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Guide to Security Innovation 2021

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INTRUDER DETECTION WITH NORBAIN EXPERT ADVICE FOR YOUR INTRUDER REQUIREMENTS Did you know that Norbain have the best stockholding of a wide range of the biggest brands in the Intruder market, including Honeywell, Texecom and Eaton Scantronic to name a few? Plus, with our next day and timed deliveries and no quibble returns policy, we’ve got the knowledge, products and service to support your next Intruder project. And because we’re also experts in integrated solutions, we can help advise you on all aspects of CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection systems. Why not get in touch to see how we can support your next project.


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Rewarding the innovators I

nnovation is the lifeblood of today’s technology-based solutions market. The finalists in the awards have all proved their worth by delivering quality solutions to the industry with a cost of ownership and return on investment that make them appealing to the customer as well as the installer. If you take the most basic core functionality of a security system, it represents something which the user will only interact with when it’s too late. If that’s what is sold, you are asking an end user to attach value to a solution that will inform them when they have become a victim. It’s hard to see why that would be anything other than a grudge purchase. Of course, such a ‘sell’ does not highlight the benefits that a modern solution can deliver. End users are increasingly technologically aware. They might not be experts, but they understand how certain benefits will enhance their business or their lifestyle. This is thanks to technology developments in other sectors. Today end users can – via smartphones, tablets and many other devices – view live and streaming video on the move, communicate via AV links with multiple people, access real-time reporting from their businesses, share data with others, pull in reports and process the contents, control remote systems and devices, and when they’ve got nothing better to do they can even make a few phone calls! The impact of the smartphone on the security sector cannot be overstated and hands much of the control of security systems to the owner. When they decide to install or upgrade a legacy security system, they inevitably expect the same flexibility and interaction which they enjoy from other systems that they interact with. If they are offered that, along with the ability to further enhance performance and flexibility, there is no element of ‘grudge’ in the purchase. If installers and integrators offer a proposition which doesn’t meet expectations, then the customer is unlikely to value it. This appreciation of value goes both ways. The installer cannot recommend technology from manufacturers they cannot trust. From the early days of the R&D through to production, supply and support, the role of the manufacturer is more than just that of the innovator. The company behind the

The Benchmark Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and reward technologies, solutions, services and products which advance the benefits available from smart solutions. The Awards campaign covers a range of categories including smart solutions, video, access control, site protection, analytics and AI-based technologies, business intelligence, services and infrastructure

product needs to work as a partner with the installer and not just provide trustworthy systems that won’t require frequent maintenance visits, upgrades or replacement, but also recognise the requirements that the end user puts upon the contractor to solve their security problems at a favourable rate. This is the truest sense of innovation. Just being first to market is not enough for technology to be a success in this industry. The total support package behind an eyecatching innovation is what makes a new system all the more appealing and more likely to be a success. The technologies outlined in this publication are worthy of the spotlight and the recognition being given to them, while the companies behind them can be proud of the status they have attained as providers of smart, innovative, well-supported solutions that deliver for both the installer and their customers.

The technologies outlined in this publication are worthy of the spotlight and the recognition being given to them, while the companies behind them can be proud of the status they have attained as providers of smart, innovative, wellsupported solutions that deliver for both the installer and their customers 3

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ace detection has increasingly become a cornerstone of advanced video analytics. Face detection should not be confused with facial recognition. Face detection algorithms look for the typical features and characteristics of a human face, allowing a high degree of certainty that the video includes an actual person rather than another object which may be similar in size, shape or behaviour to a person. In contrast, facial recognition uses face detection to identify the presence of a person and compares the facial information to a database of known subjects to find a match. Real-world trials have shown difficulties in achieving a high level of accuracy with facial recognition, to say nothing of the privacy issues. Face detection doesn’t have these problems, and is predominantly used to filter events or trigger secondary analytics. Face detection was once reliant on mapping characteristics of the human face, but with the advanced use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the accuracy has increased, even where parts of the face may be obscured. This has ensured that face detection remains credible and effective during the pandemic, as well implemented algorithms can accurately detect faces, even if the person is wearing a face mask.

This capability has proven invaluable for many sites as they return to working and need to meet regulations associated with the ‘new normal’. Applications including offices, retail stores, hospitality, leisure, transportation and public amenities are reliant upon the implementation of face mask policies in order to operate safely. Because high-level smart face detection can detect people even if they are wearing a mask, this allows the algorithm to accurately detect people and create an alert based upon whether or not they meet requirements. A.I. Tech has developed AI-FACEDETECTDEEP, a video analysis solution designed to assist in the implementation of regulations to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. In helping businesses and organisations to prepare for the new normal, it not only ensures the safety of customers, staff and contractors, but also delivers more efficient business practices. AI-FACEDETECT-DEEP is a new video analytics application which can detect faces within a defined area, generating a notification if people are (or are not) wearing a face mask. Installation and set-up is simple, as the algorithm only requires the camera to be positioned with a frontal view at the height of an average person. It can deliver consistent and accurate results whether deployed in indoor or outdoor environments. The application makes use of advanced traditional machine learning and deep learning algorithms, performing both face detection and face analysis to verify circumstances, based upon user requirements. AI-FACEDETECT-DEEP is a perfect video analysis solution for locations where it is essential to verify those who are accessing the site are wearing a face mask, such as shops, banks, gyms and leisure facilities, offices, universities and schools, stations and airports. AI-FACEDETECT-DEEP is a multiplatform solution, as is the case with many other A.I. Tech applications. It is supported by more than 20 different hardware platforms. It can be loaded as an edge-based application onto cameras and encoders from a number of manufacturers including Axis, Dahua, Hanwha Techwin, Hikvision, Mobotix, Panasonic and any cameras which support the Security & Safety Things OS, or deployed as a serverbased solution. It is also available as an embedded application on the AI-ApplianceDeep (A.I. Tech’s own embedded server solution) which delivers an integrated hardware and software option powered with GPUs from NVIDIA.

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Inner Range’s Integriti High Security System is a complete Hardware/ Software solution designed ZWLJPÄJHSS`MVY/PNO:LJ\YP[` installations. Our range includes: „ All Software „ Hardware Controllers „ End of Line Modules „ Power Supplies „ Keypads „ Enclosures „ Communications Devices „ Access Control Readers „ Credentials


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Genetec Security Center 5.10

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In the past, security systems were often designed as ‘siloed’ systems, kept separate from other technologies and away from the network. The degree to which this approach was implemented often resulted in even the video surveillance, access control and alarm management elements of a system being separate. This approach was more costly, and resulted in systems which could not leverage data captured by other technologies. Today’s systems are hugely different. They are designed to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic business world, and as such unified solutions have become the norm. Genetec Security Center is a well-proven and robust unified security platform, and its latest incarnation, Security Center 5.10, ensures the security needs of businesses are met in a costeffective and efficient way. As new technologies are implemented, many established platforms suffer because of the use of APIs and interfaces created to manage integrations. While this approach was common in the past, the reality is single-use application programming interfaces can be cumbersome as system requirements expand. Security Center takes a different approach. Genetec designed its platform to unify all captured data (both from security systems and other sources) allowing users to efficiently manage security policies, monitor events, run investigations and realise the highest levels of situational awareness, thus enabling actionable information which facilitates effective and timely decision making. It allows access to a growing ecosystem of over 900 systems, sensors and applications.

Security Center’s extensive ecosystem allows businesses and organisations to expand and upgrade systems as needs change and new risks emerge, enabling the use of the latest technologies to mitigate new threats. As the platform is not focused on one narrow set of tasks, it accommodates new data types seamlessly. Security Center is a collaborative platform which delivers advanced video surveillance, access control, alarm handling, site management, automatic numberplate recognition and business intelligence, all via one unified interface. Users can add operational functionalities as required, and federation enables multi-site monitoring and control. Genetec Security Center 5.10 brings together on-premises systems and cloud-based services to allow a flexible approach when designing and operating solutions. It also boasts a more powerful web client, and enables the deployment of the Genetec Sipelia communication module in the cloud While many are looking to the cloud for the implementation of services, a significant number of end users have legacy systems, many of which may be mission critical, and shifting these to a virtual environment overnight is not simple. Equally, a number of companies might require infrastructure upgrades which must be implemented before a shift to cloud-based services is practical. For these users, Security Center 5.10 enables a gradual approach to platform migration. Security Center 5.10 enables users to take advantage of Omnicast Cloud storage, a connected service for video management which extends on-premises storage. Users can alter capacity, upwards or downwards, to meet their needs. The updated web client delivers a seamless experience from any computer, tablet or mobile phone without the need to load client software. Security Center 5.10 enables complete management of access control credentials and access permissions, and makes use of extensive administrative features, such as the Synergis Evacuation Assistant which helps monitor and coordinate emergency evacuations. The final headline takeaway is the inclusion of Sipelia, Genetec’s communication management system that centralises SIPbased communications, as a cloud-based service. It enhances awareness by unifying incoming calls with the security system. When incidents require swift action, Sipelia allows coordinated responses across the entire communication infrastructure.

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All your motion detection needs. Captured.


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Ajax Hub 2 Plus

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Historically, alarm systems were used for one reason: to signal an alarm once an intruder had gained access to a property. Much of this had to do with limitations in intruder alarm systems, coupled with a lack of flexible infrastructure. However, today’s technology offers a number of benefits, allowing users to enjoy added value and convenience, which enhances return on investment. Like many security systems, intruder detection works by gathering data about the real-time status at a site. Modern solutions enjoy a high level of data processing and storage, allowing a smarter approach to be taken. While these systems still offer a high degree of critical protection against threats such as intrusion, they can also deliver notifications if other events occur, such as fire, flood, building-based transactions, etc.. Ajax Systems develops and manufactures professional security equipment. The product line includes more than 36 devices for the protection of indoor and outdoor premises. The range features motion, fire and leakage/flood detectors, as well as the control panels (hubs), range extenders, keyboards,

smart sockets, relays and panic buttons. There are also camera-supported detection devices for photo verification of events. At the heart of the Ajax system is the hub, and the most advanced model is the Hub 2 Plus. It is designed to protect any type of premises from break-in, fire and flood. If an event occurs, the Hub 2 Plus immediately activates sirens, notifies users via the mobile app (including photo verification of the incident), and transmits alarm information to an ARC (alarm receiving centre). The Hub 2 Plus makes use of four communications channels and supports the use of 4G LTE. This allows users to connect the hub to two separate Internet providers over Ethernet and Wi-Fi, while also having two cellular services available for back-up should a comms fault occur. Switching between channels happens seamlessly, in seconds. Ajax Hub 2 Plus models use two proprietary radio-based technologies. The first, Jeweller, ensures two-way communication between the hub and field devices, with an operational range of up to 2km, dependent upon site conditions. The data transmitted is protected with encryption, and can deliver an alarm signal in less than 0.15 seconds. The second technology is Wings. This is an innovative radio protocol developed for fast transmission of visual data. It uses a dedicated Hub 2 Plus antenna to improve reliability, and integral algorithms ensure the delivery of verification snapshots within nine seconds of an alarm incident. A series of images can be sent to the ARC after an alarm, but third parties cannot request images from the hub, preserving user privacy. Ajax equipment is rated to Grade 2 of EN 50131, as well as the fire protection standard EN 14604. Last year, the system also became compliant with the PD 6662:2017 standard. The Hub 2 Plus operates using a proprietary, secure OS designed specifically for security applications. The system can be controlled via a mobile app, and push notifications ensure users are aware of the system status. Ajax also makes use of geolocation reminders that assist in keeping the system armed. The Ajax Hub 2 Plus supports a wide range of peripherals including wireless plug-andplay sockets, low-current and power relays. These allow control of appliances or lights via the mobile app. It’s possible to configure the system to automatically manage situations, such as automatically turning off water if a leak is detected, switching off power in case of fire, configuring home activity simulation when the premises is unoccupied, etc..

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Hikvision ColorVu Technology

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When considering video surveillance, colour information is a powerful tool. For operators and security personnel, colour information is something which can be used as an intuitive part of a search. For example, if a suspect has been seen in an area, and the surveillance system operator is asked to scrub through the footage to find a man of around six feet in height, with dark hair, the search could take some time. However, if it is known the suspect is wearing a red jacket, then the search time will most likely be reduced. Colour is something which most people recognise and can identify with little or no effort. Its value in quickly and accurately identifying suspect people or vehicles is often critical, and it forms an important part of evidential material. Unfortunately, when using video, colour fidelity decreases as light levels fall, and in many cases colour information is discarded once illumination is low. Many cameras default to monochrome operations as the ambient illumination decreases, and when additional lighting such as infrared lamps is used, images lose all colour detail. While the images might be crisp and clean, the advantage of using colour information is lost. In such circumstances, a red jacket will appear as grey, as will a blue, green, brown or grey jacket! Because of the importance of colour information, video surveillance manufacturers have tried various methods to capture colour information in low light scenes. Hikvision’s solution comes in the form of ColorVu technology. ColorVu Technology enables the camera to capture video containing colour information in

a range of conditions, including in extremely dimly lit environments. This not only gives the operator or security teams more information about a suspect, but it also makes it simpler to identify targets in dark scenes. When using conventional cameras with infrared lighting for night-time monitoring, people, vehicles, and other critical objects can blend into the dark background, making it difficult for operators to quickly assess a situation, or make positive identifications. Hikvision’s ColorVu technology has the ability to capture colour details in low lighting. This is due to advances in lens technology and the use of high-performance sensors. The cameras also include a supplemental light for extremely dark situations. The cameras make use of an F1.0 aperture, which the manufacturer states captures four times the light of typical cameras. This enhances colour replication in poor lighting, without the need for excessive exposure times which can result in blur and smear. The advanced image sensor uses self-adaptive 3D digital noise reduction to eliminate noise and ensure full motion video. The capture of colour images around the clock has benefits for several applications, including car parks, businesses and residential applications. Car park facilities can be difficult to protect due to low and often uneven lighting, but to differentiate and identify vehicles, colour information is important. Because ColorVu uses supplemental lighting to make parking areas easier to secure, this means there is no need for additional lighting to capture colour images. ColorVu’s environmentally friendly light will not interfere with a driver’s vision, as opposed to harsh and bright lights. This allows detailed imagery, such as the colour of a vehicle, to be recorded for forensic review. Also, unlike where cameras with IR illumination are used, with ColorVu there isn’t reflection off number plates which can make the details hard to read. In business applications, users can monitor entrances and exits as well as dimly lit interior and exterior areas where theft or other crimes occur, such as dark hallways, external walkways and loading bays. Residential buildings often have several low-light areas that are potentially risky and difficult to navigate in darkness. ColorVu cameras provide surveillance where incidents or accidents might occur, and the supplemental lighting illuminates these areas to reduce risk and improve safety for tenants and visitors.

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Detect Alert Situations Before They Occur. Highly Stable and Reliable. Video Security means Intelligent Video Surveillance powered by the IPS Factor. The protection of areas and buildings needs far more than just installing video cameras. The intelligent video analytics module IPS Dome Tracker allows the automatic tracking of alarm objects from camera to camera – DKLJKO\HIƄFLHQWVXSSRUWWRWKHRSHUDWRUZKHQGHDOLQJZLWKLQFLGHQWV

Re-inventing Video Security since 1965.

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Paxton Net2 Occupancy Management

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While the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be receding in the wake of vaccinations, for many businesses and organisations, the need to enforce some degree of social distancing remains. According to expert advice, some need for social distancing may be required in the future, and for many operations, there is also a need to reassure visitors and employees that their health and well-being is foremost in the business management’s minds. With uncertainty over virus variations, changing rules and a general mood of caution, businesses and organisations must ensure they retain control over the flow of people through their sites. However, occupancy management has other benefits outside of times of pandemic. Occupancy management allows users to optimise comfort for employees and visitors,

ensuring congestion on-site is limited, and the efficient use of resources is controlled. With many companies adopting more flexibility in terms of on-site working, using concepts such as hot-desking, occupancy management plays a significant role. The technology can also ensure smooth management of meeting rooms, ensuring resources are allocated based on the needs of personnel and their clients. This not only adds cost efficiencies, but enhances the overall return on investment for the solution. The benefits are greater in customer-facing sites, as occupancy management enhances the customer experience and ensures staff are deployed in adequate numbers to deliver high levels of customer service. Paxton has enhanced its award-winning Net2 access control system, helping ensure buildings are COVID-secure, but also delivering the wider benefits of occupancy management. The latest version of the Net2 Pro software features Net2 Occupancy Management which allows users to limit the number of people in any given area, either barring access or sending a notification to the building manager when spaces near capacity. Net2 Occupancy Management works across multiple areas and can be set to operate a ‘one in, one out’ system to support social distancing. In addition to this update, the latest version also supports thermal scanning, with a choice of hardware integrated from Hikvision, ZKTeko, Suprema, Invixium, Genie and more. Paxton recognises controlling the density of people in an area is a valuable tool to help businesses. Net2 is a bestselling access control system and so the Occupancy Management feature meets specific needs for a large number of businesses. Occupancy management helps ensure users maintain a safe social distance by setting and controlling the maximum number of people in any given area. Users can view live occupancy levels in a web-based visual report from a smartphone, tablet, PC or wall display. Dynamic control of entry permissions allows users to set alerts and prevent access when maximum capacity is neared or reached, and a simple area management feature sets and manages multiple areas simultaneously, with occupancy levels per area. The Occupancy Management feature in Net2 is part of a continual development of Net2 in line with feedback to provide even more flexibility for COVID-secure and costeffective buildings.

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CSL CSL Router

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The growth in network-based security solutions has seen an increased emphasis on the deployment of advanced and reliable communications infrastructure. These systems protect people, property and assets, and as such reliable communications is critical. Increasingly, these systems also offer operational efficiencies such as site management and business intelligence. However, in an increasingly data-driven world, the benefits may not be realised if communications are compromised. Advances in the communications sector have offered benefits to security systems and solutions, but as with any critical system, the risks associated with lost connectivity must be addressed. While communications downtime can be an inconvenience for noncritical tasks, it is much more of a problem where security and safety are concerned. If an alarm condition occurs but the signal does not reach the ARC, the system has failed. This is why secure multi-path signalling with intelligent polling, such as the DualCom Pro range from CSL, is well established in the security sector. Secure signalling systems are proven in the field and have provided peerless support for many of the most high-profile sites. However, the benefits of reliable

connectivity and secure signalling are not limited to alarm systems. Where continuity of communications is critical, the same approach should be deployed for video systems and access control solutions. With remote technologies increasingly being embraced by end users, if an access control system cannot connect to a central or cloudbased server, a business may find it is unable to function. Along with video surveillance and access control, it is worth considering the use of cloud-based or remote business services such as freezer monitoring in supermarkets, management of HVAC in server farms, process control in manufacturing facilities, etc.. A failure in connectivity could lead to losses for the user. CSL Router is a rapid connection, 4Genabled router which can be used with a range of critical systems, including video, access control, building management, payment terminals, process control, etc.. The router can be supplied in single or dual-SIM options, allowing the most cost-effective option to be selected dependent upon site needs. Both variants of the router use 4G data connectivity, making them ideal for sites where traditional broadband is unavailable, impractical or slow. They are also ideal or temporary applications where the installation of a hard-wired connection might be costprohibitive. The dual-SIM option is supplied with two 4G WorldSIMs:, one is active, and the second offers redundancy should a failure occur. WorldSIMs use any of the major providers’ networks, selecting the strongest signal to ensure connectivity is robust. If the CSL Router is deployed to offer a back-up to a hard-wired broadband service, a single SIM model can be used to ensure the solution is cost-effective. The CSL Router can be configured to provide 4G connectivity if the broadband service fails or has any connectivity issues. CSL Routers are supplied with an appropriate monthly data bundle, enabling users to manage costs. CSL Router makes use of the company’s Gemini Global Platform, providing secure, reliable and scalable connectivity for any device. The platform ensures critical alarms are always delivered, either to an ARC or to a smart device if the system is self-monitored. Access to the system is simple as the Router makes use of a fixed IP address, reducing the need for IT configurations. Set-up is fast, as CSL Routers are supplied preconfigured and

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Incedo™ Business Cloud Take control of your building’s security, from anywhere. Available from ABLOY UK | 01902 364500 |

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Security & Safety Things Camera OS & Application Store


The modern security and safety markets are moving at a fast pace, with new technological developments occurring almost every day. The flexibility on offer has never been so good, and for both integrators and end users, the ability to select best-of-breed technologies and adapt these to create a customisable solution adds value and increases the return on investment. For many, the most innovative approach is to work with an open platform, allowing features and functions to be loaded onto smart hardware devices, thus allowing high performance from the hardware and diverse applications from the many available applications. For many, the benchmark in this sector is set by Security & Safety Things, and its Open Camera OS and Application Store. Security & Safety Things connects camera manufacturers, developers, integrators and end users through its platform. It harnesses the growing computing power of security cameras to provide valuable operational intelligence for organisations in a variety of industries. Developers use the platform to rapidly create new apps for a variety of cameras from different manufacturers and offer these apps through Security & Safety Things’ open Application Store. Security & Safety Things effectively turns cameras into multi-purpose IoT sensors that can be adapted to provide value in security, business intelligence and beyond. As a result, end users and integrators enjoy the freedom to combine a wide variety of cameras and apps to meet specific needs and use cases. The basis for all this is Security & Safety Things’ operating system, built on the

Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It is free of charge for camera manufacturers. The OS leverages the expanding processing and analytic power of modern cameras, allowing them to run powerful AI-enabled analytic applications. Apps are created by highly specialised third-party developers and are available through the platform’s open Application Store. Thanks to standardisation through the Security & Safety Things OS, third-party developers only have to develop an app once for it to run on different camera brands and form factors. This enables them to redirect resources to the development of new apps, and so end-users see new innovations and more specialised apps coming to market more often. Taking advantage of such innovative developments is not tied to purchasing new hardware, since supported cameras can simply be re-equipped with new apps during their lifecycle. Security & Safety Things offers a paradigm shift for how video solutions are planned, deployed, and maintained. System integrators and customers can now pick and mix any combination of camera and analytics capability to support almost any use case. The solution means more than one app can simultaneously run on a camera, allowing it to perform multiple tasks. To support the deployment and maintenance of such solutions, Security & Safety Things offers a comprehensive Device Management Portal, enabling remote management of any connected camera. Apps can be installed and managed through the portal, giving users statistics about camera status. Security & Safety Things, together with its camera partners, is already supporting numerous projects. These offer various use cases including heat mapping and queue analysis in retail stores, automated payment processing or license plate recognition for barrier-free traffic, and a host of others. At the time of writing, the Application Store features more than 90 AI-enabled apps from over 35 development partners, with more apps uploaded on a regular basis.

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HELLO SIGNO The Signature Line of Readers from HID Global

Meet Signo at

Powering Trusted Identities

©2020 HID Global Corporation/ASSA ABLOY AB. All rights reserved. HID, HID Global, the HID Blue Brick logo, the Chain Design and Signo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HID Global or its licensor(s)/supplier(s) in the US and other countries and may not be used without permission.

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BT Redcare Essential IP

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Today’s end users expect the highest levels of protection from their security solutions, whether for their businesses and organisations, or their homes. Given the inherent flexibility in modern systems, this is a reasonable and realistic expectation. With the development and adoption of new technologies, integrators and installers are increasingly able to offer enhanced functionality. The communications sector has evolved in recent times, and the reliable delivery of alarm notifications is now considered to be a critical element of system design. However, much of the security sector is still reliant on older telephony technologies, which is at odds with a growing number of other sectors. In order for the value of an intruder alarm system to be realised, it is vital that all alarm notifications are received, and to achieve this best practice is to install a secure signalling system. BT Redcare has been an industry leader in this field for decades and offers a range of secure signalling products designed to ensure consistent communications when it is needed the most: during an incident. Whether signalling intrusion or fire alarm notifications, or generating site status data for a smart solution, BT Redcare empowers integrators and installers to ensure their systems remain connected, no matter what challenges are faced. Recently, BT Redcare announced the launch of Essential IP, a future-proofed IP-based alarm signalling solution that was introduced to simplify the transition from legacy dial up systems ahead of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) switch off by the end of 2025. Essential IP is easy to install and is able to connect via ethernet or WiFi, which makes it ideal in areas with poor mobile coverage. It exceeds SP2 performance levels, notifying ARCs of a path fault within 60 minutes, which is much faster than older dial-up signalling systems. It has eight standard alarm channels and dial capture on-board, and data sent to ARCs is encrypted with high-level AES. The use of common serial connection capabilities – RS232 and RS485 – means Essential IP is compatible with a wide range of established intruder alarm panels, so there is no need to upgrade system hardware. The migration to all-IP communications

remains a huge driver in the security industry, and many alarm installers face a challenge to transition their customers away from systems which rely on the PSTN to dial out to ARCs. Delivering high levels of protection requires alarm signalling being future-proofed, and if customers migrate their telephone services without checking the compatibility of their alarm systems, legacy dial-up solutions will stop working leaving them unprotected. Essential IP is an out-of-the box ready solution, which is easy to install, with push button or app programming, OLED displays giving clear status and programming information and compatible with existing alarm systems. It has been developed with installers and customers at the forefront of thinking. Like all solutions in the BT Redcare Next Generation alarm signalling portfolio, Essential IP comes with a 10-year product guarantee and its packaging is manufactured from recyclable materials. Other signalling options from BT Redcare are Essential, Essential Extra, Advanced, Advanced Extra and Ultimate. Essential is a wireless, SP2 device with an integrated SIM that switches between mobile networks to find the most reliable coverage. Signalling uses 4G and 2G networks. Essential Extra is a wireless dual path, dual radio using a fixed network EE SIM* for its primary path and a roaming sim for the secondary path. Advanced is a flexible dual path alarm signalling system which utilises both a wired IP connection and dual 4G SIMs, while Advanced Extra includes rapid alert response times, so ARCs will be notified of connection faults on the primary path within three minutes. Ultimate uses a private IP connection on a dedicated BT Redcare broadband network, with its own built-in hub, backed up by two 4G SIMs. *EE’s UK number one ranking is based on the RootMetrics UK RootScore Report: H2 (Jul-Dec) 2020. Tested at locations across the UK with the best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of EE. Visit ROOTMETRICS.CO.UK for more details.

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All-In-One Box for Security, Safety and Business Intelligence )RU5HWDLO+RVSLWDOLW\2ɝFH6SDFHDQG0RUH


IDIS Europe


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Webeye webeyeCMS

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The growth of cloud-based services has accelerated significantly in recent years, and for good reason. Businesses and organisations have embraced the technology across a number of their core activities, and it makes sense for them to also consider the use of cloud-based services when protecting their people, premises and assets. Cloud-based services, such as VSaaS (video surveillance as a service) are costeffective and efficient. Users do not need to make a significant investment in servers and complex infrastructure, and integrators and installers do not have to spend time on-site, configuring and maintaining IT resources. Additionally, users do not have to pay licensing fees, nor do they need to focus the efforts of their IT department on balancing the load of video streams with core and often critical business operations. Additionally, integrators and installers are freed from installing upgrades and patches on all machines. Cybersecurity is a growing concern for many businesses. With a professional, credible cloud-based service provider, many

of the security needs will be managed remotely, allowing the customer to focus on what they’ve invested in: protection for their site. Webeye offers webeyeCMS, a VSaaS product which has been designed to be straightforward, easy to configure and use, and cost-effective. There is no need for software installations, server hardware or specialist infrastructure installations. The system can manage data from video surveillance systems along with alarm data, creating a seamless solution which provides efficient and credible protection. When an alarm incident is detected, the alarm data and video footage are transmitted to the webeyeCMS platform. To ensure vital data is captured, the cloud service processes the data and ensures load balancing. The data is securely stored on several servers, making certain that should an outage occur, the important video evidence is retained. Once the alarm information and video footage has been processed, notifications are sent to all authorised stakeholders simultaneously, and these are repeated until acknowledged by an authorised user. The notifications include a video clip, giving visual verification of the alarm cause, and forms the basis for a request of police response. To ensure the reliability of notifications, Webeye has developed PADARC. This uses multiple methods to deliver notifications, ensuring alarms aren’t missed. The service is scalable, supporting numerous recipients. An optional extra service comes in the form of Calipsa, which is a false alarm filtering platform. When an alarm event occurs, the images are analysed by Calipsa using the latest machine learning technologies. The footage is analysed and object recognition applied to ensure the video contains human or vehicular activity. If valid targets are detected, a notification appears in webeyeCMS to allow prioritisation of verified notifications. The webeyeCMS GUI is customisable and can be adapted to meet the needs of any application, ensuring the user finds using the solution intuitive and fast. To ensure the highest levels of flexibility, webeyeCMS can be deployed without a contract, on a rolling basis. Not only does this pay-as-you-go approach suit end users, but they can also interact with their system via any network-connected PC, smartphone or tablet. For integrators and installers, it delivers recurring revenue via a platform which is simple to configure and manage.

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Video Surveillance Management Solutions

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Effective Innovation W With its extensive ext range e of features and seamless integrations, CathexisVision is an efficient, effi fi effective tive video vid ssurveillance illance solution that at helps customers get the maximum return on their security investment. nve estment. By B choosing choos CathexisVision, can reap the many operational rewards of using a cost-effective, C exisV Vision, your company co st-e effective, reliable, re iab e, and a ffeature-rich e-rich video v deo management manageme system. Access Control Systems

CathexisVision C xisVision Standout S Software oft Features include: Retail POS

• O Open Arc Architecture cture VMS Plat P Platform atfo

Weighing Scales Fire Panels

• En Enterprise, rise, Mult Multi-Site i-Site Architec Architecture tu • Vide Video Analytics/AI alytic cs/AI

Fence Systems

Mass Network Storage

• Automatic utom Numb Number ber P Plate late Recognition (A (AN (ANPR) NP )

Escalators Weighbridges

• Third-party d-part System stem Integra IIntegration ration Sophisticated ticated Command d Centre re Environme Environment Money Counter

• Advanced Video Search • Cyber Pro Protection on and F Failover Redundancy ncy • Multiple tiple Langu Language Support upport


Elevators Intercom Systems

IP Cameras



PSIM Metal Detectors

Powerful, Feature-rich and Fully Integrated Surveillance Software P | Lorem ipsum

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The 2021 finalists

he Benchmark Innovation Awards recognise and reward technologies, solutions, services and products which advance the benefits available from smart solutions. The awards cover a range of categories including smart solutions, video,


access control, site protection, analytics and AI-based technologies, business intelligence, services and infrastructure. The companies listed over the next four pages have all proved their worth by delivering credible, innovative solutions to the industry.



Qognify: Cayuga BVI

Avigilon: H5A Camera Platform

Cayuga manages all feeds generated by cameras and thus enables holistic video monitoring at a glance, centrally on-site or remotely via different client options.

The H5A camera line features next-generation video analytics technology to help focus attention on potentially critical events, providing a smarter and more powerful video security solution from the moment it is set up.

Security and Safety Things: Camera OS and Application Store Security & Safety Things connects camera manufacturers, developers, integrators and end users through its platform. It harnesses the growing computing power of security cameras to provide valuable operational intelligence for organisations in a variety of industries.

Cathexis: CathexisVision 2020 Upgrade

Hikvision: ColorVu Technology Hikvision’s ColorVu technology has the ability to capture colour details in low lighting. This is due to advances in lens technology and the use of high-performance sensors.

Hanwha: PTZ Plus Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras, which have a preset accuracy of ±0.1˚, are able to detect if they are not precisely aimed at the specified field of view and will move within one second to the correct position.

CathexisVision is an advanced, flexible and costeffective video management solution which delivers the highest levels of security, safety and return on clients’ investment.

Mobotix: S74

Genetec: Security Center 5.10

FLIR: Elara FC-Series ID

Security Center 5.10 bridges the gap between on-premises systems and the cloud with new connected services, a more powerful web client, and the ability to deploy the communication module, Sipelia, in the cloud.

The Mobotix S74 can look in two directions simultaneously and has access to the intelligent applications of the MOBOTIX 7 platform. The Elara FC-Series ID thermal security camera includes onboard analytics capable of classifying human or vehicular intrusions, resulting in few false alarms.

Vicon: Valerus 20.2 Valerus has been upgraded with powerful features like mobile video streaming, enhanced health dashboards, and improved cybersecurity tools to enable quicker reactions and the ability to monitor more efficiently and protect assets better than ever. 22

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ACCESS SOLUTIONS Paxton: Net2 Occupancy Management


The latest version of the Net2 Pro software features Net2 Occupancy Management which allows users to limit the number of people in any given area, either barring access or sending an email or text to the building manager when a space nears capacity.

LiDAR technology detection devices from OPTEX enable the protection of large areas with a single sensor: models include ranges of 100 x 50 (RLS-50100V) metres and 60 x 30 metres (RLS-3060V).

Vanderbilt: VCredential

Each Capture model features double the number of detection points compared to previous Texecom detectors. All Capture ceiling mount models use omni-directional quad element PIR sensing for true 360°pickup.

VCredential is a cloud-based credential management platform that offers users the ability to create and manage Bluetooth credentials independent of the access control platform.

Inner Range: Integriti Integriti is an award-winning intelligent access control and security system that can integrate with a multitude of third-party products to create a sophisticated and highly secure access and security solution while also providing trouble-free access for site users.

Texecom: Capture

Redcare: Essential IP Essential IP is a future-proofed IP-based alarm signalling solution introduced to simplify the transition from legacy dial up systems ahead of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) switch off by the end of 2025.

HID: Signo Reader Range The Signo range provides an adaptable, interoperable and secure approach to access control. HID Signo makes use of an open platform and delivers unprecedented flexibility and robust, forward-looking features designed to optimise the workplace experience.

PAC: Access Central V5.3 Access Central is a software management platform designed to support commercial and educational sectors with access control and building management features and capabilities dedicated to supporting a range of security applications from a single premises to a large multi-site commercial or educational environment.

Ajax: Hub 2 Plus Hub 2 Plus protects any type of premises from break-in, fire and flood. If an event occurs, the Hub 2 Plus immediately activates sirens, notifies users via the mobile app (including photo verification of the incident), and transmits alarm information to an ARC.

Honeywell: Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite enables an enterprise to benefit from the seamless integration of all of its security solutions, giving complete visibility of all the connected systems, in turn mitigating business risks. Vote at


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ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS AI-Tech: AI Facedetect Deep AI-FACEDETECT-DEEP is a new video analytics application which can detect faces within a defined area, generating a notification if people are (or are not) wearing a face mask. Installation and set-up is simple, as the algorithm only requires the camera to be positioned with a frontal view at the height of an average person.

IPS: IPS Dome Tracker IPS Dome Tracker allows the use of simple actions on the part of the operator, or automated pre-defined triggers, to activate a dome and deliver accurate and reliable tracking, including seamless camera handover, while an event is taking place.

Briefcam: Video Content Analysis Platform Delivering accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions, BriefCam’s video analytics platform provides valuable insights for accelerating investigations, increasing situational awareness and enhancing operational intelligence.

Panasonic: i-VMD i-VMD has six detection features: intruder, loitering, direction, scene change, object and cross line. The i-VMD extracts information such as position, size, moving direction and staying time from the moving object detected and analyses its behaviour.

Axis Communications: Axis Radar Autotracking for PTZ Axis Radar Autotracking for PTZ is designed to automatically control the direction and zoomlevel of one or many pan, tilt, zoom cameras for optimized camera views. The application uses motion data from Axis security radars to find objects of interest on the site. 24

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS Bosch: Intelligent Insights Intelligent Insights makes use of Bosch cameras’ built-in video analytics to interpret video images and collect metadata from cameras. This is collected, aggregated, and displayed using a series of pre-defined widgets to visualise the data.

COSMO: COSMO Counter Pro The COSMO Counter Pro solution is an integrated smart analytic tool designed for accurate people counting. The solution comprises cameras and an applications, allowing for ease of installation and simplicity of use.

Senstar: Safe Spaces Senstar Safe Spaces is an all-in-one analytics solution to help businesses operate amidst COVID-19. Consisting of the Senstar Edge Platform, a plug-and-play, stand-alone device with embedded software, the system uses network cameras to verify health and safety protocols are being followed.

360 Vision Technology: Celsius Utilising proven thermal technology, the Celsius elevated body temperature screening solution delivers highly accurate, high speed temperature readings to allow reassurance, and access control connectivity for a wide variety of applications.

IDIS: DV-2232 The DV-2232 ‘AI in the Box’ solution is powered by IDLA (IDIS Deep Learning Analytics). IDLA makes it easier to deal with previously labour-intensive tasks and gives users a powerful range of analytics tools for both video search and live monitoring.

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SERVICE-BASED SOLUTIONS Milestone Systems: XProtect on AWS


XProtect on AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers a new way of designing XProtect systems. It reduces hardware on-premises and leverages AWS Infrastructure and Platform as a Service to remove the friction involved in setting up and maintaining on-site VMS systems.

CSL Router is a rapid connection, 4G-enabled router which can be used with a range of critical systems. The router can be supplied in single or dual-SIM options, allowing the most cost-effective option to be selected dependent upon site needs.

Eagle Eye Networks: EE Cloud VMS

ATOS: SafeKit

The Eagle Eye Networks VMS is the only video surveillance system that safely stores your data in the cloud and provides real-time remote access on your web browser or mobile device. The setup is simple - no servers or software to install.

Webeye: webeyeCMS This SaaS solution is robust enough to perform the function of a monitoring station because of the way that the alarm receipt, handling and alerting process is automated. It enables alarms and video clips to go to keyholders/manned guarding teams out in the field and/or to a central location for monitoring via a web browser.

ASSA ABLOY: Incedo Business Incedo Business is an easy-to-use cloudbased access control system. It allows users to connect via any networked device, and there is no need for a dedicated PC or workstation, thus reducing costs and allowing a higher degree of flexibility.

Johnson Controls: Tyco Cloud Tyco Cloud is a cloud-based security suite developed to help customers move costly and complex security infrastructure for access control and video surveillance to the cloud. With Tyco Cloud, organisations can reduce costs, improve enterprise security management and scale security operations on demand.

SafeKit is a software-based solution that enables enterprises to implement business continuity for their critical services hosted in the Cloud. SafeKit provides templates for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Vemotion: Vemotion Streaming Server At the heart of the Vemotion solution is the Vemotion Streaming Server (VSS). The VSS connects the encoders and viewers, and also provides user management and handles permissions for the streaming functionality.

AMG Systems: AMG510 Series The AMG510 series support a range of management functions as well as Rapid Spanning Tree, Multiple Spanning Tree and Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) protocols for network redundancy. IGMP functionality is supported to handle multicast traffic commonly used in IP CCTV deployments.

GJD Security: Network Bridge The GJD Network Bridge allows any GJD IP enabled device to connect and integrate with third party video management software and network compatible devices, including Avigilon and other proprietary CCTV systems.

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LEARN MORE products/intrusiondetection/redscan-pro 26

OPTEX was a pioneer of laser-based detectors, launching its first REDSCAN unit over a decade ago. Since then, the company has refined and improved the technology, and now offers the latest security-optimised LiDAR technology detection devices with a number of features to ensure correct installation and configuration, and high levels of accuracy. The REDSCAN Pro range offers both high catch performance and stability, along with flexibility when it comes to mounting the units. Large areas can be protected with a single sensor: models include ranges of 100 x 50 (RLS-50100V) metres and 60 x 30 metres (RLS-3060V). The field of coverage can include multiple independent detection areas, and zones can be created to allow for varying levels of risk. Detection can be configured for horizontal or vertical planes, allowing flexibility when designing a system. The sensors can detect an object’s size and speed, which allows more accurate filtering of potential alarm sources. This improves performance and allows users to have confidence in the detection solution. To adapt the detection pattern to accommodate changing ground levels due to

the accumulation of leaves, snow or sand, the sensor features an auto-learning function, and stability in challenging environmental conditions, such as fog and heavy snow, has been improved through new environmental resistance features. To help identify if there are any objects triggering nuisance alarms, the REDSCAN Pro features a panoramic camera which visualises the scene and stores images and alarm events together in the Event Log. This allows installers to identify events which generate alarms and – if necessary – tweak the configurations for higher levels of accuracy. The integral camera module includes a red line which indicates the position of the detection field, allowing for a basic initial setup. The LAC (Laser Area Checker: an optional extra) can then be used for fine tuning. The integral camera is also of use when troubleshooting the installation. The REDSCAN Pro range can be installed in indoor or outdoor applications, and the user interface features a Home Map of the detection area, along with the ability to toggle between the map and camera view. There is also a pop-out window which gives real-time detector status, allowing integrators and installers to have an at-a-glance overview of the detector’s condition. Up to eight independent zones are supported, and detection criteria can be set globally or per zone. The sensor will either detect a motion object or object presence, and filters can be set for target minimum size, sensitivity, motion distance and tracking size. Trouble alarms include anti-masking, antirotation and soiling of the unit’s lens. Alarms in specific zones and different trouble alerts can be linked to different output terminals, ONVIF digital inputs or ONVIF motion alarms, allowing a variety of actions to be triggered. Two detection profiles are supported, and events in certain zones can be used to switch between profiles, allowing a high degree of flexibility in certain applications. To ensure the device is secure, installers can also set up encryption and high-level authentication to protect against unauthorised access to the device. The REDSCAN Pro range of advanced LiDAR detectors offer a high degree of flexibility, and present a secure and accurate detection device. The configuration process is straightforward, allowing integrators and installers to add credible detection to any application. OPTEX also has produced a series of simple videos to assist in the set-up and installation processes.

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Teledyne FLIR Elara FC-Series ID

LEARN MORE fc-series-id/ 28

While the demand for intelligent video analytics (VA) has increased significantly in recent years, one consideration when deploying the technology still seems to be underused. Thermal imaging is a beneficial tool for many security applications where long-range detection using advanced analytics is critical. Because of the high levels of contrast in thermographic images, coupled with the ability of the devices to capture images in poor environmental conditions, thermal-based analytics are a game changer in modern security applications. Video-based analytics have many benefits; however, they are only effective when combined with the proper sensing technology. For example, in locations prone to harsh environmental conditions such as fog, rain or snow, video-based analytics on visible cameras could miss subtle movements or be fooled if intruders attempt to conceal themselves. Because thermal imaging captures the heat-based radiation of a person or object, it allows the video analytics to notify security operators of an imminent threat more reliably. Thermal imaging has been proven in the field of military operations for many decades and is well-suited to long range detection applications.

The Elara FC-Series ID from Teledyne FLIR is a premium thermal security camera for perimeter protection. The Elara FC-Series ID includes onboard analytics capable of classifying human or vehicular intrusions, resulting in few false alarms. The Elara FCSeries ID is available with a variety of highperformance lenses and multiple resolutions, delivering a high degree of flexibility in tailoring security systems to site conditions. The analytics include intruder detection, line crossing, hand-off to a PTZ for autotracking, object recognition rules for people and vehicles, and tamper protection. The analytics are managed via a web-based interface, and allow sensitivity adjustment, automated actions, remote control of inputs and outputs, all integrated into Teledyne FLIR’s United VMS and many third-party systems. The use of object recognition algorithms allows the thermal imager to identify threats accurately and quickly from people and vehicles, while ignoring innocuous motion caused by foliage, small animals, birds, etc.. The Elara FC-Series ID produces high quality thermal images in low-contrast conditions because of its industry-leading 35mK thermal sensitivity and a number of advanced automatic gain control functions and dynamic detail enhancement (DDE). Other features of the focus-free device include electronic zoom, multiple streaming resolutions, PoE and support for ONVIF Profile S. The thermal imager is a hybrid device, supporting both network and composite connectivity. The network rate is 10/100Mbps, and two channels of H.264, MPEG4 or M-JPEG video can be independently configured. The device also has a dry contact input and a relay output, allowing connection to peripheral devices. The thermal imager is available with a choice of 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 arrays. Lens options range from a field of view of 4.3 degrees, up to 90 degrees, dependent upon the selected resolution. Increasingly, on sites such as critical infrastructure, transportation hubs, campusstyle commercial parks and sites with large and open perimeters, the use of thermal imaging with smart analytics is becoming more prevalent. The Elara FC-Series ID from Teledyne FLIR offers a high-quality solution from a trusted provider of advanced thermographic solutions.

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0115 714 9990 | webeyec m m

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Cathexis CathexisVision Upgrades

LEARN MORE video-management-software/ video-management-software/ 30

CathexisVision is an advanced, flexible and cost-effective video management solution which delivers the highest levels of security, safety and return on clients’ investment. A previous winner of the Benchmark Innovation Awards, Cathexis has upgraded its software to deliver more advanced features designed to meet today’s security and safety requirements. The upgrades include improved search and filtering capabilities, the introduction of object classification, and functions specifically designed to help implement a COVID-secure site. The search capabilities of CathexisVision include motion search, snap search and activity trails. These options supplement the more traditional approaches, such as using the timeline or time and date. Basic searches, where a location and time are known, can make use of the timeline in the playback screen. The timeline also includes identifiers for motion-based activations. Motion Search can be accessed from the playback screen, and uses stored metadata. The advantage of this is that searches are faster and more accurate. The operator simply selects the region of interest in the camera scene and starts the search. Results are then flagged in the timeline. Snap Search allows the interrogation of

snapshots or thumbnails. It presents a series of images throughout a defined time window, which are used when searching for incidents. Activity Trails are ideal for searching in scenes where activity is not expected, such as sterile zones. It displays a time-stamped, colour-coded overlay on the recorded scene, highlighting the ‘trail’ of motion. The colour coding relates to time windows. When the operator clicks on the highlighted area, the linked footage is shown. The Alarm Management Gateway allows the remote management of alarms and events. It enables users to respond to predefined events, and can aid searches by filtering system alerts. This enhances efficiency, allowing a variety of inputs to be processed. Through the use of AI-enabled object classification, the latest version of CathexisVision can increase the chances of finding relevant footage. Object classification works by identifying objects in the video stream: people, vehicles or animals. With minimal information about the time of the incident, operators can implement searches which highlight video that includes the defined objects. If a search for people is instigated, a car entering a site will be filtered out, but relevant footage will be presented. When combined with other search methods, object classification offers significant benefits. Combining a localised motion search with object classification would highlight video clips in which a person exited or entered a specific doorway. Object classification applies an additional filter which enhances the accuracy of searches, enabling the operator to be more efficient when dealing with incidents. Social distancing remains key in lowering the risk of Covid-19 transmission among people, but for many businesses and organisations, implementing it remains a challenge. By utilising the latest functionality in CathexisVision, the software tracks activity in protected spaces using people proximity analytics, automatically identifying situations where people are closer than the stipulated distance. The VMS also includes mask detection and displays real-time, informative overlays and alerts. The overlays are fully customisable and can include instructions for operators. Additionally, Cathexis has worked closely with leading manufacturers to allow the integration of temperature alert capabilities with CathexisVision. Through these upgrades, CathexisVision continues to offer clients a powerful, effective video surveillance solution developed to address the unique challenges of the security sector.

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IDIS Global DV-2232

LEARN MORE product_view/2407 32

In recent years, the security surveillance sector has invested much time and research into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to solve real-world problems for end users. Deployed as part of advanced intelligent video analytics solutions, AI reduces the amount of configuration which is needed to achieve accurate and reliable results. In the past 12 months, the deployment of AI-enabled analytics has been made simpler as a growing number of manufacturers have designed appliances and video recorders which feature the additional hardware required to successfully run AI-enabled applications. IDIS in one such manufacturer, with a number of devices billed as ‘AI in the Box’. Included amongst these is the DV-2232. The DV-2232 is powered by IDLA (IDIS Deep Learning Analytics). IDLA makes it easier to deal with previously labour-intensive tasks and gives users a powerful range of analytics tools for both video search and live monitoring. These advances improve surveillance operations while also enhancing the efficiency of security and safety teams. Independently tested to 98 per cent accuracy, IDLA is powered by the latest generation IDIS Deep Learning Engine, and provides users with a range of functions including object detection, intrusion detection, loitering detection, plus other

analytics functions such as metadata filtering. Because IDLA delivers high levels of accuracy and reliability, operators are not overwhelmed with false positive alerts. This ensures control room staff are able to trust notifications and alarms, and as a result can initiate an appropriate response faster and more confidently when an alert is triggered. The DV-2232 is part of the plug-and-play DirectIP series of products. These allow easy network configuration without any need for port forwarding or setting up VPNs. The specialised appliance supports up to 32 channels of networked video, and its processing capabilities are powered by the proven IDLA engine. To meet the challenges currently faced by a wide range of businesses and organisations, the DV2232 is pre-loaded with a number of algorithms. These include people counting, occupancy control, crowd detection, social distancing violations and mask rule violations. Accurate real-time notifications and alerts are generated if any of the configured rules are broken, and the use of AI algorithms ensures accuracy remains very high. Operators can access a live occupancy dashboard, which ensures they can check occupancy against capacity limits, assess visitor flow and ensure compliance is being adhered to. The user-friendly dashboard makes it quick and easy to generate customisable reports in real-time. The DV-2232 supports both H.265 and H.264 video streams, and processing is handled by an Intel i7 CPU and an Nvdia RTX2060 GPU, delivering the right combination of power and flexibility to process video without any latency or missed events. The appliance runs an embedded version of Windows and has three video outputs (HDMI, DP and VGA), and six USB ports to ensure connectivity with peripheral devices. The DV-2232 is simply connected to a DirectIP NVR, and the video streams can be processed in line with the user-configurable rules. This makes it a simple and costeffective addition to new and legacy DirectIP installations, adding value for end users and providing a simple and efficient upgrade for integrators and installers.

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Essential IP

:LƬ6WUHQJWK ] [-52] [

Alarm signalling is changing Work with the people leading the change to secure your future


Mobile Strength 4G [ ] [-80]

Essential Extra

Mobile2 Strength 4G [ ] [-88]

Get your customers ready. The UK is switching to all-IP by 2025. Prepare and protect your customers with our Next Generation alarm signalling systems. Advanced

Smarter and faster Enhanced monitoring for greater insights. Easy to install and maintain With single-path and dual-path options using future-ready IP, superfast 4G and wi-fi. Next-level security End-to-end encryption for more secure connections.

Path: Ethernet Registered

Advanced Extra

24/7 support UK-based technical helpdesk.

Mobile1 Operator EE

10 year guarantee Free replacement unit. Ultimate

The future starts when you install it. Find out more about our Next Generation portfolio at Email us at @BTRedcare

BT Redcare

BT Redcare

Path: DSL Registered

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HID Global HID Signo

LEARN MORE products/readers/signo 34

While the commercial landscape has changed dramatically in 2021, many businesses and organisations are hoping for a return to some form of normality before the year ends. However, it is unlikely to be a case of simply slipping back into the established ways of working. People will rightly be nervous, businesses will need to take steps to ensure staff, visitors and contractors are protected, and for many the lessons of the past 12 months will trigger a reappraisal of how their systems could be improved. Risk management strategies include ongoing planning for the future, and as such a growing number of end users are looking to make investments in new technology, or upgrade existing systems, to mitigate emerging risks and threats. The access control sector, which plays a pivotal role in the management of people and spaces, offers a number of increasingly flexible options which can assist in creating enhanced security and safety, while also ensuring compliance with current and future regulations. One change which looks likely to continue is the advanced use of secure mobile technologies for access control, allowing credentials to be sent over the air and remotely managed. The enhanced flexibility on offer, coupled with high levels of costeffectiveness, will ensure mobile-based access remains a popular choice with end users. HID Global offers HID Signo, a new range of readers which are the successors to the popular and well-proven iCLASS SE readers.

Reader Range The Signo range provides an adaptable, interoperable and secure approach to access control. The readers, which are SIA OSDP verified, simplify system deployment and management, meet the advanced security requirements of today’s dynamic environments, and set organisations up for smarter, more connected access control. HID Signo makes use of an open platform and delivers unprecedented flexibility and robust, forward-looking features designed to optimise the workplace experience. The readers support numerous physical and mobile credential technologies, allowing organisations to use their technology of choice and migrate to the latest solutions at their own pace or when the need arises. HID Signo readers include smart features such as automatic surface detection. This recalibrates and optimises the read performance based on the mounting location. For outdoor performance, the readers are IP65-rated, and selected models in the range include a capacitive touch keypad which is resistant to harsh weather conditions. HID Signo enables administrators to remotely configure and diagnose readers as well as monitor status through a centrally managed ecosystem. Configuration can be carried out through the controller, via the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP). The readers’ sleek and modern design enhances the cutting-edge reader platform, and provides unrivalled security and powerful performance. Upgrading to HID Signo ensures convenience and security, with future flexibility. The readers support a wide range of credential technologies, including HID Mobile Access via native Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC) capability. Apple’s Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) is supported for credentials in the Apple Wallet. Secure storage of cryptographic keys on certified secure hardware offers peace of mind for the overall security of the platform, and because the readers support Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) out of the box, they are capable of secure bidirectional communication. Each reader is also designed to be connected and managed remotely, without the need to be physically touched.

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Easily retrofit your IP cameras with Video Analytics Our Pioneering Application Store features over 90 cutting-edge apps to transform what you can do with cameras.

Application Store

Your existing IP Cameras, paired together with Vivotek's AI Box and our apps, provide you with endless options to create the custom solution you've always wanted.


available apps VIVOTEK IE9111 O (AI Box)


use cases

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ASSA ABLOY Incedo Business The trend towards smart buildings and the use of integrated and converged technologies is seeing increased uptake amongst businesses and organisations looking to leverage added value from their technology investments. Increasingly, access control is seen as a pivotal part of this change, not only because it adds a high degree of security and safety to a site, but because it enables site actions to be implemented dependent upon who is on site. Whether using the presence of individuals such as department managers, trained first aiders or keyholders, or basing decisions on numbers of people in certain parts of the site, the transactional nature of access control makes it a pivotal element of

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security strategies. For many sites, especially SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), the investment in smarter access control has ruled out a number of the added value benefits. However, by combining innovative design and cloud-based services, it is possible to deliver advanced access control functionality in an efficient and cost-effective package. ASSA ABLOY’s Incedo Business, available from Abloy UK, is an entry-level access control platform designed to deliver the degree of connectivity, convenience and ease of use typically associated with higher end systems. The flexible solution is fully compatible with ASSA ABLOY’s range of access control solutions and hardware, allowing SMEs to

leverage high end security software which is both effective and scalable. Modern business trends demand variable access times and entry points, and security requirements can change on a regular basis. In the past, many access control systems were designed to meet regular and scheduled requirements, but the modern dynamic work environment has different needs. To meet these demands, Incedo Business has been designed to deliver connectivity, convenience and simplicity. Incedo Business is an easy-to-use cloudbased access control system. It allows users to connect via any networked device, and there is no need for a dedicated PC or workstation, thus reducing costs and allowing a higher degree of flexibility. Doors can be added with ease, and both wired and wireless doors are supported. Users can be given customisable access permissions, and expanded options for door modes enable a higher level of flexibility to suit modern business needs. More flexibility in setting up access groups also helps businesses to implement secure policies for a wide range of users. Being cloud-based, Incedo Business provides a wide range of benefits. Installation is simplified, and also doesn’t require an initial up-front investment in servers and software. Software licensing issues are eliminated, as is on-going maintenance. All software updates are applied universally with no need for downtime of IT staff involvement. Installation and set-up are carried out via a user-friendly web-based GUI, and from the very start the user will benefit from a fully functional system. Reporting can be accessed locally or remotely, allowing fast and accurate real-time updates to aid site management. Incedo Business uses cloud data storage to allow access from any authorised device. Mindful of the importance of data security, ASSA ABLOY cloud services maintain an Information Security Management System which is certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, to ensure the highest levels of security control for the ongoing operations of the Cloud management software services. The company also continually reviews and updates its policies, procedures and operational practices to align with data protection and security regulations in the regions where it operates. Incedo Business offers a simple, costeffective and secure option to SMBs who are seeking a higher level of access control to protect their people, premises and assets.

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Instant 4G Connectivity For Any Application

Ideal for installations that require reliable, secure connectivity for transferring data INDEPENDENCE FROM EXISTING NETWORKS IMMEDIATE INTERNET CONNECTION MAXIMUM RELIABILITY





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Vemotion VSS

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The advantages of video as a security and safety tool have been well-documented, and unsurprisingly as new and emerging technologies make it possible to capture video footage in an increasing number of locations and via various devices, so the business use cases increase. Video has become a victim of its own success, with demand for high resolution streams to be delivered from numerous sources. Increasingly, the use of mobile devices, temporary systems and wearable technologies are being sought by a greater number of organisations and businesses. One example is body-worn cameras. Once the exclusive preserve of law enforcement, these cameras are now being deployed by critical infrastructure and utility providers, councils and local authorities, organisations which rely on lone workers and a growing number of private businesses who recognise the value of protecting their staff and customers by recording interactions and incidents. The boom in video captured outside of traditional video surveillance applications is not limited to wearable devices. The use of drones has grown significantly, as have ‘in transit’ systems for transportation, vehicleborne systems, temporary installations, traffic management solutions and a host of other applications. What most of these solutions have in common is the need to transmit critical video across low bit-rate links with minimal latency. Additionally, in the majority of cases, there is a need for wireless connectivity. While the long-established video surveillance manufacturers can do great things with static infrastructure, it takes a different approach to realise the best from other networks. Vemotion is a specialist in real-time wireless-based video transmission, with a background in smart compression for mobile

video over GPRS, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, satellite networks and broadband. Vemotion offers low bandwidth, low latency video compression and surveillance solutions designed to optimise performance and surveillance efficiency. The company offers a range of cameras, encoders and viewing solutions (both software and hardware options are available), allowing a variety of solutions to best suit the requirements of any given project. At the heart of the Vemotion solution is the Vemotion Streaming Server (VSS). The VSS connects the encoders and viewers, and also provides user management and handles permissions for the streaming funtionality. The Vemotion Streaming Server can be supplied as a software-only package, allowing installers and integrators to install in existing hardware. If an appliance-based approach is desired, Vemotion can also supply the necessary hardware to run VSS. With the growth in demand for remote service-based offerings, Vemotion can also host the server on its secure data centres. The VSS only requires network access and a fixed IP address to receive incoming video transmissions from remote encoders, and to transmit video to remote personnel or locations viewing the feeds. An internet connection, ADSL, or 3G or 4G via a suitable router, is needed. The optimal connection will be dependent on the number of streams and clients connected to the VSS. Once the encoders are connected, live video can be accessed by authorised viewers, either using Vemotion viewing software or compliant third-party VMS solutions. VSS options include Linux or Windows OS, tower or rackmount hardware, a hosted solution, integration with ONVIF VMS platforms and analogue output hardware for use with legacy matrices.

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IPS Intelligent Video Software IPS Dome Tracker

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The growth in use of IVA has enabled businesses to enjoy higher levels of protection, while making their solutions more efficient and accurate. For operators, who need to apply high levels of concentration during an incident, any assistance they receive from technology is welcome. It is common for a central control room to manage a variety of remote sites. This increases pressure on operators, as at time they may not be familiar with every location. When an incident occurs, a simple error, such as selecting the wrong camera number, could result in missing vital information. While the footage will be recorded, such a mistake could delay appropriate action. As systems become increasingly complex, it is important for businesses to select a smart solution which delivers the highest levels of security, but which also assists operators when tracking incidents around sites. IPS Intelligent Video Software is an established leader in the design and implementation of intelligent video analytics. Recognising the importance of managing live incidents, the company introduced IPS Dome Tracker product, which allows the use of simple actions by the operator, or automated predefined triggers, to activate domes and deliver accurate and reliable tracking, including seamless camera hand-over, while an event is taking place. IPS Dome Tracker is highly flexible, allowing a number of uses dependent upon the needs of the user. Based on advanced machine learning, the analytics module offers real-time control of PTZ cameras, automatically detecting and tracking moving objects in the protected area.

Using 3D georeferencing data, it supports intuitive PTZ control activated by mouse clicks in the camera image or site plan, and allows automatic tracking of alarm objects between various cameras. This simplifies the operation of PTZ cameras, even on complex sites. When IPS Dome Tracker is used in conjunction with IPS Intelligent Video Software’s 3D VMS, the options are even greater. Cameras can be linked via the VMS, allowing – for example – a static camera to be linked with a PTZ unit. Clicking on an object of interest in the static camera view switches the PTZ to the relevant position, enabling it to track the target. PTZ cameras can be selected and controlled via the site plan, with the VMS indicating the direction of view and range of cameras. This gives the operator an immediate overview of the site, making seamless control a simpler task. Two useful options which can be realised using IPS Dome Tracker and the 3D VMS are triggering a PTZ via analytics on a static camera, and handing over from one PTZ device to another when tracking a target. In the first instance, a linked static camera can be used to detect an exception and automatically position a PTZ camera to view the activity. The specified dome camera will use the IPS Dome Tracker analytic to follow the target, and other moving objects in the scene will not interfere with this process. When using object tracking with handover, the PTZ camera automatically follows the alarm object, tracking it without operator intervention. When the target reaches the end of the range for the camera, the technology identifies the nearest linked camera and automatically hands over to it, allowing tracking to continue. IPS Dome Tracker adds value for the user and makes the operator’s task simpler during critical incidents, enhancing security and delivering an intuitive experience. With the latest software release, IPS has further enhanced the IPS Dome Tracker by integrating neural networks, making the analytics module even more reliable. It reliably tracks objects which are identified as people, while other objects such as trees moving in the wind are ignored. Also, if the camera loses the suspect for some reason, with the help of neural networks the camera is able to retrieve the lost tracking more reliably.

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Accurate and credible people counting can offer a wide range of benefits to many modern businesses. Understanding how many people are on-site or in any given area can provide the type of business intelligence which is of great value to retailers, transportation operators, leisure facilities, the hospitality sector and public spaces. With the global COVID-19 pandemic still a focus for many organisations, accurate people counting can also contribute to social distancing policies and management of footfall through bottleneck spaces such as corridors, reception areas, points of sale, etc.. As well as offering support for businesses struggling to return to work after lockdowns, people counting does deliver a range of benefits which add to overall business efficiency, and provide powerful intelligence which can be used when making day-to-day management decisions. Real-time footfall counting for retailers can add valuable data, illustrating trends and helping with predictions for a range of business tasks. For example, data from specific departments, and even specific display units, to allow for deep analysis of sales conversions. This allows more effective planning for the location of special promotions and high value items. Additionally, retailers or transportation operators can identify trends of higher than

usual footfall, allowing planning to ensure service levels are optimised during peak periods. This will also have an impact on staffing levels, allowing management teams to deploy personnel in the places and at times they are most needed. While a number of devices such as cameras and encoders include basic people counting as a feature, the data is not easy to interrogate, and in many cases the generated reports are not of a sufficient quality, nor detailed enough, to allow insights to be gained by the end user. The COSMO Counter Pro solution is an integrated smart analytic tool designed for accurate people counting. The solution comprises cameras and an applications, allowing for ease of installation and simplicity of use. The solution and its reports can be viewed and managed via a PC, mobile phone or tablet, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. The application is Windows-based, and is accessed via an online platform. This allows it to be configured separately, or as part of a larger and more complex integrated solution. A web-based API is available to permit third party integrations, and the counting solution can also be integrated with the award-winning COSMO PSIM+, which offers seamless control across multiple functions at a site without compromising on the essential elements of security and safety. COSMO Counter Pro allows the generation of real-time reports, including overall entry and exit figures, along with breakdowns by time and date. This ensures users have an at-a-glance understanding of the status of sites, and departments within the sites, to deliver efficient and effective management. Decisions can be made on accurate and updated information, allowing swift responses to any situations. Status information is displayed via digital signage, informing users - customers, staff or contractors – whether or not they can enter. The customisable display can include additional information, such as the number of free entry slots available, or the percentage of total occupancy. This adds reassurance for visitors. For applications which could benefit from an accurate and credible people counting solution, COSMO offers a free introductory pilot solution to allow integrators and end users to carry out proof-of-concept tests in the actual application, thereby illustrating the benefits a business or organisation can realise.

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Long range detection with REDSCAN PRO The award-winning OPTEX REDSCAN LiDAR series just went one better, with a new detector featuring its longest range yet. The REDSCAN PRO can accurately detect intruders and moving objects up to 50 x 100m away – making it particularly well suited for those responsible for protecting the highest security sites. And by creating rectangular, high resolution detection patterns, there are no ‘gaps’, so everything from facades to fences, ceilings to roofs can be covered. For the installer, the sensor’s intelligent multiple zones logic means each detection zone can be independently configured, while its camera module brings visual assistance for configuration and post-alarm analysis. The alarms and video stream can all be configured via ONVIF. INTRUSION DETECTION | VISUAL VERIFICATION | TAILGATING DETECTION | VEHICLE DETECTION | PEOPLE COUNTING

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Texecom Capture

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The advances in detector technology, the reliability of wireless functionality and the development of smartphone apps have helped improve the performance and efficiency of intruder systems while also making installation of the technology even easier. Although the components of an electronic intruder alarm have remained the same over the years, essentially a panel with triggers, such as PIRs or magnetic/vibration sensors, the improvements that manufacturers have made to the detection technology have resulted in fewer false/unwanted alarms than ever before. The accuracy of systems is no longer affected by unwanted triggers such as those by the family pet, shadows across a wall or moving bushes. The Capture range (Grade 2 and 3) from Texecom comes with wired or wireless connectivity, wall or ceiling mounting, and a choice of detection technologies including dual element, quad element or dual technology sensing for a variety of security environments. With a volumetric coverage pattern featuring 42 individual detection facets, each wall mount Capture model features double the number of detection points compared to previous Texecom detectors. This optical system makes the detector perform to the

same level as a quad PIR, and the Capture quad element detector perform higher again. Ceiling mount models feature the same optical upgrades with over double the number of detection facets compared to previous Texecom detectors. All Capture ceiling mount models use omni-directional quad element PIR sensing for true 360° pickup while all wall mount Capture models feature a two-stage pet immunity option as standard. In addition to the ease of installation and various features such as flexible mounting points and adjustable terminal blocks the Capture range also comes with the option to place company information and/or logos onto the devices using a printed label from Texecom under a clip-on clear cover for additional branding. The anti-masking used in the new range of Capture Grade 3 detectors employs an infrared emitter (LED) and phototransistor (receiver) pair to detect masking events. This approach to active IR detection is superior to other methods. It is not only highly consistent in terms of performance but is also less prone to nuisance activations. The active IR technology has been adapted from proven solutions used in life-safety equipment. Phototransistors used to receive infrared signals can be impacted by the Early effect, where performance can be impacted by changes in the voltage levels. For anti-mask applications, this means if the ambient light level increases, leading to a change in the voltage level, the sensor might signal a false masking event. To ensure that this common problem is eliminated, Texecom has implemented a new type of circuit: a Current Mirror. This ensures the voltage across the sensor is constant regardless of light level. The result is a significant improvement in immunity to the potential impact of ambient light. To increase accuracy and reliability in a wide range of conditions, the main antimasking LED flash is preceded by a smaller initial flash. This Pre-Bias Dual-Flash technology eradicates issues and ensures the anti-mask function is consistent and reliable. To further filter out nuisance activations, Texecom makes use of an additional output from the microwave module. Using innovative signal processing, Capture detectors from Texecom deliver highly accurate and reliable detection, enhancing the protection on offer to medium and high-risk commercial users.

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Unified security, unlimited possibilities

Security Center 5.10 is here

Learn more about Security Center 5.10 at

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Inner Range Integriti

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Integration options are Integriti’s strength Integration has always been the USP for Inner Range’s Integriti. There’s a hefty clue in its name. We’ve understood for years that customers need one, unified security management system that is as individual as they are. We pride ourselves on the breadth of integrations we can offer, and our in-house research and development team is always expanding the integration options for our flagship enterprise-level, intelligent access control and security system. Latest integrations Updates this year include a new integration with Quuppa real-time location tracking, which means tagged information from the Quuppa system can be associated with Integriti entities, allowing direct control of the asset from either system. Assets can be object, or users associated with them, and they can be made visible on Integriti’s schematic of the site. Operators can access all cameras with the asset in their field of view. Alert protocols can be set up with bespoke criteria and operators can track and view the asset instantly if an alert is triggered. While an integration with Suprema biometrics now allows users to add thumb and face scans as access credentials, which can be used in addition to smartcards and PIN for high security with trouble-free access. We’ve also added integrations with FLIR Latitude and IDIS CCTV to bolster options for clients around video surveillance. These are in addition to a multitude of existing integration options, such as visitor management, lifts, other biometrics including facial recognition, cashless

vending, keyless lockers, HR and payroll and health and safety systems. Power of integration Integrated security management systems offer better security, and smarter buildings. For example, integrating high-level lift controls and visitor management means user and visitor credentials can be read by speed lanes and intelligent lifts at the same time, and people are swiftly directed to the fastest lift for their floor, moving through reception areas without queues and crowding. Access is all touchless too. For site managers, having a unified platform provides information about a single event from multiple sources, such as CCTV, doors, lifts, ANPR or real-time location tracking. It means they have more information, in an instant, to help them make decisions about safety and security. Cyber security Inner Range hasn’t had a single reported cyber security breach in its 30-year-plus history, and with so many systems interacting together, we will always be at the forefront of cyber security research and application. We use cryptographic implementations, including AES end-to-end encryption through every system controller, door module and third-party products. We also deploy sandboxing, which isolates third-party applications integrated with your core access control to prevent malware from negatively affecting your system. All our products, including those that are IP network-connected, undergo penetration testing by independent accredited laboratories to assess security and probe for vulnerabilities. Integriti now supports Two Factor Authentication (2FA), providing extra security when operators login. Operators must enter a time-based six-digit code from a registered smartphone or personal device as well as their usual username and password to login to the system. They can also generate an emergency back-up code if they lose, forget or can’t access their personal device. World leader Inner Range has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent security solutions since it was established in 1988. Inner Range systems have been installed in over 25 countries. Customers include hospitals and high-security units, colleges, distribution centres and pharmaceutical companies. government and critical national infrastructure.

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AI-FACEDETECT Face detection with and without mask

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Your Surveillance Partner

NOW MOBILE. SKYHAWK APP for Security Professionals and Surveillance Installers Stay connected on the go, easily build estimates, quickly calculate storage, and locate your nearest reseller.

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