protected log-in screen with nothing noted in the quick-start guide to deal with this however a top right pull down menu power option allows you to Suspend, Hibernate (greyed out), Restart or Shut down. Shut down is also given an Alt + F4 shortcut.

Operation To operate the Husky M10 directly via a browser it is important to follow the quick-start guide carefully and have the correct plug-ins in place. Firefox is recommended as it appears that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome may not support all preferred functions. The replay options are quite limited but useable with a slider method used to show replay date and time behind a blue indicator line. The timeline can be dragged behind this indicator to change the time of interest. If you move back beyond the earliest recording then a “Before database start” message alerts you to the earliest recording time. A slider bar is used to increase the playback speed but there is no indication of the play rate. For more flexible performance the Husky can be controlled using the Milestone XProtect range of software packages or for mobile applications a free XProtect Mobile Server component can be downloaded and installed from the Milestone website. Once installed free Android, iOS and Windows Mobile apps are available that provide a straightforward means to connect to the device and monitor all of the connected cameras and to review footage from individually selected ones. A time & date scroll picker allows the correct time selection and then forward and reverse icons control the replay. A small window showing the real-time camera image continues to display in the top left corner of the screen while archive views are being replayed. This can be dragged to any other part of the screen or removed to allow all parts of the replay image to be viewable. PTZ functionality can be enabled for suitably configured cameras. Good forward and backward play modes are available with a separate selection being made for replay speed. This can be selected from x0.1, x0.5, x1.0, x2.0 or x4.0 options.

The Husky M10 appears to be aimed at both the small system market and also for the larger installation where occasionally a limited input NVR is required perhaps for a remote site or secure location

9.0 out of 10

Conclusion The Husky M10 appears to be aimed at both the small system market and also for the larger installation where occasionally a limited input NVR is required perhaps for a remote site or secure location. With close attention to the instructions and appropriate IP principles very good results can be achieved.


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The DeWalt DCD776C3 18V 1.3Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill XR

The DCD776C3 combi drill is part of the XR range from DeWalt, a tool system that utilises a common charging platform for gear such as drills, saws, grinders, jigsaws and lights. The same battery can be used in each of the tools meaning that there is no need to carry and charge different batteries for each different piece of kit

ith more than 90 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing solutions for the professional construction industry, DeWalt promotes its tools as Guaranteed Tough: engineered to exceed the expectations of building contractors and professional tradesmen, even when tested in the most extreme construction environments. The company boasts that it is the number one selling brand of professional power tools in North America today, and is the fastest growing professional power tool brand in the world for the last five years. The DCD776C3 drill is an 18V combi with 2speed all-metal gearbox for improved toughness and durability. Supplied with charger, three 1.3Ah Li-Ion batteries and a heavy duty carry case the drill can be up and running following a 1-hour battery unit charge. Available from stockists such as Screwfix, the drill is described as the latest generation 18V XR Li-Ion compact hammer drill/driver and has a compact, lightweight design for use in confined spaces. It has an all metal transmission for increased runtime Specification and longer tool life and a 14position adjustable torque control Battery Power 1.3 Ah for consistent screwdriving into a Battery Type Li-Ion variety of materials with different Brand DeWalt screw sizes. A neat feature is the intelligent Capacity Steel 13 mm trigger design which allows for total Capacity Wood 30 mm control of application. The compact Carrying Facility Kit Box 13mm single sleeve keyless chuck Chuck Capacity 13mm with automatic spindle lock allows quick and easy bit change with one Chuck Type Keyless hand. Manufacturer Guarantee 1 years The drill also has a bright white Model No DCD776C3 LED with delay feature for improved No. of Batteries Per Pack Three visibility and flashlight functionality in tricky areas and an ergonomic No. Torque Setting 15 Gearbox Speed 2-Speed Variable design and rubber grip improves user comfort and helps you keep a Power Voltage Supply 18 V hold on the unit. Total Product Weight 2.38 kg We asked Gordon McKeown, Weight Ex Batteries 1.34 kg Projects Manager at Hadrian


9.0 out of 10


Technology to spend some time with the drill and to use it on a few jobs. Following the test period here are his thoughts: What jobs did you use the products for? Installation of CCTV cameras, intruder alarm system, both drilling and screw driving. What did you like about the units? The compact lightweight design makes this drill so versatile to use. Having three batteries meant it lasted a whole day without recharging. This made it perfect for site work with no access to power points. Managed to drill a 10mm thick steel girder and tapping comfortably. Drilling concrete blocks for mounting junction boxes was easy. What did you not like about the units? Not quite as much power than some of the heavier units but, in fairness, any heavy work should be done with a decent battery Special Direct System (SDS) drill. Would you recommend these products? Absolutely for steel drilling and light duty masonry drilling.


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“We never publish access control pricing”

John Turner Operations Director

You tell us how frustrating it is when end-users have visibility of trade pricing as the expertise and skills your company brings is often not considered. You won’t find our prices published on internet auction sites, as we only provide pricing directly to our SSAIB and NSI approved installation partners.

Installed by professionals and supported for life – that’s the Grosvenor difference and the foundation of our six star partner charter.

To see what the other 5 points of our partner charter mean to you head to:


We are Grosvenor Technology Access Control as it should be

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PSI PREMIER GOLF DAY 2015 The heat is on! On the day of the PSi Premier Awards 2015, Pro-Activ Publications hosted the annual PSi Golf Day at Stapleford Park. Here we report on the competition n the midst of a heatwave the PSI Golf Day 2015 drew more competitors than ever before to the new venue of Stapleford Park Golf Club. Over the 27 holes of competitive golf at the 6465-yard course, security technology manufacturers, installers and guests braved the sunshine to find out who was the top player and team of the day. The course is not only challenging but it is also amongst the finest luxury golf courses in the Midlands. It was selected by the PGA European Seniors Tour to host their newest golf tournament in May 2010.



The PSI Golf Day saw 80 players take part in the competition with a Texas Scramble round in the morning and a Stableford event in the afternoon. There were also prizes for the longest drive, nearest the pin and the overall winner for the day. The golf balls for the day were supplied by WebWay - anyone subsequently playing the course will probably find a few stray balls with their logo on in the rough although most of them probably ended up in one of the ponds on the tricky 18th!

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THE WINNERS OF THE COMPETITION WERE ANNOUNCED BY FORMER INTERNATIONAL RUGBY STAR BRIAN MOORE AS: Overall Winner – Stableford (sponsored by Xtralis) Darren Figgins (38 points - wins on countback) Runner-Up – Stableford (sponsored by Texecom) Paul Tennent (38 points) Longest Drive (sponsored by CSL) Steve Newsome Nearest The Pin (Sponsored by IDIS) Chris Taylor Overall Winner – Texas Scramble (sponsored by ADI) Kirk Willoughby, Steve Baker, Phil Tennent and Simon Mills

Many thanks to all of the event sponsors including: Inner Range, ADI, Cento, CSL, IDIS, Mayflex, Pelco, TDSi, Texecom, UBM, WebWay, Xtralis and QED. 23

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AND THE WINNERS ARE…. Stapleford Park was the venue for the PSi Premier Awards 2015 Dinner. Fifty-seven finalists, but only eight winners. Here we reveal the companies and products you voted for this year And so without further ado, let us now reveal the winners: THE WINNERS WERE:

CCTV PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2015 Samsung Techwin – SRN4000

“This year’s campaign saw over 10,000 votes cast, more than ever before” - Andy Clutton, PSI Editor


ather than take the opinions of a panel of industry judges, the PSi Premier Awards seeks its list of finalists, and ultimately its winners, from the people who buy and install security equipment. Because of this, the Awards are genuine notices of approval from the security industry and each of the companies that reached the final stage of the campaign should rightly be proud of their achievement. This year saw over 10,000 votes cast in the campaign. This is why the Stapleford Park Country House and Hotel was a buzz of excitement in early July as the winners of this year’s awards campaign were announced by the guest speaker former international rugby star Brian Moore and PSi editor Andy Clutton. Eight categories covered the best of CCTV, intruder alarms, access control, software, communications, fire safety, distribution and innovation.


The SRN-400 minimises the total cost of ownership of a video surveillance system by offering a robust, out-of-the box Linux based video recording solution. In addition to an ability to record, in real-time, images from 64 x 2 Megapixel the SRN -4000 has a feature set including a built in a hard drive ‘Hot Swap’ facility which ensures that recording is not interrupted if a fault occurs, plus a dual power supply.

SOFTWARE/IT PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2015 Xtralis – ADPRO iRespond / Bodyworn ADPRO iRespond, is a remotely downloadable application for the FastTrace 2 Series that provides remote event notification and verification for first responders and/or end users to provide situational awareness through live and timed access into an end site enabled by the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). This free application will help First Responders reduce their risk and response time and end-users to provide verification if needed.


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ACCESS CONTROL PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2015 Paxton – Net2 Entry Net2 Entry is a plug and play IP door entry solution that auto-detects on set up for quick and easy installation. The control unit contains a PoE switch, removing the need for local power. The system is scalable via a Net2 Entry extension switch or a third party PoE switch meaning the system grows with the customer. It comes with a range of panel options, including vandal resistant and includes secondary camera and intruder alarm integration for sites with increased security requirements.

TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION OF THE YEAR 2015 Seagate – Surveillance HDD Engineered for surveillance and video analytics applications, the Surveillance HDD employs data recovery services designed to restore data from malice or accidental failure, keeping systems in the field longer and reducing post deployment expenses. The drive, with capacities of up to 6TB, can store up to 600 hours of high-definition (HD) content and support up to 32 channels, easily handling the higher write workloads required by surveillance systems.

COMMUNICATIONS PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2015 CSL – Gemini Platform Gemini enables Remote Servicing & Diagnostics (RSD) on an installed alarm control panel used with the UDL variants of DualCom GradeShift and DigiAir to reduce the need for unnecessary site visits. Installers also benefit from Gemini Insight, a web portal which provides an in-depth overview of the performance of their signalling estate. Engineers can assess service visit requirements using geolocation services and also receive live text messages from Gemini following any technical call into the Helpdesk.


Klaxon - Sonos Pulse

Sonos Pulse fire beacons ensure that all personnel are notified of a fire emergency. With Pulse Alert Technology, buildings are evacuated quicker, evacuation requirements are unambiguous and everyone is made to feel safe and secure. Relying on audible fire alarm notifications alone disadvantages people with hearing impairments or those working, or living, in sound reducing conditions. Sonos Pulse beacons produce a light output that can protect most rooms with a single device. Sonos Pulse beacons are unmissable and unmistakable, attracting attention from those not looking at the device and otherwise preoccupied with other tasks.

DISTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR 2015 ADI Global ADI Global has over 50 years of experience in the specialist security sector and provides installers with security solutions and bespoke support services to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

The voting was very close in some categories this year. Other companies performing very well included: Vanderbilt, Texecom, Honeywell, COP Security, Axis, Bosch, Norbain, BT Redcare and QED.

INTRUDER ALARM PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2015 RISCO - Agility3 Agility 3 is a two-way wireless security and safety system that allows home and business owners to set and unset their alarm and manage their property wherever they are. Compatibility with VUpoint allows the user to view live video/images both on event and on demand through the iRISCO smartphone app. Simple, fast, no fuss installations are easily enhanced through a wide range of accessories, comms modules and the RISCO Cloud to keep homes and businesses safe every day.



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Rob Evans picks up the award from Brian Moore (R) and PSI editor Andy Clutton (L)

High Five from CSL DualCom Installers! SL DualCom would like to say a huge thank you to our loyal customer base for voting for the DualCom Gemini Platform the Communications Product of the Year at the PSI Premier Awards 2015. The award is made all the more special as Installers cast the vote and have chosen DualCom for the fifth consecutive year. This year Installers chose Gemini for its ability to provide more intelligence directly to the engineer, saving valuable time and cost. Gemini's helpful features include Remote Servicing & Diagnostics (RSD) and access to Gemini Insight, a handy web portal that’s now available as an App. The award was presented to our Sales Director, Rob Evans, by former England Rugby Union International Brian Moore (pictured above) at Stapleford Park in Melton Mowbray. The DualCom App gives installers instant access to vital information about their DualCom signalling estate. They can perform a site survey prior to installation, as well as search their base by grade, postcode, chip number or status. Enabling RSD on an installed alarm control panel with DualCom DigiAir® UDL and DualCom



GradeShift® UDL reduces the need for unnecessary site visits. The DualCom Gemini Platform was introduced in 2007 and has since proven to be the most resilient and reliable managed platform in the industry. Today Gemini handles over 1 billion calls each month and is the platform that provides the Critical Connectivity® for over 300,000 connected devices throughout Europe. Whether Installers are looking for the ideal Digi swap-out, high risk Grade 4IP solution or something in between – the answer is in the DualCom Security Range. Everything is powered by Gemini, from single path wireless solutions – DualCom DigiAir®, G2r and G3r – to the dual path range G2, G3, G4 and Fire. CSL DualCom is the only signalling service provider with its own a purpose built Network Operations Centre (NOC) dedicated to supporting the DualCom Gemini Platform. The NOC houses our dedicated Network Team who monitor realtime network feeds and provide early notification of events to ARCs and Installers.

www.csldual.com www.psimagazine.co.uk

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CCTV PRODUCT OF THE YEAR Winner – Samsung Techwin SRN-4000

Simon Shawley from Samsung Techwin picks up the award from Brian Moore (R) and Andy Clutton (L)

he ability to record in real-time the images from 64 x 2 Megapixel cameras may be impressive, but it is the features that make the SRN-4000 so highly resilient and easy to use that have attracted the attention of installers and system integrators who are looking to minimise the total cost of ownership of their clients’ video surveillance systems. The SRN-4000 is able to simultaneously record and multi-stream the transmission of images at a high bandwidth speed of 400Mbps. It also offers the potential to record and store, via 12 internal hard drives, video captured by 64 x 2 Megapixel cameras for up to 108 days or up to 43 days for the same number of 5 Megapixel cameras. As well as the full range of Samsung Techwin IP network cameras, the SRN-4000 also supports other manufacturers’ cameras which are ONVIF compliant. The 12 internal hot-swappable hard drives support RAID5 and RAID6 recording which provides protection against unrecoverable read errors as well as whole HDD failure. The SRN-400 also features an iSCSI interface giving users access to very large storage devices, if required. A lot of thought has gone into the SRN-4000’s on-screen user interface to ensure that it can be configured in only four steps using the ‘Easy Setup’ wizard, whilst cameras can be registered without complication via a quick set up process. The provision of a local monitor output means that a separate PC is not needed to carry out any of these functions. A mouse and a monitor can simply be connected directly to the SRN-4000 and installers can then easily add and set up cameras.


Highly reliable and resilient The SRN-4000 has a long list of features designed


to ensure that it is highly reliable and resilient as well as easy to use and operate. Samsung Techwin’s design engineers have, for example, built in a hard drive ‘Hot Swap’ facility so that recording is not interrupted if a fault occurs, whilst power reliability is enhanced by way of a dual power supply. The SRN-4000 will continue to operate with a single power supply while the failed unit is replaced.”

Fast and efficient searching The SRN-4000 enables users to quickly find and review video of any incident by using a combination of advanced motion detection as well as video analytics and metadata search options. Images can be searched by classification, e.g. keyword search such as ‘car’ or ‘people’, whilst a heat map feature provides the opportunity to statistically analyse concentrated spots of activity.


Unbeatable support Offering award-winning products is only part of the solution offered by Samsung Techwin. Every one of its products, many of which have been highly rated in independent product tests, is backed-up by unbeatable pre and post sales support. Samsung Techwin offers a wide range of support services which includes free system design, free technical support and a full three-year warranty. Samsung Techwin also offers IP network solutions training courses for installers and system integrators and at roadshows and exhibitions, has hands-on workshop areas to give sales professionals and technicians the confidence to recommend, design and install an integrated IP network based video surveillance system.

www.samsungsecurity.co.uk 27

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<USLHZO[OLM\SSJVUULJ[P]P[`KL[LJ[PVU]LYPÃ&#x201E;JH[PVU[YHUZTPZZPVU and response capabilities of the award-winning ADPRO 9LTV[LS`4HUHNLK4\S[PZLY]PJL.H[L^H`Z94.


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SOFTWARE/IT PRODUCT OF THE YEAR Winner – Xtralis ADPRO iRespond/Bodyworn


Professional security installers have voted to award ADPRO iRespond and the HeiTel by Xtralis the accolade of Software/IT Products of the Year. he ADPRO iRespond mobile app and HeiTel Nano, which is a video transmitter for body worn cameras, give the fire service and other first responders advanced notice of on-the-ground details in emergency situations. ADPRO iRespond gives first responders event notification and live remote video views at sites protected by ADPRO Remotely Managed Multiservice Gateways (RMG), including the FastTrace 2 & iFT Series. Via a simple PIN issued by the central monitoring station police, paramedics or the fire service can obtain recorded and live situational awareness of a threat so they can respond faster and more effectively. The free application is available for Apple mobile devices in the iTunes app store. The HeiTel by Xtralis Nano transmitter transmits live and recorded video, bi-directional audio, and GPS information over wireless technologies including 4G, LTE and CDMA mobile phone technology as well as satellite, Wi-Fi and broadband networks. Battery powered the Nano transmitter works with a wide variety of cameras and is ideal for body-worn vest configurations. Live and recorded video can be accessed


remotely from a control room, PC, laptop, iPad, PDA, iPhone or Android device. Up to six people can access images simultaneously in different places via different methods. “We are extremely proud to have won a PSI award three years in a row,” said Mick Goodfellow, vice President of European Sales for Xtralis. “Being chosen by professional security installers over six other solutions is a clear validation that Xtralis solutions continue to deliver value and innovation to security markets. “Worldwide interest in iRespond and the Nano transmitter is incredible, as first responders embrace Xtralis technology for efficient threat response. These solutions not only protect end customers, but also reduce risk and increase effectiveness of first responders.”

“Worldwide interest in iRespond and the Nano transmitter is incredible, as first responders embrace Xtralis technology for efficient threat response”


Marie Kemshall from Xtralis picks up the award from Brian Moore (R) and PSI editor Andy Clutton (L)


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THANK YOU! ADI Global Distribution UK is proud to be named Distributor of the Year by the readers of PSI magazine, for an incredible seven years in a row! We would like to thank our customers for their support and look forward to continue to provide our best in class, award-winning shopping experience.

Find out about our NEW monthly special offers by calling 0161 767 2990, visiting us at: www.adiglobal.com/uk or collecting from one of our 28 branches nationwide!

Tel.: +44 (0) 161 767 2990

Web: www.adiglobal.com/uk

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DISTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR Winner – ADI Global Distribution UK

Dave Tate from ADI Global Distribution picks up the award from Brian Moore (R) and PSI editor Andy Clutton (L)

DI Global Distribution UK has been voted Distributor of the Year 2015 by the readers of Professional Security Installer magazine. This is the seventh consecutive year that ADI has won the award. The company was the first distributor to win an award for six consecutive years so in 2015 the amazing record has been further extended. “It is fantastic for us to win the award for Distributor of the Year for seven consecutive years,” says Dave Tate, Key Account Manager at ADI, who picked up the award from ex-rugby international Brian Moore. “For us to continue to come out on top shows that we are clearly offering services that installers value. “Our commitment to service excellence and delivering on our customer promise is core to our work ethic, something that drives everything we do.”



ADI strives to be the leaders in the market sector with its product offering and availability, but what differentiates ADI is its responsiveness to customer needs, a key factor in creating customer satisfaction. “We want to be the most responsive partner at all of our customer touch points – and deliver the best possible shopping experience,” continues Dave. “This is reflected in our commitment to continually improve the services we offer, such as delivery tracking and ebilling.” In addition to its credentials as a distributor of electronic security systems and solutions for over 250 leading manufacturers, ADI also offers an internal technical support team, dedicated field support engineers along with a comprehensive suite of training courses including bespoke requirements to suit customer's needs. ADI also offer a variety of fast, reliable delivery options, including specified time delivery, next day or collection from any one of their 28 branches. Plus, with an ADI online account, you can order up to 7pm for next day delivery. These services are among many designed to support customers and add value to their business. “ADI Global Distribution is committed to building trusted and personal business relationships by providing the necessary tools and security systems to enhance our customers’ capabilities and expand their businesses today, and in the future,” says Dave. “I would like to think that our continued success in the PSI Premier Awards is a reflection of all of our hard work and customerfocused initiatives.”

“I would like to think that our continued success in the PSI Premier Awards is a reflection of all of our hard work and customer-focused initiatives”



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Introducing the Next Generation Net2 Entry – The Simplest Door Entry Solution FEATURES OF THE NEW PANELS:

» Smart new design, available in IK10 rated vandal resistant stainless steel and plastic/ABS anthracite grey » Paxton and MIFARE® token compatibility » Pan/tilt functionality to capture an angled view » v2.14 system update includes grouping and improved SIP compatibility » Available in flush, surface and rainhood variants


» » » » »

Just 3 components, simply plug together Units auto detect for easy installation Easy plug and play expansion Inbuilt Net2 access control for a complete solution Intruder alarm and secondary camera integration

Available from September 2015 To find out more sign up to our free 30 minute webinar http://paxton.info/2378

01273 811011 | www.paxton.co.uk | support@paxton.co.uk

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Kate Dawes from Paxton picks up the award from Brian Moore (R) and Andy Clutton (L)

axton’s smart, simple IP door entry system, Net2 Entry, has been named Access Control Product of the Year at the 2015 PSi Premier Awards. Voted for by professional security installers, the awards recognise products that stand out in the market by offering great features, benefits, ease of installation and high levels of support. Diversifying from access control, Paxton released Net2 Entry, their first door entry system, in 2012 to great industry acclaim. Pitched as the simplest door entry system available, it consists of just three components that auto-detect on set up; external panel, interior monitor and door controller, for a true plug and play solution. The products’ simplicity and ease of use has proved popular with security installers who have voted Net2 Entry to win every year since 2013. Adam Stroud, CEO of the Paxton Group says: “We’re delighted to have won the PSi award for Access Control Product for the third year running. We’re a company that thrives on the strength of our installer relationships, so this is very important to us. It is verification that simplicity, good support and a great product are a winning combination. Thank you to everyone who voted for us.” Paxton is persistent in its mission to listen to and exceed the expectations of its customer base. In line with this, the company have introduced the next generation of Net2 Entry panels, due for official release in September 2015. The new additions to the Net2 Entry range offer enhanced door entry functionality for versatile security and building management. From September, the Net2 Entry system will feature MIFARE® technology, a new intuitive panel interface and pan/tilt camera functionality. The updated system also includes a versatile grouping feature enabling smarter management of multi-tenant buildings and gated perimeter sites, plus improved SIP compatibility allowing more sites to enjoy the flexibility of answering their door via SIP-enabled smart device or handset.


The new Net2 Entry panels will be available in two variations, standard and Vandal Resistant. The slimline standard panel has a high contrast back-lit keypad, whilst the robust Vandal Resistant panel is made from corrosion resistant 316L marine grade stainless steel, with an impact resistance rating of IK10 to withstand even the harshest environment. Both variations are available in flush-mount, surface-mount and rainhood versions, making them suitable for a range of environments. The advanced features of the Net2 Entry system include: • Just 3 components, simply plug together • Units auto detect for easy plug and play installation • Easily scalable - system expands using industry standard Ethernet switches • Comes with Net2 access control built-in • Multi-format proximity reader – reads Paxton and MIFARE® token technology • SIP compatible – the door can be answered from smartphone, tablet or PC (3rd party app required) • Grouping feature enables smarter management of multi-tenant buildings • Pan/tilt camera functionality to capture an angled view, for a diverse range of locations • Intuitive user interface for secondary ONVIF compliant camera integration • Intruder alarm integration for ultimate convenience • Video voicemail • Intelligent panel design displays occupants by name Talking about the release of the new panels Adam says: “The new Net2 Entry panels represent the next stage of evolution for our award winning door entry system. By working closely with our Net2 installers to truly understand market requirements and implementing features that are undeniably useful for end users, we believe that this new range of panels takes the Net2 Entry system to the next level.”


“By working closely with our Net2 installers to truly understand market requirements and implementing features that are undeniably useful for end users, we believe that this new range of panels takes the Net2 Entry system to the next level”

www.paxton-access.co.uk 33

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Agility 3 ™

with VUpoint


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Steve Riley from RISCO picks up the award from Brian Moore (R) and PSI editor Andy Clutton (L)

RISCO wins PSI Premier Awards Intruder Product of the Year for the second year in a row ISCO Group would like to thank everyone that voted for us in the PSI Premier Awards this year. Our highly popular smart wireless security and safety system, Agility 3, won the PSI Premier Award for ‘Intruder Product of the Year 2015’ – our second PSI Premier Award Win in just two years. Powered by the established RISCO Cloud, Agility 3 with VUpoint is a smart wireless alarm and video verification solution, that enables home and business owners to check in whilst they’re out through its smartphone app and web browser. “Agility 3 with VUpoint can really enhance the lifestyle of home and business owners,” says Anna Royds, Head of Marketing UK & IE. “It’s an intelligent panel that gives installers the opportunity to expand into markets that haven’t traditionally been a core focus. The domestic landscape is suddenly much bigger than home movers and those recently affected by burglary. Agility 3 with VUpoint opens up new vertical markets such as technophiles, assisted living, latch key kids and families or businesses spread out across multiple sites.” A much sought after accolade, the PSI Premier Awards winners were chosen by the readership of PSI magazine - namely those who purchase and install security equipment. PSI Magazine asked manufacturers and distributors to nominate a product or service that they thought deserved to


be recognised as best in its sector. Readers were then asked to vote over a series of months, and the manufacturers’ service/product with the most votes in each award category was announced as a winner. “We’re really pleased to have won the Intruder Product of the Year category for the second year running, enthused Steve Riley. “It’s particularly pleasing that both of our core panels (LightSYS2 and Agility3) have now won the award - especially as it is based on the opinion and votes of security installers, who you can always rely on to be honest and candid with their feedback. “More than just a vote for our products, this achievement reflects installer confidence in RISCO’s innovation and service delivery, as well as the quality and reliability of our impressive product portfolio. I couldn’t be prouder of the RISCO team, who consistently work so hard and thoroughly deserve the recognition this award brings. The great news is that RISCO innovation continues, and we have more exciting product launches planned for later on this year and 2016.” A fresh thinking security manufacturer, RISCO Group has an enviable reputation for producing high-quality and reliable security products for the every type of security installation. From intrusion alarm systems for residential and commercial applications (including a full range of accessories), to large-scale access control and integrated security & building management platforms.

“It’s particularly pleasing that both of our core panels (LightSYS2 and Agility3) have now won the award especially as it is based on the opinion and votes of security installers”

www.riscogroup.com/uk 35

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Evacuate everyone

Sonos Pulse & Nexus Pulse


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Jim Ludwig of Texecom picks up the award from Brian Moore (R) and PSI editor Andy Clutton (L)

laxon’s Sonos Pulse range of EN54-23 compliant fire beacons have been awarded fire safety product of the year 2015 at the PSI Premier Awards. Commenting on the award, Clym Brown, Marketing Director said: “The PSI Premier Awards are special because they are voted for by the people that really matter; the specifiers and installers that choose the products used in the field. We are delighted that the Sonos Pulse range has been recognised by the industry as Fire Safety Product of the Year 2015, and would like to thank everyone for their support”.


About Klaxon Klaxon is a UK specialist in the design and manufacture of world-class signalling equipment. Through innovation and technical expertise, Klaxon produces audible and visual signaling equipment, utilised in fire evacuation, industrial signalling and mass notification markets around the world. Millions of people are protected and informed by Klaxon’s products, each and every day. As experts in fire evacuation signalling, Klaxon is trusted the world over to provide the latest technological advancements in fire safety. The products are designed to evacuate more people, quicker, safer and easier. Over 50 years’ experience in mass notification and industrial signalling has established Klaxon to a broad spectrum of clients, industries and applications. Klaxon’s expert advice and extensive product range ensure that clients receive signalling solutions that exceed their specific safety expectations. Klaxon is a brand of Texecom.

Sonos Pulse EN54-23 Visual Alarm Devices The Sonos Pulse range of EN54-23 compliant beacons and sounder beacons are designed to ensure that all personnel are notified of fire emergencies, including people with sensory impairments or working in sensory depriving conditions. Featuring Pulse Alert Technology, Klaxon’s EN54-23 compliant beacons help

buildings to be evacuated quicker, make evacuation requirements clear and unambiguous, and allow personnel to feel safe and secure. Relying on audible fire alarm notification alone disadvantages people with hearing impairments or those working, or living, in sound reducing conditions. Even something as simple as wearing a pair of headphones could prevent someone from hearing an audible fire evacuation warning. To truly evacuate everyone from a building, fire systems need to signal effectively using light as well as sound. New European fire system standards recognise and legislate for these new requirements. EN5423 specifies the minimum performance requirements for Visual Alarm Devices (VADs), removing any previous ambiguity regarding the light output requirements or system design parameters involved with using light to evacuate buildings. Klaxon’s Sonos Pulse beacons produce a light output that can protect most rooms with just a single device. Optical systems disperse light evenly, ensuring the most efficient distribution of light to maximise effectiveness. Klaxon’s Pulse Alert Technology provides all the benefits an EN54-23 compliant system can bring, whilst answering all of the design challenges in doing so. Pulse Alert Technology converts power intelligently, minimising power usage and presenting a near-perfect current source to fire alarm panels. With Pulse Alert Technology, Sonos Pulse VADs require less power than previous models, while also exceeding EN54-23 light output requirements. Featuring the latest high power LED technology, Pulse Alert Technology contains advance LED drive circuitry, further improving efficiency, light output performance and long term device reliability. Sonos Pulse LED circuits are designed to exceed 5 years continual operation, without degradation of light output. Klaxon believes that all buildings deserve the latest fire evacuation technology, that all fire alarm systems should be able to be upgraded and that everyone deserves to feel safe and secure.

“We are delighted that the Sonos Pulse range has been recognised by the industry as Fire Safety Product of the Year 2015, and would like to thank everyone for their support”

www.klaxonsignals.com 37

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experts in secure communications

This completes the family. Introducing the Nano 3G. Wire free UDL & alarm signalling

www.webwayone.com 01635 231500 @WebWayOneLtd


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s we are seeing a lot of technology launches and growth in the home automation and security markets we asked the PSI Panel what the impact of home automation and the Internet of Things might be on the professional security market particularly for installers, manufacturers and distributors.


Alistair Enser – Vanderbilt As a manufacturer, we are monitoring ‘with interest’ the converging trends between home security, automation and the potential of the IoT. This is a particularly fast moving area and the intruder detection and alarm sector is already beginning to accommodate the desire for control using smart devices. In my view this is a huge untapped market and the findings of a survey we commissioned from YouGov backs this up. It questioned over 7,000 adults in France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK, where market saturation is currently eighteen percent for Alarm Systems and nine percent for CCTV and Access, and found that 5565 per cent of respondents, depending on the country, believed their homes were under greater threat now than ever before. Interestingly, asked whether they would be interested in viewing images, 30-50 per cent said yes and 40 per cent said they would want to link this capability to a home automation system. There is a clear demand for accessible and inexpensive technology but this brings challenges for manufacturers and installers who are at a disadvantage due to a lack of industry standardisation. For the former group, producing non-standardised technology can hinder take up of certain products, whilst installers will require knowledge about a diverse array of operating systems and protocols. Keeping knowledge upto-date could therefore be time consuming and in the domestic sector, where budgets tend to be smaller, this could prove cost prohibitive. Distributors, meanwhile, need to work out the most effective way of getting products to market, since the route to the homeowner can be very different to the commercial sector. When it comes to maintaining the integrity of a system, similarly to online banking, smartphones and tablets are only unsafe if manufacturers and users don't pay security enough attention. Hacking and system infiltration are serious concerns, which is why we use advanced SSL encryption techniques and we filter app based activities through our secure portal. This allows us to monitor and automatically close down hacking attempts before any damage is done.


Smart growth? Julie Kenny - Pyronix Home Automation and the Internet of Things represent a total shift for a previously maturing professional security market. IP and Cloud services enable manufacturers to provide new and exciting products and technology to the market as, due to the popularity and accessibility of smart devices, home control via an app is becoming a necessity for intruder alarm manufacturers. This shift evolves the security solution from a grudge purchase to a lifestyle solution, as rather than simply securing their home or commercial building, the user can now do this while, for example, checking on their pet from work through integrated IP cameras, unlocking a door or opening blinds. Manufacturers must adapt to accommodate this new age of technology as well as educate installers to all the benefits such solutions offer and help them market them more effectively. This new technology brings wholesale changes to how

The PSI Panel ponders on the impact of home automation and the IoT on the professional security market

Manufacturers must adapt to accommodate this new age of technology as well as educate installers to all the benefits such solutions offer and help them market them more effectively

Daniel Wan - Honeywell

Up until now, home automation technology has struggled to make a breakthrough in the UK market. For too long the industry has focused on selling disparate technologies to as many people as possible, without taking people’s individual lifestyles and needs into account. This has primarily been caused by the technology itself, which has not been fit for purpose, limiting the options available for installers and end users. However, today there are a number of security home automation technologies which are gaining traction in other markets, such as the U.S, and which we anticipate will soon arrive in Europe. These technologies are more accessible than ever before, capable of smarter programming, easier installation, and more sophisticated functionality that has opened up a new, affordable market for installers and end users. One key technology that will enter the mainstream through home automation is video security. Previously reserved for commercial buildings, video camera technologies have become more affordable and attractive to home owners. Interfaces are considerably more user friendly, allowing home owners to view video conveniently on their mobile phone or alarm panels. As a result, there’s a growing demand for monitoring in many different areas of the house, including the front door. Although home automation comes with many benefits for the security market, it also brings new challenges. Many installers remain concerned about the security of home automation, especially as mobile platforms grow in popularity. Installers can easily lower the risk of cyber-attacks by learning best practice for IT security. It’s vital that installers take basic training in these areas in order to install a safe and secure system that meets customers’ demands. The fact is, all security installers should be aware of the technical know-how required to build a connected home, because that is undoubtedly where the market is heading.


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Tell us what you think at @SecurityDrum

Assuring sensitive information and data is protected from interception or hacking are key challenges with the wide spread adoption of physical security solutions


installers can manage and maintain systems, with the ability to connect into panels over a secure IP connection, which allows them to manage multiple systems simultaneously. It also provides the opportunity to establish a recurring revenue stream by including cloud management in their service offering, as they can now deliver a whole basket of IP cameras, wireless security and automation peripherals to their users. As we delve into this sector there will be crossover competition from non-traditional security companies, that offer security peripherals that do not match the same tried and tested security standards to which we adhere. Manufacturers and installers will therefore have to introduce flexibility into their products and services, without compromising security and industry standards. Furthermore security measures cannot be compromised. As the number of mobile devices and Cloud platforms has exploded over the past few years, so too has the security risks that are occasioned with them. Hacking attempts have been happening for many years, however today’s attackers are far more likely to be motived by the prospect of stealing data. Manufacturers and installers therefore have responsibility to their users; including using the highest encryption rates, hosting the Cloud server in a particular geographical location, and ensuring that no sensitive user data is stored on the particular Cloud service.

Simon Cook Genetec When the term “Internet of Things (IoT)” was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton in the UK, the idea that devices could all be interconnected was becoming a reality with the growing capabilities of internet protocol (IP) networks. Around this time, enterprise digital video surveillance was also being born and companies like Genetec, Axis Communications, and a few others were providing new technology and a migration path to businesses looking to take advantage of innovation and move from analogue to a new platform for IP-based surveillance. In both the consumer and enterprise spaces adoption was slow to start. Mainstream use in the home remained analogue based although digital video recording was beginning to emerge; and analogue video surveillance systems and their adherents were slow to cede their dominant place in physical security. Today, as a result of the explosive growth of internet connected ‘things’ and smart devices (mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices)

connecting cameras, sensors, door controllers and alert notifications to a centralised hub for IoT management is helping both consumers and enterprise realise greater mobility, automation, and connectivity in their homes and businesses. With the fast pace of adoption, business and consumers are equally driving innovation in this area and in many cases the home market is an earlier adopter than enterprise. Usage of IoT connectivity has happened much faster in the consumer market, due to the smaller, more individualised costs of deployment. For larger enterprise customers, updating and moving physical security analogue cameras and doors to IP has taken longer, due to the sheer size and investment cost required to upgrade and integrate. However, the enterprise market continues to play its role by driving leaps in innovation related to further unifying cameras, doors, alarms and sensing devices onto one platform - functionality which the consumer is taking advantage of in the home. Looking to the future, with greater connectivity through the IoT comes greater concerns over privacy and securing security systems – both in your home and at work. Assuring sensitive information and data is protected from interception or hacking are key challenges with the wide spread adoption of physical security solutions.

Joel Babb - Farsight Security Services Smartphones and tablets are integrated into everyday life from the top of the London Shard to primary schools, there's no getting away from them. Their 'hand' can be turned to almost any task. The security industry has no option but to embrace this technology, but it needs to be done in the correct manner. Concerns about sensitive security systems being on mobile devices are not totally unfounded. For example, many remote monitoring security apps currently only offer a low level of password authentication, which can be saved to the device after the first time it's used. From there, camera systems and settings can be accessed without further authorisation. Instead, it’s time that security manufacturers follow the example of security measures in place for banking apps, which ultimately protects sensitive information should the device fall into the wrong hands. The potential of remote monitoring security apps is huge. Giving power to the security system owner in the palm of his or her hands will benefit everyone involved.


EDIT panel aug15_PSI_mar15 24/07/2015 16:28 Page 3

In fact we’ve already had incidents where our operator and the site owner are seeing the same camera feed, the site owner from a mobile device and the operator from the state of the art RVRC premises. The two can work together, with the operator’s skills and expertise allowing them to rapidly identify threats. The site owner can see all of this in action and feel reassured their site’s security is in the right hands. There will always be a point when professional services are needed. The system’s owner is not always going to want to 'self monitor' their site – for example overnight, during holidays or simply when they’re not able to access their phone. Instead, a remote monitoring provider can 'filter' false alarms and only contact site owners during a break in.

Clym Brown Texecom

The world has become increasingly connected, which is having a profound effect on how users expect to interact, control and monitor their security systems. With the Internet of Things (IoT) offering increased connectivity options, it is imperative to select professional alarm systems that safeguard remote communication integrity. Security alarm system manufacturers have been adding self-monitoring and ‘smartconnected’ functionality into their systems over the past few years, but with the proliferation of portable smart devices and the continual hype surrounding the Internet of Things, modern security systems need to increase the level of connected features to keep pace with user demand. Increasingly IoT devices are entering residential and commercial security applications. Whilst not designed to replace professionally monitored security solutions, there is a strong appeal for homeowners and facilities managers to have greater interactivity and self-monitoring control over their premises, without the need for an externally managed service. Common system functions include cloud-based access to IP enabled cameras, system notifications and ‘smart automation’ systems for controlling heating and lighting. The challenge for security alarm system manufacturers is balancing the need to provide new solutions quickly to satisfy user requirements, whilst also ensuring that the new connected solutions are robust and secure. Data security, encryption, immunity from hacking; these are all specialist areas that require specialist knowledge, which may reside outside the traditional electronic security manufacturers


skill set. Providing internet-enabled devices and services is possible without investing in high security protocols, which can be tempting for some when targeting a first-to-market competitive advantage. Cloud-based services in particular are relatively easy to offer if security and data protection are not the core concerns. However, for professional security services, integrity is imperative. High quality professional providers should invest heavily in ensuring the highest levels of data protection. Thankfully, there are professional-quality systems available that offer self-monitoring functionality and smart-connected interactivity without compromising on data security or the integrity of the system. When evaluating systems, the question of data security is as important as the added value of the smart-connected services on offer. Manufacturers that can adequately answer security concerns will be the ones that can offer a considered, robust and secure remote communications solution.

James Willison – Unified Security and Security Institute

The increasing connectivity of multiple devices from Smart phones through to vehicles has immense implications for the professional security market. Much of the world’s critical national infrastructure (CNI) is connected to the internet and subject to cyber attacks which can compromise nuclear facilities and power grids. The US Government’s audit of nearly 9000 federal locations found that few had considered the cyber risk to the Building and access control systems and none had a cyber security strategy for these systems because they are “an emerging issue” . It is no longer sufficient for the manufacturers of these physical security systems which run our CNI to claim that they are secure from cyber attack. When asked what IT security processes are in place to ensure that they cannot be hacked, the answer given is the password can be changed and that the systems have been tested by a number of trusted hackers. If that is the case why did the US Government find the vast majority of their federal facilities wanting in their report? Sarb Sembhi, Director at Storm Guidance, states, “The groups of controls lacking in most of these devices/systems are around configuration, access and patch management. The device vendors would often like the life to be around 2-5 years in many cases, but it is often between 10-20 years which means that when the product is no

The challenge for security alarm system manufacturers is balancing the need to provide new solutions quickly to satisfy user requirements, whilst also ensuring that the new connected solutions are robust and secure 41

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The potential is to have a completely different way of thinking about alarms, locking solutions and the design of the home security system, which will affect manufacturers

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longer supported others will come on the scene to provide middleware to ensure that your old technology works with any new technology you have had to purchase. The result is a mess of vulnerabilities in obsolete devices”. The professional security market has a duty of care to ensure that the cyber risk to physical systems is a guaranteed aspect of its provision in the future.

Paul Rosenthal – Amthal Fire & Security As consumer demands grow and enforces change, the main impact of the advances in technology is the way it is dividing installers. In our industry, there are those who understand the core skills of security installation, whether it comes to barriers, alarms or CCTV and know how to make it look good, but may not have embraced the advances in technology security solutions now offer to the market. Others may have naturally adapted to integrated and networked devices, without

Steve Riley - RISCO One thing for sure is this isn’t going to go away at any time soon. The expectation and therefore demand already exists. Our industry must embrace these technologies now, today, as failure to do so will undoubtedly mean the shrinking of our business in both the residential and commercial sectors a huge swing towards giant consumer brands including Apple Homekit, Google Nest and in all likelihood the unregulated market as they look to protect their core businesses by added value, low margin additional consumer “tie ins”. However the prize is significant – with the IoT delivering huge value for the customer we will see vastly improved volumes in all sectors, replacing the grudge purchase mentality we often see today. Growth of SMART Homes globally between 2012 and 2017 is on track to multiply five-fold with estimated global revenue of £20Bn +. The “thoughtful” and intelligent building will certainly continue to grow rapidly in the commercial sector too. The great news is that the products and technology UK Security Installers need to compete exist today, the industry simply needs to embrace them. The buzz word at the moment is The Cloud. Installers need to ensure that the cloud they choose has all of the required security, resilience, continuity, and DR needed. It’s firmly on the shoulders of the manufacturers to make cloud connectivity, and integration as simple and cost effective as possible, as well as ensuring that the levels of security and resilience are appropriate for the professional market. If these are met, then there should be no concern for the use of SMART devices with an alarm system – my concern is the inevitable inconsistency between manufacturers on security and resilience. For example a manufacture with a few servers located in their HQ is very different to having three separate geo location data centres meeting stringent British and European standards, all connected with bi-directional data links, on two separate platforms for resilience, secured using triple DES encryption, public key cryptography, secure certification, metatags, username, passwords and pin for high levels of security.


learning the core skills of security installation. This may not have been an issue if there were those who could grow into the market and lead. However, with the current skills shortage as it is, new engineers have to learn the core skills and the additional technology implementation at the same time at a much faster pace, in an ever changing environment. Today, the consumer (depending on the generation) is naturally growing to accept the mobile revolution and increasingly living a lifestyle controlled by social media channels, apps and websites. With this comes an element of expectation, whereby consumers are beginning to learn their own ability to control activity in their home, one that is increasingly connected through the adoption of home automation. The potential is to have a completely different way of thinking about alarms, locking solutions and the design of the home security system, which will affect manufacturers and designers in the industry. By example, a consumer may no longer have a need for a keypad anymore, instead turning an alarm on or off from their mobile. The same is true to check the doors and windows are locked and lights are off (or timeswitched on), this can and increasingly will be achieved through remote devices. The increasing number of home automation companies filtering into the mainstream security arena is of concern to core security specialists. Home automation can integrate security at a certain level and offer multi-disciplined engineers that can accommodate installation, electrical, lighting and so much more, but still not suit the intricacy of design in security and fire safety. Security companies really cannot reciprocate without devaluing core skill sets of ensuring the right security system is installed to achieve any property’s requirements. The added concern is with the reliance on Internet and technology, if connections are broken and homeowners cannot access their home, who is responsible to resolve the issue and restore connectivity? Likewise if a battery is flat on a mobile, how does a homeowner access their home without triggering the alarm? This very issue, of the use of mobile phones to arm or disarm systems is included in the next update due out by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC.) So whilst technology and remote devices, especially for the millennial generation is accepted to feature the majority of life requirements, the ability to secure a home on a mobile, must be much more considered and secured, to avoid falling into criminal opportunities.


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The limiting factor for 4K Andrea Iniguez, VP Business Development, Theia Technologies looks at the importance of lenses in delivering on the promise of 4K surveillance e are told: “A 50,000 square metre car park needs a total of 70 HD cameras to provide effective coverage, whereas it would only require 21 (insert name brand here) 4K cameras; that’s significantly less hardware to manage and maintain,” and "We estimate that costs could be reduced by as much as 50 per cent, as one (insert name brand here) 4K camera offers the image quality and coverage of four full HD cameras!” - Promises, promises! We’ve heard it all before. The ‘Megapixel Wars’ of the last five years come to mind. But with all the resolution promises of megapixel cameras, HD is only now reaching critical mass in the security industry. Why should we believe what we are told about 4K? Will we be left with broken systems, faded images, and vanishing ROI? Much has already been written about the factors affecting the adoption of 4K as a standard in the security industry. These typically include the cost of infrastructure and hardware. However, technological and market advances have already addressed these limitations with, for example, the introduction of H.265 compression and the rapidly declining price of 4K monitors. And with our knowledge of the speed of market adoption of HD, 4K is on course to become the next big video surveillance standard within 2-5 years. But not much has been written on the importance of finding compatible high performance lenses for use in these emerging 4K systems. Without a compatible lens, the lens will become the limiting factor in the system, throttling the overall image resolution performance, and effectively wasting the investment by delivering sub-4K images. There are only a few commonly used 4K sensors in the security market today. These sensors are not much larger than those used for HD or higher megapixel resolution cameras, but their pixel count is significantly higher and the pixel sizes they generate are necessarily much smaller. For example, while a typical 5 megapixel sensor is 1/ 2.5” in size with 2.3 micron-sized pixels, the IMX172 4K sensor from Sony is 1/ 2.3” in size, with 1.55 micron-sized pixels – that’s 33% smaller than the pixels of the 5 megapixel sensor. Meanwhile the Sony IMX226 sensor is larger at 1/1.7” in size with 1.85 micron-sized pixels - 19%


Without a compatible lens, the lens will become the limiting factor in the system, throttling the overall image resolution performance, and effectively wasting the investment by delivering sub-4K images 44

larger than the pixels of the IMX172 sensor, but still 20% smaller than the typical 5 megapixel sensor pixel size. The pixel size also dictates the level of contrast in line pairs per millimetre that the lens is required to resolve. For example, the smaller 1.55 micron-sized pixel requires the lens be able to distinguish 300 line pairs per millimetre, while the 1.85 micron-sized pixel requires the lens distinguish 270 lp/mm. Finding a lens with the power to resolve the smaller size pixels and deliver adequate contrast is a challenge. The focal plane spot size of the lens must be comparable or smaller than the pixel size on the sensor, otherwise the rays of light trained through the lens will fall off the pixel and the image will be muddy, instead of crisp. The availability of lenses which can resolve these small 4K pixels is limited right now. They typically require a more complex lens design. The design requires a greater number of more complicated elements such as plastic moulded aspheres. They need better glass, plastics, and coating materials. Adding IR correction for Day/Night performance in 4K resolution presents further design, manufacture and cost challenges to work through. Camera companies have in some cases paired fixed focal length machine vision lenses with their newly-minted 4K cameras. Varifocal lenses which give the installer more control over fine-tuning field of view and fewer lens types to order are even more difficult to find right now with acceptable 4K performance, especially in sizes compact enough fit in reasonably-sized dome cameras. As one can imagine, the smaller size 4K pixels cannot physically collect as much light as those of the larger pixel size sensors. This reduces image quality in low light conditions. This would lead one to believe that the industry would be more inclined to adopt the larger, 1/ 1.7” pixel-sized sensor. However, a larger sensor requires larger lenses, making both sensor and lens more expensive. So from this we can predict that the smaller, 1/2.3” 4K image sensors will be selected for 4K economy-line cameras; while the larger 1/1.7” sensors may be reserved for top-end, ‘high performance’ 4K cameras. The cameras and lenses are still only made in low volumes, making them more expensive. These higher performance, higher resolution lenses support smaller pixels. They also increase the complexity and cost of lenses. However, without these new lenses, 4K is in danger of overpromising and under-delivering.


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For more information:

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Do you wanna go higher? Here we look at all you need to know in order to upgrade surveillance system resolutions he security industry adopted Full HD (2MP) as its digital IP CCTV resolution standard as recently as 2010. Five years on and Full HD is making way for Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD), 4k technology, a new resolution standard which provides 8MP video streaming. The term 4k, shortened from 4k2, simply refers to the number of pixels produced in a 4k video stream, which is 3840 x 2160 pixels (approx 4k x 2k) or 8 megapixels. 4k provides four times the resolution of the current Full HD standard, which is a mere 1920 x 1080 pixels, or 2MP, in comparison. Just like Full HD before it, 4k technology has been derived from the TV broadcast industry. Its rapid acceptance by the consumer market has helped to drive down component costs and increase their availability. 4k delivers exceptional scene coverage, clarity and detail, with four times the resolution of Full HD, however, the increase in cost of the resulting 4k CCTV cameras is not so great. According to Ludwig Bergschneider, CEO of ASP AG (Grundig Security): “4k cameras achieve greater site coverage than Full HD cameras, so the real cost savings come from the need for fewer cameras on site and the associated reduction in cabling, configuration, recording channels, VMS software licenses etc. The end user can also be assured that greater scene coverage is achieved and fewer site incidents are missed with 4k.” Typical applications where 4k has been embraced so far include city centre surveillance systems, traffic control and management, airports, car dealerships, parking, sports stadiums and retail parks, where large areas must be viewed simultaneously and a high level of detail is required for evidence. Low light sensitivity in megapixel cameras is reduced as the number of pixels in the camera sensor increases. Therefore, 4k cameras are not ideal for use in poorly lit areas where they are less sensitive than 2MP and 1.3MP cameras. However, recent improvements in CMOS sensor technology has improved sensitivity for all megapixel cameras, making 4k far more


“The fact that fewer cameras are needed for comprehensive site coverage, with all the associated installation savings, make 4k technology a viable solution for current applications”


effective in low light than it was. “The bandwidth required to transmit a 4k, 8MP video stream at 25 FPS is between 12 and 20 Mbit/sec, using H.264 compression,” explains Ludwig. “This is four times that of Full HD, 2MP video. However, the number of cameras used in an Ultra HD security system is far less than in a Full HD one, helping ease bandwidth demands. H.265, with twice the data compression capability of H.264, is expected to be commonly available later this year.” Until the wide availability of H.265, many manufacturers have developed specialist compression technologies which offer extremely efficient compression and transmission benefits and significantly reduce bandwidth use with 4k technology. “The majority of Full HD CCTV systems are operated in real-time, at 25 FPS,” say Ludwig. “This is not necessary with 4k, Ultra HD video, as 6 – 12 FPS is sufficient, reducing the data transmitted and associated bandwidth demands. 4k systems are more commonly used in forensic searching where the 8MP video is examined retrospectively. The large amount of data within each image and its wide scene coverage ensures that no evidence is missed. The camera’s electronic zoom functionality then allows the operator to examine the video and provide detailed coverage of events.” To take full advantage of 4k technology, all the components used to capture, transmit, record and display 4k images must be Ultra HD. The IT infrastructures used are invariably ahead of the security industry’s requirements, so most switches, routers and PCs are already compatible. Many VMS platforms will operate with 4k cameras, making an upgrade surprisingly simple. The VMS will often record the 4k stream and use lower resolution sub streams for display, live and analytics functionality, optimized for the viewing device and again saving bandwidth. “A convergence of new technologies has contributed to the early adoption of 4k technology,” concludes Ludwig Bergschneider. “These include 8MP lens development; high bandwidth IT infrastructures; the prevalence of VMS solutions in IP CCTV applications; efficient compression technologies such as H.265; and cost-effective camera production. These and the fact that fewer cameras are needed for comprehensive site coverage, with all the associated installation savings, make 4k technology a viable solution for current applications. They also confirm 4k’s place as the next resolution standard for the security industry.”


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Secure by design PRODUCT UPDATE

Secure automatic sliding doors Dorma’s ST FLEX Secure automatic sliding door combines contemporary aesthetics with security, to provide a stylish sliding door with antiintruder and antivandalism protection. Tested to RC2 resistance standard, the automatic sliding doors feature burglar resistant laminated safety glass with a four-point locking device at the main closing edge; while a continuous floor guide rail and anti-tamper protection prevents the door from being levered out. In addition, the monitored battery back-up system makes the system suitable for emergency escape routes. Compliant with disabled access legislation in the UK and Ireland, this fine-framed, transparent frontage can be integrated with Dorma access control, for a discreet access solution. www.dorma.com

Illuminated external sounder with custom graphic insert is launched Texecom has launched its first illuminated external sounder, the Odyssey X3. Advancing on the success of the Odyssey Series, the Odyssey X3 is a modern interpretation of a classic design and includes new features that should benefit both installers and end users. Noticeably the Odyssey X3 features a new graphic insert intended to provide a more professional branding experience than previous screen-printing techniques. Available directly from Texecom and ordered online through the Texecom website, these photo-quality custom made graphic inserts remove the need for installers and distributors alike to stock expensive custom screen printed covers. The Odyssey X3 is available with a black frame cover and a choice of blue, red, green and white lens options. Six different electronic backplates offer a choice of illuminated Grade 2 and Grade 3 sounders, non-illuminated Grade 2 and Grade 3 sounders, wireless and dummy sounder options. www.texe.com/uk


SecurePoE Midspan & Multispan TM


Power solutions for any network Designed with security in mind, Dantech’s new SecurePoE range includes Midspan & Multispan PoE power supplies, with optional battery maintained UPS, and/or integrated Ethernet switch versions. They feature:         

Secure enclosures All connections inside Unique power monitoring & tamper contacts Laptop access to connected PoE devices 30W per port guaranteed Indoor, outdoor & rack-mount models Multi-port versions Installation at any location within a system High reliability & efficiency

Suitable for • Surveillance • Intercom • Access Control • VoIP

Designed, built & tested in Great Britain

For more information visit


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18V cordless power tool platform announced STANLEY Tools has launched an 18V cordless power tool platform which allows one interchangeable battery to be used across all FatMax tools in the 18V range. The platform includes eight cordless power tools. There are two FatMax 18V batteries to choose from; a 2.0Ah, ideal for light cutting, drilling and driving, whilst the 4.0Ah has a longer run time and provides the required power for heavy duty cutting and grinding. The batteries offer charge times of one or two hours respectively. The platform can be used by existing FatMax users while those looking to create their tool kit from scratch can use the new Starter Kit which includes an 18V Hammer Drill, an 18V Impact Driver, two 18V 2.0Ah Li-Ion Batteries, as well as a charger, encased within a storage bag. www.stanleytools.co.uk

Solar-powered barrier kits

Green Gate Access Systems has launched its solar-powered car park barrier systems. The kits, manufactured by O&O, are designed for operation where a green solution is required or a mains supply is not readily available. The new solar option allows security to be fitted to the most remote locations. The standard solar panel will operate the barrier up to 100 times a day and can be upgraded to 950 operations. The solar systems also assume each barrier will be fitted with a GSM intercom and exit loop as standard and are rated to cover this in the solar calculations. www.solarbarriers.co.uk

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Updated VMS unlocks integration The latest update to Wavestore’s open platform Video Management Software (VMS) incorporates features designed to extend the lifespan of video surveillance systems and unlock the potential of integrated security solutions. As well as offering improved management of network interfaces and camera display layouts, version 5.50 delivers Wavestore’s client-side de-warping and interrogation functionality of 360° cameras across all software levels, as standard. Version 5.50 also features Wavestore’s review suite which allows users to easily search and instantaneously retrieve recorded images of incidents, even over very large amounts of footage and display them alongside live images. Plus, for evidence purposes, a fully stitched-together sequence of events from any number of cameras can easily be exported in a wide range of video formats with three clicks of a mouse. www.wavestore.com/v550

Rugged domes now available in 1080p and 720p versions Redvision’s RVX-IP30, the IP version of its X-SERIES rugged PTZ and dome camera range, is now available in 1080p (Full HD) and 720p (HD) resolution models. Both models have three, simultaneous, real-time video streams. The primary stream is for recording and is either 1080p or 720p, depending on model, with sub-streams of 720p, D1, VGA and QVGA for lower band-width recording, display and transmission. Video compression format options include H.264, MPEG4 or JPEG and both models have a 30x optical and 12x digital zoom. The RVX-IP30-1080 HD model delivers Full HD, 1920x1080p resolution video, with a sensitivity of 0.35Lux in day/night mode reducing to 0.05Lux with IR illumination switched on. The RVX-IP30-720 HD has 1280x720p resolution, but with 0.25Lux is more sensitive in low-light. Latency in joy stick operation has been virtually eliminated with the RVX-IP30, making operator control responsive. Full ONVIF integration ensures seamless, network operation with most leading manufacturers control equipment and VMS solutions and the list of SDK integrations includes Milestone, Exaq, Mirasys, Wavestore, Synetics and Avigiolon. redvisioncctv.com

Connections Hello again, This month I want to spend a bit of time talking about “digital disruption” and what it potentially means to the regulated electronic security industry. So what is this buzz phrase and should we consider it a threat or an opportunity? For the uninitiated, digital disruption is the effect of digital technologies and business models on a company’s existing business model, and its resulting market position. Digital disruption has the potential to overturn existing business models and reshape markets faster than any force in history. Some of the most successful disruptors in recent years are Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Netflix, all of whom have completely transformed the way we purchase, promote, operate and buy services at the demise of the old supply chains. Digital disruptors innovate rapidly, then use their innovations to gain market share and scale far faster than challengers who still cling to predominantly physical business models. Digital disruptors are also particularly dangerous because they grow enormous user bases seemingly overnight, then are agile enough to convert those users into business models that threaten existing suppliers in multiple markets by using “combinational disruption”. So what does that mean to the electronic security industry? Well, fortunately we have high entry standards for police response and insurance underwriting and are governed by NSI, SSAIB and the SIA. However the police accept alarm calls over the 999 service and insurers will soften or harden their underwriting to suit their commercial needs, so it’s not as robust as it seems. So that doesn’t stop an unregulated industry being developed by a digital disruptor who would completely redefine the ordering, design and installation processes with an online proposition. The proposition would utilise combinational disruption to include not only security, but also event sensors, CCTV, audio, assisted living, home automation, heating, geo-fencing, tagging to name but a few, all of which are controlled by an App which links to the “Siri” home hub. Sounds futuristic doesn’t it? Well it isn’t, it exists and is being funded elsewhere in the world by private equity and venture capitalists. You might think that the technology is beyond anyone who is not a teenager, but again you would be wrong. 20 years ago the 1930’s babies who retired and had amassed some nice possessions who needed security, struggled coming to terms with a keypad rather than a key switch. Today the 1950’s babies who are in their late fifties / early sixties are far more tech savvy and in tune with the Cloud, smartphones, tablets and Apps. Let’s face it, selling to the domestic marketplace is highly competitive and costly due to the incumbent business models and standards and many are moving to wireless systems to cut cost. But a disruptor operating outside the standards with an online design order and installation proposal, selling multi value added solutions that are controlled by the consumer via an App and web portal, they would completely remodel the domestic marketplace. The householder would still get insurance and if they dialled 999 they would still get a police response! So when you are undercutting your competitor just to get another advert up on the front of someone’s house, do look over your shoulder at what’s coming in the near future! If you want more information on digital disruption and how in the future it might affect your business give me a call. Bye for now


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Remote access control module Maxxess has unveiled RemotePoint, a module that allows remote access control and verification through the Maxxess eFusion security management platform. Integrated with ambit, the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mobile workforce management solution, the integration of the two technologies drives operational efficiencies across both facilities management and security operations. Using handheld devices, RemotePoint allows security personnel to perform access control transactions anywhere, verify staff credentials and perform mustering in the event of an emergency. The system also allows organisations to establish instant access points where traditional access methods are expensive or infeasible. Empowering security operatives to perform spot checks and confirm workers with the right skills are permitted to be in certain areas, RemotePoint gives first responders information at their fingertips to ensure a rapid and appropriate response to incidents. www.maxxess-systems.com

New data sheet for injectors and splitters Dycon has released a new data sheet for its D1800 range of single-port, Mid-Range PoE injectors and splitters. The new data sheet includes full technical specifications for the range of PoE injectors and splitters. The D1800-P34 injectors provides 35W power to drive any IP peripheral including CCTV cameras, access control readers, controllers and other devices. In addition to the PoE injector, the range includes two products that enable an installer to break into any Cat5 Ethernet cable and extract 12VDC or 24VDC to locally power conventional devices thus removing the need to run cables from a conventional power supply unit. www.dyconpower.com

Southern Monitoring 0844 871 2223 and Northern Monitoring 0844 871 2224 BT Redcare B!!!!!!!!! CSL CSL DualCom DualCom EMIZON EMiZON ArchAngelPassivSystems Loneworker RISCO RISCO Group Group RSI RSIVideo Video Technologies Technologies WebWayOne WebWayOne

Trust the Largest Independent Supplier of Monitoring Services in the UK

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together raising standards

Meet the installer

This month we talk to Chrissy Powell of Castle Alarm Securities of Derbyshire

We recently put out an advert for a trainee and the response was great. The great majority of applicants were older people who wanted to shift their career in a different direction. I also had a lot of interest from people who already work for larger installers who wanted to work for a family business. What is the security industry’s biggest myth? I find myself constantly assuring my customers that not all security companies are going to sell you an expensive alarm and tie you into a long and expensive contract. The small independent companies, like myself, are there to help, reassure and protect their customers for the best price possible.

Name: Christina Powell – most people call me Chrissy Job title: Managing Director Time in security/fire: Grew up in my family business but took over running the business in 2013 Company name: Castle Alarm Securities Location: Derbyshire Areas of expertise: Intruder alarms for domestic and commercial properties Accreditations: NSI Gold

What would make your job easier? I love working hard for my family and feel proud that our business gives employment to the local area. But it certainly isn’t easy! I work long hours and can be found doing surveys for alarm systems well into the evening. The satisfaction I get when we win a job and the amazing feedback from our clients keeps me going.

Do you use a distributor or buy direct from manufacturers? We mainly use Pyronix and Risco for our intruder alarm parts. With Risco we buy direct but for Pyronix products we get them from Giltbrook Fire & Security who are located not far from where we are based. Is third party accreditation beneficial to your company? Yes – our NSI Gold medal opens many doors to us both for domestic clients but also commercially. Insurers are now insisting on this standard and we feel proud to be a part of the NSI community. What would be a typical project for you? Typical projects for us fall into two categories – medium to large domestic properties that are enjoying the benefits of wireless intruder alarm technology and Graded 3 commercial systems linked to an ARC. We also do a lot of work in heritage buildings and are gaining a reputation in our area as a company who is sensitive to the needs of a graded building. Do you think there is a skills shortage in the industry? Any trouble recruiting installers?


Are there any common requests from customers that give you problems? I always say to my clients ‘live with the alarm system and understand how it works for a while before making any quick decisions about its effectiveness.’ 9/10 times the problems we have are user error which is simply fixed by a quick re-fresh demonstration by one of my team. When we do encounter problems with components, the manufactures have been great in helping us. What is your ultimate/fantasy electronic security product? I love the idea of home integration and I think over the next 10 years it will be developed to the stage where we can go mainstream with it into every home and business. Will England ever win the football World Cup again? I’m more of a Rugby fan myself but I can’t see why England wouldn’t win in the future. They’ve got to get that winning combination right. If you won £25,000 what do you think you would you do with it? Next year I am 30 so I would plan a once in a lifetime trip to the Far East and also buy a campervan so me and my French Bulldogs, Beau and Ming can tour the UK and Europe.

“I love the idea of home integration and I think over the next 10 years it will be developed to the stage where we can go mainstream with it into every home and business” 52

PSI Magazine AUGUST 2015

August 2015 – £4.00

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Professional Security Installer


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Securing data

Cameras for 24/7 remote surveillance coverage

Welcome to the latest edition of PSiX magazine, taking a closer look at connecting security and technology for modern life oday our mobile telephones and televisions are smart, our games consoles are live multiplayer platforms and we communicate globally via social media. In the security world our CCTV can be HD or 4K and the capabilities of VMS and analytics software are always developing. All of this advancement means that the amount of data being generated is growing at a staggering rate. Some estimates put the growth of data storage requirements at between 20-40% per year. This means that those amazing images captured by modern cameras are taking up more space and are of importance for more than just security. Marketing and buildings management personnel also use video data these days and for the installer this means that the system you fit must be robust enough so that the data is always on hand when required. One storage expert once told me: “Our job is not to offer storage space, it is to make sure that our customers can always get the data they want.” In this edition we explore the storage of video data and more. Andy Clutton – Editor PSi, PSiX



EDITOR Andy Clutton Tel: 020 8295 8308 E-mail: andy.clutton@psimagazine.co.uk DESIGN & PRODUCTION Matt Jarvis Tel: 020 8295 8310 Fax: 0870 4292015 E-mail: matt.jarvis@proactivpubs.co.uk ADVERTISEMENT DIRECTOR David Lewis Tel: 020 8295 8309 Fax: 01322 292295 E-mail: david.lewis@proactivpubs.co.uk DISPLAY ADVERTISING Paul Amura Tel: 020 8295 8307 Fax: 01322 292295 E-mail: paul.amura@proactivpubs.co.uk ADMINISTRATION Tracey Beale Tel: 020 8295 8306 Fax: 01322 292295 E-mail: tracey.beale@proactivpubs.co.uk

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All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. ISSN: 1360-6476 PSI is currently available for an annual subscription rate of £48.00 (UK only)


Kitvision has developed three security cameras with a range of features that allows users to watch over their home at every moment: Safeguard, Safeguard HD, and Safeguard 360 HD. The Safeguard security cameras allow the viewing of live footage through an Apple or Android device. Whenever movement is detected users will receive a notification alert so that they can see what happens at home in their absence. Through the iSecurity+ application for Apple and Android devices, users remotely view and record live footage. All of the footage and images are automatically saved onto a private secure cloud server. The Safeguard security cameras have wireless connections as standard, as well as Infrared LEDs for enhanced night-vision. www.kondor.co.uk

Locking system efficiently assigns authorisation The electronic locking system Xesar 2.0 with virtual network is now available from EVVA. Employees, customers, suppliers – scores of people access and exit companies every day. In this process, it is particularly important to quickly, easily and efficiently assign access authorisations. Xesar controls complex outdoor and indoor tasks

allowing users to grant and revoke access authorisations. Xesar 2.0 provides an improved overview, more convenient operation as well as maintenance and the system is highly secure in any application. "Thanks to the maximum level of available and up-to-date data it is possible for the first time to obtain an overview of doors with outdated states that still require updating and blocked identification media that are still in circulation with only one click" says Christoph Karl, EVVA Xesar product manager. The virtual network must be additionally enabled using the Softwareplus card. www.evva.com

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VMS with RAID storage configuration

S2 Security has introduced the S2 NetVR 600 video management system. Aimed at mid‐sized businesses with RAID storage requirements, S2 NetVR 600 makes real-time video monitoring and recorded video playback accessible from a client, web browser or mobile app. “S2 NetVR 600 brings stand‐alone and integrated systems users more options when RAID storage is required,” said John L. Moss, CEO, S2 Security. S2 NetVR 600 supports up to 32 IP cameras and up to 32TB internal video storage, available in RAID 5 storage configurations for enhanced reliability and performance. Live and recorded video from S2 NetVR 600 cameras can be viewed from anywhere using the S2 Mobile Security Officer tablet app. Real‐time video surveillance and recorded video are unified in the web‐based user interface of the connected S2 NetBox or S2 Enterprise controller. Additional features include on-screen PTZ controls and integration of live video views into floor plan graphics. www.s2sys.com

Parking enforcement efficiency improved Genetec has announced AutoVu Free-Flow, a parking enforcement module for the Genetec AutoVu ALPR solution. The new AutoVu Free-Flow module will help increase parking enforcement efficiency by providing a real-time inventory of vehicles parked illegally in monitored parking lots. With AutoVu Free-Flow, parking officers will be able to easily identify lots with unenforced violations and adjust their patrol routes to maximise capture rates. As a growing number of parking owners turn to gateless parking systems to reduce vehicle congestion and provide a superior parking experience, the AutoVu FreeFlow module will help organisations ensure high compliance with parking rules. AutoVu Free-Flow records the license plate of vehicles entering and leaving each parking lot, and compare them to the list of payments received from connected pay-by-plate-enabled pay stations, permit management systems, and mobile apps. Vehicles that stay beyond their purchased parking period are flagged in a live report highlighting violations awaiting enforcement. AutoVu Free-Flow also automatically identifies returning offenders as they enter a parking lot, and notifies parking enforcement officers of their arrival and location. www.genetec.com

Fire alarm technology for the deaf and hard of hearing

Cloud video platform allows effective video data anlaysis

Geofire’s ‘listen and learn’ technology is being used to alert deaf or hard of hearing people if the fire alarm sounds while they are sleeping. The Agrippa Pillow Alarm is a battery powered, wire-free unit with a pad attachment that simply goes under a pillow. It uses ‘listen and learn’ digital wire-free technology that listens for the unique sound of a specific fire alarm. If the fire alarm sounds the pillow pad vibrates, high intensity LED lights flash and an LCD screen displays ‘fire’. As it’s compact and portable it can be moved around a building as required. www.geofire.co.uk

Digital Barriers has announced the launch of its Cloud Video Platform (CVP) following beta trials. From launch, CVP provides automatic video alert verification, camera tampering alerts and face detection, all from a cloud service, enabling organisations of all sizes to analyse their video more effectively and to retrieve it where it is needed most. CVP can help organisations identify what's important, using video analytics, and it can compress live and recorded video so it can be shared more easily, enhancing its operational effectiveness. CVP can also help organisations such as ARCs reduce false alarms through analytics and enhancement tools over direct web services. They can use CVP to verify potential threats, without significant installation or deployment costs, whereas in the past deploying such tools has been both time consuming and expensive, leading to prolonged procurements and delayed implementations. Digital Barriers will launch new analytic algorithms onto CVP over coming months, including its full facial recognition and intrusion detection analytics, SafeZone. www.digitalbarriers.com



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IP and access control Reinier Tuinzing of Milestone Systems looks at the integration of access control in the modern IP market

For integrators, the opportunity is to expand your business to include a holistic security system for customers

ccording to research firm IHS the worldwide IP video surveillance market now exceeds analog video system sales in North America. The long-predicted trend that has been discussed since the first IP video camera was demonstrated in 1996, is here. What are the implications of this for the access control market? Physical security as we have known it is being redefined. Unfortunately the days of leaving your house door unlocked have all but disappeared. Today uncertainty and unrest have changed the views on security to include not just a locked door, but in critical environments, multiple layers of security. Not only are we locking the door, but we want to see who is at the door or moving anywhere nearby outside the door. In essence customers want to “video enable” the door. According to BSRIA’s 2011 World Security Report, 80% of access control installations now include video. The shift in the market to IP-centric security installations joined with open platform video management software allows integrators to combine different technologies to provide their customers with the most efficient solutions. IP network surveillance and access control are especially in high focus for key vertical markets like education, retail, critical infrastructure, and transportation. Technology advancements allow integrators to easily deliver IP access control with video and combine these with additional applications like people counting, loitering, dwelltime tracking, license plate recognition and more.


80% of access control installations that are installed with Milestone video include at least one other such video-enabling application about 4050% of the time. These video integrations are being used for more than strictly security uses, too. For instance, access control and video for a SMB retail business could mean counting the number of customers entering through which door at which time of the day and month. Or an integration of these technologies alerts and triggers locking a door in a healthcare facility for memory-impaired patients with RFID tags who wander too close to an exit. Or a business facility with expensive assets and similarly combine RFID tags integrated with video and access control to notify personnel before a critical asset “walks” out the door - and lock down that door. Some government mandates for critical facilities such as chemical processing and transport or energy generation and distribution require a very high-level physical security system with access control and video to be installed. For example, the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards require multiple layers of access control and 24-hour monitoring for the electric utility industry. For integrators, the opportunity is to expand your business to include a holistic security system for customers: be the translator of technology innovation and deliver solution reliability. Become the trusted advisor for your customers by establishing “stickiness” for retention in customer relationships. How to get started? Learn access control and IP video technology, through achieving the training and certifications in this exciting growth area of open choices though open platform technology. Not only can you achieve the certifications but also maintain and expand the knowledge as new technologies emerge. Be aware that while new developments continue to emerge, integrating multiple systems can be a challenge. No one vendor can deliver all the flexibility needed for future options if they only offer an “all-inclusive” system. Working with an open platform architecture provides the necessary flexibility to choose from best-in-class vendors to meet any customer’s requirements – today and tomorrow. The ability to integrate access control with IP video surveillance joined with other videoenabling applications establishes the expertise with customers that will differentiate your capabilities from the competition.

Project1_Layout 1 26/06/2015 13:29 Page 1

Our focus is providing you with a 360-degree overview in a single image

Never miss a thing with FLEXIDOME IP cameras. Blind spots can seriously undermine the reliability of your video surveillance solution. With the range of FLEXIDOME IP panoramic cameras from Bosch, you will never miss a thing. Thanks to a choice of 5 or 12 megapixel sensor resolution at high frame rates and ďŹ sh eye lens, a complete overview without blind spots and easy capture of moving objects signiďŹ cantly improves the quality of every video surveillance operation. So you can capture objects of interest with superb clarity, eliminate blind spots and always see the bigger picture. Learn more at www.boschsecurity.com/hdsecurity Tel: 01895 878095 | Email: security.systems@uk.bosch.com

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Drives and video data

Shining the spotlight on video surveillance and the need for using the right type of recording drive n our digital age, the amount of data created on a daily basis is growing at an alarming rate. In fact, more than 90 per cent of all data created has been generated in the last two years alone. This equates to 3.5 zettabytes, about as much data needed to record 2,500 HD movies for every single person on the planet. “It might surprise you that almost half of all data is generated through video surveillance,” said Sofocles Socratous, Vice President EMEA, Seagate. “According to IHS, the surveillance industry experienced 12 per cent growth last year, and is projected to expand even more in the coming year. As video surveillance continues to evolve across both the public and private sectors, there is an opportunity for businesses to capitalise on these emerging trends in order to gain competitive advantage.” Seagate recently surveyed more than 1,100 system integrators and enterprise IT executives to dig a little deeper and unearth some of the reasons why video surveillance is evolving and


growing at such a rapid rate. Those included in the survey named business expansion plans (29%), safety and security concerns (23%), and improving operational efficiencies (9%) as key factors driving growth. The survey also revealed that the growth of video surveillance is creating new challenges for businesses, which need to find efficient ways to manage systems and store the rapidly increasing volume of raw video footage. Respondents said key attributes needed for their current systems to work more effectively and efficiently were greater capacity (15%), faster speed (11%) and better reliability (9%). “The statistics backed up what we and many in the storage surveillance industry had suspected,” explains Sof. “In particular, they

“It might surprise you that almost half of all data is generated through video surveillance. According to IHS, the surveillance industry experienced 12 per cent growth last year, and is projected to expand even more in the coming year”

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highlighted that as security systems expand and cameras improve, they will create more and more valuable data, and companies need to be ready to manage this. With the rise of high-definition video and IP cameras, it will be more important than ever to take into account bandwidth needed to run surveillance systems to their maximum efficiency.” It is also critical the system makes it possible to understand and translate the data once it is created and stored securely. This data analysis will not only help in the shorter term with business efficiency and operations, it will help companies stay ahead of their competitors and make better business decisions for the future. As a result, video surveillance, which has historically been viewed as a loss prevention or security tool, could significantly increase return on investment by enabling businesses to turn raw data into useful information that can maximize productivity and even sales. To bring this to life, if your customer is the boss of a supermarket chain, monitoring data allows him/her to collect interesting insights and patterns. These can include understanding people’s movements around the store - where they look first, where they spend the most time browsing, and the busiest times of the day and week. As a result better business decisions can be made - like the best place to position strategically important stock or items on promotion, or where security team members should be placed to monitor any vulnerable or theft-prone areas of the shop floor. To use another example, if the client is a manager of an underground system or rail network, analysing data patterns can allow him/her to plan ahead, anticipate and avoid problems – everything from easing overcrowding on platforms, preventing scheduling delays, and rerouting when and where necessary. It is this intelligent analysis of data patterns that can improve business operations and ultimately ensure a much better customer experience. This all sounds great, however, to ensure companies have the right kit and tools in place for video surveillance, it is essential they think about the challenges it will bring in terms of storage. Storage should be one of the first things that businesses consider - especially as more and more companies will want to analyse data over longer periods of time. “Relying on traditional desktop drives for video recording surveillance is not good enough,” says Sof. “These drives are not built to withstand the constant data writing involved with capturing multiple streams of high definition video. The rigours of today’s video surveillance require true 24x7 operations, 365 days a year, and therefore

surveillance systems need drives that can handle that level of workload effectively.” The right type of drive needed for video recording surveillance is one that enhances data integrity, reduces the cost of servicing, and improves its overall lifetime in the field. Unlike other drives, surveillance drives are built to record or write data the majority of the time (90%), playing it back or reading the data only as needed (10%). However, when it comes to the in-depth analysis of surveillance data, enterprise class drives are widely used as they have greater read performance speeds. “Working closely with our key strategic partners Hikvision, Dahua and DVS, we’re finding the right drives and balance can dramatically improve a system’s overall ROI by optimising video content recording and playback to quickly process data and provide faster performance,” reveals Sof. As video surveillance continues to grow at an exponential rate, it is essential companies using a desktop or non-surveillance drive make the change to a drive specifically designed and created to deal with the high level workload required. Linked to this, it is crucially important to think beyond traditional video analytics, and interpret the rich and powerful data created for business intelligence and ultimately business advantage. If business do these things they are surely setting themselves up for future opportunities and sustained success.

Storage should be one of the first things that businesses consider - especially as more and more companies will want to analyse data over longer periods of time


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Pro-Activ Publications is embarking on a revolutionary launch: a FORTNIGHTLY NEWSPAPER dedicated to the latest financial and business information for professionals operating in the security sector

Business News for Security Professionals

The Paper will bring subscribers (including CEOs, managing directors and finance directors within the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s major security businesses) all the latest company and sector financials, details of business re-brands, market research and trends and M&A activity

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON THE PAPER CONTACT: Brian Sims BA (Hons) Hon FSyI (Editor, The Paper and Risk UK) Telephone: 020 8295 8304 e-mail: brian.sims@risk-uk.com www.thepaper.uk.com

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Bank Sohar protected with 3D biometrics technology ank Sohar, a commercial bank in Oman required precise and secure technology to upgrade the time and attendance system for the Bank’s 30 premises and over 500 staff located throughout the country. A Touchless Biometric Systems solution answered the requirements thanks to its 3D-Touchless finger scanning technology. This technology is different from standard 2D touch-based fingerprint sensors as 2D finger printing can reportedly have issues with ‘difficult fingers’ (thin skin resulting from diabetes, high pigment skin, fingers decorated with henna etc.) TBS 3D-Touchless technology scans the whole finger, not just the fingerprint. This ensures higher security levels and no wear and tear and thus no degradation of sensor over time. The flexibility and customisability of the TBS solution was easily integrated by TBS’ Partner, United Systems; seamlessly integrated into the existing network with various configuration options and tailoring to specific customer requirements including Arabic language on all terminals.


Level crossing safety improved with laser detection Optex Redscan laser detection technology is part of a new system developed and delivered in the UK by Tew Plus to enhance the safety of more than 400 level crossings from Scotland to the South Coast. Following nearly two years of testing, Tew Plus achieved full Network Rail Product Approval for its Level Crossing Obstacle Detector (LIDAR) using the Optex Redscan as the core detection element. The complete MCB-OD Level Crossings solution incorporates the LIDAR as the Complementary Obstacle Detector (COD) working alongside radar and CCTV surveillance equipment. While the radar system is used to detect vehicles or large objects that can cause damage to the train and endanger the safety of its passengers, the LIDAR system is designed to protect pedestrians or cyclists who


could be trapped between the barriers. The signalling system tells the LIDAR system when the level crossing is active, and the detection system scans the crossing area within the barriers accordingly. If the crossing is clear, the signal turns green and the train can go through safely. If an object is detected, then the barriers are raised to enable that object (a vehicle or pedestrian) to leave the area before allowing the train to pass. The system is fully automated: if the object is static and the system has gone through three cycles, a message can be sent to the train driver to proceed with caution at no more than 5 mph to determine what it is obstructing the track. So far more than 60 of the Tew Plus-designed LIDAR systems have been installed and a further 80 have been sold to Network Rail. The solution is to be rolled out to more than 400 level crossings over the next five years.


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First lift destination system is installed in Welsh headquarters Sovereign Fire and Security has recently completed a building management system at Ty Admiral in Cardiff. The new access control and lift destination system reduces time spent by staff queuing and improves the efficiency of people getting to their work floor. The system, which has been developed together with TDSi and the lift manufacturer OTIS, is listed as the first one of its kind in the UK. Admiral is one of the largest employers in South Wales and has recently moved to their new HQ, Ty Admiral in Cardiff, with approximately 2,500 people. Admiral recognised there was a problem with staff waiting for lifts at break times, lunch times and other busy times of the day in its previous Cardiff building. Therefore Admiral commissioned Sovereign Fire and Security to install an access control and lift destination system into the design of their premises.

Previously upon entry employees would call the lift and choose the floor they needed. With the new integrated system, once the employee’s card is presented to the access control reader at the secure speed gate, a message is sent to the system and an LCD screen then displays the lift number that the employee needs to enter. The lift will already be set to their destination. The system will also send anyone else entering the building who needs to go to the same floor, to the same lift. This saves time not having to stop at each floor. The new lift destination system will have the added benefit of making the company more environmentally friendly by saving electricity consumed and improve time-management. Mike Sussman, Technical Director at TDSi commented: “This solution utilises a newly developed component for our EXgarde security management software and is largely the result of developments in network access and fully integrated security systems. Whilst this project was a bespoke development for Ty Admiral, this integration tool will be available to all our customers moving forward. Additionally, there is an option to integrate directly with the keypad on a modern lift, to ensure access for the individual is limited to authorised floors only and can be amended quickly and simply by the security team.”

Have you tried Integriti yet?

Sophistication is not about size The Integriti Security Management System is an IP connected access control and intruder security system that offers sophisticated centralised management for both small systems on a single site, or large systems distributed across the country or across the globe.

With a growing list of new installations take a moment to think of what you’re missing! The Integriti system offers an advanced suite of software, hardware and integrated solutions to deliver complete management of your entire integrated system.

Inner Range Europe Limited Units 10-11 Theale Lakes Business Park Moulden Way, Sulhampstead Reading, Berkshire RG74GB UNITED KINGDOM integriti@innerrange.co.uk

+44 (0) 845 470 5000 www.innerrange.com

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NEW High quality, high performance…

DIGIWAY SR Spring Return

Push or electromechanical opening - spring close. Heavy duty operation. Conforms to EN16005. Backlit LCD display for an easy setup.

The installer’s choice www.cdvi.co.uk tel: 01628 531300 | fax: 01628 531003 | email: sales@cdvi.co.uk

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Security ‘all sewn up’ for Royal College of Surgeons Axis Communications and partner Arthur McKay, have implemented an efficient IP-based video and monitoring control solution at The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh during a time of refurbishment works. The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (College) is one of the oldest surgical corporations in the world and is spread over a number of buildings around Hill Square and is home to the Surgeons’ Hall Museum s and Scotland’s oldest medical museum. In addition, the College boasts offices for a 150 staff, a modern surgical skills training facility and auditorium and even a four-star hotel providing accommodation for visitors and tourists. With building refurbishment due to take place over a long period of time, a security system needed to be installed that was flexible and which included discreet cameras so as not to detract from the traditional make-up of the historic and Grade A listed buildings. A solution was developed, combining Axis network cameras with Milestone XProtect Professional software, as recommended by Arthur McKay. In order to effectively cover the numerous locations where refurbishment work was taking place, whilst providing secure coverage to hotel staff and guests, the initial surveillance set-up included 17 cameras, with the provision for a further 150 once the work is completed. The project included a series of AXIS M30007PV Network Cameras. These five-megapixel fixed mini dome cameras were discreetly mounted on either walls or ceilings and provided four feeds of detailed, high-quality panoramic views. Chosen because of their flexibility, they could be repositioned to move along as the refurbishment progressed with few time or fitting constraints. The AXIS P3364-LVE was fitted to monitor the hotel and its exterior. This fixed dome network camera produced high-quality, low-noise video even in a completely dark environment. It integrated Axis’ unique Lightfinder technology which makes the camera sensitive to light while maintaining colours. Lightfinder-enabled cameras were strategically positioned in the hotel’s reception area, main entrance and car park where ambient lighting was poor. AXIS P1204 Network Cameras were also installed as they were discreet and covert and could be easily integrated into very limited spaces. 64

School manages access control

Dyfed Alarms has installed access control equipment from ACT at a mixed comprehensive school in Wales. Ysgol Dyffryn Aman has 1,600 pupils studying across a campus with a sixth form of over 300 all protected by ACTpro 4000 door controllers and ACTpro door stations on interior and perimeter doors. The hardware uses low bandwidth and auto-discovery for easy installation and maintenance combined with features such as timed anti-passback and counting areas. Staff at the school activate doors using 13.56MHz MIFARE fobs and ACTpro MIFARE 1030PM readers which can read data from any of the 16 sectors on a card so offering the extra security levels required for education applications. Typical usage at the school is for specialised teaching areas such as science laboratories and infrastructure including plant rooms. The system is configured with time zones so that doors to common areas open automatically during breaks and lunchtime and subsequently relock. The access control system at the school has been extended to secure a link with an adjacent public leisure complex.

Metal refinery CCTV upgrade Secure Engineering has upgraded the electronic security system at a large metal refinery in Essex. The valuable metals involved make it vital to ensure that the refinery has security and CCTV coverage at all times. The requirement was for a complete security control room modernisation and the design and installation of a new CCTV and perimeter intrusion detection system. Secure Engineering worked with the customer to design and install an IP system that enables coverage of the entire site perimeter, as well as safety and security monitoring of the internal site and buildings. The system comprises of a mixture of 98 HD cameras, including PTZ and static cameras with Infrared capabilities, with 44 cameras dedicated to video motion detection around the perimeter of the site. The live images are viewed 24 hours a day, in several locations on site, as well as recording to more than 72 terabytes of raid protected storage, across three enterprise-grade Network Video Recorders. Infrared lighting around the site ensures that it remains secure throughout low light conditions.


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Call us on 0845 123 3843

Fire and Security Recruitment Business Development Manager - UK and Ireland Competitive Salary Offered. Our Ref: C500624 FSJ are recruiting for a CCTV Business Development Manager based in the UK / Ireland. A specialist security systems company have an excellent opportunity for a CCTV Business Development Manager to join their team where they will be responsible for (but not limited to): • Generating awareness and demand for the Company’s products, growing its presence and brand awareness. • Engaging with customers, building relationships and developing new sales channels • Maintaining excellent relationships with existing customers • Developing solid business plans The successful candidate will be an experienced Business Development Manager with proven experience working with IP Security Solutions. You will have a strong technical background and a high level of experience working with IP based products and solutions. In return, they are offering a competitive salary and a host of benefits.

Project Engineer – London and Surrounding Areas Salary: Circa £40,000 Our Ref: C501293

Security Design Engineer – M1 Corridor (between Luton and Manchester) Salary: £30,000 to £34,000. Our Ref: C501391

FSJ are recruiting for a Project Engineer based in London and surrounding areas.

FSJ are recruiting for a Security Design Engineer based along the M1 Corridor.

A large software manufacturer are looking for an experienced Project Engineer to join their team to assist with the implementation of projects. The successful candidate will work with the client to ensure that the projects are implemented successfully and to the relevant time scale.

A leading fire and security systems company are looking to add a Security Design Engineer to their team where they will be responsible for supporting the sales team in the design of security systems, ensuring that solutions are technically sound, meet industry requirements and generate profit for the business.

You will ideally have technical experience/training and be capable of maintaining a positive relationship with clients. DUTIES INCLUDE: • Testing of the application in the field • Configuration of the product • Giving operational training to clients • Support/maintenance • De-bugging of Windows Applications • Installation of SQL Server and administration. A Degree in IT or Engineering would be advantageous.

To apply, please contact Robert Bruce on 01509 615292

In return, they are offering a competitive salary and a host of benefits including a company vehicle.

Fire and Security Systems Salesperson – South of England Salary: Circa £34,000. Our Ref: C501138

To apply, please contact Brodie Stelfox on 01509 615292.

FSJ are recruiting for a Fire and Security Systems Salesperson based in the South of England. A Fire and Security specialist company are looking to add a Sales professional to their team where they will be responsible for developing, building and growing end user business and systems maintenance. You will obtain your own business opportunities, conduct site surveys and prepare quotations for converting opportunities and quotes into sales. The successful candidate will have proven experience and knowledge of Fire and Security systems and have an excellent background in sales. Candidates must be hard working and focussed with the determination and willingness to listen, learn and succeed. To apply, please contact Alan McFadden on 01509 615292.

Key Account Manager (Healthcare) – South East of England Salary: £30,000 to £40,000. Our Ref: C501492 FSJ are recruiting for a Healthcare Key Account Manager in the South East of England. We have a brilliant opportunity for a Healthcare Key Account Manager to join a Security systems solutions company based in the South East of England where they will be responsible for expanding the customer portfolio, identifying new business opportunities with both new and existing customers and developing the accounts being managed. The successful Key Account Manager will have proven experience in Sales, generating new business with major customers, ideally within the Security sector. You will have a knowledge of the range of services and solutions within the technology-security sector and have an annual managed sales volume of approximately £600k+. Candidates must be hard working and self motivated with strong communication skills, both written and verbal. In return, they are offering a competitive salary and a host of benefits including an excellent commission scheme, with an earning potential of up to £25k on attainment of target, realistic on target earnings of £65k. To apply, please call Brodie Stelfox on 01509 615292.

ADDITIONAL DUTIES WILL INCLUDE: • Supporting the bid team with any design work for bids and tenders as required. • Supporting and assisting the Account Managers to increase sales • To communicate and manage relationships with multiple stakeholders (internal and external) on designs to ensure they are relevant and in line with the scope of work The successful Security Design Engineer will have previous security system design experience and have a strong knowledge of CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarm systems. You will also have experience of seeing projects through from start to finish. Installation experience is advantageous but not essential.

UK Business Development Manager – M1 Corridor (between Luton and Manchester) Salary: £40,000 to £45,000 Our Ref: C500953

Candidates must be self motivated and hard working with the ability to work under pressure. You will be able to adapt to changing timescales and be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office programmes including Excel and Outlook. In return, they are offering a competitive salary and a host of benefits including a company vehicle. To apply, please contact Alan McFadden on 01509 615292.

FSJ are recruiting for a UK Business Development Manager along the M1 Corridor, between Luton and Manchester. A leading Security Solutions Manufacturer are looking for a Regional Sales Manager to join their team where you will responsible for the development of new business opportunities for the Company’s portfolio in your area. Additional duties will include major end user identification, solution provision, account development and also the development of new routes to market including IT integrator and IT resellers. As well as attending industry events and exhibitions; you may also have to travel throughout Europe on occasions for product training and event participation. The successful Sales Manager will hold a degree level qualification or equivalent with secondary qualifications, ideally within the IT Sector. You will have a minimum of 5 years experience and a proven track record in business development within the Electronic Security industry combined with Sales experience selling integrated systems to key end users

Security Systems Engineer – London Salary: £35,000 to £40,000 Our Ref: C501337 Fire and Security Jobs are recruiting for a Security Systems Engineer based in London. You will be responsible for the service, fault finding and repair of various Security Systems including CCTV, Intruder Alarms, and Access Control systems at a static site in London, whilst ensuring that all services, repairs and call outs are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible in accordance to Company policies and procedures. The successful Security Engineer will have at least 2 years proven experience working with a range of Security Systems, including CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarms.

In return, they are offering a competitive salary and a host of benefits.

They are offering a competitive salary and a host of benefits including a company vehicle; therefore a Full UK Drivers Licence is essential.

To apply, please contact Alan McFadden on 01509 615292

To apply, please contact Craig Murdoch on 01509 615292

Fire and Security Jobs | 20 The Office Village | North Road | Loughborough | LE11 1QJ Tel: 01509 615 292 | Fax: 0845 123 3849 | Email: admin@centogroup.com


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Investing in Tavcom Training Linx International Group’s recent acquisition of a majority shareholding in UK based Tavcom, the world’s leading provider of accredited security systems training, has further bolstered the Group’s profile as a global training brand n this interview, David Gill, a Chartered Security Professional and CEO of Linx International Group which includes renowned security management training providers, ARC Training International and Perpetuity Training, as well as Linx Consulting, explains the thinking behind the investment in Tavcom.

I David Gill

“Anyone who works within the electronic security industry will be aware of the outstanding reputation that Tavcom has built over the last 21 years”

David, with two highly successful training companies already under the umbrella of the Linx International Group, why have you felt a need to acquire Tavcom? Anyone who works within the electronic security industry will be aware of the outstanding reputation that Tavcom has built over the last 21 years for developing and delivering world class security systems training. It is an area of security which neither ARC Training International nor Perpetuity Training has previously addressed. Tavcom is therefore a very welcome addition to our Group. We can now truly claim to offer anyone who wishes to develop a career within the security sector, the widest possible choice of specialist security systems and security management training programmes. Will the Tavcom name disappear? Absolutely not. Tavcom will continue to operate under its existing brand within the Group and clients can be assured that they will continue to receive the very highest levels of service that they have come to expect from Tavcom. Mike Tennent, who founded Tavcom, has been appointed the company’s non-executive Chairman, whilst Paul Tennent, previously Sales Director for Tavcom, has been appointed Group Sales Director for Linx International. Why was it necessary for you to acquire your shareholding in Tavcom? With your extensive experience of operating training organisations, could you not have simply added security systems training courses to what ARC Training International and Perpetuity Training already offers? When you invest in a company such as Tavcom, you not only acquire a superb portfolio of tried and tested accredited training courses, as well as a very large database of satisfied clients, you also gain access to its people. With Tavcom, this is particularly significant because of the quality


of its tutors who have all been handpicked for their technical knowledge as well as their teaching skills. I am delighted to have the opportunity to be working with these highly competent professionals who share a passion with myself and colleagues at ARC Training International and Perpetuity Training for helping security professionals add to their skill sets. Our investment by way of acquiring the major shareholding in Tavcom is just the beginning of what I am sure will be a very exciting journey for the team and our clients. We will, for example, continue to develop Tavcom’s superb classroom and workshop facilities in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire. Under the leadership of our Group Training Director, Ken Livingstone, we can also expect to see further development of Tavcom’s accredited online ‘e-learning’ courses which offer a practical alternative to traditional classroom style courses, allowing students to learn in their own time without having to come ‘off the road’. In addition, we will continue to support initiatives such as the Tavcom Military Resettlement division which focuses on facilitating the transition of ex-forces personnel into the security sector. What does the future hold for Linx International Group? One thing we can be certain of is constant change, whether that be in the form of advances in technology or the increasingly sophisticated activities of criminals and terrorists. I am in no doubt that to be effective and successful within the security sector during the 21st Century, it is essential for security professionals to underpin their knowledge and expertise acquired at the coal face, with business acumen and career enhancing academic qualifications. I am therefore determined that all three training organisations within the Group continue to develop and deliver progressive training programmes that are topical and relevant to the challenges facing all who enjoy working within the security industry.

About Linx International For almost 30 years Linx has been providing high level security and risk management consulting to a hugely diverse range of clients across many different business sectors. Linx’s recent acquisitions of Tavcom, Perpetuity Training (May 2012) and ARC Training International (August 2013) means that the Linx Group of companies is now able to offer unrivalled specialist security systems and security management training programmes to its rapidly expanding international client base.


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Best Value Security Products from Insight Security www.insight-security.com Tel: +44 (0)1273 475500 ...and lots more Computer Security

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FRONTIER PITTS Crompton House, Crompton Way, Manor Royal Industrial Estate, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 9QZ Tel: 01293 548301 Fax: 01293 560650 Email: sales@frontierpitts.com Web: www.frontierpitts.com


ACT ACT – Ireland, Unit C1, South City Business Centre Tallaght, Dublin 24 Tel: +353 (0)1 4662570 ACT - United Kingdom, 2C Beehive Mill Jersey Street, Manchester M4 6JG +44 (0)161 236 3820 sales@act.eu www.act.eu



APT SECURITY SYSTEMS The Power House, Chantry Place, Headstone Lane, Harrow, HA3 6NY Tel: 020 8421 2411 Email: info@aptcontrols.co.uk www.aptcontrols-group.co.uk

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KERI SYSTEMS UK LTD Tel: + 44 (0) 1763 273 243 Fax: + 44 (0) 1763 274 106 Email: sales@kerisystems.co.uk www.kerisystems.co.uk

Suite 7, Castlegate Business Park Caldicot, South Wales NP26 5AD UK Main: +44 (0) 1291 437920 Fax: +44 (0) 1291 437943 email: securityproducts.sbt.uk@siemens.com web: www.siemens.co.uk/securityproducts




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HVM High Security Solutions "Raptor" "Viper" "Matador", Shallow & Surface Mount Solutions, Perimeter Security Solutions, Roadblockers, Automatic & Manual Bollards, Security Barriers, Traffic Flow Management, Access Control Systems

Integrated Design Limited, Feltham Point, Air Park Way, Feltham, Middlesex. TW13 7EQ Tel: +44 (0) 208 890 5550 sales@idl.co.uk www.fastlane-turnstiles.com

Tel: 01964 535858 Email: sales@heald.uk.com Web: www.heald.uk.com

www.insight-security.com Tel: +44 (0)1273 475500

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SECURE ACCESS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Authorised Dealer Tel: 0845 1 300 855 Fax: 0845 1 300 866 Email: info@secure-access.co.uk Website: www.secure-access.co.uk


ALTRON COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT LTD Tower House, Parc Hendre, Capel Hendre, Carms. SA18 3SJ Tel: +44 (0) 1269 831431 Email: cctvsales@altron.co.uk Web: www.altron.co.uk


NEDAP AVI PO Box 103, 7140 AC Groenlo, The Netherlands Tel: +31 544 471 666 Fax: +31 544 464 255 E-mail: info-avi@nedap.com www.nedapavi.com


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Tel: 020 8344 4716 Email: information@rittal.co.uk www.rittal.co.uk

SESYS LTD High resolution ATEX certified cameras, rapid deployment cameras and fixed IP CCTV surveillance solutions available with wired or wireless communications.

1 Rotherbrook Court, Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3QG Tel +44 (0) 1730 230530 Fax +44 (0) 1730 262333 Email: info@sesys.co.uk www.sesys.co.uk



TO ADVERTISE HERE CONTACT: Paul Amura Tel: 020 8295 8307 Email: paul.amura@proactivpubs.co.uk

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COP SECURITY Leading European Supplier of CCTV equipment all backed up by an industry leading service and support package called Advantage Plus. COP Security, a division of Weststone Ltd, has been designing, manufacturing and distributing CCTV products for over 17 years. COP Security is the sole UK distributor for IRLAB products and the highly successful Inspire DVR range. More than just a distributor.

TO ADVERTISE HERE CONTACT: Paul Amura Tel: 020 8295 8307 Email: paul.amura@proactivpubs.co.uk

COP Security, Delph New Road, Dobcross, OL3 5BG Tel: +44 (0) 1457 874 999 Fax: +44 (0) 1457 829 201 sales@cop-eu.com www.cop-eu.com


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Tel: 0800 881 5199 Email: securitysales@mayflex.com Web: www.mayflex.com


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Specialist in:- Outsourced Control Room Facilities • Lone Worker Monitoring • Vehicle Tracking • Message Handling • Help Desk Facilities • Keyholding/Alarm Response Tel: 0208 889 0475 Fax: 0208 889 6679 E-MAIL eurotech@eurotechmonitoring.net Web: www.eurotechmonitoring.net


210 Wharfedale Road, IQ Winnersh, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 5TP Tel: 0118 912 5000 Fax: 0118 912 5001 www.norbain.com Email: info@norbain.com



SECURITY VACANCIES www.securityvacancies.com Telephone: 01420 525260


THE SECURITY WATCHDOG Cross and Pillory House, Cross and Pillory Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1HL, United Kingdom www.securitywatchdog.org.uk Telephone: 01420593830

sales@onlinesecurityproducts.co.uk www.onlinesecurityproducts.co.uk



ADI GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION Chatsworth House, Hollins Brook Park, Roach Bank Road, Bury BL9 8RN Tel: 0161 767 2900 Fax: 0161 767 2909 Email: info@adiglobal.com

www.insight-security.com Tel: +44 (0)1273 475500

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1 The Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH Tel: +44 (0)20 8546 9826 Fax:+44 (0)20 8547 1026 enquiries@databac.com

14 Low Farm Place, Moulton Park Northampton, NN3 6HY UK Tel: +44(0)1604 648344 Fax: +44(0)1604 646097 E-mail: info@gpsperimeter.co.uk Web site: www.gpsperimeter.co.uk




BRITISH SECURITY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Tel: 0845 389 3889 Email: info@bsia.co.uk Website: www.bsia.co.uk

Unit 2, Cliffe Industrial Estate Lewes, East Sussex BN8 6JL Tel: 01273 475500 Email:info@insight-security.com www.insight-security.com




7-11 Earsdon Road, West Monkseaton Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear NE25 9SX Tel: 0191 2963242 Web: www.ssaib.org

DYCON LTD Cwm Cynon Business Park, Mountain Ash, CF45 4ER Tel: 01443 471 060 Fax: 01443 479 374 Email: marketing@dyconsecurity.com www.dyconsecurity.com The Power to Control; the Power to Communicate




Herongate, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 0YU Tel: 01488 680500 sales@upssystems.co.uk www.upssystems.co.uk

Honeywell Security Group provides innovative intrusion detection, video surveillance and access control products and solutions that monitor and protect millions of facilities, offices and homes worldwide. Honeywell integrates the latest in IP and digital technology with traditional analogue components enabling users to better control operational costs and maximise existing investments in security and surveillance equipment. Honeywell – your partner of choice in security. Tel: +44 (0) 844 8000 235 E-mail: securitysales@honeywell.com Web: www.honeywell.com/security/uk


ADEPT POWER SOLUTIONS LTD Adept House, 65 South Way, Walworth Business Park Andover, Hants SP10 5AF Tel: 01264 351415 Fax: 01264 351217 Web: www.adeptpower.co.uk E-mail: sales@adeptpower.co.uk


INNER RANGE EUROPE LTD Units 10 - 11, Theale Lakes Business Park, Moulden Way, Sulhampstead, Reading, Berkshire RG74GB, United Kingdom Tel: +44(0) 845 470 5000 Fax: +44(0) 845 470 5001 Email: ireurope@innerrange.co.uk www.innerrange.com


UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLIES LTD Woodgate, Bartley Wood Business Park Hook, Hampshire RG27 9XA Tel: 01256 386700 5152 e-mail: sales@upspower.co.uk www.upspower.co.uk


TYCO SECURITY PRODUCTS Heathrow Boulevard 3, 282 Bath Road, Sipson, West Drayton. UB7 0DQ / UK Tel: +44 (0)20 8750 5660 www.tycosecurityproducts.com


Paul Amura Tel: 020 8295 8307 Email: paul.amura@proactivpubs.co.uk

GJD MANUFACTURING LTD Unit 2 Birch Business Park, Whittle Lane, Heywood, OL10 2SX Tel: + 44 (0) 1706 363998 Fax: + 44 (0) 1706 363991 Email: info@gjd.co.uk www.gjd.co.uk

www.insight-security.com Tel: +44 (0)1273 475500

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CONTRACT SECURITY SERVICES LTD Challenger House, 125 Gunnersbury Lane, London W3 8LH Tel: 020 8752 0160 Fax: 020 8992 9536 E: info@contractsecurity.co.uk E: sales@contractsecurity.co.uk Web: www.contractsecurity.co.uk

11 Kingfisher Court, Hambridge Road, Newbury Berkshire, RG14 5SJ Tel: 01635 231500 Email: sales@webwayone.co.uk www.webwayone.co.uk www.twitter.com/webwayoneltd www.linkedin.com/company/webwayone



CONSTANT SECURITY SERVICES Cliff Street, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S64 9HU Tel: 0845 330 4400 Email: contact@constant-services.com www.constant-services.com

Challenge Way, Martland Park, Wigan WN5 OLD United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1942 322744 Fax: +44 (0) 1942 829867 Website: http://www.c-tec.co.uk



J B CORRIE & CO LTD Frenchmans Road Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3AP Tel: 01730 237100 Fax: 01730 264915 email: fencing@jbcorrie.co.uk

Aviary Court, Wade Road, Basingstoke Hampshire RG24 8PE Tel: +44 (0) 1256 475555 Fax: +44 (0) 1256 466268 Email: sales@takex.com Web: www.takex.com


OPTEX (EUROPE) LTD Redwall® infrared and laser detectors for CCTV applications and Fiber SenSys® fibre optic perimeter security solutions are owned by Optex. Platinum House, Unit 32B Clivemont Road, Cordwallis Industrial Estate, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7BZ Tel: +44 (0) 1628 631000 Fax: +44 (0) 1628 636311 Email: sales@optex-europe.com www.optex-europe.com

PYRONIX LIMITED Secure House, Braithwell Way, Hellaby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 8QY. Tel: +44 (0) 1709 700 100 Fax: +44 (0) 1709 701 042 www.facebook.com/Pyronix www.linkedin.com/company/pyronix www.twitter.com/pyronix


CQR SECURITY 125 Pasture road, Moreton, Wirral UK CH46 4 TH Tel: 0151 606 1000 Fax: 0151 606 1122 Email: andyw@cqr.co.uk www.cqr.co.uk

BOSCH SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD PO Box 750, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB9 5ZJ Tel: 01895 878088 Fax: 01895 878089 E-mail: uk.securitysystems@bosch.com Web: www.boschsecurity.co.uk


CSL DUALCOM LTD Salamander Quay West, Park Lane Harefield , Middlesex UB9 6NZ T: +44 (0)1895 474 474 F: +44 (0)1895 474 440 www.csldual.com

CASTLE Secure House, Braithwell Way, Hellaby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 8QY TEL +44 (0) 1709 700 100 FAX +44 (0) 1709 701 042 www.facebook.com/castlesecurity www.linkedin.com/company/castlesecurity






Commerce House, Whitbrook Way, Stakehill Distribution Park, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2SS Tel: 0161 655 5500 Fax: 0161 655 5501 Email: sales@riscogroup.co.uk Web: www.riscogroup.com/uk

Brunel Way, Fareham Hampshire, PO15 5TX United Kingdom www.vicon.com


EBUYELECTRICAL.COM Lincoln House, Malcolm Street Derby DE23 8LT Tel: 0871 208 1187 www.ebuyelectrical.com

TO ADVERTISE HERE CONTACT: Paul Amura Tel: 020 8295 8307 Email: paul.amura@proactivpubs.co.uk

www.insight-security.com Tel: +44 (0)1273 475500

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APPOINTMENTS David Phelps CIA Fire & Security (CIA) has appointed David Phelps to the role of Regional Account Manager. David brings over 25 years’ experience to his new role. He will be responsible for liaising directly with clients and responding to any queries they have. Colin Harrison, Managing Director of CIA, said: “We are delighted to have David joining us. His wide range of skills and expertise further strengthen our team and will enhance our customer experience. He will play an important role in continuing to drive innovation. David has great practical knowledge of security systems from sale through to customer aftercare.”

Steve Brown

Graeme Downes Eaton has announced the appointment of Graeme Downes within its UK security sales team. Graeme will take on the role of Area Account Manager for the South East of England joining the sales team with responsibility for customer support for the company’s installers and distributors and helping to strengthen its UK market share within the commercial and residential sectors. Graeme has amassed 12 years’ strong sales experience working with brands such as Lyreco and Newey & Eyre. During his time at Newey & Eyre Graeme picked up the Sales Executive of the Year Award for his account management and business development.

Darren Atkinson CNL Software has announced that it has enhanced its Senior Management Team and Board with the appointment of Darren Atkinson to the role of Chief Technology Officer. Atkinson will be responsible for the Software Development, Product Marketing and Project Services teams in line with the company’s global growth strategy. With over 20 years’ experience within the enterprise software industry, Darren has held CTO and IT Director level positions for organisations including PrisymID and FormScape Software. Through this experience, he adds considerable practical and Board level experience from fast growth, entrepreneurial software companies.

Stuart Naisbett

Apollo Fire Detectors has appointed Steve Brown as its new Managing Director with regional responsibility for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Steve has a record of growth and business transformation in his previous roles, and joins Apollo from ITW, where he was Group President of the International Catering Equipment division. Steve read Engineering at the University of Cambridge and gained an MSc in Aeronautics from Cranfield. His career history includes positions as Senior Engineer in research at British Aerospace, and Project Manager for a UK-based consultancy, before joining ITW in France.


The International Professional Security Association (IPSA) has announced the completion of Mike White’s four years as Chairman of the Association and the appointment of Stuart Naisbett as the new Chairman. Stuart Naisbett has been an active member of the Association since the early 1980s, originally in the London and South East Region and then on the International Council, whilst working as a security controller at Centuryan Security, before his career progressed, including working as General Manager for Elizabethan Security and later as Operations Director at Mison Security. Since 2002 he has worked as an independent security consultant. Other appointments are Jane Farrell, Centre of Excellence Development Manager at Sodexo, who has been appointed Deputy Chairman and Ian Pugh, Head of Security at Bilfinger Europa Facility Management, who has taken Stuart’s previous role as Honorary Treasurer. Mike White, the previous Chairman, and Una Riley, the previous Deputy Chairman, both remain on the Management Board along with Simon Pears. 11

Profile for ProActiv Publications Ltd.

PSI August 2015  

In the August edition of PSI we ask “What will be the impact of home automation and the Internet of Things on the professional security mark...

PSI August 2015  

In the August edition of PSI we ask “What will be the impact of home automation and the Internet of Things on the professional security mark...